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"The peer review system is satisfactory during quiescent times,
but not during a revolution in a discipline such as astrophysics,
when the establishment seeks to preserve the status quo."

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"Science, at its core, is a spiritual endeavor."

Candace Pert

Less than thrilled

Sometimes in life, you have to face opposition head on and bear the consequences. In November 2008, after finding Geoff Strays's second review of my book 'Tuning the Diamonds: Electromagnetism & Spiritual Evolution' placed on, I wrote my first response and added this to my book reviews page here. Geoff Stray, author of the book 'Beyond 2012: Catastrophe or Ecstasy', was eventually tipped off by a mutual acquaintance in late February 2009 and in his response, he made it clear, that I had launched a personal 'attack' on him. A copy of his original Dire Gnosis Review can be found here.

In my February/March 2009 replies, I explained why I was less than thrilled with his terrible reviews of my book accompanied by false accusations. Yet, it was only after I had written the second reply did I realise just how damaging his reviews were to my efforts. Someone with no scientific qualifications, writes a review claiming that I stated in my book that Tesla first 'discovered' plasma, see sample page for what was actually written here. This is the equivalent to stating that Tesla discovered lightning, which is the most commonly known manifestation of plasma on Earth. Since the definitions for plasma and it's properties are given throughout my book, for example the section, 'What is a Spark?' here, his assertion is quite really quite shocking, please excuse the pun. Yet, it is clear from his response that Stray still can't understand why I am not grateful for his efforts.

A slightly sanitised version of my first reply is added with a second follow-up reply here, where I deal with most of the inaccuracies, ignorant and patronising comments about 'fringe' science and my choice to add channelled material to my book. Yet, it's the reference to 'fringe' science that I actually found the most stunning aspect of his reviews. How can someone with no scientific training and no acknowledgment of the well understood failings of the peer review system, make such comments? This is even more incredible, when I detail the work of scientists who won Nobel Prizes or missed out on Nobel Prizes for their ground-breaking research, due to political pressures. There are many others who are well respected in their fields of research and whose early insight will always be credited by later researchers. Well, lets say there are certain standards for peer reviews and I think in this instance, they have not been met.

The Struggle for Truth & Enlightenment

I have an Honours Degree in Physics and Geophysics from a British University, but I can't pretend to fully understand the pressures and struggles that scientists sometimes have to undergo for their fight for enlightenment and truth. One person who I have truly admired for her work is Dr. Candace Pert who wrote the book, 'Molecules of Emotion: Why You Feel the Way You Do' (1997). Pert states early in the first chapter of her book, 'First and foremost, I am a truth-seeker." This is highly characteristic of a Seeker and it's often one of the very first thing that they will tell you about themselves. I know because I am a Seeker too. Some of her most profound conclusions are detailed in my book including her belief that our emotions originate from higher dimensional realities. Despite her brilliant research and discoveries, she still lost out on a Nobel Prize when her three male bosses nominated themselves and left her out. Obviously, due to the unfairness and the controversy it generated, none of them were awarded anything.

Candace Pert and others have laid the foundation for a new science called psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), but as Pert details her story in the book, the resistance to change was enormous. Pert demonstrated that in addition to neurotransmitters the brain is modulated by numerous chemicals many of which are informational. In a key paper on her theory in the Journal of Immunology in 1985 she stated that: "Neuropeptides and their receptors thus join the brain, glands and immune system in a network of communication between brain and body, probably representing the biochemical substrate of emotion." The prefix neuro implies it relates to the brain but in reality these informational substances describe a bodywide communication system. The brain or neuro component was only one part of a hierarchical system to gather process and share information.

The implications of Pert's observations were far reaching and considered paradigm-smashing and revolutionary – especially the part played by the mind. The old-paradigm insisted on the separateness and autonomy of the individual disciplines but Pert's approach was interdisciplinary in complete violation of all kinds of traditional boundaries between scientific fields, bureaucratic departments and medical specialities. Her work in cancer she describes might have provided 'a useful therapeutic, a magic bullet', but it would take ten years before it would be taken seriously and investigated as her ideas were originally thought to be 'too wild'.

Similarly her book describes how she tried to get a promising new drug to market to alleviate the suffering of AIDS victims, but she could not get a major backer interested long enough to make her discovery a reality. Pert felt that one of the reasons was that there was a prevailing belief that major diseases could not be treated without major side effects. She postulated that, "the idea of a non-toxic therapeutic could well have been a complete enigma to most of their top scientists" and there was too much preconception of what a winning drug for such a deadly disease should act like. The clinical trials to test for toxicity and improvements that lasted six months were considered too good to be true, as there were no side affects and despite the disappearance of some AIDS symptoms that were documented.

Instead, funding was channelled towards the extremely toxic drug AZT, which was a chemotherapeutic drug originally used for cancer in the sixties. It fitted the standard belief that in attempting to destroy a virus, healthy cells had to be sacrificed too, particularly those of the immune system. AZT did show some promise in reversing symptoms of AIDS and giving patients time but it could not be considered a "cure", since like chemotheraphy in cancer treatment it causes the virus it attacks to eventually develop resistance so that the disease usually reoccurs. Candace believes that her drug for AIDS could have saved many lives if it had been brought to market quickly. Interesting enough, Pert does mention that the drug actually did go underground and was manufactured and sold in the United States. If you the read the story the solution Candace came up with, appeared to be channelled from a higher source. This example demonstrates that if you are open to truth and your intentions are pure, the Universe will respond and provide solutions and there are many many recorded instances of this type of 'inspiration' in many fields of endeavour.

Another scientist whose research is described in my book who I have subsequently come to admire, is Dr Louis Frank who wrote the book, "The Big Splash" (1990), that describes his discovery of the Earth being hit 10 million times a year by a "rain" of "small comets" and his struggle to find academic acceptence for his ideas. The New York Yimes Book Review described 'The Big Splash' as, "A savage tale of how science works" and you have to read the book to believe it. In 1981, Dr Louis Franks made this discovery in ultra-violet imaging from NASA's Dynamics Explorer satellite as part of his scientific research on the aurora. His images were being constantly marred by black spots that he first put down to technical factors, but after years of trying he could not irradicate them. In his images, these spots were actually 30 miles across and so he reasoned that the dark spots revealed the presence of water from an extraterrestrial origin.

Eventually, Franks proposed his theory of a "rain" of small comets that can explain how the earth got it's oceans. These small comet-like objects, were estimated to weigh about 100 tons and be about the size of a small house as they travelled through space, then plunge into our atmosphere at 20 per minute, each and every day. Interestingly, even though Franks insists that these are relatively small packets of loosely packed balls of snow-water covered with a "carbon mantle" which fits into "accepted" theory about comets in general, he also states that one or two thousand miles above the Earth, the Sun would vapourise the contents into "a ball of gas" and 300 miles from Earth it would expand to a thin 30 mile wide ball of gas. At about 50 miles away from Earth, turbulence would mean that this gas and air would turn into thin ice crystals and become water vapour at low altitudes and then eventually dispersing as precipitation. This constant bombardment over 4 billion years, the age of the Earth, would provide the explanation for the source of our oceans.

Dr Louis Franks gives us great personal insight into how his ideas met harsh opposition and how he acquired heretic status after previously being considered a well respected scientist. Infact, Dr. Frank comes with impeccable credentials. He was a full professor at 32 and at the time of writing the book was reputed to have "more instruments on more spacecraft than anyone else on the planet." Yet, as Frank found and he reported in the New Scientist, “if you propose that something from out there is affecting us here and now, rather than millions of years in the past or millions of years in the future, beware the wrath of orthodox science. Science guards our isolation well.” Therefore, even good colleagues, refused to reconsider their existing beliefs and the antics that he endured are quite an eye-opener. Franks wrote:

"I had, of course, been tempted not to publish these results. I was enjoying my work. People respected me. I had all the opportunities in the world and all the funding I needed. I did not need the aggravation these findings would stir up. On the other hand, I thought of all the scientists from Copernicus to Einstein who had come forward with seemingly outlandish but revolutionary results. I realized that if I was right and did not publish my results — and no one did this work for another ten or twenty years—then I would be wasting thousands of man-years of scientific effort. [...] I knew this would have a big impact on science. But I felt I had no choice. I could not bury this material. [...] Finally I decided that our findings must be published, no matter what the consequences. I could not live with myself otherwise. It was just morally incorrect. " [The Big Splash, Chapter 3, pg 24-25]

These quotes reveal Dr Louis Frank's high level of consciousness, as he was prepared to risk is reputation in the search for truth & enlightenment, a 'true' scientist. Franks was fortunate to have his first two papers published by an editor who used the controversy to become famous. But, like many scientists, to get more awareness of his "Small Comets" theory, he circumvented the Peer Review system by publishing his papers in the most reputable European journals. He did succeed in having more papers published at home, but he was still snared by the Peer Review system and even referees who did not have the relevant experience or even training to validate his work. Hold on, this quote from 'The Big Splash', might surprise you;

Burch [Editor of Geophysical Research Letters] sent the paper to two referees, one who had good suggestions for strengthening our arguments and the second who was more interested in venting his frustrations. He amused himself by comparing the small comets to flying pigs. "As credible evidence for the theory that pigs can fly..." this referee wrote, "one would require considerably more than a selection of blurry photographs... purportedly showing examples of the shadows that pigs have cast on the ground as they flew rapidly overhead." Burch did not allow us to see these comments until the paper was accepted because they had nothing to do with the proper conduct of scientific enquiry. When we did see them, we found them quite amusing. [The Big Splash, Chapter 17, pg 220]

So even though there was some observational support from other specialists, Dr Louis Franks also tells us that there was considerable effort to keep his research out of scientific literature and he states, "There was a war going on. We had to fight to get our papers published. We had to fight to let astronomers know that these objects existed." His explanation was that it was embarrassing that astronomers had missed these objects. Well, over twenty-five years later, there does not seem to be any significant progress even though the existence of these small comets has been confirmed, but as you continue reading this article, maybe another conclusion will become obvious.

Personally, I only needed to know the arrival rate of the "small comets" to make the connection with more recent Russian research, and then make another connection to metaphysical material for a massive revelation. 'In the report, 'Planetophysical State of the Earth and Life' (1997), Russian scientists identify "atmospheric holes" or "small comets" as a plasma phenomena that they call Natural Self-luminous Formations (NSLF) or "vacuum domains". These entities, which are quite clearly seen in satellite ultra-violet imaging are a natural phenomena, in a universe that is made up almost entirely of plasma (99.999%). The report reveals geological, geophysical, and climatical alterations of the Earth, pertinent to evolutionary change. Yet, one of the most interesting points was the revelation that these NSLF, independent structures of light and magnetism, were changing the electromagnetic grid of our planet, in a fashion that the Russians deemed as "interworld processes". The following quote is from the conclusion of this profound report.

"Hundreds of thousands of these natural self-luminous formations are exerting a increasing influence upon Earth's geophysic fields and biosphere. We suggest that the presence of these formations is the mainstream precedent to the transformation of Earth; an Earth which becomes more and more subject to the transitional physical processes which exist within the borderland between the physical vacuum and our material world.

All of this places humanity, and each one of us, squarely in front of a very difficult and topical problem; the creation of a revolutionary advancement in knowledge which will require a transformation of our thinking and being equal to this never-before-seen phenomena now presencing itself in our world. There is no other path to the future than a profound internal experiential perception and knowledge of the events now underway in the natural environment that surrounds us. It is only through this understanding that humanity will achieve balance with the renewing flow of the PlanetoPhysical States and Processes." [Planetophysical State of the Earth and Life, 1997]
As scientists are now coming to realise, consciousness has developed that remains in the fundamental state of matter. The metaphysical connection represents a major breakthrough in our understanding as to how information carried by "magnetic entities" is constantly being delivered to our world and how these intelligent universal entities form 'An Earth Management Team'.

The Earth Management Team

In my book, I introduced the concept of 'An Earth Management Team' to reveal the presence of plasma or "magnetic entities" that exist with a certain level of energy and information, for the purpose of supporting the Earth. I backed this up with research from various different quarters and a top level UK Ministry of Defence Report. Yet, much of this information is in the public domain and we find the following report from the UK Daily Telegraph, dated 7th May 2006.

"Scientists working on a defence intelligence inquiry say they have solved the mystery of unidentified flying objects. After a four-year study, they concluded that most sightings could be explained by a little-known atmospheric phenomenon. Scientists at the Defence Intelligence Staff, part of the Ministry of Defence, reportedly described how glowing "plasmas" of gas were created by charges of electricity.

Air flows then sculpted the plasmas into aerodynamic shapes which appeared to fly at extraordinary speeds through the sky. The researchers were emphatic that UFOs did not come from alien civilisations, but equally did not dismiss those who claimed to have seen them as fantasists or hoaxers, the newspaper said.

The report was released under the Freedom of Information Act following an application by Dr David Clarke, a lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University, and his fellow researcher Gary Anthony. The document states: "Credited with the ability to hover, land, take off, accelerate to exceptional velocities and vanish, they can reportedly alter their direction of flight suddenly and clearly can exhibit aerodynamic characteristics well beyond those of any known aircraft or missile."

[...] While some non-hoax sighting of UFOs may have been caused by wrongly identifying aircraft, various optical illusions or obvious natural phenomena, the project reportedly concluded that the most common explanation was "several types of rarely encountered natural events within the atmosphere and ionosphere". It described how an "electrically-charged...gaseous mass" could form in the atmosphere which was often invisible to radar but resembled the bright, fast-moving, round or cigar-shaped objects typically reported by UFO spotters."

When we consider that the divine cosmos is 99.999% plasma, then the following metaphysical statement can be more fully understood.

"When it comes to these entities, some of them are part of you, and you are part of them. There's no counting these. How do you count air on your planet? It's all around you, isn't it? It's real and it's physical and there's a lot of it. Did you ever ask, "How many air is there?" This group has been part of the work of the earth since it began. It's an energy that moves between two of the three grid structures on this planet and deals with them as they need adjusting." [Lee Carroll, The Celebration - What's next? December 8, 2002 ]


My desire to integrate scientific and metaphysical information has lead to my breakthroughs in understanding, but this has only been possible because of the efforts of people like Dr. Candace Pert, Dr. Louis Frank and many others who were on their own voyage of discovery and were willing to share their knowledge with the world. At the beginning of 'Tuning the Diamonds: Electromagnetism & Spiritual Evolution', in the section 'Initiation', I discuss the fact that scientists can be 20, 30, 40 or even 50 years ahead in their field but some still fail to obtain any recognition whilst they are alive. I felt that this was important because there was a need to integrate information from many different scientific and metaphysical sources regardless of whether it had been accepted by consensus. Therefore, I have been particularly unhappy about the denigration of the work of scientists and metaphysicians who have choosen to spearhead new ways to understand our reality. Hence, my objection to the criticism of 'fringe science' to denote the science in my book is not totally personal. Seemingly, at a certain level, I can relate to pioneering scientists, because I too have also choosen to bring about a new understanding of our reality. Here, Dr Louis Frank can be quoted:

"You look up in the sky and the stars are plasma. Our Sun is plasma. The Earth's aurora are caused by plasma, In order to understand the universe, you must understand plasma. That is what I try to do."
I echo this sentiment and aim to teach our relationship with the divine cosmos as part of a new spiritual understanding of our reality, which is most necessary at this time of great evolutionary change.

Susan Joy Rennison,

B.Sc.Hons. (Physics with Geophysics), 4th March 2009

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