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Spiritual Intelligence

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The Joyfire Perspective

Dear friends,

I was asked to write an article on Spiritual Intelligence in August, but since this time I have had to face my own lack of spiritual intelligence. This resulted in some shocking revelations and a resolution to move away from people whose only aim was to undermine my empowerment. I believe that as we evolve our consciousness, we become aware of our "blind spots", people, scenarios and situations where we are constantly being diasabled. Identifying the blind spots and taking action, will provide us with wisdom, thus successful resolution creates new empowerment. If we are serious about our spiritual evolution, then the New Energies, now swamping the planet, are ready to help us break free and stand strong in our own power and strength.

Susan Joy Rennison


My name is Susan Joy Rennison and I am the author of Tuning the Diamonds - Electromagnetism and Spiritual Evolution. At the age of 37 years old, I had a profound kundalini experience that changed my life, yet according to convention, I broke all the rules. I did not live the life of an ascetic, meditating and practicing yoga. No, my road to enlightenment came through mainly reading books for over twenty years. I am an enigma and as I have no role model, I have continued on my path, following my own guidance and I doing strange things like trying to understand the world via a balance of metaphysics, science and history. This has enabled me to work out some profound truths and write a book, which I believe is groundbreaking and sensational.

On my journey, I have started to identify certain traits in my fellow sojourners and that has led me to some startlingly conclusions. Basically, not everybody thinks. In fact, in the New Age/Metaphysical world, thinking is often not considered spiritually correct at all! Somewhere the heresy has become embedded, that the road to enlightenment is traversed by being "heart-focused". This was crystallized for me by a popular New Age journal that requests that submitted articles be, "heart-centered and non-analytical". I totally disagree with this mentality and I will tell you why. Over the years, I have had dreams and visions and folks have told me my energy field is really quiet impressive and my chakras help me to stand out from the crowd. I have experienced Kundalini induced states of bliss and recently, my heart chakra was open wide enough to experience a high quality "beam of love" that left me yearning to experience this more. The raised kundalini means that I channel 'heavy-duty' and as a consequence, I have frightened clients away... some people just don't like being set on fire! Anyway, it does seem that I do have many mystical traits; the only problem is that I also want to understand my reality via science, logic and reason; so I don't just think, I do some analysis! The following discussion is based on my experience, which has helped me form an opinion on spiritual intelligence.


My personal journey has been a search for truth. Here are some quotes that nicely encompass my beliefs.

    "Truth in its purest form can be considered the aristocracy of spirituality, and therefore must be sought out in all its dimensions."

    [David Morehouse, Author of Psychic Warrior]

    "Those who have failed to work toward the truth have missed the purpose of living." Buddha

This is a quote from Candace Pert Ph. D, a scientist I hold in esteem. As a former chief of brain biochemistry at the National Institute of Health for thirteen years and author of the book, Molecules or Emotion - Why you feel the Way You feel, Candace Pert is a woman after my heart, she writes:

    "First and foremost, I am a truth-seeker."

I assure you that a truth-seeker will always quickly let you know that they have a passion for truth. Now, those who have been around the block a few times will realize that highly manipulative types with low consciousness are also truth-seekers too. Unfortunately, the truth can be used as a weapon, so I see true enlightenment as the attainment of knowledge which helps to develop spiritual intelligence and results in divine wisdom. This viewpoint agrees with the research conducted by the psychiatrist and physician, Dr David Hawkins M.D, Ph. D. and described in his seminal book, Power Vs Force - The Hidden Determinants of Human Behaviour. After decades of research into the kinesiological response to truth and falsehood, Hawkins produced the Map of Consciousness, which places on a scale of 0 - 1,000, all the possible states of awareness. Hawkins defines truth as being rather subjective and is anchored to one's current level of perception. He writes:

    "Truth isn't functional unless it's meaningful, and meaning, like value, relies on a unique perceptual field. Facts and data may be convincing at one level and irrelevant at another. Functional validity of information received also varies with the intellectual level and capacity for abstraction of the recipient."

    "To be operational, truth must not simply be "true" but knowable; yet each level of truth is unknowable to the levels below it and has no validity beyond its own territory. Thus we can conclude that all levels of truth as we know it - within the dimension of ordinary human function - are examples of dependent truth, whose veracity is totally contingent on a given set of parameters."

Hence, this explains why the initial effect of taking responsibility for seeking truth, only serves to raise our energy level to 200 which is the critical level for empowerment. Hawkins then asserts;

    "The only way to enhance one's power in the world is by increasing one's integrity, understanding and capacity for compassion...."

Now, we start to ask some serious questions. How do we increase our integrity, understanding and capacity for compassion and why does that lead to increased spiritual intelligence? The following Venn diagram represents my fundamental belief that the integration of three disciplines will lead to spiritual intelligence or divine wisdom. These are; 1. Science 2. Metaphysics/Religion 3. History.

Many spiritual people seem to be extremely suspicious of science, but I believe that true science is fundamentally a search for truth. Yet we know that historically in the scientific world, scientists generally have to fight to overturn erroneous and outdated theories and complete lies are promoted to maintain the status quo. Yet, I would also argue that the religious and metaphysical beliefs are also prone to error and the certainty that traditional beliefs are sacrosanct in a rapidly evolving world is foolhardy. Who says that everything will always stay the same? What we do know is that we have to understand "universal laws", and then utilize our intellectual faculties and wisdom to discern how we should interact as energetic conscious beings in a shifting energetic environment.

With regard to my belief that we have to learn from history, I have included the following Carl Sagan quotes:

    "One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we've been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We're no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us, it is simply too painful to acknowledge -- even to ourselves -- that we've been so credulous. (So the old bamboozles tend to persist as the new bamboozles rise.)" [Carl Sagan, The Fine Art of Baloney Detection]

    "Finding the occasional straw of truth awash in a great ocean of confusion and bamboozle requires intelligence, vigilance, dedication and courage. But if we don't practice these tough habits of thought, we cannot hope to solve the truly serious problems that face us -- and we risk becoming a nation of suckers, up for grabs by the next charlatan who comes along." [Carl Sagan, The Fine Art of Baloney Detection]

    "Skeptical scrutiny is the means, in both science and religion, by which deep thoughts can be winnowed from deep nonsense." [Carl Sagan]

    "It is far better to grasp the Universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring." [Carl Sagan, The Demon-Haunted World: Science As a Candle in the Dark]

A True State of Balance

In my own irreverent style, I have started to contemplate that spiritual intelligence can only be obtained when we are in a true state of balance and I hit upon the idea of forming a cross within, composed of the left and right side of the brain aligned in balance, with a strong balanced vertical alignment established between the head and heart. This will become clear as we understand what happens to the brain during meditation and the relatively new science of the relationship between the emotional brain and the intelligent heart.

Due to my own varying experiences with meditation, I have generally advised caution, but I appreciate the benefits of guided meditations and my own "free-style" meditation would be better described as entering a state of inner reflection. Yet, it has always baffled me why many people meditate, but then fail to harness this state for their own empowerment. I will illustrate my point with the following story.

In November 2005, I took part in the Oslo Alternative fair, which is the largest in Europe, with an expected attendance of 15,000 - 20,000. This is a 3-day weekend event and I have found taking part at these alternative fairs to be great learning experiences. On the Sunday, a man stopped by my stand and stated rather excitedly, "It was you!" I looked at him rather bemused and he repeated, "It was you!" It tured out that whilst he had been meditating on the Friday, he saw me in a vision. The meditator then said he saw me in the crowd on Saturday, but lost sight of me, but now he had found me. I was a bit surprised, but these days, I have come to accept that my higher self is quite active, let's say. Anyway, he decided I should speak to someone who organised trips around Norway and Sweden opening up vortexes. I was a bit embarrassed by this request as this second guy viewed me with some suspicion, but I ended up talking about the Russian pyramids which was the first thing that came to my mind.

The meditator never told me the purpose of his meditation, or even why he thought I appeared before him. He even failed to ask me what I was doing at the fair. In fact, his only query was to ask me how I could even afford the stand, which I found quite insulting. Well, since I have not been contacted since, I have treated this as a lost opportunity. Even if all the drama was needed to inform them about the Russian pyramids, so that they could organise a trip, I am sure they needed to understand the deeper significance of my message of why we need to personally balance in the rapidly changing geomagnetic conditions on Earth and why Russians are building pyramids to help balance the environment. As far as I am concerned, if we are given insights, it is because we are supposed to do something with the information. Thus, I still wonder what one needs to do to get through to certain people, if appearing to them in a vision is not enough!

Anyway, in the ordinary waking consciousness, the two hemispheres — the language-oriented, linearly thinking, rational "left brain" and the perceiving, intuitive, "right brain" — exhibit uncoordinated, randomly diverging wave patterns in the electroencelograph (EEG). When a meditative state of consciousness is entered, these patterns become synchronized, and in deep meditation the two hemispheres fall into a nearly identical pattern. The end result is a brain that is harmonized, allowing greater synchronization between both sides of the brain. This means the intuitive, reasoning, compassionate, imaginative, inventive, caring, creative and wisdom capabilities of the right side of the brain, is influencing and interacting with left brain, which allows us to be more effective in our use of logic, as the left brain controls; analytical ability, skills of order and sequence, mathematics, problem solving, decision making, and formal language.

Yet, we find the respected metaphysician Tom Kenyon, who describes himself as "Neo-pagan Tibetan Buddhist and part-time Taoist", with forty years experience as a meditator, who believes that many practicing meditators use it as a drug and are getting stoned! He says that this means that if they don't meditate, they get depressed because they have become dependent on the psychoactive substances produced by the brain during certain types of meditation. These people have found a way to sedate the mind, thus dulling their emotional pain but they are not obtaining any kind of enlightenment!

The healer/medium Betty Shine helped me resolve my own reservations about meditation, when she wrote in the book, Mind to Mind(1989) that; "formal" meditation was not all that safe and that if people were too rigid in their practice, it could result in the aura closing down rather than expanding. When the aura closes down, depression will ensue. She taught that "day dreaming" and readings books, was a far safer meditation and that mind energy could link up to other mind energies throughout the Universe through books. Since I love books, and had already experienced several mystical experiences whilst reading books, so I was reassured and since this piece of advice, I never looked back! So, while many studies have proven that there are tangible benefits associated with meditation and the downloading of inter-dimensional energy can be such that statistical effects can be measured in those around, it would seem that as part of our development, recognizing the pitfalls from our own and others mistakes in regard to meditation has to be fully understood. Yet, we are coming to understand that as emotional beings, to be in complete harmony with ourselves, the emotional brain and the intelligent heart must be engaged in a balanced way.

Heart Focus

In esoteric tradition, the heart is considered the gateway to higher consciousness. Mystics from the East and West believe that the heart center being open permits certain energy pathways in the body to become active, accelerating spiritual evolution. The adept Da Love-Ananda makes a point of directing spiritual seekers to what he calls, The Way of the Heart. He states:

    "The Heart is the key to the practice of real or spiritual life. It is at the heart, at the place of Infinity, the root of being, the feeling core of the body-mind."

Interestingly, the electromagnetic field of the heart shows a perfect, fractal, toroidal (donut) shape, which is a subtle energy transducer, i.e. it converts one form of energy to another. This generates an infinite number of harmonics allowing a step down or demodulation of higher energies. Energy travels through harmonics with no loss of power, so it can be thought as a transformer for 'higher' energies. Yet, only when the heart is coherent, as in feelings of love and connected-ness, can this energy come through in force. Resonance and coherence in an orderly system are the apparent keys to tapping this supply of energy. The extensive research presented by heart specialists suggests there is much agreement between spiritual seekers and scientists about the important role of the heart.

The heart is a highly complex, self-organized information processing center with its own functional "brain" that communicates with and influences the cranial brain via the nervous system, hormonal system and other pathways. Paul Pearsall is a psychoneuroimmunologist with more than thirty years of scientific training. He is the founder and director of a large psychiatric clinic for seriously ill patients, many of whom had received heart and other organ transplants. From interviewing heart transplant recipients and their families, he says:

    "I have little doubt that the heart is not only the major energy center of the body, but that it also has its own intelligence, an intelligence superior to the brain's and that its cells hold memories that influence not only every other cell in our bodies but also every cell in the bodies of those close to us, and even those far away, in both space and time."

Scientists now observe that the heart acts as if it had a mind of its own and profoundly influences the way we perceive and respond to the world, affecting intelligence and awareness. The Heartmath research paper entitled The Coherent Heart: Heart-Brain Interactions, written by the director of research, Rollin McCraty, informs us that about half of the heart's neural cells are involved in translating information sent to it from all over the body, so that it can keep the body working as one harmonious whole. The other half makes up a very large, unmediated neural connection with the emotional brain in our head, maintaining a twenty-four-hour-a-day dialogue between the heart and the brain.

What's more neurologists now understand that there is a significant emotional component to all personal decision-making. Researchers have found that people who have had strokes or brain tumors that caused injury to the prefrontal lobes of their brains, where the emotions are processed, have a very difficult time making even routine personal decisions, such as scheduling appointments. Scientists say that our emotional reactions show up in brain activity before we even have time to think. We evaluate everything emotionally as we perceive it and think about it afterwards. Thus, it is now becoming increasingly understood that the power of the heart when aligned with the emotional brain permits higher brain function and a direct link to higher intelligence or our higher self.

Practicing Spiritual Intelligence

Well, it all seems very well 'knowing' about the science and metaphysics associated with developing our spirituality, but this knowledge is no good if it is not practiced. Here, we can use the analogy of enlightenment as being like a light bulb that is switched on, but only dimly lit. The process of enlightenment means the light bulb can become infinitely bright. Many people 'think' they are enlightened but can only demonstrate low spiritual intelligence in their interactions with others. I believe the reason is caused by the lack of balance between the emotional brain and the intelligence of the heart, which results in 'heartless' spirituality. This can be also be inferred by the inability to empathize with others or feel compassion.

The following lists are some factors that can be associated with high and low spiritual intelligence.

Low Spiritual intelligence

  • Inflated ego, lack of humility
  • Projection of beliefs and desires onto others
  • Being passive aggressive
  • Manipulative
  • Rudeness, unkindness, unthoughtfulness
  • Refusal to learn from others
  • Refusal to face reality (burying our head in the sand)

High Spiritual intelligence

  • Sense of self
  • Respecting, honoring others differences
  • Consideration of others, kindness, sincerity, tolerance
  • Wisdom, empathy, compassion
  • Honesty
  • The ability to learning from one's mistakes and that of others
  • Willingness to share and contribute
  • Awareness of the 'bigger picture'

The following examples are my own experience of people who consider they are enlightened, yet clearly demonstrate low spiritual intelligence

1. In my normal practice of trying to be kind and considerate when possible, even when there was nothing to be gained, I was once asked point blank, "Why do you care about these people?" As the question came from an acquaintance who considered him self to be spiritual, I was flabbergasted. I got the clear impression that this person honestly believed that people are only worth caring about, if they can be useful in some way. Assessment; low compassion and low empathy, equal low spiritual intelligence.

2. When my kundalini energy was raised and I was literally 'on fire' within one hour of attending my first ever New Age gathering, hence I was obviously quite distressed. Since I new nothing about this mystical experience, I politely asked one of the 'leaders' if they could tell me what was happening. I realized that the condition had been triggered by the exercise of raising Earth energy, which I had never done before, but I though I could at least get an explanation and some advice. The 'leader' demonstrated no interest in my discomfort, as they just muttered 'kundalini' and walked away. Unfortunately for me, they did not care enough about a total stranger as selling books and CDs took precedent, even when they were partly responsible for my condition. Assessment, low compassion and low empathy equals low spiritual intelligence.

3. I once asked a spiritual leader, about the concerns of an intuitive who believed there was a need to know how to "balance huge groups of people". My assumption was that the intuitive knew that at some point in the future, the magnetic poles of the planet would become very unstable and many people would be struggling to cope in the fluctuating geomagnetic conditions. The haughty response from the spiritual leader was, "what do you think I already do?" This response appeared to show a fundamental lack of being able to focus on anything but their own contribution. The inability to think deeply enough to comprehend that there was over 6 billion people on the planet and the imperative need for many people to have this level of mastery was quite shocking. When you consider the seriousness of the question, this example illustrates a person with a large ego and therefore low spiritual intelligence. Assessment; a large ego promotes irrational thinking, low empathy and compassion for others, this equates to low spiritual intelligence.

4. Someone once told me that their level of integrity was regularly tested by their guides. My response was to be shocked that this person did not realize they had a character flaw that was a cause for concern. My immediate reaction was, if your guides are not sure, then I can't be either! At this level of spiritual intelligence, the testing was seen as a matter of their importance, but from my own perspective, where I believe that spiritual leaders need to demonstrate the highest levels of truth and integrity possible, the need for regular testing was viewed very differently. Assessment, low rational thinking skills and large ego equals low spiritual intelligence.

5. Whilst giving a one hour presentation to a group of people, the event organizer walked up to the front and interrupted by setting down a clock after 25 minutes. I took this action as a clear act of passive aggression, with the aim of demonstrating authority over me. I just ignored the intrusion and carried on with my talk and the enthralled audience came to my defense by giving me a huge clap and cheers for sharing some details of my unpublished book. Yet, I was appalled at the attempt to humiliate me. This must be viewed as sign of extremely low spiritual intelligence related to issues of self-worth. Assessment, large ego and low rational thinking skills equals low spiritual intelligence.

Humility and Reason

In all these instances, I have had to open my heart and allow the energy of compassion to help me forgive these people and not allow bitterness and hurt to close my heart chakra, which I believe is critical for me to maintain my power. My response is to demonstrate my spiritual intelligence. As often stated; Knowledge is power, but I believe true knowledge brings humility. This is a nice quote:

    The greatest friend of truth is time, her greatest enemy is prejudice, and her constant companion humility. [Chuck Colson]

So as we endeavor to evolve, I believe we need to develop our skills of reasoning. Our spiritual journey will provide challenges of how to view people and situations but being able to view our predicaments from the perspective of others and from a higher state of consciousness will develop our humility and reason. On the Map of Consciousness, the ability to reason stands at 400, which is quite high, therefore, when we use reason and come to an assessment of a situation, the higher states of consciousness like peace, joy and bliss will help us to translate our response into ways that will benefit ourselves and our fellow man.

In developing our spiritual intelligence, when making assessments about people, situations, challenges, opportunities and information, I suggest we can employ the following analytical skills;

  • Question the truthfulness or integrity of the subject
  • Do not take anything for granted or make assumptions

Hence we can solve issues by:

  • Thinking outside the box (lateral thinking)

Another way to develop our spiritual intelligence is by using our discernment. In situations where we have to make choices, we can use the following tests.

  • Am I being loved, respected and honored?
  • Am I being manipulated in any way?
  • Is there a balance of giving and receiving?

I can give an example of my own way of dealing with a situation that brought me great heartache. I had to use my reason to find out why I was so upset by people who I considered to be enlightened and spiritual, but I was baffled by their seeming lack of enlightenment as indicted by their actions. In the end, I realized that I had made a false assumption. I had assumed that they had a high enough level of consciousness to think of others rather than themselves. I reasoned that I had to come to terms with my own need to forgive these people, as their behavior was in accordance with their level of consciousness. Practicing forgiveness then allows me to generate higher states of consciousness, such as peace, love and joy.

Sounds wonderful doesn't it? I will admit that the action of selfish and thoughtless people can be difficult to cope with and sometimes the best healer is just time. I have found the following statement most profound and helpful concerning those who consider themselves to be enlightened but demonstrate otherwise.

Excerpted from interview with Mata Amritanandamayi (aka Amma, "the hugging saint"). "When You Go Beyond the Ego You Become an Offering to the World" by Amy Edlestein (from What Is Enlightenment? magazine, issue 17/Spring-Summer 2000).

WIE: There have been some very powerful spiritual teachers who seem to have been driven by the impure motives of the ego. Do you think that spiritual experiences could at times empower the ego rather than destroy it?

MA: Amma doesn't agree that those teachers to whom you are referring are realized. A Self-realized master is completely independent. Such beings don't have to depend on anything external for their happiness because they are full of bless, which they derive from within their own Atman. Amma would say that everyone forms part of the crowd, except the realized masters. In fact, except for those rare souls, there are no individuals. Only one who is realized is uniquely individual and totally independent of the crowd. Only such a soul is alone in the world of bless.
True spiritual masters have to set an example through their actions and their lives. Those who abuse their position and power, taking advantage of others, obviously do not derive all their happiness and contentment from within themselves, and so they cannot be realized masters. Why would a realized master crave adulation and power? Those who do are sitll under the grip of the ego. They may claim to be realized, but they are not. A perfect master doesn't claim anything. He simply is - he is presence.
Until the moment before realization takes place, a person is not safe from the temptations of his or her desires.

WIE: So would you say that people like this have become more proud as a result to having had spiritual experiences? Can spiritual experiences at times strengthen the ego in a negative way?

MA: The people to whom this happens are deluded, and they confuse others as well. They will actually push others into delusion. Some people gain a glimpse of something, or have a spiritual experience, and then think they have attained moksha. Only someone who is not realized will think, "I am spiritual, I am realized," and this will create a strong, subtle ego. A subtle ego is more dangerous than a gross ego. Even the individuals themselves won't understand that the subtle ego is leading or motivating them, and this subtle ego will become part of their nature. Such people will do anything for name and fame.
Amma also feels that this kind of pride makes people lose their capacity to listen. And listening is extremely important on the spiritual path. A person who does not listen cannot be humble. And it is only when we are truly humble that the already existing pure Consciousness will be unfolded within us. Only one who is humbler than the humblest can be considered greater than the greatest.

WIE: Since it is possible for spiritual experiences to feed the ego, is it necessary to cultivate purity first?

MA: There is no need to get obsessed with purity. Focus on your dharma, performing it with right attitude and with love. Then purity will follow.

WIE: What is dharma, in the way you are using it?

MA: By loving life with the right attitude and having the right understanding, we will know what the right thing to do is. And then, if we perform our dharma, purity will come...[End of excerpts]

In the final analysis, our own personal development of spiritual intelligence is critical at this time. As individuals evolve to higher states of consciousness those around are also re-calibrated, as evolutionary energies are allowed to flow. The following Hathor quote channeled by Tom Kenyon is extremely poignant.

    "In many ways, survival is an intelligence test. In this light, we would say that the cosmic test of increased spiritual evolution is putting you and everyone else under extreme pressure. Nothing less than an upward movement in global consciousness will suffice. Nothing less than spiritual mastery will allow you to pass through the eye of the needle that is upon you. Those who master the new vibratory realms of consciousness and find ways to express them in physical reality?in how they live their lives?these will be the stewards who bring in the new age and the new world." [Kenyon T, A Catalytic and Volatile Phase of Global Transformation. The Hathors, Spain, 3.17.06]

Image courtesy of Jennifer Hoffman

By Susan Joy Rennison,

13th September 2007, updated 4th October 2007


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