The Pillar of Celestial Fire

The Lost Science of the Ancient Seers Rediscovered

Robert Cox


  1. Introduction
    • Collective consciousness and the Cosmic Life Force
    • The Pillar Celestial Fire
    • The Sacred Sciences and the Philosopher's Stone
    • Siddhis, or Perfection of Life
    • The Three Means of Spiritual Evolution
    • The Ravages and Promise of Time
  2. The Cosmic Clock — Precession of the Equinoxes
    • Major Epochal Transformations Every 13,000 Years
  3. The Revelation of John
    • The Divine Messenger
    • The Wheel of Time
    • Emanuations of Divine Power
    • The Seven Layers of Universal Life
    • The Four Living Creatures
    • The Sphinx
  4. The Nature Of Pure Knowledge
    • Pure Consciousness
    • Nonlocal Intuition
    • The Unmanifest Blueprint of Creation
    • Expressions of Pure Knowledge
  5. The Sacred Science of the Seers
    • Experience of Subtle Matter-Energy
    • Subtle Matter Technologies
  6. The Holographic Spectrum of Creation
    • Frequency Bands of Consciousness
    • Holograms of Primordial Sound and Light
    • The Mechanics of Creation
    • The 108 Bands of the Spectrum
  7. The Seven–Layered Structure of the Universe
    • The Inner Celestial Regions
    • The Highest Heaven
    • The One Sumpreme Being and the Gods
    • The Universal Being
    • The Tree of Life
  8. The Milky Way Galaxy
    • Cosmic Life Spans
    • The Subtle Body of the Galactic Being
    • The Central Star of the Galactic Being
    • The worlds of Light at the Galactic Center
    • Galactic Civilization
  9. The Divine Ka
    • The Universal song of Divine Love
    • The Crystalline heart of the Sun
    • The Divine Ka inthe Human Heart
    • The Vedic Tradition
    • The Egyptian Tradition
  10. The Mortal Soul
    • Subtle Matter Metabolism
    • Subtle Matter Generation
    • Polarized Subtle Matter
    • Condensed Subtle Matter
    • Streams of Subtle matter
  11. The Theory of Morphic Fields
    • Morphic Resonance
    • Subtle Matter as Morphic Fields
    • Subtle Beings as Morphic Fields
    • Mechanics of Morphic Resonance
    • Superliminal Transfers of Matter, Energy and Information
    • Exotic Matter
    • Negative Matter-Energy
    • The Spiritual Name of the Soul
    • The concept of Spiritual Purity
  12. The Principal of Divine Correspondence
    • "As Above,So Below"
    • A Hypothetical Journey
    • The Seed and the Tree
  13. The Immortal Soul
    • The Higher Soul
    • The Sons and Daughters of Imortality
    • The Marriage of Heaven and Earth
    • Polarized and Unpolarized subtle Matter — Chitta and Chitta – Vritti
  14. The Cosmic Network of Celestial Rays
    • The Science of Astrology
    • The three Main Celestial Rays
    • The Two Paths of Enlightenment
  15. Eridanus — The River of Celestial Fire
  16. Cooking With Celestial Fire
    • SubtleFusion or Tapas
    • The Judgement Day
  17. The Divine Messenger
  18. The Pleiadian Connection
    • The Pleiades in the Greek Tradition
    • The Pleiades in the Polynesian Tradition
    • The Pleiades in the Mesoamerican Tradition
    • The Pleiades in the Vedic Tradition
    • The Pleiades in the Mesopotamian Tradition
  19. The Divine Covenant
    • Subtle Matter Technologies
  20. The Four Ages of Human Civilisation
    • The Celestial Yugas or Ages
    • Krita or Sat Yuga: The Golden Age
    • Treta Yuga: The Silver Age
    • Dwapana Yuga: The Bronze Age
    • Kali Yuga: The Iron Age
    • The Present Time of Transition
  21. The Solar of Lunar Races
    • Integrating Earth's Planetary Awareness
  22. The Spiritual Foundations of Human Civilization
  23. The Antediluvian World
    • The Nature Spirits and Terrestrial Gods
    • The Innocent Reflection of the Age
    • The Antediluvian End Times
  24. The Shift of the Geographic Poles
    • The Magnetic Interaction of the Stream of Celestial Fire
    • The Gravitational Interaction of the Streams of Celestial Fire
    • Earth Crust Displacement
    • Evidence of Pole Shifts
    • Earth, Water and Fire
    • The Survivors
    • A New Illumination
  25. Ancient Legends of the Flood
    • The Legend of Utnapishtim
    • Mesoamerican Legends of the Flood
    • Chinese and Vedic Legends of the Flood
    • The Legend of Atlantis
  26. The Tradition of the Enlightened Seers
  27. The Ancient Vedic Tradition
    • The Vedic Rishis
    • The Sacred Mantras
    • The Universal Language of Nature
    • The Secret of Divine Invocation
    • The Tradition of Oral Recitation
    • The Status of the Vedic Literature
  28. The Ancient Egyptian Civilisation
    • Egyptian Prehistory
    • The Ancient Esoteric Tradition
    • A Secret Radiation Technology
    • The Breath of a Serpent
    • The Djed Pillar
    • The Mortuary Rites
    • The Process of Spiritual Ascension
    • The Myth of Osiris
    • The Golden Basis of Spiritual Resurrection
    • The Giver of Eternal Life
    • The Pillar of Light
    • The Chamber of Light
    • The Bread of light
    • Levitation Technology?
    • The Builder of Gods and the New World Order
    • The Hidden Legacy
    • The Lost Tradition
  29. The Tradition of Alchemy
    • Hermetic Alchemy
    • Vedic Alchemy
    • Chinese Alchemy
    • Hebrew Alchemy
    • The Aquarian Legacy
  30. Churning the Sea of Consciousness
    • Yagya
    • Churning the Milky Ocean
    • The Alchemical Significance of the Churning Process
  31. The Alchemical Stone, Salt, or Ash
  32. The Rites of Immortality
    • Traditions of Immortality
    • The Mechanics of Ascension
    • Preparation of the Soma
  33. The Secret Purpose of the Pyramids
    • Gateways to the Cosmos
    • The Pyramids of Giza and the Orion Constellation
    • The Great Seal of the United States
  34. The Secret Purpose of the Pyramids
    • Gateways to the Cosmos
    • The Pyramids of Giza and the Orion Constellation
    • The Great Seal of the United States
  35. The Ark of the Covenant
  36. The Need of the Time
    • The Light of the Dawn
    • A Vision of Possibilities
    • A Time for Spiritual Rejuvenation
    • Centers of Light
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