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Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

A Scientific Perspective

27th September 2009

John Spencer of the British UFO Research Association says that "there has been a tendency in recent years to recognize the possibility that the UFO phenomenon represents an unknown agent of our own earth’s environment and as such the term alien can now often be found referring to entities where the meaning is ‘alien to the human race’

Quote from the book The Quest for Shambhala [1996] by Victoria LePage

Joyfire Comment

The following is a Fortean Times article written by Paul Devereux, a scientist who has been investigating anomalous atmospheric lights and phenomena for decades. Unfortunately, the term 'Unidentified Atmospheric Phenomena' is used, which is not the same term used by the definitive report entitled, "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena in the U.K. Air Defence Region" [2000] produced for the UK Ministry of Defence by an unknown contractor and classified, 'For UK Eyes Only'. When the report was discovered by ufologists Dr David Clarke of Sheffield Hallam University and colleague Gary Anthony, they obtained a copy of the 4 volume, 460 page study, by using the UK Freedom of Information Act [2005]. However the connection is confirmed as this article refers to the project code name: The Condign Report.

Plasma 'magnetic' entities, are described in this article as an 'exotic' natural phenomena, but it is understood that intelligent universal energies have ALWAYS worked and been associated with our planet and some plasma scientists now believe that the category associated with 'balls of light', are responsible for creating the majority of crop circles. This report provides a brief historical background of geophysical and atmospheric research and we are given examples of many different types of sightings. Here, we are also introduced to the politics associated with opposing the view that any suspicious bright light in the sky is of extraterrestrial origin. Devereux, is too kind and does not point out the major problem of ignorance with people who are totally unaware of the properties, characteristics and hence diversity of plasma. Thus, it is not helped when The Times in May 2006, produced an article at the time of the release of the Condign Report entitled Sorry ET, you're just a puff of plasma. Certainly, it would help if researchers like Deveureux would point out that the Sun is a huge ball of plasma, as well as quasars and other more enigmatic objects in space. Then, as we are told by one extremely concerned scientist, there is a recently acquired 'zoo' of plasma entities in our upper atmosphere. So, describing more familiar celestial and atmospheric objects would serve to provide a more realistic perspective on the properties and characteristics of plasma.

In my book, I termed the phrase 'The Earth Management Team' to acknowledge the existence of intelligent entities that have a major role to play in supporting planetary functions and hence evolutionary change. The most interesting thing about this article is that if you accept this scientific perspective, which mentions the occurence of 'large, orange-coloured lightballs' amongst many other now familiar descriptions, then the massive increase in bright lights and silvery/white orbs being seen in the skies all over the world would suggest that something major is happening to our planet. Since there are so few people who are aware of this known phenomena, this article serves as a good introduction to the subject and then balances the perspective of the UK MOD who routinely have to deal with issues caused by "buoyant plasmas" that are flying in and out of our atmosphere like meteors and are being mistaken by the general public for being UFOs. There is no discussion of metaphysics in this article and no mention of the huge increase in UFO reports, but after reading this article, which explains how this phenomena is strongly associated with planetary mechanics, it must become obvious that our planet is experiencing massive evolutionary change.



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Susan Joy Rennison, B.Sc. Hons.
(Physics with Geophysics),
27th September 2009

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