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Hollyweird - Part 1
(Celebrity Culture Is Dying)

First Upload: 15th May 2021,
Last Update: 28th February 2024



Hollywood is dying and celebrity culture is losing it's sparkle. The Great Awakening is in progress and truths that have been known to a few are becoming known and understand by growing numbers of humanity. In recent years, TV ratings for Oscar and Golden Globe ceremony awards have tanked to the point where NBC have decided to drop the broadcast. Reuters reports that the reason or excuse was over “the ethics of the group that hands out the annual awards for film and television and its lack of diversity.” Interesting.... Maybe, many ordinary people agree with Ricky Gervasis who in 2020 roasted the Hollywood elite audience in his opening monologue for their arrogance, paedophilia and links to Jeffrey Epstein. Infact, many think that Ricky Gervasis' 13 minute onslaught was the best thing they have ever watched at the Golden Globes.

Ricky Gervais just gave the best opening speech at the #GoldenGlobes ever. (Click image for Twitter video. This video is a 7 minute 42 seconds.)

  • Golden Globes 2020: Ricky Gervais's best jokes and other highlights
    BBC, 6 Jan 2020

  • So, there are many reports, rumours and so-called false reporting of big names speaking out about the “ethics” inside Hollywood. The following headline Hollywood Denounces God and Applauds Pedophilia at the Oscars makes it clear many are turning against Tinsel Town. It has been widely reported that Mel Gibson has had a major problem with Hollywood insiders and for his dissent and bad behaviour was blacklisted in 2006. In 2017, after a suitably long time-out, he was back, but almost imediately seriously dished the dirt on Hollywood. The only reason these short quotes are provided here is because we now know that everything he said is being proven to be true.

    “Mel Gibson appeared on the Graham Norton Show on the BBC on Friday, and he schooled shocked guests about the real nature of Hollywood elites in the green room backstage after his appearance.

    Explaining that he spent the last ten years “working on my own ideas, outside of the Hollywood system” after being blacklisted by Hollywood in 2006 for sharing opinions about the industry and the world that run counter to liberal orthodoxy, Gibson said, “I don’t know how to break it to you gently… Hollywood is institutionalized pedophilia.

    “Hollywood elites are an “enemy of mankind continually acting contrary to our best interests” and “breaking every God given taboo known to man, including the sanctity of children,” Mel Gibson said in London, where he is promoting his role in Daddy’s Home 2, his most prominent on-screen role in years. “It’s an open secret in Hollywood. These people have their own religious and spiritual teachings and their own social and moral frameworks. They have their sacred texts – they are sick, believe me – and they couldn’t be more at odds with what America stands for.”

    Mel Gibson: Hollywood Is ‘Den Of Parasites’ Who ‘Feast On Blood Of Kids’, July 2018

    So, in the last year or so, Hollywood insiders state many famous movie industry people have been rounded up for crimes against humanity. At the same time, images have been circulating online of big names wearing sex offender monitorng devices or disguising these ankle braclets by wearing a medical boot. Nobody can deny that at the 2021 Golden Globes, there were very few A-listers in attendance.... Many even believe it was a double stand-in for Halle Berry.... So what is going on? To be honest, you won't like the truth....

    Hollywood has it's own satanic luciferian religion that hates the Christian God and hates anything that is created by God and therefore aims to subvert nature's perfection into something that is distorted and as much as possible man-made. Destroying purity and innocence in any way possible is demanded, hence the constant revelations of Hollywood elite's involvement in sex abuse, paedophlia and child trafficking. A recent development has been the major revelation that elites in general like to drink the adrenalized blood of children (adrenochrome), but this is still not the big secret.

    The satanic luciferian elite religious practise of creating Baphomets half female and hale male entities by inverting genders before birth and/or soon after birth and foisting them into the public domain via Hollywood, will be the final nail in the Hollywood coffin. What this means is that for decades, real men have been salivating over gender inverted females and real women have been desperate to look like male to female (MTF) gender inverted Hollywood starlets. Then there have been the highly suspicious 'pretty boys' who are harder to detect but effort is being made to out them too.

    Incredibly, insiders (including the starlets themselves) have started to talk and there are claims 85-90% of Hollywood A-listers are gender inverted. Truthers are doing 'Transvestigations' and there are websites with huge lists of suspect characters.... It is easy to be sceptical, but basic anatomy compared with photographic evidence is easy to do. Quite frankly, once the scales drop off your eyes, it is easy to see what has been taking place for many decades. So, despite huge effort to hide the truth, the apparent Hollywood addiction to plastic surgery, is now looking like a race to stop the truth that when these baphomets, especially MTFs get to a certain age, they start to look like frankenstein monsters.

    Never one for idolizing Hollywood elite or celebrity culture in general, I will still admit that I have been deceived over and over again. Do I want to believe that Tina Turner is a man? Even though the photos of a young Tina were a little suspect, it was an old music video of Tina walking in a very bizzare fashion that convinced me... Totally tranny.... Therefore, I understand why these revelations are going to be hard to stomach because it's hard to comprehend this level of deception. I have known for a long time that my natural tendency is to believe people until something happens to force me to re-evaluate my levels of trust. The problem with that is that unwittingly, many celebrities and famous people have gained levels of trust that are now being demolished.

    As a truther, I believe I am taking these revelations in my stride. However, I realise that many people are going to react very very badly. Q says many will not be able to walk down the street. I now realise the backlash about a whole host of revelations is going to be monumental. Talk of the military needing to drain the Hollywood swamp is not just idle chatter. It has to be done because whatever happens, the general public should not be allowed to take matters into their own hands....

    As a Seeker of Truth I feel compelled to point out the spiritual significance of what is happening. For those struggling to understand what is currently happening on Earth, it is important to get some perspective. Remember all the apocalyptic madness surrounding 2012? Yes, the vast majority of New Agers were misled by a few who believed the world was facing any number of doom and gloom scenarios. To make matters worse, whilst inciting hysteria, they also missed the new phenomenon of Space Weather and the fact the planet was being blasted by new levels of cosmic energy which was determined to reach a new peak in 2012. Today, 2012 is important because we are told by whistleblowers that this date is the point where timelines converge and the future of mankind cannot be changed.

    A few military whistleblowers have also been telling the world that something incredible was about to happen. Project Looking Glass, was a secret government program based on ancient knowledge and alien technology that allowed scientists to query the future and get answers in terms of probabilities and certainty statistics. This stunning technology, according to multiple military whistleblowers, revealed that all future timelines would converge into a single track in 2012. Then at a future point soon after, produce a single outcome… that outcome is one of mass human awakening.

    So, it looks like humanity were passed down garbled messages from their ancestors of a major event that will effect the future of mankind. In the Bible, Christians were told to watch for the 'signs of the times' and since over a thousand books were written about 2012, it seems an important message was not lost and this effort was not all in vain. Personally, I spent a lot of time on my blog explaining the impact of the arrival of new cosmic energy and the expected evolution of consciousness.

    Importantly, as we have already passed the point of convergence in these timelines, there’s nothing that the Deep State and demonic forces can do to stop this mass awakening and the realisation that humanity has been lied to by world controllers for thousands of years. The result will be the ultimate victory of good over evil. It doesn’t mean that the Deep State/Cabal/Luciferian satanists/Illuminati won’t try to fight back and cause as much pain, suffering and destruction as possible in their last remaining moves, but the final outcome is already preordained. The term "Biblical" really does sum up what is happening....

    So why discuss the goings on in Hollywood? Well, Hollywood is a major focus point of satanic evil. Yes, the same kind of satanic deeds have been going on worldwide amongst the so-called elite, but the mainstream media have extensively covered the so-called 'crazy' lifestyles of Hollywood A-listers in great detail. We have been provided with lots of evidence and the implications are clearly visible once our eyes adjust to the new levels of light and enlightenment available to us all. So, I would like to provide a proviso for the following information. It is not possible to be 100% sure about an individual character at a single point in time, because there is a vast amount of manipulation that is considered "normal". We are talking make-up, wardrobe, body doubles, photoshop, CGI, deep fakes, cloning and mind control. However, what is very clear is that with enough evidence and hindsight, it is much easier to see that deep deception has taken place.


  • Project Looking Glass_ From the Mouths of the Whistleblowers

    Bitchute, Dec 8th 2020

    Selling Your Soul

    Dilara Esengil is an attorney from California who works as a private consultant to high level executives across a broad spectrum of industries. She has lived and worked In Hollywood and has seen it all. She has an extensive blog, but the following statement was placed on Twitter. Dilara has no sympathy for anyone who signs a deal with the devil. The following version is edited to remove the worse descriptions of the antics in Hollywood and the bad language.

    I want to say something as an atty who worked in Pedowood until 2018. The very famous ones who were "suicided" were all guilty. I want you all to know that. They ALL signed the cabal's contract and took the deal. They knew EXACTLY what they were getting into. I'll tell you how it happens. [...]

    Alot of young ones come here from all over the country hoping to be discovered. They go to parties, clubs, bars, whatever hopping to meet that one person who is goign to help them. Meanwhile, the Luciferian order/cabal/shitshow - whatever you want to call them, is looking for these young folks. [...]

    They are looking for REAL talent and/or REAL IDIOTS who will do anything for fame and fortune. So they invite these hollywood hopefuls who have almost nothing to parties, wine and dine them. Make them feel "special" important. [...]

    The next thing is you are offered a "deal". They assign a new "handler" to you that you are not even aware is a handler. This person may be a sound design guy, a manager, even a friggin nanny. Its completely infiltrated. They gain your trust. BUT here is where the kicker is: YOU HAVE A FKKKKN CHOICE! [...]

    After you have been groomed, your teeth are fixed, you don't look like a hobo, you speak eat properly, you have a manager agent. [...] They sit you down with your bestie/handler who has been reporting to the luciferians the WHOLE TIME and say to you: you are ready. You're like ready for what?

    Ready for joining the FAMILY. YES. They ask you to sign over contracts - basically your LIFE - in the contract it often says they own you and your soul throughout the Universe. Its crafted very well. BUT ITS OBVIOUS. So many are lured by MONEY that they TAKE THE DEAL!

    BUT - this is the ONE thing that the public doesnt know: THEY TELL YOU TO YOUR FACE WHAT IS GOING ON! They say you will do this and this and this. You will agree to this and this. [...]

    Back to that meeting where you are about to sign your soul to satan (but they dont call it that but its fkkkkn OBVIOUS to any pea brained attorney reading the contract) - that IF you sign it there is NO going back. EVER. YOUR SOUL IS DONE. [...]

    If you don't sign it, you can walk the FK away. It's not hidden. SO EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM KNEW WHAT THEY WERE GETTING INTO. They CHOSE MONEY over GOD!

    Now, having said that, I will say this: maybe they didnt know about the underground labs growing humans/clones/eating us etc. BUT - they DO know about the sexual abuse, the drugs, the lifestyle. They MONEY. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure it out! [...]

    So before you go feeling sorry for dead (or living) celebrities - who were "suicided" - THEY TOOK THE FKN DEAL. They KNEW! They wanted the money and fame and fortune SO bad that they would do ANYTHING for it. So ANYTHING MEANS ANYTHING! They TELL YOU YOU ARE A SLAVE.

    Dilara Esengil, (ex Hollywood Attorney) on Twitter

    Dilara Esengil Twitter save on

    🔞⚠️WARNING:🔞⚠️ Dilara Esengil is hardcore. She has known for over twenty years about the worse things going on worldwide. Be warned if you want to look her up, read her blog and listen to some of her interviews. The truth is not for everyone.

  • The Legend of How Bluesman Robert Johnson Sold His Soul to the Devil at the Crossroads
    Open Culture, October 30th, 2020

    Comment: These videos and article are quite enlightening.... It looks like musicians have been encouraged over time to believe that to succeed they have to make a deed with the devil. Today contracts are written where musicians and actors agreed to sell themselves and their soul throughout the universe. Well, if you understand anything metaphysics and the evolution of the soul, that is quite a shocker.

  • Bob Dylan sold his soul to the devil
    YouTube, 4 Jul 2011

  • Freemasonry and the Music Industry
    YouTube, 28 Aug 2019

    Update 6th August 2021

  • Celebrity Illuminati and The Music Industry
    Illuminati Mind Control, March 12, 2013

    Many people won’t admit to themselves nor to others that the music industry is centered around the Illuminati. [...]

    You can NOT have money, lots of money in this world without first being accepted into these societies. And Hollywood stars, among others know this is a fact. OH it’s NOT just secular music….it’s ALL music that is under the power of the Illuminati curse.

    As many artists discover, the grip of this force of evil is a non-revocable soul-binding contract written in blood and enforceable by the threat of death:

    Comment: This webpage has ~155 quotes from musicians and actors who have sold out to the devil. The quotes come with images which or may not be directly related to the artist or actor. This effort requires a serious reward!!

  • Signs & Symbols Used By The Hollywood Illuminati

    There are many different names given to the powers that control the world. The truth is that there is a large number of organisations under a pyramidal power structure. Due to the complexity of the issue and to simplify matters, it is convenient to identify a group near the top of this power structure as the Illuminati, that are known to be deeply enmeshed with Feemasonary. The reason these two groups are identified is because the existence of the Freemasons is well known in society. In recent years, the mainstream have also been made aware of the existence of the mysterious Illuminati due to books like Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code and rather oddly, the fact that so many rappers brag about their envolvement.

    The Illuminati are historically known to be a nefarious and elite group aiming to orchestrate the decisions and movements of major corporations, industries and governmental bodies that affect everything in our lives. With the help of the mainstream media, the aim is to keep the average citizen operating within a very narrow band of approved behaviour and thoughts. It is no secret that great efforts are made to study humanity in order that we can be more easily manipulated. Thus TV and all forms of mass media that includes magazines, pictures, movies, music, videos, etc are utilised. Anyone who gains popular support will only be allowed to push the party line and nothing else.

    It is apparent that for esoteric reasons, world controllers know that their plans will only work if they operate in plain sight. This is why Predictive Progamming is important. What audiences think is purely entertainment, is used to literally create our futures. To facilitate this, the Illuminati love to use numerology, signs and symbols and they are widely used in all forms of communication. It is beyond the scope of this webpage to debate all the reasons for Illuminati signalling, but it is easy to spot once a certain level of education has been acquired. Personally, I think that celebrities flashing hand signs is to tell others that they belong to the Illuminati club. More sophisticated signalling is used by TV news and newspapers to communicate with Illuminati members.

  • Jim Carrey and the All Mocking Tongue (Video), 2nd July 2017

    One Eye Hidden: This is basically a salute to the Illuminati elite to let them know they are in allegiance with them and willing to push the assigned agenda (similar to throwing up gang signs). For deeper meanings see, The Mysterious 'All Seeing Eye' which includes in the analysis why Illuminati occultists 'darken' their left or right eye.

  • Twitter: One eye symbolism compilation
    accompanied to the song Tainted Love

  • Twitter: The one eye cover-up
    2 min video

    Shhh! Gesture: This denotes secrecy, silence and possible obedience to an initiates code of silence.

    Owl eyes: This appears to be the use of one symbol with two different occultic references. The fingers are shaped to signal the number 666 and gives references the number of the beast or Antichrist. Flashing this sign is to acknowledge being in the inner circle of those participanting in the Illuminati agenda. The owl look is a clear reference to the Moloch deity of the Canaanites, who in biblical times were known for sacrificing their children to this god.

    Checkerboard floors and/or patterns: Masonic symbolism representing basic duality in the universe. Used to signify authority (used by police forces on uniforms etc).

  • Twitter: The Masonic Madness Factory
    1 minute video of lots of chequered floors and all seeing eyes by top celebrities

    winkprissarealitytheory blog, 5 Jun 2015

    Comment: I don't agree with all the explanations for the signs and symbols but it is useful to see this list.

  • Checkerboard floors and masonic symbolism in movies and music - Part I
    Slideshare, Feb 23, 2014

    (Image right). Young black rapper exposes what goes on in Hollywood. He explains to his friends what you need to do to stay safe by watching out for those who have sold their souls
    and practice witchcraft. Tik Tok: Part 1, Part 2 , Part 3

  • Transvestigations

    Multi-generational illuminati elite and some satanic families routinely gender invert their children often at birth or more recently in the womb and start ritual abuse very early on. This progresses to more formalised mind control programming. According to Fritz Springmeier, the mind control is different for illuminati families. The recent story of Mariah Carey's sister Alison suing their mother for allowing her to be abused in satanic rituals when she was 10, is a prime example. At this point, it is fair to state that despite the deep programming, many satanists want to escape from their evil families and tradition. The problem with Hollywood is the fame and money is still too hard for most to walk away from.

    There has been some sterling work done to point out the deceit going on and since the most famous are continuously dragged out by the mainstream media for public consumption, it is easier to see that MTF gender inversions look less and less female as they age... For example, Joan Rivers at age 81 was still having minor elective surgery when something went wrong and she died... I would say that the evidence suggests some MTFs desperately try hard to stop their bodies revealing the truth. So, it is a lot easier to understand why most Hollywood celebrities have so much plastic surgery and why it's not for the reasons that we have all believed for so long.

    Anyway, I have enjoyed being educated on this subject. My favourite expression to describe these super skinny MTF figures is, "no curves.... just straight as a 2 by 4". LOL!! This selection of characters had to be minimised but it's easy to find many more articles and videos on this subject. The main issue is that some people's work is more credible and believable than others. It is well known that Hollywood A-listers often use body doubles for promotional videos and pictures. Images can be easily photoshopped, but it is impossible for these people to stop every revealing photograph that tells the truth. As we are now learning, the few that make their way into Hollywood circles are often fooled and some even get a surprise in the bedroom...

    Click image for link

    Some Anatomy Basics

    The differences between the adult female and male pelvis relate to function and body size.

    • In general, the bones of the male pelvis are thicker and heavier, adapted for support of the male’s heavier physical build and stronger muscles.
    • The female pelvis is adapted for childbirth, it is wider than the male pelvis.
    • The increased pelvic width, the subpubic angle is larger in females (greater than 70 degrees) than it is in males (less than 70 degrees).
    • The female sacrum is wider, shorter, and less curved, and the sacral promontory projects less into the pelvic cavity, thus giving the female pelvic inlet a more rounded or oval shape compared to males.
    • The lesser pelvic cavity of females is also wider and more shallow than the narrower, deeper, and tapering lesser pelvis of males.
    Because of the obvious differences between female and male hip bones, this is the one bone of the body that allows for the most accurate sex determination.
    Source: Male Vs. Female Pelvis: 15 Major Differences (With Diagram)

    MTF Gender Inverted | What can you see?

    Deep set eyes ✅
    Prominent brow ridge ✅
    Square skull ✅
    Angular/chiseled jawline ✅
    Adams apple/possible Adams apple ✅
    Receding hairline ✅
    Ring finger longer than index finger ✅

    Broad shoulders ✅
    Shoulders wider than hips ✅
    Long arms ✅
    Big hands ✅
    Adonis belt ✅
    High navel ✅
    Large feet ✅
    Bulging trachea (~ 4 inch long windpipe
    in the throat area) ✅

    Suspect Gender Inverted Celebrities

  • Transvestigation In Hollywood
    Rapsta24 Wordpress, Nov 14, 2018
    [...] "The pic to the left [above here] displays Mr. Alba with a male torso, hips, legs, adonis belt, and even the male shoulders and limbs. No child bearing hips here. To the right we have surgeries and hormones trying to mask the true gender of this guy, but an epic fail. He has the brow ridge, male jaw, deep set eyes, pretty much the face and skull of a guy."

    Comment: Mr Alba... LOL!! This short article provides images of male/female human anatomy and transvestigations of Megan Fox, Jessica Alba and Halle Berry. Two videos are provided of Megan Fox and Jessica Alba who both confess to being a man. Halle Berry has not formally confessed, but her adonis belt is put on show for the world to see that she was born male.

    28th Feb 2022 | Machine Gun Kelly says he and Megan Fox will get married once they find a 'gothic' venue that can build him a 'red river' for the wedding.
    Telegram link
    Comment: Megan needs to shave down her trachea...

    Bitchute, Nov 16th, 2019

    Left: Taylor Swift. Right: Angelina Jolie. (Right click to enlage image)

  • Taylor Swift: a transvestigation
    YouTube, 4 Nov 2019
    Copy on Bitchute: here

  • Angelina Jolie Is A Man
    YouTube, 5 Jun 2018

  • Lady Gaga Finally Comes Out As A Man
    YouTube, 12 Aug 2010
    🔞⚠️ WARNING:🔞⚠️ You get to see what's up her skirt..... Might explain the reason for the song, Born This Way. Copy on Telegram link

  • Kylie Minogue: a transvestigation
    YouTube, 22 Sept 2019
    A transvestigation of Kylie Minogue. Also featuring Dannii Minogue.

    Comment: Australian pop sensation Kylie Minogue was born a man, her sister Dannii was born a woman and the pair are contrasted here. It is really obvious here, "hips don't lie".

  • A transvestigation of "Pretty Woman" star, American actress Julia Roberts
    YouTube, 2 Jan 2020
    Comment: I first decided to not bother with Julia Roberts, until I found the above 1982 photo going around on social media. OMG! Recent photos of "her" with a bulging trachea is further proof that Julia was not born female. (There appears to be a soft disclosure effort taking place of the baphomet agenda in Hollywood, so further updates may be required....).

    YouTube, October 26th, 2019
    Bitchute copy : here

    According to Wikipedia, "Cynthia Ann Crawford (born February 20, 1966) is an American model, actress, and businesswoman. During the 1980s and 1990s, Crawford was among the most popular supermodels and a ubiquitous presence on magazine covers, runways, and fashion campaigns." Hence, due to Cindy's ex supermodel status, I think she deserves a selection of pictures to be at least fair.... So, even though she still gets press for her lack of aging (has she been on the adreno juice?) and tabloid attention concerning how good her figure is for her age, it is clear that as she has aged, it is much harder to hide the fact that she is MTF gender inverted. As outlined below, amongst the irregularitiesis is the hint of an adonis belt and like many of her type, she will make an effort to hide the evidence by posing with her hands on the hips.

    YouTube, November 7th, 2019
    Bitchute copy: here.

    Model Christine Teigen walks the runway during the Tyler Rose Swimwear fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim at the Raleigh on July 19, 2010 in Miami Beach, Florida.
    (July 18, 2010 - Source: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images North America)


    Comment: There are some nicely touched up pics of this character on the internet in her previous role as a swimwear model, but papparazzi pics tell the truth. The video is from MAG BITTER TRUTH and this one comes with a language warning!!!! Btw, this character has become one of the most hated celebrities on the internet.

    (Right click to enlarge image)

  • How Donatella Versace transformed herself into a human waxwork with Botox,
    implants and laser resurfacing

    Daily Mail, 6 Nov 2014
    Comment: Donatella has always been ugly, but damn.... I can't work out why I did not realise she was a transgendered.... It is bloody obvious now!

    Bitchute, 8 Apr 2021
    Comment: MAG BITTER TRUTH PROVIDES A BUCKET WARNING!!! You need to get a sick bucket before you start watching this.... LOL!! MAG makes a big mistake here. Gianni Versace who was killed in a mafia hit (my opinion based on known facts), was the famous designer. Donatella was his so-called sister who took over the Versace fashion empire after his death....

  • Victoria's Secret Transgender Transvestigation
    YouTube, 23 Jul 2020
    (German/English descriptions)

    (Right click to enlarge)
  • 11 and 12-year-old Venus & Serena Williams on Trans World Sport
    YouTube, 10 Dec 2012

    YouTube, 15 May 2019

  • 11 and 12-year-old Venus & Serena Williams on Trans World Sport
    YouTube, 10 Dec 2012

    YouTube, 15 May 2019

  • Serena & Venus Williams - Transvestigation
    YouTube, June 2022

    Comment: This is another Angel Price Transvestigation. Don't always agreed but this video has an excellent selection of photos.
    Right | June 2001 Essence magazine cover tells us the truth!

    (Right click to enlarge image)

    YouTube, 30 Jan 2021
    Comment: It appears the legendary Clint Eastwood came from an elite family and was also gender inverted at birth or soon after. A short summary of photographic evidence: wide hips, lack of male ribs hence waistline and hourglass figure, mastectoctomy scars showing and even more obvious with aging. It is clear Clint did not have the benefit of modern plastic surgery to hide feminine traits, especially when he was younger and not beefed up with hormones to produce big muscles.

    Left: Michael J Fox. Right: FTM Transgender, see video link below.

    Left: Ryan Gosling. Right: FTM Transgender, see video link below.

    Bottom: Leonardo DiCaprio

  • Female to Male Transgenders
    YouTube, 18 Jun 2018
    Comment: It's much harder to spot FTM transgenders. There are the obvious "pretty boys", but I think Leonardo DiCaprio fits the criteria for a FTM transgender. Blogger MrE3000 who did the above video on a Hollywood Transgender couple, got mainstream media attention for his "wacky" conspiracy theory. This is all explained in this video. Whatever, the best way to try and evaluate possible FTMs in Hollywood, is to study those who are open about their gender transition.

    Bitchute, July 20th, 2022

    The massive effect the MSM and Hollywood trannys have upon the psyche of the unfortunate spectators.

    Comment: This is the best video I have come across that gives a lot of detail of how to check someone's gender with the need for a DNA test! After a lot of research on this subject, I was still shocked by a few names provided here that I had no idea about.... The introductory talk about psychology can be ignored and you can start at ~ 7 minutes to save some time. Btw, now I watch movies differently. I check for which ones are gender inverted. Makes for more interesting viewing.

    YouTube, May 24th, 2018

    Comment: Mr E (originally blogger MrE3000 on YouTube) explains the FTM transition science. Basically girls are put on HRT (tesosterone) right before puberty to block female puberty.

  • Hollyweird Humiliation Ritual (1)
    YouTube, 2 Mar 2020
    Part humiliation ritual and part means of pushing a larger agenda unto the masses. This has been the steady normalization of feminizing men and the blurring of gender lines. If the powers that be can alter and manipulate gender, they can eliminate it. In doing so, the transhuman phase can commence.
  • Hollyweird Humiliation Ritual (2)
    YouTube, 9 Jun 2020

    (Right click to enlarge image)

  • 9 celebrity parents raising gender non-binary and transgender kids
    Insider, Jan 26, 2020

  • 10 Celebrities Who Proudly Support Their Transgender Kids
    Cafemom, Feb 27 2020

    Some Educational Transvestigations

  • Barry O | Sandara Bullock | RAQUEL WELCH | Pink | Madonna |
    Tina Turner 2 | Princess Stephanie of Monaco | Røyålty | FIRST LADIES

    (Comment: FIRST LADIES is a good compilation of old pictures but the blogger loses it and goes off into a rant, so turn off the audio!!)

  • Voice feminizing therapy and surgery
    Mayo Clinic

    FROT, May 3, 2019
    "[...] Study and investigate the following long list of names, many you’ll be familiar with. They are suspected secret TGs; many have failed the physical tests. Give their photos and films the test; know what to look for: the basic structures of actors compared to bodies of real men and women. No amount of surgeries, hormones, wigs, clothes, make-up and brainwashing can hide the secret sex-changes as the elites age. They age very badly, especially in the hair or lack of hair. Women acquire the male baldness trait. Don’t be so sure those macho, bald men of films are men. Girls of Playboy and Victoria Secret and Maxim don’t measure up to real girls. Don’t be too sure that the sexiest of icons and actors, men and women, were really the sex they appeared to the public."

  • The Transpocalypse

    Tavistock institute of mind control
    YouTube, 9 Feb 2021

    This 16-minutes mini-documentary speaks of THE TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE OF MIND CONTROL, London non-profit organisation set up by the British Royal Family on behalf of the central bankster elites (aka the “Committee of 300”). Mission was to design propaganda and demoralisation campaigns against the people of every nation of the world. Tavistock is one of the grandaddies of global psychological warfare. It has been tirelessly operating via perverted pop culture since the end of World War II, to instigate the decline of the United States and the nations of the world. The goal of this global psychological warfare was to usher in the Great Reset of the New World Order.

    Comment: This short documentay explains that Hollywood is used to degrade humanity. Jut in case you don't know, THEY HATE YOU! This copy has been re-uploaded on YouTube, but can disappear at any time. You find another copy of this important video on Bitchute TAVISTOCK: INSTITUTE OF MIND CONTROL, LONDON - ABSOLUTELY MUST WATCH

  • Tavistock Institute of Mind Control [Video], 26 January 2021

    "Alexandra Bruce – AmySaysWTF is a small, new YouTube account that created this decent mini-documentary about the Tavistock Institute, the London non-profit organization set up by the British Royal Family on behalf of the central bankster elites, aka the “Committee of 300” to design propaganda and demoralization campaigns against their targets.

    As she lays out here, Tavistock is one of the grandaddies of psychological warfare and it has worked tirelessly to instigate the decline of the US via pop culture since the end of World War II.

    After this siege of non-stop psychological warfare geared to bring about the central banskters’ Great Reset, we can now see how these shenanigans are but the latest round of a longterm war of the elites against the people."

  • John Hopkins/MK-Ultra is behind the transgender movement
    Your social constructs are showing, 12 Feb 2019

    "Dr. John Money, the father of modern trans ideology, studied at John Hopkins. That university conducts research and experiments for MK-Ultra. Dr. John Money coined paraphilia in lieu of perversion as well as chronophilia, gender identity, and gender role. MK-Ultra has been messing with people’s sexual identities and orientations for a long time, because if you can get someone to change their sexual identity and orientation then you are already controlling their psychology and personality. Lesbians are pressured into believing that men can be lesbians and that women can become men, while straight men that chasing trannies is heterosexual and men can become womenl. It’s also about population control via sterilization and various chemicals (synthetic hormones and medications for the inevitable illnesses and health issues). The “therapy” they undergo for their transition just reinforces the brainwashing.

    I’ve been posting about this but many people would rather believe all the “female” political leaders, philosophers, and entertainers are all real women. In actuality, the imposters outnumber the women, especially the richer, more powerful and influential they are.

    Comment: Direct link to embedded video: Johns Hopkins Researchers Find No Scientific Evidence People Born Gay or Transgender.

    Video Info: Johns Hopkins Researchers Find No Scientific Evidence People Born Gay or Transgender. A little under first half of video reports research findings and expert commentary, the rest is a warning about how children are indoctrinated into the LGBT lifestyle through the school system. Near the end Dr. Charles Stanley preaches a message you don't want to miss, telling parents about the dangers of public schools.

    The Butterfly Question

    It has been noted that celebrities often cross their legs when posing for photographs, the question is why? Are they sending a message? I believe some are clearly signalling that they are baphomets and following the deity they worship who is often portrayed with legs cross.

    The blogger Michelle W goes against the truther grain that Hollywood celebrities are all under Monarch/MK Ultra Mind Control and states she thinks the movie Silence of the Lambs (1991) is really about Hollywood soft disclosure concerning gender inversions. The movie referred to transsexualism which most people believe equates to the transgender agenda we see clearly today. As part of the movie plot, the young FBI trainee Clarice Starling (Jodie Foster) is hunting a serial kille, "Buffalo Bill" (Ted Levine), who skins his female victims. To catch him, she seeks the advice of the imprisoned cannibalistic serial killer Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins). Lecter immediately recognises the behavioural traits of Buffalo Bill who also stuffs moths down the throats of his victims. In his diatribe, Lecter emphasises the symbolism of the butterfly or moth that has transformed from the caterpillar to chrysalis or pulpa to a thing of beauty. Since the butterfly symbolism is common amongst celebrity culture, Michelle W states Hollywood in general wants to redefine humanity. In reality, Hollywood is only part of the "bread and circuses" of meaningless and shallow entertainment provided to dumb down and socially engineer society. Interestingly, I have a rather mundane explanation of a moth being placed in the throat as I think it also hints at the surgical procedure of placing an implant into the throat to create a fake adams apple as part of the ruse of making a person born as a woman appear to be a fully developed man.

    A similar theme was expressed at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest where the androgenous Conchita Wurst, an Austrian singer, won with the song Rise like A Phoenix. The blogger @The Trans Files points out the 2012 opening cermony also featured a phoenix, see the start of the following YouTube video, The Luciferian "Phoenix" Agenda.

  • Mr E3000 Explains The Origin of Purple Rain

    This channel (Red_Red) on Bitchute hosts an archive of Mr E3000 aka Mr E transpocolypse videos on bitchute. This video provides the esoteric philosophy and meanings behind the push for gender inversions or baphomets. Mr E discusses the ancient symbols for a man and woman and then the 'logic' for the sexes merging that is represented by a new gender fluid symbol, see right. The artist Prince is discussed, his wearing of this new symbol and his song 'purple rain' or 'purple reign' is of most interest here.

    Mr E on Bitchute
    Basically, the transpocalypse is is about an effort to annihilate the current version of the human race and bringing in transhumanism. We see here that the idea has been around for a very long time. See the short clip, Trangender -Trans Human.

    Dilara Esengil On Hollywood Gender Inversions

    Bitchute, 1st May 2021

    BE WARNED!!!!!!!! Some of the discussion here is shocking as the conversation casually strays into other related subjects.

    Summary | This video is ~1 hour 13 minutes long. Linda Paris and Dilara Esengil are not your average women. Linda Paris nee McAllister was a veteran producer, animator, and art director for CNN, ESPN, and other networks. I would say they are both hardcore warriors so don't expect them to be 'nice' at all times especially with the subject matter at hand.

    When Dilara was a practising attorney working in the entertainment industry based in Hollywood, Dilara claims that she has heard at least a few dozen stories in person (first hand) of people in Hollywood confronted with a 'woman' with a male appendage (Baphomets). Linda Paris and Dilara Esengil discuss gender inverting and creating gender neutral people who become made in the image of the Baphomet.

    ~10:00 Dilara tells stories of 'females' with a male appendage in Hollywood. Linda names Angeline Jolie as M to F Transgender who is a prime example of someone with a 'nub', apparently well known??? They discuss mask cloning/cloning of celebrities. Then state that as each version has slight variations, CGI is used to disguise the differences. Please note: Linda and Dilara discuss horrible experiments done on humans by the Nazis to eplain that awful experiments on humans is already commonly understood. Also, it is now becoming clear that what people have been shown in sci-fi movies and even some children's cartoons is actually what has been going on underground. So as shocking as this information is, it is our reality.
    ~23:30 Dilara gives an interesting update on Regenerative Medicine. Re Med Beds, she says photos she has seen on the internet are older tech than what is actually available. This is compared to what she has seen in her professional capacity working with leading age doctors. There are some amazing inventions ready and waiting for humanity once the Cabal have been dealt with.
    ~26:00 - Conversation gets gruesome. (Sorry to say these two are not lying, I have seen terrible photos and videos online, but links will not be posted on this website. You might want to skip this section... All I can say is thank God that there is now enough good military to sort this mess out!)
    ~32:30 Discussion of the last real Oscars with Ricky Gervais.
    ~33:50 Hollywood is a C_IA operation.
    ~43:25 Scientology mention and links to other groups under a big umbrella organisation.
    ~44:00 85-90% of top Hollywood stars are inverted!! Many are inverted in the womb or artificial womb, before birth. Then continuing the transformation with hormone therapy and whatever technology is secretely available. Dilara says some are just possessed....
    ~46:45 Doing anything for fame and fortune. Selling your soul and it being owned throughout the universe.
    ~48:30 MK Ultra program mind controlled actors. Aliens in movies.... Holograms that look like real. Shape shifting videos are real. (Examples all over the internet....)
    ~57:00 Dilara reveals she received ample evidence from her husband who knew about the cloning centres 20 - 25 years ago. (Remember Dilara is an attorney, she knows what the definition of evidence is).
    ~1:01:00 The Great Awakening. Cult de-programming requirement for sheeple.
    ~1:04:30 The vax and eugenics. Stupid people are sterilising themselves.
    ~1:06:00 Truth seekers are now the enemy, but revelations are coming for the lemmings.
    ~1:07:45 Victoria Secrets - top models are all transgenders (gender inversions). Dilara and Linda realise they need to find a proper expression to insult inversions and leave the real transgenders alone.
    ~1:10:30 Discussion of the names to give the game away. Like Sandra Bullock.
    ~1:11:30 Genetic modification in the womb.

    Bitchute, 2nd May 2021

    BE WARNED!!!!!!!! Some of the discussion here is shocking as the conversion casually strays into other related subjects.

    Summary| This video is 1 hour 26 minutes long. Linda Paris and Dilara Esengil are not your average women. I would say they are both hardcore warriors so don't expect them to be 'nice' at all times, especially with the subject matter at hand.

    ~0:00 Gruesome talk about underground evil, Ghislaine Maxwell and her submarine licence.
    ~04:30 Steven Tyler with breasts photo
    ~06:15 Axel Rose from Guns & Roses?? A look at anatomy but bad pic.
    ~09:15 Mention JLo had ribs removed to give her a more female look.
    ~10:00 CGI often used to disguise traits.
    ~12:00 Gwen Stefani (MTF) & partner Blake Shelton (FTM). Voice discussion. Castratos and hormone therapy.
    ~15:00 Discussion. Transgenders and genetic interference and engineering, but gender inversions is a deception. Gender inverted celebrity idols are sending mixed messages on a subliminal level.
    ~21:50 Photo of U.S. politician Chuck Schumer's 'wife'. She looks like a man dressed up as a woman. No effort has been made to feminise at all rather like Barbara Bush.
    ~22:50 Photo of gaunt looking actress that has aged badly to reveal a MTF gender inversion suspect.
    ~24:00 Photo of Joan Van ark, again revealing badly aged MTF gender inversion suspect.
    ~25:50 Photo of Angelina Jolie with receding hairline, discussion of Brad Pitt.
    ~27:00 Photo of Marilyn Monroe as a toddler (looks like a boy).
    ~27:30 Photo of Steven Tyler's feet - horrible... Dilara says suspected inbreeding or genetic manipulation. A whole group of doctors that work for the cabal to deal with all the problems of gender inverted people. ~30:00 Talk about military men who become transgender based on indoctrination, abuse and being experimented on.
    ~34:00 Discussion moves on to Michael Aquino - well known satanist high up in the US military. AI tech and innoculations.
    ~38:00 Lots of transexuals in California. Dilara says the reason is because California is spook infested.
    ~41:20 There is hope! Some young kids are breaking free from the mind control.
    ~44:00 Clear difference between those who are aware and those who are lost...
    ~47:00 Discussion of liberals and lack of attractiveness. Fear and hate makes you ugly.
    ~49:00 Dilara thinks that some in Hollywood are the result of experimentation and are really genetic failures that are being used to manipulate the public. Mentions documentary The Century of the Self for how this is achieved. Battle for the mind.
    ~51:00 Public tend to be disappointed when they meet their 'idols' but meet and greets fake clapping to signal approval. The media is a psychological operation.
    ~54:30 Dilara explains how Hollywood is sometimes used to create fake crime scenes that are broadcast as mainstream news. For example contractors do CGI but don't know how this work is used. Reason is to control the mind of the American people.
    ~59:00 All a big C_IA spook show. Then discussion moves onto cloning technology.
    ~1:03:00 Positive side, this technology can be used for good like 3D printing a human ear.
    ~1:06:00 Discussion of the deception and lies of the evil overlords.
    ~1:09:00 Winding up. What's going to happen in Hollywood? Round up will continue but a few will be left. The leftovers will have a problem with the general public when the truth becomes generally known.
    ~1:11:15 Rumour Hollywood is going to be shut down like Washington D.C. The Hollywood sign is going to be destroyed by controlled burning (blown up) and demolished.... Somehow the movie industry is going to be shutdown because too infested with evil.
    ~1:13:45 Talk about old idols like Cher and whether we will officially find out the true gender of these people. Dilara says that we will find the truth when they start to imprison the doctors and stylists etc will talk. (Actually, I think when the money dries up and when too many in Hollywood are locked up for their crimes against humanity, then those who made their living supporting them are going to talk.) There are hundreds and even thousands of these people who will come onto talk shows and tell people what they have seen and know.
    ~1:17:00 Historical references like statues to baphomets and female looking men.
    ~1:20:00 Question mark over Elvis Presley? There are transvestigations on him (don't worry he's a man!). Some people will never believe that many in Hollywood are gender inverted.
    ~1:23:00 Final thoughts. Dilara says stay abreast of the information of what is really going on, keep your mind open and don't rule anything out.

    More Baphomet Info

    Not for the faint hearted.....

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