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Deliverance From Deep Fakes - Part 2
(Are Human Clones Living Amongst Us?)

They want you to think this is science fiction.
They want you to think it's something futuristic....
20 years down the road.
They don't want you to know...
They've already been doing it for the past 20 years!!!
But they will reveal it to you in movies.
If you are paying attention
They've been switching out real humans with fakes...
The Fakes are in our entertainment, sports,
politics, religion, news, reporters,
anchors, hosts, everyday life and society

Sherry Shriner, Seer

First Upload: 5th December 2020,
Last Update: 28th June 2021


Introduction: The Link Between Transhumanism & Cloning

For quite some time hard working people have been threatened with idea of having to compete for jobs with robots. What about the idea of people having to compete with clones? Why bother with old tech when scientists have spent decades in secret creating fake humans that can often pass as humans as long as there is not too much close interaction. So even though robots are being promoted and some are being designed to look lifelike, in practise, things don't always work out as anticipated. The most amusing instance of this is when the world's first robot hotel was forced to fire half of its robots, as they were creating more work than they were achieving. In January 2019, it was reported that the robots were not advanced enough to perform many of the simple tasks that were required for them to do. What's more, guests got irate when the robots kept waking them up in the night. Bizarrely, robots registered that guests were asking questions, but in fact were snoring instead! Based on available insights, maybe the robot issue has been a red herring and the real roll-out to be concerned about is the creation of clones. Whistleblowers claim that human cloning was first achieved in the 1930s and made public via hard and soft disclosure from the 1970s onwardwards. Then there is the subject of Transhumanism which has been the hope that people will be able to live for ever. At this point, it is necessary to explain the link between transhumanism and cloning.

Transhumanism is a cultural and intellectual movement that believes we can, and should, improve the human condition through the use of advanced technologies. One of the core concepts in transhumanist thinking is life extension: Through genetic engineering, nanotech, cloning, and other emerging technologies, eternal life may soon be possible. Likewise, transhumanists are interested in the ever-increasing number of technologies that can boost our physical, intellectual, and psychological capabilities beyond what humans are naturally capable of (thus the term transhuman). Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS), for example, which speeds up reaction times and learning speed by running a very weak electric current through your brain, has already been used by the US military to train snipers. On the more extreme side, transhumanism deals with the concepts of mind uploading (to a computer), and what happens when we finally craft a computer with greater-than-human intelligence (the technological singularity).

What is transhumanism, or, what does it mean to be human?
Extreme Tech, 1 April 2013

This 2013 article claims that scientists are aiming to be able to upload the human mind up to a computer. According to various sources as will be revealed below, scientists already have this ability. Cloning requires the ability to download a mind into a fresh cloned body.

In 2017, scientists revealed that it is possible to grow fetuses in plastic bags that act like pacentas. This is a system that, as closely as possible, reproduces the environment of the womb and replaces the function of the placenta. So why can't scientists do the same for humans? Actually, scientists developed their system with babies in mind. Being born extremely prematurely is the most common cause of death in babies. Well, based on what whisteblowers claims, maybe this is not a new concept and this system is already decades old. Therefore, it should be no surprise that the Daily Mail reported that at the Las Vegas Convention Centre in January 2018, there was a booth with sample 'bodies' (1 in a plastic bag and 2 in tanks) available for viewing and handouts for anyone interested in more information. Incredibly, the idea was being promoted that if you have the cash and are tired of your body, you can swap out your consciousness and get yourself something better. It does beg the question, is this the start of transhumanism for the mainstream after decades of secret research and clones walking around today known only to the chosen few? How many people are there that would of their own volition consider the possibility of uploading their consciousness into lab-grown body? I think there are some, but it's not hard to imagine that psycopaths would be happy to force people they control to undergo the procedure.

This has to be considered alongside metaphysical sources who have outlined at great lengths that human consciousness or the soul can leave the body (mostly at death). In one of her books, the author and hypnotist Delores Cannon describes how one of her clients under hypnosis described a previous existence of being a robot that had been donated a fragment of a soul... Personally, I find it hard to imagine that a clone can be uploaded with human consciousness but still have no soul... Another scenario to consider is that when scientists talk about human consciousness they actually mean body consciousness. To understand the difference we can consider what happens when someone receives an organ transplant and then the donor starts to experience the likes and dislikes of the previous personality.... That is nothing to do with a transfer of a soul but at this stage, the issue of clones that look human walking about without a soul is what we all are being forced to contemplate. With this in mind, we have to consider the issue of predictive programming and the prevalence of cloning in popular culture. Why are so many people talking about this and why are people so suspicious? Why are certain celebrities prepared to openly talk about cloning? Why are so politicians being accused of being clones? The following analysis might help to explain our true reality.

Predictive Programming Forshadowing Our Future

Alan Watts explains his theory of Predictive theory with historical and modern examples. With the authoritative demeanour of a well researched academic, he outlines the importance of the elite's ability to program the masses to create the immediate future. We learn that popular culture is specifically targeted to produce required results. In the lecture link (provided below), he lists movies that explains the elite agenda. One movie is called Project Brainstorm [1983] where a scientists invents a head machine that can interface with computers where the mind can be downloaded and transmitted to other computers. Alan Watts states this is NOT fantasy and the technology exists. The book Irreducible Mind: Toward a Psychology for the 21st Century, shows scientific evidence that conciousness can be separated from the body. One editorial reviewer wrote, "A must-read for anyone working in consciousness studies, psychology and the history of science." Here are some book review links Jonathan Freeman's Blog: Irreducible mind theory and the falsity of reductive interpretations of the mind and body relationship that provides a .pdf of Editorial & Customer Reviews & Review 2: Michael Prescott's Blog: Irreducible Mind and the NDE You can download this book for free from PDFDrive here

This tallies with accusations being made against Google and other Big Tech companies for their use of artifical intelligence. Cyrus Parsa claims personal bio-metrics, including how neural networks are being extracted when people use their phones through AI algorithms, facial recognition, voice recognition and proximity sensors. All of this data is valuable to China's Quantum AI Military objectives.

The most notable cases of predictive programing are the examples found in the Simpsons (frequently discussed online), The Dark Night Rises and The Hunger Games (these are examples that I have not personally watched). However I have watched V for Vendetta which has inspired many to wear the 'anonymous' masks. After the start of the plandemic, I watched Contagion [2011]. The plot is concerend with the rapid spread of a virus, attempts by medical researchers and public health officials to identify and contain the disease, the loss of social order in a pandemic and the introduction of a vaccine to halt its spread. It seems to be inspired by epidemics such as the 2002–2004 SARS outbreak and the 2009 flu pandemic but the similarities with COVID19 could also indicate predictive programming.

Similarly, some believe the British 2012 Olympic Opening ceremony with a tribute to the U.K. National Health Service (NHS) contained a symbolic ritual predicting the coronavirus pandemic. I agree the whole thing was weird and creepy and the 2020 online chatter has forced mainstream media to chime in claiming any link with COVID19 is just false...

Regardless of whether you agree this idea, predictive programming is a useful guide as to what is happening. Wikipedia lists the following details:

Category: Films about cloning
83 Films include: Avatar (2009), The Boys from Brazil, The City of Lost Children, The Island, Jurassic World, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Replicas and Splice.

Category: Cloning in Fiction
17 pages of books include: Clone Wars (Star Wars), Jurassic Park and Westworld

Category: Novels about cloning
40 pages (This list may not reflect recent changes.) Novels include: The Cloning of Joanna May, Blueprint, The Dulicated Man, The Possibility of an Island.

Logan's Run [1976], The Island [2005]. Claims that The Island might be a modern retelling of Logan’s Run, as the storylines are nearly identical. Review

The following links are provided to provide more bckground information on the subject of predictive programming.

  • Alan Watt - Predictive Programming (6 Videos)
    YouTube, 15 Nov 2008
    What is predictive programming? Alan Watt explains:

    "Hollywood is the magician's wand (holly-holy) which has been used to cast a spell on the unsuspecting public. Things or ideas which would otherwise be seen as bizarre, vulgar, undesirable or impossible are inserted into films in the realm of fantasy. When the viewer watches these films, his/her mind is left open to suggestion and the conditioning process begins. These same movies which are designed to program the average person, can give the discerning viewer a better understanding of the workings and the plan of the world agenda. "Be-aware".

    Predictive Programming - The power of suggestion using the media of fiction to create a desired outcome."
    This approx. 1 hour lecture is a good introduction.

    The Coincidence Theorist

    Predictive programming, a theorised method of mass mind control, proposes that people are conditioned, through works of fiction, to accept planned future scenarios.

    Researcher Alan Watt defines this phenomenon as “the power of suggestion using the media of fiction to create a desired outcome”. Watt’s work on this topic is excellent and should definitely be checked out.

    Details of pre-planned societal changes are intentionally revealed to the masses through various forms of media. Propagandists use this type of foreshadowing as a means of pre-emptively minimising resistance. Repeatedly exposing the public to the same specific themes should wear them down into a state of passive acceptance. By the time said changes start to manifest in reality, few will even think to question the developments, let alone rebel against them.

    Fiction is the vehicle used to deliver these “predictions” for an important reason. When most people watch a film for example, they see it as a benign form of entertainment and nothing more. Therefore, as the viewer's guard is lowered, messages can bypass the normal critical thinking process and download directly into the subconscious like a virus.

  • False claim: London Olympic Games ceremony symbolically predicted the COVID-19 pandemic
    Reuters, MAY 14, 2020
    A Facebook post falsely claims that the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games contained a symbolic ritual predicting the coronavirus pandemic.
    I am amazed that the mainstream media felt the need to debunk a solitary facebook post... Maybe the truth was there was too much chatter online. See images and video link below!

  • OLYMPIC OPENING CEREMONY 2012 NHS, Predictive programming

  • TRAILER: Utopia Series 2 | Channel 4
    YouTube, 23 Jun 2014
    TV trailer from 2014 that suggests predictive programming. The trailer suggests the Deep State have been planning the current false narrative of a deadly virus for thirty years. In December 2020, scientific experts warn that covid19 vaccines have a sterilisation component....

Replicas is a 2018 American science fiction thriller which was mot well received and became a box office failure. The film tells the story of Foster, a neuroscientist who violates the law and bioethics to bring his family members back to life after they die in a car accident. William Foster and a colleague Ed Whittle are biomedical research scientists working for Bionyne Corporation in Puerto Rico, attempting to transfer the mind of a dead soldier into an android with superhuman strength. In his process of discovery of how to clone is dead family, Foster discovers that the android, Subject 345 failed because the mind expects connection to a biological body with heartbeat and respiration, rather than a synthetic one. He then realises that he can easily transfer the minds of his loved ones into cloned bondies. After a lot of drama, the boss of Bionyne Corp. finds out what happened, but a deal is struck where Jones can become rich by selling clone transfers to wealthy people looking for a second life and Foster is able to retire in peace with his family. I think this movie is providing a few key messages...

The Simpsons

The Simpsons

Illuminati 1995 New World Order Card Game

Illuminati 1995 New World Order Card Game

Illuminati 1995 New World Order Card Game

Illuminati 1995 New World Order Card Game

Illuminati 1995 New World Order Card Game

Illuminati 1995 New World Order Card Game

Contagion [2011]

Photo from the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony

Photo from the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony

Photo from the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony

Photo from the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony

Photo from the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony

Photo from the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony
Source for the above photos: @trutherseeker89/ on Twitter, Link1 & Link2

Short plot synposis. In '09 a genetically re-engineered measles virus originally created as a cure for cancer turns lethal. This virus kills 90% of humanity & turns 9% into vampiric, cannibalistic mutants called Darkseekers, who are extremely vulnerable to sunlight.

Advice from @ZKahronicNebula on Twitter link

Physical Face Cloning

Soft disclosure: False flags and crisis actors in clone masks. Telegram: link

Very little has been written about the creation of life-like masks outside of the necessary scientific discourse related to creating synthetic skin for robots. Yet, it appears that we are undergoing some form of soft disclosure as more and more video clips of actors removing face masks are appearing on social media. Here is a short quote from an article that gives a basic description of physical face cloning:
What does “physical face cloning” involve? Researchers used video cameras to capture several expressions on a subject’s face, recreating them in 3D computer models down to individual wrinkles and facial hair. They then experimented with different thicknesses of silicon for each part of the face until they could create a mold for the perfect synthetic skin.

They slapped that silicone skin on a 3D-printed model of the subject’s head to create their very own replicant. As the authors of the study point out (PDF), it’s not all that different from creating a 3D model for a Pixar movie, except that in real life you have to worry about things like materials and the motors that make the face change expressions.

Disney Is ‘Face Cloning’ People to Create Terrifyingly Realistic Robots
Techland Time, Aug. 15, 2012
It does seem that the same technology is being used for humans rather than a robot. Surely that is a simple enough spin-off process to create an adequate human clone face or disguise? The following links provide additional sources of information and recent video clips appearing on social media.

  • Physical Face Cloning
    Disney Research Studios, 5th August 2012
    We propose a complete process for designing, simulating, and fabricating synthetic skin for an animatronics character that mimics the face of a given subject and its expressions.
    Abstract: We propose a complete process for designing, simulating, and fabricating synthetic skin for an animatronics character that mimics the face of a given subject and its expressions. The process starts with measuring the elastic properties of a material used to manufacture synthetic soft tissue. Given these measurements we use physicsbased simulation to predict the behavior of a face when it is driven by the underlying robotic actuation. Next, we capture 3D facial expressions for a given target subject. As the key component of our process, we present a novel optimization scheme that determines the shape of the synthetic skin as well as the actuation parameters that provide the best match to the target expressions. We demonstrate this computational skin design by physically cloning a real human face onto an animatronics figure.
    This link takes you to a .pdf research paper that you can download. I included the first image above because the finished result reminded me of the current version of Mark Zuckerberg.

  • Physical Face Cloning
    Disney Research Studio/YouTube
    This is the direct link to the embedded video.

  • Disney Developing 'Physical Face Cloning' (VIDEO 2:55)
    CBS News Tampa, 16 Aug 2012
    The original story has gone, but link here is for a copy at Possibly available at the Way Back Machine internet archive.

    Bitchute, April 26th, 2021
    Comment: Since I am not a fan, I had no idea whether he is dead or alive but the above video compilation of someone wearing lots of different masks, makes me seriously wonder whether 'John Tavolta' has only ever been a character....

  • Is John Travolta Dead? Siri Might Tell You He Is
    Newsweek, 12/6/17
    John Travolta's career isn't exactly thriving, but that doesn't mean the actor is dead—no matter what Siri might tell you. Apple's "intelligent personal assistant" has been telling some users that Travolta passed away nearly a decade ago...

  • Rodrigo Alves Has Had Four Ribs Removed in His Quest for the Perfect Body | This Morning
    This Morning | YouTube, 23 Jan 2018
    Rodrigo Alves shares why he's opted to have more surgery in order to achieve his dream look, but reveals that he does have regrets too and wouldn't advise anyone else to follow his example. Broadcast on 23/01/2018

    Bitchute, April 21st, 2021
    Another great thought provoking video from MAG UGLY TRUTH *OFFICIAL*.

  • Science: Clones, Synthetics, organic robotoids, and doubles

    The following is a collection of links with a few surprises thrown in for good measure.

    • Clones, Synthetics, organic robotoids, and doubles
      This is Appendix III of the book, 'Deeper Insights Into The Illuminati Formula' by Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler, published in 2010. This is a short summary of that discribes four types of ‘clones’. As follows:

      1. Actual Clones
      This is a person who has been grown from a test tube (called "in vitro") or implanted womb, which has the identical genetic makeup to another person--an identical twin so to speak in terms of genetic makeup. The genetic coding has reproduced, and a new person who is an identical twin is now in existence.

      2. Synthetic People
      These are "persons" who look everybit as real as a real person, but simulate human beings. This process discovered was in 1959 and the experiment was reported in a book in 1968 called The Biological Time Bomb by Gordon Rettray Taylor.

      3. Organic Robotoids
      This is an "artificial life" form that is created through processes that are totally different than cloning or synthetics. Organic robotoid technology is being made to make exact as possible copies of important people such as Presidents and some of their staff. Biological computer brains for the robotiods came as a result of research into holograms. A holographic image of a person’s brain is made, and then when the brain of a robotoid is made, the biological computer in its head is caused to form according to the holographic record of a person being copied. Some deviations from the holographic record are needed, because the "person" is a robotoid and not a person. The brain of the robotoid has almost all of the correct memory of the person reproduced, but the robotoid brain is really a computer made from biological material which is programmed, it is not a human brain.

      4. Doubles (look alikes)
      There is an ongoing program to find look alikes for prominent people, as well as a program to create secret identical twins (which are separated at birth and never see each other).

    • Telegram: Inside a cyborg head shown (see image right) link

    • Dr. Peter Beater : Russian Organic Robotoids [9min]
      Ready for some real Fringe stuff.... I stumbled on to this and i can't get enough of it. Fascinating. I can't verify it but interesting non the less. Wanted you guys to hear it. More on this to come... A robotoid is an "artificial lifeform" that is created through processes that are totally different from cloning or synthetics.[1] In short; the cybernetic equivalent of a "humanoid."
      Interesting, there is no details provided of when this tape was recorded. The end of this is obviously fake news....

    • Human Cloning Documentary - Is Human Cloning Possible
      YouTube, 29 Dec 2017

    • Human Clones - Living Among Us
      Daily Motion, 18 July 2018
      This short documentary looks at historical information and suggests cloning has been going on for decades. It includes old clips from a whistleblower who suggests the exact method to generate a human clone is fiven in the movie The Boys from Brazil. It also references the movie The Island. A discussion about celebrities with the usual arguments that also suggest predictive programming to promote cloning.

      Some people claim that Hillary Clinton was swapped out a long time ago and that over the years we have seen many different robotoid versions. I will provide two sources here for those who want to conduct further investigations. These days, whistleblowers abound....

      (Note: Thomas Williams refers to Hillary Clinton as ‘Ann’; short for ‘Android’, since Hillary died on route to Phoenix, AZ BEFORE the last presidential election, in which she was a candidate; being replace by body doubles, clones, and then an android/biorobot):

      Source: Chapter 10 History of U.S. of A., Inc. 'To The Heart of the Matter' (E-book pdf)

      Q: And cloning isn’t just for science, but body-doubles for elites and that sort of thing?
      Z: Absolutely. It’s both cheaper than you think and quicker. You can make a spare Hillary in about three months.

      Source: Appendix A | Interview: Insider/Survivor Breakdown of the Big Picture, 'To The Heart of the Matter' (E-book pdf)

    • Completely Synthetic Human Bodies from SynDaver Labs
      YouTube, 21 Mar 2011

      YouTube, 5 Jun 2018
      Host discussion with medical staff. Strange comment: It smells funny, but it feels real....

    • Can You Really Clone Someone's Consciousness?
      In the new sci-fi movie Replicas, Keanu Reeves brings his family back to life as clones. We talk to director Jeffrey Nachmanoff about his inspiration, as well as UCLA's Dr. Martin M. Monti, who has done groundbreaking work on the human brain and post-trauma consciousness.
      PC Magazine, 11 Jan 2019
      This article has a lot of links to foundations involved in consciousness research. The link between consciousness research and interest by the Vatican is also mentioned...... Well worth the read. I think this should be considered alongside Cyrus Parsa claims about the impact of Artificial Intelligence to collect personal biometric information and influence phone users. This means data is flowing both ways and capable of being stored

    • Method of Recording and Saving of Human Soul for Human Immortality and Installation for it
      Google Patents
      Application US11/613,380 events
      2006-12-20 | Application filed by Alexander Alexandrovich Bolonkin
      2006-12-20 | Priority to US11/613,380
      2009-03-05 | Publication of US20090062677A1
      Status | Abandoned
      The inventor shows that a human soul is only the information in human brain. He offers a method for re-writing the human brain on electronic chips. This method allows for the modeling of a human soul in order to achieve man immortality. This method does not damage the brain but works to extend and enhance it.

    • Discovery: Human Cloning [2:54]
      YouTube, 29 Apr 2009

    • Human reproductive cloning:
      Stat News, Feb 21, 2020
      Sometimes what doesn't happen is as interesting as what does. Cloning human embryos has been possible for nearly seven years. Yet as far as I know, during that time no one has made a cloned baby or, apparently, has tried to make one. And what I find most surprising is that no one has announced they intend to make one.
      This article basically lays out where scientists have got to with the science and then states, well where are the human clones? I think the brick wall is that world controllers don't think the majority of the masses are ready to accept clones walking about but at the same time they are still churning out clones in underground facilities.

    • The Artificial Womb
      YouTube, 2020
      I could not watch all the way through this video, too grossed out

    • Artificial Wombs - 4 VIDEO Clips on Twitter

    • European ban on human cloning
      BBC News, January 12, 1998
      [...]United States President Bill Clinton called for a five-year ban on human cloning experiments after Richard Seed, a Harvard University educated physicist, said he was ready to set up a clinic to clone human babies.
      Mr Seed predicted that as many as 200,000 human clones a year would be produced once his process was perfected. He boasted that he could produce a human clone within 18 months.

    • Overview of World Human Cloning Policies
      19 European Nations OK Ban on Human Cloning
      National Catholic Register, 18 April 18 1999
      PARIS—According to a CNN report, 19 European nations on April 12 signed an agreement to prohibit the cloning of humans. Representatives from 19 members of the Council of Europe signed a protocol that would commit their countries to ban by law “any intervention seeking to create human beings genetically identical to another human being, whether living or dead.” It rules out any exception to the ban, even in the case of a completely sterile couple.

      New Scientist: Extremely premature lambs have been kept alive in an artificial uterus for four weeks

    • Artificial womb helps premature lamb fetuses grow for 4 weeks
      New Scientist, 25 April 2017
      Extremely premature lambs have been kept alive in an artificial uterus for four weeks. The system uses a fluid-filled plastic bag and could be used for premature babies within the next three years.
      “We’ve developed a system that, as closely as possible, reproduces the environment of the womb and replace the function of the placenta,” says Alan Flake at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, who led the study.

    • Bodies kept alive in plastic bags and lifeless 'blank' humans ready for a new consciousness to be uploaded: Controversial booth at CES claims to offer IMMORTALITY - but is all as it seems?
      Daily Mail, 11 January 2018
      • At the Psychasec booth at CES, what appeared to be human bodies were on display in glass cases and bags
      • The exhibitors introduced a plan for 'immortality,' by uploading your consciousness into lab-grown bodies
      • But, at the end of the booth, it is revealed to be a bizarre marketing stunt for the Netflix show, Altered Carbon
      Seriously, read the article, it describes ‘Joel’ a fresh ‘sleeve in a vacuum sealed bag, breathing and eating through a tube. It states:
      Pointing to the disturbing ‘human sleeves’ inside the neon-backlit cases, a guide said: ‘These are 100 percent genetically home-grown organic sleeves – the sleeve is your body.’ ‘These are made of skin, tissue, muscle, bone, nervous system, cells, everything that we have to generate ourselves to make our movements, these are made up of,’ the Psychasec exhibitor said.
      So many people will want to believe that it was all a publicity stunt. Fair enough. The so-called elites love to put the truth in plain sight because they regard the masses as stupid and oblivious.

  • Bodies kept alive in plastic bags and lifeless 'blank' humans ready for a new consciousness to be uploaded: Controversial booth at CES claims to offer IMMORTALITY - but is all as it seems?
    During a brief tour through the booth, exhibitors dressed in all white (top) sold the idea of immortality, through a plan to upload human consciousness to ‘human sleeves’ of whatever design you desire – before concluding around the display of ‘Joel,’ (pictured) a fresh ‘sleeve in a vacuum sealed bag, breathing and eating through a tube (bottom)

    In the film Avatar [2009], humans find Pandora a moon inhabited by 10-foot tall, blue-skinned, sapient humanoids. To explore Pandora's biosphere, scientists use Na'vi-human hybrids called "avatars", operated by genetically matched humans. This is achieved by a human transfering his mind to a avatar body that has been deposited in a landing craft on Pandora. Please note that the movie clearly depicts the avatar being grown in a tank before it is moved to Pandora.

    News, Confessions and Rumours

    • US President CLONED: White House run by faked 'synthetics' conspiracists claim
      A bizarre theory dating back to 1979 says that rival secret groups have created synthetic biological duplicates – including former US President Jimmy Carter – to fool the public
      Daily Star, 18 Jan 2020

      [...] But all of these lookalikes were real, naturally-born people with perhaps a few minor surgical alterations to help them pass as another person.
      According to the Jimmy Carter theory, the Georgia-born POTUS was duplicated, perhaps up to 100 times, by a biological machine with a computerised brain based on hologram technology.
      These synthetic people are allegedly created from animal tissue harvested during cattle mutilation phenomena.
      Author Fritz Springmeier claimed that Ben Bova’s science fiction novel The Multiple Man, in which fictional US President James Halliday is replaced by a clone, was in its essentials true.
      Springmeier goes into great detail on how human memories are duplicated and transferred into one of these "organic robotoids".
      Discussion of doubles who act as decoys is highly believable. The reason why this so-called conspiracy is going mainstream is because there are quite a few examples of celebrities/politicians who do not behave at all times like they are normal humans. Again, we have a reference to another film providing us with predictive programming and/or soft disclosure.

    • Why fans think Avril Lavigne died and was replaced by a clone named Melissa
      The Guardian, 16 May 2017

    • Beyoncé died in 2000 and replaced by CLONE, claims bizarre conspiracy theory
      A mad conspiracy theory claims Beyoncé was cloned from stem cells found by label bosses so she could keep releasing music
      Daily Mirror, 20 APR 2019

    • Does this startling footage prove music icons Eminem and Britney Spears are CLONES?
      Daily Star, 6 OCT 2016

    • The Illuminati’s Secret Celebrity Murder and Cloning Centers, Explained
      Gizmodo, 28 April 2016
      I was surprised to find this article on such a mainstream website.... The discussion of Eminem, Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus is out of date because black rappers are now more openly talking about either being clones or think they are mixing with clones. One of the Donald Marshall links actually leads to a webpage with videos of a Britney song, Mona Lisa (2011) . In the chorus, Britney sings, "SHE WANTS YOU TO KNOW, SHE'S BEEN CLONED, SHE'S BEEN CLONED, SHE'S BEEN CLONED!" Her music video Breaking The Ice (2009) depicting her as a cartoon character blowing up a clone centre is another interesting give away. This story of Britney being a clone might explain her desperate attempts over the years to release music revealing her issues. In December 2020, at 38 years old it was widely reported that Britney is in a battle with her "father" who has legal custody due to her mental health issues. Based on what has been disclosed worldwide, maybe her father is really her "handler" and cloning or being under mind control is the real issue.

      • Britney Is Dead, 2 May 2004
        Yes, it's sad, but true.
        Our beloved pop tart, Britney Spears, has been dead for about five years now. And a massive conspiracy on behalf of the music industry has kept this fact from her ever-diminishing legion of fans for just as long. But I've uncovered the truth. The one we've been calling Britney may be not a girl and not yet a woman, but she is an imposter. And I have the evidence to prove it.
        Copy of website found at Way Back Machine Internet Archive. Even though the author claims his website is a joke, lots of different reports are saying the same thing.

        Bitchute, Nov 17th 2018
        This video is a mirror... Another cousin who says her family member wa cloned... In fact she goes further and says "she was flipped at birth". Details given here are important.

      • Britney Spears Psychic Reading by Megan Rose Medium - Part 1
        YouTube, 12 Jul 2020
        Britney Spears has been a pop icon since the late 90's. Millions of fans have grown up listening to her popular pop singles and dance music. After her public break down in 2007, many fans had concerns for her well being. Recently, Britney's social media has raised some eyebrows for concerning behavior. Megan offers her psychic perspective. Please send prayers for her and her family.

      • Britney Spears Psychic Reading Part Two by Megan Rose Medium
        YouTube, 15 Jul 2020
        This is part two of Britney Spears psychic reading. I channeled additional information regarding Britney's life, career, and mysterious behavior.

        Comment: Again, the brilliant Megan Rose confirms the cloning story and that Britney has been cloned multiple times. Apparently, they can't get her personality quite right....

    • Nicki Minaj Makes Bizarre Tweet About Cloning #STOPHUMANCLONING
      Hip Hop Vibe, February 2, 2016
      Recently, fans on hip hop message boards have pointed out how strangely celebrities have been acting. Several artists have made unusual comments on Twitter. There was plenty of discussion about how odd they were acting.
      Nicki Minaj always used being eccentric as a part of her style. But, if she is currently upset, she has a valid reason to be.

    • Celebrity cloning centers, reptillians, & the great awakening
      Facebook, 31 August 2020
      This is quite well done and comes across as a documentary

    • Celebrity Synthetics
      YouTube, 18 Sep 2020

    • More Added to Our Synthetic Human Files
      JETS introduce Adam Gase as Head Coach
      Start at 1:50. The panel discussion is hilarious. I don't know why anyone would bother if this is the best they can do.....

    • Synthetic, Robotoid, Clone?
      YouTube, 27 Oct 2019
      Quote - "The got him too?" This made me laugh but it's not funny really...

      Blog Talk Radio, 8th November 2019

    • Rapper B.o.B Speaks On Human Cloning, MK Ultra

    • Presidential White House Press Conference |Dave Chappelle
      Tik Tok

      Comment: In this comedy skit, Dave Chappelle reveals some serious truth....

      Family members speaking out. Long interview with a cousin. Very sad... Also, are comedy sketches like this the reason why Dave Chappelle was replaced? Tik Tok link

    • How Far Off Are We from the Digital Clones of 'Black Mirror'?
      The Charlie Brooker series has returned to one fear more than any other: that digital clones could be tortured for eternity.
      Vice, 16 Jan 2018
      So, predictive programming and/or disclosure?

      Donald Marshall

      After some thought I have decided to list the strange account of a Donald Marshall, who delares himself as a former Illuminati insider turned internet whistleblower. His claims suggest the science depicted in the film Avatar [2009] is real.... According to Wikipedia, the movie Avatar never uses the word clone, the plot description states, "To explore Pandora's biosphere, scientists use Na'vi-human hybrids called "avatars", operated by genetically matched humans." This is a transfer of human consciousness to a Na'vi-human hybrid. Again, predictive programming or disclosure? As bizarre as Marshall's acount is, he makes it clear that it happened because he was sold by his own family. That is a common complaint of såtanic ritual abuse survivors who state after severe abuse within their own family, they are then given over to the Deep State for mind control and then used as slaves in black operations. Hence, once you have done enough background research his claims appear less and less outlandish.... Besides that, from my years of research, the best indicator on the planet is following the U.S. military. All indications are that the White Hats in the U.S. military are raiding and cleaning up secret deep underground bases D.U.M.B.s (aka Draining the Swamp), where destroying cloning centres is a priority.

      • Donald Marshall - Cloning Centers [2013]


      • Donald Marshall Facebook

      • Illuminati Talk About Cloning Centers Golden Globes Donald Marshall Is Speaking The Truth
        YouTube, 11 Jan 2016
        Wow...... Apparently, they think its OK to make jokes at the Golden Globes because they don't expect anyone outside of their circle to understand what they are talking about. This video is in a playlist of 114 videos, but some have been deleted. There are a lot of compilations of celebrity glitches and debate as to whether celebrities are mind controlled or failing clones.

      • Gene Decode on McAllister. Hello George, DDay, Castle Wettin
        Bitchute, June 2020
        Gene Decode is a Christian and ex Navy with a lot of contacts.... He is famed online for knowing about what is happening underground with the Deep Military Underground Bases D.U.M.Bs. I respect him because he understands what space weather is really about... Here he talks with the host Linda Paris @ McAllister TV about what is really going on with mind control, cloning and entities that exist underground. Matches up with what Donald Marshall has to say. This is grown-up stuff.

      • Kidnapped Humans Brain Sharing with Clone Replacements
        YouTube, 14 Apr 2017
        People are being kidnapped off the streets and stuck in underground bases forced to 'brain share" with clones that replace them in society. This isn't tech they're trying to develop like they say, they are already doing it folks.
        A psychic describes what she has been shown.... Another twist to the avatar story... Horrible. For those who can't believe this, there seems to be many different avenues of pure evil when it comes to Deep State experimentation and activity.

    Featured: Cloning Movies & Pop Videos

    • Cloning - The Boys from Brazil | 1978
      Excerpt from the 1978 movie "The Boys from Brazil" starring Gregory Peck, Laurence Olivier, and James Mason. Based on the novel by Ira Levin. In this 8 minute movie clip, a scientist describes the nuclear transfer cloning process.

    • Birth of a Human clone-The Island film scene
      YouTube, 30 Sep 2014
      WARNING! Some people might find this disturbing. I imagine that this is quite close to reality. The YT comments here reflect these same sentiments.

    • Neo Wakes Up in the Real World | The Matrix (1999) HD Clip
      YouTube, 6 Feb 2019
      WARNING! Some people might find this disturbing. The Matrix [1999] . Neo wakes up in a matrix pod to discover that he has been used as a battery. As he looks out to view is surroundings, he sees fields of humans in their pods. With what we now know, maybe the real message is mixed up . What if clones are generated in tanks (old tech) in clone factories/facilities and some people are being used to power clones.

    • Cloned: The Recreator Chronicles | 2012 Full Sci-fi Thriller | Stella Maeve
      YouTube, Aug 2019
      Cloned: The Recreator Chronicles [2012] . When a group of teenagers stumble upon a secret lab, they become part of a deadly experiment "The Recreator" - evil human clones. Craig, Tracy and Derek come face to face with exact copies of themselves that have only one purpose; to find and kill their originals. With time running out it's up to the original group to destroy the lab and save themselves before they are replaced. Gregory Orr's exciting thriller brings science fiction to life with a real edge.
      The link here is for a film review and this movie gets a bad rating.

    • Arnold Schwarzenegger (Character Adam Gibson) realises he is a clone [1.11]
      The 6th Day [2000]. In the film, a family man of the future is illegally cloned by accident as part of a vast conspiracy involving a shady billionaire businessman, and is thrust into a struggle to clear his name and protect his family from the conspirators who seek to keep the cloning a secret. The title refers to the Christian Genesis creation narrative, where God created mankind on the sixth day.

    • Trailer: Gemini Man [2.19]
      Gemini Man [2019]. Retired hitman Henry Brogan (Will Smith) is forced on the run and finds himself hunted by his ultimate adversary - a younger clone of himself. Packed with epic fight scenes and groundbreaking visual effects.

    • Cloned | 1997 Full Sci-fi Thriller
      Cloned [1997]In the year 2008, a married couple is distraught over losing their 8 year old son in a boating accident. However, when the mother suddenly sees another child who looks identical to her dead child, the Mother investigates the fertility clinic who aided her with her pregnancy and discovers that they cloned her child in an experiment dubbed "Baby 2000".

    • CLOSER TO GOD Trailer (Sci-Fi Thriller - Movie HD)
      YouTube, 15 Jun 2015
      Closer To God [2014]
      A genetic scientist successfully clones the first human being, a baby girl named Elizabeth, but his work is soon threatened by a dark secret, a secret that threatens to destroy everything and everyone precious to him. WARNING! Disturbing!

    • Tom Macdonald - "Cloned Rappers"
      YouTube, 27 Sept 2019
      Rapper music video about cloning

    • Nicki Minaj making weird noises
      YouTube, 6 Apr 2012
      Nicki Minaj making weird funny noises on the Today Show while performing Starships. Retarded.

    • Ellie Goulding Glitching
      YouTube, Sep 2019
      With over 2.5 million views for this and 1 other video besides numerous compilations, many people have noticed that some of our pop tarts are not human anymore.

    The Matrix (1999): From the scene where Neo wakes up in a matrix pod to discover that he has been used as a battery. As he looks out to view is surroundings, he sees fields of humans in their pods. With what we now know, maybe the real message is mixed up . What if clones are generated in tanks (old tech) in clone factories/facilities and some people are being used to power clones.

    Image from Britney Spear's Break The Ice [2009] music video. It is claimed that Britney has been so unhappy with her clone existence that Does this startling footage prove music icons
    Eminem and Britney Spears are CLONES?

    Daily Star, 6 OCT 2016

    Thread: Clone Armies: Rebecca the Hopeful @RSpatter has noticed a new trend @RSpatter writes, Symbolism: Pop Culture Clone Armies. Not sure if this falls under occult. But it's for sure creepy. This is a weird trend, among many, that is popping up in music videos in recent years. Here are a few. #Clones #ReformTheMusicIndustry

    Big Trouble in Little Sanchez
    Seventh episode of the second season of Rick and Morty. Synopsis: Summer asks Rick to transport his mind into a teenager to shield her from vampires at school.


    A FOIA email from leaked Hillary Clinton emails, "Requesting documents pertaining to the resurrection chamber of Gilgamesh, the location of his body, and the location of the buried Nephilim."

    Susan Joy Rennison, B.Sc.Hons. (Physics with Geophysics)

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