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First Upload: 2nd July 2021,
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I have recently come across two series of videos by someone who calls himself Ewaranon. I was quite astounded by some of the revelations to say the least and then very quickly the YouTube channel was removed/censored. As many are now saying, we must interprete this reaction as: the subject matter was 'over the target....'

However, almost immediately people began searching for copies of the videos and as these things happen, the series What On Earth Happened and The Lost History of Flat Earth began to proliferate all over the internet. Many people are enamoured because there are new insights simply explained in such a way as to provide some true enlightenment.

Ewaranon writes:

“Whole thing is ridiculous - I had WOEH up on YT for almost a year with zero issues apart from the usual shills. It was under the radar and fine. Since releasing LHFE - I have my accounts hacked by a bunch of weird you tubers, my YT channel is taken down and now I am being shadow banned and cannot accept at least half of the comments I receive. I am also being called a freemason or "sent by the controllers" because of the way I make the videos 😂 😂 that's a new one. It's all a bit much tbh.” EWAR, 11th June 2021

I decided to promote this series for fellow Truth Seekers because this information might provide an opportunity for many to be steered into a new direction for research. Many have talked about The Great Awakening and quite frankly, that time is here.

Here are a few quotes that sum up the issues being presented,

“When the spinning ball-Earth is finally exposed worldwide for the 500 year deception it was, Earth's entire population will suddenly be faced with the reality that every government, every space agency, university, secret society, religious organization, mainstream and alternative media outlet have ALL been duplicitous in propping up a monstrous manipulation to fleece and control the masses. The resulting mass mental exodus away from the control system is exactly what humanity needs. Once the flat Earth truth gets out, these lying politicians, spokesmen, reporters and teachers suddenly change from being heralded voices of authority to being ridiculed, shunned and denounced as they deserve. Once the flat Earth truth gets out, these governments, universities, media outlets and other entangled organizations which have long been hard at work weaving this multi-generational ball-Earth myth, suddenly and completely lose all credibility. Once the truth of our flat Earth gets out, so does the truth of these few elite families/societies who have kept this most important and fundamental reality from us for these hundreds of years! Essentially, once the flat Earth truth gets out, so does every other important truth by proxy, because this "mother-of-all-conspiracies" holds under its umbrella literally ALL of the other conspiracies, and exposes them.”

- Eric Dubay

“NASA is nothing more than a masonic, occult and deeply satanic deception operation. It was founded by Satanic worshiping occultists and black magicians.

NASA is a Military-Hollywood-Pseudoscience-Satanic Cartel, whose true purpose is to deceive and fleece the masses. Through, in some cases elaborate, trick photography and in most cases not, and mind control hoaxes, they inculcate an atheistic world view with all of the rote repetition of a spinning ball earth in a heliocentric universe that is the diametric opposite of the Biblical truth of the world we actually live in. They engage in total fraud and while they use taxpayer funding to promote and profit by developing and deploying pseudoscience technology and methodology leading the gullible masses to discount the real God of the Bible and His creation. That is their real mission. Like their boss, Lucifer, they are liars thieves and murderers. Misery loves company.”


I knew that NASA lied about going to the moon, but I failed to comprehend just how much lying was going on. We are fed a diet of lies and forced to regurgitate it through the so called education system which is just institutionalised brainwashing. Whilst watching the first series, I soon realised that the plasma physics I thought I could rely on was just being used to prop up the existing narrative. Seriously, I actually thought the tin-foil masterpiece called the Hubble Telescope was actually orbiting Earth and taking real pictures of the universe... (There are many other lies to sift through and reject on a whole host of subjects.) After over 35 years of seeking and searching for knowledge to understand my reality, I realise it's time to make some adjustments to my vision, somethings will come into focus and somethings will be blurred out.

I hope you find the following series and blogger channels helpful in your search for true enlightenment. The series What On Earth Happened is a necessary primer before you follow the series The Lost History Of Flat Earth, unless you are familiar with the whole concept of Tartaria and The Millennial Kingdom of God. However, as other related subjects are expertly woven in, I recommend following along. Prepare to have your mind blown. We have been lied to on a monumental scale. Literally.

What On Earth Happened by Ewaranon

The above images link to the channel Yafer on

On Odysee search = Ewaranon link
On Rumble search = Ewaranon link
On Bitchute search = What on Earth Happened link

On search = What On Earth Happened link
On Google Drive: link

Lost History of Flat Earth - Volume 1

The above images link to Ewar's (previously blogger Ewaranon's) YouTube channel but episode VII is missing on this new channel, so the image is linked to a copy on

Ewaranon can be found on Gab under the name Aeonoah link

Further copies can be found:

On Gab TV search = LHFE link
On Google Drive: link
On Odysee search = LHFE link
On Rumble search = LHFE link
On Bitchute search = LHFE link

More Coming!

I feel that I have been missing out on the Tartaria party and need to catch up. At this stage I am still finding out who the leading lights have been. So far I have a few names, but there is a lot of work to do and I have other commitments! For now here are just a few respected bloggers that have done some great work:

Marcia Ramalho

AETHER by Marcia Ramalho is a 2018 essay video and a 'go to' for most researchers in the field of alternate history, the Tartarian Empire and Antiquitech. The second edition published in September 2020 includes six new chapters and contains more than 1000 images. I found this YouTube video charming and irritating at the same time. There is no spoken narrative, so I wanted to study the images as well as digest the written content which at times is repetative. To do that you will have to keep stopping the video because it goes too fast. After a while I decided to start collecting the images that I found the most appealing and thought provoking. The result was a new webpage, Enlightenment Corner - Aether. As I kept going through the images, I kept getting reminded of the book trilogy, His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman. In Ocober 2012 did a book review, see His Dark Materials – Book Review, where I point out the importance of aether in the world that Pullman claims is set on another Earth. I am now starting to think these books were based on this world, soon after the fall of Tartaria.

Anyway, I think it is very important to understand the reason why we are in a secret war for the future of humanity. Simply, our Cabal overlords cannot cope in a high energy spiritual environment and they are trying to force a 'reset' to obtain a much smaller population that they think they can manage and control. The facts are the environment has changed drastically, (we have to believe that not everything NASA was telling us about Spaceweather was a complete lie). The consequences are that societal norms cannot remain the way they are now... For example, more and more videos are appearing that indicate higher levels of aetheric energy are now available for the benefit of humanity, i.e. more of the old 'Antiquitech' is starting to be seen in operation. See, Russian Basilica Phenomenon with massive energy seen coming off a chuch spire. With lots of impacts becoming apparently to those of us that are awake, our demonic overlords cannot even maintain their pretense of being human anymore... This is exciting and dangerous times.

Click image to go to
Enlightenment Corner – Aether

The Millennial Kingdom of God by Exploring Tartaria

Incredibly this blogger believes that after intense research and study that Tartaria is the actually evidence of the reign of Christ on Earth! We have been lied to about our past and tricked into believing that we are on another part of the overall timeline. The vast majority of Christians believe that the prophecies in the bible have not been fulfilled regarding the tribulation and the second coming of Christ. Therefore the millennial kingdom is yet to come. However, by researching the past through a new lens, it has become clear that the millennial kingdom period has already come and gone and our true place in time is much different than we thought. The timeline deception is key to understanding that we are actually in the final stand against evil!

Source: Exploring Tartaria channel on YouTube link
On Bitchute search = Exploring Tartaria link

First Upload: 2nd July 2021,
Last Update: 1st September 2021


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