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Susan rennison

The New Cosmic Age is now Official!

The News of The Imbalance blog is an attempt to provide pertinent information concerning the new phenomena of space weather driving massive evolutionary change. In 2006, I self-published the book Tuning the Diamonds: Electromagnetism & Spiritual Evolution (2006, 2008, 2010, 2012 ), because I believed that Modern Mayan Elders were trying to point out that the citizens of planet Earth were entering a New World Age dominated by aether or space. The basic premise of my book was that the dramatic increase and impact of Space Weather was predicted.

Since 2006, the major significance of Space Weather has become more apparent. What's more, it has now been proven that major religious institutions, metaphysical and esoteric groups have been tracking the date 2012 as the end/start of a major astronomical cycle. Geoscientists worldwide are adamant that our planet is experiencing a “global energy leap” and the inevitable consequence will be more mega-disasters. World governments have been warned that there is a new need for disaster preparedness and there is now a new sense of urgency. This blog provides my unique perspective as a Truth Seeker, based on the integration of science, metaphysics and ancient knowledge.

The Joyfire Space Weather “Facts”
Introductory Slideshow

Slideshow: The Joyfire Space Weather “Facts” Introductory Slideshow

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For new website visitors, please watch this introductory slideshow that summarises the main issues associated with the new phenomenon of Space Weather and the inevitable implications of energy driven evolutionary change.

News of the Imbalance – The Latest News

Blog News

Due to my new circumstances, I will not have much time left to devote to this blog. I will continue to monitor the news and maybe make a few updates, but for the foreseeable future, the normal indepth analysis associated with the News of the Imbalance Blog is no longer possible. Thanks for the interest and support in my work.

With sincerity

Susan Joy Rennison, 2nd April 2014

Special Interest

Executive Order -- Coordinating Efforts to Prepare the Nation for Space Weather Events
White House, 13th October 2016
- - - - - - -

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and to prepare the Nation for space weather events, it is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1. Policy. Space weather events, in the form of solar flares, solar energetic particles, and geomagnetic disturbances, occur regularly, some with measurable effects on critical infrastructure systems and technologies, such as the Global Positioning System (GPS), satellite operations and communication, aviation, and the electrical power grid. Extreme space weather events -- those that could significantly degrade critical infrastructure -- could disable large portions of the electrical power grid, resulting in cascading failures that would affect key services such as water supply, healthcare, and transportation. Space weather has the potential to simultaneously affect and disrupt health and safety across entire continents. Successfully preparing for space weather events is an all-of-nation endeavor that requires partnerships across governments, emergency managers, academia, the media, the insurance industry, non-profits, and the private sector.

29.11.2016 I am very pleased that President Obama has understood the seriousness of Space Weather. Respect!

Environmental change triggers rapid evolution
Phys.Org News, 9th April 2013
A University of Leeds-led study, published in the journal Ecology Letters, overturns the common assumption that evolution only occurs gradually over hundreds or thousands of years.

Instead, researchers found significant genetically transmitted changes in laboratory populations of soil mites in just 15 generations, leading to a doubling of the age at which the mites reached adulthood and large changes in population size. The results have important implications in areas such as disease and pest control, conservation and fisheries management because they demonstrate that evolution can be a game-changer even in the short-term.

Professor Tim Benton, of the University of Leeds' Faculty of Biological Sciences, said: "This demonstrates that short-term ecological change and evolution are completely intertwined and cannot reasonably be considered separate. We found that populations evolve rapidly in response to environmental change and population management. This can have major consequences such as reducing harvesting yields or saving a population heading for extinction."

Although previous research has implied a link between short-term changes in animal species' physical characteristics and evolution, the Leeds-led study is the first to prove a causal relationship between rapid genetic evolution and animal population dynamics in a controlled experimental setting. […]

Professor Benton said: "The traditional idea would be that if you put animals in a new environment they stay basically the same but the way they grow changes because of variables like the amount of food. However, our study proves that the evolutionary effect— the change in the underlying biology in response to the environment—can happen at the same time as the ecological response. Ecology and evolution are intertwined," he said.

Over the decades, some scientists have been pointing out the geological and paleontological evidence for rapid evolutionary change being associated with periods of rapid climatic change, but now, due to many examples of evolutionary changes in real-time, more scientists and scientific philosophers are accepting that Darwin's theory has been falsified. This latest piece of research is just another nail in the coffin for Darwinist 'believers'…

Standing Watch against Space Weather
White House, 26th April 2013
Just as there is weather on Earth, there is weather in space. And though we cannot directly see or feel it when we step outside, it has the potential impact our daily lives.

"Space weather" originates on the Sun, can release the energy-equivalent of 100 hurricanes in just minutes, and can produce wind gusts that exceed one million mph. Every 11 years, the Sun undergoes a period of heightened activity called the "solar maximum"—a period that is occurring right now—that can bring especially powerful solar eruptions and hurl energetic particles into space, sometimes toward the Earth. Though the likelihood that these solar storms will thrust particles in our planet's general direction is very low—when they do, they can damage satellites, harm astronauts in space, make GPS information erratic or undependable, and in some cases even cause electricity blackouts on the Earth.

Updated 3rd May 2013: This is notification of a White House issued report on the capability of the United States space weather observing systems and if they can meet the requirements of the Nation's critical space weather forecasting capabilities for the next 10 years. The accompanying report is quite technical and I wonder who exactly it was written for… The comment about GPS being accurate is at odds with the opinion of the US Military who are looking for alternative solutions because GPS is effectively unusable at times when there is bad space weather and as I explained in my What is Space Weather? E-book, the ubiquitous use of GPS by our modern technological world is a serious issue.

Former CIA Director: The Grid Is Vulnerable To Attack
Forbes News, 26th April 2013
The electric power grid in the United States is vulnerable to attacks that have already begun, former CIA Director R. James Woolsey said in Chicago Thursday night, and America needs distributed generation as backup—primarily in the form of natural-gas cogeneration and solar power.

On another energy-security front, Woolsey called on automakers to produce fuel-flex cars and for gas stations to offer motorists the choice of gasoline or methanol—a liquid fuel made from natural gas—to free American transportation from dependence on OPEC. […]

The grid is under attack already, according to Woolsey, and regularly fending off hacking attempts. To illustrate the possible consequences of a successful attack, Woolsey plugged the NBC series "Revolution," which explores "what happened to America when the power went out."

"We have 18 critical infrastructures in the United States: water, food, electricity and so forth. All 17 of the others depend on electricity," Woolsey said. "Everything depends on the electric grid."

The penny is well and truly dropping concerning a solar megablast. I don't believe the excuse of a man-made EMP strike is the real problem. Are controllers now starting to panic that they have created a nightmare scenario? The issue is centralised power distribution, see archives for lots of previous articles, reports and comments, Best of the Blog Space Weather News & Reports.

Severe space weather event could have huge effect on insurance industry: Lloyd's
Canadian Underwriter News, 4th June 2013
A severe space weather event that causes major disruption to the electricity network in North America could have major implications for the insurance industry, according to Lloyd's.

In Solar Storm Risk to the North American Electric Grid, Lloyd's reports that between 20-40 million Americans are at risk of an extended outage, with durations up to one to years, from a Carrington-level, extreme geomagnetic, storm.

"The knock-on effects of loss of electricity are very difficult to quantify, but given the fact that our society is increasingly dependent on electricity they are likely to be severe and wide-ranging," according to the report.

Insurers could be exposed to significant business interruption claims in the event that businesses, public services and households are without power for a sustained period of time. This would be more so as backups are likely to last for a limited period, the report cautions.

Here Lloyd's point out that our world is already overdue for an extreme solar storm 'Carrington Event'. There is nothing really new here, but I think world controllers realise that they have to keep putting out the press releases in the hope that a few more folk will be aware that we could face a sudden apocalyptic disaster and societies are generally not prepared. Personally, I think new solutions are needed. Currently, our modern technological world is in a vulnerable state and society is being forced to play Russian roulette with the Sun. The obvious target is decentralised power grids and new forms of power supply, but of course there is huge resistant to change.
    Solar Storm Risk to the North American Electric Grid (.pdf)
    Lloyd's, May 2013
    The report, which was produced in collaboration with the Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER), examines the impact of solar storms on North America's electric grid. By developing a model with the latest information on surface disturbances from geomagnetic storms and using storm simulations, the report quantifies the risk of space weather to North America.
    This report is 21 pages long but the Executive Summary is less than 1 page.

    Executive Summary

    A Carrington-level, extreme geomagnetic storm is almost inevitable in the future. While the probability of an extreme storm occurring is relatively low at any given time, it is almost inevitable that one will occur eventually. Historical auroral records suggest a return period of 50 years for Quebec-level storms and 150 years for very extreme storms, such as the Carrington Event that occurred 154 years ago.

    The risk of intense geomagnetic storms is elevated as we approach the peak of the current solar cycle. Solar activity follows an 11-year cycle, with the most intense events occurring near the cycle peak. For the current Cycle 24, the geomagnetic storm risk is projected to peak in early 2015.

    As the North American electric infrastructure ages and we become more and more dependent on electricity, the risk of a catastrophic outage increases with each peak of the solar cycle. Our society is becoming increasingly dependent on electricity. Because of the potential for long-term, widespread power outage, the hazard posed by geomagnetic storms is one of the most significant.

    Weighted by population, the highest risk of storm-induced power outages in the US is along the Atlantic corridor between Washington D.C. and New York City. This takes into account risk factors such as magnetic latitude, distance to the coast, ground conductivity and transmission grid properties. Other high-risk regions are the Midwest states, such as Michigan and Wisconsin, and regions along the Gulf Coast.

    The total U.S. population at risk of extended power outage from a Carrington-level storm is between 20-40 million, with durations of 16 days to 1-2 years. The duration of outages will depend largely on the availability of spare replacement transformers. If new transformers need to be ordered, the lead-time is likely to be a minimum of five months. The total economic cost for such a scenario is estimated at $0.6-2.6 trillion USD (see Appendix).

    Storms weaker than Carrington-level could result in a small number of damaged transformers (around 10-20), but the potential damage to densely populated regions along the Atlantic coast is significant. The total number of damaged transformers is less relevant for prolonged power outage than their concentration. The failure of a small number of transformers serving a highly populated area is enough to create a situation of prolonged outage.

    A severe space weather event that causes major disruption to the electricity network in the US could have major implications for the insurance industry. If businesses, public services and households are without power for sustained periods of time, insurers may be exposed to business interruption and other claims.and other claims.

    I had to think about this but I suppose the super rich and elite will just get on their private jets, (even if air traffic control is still very dangerous due to poor geomagnetic conditions and satellite communications are a bit hit and miss), but they should be able to reach a place of relative safety and then initiate their plans… Hence, these types would probably already their own and very different survival plan to most ordinary people.

Mapping the Earth's Magnetosphere to Predict and Prepare for Space-weather Events
University of Tennessee, 23rd August 2013
Although the sun seems harmless at a distance, it harnesses the potential to inflict serious damage on our planet. The sun is constantly blasting plasma — a sea of charged particles — in all directions into space at speeds of up to a million miles per hour or more. This plasma, known as the solar wind, bombards Earth with massive amounts of protons, electrons and ionized atoms that can pose a serious threat to life, as we know it. If these particles were free to hit the planet, the radiation would cause life-threatening injuries to our DNA, and the massive influx of charged particles would debilitate power grids, disrupt communications networks and damage all electronic devices.

Solar activity has a direct impact on environmental conditions in near-Earth space — a concept known as space weather. Solar wind is not the only sort of activity that can affect us here on Earth. Solar flares are explosive storms that occur on the surface of the sun. These flares can emit bursts of charged particles with energy comparable to 10 million volcanic eruptions. The sun also occasionally emits coronal mass ejections, or CMEs — powerful, enormous eruptions of plasma from inside the sun's corona that are much more dangerous than solar wind or flares. CMEs can send up to 10 billion tons of the sun's plasma surging into our solar system. When hot plasma from CMEs strikes our planet, it can produce extreme space-weather events called geomagnetic storms, and these storms can cause catastrophic damage to Earth and its technological systems. […]

CMEs pose a significantly greater risk to Earth than other potentially dangerous astronomical events. The likelihood of the sun emitting a CME depends on an 11-year solar cycle. During the peak of the solar cycle, the sun can emit several of them every day. At the minimum of the solar cycle, the sun may radiate only a couple per week. In the last 200 years, our planet has already experienced two geomagnetic storms intense enough to cost us billions, even trillions of dollars. "There is an estimated 12-percent chance in the next 10 years of a solar storm of the magnitude of the 1859 Solar Superstorm hitting Earth," says Karimabadi. "That would cause over $2 trillion in damage." This amount is equivalent to a whopping 30 times the amount of damage caused by Hurricane Sandy in 2012, which cost the United States roughly $65 billion. […]

"There is an urgent need to develop accurate forecasting models. A severe space-weather effect can have dire financial and national-security consequences, and can disrupt our everyday lives on a scale that has never been experienced by humanity before," Karimabadi explains. A geometric storm on the magnitude of the 1859 superstorm narrowly missed our planet in July of 2012. If this particular CME had occurred a few days sooner, our planet would have suffered devastating consequences. Entire nations could be left without power for weeks if such a storm were to happen again.

Hmmmm…. check out the archives there was a lot of action in July 2012… Over the last nearly 9 years, I have been following the developing new scientific field of space weather prediction. Thus, it is fascinating to see that scientists have quickly abandoned lots of old theory in favour of plasma physics that models reality. After the struggle that early pioneers had pointing out the basic facts that our visible universe is 99.999% plasma that is dominated by the electromagnetic force, and should be treated as such, Space Weather is forcing a new understanding of our reality. What surprised me here is that scientists are using such language as PROTECTING OUR EARTH…. I am wondering if parts of this article are a tad alarmist coming from an academic institution, but I think people should be alarmed, as most are oblivious to the seriousness of the situation. Whatever, it is apparent, the citizens of planet Earth have entered a new cosmological era.
  • When Worlds Collide
    Researchers harness Jaguar and Kraken to better understand solar storm/magnetosphere interaction
    University of Tennessee, August 2013

30th August 2013: Update

I have decided to pin this because it looks like an amateur got this badly wrong and tried to claim we had a near miss in July 2013 when in fact it happened in July 2012, see Space weather could now cause trillions in damage I have now found yet another relevant major space weather research paper for references and further details about what happened. Dr Tony Phillips at had the opportunity to at least correct the error and failed see SPACE WEATHER FACT CHECK:…. In a nutshell, that is the reason why I don't trust him or NASA … IT IS NOT WHAT NASA TELLS YOU THAT IS THE ISSUE, IT IS WHAT THEY WON'T REVEAL… THIS IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE. THE ANSWER IS DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH… see background info and links About that almost 'Carrington Event' two weeks ago

Killer robots and crippling cyber attacks: How the world is going to end - according to super brains such as Stephen Hawking
Daily Mail, 13th September 2013
* Members of a society, which includes Stephen Hawking and Robert May, will identify threats to humanity and devise ways of ensuring its survival
* The Cambridge Centre for the Study of Existential Risk (CSER) is led by the Astronomer Royal and Cambridge don Martin Rees
* Lord Rees believes the main threats to sustained human existence now come from people, not from nature

They are an improbable group of superheroes. But some of Britain's greatest minds have got together to focus their powers on saving humanity from itself.

Led by the Astronomer Royal and Cambridge don Martin Rees, famous thinkers such as physicist Stephen Hawking and former Government chief scientist Robert May have formed a society to draw up a doomsday list of risks that could wipe out mankind.

From crippling cyber-attacks by terrorists using the internet to cause havoc, to the release of engineered diseases and killer computers, they warn the future is far from rosy. […]

'The ones that we are not so well aware of are the technological threats.

Our reliance on technology leaves us vulnerable to it. We use interconnected systems for everything from power, to food supply and banking, which means there can be real trouble if things go wrong or they are sabotaged.

'In a modern, efficient world, we no longer stockpile food. If the supply is disrupted for any reason, it would take about 48-hours before it runs out and riots begin. So on a practical level, individuals should keep some non-perishable items at home.

'Energy security is also an issue, as we import much of our fuel from abroad, so a conflict over resources in the future is possible.'

I missed this… It seems that academics at Oxford and Cambridge have woken up to the reality that the mentality of humans is now a major threat to the survival of humanity…. The penny has well and truly dropped… These guys sound like would be disaster preppers… I wonder if any of them watched the UK CH4 documentary Blackout… you would have to be truly stupid to miss the point there…. So, anybody with any intelligence knows that nationwide blackouts can only induced by a major space weather event (the U.S. have their national grid power down drill in mid November), so it seems even the super-intelligent have realised that they willl not be immune from the repercussions of a big blast of reality… Told ya so…

  • The Cambridge Project for Existential Risk
    Cambridge University, September 2013

  • Future of Humanity Institute
    Oxford University, September 2013

  • Existential Risk Prevention as Global Priority
    Nick Bostrum Oxford University, 30th September 2013
    ABSTRACT: Existential risks are those that threaten the entire future of humanity. Many theories of value imply that even relatively small reductions in net existential risk have enormous expected value. Despite their importance, issues surrounding human-extinction risks and related hazards remain poorly understood. In this paper, I clarify the concept of existential risk and develop an improved classification scheme. I discuss the relation between existential risks and basic issues in axiology, and show how existential risk reduction (via the maxipok rule) can serve as a strongly action-guiding principle for utilitarian concerns. I also show how the notion of existential risk suggests a new way of thinking about the ideal of sustainability.

Star wars: Cambridge scientists in epic battle to beat space weather
Cambridge News, 10th February 2014
Cambridge scientists are spearheading the mission to stop space 'weather' wrecking the many hundreds of satellites orbiting the Earth.

Fierce magnetic storms pose serious risks to communications machines, putting them out of commission and running up enormous bills.

In 2003, a massive radiation storm caused nearly 50 satellites to malfunction - and one of them, worth £400 million, was a total write-off. The damage is not like that in the hit movie Gravity, where a spacecraft is hit by debris - but the radiation can mess up electronic circuitry.

Scientists, satellite operators, Government officials and representatives of the insurance industry have been meeting in Cambridge to discuss the latest advances in space weather forecasting. Prof Richard Horne of the British Antarctic Survey is leading a European Union-funded project called SPACECAST, which for the last three years has been investigating and modelling the physics of high and low-energy electrons and protons in space. The system provides "risk indices" for satellite operators of the radiation in different satellite orbits.
Prof Horne said: "Despite all the advances in design, satellites are still damaged by space weather. In March 2012 three suffered loss of services for hours during a space weather event. Now, for the first time, we can forecast radiation levels for a whole range of different orbits. "The new system, which is updated every hour, will help protect satellites used for navigation, telecommunications, remote sensing and other services. Nobody has done that before."

Please note the tone of the language being used by scientists…. Very similar to the press release from scientists, "Protecing Our Earth"… Besides that, due to examples of space weather scientists echoing my sentiments, I am seriously wondering how many space weather scientists visit this blog…. Well, I have been saying "it's like star wars in lower Earth orbit" for a while now, and the evidence is clear to me that this is due to intense electric fields generating natural atmospheric lasers. The harsh reality of the arrival of a new cosmic dispensation has been established.

  • 'Chorus waves' build the need for speed in Earth's radiation belts
    NBC Science News, 18th December 2013 Flashback!
    Waves in the plasma trailing behind Earth are responsible for making the northern lights dance in the sky, but according to new research, they also create another cosmic wonder.

    Known as chorus waves, these oscillations also cause the rapid acceleration of electrons already trapped in the planet's radiation belts. The fluctuations occur in the very low frequency range, but can send charged particles spiraling into the atmosphere at velocities approaching the speed of light.

    Hmmm… Space scientists are admitting that strong electric fields in the upper atmosphere are causing particles to accelerate to nearly the speed of light…. Space science has well and truly moved on…. Besides that, I am picturing this as waves being generated in Earth's magnetotail that hit the Van allen belts surrounding Earth which makes the particles in the magnetic field lines spin faster… Maybe a suitable analogy is like how a mill waterwheel will spin faster when there is a flood… When those water wheels spin at high speed, there is some inevitable loses and a not of spray… In Earth's upper atmosphere particles accelerated to nearly the speed of light appear as beams of electrons (lasers?) that hit satellites and enter Earth's lower atmosphere… This is why I imagine that chorus waves are the cause of the "killer electrons," just like space scientists have been muttering about for quite some time, see NASA Spacecraft Records 'Earthsong' I imagine that we are really talking about natural lasers, but nobody wants to come out and directly tell us that during geomagnetic storms, it's like stars wars out there in lower Earth orbit… But the huge amount of resources being allocated in trying to deal with the increasing risk of billions of dollars worth of satellites being knocked out is telling us that this is now quite serious.

Delft Technical University Lecture, The Netherlands — 5th February 2014

Space Weather – The next frontier for the human race, Susan Joy Rennison
Delft Technical University Lecture, The Netherlands — 5th February 2014

Susan Joy Rennison was in Delft in 2011. With over 50.000 hits, her lecture is the best one viewed online of Studium Generale ever. Now she returns with the latest views on this very challenging but still little understood topic.

According to Richard Fisher, head of NASA's Heliophysics Division: "Earth and space are about to come into contact in a way that's new to human history. I believe we're on the threshold of a new era in which space weather can be as influential in our daily lives as ordinary terrestrial weather. We take this very seriously indeed."

For a long time, we believed that we inhabited a gravity-driven universe. But according to Rennison, among others, it is more accurate to say that we live in an electromagnetic universe.

I would like to say that I received an email from J. Metz informing me that this video had been posted. He also had the following to say:
“Coen Vermeer was talking about 50.000 hits on your behalf, and that number is on their website as well. The number you show on your website is 27.000. Quite a difference… The new recording is on the website. So, I hope a lot of people will enjoy your presentation as I did and wake up.”
Actually, I was informed by Dr Coen Vermeeren on 5th Feb. 2014, that my Feb. 2011 videos remain at no.1 of 500 videos at Delft T.U. something I am very proud of. However, I am sure there are now far more people interested in space weather than three years ago. So, I would encourage Joyfire supporters to send the link to others who they think may be interested in the subject of space weather with respect to the technological and metaphysical implications.

Susan Joy Rennison, 19th February 2014

Delft T.U. Space Weather Presentation Video Set-Up

I have received some complaints about the Delft T.U. video set-up, but this can be easily changed. At the top right [main video frame] there are arrows that can be clicked to swap the frames and an 'out-of-frame' button that stops the small frame being in front of the larger frame so that all the graphics/text can be seen properly.

Susan Joy Rennison, 2nd March 2014

Susan Joy Rennison, B.Sc.Hons. (Physics with Geophysics)


Joyfire Science & Metaphysics Integration
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Susan Joy Rennison quotes:

“Space Weather is now a fact of life.”

“We are all astronauts now!”

Tuning The Diamonds,
September 2006

“We must spiritually evolve as part of the new terms & conditions for living on Earth.”

Joyfire Tour – Evolutionary Change, December 2006

“Space Weather will force many changes in how we do business on this planet.”

News of the Imbalance,
April 2007

NASA Press Release:

“Earth and space are about to come into contact in a way that's new to human history.”

“We're on the threshold of a new era in which space weather can be as influential in our daily lives as ordinary terrestrial weather.”

As the Sun Awakens, NASA Keeps a Wary Eye on Space Weather
NASA News, 4th June 2010

White House Executive Order:

“Space weather has the potential to simultaneously affect and disrupt health and safety across entire continents. Successfully preparing for space weather events is an all-of-nation endeavor that requires partnerships across governments, emergency managers, academia, the media, the insurance industry, non-profits, and the private sector.”

Executive Order –– Coordinating Efforts to Prepare the Nation for Space Weather Events
The White House, 13th October 2016

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