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First Upload: 20th November 2020,
Last Update: 18th December 2021

President Trump's World Tour In Order To Initiate GESARA

There is no doubt that it would be impossible to create worldwide peace and prosperity without bringing down the Cabal first. To this end it has been widely reported that from mid 2017 President Trump conducted a world Tour to inform world leaders that they needed to capitulate or there would be serious consequences. The evidence that this took place was first presented by a Truther called Charlie Freak with his now famous Youtube Video entitled, The Takedown of the Cabal from A to Z (now watched by almost 3 million people).

It is explained that Trump was working with Military Intelligence (Q) who had access to troves of NSA data related to horrendous crimes that many world leaders, officials and CEOs have participated in and facilated by their actions. Charlie Freak states that when presented with this evidence, these high level individuals capitulated to Trump's authority. It was noted that after a while, when Trump was present at important events, many leaders were seen clasping their hands, like they were in handcuffs or maybe trying to show that their hands were tied. It is important to note that in these circles, symbolism is very important.

Therefore, what is presented in the mainstream media is not the same as what is occuring behind the scenes. Hence, regardless of what happened at the November 2020 election, US Military Intelligence (Q) is still working behind the scenes to remove those responsible for the most horrendous crimes against humanity. The following is a basic review of President Trump's world tour as presented by Charlie Freak with additional clarity on timelines.

Saudi Arabia, May 2017

In May 2017, President Donald J Trump started a a world tour and his first stop was Saudi Arabia. He was given a royal Saudi welcome, by receiving the golden collar of abdulaziz al Saud by King. However, Trump was there to request cooperation and he laid out documents, photographs, disks, cds, dvds with footage of Saudi leaders doing horrific things.... Due to the consequences of ordinary Saudis finding out what their leaders had been doing, the King publicly capitulated to Trump.

We know this occurred because the King held a sword dance in honor of Trump, but traditionally only the king holds the sword. The photo shows Trump holding the sword which in effect means they have practically handed control of Saudi Arabia to Trump. The upshot was was that Saudi Arabia became part of the White Hat Alliance in the fight againt the Deep State/Cabal. Q drop 140.

As another consequence, it was reported that 2 weeks later, prominent men in the country started getting arrested...

Israel, May 2017

Immediately after leaving Saudi Arabia, Trump went to Israel. After symbolic gestures like Trump visiting the wailing wall, he laid down what the future was going to look like in a similar manner to what happened in Saudi Arabia. The sign that Israel had publicly submitted was when they announced that US would be allowed to move their embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Vatican, May 2017

Trump left Israel & flew straight to Rome. Pope Francis and his people were shown a massive trove of evidence that the Church was involved in human trafficking etc.

Trump would not leave until Pope Francis issued a papal bull announcing that by a certain date, the Vatican bank which was in control of the federal reserve banking system worldwide, handed the position of head executor and exchequer to Donald J Trump. The Pope looked extremely sullen in this now infamous photo.

The EU & NATO, May 2017

Trump then left Rome & flew to Brussels. The EU & NATO leaders were given 'the facts' to facilatate their cooperation. The public sign that they were forced to submit, was that Trump told them that they had to stand down on BREXIT and to pay more for NATO.

Las Vegas Battle, Oct 2017

In Oct 2017, a Q drop implied the Cabal tried to take out the new Saudi Crown Prince Bin Salman (good guy). (The former evil Saudi Crown Prince Alwaleed is neutralized.)

He just happened to control Twitter. This was a KEY EVENT. Go read Q drop 117.

Big Tech CEOs

With the takedown of puppet master Alwaleed, Crown Prince Bin Salman goes on a Trump approved trip to all the CEO's formally owned & controlled by the Saudi side of the Cabal pyramid. In 2018, visits to Silicon Valley companies took place (Google. Apple. Twitter. Facebook. Microsoft. Etc.) and were widely reported.

Japan, Nov 2017

In November 2017, Trump arrived in Tokyo with his DECLAS material and the Japanese did not put up much of a fight. Trump also brought his own 4 foot high trophy to present to the winner of the sumo championship. Since the sumo arena is considered sacred ground, this was considered a sign of submission that Trump was allowed to present his own President's Cup.

South Korea & North Korea, Nov 2017

Trump left Japan & flew to South Korea where governments in Asia have been heavily complicit in child trafficking. Again there was no resistance and so Trump went to the North Korea border to meet with Kim Jong-un to start the process of peace talks.

Thus, Trump surprised the MSN with a quick peace treaty with North Korea to demonstrate his power and to provide another sign of submission from Asia.

China, Nov 2017

Trump then flies to China to meet with Xi in the Forbidden City. This is a MASSIVE act of capitulation. Xi had already visited Trump at Mar A Lago for a few days in the Spring of 2017, so there is no mistaking what was taking place.

For those who have studied what life is like in China for ordinary Chinese people, there is a deep desperation to get rid of the Deep State in the guise of the CCP.

Vietnam, Nov 2017

Trump then heads to Vietnam to get Southeast Asian leaders that includes Singapore & the Philippines to stop human trafficking. No resistance.

Photo below: U.S. President Donald Trump, left, and Vietnam's President Tran Dai Quang, right, attend the welcoming ceremony at the Presidential Palace in Hanoi, Vietnam Sunday, Nov. 12, 2017. Trump is placed in the honor position to the right of Vietnam leader as proof of submission.

Davos, Switzerland, Jan 2018

Trump flies into the Lion's Den at Davos Switzerland with George Soros & Klaus Schwab present. Trump provided these bosses with envelopes informing them that they all had incriminating evidence against them that would be used if they did not totally cooperate.

(This might explain some embarrassing photos floating around on social media of a few of these big names wearing some saucy outfits....) All the largest global CEO's & bankers were told to submit to Trump at Davos.

G7 Canada, Jun 2018

Charlie Freak claims that Trudeau & Merkel submitted to Trump at the G7 Summit in Canada. These images of Trump with his arms crossed show that he is clearly the centre of attention.

Below: The photo shows Trudeau with his fingers tightly held together. A sign that is hands are tied and has clearly capitulated.

United Kingdom, July 2018

Presumably there had already been discussions with Queen Elizabeth II and her entourage. Whatever, Trump showed who was in charge when he walked in front of the Queen during a review of her honour guard on a short trip when President Trump and Melania Trump met Queen Elizabeth II for tea at Windsor Castle. This is when he was allowed to sit in Winston Churchill's chair. The world was shocked, but clueless about a transfer of power that had already taken place.

Argentina, Nov 2018

It is likely that Prime Minister Narendra Modi met Trump at Davos and got the blunt message about the need for cooperation. It is also noted that Modi was the first politican to symbolically clasp his hands together in photos to show his hands were tied.

The photo below is from November 2018 when PM Modi had his first trilateral meeting with Trump and Japanese PM Shinzo Abe in Argentina. However, it seems that his attitude has since changed as Modi has demonstrated his clear allegiance to Trump. At the 2020 state visit to India, Modi gave Trump constant hugs for the cameras.

Brazil Nov, 2018

Soon after his election as President of Brazil, it seems that the message about what was going to happen to those who facilated human trafficking and other serious crimes against humanity was passed on.

So despite how it is presented by Charlie Freak, it was reported that Bolsonaro met with Trump's national security adviser John Bolton in late November 2018 and soon after Bolsonaro quickly arrested Oprah's friend, spiritual advisor and now convicted child trafficker, John of God.

When Trump met Bolsonaro in the White House in March 2019, photos show he symbolically had his fingers intertwined to show his hands were tied. In the photo below, Trump is showing that he is the tip of the spear.

Helsinki, Nov 2018

Trump continues on his global tour and visits Helsinki, Finland to meet Putin. At that famous summit, Putin gave Trump a soccer ball to say "the ball is in your court".

There was great symbolism here as the structure of a football is the same pattern as the chemical structure of adrenochrome, and this was done in full view of the world's press! Russia is an enthusiastic member of the worldwide Alliance against the Cabal/Deep State.


  • Game Over for the Cabal - The Takedown of the Cabal From A to Z
    Rumble, 9 Jan 2021
    This is, IMO, the BEST presentation done thus far of my “famous” Youtube Video entitled, The Takedown of the Cabal from A to Z (now watched by almost 3 million people). Put together by Bonfire Guy (on his Youtube Channel by the same name), this version of my 3 hour presentation on Mark Devlin’s Show focuses upon the Big Three Takedowns by US President, Donald J. Trump, on his World Tour that brought down the Cabal and forced every Nation, every major Corporation and every major Private or Public Organization that had Earth wide influences Politically and Economically (including our entire Banking System) to Capitulate and come to their Knees. This Video is incredibly well done as Bonfire Guy used established Mainstream News Sources to verify everything that I alleged happened at the time, making this extremely important Video very watchable (at only 43 minutes long) and easier to believe in by the Masses, because what I alleged has now been corroborated by the “Trusted” Mainstream News Sources…

    Comment: The above is about half the comments made by Charlie Freak on his Rumble channel.

    Bitchute, August 23rd, 2020

  • Proof of Submission to Trump

    Q Drop Source:

  • President Trump Initiates NESARA

    It is my belief that President Donald Trump has been quietly implementing his version of NESARA With 58, executive orders in 2020, 45 in 2019, 37 in 2018 and 55 in 2017. That is 195 in total. Many of these EOs are about directly improving the lives of American citizens. New measures include ways to help with health matters, personal circumstances, financial and business laws, with changes to create wealth and security, a better environment and great efforts to create international peace.

    President Trump has deservedly received 4 Nobel Peace Prize nominations for 2021. These are Trump's efforts for brokering peace treaties in Eastern Europe and The Middle East. His fourth nomination by national security experts was for deterring nuclear war with North Korea and for "endeavors to end the era of endless wars". President Trump is creating a new society where it is no longer tolerable for those with the most power to create crippling stress and steal from the most vulnerable in society.

    Hence, I am delighted to discover the work of @redpillfairy who produces beautiful memes to share that demonstrate that President Trump is leading the world in a new direction. A world that will become fairer, safer and more prosperous for all.

    (54 Images)

    More formal information concerning the administration of President Donald Trump taking significant action on issues of concern to social conservatives -- life, family, and religious liberty can be found in the link below:

    Original large size images can be found here. Redpillfairy can be found on the following social media platforms:

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    First Upload: 20th November 2020,
    Last Update: 18th December 2021


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