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Space Weather & Energy Driven Evolutionary Change

The Celestial Deluge &
Arrival of Cosmic Fire

Frequently Asked Questions

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Section 1

FAQ: Where can I get information about your website logo, “The Celestial Deluge & Arrival of Cosmic fire”

I can recommend my long essay, The Greatest Transition in the History of Mankind: The Return of Paradise (June, 2010) 2 .pdf files
link. The essay describes the existence of ancient astronomer-priests and the tradition of preserving astronomical knowledge concerning Earth's precessional cycle. Here you will find some info on Sir William Drummond of Logiealmond (ca. 1770-1828), who was a Scottish diplomat and Member of Parliament, poet and philosopher. He wrote the book, Oedipus Judaicus (1811), now considered a classic in Bible scholarship, where he proves that there is an alternative way to interpret the Bible. Most importantly we are informed that religion is derived from a system of astronomy taught by the astronomer priests to the masses as a system of religion. Other sources include the book titled, The Sacred Theory of the Earth (1691) by Thomas Burnet, where we are told about the Greek ‘doctrine of the Conflagration’. It seems that in the past, it was common knowledge amongst the learned, that Earth is destroyed by fire or water due to a regular cosmic influence. In my writings, I see this as more like cosmic housekeeping but I do point out why regular burn-outs occur. It seems that religious teaching when the scientific principles are considered too, does have some merit...

FAQ: What is the “Planetary Refresh” and what does it have to do with Space Weather?

In September 2008, I wrote, “I believe that our whole planet is experiencing a massive refresh of energy, literally like you would wipe a hard disk and start again.” In December 2008, I used the term Planetary Refresh as a special comment titled
The New Cosmic Age is now Official!. In March 2009, it was used in my Planetary Challenges report that was published online in May 2011. I believe that humans should view the regular influxes of cosmic energy as cosmic housekeeping by universal intelligence. Religious establishments have choosen to portray this occurrence as “judgement” for iniquitous humans, but there is scientific principle that needs to be understood. The influx of cosmic energy seems to have a function of re-balancing human consciousness and behaviour. This can be compared to the discoveries made by ecologists and biologists where during periods of evolutionary change, any negative and malignant force that has sprung up and poses a threat to a harmonious ecosystem, becomes subject to elimination. Simply, at times of great environmental stress, the agents of stress are eliminated to restore balance. This is well explained by biologist Bruce Lipton during an interview with Laura Lee in 2004, where Lipton explains new scientific evidence provided in the journal Nature, suggests that Darwin was wrong and it is not survival of the fittest, it is what the community of organisms contribute to a well functioning ecosystem environment that matters. Lipton states that, “evolution is selected by complementarity to the environment, organisms that push the environment to extremes are ultimately eliminated from the environment”. So, what humanity fails to comprehend is that this seems to apply on a planet-wide scale. Today it is recognised that humans are having a negative impact on this planet, but traditionally, the threat of judgement by a deity for human indiscretions in general, was used by religious leaders to help apply control over other humans, it was not necessarily about encouraging higher levels of consciousness.

FAQ: What is the historical evidence for Earth's magnetic field decline and energy driven evolutionary change?

In my book I provide scientific research that suggests there was massive evolutionary change 40,000 years ago that was caused by Earth's magnetic field declining to 10% of today's value. Here is a quote from the 2012 version of my book.

“It is agreed that 40,000 years ago, Homo sapiens underwent a transition to modern behavior but there is no consensus of opinion for how that occurred either. Yet, Greenland ice core data clearly shows there was a significant surge in cosmic radiation 40,000 years ago that lasted for about 3,000 years [90]. During this period, the Earth’s magnetic field dropped in strength to about 10% of today’s value and without the normal protective magnetic shielding, cosmic radiation penetrated the Earth’s atmosphere with ease. The facts reveal that the climate changed and there was a host of evolutionary changes, where numerous species in the Northern Hemisphere either underwent significant change or disappeared altogether. Now, there has been a new discovery of massive gamma ray bubbles (Su, Slatyer, and Finkbeiner, 2010) seen toward the Galactic Center extracted by the Harvard team from Fermi telescope data that has been dated to a major cosmic event that occurred ~40,000 years ago [91]. We can deduce that the surge of cosmic radiation that caused evolutionary change on Earth was caused by a blast of cosmic radiation from the core of our own Milky Way galaxy’s galactic core.

90. Cosmic Radiation and Clouds, Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology, EAWAG News 58, January 2005,

91. Meng Su, Tracy R. Slatyer, Douglas P. Finkbeiner, Giant Gamma-ray Bubbles from Fermi-LAT: AGN Activity or Bipolar Galactic Wind? Astrophys.J.724:1044-1082,2010,

Source: Tuning the Diamonds: Electromagnetism & Spiritual Evolution (2012), Chapter 5, Earth’s Changing Geomagnetic Environment

The reason why this is important is because Earth's magnetic field is declining again but according to the European Space Agency, the magnetosphere (Earth's external magnetic shield) has major "rifts" or holes and at times it is like a sieve. Even worse, there are times when it completely disappears on the daylight side. Earth's weakened cosmic defenses means that the solar wind can produce shockwaves that sets the whole planet ringing like a bell with magnetic energy for days at a time.... Scientific research tell us that every single brain on the planet is affected during normal and severe geomagnetic episodes.... The new science of Epigenetics tells us that human DNA will respond to environmental changes.

FAQ: NASA says that massive earthquakes are shifting Earth's tilt, is this true?

NASA will only state that recent massive earthquakes have caused the angle of Earth's rotation to slightly change, but very few scientists believe them and one German has called the NASA verdict as "unverifiable". Germans scientists claim that: “The heavenly bodies around us are mainly responsible for the Earth’s tilt. The gravity of the heavy and big planets in particular determines the gradient of the Earth’s axis. That can not be changed by an earthquake, even one as powerful as that in Chile. Professor Kind added: “It is impossible that there could ever be such a severe earthquake which would observably move the Earth’s axis. That would only be possible through outside influences, for example a meteorite." This was reported b<, 3rd March 2010,
Chile quake 'didn't shift planet's axis': German scientists put Earth back on track!.

The only conclusion that we can come to is that NASA wants to explain changes in the Earth's tilt but without giving the real reason. It is most likely that the massive coronal mass ejections that can be one and a half trillion tonnes of plasma are the real cause of Earth's tilt changing. However, in one of my essays, I talk about dark matter because NASA scientists believe that there is a new stream of dark matter affecting Earth. As some of this is being absorbed by Earth, it is also very likely to having a very small affect in shifting Earth's position relative to the Sun and moon. So even though scientists are openly "chatting" about this matter, the general public have very little awareness of the issues concerning the various anomalies that are occuring. Interestingly, traditional people like the Inuits in Northern Canada who do not use GPS and only use the stars for navigation are making claims that the relative positions of sun, moon and stars have changed in the sky with respect to their location, hence they believe that the Earth has tilted. There was even a documentary produced on this matter see the, “The tilting of the earth changes everything”"The tilting of the earth changes everything". Obviously, there are also various scientific scsources claiming that there are orbital anomalies related to the Earth-Moon-Sun system. An Italian scientist has written a paper complaining that the moon has orbital anomalies that cannot be adequately explained, see ON THE ANOMALOUS INCREASE OF THE ECCENTRICITY OF THE LUNAR ORBIT: SEARCH FOR POSSIBLE EXPLANATIONS.

FAQ: Why is the discovery of the IBEX ribbon at the edge of our solar system significant?

In 2009, a “ribbon” of energy and particles was discovered by NASA's Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX) at the edge of our solar system. As far as I am aware, it was not detected by the Voyager I & II spacecraft that flew by that region in 2005 and 2008. An interesting metaphysical source (Fulcanelli) declared many decades ago that the end of the precessional cycle was the sign of the snake on the cross as explained in my long essay,
The Greatest Transition in the History of Mankind (June 2010). Well, we have had a recent Galactic Alignment (astronomical cross) in 1998/1999 and the discovery of a snake (IBEX ribbon) which was first detected in 2009. As scholars of ancient knowledge are well aware, important astronomical information and messages have been preserved and handed down mostly in secret for thousands of years. It is a scientific fact that there has been an arrival of energy in our solar system is affecting every single planet in our solar system. NASA have announced that there is virtually nothing on the planet NOT being affected by space weather and is the real reason why some scientists think Earth needs a cosmic shield by geoengineering the planet. Ancient astronomer-priests preserved the knowledge of regular periods of intense cosmic driven upheaval for the benefit of their descendents. Today, we can understand many encrypted astronomical messages and understand the implications of the signs of the times.

FAQ: What are your views on HAARP?

Unfortunately, HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme) has become conspiracy fodder for the scientifically illiterate... These are some quotes I have collected from a skeptic.

"Because it seems to me that HAARP is now becoming one of these catch-all terms for people who have no clue what it is or how it functions or any of the technical details but they invoke it almost like they would invoke the name of a god... in order to explain whats happening in the world. And to my mind, it's almost exactly identical to simply stating the devil caused the earthquake because people are simply stating it without having proof of that and they are asserting it with such vehemence that it really makes me question if people are truly applying their analytical abilities here, or if they are simply going off something they heard someone say once and believed it to be true."

James Cortbett, Episode 179 – What Caused the 3/11 Earthquake? 27th March 2011. mp3 link

Corbett has no kind words for the incredible and wretched interview Japan earthquake and nuclear “accident” are tectonic nuclear warfare by Leuren Moret. Corbett writes:

"Utterly fact-free string of unsourced innuendo that never bothers to explain anything whatsoever about what HAARP is, how it operates, how it can cause earthquakes, how its signature can be detected in any given earthquake, or how we know it was employed in this particular earthquake. Enjoy."

Here are more HAARP skeptical views and some facts:

Watts are not a unit of energy, they are a unit of power (energy per time). So how does a billion watts compare to the power output of natural storms? According to Wikipedia, a typical thunderstorm expends 10^15 joules. Figuring that a thunderstorm usually lasts less than 10^4 seconds, that's a power expenditure of 10^11 watts (100 billion watts). So HAARP is 1% of a thunderstorm. Whoop de doo. No doubt it can interfere with certain types of communications, and maybe disrupt the operation of an incoming missile. But you'd probably find it easier to cause an earthquake by getting 10,000 people to jump at the same time than by using HAARP."
Source: link

Positive lightning represents about 5% of lightning bolts and is far more powerful, so it is useful to do comparison with the amount of power that HAARP is claimed to generate.

"The averagepeak power output of a single lightning stroke is about one trillion watts— one "terawatt" (1012 W), and the stroke lasts for about 30 millionths of a second— 30 "microseconds".[15]
Source: Lightning

There are 50-100 lightning strikes per second anywhere in the world in the 2,000 concurrent thunderstorms taking place all over the planet. Now positive lightning is far more deadly than than normal lightning and a good comparison is that an average flash of negative lightning could power a 100-watt light bulb for two to three months, whereas a bolt of positive lightning could power that same bulb for up to 100 years, but still, geoscientists are not foolhardy enough to claim that any bolts of lightning can cause an earthquake that would change the Earth's axis.

Some scientists say that when an earthquake looms, the rock changes state and produces intense electrical currents, in the order of 100,000 amperes for a magnitude 6 earthquake and a million amperes for a magnitude 7. It’s almost like lightning, underground. The Japan Tohoku 9.0 earthquake on 3/11/11 released energy that is equivalent to about 25,000 nuclear bombs all going off at once, so how big was the electrical current generated? The HAARP facility is run off diesel engines with less power output than a bolt of lightning. Even if energy beams can be directed at specific locations how exactly could they be used to trigger a fault? Faults can store energy like a battery and just like batteries, they can discharge energy in small amounts, or all at once. Japanese scientists had no idea that the Tohoku fault was even capable of producing such a huge earthquake but HAARP conspiracy theorists are certain that a bunch of diesel engines did the trick!

Well, during solar storms the accumulative affect is trillions of tonnes of plasma (charged sub-atomic particles) can be directed at Earth and that means the planet is regularly absorbing and re-emitting charge. Scientists believe that earthquakes can be triggered by external planetary alignments and Earth crossing the Interplanetary Magnetic Field (IMF) neutral sheet which is believed by scientists to be the triggering mechanism for the most devastating earthquakes. Some geoscientists can predict when earthquakes are about to occur based on a host of parameters including electromagnetic precursor signals. A French satellite observed a dramatic increase in ultra low frequency radio waves over Haiti in the month before the M7.0 earthquake but geoscientists had realised two years in advance that an earthquake was coming. Still, the devastating earthquake that rocked Haiti in January was unleashed by a previously undetected fault line – not the well-known one initially blamed. In summary, those claiming that setting off mega earthquakes with HAARP is easy and a routine accomplishment don't understand the vast amounts of energy required and all the mechanisms that will definately trigger earthquakes. Simply, this information is not known to world experts either.

FAQ: Is it possible that experiments at CERN could be having an impact?

The emphasis of my research is to explain that we are experiencing energy driven evolutionary change and that atmospheric/geomagnetic conditions on the planet are now extremely chaotic. At the same time, there has been a recent build up of charge and that is the cause of seismic unrest in the form of large earthquakes and volcanic activity. The science is also very clear that in this type of environment, humans are affected. In the last two decades, there have been various reports indicating sweeping changes across all the planets in our solar system and changes at the heliosphere (solar system barrier with interstellar space). In May 2010, we were also informed that the conditions in our solar system have changed to the point where the Sun has slowed down by 12%. As far as I am concerned, that is incredible news. When there are major solar storms, there are trillions of tons of sub-atomic particles (plasma) flooding our planet. NASA tells us that virtually everything on the planet is being affected. Thus, I don't believe that any experiments at CERN can be compared to the massive amount of cosmic energy that is continuously washing over our planet due to Space Weather. Over and over again it seems to me that people are being encouraged to ignore changes in the cosmic environment as conspiracy theorists are being paid to ferment the lie that humans are responsible for anything and everything strange happening on this planet. It also seems the most mysterious scientific projects like CERN and HAARP are capable of firing the imagination of those who are scientifically illiterate. People need to consider first and foremost that there is massive evolutionary change taking place that is now effecting Earth, our whole solar system, our galaxy and this is all being driven by an influx of energy from deep space. There is no speculation here, this is all scientific fact.

FAQ: Is it true that people will be affected by a “sun disease”, where the energies coming from the sun would be so intense and unfamiliar that it would cause people to act in ways such as these news articles you posted!

The idea of a “sun disease” has no scientific merit whatsoever. There is no reason why anyone should be frightened of the Sun and it must be noted that humans need vitamin D that is naturally made by sunlight falling on the skin. The issue is a chaotic geomagnetic environment and a human energy field that some believe needs to be strong enough to act as a cosmic shield.

It is a scientific fact the human energy field is made up of morphogenetic and electrodynamic fields that control the condition of the physical body. It is also a fact that environmental signals are constantly being picked up by the brain and body and help to process DNA as the new scientific field of Epigenetics suggest. We know that people are affected by fluctuating geomagnetic fields and there are many different biological affects. As an aside, studies show that there are precursor and post electromagnetic signals related to earthquakes that affect humans and animals too. Despite the rising tide of high energy earthquakes, it is relatively unknown amongst the general public that the chance of experiencing heart problems rises by more than 60 percent in the days following an earthquake. Therefore, solar storms from the Sun are only a trigger for a whole range of processes that can affect humans but the notion of a sun disease is very misleading and even irresponsible to suggest and promote.

Claims by a few in the metaphysical community that the human energy field needs to be strong enough to cope in the worsening geomagnetic conditions should be examined. Scientific studies to prove that this is possible are either none existent or not widely found in the public domain, but it does not mean that these claims are not true. Studies into the human energy field over the last 70 years require more scrutiny and disclosure by evolutionary biologists, but plasma physics does suggest that the relatively weak plasma that makes up the human energy field could be providing little understood shielding functions, rather like the biological cell acts to directly shield human DNA.

FAQ: Is it true that the Earth is increasing in frequency and the human brain is being forced to operate at ever increasing frequencies.

The idea that Earth is raising its vibration and this can be proved by an increase in the Schumann Resonance (SR) has no valid scientific basis. I have written about the Schumman Resonance (SR) in my book Tuning the Diamonds: Electromagnetism & Spiritual Evolution (2006), but I re-state the scientific literature that the SR acts as a range of frequencies that we can compare to a piano chord. What's more it was widely believed that the SR is measured between the ground and the BOTTOM of the ionosphere, it is NOT the frequency of the whole Earth, just a frequency found in the cavity between the ground and the ionosphere.

One fairly respected metaphysical source claimed that there is a change in frequencies that can be found from the ground to the TOP of the ionosphere, but in that case, there are no measurements that are routinely taken and published about these frequency values and I have searched for the data. All we now for sure is that the ionosphere in certain parts of the world is very low. So this should effect the value of SR frequencies but they still seem to remain fairly stable with some known slight variations.

Since I first wrote my book, NASA has informed the world that these frequencies are leaking into space see,
'Heartbeat' of Earth's Atmosphere Detected from Spaceso the theory behind the Schumann Resonance is now being updated. The major difference that actually effects humans and is a verifiable scientific fact is that due to the arrival of the Equatorial Electrojet (EEJ) (that I believe is the promised Mayan Serpent Rope), ALL of Earth's environmental signals are being amplified. When I wrote my book, these environmental signals were found to be 3-5 times stronger than previously measured, but this is old information and we can only presume by the angst coming from NASA scientists about the size of the EEJ and the effect on GPS signals, that this amplification might have got a lot stronger. In my book, I explain that the electromagnetic grid and geometry is a true reflection of Earth's frequency and I provide some scientific research that supports this argument.

FAQ: The Constellation of Ophiuchus & The Age of Aquarius: Why are astrological beliefs now in conflict with scientific fact?

It must be first understood that astronomers and astologers have different views on how constellations (grouping of stars) should be utilised as celestial markers and this means zodiacs can be created using different criteria. This is the reason for the huge outcry when some astronomers pointed out the existence of the constellation of Ophiuchus and that it was on the ecliptic. The conflict comes down to who is paying attention to reality and who is not.

Today, astronomers can see that the constellation of Ophiucus is on the ecliptic and has been for quite a few decades and that means that it belongs to a Zodiac with 13 constellations. Due to the precessional of the equinoxes, there are now new astronomical realities. All systems that use a Zodiac made up of only 12 constellationa are not based on current observations, rather they are based on traditions that are thousands of years old and have now been made obsolete. Obviously this has major implications for astrology.

So, some astronomers believe that we are in the Age of Aquarius and have been for decades if not centuries. This can only be if they are paying attention to the real night sky whereas other astronomers and astrologers are using a pie-chart false Zodiac made up of 12 equally sized constellations that bares no relationship to the real night sky of real unequally sized constellations on the ecliptic. Here is a quote from an article that highlights why some astrological beliefs now stand in conflict with scientific fact.

Astronomers agree, but the cosmic phenomenon, known as the earth’s precession, causes the positions of the stars as measured along the equinox to shift over a 26,000-year cycle, and both astronomers and astrologers have known about it for thousands of years.

“As the earth goes round the sun, it wobbles like a top,” VonStein explained. “That wobble makes the entire star background slightly shift by one degree every 72 years.”

The precession causes our spring equinox to gradually migrate westward to an adjacent constellation, according to Herb Schwartz, Drake University Observatory lecturer and astronomy instructor. While the spring equinox was once in the House of Aries, thousands of years of precession caused it to shift through the House of Pisces and has landed it in the constellation of Aquarius, which astronomers say is why the astrological beliefs now stand in conflict with scientific fact.

Zodiac sent into orbit: A 13th constellation throws horoscopes into upheaval., Iowa City View, March 17th, 2011

There are people who speculate that the Age of Aquarius will arrive in 700 years, but there are also claims the Age of Aquarius has already started and the estimates vary from the 15th century CE to the start of the new millenium! The criteria used by ancient astronomer-priests was on the 21st March (Vernal Equinox), the astrological age is determined by what constellation actually rises just before dawn. According to modern astronomers, the constellation of Aquarius has been the heliacal rising constellation for some centuries! Click the image icon for a large image of the constellations and their relationship to the ecliptic.

FAQ: If there is an influx of energy being absorbed by Earth, why can't we use it for the benefit of humanity?

Answer: The simplest answer is politics... The people who control the world wish to continue controlling the world despite huge risks due to Earth's weakening magnetic field and the ferocity of unpredictable space weather. In June 2011, the UK & US governments announced that they are so concerned that in the event of a category 5 geomagnetic storm, they will temporarily shut down the national power grids in the hope they can save hundreds of transformers being destroyed and millions of people losing their electricity supply FOR YEARS, see
'Controlled' power cuts likely as Sun storm threatens national grid, The Independent, 13th June 2011.

In the 2012 version of my book, Tuning the Diamonds: Electromagnetism & Spiritual Evolution (2006) I highlight the fact that scientists have already obtained patents for being able to extract energy from the aether.... Others make claims of energy from the aether based on excess energy they believe can be measured from an assortment of devices. NASA experiments in space which tried to extract energy from space were an abysmal failure because there was too much energy and they could not harness it properly. In 1996, it was reported that NASA's joint venture with the Italian space agency, known as the Italian tethered satellite experiment (TSS-1R) on the STS-75 mission, went horribly wrong. By dragging a cable through space, an electrical discharge path had been created and an excess of current caused the computer aboard $442 million Italian satellite that was designed to process the experimental data was fried. The science of the aether is a sepcialist subject, my focus is to integrate enough information to generate 'The Big Picture' to help more people understand what is happening on this planet and how it affects them.

FAQ: Could certain beings, that exist formless, naked to the eye, exist and feed or interact with human beings in a sort of circle of life way?

I have written a lot about Earth becoming a Cosmic Aquarium because it is becoming increasingly apparent that this planet hosts a vast Shadow Biosphere made up of a plasma based lifeform. Scientists and the military refer to them as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs), Vatican astronomers refer to them as Shadow Life. On some investigation, it is clear that some official government ufology agencies around the world are employing astrobiologists and research has been quietly taking place over at least 40-50 years, so this is the only conclusion that a reasonably intelligent person can make. Please see the references in the archives to military historian and ufologist Trevor James Constable, who spent 20 years taking photographs in the desert before publishing his profound conclusions back in the 1970s.

Some have little or no regard for humans, others behave with a critter mentality and act like birds and dolphins i.e flying in formation and playing tag with planes and boats. They were considered a nuisance during World War II when brights orbs appeared and flew alonside fighter jets. Pilots thought they were some kind of new psychological warfare and named them foo fighters. Today NASA calls them "debris" when they trail behind the space shuttles. It can be deduced that some are far more intelligent than most humans when they interact with humans through crop circles. Obviously, there are many more claims. Whatever, everywhere humans look there is some form of life and most likely this will be in all parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. Esentially, UFOs, orbs and UAPs can be more easily detected in the ultraviolet and infrared. That is why some humans who could 'see' more than others into the EM Spectrum have always been able to detect some of the entities in Earth's Shadow biosphere, that has always existed on Earth. The military discovered them when they invented radar and called them radar angels. They can be a nuisance when trying to use radar to monitor normal air traffic, so radar operators made the decision to edit them off radar screens, but after many decades, the radar angels are still a troublesome and UFO reports by radar operators at airports are rising.

The issue now is that Earth is becoming a high energy plasma environment due to space weather. Ancient warnings and modern metaphysical sources are telling us that this will attract a lot more entities who like high energy environments. Metaphysical sources claim that some are coming from all over the Universe and there have been some spectacular arrivals, see my archives!

Yes, there probably are entities feeding off energies produced by humans but this a basic principle amongst interacting living creatures and lifeforms. I have written a lot on this subject and provided scientific verification that a Shadow Biosphere exists on this planet, for more information see
Unidentified Aerial Phenomena [UAP] Index Page and the News of the Imbalance blog archives.

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Section 2 – Philosophy & Ethics

FAQ: Why did you write your long essay Spiritual Evolution in the Cultic Milieu?

In October 2009, James Arther Ray who had been promoted by Oprah Winfrey, went on to kill 3 people in a macabre sweat lodge tragedy in an attempt to give his followers some 'enlightenment'. This event galvanised me to step up my efforts to understand what was really going on in the Cultic Milieu and New Agers only form a sub-set of the Society of Seekers. After spending approximately 1,000 hours in 5 years, I wrote my essay
Spiritual Evolution in the Cultic Milieu and concluded by pointing out the existence of the Orwellian New Age because there is too much that makes the New Age movement just damn right sinister. Some claim that the New Age movement was created to control the beliefs and behaviour of seekers, see the following Desolation Row: The Selling of the New Age at the website Ishtar's Gate, 3rd January 2013 for the opinion of a delusioned New Ager. The Rick Ross Cult Education Forum, provides a tremendous resource and cites the opinion of psychologists with good analysis by cult watchers as to how people are being compromised by con men, 'gurus' and cult tactics. Simply, just being involved with enough people in the Cultic Milieu is proof enough that this is indeed 'shark infested waters'. Just because the Cultic Milieu has reached mainstream awareness, it does not mean that true seekers are not required to apply some close scrutiny and large amounts of discernment. Simply, being able to recognise certain cult tactics may be enough to preserve your sanity or your life, it is that bad.

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Section 3 – Practical Considerations

FAQ: Why did you write the book Tuning the Diamonds: Electromagnetism & Spiritual Evolution (2006)?

This book was originally written when I was involved with energy practitioners at a time in my life when I was interested in understanding more about the human energy field. As part of my interest in metaphysics, I started to come across information that suggested that something major was about to happen and I was curious about very specific messages about the need to shield the human energy field and whisphers aboiut a very unstabale geomagnetic environment. In 2004, I discovered space weather and in August of the same year, I was asked to write a chapter in someone else's book. By May 2005, I had decided to write my own book and I had already spent nearly 6 months full-time researching and writing. Due to my suspicions that people I was involved with were likely to steal my insights and rather than pass my manuscript to various publishers who I assumed would have no interest in something new by a new author or would pass on my insights to their favourite author, in September 2006, I self-published. Fortunately, in November 2007, my book was good enough to be placed in the UK National Archives. This was the greatest academic achievement of my life and sometime in the future the significance of space weather and energy driven ecolutionarly change will become very apparent to the intelligentsia.

FAQ: Are there Kindle versions of your books?

Answer: There is no Kindle versions of my books. See, The Availability of E-Book Reader Versions

The versions of my books available as .pdf files can be read on Kindle but pdfs are pre-formatted, so the words will not flow automatically from page to page and reading is mostly likely to be an irritating experience. Here are the links to free .pdf and Kindle samples to download.

  • Contents, 2012 Preface & Introduction (13 pages) here
  • Chapter 1, The Electromagnetic Universe (39 pages) here
  • Download Contents, 2012 Preface, Introduction & Chapter 1 AZW: here
    EPUB: here
    MOBI: here

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Section 4 – Freeloaders

You can find my Freeloader FAQ

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