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Space Weather & Energy Driven Evolutionary Change

The Celestial Deluge &
Arrival of Cosmic Fire

A Prediction Worthy of Note:
The Arrival of An Etheric Cloud

The Background Story

Well, after my 31st January Delft Technical University lectures and the videos went online approximately on the 10th February, I received an email on the 25th February complaining about the price of the book Through the Curtain, as it was going second hand for between $120 - $450 dollars on Now, the book has reached the astronomical price of just under $1000 dollars, and that is quite some inflation since July 2009, when I paid a retailer via just under $20 dol1ars.

When I first read Through The Curtain (1983) by Viola Petitt Neal, I thought it was a little strange especially the section on the types of people; Plutonians, Venusians, Martians etc, but some of the information was very interesting. Since that time, I have spent a lot more time studying psychopaths (sociopaths) and this fits the descriptions of Plutonians and there are other sections on how the world is run that I must now agree with, because they fit the observations of so many thinkers, hence, my initial reservations have been deal with.

Anyway, I am now thinking that I could not have finished reading this book, because I have just stumbled across a section right at the end that explains the arrival of an ‘etheric cloud’ that is a hundred million miles wide and will affect the solar system and Earth. Believe me, that’s the sort of think that would stick in my mind after intensively researching space weather from about 2005 and makes me think this section was missed...

It seems that Viola Petitt Neal was receiving clear information about the arrival of an interstellar cloud that NASA have called Local Fluff and others have more affectionately renamed as ‘Fluffy’. A few in the metaphysical community have been informed of the arrival of Diamond Ray/Diamond Flame energy with adamantine particles, and the metaphysical messages are very clear that these particles coming from deep space have special properties. The following excerpt is very clear that the residents of Earth should be expecting a celestial deluge of energy. So we read:

"The Earth and humanity are becoming multidimensional Bearers of Light as the radiance from the Supreme Creator and our Mother/Father God permeate the solar system and the Earth via the Great Central Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy. [...] These particles are the Light of consciousness and the building blocks of physical existence." [bold added for emphasis]
Integrating and Igniting The Diamond Ray Flame, by Ronna Hermann, March 2007
Meanwhile, it is known that NASA et al. are very busy studying the properties of interstellar dusty plasmas that have been seeping into our solar system for the last few decades, as the trickle has now become a flood...

I am also celebrating the fact that the website had well over 1 million hits in March, so to mark the occasion I have decided to make sections from the book ‘Through the Curtain’ most relevant to Space Weather, evolutionary change in our solar system on Earth and the spiritual evolution of humanity more widely available. There are a few special people who have spent a great deal of lot of time pulling together the rumours, media reports and the scientific papers and I am thrilled to help tie this up with the very clear summary provided in these quotes.

What is interesting, is that Viola Petitt Neal is clear that this information will be given to people all across the planet, so the question I have is: how come when I give a lecture and give my opinion and agreement that ‘lasers beams’ are hitting Earth and provide the source of my inspiration, that almost immediately, the second hand price of the book goes stratospheric! Who is paying attention?

The following is the introduction to the book which outlines the context of how the information was obtained and three other sections of the book that can printed or downloaded separately in .pdf format.

Quotes from the book Through the Curtain (1983) by Viola Petitt Neal, Ph.D.


Little did I know that the year 1930 would I bring a friendship that would last for over fifty years. That was the year that I met Viola Petitt Neal. She was my first teacher of physics and mathematics at the American teacher of physics and mathematics at the American School for Girls in Beirut, Lebanon and later a colleague and collaborator in research and writing.

During the first twenty-five years, although we remained in constant correspondence, each of us went our separate way - she to Egypt to teach and later to Oxford and London to obtain a doctorate in philosophy (Ph.D.) from London University. Her thesis for her doctorate dealt with secret religions of the Middle East.

In the meantime, I completed my studies as a physician and went to Edinburgh University, Scotland to receive further training as a neuropsychiatrist. My basic interest was the study of the human mind in both normal and abnormal states, trying to find an answer to the hallucinatory experiences of the insane. [...]

In 1956, while visiting my old friend Viola Petitt Neal in Los Angeles, I was challenged to read with an open mind a few books about the lives of Helena P. Blavatsky, Alice A. Bailey and Edgar Cayce ­-- men and women whose integrity is unquestionable - indicating that they had experiences that were neither normal nor abnormal. But how was one to classify such experiences, for they were not included in my training!

For the first time Dr. Neal revealed to me her own personal experiences, one of which was that as she was falling asleep she would see in her mind’s eye, in a miniature form, frames like a moving picture of beautiful flowers, places and people in very sharp, bright colours. These had no particular significance in her personal life. Reference to this ability and its true meaning is discussed in one of the night classes.

A second experience was that when she went to sleep she was aware of being on another dimension attending lectures on many subjects dealing with both science and philosophy. She referred to this experience as Night Classes. Upon awakening, she could recall the lectures the following morning if she so wished.

Thirdly she was a student of the ancient wisdom teaching and an accepted disciple in the Master Jupiter’s Ashram. She had been aware of this since early childhood and in 1978 dedicated her book of poetry Fragments of Experiences A Spiritual Journal, to Him (“M.J.”). She could perceive at a distance and communicate telepathically with the Ashram of the Master Jupiter, a department of the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet whose head is the Christ. These abilities were never discussed or shared except with a handful of very close friends. Since her passing I am permitted to disclose this information.

Needless to say, her confidential disclosure stunned me. As a researcher of the human mind, I asked for verification of some of her experiences. I was allowed to question her during sleep, if I happened to be awake myself, and if she was attending “night classes.” The following morning I would try and see if she could recall the class which I had taped the night before. To my utter amazement she was able to recall the lecture which she had attended while asleep, almost verbatim, as the tape confirmed. In other words she had “continuity of consciousness” during waking and sleeping states. As the accuracy of her recall of night classes became evident, the taping at night ceased because it was physically strenuous on both of us. […]

Through the Curtain, is the result of the research that began twenty-two years ago. Only the secretary, Dr. Neal, and I knew of this research.

Before she passed on in 1981, Dr. Neal had agreed that the time had come for presenting the data to help students understand their experiences during sleep. It will also help the scientists to realize that when the he says “I will sleep on it,” and wakes up with an answer which he did not have in his full waking consciousness, perchance he is attending scientific classes during sleep and obtaining the answer to his problem from other sources other than himself. How else could one explain the common phenomenon of a person not being able to find the solution in his full waking consciousness suddenly finding it after “sleeping on it!

She choose the title Through the Curtain because each time she went to night classes she had to pass through a “curtain of energy” to the concrete mental plane. When I asked a question while she was apparently asleep she had to move in consciousness to the center of this “curtain of energy” and then back to the concrete mental plane, ask the teacher the question or listen to what was being said in class, and return back tot the curtain of energy to describe what the answer was or what her personal impressions were. This shifting back and forth from the physical to the concrete mental plane was physically strenuous.

The number of lectures she attended in any one night varied from one to three. The number also varied from week to week and month to month depending on her physical health. Each lecture in the text is identified as to the date, marked “taped by SK,” meaning the lecture was obtained during sleep, or “recalled by VPN” the following morning. The text contains the letters “SK” standing for Shafica Karagulla and “VPN” for Viola Petitt Neal.

During the taping of the night classes, she was able to retain three states of consciousness: She was aware of me as the person asking the questions, could give my name as well as who she was and her name and the class she was attending, and who the teacher was and what the lecture was about. Thus she was aware of her own identity at all times as well as my identity and that of those on the mental plane of the various departments of the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet. […]

Following in the footsteps of the ancient wisdom teaching, the reader is asked to read the material with an open mind, contemplating upon the concepts presented, neither accepting nor rejecting them! It is hoped it will spark an inspiration and a more meaningful awareness as to other sources for our creative endeavors in science, philosophy, archaeology, art and music. It may also help to explain why so often discoveries are made almost simultaneously in different parts of the world (see reference to the neutron bomb) and the healing that we may receive from sources undreamt of.

Shafica Karagulla, M.D.

December, 1982

Quotes from the book Through the Curtain (1983) by Viola Petitt Neal, Ph.D.

Earth Changes — 1962 – 2000

January 18, 1962

Night Class

Recalled by Viola Petitt Neal

The Changes that are coming about on the planet in human society, generally, from now to the end of the century have already begun. They were discussed under several headings.

Changes in the Physical Appearance of the Planet

There are movements in the earth crust all over the world and, in the time of ancient Atlantis there were many warnings ? earthquakes, changes in climate and volcanic eruptions, so today, for the last few years, especially the last year, there have been many earthquakes in different parts of the world which indicate the shift of continents and of the earth’s crust.

The spin of the earth will change. Not in time of rotation, although there will be a disturbance in the time of rotation for a while. The axis of rotation will change. The North axis will move toward Siberia, the South axis into the South Pacific. This will produce storms and winds of great velocity and climate changes.

The southern part of the United States, will move closer to the equator and the equator will move closer to the Southern part. The whole Pacific Coast will be changed right down through South America because of various sinking and rising of land. Much of California, quite a bit of it, can come down and there could be an island of California. A part of California will become a large island.

There will be changes in the Atlantic including the St. Lawrence area and Maine. New York and Manhattan will be broken up. The rainfall will be different in various parts of the world. Many places that are deserts will become fertile with plenty of rainfall. For example, the Sahara Desert in North Africa will become a very populous area and, with lots of rainfall and vegetation, will become more fertile.

The climate of Arabia will be colder, more temperate, but it will also be a more fertile country ? Southern Arabia especially. There was a great map there or rather a globe of the world; from time to time places that have changed were indicated.

This will not come all at once. There is a gradual move up in the shifts here and there. There will come a time when there will be tremendous shifts at once and suddenly.

This is not too far off, but it was not indicated how soon it would be. We seem to be already in this process of change.

Human Society

Many individuals will go out of incarnation partly through war, but more will go out of incarnation through epidemics, changes of climate and fear that is engendered by the lack of ability to adapt which will make them vulnerable to any kind of disease or hardship.

Many people in this Life Wave who go in and out of incarnation on this planet will be removed to two other planets. Not in their physical bodies, of cause, but they will be held over and will go into incarnation eventually on these other planets and will live on them. They will not reincarnate on the planet earth. Many of those who are from the planet Pluto will also be removed from this planet. They will share the destiny of their own planet.

Those who come back into incarnation will be the more constructive people and eventually there will be a more constructive society. This will take place over the next period of thousands of years. The new society will begin to be manifest during the lifetime of many people now on the earth. There will be a different type of society. Those who learn the lessons through hardship and difficulties and through the impact of forces of evil will be able to build a better society and a more constructive one as they reincarnate ? or if they are now in incarnation begin to move towards it.

The present economical picture in the world is moving towards a very serious situation. There will be an economic collapse in the countries of the world. Great confusion. There will be new and temporary governments set up that will be dictator governments, that will distribute food according to their idea of who should or should not have it. This will come quickly. It is already beginning.

He mentioned the United States and said that our economic system is already out of the hands of the American people and that our money is totally worthless, although we do not know it. We will find that whatever we have or own as regards the necessities of life will be useful to us but our money will not be. This is true in England and France. It is true in all the civilized countries of the world.

Many people will die eventually from a lack of food. Not because there is really a lack of food, but because of the breakdown of the distribution, the money system and the whole economic system of the world. Those who want the wealth and power of the world and power over people will themselves be in a state of chaos. They will have brought about a breakdown so enormous that they will not be able to handle it and they will also be in a state of panic. For a time, there will be a temporary government set up known as the government of the antichrist which will be ruthless and violent and evil. Those that are in outlying areas and away from large concentrations of population will be able to maintain a certain amount of stability and integration focus. There are many groups like this all over the world who have been aware of this situation and they will be held together by help from the Planetary Hierarchy in the sense of encouragement to their leaders.

Our whole solar system is passing through an area in space for many thousands of year that will actually produce a more pleasant climate on the planet earth than other planets and will produce a condition where the earth will be more fertile. But there will be a bad upheaval in climatic conditions preceding this. The upheaval is due to changes in the solar system. The position of the solar system is very favourable; the immediate conditions of the climate on the planet are not so favourable. However, this situation will right itself in a few years and gradually there will be a greater fertility of the soil, a quicker growing season and generally a more fertile planet as far as producing food and vegetation is concerned.

Also conditions will prevail which will be unfavorable to destructive things in the human body. In other words, the human will not have as many enemies to its survival in the minute organisms that now cause disease and destruction. I’m not sure whether this meant the human body developed a greater resistance or whether it meant that these would not exist. I’m not quite clear about that.

There is a great star out there indicating the direction of the movement of our solar system in space. But this is simply for the purpose of indicating movement. It seems such a vast picture to get any kind of concept of it. This was a class with included about one hundred persons.

August 29, 1962

Night Class

Recalled by Viola Petitt Neal

The lecture was given by a member of the Seventh Ray Ashram in the College of the Lamp. As the student went into the college there was at the gate the symbol of the Lamp. It seemed more substantial as a college on the mental plane than other colleges.

This college seems to deal with astronomy, geology, the mineral kingdom, earth changes, etc. There were many charts on the walls and the lecture dealt mainly with future earth changes to condition the students for what might be coming. No exact timing was given as to when the major earth changes would take place, but the teacher indicated that we were already in the beginning of this change. Many minor earthquakes are taking place daily and there will be more of them until the time when the major changes will take place in the crust of the earth. The geophysical year did find shifts in the earth’s crust and some of this data has not been published. They did not wish to frighten the public and there was little they could do about it.

He indicated the following earth changes will be made: a large portion of the Coast of California will sink. Land masses will rise off the Coast of California. The whole of Japan will eventually sink. There will be land changes all around the Pacific Ocean, including Alaska and South America. There will also be changes on the East Coast of the United States, especially in the vicinity of New York. Some land will rise in the South Atlantic. There will be a great bay where the Mississippi River now is, practically dividing the United States in half. Some of the Great Lakes will be drained, especially Lake Superior and Lake Michigan. Some of England will sink. There will be great changes in the Mediterranean ? earthquakes in Gibraltar and around Turkey.

The teacher explained that the whole crust of the earth right round the planet is in a state of nervous uneasiness with small tremors occurring all over the planet. There have been pressures and strains built up for thousands of years which will result in major cataclysms which are preceded by smaller tremors occurring daily at the present time. The changes will be so vast that there will really be “a new heaven and earth,” as mentioned in the Book of Revelation.

The sky will have a somewhat different color from the past and we will talk about the violet sky instead of the blue sky. It is hoped that no bomb will be sent into the Van Allen belt. If one is fired into the Van Allen belt it will cause a coalescing of radioactive particles which will produce a rain of fireballs on the planet burning certain areas and causing radioactivity; also very high temperatures. This could result in much more destruction that the earth changes we have mentioned. He said vast numbers of the population would be killed and many more would die from disease and hunger.

In more ancient times, more than eighty percent of the world population was engaged in agriculture. This meant that in time of disaster many people knew how to raise and preserve food. Also, each city was supplied by farm lands immediately in it’s vicinity. Today, less than twenty percent of the world’s population, especially in the civilized countries knows anything about agriculture or is engaged in it. Food supplies are shipped long distances, packaged and processed by factories. Therefore, a major breakdown in distribution would mean that large populations would starve to death. We must also realize that those who survive famine would have to learn how to procure seeds and raise food. In more ancient times more people knew how to do this. Today very few people know how.

These earth changes will be accompanied by changes in the soil bacteria, which will cause plants to grow more quickly. People will discover that plants not only draw minerals from the soil, but they also eat bacteria from the soil in their growth process. They are already discovering this.

He said that we were not using methods that would be successful in getting into space, but that eventually we would get into space. He said that there would be some slight changes in the earth’s orbit. During all this process the Plutonians will be removed from the planet as well as the Third Ray Solar System Group. Pg 267 - 271

Quotes from the book Through the Curtain (1983) by Viola Petitt Neal, Ph.D.

“At present, our solar system is moving at a tremendous rate through space and is moving into a vast ocean of frequencies and substances which is and will alter the life on all planets and increase the radiations of the physical sun as well as produce changes spiritually. One of the results of this will be a much more rapid growth of plants. There will be alterations in the physical bodies of man and animals and a close link between the physical and etheric brains.” pg 255

November 16, 1963

Night Class

Recalled by Viola Petitt Neal

Cosmic Energies and Their Effect on the Planet Earth

The class had to do with changes and conditions from the point of view of physical changes in the planet earth.

He began by saying that there are many changes taking place today in the physical constitution of the planet. These changes are more basic than just surface earthquakes or local weather changes.

During the time of Atlantis when the continent sank and practically the whole face of the planet was changed, there were impacts of cosmic energies which caused the earth to make a jump in its orbit. This means that it was slightly farther away from the sun. This is somewhat like the jump of an electron in the orbit of the atom. There was also a shift of the poles and axis of motion.

The earth is not molten at its core as is sometimes said. At present the solar system has moved into great streams of Cosmic Energy in space. Some of these energies, striking through the surface of the earth, have the effect of melting substances and they do become molten, although ordinarily they may be in a solid state. It is as if these radiations from space kindle numerous fires under the surface of our earth and we have volcanic activity and also shifts at deep levels. It is not solid straight through. Therefore, when these fires are kindled by the penetration of cosmic radiations there is a flow and shift of masses which cause a vast number of small earth quakes all over the surface of the earth. These are increasing every day ands will continue to increase because deep inside the earth much shifting and change is taking place. Wherever there are major fault lines or cracks closer to the surface it is expected that large major shifts will take place.

Numerous breakthroughs of molten substances are taking place in the floor of the Pacific Ocean and to some extent in the Atlantic. This is heating the water in local areas and disturbing deep sea life. The whole coastline of the Pacific will change. These major changes started with the vast earthquake in Chile in 1960. But, as you will note, there have been major earthquakes in widely separated areas -- Agadir, Yugoslavia and Persia. The change in the planet is total, not local. It hits local areas from time to time where the stresses or fault lines receive too great and impact.

We must explain a little more clearly how these cosmic radiations affect the planet. You have a good example in a recent discovery in science which will somewhat explain the action of these radiations. The laser beam will instantly make steel molten when it strikes it. The beam can travel through space or the atmosphere without appearing hot, but when it strikes steel for example it will burn a hole in it instantly. This beam can also be directed for certain kinds of surgery to do a specific job.

These cosmic radiations of energy are of many different types. Some affect only certain minerals or solid substances and not others. At this time, the solar system is moving through a new area in space where great cosmic streams are and tides affect the sun and all the planets, first of all, on the physical level. This has happened before in the time of Atlantis approximately 25,000 years ago. These changes come in cycles of about 24,000 years. It is a cosmic spiral and cycle difficult for man to identify because he has not been able to span in his awareness such vast reaches of time. Much that is now considered to be authentic geology is not correct. However, it the best man can achieve by applying reasoning to what he is able to observe.

These radiations will raise the frequency of the planet and affect consciousness. The actual substance, physical, astral and mental, is even at the present moment being raised. This means that the vehicles of expression for the human kingdom will of necessity be built of substance of a higher frequency. Therefore, automatically those Egos (or Souls) at a lower state of evolution will be unable to reincarnate. This will mean that for several thousand years those of a more evolved level will come into incarnation. Possibly for the rest of this planetary life wave.

Today, the raising of astral substance is bringing about a great deal of upheaval in the human kingdom. The first result is more crime and more evil. We might say that the higher radiations of astral substance in the astral bodies of humanity are irritating and disturbing to those of a lower vibration of astral consciousness. Therefore it stirs up latent evil selfishness and greed in human beings. This is an initial effect but the long-range effect is to strengthen all that is good and constructive and more evolved in the astral life of humanity. The constructive people will become more definitely constructive, more discriminating and more ready to stand up for what is good.

The task of the disciples of the world will become easier, both in their own efforts to go forward in consciousness and in their own efforts to bring about a better society.

These vast streams of cosmic radiations that have hit the planet have caused the molten conditions that produced the crystalline forms on the planet. Therefore, the diamond and other crystals are not just the result of some local volcanic action and pressure, but have been formed all over the earth at times when these streams of cosmic energy have brought major changes.

There will be great changes especially in the plant kingdom and a greater yield of food than in the past. This will make the problem of food of the right kind far less difficult, and will assist in building healthier physical vehicles.

There will be changes in the animal kingdom. The domesticated animals will show a higher level of development. Pg 273- 276.

Quotes from the book Through the Curtain (1983) by Viola Petitt Neal, Ph.D.

February 24, 1961

Night Class of Viola Petitt Neal

Tapped by SK

Consciousness of the Human Race, by the Manu

VPN: There are a number of students. It is not an ordinary classroom - more like a temple. There is a discussion on consciousness.

The teacher has on robes. Usually he doesn’t wear robes. They are sort of ivory coloured - some kind of a decorative trimming in violet. He is a teacher from a higher order than some of the others. But I think it is a First Ray Ashram - has to do with the consciousness of the human race on our planet at this time. He says:

“There has been quite a problem on our planet, because the life-wave on the planet has been slow in the unfoldment of the consciousness, especially unfoldment of the connection between Soul and personality. An effort is being made to speed up the development in consciousness. This requires a change in the substance aspect of the different bodies, especially the physical, etheric, astral and mental bodies of mankind. People are not able to carry the frequencies of consciousness. Consciousness is frequency, of course. The substance must be able to carry the frequency of energy.

“A new method is being undertaken, a new approach to the human race on our planet which will especially involve those who are in a higher stage of development - an effort to bring in substance of a higher frequency.”

VPN: It is a strange method: I am trying to understand it - something very strange.

SK: What is strange about it?

VPN: I don’t know how it is done. I think He will explain it a little more presently. It is very strange because it looks like substance. Substance from - not another planet - it is interpenetrating substance that is moving into our solar system, reaching all the planets, but especially the planet earth.

This etheric substance is reacting and will react with the radiations of our sun and other planets. It will cause a kind of luminosity in our atmosphere around the earth. It is already moving in a little - like what you might call a vast etheric cloud - more than a hundred million miles across. It is really from outside our solar system, but it would be appropriated, He says. This particular thing which is happening to the solar system will be appropriated to the uses of consciousness on our planet.

This is very serious. Not so much like a class. This is a convocation. It’s very serious, a more profound occasion. There are many present. Many members of the Ashrams are present and some of the students. We are on one side of the room - not in the main part. It’s like a small auditorium, only it is more like a temple.

SK: How many do you think are present?

VPN: I think several hundred people.

SK: Where are you? Which part are you in? With the students?

VPN: Some of the students are on the right hand side of the room.

This etheric substance will interpenetrate the etheric substance of the etheric bodies of people on the planet. Those who are more evolved will be able to take it. They will have a great deal more understanding - a great deal more ability to see relationships, to see why things are on the planet. It is almost as if we lived in darkness and couldn’t see. This substance interpenetrating the etheric bodies will help us more clearly than we do now. See more clearly. Some people won’t be able to take it. It will be like an epidemic that takes them out of incarnation. Others just won’t react at all, because it won’t be able to penetrate the dense frequency. He says:

“This is a good thing and constructive - helpful to the evolutionary process, and will help change some of the things on the planet more quickly. It will also affect the growth of things - plants; and they will grow more quickly and better.”

VPN: This is like a report. It isn’t like a lecture in a class - it’s a report that is being made to the Ashramic groups on what is to be expected and planned for. He says:

“This is already beginning slightly. Just the very, very tenuous edge of this cloud of etheric substance has moved in to the area where we are in the solar system. It is also affecting the planet Venus. This is one reason that it seems so much much brighter. It’s not just because it is closer to the earth, but it is also because of this etheric substance that is almost physical.”

SK: Does He say from where this etheric cloud is coming?

VPN: He says:

“Our solar system is moving into it. It is moving toward us. There are two movements.”

SK: Where is it coming from?

VPN: It is part of the vast reaches of space. One of those conditions far out in space that we encounter as we move through it. Sometimes vast aeons of time cross these patterns of energy or substance. All this is part of the Plan and purpose that has to do with the Solar Logos, but affects all life on all planets. He says:

“We must not be frightened. It doesn’t mean that there is any destruction and disaster to the solar system. Our solar will continue in its evolution and progress, and our planet earth also. This is beneficial to those who are students and who understand it. This will bring adjustment in the physical, etheric, astral and mental vehicles much more quickly than could be done in a number of lifetimes.

“The Soul, the Self, will have a more clear and adequate and integrated vehicle more quickly. Those who are students and understand it, those who are evolved and integrated and are perhaps not students, will come to believe and understand it, and even many people, who are constructive in their outlook on life.

“Those who are negative and destructive - it will increase the darkness of substance and will make their vehicles less useful. It is a positive thing, in the sense of positive and constructive.

“There are climatic changes taking place all over the planet much more definite and specific and in some cases will make us more aware of ourselves as I the Soul.”

VPN: Sitting here, you sense what he means. There is a sense of strength and integration and focus and awareness and knowledge that is continuous. Clear realization that one could be much more integrated - as if you gathered yourself together and knew yourself to be, I - the Soul, eternal and immortal. It is like standing in the light. There is like a sense of clearness one does not have ordinarily. It is telepathic contact with knowledge, a quick understanding from higher levels, like the archetypal levels of awareness. It seems simple and not difficult, that kind of contact, but it is because one is in the frequency of the Ashram or members of the Ashram, I think the disciples and students are aware of this.

The speaker is not the ordinary teacher instructor. He is someone in authority on the Will Ray. Not the Master Jupiter, not the Master Morya. It is Manu. The speaker is not speaking specifically to us actually, but to people senior to us in the Ashram.

SK: Have you ever seen Him lecture before?

VPN: I haven’t seen Him before. He carries great power. That is why, perhaps, one has such a sense of clearness. In his light we see light.

There is strength - great strength and great wisdom - great clearness. It’s a clearness you like. The Will Ray energy is not so strenuous as one thinks. I think the speaker gives one the feeling that the Will Ray energy is life. I know why this seems strange too. This is an effort or a method or a way by which there is a renewing of the etheric body, physical body. This is an etheric cloud coming in, without destructiveness, without having to destroy too much. It’s a way of bringing in life to make it possible for the form to carry a greater voltage of energy without having to destroy the form, without groups of people having to go out of reincarnation several times and come back and get adjusted. It is possible to accomplish a great deal more in a short time with the vehicles of expression.

There is a sense of the life force. Force isn’t the right word. Life energy - a sense of the life energy that is strong and resiliently clear. It is a different thing from what I hve known before or experienced before. He says:

“You must have the courage to live. You must have the courage not to be disturbed or frightened by changes. Know and be from the center outward.”

VPN: This is to the human kingdom. He says:

“This is why there are disciples in the human kingdom present. Know and be from the center of your self outward.”

VPN: You sense what he means - if you can hold it. He says:

“The light of life is within you.

“The flame of life is within you, know this. And know evil and destructiveness cannot come nigh unto you.

“Know yourself to be the life.

“You are the candles of God holding the eternal flame. Know this.”

VPN: Still trying to understand why this seems a very serious occasion. Perhaps it is because of the presence of the Manu. Because He carries a powerful light energy of the light aspect. I think all the disciples or at least the meaning for human beings on the planet. You realize we do dwell in the twilight of consciousness most of the time, because the mind is so clear here. There is a clearness. Such a different perspective on life, such different orientation.

The Manu seems to sum up in Himself what the human race is on a planet - a splendour and a power. But a power that is truth and life and love - the opposite of the negative aspect.

There is an impact of energies here. I think they are wave frequencies that mean something to the awareness of those Ashramic - those at the higher levels in the Ashram. It is as if these frequencies were beamed to them and they understand them. We struggle to be aware of what they mean, because we don’t have the same frequency or capacity - the disciples, the students. I know there is more I want to understand. He says:

“This information will be out in many groups. There will be rumours of it from the scientific levels, just a little bit said here and there in scientific reports, to condition people for some strange events. And if we look, we will find these references in newspapers and magazines. Some of the different esoteric groups will receive this information in one way or the another through their leaders or through their contact with it, and many people will have a great deal more extrasensory perception because extrasensory is normal perception in certain stages of development.”

VPN: It is very interesting to be aware of frequencies of transmission which are beyond your own frequency band and this band from the Ashramic level. But students at least, are getting the main points of what this convocation is about and why it is being held. He says:

“Very shortly there will be scientific murmurings and mutterings about this phenomenon, because this vast etheric cloud will very definitely affect the astral material level, material substance of the planet and of the physical bodies as well as the etheric bodies.” pg 308 - 315

[End of Excerpts]

In Addition

The Interstellar 'Etheric' Cloud Index is a collection of mainstream and scientific media reports, astronomical and astrophysical research papers, information on research experiments and some of the rumours associated with 'scientific murmurings and mutterings' over the last thirty years. To access, click the image icon below.

Interstellar 'Etheric' Cloud Index

New Light Coming to the Earth

"You are entering a dramatic and exciting time. There is a wave of energy passing through your galaxy that is altering the course of all life it touches. This wave affects the very nature of energy and matter, bringing all matter into a higher vibration. ~Orin"

For those who are awakening in consciousness and are not aware of the kind of messages that have been coming from the more spiritual parts of the metaphysical community, as opposed to the hype coming from New Age narcissistic materialists, then the following should be of great interest. To my knowledge, this 1989 excerpt from the book Spiritual Growth by Sanaya Roman (I have changed the date here because I have an old copy of this book and the copyright date is 1989 not 1990), the source is Orin and agrees with other respected channelled messages claiming in 1987, it was deemed that humans had made enough of a shift in consciousness to permit earth changes that would be less traumatic, as opposed to what had been expected and predicted as terrible cataclysmic events. This explains the 'failure' of many old prophecies and predictions, especially those made for near the end of the century. This was achieved by the gradual adjustment of Earth's electromagnetic grid (1989 - 2002 according to the Kryon books) to still permit evolutionary change and explains the fairly celebratory tone of various metaphysical sources who have been proven correct on many different fronts. Please click the following link to obtain the full message: Times of Transformation

Susan Joy Rennison,
B.Sc. (Physics with Geophysics)

October 2017
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Executive Order –– Coordinating Efforts to Prepare the Nation for Space Weather Events
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