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The Book of Destiny:

Unlocking the Secrets of the Ancient Mayans
and the Prophecy of 2012


Carlos Barrios, HarperOne: Harper Collins July 2009


The following quote is by Lisa Carter who translated this book from Spanish into English, providing some interesting background information. Here is the original Spanish book cover link

Ever since my translation of The Book of Destiny came out, many of my Spanish-speaking friends and colleagues have been asking where they can buy the original Spanish. I’m sorry to say that there is no published Spanish of the translated English.

The author, Carlos Barrios, published a book in Guatemala in 2004, titled Ch’umilal Wuj: El libro del destino (Google books has a few pages as a teaser). Many of the chapters in the English are based on this original, but none are exactly the same. Instead, Carlos updated and rewrote much of the book based on the changing times and targeted at a different audience. Whereas the original was written in part to inspire Guatemalan Mayans to learn more about and regain pride in their past and future, the translation was for a North American audience to understand what the Mayans have contributed to the world and what they hope to contribute now. [...]

And then there was The Book of Destiny, which I translated from a manuscript, referring to the published Spanish book, based on e-mailed questions and answers with the author, using certain passages from one particular version of the Popol Vuh (by Augustín Estrada Monroy), and receiving miscellaneous pages and chapters that Carlos added while I was translating.

Written by Lisa

August 26th, 2009 at 12:27 pm
Posted in Literary Translation source


Introductory Review

The following is a short review from Bookhills which emphasises the charming nature of this book.

Discover What the Prophecy of 2012 Means for Your Life

According to the Mayan Elders, at the moment of birth every human being is given a destiny. Our life challenge is to develop ourselves and our skills in order to fulfill this destiny, thus fueling our individual contribution to the planet. At the heart of The Book of Destiny is the sacred Mayan calendar, an extraordinary tool that allows the reader to discover this destiny, along with one's special Mayan symbol, origin, as well as the protection spirits that accompany them through life. Poetically narrated, the book describes how the calendar contains the scientific legacy of the Mayan people, preserved and transmitted over the centuries through oral tradition and written texts.

Written at the request of the Mayan Elders, by member of the Guatemalan Elders Council and Mayan Priest Carlos Barrios, The Book of Destiny is a tool to help people understand their life purpose and to use this profound knowledge to make the best of their time on earth. [Bold added for emphasis]


Quotes and Joyfire Commentary

Due to the massive focus on 2012 and the inaccurate portrayal of Mayan beliefs and predictions, the following is a brief commentary on the first half of the book. The second half of the book lists 20 different Mayan Calendars and the Mayan Signs. Some of the Calendars are given a description but a few are only named and we are told that the author is not authorized by Mayan Elders to reveal any details. The Mayan Signs are revealed "as an instrumental way of understanding our true purpose." We are told that José Arguelles has published his own versions that are based on Mayan concepts but he is castigated for mixing up Mayan agricultural and sacred calendars and then mixing in Chinese astrology with his own methodology. Carlos Barrios makes it quite clear that Arguelles's efforts are not considered strictly Mayan and therefore they are not authentic. We are even told that due to requests from Mayan Elders, for a while his version of the Signs were called Pleiadian until business waned and at that point, they reverted back to being called Mayan. Incidentally, as I was flicking through the section on Mayan Signs, I stopped at one and started reading the details and came to the immediate realisation that this was my sign. Rather surprised, I checked the energy tables based on birthdate and I was quite delighted to find out that I had recognised myself correctly. Here is the rest of the commentary:


The purpose of this book is to introduce readers to Mayan spirituality, cosmo-vision, and teachings. I have used my own experiences and the stories told by my beloved masters Don Pascual Mendoza and Don Isdiro Akabal, to explain their view of the world and these prophetic times. Mayan philosophy is not looking for followers; ours is a tradition not a religion. We are not a sect but a sector, and we simply present our cosmo-vision while we respect all other traditions. One of the first things I learned along the Mayan path was not to judge or compete, much less impose. We believe in respect. [Pg. 5]

By presenting this story without sources to back it, I realise that academics will doubt its credibility. My reseponse is that we have the best reference of all: This is a tale told by an ancient people who have maintained their historical memory in various ways and have no interest in competing with anyone. Reality is the story that our Grandfathers passed down for thousands of generations during which, quite amazinglxy, not one word has ever been added or deleted. [Pg. 6]


In the Mayan world, there are three ways to become an ajq'ij or spiritual guide. The first is through inheritance through the family line; second, the skill can be developed according to one's birth; or third, the Grandfathers may see specific indications that a person should develop these talents. [Pg. 10]

Here Carlos Barrios describes the two elders that had the most influence on him whom he met whilst he was at university. Don Pascual was virtually illiterate but was highly gifted chi-mam a Mayan priest from the Mam tribe, one of most ancient and traditional. Don Pascual was an academic, a scientist with a postgraduate degree in international law and has studied oil and gas as well as geology, anthropology and economics. He spoke 26 Mayan languages and we are told that Don Isidro knew all 20 Mayan calendars, 13 of them to perfection.

These paragraphs highlight the fact that Carlos Barrios trained with respected Mayan Elders, but we are also told in other writings that he and his brother Gerardo went out of their way to interview 600 traditional Mayan elders to widen their knowledge as they felt this was necessary in their capacity as historians, anthropologists and investigators. This is very important to know so that you can compare his credentials and knowledge against people who state they are 'Mayan researchers', but have no recognised academic qualifications, have never been taught about Mayan calendars from genuine Mayan Elders but they question what Carlos Barrios has tried to convey to the world about Mayan beliefs. Please note again, this is the only book that has been authorised by Guatemalan Mayan Elders.

Chapter 4. WHO ARE THE MAYA?

Sadly, most of what is known about the Maya is based on unverifiable stories told by Spanish chroniclers during the conquest. These documents were written by priests who had Mayan informants, but even though these Mayan helped the Spaniards, they never revealed the essence of their origins, much less their true knowledge.

Scholars, anthropologists, archaeologists and historians have all formulated theories about the emergence of this civilization and have speculated on the dates of its evolution. Not one of these investigators, however, was a Mayan, nor have any of them ever asked the heirs to this tradition about their origins. Quite erroneously, researchers have believed that nothing more than ethnicity connects the Maya of today to such a complex, magnificent past. [Pg. 16]

This is a theme that runs through the writing of modern Mayan Elders who wish to highlight the disrepect from "outsiders" who refuse to acknowledge that they have maintained their traditions and some of the knowledge that has been handed down to them from an obviously advanced civilisation.


"In essence," Don Isidro told me, "the act of prophesying is the ability to access a memory of the future. It is a matter of being able to move in space and time. [Pg. 20]

Years later, Don Pascual spoke to me about the prophetic act. "Delving into the future requires higher knowledge. It's not for everyone. There was a time when all humans could see long-range in both space and time. This was the vision of najt. Our Fathers in the Sky saw that men were like gods: they created miracles, their breath was like the wind, and nothing was hidden from their eyes. Great was their presence on the Earth, and great were their powers. At the same time, their pride grew and their downfall came when they forgot their Creator and Maker. [Pg. 28]

If you have studied ancient text and the Christian Bible, this account that has been handed down through thousands of generations, can be instantly recognised as telling a story that has been retained in many different traditions.


For over twenty years I traveled to various communities particularly to where the Mayan tradition has been preserved. It has been my great fortune to have the opportunity to speak with the Laj Mam, or great Elders, guardians of the sacred tradition, and to have received in various nimaja, or great houses, where the lineage and knowledge are safeguarded. In my quest to learn about the calendars, I have met Elders and guides in different villagers in southern Mexico, Honduras, Belize, and El Salvador.

My travels enabled me to accumulate many different forms of Mayan spiritual knowledge. I was honoured to receive the Atija the discipline to manipulate water and meditation, as well as the ability to control sacred fire as an Ajq'ij' (spiritual guide) and sun worker. My mission to coordinate the twenty calendars that the Elders—many of which the Elders feel it would be imprudent to bring to light at this time. [Pg. 35]

In this chapter, there are stories of journeys to meet Elders in isolated villages and what happend when he met them. We are also told about the Civil war raging in Guatemala during the 1980s and the real dangers of traveling.


According to stories by Elders from the most traditional tribes, the Maya are descended from a mother civilisation called Tula or Tulán, which gave rise to all of the mysterious and powerful civilisations that populated Mesoamerica. This civilization is also the mother of tribes in northern Africa, India, Tibet, part of the Mediterranean, and the northern part of the Iberian Peninsula. It is the source of all our traditions. In many Mayan languages, "Tulá" means "mothers breast" place where our forebears drank of knowledge. This original civilisation was located on a continent, now gone, in the middle of the Atlantic. [Pg. 49]

Ancient Mayan texts also speak of a cataclysm that changed the planet and , according to legend, caused the mythical Tula to sink. The visionaries of that time warned that this would happen, and so they crossed the sea to this continent. This is certainly reminiscent of the mythical Atlantis, located in the east, in the Atlantic ocean. It is important to note that the word atl exists nowhere but in Mesoamerica and means "water". It is said that Atlantis means "land surrounded by water." [Pg. 52]

Interestingly, if you have studied the origins of Freemasonry and some of the ceremonial artefacts and compare this with Mayan archaeological artefacts that have been found, it will be difficult to not see there are some stunning similarities.


I met an elder when I was young. Some called him the oldest of the old, and others described him as a man of few words. I was able to earn his trust, so he told me his truth. He said the universe, and therefore the world, arose because the Creator willed it. The Creator met with the Maker, and they made their will manifest, begetting reality. This came about in the magical form of najt , or space-time. Reality exists in a preordained place and is determined by the ability to give shape to the manifestations of energy, or unreality. [Pg. 59]

I was thrilled to find the Mayan perspective outlined in this book, that is very reminiscent of Buddhist/Taoist beliefs. The discussion of najt occurs in different places in the book and is directly compared to the scientific concept of space-time. The mention of geometry fits in nicely with The Theory of Multi-dimensional Reality that is the only scientific theory that I know of that fully explains multi-dimensional phenomena like light and magnetism that are still poorly understood by our scientists. This theory gives us a clear understanding that everything is controlled by a central intelligence that is based on light, frequency, magnetism and geometry, the authors Vogt and Sultan called it The Diehold. In my book, Tuning the Diamonds, I renamed this central intelligence 'The Master Diamond Template' for obvious reasons and it is evident that various mystical traditions have retained this understanding in many different ways.


Undoubtedly, the greatest legacy the Mayan sages left us was their method of handling energies. The technical ability to clearly see the convergence of cosmic and telluric terrestrial currents is used by Elders and wise men. Each of us can find the right place in order to live a full, harmonious life by understanding and utilizing this skill. It is closely tied to the Mayan signs set out in the sacred Cholq'ij calendar and the key to well rounded development. [Pg. 72]

This chapter mainly deals with Mayan scientific, astronomical and mathematical achievements. Yet, Mayan Elders are mostly famed for their calendars but the calendars are only a reflection of their ability to tune into cosmic and subtle streams of energies, the lifeblood of the Universe.

Chapter 13. MAYAN GODS

The ancient Maya had a vision of total connection between the cosmos and nature. The gods were representatives of the Supreme being, Jun Ab Ku, or "that which contains everything ." These deities were regents of the various levels and configurations of the universe, and in turn, they had representatives in the underworld, the world and the overworld. A series of deities is related to natural phenomena and the four basic elements, for in the Mayan cosmo-vision everything that exists has a spirit. [Pg. 74]

Very few Mayan gods take human form, and any such figures are anthropomorpic... Ultimately the deity has no physical form at all. The gods are energy and their representation are often viewed as assistants. [Pg. 75]

Like all major civilisations, the Mayans have their pantheon of Gods, but they do not hide the fact that they only represent energies. Whereas in other ancient religious traditions, this is much less obvious.


Mayan history does not end with the conquest. Present-day Maya are not simply the degenerate descendents of this fabulous civilization. [Pg. 80]

There are some Elders in Petén who still know how to read the our ancestors hieroglyphs. A number of secret codices are being held in the northeast and elsewhere, and we expect them to be brought to light soon. [Pg. 82]

The Maya are not willing to ignore the collective pain of their heritage nearly being completely destroyed. We are told that the Maya knew what was going to happen and made various plans that are explained in the book. We are also told that some Mayan tribes in the remote Guatemalan jungle completely escaped subjugation and some had completely no contact with European civilisation until the 1940s, which I find remarkable. Secret codices that can be read by present day Maya is of great interest, but most people only seem to be interested in the few Mayan calendars that have become popular. Thus, there are some people who are unwilling to accept that modern day Elders may be in possession of information that escaped being destroyed by the Spanish, when the evidence shows that this is quite likely that some knowledge and artefacts were preserved and have not been allowed to come under the scrutiny of scholars, anthropologists, archaeologists and historians. The fact that modern day Mayan Elders are still using at least 13 calendars, which allows them to make cosmic and galactic predictions that are possible by using only the commonly known Mayan calendars, is proof enough that, some cannot try to pretend that the modern Maya do not have anything extra to offer.


Unlike the Western world's more linear vision, the Mayan perception of time is intertwined with space and frequency... Within this Mayan understanding, najt is defined as space-time with the addition of frequency. [Pg. 89]

There is only a short discussion here of najt and this is followed by a short discussion of other dimensions and realities (parallel dimensions).

Chapter 19. TIKU' PROPHECY

This extraordinary time, as Don Pascual liked to call it, is one of those rare historic moments in najt or space-time, when several convergences occur. We are currently at the end of one calendar cycle and the beginning of another, and it is without doubt the change in the Tiku' cycle that has the most influence on these times.

The Tiku' cycles have to do with positive and negative periods that affect the planet. [Pg. 100]

This is the start of several short chapters on explaining about the effect of different calendars and the importance of cycles. I am pleased that Carlos Barrios stated that we cannot compare the appearance of new energetic influences like flicking on a light switch, but rather as a slow progression. This is important because our planet is currently being swamped with new subtle energies and a dimensional shift is clearly happening now. The increasing appearance of light beings, referred to as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena by military and civilian organisations and verified by scientific research, is proof enough that cosmic changes are taking place on a gradual basis and will not occur overnight on the 21st December 2012.


The most widely circulated Mayan prophecy is that of Job Ajaw Nimahaab This particular prediction is of great importance. During this "prophetic time," as our Grandfathers call it, various prophecies converge. [Pg. 114]

There are explanations of how the division of the Nimahaab or Long Count cycle, a period of 26,000 years that has been explained in previous writings and is well known.

The prophecies are clear: all the cycles come to an end with the arrival of Job Ajaw, and a time of peace, understanding, and harmony will come. It is up to us to ensure that the majority of humanity will be here when it happens.

Humanity will have access to a subtle dimensional form, and cosmic law will prevail. As we have already said, it is predicted that the B'alameb' will return for this period. These mythical beings, these Men-Gods, taught this humanity and are the cosmic guardians of the four corners of the universe. It is the descendents of the fourth B'alam, Ik'i'B'alam—the father of the energy in Water, the fourth element—who will reign during the new period. [Pg. 123 Bold added for emphasis]

It is clear that the Mayan Elders are very concerned about the state of mankind and why the period leading up to 2012 is important. However, we are not given clear details about why and I believe the answers can be found elsewhere. The discussion of the B'alameb' is absolutely fascinating in light of the Orb & UAP phenomena and the fact that it is fairly well established that communication is taking place via crop circles and channelling. Therefore, the suggestion that "cosmic guardians" can be compared to MEN-GODS can only be an example of where the Mayans may have anthropomorphized these beings.


Reality is the vision we have of what surrounds us, but there are other, much more subtle realities that are more important. As humans evolve, they lost this ability to perceive and are thus disconnected from the cosmos, in a state of neglect that they seek to fill with material goods. This only condemns them to self-destruction and is the reason a return to the Natural Order is imperative.

Ramon Carbala
Mayan Mam traditionalist and thinker

This chapter discusses the failings of the western materialistic worldview and suggests that we need to redefine our values.

Joyfire Commentary Conclusion

The Book of Destiny is a simple introduction to the Maya, explaining their origins, history, culture and mysticism. We are not given a great of technical information that has not been given out already elsewhere, about their beliefs concerning the massive energetic changes that are obviously occuring now. However the details about the return of the B'alameb' who are the cosmic guardians of the four corners of the universe is precious, as it does not seem to have been shared widely before. The book reveals that the Maya are fiercely protective of what remains of their heritage and their tradition of Mayan mysticism and calendars. Yet, they are still willing to share the knowledge given to them using their abilities to interpret cosmic and telluric energies, demonstrating their high level of spiritual attainment. However, it must be stated that even though the Maya have retained some of their ancient knowledge, and they are using their skills to make ongoing predictions, it is important to note that similar information has also been retained by other groups. The Q'ero Indians in Peru, are also famed for being Keepers of Ancient Knowledge and other esoteric sources have retained knowledge about these extraordinary times that we are living in now. Whatever, Mayan Elders have to be acknowledged and congratulated for sharing their spiritual knowledge for the benefit of humanity and especially in their efforts to correct some of the inaccurate information that is circulating under the guise of being Mayan. This book is valuable because it comes from an authentic Mayan source and therefore, is not based on academic guesswork. The recommendation is BUY!

Susan Joy Rennison, 28th November 2009

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