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WARNING! Most of this information is disturbing.

First Upload: 30th January 2021,
Last Update: 11th July 2024


One of the Top Priorities of the Trump Administration

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  • Ivanka Trump discusses PDJT's Efforts to End Child Trafficking
    Rumble, 4th July 2024

    Ivanka Trump talks about her and 45's insistence on eliminating child and human trafficking in his administration. In my opinion, this is one of the main reasons why you see all of pedowood up in arms over Donald Trump's ascendency to the White House. You saw it in the tweets from people like Chrissy Tiegen, Patton Oswald, and a myriad of others. They blatantly promoted child harm and hated Trump simultaneously. Notice how Epstein's Island shut down during Trump's tenure but remained open during Obama, Clinton, and Bush's war crime sprees.

    "Human trafficking. That's an issue that I didn't think go to the White House thinking I would work on. You hear a story of a survivor and you can't not want to eradicate one of the greatest evils that the mind can even imagine. The exploitation of children. For so many they assume that this is a problem that doesn't happen on our shores...We were able to get legislation combating trafficking at home and abroad. Digital exploitation of children."

    Now look at all the legislation Trump used to combat human trafficking and it all starts to make sense:

    - Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act of 2017: amends existing legislation and establishes penalties for promoting or facilitating sex trafficking online.

    - Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017: raised the statute of limitations on human trafficking offenses to 10 years. - Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2017: amends several laws, authorizes funds and various federal agencies to combat human trafficking.

    - Department of Homeland Security Blue Campaign Authorization Act: coordinates DHS efforts against human trafficking.

    - SOAR to Health and Wellness Act of 2018: A Health and Human Services program to train health care providers in recognizing and providing care to potential victims of human trafficking.

    - Combating Human Trafficking in Commercial Vehicles Act: coordinates human trafficking prevention efforts across the Department of Transportation

    - No Human Trafficking on Our Roads Act: directs the Department of Transportation to disqualify a person from operating a commercial vehicle for life if said vehicle was used to traffic humans.

    - Abolish Human Trafficking Act of 2017: reauthorized the Domestic Trafficking Victims' Fund through 2023 and established additional anti-human trafficking measures across federal agencies.

    Comment: XTwitter version link

    Rescue (Lauren Daigle) Cover by Operation Underground Railroad Ambassadors

    Also on Bitchute: Save The Children

    CIC Trump's EO 13818 pairs with the December 2016 Global Magnitsky Act that declared WAR on all Human Rights Abuse = Drug Trafficking, and Human Trafficking along with protection of whistleblowers and those being hazed for exposing the Cabal.

    Twitter source

    Twitter source

    Federal Response on Human Trafficking
    Statement From The White House Press Secretary Regarding The National Action Plan To Combat Human Trafficking, October 22, 2020

    Twitter source

    U.S. Department of State

    Message From The Secretary of State
    Dear Reader:

    For 20 years, the Trafficking in Persons Report (TIP Report) has demonstrated the United States’ conviction that human trafficking is a global threat necessitating a global response. Traffickers are denying nearly 25 million people their fundamental right to freedom, forcing them to live enslaved and toil for their exploiter’s profit. This report arms governments with the data they need to increase the prosecution of traffickers, provide victim-centered and trauma-informed protection for victims of trafficking, and prevent this crime altogether.

    (Right click to enlarge image) Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption
    A Presidential Document by the Executive Office of the President on 12/26/2017

    Unfortunately, the telephone no. is for the Clinton Foundation which is a a well known 'wolf in sheep's clothing' organisation involved in Child Trafficking. Some of the known facts are provided below.

    Trump: This Is National Slavery & Human Trafficking Prevention Month, 4 Jan 2021
    “Human trafficking is a horrific assault on human dignity that affects people in the United States and around the world. It tears apart communities, fuels criminal activity, and threatens the national security of the United States. During National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, we reaffirm our commitment to eradicate this abhorrent evil, to support victims and survivors, and to hold traffickers accountable for their heinous crimes. Tragically, through force, fraud, and coercion, human traffickers deprive millions of victims of their unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Often referred to as “modern slavery,” this intolerable blight on society involves exploitation for labor or sex and affects people of all ages, genders, races, religions, and nationalities. As the United States continues to lead the global fight against human trafficking, we must remain relentless in our resolve to dismantle this illicit and immoral enterprise in our cities, suburbs, rural communities, Tribal lands, and transportation networks.

    Comment: I came off the fence concerning President Donald Trump when I found out that he was going after human traffickers using the military to rescue countless victims. Since then it has been one revelation after another about how serious the situation was on this planet. I am now proud to be a supporter of President Trump.

    On February 9, 2017, one of President Donald Trump’s first executive orders was enacted called Enforcing Federal Law with Respect to Transnational Criminal Organizations and Preventing International Trafficking. Its purpose is to strictly crack down on human trafficking, especially child trafficking both foreign and domestic.

    In an article published on Zero Hedge on August 1, 2017, we can clearly see how cracking down on human trafficking and pedophilia is one of the top priorities of the Trump administration, presumably because he is aware that it leads straight to the top of politics and world power.

    Upon taking office, President Trump made the fight against human trafficking and pedophilia a top priority for his administration – kicked off by a human trafficking awareness ad released in early February by the Department of Homeland Security (headed by… General Kelly, 67).

    That was only the beginning. Five days later on February 9, Trump signed an Executive Order to combat human trafficking (“Presidential Executive Order on Enforcing Federal Law with Respect to Transnational Criminal Organizations and Preventing International Trafficking”).

    Then in late February, Trump told a room of advisors and representatives from anti-trafficking organizations that he vowed to fight the ‘epidemic’ of human trafficking, promising to bring the ‘full force and weight‘ of the U.S. government to address the problem. Of note, a record 1500+ arrests of pedophiles or sex traffickers were made during Trump’s first month in office.

    And in a June speech at a launch ceremony for the State Department’s 2017 Trafficking in Persons Report, Ivanka Trump said that ending human trafficking is in our ‘moral and strategic interests,’ and a top White House priority.

    Finally, last Friday, President Trump told a group of law enforcement officials on New York that human trafficking is possibly worse ‘than it’s ever been in the history of the world.’”

    On December 29, 2017, President Trump proclaimed January 2018 to be National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month with an official decree on the White House’s website. The press release states the following:

    “My Administration continues to work to drive out the darkness human traffickers cast upon our world. In February, I signed an Executive Order to dismantle transnational criminal organizations, including those that perpetuate the crime of human trafficking. My Interagency Task Force to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons has enhanced collaboration with other nations, businesses, civil society organizations, and survivors of human trafficking. The Department of Health and Human Services has established a new national training and technical assistance center to strengthen our healthcare industry’s anti-trafficking response. The Department of State has contributed $25 million to the Global Fund to End Modern Slavery, because of the critical need for cross-nation collaborative action to counter human trafficking. The Department of Labor has released an innovative, business-focused mobile app that supports private-sector efforts to eradicate forced labor from global supply chains. And this month, I will sign into law S. 1536, the Combating Human Trafficking in Commercial Vehicles Act and S. 1532, the No Human Trafficking on Our Roads Act. These bills will keep those who commit trafficking offenses from operating commercial vehicles, improve anti-human trafficking coordination within Federal agencies and across State and local governments, and improve efforts to recognize, prevent, and report human trafficking.”

    On March 13, 2018, President Trump announced he would bring the full weight of the government to bring an end to human trafficking.

    According to the official press release on the White House’s website,

    “In March 2018, the President appointed nine human trafficking survivors to serve on the U.S. Advisory Council on Human Trafficking for terms of two years.

    President Trump declared January 2018 National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month.

    In September 2017, Ivanka Trump and Deputy Secretary of State Sullivan joined more than 20 world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly for a global call to end modern slavery and to announce the State Department’s $25 million grant to the Global Fund to End Modern Slavery.

    In February 2017, the President signed Executive Order 13773, “Enforcing Federal Law with Respect to Transnational Criminal Organizations and Preventing International Trafficking.” This Order directed the United States government to identify, interdict, disrupt, and dismantle the transnational criminal organizations that engage in human trafficking.

    In light of the impending Senate vote on H.R. 1865 – the FOSTA-SESTA legislative package designed to fight online sex trafficking – the Trump Administration is hosting a roundtable on human trafficking to review and discuss the path forward on this critical issue.”

    On April 11, 2018, President Trump signed legislation intended to allow state prosecutors and sex-trafficking victims to sue advertisers, social media networks, and website operators that host or otherwise facilitate online sex trafficking. The legislation overturns previous legal protection that allowed technology companies to evade regulation and prosecution for such activities.

    Adam Riva
    October 27, 2019

    Trump Initiatives

    Click image for link

  • HSI HERO Child-Rescue Corps

  • Trump Signs Bills to Help Veterans Become Drivers, Curb Human Trafficking, January 9, 2018

    President Donald Trump signed into law two bills that affect the trucking industry: the Jobs for Our Heroes Act, which helps veterans to become medically certified for commercial driving; and the No Human Trafficking on Our Roads Act, which bans drivers who are involved in human trafficking from commercially driving for life.

    The Jobs for Our Heroes Act amends the FAST Act and would allow veterans to receive DOT medical certification from a wider variety of medical professionals employed by the Veterans Administration, improving access to certified examinations. It is a combination of two proposed bills approved by the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure in May 2017.

  • Trump Giving $35 Million in Aid to Sex Trafficking Survivors Transcript, Aug 4, 2020

    The Trump Administration announced $35 million of Justice Department aid for survivors of sex trafficking on August 4. AG William Barr and Ivanka Trump joined survivors and sex trafficking prevention/intervention organizations to announce the aid. Read the transcript of the event here.

    Trump Giving $35 Million in Aid to Sex Trafficking Survivors Transcript

    Just How Big Is The Human Trafficking Problem?

    #kidnappers caught

    Posted on TELEGRAM ~ 3rd Dec 2022. Click image for video link.

    Click image for link

  • Kidnappers Caught in the Act: Heroic Truck Driver Rescues “Approximately 15” Children Trapped in Padlocked Cages in the Back of Pickup Truck (VIDEO)
    Gateway Pundit, Aug. 30, 2023

    In a spine-chilling incident, a vigilant truck driver, who goes by the name Michael, became a hero by alerting authorities about a deeply unsettling situation.

    Michael was parked in a rest area off I-10 in New Mexico when he witnessed a pick-up truck pull up nearby. A man and woman proceeded to unlock a padlocked cage beneath a tarp in the back of the truck, from which they released several children.

    According to the video uploaded by the truck driver, the kidnappers were seen ushering the children into and out of a bathroom at the rest area before locking them back into the cage.

    “I called 911… I don’t know what’s going on. I’m not real big on calling the cops, but when it comes to kids and their safety and with all this human trafficking and all this crap going on in the world, not cool. So I call the cops just to be on the safe side,” Michael added.

    Comment: People are now being a lot more vigilant.... These children were rescued, but obviously, millions have not been so fortunate. The GP has also included a great interview with the truck driver Michael who reveals he was also kidnapped when he was 4 years old....

    Click image for link

  • Brave Driver Exposes ‘Human Trafficking’ Operation After Spotting a Body Part Sticking Out of Budget Truck on Atlanta Freeway
    Gateway Pundit, 27th June 2024

    An Atlanta resident has exposed a horrifying human trafficking operation in broad daylight.

    Langston Proper, the brave driver, noticed something strange while driving on an Atlanta freeway and took decisive action that ultimately saved numerous children from a grim fate. The incident happened five days ago.

    Proper was driving when he noticed what appeared to be a hand or some other body part sticking out from a Budget rental truck.

    Comment: The story was first told on Facebook link, but I found Langston Proper's three short videos telling the story on XTwitter, link. He should be very proud of himself. I believe it will encourage thousands of people to be more vigilant.

    Click image for link

    Rumble, June 2023

    "CAGES" focuses on the bone-chilling, TRILLION-dollar industry of Human Trafficking. It takes a deep dive into this sinister underworld, exposing all its evil truths and opening the eyes of those who can handle it.

    CAGES was written, produced and directed by Lewis Herms of Screw Big Gov. Lewis is a successful Filmmaker, having produced over 21 films to date. Graciously, Lewis has added several "Silver Linings" throughout "CAGES" to provide comfort and hope for the viewers. This makes the material much easier to digest without going into the gory details we all know exist.


    [...] Concerned parents began pushing for a nationwide system to track missing kids, eventually forming the Missing Children Milk Carton Program in 1984. Prior to the milk carton campaign, there was no national database of missing children, and once they were taken across's state lines, it was almost impossible to track them.
    While the program began with just a few local dairies in the Midwest printing pictures of missing children on their milk cartons, it was soon adopted nationwide. But missing children didn't just appear on milk cartons in the 1980s.

    Interesting that, in the mid 80s no authorities in the USA cared that children were disappearing in droves....
    Dr. Joseph P. Farrell
    December 6, 2019

    If you’re one of those following all the stories about human trafficking networks, pedophilia, and so on, you’ll be interested in these two stories, and I have a purpose in sharing them which we’ll get back to. The first story was shared by J.D., and concerns the outright sale of Pakhistani women to Chinese men:

    Hundreds of Pakistani girls sold as brides to Chinese men, investigation finds

    The second story concerns a major political lobbyist, recently arrested for allegedly trafficking at 14-year-old boy:

    Pedophile Mueller Witness Charged With Steering Illegal Campaign Contributions To Hillary Clinton

    In the first article, in case you were in any doubt as to the sheer scale of modern-day human trafficking, the article points out the following:

    Pakistani investigators have identified more than 600 marginalised girls and women from across the country that were sold as brides to Chinese men during an 18-month period, but efforts to help them are being frustrated, sources say.

    Investigators put together the list of 629 women from Pakistan’s integrated border management system, which digitally records travel documents at the country’s airports.

    The information includes the brides’ national identity numbers, their Chinese husbands’ names and the dates of their marriages, which occurred during 2018 and up to April 2019. (Emphasis added)

    629 women, sold and bought and traded, in a mere eighteen months, like cattle. And that’s just what is known, and if you’re like me, you probably suspect that’s just the tip of the iceberg. And this article involves only two countries, China and Pakistan; for good measure, throw in the rest of southeast Asia, particularly places like Thailand, Burma, Malaysia, and probably most of Africa, Meso-America, and so on. In recent months, for example, we’ve seen the arrest of Americans, including some in the military, for human trafficking (and that’s simply a nice, convenient, modern euphemism for slavery, so as not to upset our modern “sensibilities”). Such arrests suggest that factions within our own military, and perhaps those of others, are involved in the process. Stop and let that high octane speculation settle in for a moment: if one wanted to move large populations of victims around in such a trafficking network, military transports – whose cargoes are off-limits to normal customs inspection – would be one way to do it. And of course, there’s another “benefit” to such a structure, for that would allow access to sophisticated methods – chipping and GPS transponders and computer software – of “inventory control.” As Catherine Austin Fitts has observed, slavery is immensely profitable, if you can “perfect the collateral,” i.e., exercise complete control over the inventory, and find it if it “runs away.” The modern slave masters, unlike those of previous centuries, now have the technology to do precisely that. Hence, as I averred in my blog on hidden finance earlier this week, human trafficking along with drugs is a large component of that underground and criminal economy, and intimately connected to what I’ve argued in several books is a “hidden system of finance.”

    With that in mind, consider the second article, and this set of statements extracted from it:

    A convicted pedophile who became a key witness in Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation has been indicted on charges of illegally funneling campaign funds to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign using straw donors, according to Politico.

    Lobbyist George Nader, who was arrested this June at JFK airport for sex-trafficking a 14-year-old boy, has lobbied on both sides of the aisle for Middle Eastern associates – acting as an informal conduit to the Trump campaign, while embarking on a scheme to gain influence in Clinton’s inner circle when everyone thought she was a sure-winner in the last election.

    These statements reveal the second problem here, one that I blogged about earlier this week in connection to the “suicide” of former Deutsche Bank investment advisor, Tom Bowers, who had some sort of financial advisory relationship to the notorious Jeffrey Epstein: in order for such networks to exist successfully, they have not only to have the participation of major banks, or at least, people infiltrated into them, to handle the financial components of the business, but they also have to have powerful connections willing to turn a blind eye to the whole nefarious activity in return for “contributions”, they have, as the quotations above imply, to work “both sides of the aisle.” That in turn spawns massive corruption, for once one becomes a participant, or even turns a blind eye, one is compromised.

    To put it country simple, the corruption we see going on both politically, and more importantly, culturally, may be and I strongly suspect is deeply connected to the reemergence of human slavery, and trafficking – including organ harvesting – in all its forms. And I strongly suspect you can throw in an element of covert corporate cannibalism as well.

    Read More @

    About Joseph P. Farrell

    Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and “strange stuff”. His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into “alternative history and science”.

    Evidence of the Mass Arrests of Pedophiles | A Master List

    November 2023 | Updates coming..... There has been a lot of evidence of mass arrests in the last 4 years but it seems that the names in the MSM are going higher up the ranks.....

    Trump's War on Human Trafficking [VIDEO]

    Rumble, 2nd Nov 2020
    A banned YouTube video on what President Trump's administration has done to combat human trafficking -- a report you'll never see in the mainstream media.

    Trump’s Efforts to Fight Sex Trafficking Made ‘Incredible Impact’: SHAREtogether Founder
    NTD, Feb 7 2021
    Jaco Booyens, the founder of SHAREtogether, said former President Donald Trump’s efforts to create an office dedicated to fighting sex trafficking made an “incredible impact” over the last four years.
    SHAREtogether is a nonprofit organization dedicated to combating child sex trafficking.
    Booyens was interviewed by NTD on Friday and asked to expound on the big sex trafficking bust that occurred in California this week.
    [...] Booyens said that before Trump “we’ve never had an office in the White House designated and dedicated to fighting sex trafficking. No former president in the history of this country has used his or her platform to denounce the exploitation of children and then appropriate funding. So we’ve seen an incredible impact over the years, over the last four years, particularly towards the support for law enforcement.”

    The more you know it becomes harder to deny that human/child trafficking is organised and controlled by those at the very top...

    Large Scale Sting Operations

    Source for the following headlines between November 2013 - October 2019: with corrections
    Adam Riva
    October 27, 2019

    November 15, 2013

    Authorities arrest 378 pedophiles as part of Project Spade, thereby rescuing nearly 400 children.

    According to NBC News,

    “Police seized over 45 terabytes of data from the $4-million business that distributed child porn to over 50 counties including Australia, Spain, Mexico, Sweden and Greece. As a result of the investigation thus far, 50 people were arrested in Ontario, 58 in other parts of Canada, 76 in the United States, and 164 internationally.

    What was most alarming was that many of the arrests were of people who worked with or closely interacted with children. Among those arrested were 40 school teachers, nine doctors and nurses, six law enforcement personnel, nine pastors and priests and three foster parents.”

    Provided below is a slew of headlines to demonstrate that mass arrests are occurring all around the world including prominent politicians and figureheads, particularly after the inauguration of U.S. President Donald Trump. We rarely hear about these headlines, but when they are consolidated and sequenced chronologically, the trend becomes quite apparent.

    June 26, 2014

    LA deputies arrested 275 pedophiles in southern California as part of Operation Broken Heart. Included in the arrests were a teacher’s assistant, a retired sheriff’s deputy, and a U.S. Army soldier.

    February 20, 2015

    Authorities arrest Peter Scully, a notorious pedophile who produced a movie called “Daisy’s Destruction” in which a baby girl is sexually abused and tortured to death. Access to that video and others was sold for $10,000 on a pedophile site on the dark net called “Hurt 2 the Core” which boasted 15,000 videos daily.

    The Metro writes,

    “According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the footage was so horrific police called it ‘the worst we have encountered in our years campaigning against child pornography.’”

    August 24, 2016

    A pedophile ring touting over 70,000 members was successfully busted by the FBI resulting in 184 arrests and over 230 rescued children in 30 countries. Operation Rescue had identified 670 suspects, one of whom is suspected of abusing over 100 children. Suspects included teachers, police officers, and scout leaders. The website, which was infiltrated and then subsequently taken over and run by the FBI as a trap, lured in tens of thousands of pedophiles. The organization, also known as the Red Circle, has ties to the Bilderberg group, the Knights of Malta, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Federalist Society, the Federal Reserve Bank of the US, royal families of Belgium and the Netherlands, and NATO.

    November 23, 2016
    Authorities arrest 51 pedophiles in Norway as part of a sting operation called Operation Dark Room. Authorities seized 150 terabytes (150,000 gigabytes) of data, including photos, videos and chat transcripts between members of various pedophile networks.

    According to the Independent,

    “The material shows, among other things, the penetration of toddlers, children being tied up, children having sex with animals and children having sex with other children.”

    All of the men arrested live in Norway, but police confirmed they were investigating one individual living abroad. It is considered one of the largest sexual abuse cases ever in the country.

    Some of those detained had live-streamed abuse of their own children. Those arrested include two elected officials, one teacher and a lawyer.”

    January 27, 2017

    Authorities arrest 42 human traffickers in Tennessee.

    January 27, 2017

    Authorities arrest 13 men in connection with a pedophile ring in Quebec, Canada. Several of the arrestees held positions as teachers and scout leaders.

    January 29, 2017

    Authorities arrest 474 pedophiles and save 55 victims, 28 of whom were children, in a sex ring bust in Los Angeles, California.

    January 29, 2017

    Authorities arrest 1 pedophile in Bucks County, Pennsylvania in hopes of cracking open a fetish-themed sex ring.

    January 29, 2017

    Authorities arrest 38 human traffickers in San Diego.

    January 30, 2017

    Police arrest 5 suspects of a Pennsylvania-based “furry fetish” pedophile cult where individuals dress up like animals and rape children and real animals.

    February 1, 2017

    The FBI rescues 11 women during human trafficking sting operation in New Orleans.

    February 5, 2017

    Authorities arrest 9 child traffickers and rescue 31 children and women in a bust in Haiti two days after the Clinton Foundation pulled out of Haiti altogether.

    February 5, 2017

    Authorities arrest 752 sex traffickers and rescue 92 victims as part of an interstate Super Bowl Sunday sting operation called Johns Suppression Initiative.

    February 10, 2017

    Authorities arrest 6 pedophiles aged 20 to 66 on child pornography charges involving 168 underage male victims in Japan.

    February 13, 2017

    Jeffrey Sandusky, son of child abuser Jerry Sandusky, was arrested on multiple child molestation charges.

    February 13, 2017

    Authorities arrest 22 pedophiles and human traffickers, rescuing at least 2 children and 14 to 15 adult victims.

    February 14, 2017

    A newly appointed special prosecutor in Cleveland, Ohio reopened over 70 child sex cases.

    February 14, 2017

    FBI raid an international adoption agency in Strongsville, Ohio international for “failing to adequately supervise preventing sale, abduction, exploitation, or trafficking of children.”

    February 14, 2017

    Authorities arrest 22 pedophiles in sex trafficking stings, saving 15 adults and 2 child vicimts, during the Detroit Auto Show.

    February 14, 2017

    Authorities arrest 11 pedophiles on child exploitation charges in VA as part of an undercover online sting operation.

    February 14, 2017

    Authorities arrest 42 pedophiles on child pornography-related charges in Polk County, Florida.

    February 15, 2017

    Authorities arrest 11 pedophiles during a child sex sting operation in Spotsylvania County, Virginia. One of the arrestees was working part time at a local Christian school.

    May 6, 2017

    Authorities arrest 870 pedophiles as part of Operation Pacifier, shutting down a child pornography website named Playpen. Over 300 children were identified and rescued.

    According to RT,

    “Nearly 900 members of a global ‘dark web’ pedophile ring sprawling Europe and the Americas have been arrested following a two-year investigation, the FBI and Europol reported after the website’s founder was handed a 30-year jail sentence.

    Shedding light on the scope of the operation which is still active, the FBI revealed that in the US alone, 350 arrests were made as part of a wide-ranging investigation into Playpen – a secret website that is being referred to as possibly the biggest child pornography online dump that ever existed.

    Europe accounts for the major share of arrests and convictions with 368 suspects being charged. A total of 870 arrests were made in connection with the case, according to Europol.

    Over 300 children who had suffered sexual abuse at the hands of Playpen members have been identified or rescued.

    Playpen’s founder, Steven W. Chase, 58, was sentenced Monday to 30 years behind bars. The site he set up in August 2014 boasted some 150,000 users worldwide until it was taken down by the FBI following a controversial covert operation.

    Through a subsequent operation codenamed Operation Pacifier, the FBI succeeded in tracking down hundreds of the site’s users, sending “more than 1,000 leads” to FBI agents as well as to European authorities.”

    July 6, 2017

    German authorities dismantle the largest pedophile ring in history involving 87,000 pedophiles.

    The American Herald Tribune reports,

    “The site, known as ‘Elysium,’ “was used for global exchanges of child pornography by its members and to arrange meetings to sexually abuse children,” prosecutors in the western city of Frankfurt said in a statement.

    Its 87,000 members traded images and video files of “the most serious sexual abuse of children, including babies, and representations of sexual violence against children,” the statement continued.”

    July 27, 2017

    Authorities arrest 3 pedophiles charged with sex trafficking and pimping 8 teenage girls aged 15 to 17 in California, Nevada, and Texas. That same day, authorities also arrested 13 human traffickers in California. Both of these busts were made on the same day that California deputy attorney general Raymond Liddy was prosecuted for possession of child pornography, which we mentioned a few minutes ago.

    August 4, 2017

    Authorities arrest more than 1,000 pedophiles operating a national sex trafficking ring as part of the National Johns Suppression Initiative involving 37 law enforcement agencies across 17 states. Included in the arrests were a state trooper and a pastor. According to the sheriff who spearheaded the investigation, The National Johns Suppression Initiative has led to the arrests of nearly 8,000 sex buyers since 2011.

    September 17, 2017

    Authorities arrest another 35 pedophiles associated with the same sex trafficking ring we just mentioned.

    October 12, 2017

    Authorities arrest 120 pedophiles and human traffickers as part of Operation Cross Country, rescuing 84 children including one as young as 3 months old.

    October 20, 2017

    Authorities arrest 277 human traffickers primarily in FL including doctors, pharmacists, and police officers as part of Operation No Tricks, No Treats.

    October 21, 2017

    Brazilian police arrested 108 pedophiles in the largest sting operation ever carried out in Latin America. Investigators found more than 150,000 files of child porn that had been shared on the dark web. Retired policemen, civil servants, and football coaches were among those arrested.

    November 3, 2017

    Authorities arrest Howard Rubin, George Soros’ investment funds manager and right hand man, for sex trafficking in his $8 million Manhattan penthouse. Although this is not directly related to pedophilia, I decided to include this in our investigation because it is further evidence that the world’s elite are engaged in vile acts and that there is a crackdown occurring on human trafficking. Bear in mind that George Soros is directly connected to the Clintons.

    Please be aware, the following account contains very graphic content. The Daily Mail reports,

    “Once in Manhattan, (the victims) say he drugged them then violently beat them while they were gagged and bound in the sex dungeon, hitting woman so hard that she passed out as he demanded she call him ‘daddy’.

    Two of them say he warned them: ‘I’m going to rape you like I rape my daughter,’ before attacking them and one says he punched her breast so hard her implant ‘flipped’.

    They say he then covered up the alleged rapes and attacks and hushed them by paying them up to $5,000 each. His associates then gave them money to cover medical expenses incurred by the injuries he inflicted on them, they said.

    ‘Rubin brought the women into this side room (the “Dungeon”) and immediately slapped [one of them] across the face.

    ‘Not only had the slap been unexpected and hurt, but [she] had recently undergone a cosmetic treatment to her face, known commonly as fillers, and was concerned that Rubin would damage the treatment,’ the lawsuit reads.

    He then allegedly ordered that woman to hit the other. When she refused, he said he hit her too.

    They say he then tied them up, gagged them and said: ‘I’m going to rape you like I rape my daughter.’

    He then punched them in the backs of their heads, breasts and rib cages, calling them c**ts and becoming more violent if they screamed, they said.

    Rubin then allegedly threw one woman to the ground and ordered her to call him ‘daddy’ while he beat her in the back of the head until she lost consciousness.

    ‘He continued to punch her, stating that: “Howie is the daddy. The daddy has to beat his baby.’ The woman says he then raped her so violently it caused ‘tears to her vagina’.

    In December 2016, he allegedly attacked another of the women with a cattle prod while she visited him by herself.

    He raped her with the prod, then with a dildo and finally raped him herself, she claimed.”

    November 21, 2017

    Brock Franklin, leader of a human trafficking ring, receives the longest prison sentence ever given for a human trafficking case in U.S. history after he was found guilty for 30 counts of soliciting child prostitution, sexual assault, and kidnapping. His prison sentence was 472 years.

    November 23, 2017

    Interpol arrested 40 human traffickers thereby saving nearly 500 victims, 236 of whom were children.

    January 16, 2018

    Police arrest 5 pedophiles in Connecticut as part of Operation Not in My Town in association with Vets4ChildRescue led by Navy SEAL Craig Sawyer. The sting was filmed as part of a documentary that Vets4ChildRescue is producing to spread awareness about child sex trafficking.

    February 6, 2018

    Police arrest 7 pedophiles belonging to an Australian circus child sex ring who performed blood and sex rituals with at least 3 children under the age of 8. Together, they face 127 charges of kidnapping, abuse, and ongoing torture of minors.

    April 6, 2018

    The FBI seize, raid the founder’s home, and arrest 7 men related to child trafficking and prostitution charges. Backpage was the nation’s largest child-sex trafficking website, as nearly 3/4 of all the cases submitted to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children were traced back to ads posted on the website.

    June 6, 2018

    Deputies in Central Florida arrest 11 men for child pornography and pedophilia charges and filed 660 felony charges as part of Operation Guardians of Innocence II.

    June 7, 2018

    The FBI arrest 158 pedophiles and human traffickers as part of Operation Safe Summer, rescuing 149 children including one as young as three.

    June 12, 2018

    A concerted effort of more than 4,500 law enforcement agencies arrest more than 2,300 child sex offenders as part of Operation Broken Heart.

    July 26, 2018

    Authorities arrest 38 child sex predators as part of Operation Full Armor. Arrests included a Boy Scouts leader, a high-ranking officer at Fort Jackson, a corrections officer, and a member of a county ethics commission.

    October 3, 2018

    Michigan authorities find 123 missing children as part of Operation MISafeKid.

    November 1, 2018

    German police arrested 8 child predators on pedophilia charges involving a mother who was prostituting her nine year old son to men on the internet who raped the young boy.

    January 30, 2019

    Police arrested internationally renowned spiritual healer Joao Teixeira de Faria, more commonly known as John of God. Faria stands accused of sexually assaulting over 600 women and operating a baby trafficking farm in Brazil where he held hundreds of women aged 14 to 18 captive and used them to produce babies that were then sold off to childless couples around the world. After 10 years of giving birth, these women were then killed. For the sake of comprehensiveness in our presentation, it is worth mentioning that Faria is connected to the Clintons and Oprah Winfrey who have all vouched for him over the years.

    February 21, 2019

    Authorities arrest 22 child sex predators in Pierce County, Washington in a multi-agency sting operation.

    March 13, 2019

    Keith Raniere, founder of the sex cult NXIVM, was charged with two counts of sexual misconduct with minors. NXIVM is a massive story in and of itself which we will not cover in its entirety here.

    May 3, 2019

    Authorities arrest 82 pedophiles and rescue 17 children in Georgia as part of Operation Southern Impact III.

    May 20, 2019

    Authorities arrest 13 pedophiles in underage sex trafficking ring in Montgomery County, Florida.

    June 24, 2019

    Authorities arrest 85 human traffickers in Florida as part of Operation Trade Secrets. Some face additional charges of child pornography.

    July 22, 2019

    Authorities arrest 25 in child sex trafficking sting in Arizona as part of Operation Summer Shield.

    July 22, 2019

    Authorities arrest 4 human traffickers in Tennessee.

    August 6, 2019

    The FBI arrest 67 suspected human traffickers and rescue 103 children as part of Operation Independence Day. The sweep resulted in 60 new federal investigations.

    August 19, 2019

    Authorities arrest 4 additional human traffickers in Tennessee.

    October 16, 2019

    Authorizes arrest 337 child porn users including a South Korean “kingpin” after shutting down the world’s largest child porn marketplace on the dark web. The website, called Welcome to Video, contained more than 200,000 unique videos of children, toddlers, and infants. One particular user from Washington, D.C. was found to have downloaded more than 50 years worth of video footage.

    October 16, 2019

    Authorities in Ontario arrest 31 human traffickers including a central “kingpin” as part of Project Convalesce.

    Hacking Group “Anonymous” Takes Down Child Porn Sites and Assists FBI

    On October 24, 2011, the international hacking group known only as Anonymous carried out Operation Darknet, taking offline 40 websites that traded in child porn. Additionally, it published the names of 1,500 pedophiles who used the website Lolita City. As a side note, I’d like to point out the strange similarity of the name of this child porn website and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet, the Lolita Express.

    Then, two years later, the FBI busted a dark net hosting site called Freedom Hosting.

    On August 5, 2013, The Verge reported,

    “A man in Ireland believed to be behind Freedom Hosting, the biggest service provider for sites on the encrypted Tor network, is awaiting extradition on child pornography charges, reports The Independent. Denied bail until there is a ruling on the extradition request, Eric Eoin Marques has been described by an FBI special agent as “the largest facilitator of child porn on the planet,” and faces up to 30 years in prison if tried in the US.”

    On March 13, 2014, a lone wolf hacktivist held the portal domain The Hidden Wiki hostage while demanding that all links to child porn be removed.

    On February 3, 2017, Anonymous struck again, this time shutting down 10,613 Tor-accessible websites, or approximately 20% of the dark net, by compromising the servers of Freedom Hosting II, the second iteration of the popular dark net web hosting service. The hackers claimed that half of all the data stored on the servers was child pornography. According to the International Business Times, the hackers stole 75GB of files and 2.6GB of databases.

    Mass Arrests of High Profile Individuals

    May 19, 2016

    Authorities arrest Charles Wade, prominent Black Lives Matter organizer and co-founder of Operation Help or Hush for pimping an underage girl.

    May 27, 2017

    Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration was rocked by a pedophilia scandal of epic proportions. Jacob Schwartz, working for de Blasio at the time as well as the standing president of the Manhattan Young Democrats, was arrested for possession of more than 3,000 child porn images and 89 videos on his hard drive, all of which he downloaded from the internet.

    June 5, 2017

    A councilman in Lehigh Valley, PA was arrested for sexually molesting a young girl from age 5 to age 12. Before becoming a councilman, he had been a deacon at a Baptist church.

    July 27, 2017

    It was reported that California deputy attorney general Raymond Liddy (a democrat) was prosecuted for possession of child pornography. He is the son of former FBI agent Gordon Liddy who was a key figure in the Watergate scandal. A deputy attorney general is pretty staggering to imagine, but that pales in comparison to some of the high-ranking politicians we will look at in a few minutes.

    September 13, 2017

    The Daily Caller reported that at least 11 mayors have been accused of child sex abuse related crimes since 2016.

    The list includes:

    1. Seattle, WA Mayor Ed Murray, accused of molesting 5 children
    2. Stilwater, NY Mayor Rick Nelson, arrested on child porn charges as well as decades of sexual misconduct with teenagers and children as young as 5 including rape and sodomy
    3. Clayton, NY Mayor Dale Kenyon, indicted for sexual abusing a teenager repeatedly for 3 years
    4. Randolph, NE Mayor Dwayne Schutt, repeatedly abusing a child for 4 years starting when the victim was 13
    5. Warren, OH Mayor named Richard Keenan, given a life-sentence after pleading guilty to raping a 4 year old who he claimed was a “willing participant”
    6. Stockton, CA Mayor Anthony Silva, arrested for providing alcohol to underprivileged children and then filming them play strip poker in addition to embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars from the camp
    7. Winston, OR Mayor Kenneth Lewis Barrett, arrested as part of a sex sting when he and 3 other men met with a 14 year old girl for sex
    8. Dawson, GA Mayor Christopher Wright, pled guilty to raping a 12 year old girl and forced her to perform oral sex on him but was let off without a prison sentence
    9. Rockdale, TX Mayor Darral Gene Walker, indicted for sexual misconduct involving touching a young boy’s genitals which he claimed was for “purely educational reasons, not for sexual gratification.”
    10. Millbrook, NY Mayor Donald Briggs, indicted on felony charges in December 2016, in relation to “alleged inappropriate sexual contact with a person younger than 17”

    October 25, 2017

    Phillip Ahr, the chairman of Radnor Township’s board of commissioners, was arrested on child porn charges after graphic sexual abuse images involving babies and toddlers ages 1 to 6 were allegedly found on his computers. Ahr was charged with child pornography possession and child pornography dissemination, sexual abuse of children, and criminal use of communication facility. Once again, we notice that Phillip Ahr is a democrat.

    November 17, 2017

    Indianapolis councilman Jeff Miller was charged with 3 counts of child molestation under the age of 14.

    February 9, 2018

    Former District Court Judge Timothy Nolan pleaded guilty to 21 counts of human trafficking including 19 victims, some of which were minors. He was later indicted on 28 felony counts and two misdemeanor counts and sentenced to 20 years in prison and a $110,000 fine that will mostly be paid to the Human Trafficking Victims Fund in Kentucky.

    April 3, 2018

    Former attorney Mark Benavides was found guilty on 6 counts of human trafficking and sentenced to 89 years in prison. Police arrested him while he was running for Bexar County District Judge.

    May 6, 2018

    Micah Rhodes, ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter leader, found guilty of statutory rape.

    July 19, 2019

    George Nader, a key witness in special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russian collusion probe, is charged with transporting a 14 year old boy for sex, child pornography, and carrying obscene materials.

    July 23, 2019

    Authorities arrest former Vice President of Walt Disney Company, Michael Laney, for 4 counts of sexual abuse of a 7 year old girl.

    October 10, 2019

    Authorities arrest Arizona’s Maricopa County Assessor Paul Petersen in human trafficking adoption scheme. Petersen was charged with counts of human smuggling, sale of a child, fraud, forgery, and conspiracy to commit money laundering.

    More Information

    For further information, you can check out my ongoing investigative series on Systemic Pedophilia which is quite possibly the most comprehensive presentation of this material available online.

    Adam Riva

    Editor at Dauntless Dialogue

    Adam Riva is the editor of Dauntless Dialogue, an independent media outlet and podcast exploring the occult, holistic health, politics, and culture and features special guests from the UFO, conspiracy, and truth communities. He is the author of the nutritional science book Humans are Herbivores: A Scientific Case for Veganism. He is the founder of Dragonfly Effect Naturals, a philanthropic buy-one-give-one company that manufactures holistic products with a global mission.

    Most Recent & Additional Headlines

    April 2018

    Human Trafficker Confesses on Camera to Murdering Between 400-500 Little Girls
    How does a man live with himself doing such things? Ross Kemp, a British investigative journalist, interviewed a self-professed child trafficker from India in 2013. If confessing to child trafficking were not enough, the man in the interview claims to have killed somewhere between 4-500 little girls.
    The man in the interview is referred to as “Mr. Kahn.” Most child traffickers are embarrassed or will not confess to such depravity, but not Kahn. He is on record confessing to selling thousands of children into sex slavery and killing hundreds that he was not able to sell.

    December 12, 2018

    36 convicted in largest international sex trafficking ring brought down by federal government
    ST. PAUL, Minn. (FOX 9) - Dozens of people have been convicted for their role in a massive international sex trafficking organization based out of Thailand, which sold women in a variety of U.S. cities, including Minneapolis.

    1 November 2019

    Brazil police arrest man said to be one of world's most prolific human traffickers
    Police said they had detained the prolific human trafficker Saifullah Al-Mamun in a joint operation with U.S. authorities. [...]
    According to Brazilian police, he and his group were smuggling into Brazil, and then to the United States, people from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan

    5 August 2020

    MS-13 Members and Associates Arrested for Sex Trafficking a Minor
    ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Eleven members or close associates of the MS-13 gang were arrested this week relating to the sexual exploitation and physical abuse of a minor in northern Virginia and Maryland. [...] Law enforcement recovered photographs and videos of MINOR 2 while being sexually exploited, along with numerous social media messages regarding the trafficking and sexual exploitation of MINOR 2.

    January 2021

    Lawsuit: Community college program was human trafficking
    DES MOINES, Iowa — Eleven students from Brazil and Chile have filed a federal lawsuit accusing a northwest Iowa community college, a recruitment company, a pet food manufacturer and a packaging company of human trafficking and involuntary servitude.
    The lawsuit filed Monday in the Northern District of Iowa says Western Iowa Tech Community College and J&L Staffing, both in Sioux City, lured the students to Iowa in 2019 under a work- and study- based visa exchange program only to push them into factory jobs that had no educational value and were unrelated to the field of study.

    January 11, 2021

    71 Arrested In Tampa Human Trafficking Operation Ahead of Super Bowl
    TAMPA, FL — On January 11, National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, Sheriff Chad Chronister announced the results of a month-long operation aimed at targeting and deterring human trafficking in Hillsborough County.[...]
    From December 7, 2020, through January 9, 2021, HCSO detectives worked undercover posting online ads offering to meet up and make themselves available to be purchased for sex. Female detectives posed as prostitutes on the streets. A total of 71 ‘Johns,’ or sex buyers, were arrested and charged with soliciting another to commit prostitution or entering/remaining in a place for prostitution

    Big Name Human Trafficking

    Please note: President Trump did not make a spelling mistake in the above tweet.
    This is the code used by pedos looking to buy children using the internet...

    The Catholic Church

  • Catholic church apologises for role in 'forced adoptions' over 30-year periodHead of church in England and Wales apologises in documentary about women who were pressured into handing over their babies in the 50s, 60s and 70s
    The Guardian, 3 Nov 2016
    The head of the Catholic church in England and Wales has apologised for its part in the” hurt” caused to young unmarried women who say they were felt pressured into handing over their babies for adoption in the 1950s, 60s and 70s. Cardinal Vincent Nichols acknowledged the “the grief and pain caused by the giving up of a child through adoption”, adding: “Sadly for unmarried mothers, adoption was considered to be in the best interests of the mother and child because of the associated stigma and the lack of support for lone parents.”

  • The Catholic church and the theft and sale of babies [Ireland, Spain, Chile & South America]

    This second instalment of a report by PETER FROST into church abuse looks at a terrible scandal in the Roman Catholic church
    Morning Star Online, July 4, 2019

    The job of taking those babies away from single mothers and families who didn’t fit into his idea of ideal citizens was given to an efficient network of priests and nuns within the Catholic church.

    They also added any single mothers to their targets for baby theft. An amazing 300,000 babies were stolen from their parents between 1939 and the 1990s in Spain.

  • Indian lawmaker says Mother Teresa should be stripped of civilian honour over baby-trafficking scandal
    Global News, July 14 2018
    It’s been nearly 40 years since Mother Teresa was conferred India‘s highest civilian honour, the Bharat Ratna (Jewel of India), but there are growing calls for the accolade to be rescinded.

    Last week, Indian authorities said they busted a baby-trafficking racket in a shelter run by the Missionaries of Charity, the religious order set up by the late Albanian-Indian missionary in 1950.
    Child welfare authorities said a nun and one other person linked to the charity were selling babies to childless couples for between $550 and $1,450.

    [...]The issue was highlighted in the 2013 film Philomena, starring Judi Dench. It told the true story of Philomena Lee, an Irish woman who searched for her son for 50 years after being pressured by nuns to hand him over for adoption in 1952, when she was a teenager.

  • Jharkhand whistleblower who exposed child selling racket at Missionaries of Charity 4 years back, only to be shunted out [VIDEO 46:37]
    Four years ago, Om Praksh Singh, chairperson of Child Welfare Committee Ranchi, made a surprise visit to Sishu Bhawan run by Missionaries of Charity in Ranchi.
    India Today, Sep 7 2018
    * OP Singh made a surprise visit to Missionaries of Charity 4 years ago
    * Singh reportedly was obstructed during the visit by the sisters
    * ADGP says the shelter home's records before 2015 have gone missing

    The only issue here is the scale of the trafficking. Here reporters try to get to the bottom of this issue due to reports of hundreds of babies being sold.

  • Report Exposes Decades Of Sexual Trade Carried Out By German Nuns
    The Headlines of Today, Feb 3, 2021

    A worrisome report traces decades of widespread child sex abuse in the Archdiocese of Cologne, Germany at the hands of greedy nuns supported by perverted priests. The story came to light because of a lawsuit that alleged that the Order of the Sisters of the Divine Redeemer was selling or loaning orphaned boys from their boarding houses for weeks at a time in a disgusting rape trade to predatory priests and business people.

  • Money-grubbing Mother Teresa kept Vatican Bank afloat - journalist
    RT, 10 Nov 2017

    [...] Mother Teresa had such huge savings in the Vatican Bank that if she had withdrawn her funds the institution could have defaulted, according to an Italian journalist.

    Gianluigi Nuzzi's newly-released book, 'The Original Sin,' digs into the Vatican's darkest secrets and details how, when American archbishop Paul Marcinkus was appointed president of the Vatican Bank, Mother Teresa was believed to have "by far the most cashed up account."

    Comment: Copy here

  • Debunking another contemporary myth: New exposé of Mother Teresa shows that she and the Vatican were even worse than we thought
    whyevolutionistrue.wordpress, 05 Jul 2013

    The criticisms of Agnes Gonxha, as she was christened, have been growing for a long time. I wasn't aware of them until I read Christopher Hitchens's cleverly titled book, The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice, which I found deeply disturbing. [...]

    In its "criticism" section of her biography, Wikipedia summarizes the growing opprobrium related to her extreme love of suffering (that is, the suffering of her "patients"), her refusal to provide adequate medical care, her association with (and financial support from) shady characters, and her treatment of her nuns.

    Comment: MT received money from Dictators.... For what?

  • 300,000 babies stolen from their parents - and sold for adoption: Haunting BBC documentary exposes 50-year scandal of baby trafficking by the Catholic church in Spain

    Churches & Cults

  • How the Christian Church and U.S. Government Work Together to Traffick Children Worldwide Through the Lucrative Adoption Business
    Era Of Light, 24th March 2022

    The European Adoption Consultants (EAC) is a business that was set up in 1991 by then President George H.W. Bush and Bill Barr, his Attorney General.

    This agency has been caught numerous times in its 41-year history trafficking children by fooling parents in poor countries with financial incentives, like promising an education for their children abroad, and then placing them in Christian orphanages where American families will pay a high price to adopt the children.[...]

    CNN actually did an investigation on the EAC in 2017, interviewing parents who had been lied to about their adopted children, and then found out from the children themselves that they had parents back in their home country who loved them. This is still up on YouTube:

    Comment: This is a long article with lots of receipts. It's interesting to know that an ex President and former Attorney General were involved. It fits a pattern.

  • Mega-church leader Joaquin Garcia arrested for major sex trafficking crimes
    Fox 11, June 5, 2019
    [...] Garcia committed the crimes between 2015 and 2018 while leading La Luz Del Mundo, an international religious organization headquartered in Mexico with over one million followers reported worldwide. In the criminal complaint, it is alleged that García and his "co-defendants" allegedly coerced victims into performing sexual acts by telling them that if they went against any of his desires or wishes as "the Apostle," that they were going against God.

  • Judge throws out extortion charges against megachurch leader acussed of human trafficking
    CP24, October 22, 2020
    Judge throws out extortion charges against megachurch leader acussed of human trafficking church leader In this Monday, July 15, 2019 file photo, Naason Joaquin Garcia, the leader of a Mexico-based evangelical church with a worldwide membership, attends a bail review hearing in Los Angeles Superior Court. On Tuesday, April 7, 2020 a California appeals court has dismissed the criminal case against the Mexican megachurch leader on charges of child rape and human trafficking. The case was dismissed on procedural grounds. García, the self-proclaimed apostle of La Luz del Mundo, has been in custody since June. He is currently being held without bail in Los Angeles. The attorney general's office said it was reviewing the court's ruling. (Al Seib/Los Angeles Times via AP, Pool, File)

  • Kenya failing to tackle 'miracle baby' trafficking, says nun
    Reuters, June 29, 2017
    NAIROBI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Rogue churches in Kenya are delivering trafficked babies to infertile women, a Kenyan nun who rescues stolen children said

  • Is the Mormon Church Behind a Worldwide Child Sex Trafficking Ring Operating out of Arizona? [RADIO SHOW]
  • Gov's. Intel Orgs, Churches, Child Protective Services, Porn, Epstein involved in child trafficking
    YouTube, 12 June 2021

    Comment 14th June 2021: There is a lot said here, not sure this interview will stay for long on YouTube. We have Michael Jaco, with guests Madyson Marquette, Clare Hocking Okell and Carmen Studer. Madyson and Clare rescue children held underground. Clare is from the U.K. and can only be described as fierce. See, Clare warns the UK Cabal.... Btw, language warning...

    Alison Mack criminal docket charges link
    Click image for link.

  • NXIVM: What We Know About Alleged Sex Trafficking, Forced Labor
    A new federal criminal complaint alleges that women were forced to be “slaves” to Keith Raniere, the controversial self-help group’s co-founder
    Rolling Stone, March 28 2018

    [...] Per the complaint, NXIVM’s secret society, DOS, is a pyramid-style “organized criminal group” with levels of “slaves headed by masters.” The document alleges that Raniere is the singular ruling “master” and sole male member of DOS (also reportedly known as “The Vow”). The society is rumored to have formed around 2015; DOS allegedly stands for “Domunus Obsequious Sororium,” which loosely translates to “Lord/Master of the Obedient Female Companions.”

    The document claims that DOS’ “slaves” had to recruit more slaves in order to become “masters” themselves, and that NXIVM women who were going through some kind of personal strife were the primary targets of DOS recruiting efforts.

    [...] The complaint also states that many DOS slaves were allegedly forced to participate in a torture ritual in which they were held down naked by other members and branded with Raniere’s initials using a cauterizing device. The complaint says these encounters were filmed.
    • NXIVM Leader Keith Raniere Sentenced to 120 Years in Prison for Racketeering and Sex Trafficking Offenses
      Clare Bronfman, an heiress of the Seagram's liquor empire, following her arraignment on charges of racketeering and conspiracy in relation to the Albany-based organization Nxivm at the United States Federal Courthouse in Brooklyn at New York, U.S., June 24, 2018. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid/Files
      [...] The charges Bronfman had faced included racketeering, conspiracy to commit identity theft, encouraging and inducing illegal entry into the United States and money laundering. She ultimately pleaded guilty to conspiring to harbor immigrants for financial gain and fraudulently using identity information.

    • Prominent Democrats are involved in Human Trafficking, [...] Sex Slavery, and Satanism
      [...] According to Parlato, NXIVM routinely trafficked in teenage girls from Mexico, who were then turned into sex slaves and physically branded on their bodies with Raniere’s initials. And unbeknownst to millions of Americans are the many mainstream politicians who, at the very least, appear to have known that this was going on – and some of whom may have also been perpetrators themselves.


    Tom Cruise holding the exterior of the Scientology building on Fountain Avenue, East Hollywood which serves as the group's west coast headquarters. Photoshop credit unknown.

    Click image for link

  • Leah Remini claims she was held at Scientology facility for 4 months after Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes wedding — and 6 more lawsuit bombshells
    Tom Cruise isn't the only celebrity mentioned in Remini's lawsuit against the Church of Scientology. Here's why she referenced Anderson Cooper and Conan O'Brien.
    Yahoo News, 3rd August 2023

    A lawsuit filed by Leah Remini on Wednesday against the Church of Scientology contains a number of disturbing allegations against the organization, its practices and high-ranking members.

    Along with claims Remini's been “stalked, surveilled, harassed, threatened, intimidated” and is the victim of “intentional malicious and fraudulent rumors” on the internet, the 60-page document made multiple mentions of Tom Cruise as the actress says her life as a Scientologist changed after his 2006 wedding to Katie Holmes. Remini, who labels Cruise as “essentially second in command” in the church, is also suing leader, David Miscavige.

  • Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige served 27 times with human trafficking lawsuit: Court docs
    Miscavige has been "concealing his whereabouts" to evade the lawsuit, a judge said
    Fox News February 17, 2023

    The Church of Scientology's leader was served 27 times in two states with a federal lawsuit that accused him of human trafficking, but lawyers were either denied entry or told he wasn't at that location, according to court documents.

    After 10 months, U.S. Judge Julie Sneed ruled that David Miscavige "is actively concealing his whereabouts or evading service," according to Tuesday's court filing.

    He's "deemed to have been properly served as of the date of this order (Feb. 14, 2023), and therefore has 21 days to answer or otherwise respond" to the allegations in the lawsuit.

    Karin Pouw, a spokesperson for the Church of Scientology, said in an emailed statement, "Miscavige never evaded service."

  • Lawsuits against the Church of Scientology are piling up, alleging a vast network of human trafficking, child abuse, and forced labor
    Insider, Sep 21, 2019

    · A number of women have sued the Church of Scientology in recent months, alleging a variety of complaints including human trafficking, forced labor, and child abuse.

    · On Thursday, a woman identified only as Jane Doe sued the church in a Miami-Dade court, alleging the organization enabled child sexual abuse and has harassed and surveilled her since she left the church last year.

    · The lawsuits follow years of renewed public scrutiny over the secretive church and its inner workings, which largely remain an enigma to outsiders. The church has steadfastly denied all allegations against it and has called its accusers liars and attention-seekers.

    Paul Haggis vs. the Church of Scientology
    New Yorker, February 6, 2011
    The laws regarding trafficking were built largely around forced prostitution, but they also pertain to slave labor. Under federal law, slavery is defined, in part, by the use of coercion, torture, starvation, imprisonment, threats, and psychological abuse. The California penal code lists several indicators that someone may be a victim of human trafficking: signs of trauma or fatigue; being afraid or unable to talk, because of censorship by others or security measures that prevent communication with others; working in one place without the freedom to move about; owing a debt to one’s employer; and not having control over identification documents. Those conditions echo the testimony of many former Sea Org members who lived at the GoldBase.

    Sea Org members who have “failed to fulfill their ecclesiastical responsibilities” may be sent to one of the church’s several Rehabilitation Project Force locations. Defectors describe them aspunitive reëducation camps [prisons]. In California, there is one in Los Angeles; until 2005, there was one near the Gold Base, at a place called Happy Valley. Bruce Hines, the defector turned research physicist, says that he was confined to R.P.F. for six years, first in L.A., then in Happy Valley.He recalls that the properties were heavily guarded and that anyonewho tried to fl ee would be tracked down and subjected to furtherpunishment. “In 1995, when I was put in R.P.F., there were twelve ofus,” Hines said. “At the high point, in 2000, there were about a hundredand twenty of us.” Some members have been in R.P.F. for more than a decade, doing manual labor and extensive spiritual work. (Davis saysthat Sea Org members enter R.P.F. by their own choosing and can leaveat any time; the manual labor maintains church facilities and instills“pride of accomplishment.”)
    Comment: This is an informative long article about Scientology that provides a good definition of human trafficking laws that pertain to slave labour. Despite all the revelations concerning the abuse of members (some of whom are children) who sign up for a billion years of service. Until recently, very little had been revealed about children whose parents send them off to join the Sea Cadets at age 5.... The horror stories concerning how mind control has been used to ensnare members and then for parents to give up their children to scientology, for who knows what, is very alarming. Btw, Scientology has a very relaxed attitude concerning under age children sleeping with older people see, this confession on Twitter link

  • Actress Leah Remini is probably the most famous and successful opponent of scientology with a NETFLIX documentary series about Scientology. Her YouTube channel can be found here here

  • Andrew Gold | On The Edge

    Comment: Andrew Gold has a very popular YouTube channel that focuses on cults and sociopathy. His most popular videos are related to scientology and there are interviews with top scientology defectors, who have gone on to take part in documentaries and write books about their experience. The the following Andre Gold guests and their YouTube interviews are recommeded: Chris Shelton, Mike Rinder and Doug Scott Kramer

    Fake Charities / Fake Foundations / Fake Missionaries

  • An Unbelievably In-depth Research On HRC’s International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children (ICMEC)
    Ella Cruz. 2 NOV 2018
    Many people have investigated the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children” (ICMEC), founded by Hillary Clinton, Lady Meyer, and Cherie Booth; the wife of British Prime Minister Tony Blair.
    Actually, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® (NCMEC), sponsors the launch of International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children.” (ICMEC). Very similar names. One national, one international.

    On, April 23, 1999, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® (NCMEC), Sponsored the launch of Hilary Rodham Clinton’s worldwide project against international child abduction which took place at the British Embassy and was hosted by the British Ambassador, Sir Christopher Meyer, and his wife, Lady Meyer. The project was named “International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children.” (ICMEC)
    Then First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and Cherie Booth, the wife of British Prime Minister Tony Blair, were the principal guest speakers.


  • The Clinton-Silsby Child Trafficking Scandal And How The Media Attempted To Cover It Up
    The Impious Digest, January 25, 2017
    Contrary to reports in the media, the crowd sourced investigation labeled by some as “Pizzagate” did not begin with internet sleuths digging through the Wikileaks Podesta Files releases looking for pizza parlors and encoded language discussing human trafficking. It began with the shocking discovery that Hillary and Bill Clinton provided assistance to convicted child trafficker, Laura Silsby, resulting in a reduced sentence for child trafficking.
    Silsby was arrested at the Haitian border attempting to smuggle 33 children out of Haiti without documentation. Her sentence and charges were reduced after an intervention by Bill Clinton. In the aftermath of Silsby’s arrest, her originally retained lawyer Jorge Puello was arrested in connection with an international smuggling ring accused of trafficking women and minors from Central America and Haiti. The revelation of this news in November was either ignored by the Western media or attacked by Clinton controlled publications. [...]

    Hillary and Bill Clinton took an extraordinary interest in Silsby’s case from the moment she was arrested and almost immediately stepped in on her behalf. The Harvard Human Rights Journal stated that one of Bill Clinton’s first acts as special envoy for the United Nations in Haiti “was to put out the fire of a child abduction scandal involving American citizens.” On February 7th, 2010, The Sunday Times reported that Bill Clinton had intervened to strike a deal with the Haitian government, securing the release of all co-conspirators except for Silsby. Prosecutors ultimately sought a six-month sentence in Silsby’s case, reducing charges for conspiracy and child abduction to mere “arranging irregular travel.” A shockingly light penalty given the circumstances of her arrest, which would likely not have been possible but for the intervention of the Clintons in Silsby’s case.

    This article is well researched with many links provided. There is no dispute about the facts here.

  • Are Bill & Hillary Clinton Involved with Child Trafficking?
    Nation and State, April 12, 2019

    The question on everyone’s mind – are Bill and Hillary Clinton connected to or involved with child sex trafficking or child labor trafficking networks – or, are they advocates for children as they portray themselves to be?

    Though, the focus is on both Bill and Hillary, this report will primarily break down a timeline of Hillary’s work as it relates to children, in addition to both of their connections with individuals who have been indicted and/or convicted of crimes against children – because they are stacking up. The information that follows will provide facts, for each person to use their own discernment in determining what they believe to be truth, or until further information is revealed.

    Human trafficking is a $150 billion dollar industry. [...]


    The question on everyone’s mind – are Bill and Hillary Clinton child traffickers? What would be their motive? Money is certainly a driving motivator for the Clintons, and it’s a $150 billion dollar industry. They most definitely have worldwide connections to pull off operations for child sex trafficking, organ harvesting, or slave labor. Does this alone make them guilty? Are they themselves pedophiles like many of their convicted friends, or are they just okay with that behavior? Why is it that they seem to continually surround themselves with corrupt individuals, some even former lawmakers, as well as other sexual predators, and some under question for murder.

    Does anything go with the Clintons? Why are they working with Branson, Gates, Soros, Bezos, numerous organizations and foundations, across 26 islands in the Caribbean to build up “tourism” and focus on sustainable infrastructure, such as hotel resorts. Polaris points out that hotels are a venue for traffickers, with 1,434 cases of human trafficking in hotels having been reported back in 2007. Most of the Caribbean islands are either tier 2 or tier 3 for human trafficking.

    What It Boils Down To

    Option A. They had absolutely no clue that any of these people they spent a great deal amount of time with, both personally and through business, were involved in crimes against children. All of the work they have done for children is about the children, not the money. This is a hard sell given all of the evidence above.

    Option B.
    They turned a blind eye, despite being aware. A highly unlikely option. If anything, the Clintons would use this information to extort those people. And in doing so, would indicate their lack of concern for children, making all of their said causes a lie.

    Option C.
    They created bills, instilled laws, built relationships, worldwide databases, countless initiatives, partnerships, and global hotlines – all with direct access to, and knowledge of, children and their whereabouts. In both politics and business they are known as the procurement specialists, often using this language in their press releases.

    The evidence is piling up against the Clintons. It’s becoming more and more difficult to rationalize all of their choices, relationships, and nefarious dealings, away.

    There will come a day when the light will brightly shine on all of this, when investigations into the Clintons wrap up, and truth be unveiled. Until then, pray for the children in this world – for this battle we fight day and night – is for them.

    Since Hillary Clinton is a proven satanist, (I don't know about Bill but he is certainly a mobster), the evidence of wrongdoing by the Clinton Foundation is overwhelmimg, so we can safely say that the answer here is Option C.

  • McCain Institute's Failure To Use Donations For Anti-Trafficking Purposes Raises Questions
    ZeroHedge, MAR 08, 2017
    Questions about John McCain's foundation have arisen amid revelations that, for the last several years the foundation has not been using its donations, instead depositing small amounts of their large endowment into the Arizona State University Foundation. This issue has added importance when considered in the context of John McCain's controversial sources of funding and the arrest of a number of past campaign workers on charges such as child abuse and drug trafficking.

  • Greece accuses charities of working with human traffickers to smuggle migrants
    The Nizh Telegram, December 10, 2020
    Jeddah – Yasmine El Tohamy – LONDON: A Greek minister has accused several charities of working with human traffickers to form a refugee-smuggling network that stretches from Somalia to the UK.
    Migration and Asylum Minister Notis Mitarachi named seven charitable organizations that officials suspect provide funds for traffickers. The money allegedly is used to help illegal migrants from Somalia to enter Greece and, from there, travel to other European nations.
    He told the Times newspaper that Norwegian aid agency Aegean Boat Report, the London-based Al-Khair Foundation and five other groups are believed to be complicit in efforts to aid smugglers.

  • 10 US missionaries denied release from jail before kidnapping trial
    France 24, 6th February 2010
    Ten US missionaries suspected of trying to kidnap 33 Haitian children have been refused conditional release and ordered to await trial in jail, their lawyer told the AFP news agency. AFP - Ten American Christians charged in Haiti with child kidnapping and conspiracy were denied conditional release Friday and sent to jail to await trial, their lawyer told AFP.

    More: US missionaries in Haiti charged with kidnapping - Why Haiti? [VIDEO]

    Governments & Government Agencies

    McAfee Spyware Proof

    Click image for video link.

    Comment: Now just imagine the government of Belize is the tip of a massive iceberg.... Despite the heaps of bad press, John McAfee is a thorn in the side of the Deep State. I hope he is in witness protection.

    Government Sponsored Child Trafficking

  • Lara Logan - Obama’s Program to Reunite Children with their Parents is a Child Trafficking Operation
    Rumble, 9th July 2024

    Lara Logan Dropped a BOMB! 💣

    A New Rule Aims to Legalize Migrant Child Trafficking and Punish Whistleblowers Who Speak up on What’s Happening

    • whistleblowers discovered that anywhere between 200-500 unaccompanied children coming across the US Border are Going to the SAME US ADDRESSES. —— when checked upon, there are barely any children there. Where are they?

    • whistleblowers revealed the “sponsors” who take in these children are on watchlists for organized crime, some of the most vile and hardened criminals are being handed thousands of children every week.

    • the majority of these children come from Guatemala. In a recent interview with the Guatemalan President, he said “Why are you taking our children? Their parents are right here in this country.”

    🔴 The Department of Health and Human Services under Secretary Xavier Becerra, has now published and codified a New Rule Change to Barack Obama’s “Unaccompanied Minor Program” which essentially will legalize Child Trafficking, and will be paid for by US Tax Dollars.

    • In simpler terms, this new rule removes law enforcement from the equation entirely.

    —— Children who are visibly hurt or distressed, like one little boy who was sexually abused so many times he had to wear diapers; it now only goes through the DHS bureaucracy, with no oversight.

    —— This new rule would also PUNISH whistleblowers on what they’re seeing being done to these children.

    • There are only 7 US senators (both sides) working with Whistleblowers to overturn this rule change, under the Congressional Review Act (CRA).

    Why is your elected official not working on this?

    Source: XTwitter Link

  • The Obama Administration’s Human Trafficking
    U.S. Border Patrol takes over where the human smugglers leave off.
    Front Page, July 10, 2014

    For all intents and purposes, the Obama administration is engaged in human trafficking.

    At a Senate hearing Wednesday, Health and Human Services Acting Assistant Secretary for the Administration for Children and Families Mark Greenberg admitted that, even if the Obama administration knew it was releasing Unaccompanied Alien Children (UACs) to other illegal aliens, they would do so based on the “totality of the circumstances” that apparently justifies such irresponsibility.

    Obama’s Illegal Immigrant Detention Facilities In Pictures
    Photo Credit: Ross D. Franklin-Pool/Getty Images
    Click image for link.

  • Here Are The Photos Of Obama’s Illegal Immigrant Detention Facilities The Media Won’t Show You
    Daily Caller, June 19, 2018

  • David Straight explains | XTwitter OBAMA CARE - CHILD TRAFFICKING

    Click image for video link

  • CHILDREN BEING TAKEN: Horrific video reveals U.S. government is actively facilitating a HUGE child trafficking ring across America
    Natural News, 4th October 2023

    A disturbing expose shows how the U.S. federal government is supporting the world’s biggest child trafficking ring with a steady stream of migrant children.

    Muckraker released a video on X showing unsettling footage of young children being placed in large vans with tinted windows as their shady escorts hid their name badges and instructed them not to speak to reporters. Unfortunately, these children's fate is a big mystery, and there are thousands more just like them who disappear in the U.S. on a regular basis.

    According to the publication, around 350,000 children enter the country unaccompanied every year, and 85,000 of those children have gone missing. Many are forced into a life of involuntary servitude, commercial sex trafficking and other horrors that potentially include organ harvesting.

    Comment: This is very disturbing information.

  • Where Did The Children Go
    An Exposé Special – Whistleblowers Reveal The Truth

    America's Future, 27th Oct 2023

    The courage of Tara Lee Rodas to step forward and expose the truth about a federal government agency’s role in the shocking treatment of thousands and thousands of unaccompanied children entering the U.S. at the southern border was the action of a warrior. The stories she recounted of the tragedies, and the trafficking and abuse of the children during her Congressional testimony in April 2023 were insurmountable to suppress by the culpable agency, the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), and its Unaccompanied Children (UC) Program. The world took notice when she said, “Whether intentional or not, it can be argued that the US Government has become the middleman in a large-scale, multi-billion-dollar, child trafficking operation run by bad actors seeking to profit off the lives of children.”

  • 4 Whistleblowers Revealing the HHS Unaccompanied Children Program at the Southern Border
    Rumble, 26th Oct 2023

    “Where Did The Children Go,” an eye-opening exposé with four whistleblowers who come together for the first time to reveal “horror after horror” in the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) Unaccompanied Children (UC) Program at the southern border.

    Viewers will hear new evidence showing that the U.S. government knowingly put children into the hands of unknown and unvetted sponsors and traffickers, how the federal government turned a blind eye to the waste of taxpayer dollars by their select NGO contractors, and how “shame tactics” and threats were used by both government officials and federal contractors to suppress staff from sharing information.

    Comment: This is a rumble version of the above documentary. Twitter link link

    It takes a while for normal people to comprehend that child/human trafficking is institutionalised by goverments and goverment agencies. However, all you need to do is be unfortunate enough to have a child stolen or DYOR, scratch the surface and it becomes obvious. Now, the real problem is tackling this system on a big enough scale to erradicate it..... Despite the many problems, the destruction of this evil system is ongoing and the sleeping masses will be informed as to why their evil politicians and unelected officials are being removed and executed.

    Click image for link

    Click image for video link

  • Alone and Exploited, Migrant Children Work Brutal Jobs Across the U.S.Arriving in record numbers, they’re ending up in dangerous jobs that violate child labor laws — including in factories that make products for well-known brands like Cheetos and Fruit of the Loom.
    New York Times, Feb. 25, 2023

    [...] These workers are part of a new economy of exploitation: Migrant children, who have been coming into the United States without their parents in record numbers, are ending up in some of the most punishing jobs in the country, a New York Times investigation found. This shadow work force extends across industries in every state, flouting child labor laws that have been in place for nearly a century. Twelve-year-old roofers in Florida and Tennessee. Underage slaughterhouse workers in Delaware, Mississippi and North Carolina. Children sawing planks of wood on overnight shifts in South Dakota.

    Largely from Central America, the children are driven by economic desperation that was worsened by the pandemic. This labor force has been slowly growing for almost a decade, but it has exploded since 2021, while the systems meant to protect children have broken down.

    Comment: This is brutal, but we get some truth.

    Click image for video link

    Comment: Unbelievable......

    Click image for Twitter video link

    Comment: This video includes a Project Veritas clip of a 16 year old girl explaining how she is being pimped by her sponsor.

  • HHS Whistleblower Says Government Complicit in Trafficking; Child Admits Being ‘Pimped’ by Sponsor
    YouTube | Project Veritas, 29 Nov 2022

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Whistleblower Reveals ‘Tax Dollars’ Spent to ‘Put Children in the Hands of Criminals’; Says Gov’t Complicit Because ‘We Don’t Get Sued by Traffickers’ … Migrant Child: My Female Sponsor ‘Would Pimp Me to Men’

    • Tara Lee Rodas, Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity & Efficiency: “The tax dollars of people who are listening [to my testimony to Project Veritas] are paying to put children in the hands of criminals.”

    Comment: Due to the border being wide open, more and more ordinary Americans realise that their government HAS TO BE INVOLVED WITH HUMAN TRAFFICKING. Obviously, they get huge 'kick-backs' for letting it happen.... How else do politicians get so rich?

  • DHS Insider Blows Whistle on International Child Sex Trafficking Gangs Exploiting ‘Reasonable Fear’ Loophole … ‘Every Single One of These Transnational Criminal Organizations Are Involved in Sex Trafficking’

    [WASHINGTON, D.C. – Aug. 24, 2021] Project Veritas released a new video today featuring a Department of Homeland Security [DHS] insider blowing the whistle on a federal government “loophole” that enables migrant gang members to get away with sex trafficking and other crimes.

  • DHS Insider Blows Whistle on Int'l Child Sex Trafficking Gangs Exploiting 'Reasonable Fear' Loophole
    YouTube, 25 Aug 2021

    Summary | So we have evil US government organisations encouraging gang members into the US, giving them work permits and then allowing them to apply to sponsor an unaccompanied child which they can then use for sex trafficking... How evil is that? James O' Keefe says, "Gang members sponsoring unaccompanied young children and nobody binks an eye." The level of evil is terrifying.

  • Family Courts & Child Protection Services

    Click image for link.

  • American Children Are Being Separated From Parents And Trafficked
    Hundreds of Thousands of Children in the U.S. are Being Separated from Their Parents – Many are Sexually Trafficked
    The Millennium Report, 25th JUne 2018

    Nancy Schaefer

  • Nancy Schaefer is a hero. We are working to finish what she started, by exposing the State sponsored kidnapping of children via CPS/Foster Care Corruption In Georgia.
    2 former state senators found dead in Arkansas and Oklahoma within days
    CNN, June 8, 2019
    (CNN)Lawmakers in Arkansas and Oklahoma are mourning the loss of two former state senators who were found dead in their homes within a span of two days.
    In Arkansas, this week's fatal shooting of former Republican state Sen. Linda Collins-Smith is being investigated as a homicide, authorities said. In Oklahoma, former state Sen. Jonathan Nichols was found dead from a gunshot in his home in Norman, about 20 miles from Oklahoma City, according to police. Authorities have not provided additional details on the apparently unrelated deaths. Investigations are under way in both states.

  • Nancy Schaefer: "CPS sponsored abuse and criminality"
    YouTube, 23 Jan 2011
    CPS is an organization in serious need of legislative inquiries and judicial investigations, and then, reform and reorganization. As things are right now, the child protection system seems to specialize in harrassing and breaking families, and arbitrarily taking children from their parents, based on color of law statutes and informant schemes.

    Click image for video link.

    Comment: This story cannot be ignored! CPS groomers!

  • Arizona child welfare workers fired for wearing ‘professional kidnapper’ shirts
    New York Post, July 22, 2020
    Multiple employees of the Arizona Department of Child Safety lost their jobs for wearing T-shirts that read “Professional kidnapper,” according to a report.
    The bright pink shirts that were apparently worn during work hours led to the firing of several staffers last month, the Arizona Republic reports, citing multiple sources in the agency’s Prescott field office and a former unit supervisor.
    The back of the shirts, according to photos obtained by the newspaper, read: “Do you know where your children are?”

    Comment: I supose this means that deep down these people knew what they were doing was wrong....

  • Evil Behind the Coup: Scripted Pattern to Steal Children & Break America [VIDEO]
    Rumble, December 30, 2020
    Mark and Terri Stemann and Mary Flynn O'Neal join the program to discuss Child Protective Services [CPS] and how it is purposely set up to destroy America and feed an evil child trafficking network. As unbelievable as it is, continued reports across the country back up these claims and form a story that is so incredible, the only option we have is to destroy the system and heal the trauma it has caused.

  • Murdered Former Arkansas State Senator May Have Been Ready To Expose Child Trafficking Ring [within the Arkansas state government.]
    TeaPartyPac.Org (Web archive), June 2019
    (Tea Party PAC) – Former Arkansas State Senator Linda Collins-Smith (pictured above) was found mysteriously murdered inside her home last week, and so far, local law enforcement has been pretty silent on any possible motive or culprit. [...]
    Now we have learned that, according to reports, Collins-Smith may very well have been close to closing in on a child trafficking ring within the Arkansas state government.
    CD Media reports:
    Former Republican Arkansas state Senator Linda Collins-Smith, who was found murdered in her home this week in Pocahontas, Arkansas, believed she was closing in on a child-trafficking ring working from within the Arkansas state government.
    A verified source close to Collins-Smith told CD Media that she was about to go public with incriminating information on sitting judges in Arkansas, who were involved in taking children from poor women via the Department of Human Services (child protective services) in Arkansas and selling them to wealthy individuals.
    Comment: Actually there was two GOP sentors killed within two weeks, see below:

    Were these 2 GOP Senators MURDERED Because of Their Attempts to Bring Justice to Pedophiles?
    DC Clothesline, June 16, 2019
    According to a post at Project Speak, there was a lot of money missing in DHS/Child Protective Services, and the Clinton Foundation seems to have benefited.

  • Jon Wedger (ITNJ) UK Police Whistleblower
    International Tribunal for Natural Justice, 4 June 2018

    Comment: Brilliant testimony from someone who cares. It appears high ranking UK Police bosses are not bothered about kids in foster care. These kids are disappearing from their homes at the weekend because they engaging in organised child prostitution. Child abuse is deliberately underfunded by the police authorities in the UK. Weger claims that the police bosses are in with organised criminals.... No surprise there.

  • Chapter 12: The “Finders” Cult: A CIA Front Caught Red-Handed in 1987 Trafficking Child Sex Slaves in Global Operation, Dec 12 2021
    [...] Despite the name – Finders Keepers – denoting procurers or finders of children kept as pedophile slaves, the CIA front that trafficked children for the elite has by careful design remained an obscure, strange footnote in history. But this gross omission conveniently disregards the compelling evidence acting as tangible proof that the Finders was a CIA front organization caught in the act of abducting and moving very young children across both US state lines as well as international borders, functionally serving as a first conduit link to the highly organized child sex slave trafficking pipeline controlled by the most powerful evildoers on earth. And it’s no accident that this scandal centered in Washington DC was operating at the exact same time and place as the very much related Franklin scandal occurring throughout the Reagan-Bush years of the 1980’s.

    Bitchute, May 12th 2021

    Comment: This is a British story.

    Social Media Tech Giants

    Source: link

    Click image for Twitter source, but most likely this tweet will be removed quickly.

    Internal documents and Twitter employees reveal the need for massive investment to remove illegal content — but executives haven’t listened
    The Verge, Aug 30, 2022

    In the spring of 2022, Twitter considered making a radical change to the platform. After years of quietly allowing adult content on the service, the company would monetize it. The proposal: give adult content creators the ability to begin selling OnlyFans-style paid subscriptions, with Twitter keeping a share of the revenue.
    What the Red Team discovered derailed the project: Twitter could not safely allow adult creators to sell subscriptions because the company was not — and still is not — effectively policing harmful sexual content on the platform.

  • Twitter refused to remove child porn because it didn’t ‘violate policies’: lawsuit
    New York Post, 21 Jan 2021
    Twitter refused to take down widely shared pornographic images and videos of a teenage sex trafficking victim because an investigation “didn’t find a violation” of the company’s “policies,” a scathing lawsuit alleges.
    The federal suit, filed Wednesday by the victim and his mother in the Northern District of California, alleges Twitter made money off the clips, which showed a 13-year-old engaged in sex acts and are a form of child sexual abuse material, or child porn, the suit states.
    [...] The disturbing lawsuit goes on to allege Twitter knowingly hosts creeps who use the platform to exchange child porn material and profits from it by including ads interspersed between tweets advertising or requesting the material.
    Early Thursday, Twitter declined comment to The Post but later in the day, reversed course and sent a statement by email.

  • SICK: Twitter Allows Only Fans Star To Post Child Rape Fetish Images Days After Banning Trump, His Supporters
    Belle Delphine posted graphic images that appear to fetishize child rape. Twitter sees no problem, apparently.
    National File, Jan 12 2020
    In a post that many Americans find disturbing, OnlyFans pörn star Belle Delphine, 21, uploaded images from her most recent release. In the photo shoot, Delphine, while dressed as a school girl, appears to be kidnapped, tied, stripped of her pants, and ostensibly “raped”. Twitter has allowed photos of the theatrical rape to remain on the platform.

    There is a lot worse to reveal about what is allowed on Twitter....

  • Facebook Messenger's role in child sexual abuse online raises troubling questions
    Yahoo Money, Sep 29 2020
    A Sunday report from the New York Times lays bare a chilling statistic regarding the role social media platforms can play in facilitating child sexual abuse and the spread of child pornography online.
    Of the 18.4 million reports of child sexual abuse worldwide in 2018, a staggering 12 million trace back to Facebook Messenger. That's according to "people familiar with the reports." Although it's only one facet of a much more widespread problem, the outsize role played by Messenger is hard to overlook.
    Even more troubling is the fact that efforts in the tech space to protect users could only worsen the situation.

    Elon Musk Starts Clean Up at Twitter

  • While Blue Checks Whine About Extremism, Elon Musk Is Protecting Sexually Exploited Children | Opinion
    Newsweek, 11/22/22

    ...Twitter under Musk's leadership has been quietly making small changes that will have a huge positive, global impact on the most vulnerable, people with no voice and no way to advocate for themselves: children who are sexually exploited. To give you a sense of the scale of the problem, on Twitter alone, there were 86,000 reports of the sexual exploitation of children in 2021, though I believe the true number is much higher.

  • Elon Musk, Twitter staff and survivors took part in a Twitter Spaces event | 10 Dec 2022 | Topic: Twitter Child Sexual Exploitation Link

    So far over 579k views. This was an amazing and highly informative conversation

  • From The Twitter Files How and Why Twitter Blocked the Hunter Biden Laptop Story we find that Jack Dorsey likes Pizza... Research #Pizzagate. Proof tweet 36. or you can find it here here

    Big Tech / Online Retailers

    Selling kids on Instagram

  • Wayfair accused of selling 'missing children' after e-furniture store lists cabinets and throw pillows for $12K
    The theory started after people noticed the exorbitant prices and the unusual fact that items had different names written on the item descriptions, Jul 10, 2020
    Wayfair, an American e-commerce company that sells furniture, began trending on social media on Friday morning, July 10, after thousands of people took to Twitter to indulge in a conspiracy theory, accusing Wayfair of child trafficking. The theory started after people apparently noticed that the company was charging exorbitant prices for items like storage cabinets and throw pillows, and although all of the items appeared identical they allegedly had different names written on the item descriptions.
    Some social media users believe that the furniture and home-goods company is selling "missing children" through their high-priced cabinets and throw pillows costing nearly $10,000 to $12,000 and $9,000. Multiple Twitter users posted pictures of the website's high-priced cabinets, which users claim are listed alongside people's names. They claimed that although the cabinets or the "large boxes" looked like the same product, they all had different names, mostly of girls, allegedly, and particularly of missing children. One user wrote: "So all the names pull up missing females. I searched Neriah and she is missing since 2010. YARITZA is also a missing female."
  • Silicon Valley's Online Slave Market - full documentary
    BBC News Arabic | BBC Africa Eye, 3 Nov 2019


  • Urgent: Are Your Kids Targets for Sex Trafficking at Disneyland? [True Story], August 2018
    [...]Targeted For Child Trafficking
    During this whole time he talked to us incessantly. He asked about our children. He asked where we were from and how long we were staying. He asked the names and ages of our kids. He asked us such personal and inappropriate probing questions.
    We all began to feel very uncomfortable.
    No, we did not answer his questions.
    We even went so far as to tell him his questions were inappropriate and unnecessary even in the context of typical friendly conversation. Yet, he continued to prod us, and directly ask our children questions.
    He attempted direct interaction with our children.
    Gabriel and his cousin stepped ahead of our children to place a physical barrier between him and their innocence. The child predator wasn’t dissuaded in the least.
    Then, the tipping point materialized. He asked us to pretend he was their grandpa.

    I am apalled that in this day and age the large family group did not use a phone to take a photo of someone who was a potential serious threat.... Anyay, there is a connection between Disney and Epstein Island, see link Essential Swamp Draining: The Epstein Files

  • The Girls Next Door
    The New York Times Magazine, Jan 25 2004
    [...] She explained: ''They would call you out of the basement, and you'd get a bath and you'd get a dress, and if your dress was yellow you were probably going to Disneyland.'' She said they used color coding to make transactions safer for the traffickers and the clients. ''At Disneyland there would be people doing drop-offs and pickups for kids. It's a big open area full of kids, and nobody pays attention to nobody. They would kind of quietly say, 'Go over to that person,' and you would just slip your hand into theirs and say, 'I was looking for you, Daddy.' Then that person would move off with one or two or three of us.''

    That sicko Alefantis (Pizzagate fame) had a picture of a girl in a yellow dress on his instagram. His accounts went private when the Pizzagate scandal forced him to stop using social media for advertising. Btw, don't get conned by the info concerning President George Bush's speech remarks concerning human trafficking. Bush and the other Presidents before Trump were all involved in this lucrative racket. Do the research!

    Hotel Chains

    September 2023 | I started collecting information concerning Human Trafficking in mid 2020 and first published this webpage in January 2021. Considering the fact that I spend a lot of time on social media researching, I was amazed to find the following information concerning major Hotel Chains in the United States being involved in Sex/Human Trafficking. What's more the litigation efforts had already hit mainstream news before I knew anything about this issue. Please watch the videos of hidden trap doors and staircases that can be accessed from inside closets/built-in wardrobes. This has to be seen to be believed. What's more, a simple internet search reveals that Hotel chains being accused and sued in the United States for enabling and profiting from sex/human trafficking has been ongoing for some years.

    Click image for links

  • Two Reports of Secret Entrances into Hotel Rooms over Last Few Weeks
    Rumble, 9th Sep 2023

  • Ohio - Massive Lawsuit against Major Hotel Chains involving Human Trafficking
    Rumble, 9th Sep 2023

    The Survivors Speak

  • Sunday Night’s Matt Doran goes undercover with Operation Underground Railroad to bring down Haiti child sex ring
    GO BEHIND the scenes with an elaborate, multi-agency bust that has been almost a year in the planning., JULY 23, 2017

    [...] With us are a dozen children, who’ve been released by their captors from locked rooms at the back of the property. They are aged between eight and 14 years old.
    They are sex slaves.
    Child trafficking victims who’ve spent their formative years servicing the carnal desires of men, often foreigners, who are three, four, five or six times their age.
    Their madam tells me that many of their customers are western humanitarian workers who’ve come here to help rebuild Haiti after the recent run of natural disasters.

  • Coco Berthmann. The capital of human trafficking is the United States. 80% of customers worldwide are American men and women [VIDEO]

  • EP 15: "Survivor Series Part 2: Sex Trafficked Through CPS" with Juana Talk, Feb 15 2021

  • Colorado Child Trafficking Survivor Reveals Horrifying Trafficking Ordeal
    YouTube, 4 Jan 2017


    The International Tribunal for Natural Justice launched the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse at an inaugural seating in Westminster, London [UK] on April 16-18th 2018.
    The International Tribunal for Natural Justice launched the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse at an inaugural seating in Westminster, London on April 16-18th 2018. The filmed testimonies are now available via this Official Commission site to the Press, Public and all interested institutions and organs of government. The principal intention behind this Commission is not to instigate witch-hunts or target individuals, but to set in motion a culture that ensures restoration of truth, disclosure and reconciliation around the subject of human trafficking and child sex abuse. Our goal is to achieve in 9 - 12 months what governments and leaders of the world have failed to do for centuries - shed the full light of truth on the nature and extent of the human trafficking and child sex abuse pandemic. Seatings will be taking place in Washington, the Hague and Rome in the months ahead. An Official Commission Report will be published and issued to the world-at-large at the Declaration event in Rome at the close of the Inquiry.

    • Chief Counsel Robert David Steele (ITNJ Seating)
      YouTube/International Tribunal for Natural Justice, 4 June 2018

      This is a 15 Minute Summary of the Problem by Chief Counsel Robert David Steele (2018 ITNJ Seating). I think the start of this opening statement is brutal, especially if you don't know that human and child trafficking is organised by authorities

    • Survivors Testimonies (ITNJ Seating) [2:29:00]
      YouTube/International Tribunal for Natural Justice, 4 June 2018
      * Kristy Allen ~ MK-Ultra, RSA Survivor
      * Ronald Bernard ~ Fmr. Elite Banker
      * Jay Parker ~ RSA Survivor

      This was the first Tribunal video that I watched and by the end I was jumping out off the settee with excitement. The last witness is Jay Parker who was born into a satanist family. Even though he is 10th generational, he is now a Christian. Jay talked about human consciousness and that those with evolved consciousness are much more able to update the human morphogenetic field, which then impacts all of humanity. Again, he even stated that those with a higher vibration can affect and update the human energy fields of those around them. He said a lot of stuff that I agreed with and I got to the point where I wondered if he had ever been to this website because he even talked about new energy on the planet.... He thinks that some satanists are recoverable but not all...

  • Tim Ballard EXPLAINS THE ISSUE Of Human Trafficking & How To PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN From It |Lewis H
    YouTube, 29 Jul 2020
    Tim Ballard is a former undercover operative with the CIA and spent over a decade working as a Special Agent for the Department of Homeland Security. He was assigned to the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and deployed as an undercover operative for the U.S. Child Sex Tourism Jump Team.

    Tim has worked every type of case imaginable in the fight to dismantle child trafficking rings. Ballard has worked undercover in the United States and in multiple foreign countries to infiltrate child trafficking organizations. In this effort, he has successfully dismantled dozens of these organizations and rescued countless children from sex slavery. He has trained hundreds of law enforcement officers and has testified before the United States Congress on best practices to liberate children from sex slavery.

  • Actor Jim Caviezel and Tim Ballard of Operation Underground Railroad [CHILD RESCUES]
    Fox 13 News Utah/YouTube, 28 May 2018

  • Sound of Freedom [Official Trailer]
    YouTube, 30 Jul 2020

    Comment: Here is a MSM video clip of actual events reenacted in the film. Twitter Link

    Bitchute, 18th April 2021

    The news about child trafficking for adrenochrome production is going mainstream....

    Comment: More on The Sound of Freedom Movie & Adrenochrome Disclosure | July 2023 here

    Shocking Disclosures — Crimes Against Humanity by Church Leaders #Pastorgate

    Jan 31 2020 | Q drop 3815

    What happens when people learn the TRUTH?
    What happens when people WAKE UP?
    They will not be able to walk down the street.

    Jun 13 2020 | Q drop 4465

    Biblical Times.


    There have been Christians pointing out there was a problem with 501c3 and 'mega' churches in the United States. The most vocal that I have come across have been Mark Taylor, Sheila Holm and Johnny Enlow, but I know there have been many more. This has not been an area of major concern for me, but on a personal level, I have always been suspicious of what I call 'sound bite' Christianity. I am simply repulsed by the constant begging for money at the same time some of these church leaders have lavish life styles and own multi-million dollar mansions.

    When I started to research mind control and came across claims that many satanists have infiltrated churches and that satanists boast about the levels of infiltration, I realised that maybe bigname church leaders were more than just wolves in sheep's cloathing. Fritz Springmeier claims that many church pastors have Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder) or DID (MPD). This means they have Christian 'front' alters and other 'satanist' alters in the background of their personality systems. I have already stated in my Deliverance From Evil series, that Billy Graham is a classic example, see Deliverance From Everyday Satanism. The most suspicion has to be reserved for pastors/leaders where their oldest child has died in mysterious circumstances. Illuminati/satanists have to provide blood sacrifices to progress. Just look at the lives of musicians and artists, often there is some kind of tragedy of a close family member. There are many examples (and many bloggers disclosing suspicious deaths surrounding celebrities), but I will give one example here, The Tragic Death Of Jennifer Hudson's Family.

    To cut a long story short, some have noted that recently accused mega church pastors/leaders Rick Warren, Greg Laurie and Toby Mac's sons all died. Warren's by suicide. Mac's by overdose of Fentanyl (yet Toby described him as godly), and Laurie's by car accident. Those who have done the research are starting to connect the dots... So, even though the focus here is the United States, it is making me think about instances in my own life where I had encounters with people claiming to be Christians and acting church leaders. Based on what I know now, maybe they were not what they claimed to be...

    We are living in a time of revelation and some serious truths are being revealed. The natural of what is being revealed is so shocking that after decades of truth seeking, even I have to accept The Great Awakening is upon me/us... In short, 'mega' church leaders in the U.S. are resigning left and right because they are being exposed for crimes against humanity including sex and child trafficking... (We all know about the Catholic Chuch but somehow this seems worse....) In the last six months or so, I had started to come across a few survivors who claimed that they were trafficked through their local church... Apparently Mormonism has a major problem too. However, we now know that military tribunals have been ongoing and survivors are disclosing names, especially if they know their abusers have been sent to meet their maker...

    One survivor is Madyson Marquette who decided to sue her handlers and abusers through the normal U.S. court system. Therefore she was totally shocked when she was subpoenaed to appear before a military court. Subsequently, Madyson claims she has testified over one hundred times in Washington D.C between January and March 2021. Since some of her abusers have died, her attorneys have been told that they now have to deal with will executors for restitution... Since Madyson is naming BIG names and nobody is suing her, we have to believe what she says... Madyson claims that some pastors enjoy torturing ex-porn stars and that they use their mega churches as a convenient cover to traffick women and children. Worse still, there are tunnels and DUMBs under these mega churches! Just when you think the accusations could not get any worst, another bomb drops!!

    Since mega church pastors have been forced to resign for a wide variety of sins in recent years, I have decided to track what is going on by listing relevant stories and resignations with any names that survivors have dropped. It is incredible to see the reaction of Christians who loved these MPD/DID chimeras.... I have seen claims that many people will refuse to believe what they are told and some people will have heart attacks from the shock... Now I believe that is true... The following links are just a starter and further important updates will be posted when necessary.

    Paul Oebel and Madyson Marquette Interview

  • Madyson Marquette on Truth Unveiled with Paul Oebel
    YouTube, 6th July 2021
    Is Madyson being used by God to expose corruption in the church, or is she a fraud? This is the question Truth Unveiled asked Madyson, along with other very tough questions.

    Comment: This is excellent. Certainly not the typical sugar coated offering by most Christians. Paul Oebel starts off by talking about the hate emails sent from his Christian viewers.... These 'wonderful' people were suggesting Madyson needs to go to hell for revealing the information/truth that many of these mega church pastors are evil. Paul Oebel knows enough to realise that these pastors are nothing more than corrupt 'CEOs of non-profit organisations'. He then proceeds to tell of his own revelations from 9 and a half years ago that God was going to "remove his glory" from the BIG NAME mega church pastors and televangelists. He also provides video and words from other prophets saying the same in recent days. I will repeat the words of brother Timothy Dixon, "The Department of Defence has begone the days of cleansing...."
    Copy on Bitchute, link

  • Warriors Madyson Marquette, Clare Okell, Jessie Czebotar join Denise and Jodi
    YouTube | In The Prophetic, 2nd July 2021

  • Time is up for the Wolves in Sheep's Clothing! Madyson Marquette
    YouTube | In The Prophetic, 10 Jul 2021

    Bitchute, July 17th, 2021

    Comment: Nino was quite skeptical at first, but Mandyson won him over in the end... Interestingly, Madyson states that her story is all part of the disclosure that folk have all been asking for.... Hmmm....

  • Thrive Time: Truth about the churches
    Rumble, 8th Aug 2021

    Comment: This is an interview with Madyson Marquette. However, there is an eye opening introduction about evangelical churches/Christian organisations taking money off George Soros. There is also a new expression. 'rent an evangelical' when support for liberal policies is necessary. Hence church leaders now encouraging their flock (sheep) to get vaccinated.

    A Mega Church Audience

    Headlines For Consideration #Pastorgate

    This is just a selection of headlines, but there are a lot more scandalous headlines to choose from...

  • Texas pastor sentenced to 30 years after using hidden cameras to secretly film child porn at church
    Christian Post, 24th Aug 2021

    A former Texas pastor has been sentenced to 30 years of federal prison after he pleaded guilty to using hidden cameras to record sexually explicit material of underage children at church and other locations.

    David Pettigrew, ex-pastor of the Church of the Nazarene in Denison, Texas, was sentenced to 360 months in prison by U.S. District Judge Amos L. Mazzant on Monday. He pleaded guilty in April for using hidden cameras to record sexually explicit material of underage children at church and other locations.

    According to the Department of Justice, Pettigrew confessed to secretly taping naked minors in Collin and Grayson counties, including at his church, using cameras disguised as hooks, clocks, a picture frame, a smoke detector, an AC wall adapter, charging blocks and a pen.

    Comment: No mention this was a mega church pastor perv, but 30 years is a good long sentence.... Pastor lockups are ongoing....

  • Hillsong leader Brian Houston charged over the concealment of alleged child sex offences News, 5th August 2021
    Hillsong founder Brian Houston has been charged with allegedly concealing information about child sexual abuse following a two-year investigation. Sources close to the investigation have revealed Mr Houston, 67, is accused of failing to report the historic alleged abuse of a young male by his late father — Frank Houston.

    "Police will allege in court the man knew information relating to the sexual abuse of a young male in the 1970s and failed to bring that information to the attention of police," a NSW Police spokesperson said.

    Comment: Well, this just adds to the exodus at Hillsong, but maybe we are getting to the real truth of what is happening behind the scenes.

    • Eyes Wide Open: 2020 Lockdown Edition by Fiona Barnett
      Internet Archive, 21 June 2020

      Comment: In Part 2 chapter 13, titled MK-ULTRA IN HILLSONG CHURCH, Australian Fiona Barnett goes into great detail about how this church organisation was structured and then gives the official account of what happened which covers up the extent of the crimes. This case study is supplemented with additional information from multiple Hillsong victims who contacted Fiona to reveal their stories of abuse.

  • SBC megachurch ‘shocked’ ex-pastor arrested, accused of grooming, molesting 12-y-o girl
    Christian Post, 21 July 2021

    Chets Creek Church, a multi-campus Southern Baptist megachurch in Florida, was “shocked and devastated” to learn that former Southside campus pastor Jeff Bedwell was recently arrested for allegedly grooming and sexually molesting a young girl from the age of 12 until she turned 17.

    “Chets Creek was shocked and devastated to learn of the charges made against a former member of its staff," Senior Pastor Spike Hogan said in a statement to The Christian Post Tuesday.

    Comment: I wonder if there will be other even more serious charges....

  • Pastor Joel Osteen* Criticized For His Alleged Vast Fortune On Twitter
    The Things, 19th July 2021

    The televangelist net worth and colossal estate has had social media talking.
    Social media users were enraged after preacher Joel Osteen’s net worth surfaced on Twitter, Sunday. Photos of a Ferrari that reportedly costs $325,000 were linked to Osteen.

    The story gained steam after a now deleted article was posted on with the anger spilling over onto Twitter.

    Comment: Wait until they find out about his serious misdemeanours... Osteen has not stepped down at Lakewood church as far as I know.... Madyson Marquette says she knows that he was human trafficking using tunnels under his church and secret rooms. Madyson also says she saw him at 'parties' where he harmed people... Hence, we await developments...

    #Osteen 19th March 2024 Update | Some have boldy claimed that Joel Osteen is a false prophet. His 666 logo implies he is a satanist, see the Everyday Satanism blog for an explanation . So, maybe nobody should have been surprised that the Lakewood mega church pastor would be seen out with satanist rapper Lil Nas X, at the Super Bowl in January 2021, pictured here link.

    Then in December 2021, it was reported that $600,000 in donations was found by a plumber in the church walls of JOEL OSTEEN'S church. See the New York Post report link. It had been reported 7 years previously that there had been a robbery at the church and the donations had been stolen. Was there an insurance claim too? Incidentally, it was subsequently reported that the plumber was given a $20,000 reward for his honesty.

    Since then things appeared to carry on with no major reports. However, I surmise that the White Hats were given the opportunity to search the Church for anything else incriminating that they could find. So, there have been no public arrests, but Joel Osteen looks different these days. Social media has been speculating since a video appeared with what looked like an actor wearing a badly fitting clone mask. I can only presume that the White Hats do not want to awaken the deeply brainwashed church members, with a public Osteen perp walk and absolutely terrible charges made, before it is completely necessary.

  • Mike Erre*: Leaving Church Ministry to Heal
    Gravity Leadership, 29th June 2021

    We chatted with Mike about his journey away from church ministry as a young man to tend to his own brokenness and healing, as well as his long, slow move back into church ministry. Along the way we talked about his podcast, a conference idea, and the need for authenticity and vulnerability in leadership.

    Comment: Not much scandal online here but he was named.... The timing of his leaving is also very suspicious. I presume an indictment dropped...

  • Rick Warren* Stepping Down from Saddleback Megachurch After 42 Years
    CBN News, 7th June 2021

    [...] The 67-year-old Warren will continue to serve as the Saddleback's head pastor until a replacement can be found. He founded the Saddleback Valley Community Church in 1980, and it has grown into a global ministry with an estimated 40,000 participants.

    Comment: Interesting ties to Africa, even adopting children.... see Homosexuality and Humanitarianism: The case of Rick Warren in Africa

  • KICKED OUT? Disgraced pastor Carl Lentz’s $4.29million Manhattan Beach rental ‘paid for by Tyler Perry’* goes up for sale, 6 Apr 2021

    The Sun revealed pal Tyler paid almost $100,000 for the $16,000 a month rental for six months as Carl moved from New York, but he, wife Laura and their three kids, are now having to vacate the home.

    A real estate source confirmed to The Sun the house is "under contract" and the current residents are not the new buyers, adding that the sale should be completed within weeks.

    Comment: Tyler Perry (right image) is described as a Christian billionaire and movie moghul who mixes with mega church leaders, apparently he likes to cross dress...

  • The televangelist Frederick K.C. Price has died at 89 of complications from Covid-19
    New York Times, 13 Feb 2021

    Frederick K.C. Price, who founded a megachurch and televangelism broadcast that made him a popular voice for Black Christians, died on Friday evening of complications from Covid-19, a spokeswoman for the family said. He was 89.

    Comment: Hmmmm.... I don't care how old he was... Was he on adrenochrome? QAnons will know what this diagnosis means for high profile people.... See below about what was said when he stepped down in 2017...

  • Mass exodus: More top pastors quietly leave scandalized Hillsong Church
    New York Post 7th Jan 2021

    Yet another set of high-profile pastors have quietly left scandal–ridden Hillsong Church and wiped their social-media profiles of photos during their time there, indicating a mass exodus at the once-popular megachurch.

    Desiree Noel Robertson, 39, and Blaze C. Robertson, 41, were the former lead pastors of the Australia-based church’s Connecticut branch, which they moved to Old Greenwich to help found in 2016, and served at until recently.

  • Hillsong Dallas lead pastors step down after 15 years with ministry
    Christian Post, 6th Jan 2021

    The lead pastors at Hillsong Dallas have announced that they are stepping down from their positions after over 15 years with the international ministry. Reed Bogard and his wife, Jess Bogard, who head the Australian-based megachurch’s Dallas location, announced during service Sunday that they are resigning from their roles after over a decade of service.

  • Georgia mega-church pastor who attended a White House Christmas party six days ago tests positive for COVID-19
    Daily Mail, 21 Dec 2020

    Jentezen Franklin, the senior pastor of Free Chapel in Gainesville, north east of Atlanta, has tested positive for COVID-19
    The 58-year-old pastor tested positive just days after attending a White House Christmas party with his daughter six days ago
    A church spokesperson said Franklin tested positive after coming into contact with an infected associate of the congregant last Thursday
    The church says no direct connection has been made between Franklin's diagnosis and his attendance at the party

    Comment: Remember the White House knows what is really going on, so I presume the White House testing found something other than COVID....

  • California megachurch pastor, 58, dies from COVID-19 a week after being hospitalized as his congregation continues to hold services
    Daily Mail, 2nd Dec 2020

    [...] Bob Bryant, 58, a pastor at the Water of Life Community Church in Fontana, fell ill with coronavirus symptoms while on vacation, according to the Daily Bulletin. He tested positive, as did his wife and their son, on November 22.

    Bryant, who had diabetes and high blood pressure, became severely ill and was hospitalized within hours of his diagnosis. He suffered a heart attack and contracted pneumonia before passing away on Monday.

    Comment: COVFEFE... If you have too much iron in your blood from drinking adrenochrome then existing treatments will not work and COVID19 will get you. That is why most top stars in Hollywood got scared and went into lockdown... As this megachurch pastor is high profile, I think this death could be considered just like that of Vatican cardinals that died in droves of COVID19.... A suspicious death.

  • Fired Hillsong Church pastor Carl Lentz: I cheated on my wife
    New York Post, 5th Nov 2020
    A day after it was revealed that celebrity pastor Carl Lentz was fired from star-studded Hillsong for “leadership issues and breaches of trust,” the specifics of his “moral failures” have come to light: Lentz cheated on his wife.

  • Greg Laurie* Tests Positive for COVID-19, Warns Against Blaming White House
    The pastor and evangelical adviser says he doesn’t know if he was infected at last week’s event.
    Chritianity Today, 20 Oct 2021

    For months, California megachurch pastor Greg Laurie has spoken out against the instinct to politicize the coronavirus outbreak, preaching to his congregation to overcome outrage with outreach and look for opportunities to serve people who find themselves overwhelmed, scared, and angry.

    But now he finds himself registering a positive test during one of the most politically heated moments of the pandemic.

    Comment: Named and tested positive for COVID...

  • TBN drops Kenneth Copeland* from programming lineup amid upcoming changes
    Christian Post, 19 August 2020

    Trinity Broadcasting Network said it will no longer air shows from controversial televangelist Kenneth Copeland starting in October as part of a series of upcoming programming changes at the international Christian television network.

    Kenneth Copeland Ministries and TBN have had a business relationship for some 40 years, with the network airing Copeland’s “Believer’s Voice of Victory.”

    Comment: This guy gives me the creeps... Watch this creepy interview, further videos are provided in the XTwitter replies link

    Carey Nieuwhof, August 2020
    Like many of you, I was deeply saddened to learn of Pete Wilson’s recent resignation as the Senior Pastor of Cross Point Church.

    In Pete’s own words (you should read and watch them for yourself), he’s tired, broken and has led on empty for too long. So he’s stepping back. This comes, of course, just a few months after the exit of Perry Noble from NewSpring.

  • Pastor Steps Down After Megachurch Learns He Let Pedophile Son Work With Kids
    John Ortberg failed to notify Menlo Church about his son's attraction to minors for over a year.
    Huffington Post, 31/07/2020

  • Megachurch Pastor Perry Stone on Leave from Ministry after ‘Acting Inappropriately’ with Female Employees’
    Pulpit and Pen, July 31, 2020
    (Times Free Press) Perry Stone has been away from his multimillion-dollar ministry in Cleveland, Tennessee, for three months, leaving many of his followers confused. But in an audio message played for a small, in-person group of church members several weeks ago — and obtained by the Times Free Press — Stone said he acted inappropriately with female employees.

  • Son of Christian artist TobyMac* dies at 21 in Nashville
    LimaOhio, 25 Oct 2019
    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Christian artist TobyMac has recalled the artistry of his 21-year-old son, who was found dead in Nashville, Tennessee, this week.

    TobyMac praised Truett Foster Mckeehan as a “magnetic son, brother and friend” in a statement released Thursday, a day after McKeehan was found dead in a Nashville home.

  • C3 Church Global Pastors Dave & Jenny Gilpin step down over claims of racism.
    Church Watch Central, 19th June 2019

  • Pastor and founder of Chicago megachurch fired after more than 30 years of leadership
    Fox News, 19 Feb 2019
    The founder of a Chicago megachurch has been fired as its leader.

    Pastor James MacDonald, of Harvest Bible Chapel, was given the boot last week by church elders after “highly inappropriate comments made by Pastor MacDonald were given to the media and reported,” the church said in a statement.

    [...] Former church members have come forward to accuse Harvest Bible Chapel’s leadership of dishonesty and “financial mismanagement,” the Chicago Tribune reported.

  • T.D. Jakes* restores Pastor Chris Hill to ministry after marital scandal
    Christian Daily, August 18, 2017

    Pastor T.D. Jakes has restored a mentee to his ministry after the latter stepped down from his position over allegations that he had an affair with his goddaughter at the Potter's House of Denver.

    Comment: Wow.... Another scumbag... Both of them... Can't find any reports Jakes has stepped down but he has been named.... Awaiting further details

  • What I know about the scandal that's about to rock the church, part 1, T.D. Jakes & Diddy
    YouTube, 22 Dec 2023

    Recently, mega church pastor, Bishop T. D. Jakes, began to trend for having connections with Sean P. Diddy Combs. There's a scandal of epic proportions that's about to rock the church. May God be with us.

    #TDJakes 19th March 2024 Update | What I know about the scandal that's about to rock the church, part 2, T.D. Jakes & Diddy There is a massive maelstrom of 'bad' information about TD Jakes. Bloggers all over social media have discovered that TD Jakes, a pastor of a mega church has been going to P. Diddy parties that had a reputation for sexual depravity. I have chosen this testimony because we have a christian woman with inside info and she states "I am not worried about being sued." It is interesting that she claims that TD Jakes belonged to a brotherhood. Well, it's most likely he was an illuminati/masonic stooge, but the whole Diddy set-up was about blackmail (see Cassandra Ventura court documents and other accusations) and that is why Diddy is being called the Jeffrey Epstein of the music industry. Since, Diddy has allegations of sex trafficking against him, it suggests that Jakes being in a 'brotherhood' with him is a major problem. The question is: was Jakes's mega church being used to traffic victims?


    Click image for link

  • Lori Harvey Officially ENDED Steve's Career With Party Footage (Diddy & T.D. Jakes)

    #TDJakes 4th April 2024 Update | Social Media on fire after Diddy got raided by Homeland Security... Link starts at ~15 minutes with info on T.D. Jakes, gay orgies and murder. The Christian psychic who claimed 2 years ago that T.D. Jakes is due being embroiled in serious scandal is looking really good now. Hence, the close relationship with Diddy accused of sex trafficking may involve Jakes at some point.

  • #TDJakes 9th April 2024 Update | In the lawsuit against Diddy it is claimed that Diddy was trying to use the preacher TD Jakes to rehab his predator image after the fallout from the Cassie lawsuit. Link

  • TD Jakes Steps Down As Pastor After Being Mentioned In Diddy's Case!
    YouTube, 30th April 2024

    #TDJakes 1st May 2024 Update | The best bit is the black woman seer revealing that TD Jakes is going to be outted. She nailed it! I have listened to many rappers who refused to go to the Diddy parties or attended, but left early to make sure they got out safe, but pastor TD Jakes had no concerns attending... If there are incriminating leaked TD Jakes videos circulating the internet, I will post here.

  • Pastor’s Exit At California Church Leaves Congregation With Questions
    Black America Web, 3rd July 2017

    Pastor Fred K. Price Jr. left his 28,000-member Crenshaw Christian Center church in shock when he announced that he was stepping down from the pulpit due to “personal misjudgments.”

  • Billy Graham’s grandson steps down from Florida megachurch after admitting an affair
    Washington Post, June 21, 2015
    Billy Graham’s grandson Tullian Tchividjian has resigned from his pulpit at Coral Ridge Presbyterian, a high-profile church in South Florida, after admitting he had an affair.

  • Why Megachurch Pastors Keep Falling Into Sexual Immorality
    Charismanews, 5/8/2013
    Another megachurch pastor has stepped down after admitting to a long-term affair with a woman who’s not his wife.

    David Loveless, former lead pastor of Discovery Church in Orlando, Fla., is the third in the area to resign in the wake of immorality in the past six months. He follows Isaac Hunter, former lead pastor at Summit Church, and Sam Hinn, former pastor of the Gathering Place Worship Center in Sanford, Fla.


    * Named and shamed by Madyson Marquette, but celebrities and politicians are being named too. Due to current gag orders, other names will be revealed in the future and it is expected that will include more church leaders.

  • Madyson Marquette On Telegram

    July 14th 2021


    July 20th 2021


    August 2nd 2021


    August 5th 2021


    August 13th 2021

    August 18th 2021

    August 23rd 2021

    August 31st 2021

    1st September 2021

    Madyson Marquette on Telegram,

    Madyson Marquette on Twitter

    More References

  • The End Of The 501c3, Incorporation And Tax Protection For Churches
    Prophecy Index, November 29th, 2018

  • 501c3: The Devil's Church
    Creation Liberty Evangelism, Jan 2, 2021

    Reporters Speak Out!

  • | Fox News Reporter Tucker Carlson "We're watching a battle between good and evil that is playing out in spaces that we cannot see, because it is a spiritual war, not just a human war."

    Click image for link

    Comment: ~ 8 minutes. WARNING!! GRAPHIC!! Full interview below:

  • Lara Logan TELLS ALL: Dark Elitist Secrets They DON’T Want You To Know | Guest: Lara Logan | Ep 299
    Rumble, Dec 6 2022

    Former 60 Minutes host, Laura Logan, joins to expose the insanity behind the Balenciaga scandal and give more information on the child-s*x trafficking epidemic that is taking place in this country.

    Comment: ⚠️🔞WARNING!! Lara Logan tells the awful truth.🔞⚠️

  • | Former CBS News Reporter & Fox Nation Host Lara Logan The cabal is actually ‘the cult’

    Comment: WARNING! This short clip might inform you of more than you want to know.

    More: Lara Logan is given a platform by Diamond and Silk to explain her statement "that world leaders dine on the blood of young children", start at ~12 mins Lara Logan joins Diamond and Silk to discuss IT ALL.


    Telegram: End Human Trafficking

    (Click image or link to go to Telegram)
    WARNING! Extremely disturbing images and videos posted here.

    (Click images to go to The Traffickinghub Campaign website and petition.)

    Global Display Of Human Trafficking Incidents And News

    (Click image or link to go to Global Display Of Human Trafficking Incidents And News)


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