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Puppet Masters & Their Puppets

Part 1 – Metaphysical Insight

First Upload: 3rd December 2021,
Last Update: 3rd December 2021


Part 1 - Introduction

There are many who realise that secret societies rule the world and that governments, politicians and unelected officials are choosen to fulfill certain agendas. Here, we are not going to rehash pyramids of power and numerous crimes perpetrated by known individuals. Rather, the focus will be to explain why things have been they way they have been on planet Earth. Part 1 will consist of metaphysical insight and Part 2 will be a Q drop and a data dump of known puppet masters and their puppets. The focus will be on bloodlines, character, symbolism and certain actions that reveal motives and agendas.

To this end, I am using extracts from the book Through The Curtain (1983) by Viola Petitt Neal [VPN]. It is still the best description I have found in over 35 years Truth Seeking, that describes the satanic efforts to corrupt humanity. I first provided quotes from this book back in April 2011 in the article A Prediction Worthy of Note: The Arrival of An Etheric Cloud. This old article has a long introduction because I explain the background to how the information for the book came about and how it was published ~ 2 years after VPN's death by a close friend. The book seems to make a deliberate effort to integrate science and metaphysics, but we now know that some of our "peer reviewed" science is basically fairy tales for adults, especially when it comes to understanding our true reality, i.e. Earth and the cosmos.

I believe that some of the writings in her book are most certainly deliberately cloaked, but due to mass indoctrination, still the best way to deliver certain information. Still, I find it strange that she used our solar system 'planets' as names for types of humans; Plutonians, Venusians, Martians etc. Maybe, these descriptions were deliberately chosen to not point to a particular group or race, only to common psychological patterns. Well, I prefer to think of these types as holding a particlar range of energies and frequency. Whatever, it is clear that VPN wanted to differentiate between humans who have only ever lived on Earth in previous incarnations and humans who incarnatedfirst in other places. Actually, this is a common belief by people, who feel that Earth is not their home, they are only here to help Earth through a tumultuous time, see Am I a Starseed? Starseed Types and Characteristics Revealed

So even though, I spent a lot of time in the past studying narcissists and psychopaths (sociopaths) and this fits the descriptions of Plutonians, the discoveries I have made in the last 18 months or so have led me back to VPN's book because it so aptly describes the rationale for the filth and degradation that seems to be over running the human race. VPN describes the role of 'Black Masters' and 'Black Lodges' and forces of chaos that are seeking to break down values and to drag humanity into a 'state of savagery where there are no moral laws'. Certainly, the push to normalise pedophilia, full term abortions in order to sell baby body parts, the extensive network of underground DUMBs to facilitate human trafficking, adrenochrome farming and worse, demonstrate levels of evil on this planet that are way beyond what most humans could imagine....

Through The Curtain – Extracts

The following are the most relevant passages from the book Through The Curtain that describe the rationale for what has been happening on this planet. The first 7 pages, (pages 70-76) introduces the concept that planet Earth has a 'higher' support network that is able to help humanity evolve. This is a belief that is widely understood in metaphysical communities. The rest of the extracts focus on human psychological types and more specifically 'dark' personalities and what humans need to do to stop being enslaved.

Please note: 1. This book does not explain about any possible government cooperation with off-planet entities and 2. there may be a few concepts that you don't fully understand. The best advice is to find paragraphs and gems of knowledge that make sense and don't worry about the rest. Furthermore, I have annotated the pages to enable people to speed read the most pertinent information related to Puppet Masters and their Puppets.

Additional Info

Part 2 will be coming soon!

First Upload: 3rd December 2021,
Last Update: 3rd December 2021


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