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Essential Swamp Draining: The Epstein Files

First Upload: 27th December 2020,
Last Update: 8th July 2024

WARNING! Some might find this information too disturbing.


Introduction: With 'Q' Drops

We are living in a time of mass awakening. This is a problem for the so-called elite because we the serfs are supposed to be in a hypnotic trance brought on by TV and druggery. For some who have been awake for a long time, it has been uphill battle trying to awaken others, but efforts are now bearing fruit. Due to increasing levels of human conciousness, the bizzarre and incredibly evil behaviour of our overlords is being revealed all over. This means that the awakened masses will not and cannot tolerate being literally raped and pillaged by monsters. Whilst researching about Epstein, I found some decent information and analysis. I believe some of this has come from military sources like 'Q' but not exclusively, who are trying to red-pill the masses. I saved the best of what was found but not everything. Like the video of Epstein burning a young girl who had been tied down, I believe it is euphemistically called "fire play".

Epstein Island is just one of many islands used by the elite for their perculiar and satanic rituals where trafficked children are used and then thrown away. What is most amazing is how much of this is in the open and I mean on social media with no restrictions. When the public notice and comment, then the culprits make the effort to hide the evidence... Most people know they have to download first and then make a scene. Prime example is John Legend’s wife, Chrissy Teigen who woke up to heavy criticism for her pedo/pedovore ways, and then decided to delete 60,000 emails from 2011 onwards.. Among her offensive tweets, actually there is debate about her gender, but she tweeted about being bored and wanting to watch kids giving birth.... Then tweeted about a waterslide that goes through a shark tank... Where exactly would anyone be able to see these things? Yes, Teigen is on the existing published Epstein Island flight logs but not everv visit and visitor have been disclosed yet. The problem is that sick occult entertainment means innocent people/children are harmed, maimed and killed. Hence, to inherit a new golden age, these people have to be dealt with first.

Due to the voluminous amount of information about Jeffrey Epstein and his partners in crime, I am only aiming to highlight the esoteric and satanic elements to the story. Between 28th October 2017 and 1st October 2020, the anonymous source Q, believed to be military intelligence, mentions Epstein 24 times and Satan or satanic 15 times. Briefly, here are some of the most pertinent drops from 'Q' highlighting Epstein and who else was involved in his satanic blackmail operation.

Oct 29 2017 | Q drop 3

Many in our govt worship Satan.

Oct 29 2017 | Q drop 10

Remember, the FBI, and MI, have an open investigation into the CF.
Why did Comey drop this? Who was the FBI director during the Haiti crisis?
How many kids disappeared? How much money sent to CF under disguise of H
relief went to H?
What countries donated big money to CF and why? How much was owed by accepting?
When she lost how would this be repaid?
What did Obama do with cash just prior to leaving office?
Repayment to those who donated for favors/access? Dig!!!!!
Again, good people were forced into bed with this evil under personal and family threats.
Could you live with yourself helping to cover up such evil despicable acts if given
a safe way out?
These people worship Satan _ some openly show it

Oct 31 2017 | Q drop 10

There are more good people than bad. The wizards and warlocks (inside term)
will not allow another Satanic Evil POS control our country.
Realize Soros, Clintons, Obama, Putin, etc. are all controlled by
3 families (the 4th was removed post Trump's victory)

Nov 1 2017 | Q drop 29

Some things must remain classified to the very end.
NK is not being run by Kim, he’s an actor in the play.
Who is the director? The truth would sound so outrageous
most Americans would riot, revolt, reject, etc.
The pedo networks are being dismantled.
The child abductions for satanic rituals (ie Haiti and other 3rd world countries)
are paused (not terminated until players in custody).
We pray every single day for God’s guidance and direction
as we are truly up against pure evil.

Nov 5 2017 | Q drop 100

Who follows?
What political leaders worship Satan?
What does an upside down cross represent?
Who wears openly?
Who is she connected to?
Why is this relevant?
Spirit cooking.
What does Spirit Cooking represent?
What is a cult?
Who is worshipped?
Why is this relevant?
Snow White
Godfather III

Nov 11 2017 | Q drop 133

Does Satan exist?
Does the ‘thought’ of Satan exist?
Who worships Satan?
What is a cult?
Epstein island.
What is a temple?
What occurs in a temple?
Why is the temple on top of a mountain?
How many levels might exist below?
What is the significance of the colors, design and symbol above the dome?
Why is this relevant?
Who are the puppet masters?
Have the puppet masters traveled to this island?
When? How often? Why?
“Vladimir Putin: The New World Order Worships Satan”

Dec 19 2017 | Q drop 382

We have tremendous WW support.
SATAN has left the WH.
Day of days.

April 3 2018 | Q drop 999

Why is Epstein spending $29mm to bury the tunnels underneath is temple on Epstein
Phones were allowed in.
These people are stupid.

April 3 2018 | Q drop 1001

Where do roads lead?
Each prince is associated with a cardinal direction: north, south, east and west.

Table 29.
D-Room H
D-Room R
D-Room C
Pure EVIL.

Mar 13 2019 | Q drop 3050

Dkdb7P5W0AEl0_N.jpg 📁
This is not just about sex trafficking [1].
Will the rich & powerful influence the court to prevent the unsealing?
[1] - Sex Resort (non_temple_resort_only) > trafficked & drugged underage girls
[2] - Occult / Worship of Evil (temple) ][CLAS 1-99]
Haiti >
Pray for the victims.

Mar 20 2019 | Q drop 3140

Epstein island dungeon (beneath the temple).
Sex & torture rooms.
Openly flaunt across social media?

July 9 2019 | Q drop 3385

You didn't think the Epstein investigation began a few months ago did you?
It was all under the direction and oversight of AG Jeff Sessions.
Expect a lot more to become public (unsealing).

July 9 2019 | Q drop 3399

Welcome to Epstein Island.
Ask yourself, is this normal?
What does a 'Temple' typically symbolize?
What does an 'OWL' symbolize (dark religion)?
Tunnels underneath?
How many channels captured on RC's pic?
Rooms indicate size.
Hallways shown?
[CLAS 1-99]
Symbolism will be their downfall.
These people are EVIL.

Jan 28 2020 | Q drop 3799

You didn't think we highlighted 'Epstein' for no reason did you?
Those who were once protected are no longer.
Hunters become PREY.

It has to be borne in mind that the so called elites are known to attend perculiar ritualistic ceremonies. The difference today is that insiders like a former Dutch banker, Ronald Bernard, have given firsthand testimony about how the pyramid structure of the Illuminati (aka Deep State) operates, and how the progression to higher levels requires participation in Satanic ritual abuse of children. As QAnon writer Martin Geddes states, "Epstein’s den of evil is the Deep State’s Chernobyl". Here, the focus is on what is known about Epstein Island and the implications for those who partook of the "delights" on offer.


  • John Legend’s wife, Chrissy Teigen, has deleted 60, 000 tweets and made her profile private after speculation of her relationship with Epstein and Maxwell spread.
    SausageRoll, July 17 2020

  • Chrissy Teigen's Troubling Tweets

  • Saved Chrissy Teigen Tweets available at

  • "Epstein" Q drops

  • "Satan" Q drops

  • Bohemian Grove documentary movie
    Documentary about the elite secret society that meets yearly at Bohemian Grove, where powerful men have orgies and perform (mock?) human sacrifice rituals in robes.

    Comment: The introduction provides some useful background and includes newspaper articles concerning what has been historically known about elite secret societies and their worshipping of ancient gods.

  • Pastor Begley: Melania Trump Demanded Spiritual Cleansing of WH, Removal of Pagan, Demonic Idols
    CNS News, February 8, 2018

    [...] Pastor Begley made his remarks during the Feb. 2 edition of Weekend Vigilante, hosted by Sheila Zilinsky.

    “I have to say, when the president allowed 40 pastors to come in to the White House and anoint him with oil and lay their hands and pray on him—seven times he’s done this—that is unheard of,” Begley said. “We haven’t ever – the guy’s got flaws, we all do. But at least he is humble enough and recognizing that he needs God enough that he keeps bringing them in for the prayer."

    "And I’ve got to say this, it might have started with the first lady," said Begley. "I’m just being honest with you."

    “The first lady, in that five hours when the Obamas and the Trumps went down to the Capitol and Trump was being sworn in as the 45th president of the United States,” Begley claimed, “Melania Trump said to her husband – she said, ‘I’m not going to go into that White House unless it has been completely exorcised.'”

    Comment: Hmmmm.... I am sure there was no official "exorcism" of the White House, but I think there was a spiritual clean out.... Besides, it is a fact that it took Melania quite a while before she would step foot in the White House and live there...

  • Bohemian Grove documentary movie
    Documentary about the elite secret society that meets yearly at Bohemian Grove, where powerful men have orgies and perform (mock?) human sacrifice rituals in robes.

    Comment: The introduction provides some useful background and includes newspaper articles concerning what has been historically known about elite secret societies and their worshipping of ancient gods.

  • How Epstein’s den of evil is the Deep State’s Chernobyl
    Geddes, July 31 2018
    [...] For this den of evil isn’t just a deviant paedophile orgy club for a billionaire financier and his friends. It is a key node in a system of criminal government — the “Deep State” — that has been covertly ruling over us. For psychopaths, the currency of corrupt power isn’t money or gold: it is access to young flesh. The exposure of these dungeons — for children of all people — to the light of day is the “technical failure” that the media controlled by corrupt intelligence agencies will never cover up or spin away.
    [...]The ultimate power of transnational gangster government lies in videotapes of the vilest acts imaginable. The CIA — a fully rogue intelligence agency for many decades — seems central to the supply chain of juvenile flesh for them to gorge themselves on. The Clinton Foundation has been sourcing this “raw material” from Haiti and elsewhere: it is solely a front for organised crime operations.

  • Epstein Arrest Supports Q Anon Claims of Global Satanic Cult blackmailing Political Elites, July 10 2019
    The arrest of billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein on child sex trafficking charges threatens to unmask a far deeper layer of crimes that involved the ritualistic abuse of children on Epstein’s private island, and the many political elites that were flown there to participate. The arrest directly supports repeated claims made by the military intelligence group Q Anon that Epstein was part of a global Satanic cult that blackmailed political elites who were compromised at Epstein’s island through the sexual exploitation of children, and more serious physical abuses.

    Comment: There is a short 38 minutes video here to part of an early interview with Dutch banker, Ronald Bernard giving his testimony about his involvement in the Illuminati. The interview is in Dutch with English subtitles. There are interviews in English available.

  • The Life of Jeffrey Epstein

    Long before Jeffrey Epstein boasted of his billionaires-only client list—and long before his arrests for molesting underage girls in Florida and New York—the perverted financier was an eligible bachelor in the glossy pages of Cosmopolitan.

    In July 1980, Epstein was featured as the magazine’s “Bachelor of the Month,” a tiny section advertising successful single men across the country. At the time, the future sex-offender was a Bear Stearns trader and asked potential dates to write him at the investment bank’s former headquarters in Lower Manhattan.
    Source: When Epstein Was Cosmo’s Bachelor of the Month


    * Jeffrey Edward Epstein was an american financier and former friend of Donald trump and Bill Clinton
    * It was commonly known that he was a child sex abuser
    * In 2008, Epstein pleaded guilty to Florida State criminal charges that included paying for sex with underage girls. He served 13 months in an open prison where he was allowed day release to carry on his business affairs.
    * On July 6, 2019 Epstein was again arrested for trafficking of minors in Florida and New York.
    * The FBI raided his Manhattan home and found fake passports, diamonds and money. A fake Austrian passport with his photo but under a different name and travel to Saudia Arabia, France, Spain and the United Kingdom but his residence was Saudia Arabia
    * Investigation by journalust Eric Rosenwald found links to the crown prince of Saudia Arabia Mohammed Bin Salma.
    * In August 2018 he apparently died of suicide in his prison cell but many believe that his death was faked and that he is still alive.
    Jeffrey Epstein: The Saudi Arabian Connection
    [End of Summary]

    • The life of Jeffrey Epstein, the convicted sex offender and well-connected financier who died in jail awaiting sex trafficking charges
      Business Insider, Aug 10, 2019

    • The woes of Jeffrey Epstein: How he maintained Wall Street connections while downplaying child sex accusations
      Fox Business, Aug 10, 2019

      Comment: The strangest thing is that no reporter or researcher has accounted for how he went from rags to riches. Epstein went from being a school teacher at a prestigious private school with no qualifications or degree, to being sacked from his first job on Wall Street at Bear Stearns on his way to becoming a billionaire.... Yes, he eventually managed other people's money, but it has never been recognised anywhere that he operated a successful business model that anyone could attempt to follow.... Nowhere is it documented that he inherited money... If he secretly came from an elite family, why did he start off as a school teacher? He was fired (for stealing?) from Bear Stearns after being one of their star players and then again by his senior business partner Steven Hoffenberg another convicted fraudster.... So, did he just steal his uber rich clients' money by blackmailing them? Or where these super rich people so rich that they did not even realise he was stealing?

    • Exposing Jeffrey Epstein's international sex trafficking ring | 60 Minutes Australia
      YouTube | 60 Minutes Australia, 10 Nov 2019

      The Jeffrey Epstein scandal – Tara Brown reports how a New York billionaire masterminded an international sex trafficking ring of young women, and why wealthy and powerful men, including HRH Prince Andrew, are now implicated in the saga.

      Comment: Copy on Twitter link.

      Of course, none of these allegations against Trump have been proven to be true.... But we know that Epstein served time for his crimes... Daily Mail | 24 July 2019 link

      This is rare footage of Trump doing his now famous "pedo point" at Epstein.
      Click image for video link.

      Bitchute, August 13th, 2020
      An old clip of Donald Trump surfaces proving yet again that he was the ONLY one speaking out against Jeffrey Epstein. We'll also go back to 2012 and check in with Don Lemon for a stark reminder of just how bad things were getting.

      Comment: There is a timeline presented here of how Trump was the only person who dared to point out that Epstein was a problem... Besides that, there is a lot of detailed information about Epstein that is normally glossed over and ignored. The influence of the evil Disney Empire in suppressing the truth about Epstein and his island is very well explained.

    • Jeffrey Epstein: The True Ugly Face of the Occult Elite
      Vigilant Citizen, July 24 2019
      The arrest of Jeffrey Epstein for child trafficking has explosive potential and (if important information is revealed to the public) could expose the true face of the elite to the world. The list of powerful people linked to Jeffrey Epstein and his infamous “Lolita Express” is as long as it is staggering. Combined with the systematic recruiting and exploitation of minors for the pleasure of powerful people, the case could convince lots of people that “pedogate” is all too real.[...]
      (Right click image to enlarge. See links below for the shocking details about some of Epstein's money cohorts )

    • Ex-Barclays boss exchanged 1,200 emails including mystery reference to 'snow white' with billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein over four years, show regulators' findings
      • Former Barclays boss Jes Staley exchanged 1,200 emails with Jeffrey Epstein
      • Mr Staley, 64, resigned from Barclays last week ahead of a City investigation
      • Emails with the sex offender included unexplained references to 'snow white'
      Daily Mail, 13 November 2021

      Former Barclays boss Jes Staley exchanged 1,200 emails with billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein over a four-year period, including unexplained references to 'snow white'.

      The scale of their correspondence was unknown until the emails were examined by UK regulators.

      Comment: November 2022 Update | That's approx an email every single working day, for 4 years... Q used the term “Snow White” 30 times. It is a term used to denote CIA SuperComputers, but it is also associated with Child Trafficking. So, based on what we now know about how the elites make serious money and therefore need bankers to help them launder this money, it should come as no surprise to see the term “Snow White” being disclosed in Epstein/banker emails.

        SGT Report, September 29th, 2020.

        SGT Report, September 29th, 2020.

      • Jeffrey Epstein’s Death Adds to the JPMorgan Body Count
        Wall St On Parade, Aug 12, 2019

        [...] Epstein had close ties to JPMorgan Chase. He now joins a dizzying roster of suspicious deaths connected to JPMorgan Chase – particularly among its technology executives, who allegedly jumped to their death from JPMorgan buildings; died in two separate cases of murder-suicides in seven months; died of alcohol poisoning or, in the most recent case of Doug Carucci in March of this year, simply died “tragically” and “suddenly” with all efforts to obtain the tiniest shred of information about what happened hitting a brick wall.
        Stunning information in general on this website about what is happening on Wall St.

      Bitchute, May 27, 2020

      Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich is an American web documentary television miniseries about convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. The miniseries is based on the 2016 book of the same name by James Patterson, and co-written by John Connolly and Tim Malloy. Filthy Rich was released on May 27, 2020. The four-part documentary features interviews with several survivors including Virginia Giuffre and Maria Farmer, along with former staff members and former police chief Michael Reiter, a key individual from the first criminal case against Epstein.

    • STORY KILLER Jeffrey Epstein ‘left decapitated cat’s HEAD on Vanity Fair editor’s porch to scare him into scrapping damaging story’ Patrick Knox
      The Sun, 2 Jun 2020

      FORMER Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter found a cat’s decapitated head and a bullet on his property while a reporter investigated Jeffrey Epstein, it’s claimed.

      The chilling intimidation tactics against the magazine is said to have come as it was preparing a 2007 story on the disgraced financier.

      Comment: Wow.... So all his powerful connections and ability to pay for the best lawyers but he has to resort to nasty basic voodoo/witchcraft tactics.

    • The venomous Epstein tapes: When VICKY WARD investigated Jeffrey Epstein, he tried to charm her... then threatened to get her sacked and put a curse on her unborn children. But what she reveals about Ghislaine Maxwell is shocking
      Daily Mail, 10 July 2021

      [...] Mostly, though, he was a thug, who soon told me he had compiled a dossier on my then-husband and me. He claimed that he could get my husband fired from his job, and me from mine.

      He continually threatened to sue me personally, which, he reminded me, he knew I couldn't afford. Strangest of all, he threatened to put a 'hex' — a demonic spell — on my unborn children.

      This crossed all normal boundaries — and it became an obsession for him. He wanted to know who my doctor was, where the babies would be delivered. And he warned me: 'I know all the doctors in this town.'

      Because of the threats, I recorded him, on the advice of my lawyer. The transcripts of these conversations run to some 450 pages.

      Now you will be able to hear parts of these, re-enacted by actors (sadly, I lost the micro-cassettes years ago) in my podcast Chasing Ghislaine, released on Audible next week. This is executive-produced with bestselling writer James Patterson, and we have also filmed a documentary series to be released by Discovery Plus later this year.

      Comment: The article starts off with Ghislaine Maxwell but the real meat is finding out that Epstein had a habit of threatening reporters with spells. More truther comment starts at 7 minutes here, NEW BOMBSHELL: EPSTEIN WAS USING DEMONIC SPELLS

    • Epstein Arrest Supports Q Anon Claims of Global Satanic Cult blackmailing Political Elites, July 10, 2019

    Jeffrey Epstein, MOSSAD Agent?

      Epstein is still in and out of the headlines. The accusations that Epstein worked for MOSSAD are not new, the difference is that more and more people are making a link with blackmailed politicians and other VIPs.

      Click image for link

    • Jeffrey Epstein boasted about being a Mossad agent 'like Ghislaine Maxwell's father Robert', according to bombshell claims from ex-girlfriend
      Daily Mail, 25th June 2024

      Jeffrey Epstein boasted about being a Mossad agent like Ghislaine Maxwell's father Robert, according to new bombshell claims made in a lawsuit.

      A former girlfriend of the disgraced financier is suing his estate over claims he raped her at his New York mansion and claimed he was an Israeli spy.

      The woman from California, referred to as Jane Doe 200, filed the lawsuit in Manhattan Federal Court on Monday and claimed she met Epstein in Los Angeles in 2000.

      She said the late sex trafficker suggested he was a Mossad agent like Maxwell's father and was warned 'that it was not good to be Epstein’s enemy.'

      [..] Robert Maxwell, a British newspaper magnate, is alleged to have been a Mossad agent - although he denied this furiously and regularly issued legal threats.

      But his shocking death in which he fell from his $26.5million yacht, Lady Ghislaine, off the coast of Spain in 1991 sparked rumors of an assassination or the possibility of suicide.

      He had a good relationship with Israel and would heavily invest in publishing, pharmaceutical and computer firms.

      Comment: Liz Cronkin has extensively reported about Epstein, this is a link related to this article Link


      Click image for link

    • EXCLUSIVE: The Jeffrey Epstein Files: Trove of never-before-seen emails and calendars gives unprecedented insight into late pedophile's network of power and influence that includes Chris Rock, Peter Thiel, and Richard Branson

      • obtained a trove of Jeffrey Epstein's private calendars and emails that shows the late pedophile's close connections to presidents, prime ministers and royalty

      • The documents show that Epstein was in contact with world's elite even after serving 13 months in jail for having sex with underage girls and being labeled a registered sex offender

      Daily Mail, 1st June 2024

      A vast trove of Jeffrey Epstein's private calendars and emails are being revealed today by

      The hundreds of pages in the files give an unprecedented insight into the late pedophile's extraordinary network of power and influence.

      Among the revelations is that Epstein appeared to know personal details about the marriage of Bill Gates and his ex-wife Melinda – while magician David Blaine had numerous dinners with the financier.

      Presidents, prime ministers, royalty and famous names previously not linked to Epstein are also featured in the hundreds of pages of documents.

      They show that Epstein courted the world's elite even after serving 13 months in jail for having sex with underage girls – and being labeled a registered sex offender.

      Comment: Some big names dropped here but people would rather see the full list and arrests.

      Click image for link

    • UPDATED: Jeffrey Epstein the Pedophile Superspy!
      Eptein's ties to the CIA and Mossad go mainstream
      LIZ CROKIN, AUG 12, 2022

      UPDATE: Since this story first came out on Aug. 12, 2022, there’s been more evidence that has come to light exposing Jeffrey Epstein as a superspy for intelligence agencies. On April 30, 2023, the Wall Street Journal released a report of prominent names found on Epstein’s private calendar [.]

      Click image for video link

      Click image for video link

      Ex MOSSAD Agent Exposes Epstein and says he operated a honeytrap operation for the Israeli government

      Translation: Jeffrey Epstein worked for the Israeli Mossad and videotaped powerful people r*ping children to create blackmail material for the Rothschild State of Israel. Banks like JP Morgan covered up transactions showing these clients buying children to r*pe and sacrifice. Controlled organizations like Turning Point USA, The Daily Wire, PragerU, Breitbart, and The Gateway Pundit never establish a connection between Jeffrey Epstein and the Rothschild State of Israel. Both parties are enslaved by Israel and until that changes, the United States of America will never be free.

      Comment: A very long time ago, I read an unusual book of dreams that included information on how the world worked, see Puppet Masters & Their Puppets. It explained about Black Masters and soulless beings whose only aim is demoralising, corrupting and terrifying humanity. The more I research, the more I realise just how accurrate this information was. It was provided to the world in the early 1960s, by someone who only allowed her insights to be released after her death.

    • Tucker Carlson once said: “Members of Congress are terrified of the intel agencies” because “they’re being blackmailed by the intel agencies.” XTwitter Link

      Comment: More friends in high places....

      Click image for link

      Click image for link

    • Jeffrey Epstein Moved Freely in Hollywood Circles Even After 2008 Conviction
      Jeffrey Epstein, arrested July 6 for sex trafficking of minors, attended high-profile events and frequented showbiz and media social circles.
      Hollywood Reporter, JULY 10, 2019

      [...] Epstein's little black book, which became part of the public record after his first arrest, contains a who's who of entertainment figures. In 2015, Gawker published the flight logs from Epstein's jet, which showed that Kevin Spacey, Chris Tucker and such powerful players as Bill Clinton and investor Ron Burkle took one flight to Africa. A source close to Burkle says he was invited by Clinton, assumed the ride was vetted and flew home on a commercial jet after finding Epstein to be “creepy.”

      Comment: The thought here was the Ron Burkle was completely stunned by what Epstein was about and that he was so desperate to get away, he flew commercial and not in his own private jet. We must remind ourselves that just because some people have money does not mean that they completely have no conscious.

      Click image for link

    • CLINTON SEX ABUSE CLAIMS Bill Clinton accused of sexually assaulting four women while flying on playboy tycoon's private jet named Air F*** One
      The fresh allegations - the latest to hit the 71-year-old former president - come from Democrat sources
      The Sun, 21 Nov 2017

      Epstein Island Analysis & Investigation

      A Detailed Look At Epstein Island

      Click for Google Earth zoom here

      Drone Video Shows Jeffrey Epstein’s Mansion on Private Island Raided by FBI, NYPD | NBC New York
      NBC New York, 13 Aug 2019
      FBI agents in the Virgin Islands are searching Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion there for evidence related to Epstein's past sex-trafficking crimes, an FBI spokesman told NBC 4 Monday afternoon. It is believed this home was one of several that women, some underage, may have been sexually assaulted by Epstein or other men.

      Comment: The set of the Ellen DeGeneres show. Ellen is a Rockefeller and therefore a member of the so-called occult elite... Things have turned very sour for Ellen in recent months though....

      The comments here are only hints. The Google picture of a tennis court is a cover-up for Epstein. Drone footage reveals a twenty foot high earthen bermed field (top right photo) which has a religious/ceremonial purpose. The lower image gives an indication of the size of the bermed walls. The following article makes this very clear. We read,

      After detailed viewing of Epstein's Little St James island initially via Google Earth, I was always curious about the location of the "Tennis Court". It was far far away from any residential structures, of structures of any kind. There was zero shade, no place to take a break, no likely source of electricity or water. It was odd.
      Then came Rusty Shackleford, flying drones over Little Saint James LSJ, and posting on Youtube.
      At this point, I was pretty familiar with the island, so when his drone flew from the Residence side towards the Mamluk's style Temple, and went over an odd earthen embankment, I wondered where the "Tennis Court" was.
      I Immediately had an imagery of a weird but favorite place of mine on Oahu, Pu'u O Mahuka Heiau (Temple, religious and ceremonial site).
      The first time I visited, I knew without knowing, that this was a place for Human Sacrifice. I later found out that was true.

      Source: Epstein Island, Killing Fields, Tennis Courts, Google, and John McAfee -- Surprising Link

      Click image for link

      Comment: This is a short ~ 4 mins Info Wars documentary timeline of Epstein's criminal conviction and death. This is combined with commentary about Google Earth's history tool with images from 2002 - 2020. The suggestion is made that Epstein covered up the existence of mass graves with a tennis court and now car park.... The question is, why draw attention to this site on the Island?

      The design of the solar faced sundial on Epstein island is also extremely symbolic. It is near-replica of the head of “The Masonic Man” as depicted in classic Masonic documents. Note the encompassing rock wall, colorful benches, and strategic placement of rocks on the sun dial. There are 13 benches around the perimeter of Epstein’s sundial where 13 persons of interest could have sat during the Holy Days of Witchcraft (Esbats and Sabbats). The number thirteen is the number of “evil power” in occult practices. The author Tom Horn, a prolific researcher and author, believes irrefutable evidence exists that early Freemasons and those working with them were aware of these Mesoamerican beliefs and that sundials are connected to human sacrifice.... Source: SHADOWLAND—PART 13: Sundials, Solar Deities, Masonic Witchcraft Others say the sundial on Epstein Island isn’t a “clock”-it’s an ancient Babylonial (Canaanite) Calendar. source

      The Faux Temple

      On top of the faux temple many believe the birds on top of the temple are owls, some disagree. The reason for believing that the birds are cockatoos is because the crest is simply not that of an owl. Owls have horned crests, hence the M sign of Moloch. Grainy enlargements reveal feathers that suggests the bird is actually a Sulpher Crested Cockatoo. To support this belief, the video footage cited above and photos pairs of these cockatoos on the island along various paths.

      In Australian slang or vernacular speech, a person who is assigned to keep watch while others undertake clandestine or illegal activities, particularly gambling, may be referred to as a "cockatoo". The sulphur crested Cockatoo may be significant to the occult for other reasons. It is known from an interview with Stuart Pivar, Epstein liked “fake art”. He liked the idea that he was “pulling something over” on people who saw it and believed it was real. Cockatoos are known to mimic and impersonate, but adult sulphur crested cockatoos are left handed, which is particularly significant within the occult. The Left Hand Path assigns itself to dark magick, occult, satanism and all things taboo. source. At the website there is long and detailed article titled, EPSTEIN – THE DARKNESS RUNS DEEP ON HIS VIRGIN ISLAND. It states:

      "I want to address what was really going on at Epstein’s island [...] Epstein’s island was a totally pagan child sacrifice site from one end to the other. [...]

      Epstein’s island was a totally pagan child sacrifice site from one end to the other. It was a safe haven for the most hideously sick, perverted, demonic, monsters of this world. They brought little children there, where they were treated like animals, hunted, sexually molested, tortured and sacrificed. That is what the elite do. Not just at Epstein’s island but at locations around the world." EPSTEIN – THE DARKNESS RUNS DEEP ON HIS VIRGIN ISLAND, July 22, 2020

      This webpage links to a great deal of research on Epstein, paganism, ancient beliefs and child sacrifice. It is also interesting to note that Cockatoo Island became a gaol in 1839 and became a is a heritage-listed prison precinct in 2004. So, maybe Epstein was hinting at the facilities in the underground tunnel system. Even though it is believed that the temple has an entrance to the underground tunnels, there are at least two other such entrances that are plainly visible from the air. Moreover, on the lower parts of the island there is a building that appears to provide air exhaust/filtration for the tunnels. See pics here & here

      The reason why many want to believe the birds are owls is because the elite are known to worship Moloch who is depicted as an owl. Moloch was a deity of the Canaanites, one of many gods of the pagan tribes and mentioned several times in the bible. The Canaanites were known for sacrificing their children live to Moloch (Molech/Molekh). The pyre of Moloch was heated and children were placed onto the extended arms of the heated statue. Meanwhile, drumming rituals drowned out the screams of the children as they were sacrificed. In the bible, Israel was warned against this detestable practice and told not to build any alters on the high places. Failure to comply lead to their being exiled. There are other stone mythical creatures and goddesses found all over the island. More details and analysis can be found in the Shadowland series PART 10: Ritual Sacrifice, Symbols, and Occult Architecture

      The temple is very cheaply built in a complex that is reported to have cost $250 million dollars. Some even think it is just like a Hollywood movie set, so it could be that the facade was only symbolic and possibly hid an elevator to the underground complex.

      MYSTERIOUS ISLAND Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘paedo island’ still patrolled by armed guards, claims urban explorer who visited Little St James
      The Sun, 20 Aug 2020

      One of the most infamous structures on the island is the bizarre blue and white temple which used to have a gold dome on top before it blew away.

      The explorer described how the structure felt cheap and had bizarre features, such as painted on fake doors with the initials “JE” inscribed next to them.

      He said: “It's very strange to know how much money this guy had to see such a low quality of a structure there.

      “It makes you think, is this a distraction from something else?”

      Q drop 3446

      Slave Property. Hammam Yalbugha in Aleppo, Syria. It was built in 1491

      Jeffrey Epstein: The True Ugly Face of the Occult Elite
      Vigilant Citizen, July 24, 2019

      Why did Epstein model his “temple” on this specific building? Because of the symbolism attached to it. Indeed, the hammam is a classic example of architecture from the Mamluk era. In Arabic, the word “mamluk” literally means “property” and is used to designate slaves.

      During the Mamluk era, children were captured by the ruling class to become slaves. Boys were usually trained to become soldiers while girls were groomed to become the personal concubines of their masters. Considering the fact that Epstein island was used to import child sex slaves for the elite, the symbolism is perfectly fitting.

      In order to give the “temple” an unmistakeable occult dimension, the building was adorned with golden statues representing gods (Neptune) and owl-like birds. The building is also surrounded by maze-like patterns, similar to those found in Islamic architecture.

      Temple Of Slaves – Epstein’s Ode To The Mamluks

      Mamlūks, also spelled Mameluke, were a class of people, mostly of Turkic or Caucasian ethnicity, who served as slave soldiers between the 13th and 16th century in the Islamic world spanning from Egypt to Syria. The name Mameluke is derived from an Arabic word meaning slave which actually comes from the 10th century AD. They were known as the ones that defeated the Mongols and the Crusaders and established a dynasty that lasted hundreds of years.

      These CCTV images were found on Instagram social media. It was posted by Rachel Chandler who is believed to be a former sex slave of Epstein Handler.

      Leaked Surveillance Cameras Show 'Trapped Children' at Jeffrey Epstein’s Island

      Disturbing footage stills from a survey camera has allegedly captured children trapped in underground rooms at billionaire Jeffrey Epstein's private island (Little Saint James) in the Caribbean. [...] On April 3, 2018, Q Anon posted a message on alt media board 8chan, along with an image fo Epstein’s Island and an allusion to “tunnels” and rooms underneath the island of “pure evil”. [...]

      The Ray Chandler Instagram link is now gone.For that matter, Rachel (Ray) Chandler, a casting director, has taken her Instagram account private.The AltMedia chatter is that her Instagram and Tumblr accounts contain many disturbing images of children. Fortunately, 8chan users took a screenshot of the Ray Chandler Instagram pic and some of the comments:

      Weird Sculptures and Art

      The statue of the blindfolded archer is found both in Epstein's Palm Beach house and on Epstein Island. From an insightful thread on Twitter titled The Blindfolded Archer, we find the Archer meaning of "insightful, truth, patience, precision". So, if the archer is blindfolded, does it mean the opposite? Confusion, hidden, occult, darkness. The Blindfolded Archer also refers to finance, markets, probability and standard deviation! Outside of standard deviation? Do people travel to islands to [Fish]? How many billionaires own islands? How many billionaires live on islands? Follow link for more analysis.

      EXCLUSIVE: Fully-equipped dentist chair, close-ups of young girls' backsides and a teddy by his bed: Creepy images and video from inside the mansion of Clinton and Prince Andrew friend, pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

      Daily Mail, 15 July 2016
      Comment: There is another aspect to this horror story, as Epstein wanted to father hundreds of children and teeth are a good source of DNA.

      Left: Stone sculpture probably a depiction of Vishnu from the classical Hindu period. Right: Giant silverback gorilla

      Top left: Demonic gargoyles holding shields with six pointed stars are found in numerous locations on Epstein Island. Gargoyles are often representations of ‘evil forces’ that inflame forbidden desires like sin and temptation and the six-pointed star is used in occult ceremonial magic as a talisman for conjuring demons. Top right: Female hindu goddess possibly Parvati Mahadevi goddess of rice & fertility. Bottom: Unknown figure but possibly a replica dated from the Hellenistic era.

      Two satyrs complete with wings and legs of a goat, one with a Trident and the other with a horn. Maybe Neptune/Poseidon (known by his TRIDENT) and Pan the goat god. According to Wikipedia: In classical Greek mythology, satyrs were companions to Pan, a fertility god, and Dionysus, the god of wine and ecstasy. ... In both cases, the satyr's animal aspect symbolized his immoderate appetites. This noun can also be used metaphorically for a man whose sexual desire is stronger than his sense of decency. The term satyriasis refers to a medical condition in males characterized by excessive sexual desire.

      Ghislaine Maxwell & Terramar — Private Islands, Secret Ports, and Submarines

      * Graduate of Oxford University
      * Member of high society due to family and royal connections
      * Jeffrey Epstein's ex-girlfriend and business partner
      * Key speaker at both the Council of Foreign Relations and United Nations
      * Owns a yacht, named “Plan B”
      * Has a helicopter pilot's license & helicopter
      * Has a submarine pilot’s license & submarine(s)
      * Has a submarine company called TerraMar founded in 2012
      * Has British, French, American and Israeli passports
      * Had UN issue passports for the ocean
      * Accused of being involved in child trafficking

      • Inside the wicked saga of Jeffrey Epstein: the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell | 60 Minutes Australia
        YouTube, 5 Jul 2020

        Comment: At 13 mins we have a socialite Christina Oxenburg, a member of the Serbian royal family and a cousin to the British royals, revealing that Ghislaine got her helicopter pilots license because they needed total privacy on the island. Also Christina was told by Ghislaine that Epstein's private plane was wired with audio and video. Like most of these articles, videos and documentarys, they miss the most important point. Epstein and Maxwell were not just sex addicts and running a child trafficking and blackmail operation. There is evidence they were satanic occultists.

      • Jeffrey Epstein's estate was just sued in the US Virgin Islands by his former girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell. Here's an inside look at his 2 private islands there.
        Business Insider, Mar 19, 2020

        [...] Maxwell is seeking to get funds from the estate for the legal fees she is racking up while defending herself against claims that she helped recruit girls and young women to be forced into sexual servitude on Epstein's islands. While asserting in court documents that she wasn't involved in any of Epstein's misconduct, Maxwell also argues that Epstein had promised to support her financially.

        In 1998, Epstein bought Little St. James, a 72-acre private island in the US Virgin Islands, for $7.95 million. The island was dubbed "Pedophile Island" and "Orgy Island" by locals, according to the Los Angeles Times.

        Next to Little St. James sits Epstein's second private island, Great St. James. Epstein purchased the second island in 2016 for a reported $18 million.


        Comment: A Pizzagate connection.... This short video joins the dots and it's not too distressing.

      • WDS2 - Ghislaine Maxwell and The TerraMar Project
        YouTube, 20 Jun 2014
        Ghislaine Maxwell, Founder and President of the TerraMar Project, talks about leveraging technology to create a global ocean community.

        Comment: Ghislaine explains her business relationship with Google who were attempting to map under the oceans the same way that Google Street maps work. The talk of tracking devices and "sea creatures" could be a euphemism for human trafficking...

        Bitchute, July 19th 2020

        Comment: These videos clips from various different presentations. There is a great tongue in cheek introduction from a U.N. official on a U.N. webcast. He dryly stated that Maxwell "controls the oceans around the world" and "if you look up her website you have the opportunity to buy up parts of the oceans..." Reminds me of people having a star named after them or buying real estate on the moon... MUST WATCH video.

      • ‘She’s Got Some Nerve’: Photos Show Jeffrey Epstein Madam Ghislaine Maxwell At Event To Combat Sex Trafficking
        Daily Wire, Oct 11, 2020
        Recently released photos show Ghislaine Maxwell, the alleged madam of millionaire child sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, at a 2013 event to combat sex trafficking. The event took place years after Maxwell was first accused of providing Epstein with underage girls.

        The New York Post reported that the event, a fundraiser for “Stop the Trafficking of People (STOP),” took place years after Epstein served prison time for having sex with underage girls.

        Comment: The problem is that most people are under the illusion that all the major charities and some minor ones are real... They are often just fronts for money laundering, drugs, guns and people smuggling. Here is another woman who has been found out and had to step down from her role as West Suffolk area President for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

      • Lobbyist bought tropical land from Biden’s brother
        Scott Green, a lobbyist with close ties to Joe Biden, purchased Virgin Islands property from James Biden and then extended him a private mortgage.
        Politico, 1st January 2020

      • ABC, the Disney owned network, were exposed for sitting on an important Jeffrey Epstein story for three years. Their so-called family friendly owners are now being scrutinised
        November 7, 2019

        Disney Cruise Line - Captain Nautica's Snorkeling Expedition - Little St James Island, where curious fish dart back and forth in the clear blue water, and colorful coral formations nestle next to amazing underwater formations Disney: Magical Kingdoms St Thomas & St Johns Excursions
        Disney Cruise Ship Jeffrey Epstein

      • How Did Scott Borgerson Get Mixed Up With Ghislaine Maxwell?
        A maritime expert surfaces in the proceedings against the longtime associate of Jeffrey Epstein.
        New York Times, Nov. 24, 2020

        [...] By the time Ghislaine Maxwell was fighting allegations that she had procured underage women to provide sexual services for her ex-boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein, there was a new man in her life.

        His name was Scott Borgerson. Ms. Maxwell, according to her friend Christopher Mason, described him sometime around 2015 as a “Navy SEAL,” though he was actually a former Coast Guard officer.

        It didn’t exactly surprise Mr. Mason (or others she described Mr. Borgerson to in the same way) when this fact came to light. Ms. Maxwell had always been known among her friends as a person with a singular ability to mythologize her own reality.

        In an effort to rebrand herself from jet-setting cosmopolitan to oceanic conservationist, Ms. Maxwell had in 2012 founded and appointed herself C.E.O. of the TerraMar Project, an opaque organization that had no offices and gave no grants to other organizations. It was disbanded in 2019.

        Its biggest accomplishment was helping Ms. Maxwell maintain social capital. Associating herself with Mr. Borgerson — the founder of a maritime investments company called CargoMetrics and a former fellow in residence at the Council on Foreign Relations, where he wrote about oceanic issues — added to her credibility.

        Mr. Borgerson was called a director at the TerraMar Project, although he never had a job there. Ms. Maxwell supplied him and CargoMetrics with introductions to people on her contacts list.

      Terramar - A Clinton Global Initiative

      "What better way for a billionaires pedophile ring to use a submerged vessel for the use of trafficking children. No one would have any idea who was coming or going from the mysterious pedo island." The Underground Base & Submarines Which Epstein Island is hiding August 19, 2019

      These photos of submarines were taken in 2013 at Little St. James Island

      Watch the Water! Secret Luxury Submarines Billionaires Have Terramar endorsing MIGALOO submarines on the TerraMar site - Maxwell wanted them to buy one. source

      The above image was found on a webpage of Ghislaine Maxwell information that includes: mainstream reports, YouTube videos, Terramar staff and supporter's bio info and Terramar financial records. The Maxwell Connection

      The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial & Additional Info

      There is a lot more information coming out about Ghislaine Maxwell who is now considered the real mastermind behind the Epstein operation. So I have decided to place this info in the following section, in blog format.

      Inside City Press
      Comment: Twitter account @innercitypress is tweeting from inside the Ghislaine Maxwell trial court room.

      Inside City Press Podcasts
      Comment: @innercitypress is putting up short podcasts on the Ghislaine trial. Updating whenever the court takes a break!

      Latest Update Starts Here

      Ms Maxwell has been found guilty of five out of six charges.
      Count 1 - GUILTY: Conspiracy to entice a minor to travel to engage in illegal sex acts - maximum sentence of five years

      Count 2 - NOT GUILTY: Enticing a minor to travel to engage in illegal sex acts - maximum sentence of five years

      Count 3 - GUILTY: Conspiracy to transport a minor with the intent to engage in criminal sexual activity - maximum sentence of five years

      Count 4 - GUILTY: Transporting a minor with the intent to engage in criminal sexual activity - maximum sentence of 10 years

      Count 5 - GUILTY: Conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of minors - maximum sentence of five years

      Count 6 - GUILTY: Sex trafficking of minors - maximum sentence of 40 years

      Comment: Ghislaine and her father Robert Maxwell meet the Queen. Note the masonic handshake, with Maxwell senior's thumb over the Queen's third finger knuckle. Hmmm...

      (Daily Transcripts/Pics/Evidence)

      Twitter link

      Due to censorship and these details disappearing quickly on Reddit, the screen capture images are accusations that GM was given a major platform on Reddit to promote pedophilia.
      Source: link

      Gateway Pundit: link
      Daily Mail: link
      Vice: link

    • Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein lounge in Queen's log cabin
      at Balmoral in stunning picture revealed in US sex trial

      Daily Mail, 9 December 2021

      Comment: It is looking more and more that Epstein and Ghislaine had VERY CLOSE TIES WITH THE ROYAL FAMILY.... NOT JUST PRINCE ANDREW.... THE PROOF IS OUT THERE..... I KNOW ENOUGH TO SUGGEST THAT MAYBE EPSTEIN and GHISLAINE WHERE WORKING FOR THE ROYAL FAMILY. THINK ABOUT IT... HOW DID THE QUEEN MAINTAIN HER REAL POWER AND WEALTH??? CLUE: HOW DO YOU CONTROL OTHER PEOPLE WITH SOME POWER??? Anyway, at least a few people brainwashed people will start to get an inkling of how things were really done... UPDATE 15/9/22 | Documentary The Royal Rabbit Hole

      Bitchute, August 27th, 2021

      Bitchute, November 30th, 2021

      Comment: I highly recommend this documentary.

    • Twitter: EYES ON JayZ!


      Comment: Oh dear! The masses are starting to find out that some of their idols are involved in very nasty enterprises...

    • The FAA accidentally disclosed more than 2,000 flight records
      associated with Jeffrey Epstein's private jets

      Business Insider, 29 Nov 2021

      Click image for link to story

      Right click to enlarge image

    • The Jeffrey Epstein - Crypto Conspiracy Connection

      “When we talk about gold as a store of value that just means a lot of people agree to pay the same price for one ounce of gold. In 2017, enough people agree on the value of bitcoin that it can serve the same purpose. There will only ever be 21 million bitcoins, but this limit comes from computer code, not by how many bitcoins are left to remove from the earth. If we learn tomorrow that half of Montana contained a secret cache of gold, the value of gold would decrease instantly. Bitcoin doesn’t have this problem.”

      Bitcoin Bursting With Potential Says Billionaire Jeff Epstein
      Former Bear Stearns partner Jeffrey Epstein sees huge potential in Bitcoin and digital currencies
      Coin Telegraph, OCT 11, 2017

      Comment: This is a rare interview with Epstein where he talks about Bitcoin... These same talking points are repeated ad infinitum by Bitcoin enthusiasts... Based on the evidence cited in the series cited below, Epstein is part of an exclusive club or even the main brain behind the concept of Bitcoin as digital money. Bitcoin historians inform us that this was NOT how Bitcoin was originally conceived and first developed. For perspective, this has to be seen alongside the WEF Klaus Schwab rhetoric that the plebs "will own nothing and be happy". So, was Bitcoin developed to become digital money vapourware? Furthermore, part of a financial system used to create a massive financial bubble to distract the general public?

    • The Epstein - Crypto Conspiracy Connection
      YouTube, 22nd Nov 2021

      John Perez joins David Morgan [...] The Crypto Conspiracy Podcast – Episode 3 The Jeffrey Epstein Network

      Comment: 21st June 2022 | The original podcast title is "The Crypto Conspiracy Podcast – Episode 3". Hmmmm... There have been rumours for a long time that Bitcoin was originally used to pay for human trafficking transactions. Hence, the Jeffrey Epstein Network & Graph Commons map linking Epstein with Harvard University, MIT and other high profile people and organisations are an eye opener..... Also the claim made in this podcast that the Tether Network (largest stable coin in the world) acts as an offshore Federal Reserve for a digital/crypto fiat system is very interesting.... This is Part 4 of 23.... Obviously, there's a lot to talk about.

    • The Crypto Conspiracy Podcast – Episode 5 - Executive Order 13818
      YouTube, 29th Nov 2021

      On December 20, 2017, the President of the United States issued Executive Order 13818 blocking the property of designated persons and entities involved in serious human rights abuse or corruption.

      Executive Order 13818 blocks the property and interests of the persons and entities listed in the annex of the order, in addition to prohibiting financial transactions. Does, or could, this extend to Cryptocurrencies?

      Comment: 21st June 2022 | John Perez reads out loud Trump's Executive Order 13818 and then dots are linked up... Epstein - Bitcoin - Human Trafficking - Executive Order 13818...

    • The Crypto Conspiracy Podcast – Episode 14 - The Other Side of Crypto That Nobody Is Talking About
      YouTube, 4th Jan 2022
      Special Guest: Kurt Wuckert Jr., Chief Bitcoin Historian

      Comment: 21st June 2022 | This is a very good summary of the background story concerning Bitcoin and Epstein's involvement. We find out here why those who understand the technology are dismayed by the crooks who took over the technology and only want to use it as digital money, which was NOT how it was originally envisaged.

    • Is FTX Tied to Pedophile Blackmail Networks? It’s Much Worse Than You Thought. – John Perez Interview
      Rumble 15 Nov 2022

      Comment: 22nd November 2022 | Loved this interview with John Perez, who seems to be a brilliant geopolitical analyst.

      The Epstein Network Map(s)

      Below is version 14 of the Epstein Network Map; The Victims, Recruiters, Hollywood & Entertainment, Florida, Models & Fashion, Politicians, Royalty, Science, Financial, Hotel & Real Estate and so much more. The following is just an overview, and you need to click the image to get the large summary version. See the image link below for a breakdown that includes 26 maps plus a summary and key. These charts were produced from Crazy Days and ights (CDAN) podcasts. Last update 9/16/19 by @Daniel32703718.

      .(Click the image to get the original large version of this summary map)..

      (Click the image to get the 26+ images that make up The Epstein Network Map ).

      Go to original Threader Reader source linking Twitter tweets here

      Epstein Flight Logs (Black Book & Clients)

    • Names of everyone who flew on Jeffrey Epstein's planes subpoenaed by U.S. Virgin Islands AG The flight logs would include records on Epstein's four helicopters and three planes — one of which was dubbed the 'Lolita Express' — spanning from 1998 until his death last year
      National Post, Sep 21 2020
      The attorney general for the U.S. Virgin Islands has subpoenaed 21 years worth of flight logs documenting passengers on aircraft belonging to the late Jeffrey Epstein. [...]
      The flight logs would include records on Epstein’s four helicopters and three planes — one of which has been dubbed the ‘Lolita Express’ — spanning from 1998 until his death last year. [...]
      “The records that have been subpoenaed will make the ones Rodgers provided look like a Post-It note,” an unnamed legal source told the Mirror. “There is panic among many of the rich and famous.”

      Comment: We are still waiting for the big drop, but here are a few pics of previously released flight log names.


      Comment: 10th Nov 2023 | This seems the most easy to read spreadsheet available. Please note this is ALL FLIGHTS. Of most interest is those to and from the Virgin Islands as the closest destination for a jet, where visitors then required a boat ride to get onto Epstein Island.


    • (Raw)

    • Epstein's Little Black Book - UNREDACTED

    • Click image for link

      Bitchute, May 18 2023

      Ryan Dawson joins Henrik to talk about how he compiled a list of Epstein's known clients. We talk about Wall Street Journal's recent release of Epstein's calendar. Later in the show we discuss recently arrested Peter Nygard and what ties his "node" of (degenerate) sexual abuse has to Epstein's "node" of (child) sexual abuse. The island boys network is going down and slowly being exposed. Other topics we discuss in the second part include Israel, Zionism, corruption in the West and the Ukraine-Russia War and more.

      Comment: Ryan Dawson seems to know a lot of dirt about Epstein's clients.... WARNING!!

    Pics That Make You Go Hmmmmm......

    Hillary Clinton and a friend. Maybe laughing about their wardrobe choices.

  • Jada Pinkett Smith Reveals She 'Went Crying Down The Freaking Aisle' At Her Wedding
    Her 1997 nuptials to Will Smith were "horrible," the actress' mother said.
    Huffington Post, 24/10/2018

    Comment: This story is a pack of lies.... S/he was not pregnant.... The Epstein Island theme is shocking...

    This is Joe Biden's granddaughter, Hunter Biden's niece, wearing a blue and white striped dress. Since the shocking relevation of Hunter Biden's conduct (from evidence on his laptops October 2020), it is hard to imagine that this young girl was not sexually abused by Hunter and/or Joe.

    The Caribbean’s First Pizza Boat
    A floating pizzeria?
    Carribean Journal, 27th May 2016

    In a spot off the southeastern coast of St Thomas, US Virgin Islands, it’s a reality.
    Pizza Pi, which debuted in Christmas Cove last year, is the Caribbean’s first-ever pizza boat.
    The brainchild of award-winning chef and culinary judge Tara Bouis, Pizza Pi is anchored in Christmas Cove Great St James Island, daily from 11 AM to sunset, with a menu including traditional New York-style pizza and Chef Tara’s specialty pies.

    Comment: Since this boat was operating from Jeffrey Epstein's other larger island at the same time, I can only presume that this was a related child trafficking operation. Update November 2021 | Actually, this might have been the worse kind of pizza imaginable. See Hollyweird 3.

    The Disney Evil Empire logo, has something in common with Epstein Island. Probably not a coincidence. Check out the changes to the Walt Disney logo, which makes this even more obvious, Walt Disney Pictures 1990s Logo Collection (Updated Version)

  • Infographic on the slavery blue and white stripes here

    Rumble, January 2023

    Comment: Highly recommended. ~16 minutes.

    Really? But it gets worse....

    Checked 9/1/2021. Above Magical Kingdoms Disney Cruises info still available: here. More info: Disney Cruise Ship Jeffrey Epstein

    Click image for Twitter link

    Disney productions are filled with disgusting partially hidden genitalia images, as well as occult and masonic symbolism. The plot lines are often in-jokes for the elites. This is the creepy pub scene in Pinocchio where it is explained that villains can make money by kidnapping stupid little boys who are taken to Pleasure Island and are never seen again. Rumble version here

    Original source unknown but similar pic posted by Q. This pic source: Link

    Lin Wood Confirms Chief Justice John Roberts Was On Epstein’s Pedo Island, Has Documentation

    Whistleblower: New Epstein Tapes Show Top Supreme Court Justice Being Blackmailed
    Early Tuesday morning, a whistleblower who allegedly works in the federal circuit revealed a Supreme Court justice was seen in various “Epstein tapes” that were recently recovered by investigators:

    “One of the SCOTUS [justices] is in the Epstein tapes that were recovered yesterday. I’m sure you can guess which one.

    “The shocking part is the canary is telling the feds a certain nation state has been blackmailing this gentleman since prior to his nomination to SCOTUS.

    “What does this mean? This justice was hand picked at the highest levels specifically because he was being controlled via blackmail. A sheep in wolf’s clothing appearing to be which he is not.

    The name “John Roberts” reportedly appears in Epstein’s infamous “little black book”:

    Major Update 4th January 2021:

    Saved tweets in context here

    ‘NIGHTMARE ISLAND’ Don Jr. shares meme ‘linking Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein after bombshell docs claimed ex-prez was on “Pedo Island”’

    Internet sleuths in July 2020 discovered that children's cartoon favourite spongebob squarepant’s address on his license is the exact same address for Jeffrey Epstein’s island. See video evidence of screen shots, here & here. Obviously it was an inside joke for those in the know, but highly disturbing for parents who are realising that over the years, children have been continually targetted by paedophiles through many different cartoons. Now, due to the increased vigilance, parents are finding that even children's toys are being updated with paedo symbols.

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    Last Update: 8th July 2024


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