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The Keepers of The Ancient Knowledge

The Mystical World of the Q'ero Indians of Peru.

by Joan Parisi Wilcox


In The Keepers of The Ancient Knowledge: The Mystical World of the Q'ero Indians of Peru, (2002) there is a description of a suggested Q'ero energy transaction that explains one of the most profound mystical experiences of my life. The book details a comprehensive overview of peruvian mysticism, prophecies and interviews with the Q'ero, who are believed to be Inka descendents and are highly respected for retaining the Andean mystical-shamanic tradition, hence the reputation as "keepers of the ancient knowledge". The prophecies outlined correspond with those of the Maya and Hopi that focus around the famous 2012 date, but their unique perspective, emphasises our participation in the conscious evolution of humankind. Thus, I was astounded to read the following;

  • "From approximately August 1, 1990, to August 1, 1993, according to Andean prophecy, the world experienced a pachakuti, an "overturning of space-time". [...] Within the prophectic tradition, the term pachakuti is applied to any cosmic transformation. Such a movement of energy, of consciousness, ripples through space-time, affecting every aspect of our sense of selfhood in time and space and of our sense of interconnectedness with the Great Web of Being. A pachakuti signals a dynamic point of intersection in space-time between human consciousness and kawsay, the multi-dimensional creative principle and the animating energy of the cosmos, an intersection from which the arrow of time for each possible future is nudged in one direction or the other." pg 55

  • "According to Andean prophecy, such a cosmic reordering took place in the early 1990s, ushering in the formative years of the fabled Taripay Pacha, the Age of Meeting Ourselves Again. This initial period will last seven years, through the millenial year 2000, and during this period the choices humankind make will affect which possible future will likely manifest. The great pull of our interconnected consciousness, our collective mind, will collapse the wave function, to use the terminolgy of quantum physics, to make one probability, one possible future, measurable in space-time — that is, reality." pg 56

  • "Following this seven year period is a twelve year period during which humankind, if it has the energetic capacity and the spiritual will, can mature and evolve still further in order to manifest a new era of peace, harmony, spiritual renewal, and reconnection to the realm of nature. pg57

  • "We are living in the midst of this nineteen-year period during which humanity has the potential to establish the energetic vibrations to foster our own spiritual evolution." pg 51

  • "We are living in the time of the prophecy of the Taripay Pacha— the Age of Meeting Ourselves Again. This is the time during which we can transform our relationship to the kawsay pacha, evolving, stepping more fully into our energy bodies and generating heightened modes of awareness." pg 49

  • "During the Taripay Pacha, an intricate web of interaction will be rewoven between the human and non-human, the physical and metaphysical, and the natural and supernatural, an interaction that was once the ordinary state of being in the dim recesses of history. Thus Taripay Pacha is not so much the creation of a new form as the remembering of an ancient form, when we lived in sync with the pulse of the cosmos instead of, as we do now, with artificial rhythms of manmade time." pg 61

After reading this and other sections of the book, I was left dumbstruck that Andean mystics, living thousands of feet up the barren mountainsides of central-southern Andes in Peru, living a precarious subsistence existence, could clearly comprehend our multi-dimensional reality and communicate this in a way that scholars could re-interpet in modern day scientific language. Like the Mayan and Hopi prophecies, this lesser known source of information, confirms that we are indeed living in a short period of time that will determine the future spiritual destiny of mankind. Hence, I am full of admiration for Joan Parisi Wilcox as she does state there was some opposition to the writing of her book. However, when you realise what is at stake, her difficulties are absolutely no surprise to the wayshowers, working to manifest A New Golden Age for mankind.

This book review seeks to highlight the most important Andean beliefs that specify why the need for personal transformation is paramount to help usher in the New Golden Age. The Q'ero paqos [spiritual seekers] are very willing teachers, sharing their simple practices, passed down over thousands of years, on how to mediate cosmic, Earth and human energy using the power of intent. They state that all of humanity must help and anyone with sufficient spiritual awareness, regardless of ethnic heritage or cultural background can contribute to raising the vibrational energy and the spiritual consciousness to the level needed to complete this cosmic transformation.

The Author

This book was a result of Joan Parisi Wilcox's own personal spiritual journey and throughout the book she manages to unobstrusively weave in her perspective as a paqo trained in the Andean and Q'ero mystical tradition to illustrate certain points by the Q'ero. She was aided in her mission to reveal the Q'ero mystical traditions and prophecies by two anthropology professors who helped in the process of translations from English to Spanish and from Spanish to Quechua, the language of the Q'ero. One of her experts, Dr. Ricardo Valderrama Fernandez of Universidad Nacional San Antonio Abad del Cusco, was a 4th level paqo (or master shaman) and she considers his collaboration and support to have been invaluable in the production of her book.

Parisi Wilcox informs the reader that she experienced considerable pressure from colleagues and potential publishers to provide a manuscript that would highlight her personal experiences of the mysterious and otherwordly. Fortunately, stating she would not write for the metaphysical lowest common denominator, she gives her opinion on the mission at hand with some fairly forthright opinions on spiritual thrill seekers. This book is also an honest portrayal of her experiences with the Q'ero mystics. Parisi Wilcox is not afraid to express her opinions and doubts where difficulties arose due to cultural and language barriers in the quest to obtain meaningful and useful information from the Q'ero.

Q'ero Energy Balancing

Parisi Wilcox provides a clear overview of Andean philosophy by defining key concepts. So, as can be expected, we are given definitions for the world of living energy, fundamental types of energy, how we are in a constant interchange of these energies, and how we mediate this energy through our own energy fields. Q'ero kawsay pacha [the cosmos of living energy] is described as consisting of two types of energy, sami, which is light or refined energy and hucha, heavy or dense energy. Sami can be compared to chi or prana etc and this vital energy which suffuses the whole of nature, is available to raise our own level of consciousness. Hucha is described as being only generated by humans and is a product of our current level of consciousness. Our interactions with others most often generate, emotions, thoughts and actions that accumulate as imperfect or disordered energy that represents an imbalance with the natural living world. This imbalance is often represented by negativity, fear, hatefulness, destructiveness, self-worth issues, etc.

The Andean cosmos is comprised of three worlds: The hanaq pacha which is the upper world of sami or refined energies (the book does not specify upper as energies from higher dimensions), kay pacha which is our physical mundane world made up of sami and hucha, and ukha pacha, meaning lower world made up only of hucha. The Q'ero mystical shamans place a great emphasis on cleansing our own personal energy fields before we can help other people. However, the emphasis is on the outer surface called the poq'po, the golden egg of the 7th level, that interpenetrates and protects the other levels of the human energy field. The Q'ero believe that if hucha accumulates on the poq'po it will seep deeper and deeper into the other levels of the human energy field. When the pop'qo is sufficiently cleansed and sami drawn in to replace the removed hucha, we are encouraged to widen our scope and help in the process of cleansing the energetic environment and restructuring the Earth's light body. There is a clear planetary healer role by uniting the three worlds using our bodies to create saiwas or "columns of energy" to "pull down cords of light" into the ukha pacha and therefore contributing to a merger, one cohesive and paradiscial world. Interestingly, many energy practitioners already routinely work on the 7th level of the human energy field, described as the Ketheric Template by the internationally respected Barbara Brennan, or more recently described as an evolving layer of the human energy field and named the Universal Calibration Lattice by Peggy Phoenix Dubro. Obviously, the Q'ero realise that only those with cleansed and balanced energy fields, resonating with the most divine and highest frequencies of light can possibly support the ongoing cosmic transformation of our planet.

Yet, there is one warning by the Q'ero that has confirmed my own thoughts and suspicions that we have to be careful how we upgrade our energy fields, as we run the risk of turning our energy bodies into "energetic jails". I realise that there will be a few readers that will be shocked by this viewpoint, it has certainly given me something to think about. Whatever, the following explanatory paragraph is reproduced so it is easy to see how this state of affairs can be avoided.

"According to the Andean view, it is is rarely beneficial to withdraw from an interchange with the kawsay pacha [the cosmos of living energy]. But when you conceive of energy as heavy, there is nothing to protect yourself from; you are simply recognizing an energy as incompatible with you. Your awareness of this incompatibility allows you to then act to transform the energy, to in effect lighten it so that it either becomes compatible for you or simply does not effect you. Even if you cannot deal with the hucha, if it is too much for you to handle all at once, it represents no danger to you and there is no need to close off your energy body in the impulse towards protection."

General Overview

This book is relatively easy to read and quite entertaining in parts. We are given examples of how paqos generally receive their sacred calling, training, initiations, rituals and hardships that may have to be endured. It's quite interesting to know that the most common calling is when a paqo is struck by lightning or lightning strikes close by. Personally, I was pleased to read that the Q'ero paqos are more mystics than shamans and so they do not purposely enter altered states with the express purpose of journeying and retrieving information. There is no drumming or ecstatic dancing and mercifully there is no use of pyschotropic drugs to induce altered states. Instead they develop their energy body and learn how to exchange energy with the kawsay pacha. There is a clear intent for mystical union so they do develop suprahuman powers and can therefore manipulate space-time. However, paqos have no qualms taking energy from someone who boasts that they are more powerful or enlightened than themselves. They feel that they have a right to share sami from another which is close to the eastern tradition where people sit at the feet of gurus in an act of darshan and receive their divine energies. Personally, I found this quite interesting to know and might explain why some westerners trained in shamanism with dishonourable intentions, seem to have no problem draining your life force if they can get a chance.

The book provides some historical background and explains why the Q'ero have retained their sixteenth century mix of Catholic beliefs that today would be considered a highly heretical. Parisi Wilcox does asks some relevant questions like if Paqos exist that misuse their powers. The answer is yes, and they state it is an expression of their heart and perhaps they are using energy from "unclean" places of the Earth. This agrees with my understanding and experience that it's just not possible to access the purest most divine energies if your heart chakra is not open enough to access these ultimate frequencies of light. Thus if you have developed clairsentient abilities, these energies being used by such people can be easily detected as they smell absolutely foul.

Throughout the book there is an attempt to explain the role of Apus or nature spirits that are the primary energetic and spiritual links by which the Q'ero paqos use to mediate the three worlds of Andean cosmology. These shamans do not directly access the upper and lower world, they rely on the Apus which the Q'ero ranked by their colour. The functions and descriptions given suggests that the Apus could actually be plasma entities or orbs.

The folowing quote comes from the end of the final chapter of the book;

"To the stars of the morning, only give love. Love opens your consciousness. It gives you jewels that touch the heart. Fear paralyzes you, makes you unable to act. The more paralyzed you are, the more fear you have. It's a vicious cycle.

"The fragrance of the flowers is abstract and is connected with love. Love gives you wings. It turns you into an eagle. It allows you to see from high above, and at the same time it makes your body humble. It helps you relax in life. It gives you courage to experiment in life in all its different dimensions.

"Love is a k'uychi. It's like a k'uychi— a rainbow in which are clearly visible all the different colors of feeling, which transport your heart to the hanaq pacha. A Rainbow contains all the colors of life.

"Think of liberty. Think of the infinite. Don't think of small things, of trivialities. Trivialities are very small, they're very silent – so silent that they are like cockroaches scurrying around. Fear always makes you think small, but love never thinks small. Love is able to sacrifice everything. Just think of the impeccability of the eagle flying in the wind, into the unknown, into the mystery.

"And also have humor — that laughter under the stars, that laughter by the sea. Grasp the grandest emotions of life. This is the sense of humor that ought to be man's future religion. Don't allow miserable opinions to sway your vision of the world and of life.

" Be happy. Be Happy. Be Happy.
"Believe in love, in life, in God."
My only criticism is that this book is slightly repetative but very useful for those who understand the role that individuals most seek to take an active part in the cosmic transformation of Earth. Therefore, I am truly grateful that this book has been written and ancient knowledge preserved.


The Andean and Q'ero ancient knowledge contained in this book is highly relevant to the short window of opportunity currently being offered to mankind. This book outlines how those who have chosen to be on this planet at this critical time, can take responsibility and help bring forth the conscious evolution of mankind. As announced by NASA and repeated by the mainstream media, prophecy is being fulfilled and we have entered A New Age dominated by space or the aether. Our planet Earth is now being increasingly exposed to Space Weather; solar, cosmic and galactic cosmic radiation. Scientific reports over the last decade reveal that Earth has been lowering her magnetic shields to receive more of this cosmic energy, but recently there has been a dramatic escalation to the point that defies our scientists current understanding of Earth geomagnetism.

Thus whilst our scientists and experts fret about our technological infrastructure, we must wise up to the evolutionary implications. Some metaphysicians have been working to upgrade their energy fields and DNA so that they can easily cope with the additional current load as the Earth is blasted with high dosages of electrically charged particles. Yet, others may only think about working on their energy fields after many examples of bizarre DNA mutations. Regretably, it may be at this late stage that others will revisit the ancient prophecies and realise we have been given clear and accurate prophecies from true keepers of ancient knowledge that tell us, "humans will move closer to becoming true light beings".

This book is highly recommended.

Susan Joy Rennison, 29th December 2008

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