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Healer Science - Research Highlights

Science without religion is lame,
religion without science is blind.

Albert Einstein

  • In 1969, Dr. Robert Beck, a nuclear physicist, started a decade of research when he traveled the world measuring the brain waves of healers. He measured their electrical brain waves with an electroencephalograph (EEG). In the brain activity of healers he found that they all exhibit the same brain-wave pattern of 7.8-8 Hz during the times they are giving healings, no matter what their customs or how opposed to each other their customs were. Beck tested charismatic Christian faith healers, Hawaiian kahunas, practitioners of wicca, santeria, radesthesia, and radionics, as well as seers, ESP readers and psychics. Most of these healers entered an altered state of consciousness and produced nearly identical EEG signatures, which lasted from 1 to several seconds.

Information source: James L.Oschman, Energy Medicine, The Scientific Basis

  • Beck then asked what drummer they were marching to. And indeed, why. He found the answer in the fluctuations of the earth's magnetic field. It fluctuates between 7.8-8 Hz. These fluctuations are called Schumann waves1. Upon further investigation, he found that during the healing moments, the healer's brain waves became both frequency- and phase-synchronized with the Schumann waves . That means the healer's brain waves pulse not only at the same frequency but also at the same time as the earth's Schumann waves. It could be assumed that healers are able to take energy from the magnetic field of the earth for the healing of patients. This process is called field coupling.

  • Dr. John Zimmermann, founder and president of the Bio-Electro-Magnetics Institute of Reno, Nevada has extensively studied the literature of many works on field coupling and correlated it with healers' experiences. It is clear that what healers call grounding into the earth is the action of linking up with the magnetic field of the earth, both in frequency and in phase. He has found that once healers have linked up with the Schumann waves, the right and left hemispheres of the brain become balanced with each other and show 7.8-8 Hz alpha rhythm. After they link with the patient for some time of laying on of hands healing, it has been shown that patients brains' waves also go into alpha and are phased-synchronized with the healers' as well as right-left balanced. The healer has, in effect linked the client with the earth's magnetic field pulses and has thereby tapped into a tremendous energy source for healing.

Information source: Barbara Ann Brennan, Light Emerging
  • Laying -on-of-hands healing has been practiced throughout the world for thousands of years. In the late 1700s, Franz Mesmer theorized that a subtle life-energy of a magnetic nature was exchanged between healer and patient during laying-on-of-hands. Mesmer also discovered that water could effectively store this subtle force for transfer to sick patients in need of healing.

  • In the 1960s, Dr Bernard Grad essentially replicated Mesmer's findings that healing energy from laying-on-of-hands could be transfered to water. Grad found that healers' were able to cause a slight but measurable decrease in surface tension. Grad, however went further to show that this subtle energy could actually stimulate the growth rate of plants, the rate of wound healing in mice, and the prevention of goiter development in susceptible animals. Grad's results with healers and accelerated wound healing were later replicated in another laboratory.

  • Dr. Robert Miller of Atlanta, Georgia, is a research chemist who has studied the biological effects of healers. Miller has been able to confirm Dr Grad's discovery of the healer's ability to disrupt hydrogen bonding in water. Miller also found a significant similarity between the energetic affects of magnetic fields and the field-effects noted with psychic healers.

  • At the same time period that Grad's work became public , a number of studies were published which demonstrated the ability of high-intensity magnetic fields to accelerate enzyme kinetics. Among the researchers in this area was Dr. Justa Smith, now director of research at the Human Dimensions Institute at Rosary Hill College in New York and chairwoman of the Chemistry Department. Before Dr Smith investigated effects of the laying on of hands she had a scientific background of research into the effects of ultraviolet light and high magnetic fields on enzyme activity. She found that the healer4 was able to increase the enzyme reaction rate over time, and that the longer the healer held the test tube of enzymes, the more rapid the reaction rate. Similar effects on enzymes, had been noted with high intensity magnetic fields. The strength of the magnetic fields utilized were approximately 13,000 gauss 26,000 times the intensity of the earth's magnetic field. The type of change in enzyme activity activity noted after exposure to healers was always in a direction of greater health of the cells, and thus of the organism. Whatever the enzyme used the healers always caused changes in activity which would result in a push to greater health and energy balance of the sick organism. This healing energy appeared to have an almost inate intelligence in the way it could therapeutically distinguish between test tubes of enzymes.The magnetic fields could only produce a nonspecific increase in the activity of enzymes. On the other hand, the energy fields of the healers could cause variable changes in different enzymes2.

  • Healer associated fields demonstrate similarities to magnetic fields, yet are almost undectable with conventional EM recording equipment. Dr smith was originally unable to detect any magnetic fields around healers' hands using sensitive gaussmeters. However, recent eperiments by John Zimmermann with highly sensitive SQUID (Superconducting Quantum Interference Device) detectors which can measure infinitesimally weak magnetic fields. These devices have measured increased magnetic field emmission from the hands of psychic healers during healing in the order of hundreds of times stronger than normal body activity. Dr. Justa smith's research suggested that healers have the ability to selectively affect different enzyme systems in the direction toward greater organization and energy balance. By speeding up different enzymatic reactions2, healers assist the body to heal itself.

  • Dr. Dolores Krieger, now Professor of nursing at New York University, found confirmation of her hypothesis that healers induced bioenergetic changes in patients they treated. In her studies elevations in blood hemoglobin levels were found to reliably indicate true bioenergetic and physiologic changes induced by the application of healing energies. Because measurement of hemoglobin is easily accomplished in most clinical laboratory settings, Krieger had found a reliable biochemical yardstick by which she could analyze healing energy interactions.

  • In England, researcher Maxwell Cade has reported similar biorhythm entrainment between healers and patients. Utilizing a special device known as a Mind Mirror, a computerized EEG power spectra analyzer, Cade also discovered a unique complex brainwave pattern found only in advanced healers, that became prominent in the brainwaves of patients during the healing process. Cade measured these unique healing-induced brainwave synchrony patterns3 between patient and healer during times when the healer was both in direct contact as well as at a distance from the patient. This confirms that the higher dimensional nature of energies involved in healing as well as the energy resonance hypothesis of healing. Spiritual healers operate primarily at the negative space/time levels of people's higher dimensional components which feed, organize and support the molecular/cellular structures of the physical body.

Information source: Richard Gerber, M.D., Vibrational Medicine

  • In a study conducted in Japan: Seto et al (1992) found that extraordinary large biomagnetic field emanates from the hands of practitioners of a variety of healing and martial arts techniques, including QiGong, yoga, meditation, Zen etc. The field strengths were a 1000 times stronger than the fields produced by the brain. As in Zimmerman's study the biomagnetic field pulsed with a variable frequency centered around 8-10 Hz. (The signal emitted by the practitioner is not steady or constant, it sweeps or 'scans' through a range of frequencies).

    Information source: James L.Oschman, Energy Medicine, The Scientific Basis

    • Therapeutic Touch (TT) is the most extensively researched complimentary healing modality to date. Therapeutic Touch as a healing therapy has found the most acceptance in the medical field. It is a nursing modality, developed by Dr. Deloris Kreiger and Dora Kunz in 1975. Because it is a nursing technique, developed by nurses for nurses, and because it is non-invasive, thereby not needing the permission or consultation of attending physicians, it has become the most widely used energy treatment in the world. TT is part of standard training and medical care in England, and most parts of Europe. Krieger through her pioneering efforts has influenced the path of nurse healing on thousands of hospitals throughout the world.

      An interesting application of this awareness can be found at Columbia University in New York. Dr. Menoit Oz allows Therapeutic Touch practitioners to be present in heart transplants, in the OR, and before hand with patients. They address the donor heart as if it had its own specific level of consciousness, preparing it for it's new home, and they found in such cased the risk of rejection is significantly reduced, as is the need for immunosuppressant drugs.

      For more information on medical studies and Therapeutic Touch, access these online databases and input as your search criteria "Therapeutic Touch". BioMedNet ( will give you access to multiple databases. A search on MedLine will yield 317 studies. 329 studies on Therapeutic Touch can be accessed in PubMed's online database (, and over 800 studies are available through the CINAHL database from 1982 to 2000.

    Information source: Based on an article that can be found at

    Article Link

    • Albert Roy Davis and Walter C. Rawls JR are distinguished scientific researchers of the 20th century. Davis, scientist, professor of physics, is a recipients of a number of honorary doctors degrees for his scientific investigations, he is considered an accepted authority and the founder of the Science of Biomagnetics. Rawls, scientist, lawyer, his sociological and scientific investigations have taken him to many countries of the world as a consultant to governments and world organisations. They wrote the book 'The Rainbow in Your Hands' and the cover states "The first book ever written that scientifically supports and instructs the Science of the Laying on of Hands".

    • Davis & Rawls state that they observed that positive and negative energies can be found in and without living systems. Negative energy is the control energy that acts to prevent a breakdown in your system. The body actually generates, supplies and directs this form of electrical and magnetic energy during your entire physical life. They conducted hundreds of experiments which showed conclusively that the natural energy in the hands was similar to the two different energies that exist in all magnets. The negative energy of a magnet is similar to the negative healing energy of the body. The positive energy of a magnet is similar to the strengthening energy of the body. They concluded the right hand palm and inner fingers promotes strength, expansion and encouragement and the left hand palm and inner fingers has a sedating, soothing, cleaning, reducing effect, with the ability to arrest and reduce the condition of pain. Both hands together combine the effects.

    • In their research into Extrasensory perception (ESP) they found strong evidence to support that 'the third eye' area of the brain is an important sensitive area. They found that the LEFT hand PALM or BACK of the RIGHT hand on this location for 30 minutes has shown increased ESP abilities, more ease of concentration and calmness in delibration. They also found clasping the hands together in prayer, in the field of electromagnetic physics, as a "closed loop" or a "closed circuit." Energy flows through this circuit from right hand palm positive to left hand palm negative. This promotes strength to the whole system as well as for prayers and meditation. This cannot be contested because if you place a test tube of an enzyme between the palms, after one to two hours there is a rise in enzyme activity and this test has been duplicated in a number of research laboratories reproduced time and time again. Rawls & Davis also produced research in arresting cancer with magnetic energy.

    • For scientific purposes research on the healing effects of the hands meant they had to construct a "Shielded Room" that prevented the interference from the multitude of natural and man-made electromagnetic energies. However, remarkable they found that without the shielding protection in our ususal surroundings, the human energy system can still generate effectively with The Rainbow in Your Hands.
    Information source: Albert Roy Davis and Walter C. Rawls, Jr
    The Rainbow in Your Hands

    • Copper Wall Experiment Dr. Elmer Green is the former Director of the Voluntary Controls project at the Menninger Institute in Topeka, Kansas. He and his wife Alyce are pioneers in the field of biofeedback training, authoring the classic book "Beyond Biofeedback." It occurred to Green that if people were meditating in a really potent way, they may very well be generating electrical voltages in their body. So an experiment was set up using a copper wall which people sit in front where measurement of the voltages that developed on the walls were a way of finding out whether or not their body changed voltage. Normally one would expect a person's body voltage to drift by as much as two volts from a buildup of static electricity. But the voltages that we were getting connected with a healing were shooting up and then returning to baseline by as much as 200 volts on occasion. The healer voltages are not normal body voltages. They are at least 1,000 times bigger. Generally, the pulses of electricity in the body of the healers lasted only 4 or 5 seconds. The surges in electrostatic charges were accompanied by an intention to heal. Green also states that some healers generated surges just by meditating.

    Information source: Based on an interview of Elmer Green that can be found at

    Article Link

  • "We must always be careful to place more weight on observation than current theory. We must remember that we don't fully yet understand magnetism. It now appears that the single domain with both magnetic poles may not be the smallest unit of magnetism after all. Physicists now posit the existence of magnetic monopoles, particles having the characteristics of just one pole, north or south. Infact there's some experimental evidence for them. Some theoreticians go even further, envisioning a hitherto unsuspected kind of magnetism, a composite of waves and monopole particles, like light. Living things may interact with such a now immeasurably energy."

    Robert Becker and Gary Seldon,
    The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life


    1. The Schumann resonance frequency is now thought to act as a wave carrier. This means that when the healer tunes into the Schumann wave frequency it allows other types of energetic and frequency information to be passed on to the clients. Information source: Richard Gerber, M.D., Vibrational Medicine / Elegant Empowernment - Evolution of Consciousness by Peggy Dubro & David P. Lapierre

    2. Why is increase in enzyme activity by human hands important? The apparent metabolic reactions of each human cell are catalyzed by specific enzymes. To this extent, enzymes are considered the brains of cells. It is believed that any disease or illness develops from the lack of activity or malfunctioning of enzymes. It would appear that any change in cellular structure of disease or illness would require a change in the enzyme catalysts. Information source Rainbow in Your Hands (see above).

    3.Its interesting to note that the effectiveness of a TT treatment depends more on the compassionate intent of the practitioner than their beliefs, or even the beliefs of the patient receiving treatment.

    Maxwell Cade in England conducted a fascinating study of the relationship between healer and patient using a device called the Mind Mirror, doing non contact TT. The mind mirror does a real-time E.G. power spectra analysis. Lets say someone is in an Alpha brain wave in meditation or healing, and the machine shows right and left hemisphere brain waves simultaneously. Cade found those in a healing meditation produce a brain wave never before seen in human beings before. He called it a State 5 pattern (waves are usually Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta). It wasn't just one peak of brain wave, but three peaks, not only in the Alpha Theta range, but one in the very slow Delta range and one in the rapid Beta range. This triple curve has to date been found only to be dominant in master yogis and those who are more continuously in deep meditation (the kind where they seem able to endure extreme pain).

    What's so interesting is that when the healer and patient are in the process of TT, their brain wave rhythms sync up, a resonance also of heart rate, synaptic rhythm, body rhythms, and breathing.

    Information source: Article that can be found at

    Article Link

    4. The Healer that co-operated with Dr. Smith and Dr. Grad was a Hungarian Army Colonel, retired Oskar Estebany. He is a distinguished gentleman. During the Hungarian revolt of October-November, 1956, medical facilities were scarce and often not available. Colonel Estebany went to the wounded sick and ill and applied the laying on of hands, relieving pain and suffering that was often under direct battlefield conditions. Information source Rainbow in Your Hands (see above).

    If you want to know more about the new phenomena of Space Weather , Earth
    changes and the impact on human consciousness, then you can obtain a copy of

    Tuning the Diamonds: Electromagnetism & Spiritual Evolution


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