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Military Operations
Taking Out DUMBs and Tunnels
Part 2 - Europe

WARNING! Some of this information is disturbing.

The scene in the movie The Road, where they find the people being kept alive in the basement for food, that’s what some of these tunnels are like. There may have been a large gallery with a large entrance and a complex network, but it was sealed off except for an air tunnel that’s 1000 feet long and only 10 inches by ten inches. The marines had to climb through natural caves for 6 hours just to find that 10 inch portal. So they get a small drone and send it down there, and when it pops out the other side it’s a room and people are screaming and roaring, but the drone has no visual.
Telegram @DUMBSandUnderground link

First Upload: 11th October 2021,
Last Update: 2nd January 2022


Military Operations: Europe

More Coming!

Including: Spain & North Africa, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Italy, Netherlands, Poland


Due to the high volume of information to be processed, this is going to be an on/off effort for some time. Since Part 1 does provided some scientific analysis about earthquakes, this will not be repeated in Part 2. Furthermore, since Military Operations are ongoing and relevant information is sensitive, it is expected that back channel intelligence will appear well after events have transpired. Nevertheless, some individuals are regularly uploading certain types of information that can reassure us that every effort is being made to find and destroy DUMBs and tunnels.



In July 2021 there was extensive flooding in Germany. The levels were not historic but those in the know were watching to see if there would be any signs that secret underground tunnels would be targeted. When the news came that hundreds of unknown childs' bodies were washed up in the Bad Neuenahr Ahrweiler area, most people were stunned. Even though mainstream media as a whole did not disclose the shocking news, at least one local radio show did and so copies were quickly made to preserve the history of this event. Since this time, there has been continuous flightpath reports that prove there is an intense search for more tunnels and DUMBs taking place.

Telegram | Posted July 28th 2021link

Google Translation:

This is an earlier report with a copy of the German radio announcement:

Telegram | Posted July 26th 2021 link 1 & link 2

The following was posted on Telegram mid July, BEFORE the flooding and discovery of the bodies. It specifically pointed out that a government bunker was located at Ahrweiler. Therefore, was this known government facility used as a secret cover for evil purposes?

Telegram | Posted July 15th 2021 link

Germany Scan Flightpath Reports

22nd December 2021 | Bad Neuenahr Ahr Valley, Germany.

21st December 2021 | | Bad Neuenahr Ahr Valley, Germany. link

20th December 2021 | Fehmarn, Germany. link

7th December 2021 | Alsfeld, Germany. link

3rd December 2021 | Juelich, Germany. link

21st November 2021 | Fehmarn, Germany. link

18 October 2021 | Ahr Valley, Germany. Flood Area link

9 October 2021 | Apen, WNW Bremen, Germany link

9 October 2021 | Paderborn, WSW_Dortmund, Germany link

8 October 2021 | Bremen, Germany link

5 October 2021 | Bad Reichenhall, Germany link

2 October 2021 | S. Brandenburg, Germany link

3 October 2021 | Bad Schandau, Germany. Near border with Czech Republic. link

3 October 2021 | Oberwiesenthal, Germany. Near border with Czech Republic. link

1 October 2021 | Ahr Valley, Germany. Flood Area link

26 September 2021 | Berlin link

25 September 2021 | Berlin, Germany link

25 September 2021 | Ahr Valley, Germany. Flood zone. link

23 September 2021 | Bamberg, Germany link

23 September 2021 | Pilsen, Germany link

23 September 2021 | Seiffen, Germany link

23 September 2021 | Bad Neuenahr Ahrweiler, Germany. Flood zone link

16 September 2021 | Barbarastollen. Freiburg, Germany link

  • Atomic bomb-proof super archive: The memory of the Germans
    Merkur, 08/12/2016
    Oberried - 400 meters below the earth - it is the long-term memory of Germans. Important historical documents are stored in the Barbarastollen in the Black Forest. [...]

    In the middle of the Black Forest near Oberried, a few villages behind Freiburg, a farm road meanders up the slope. If you leave it at a fork and follow a beaten path for a few meters, you suddenly find yourself in front of a steel gate. The path ends here. Three blue and white pentagons pointing downwards mark the gate. You have already seen this symbol, with which Unesco recognizes cultural assets that are worthy of protection. It is appropriate on famous buildings such as cathedrals and castles: three pentagons, the highest level of protection, only carry the Reichsmuseum in Amsterdam, the Vatican - and the Barbarastollen here in the middle of the Black Forest.

  • Central recovery site (Barbarastollen)

    The backup films are stored in the central salvage site of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Barbarastollen in Oberried near Freiburg im Breisgau. It is the investigation gallery of a former silver mine. It is located in the “Schauinsland” area. [...]

    This tunnel is the only property in the Federal Republic of Germany that is subject to special protection under the rules of the Hague Convention. [...]

    Around 1,600 stainless steel containers are currently stored, which are filled with the security films that have been manufactured since 1961.

    Comment: My first thought was these were adrenochrome containers....

    14 September 2021 | Nähe Nürnberg. Near Nuremberg, Germany link

  • Airplane draws "flower" over the region: What was the reason
    Nord Bayern, 14 Sep, 2021

    Telegram | Posted 6th September 2021, link

    5 September 2021 | Black Forrest, Freiburg. Germany link

    ROTHSCHILD Sanatorium in Nordrach, in the Black Forrest region. In 1903, Baroness Adelheid de Rothschild founded the Rothschild Foundation and decreed that a pulmonary sanatorium for Jewish girls and women should be built in Nordrach. For this she donated two million Reichsmarks. link It was taken over by the Gestapo in 1942. History abstract: link

    YouTube, 11 Feb 2018

    Coment: A clip from a SGT report. Copy on Bitchute link

  • Exposed: The Rothschild Human Hunting Lodge, June 13, 2019

    Comment: This is article is written by Mike Rothschild, but apparently he is shunned by the famous dynasty... Anyway, this article is meant to debunk, but quite frankly, there is a lot of interesting info here.

    3 September 2021 | Magdeburg, Germany link

  • Recent Earthquakes in Germany

    Germany has only had a few Earthquakes since 1st January 2018, but this number is in dispute. Based on the available IRIS/Wilber data which has been proven to be not always accurate, there maybe an effort to hide a few 10km deep earthquakes with detonation signatures and the proof is below.

    Wilber 3: Select Event Results with parameters set as shown link

    Wilber 3: Select Event Results with parameters set as shown link

    Recent Earthquakes Near Germany at Results on 11th October 2021 link

    IRIS Earthquake Browser with parameters set as shown link

    There have been 6 earthquakes in Germany since 1st January 2018. Seismic signals picked up in Germany clearly show detonations. Presumably, records that show seismic signals from the Canary Islands, is an effort to hide the the real data.

    M2.9 | 0.2km from Ottersberg, Germany
    2021-09-13 01:22:51 UTC | 5.31km IRIS Waveform link
    N.B. Poor signal picked up in the Canary Islands.

    M2.2 | Offstein, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
    2020-09-11 05:21:10 UTC | 11.01km IRIS Waveform link
    N.B. Poor signal picked up in the Canary Islands. However the date 9/11 is significant to some.

    M3.2 | 2km SSE of Erlbach, Germany
    2018-05-22 19:54:03 UTC | 10km IRIS Waveform link

    M4.1 | 2km SSE of Erlbach, Germany
    2018-05-21 21:04:42| 13.92km IRIS Waveform link

    M3.1 | 2km W of Schliegen, Germany
    2018-05-04 21:36:41 UTC | 15.23km IRIS Waveform link

    M3.8 | 4km East of Kiefersfelden, Germany
    2019-10-22T23:35:42 UTC | 10km IRIS Waveform link

    Missing Germany Earthquakes

    So, besides changing the locations of earthquakes and not loading up local seismograph details, we also find that some earthquakes are being reported and then quickly deleted. The following are examples from the Stuttgart region.

    M4 Stuttgart, Germany | 1 Dec 2020 | Twitter link

    M3.2 Stuttgart, Germany | 22 Mar 2021 | Twitter link

    Stuttgart, Germany | 23 Jul 2021 | Volcano Discovery link

    Someone noticed something strange going on near Stuttgart airport and the next day there was an earthquake, see below;

    Telegram | Post date 8th Aug 21 - matches with strange activity mentioned below!link

    Telegram guest post - Aug 7 2021;

    I just wanted to get rid of something that could be interesting. In the area around Stuttgart airport there is apparently a huge police presence all day and everything is cordoned off. One person who works at the airport (for many years) said that they had never seen anything like it. The traffic on the A8 at Stuttgart Airport has been jammed all day.

    Allegedly everything should be due to the adjacent construction site and that the police have to divert the traffic, but such a police presence only to regulate the traffic? Normally digital signs would be put up and everything would be planned in advance so that one could get by without the police. In addition, it has been raining almost all day in this area.

    Huge police force that regulates the traffic all day in the rain, due to a construction site that has been going on for a long time and the traffic diversions should be planned accordingly?

    Telegram | English Translation link

    SW Sindelfingen, Stuttgart, Germany | 19 Aug 2021 | Volcano Discovery link

    Note the 10km depth....

    Weather Warfare and Destroying DUMBs and Tunnels

    In July 2021, there were many reports of severe flooding in Germany, see link 1 & link 2. However, water has been seen seeping from underground tunnels on dry days, see Twitter link

    In mid July 2021, a flood caused a raging torrent underground that was seen at the Alsenberg tunnel in Bavaria, causing it to be undermined. Grand Duke Friedrich Maik states, "One wonders what happens to all the old mine tunnels that were built in the 20s to 40s." link. Strangely, the pressure of the water underground has caused bizarre water spouts that have mow become common place. There are so many examples that it is likely that pressurized water is being used to destroy underground facilities.

    Right: Wikipedia Map location of Meßstetten, Southern Germany

    Bizarre water spouts seen when manholes blown off in Meßstetten, Southern Germany. This indicates water underground moving under high pressure. Telegram | Post date 8th Aug 21 - matches with above strange activity! Right click to enlarge image, or see video link 1 & copylink

    There are even questions about whether weather modification/warfare is being used to generate heavy flooding.

    This is a village in the Black Forest blanketed by hail stones.
    Telegram | Post date Jun 27 2021, video link

    7 videos of flooding and lightning

    BREAKING – 🇩🇪⚡At Least 30 Reportedly Missing After Houses Collapse in Schuld, Germany Due to Flood

    The incident was caused by a massive flood that destroyed 6 houses and damaged 25 others in the Eifel municipality overnight, according to the broadcaster SWR.

    At least 60 people are missing after six houses collapsed in the western German city of Schuld, Rheinland-Pfalz.

    Reports said that heavy rains caused local rivers to break their banks, flooding the area, and resulting in the incident.

    Affected cities: - Aachen
    - Wuppertal:
    Sirens sounding in Wuppertal, Germany to warn about floods due to heavy rain. - Rain (2 videos)
    - Berlin:
    Horrifying video of Lightning strikes a TV tower in Berlin, Germany
    - Velbert-Langenberg

    Telegram | Posted 15th July 2021 link

    Red skip washed down the road link

    Conclusion: DUMBs and tunnels are being destroyed in Germany and there is an intensive ongoing search to make sure nothing is missed. It has also become clear that there is some effort to hide and distort public online earthquake data to prevent the truth becoming known.

    United Kingdom

    The United Kingdom | Aug 12, 2021 |
    We are told by VeryLuckyPhil @Twitter, "Whatever it is, it's a massive operation... world wide." I agree.

    UK Scan Flightpath Reports

    22nd December 2021 | England, UK link

    21st December 2021 | Offshore near Bude, Cornwall, England, UK link

    16th December 2021 | Dover, Kent, England, UK link

    16th December 2021 | Hull - Umber Estuary region, England, UK link

    15th December 2021 | Offshore Aberdeen, Scotland, UK. link

    15th December 2021 | Grimsby, England, UK. link

    15th December 2021 | Offshore Skegness, England, UK. link

    11th December 2021 | Norwich, England, UK. link

    10th December 2021 | Peterborough, England, UK. link

    10th December 2021 | Middlesbrough - Sheffield, England, UK. link

    10th December 2021 | Offshore Fraserburgh, Scotland, UK. link

    5th December 2021 | Offshore near Blackpool, England, UK. link

    5th December 2021 | Offshore Durness - Thurso, Scotland, UK. link

    2nd December 2021 | Bovington near Poole, England, UK link

    21st November 2021 | South of Perth, Scotland link

    21st November 2021 | South of Dunning, Scotland link

    21st November 2021 | West Stirling, Scotland link

    10th November 2021 | Offshore, North Fraserburgh, Scotland link

    10th November 2021 | Offshore, East Fraserburgh, Scotland link

    10th November 2021 | West of Aberdeen, Scotland link

    10th November 2021 | English Channel, Dover - Calais, UK link

    7th November 2021 | Offshore, North of Newquay, Cornwall, UK link

    7th November 2021 | Offshore, West of Bude, Cornwall, UK link

    5th November 2021 | Offshore, South-East Grimsby, UK link

    20th October 21 | Offshore near Edinburgh, Scotland link

    5th October 21 | Aberdeen, Scotland | What's with the arrow? link

    3rd October 21 | Cambridge, United Kingdom link

    28th September 21 | NW Highlands, Scotland link

    18th April 2021 | Wembley? North London, UK link

    Since 1st January 2019, the IRIS earthquake browser reveals that there have been 8 quakes (+ 1 North Sea quake). Of these, 7 quakes which were at 10km and 2 quakes in the Manchester region were at 5km. Immediately these depths suggest DUMBs.

    The quake map is edited to provide a red rings around earthquake locations to make them easier to sea. The last eathquake on the list is also at 10km depth in Northern Netherlands.

    Uk Earthquakes 2019-2021

    The North Sea quake at M4.6 is the biggest since 1/1/2019
    and interestingly exactly mid way between the UK and Norway.

    M 3.4 - 1 km ESE of Taunton, United Kingdom
    2019-12-05 22:49:15 (UTC)51.012°N 3.079°W10.0 km depth
    IRIS Info link & Waveform link

    M 3.9 - 2 km WSW of Pitstone, United Kingdom
    2020-09-08 08:45:27 (UTC)51.820°N 0.672°W10.0 km depth
    IRIS Info link & Waveform link

    M 3.1 - 5 km N of Aylesbury, United Kingdom
    2020-09-22 08:32:14 (UTC)51.863°N 0.829°W10.0 km depth
    IRIS Info link
    & Waveform link

    Further Research - 2018

    Further research was initiated when an interesting discovery was made using the IRIS Earthquake browser. In 2018, there were an additional 6 earthquakes, 2 at 5km, 3 at 10km and 1 at 10.42km. The following 2018 earthquakes are also suspect DUMB take outs. The first to be examined is a M4.1 which is quite large for the UK.

    IRIS Earthquake browser source link

    M 4.1 - 7 km NNE of Withernsea, United Kingdom | 2018-06-09 | 10.0 km depth.
    IRIS info link & Waveform link

    IRIS earthquake browser source link

    M4.3 Pontardwe, (N. Swansea) Wales, UK| 2018-02-17 14:31:04 UTC | 10.42km
    IRIS waveform link

    This M4.3 2018 earthquake has a clear spike. Presumably the size of the explosion and direction of travel means the energy of the P waves were not dissipated and thus made the recording of the initial P waves possible.

    The next four earthquakes are in a cluster as seen below:

    The closest earthquakes are ~5km due west of Gatwick Airport, hardly earthquake territory. Due to the lack of location visibility, the original image is edited, see below. Source: link

    It's interesting that two of the quake locations are in direct line with Gatwick Airport.
    It is noticeable that many underground detonations are close to transport hubs. link

    M 2.9 - 1 km S of Ewhurst, United Kingdom
    2018-07-05 10:53:24 (UTC) | 51.144°N 0.444°W | 10.0 km depth
    IRIS info link & Waveform

    It is noticeable that there is a spike in the seismic signal at ~11:11am

    M 2.7 - 4 km E of Holmwood, United Kingdom 2018-04-01 11:11:01 (UTC) | 5.0 km depth
    USGS Info link IRIS info link & Waveform link

    Please note the 11:11:01 timestamp. The last two quakes in the series have noisy signals.

    M2.4 Beare Green, United Kingdom | 2018-06-29 05:54:12 UTC | 10km
    IRIS Info link & Waveform link

    M2.6 W. Charlewood, United Kingdom | 2018-06-27 12:28:23 UTC | 5km
    IRIS waveform link

    Suspicious Events

    • Fire breaks out at Westminster Tube station ’10 storeys underground’
      Metro, 5 Oct 2021
      A team of 40 firefighters were rushed to Westminster Underground station to tackle a blaze today. The busy station was evacuated and trains were made to pass straight through without stopping. It is thought the fire broke out 10 storeys underground inside an electrical room, but how it started and the extent of the damage are not yet clear.
      Comment: 10 stories deep? This maybe be a tunnel being blown up.

    • Major BLAZE breaks out close to London’s Elephant and Castle rail station
      RT News, 28 Jun, 2021
      A huge fire broke out in commercial units close to the London Underground station of Elephant and Castle in the UK capital on Monday. The station was evacuated as firefighters tackle the blaze. Thick plumes of black smoke could be seen billowing from the transport hub on Monday in footage of the incident posted on social media. One video showed emergency workers and passersby watching the blaze before a giant fireball suddenly erupts from the side of a building.

      Comment: I wondered about one of the videos and then I found the following Elephant and Castle fire: Brave police officer saves two children from burning station, so was this a rescue mission and the bad guys blew up the facilities to hide the evidence? This is a strange and suspicious event.

    New Evidence of UK DUMBs or Tunnels Destroyed?
    Update: 22nd November 2021

    Update 22nd November 2021 | There has been a report of an M3.1 earthquake in Scotland at 10km depth that fits the criteria of either a DUMB or tunnel being destroyed. Since this Scottish earthquake is extremely well documented and includes seismic data, the report from the local newspaper The Herald is provided. Please note the amount of flightpath scans in Scotland or offshore Scotland in recent months. It is most likely that surveillance and/or military operations take place months before DUMBs/Tunnels are blown up.

    Source: Tremors from Lochgilphead felt in Edinburgh |
    16 Nov 2021 | The Herald link

    Conclusion | The most interesting aspect of these earthquakes beside the square sided eruptions is the appearance of 11:11 in the timestamps. From a metaphysical viewpoint, 11:11 is seen as a period of time or gateway to higher consciousness. Detonating underground bases with a 11:11 in the timestamp is surely a message to the world. For those who understand, we are all on the move to higher consciousness.

    We can only conclude that these were the detonation of DUMBs and/or connecting tunnels.


    Poland Scan Flightpath Reports

    10 October 2021 | Wałbrzych, Poland. link

    4 October 2021 | South of Wrozlav, Poland. link

    3 October 2021 | Klodzko, Poland. link

    Recent Earthquakes in Poland

    According to certain "official" websites, Poland has had 18 Earthquakes since 1st January 2018 up until 10th October 2021, but we know many other earthquakes have been deleted from the records. Of the accepted quakes, most of these are at 5km or 10km depths and again most are in two clusters as will be shown below.

    Wilber 3: Select Event Results with parameters set as shown link

    Wilber 3: Results for parameters set as shown above link

    Two main clusters can be seen.
    IRIS Earthquake Browser results with parameters set as shown link

    10/13 earthquakes are detailed here, with 1 deviation from either 5km or 10km.
    IRIS Earthquake Browser results with parameters set as shown link

    13 earthquakes are detailed here with no obvious pattern
    IRIS Earthquake Browser results with parameters set as shown above link

    Earthquake: green ring is at 5km depth, red ring is at 10km depth. Arrow points to earthquake with a depth shown here as 9.02km but this differs for each data provider.
    IRIS Earthquake Browser results with parameters set as shown above link

    The 2nd cluster of 6 earthquakes is shown here. The earthquake at 1km depth is shown by the brown arrow. IRIS Earthquake Browser results with parameters set as shown above link

    Missing Poland Earthquakes

    Please note that I have shown 19 earthquakes so 1 is missing from the official list. However, the Volcano Discovery Poland archive shows many many more earthquakes and actually states:
    During 2020, Poland was shaken by 3 quakes of magnitude 4.0 or above, 72 quakes between 3.0 and 4.0, and 189 quakes between 2.0 and 3.0. There were also 225 quakes below magnitude 2.0 which people don't normally feel.
    Past earthquakes in or near Poland: 2020

    This is a HUGE discrepancy.... So, even if an earthquake is recorded by a local agency, the other main earthquake agencies can choose to ignore them! Well, the following signatures that were mostly picked up in Germany explains why some of these earthquakes are being ignored.

    Poland Earthquake Signaures

    M5.0 | 2018-07-20 03-31-31-UTC | 5km
    Polkowice, Lower Silesian Voivodeship, Poland IRIS Waveform link

    M4.7 | 2018-09-15 16-35-16-UTC | 10km
    Grębocice, Lower Silesian Voivodeship, Poland IRIS Waveform link

    M3.9 | 2018-11-08 19-23-37-UTC | 5km
    Ornontowice, Silesian Voivodeship, Poland IRIS Waveform link

    M4.1 | Jan 29, 2019 12:54 GMT| 10km
    3.7 km SW Grębocice, Polkowice County, Lower Silesia, Poland IRIS Waveform link

    M4.7 | 2019-07-05 18-41-00 UTC | 11.19km
    Polkowice, Lower Silesian Voivodeship, Poland IRIS Waveform link

    M4.1 | May 12, 2021 14:42 GMT | km
    Kłodzko County, 17 km southeast of Waldenburg, Poland IRIS Waveform link

    Military Exercises

    Vast amount of resources, tactical equipment and personnel are being used to discover and destroy DUMBs and tunnels. This is the no. 1 priority of the White Hat Alliance. The following articles only provides hints at what is really going on. Please note where the military exercises have taken place and where the seismic recordings of obvious underground detonations underground took place. The truth is in plain sight....

  • RENEGADE/SAREX-20: Poland’s Largest SAR Exercise In 2020
    November 2, 2020

    We take a closer look at the Poland’s largest SAR Exercise organized in 2020. RENEGADE/SAREX-20 took place between Oct. 6 and 9, 2020, and was organized by the Operational Command of the Armed Forces (DO RSZ).

    The primary objective of the exercise was to verify the ability of the military to cooperate with non-military entities in crisis scenarios, to respond to crises. [...]

    Exercise Setting
    Interestingly, the exercise took place in numerous locations, all around Poland – from the Gdansk and Pomeranian regions, through Karkonosze mountains, Parczew forested area and in the Western Pomeranian, Pomeranian, Podlachian, Lubelskie, and lower Silesian Voivodeships. The operation involved all of the entities, services and organizations responsible for safety and rescue systems. [...]

    Comment: This is a long article but the details about rescues and hospitals really does make you realise that these exercises could have run alongside a proper militay operation.

  • Pentagon’s European exercise campaign resumes with US-Polish drill
    Defence News, May 5, 2020

    COLOGNE, Germany — Following a lull in military exercises due to the coronavirus pandemic, U.S. Army Europe plans to resume its wider training campaign with a drill in Poland next month.

    The June 5-19 exercise, Allied Spirit, will take place at Drawsko Pomorskie Training Area in northwestern Poland and is slated to include a Polish airborne operation and a U.S.-Polish division-size river crossing, according to a statement issued by the Wiesbaden, Germany-based command.

  • Massive NATO exercise starts in Poland and the Baltics
    CNN, June 4, 2018

    (CNN)A massive US-led military exercise involving 18,000 soldiers from 19 nations, primarily NATO members, kicked off Sunday along the alliance's eastern border.
    Saber Strike 18 will take place until June 15 in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The multinational exercise, which is being held for the eighth time, "is the platform to validate our collective capability to rapidly respond to and reinforce allies in a time of crisis," said US Army Europe. It is "a clear demonstration of the commitment and solidarity of the alliance."

    Comment: Certainly resources have been on the ground to undertake real rescue operations....

    U.S. Army Soldiers participate in the opening ceremony of Saber Strike at the Bemowo Piskie Training Area in Poland on Monday, June 4, 2018.
    Saber Strike 18 Begins in Poland | Courtesy: U.S. Embassy & Consulate in Poland

    Spain & Near Vicinity (Portugal, Gibraltor, North Morroco, North Algeria

    Spain Scan Flightpath Reports

    15 October 2021 | Villanueva de los infantes, ‼️ New town of the children‼️ Spain link

    14 October 2021 | Pamplona, Spain link

    12 October 2021 | South Arnedillo, Spain link

    October 2021 | Culleredo, Spain link

    October 2021 | Pamplona , Spain and west across Pyrenees, France link

    7 October 2021 | Salamanca, Spain link

    3 October 2021 | Lugo, NW Spain link

    Recent Earthquakes in Spain

    According to certain "official" websites, Spain has had 20 Earthquakes since 1st January 2018 up until 10th October 2021, but we know many other earthquakes have been deleted from the records. According to Volcano Discovery archives, it states:

    "During 2020, Spain was shaken by 5 quakes of magnitude 5.0 or above, 149 quakes between 4.0 and 5.0, 778 quakes between 3.0 and 4.0, and 3363 quakes between 2.0 and 3.0. There were also 9533 quakes below magnitude 2.0 which people don't normally feel."
    Volcano Discovery | Past earthquakes in or near Spain: 2020

    Volcano Discovery does list all these quakes and their locations but for simplicity state, only quakes found on the IRIS Browser and Event tracker are given any kind of analysis.

    Wilber 3: Select Event Results with selection area set as shown link

    Wilber 3: Results for parameters set as shown above link

    As you can see from the results presented here, most of the earthquakes in this region are at 10km. Only the local around Murcia has earthquake depths between 5-10km.

    The IRIS results show 2 main clusters around Granada and Murcia
    IRIS Earthquake Browser results with parameters set as shown link

    Around Granada there has been 7 earthquakes at 10km depth according to the
    IRIS Earthquake Browser results with parameters set as shown. link

    Murcia is the only region with a mix of earthquake depths between 5-10km.
    Also note the trend of the bigger depths correspond with highest magnitude quakes.
    IRIS Earthquake Browser results with parameters set as shown link

    The Spain - North Africa Connection

    This cluster is off the coast of Algeria near Al Hoceima.
    IRIS Earthquake Browser results with parameters set as shown link

    Closeup of the Al Hoceima cluster of 16 earthquakes, all at 10km except one (brown arrow) at 18.08km and the 5.25km (brown arrow).Interestingly, these earthquakes all took place in 2021 within 4 months (1st May 2021 - 1st Sep 2021).
    IRIS Earthquake Browser results with parameters set as shown link

    This cluster is off the coast of Algeria NE of Bejaia,
    IRIS Earthquake Browser results with parameters set as shown link

    Interesting. There was a series of earthquakes in the main off-shore Algerian cluster in March 2021. Again we have equally geographically spaced earthquakes that looks like a constellation.... Presumably wholesale destruction of DUMBs took place.

    The North Atlantic/Azores-Cape St Vincent Ridge/NW Morocco 'Dot Matrix'

    The following 'dot matrix' is a collection of 12 earthquakes that have taken place since 2018. The quakes are all at 10km depth except the one denoted by an arrow at 4.72km. Since only one earthquake is on the plate boundary (as shown), there is no reasonable explanation for why some are so carefully geographically equally spaced out.

    IRIS Earthquake Browser link

    Spain Earthquake Signatures

    Having checked all the seismic signatures in this region as tabulated above, none of the earthquakes look 'normal'. Even the signals picked up in Germany which are often better, still did not provided anything that looked normal. The following is just a random selection , that represent what was generally recorded.

    M4.6 | 2021-08-12 21:25:12 UTC | 10km
    Santafé, Andalusia, nr Granada Spain IRIS Waveform link

    M4.0 | 2021-01-26 21:36:32 UTC | 10km
    Santafé, Andalusia, nr Granada, Spain IRIS Waveform link

    M2.4 | 2020-11-02 03:07:18 UTC | 5.75km
    Rojales, Valencia, nr Murcia region, Spain IRIS Waveform link

    M1.9 | 2020-04-24 02:32:03 UTC | 5km
    Santa Pola, Valencia, (nr Murcia region near Alicante), Spain
    IRIS Waveform link

    M4.0 | 2018-08-13T14:40:03 UTC | 10km
    Abanilla, Murcia, Spain IRIS Waveform link

    M3.9 | 2018-03-02 19:08:20 | 10.63km
    Mula, Murcia, Spain IRIS Waveform link

    Human Trafficking in North Africa

    Based on the locations for suspicious earthquakes it is obvious that there is strong connection between Spain and North Africa. It is even possible that there are tunnels connecting the main hubs.

    Whatever, it is beyond the scope of this webpage to argue the case about human trafficking and the supply of humans to be kidnapped and taken underground to be used for their organs and blood etc etc. Therefore the following resources are provided that do indicate there is a problem.

    Kingdom of Morocco: Human Trafficking & Modern-day Slavery

    Morocco is a source, destination, and transit country for men, women, and children trafficked for the purpose of forced labor and commercial sexual exploitation. Children are trafficked within the country from rural areas to urban centers to work as maids or laborers, or for exploitation in the sex trade. Men, women, and children are trafficked to European and Middle Eastern countries as illegal migrants who become exploited for forced labor and prostitution. Young Moroccan girls from rural areas are recruited to work as child maids in cities, but often face restrictions on movement, non-payment of wages, threats, and physical or sexual abuse. Moroccan boys experience involuntary servitude as apprentices in the artisan and construction industries and in mechanic shops. - U.S. State Dept Trafficking in Persons Report, June, 2009
    SourceKingdom of Morocco: Human Trafficking & Modern-day Slavery

    Algeria: 10 Worst Countries For Human Trafficking

    Algeria is the largest country in Africa, and because of its location, it’s a hotbed for human trafficking. It’s a North African country and is the gateway to Europe for migrants from Mali, Niger, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, and Nigeria. It’s common for people to voluntarily enter Algeria so they can take a boat to Europe. However, many times after entering Algeria their journey to Europe is thwarted; usually they run out of money, or their money is stolen. Being in a foreign country with no money means that these people are sometimes left with no choice but to work as sex workers, laborers, domestic servants, or they are forced to beg until they collect enough money to pay traffickers to get them to Europe.
    Source Algeria: 10 Worst Countries For Human Trafficking

    Military Exercises

    Vast amount of resources, tactical equipment and personnel are being used to discover and destroy DUMBs and tunnels. This is the no. 1 priority of the White Hat Alliance. The following media information only provides hints at what is really going on. So, please note where military exercises have taken place and where earthquakes indicate the destruction of DUMBs. The truth is in plain sight....

  • Press Release - DEFENDER-Europe 21 activities begin this month, include two dozen nations
    Europe Africa Army. March 15, 2021

    [...] DEFENDER-Europe 21 will also be associated with two key training events:

    African Lion (mid-May through mid-June) – the U.S. Africa Command premier annual training event in which nearly 5,000 military personnel from approximately 24 nations will train on medical readiness, perform large-scale live-fire exercises and conduct air, maritime and forward command post training exercises. Activities will occur primarily in Morocco. Steadfast Defender (mid-May through early-June) – a new series of NATO exercises focused on the transatlantic reinforcement of Europe and demonstrates NATO’s ability to respond rapidly to the full spectrum of threats. Exercises activities will occur. Associated exercises are not directly linked to DEFENDER-Europe 21, but share many of the same participants and/or assets, and occur in the same time frame.

    The large-scale movement of troops and equipment for these exercises involve extensive support from each of the host nations, demonstrating the importance of ally and partner investment in European military readiness and defense.

    Comment: Hmmmm... Still looking at these Military exercises (there are many reports on Twitter), so updates could occur it I find anything important.

    Source link

  • First Upload: 11th October 2021,
    Last Update: 2nd January 2022


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