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The Diamond Code
Revealing the Mysteries
Da Vinci Style!


Well, it is amazing me that BIG TIME ESOTERIC SECRETS are being given out to a generally unappreciative audience. Book after book has been written in the last few decades hinting at secret rituals that have been demonised by the Church, but have great spiritual significance. As I have been reading for years and have an analytical mind, I can now decode and present a new paradigm of understanding that is highly relevant, as our world faces evolutionary change.

My analytical skills have been prevalent during my many years of questioning. I constantly ask myself what things REALLY MEAN, I search for answers and use my discernment. I am not gullible and refuse allow myself to be spoon fed. Thus, I do not swallow wholesale pre-packaged information that someone whats to offer me, it is much more natural for me to do my own research collecting, comparing and contrasting various sources of information. Hence, there has been no need to join an esoteric society and pay a huge fee for spirtual secrets and then be sworn to secrecy in return or risk being exploited. Now that I understand the origin and significance of certain practises and the importance to the evolution of mankind, I really wonder how much the vast majority of so-called spiritual leaders actually understand of what is about to take place on this planet. If they understand, then why is the teaching so opaque?

In my search for truth, I have noticed that many important esoteric truths have been gradually introduced into the mainstream. In this short article, I have decided to give my opinion on some fundamental concepts in the form of a mini-study guide, in the hope it will enlighten a few souls.

The Diamond Code
Revealing the Mysteries
Da Vinci Style!

The Diamond Code is a parady of The Da Vinci Code , written by Dan Brown and published with Random House, one of the best selling novels of all time. This is a famous quote:

"THIS is without doubt, the silliest, most inaccurate, ill-informed, stereotype-driven, cloth-eared, cardboard-cutout-populated piece of pulp fiction that I have read. And that’s saying something.
"It would be bad enough that Brown has gone into New Age overdrive by trying to draw together the Grail, Mary Magdalene, the Knights Templar, the Priory of Sion, Rosicrucianism, Fibonacci numbers, the Isis cult and the Age of Aquarius. But he’s done it so sloppily."
What The Times said: The Da Vinci Code

The New York Times were a little more circumspect and positive in their review . Due to his asounding success, Dan Brown was accused of plagarising the work of the best selling book, The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail (1982) by authors Richard Leigh, Michael Baigent and Henry Lincoln, which was also published by Random House. Thus, two of the authors, Leigh and Baigent decided to take Random House to High Court for copyright infringement. Since Dan Brown has reputedly sold over 40 million books and earned £45 million pounds in just one year, it's not surprising there was some annoyance by these scholars who saw their research transformed from being just boring historical and esoteric facts, to exciting and digestible entertainment.

The following listing explains why the colossal success of The Da Vinci Code in terms of sales, could not justify any claims of plagiarism, in the case of research by scholars, when the normal practise is to build on the work of others and cite references. The copyright specialist Conan Chitman wrote: "This case... could open a floodgate of litigation for people who have had their ideas, as they see it, stolen by more successful people". Please see the frame below for the plethora of books that have been inspired by the book The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail.

Since Dan Brown argues that even though The Da Vinci is a fictional novel, the plot is based on suppressed religious history that has been covered up by the church since the beginning of Christianity. Dan Brown was interviewed by Matt Lauer on NBC’s Today Show, who asked, "How much of this is based on reality in terms of things that actually occurred?” Brown responded,

"Absolutely all of it. Obviously Robert Langdon is fictional, but all of the art, architecture, secret rituals, secret societies—all of that is historical fact."
The most explosive charge is the there was a marriage between Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene that produced children, the descendants of which survive to this very day. An organisation called the Priory of Sion existed at the time of the Crusades that later became part of a power organisation called the Knights Templar, one of their prime purposes was to protect these descendents, as a kind of royalty. The List of Priory of Sion Grand Masters was found in 1967 in a pile of parchments known as Les Dossiers Secrets at the Bibliotheque National in Paris. It suggests the Priory of Sion was a secret organization founded in 1099 whose members included Sir Isaac Newton, Botticelli, Victor Hugo and Leonardo da Vinci."

Dan Brown has no problem identifying one of the sources of his inspiration and even includes the book The Templar Revelation on his character Teabing’s bookshelf, with the message, "The royal bloodline of Jesus Christ has been chronicled in exhaustive detail by scores of historians." We can safely say that this is an exaggeration. Obviously, the Da Vinci Code presents a problem for Christians and major debunking has occurred, but we have not seen much discussion about the secret rituals, and we have to ask why? We will now focus on the storyline and claims made by the principal character, Robert Langdon, a Harvard professor of art history and religious symbology. During one enlightening dialogue between Langdon and the heroine Sophie Neveu, a cryptologist. Briefly, Langdon explains an event witnessed by Sophie when she accidentally witnessed a sacred ritual. In chaper 74 , Langdon explains the rite Hieros Gamos and carefully describes the mystical roots that stretch back thousands of years that "celebrate the reproductive power of the female". Hieros Gamos: Is the Greek for Sacred Marriage and a brief explanation is given as follows: "Historically, intercourse was the act through which male and female experienced God. The ancients believed that the male was spiritually incomplete until he had carnal knowledge of the sacred feminine. Physical union with the female remained the sole means through which man could become spiritually complete and ultimately achieve gnosis - knowledge of the divine. Since the days of Isis, sex rites had been considered man's only bridge from earth to heaven."

The Templar Revelation; Secret Guardians of the True Identity of Christ by authors Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince, provides an academic and historical perspective in chapter 7 Sex: The Ultimate Sacrament. The opening paragraph reads:

"Old alchemical texts are full of confused and elaborate imagery - deliberately so, because they were meant to discourage the unitiated from discovering their secrets. As we have seen, however, alchemy was concerned at its deepest level with with personal, spiritual and sexual transformation, and its secrets concerned the techniques for achieving this 'Great Work'. Indeed, recognizing the profound non-material and sexual concerns of alchemy, the psychologist C.G. Jung saw it as the forerunner of psychoanalysis."

Here are more quotes:

"Significantly, there are two Eastern disciplines that emphasize the religious and spiritual transcendence of sexuality: the Indian Tantra and the Chinese Taoism. Both of these are ancient - and greatly respected in their cultures - and stress the potential of certain sexual practices for achieving mystical awareness, physical regeneration and longevity, and oneness with God. Much of this is widely known today, but what is not recognized beyond the groups of initiates themselves is that there is surprisingly, an alchemical branch of both Tantra and Taoism."

Recently, 'sacred sexuality' has been 'discovered' by the West. This is essentially the idea that sexuality is the highest sacrament, bestowing not only joy but also a oneness with the Divine and the universe. Sex is seen as the bridge to between heaven and earth, bringing a release of ennormous creative energy, besides revitalizing the lovers in a unique way - even down to their cellular level. Knowing about sacred sexuality means that the old alchemical texts can, at last, be fully understood in the West, although (as usual) it is the French researchers who are most willing to explore this aspect of them."

"As the saying goes, 'Knowledge is power', and the secrets of this nature wield a power unlike any other, so they posed a unique threat to the Church of Rome, and indeed to all shades of Christian opinion. Sex was - and in many cases still is - deemed only acceptable within those whose unions are likely to result in procreation. For this reason, there is no Christian concept of sex for joy only, let alone the idea - as in Tantrism or alchemy - that it can bring spiritual enlightenment."

"Since the misogynist days of the early Church Fathers, when it was even doubted that women had souls, everything was done to to make them feel profoundly inferior on every level. Not only were they told they were naturally sinful in themselves, but they were also the greatest - sometimes the only cause of man's sinning, too. In feeling honest-to goodness lust, men were taught that they were reacting to the devilish wiles of the woman, who bewitched them into acts that they would not otherwise have considered."

Obviously, the fear of women realising their true power is the motive behind the extensive witch burning. It is absolutely incredible that catholics still defend this kind of demonic butchery, and we find an article from the appropriately named catholic Crisis Magazine, where we find the following statement:
"But despite Brown’s scholarly airs ...for him to state that the Church burned five million women as witches shows a willful—and malicious—ignorance of the historical record. The latest figures for deaths during the European witch craze are between 30,000 to 50,000 victims. Not all were executed by the Church, not all were women, and not all were burned."
Dismantling The Da Vinci Code
According to this debunker, the Church was within it's rights to burn and drown women! From the perspective of Peter De Rosa, an ex-priest who had access to the highly guarded vatican archives, you can read the true facts in the book Vicars of Christ - The Dark Side of the Papacy. In my article The Pot Calling the Kettle Black - Lest We Forget, History Repeats, Rosa provides the grisly details of the Church of Rome's history of slaughter and torture. In contrast, we are informed by Picknett & Prince:
"That disputed branch of the Templars - the Priory of Sion - has always had women members, and the list of it's Grand Masters includes four women, which is particularly strange because their names appear in the medieval period, when one would have expected sexism to be at its most prevalent. As Grand Masters, these women would have wielded real power - and this role no doubt demanded particularly high standards of integrity and the ability to deal with many levels of conflicting interests and egos. While it does seem strange for women to have been at the helm of such an alledgely powerful organization at a time when even female literacy was by no means common, it seems less peculiar in the context of a secret tradition of goddess worshippers."
The astute and educated reader will realise that formal history is notorious for distorting the truth. However, Picknett and Prince do their best to document the tradition of sacred sexuality in Europe despite the secrecy of esoteric groups who are guardians of this knowledge.

Recently, the metaphysical world were given an indepth insight into sacred sexuality in the book The Magdalen Manuscript - The Alchemies of Horus and The Sex Magic of Isis by Tom Kenyon and Judi Sion. According to the author of the book Soul Sex: Tantra for Two he gives the following brief review at .

Sacred Relationship a Path to Enlightenment

The Magdalen Manuscript includes a short sixty page transcription of a channeled communication from an energy being identifying herself as Mary Magdalen. She claims to have been the wife and lover of Jesus. Whether this is true or not, the pages contain some interesting and useful information about the historical Jesus, but more importantly in my opinion, she describes ancient Egyptian practices of alchemy and sacred sexuality for transforming consciousness, opening the door to experience enlightenment.

The remainder of this 320 page book presents details of the principles and practices of Egyptian Alchemy and compares this with three other ancient alchemical systems: Tantric Yoga, Taoism, and Tibetan Buddhist Tantra. Kenyon's analysis includes description of a number of specific techniques for awakening the higher consciousness.

There is an excellent short discussion of what Kenyon refers to as "sacred relationship." This is the only book I have found which specifically recognizes relationship not only as a spiritual practice, but also as a system of alchemy leading ultimately through to enlightenment.
Believe me, I am not an expert on this subject, so it is interesting that others, who consider themselves to be more knowledgeable, find the insights highly valuable. So while I highly recommend The Magdalen Manuscript, I wonder how many people are in relationships that are good enough to generate any magic. Nevertheless, the remaining point to highlight is that we are told in the channelled message that sexual practises can be used to help build up our magnetic fields. What's more the detail was important and given to mankind at this time, for our benefit. So, whilst unenlightened souls, complained that Tom Kenyon and Judi kenyon were jumping on the Mary Magdalen bandwagon, any astute metaphysician would have realised that deep secrets were being divulged.

Now, the discussion is brought closer to my own territory. It is very obvious to any trained EMF practitioner with any understanding of deep metaphysical concepts, that there is strong connection here with the EMF Balancing Technique, which also seeks to build up our electromagnetic field. EMF Practitioners are trained to work with an evolving energy field called the Universal Calibration Lattice in a pre-determined manner and the benefits are such that it has been gaining credibility amongst professional health practitioners, even acquiring government approval in Germany. Yet, the technique is above any accusations of impropriety! So in August 2004, when I had first read The Magdalen Manuscript the bells were ringing loud and clear. By July 2005, I had worked out that Space weather was going to provide us with an electromagnetic flood and that the newly evolving energy field was due to the evolutionary change taking place in our solar system and consequently our planet. Humans were developing an ARK which would help shield them from harmful incoming space radiation and help people benefit from beneficial energies that empowered. The technical details are provided in the book, Tuning the Diamonds - Electromganetism and Spiritual Evolution. (See sample page 168 at

Yet, the evolving energy field is most effective when stabilised with activated diamond energy fields. At this point, we can reference Dan Brown's "fiction", which discreetly directs people's attention to Sacred Geometry. In chaper 56 the principal character Langdon explained the symbolism of the blade, and the chalice. The blade is a rudimentary male symbol, and is still used on military uniforms to denote rank. The chalice denotes the feminine counterpart and is associated with the Holy Grail. Despite Dan Brown's emphasis on the Divine Feminine, the prevailing message today is to address the imbalance between male and female energies. The resurgence of the Goddess and the sacred feminine, is an attempt at correcting the dominance of male-orientated religion which demonized feminine power. Dan Brown alludes to the common mistake of linking the combination of the blade and chalice with the Star of David which is completely wrong. The Star of David is 2-dimensional representaion of a Star Tetrahedron which two interlocked, 3-sided pyramids. He then cleverly informs people that the blade and the chalice actually make a octahedron, which is two 4-sided pyramids back to back, a diamond in 2-dimensions . However, this point is obscured in the final pages of the book, when Langdon finally works out Mary Magdalen's burial place in the Louvre. The Magdalen had been laid to rest in a small pyramid beneath the La Pyramide Inversée , which is located at the Louvre. Rather cleverly, Dan Brown has held to the standard practise of obscuring spiritual truths to make them harder for the unworthy to decipher, whilst the initiate is given enough information to work out the truth.

So what is the great spiritual truth about Mary Magadalene being laid to rest inside a pyramid? Well, this is obvious to a true initiate, therefore I will only state that once you build up your magnetic field, it is kept in tact by the diamond energy field which is the perfect receiver and transmitter of divine energies. I believe the true purpose of the storyline was to depict Mary Magdalen in a state of victory and triumph!

We know that popular esoteric organisations taught these spiritual truths to initiates, but generally this kind of particularly 'useful' information is hard to find within the generally shallow teaching of the New Age moment. So, imagine my surprise when Shelley Yates, the originator of the 'Fire The Grid' scheme, casually mentions in her YouTube presentation that "we have lost the rituals" and "we have not fired our own grids!". She was making it clear that the reason that we had to fire the Earth grid was to compensate for the poor state of our personal grids! Absolutely unbelievable! This is where I have serious issues with people channelling entities, when they don't have enough discernment to question everything they are being told. This is a classic example. Thus we have to ask some pertinent questions;

Where are the spiritual teachers who have made the connection with the New Golden Age, according to Mayan Elders, an age dominated by ether, subsequently called Spaceweather by our scientists and the need to build up our magnetic fields? Why is this information being given out, thinly veiled into the mainstream?

Despite the fact that this message has been mainly subverted within spiritual groups, I do believe that true seekers will find and understand this message and take action. If their consciousness is highly evolved enough, they will not rest until these truths become widely known to generate a real age of enlightenment. Understanding The Diamond Code means that for true seekers, there is far more that awaits.

Susan Joy Rennison, 22nd July 2007

If you want to know more about the new phenomena of Space Weather , Earth
changes and the impact on human consciousness, then you can obtain a copy of

Tuning the Diamonds: Electromagnetism & Spiritual Evolution


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