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Science Talk: Towards a New Paradigm

Intelligence is present at every point in space,
And can be acted upon through the power of thought.

Nicola Tesla, The wall of light

The following overview was created from copyright material and passages from chapter 2 of the book

Elegant Empowernment - Evolution of Consciousness

by Peggy Dubro & David P. Lapierre
(2002 ISBN 0-9711074-08)

With permission of the author of this chapter (copyright by David P. Lapierre, co-author of the book), we quote liberally & verbatim in the article that follows. The passages directly from the book Elegant Empowerment, have been highlighted with the quotation marks ("" in blue). Additional comments have been added for further clarification.

Susan Joy Rennison, July 2003

" This chapter and indeed, all elements of this book, point towards a new Paradigm in Science. Within this new Paradigm the concept of multi-dimensionality takes a predominant role in beginning to explain apparent phenomena that we observe in our three dimensional world. The various scientific theories of our discussion in this and later chapters are also foundations that will help the reader better understand the principles that underlie the EMF Balancing Technique®. "

" We adopt the view that we, as human beings, are not only multi-dimensional beings, but that we actively function as multi-dimensional beings in all our interactions, in particular, those pertaining to our essence as electromagnetic beings. "

" In this new Paradigm, the bizarre, the mysterious, the paranormal, and the unsolvable become solvable. In the sections that follow, we will clarify and expand our definitions of the terms Paradigm and multi-dimensionality. "

" Generally, the concept of Paradigm relates to a specific image, or model of reality that prevails in Science, or a specific branch of Science. This image or model, or reality, once established, carries with it certain patterns of perceiving, analyzing and validating phenomena within the context of the picture that is painted of reality....... As we integrate new knowledge and awareness into our expanding view of reality, we must ultimately transform the older theories that no longer serve us. Such older theories serve to confine us with unsolvable problems. We then enter a new paradigm that allows us to look at these problems with a new perspective, one in which the unsolvable problems of the old paradigm become solvable. "

" Not only are we unable to describe the quantum world by mechanical rules, but physicists now view the quantum world as one in which Consciousness participates and plays an active role in shaping our reality! Now the challenge of defining the interactive role between Matter, Intent and Consciousness stands before us! Matter and Consciousness cannot be separated. Moreover, Consciousness interacts and influences the virtual realm of electromagnetic fields. Our ultimate challenge is to develop a Science of inter-dimensional physics that unifies Consciousness in the grand equation! "

Quantum is defined as "a discreet quantity of electromagnetic radiation." Physicists now speak of creation as non-solid and noncontinuous. The science of quantum physics has demonstrated that our world actually occurs in very short, rapid bursts of light. Similar to the many still images that make up a moving film, these events are actually tiny pulses of light called quanta. The quanta of our world occur so rapidly that although our eyes are capable of doing so, our minds do not discern individual bursts. Instead, the pulses are averaged together into what we see as one continuous event. Quantum physics is the study of these minute units of radiating waves, nonphysical forces whose movements create our physical world.

It is well known that some people have special powers that defy the established laws of physics. From Tom Bearden's book, Excalibur Briefing he writes: 'Uri Geller has demonstrated numerous capabilities: he has affected a magnometer inside a Faraday shield; bent and broken metal objects; caused a fresh flower to wither and dry in seconds; permanently changed the crystal structure of nitinol; altered magnetic programs on computer cards; influenced a Geiger counter; de materialized matter; and demonstrated the inceptive Cyborg effect, thought-photography, telepathy, and the Geller effect (the sympathetic stimulation of a psi-positive). It is useless to attempt to explain the feats performed by Uri Geller in terms of the ordinary fields and effects of known physics. Nothing short of a new physics paradigm will suffice. This new paradigm must encompass both mind and physics within the same theoretical framework, if it is to succeed in explaining how mind affects matter.'

" From observations of the quantum world, it is now apparent that the reality of elementary particles has no respect for clocking time the way we do. Infact, within the quantum world of elementary particles a state of non-time and non-space is an accurate desciption of that virtual (unseen) reality.... We perceive this electron for only a fraction of its time, as it dances in and out of different time frames simultaneously. In doing so, the electron carries information of all its time experience --past present and future-- within its very essence. "

At the quantum level, instantaneous actions occur at a distance. Two particles that are part of a single system continue to act in concert with one another no matter how far apart they appear to be separated by spacetime.

A 3-D digital camera tracks the paths of the thousands of new subatomic particles created when two gold ions are smashed together in a collider at Brookhaven National Laboratory. Photograph courtesy of Brookhaven National Laboratory

" As we watch them groupings of electrons of electrons have demonstrated that their coordinated movements can be influenced by information from the outside world.... The photon of light, known by physicists to be the messenger of the electromagnetic field cascades about delivering and exchanging information with electrons within the field. Physicists call light a reflection of the 5th dimension, because light originates from 'higher' dimensional space [5]. The human body emits photons- biophotons-from within the DNA! The more highly charged-up the electromagnetic field, the more active is this exchange of information! (It is the information derived from our evolving electromagnetic field structures that provides us with our expanding awareness). Of course it is the electromagnetic field that provides the organization -- the structure and form -- of the substance we call matter. Without the electromagnetic field, there would be no materialization or manifestation of 'solid' objects. "

In the early 1980s, a team of scientists demonstrated that the cells of all living things emit photons at a rate of up to approximately 100 units per second and per square cenetimeter of surface. They also showed that DNA was the source of this photon emission. The wavelength at which DNA emits these photons corresponds exactly to the narrow band of visible light: "Its spectral distribution ranges at least from infrared (at about 900 nanometers) up to ultravioletwith (up to about 200 nanometers). According to researchers who measured it, it's weaknest is such that it corresponds "to the intensity of a candle at a distance of about 10 kilometers," but it has "a surprising high degree of coherence, as compared to that of technical fields (laser). This can be explained as follows: "A coherent source of light, like a laser gives the sensation of bright colours, a luminescence, an impression of holographic depth."

From "The Cosmic Serpent, DNA and the Origins of Knowledge" by Jeremy Narby.

" But the display of intelligence is not all. Physicists are now modeling elementary particles as having feeling. These particles are being considered to have emotional, mental and etheric aspects as part of their nature!.... The introduction of a new Paradigm is associated with a "revolution" in Science. Perhaps some of the views presented here will find themselves as part of this new revolution that is already taking place in Science and in our understanding of reality. "

A new view of Earth Magnetism. " The old concept of the earth's magnetism (Figure A) shows magnetic lines of force leaving the south pole and entering the North pole. In the new discoveries of Davis and Rawls, the earth's magnetic field (Figure B) is similar to that of a bar magnet. Note the figure 8 loop patterns of the two distinct spiraling energies, as well as the opposite electrical properties resulting from the flow. Both magnetic and electric properties exist simultaneously. Davis and Rawls present the magnetic measurement findings from space probes that confirm the pattern and polarity of earth's magnetic phenomena.[4] We find identical patterns within the human energy field. the principles of magnetism are universal. "

" The meaning of the term multi-dimensional is somewhat more of a challenge to define..... The notion of multi-dimensionality that we wish to expand upon, relates to the existence of a hierarchy of influence that exists within the fabric or structure of reality. Reality is a broad term that includes both the universe that we perceive, and that which we do not perceive (virtual reality.) This hierarchy is structured as if there were a series of "layers", except that successively refined states of the layering process are not actually found on top (like a sandwich), but actually within courser layers fitting somehow inside the other. This is the idea of nesting or embedding. Unique layered states we refer to as dimensions. Dimensional states are characterised by distinct properties- unique states of invisible vibrations. Although dimensions may simply differ by vibration or frequency, typically the distinctions are more complex. At the same time, the laws or rules that govern the characteristics or phenomen within a specific dimension, also vary according to the unique patterns of geometry that govern that specific aspect of reality. "

" Entering the virtual world takes us into hyperspace or the vacuum (to use terms coined by physicists) or the Cosmic Lattice (a term familiar to some readers). The vacuum is not empty; rather it is full... considered by physicists as a plenum of energy [47]. Although a region of non-time and non-space, the vacuum is the background fabric from which matter, time and space emerge as dimensional properties. These properties give us a linear view of our reality.

.....Elementary particles consist of further smaller elusive particles...each originating from their own respective layer or dimension of existence, far removed from our own. Yet, as these particles or energies 'descend' into our existence they carry with them the knowledge of their homeland!

.....All of physical reality can be modeled as groupings of strings, i.e., strings interconnected with strings at every scale of observation. The grand unification of string theory takes place in a space of 10 dimensions, superstring theory considers 26 dimensions. Although a 26 dimensional space is quite complex notion for all of us to define and explain. It is paradoxically, from such a place that the laws of nature are simpler to define and explain. Mathematics can take us into an 11 or 26 dimensional space, where human intellect cannot readily follow. "

Life Consciousness Loop
The life-consciousness loop, as described by Bearden (Excalibur Briefing), connects the mind field to the physical body (tuner). The intermediary components of the loop are the neutrino field, photon/bio-photon and electromagnetic fields. According to Bearden, the substructure of the loop can be engineered, patterned or structured in both directions.

" The key to understanding higher dimensional space (never mind higher dimensional physics and mathematics) is to realize that "higher space" places us at a vantage point that provides us with a global, universal or holistic perspective. From this vantage point the distinction between the observer and the observed disappears.... As multi-dimensional beings, there are elements of our essence that reside in this "higher space". These elements provide the guiding mechanisms that assist in altering our lives. As physical human beings we are equipped with electromagnetic access tools to higher space- hyperspace. In accessing these tools we more consciously function as multi-dimensional beings shaping our reality. We have innate hyperspatial abilities. These functions all occur typically within our unconscious awareness. Intent connects us consciously to our hyperspatial mechanisms.

Intent creates a ripple in time and space though which movement takes place. In stimulating the opening of the vortex of creation, intent serves to guide and direct energies across interdimensional portals. Holding the Intent creates the tidal wave that alters space time sending new events into the reality of our lives. "

" The key to connecting distinct dimensional elements is to find or establish the links, roadways, circuits or portals, that naturally link the geometries in harmony - in resonance. Consciousness, navigates and permeates these geometric layers of all existence. These doorways are the natural frequencies, life frequenecies, magic windows, inter-demensional nodal points, Einstein-Rosen bridge/wormholes or geometric connectors. We understand the EMF Balancing Technique® as an interdimensional process creating integration within the geometric patterns across the full range of our multi-dimensional nature! An inter-dimensional process allows for the transfer or crossover of energy patterns between dimensions.... To understand our interactions with others, as electro magnetic beings, we must direct our attention to hyperspace. Why? Electromagnetic phenomena and human magnetism originate in higher space. Electromagnetism, like light, is a ripple or vibration of the 5th dimension, connected with the warping of the geometry of higher space [5].Today's physics is beginning to relate to this. Interactive phenomena take place through higher space. It is within higher dimensions that alchemy takes place between Spirit and the myriad of co-operative elements at play to create nature (All That Is), and change our lives. "

" Each dimension beyond our known four(3 spatial dimensions and oue time) can be called a distinct hyperspace Hyperfields are energy patterns that carry the expression of specific action. The electromagnetic field is, relative to our physical frame the first hyperfield. The electromagnetic field encodes within itself, the patterns and information of the hyperfields of yet higher dimensions. "

William Tiller Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Stanford University

" Here we wish to draw upon the scientific perspectives of a renowned scientist who has developed a unique view of the universe and the structure of the human dynamic within it. William Tiller Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Stanford University, Materials Science & Engineering Department, has created a bridge between Physics, and Metaphysics. In his book Science and Human Transformation: Subtle Energy, Intentionality and Consciousness, Professor Tiller steps beyond classical thinking in Science. Tiller draws on his many years of research and experience in exploring subtle energy and unusual phenomena to provide us with a veritable resource of new insights. Included in his book are his research findings, theory, as well as a model from which we can begin to understand the multidimensional nature of our being. "

Tiller's Working Hypothesis

" William Tiller has formulated a model through an equation through which he encourages humanity to move forward with a new perspective[9]. This model connects the subtle energy fields to the human body's biological process. Tiller sees the magnetic vector potential as the bridge between the subtle and physical realms. The human dynamic, understood from this perspective, becomes one in which we discover that we can exercise the greatest influence to physical biological function through the 'manipulation' of the subtle structures.[55] "

" An expert in crystal lattice structure, Prof. Tiller has formulated a unique model of the universe based on a lattice framework. Tiller intuits that this lattice matrix has the character of hexagonal patterns. [Perhaps evidence of this pattern can be seen from the hexagonal magnetic field patterns at the ends of a bar magnet, the simple hexagonal snowflake, or the hexagonal honeycomb.] these patterns create a geometry of harmonic grids that fill all what we call space--the vacuum> and hyperspace. It is within the vacuum of space that Professor Tiller envisions subtle energies to exist....The Tiller lattice is a multi-dimensional field structure. At the basis of this organization are light patterns that form the various geometric grid lines of space. These light-encoded grids define the patterns required for the unfolding of life galaxies and the stars.

This lattice grid structure exists outside of space-time, without the usual constraints of the cause and effect perspective. Time - all time past, present and future - become connected through channels or connectors.

Interdimensional points (also called magic windows by Bearden) allow for energies and information to circulate between dimensions. The qualities required for accessing these channels of communication are tuning and coherence of the system as a whole. A unique and precise harmonic geometry exists between the lattice layers. The waves that travel through the latticework are information waves that relate to Consciousness. The lattice interconnects all of reality!

According to Prof. Tiller's model, potential maps are stored at the nodal points. Here there is a conversion of consciousness into energies. These nodal points become the focus of our thoughts- our intents. They are in fact, the mind nodal network sites. Thought energy triggers the vast potential of energy stored within our Cosmic Sea. From the potentials that are stored there, thought modulated patterns form. These patterns become projected as events into our lives, similar to the holographic principles! Through these energy patterns a communication is established for interacting with physical and subtle substance. A kind of feedback is now generated, because our response to these events is fed back to the grid where a new set of potentials and patterns form. New events unfold as a consequence. "

" .....In its elegance, the Universe infolds in harmonious fashion[17]. The personal web that surrounds us is an energy structure of unique dellular design. Yet this cellular design is similar to that of the outer universe. We call this personal web the Universal Calibration Lattice (UCL). We view UCL as our primary connector to Tiller's universal lattice. The UCL serves to amplify and project the patterns that we place within it. These establish resonance with the external universe. Consciousness and INTENT guide the whole process. "

" As scientist penetrate the quantum world in the laboratory they have faced startling realizations... realizations that objective reality is a precept of the past. As Evan Walker aptly describes it in The Physics of Consciousness:The Quantum Mind & Meaning of Life:

"We have discovered that the observer is a negotiable instrument of reality and we have touched our own nature... We have found this consciousness standing there, looking back at us like an actor on the stage of reality, strangely playing the role of a writer writing the script we play"-[18]

We see ourselves, with our minds, as active participants of the experiment. Imagine that physicists may not be discovering particles--rather they may actually be creating them! Brian Josephson, Nobel prizewinner in Physics, once remarked that in their diligent searches for strange new particles, the physicist may be creating their own reality[19]. For instance, a certain particle called the anomalon, has properties that vary from laboratory to laboratory. The suggestion is that the properties of this particle depend on who is finding and creating it. "

Seeing Double (More Strange Science)

In his delayed-choice thought experiment, Wheeler suggests that a single photon emitted from a distant quasar (far right) can simultaneously follow two paths to Earth, even if those paths are separated by many light-years. Here one photon travels past two different galaxies, with both routes deflected by the gravitational pull of the galaxies. Stranger still, Wheeler theorizes, the observations astronomers make on Earth today decide the path the photon took billions of years ago. Graphic by Matt Zang

" A startingly discovery of Quantum Physics is the property that we call nonlocality.... The discovery that non-locality is a fact of nature, that our physical reality is non-local, carries dramatic implications that are only now emerging within the scientific community....In 1982, the Aspect Experiment established a nonlocal connection between two photons of light that originated from a common event. These experiments obliged physicists to conclude that nonlocality is a universal dynamic of the life of the cosmos.[20] .....In his book The Self-Aware Universe-How Consciousness Creates the Material World, Amit Goswani discusses a recent experiment that confirms the nonlocality of interaction of the human to human mind-brain systems. conducted by Mexican neurohysiologist Jacobo Grinberg-Zylberbaum, this experiment rates as the 'brain' equivalent of the Aspect experiment that involved photon particles. [25] In the experiment two subjects were asked to interact for a period of time until they felt a connection had been established between them. The two subjects were placed in two separate Faraday cages. The Faraday cage ensures that there is a shielding and blocking of all conventional electromagnetic signals. The primary subject is now shown a flashing light (no knowledge of this event is available to the other subject). The flashing light immediately produces a measurable evoked potential as a signal on an EEG recording of the primary subjects's brain. Amazingly, a signal of similar shape and strength (called a transfer potential) appears at the same time in the brain of the other subject! As Goswami explains:

The two brain-minds act as nonlocally correlated system.The correlation of the mind-brain systems is maintained through nonlocal consciousness and the quantum nature of our brains. Accomplishing such resonance is an inherent and natural, ability of our nonlocal consciousness and our quantum brain! "

Amit Goswani: The Aspect Experiment verified that this is not just theory, there really is transcendent potential, objects really do have connections outside of space and time—outside of space and time! What happens in this experiment is that an atom emits two quanta of light, called photons, going opposite ways, and somehow these photons affect one another's behavior at a distance, without exchanging any signals through space. Notice that: without exchanging any signals through space but instantly affecting each other. Instantaneously. Now Einstein showed long ago that two objects can never affect each other instantly in space and time because everything must travel with a maximum speed limit, and that speed limit is the speed of light. So any influence must travel, if it travels through space, taking a finite time. This is called the idea of "locality." Every signal is supposed to be local in the sense that it must take a finite time to travel through space. And yet, Aspect's photons—the photons emitted by the atom in Aspect's experiment—influence one another, at a distance, without exchanging signals because they are doing it instantaneously—they are doing it faster than the speed of light. And therefore it follows that the influence could not have traveled through space. Instead the influence must belong to a domain of reality that we must recognize as the transcendent domain of reality.

WIE: That's fascinating. Would most physicists agree with that interpretation of his experiment?

AG: Well, physicists must agree with this interpretation of this experiment..... In 1984 or '85, at the American Physical Society meeting at which I was present, it is said that one physicist was heard saying to another physicist that, after Aspect's experiment, anyone who does not believe that something is really strange about the world must have rocks in his head.

" David Bohm's most significant contribution to science is his interpretation of the nature of physical reality. Bohm postulated that the ultimate nature of physical reality is not a collection of separate objects, but rather it is an undivided whole that is in perpetual dynamic flux. For Bohm, the insights he gained from quantum mechanics and relativity pointed towards a universe that is undivided and in which all parts "merge and unite in one totality"[34]Bohm's undivided whole like the ebb and flow of the tides is not static. Out of the invisible aether all things arise and unfold. Into the aether all things eventually dissolve.This constant flow of change in our reality Bohm called the holomovement.</p>

Within the holomovement, mind and matter are united.[35] Bohm also connected living and non-living things. "The ability of form to be active is the most characteristic feature of mind, and we have something that is mindlike already with the electron"[35] ....Bohm believed that each part of physical reality contains information about the whole. In this light every part of the universe contains the entire information of the whole universe. To explain the findings of quantum physics, Bohm proposed the existence of a whole new concept. He proposed the existence of a field that existed that interpenetrated and connected everything. This field he called the quantum potential.

...The quantum potential is like a wave-like information field that provides the guidance to the electron. Literally, the electrons access information, from the quantum potential field, from which they know what is going on around them.... The electrons receive information instantly, anywhere in space, from the quantum potential.... The quantum potential provides the information, not the energy to a system. This concept is analogous to a ship on the ocean that is under radio signal from shore. The radio waves do not carry the energy necessary for the ship to change course- they carry only the information! "

" Physicist Jack Sarfatti, has developed a new discipline of thought that he calls Post Quantum theory. The ideas are quite distinctive because they extend beyond conventional precepts in quantum theory. Simply stated it is this: Sarfatti seeks to explain the interaction of mind and matter! The interaction takes place in a realm beyond the quantum world.

Mind and matter interact through the intermediary information waves that both influence and organize matter. These information waves are guided by sentient intent!

In the Sarfatti model, Bohm's quantum potential becomes pilot q-bit information waves that actually originate from the mental wave fields! ....For Sarfatti, conscious awareness in the physical body is connected to nonlocal consciousness outside the physical body through an electron array within the brain. The electrons form "a coherently phased array of tiny electric dipole nano-antennae"[37]. This array can be viewed as a form of coherently tuned lattice structure. It is active in getting information into the microtubules of the brain. At the same time the array connects the physcial body to the mental wave fields.

The post quantum theory of Sarfatti contains distinguishing features. A key concept in this theory is what he calls back-action. Back Action involves the interplay between mind and matter, and matter having interplay with mind, it is a two-way interactive process. The two-way process sets up an active feedback loop that connects mind and matter as an undivided whole! "

Strange Loops of Consciousness

" According to Jack Sarfatti, the mental field produces quantum pilot waves that are similar to information patterns. The quantum pilot waves are responsible for organizing matter. These operate outside time-space-- they are non-local! Mind and matter interactions are "pumped by external messages from the past, future and elsewhere". These external messages set up a process, that Sarfatti describes as a dual form of strange loops, depicting:(1)Intent from the future loops with experience from the past;and (2) Intent from the past loops with experiences from the future. Somewhere in the center of this looping process, we experience NOW - moments of Consciousness. The mind and brain system involve interaction between a "classical device" -- the brain anchored in space-time, and a "quantum device" --the mind is non-local. The non-local aspects of mind exist in hyperspace where future & past are all present. Open communication in the mind/brain, mind/matter is commmunication with the external universe. This includes any part of it- at any distance in space or time. "

Inseparability of Mind & Matter

< is the quantum arrow of INTENT of mind moving matter
< is the post-quantum reaction of matter on mind

" Sarfatti proposes that mind interact through a principal of "back-action". Sarfatti explains that it is sentient Intent that directs "pilot q-bit information waves" that organise matter. Mental or thought energy can be converted into the electromagnetic field or light energy. According to Bearden, the effects of thought energy is to allow or perform the following: (1)Either wipe out the charge on a charge particle, or build up a charge in an object that previously had no electric charge; (2) Induce an electrostatic field on an external object; (3)Induce an electromagnetic field in space surrounding an object to interact with it; and (4)Condense subtle energies into the hyperfield flux of magnetic fields. Additionally, thought energy continuously condenses into electrical patterns that affect shape and modulate all vital process of the body. "

" Sarfatti supports his theory with rigorous mathematical formulations. He suggests that there is now experimental evidence for post-quantum physics and cites some recently declassified material on remote-viewing.[54]...What can we summarize about Sarfatti's theory? Within its formulation we have INTENT acting on matter from the mental wave field. Matter reacts and a 'strange loop', indeed, results. The past and future intents and experience are all part of the equation at the same time. "

" This notion is well supported within the concepts of Bearden as well. Bearden sees thought energy as having the capacity of being converted into electromagnetic fields. Essentially, thought energy exists in a hyperspace frame that is removed from the electromagnetic field. But, by two successive orthorotations , this thought energy translates into another type of field- the conventional electromagnetic field. Bearden discusses much of this in Excalibur Briefing. More generally, Bearden calls for a new calculus of higher dimensions that looks at the conversion of one kind of field into a different kind of field, with no barrier at all between physics and metaphysics. Moreover, Bearden sees that we require a new physics paradigm, one in which we

"must encompass both mind and physics within the same theoretical framework, if it is to succeed in explaining how mind affects matter"

The new physics paradigm must include Intent, or what Bearden also calls Inception, otherwise we continue to have unexplained mysteries in ordinary science.

...."As is well known in physics, a virtual entity can become real and observable if energy is added to it" [46].

Adding energy is a process of adding charge, activation , or kindling as described by Bearden. When sufficiently charged, virtual or ghost images ultimately emerge into the observable state. The key is to focus this energy through coherent internal states. As Petersen posits, this begins with the coherent magnetic alignment and activation of our brain cells.

Additionally we emphasize that we must maintain coherence, alignment, and integration of our own personal energy systems. In our view, it is within the Universal Calibration Lattice ("UCL") that we place and carry our patterns of possibilities. Strong connections to our personal lattice (the UCL) allow for the projection or magnetic manifestation, of these patterns as events in our lives. Creating these energetic connections is a principle focus of the EMF Balancing Technique®. "

" As we evolve in our thinking, we see from this chapter that Consciousness, the Mind or Mental field, interacts with matter at various levels. As we grow in Consciousness our ability to interact with energy systems increases. So does our ability to organize and influence matter and energies. Yet as we grow as energetic beings, we understand that it is not our own personal energies that we supply to accomplish this external influence. Our conscious INTENT acts through the mental field of thought to produce the guiding pilot waves that actually influence the material world. Science is in its infancy in understanding the true dynamic and complex nature of our reality. Within this reality is the interplay of Consciousness and matter, and the role that focused Intent plays in manifesting our world. The Universe operates beyond the physical laws of which we are quite familiar. "

Chapter Notes,

(These are the original references used in the book Elegant Empowerment and list only those that are quoted in this overview).

4. Davis, albert Roy, &Rawls, Walter C., The Rainbow in Your Hands
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54.Sarfatti,Jacob (Jack), Ph.D., Military Applications of Post-Quantum Physics

Susan Joy Rennison, July 2003

Science Talk: Towards a New Paradigm Part 2

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Credit: Jüri Voit

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