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Planetary Challenges & Spiritual Evolution
Summary For Citizens of Planet Earth
May 2011

Planetary Challenges & Spiritual Evolution

Summary For Citizens of Planet Earth

After much thought, I have decided to release my report -- Planetary Challenges & Spiritual Evolution. Briefly, the reasons for writing this report are provided in the foreword of this document that opens with the following sentences:

This document was produced in response to the author discovering that the Obama Administration had made contact with prominent leaders in the metaphysical community. The reason was the request: “ communicate about what is transpiring on the planet, and how we can change the course of the unprecedented events that are challenging this planet.”

Since there has been a clear and dramatic increase in the deluge of energies on this planet, to the point that various government and civilian agencies are now issuing major reports informing the world of the consequences, I have decided that as a member of the metaphysical community, I should take the responsibility and do the same.

I believe this report will be most beneficial to those who are unfamiliar with the new phenomenon of Space Weather and the spiritual implications of Earth experiencing a deluge of solar, cosmic, galactic and intergalactic energy and how this will generate evolutionary change. For those who are already aware of Space Weather, this report should help integrate what you already know. As an important part of my decision, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Coen Vermeeren at Delft Technical University, in Delft, The Netherlands for reviewing this document.

Table of Contents


Table of Contents










Our Sun, A Variable Star


The Extraordinary Quiet Solar Minimum of Solar Cycle 23


Space Weather & The Delivery of Evolutionary Energies


The Precession of the Equinoxes


Extreme Space Weather


The Gamma & Cosmic Ray Blitz From Across the Galaxy


The Global Warming Controversy


Atmospheric Change: New Electrical Manifestations


Extreme Physics right here on Earth


Asteroids, Comets & Meteors? “We're living in a bowling alley”


Heavenly Phenomena: Strange Fireballs


The Geological Response


Strange Atmospheric Cloud Emissions


The ‘Orb’ Phenomena & ‘Diamond’ Rain


Earth’s Shadow Biosphere


The Planetary ‘Refresh’


The ‘Upgrade’ of the Planetary Grid


Space Weather Drives Biological Changes


The Choice: Spiritual Evolution or Devolution?


Rapid Evolutionary Change






This report is only available as a .pdf file. The cover and contents covers 4 pages, the foreword and introduction are 8 pages, the main body is 38 pages and there are 10 pages of references.

  • Right click to save download in .pdf format or double click to view and print using a .pdf viewer link

    To view .pdf files, click here to download Adobe Reader! Get Adobe Reader

General Note

Please respect copyright. There is no general permission to copy anything from this report for use on other websites.

05.06.2011 This is the latest edited version of this document.

Susan Joy Rennison, B.Sc. Hons. (Physics with Geophysics)
20th May 2011, last revised 5th June 2011

If you want to know more about the new phenomena of Space Weather , Earth
changes and the impact on human consciousness, then you can obtain a copy of

Tuning the Diamonds: Electromagnetism & Spiritual Evolution


Joyfire Science & Metaphysics Integration
Copyright © 2003 – 2022. All rights reserved.

Susan Joy Rennison quotes:

“Space Weather is now a fact of life.”

“We are all astronauts now!”

Tuning The Diamonds,
September 2006

“We must spiritually evolve as part of the new terms & conditions for living on Earth.”

Joyfire Tour – Evolutionary Change, December 2006

“Space Weather will force many changes in how we do business on this planet.”

News of the Imbalance,
April 2007

NASA Press Release:

“Earth and space are about to come into contact in a way that's new to human history.”

“We're on the threshold of a new era in which space weather can be as influential in our daily lives as ordinary terrestrial weather.”

As the Sun Awakens, NASA Keeps a Wary Eye on Space Weather
NASA News, 4th June 2010

White House Executive Order:

“Space weather has the potential to simultaneously affect and disrupt health and safety across entire continents. Successfully preparing for space weather events is an all-of-nation endeavor that requires partnerships across governments, emergency managers, academia, the media, the insurance industry, non-profits, and the private sector.”

Executive Order –– Coordinating Efforts to Prepare the Nation for Space Weather Events
The White House, 13th October 2016

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