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Everyday Satånism

First Upload: 11th April 2021,
Last Update: 9th April 2022

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I have been collecting reports concerning Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and the disgusting goings on amongst the elite and celebrities. Then I just started to realise that straight up satanism was just so prevalent in society, that I started to refer to it as "Everyday Satanism". My tipping point came when I recently came across the NOT Nike? satanic trainers promoted by Rapper Lil Nas X. The ‘Satan Shoes’ containing human blood, were limited to 666 Pairs and when they were release for sale, of course they sold out immediately. Even though they were initially advertised as Nike, Nike were forced to deny they had anything to do with Lil Nas X and did not collaborate on the production of the ‘Satanic shoes’. The story does not end there and further disgusting antics have ensued. Just gross.

The following chapter, "Confessions of a Sydney Satanist", is from the book Eyes Wide Open by Fiona Barnett. The information provided is the best summary of the modus operandi and motivation of those involved in satanism. This chapter has to be read a few times, but I believe it provides the answer to why serious action is being taken to eliminate this destructive force in society. If you are too sensitive then I recommend that you don't bother with this webpage because with this subject matter, things get gross very quickly. Thankfully with this chapter, Fiona did enough editing to stop normal people becoming nauseous, but presumably the complete original can be found.

Due to the voluminous amount of reports and articles that concern the satanic signalling, degrading behaviour, debauchery and crimes against humanity of the elite, celebrities, and the rest of the rabble, I have decided to restrict this webpage to where satanic beliefs and policies encroach on the unwitting mainsteam of humanity.

For those struggling to believe the depths of horror that is continuing to come to light about how this planet is run. Please know: The truth will set you free. The word on the street is that great strides are being made to remove the most evil influences on the planet.

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Satan 'Not Nike' Shoes: 'Not Nike' Air Max 97s with human blood in the sole. MSCHF x Lil Nas X.


Luke 10:18 - And he said unto them them I beheld Satan fall as lighting from Heaven.

  • Rapper Lil Nas X Unveils ‘Satan Shoes’ Containing Human Blood, Limited to 666 Pairs
    “Satan Shoes” are expected to be released on Monday, March 29. They contain “60cc ink and 1 drop of human blood,” according to the streetwear culture and news account, Saint.

    In selling the sneakers, the rapper has partnered with MSCHF — a company that runs on “structured chaos,” and has been “creating some of the most absurd, cynical, and viral projects and products that have spread across the internet,” according to a report last year by Business Insider. [...]

    Moreover, the release of the satanic sneakers will arrive on the heels of Lil Nas X’s latest music video, “Montero (Call Me By Your Name),” in which the rapper can be seen dancing on a stripper pole while descending to hell, where he subsequently gives Satan a lap dance. The title video, “Montero,” is a reference to the rapper’s real name, which is Montero Lamar Hill.

  • Breaking: Nike Sues MSCHF After Satanic Shoe Release with Rapper Lil Nas
    Gateway Pundit, 29 March 2021

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Reebok new shoes has the baphomet goat feet. Click image for Twitter source.

Comment: On Training The Next Generation of Drag Queens


  • Turkey cancels ‘The Masked Singer’ for Satanic, pagan content

    New Year Post, 3rd Feb 2022

    ISTANBUL — Turkey’s president has ordered that steps be taken against media like TV programs that are deemed contrary to Turkey’s “fundamental values.”

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in a circular posted Saturday on the Official Gazette, said the decision aims to eliminate the harmful effects of television programs with foreign content that have been adapted in Turkey and to protect Turkish culture.

    Click image for link

  • 4th Grade Teacher Runs Indiana Satanic Temple
    Real News Michiana, January 5, 2022

    Click image for Twitter video

  • Twitter video: The satanic symbology of Monster energy drink label

    Why is megachurch leader Joel Osteen with a rapper who simulates sex with Satan? (Sorry, refuse to put that image on this site.)

    Joel Osteen throws up a wide selection of Freemason hand signs.

    Joel Osteen is already in trouble for Hordes of cash discovered in bathroom wall of Joel Osteen's megachurch but the encoded 666 sign is I think worse...

    Catalonia politicians doing the one-eye masonic sign

    T-shirt manufacturers in Australia are ‘testing the waters’ to see if a child-sacrifice theme will be a Christmas seller.

    Click image for article.
    Hard to believe this.....

    Comment: I wonder how many people even know killing an unborn child is considered a satanic ritual?

  • Tony Hawk and Liquid Death Sell Overpriced, Blood-Infused Custom Skateboards
    Autoevoution, 25 Aug 2021

    For any passionate skateboarder, few other gifts would top something with legend Tony Hawk’s stamp on it. But this would have definitely done it: a custom deck with Hawk’s DNA in it. In the most literal sense.

    Comment: Here we go again.... Tony Hawk says in his promotional video that he signed a contract with Liquid Death and he failed to read the small print so he has apparently sold his sold and his blood is being used to sell skateboards.... Presumably, this is supposed to be considered tongue-in- cheek but it's not really funny....

  • Converse "Satan Shoes" collab with Rick Owens ft. Pentagram symbol leaves the internet scandalized
    Sportskeeda, 30 Jul 2021

    Converse recently joined hands with fashion designer Rick Owens to launch an exclusive collection of brand new "Satan Shoes." The limited-edition shoes were released earlier this week in collaboration with Owen’s brand, DRKSHDW. [...]

    The footwear giant marked the official launch of the shoes by releasing a clip featuring two masked models. The models are seen wearing monochrome outfits and recreating the Pentagram symbol through their moves.

    Twitter: link

    Satanism is right out in the open.

    A dance troupe of what looks like satanists [under the name Extinction Rebellion] appear at the G7 meeting held at Carbis Bay, Cornwall, UK. Twitter pic: link
    Eerie walk towards the ocean. Twitter video: link
    Sunbather takes one down! LOL!! Twitter photo and video: link

    PM Boris Johnson's father Stanley Johnson at the G7 held at Carbis Bay, Cornwall, proudly wearing an Extinction Rebellion badge on his lapel. Whether this was arranged or not, eugenicist Stanley Johnson decides to be photographed in the middle of this satanic looking group. Twitter: link

  • Twitter: Stanley Johnson wants the population of the UK under 15 million...

    Extinction Rebellion have launched a two-week protest in London and around the world
    (Photo: PA)

    Extinction Rebellion protesters outside Parliament (Photo: REUTERS/Henry Nicholls)
    Source: Extinction Rebellion London protest: Eco protesters glue themselves to Department for Transport and camp overnight

  • Satanic Prayer on Hating White People Included in New “Prayer Book” Being Sold at Target (Video)
    Gateway Pundit, 7th April 2021
    A new prayer book being sold at Target and written by Sarah Bessey features a prayer from Chanequa Walker-Barnes that begs the Lord to help her “hate white people” and the “nice ones, the Fox News-loving, Trump-supporting voters who ‘don’t see color’ but who make thinly veiled racist comments about ‘those people..

    The passages in the book are clearly satanic.

    Comment: Really!??!

    NCAC, August 2nd, 2016
    The Satanic Temple has announced plans to launch ‘After School Satan‘ clubs at a number of elementary schools across the country. According to a Satanic Temple letter to school districts, the clubs will “enrich the lives of children” by teaching “secular moral values, critical thinking, and self-determination.”

    YouTube, 25 Jan 2021

  • Satanists herald ‘important win for religious freedoms’ as pentagram joins recognized
    faith symbols in Aussie hospital

    RT News, 19 Jan, 2021
    A storm of controversy is brewing in Australia after lobbying from Satanists got the pentagram listed as a symbol of faith alongside emblems of the world’s major religions.

    Click image for link to article

    VIDEO found on link Link . The comment was, Hey! "Anyone think this is funny? If they do this in public, you don't know what they are doing when no one is watching." Exactly. Maybe this is where they got the idea, see below;

  • Satanists Idea of a party - w. Hollywood Elites & Marina Abromovic

  • A woman was asked to get off a plane for wearing a shirt that says 'Hail Satan!', 19th Dec 2019
    Swati Runi Goyal, a 49-year-old woman from Key West, Florida was harassed by American Airlines staff for wearing a shirt that says "HAIL SATAN! Est. 666" with an upside-down cross beneath. She purchased the shirt to support the Satanic Temple.

    ‘Hail Satan’ prayer at local US government meeting sparks uproar [VIDEO]
    Satanic Temple member Iris Fontana gives invocation after winning lawsuit against borough
    The Independent 21 June 2019

  • TX Woman: A Forced Ultrasound Would Interfere With My “Satanic Abortion Ritual
    Friendly Atheist, FEBRUARY 7, 2021
    Texas requires all women who want an abortion to go through a medically unnecessary ultrasound 24 hours before the procedure. There’s no reason to do it other than to try and guilt her out of the decision by falsely suggesting she’s about to commit murder.
    Now a member of The Satanic Temple is suing the state’s Department of Health Services and its director Dr. John William Hellerstedt, claiming they’re getting in the way of her “Satanic Abortion Ritual.”

  • Chelsea Clinton: I Left the Church When I Was 6 Because It Opposed Abortion, FEB 11, 2016

    COMMENT: The Clintons are basically mafia..... The list of crimes is endless, waiting for the revelation that justice has been served!

  • Climate Activist Suggested “Eating Babies” At An AOC Town Hall Meeting
    COMMENT: I don't believe this was a right wing plant!!!

  • Video copy on Gab: Save The Planet: We Need To Eat The Babies!!

    Visitors to the Colosseum in Rome—the ruins of an ancient sporting complex where “games” included the sacrifice of Christians as audiences looked on and cheered—now have a tangible reminder of the days when faith in the living God was a minority viewpoint.

    Starting in September, and continuing through the first quarter of next year, a replica of the pagan god Moloch is stationed at the entrance to the Colosseum, an unavoidable symbol of a grim past. According to LifeSiteNews, a pro-life news website, “The statue of Moloch, worshipped by both the Canaanites and the Phoenicians, is part of an exhibit dedicated to Ancient Rome’s once-great rival, the city of Carthage. The large-scale exhibition, titled Carthago: The immortal myth, runs until March 29, 2020.”

    According to an official news release about the exhibit, “A reconstruction of the terrible deity Moloch, linked to Phoenician and Carthaginian religions and featured in the 1914 film Cabiria, will be stationed at the entrance to the Colosseum to welcome visitors to the exhibition.” [...]

    Who was this Moloch, and why does a figure of an ancient deity cause many to recoil? According to Wikipedia, Moloch “is the biblical name of a Canaanite god associated with child sacrifice, through fire or war.” Handing a child over to Moloch meant the immediate death of the infant and heartbreak for the parents; loud drums would be sounded to drown out the victim’s cries, historians record. Today, many associate the ancient sacrifices made to Moloch with the nearly five decades of legalized abortion in the United States, in which as many as 60 million babies were slaughtered.

  • Official Press Release: Carthago. The immortal myth. From 27 september the new
    large-scale exhibition of Parco archeologico del Colosseo

    9 AUGUST 2019

    So, the Vatican decides to place a statue of the pagan deity Moloch, to whom children were sacrificed in ancient times, at the entrance of the Colosseum in Rome. The statue is a replica of the silent film Cabiria from 1914, in which 100 children were mockingly sacrificed in the furnace / stomach of the Moloch in the film. Maybe this decision was made when adrenochrome supplies were being severely disrupted... sickening. Below is a clip of the silent move showing the scenes with the so-called 'mock' child sacrifice.

  • Multiple Catholic Priests Expose The Practice of “Satanism” Within The Vatican
    Collective Evolution, Jan 25 2018

    (Click image for link to article)

  • Moloch Announces Forcing Your Kids To Become Transgender Is Acceptable Form Of Sacrifice
    The Babylon Bee, October 24th, 2019
    WASHINGTON, D.C.—The ancient god Moloch has announced that in lieu of the actual blood sacrifice of your children, you can now simply force your kids to become transgender as an alternative.

    "Honestly, I still prefer killing your kids in ritual sacrifice or aborting them," he said at a press conference. "I guess I'm old-fashioned like that. But coercing your kids into undergoing harmful surgery and hormone treatments works just as well, I suppose. As long as you're sacrificing your kid's future to the progressive, humanistic agenda, it doesn't matter one way or the other."

    Moloch said that parents who encourage their young children who haven't hit puberty yet or started thinking about sexuality at all to think about changing genders will be under the protection and favor of his evilness. "I am appeased by such sacrifice. A child's life is ruined so that a parent may appear woke in the eyes of her friends---truly a diabolical ritual that I wholly approve of."
    COMMENT: The Babylon Bee describes itself as the world's best satire site. However, this piece is the truth disguised as fiction. We are now finding out that there are many Baphomets, mostly men that have been converted into women but they have kept their male appendage. In Hollywood and the music industry, this applies to some of the most famous names... Here is a few examples;

  • Megan Fox says she is a man
    Comment: Amazing, Megan told the truth and the TV host just ignored what she was saying....

  • Jacinda Ardern, NZ's new PM walks to press conference

  • I am not 100% sure who this is, but something is swinging

  • Royals & Transgenders
    Bitchute, 21st April 2021

    Comment: This video explains that generational satanists have been transgendering their children for a long time and placing them in positions of influence in society. The most disgusting aspect is those claiming to be feminists and preaching to women to be more like men.... This video is an eyeopener.

    Comment2: Update 3 May 2021 | Some truthers with experience from inside of Hollywood are saying that the term 'transgendering' is not an accurate description of what is being done. Genders are being inverted to create baphomets. After all the surgery and hormone treatment etc, the resulting 'women' will still have a male appendage and 'males' will have breasts to create baphomets.

    Bitchute, 24th Apr 2021

    Comment: This video has a long introduction so start at 5:30. This video is a compilation of short videos that includes the anatomical differences between men and women that cannot all be removed with surgery. Celebrities who are obviously transgender 'gender inverted' whether they admit it or not are shown. Apparently, there are many people doing "transvestigations" on the internet, but some are more serious than others.

    Source on Twitter: Link

    Click image for link to article or click below:

  • Inside the horrific Mexican satanist 'Black Mass' with live sacrifices that shocked
    disgusted tourists [VIDEO]

    Daily Mail, 13 March 2015

    COMMENT: This article is a reminder of what raw Satanism is about.

  • Fury over 'blasphemous' Eurovision song choice in Cyprus: Pop tune 'El Diablo' sparks protest over lyrics 'pledging life-long devotion to Satan'

    * The Eurovision song choice 'El Diablo' has sparked fury in Cyprus
    * One man was arrested after protesting on the grounds of public broadcaster
    * The song's lyrics have touched a raw nerve with some in the country

    PUBLISHED: 14:18, 28 February 2021

    The Eurovision song choice 'El Diablo' has sparked fury in Cyprus over lyrics which critics say 'pledge life-long devotion to Satan'.

    One man has been arrested over a protest against the song choice and charged with uttering threats and causing a disturbance.

    The man barged onto the grounds of Cyprus' public broadcaster to protest what he said was the country's 'blasphemous' entry into this year's Eurovision song contest.

    The title of 'El Diablo' as well as its lyrics - 'I gave my heart to el diablo...because he tells me I'm his angel' - have touched a raw nerve with some in the east Mediterranean island nation, who consider it to be fraught with Satanic connotations.

    • Find more images from the Dilara Findikoglu: London Fashion Week 2018 here
      But be warned.....

    Sheguang Hu Collection at China Fashion Week 2016. Click image for slideshow [29 images]

  • Something is Terribly Wrong With Céline Dion’s “Genderless” Clothing Line
    Céline Dion is the face of a new “genderless” fashion brand for babies named CELINUNUNU. Everything about it is wrong and creepy. Here’s a look at the disturbing symbolism surrounding it. Vigilant Citizen, November 15, 2018

    COMMENT: I choose this write-up because the images are qood quality. So, some commentators immediately dubbed this child clothing line as satanic. Interestingly, Fox News TV presenters were anchors were very shocked as they pointed out the Voodoo doll in the promo video. The Fox News report can be found at the following link, Celine Dion Starts Weird Demonic Clothing Line For Kids Sorry to say it but in the interview with Celine Dion she looks and sounds demented.

  • Lady Gaga Performing Satanic Rituals in Antwerp, Belgium 22.01.2018

    I wonder who thought this performance would be a good idea? Terrible...

  • Azealia Banks Dug Up Her Dead Cat Named Lucifer and Cooked It on Instagram
    Is she mentally deranged? Or was she simply engaging in typical music industry witchcraft? Why not both?
    Vigilant Citizen, January 13, 2021

  • Beyoncé Accused of “Extreme Witchcraft” by Ex-Drummer
    Beyoncé Accused of “Extreme Witchcraft” by Ex-Drummer A former drummer alleges that Beyoncé engaged in “extreme witchcraft”, “dark magic” and “magical spells of sexual molestation” against her.
    Vigilant Citizen, September 21 2018

    COMMENT: John Legend with his Chateau Marmont Hotel Hoodie on.... Among the Hollywood elite, Chateau Marmont is infamous for its sex parties. Besides that the message here is unmistakable as he posted this photo on Instagram showing off his slice of pizza.... sicko.... I thought I would juxtaposed the so-called celebrity/elite art to drive home the message that some child abductions end up as 'pizza'.

    Michael Jeshurun blog, June 12, 2019
    Hip Hop star Jay-Z has blasted traditional Christian values in an epic rant where he claims to be part of an exclusive club of “smart people” who worships “our true lord; Satan.” The billionaire rapper has also claimed that “God created Lucifer to be the bearer of truth and light,” and that “Jesus never existed” but was merely a “tool created by smart people to control dumb people.”

    COMMENT: I personally don't believe in anyone doing an eternity in hell, but Jay Z and his missus have most likely already left the Earth plane for crimes against humanity.

    Bitchute, June 2021
    Comment: A useful quick red-pill.

    COMMENT: Once you start looking, lots of celebrities and musicians have a lot to say about Satan, most of it is being scrubbed off the internet. A very young Justin Beiber says he believes in elevators... Strange, but L A Reid talked about Prince who explained 'elevator' was the devil.... Even stranger, Prince was found dead in an elevator.... It is common knowledge that to make it big in the celebrity world you have to sell your soul to the devil. This involves initiations and family sacrifices. Details are littered all over the internet and the reason why many celebrities and elites are dissappearing and/or being replaced with doubles or 'dying' is because they are now being brought to justice for their crimes against humanity.

    COMMENT: I only have Bourdain tweets, still looking for an article for further investigative integrity.

  • Christian Bale Thanked Satan at the Golden Globes, and Satanists Are Thrilled
    Bale said in his speech that Lucifer inspired his Vice performance as Dick Cheney. The Church of Satan’s response? “Hail Christian! Hail Satan!”
    Vanity Fair, JANUARY 7, 2019

    COMMENT: Jack Black is a comedian so I suppose it was meant to sound like it was a joke....

    The Red Shoe Club

  • Macaulay Culkin EXPOSES the “Red Shoe Men”
    AUGUST 30, 2019
    Former child star exposes entertainment industry execs who sacrifice young actors

    COMMENT: WARNING. Macaulay Culkin the Home Alone star, gave this massive truth bomb during a radio interview in Paris, France. Since then, great efforts have been made to removed this testimony from the internet.

  • The Truth Behind the Pope’s Ruby Red Slippers
    Messy Nessy, FEBRUARY 7, 2018
    [...] The shoes’ origins go back to Byzantine days, when they were donned by Norman kings as symbols of bloody martyrdom. Their successors, the Roman Emperors, stuck with it – in fact, they became a standard high-fashion accessory for aristocrats. If your shoes were red, you were a somebody.

    COMMENT: Hmmm.... How spiritual.... NOT!! Well, red shoes are worn by those who believe they are elite. However, the explanation that they like to wear trophies made from the skin of victims who had been sacrficed makes more sense to me.

    COMMENT: As Jimmy Saville was used to promote these children's shoes, I can believe that they were made from human skin. I remember the advertising too and a lot was made of the fact these shoes were made from 'soft' leather.

  • 'Satan's shoes' a must for most actresses
    "And A-listers know it. Jennifer Lawrence once described them as "Satan's shoes" to USA TODAY while promoting Silver Linings Playbook — wearing very tall gold heels that she took off as soon as her photo shoot was over."

    COMMENT: I think Jennifer Lawrence might have had some insight into the origin of the red soled shoes.... Maybe we can surmise that this is a nod to the shoes worn by those in the red shoe club.

    The problem is that humans are still being killed for their skin and then it is made into shoes and handbags.... These then become trophies for the sort who only look human...

    Kate Spade died by the typical elite method of hanging herself with a red scarf attached to a door knob, but her husband's bizarre response was to be photographed by the paparazzi directly following Kate’s death wearing an incredibly strange mask. Hence, I am more receptive to claims that she was associated with some very bad stuff. See the following article:

  • Did Kate Spade Company Use Human Skin?, 4th July 2018

    COMMENT: This whole article with receipts is shocking.... Of course HRC had to be involved...


    Comment: This 10 minute video will help connect more dots... Update 9th July 2021 | Rumours are the Haitian president was assassinated because he was giving evidence against the Clinton Foundation concerning Haitian Human Trafficking and other crimes. Hence, these older reports are becoming relevant again.

  • Freemason Symbols in Washington DC

  • Juan O Savin: The Story of the Washington Monument
    Bitchute, 23rd April 2021

  • The Satanist Cult of Ted Heath: Ethical Implications of Authority Compromise
    Published online by Cambridge University Press: 23 March 2020

    Abstract Introduction

    Seven UK police forces are currently investigating the alleged involvement of the late Edward Heath (Prime Minister 1970-1974) in a child abuse ring with Operation Midland investigating specifically the alleged murder of three boys.


    The presentation raises international awareness of the investigation, sheds light on the suspected ‘Satanist’ ideology behind the cult and explores the implications for professional practice.

    COMMENT: Ted Heath is the former UK Prime Minister. He died in 2005, was prime minister between 1970 and 1974 and led the Conservative party from 1965 until he was ousted by Margaret Thatcher in 1975. I think the Q quote applies to many governments. What we are discovering is that prominent world controllers/world leaders are not just Freemasons and Illuminati. They are at heart satanists. Very surprised to find this research paper from Cambrige University. It looks like David Icke has been vindicated.

    (Click image to enlarge)

    COMMENT: I know it's common to see the horn salutes, but I think it is very distasteful for politicians even for well known satanists. President Trump is doing his usual trolling with his version....

    Classic HRC so there should be no surprise that many claim that she is a satanist... Actually I believe she is dead, KURU got her. Besides that there are claims that the FBI are investigating five folders of complaints concerning crimes against children. Just think about that. The Fråzzledrip video is not the ony receipt.

    Update 7th July 2021: The website Real Raw News is providing reports concerning military tribunals at Gitmo which are quite entertaining. The website is being described as truth masquerading as parody... I have no idea whether these reports are true, but it is interesting that the site is not being sued for false reporting. This is surprising when you consider the notable list of politicians and high ranking federal employees, crimes disclosed and how some met their grisly demise.... See, Navy SEALS Arrest Hillary Clinton , Clinton Suffers Adrenochrome Withdrawal at GITMO, Clinton Military Tribunal: Day 1 , Day 2 , Day 2 Part 2 , Day 3, Day 4 , Day 5: CONVICTION! & HRC Hanged at GITMO

  • The Cult of The All Seeing Eye
    This video is 7:57 minutes long and provides an historical perspective of why the Illuminati and associated certain sinister groups use ancient symbolism to reveal their true intentions without saying a word. Furthermore, we are informed here as to the end-game of destroying Judeo-Christian beliefs and implementing a New World Order.

    COMMENT: For the record, I don't think this is the real Hillary because this woman looks remarkably youthful. I think this is one of HRC's many doubles and the interview took place in Hillary's home. The double obviously did not appreciate the consequences when grabbing a random book off a bookshelf. Some may think that this was a set-up to red-pill a few more people.... I think this is a good alternative explanation.

  • Witch Hillary Clinton Has Sexually Explicit Book of Satanic Glass Pörn
    Bizarre book appeared in photo posted by former Democrat presidential candidate

  • Twitter: @Pouissant says I was ASTONISHED that HRC would b SO OBVIOUS about her preference 4 satan. Yet, there it was-on full display 4 the world 2 see.

  • For more Lucio Bubacco images go to Google Here

  • Clintons’ Haitian Black Magic Secret
    The Washington Standard December 26, 2018
    [...] When reviewing the Clintons‘ countless money laundering and pay-to-play schemes, one may ask, what the hell do they need all of this money for? Well, buying people off requires a lot of money. And why do they need to buy people off? Simple: the Clintons‘ thirst for power is insatiable. [...]

    Some may already be aware of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s experience with voodoo from the passage in Bill Clinton’s memoir “My Life”. However, I don’t believe anyone is aware of their dark secret regarding the former President of Haiti, Jean-Bertrand Aristide and his black magic. Did someone say secret? Shhh

    Surely their story begins long before the 70’s when it comes to their lust for power and the dark arts, but this journey begins in 1975 when the Clintons took their first trip to Haiti shortly after they married. Bill Clinton found a particular experience to be “the most interesting day of the trip”, and he decided to include it in his memoir. Bill, Hillary, and their friend David Edwards had the opportunity to see voodoo in practice in a village near Port-au-Prince. The priest was Max Beauvoir, who had abandoned his career as a chemical engineer when his voodoo-priest grandfather died and named him as his successor.

    Beauvoir gave them a “brief course in voodoo theology” as Clinton described it. Later that afternoon, the ceremony began. Clinton wrote: [...]

    This was potentially the early stages of the Clintons intrigue into the world of voodoo, and they returned several times to Haiti for voodoo ceremonies (and black magic) to assist with Bill’s elections. This may sound like a contrived story, but this has been confirmed by Haitian officials and priests, in addition to my source, a native of Haiti. It is important to understand that surveys have put the number of voodoo adherents in Haiti as high as 85 percent, even among the educated classes, and Houngans (a voodoo priest) are even more important in the Haitian capital than psychiatrists are in Washington, D.C.

    The stories that follow were reported in the Haïti Observateur, but were kept from mainstream news in the U.S..

  • Boris’s beach blonde’s X-rated play: Glamorous PR guru Carrie Symonds, 30,
    starred in ‘satanic sex cult’ based on writings of unabashed occultist

    * Carrie Symonds social media posts show her in a variety of glamorous poses
    * One of the photographs shows her holding a watermelon while on holiday
    * Others show her at the helm of a yacht and another drinking a glass of rose wine
    * One shocking image comes from an x-rated play she performed at Warwick Uni
    12 September 2018

    Comment: Hmmm... Dye to current circumstances, I believe that even the generally sleepy UK general public are going to be red-pilled, suppository style. However, is this a start?

  • Vladimir Putin Reveals: The West Is Controlled By Satanic Pedophiles [VIDEO]
    Social Consciousness, July 18, 2017
    Russian President Vladimir Putin has spoken out against the epidemic of pedophile networks that have taken over the United States, UK, and other Western nations. Despite his recent successful unity with President Trump, he remains firm on his original stance that culture in the West is being manipulated by "Satanic pedophiles". [...]

    In late 2012 (with Obama still in office), Putin actually passed a controversial bill with emphatic support from the State Duma to ban US foster parents from adopting Russian children in a move that will simultaneously protect a number of them from being shunted into child trafficking operations while also tragically denying many orphans new families. America adopts more Russian children annually than any other nation. Putin explained "the country will not be responsible" for the abuse of Russian children at the hands of American pedophiles.

    Image Credit: The 2020 Half Time Whore Show

  • Children In Cages - Adrenochrome

    Around 11 and a half minutes into the 2020 Super Bowl halftime show, J-Lo's 11-year-old daughter Emme started singing “Let's Get Loud" with a group of other children. She started the song from what appeared to be an illuminated cage and surrounding her were other children in similar cages...

    COMMENT: Most normal people would not get the implications of kids in cages.... Photos of real kids held in cages is circulating the internet, presumably from whistleblowers and/or military intelligence redpilling the public. Please also note: SUPERBOWL = SUPERB OWL....

    COMMENT 2: There is now a cottage industry of people decoding the Super Bowl halftime shows, see the latest, Super Bowl Tribute to Satan! [2021]. For those who are nauseated by the most recent Super Bowl halftime shows, here is a flashback to when some decency existed, Michael Jackson - Heal The World (Live Superbowl 1993) (High Quality video) (HD)
    It is without a doubt that Michael Jackson who was friends with President Trump and lived in Trump Tower for a time and socialised with the Trump family (including children) was well aware of the terrible sordid problem of children being exploited. This adds another dimension to this song about protecting children and healing the world.

    Adrenochrome has been seeded in our popular culture for decades, in works like “The Doors of Perception” by Aldous Huxley (1954), “A Clockwork Orange” and “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” and even in children’s movies such as “Monster’s Inc” and “The Dark Crystal.” There are now dozens of articles written by the MSM detailing how the elite are already using “young blood transfusions” to keep themselves youthful. And instead of pointing out how horrific that is, they condition us to find this quirky and eccentric. What the MSM would prefer not to tell their audience is that to get the highest quality A1 adrenalized blood, children have to be tortured and this is going on worldwide in hidden facilities mostly underground.

    Left: Scene from the movie 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' that reference the drug Adrenochrome. Storyline: Raoul Duke (Johnny Depp) and his attorney Dr. Gonzo (Benicio Del Toro) drive a red convertible across the Mojave desert to Las Vegas with a suitcase full of drugs to cover a motorcycle race. As their consumption of drugs increases at an alarming rate, the stoned duo trash their hotel room and fear legal repercussions. Duke begins to drive back to L.A., but after an odd run-in with a cop (Gary Busey), he returns to Sin City and continues his wild drug binge.

    Right: In 2019 Jeff Koons "Rabbit" became the most expensive work sold by a living artist at auction, being sold for $91.1 million at Christie's Auction House.

  • The Children of Agni (Adrenochrome)

    (Not for the faint of Heart....)

    Here in this chapter, we will be going into "Adrenochrome", and what it's really all about. Here is what the Wiki states on the term "Adrenochrome": "Adrenochrome is a chemical compound with the molecular formula C9H9NO3 produced by the oxidation of adrenaline (epinephrine). The derivative carbazochrome is a hemostatic medication. Despite a similarity in chemical names, it is unrelated to chrome or chromium."

    Comment: This is a long and interesting read, I don't agree 100%.

  • The Adrenochrome Conspiracy Theories Explained
    eBaum's World, 4th September 2020

    WARNING! Extremely disturbing images posted here.

    COMMENT: The second half of this blog post explains where the famous Wilson from the movie Castaway with Tom Hanks come from. The images here are very graphic. Be warned.

  • Why Does Al Gore Travel With A Refrigerator Full Of Blood?
    Copy on bitchute: here

    COMMENT: Old story, but a lot more meaningful today as the whole concept of the "benefit" of consuming children's blood goes mainstream. Some stories refer to a suitcase that was dropped and spilt blood on the tarmac when Gore was travelling on his private plane. This story was mainstream news for a while and has been largely scrubbed from the internet.

    (Right click to enlarge image.)

  • Twitter: VIDEO: Ådrenochrome delivery van video with short commentary in German

    Comment: Someone saw this vehicle on the street in Switzerland and decided to take some photos. The telephone no. has a code for Zurich. I would say this is as everyday as you get.

    Fritz Springmeier wrote the book Bloodlines of the Illuminat (1995). He outlines the 13 most prominent multi-generational satanic families who have gained the most power, see summary presentation here . Fritz states a generational satanist describes the Illuminati as "Satan's Elite". For many centuries these families called the shots on planet Earth. They owned the majority of the World's wealth and controlled everything from media, entertainment, politics and religion. For many years they made no secret of their plans for a New World Order. Fritz also states that he has received lot of information from insiders desperate to get out and away from the influence of these sick families. Fritz writes,
    "The Illuminati is divided into the drug/porn section, the political/business management section, and the cult ritual section, global communications section, and mind-control section. The leadership within the various areas overlap. The drug/porn/political areas work together as a unit. The mind-control area seems to be somewhat technical and somewhat separate. Further, several groups have been identified as assigned the job of keeping the long range plans. The three groups that have been entrusted with long range plans are the Order of the Garter, Order of the Quest, & Keepers of the Dawn. The plans to bring in the New World Order are very detailed, and their management and safekeeping have not been haphazard."
    The genetic inheritance is ultra important and so detailed records have been maintained hence independent researchers have been able to ascertain that people in high level Satanism believe that they are descendents of the House of David (important Biblical reference here). The most important thing to realise is that even though there are many people with this DNA and bloodline, they have to be severely abused as children to be turned into psychopaths and/or mind controlled robots. Today, there is tremendous rebellion taking place in their own ranks. It seems that when mixing with "normal" people, generational satanists soon realise that their life of constant evil is hell....

    If you want to know more about the Illuminati, you can read the recent book series, 'Confessions of an Illuminati' written by Leo Lyon Zagami, available online or to purchase from Amazon. Zagami provides detail about real Illuminati, evil satanists calling themselves Illuminati, Zionists, Freemasons, P2, GLADIO, Opus Dei, Jesuits and THE NEW WORLD ORDER.

    From the online pdf Confessions of an Illuminati , (that appears to be a online dump of Zagami's original website), we find the following:
    Background: Leo Lyon Zagami, ex-member of the Comitato Esecutivo Massonico - Masonic Executive Committee (MEC) of Monte Carlo. He was, until recently, a high level member of the Italian Illuminati, a 33rd degree freemason, a true insider and a high-member of the infamous Freemasonic P2 Lodge. He was the "prince", prepared to take over after the older Illuminati "king", Licio Gelli. He is of Illuminati aristocrat bloodline and therefore involved in the Illuminati Order since childhood.

    However, Leo decided he'd had enough of all the evil he was exposed to, and a part of, and the horrifying Satanic, black magic rituals, mind control and torture that was going on inside the lodges, behind closed doors. So he left everything and fled to Norway, where he is currently residing. Since he left, he's been harassed and tortured and had his life threatened. He realized that the only way to hopefully stay alive is to expose to the world what he knows and make himself known. [...]

    Leo has also been a guest several times at Greg Szymanski's radio show.

    YouTube, 9 Mar 2021

    If you have come across YouTube videos on 'The Great Reset' you will already know that they want your property. If you want to know what else has been planned that has not already been achieved, you can download the book The New World Order by A.Ralph Epperson
    from pdfdrive.

    "I come from the Stewart Merovingian line. I was programmed to bring forth lucifer at the end times ritual. That's why I'm still alive. I was the family princess chosen From my line as phoenix. The occult is Crazy! They rely on the fact that society will not believe me." Source:

  • YouTube: EP21: Survivor Pt8: Brooke Federline - Child Sex Trafficking, MK Ultra and
    SRA Survivor

    Gotthard Base Tunnel opening ceremony

    Gotthard Base Tunnel opening ceremony

    Gotthard Base Tunnel opening ceremony

    Gotthard Base Tunnel opening ceremony

  • The Satanic Ceremony Nobody Seemed To Notice
    YouTube, 29 Dec 2020
    Gotthard Base Tunnel opening ceremony in Switzerland was an hour long seriously weird event attended by world leaders. There are so many elements to it, that the images here do not really represent what took place. Towards the end, the commentator tries hard to make light of what was a seriously occult event. In reality, this had a similar bizarreness as the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony.

  • 1992 Olympic Game Opening Ceremony in Barcelona, Spain

    Comment: Another satanic ritual creepy event that looks related to the current coronavirus plan-demic.

  • Roy Fields on Facebook Watch - Towers Going Down On Money (VIDEO)
    Warning ⚠️ This may be the most controversial live post I have done to date. Is it a coincidence that I am showing you this on the anniversary of 9/11? You tell me what you see.

  • YouTube: Twin Tower Money Trick (Sep 2008)

  • Copy on here

  • 20 Dollar Bill Predicts Covid Masks Wearing of masks starting in 2020, was foreshadowed on the $20 bill?
    Yahoo News, 20 August 2020 Wearing of masks starting in 2020, was foreshadowed on the $20 bill?

  • Coronavirus 5G: Why the new £20 note has the coronavirus symbol and 5G beacon
    IMAGES and videos have emerged on social media seemingly linking symbols on the new £20 note with 5G cell towers and the coronavirus diagram.
    Express, Apr 3, 2020

  • The new £20 note with 5G cell towers and the coronavirus

    Comment: 2nd August 2021 | Is it any wonder that so many people refuse to take the vaxx and 5G towers have been burnt down? Actually. I am starting to think White Hats took down the 5G towers in the UK with Direct Energy Weapons (DEW). See Twitter: link. We are in a war folks.

    (Right click to enlarge image)

    COMMENT: Yes that is Angela Merkel inspecting the equipment used to spray her citizens with dangerous poisons! There is some serious disclosure going on if you bother to look.

    COMMENT: It is quite clear that by poisoning the air, water, crazy climate ideas like dimming the Sun and pushing for toxic radiations like 5G, that there is a long term depopulation agenda. Therefore, those blindly taking the 'experimental' COVID19 vaccines suggests they do not realise satanic world controllers are getting more serious in their efforts.

  • Kristen Meghan is a former Air Force pilot turned Chemtrail Whistleblower.

    Bitchute clip, Telegram clip 1 & Telegram clip 2

  • HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT: The Satanic Georgia Guidestones
    USA Drama Alert, 6th April 2022

    [...]There are 10 “guides” (commandments) carved into each vertical face of the monument [...] So what exactly are the 10 guides? In word-for-word order, here they are:
    1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
    2. Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity.
    3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
    4. Rule passion – faith – tradition – and all things with tempered reason.
    5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
    6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
    7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
    8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
    9. Prize truth – beauty – love – seeking harmony with the infinite.
    10. Be not a cancer on the earth – Leave room for nature – Leave room for nature.

    The Georgia Guidestones

    Find Ronald Bernard interviews on Bitchute here

    Comment: This is a young Princess Elizabeth at her initiation into a Welsh Druid Order in 1946 before her enthronement as Queen Elizabeth. Some claim the high priest is Aleister Crowley, but I can not find any proof that Crowley was ever a druid. Anyway, just in case you don't believe Queen Elizabeth II was in a cult, rare video and photos are easy to find on the Internet. Today, it is very important to realise that most people in high society are in cults and have always been in cults.

  • Film of Princess Elizabeth’s Initiation into Welsh Druid Order, 1946
    Eternal Idol, Feb 23, 2016

    Comment: Direct YouTube link here. Better quality video version of this ceremony on Telegram here. Go to for more incredible photos here.

  • How British Police Fell For The St Winebald Fakery

    COMMENT: I think this website is about debunking early claims of Satanic Ritual abuse (SRA) involving the Royal family. However, things have clearly worsened with the Jimmy Saville scandal as he was VERY close to members of the royal family and knighted by the Queen for his evil deeds. Then we have Prince Andrew, who clearly is in severe difficulties with allegations of being a pedophile. Besides what is already in the public domain concerning other European royal families, I believe there will be a lot worse evidence to come, see more below.

    • Investigator's Guide to Allegations of "Ritual" Child Abuse (January 1992) | National Center For The Analysis of Violent Crime
      From the conclusion we obtain the following:
      The amount of "ritual" child abuse going on in this country depends on how you define the term. One documented example of what I might call "ritual" child abuse was the horror chronicled in the book A Death in White Bear Lake (Siegal, 1990). The abuse in this case, however, had little to do with anyone's spiritual belief system. There are many children in the United States who, starting early in their lives, are severely psychologically, physically, and sexually traumatized by angry, sadistic parents or other adults. Such abuse, however, is not perpetrated only or primarily by satanists. The statistical odds are that such abusers are members of mainstream religions. If 99.9% of satanists and 0.1 % of Christians abuse children as part of their spiritual belief system, that still means that the vast majority of children so abused were abused by Christians.

      Until hard evidence is obtained and corroborated, the public should not be frightened into believing that babies are being bred and eaten, that 50,000 missing children are being murdered in human sacrifices, or that satanists are taking over America's day care centers or institutions. No one can prove with absolute certainty that such activity has NOT occurred. The burden of proof, however, as it would be in a criminal prosecution, is on those who claim that it has occurred. The explanation that the satanists are too organized and law enforcement is too incompetent only goes so far in explaining the lack of evidence. For at least eight years American law enforcement has been aggressively investigating the allegations of victims of ritual abuse. There is little or no evidence for the portion of their allegations that deals with large-scale baby breeding, human sacrifice, and organized satanic conspiracies. Now it is up to mental health professionals, not law enforcement, to explain why victims are alleging things that don't seem to have happened. Professionals in this field must accept the fact that there is still much we do not know about the sexual victimization of children and that this area desperately needs study and research by rational, objective social scientists.

      If the guilty are to be successfully prosecuted, if the innocent are to be exonerated, and if the victims are to be protected and treated, better methods to evaluate and explain allegations of "ritual" child abuse must be developed or identified. Until this is done, the controversy will continue to cast a shadow over and fuel the backlash against the validity and reality of child sexual abuse.

      COMMENT: Abusing children in the most demeaning and exploitative way is the main spiritual currency of satanists. There is a huge amount of witness evidence available. Here is just a few links.

    • Satanic Cult Awareness (pdf)
      National Criminal Justice Reference Service, Jan 1993

    • YouTube: In Satan's Name

    • Twitter: Flashback (1984): Johnny Carson makes a joke about Princë Andrëw being a pëdophile

    Reminds me of Stanley Kubrick's film, Eyes Wide Shut, see YouTube clip Eyes Wide Shut Remove Your Clothes (scene from Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut)

    Apparently 22 minutes was cut from the original film and Stanley Kubrick died shortly after the movie was released. Some believe this was not a coincidence because Kubrick revealed too much about the Illuminati. There is at least one explanation for the strange ending and it fits in with all we know about children being used by satanists as currency, see link here

  • Inside the Rothschild-Inspired “Illuminati Ball” New Year’s Eve
    The “Illuminati Ball” New Year’s Eve was all about mock sacrifices, cannibalism, and occult rituals – all made to be as sexy as possible.
    Vigilant Citizen, January 8, 2019

    On December 31st 2018, over 800 guests rang in the new year at an occult-elite-themed “Illuminati Ball” in New York City. Heavily inspired by the infamous masked ball held by Baroness de Rothschild in 1972, the Illuminati ball featured dark rituals, faux human sacrifices and Illuminati “leaders” in ornate animal masks. The event also featured elements from Eyes Wide Shut as masked guests witnessed performances that mixed eroticism with esoteric rituals.

    Not unlike actual Illuminati balls held by the occult elite, the event took place inside a sumptuous building: The Weylin in Brooklyn, New York

    Dutch Queen Beatrix is seen here wearing a pizza slice-shaped broach on her left shoulder in the company of a satanist artist Marina Abramovic. Click image for more official photos from Alamy. I don't know about you but I would not have believed this unless I had found some official authentication. Brazen. Below are testimonies about the evil perpetrated by European royalty and nobility.

  • Transcript of Anne Marie van Blijenburgh’s Testimony about Child Murders in Belgium
    Kevin Annett, Sep 10 2014
    My name is Anne Marie van Blijenburgh. I have been married for twenty four years to Kees van Korlaar. Together with his three brothers, Kees van Korlaar forms a criminal organization known as the Octopus Syndicate (ed. Note: This is a slang term in Holland for Ndrangheta, the modern Italian -based Mafia). They have worked from 1960 on to today. By order of Queen Beatrix they have organized the murder, torture, rape and killing of children in a public setting. They organized that through youth detention centers in the Netherlands.

    ITCCS - Testimony of Toos Nijenhuis [2:27:53]
    24 May 2014
    Toos of the family Nijenhuis is a 54 year old Dutch Lady. Here is her testimony, as received by the ITCCS. The details outlined by Toos in this video are perhaps the most shocking and incredible accusations you have ever heard. Nonetheless, especially with the weight of so many similar accusations backing hers, it is incumbent upon us to lend a kind ear to what she says, and to take the steps necessary to ascertain the validity of her accusations, and in the case of finding validity in what she says, then we must take steps to ensure that these atrocities can no longer occur.

    COMMENT: This is harrowing just to watch this video as Toos has clearly not recovered properly from the trauma. We have powerful descriptions provided of how European nobility weeds out the least psychopathic who want to join their ranks. This is a long interview and it may only be palatable in several doses.

  • Overcoming Elite Child Sex Slavery & Pedophilia - Anneke Lucas
    In this 4 part series, Belgian Anneke Lucas describes her story of growing up as a sex slave to high profile politicians. She reveals how things operate, her in depth story, and the important underlying message of global healing we can all go through as the widespread reality of this becomes more clear to humanity.

    Bitchute, April 8th, 2021

    Mel K welcomes the courageous super hero survivor of the CIA MK Ultra mind control program who lived to tell. A life in the bowels of the DC Swamp, abused beyond comprehension, used for all kinds of covert black ops for decades, Cathy was saved by Intelligence insider Mark Phillips, and risked her own life to save herself and her daughter by becoming a whistleblower who's congressional testimony was subsequently blocked for phony reasons of national security. Cathy speaks all over the world, and her testimony and journey to healing has helped thousands of SRA/MK ULTRA/Child Abuse survivors reclaim their lives, love themselves, and find peace through strength. This is a must see for anyone suffering from any kind of trauma or PTSD, and I highly recommend her book PTSD:Time To Heal as I used it myself to regain balance after my own traumatic injury. A joy to see such a resilient spirit in atime we all could use some inner healing.

  • Find Cathy O'Brien at

  • Trance Formation of America (2006) By Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips
    Recommended reading.

  • Grand Lodge Of Ireland Freemasons' Hall, 17 June 2013

    Comment: Update 28/5/2021. Quite frankly I am stunned by some of the items found in this lodge... Have a look, I don't think anyone can argue about who the Freemasons consider their deity....

  • Worldwide Freemasonry Secretly Cloaks It's True Religion: Luciferianism [VIDEO]
    Bitchute, 27th April 2021
    The following 5 hour exposé showcases the worldwide not so secret fraternal organization known as Freemasonry which cloaks their true hidden religion; Luciferianism or Satanism. Freemasons believe that Lucifer is the "light-bearer" and god of planet earth, which is why they deceive us with the globe earth deception, to hide the almighty God creator of everything and all.

    Altijan Juric (born June 10, 1975) best known by his stage name Altiyan Childs, is an Australian singer-songwriter. He was the winner of the second season of The X Factor Australia in 2010, and subsequently signed with Sony Music Australia. Seemingly, in this 5-hour video Altjan claims that in order to make it in the music business you basically have to sell your soul to this cult religion. Altiyan has abandoned his Freemasonic oath and is now a targeted Christian. He exposes Freemasonic symbolism and occult practices in depth in the following video.

    Comment: This write up comes from The extensive research and references provided here proves to me without a shadow of a doubt that Freemasonry cloaks their true hidden religion; Luciferianism or Satanism.

  • Worldwide Freemasonry Secretly Cloaks It's True Religion: Luciferianism [VIDEO]


  • Rituals of Freemasonry

  • Ex-Master Mason EXPOSES The Freemasons
    YouTube, 28 Sep 2018

    Comment: I watched this a while ago and have done a great deal of research since. This is some brilliant insight.... At 28 minutes, this is a great summary.


  • NASA Admits Its Never Went To The Moon, 21 Sep 2017

    Bitchute, May 14th 2020

    (Right click to enlarge)

    (Right click to enlarge)

    Devon Island Pics: Also, Are the NASA Mars Rovers Really In An Island In Canada??

    Devon Island Pics: Also, Devon Island: Mars on Earth

  • Mars found using Google Earth. here

  • Buzz Aldrin Tells Apollo Moon Landing Truth to a Child
    YouTube, 27 Jul 2018
    #BuzzAldrin tells Zoey the truth about the moon missions during an interview at the National Book Festival in Washington, DC on September 15, 2015.

  • Clip: Stanley Kubrick moon landing hoax confession [1:57]

  • Kubrick And The Fake Moon Landing [FULL VIDEO 1:08:58]

    This is a nice compilation of NASA fakery.

  • Telegram: Hilarious 24 second blooper! 'One small step for man'

    Comment: Obviously, the Flat Earth Society has a lot to say about the preponderance of 666s, see NASA's 33 666s.

    Comment: Just in case you want some info concerning what Flat Earthers are saying, the following links are provided....

    Jesus on a doughnut bought from Voodoo Doughnuts.

    COMMENT: Yes, that is a photo sent in August 2018 as a tweet of the Rev. Billy Graham and his son Franklin at Voodoo Doughnuts. As you can image, a few Christians were apoplectic with rage when they found this out. See below:

  • Voodoo Doughnuts, Child Traffickers, and Big Religion
    Christian friends, would you eat at a place called VOODOO DOUGHNUTS? Me neither. But son of Billy Graham, Franklin Graham, seems to like the place, praising its "killer doughnuts."

    COMMENT: Fiona Barnett was very unhappy too, see Twitter: If you know anything about voodoo doughnut .. this should disturb you !!

    COMMENT:Many Christians refuse to educate themselves, but some are pointing out the truth.

    The Billy Graham Deception Part 1/2

    COMMENT: In the book, The Illuminati Formula Used To Create An Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave , the author Fritz Springmeier does a complete take down of Billy Graham based on factual reports by journalists and people who either worked with Graham or knew him over the years. Springmeier suggests that Graham is an MK Ultra victim who had been compromised. Personally, Billy Graham has ALWAYS creeped me out. Now I know why.... Read the details for yourself and make your own mind up. I believe Billy Graham is just one example of the infiltration of mainstream Christianity, presumably there are many others. You can download this book for free with the following link, The Illuminati Formula Used To Create An Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave or read online here

    (Right click image to enlarge)


    Comment: When you know what signs to look for, it's easy to see the truth.

    COMMENT: Unbelievable headlines from the UK Guardian.... Shameful. Click image for article.

  • Misc

    From what I understand not all witches are satanists. Satanism is a death cult and appears to regard being Anti-Christ as a top priority. In the Bible, Christ is stated to say "I am here to give you life and life more abundantly". I believe that 'Christ' or Christos is the highest spiritual energy available to humans. Therefore, I believe that Satanism is fundamentally anti-life and anti-Christ energy.

    The following Twitter video is a bunch of witches casting a spell on President Trump. To be honest I thought it was a joke when I first saw it. What do you think? I am not worried about the impact of this curse on President Trump because it is clear he now has exceedingly high levels of spiritual energy around him.

    Twitter: Me and my witch sisters as our spell to k word Trump

    First Upload: 11th April 2021,
    Last Update: 9th April 2022


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