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Best of the Blog - UFO/UAP Disclosure

"Every truth passes through three stages before it is recognized.
In the first it is ridiculed, in the second it is opposed,
in the third it is regarded as self-evident"

Arthur Schopenhauer quotes (German Philosopher, 1788-1860)
Around the world, the amount of information now in the public domain concerning UFO/UAP Disclosure, suggests that we have reached the third stage...

UFO/UAP Disclosure - News Archive

Please note the opinion of the UK Ministry of Defense top military personnel who commissioned a report titled: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena in the UK Defence Region [2000]. The report that was codenamed Project Condign and the Executive Summary opens with this unequivocal statement:

"Reports of UAP (popularly known as "UFOs") are usually described as coloured lights and sometimes shapes. They are typically spherical, disc, torroidal or cigar shaped. Very occasionally they are reported with sound and even with smell. Reports occur because they comprise unfamiliar and unexpected lights, shapes and patterns, in the context in which the observer sees them. The phenomena occur on a daily, worldwide basis. […]

"That UAP exist is indisputable. Credited with the ability to hover, land, take-off, accelerate to exceptional velocities and vanish, they can reportedly alter their direction of flight suddenly and clearly can exhibit aerodynamic characteristics well beyond those of any known aircraft or missile-either manned or unmanned."

Next, please note that now even leading UFO skeptics like Dr David Clarke in the UK is now admitting, "But since 2006 evidence that some, if not all, the ‘unidentified’ UFOs are indeed types of atmospheric plasmas keeps piling up." For more background information, see the Joyfire webpage, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Index.

Perú: Peruvian Air Force Launches Anomalous Aerial Phenomenon Research Department
Inexplicata News, 15th October 2013
DINAE, the Office of Aerospace Interests, under the official sponsorship of CONIDA, the National Commission for Aerospace Investigation and Development and the Peruvian Air Force (FAP), in response to the significant increase in claims and reports on Anomalous Aerial Objects commonly referred to as Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) in the skies over Peruvian Territory, has decided to RE-LAUNCH and RE-ACTIVATE the office established in 2001 under the name of Office of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena Research (OIFAA) and which has been inactive in recent year. Thus, Air Force Colonel Julio José Vucetich Abanto, current Director of DINAE, summons members of the High Military Command of the Peruvian Navy, Peruvian Army and Peruvian National Police, as well as the National and International Press in general and the public specialized in the subject to participate in today’s RE-LAUNCHING ceremony. [...]

The Peruvian Air Force, the Office of Aerospace Interests and the Anomalous Aerial Phenomenon Research Department are thus taking a step forward in the region and in the world, providing a timely and adequate response to Peru’s urgent public need regarding the unidentified flying object phenomenon.

Alabama Radio Station’s Alien Invasion Spoof Causes Mass Panic
Black Listed News, 8th September 2013
Just goes to show just how easy it is for the media to spook programmed sheeple....

CIA crushes UFO conspiracy theorists’ hopes and dreams with Area 51 documents
Raw Story, 16th August 2013

NASA’s (un)Scientific Approach to UFO Study
Guardian Express, 31st July 2013
NASA has been notoriously mum about UFO research, and that which has been leaked has been subject to intense speculation, debate and often disregarded as trivial. The question to be asked is what does NASA say about how they approach UFO study. In this way, one can see without distraction as to whether or not NASA is flowing with fair UFO investigation.

Reading the title What about UFOs? the reader assumes a fair analysis will be provided. However, this post on NASA’s website offers a blatantly biased, one-sided discussion.

Hmmm.... Obviously UFOs are real or else NASA would not be tracking sightings (see archives). NASA operates a two tier system of knowledge and understanding for the academic scientific elite and joke status dismissal for the ignorant masses. Most people prefer to stay stupid and ignorant (mummy and daddy authorities have to tell most what to believe) when there is some truth and academic understanding easily available if you can process the right information.

Video Shows UFO Blasting Across the Northern Ireland Sky
Who Forted?, 29th July 2013
Incredible footage captured a few weeks ago in Northern Ireland has UFOlogists excited and skeptics looking for evidence of fakery, but both can agree on one thing: this video is weird.

It is just a matter of time now.... We are not alone and people can't stay ignorant forever...

Physicist says some UFOs are ‘supremely advanced technology’
Open Minds, 22nd July 2013
Eric Davis is an award winning physicist who makes no bones about his belief that some UFOs are “definitely the craft of a supremely advanced technology.” He spoke at the Mutual UFO Network’s Symposium this weekend on the topic, and in an interview with Huffington Post writer Lee Speigel, Davis discussed why scientists are hesitant to talk about their interest in UFOs.

India probes 'UFOs' after drone denial
Telegraph, 24th July 2013
Since the end of last year its security services have been investigating sightings of ‘yellow spheres’ rising over its highly militarised border. They initially suspected them to be Chinese unmanned aircraft or drones deployed in the cat and mouse game played by the two sides on their contested frontier. [...] The mysterious orbs are reported to rise and hover along the horizon for around three hours before fading from sight. To establish exactly the nature and origin of the yellow globes, the defence establishment has now turned to its Indian Institute of Astrophysics in Bangalore.

I've Seen THE{?} LIGHT{s}: post five & last.
The Biggest Study, 20th July 2013
[...] Mark Fox doesn't seem to realize that the Jesuit scholar Herbert Thurston walked many of these paths in the early half of the 20th century, or maybe he doesn't particularly value Thurston's work, as he does not include his works in his bibliography. I, on the other hand, value Thurston's works greatly, and think that every real explorer of the spiritual should do likewise.

In the book to the left, Thurston has a chapter entitled "The Luminous Phenomena of Mysticism", seemingly pretty germane to our topic. For the most part, I'll leave it to your own energies to get your hands on your own copy and read it, but I'll outline one of the included experiences here.

Thanks again professor... In the book Exo-Vaticana Tom Horn and Chris Putnam claim that Catholicism is a UFO religion and at the time of reading I thought this was ridiculous.... BUT, sometimes I need time to process the vast amounts of information in my head and sometimes reading something different triggers a revelation.... Whatever, I have now come to the same conclusion.... Sorry, no details will be provided here as I am damn tired of giving away my insights for free, but for those people interested in hyperdimensional realities the proof is already in the public domain and really obvious. As I have come to realise, the elite can put certain information in the public domain and the general public are so uneducated and dumbed down very very few will get it... I am even coming to the conclusion: why should the elite throw pearls before swine?
  • I've Seen THE{?} LIGHT{s}?
    The Big Study, 28th June 2013

  • I've Seen THE{?} LIGHT{s}: post two.
    The Big Study, 30th June 2013
    [...] Fox's book covers his findings from the Religious Experience Research Centre {RERC} files in the following areas [among others]:

    A). Lights associated with Shamanism, Kundalini, Buddhism, and Christianity;
    B). Lights associated with Mysticism;
    C). Lights as Angels;
    D). Lights as BOLs in bedrooms, which convey some significance;
    E). Lights associated with Near-Death Experiences {NDEs};
    F). Lights associated with Marian Apparitions;
    G). Lights with folkloric linkages;
    H). Lights experienced by multiple witnesses;
    I). Lights experienced alone;
    J). Lights which enfold the witness, or infuse through the witness;
    K). Strange illumination of areas large and small;
    M). Lights associated with "visions";
    N). Strange beams or rays of light;
    O). Strange flashes of light.

  • I've Seen THE{?} LIGHT{s}: post three.
    The Big Study, 4th July 2013
    [...]Circa 1950; the Bavarian Alps. A German lady is climbing in the Alps and gets lost on the mountain. This is a dangerous perhaps life-threatening situation. A BOL appeared ahead. This lightform slowly shifted until it took on the appearance of a tall Chinese gentleman. The tall stranger spoke a bit to the lady and led her to a pathway, whereupon they walked towards a tourist shelter and safety. He then reassumed the shape of a BOL and disappeared. [...]

    Many folkloric sorts of lightball claims show up in UFO case files, and these have regularly "spiritual" viewpoints attached to them. Fox mentions the Mae de Oura {Mother of Gold} light of Brazil. He may or may not have known of Cynthia Luce's reports on the phenomenon and how regularly seen it has been. Some of these encounters were personal and extremely close. This is one of those BOLs which "teases" in getting close without allowing touch. In one instance, Luce's gardener tried to touch it only to see it disappear and reappear 15 feet away.

    Also in the files are things like Immanuel Swedenborg's Balls of Light which turn into Angels bearing revelations, the "Bodhisattva Lights" of the sacred mountain of Wu T'ai Shan in Western China, to a pile of British incidents near ancient megaliths. I'd like to add the [to me] VERY strange coincidence that in Hawaiian legend the flying BOLs are called "akualele", a sort of spirit demon, and that in the Niger-Gabon region of Africa, the flying lights are also spirit demons, and are called "aku". This is the sort of thing which I'll admit boggles me a bit.

    "Peace folks.... may all your BOLs be Angels...." [LOL!]

    The professor is a Catholic which explains a lot...

  • I've Seen THE{?} LIGHT{s}: post four.
    The Big Study, 9th July 2013

Remarkable “pearl” UFO reported by famous Chinese medieval scientist Shen Kuo
Open Minds, 15th July 2013
There is a fascinating account of pearl-like UFOs seen repeatedly in the city of Yangzhou during the reign of Emperor Jiayou (1056-1064) of the Song Dynasty. The case is significant because a record and commentary on this “strange happening” was included by Shen Kuo (1031-1095) in his classic “Mengxi Bitan” Dream Pool Essays of 1088. Little known in the West except for specialists in Chinese history, Shen Kuo (also known as Shen Kua or Shen Gua) is revered in China as one of the greatest polymaths of the Middle Ages—a high government official in the Soong Dynasty, Imperial Astronomer, surveyor, cartographer, and much more.

This is just a nice historical UFO reference.

I've Seen THE{?} LIGHT{s}?
The Big Study, 28th June 2013
Preliminary comment: Tough topic today. Very complicated. The core realities here are probably many different unrelated things. What I'm going to do is to walk into this subject, throw some facts and ideas around, which will, hopefully, illustrate the complexity, and then let it go to your hands.

The general subject revolves around the belief that some lightform phenomena have a source which is "alive" in some sense, and that source is at a minimum conscious with a spiritual foundation of some kind, and that interactions with this "whatever" have been transformative for some humans.

It is quite possible to view the first parts of the hypothesis in the paragraph above as truly related to some reality external to ourselves, but that the transformative aspect of interacting with that reality is entirely our own "invention" following an encounter of astonishment. This is part of the complexity.

The Professor is getting brave in his old age... Er... the orbs and UAPs are obviously the most primordial lifeform in the cosmos to be found... They are plasma entities in a visible universe that is 99.999% plasma.... First condensed out of the aether in the terms of Pullman's His Dark Materials triology. What's more, quantum scientists tell us that the smaller the sub-atomic particle, the more intelligent it is... so what happens when 'globs' of this intelligent energy are formed....So I would argue that they are not all so primitive as the makers of the most sophisticated crop circles to be found on this planet seem to prove. Whatever, bravo Professor for telling us about this book and who wrote it!

British UFO Document Release Designed to Deflect Public and Media Interest Says Former Ministry of Defence UFO Specialist
Reuters, 28th June 2013

British UFO Document Release Designed to Deflect Public and Media Interest Says Former Ministry of Defence UFO Specialist

PR Newswire

WASHINGTON, June 26, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- A claim by the British Ministry of Defence that UFOs have no defense significance is "designed solely to keep Parliament, the media and the public off our backs," according to former MoD UFO Desk administrator Nick Pope.  

Pope's startling statement was in response to the MoD's release last week of what it says is its final batch of UFO documents. Official MoD spokesmen and one self-styled UFO expert, David Clarke, claim that the MoD found no evidence of a UFO threat to the UK and, therefore, closed its UFO Desk. The subsequent, widely-publicized declassification of its UFO documents—the implication being that nothing remained hidden—was intended to demonstrate the MoD's public transparency on the UFO issue.

In reality, Pope says, "the UK's Freedom of Information Act contains wide-ranging exemptions covering areas such as defense, security and intelligence" and the newly-available documents had already been "judged to be unclassified" before their release.  

Regarding David Clarke, Pope says, "Some people would probably use the term 'useful idiot' to describe his parroting the MoD 'no defense significance' sound bite."

Based on this press release, it seems Nick Pope is not too thrilled about the significance of the UFO document release and the false idea that the UK Ministry of Defense has left nothing hidden from the public about UFOs. Whatever, I really don't think Reuters should have mixed up the press release with the name calling... even though it does paint a graphic picture of exactly what is going on...
  • UFO Files I have loved and lost
    Dr David Clarke, 23rd June 2013
    The media feeding frenzy that greeted the release of the final tranche of British UFO files was a fitting end to my involvement in one of the most successful Freedom of Information projects in recent years.

    So far, I have not seen Clarke defend himself after being called a "useful idiot". Thinking about it., plenty of people are prepared to play along and "survive"... I suppose its about values, if you have any, what those values equate to and whether they help or hinder the development of humanity... Sorry, that is how I think.

Interview with author Leslie Kean, 19th June 2013
In June 2013, Dr. Todd Curtis interviewed Leslie Kean, New York Times best selling author of the 2010 book UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record. They discussed polices and traditions in the US government and the aviation community that keeps flying professionals from being fully informed about potential threats to aviation safety and security.

I was surprised to discover this website that was set up for pilot, air traffic controller, radar operator, or other aviation professionals. However, the biggest surprise is finding out that NASA has also a UFO database...
NASA's Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) collects voluntarily submitted aviation safety incident or situation reports from pilots, controllers, and others in the aviation community."
This is major news to me...

UFO sightings: Files explain why MoD closed down special desk
BBC News, 21st June 2013
The Ministry of Defence closed its UFO desk because it served "no defence purpose" and was taking staff away from "more valuable defence-related activities", newly released files show. The desk was closed in December 2009 despite a surge in reported sightings.

The disclosure came in National Archives files relating to reports of UFOs - Unidentified Flying Objects - between 2007 and November 2009. They show UFOs were reported at several UK landmarks, including Stonehenge. [...]

The latest tranche of declassified files covers the final two years of work carried out by the MoD's UFO desk.

The MOD realise that UFOs are not a huge problem because they know that we are dealing with a shadow biosphere that belongs to another lifeform. Most of the time there is not a major problem co-existing with this presence, but the problem of folk not being able to work this out needs addressing. Personally, I think there has been plenty of UFO disclosure already for those who can think.
  • Giant, Cigar-Shaped “Mothership” Filmed Releasing UFOs Over Mexico City
    Who Forted?, 19th June 2013
    A Mexican woman with her eye on the sky managed to capture a particularly interesting UFO on video last month, a video that many viewers believe shows individual crafts releasing from a “mothership”. The seven minute long clip was posted on June 3rd 2013, and appears to show a metallic, cigar shaped UFO gleaming in the sun over Mexico City. After a few moments, several smaller orbs are seen seemingly releasing from the bottom of the object and going their own separate way.

    These videos are not even that rare... Its almost like an atmospheric creature giving birth to lots of spawn...

UFOs & Billionaires
High Strangeness, 14th June 2013
This is just an amusing read about UFO Disclosure.

Green Fireballs & Project Twinkle
The Big Study, 13th June 2013
[...] Out in the real world, more sky invasions. This included the to-this-day mystery of the Green Fireballs. These things were like meteor fireballs but the wrong color [a sort of light lime green] and looking, even to VERY experienced meteor observers, as if they were often "flying horizontally". The really bad part of this was that they were doing whatever they were doing over the Atomic Energy Commission's secret labs at Los Alamos, Sandia, and, shortly, Oak Ridge. The potential significance of that was not lost by the people working there, nor the military in charge.

Right at the top of these power structures the alarms were going off, and the complaints began moving towards the Pentagon. General Cabell was once again reaping a stinking mess from the policy that the Pentagon had sown.

It appears as if it was the Atomic Energy Commission who had enough weight to get the Air Force to move at all. But the Pentagon apparently didn't trust Wright-Patterson to do this job, and with reluctance spent a little money to form Project Twinkle out of their Cambridge [MA] Research Labs.

Twinkle with woefully little real money and support accomplished little. It did track a few objects. Previously a local commander had sanctioned a plane to fly a "dustcatcher" along the route of a green fireball, and the analysis showed unusual copper content in that dust. These were the sorts of things [plus radiation detector arrays and regular watch groups with the sorts of scopes used to track missile launches, etc] that the local commanders and scientists wanted done. Almost none of it was.

I am very pleased to find this info...

UFO sightings have doubled in Canada: Are there aliens among us?
How to explain the stunning increase in UFO reports — all those humming, blinking, blinding lights — which have more than doubled in Canada in the last year?
The Star, 3rd June 2013
How to explain the stunning increase in UFO reports — all those humming, blinking, blinding lights — which have more than doubled in Canada in the last year? [...]

In Winnipeg, Chris Rutkowski and Geoff Dittman recently released their analysis of the leap in UFO sightings in Canada — 986 reported in 20l1; 1,981 last year, or about five each day. Ontario has more sightings than any other province, but it also has the largest population.

There is more activity in the sky and possibly more people looking, Rutkowski says. Most reports are of lights, which could be popular Chinese paper lanterns that float high with a heat source, military exercises, airliners viewed at odd angles, or comets entering the atmosphere. Access to UFO sites on the Internet makes it easier to report.

Hmmm... This is another article re-hashing mostly old info.... yes the UFO/UAP reports are going up but it seems those who claim to understand about changing epochs (the metaphysical community) are still dumbstruck... all that enlightenment but no bloody clue... Whatever, the gods are back, but the mainstream want to talk about aliens... lots of things many don't understand all rolled into one and called aliens... just dumb... These "humming, blinking, blinding lights" are plasma entities that have always been here (see archives for more info), but the conditions are just more favourable so we are seeing a lot more and not just in a few hotspots... What is it going to take for more people to wise up? Sigh....

Carl Jung UFO letter up for auction
Open Minds, 23rd May 2013
A letter from Carl Jung to an editor at the New Republic newspaper in Washington D.C. about UFOs has recently gone up for auction at the Swann Auction Galleries. The letter, dated December 12, 1957, appears to be in response to a request to write an article about UFOs and Jung’s upcoming book on the topic.

Jung demonstrated a great interest in UFOs in his career, primarily the psychological aspects of the modern mythology, but as he expresses in the letter, to his chagrin, “one almost must regret that the Ufos seem to be real after all.”

In 1958, Jung wrote a book focused on the psychological aspects of the phenomenon titled, Flying Saucers: A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Skies.

The point of my interest is Carl Jung was concerned that humanity was not prepared for a dramatic increase in UFO sightings, and he felt compelled to warn about UFOs appearing at the end of an astrological age. He was so concerned he risked his reputation and wrote the book Flying Saucers : A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Skies (1959). This quote implies he got his information from ancient Egyptian sources, but I have still not come across a scholar who has cited the same sources.

(Right click image to enlarge)

These days I am thinking he did not need to worry as many prefer fantasy and playing video games to care what is happening in our skies.

Citizen hearings on UFO disclosure challenges decades of government cover-ups
Final Call, 8th May 2013
WASHINGTON ( - Rather than any transparency, there has been a lead shield for more than 60 years around information from the U.S. government concerning its investigations into Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs).

Going back to the 1947 incident in Roswell, New Mexico, to an even more shocking event in 1980 near a U.S. nuclear-armed Air Force base in Britain, there has been cover-up after cover-up, on top of cover-up of information from government investigations about these sightings.

At an extraordinary four days of hearings here at the National Press Club called the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure (CHD), several former U.S. Senators and House members heard testimony from experts and eyewitnesses, including one witness who characterized a 1980 incident—which took place over three consecutive nights at the dual air base RAF Woodbridge and the U.S. Air Force’s Bentwaters, in England—as being possibly the “defining event in UFO history.”

I picked the image icon here because I like the link between UFOs and the New World Order or more correctly the Novus Ordo Seclorum of the Great Seal of the United States inspired by 'respected' prophetic sources such as Virgil, an ancient Roman poet and the Cumaean Sibyl. Frankly, the ancients got this right, but few get the significance today....

  • Group Wants Global Effort to Unveil UFO Evidence
    Epoch Times, 8th May 2013
    WASHINGTON—After five days and 40 testimonies from international witnesses from the military, scientific and academic fields, a committee of six former Congress members agreed to seek international support to break a “truth embargo” on encounters with extraterrestrial life.

    On May 3, the last day of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, (CHD) organizer Stephen Bassett read the contents of a communiqué signed by four of the six retired Congress members.

    According to it, the Citizen Hearing Foundation will pursue a global campaign to form a world conference dedicated to discovering the truth behind “overwhelming scientific evidence” that suggests a link between sightings of unexplained craft and extraterrestrial intelligence. [...]

    “The military witnesses spoke of incidences from 30, 40, 50 years ago and have remained silent during this time. They have come out of retirement with compelling information that would have us look further into these phenomena,” she said.

    The first African-American woman to sit on a House defense committee and the first to agree to participate in the CHD hearings, Kilpatrick said: “This is an international phenomena and the U.S. and other countries need to acknowledge that there is other life.”

Former congress members impressed with UFO testimony
Open Minds, 6th May 2013
While not all of the congress members who participated in the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure are convinced we are being visited by extraterrestrials, they do appear unanimous in the opinion that the testimony was impressive. Most of them are now convinced this is a topic that the government should investigate further, and one is not only seeking a resolution from the UN to investigate UFOs, he has gone on camera with ABC News proclaiming the conspiracy to cover all of this up goes straight to the White House. [...]

The sixth member of the committee, former senator Mike Gravel, has been the most out spoken about his feelings on the topic. He says, “There is no doubt in my mind that there is an extraterrestrial presence that is affecting the planet.”

Gravel feels it is imperative that we learn more about these visitors. He says, “Probably the most important issue facing our civilization is to understand this, to explore it, and hopefully mature to level where we can have contact with extraterrestrial interests.”

Gravel has not been shy about sharing these opinions with the media. In the ABC News video blog Top Line, he was asked how high up he felt the conspiracy went to keep the lid on extraterrestrial visitation. He told them, “It goes right to the White House, and of course, once the White House takes a position, ‘well there’s nothing going on’…it just goes down the chain of command, everyone stands toe.”

When asked why the government would keep this secret, he replied, “The military wants to keep this secret, because they don’t want to reveal to the American people that all of these trillions of dollars that we have spent on this silly defense posture that they don’t work.”

This article comes with 5 YouTube video clips.

UFOs ‘Roam our skies’ Says Former US Air Force Intelligence Officer
Prince Phillip invited pilot and crew to dine and discuss encounter
Epoch Times, 5th May 2013
WASHINGTON—A former U.S. Air Force major with 5,000 flying hours described in detail his encounter with an UFO, telling former members of Congress at a hearing on extraterrestrial sightings that he has been interested in UFOs ever since.

“These space craft occasionally roam our skies and my theory is they have been coming here for thousands of years,” Major George Filer III said May 3, the last day of the week long Citizen Hearing on Disclosure at the National Press Club.

Filer was one of 39 witnesses who gave testimonies during the hearing, including former members of the U.S. military and federal agencies, researchers, academics and ordinary citizens. [...]

Royal Attention

Filer said the incident did not gain vast attention although he did record it in his navigator’s log and it was mentioned the next day in operations. A few weeks later, however, he and his crew received an invitation to dine with Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, who had expressed an interest in their experience.

“About seven of us sat around a table discussing UFOs. Prince Phillip was very personable and friendly. He was very interested in our intercept and we assume he had also been briefed by London Control because the U.S. Air Force had no apparent interest,” he said in his written testimonial.

When he asked the royal consort of Queen Elizabeth II why he was interested he said Prince Phillip replied: “My uncle who raised me, Earl Mountbatten had seen UFOs close up while in the Navy.”

Filer said Prince Phillip told him he had debriefed aircrews who intercepted UFOs “on many occasions.”

I would like to point out to any intelligentsia reading this blog that in the 1990s, Hillary Clinton was photographed with Laurance Rockafeller who had just presented her with a UFO book, see archives. That book was eventually discovered to be a book written by Paul Davies who promotes the idea that Earth might have a Shadow Biosphere.... For those who have a functioning brain, you don't need to be told to think about the significance and then read up some so-called astrobiology 'theory'... This article is a reminder that the elite have a very keen interest in the Shadow Biosphere...
  • Hillary Clinton’s ET book discovered
    Open Minds, 15th January 2010
    In the 1990’s Laurance Rockefeller became interested in paranormal phenomena, especially with UFOs and Extraterrestrial visitation. He funded scientific investigations and organized and funded a briefing document to record the best evidence (Open Minds journalist, Antonio Huneeus was a key contributor to this document). Rockefeller also conferred with the Clintons regarding the release of files by President Bill Clinton.

    Researcher Grant Cameron, who runs the website, was able to retrieve documents through the Freedom of Information Act that showed Rockefeller was soliciting help form Hillary’s staff on drafting a document to President Bill Clinton in 1995. The title of the document was: Lifting Secrecy on Information About Extraterrestrial Intelligence as Part of the Current Classification Review. In August of 1995 the Clintons made a trip to Rockefeller’s JY Ranch near Jackson’s Hole, Wyoming. Many speculate that UFOs and ETs must have been a subject of conversation during the visit. However, there has never been any proof of this, until now.

  • Revisiting the famous 1979 UFO Debate at the House of Lords
    Open Minds TV, 18th November 2011
    The recent publication of author Philip Eade’s biography of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh and husband of queen Elizabeth II, has brought into the news once again the intense interest on UFOs by the upper crust of British society. As reported in recent stories in The Daily Beast and in the Huffignton Post , Eade’s biography. [...]

    Lords get UFO rundown With his credentials, then, it wasn’t a very difficult task for Lord Clancarty to give his peers a brief and complete rundown of the UFO story, from ancient times to the 1947 sighting by Kenneth Arnold up to the buzzing over a 13-day period of several Strategic Air Command nuclear bases in the United States. And from the candid declarations of the French Defense Minister, M. Galley, in 1974 to the famous Iranian UFO battle near Teheran two years later, in which all the communications and firing systems of a U.S.-made F-4 phantom jet were immobilized by a UFO. “There are literally vast numbers of these astounding reports,” said Clancarty. “Indeed, my lords, this worldwide UFO invasion of every country’s air space is of growing importance and therefore I suggest that Parliament keeps a continuous watch on the situation.” [...]

Sheehan Controverts Consolmagno’s “No Vatican UFO Secrets” Claim
Logos Apologia, 5th May 2013
Attorney Daniel Sheehan, former lead counsel for the Jesuit order in America, testifies about the Vatican concealing UFO information as well as US government classified photos and records of a flying saucer crash and connections to churches around the world. Of course this controverts recent obfuscation by VORG astronomer Guy Conslomagno who claims “there are no Vatican UFO secrets.” If so, then why the refusal to release the requested files to the Carter administration described in this sworn testimony? Is Brother Guy hiding something?


‘Aliens’ Messed with US, Soviet Nukes – US Airmen
RIA Novosti News, 5th May 2013
WASHINGTON, May 1 (RIA Novosti) – In the midst of the Cold War on several occasions, nuclear missiles at US Air Force bases were mysteriously shut down, according to US servicemen who said they witnessed the failure of the heavily guarded missile systems.

But they don’t blame America’s Cold War enemy, the Soviet Union; they say aliens from space did it.

“This was something Russia could have developed, but it turns out they didn’t develop this and we don’t have it either – to be able to shut down nuclear weapons with a beam of light,” David Scott, a former sergeant in the US Air Force, told RIA Novosti at a conference in Washington on encounters with extraterrestrials.

Scott and three retired Air Force officers told a panel of six former members of the US Congress at the conference about their experiences with extraterrestrial “visitors” who meddled with US nuclear weapons systems.

Surely, intelligent folk realise which way the wind is blowing now...

Peruvian Jet Pilot Tells of Tangle With UFO (+Photos)
He shot 60 rounds at close range with no impact
Epoch Times, 4th May 2013
WASHINGTON—A fighter pilot in the Peruvian Air Force for 25 years, Col. Oscar Santa Maria Huerta, was no novice when he took aim at a threatening balloon-shaped object hovering above his airbase at Arequipa, Peru.

“I approached within shooting range and shot around sixty 30mm shells at the balloon” he said through a translator, “It had no effect at all.” One of those bullets would have blown up a truck, he said, but the shots he fired did not even make a dent. The object “seemed to absorb the shots,” he said describing the UFO encounter.

Huerta was one of six representatives from Latin American countries speaking at the Congressional-style hearing on UFOs being held this week at the National Press Club. During his testimony on May 2, he described the events as they unfolded of what would become one of the most memorable days in his life. It began at the La Joya Air Base at Arequipa, Peru around 7:15 a.m., April 11, 1980. There were around 1,800 men on the base that day and a number of Sukhoi 22 fighter jets. [...]

The craft, he said, seemed to anticipate his every move, noting with relief, that it never retaliated.

“The total 22 minutes of maneuvers is clearly etched in my brain,” he said, “I am convinced there is extraterritorial life. I will never forget my experience.”

The unidentified craft was witnessed by everyone on the base as well, Huerta said, and the event was registered by the U.S. Defense Department. Huerta submitted a copy of the message sent from the U.S. DOD.

This is a very interesting story as this pilot realised he had come across another life form... Well, the Washington Post is trying to tell us that this Congressional-style hearing on UFOs being held this week at the National Press Club is a waste of time but quite frankly, it is a case of needs must... For the thinkers out there; If you fly, then you might want to be 100% sure that your pilot will remain calm and not do anything stupid when a member of the Shadow Biosphere makes a sudden appearance. Still, those in the know in the military and some pilots know that there is a poorly understood phenomena that exists in our skies...

Visitors From Outer Space, Real or Not, Are Focus of Discussion in Washington
New York Times, 3rd May 2013
[...] Every day this week, the former legislators presided over panels made up of academics and — former, of course — government and military officials, who were there to discuss their research or their own eyewitness accounts of unidentified flying objects and the extraterrestrials who presumably would have occupied them.

“Something is monitoring the planet, and they are monitoring it very cautiously, because we are a very warlike planet,” said Mike Gravel, a former Democratic senator from Alaska who ran in both the Democratic and Libertarian presidential primaries in 2008.

Mr. Gravel and his fellow panelists were assembled by the Paradigm Research Group, which says it is committed to ending the government’s “truth embargo” on the existence of extraterrestrial life. The lawmakers were there in hopes that their presence and political credibility would be enough to persuade Congress to take the issue seriously.

“I’ve been exploring how we might get this issue out of the shadows of the lunatic fringe,” said Roscoe G. Bartlett, a former Republican representative from Maryland. Before his defeat last year, Mr. Bartlett was known for sounding the alarm on the threat posed to the nation’s energy infrastructure by electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, the shock wave from a nuclear weapon detonated beyond the earth’s atmosphere.

This report is hardly impressive...Epoch Times did a much better job on reporting the information that needs to get to the public.

UFOs in Chile, France and Russia – Citizen Hearing Transcripts
Open Minds, 3rd May 2013
Open Minds journalist, Antonio Huneeus, is one of the panel members speaking at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure this week. Yesterday he presented to the committee of 6 former congress members on UFO activity and government reactions in Chile, France and Russia. You can read the text of his testimony below.

South America: Chile In recent years Chile has become one of the world’s leading nations in the official study and recognition of the UFO phenomenon. UFO agencies or departments have been traditionally under the Air Force in most countries. In France, as we shall see in the next session, the effort is under the space agency, but Chile has taken a novel approach which makes logical sense: its committee known as CEFAA (Committee for the Study of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena) is under the Civil Aviation agency DGAC. In other words, it’s like if the FAA, the Federal Aviation Administration, had a UFO department. Civil aviation agencies all over the world deal with aircraft safety and navigation and UFOs, though not regulated by human governmental agencies, are primarily flying in the air and could pose a threat to aviation safety.

I have made a separate entry because this is about UFO/UAP disclosure in countries that are taking the apparent infestation of another life form in our skies seriously... The comment about the United States being behind the times is very very important... It does not matter how powerful this country thinks it is, THEY DO NOT CONTROL EVERY LIVING PERSON ON THIS PLANET.....

‘Deathbed testimony’ about UFOs given by former CIA official (VIDEO)
Open Minds, 3rd May 2013
Video testimony by an anonymous alleged former CIA official was shown at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure at the National Press Club in Washington, DC on Friday, May 3.

UFO author and historian Richard Dolan interviewed “Anonymous” on March 5, 2013. Facing impending kidney failure, this individual felt compelled to disclose secret information he feels is too important to keep secret. In the video, he claims to have served in the U.S. Army, worked for the CIA, and worked on the U.S. Air Force’s Project Blue Book–one of the USAF’s official studies of UFOs. And he refers to the project as “partially a fraud.” Asking for clarification, Dolan states, “You’re saying some of the Blue Book cases were completely fictitious?” The anonymous man responds, “Yes.”

Watch the video! The implications of rogue military hiding their business from various presidents of the United States seems to be more important than the disclosure about the presence of aliens! It is up to you whether you think this old dying man is telling the truth, but I think if you are going to do a death-bed confession, this is how to do it...

Over 900 British Police Have Witnessed UFOs
Epoch Times, 2nd May 2013
WASHINGTON—British police officers have been personally involved in at least 430 UFOs sightings, including one that was three times the size of a football field, a hearing of six former members of the United States Congress heard on Thursday.

Gary Heseltine, a serving police officer in the United Kingdom, is the creator of PRUFOS a police database [] he maintains in an unofficial capacity. The database, which he launched in January 2002, caters to serving and retired officers who have been involved in British UFO police sightings.

“Sightings have been taking place the length and breadth of Britain at all times of the day,” he told the six member committee.

Citizens Hearing tackles government secrecy and the truth about the presence of UFOs
The Final Call, 1st May 2013
WASHINGTON (National Press Club) - A panel of former U.S. representatives and a former senator kicked off a week of hearings about the public’s right to know, government secrecy and its tracking and withholding of information about what are popularly known as unidentified flying objects.

The Citizen Hearing On Disclosure, held here April 29 to May 3, was scheduled to feature some 40 researchers, military and government agency witnesses and 30 hours of testimony.

The early sessions April 29 focused on the peoples’ right to know and what organizers and witnesses called the continued problem of government failures to tell the truth about so-called UFOs. [...]

Organizers said the former lawmakers were paid $20,000 for their week’s work, but all of the retired legislators said their participation was based on concern about government secrecy, the public’s right to know and a desire to learn more. Several spoke candidly about negative fallout associated with the subject of UFOs, with former Senator Gravel noting the number of mocking tweets were fewer than he expected.

This is a good professional article on this conference. Obviously, this needs to be done and documented because IF/WHEN Brazil or another country pips them to the post and announces we most certainly are not alone, then some so-called 'leaders' are going to look very very foolish...
  • Brazil on the brink?
    Herald Tribune Blog, 29th April 2013
    Imagine 10 Pentagon officials from every branch of the military, including the Secretary of Defense, agreeing to pow-wow for 75 minutes with civilian UFO researchers. Imagine, at the end of that meeting, in an ostensible show of good faith — or maybe it was just window dressing, who knows — the brass actually concedes the civilians may be on to something. And it agrees to give them access to some of the most contentious UFO records on file. Well, change the venue from the U.S. to Brazil, and that’s exactly what happened in Brasilia on April 18, according to A.J. Gevaerd.

    Go Brazil Go! Can you imagine the consequences? Personally I still think UFO Disclosure is going to pale into insignificance in comparison to the Catholic Church attempting to change the mythology in the near future... The new mythos of Mary was an abductee and Jesus is part ET... For those who are not keeping up with the latest, I am sorry you think this is ridiculous, but I am paying attention and buying the books that spell this out in black and white... At the moment, because there are so many people who love fantastic craptastic I am wondering who will give a damn about truth...

Brazilian MoD Discusses UFOs With Ufologists - 2
UFO Updatelist, 25th April 2013
Dear Listers.

For those who have the patience, here is a detailed article about the Ministry of Defense meeting in Brasilia, published at the Brazilian UFO Magazine website two days ago and just translated into English.

I am sorry if you feel it too long. Tried to make it shorter... A. J. -----

"Ministry of Defense and Ufologists establish unique communication channel in the world"

Historic meeting in Brazil on April 18 initiates mutual cooperation between military commands and civilian UFO investigators

Members of the Brazilian Committee of UFO Researchers (CBU) and members of the Brazilian Armed Forces met this Thursday afternoon in Bras=EDlia under the Ministry of Defense's intermediation to discuss access to military documents and reports of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). [...]

Over ten military from the three Armed Forces -- Army, Navy and Air Force -- were present at the meeting, but only the representative of the Air Force Command made a significant contribution, surprising the UFO researchers with his frankness and stating that it was quite true that some UFO documents still remain secret and are yet to be declassified. [...]

The bureaus goal would be to serve the Brazilian public and help to decipher one of the most impressive enigmas the mankind has ever faced: the visits from other species to our planet, a phenomenon that has given our country an outstanding place in the world because of the immense amount of UFO sightings and encounters with extraterrestrials that happen here, as well as their immense variety.

The fact that we are even getting immediate worldwide details of the meeting between Brazilian Ministry of Defense officials and ufologists it utterly amazing. Btw, if you like making money, the 'I told ya so' t-shirt is going to sell... Maybe, I should sell t-shirts and mugs that say 'Joyfire told ya so...' because it looks like the Brazilian disclosure of the shadow biosphere is going to be very interesting.... This link was picked up at ATS Brazilian Ministry of Defense - Official Meeting With UFO Researchers.

Scientists discuss invisible alien life on Earth
Open Minds, 23rd April 2013
On Monday, April 22, HuffPost Live featured a segment about theoretical invisible life that could exist on Earth. This segment, titled “Earth’s Alien Life,” featured HuffPost Senior Science Editor David Freeman, University of Colorado, Boulder Professor of Philosophy Carol Cleland, Arizona State University theoretical physicist and astrobiologist Paul Davies, University of Massachusetts-Amherst Associate Professor of English David Toomey, and was hosted by HuffPost Live‘s Josh Zepps.

Hmmm... Historically, most ufologists have ignored the possibility of a shadow biosphere and those pointing out the obvious, see archives re Trevor James Constable, John Keel, Jacques Vallee, Ivan Sanderson and Dr. Harley Rutledge. The focus has been the search for extraterrestrials in space ships etc etc despite the overwhelming evidence that the ufo phenomena encompasses a broad range of activity and entities that interact with humans often in a paranormal way. The fact that ufologists are being forced to pay attention is because real scientists are pointing out some facts. In terms of the business model of maintaining mystery and with any successful culty enterprise, those that run the Church of Ufology seek to just keep people buying books and DVDs whilst attending conferences to create cash flow. There is very little interest in identifying the truth so the interference of real scientists is becoming an issue and no doubt Davos 2013 revelations have not necessarily been met with rejoicing either.

Brazilian Ministry of Defense establishes communications with UFO researchers
UFO Digest, 23rd April 2013
For the first time in history a Ministry of Defense of a country has officially invited UFO researchers to discuss the UFO Phenomena, how to handle its investigation and the information it may come from it. The meeting happened last April 18 at the Brazilian Ministry of Defense building, in Brasilia, the Federal Capital, and over 20 people took part of it.

On behalf of the minister of Defense, Ambassador Celso Amorim, his Secretary Ari Matos Cardoso and his associates received the Brazilian Committee of UFO Researchers (CBU) members to discuss the subject. Present at the meeting, that lasted some 75 minutes, were also present several representatives from the Brazilian Air Force, Navy and Army, all subordinated to the Brazilian Ministry of Defense, and who were asked to fully comply with the ufologists’ requests. [...]

I am very happy to announce this information to the entire World UFO Community, as it is the result of my colleagues and mine efforts at the Brazilian Committee of UFO Researchers (CBU) to make the UFO Phenomena a clear and public issue in Brazil. The Brazilian UFO disclosure is a direct result of our strategies in the last years, through the above mentioned campaign, and the Brazilian Ministry of Defense meeting is a recognition of it.

Despite my usual antagonistic stance towards the leaders of The Church of Ufology, I recognise there are many lay people who want to find out the truth concerning the possible existence of extraterrestrials and a shadow biosphere. So, for the genuine truth seeker, I am delighted about this news from Brazil. This news has to be seen with the perspective that it seems the penny has well and truly dropped with world controllers. The Novus Ordo Seclorum of the Great Seal of the United States that was crudely fashioned into the New World Order mantra is starting to be understood in the true original sense, see 2012: The American Founding Fathers Knew, January 2012. The gods and Heroes are now well and truly "mingling" with humans so it no longer possible to hide the existence of another lifeform on this planet. Thus, I believe UFO/ET disclosure is coming very soon.

National Archives of Australia: UFO FILES AVAILABLE
Above Top Secret, 23rd April 2013
With the permission of the National Archives of Australia (on behalf of the Commonwealth Government of Australia), I've uploaded searchable PDF files containing over 10,000 pages of Australian UFO documents to a directory at the link below. Some highlights from that collection are given in the post below.

Someone who has gone to a lot of trouble to provide an online library of searchable PDF files containing over 10,000 pages of Australian UFO archive documents that have been released into the public domain. Now we know that UFO disclosure is coming and maybe fairly soon, all these archive dumps are probably very much in the public interest.

You Can’t Tell the People?: Margaret Thatcher and UFO secrets
Dr David Clarke, 15th April 2013
The death of ‘Iron Lady’ Margaret Thatcher has deprived UFOlogists of an answer to an enduring question: what did she really know about Britain’s Roswell incident?

Thatcher, who died on 8 April aged 87, was 19 months into her first term as Prime Minister in 1980 when US airmen at the nuclear-armed twin airbase RAF Bentwaters-Woodbridge reported ‘unexplained lights’ (UFOs) hovering above Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk.

This is a strange contribution from Dr David Clarke but some might find it interesting.

Former KGB agent reveals Soviet UFO studies
Russia Beyond, 12th April 2013
The Soviet Union took UFOs seriously. The KGB and the Soviet Defence Ministry had dedicated units collecting and analysing information about paranormal activity. Military experts even claimed to know how to "summon" UFOs and make contact with them.

[...] Seriously speaking, however, both in the Soviet Union and in modern Russia, the topic of UFOs and other paranormal phenomena was and still remains classified – and none of the officials will ever say anything about it publicly.

On the other hand, there are experts who no longer hold any senior posts and therefore have more room to maneuver. Some former, high-ranking Soviet military officials have recently decided to lift the veil of secrecy on the mystery of UFOs.

It happened at end of March, at the Zigel Readings conference named after Felix Zigel – a Soviet astronomer and mathematician who is largely credited with being the founder of ufology in Russia. This biannual event has been held in Moscow for more than 20 years and is devoted to the study of paranormal phenomena. [...]

The source for this story is a retired FSB major general and researcher with an Academy of Security, Defense and Law and Order Issues, Vasily Yeremenko. At the time, Yeremenko was in charge of the KGB division overseeing the air force and aircraft manufacturing. It was his division that was entrusted with the task of collecting all reports of UFO sightings.

By that time, as Yeremenko told RBTH, there had been an accumulation of reports on numerous paranormal incidents. Missile Troops units were even instructed on how to behave in the event that they spotted a UFO: the main thing was not to act in a way that could create an opportunity for a retaliatory aggression.

In the early 1980s, an experiment to "summon" a UFO was staged at a military range in Astrakhan Region. By then, experts had realized that UFOs were frequently sighted in areas of "heightened tension" – for instance, during weapons tests, or when there was a lot of military hardware gathered in one area.

"One could say that, during that experiment, we learned how to summon a UFO. To achieve that, there would be a sharp increase in the number of flights performed by combat aircraft and a lot of movement of hardware. Then UFOs appeared with a probability of nearly 100 percent," Yeremenko said. According to him, most of the objects looked like luminous spheres.

Over time, all the participants in the experiment became so used to these phenomena that they took them for granted. Some even tried to make contact with the objects. "It looked like this: a person on the ground would wave their arms, twice to the right and twice to the left. The ball in the sky would react to it by swinging twice to the right and then twice to the left. We had no idea how to explain that," said Yeremenko.

In the end, the military, together with the scientists who took part in the experiment, came to three main conclusions. First, these may be natural phenomena that modern science is not yet able to explain. Second, these may be U.S. or Japanese reconnaissance equipment. Finally, these may be extraterrestrial objects.

Well, what we have here is a repeat of what scientists and some brave members of the public have discovered. Some of these spheres that are part of the Shadow Biosphere, members of what I call The Earth Management Team, are quite happy to communicate with humans whilst "on business". That is because it is an intelligent lifeform, the same as the orbs making the fancy mathematical crop circles... We wave at them with laser pens and some wave back by blinking on and off... In this instance, the Russians decided to dance around and the UAPs/orbs danced too... Obviously, the warlike sub-human psychopaths destroying the fabric of spacetime with nuclear weapons are a problem and thus certain human activities are being carefully monitored. We know for fact that the uaps/orbs will disable nuclear test missiles if they are not happy. Whole books have been written based on the confessions of military personnel and pointing this out seems to be the special mission of Robert Hastings, see more below.
  • U.S. Air Force officials report more than 100 UFO sightings over 30 years
    680 News, 29th September 2010 Flashback!
    WASHINGTON D.C. - At a news conference held Wednesday, seven retired members of the U.S. Air Force spoke in great detail about over 100 UFO sightings spanning three decades, to the surprise of many in the audience.

    "UFO phenomenon is real. Not imaginary," said former launch officer Robert Hastings, as the group of retired Air Force members finally broke their silence after being told to keep silent for years about what they saw.

    "One hundred witnesses indicate that craft of vastly superior capabilities have been monitoring the U.S. nuclear arms program since the 1940's." [...] According to the Air Force, UFO's would interfere with missiles in the United States and Russia.
    However, Hastings said "I don't think humankind is in jeopardy from whoever they are and what their intentions are, except, we will have our minds expanded. There will be a paradigm shift."
    For more backround info see, UAP Index.

‘Shadow Biosphere’ theory gaining scientific support
The Raw Story, 13th April 2013
Never mind aliens in outer space. Some scientists believe we may be sharing the planet with ‘weird’ lifeforms that are so different from our own they’re invisible to us. [...]

The concept of a shadow biosphere was first outlined by Cleland and her Colorado colleague Shelley Copley in a paper in 2006 in the International Journal of Astrobiology, and is now supported by many other scientists, including astrobiologists Chris McKay, who is based at Nasa’s Ames Research Centre, California, and Paul Davies.

These researchers believe life may exist in more than one form on Earth: standard life – like ours – and “weird life”, as they term the conjectured inhabitants of the shadow biosphere. “All the micro-organisms we have detected on Earth to date have had a biology like our own: proteins made up of a maximum of 20 amino acids and a DNA genetic code made out of only four chemical bases: adenine, cytosine, guanine and thymine,” says Cleland. “Yet there are up to 100 amino acids in nature and at least a dozen bases. These could easily have combined in the remote past to create lifeforms with a very different biochemistry to our own. More to the point, some may still exist in corners of the planet.”

This is a long article... Well, I am glad to see that common sense is prevailing, especially as the ‘Shadow Biosphere’ usually called Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) by the military, scientists, pilots, air traffic controllers, radar operators or other aviation professionals, are also being seen frequently all over the planet by Joe Public. Btw, I apologise, it seems that I have not been keeping up to date with the latest offerings from NARCAP (National Aviation Reporting on Anomalous Phenomena) UAP reports, see SPHERES IN AIRBORNE UAP IMAGERY (2011) & A PRELIMINARY STUDY OF 600 CASES OF UNIDENTIFIED AERIAL PHENOMENA (UAP) REPORTED BY MILITARY AND CIVILIAN PILOTS (2012).

Wikileaks: King Hassan Of Morocco Asked US About UFO Encounter
Ghost Theory, 9th April 2013
Request For Info, Unidentified Flying Objects

On September 25th, 1976, King Hassan II of Morocco sent the Commander of the Royal Gendarmerie to inquire about a strange craft he and others had witnessed over Morocco on the night of September 18th through the 19th of that year. King hassanHassan II described the unidentified craft as a “…silvery luminous circular shape and gave off intermittent trails of bright sparks and fragments, and made no noise.”

The Wikileaks cable continues with details on the sighting, stating that others had witnessed the strange craft earlier that day. A memo was sent to the US Secretary of State asking for help or information on the strange silvery craft over Morocco.

Comment: came up with, "We'd love to know if they replied with 'weather balloon'..." This weather balloon chart never fails to make me laugh...

Aliens definitely exist, say legitimate scientists
MSN News, 20th March 2013
If you've ever looked up into the sky and wondered whether someone might be looking back, some scientists say you can stop wondering — because they're certain that alien lifeforms exist. This provocative position is explored on "Are We Alone?", a month-long series airing on the Science Channel. Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku says aliens are a sure thing: "How many stars are there out in the universe?" he asks, calculating the answer as "10 sextillion — that's one with 22 zeroes after it." More stars equal more planets equal more possibilities for extra-terrestrial life. "There definitely are aliens in outer space — they're out there."

This is just Michio Kaku talking common sense... Anyone who thinks we are alone knowing what is easily available to know today is simply just uneducated and dumbed down. See, How can anybody truly believe there's no life on any other planet?

Canadian government no longer investigating UFOs
980 UFO sightings reported in Canada in 2011
CBC News, 7th March 2013
Tracking unidentified flying objects now seems to hold little interest for the Canadian government, according to documents obtained under the Access to Information Act.

Various federal agencies, including Transport Canada, the RCMP and the Department of National Defence, used to track and investigate UFO sightings to some degree, but documents obtained by CBC News suggest those days are over. It's now up to civilian volunteers to report what's going on up in the sky.

It looks like the Canadians are following the British in no longer wanting to officially investigate UFOs.

Citizen Hearing on Disclosure – April 29 to May 3, 2013 – Washington, DC
Citizens Hearing, March 2013

“UFO’s are REAL!” could be the focus of Disney’s upcoming Tomorrowland?'
Behind The Thrills, 8th February 2013
[...] Jim’s just put two and two together and come up with a theory on one of my most watched films currently in production-Brad Bird’s “Tomorrowland” at Disney.

This latest article by Jim Hill goes into detail about his theory of what Disney’s Tomorrowland could be all about. He uses every blessed thing in that box marked 1952, and his time spent with Disney legends of the past to piece the puzzle together. Go and read the article…seriously…read it. But I will sum up here.

Essentially because of Disney’s great success in working with the government, and the success of a little Disneyland series called “Man in Space” on television, the U.S. Government came to Disney and asked him to produce a television show that would reveal a very real truth…and that production came very close to happening. What was that truth? Get ready for this. “UFO’s ARE REAL”

That was going to be the name of the series, and in it the government would use Disney to tell us about these UFO’s. Okay, take a minute to digest all of that. The military, and government of these United States knows that UFO’s are real, and are going to get Walt Disney-arguably the greatest animator and storyteller of all times, not to mention the greatest theme park maker, to tell the people about these UFO’s. Forget the conspiracy theory and alien thing for a second…put it out of your mind…and think of that story. That’s an AMAZING STORY!!!! [...]

Then there’s this bit of information from Tomorrowland writer/producer Damon Lindelof:

[Brad and I] won’t tell you what [our movie is] about (yet), but we will tell you what it’s NOT about. And that would be ALIENS.#Tomorrowland

Okay, so that could be just to throw the super sleuths like Jim off..Lindelof has a habit of doing that. But what if he’s telling the absolute truth and Tomorrowland isn’t about Aliens. What if UFO’s have nothing to do with Extra Terrestrials at all? What if there’s something more to it, and the Man in Space series wasn’t too far off?

I rather liked the comments here so that is why I have linked to this article rather than the orginal piece, Is Brad Bird's "Tomorrowland" movie about that "UFOs are real" TV show which Walt Disney Productions almost made back in the 1950s?. There are some interesting quotes here, like the quote from Colonel Miranda about the concern that society might come "unglued" if people knew the truth and the military could not provide a reasonable explanation. Well, we have been told point blank by world leaders at Davos 2013 that there will be a campaign to educate the public to prepare people for "...a paradigm shift concerning humankind’s position in the universe." Then within 2 weeks after the last sip of champagne at Davos, there are new rumours widely circulating on the blogosphere about a disney movie about UFOS but it will NOT involve aliens! For years, I have been thinking that you cannot hide the fact that the planet is becoming a cosmic aquarium and the announcement that a shadow biosphere exists on this planet was mandatory. Please note: there is absolutely no mention in either of these articles of the special report for world leaders given out at Davos 2013. Presumably word will spread.... Whatever, despite the reality of a universe supposedly being 15 billion years old and 99.999% plasma, the evolution of a plasma based lifeform is ignored by most ignorant about what could exist in the universe (astrobiology). In summary, there seems to be little comprehension of the heaps of evidence about the existence of plasma entities that is available in the public domain.... I have been thinking for years that many ufologists were ripe for being stitched up by world controllers and it looks like it will be coming soon. As I have stated before, astronauts mainly talk about alien life not alien craft... I imagine it's hard to miss the cosmic jetsam and flotsam that anyone interested in NASA space missions would have seen over and over again... The analogy is so nearly perfect. The modern astronomer-priests (NASA et al.) providing fairy tales for the masses using the great storyteller Disney in the effort to re-educate or re-condition the generally ignorant rabble... Can I hear Sir William Drummond laughing in the aethers? This is going to get very interesting....

  • UFO Disclosure: Why Hollywood Matters, 12th September 2012
    "Unidentified Flying Objects, although factual, are also inevitably the stuff of great science-fiction, and so it is unsurprising that they have always sold well at the box-office. But the new millennium has seen a white-hot explosion in the popularity of the UFO sub-genre with the theatrical release of at least 40 alien visitation-themed titles since the year 2000, including such box-office hits as Signs (2002), War of the Worlds (2005), the Transformers franchise (2007-2011), Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Monsters vs. Aliens (2009), The Fourth Kind (2009), Battle: Los Angeles (2011), Cowboys and Aliens (2011), Super 8 (2011) and Prometheus (2012), to name but a few. With recent and forthcoming UFO/alien themed TV series added o the mix – including Taken (2002) V (2009-), The Event, Falling Skies, and Area 51 – audiences now stand little chance against what amounts to a full-scale alien invasion of our popular culture. So what, you might shrug. Why should we care about UFO movies? After all, they’re just entertainment, are they not?"

Davos: X Marks the Unknown
Scientific American Blog, 28th January 2013
Map of discussion themes about X Factors. Credit: Mariette DiChristina

Earlier this month, the World Economic Forum published its annual report on global risks, “Global Risks 2013: Eighth Edition.” At the 2013 WEF meeting at Davos, a session focused on emerging threats, called “X Factors: Preparing for the Unknown.” My colleague Philip Campbell, the editor in chief of Nature, and his colleague editors, identified these new risks, which are named in a chapter in the report. (Scientific American is part of the Nature Publishing Group.)

For Reference: Panel on emerging risks, "X-Factors: Preparing for the Unknown." Left to right, Phillip Campbell, editor of Nature; Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, Archbishop of Ireland; Tan Chorh-Chuan, president, National University of Singapore; Tim Palmer, co-director, Programme on Modelling and Predicting Climate, Oxford University; and Edward Boyden, associate professor, Media Lab and McGovern Institute, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Credit: Mariette DiChristina

I am wondering whether there will be much or any reaction from the "evolutionary leaders" when the world's real leaders say we need to prepare the general public for a paradigm shift.... This is really a shock and awe moment as our world leaders have basically accepted the reality of the transformation of our world and the veil lifting... The technical term used was X factors being "game-changers"... Believe me, I am thrilled that some have used some common sense by making the decision to introduce new campaigns to educate the public. I believe the emphasis is on more education, i.e. science and "space reality" rather than mind games... Of course, my opinion concerning the ET X Factor is that there is too many orbs/uaps/ufos floating about, they will not go away and like it or lump it, our world leaders are accepting a new reality and taking some responsibility.... So, it occurred to me that maybe my Rage Against The New Age Machine meme/campaign was misplaced and I have been raging against a corpse? Seriously, I am interested to know if there will be any signs of life.... Hmmm... thinking about it, maybe this is the Zombie Apocalypse that has been hyped in the mainstream media... Maybe, it was really about members of the Cultic/New Age milieu being zombified by the lack of anything of any significance occurring on the 21st December 2012, and the Socially Transmitted Delusion has somehow turned venomous turning them into zombies... So please, send me links from any evolutionary leader that has anything of merit concerning "space reality" I presume that means space weather and energy driven evolutionary change/climate change/etc etc basically most of the stuff that is found in my writings and on this blog. The only proviso is I don't want to see a rehash of my research or I might get very cross again...

Davos 2013: world leaders to discuss aliens, super-humans, and immortals
The Voice of Russia, 25th January 2013
This year, apart from the traditional economic concerns, the program of the World Economic Forum in Davos is scheduled to address a number of highly controversial issues which have been kept classified for decades. Called the 'X factors', these issues include the potential risks of medically induced enhancement of cognitive abilities, prolongation of human life, and discovery of extraterrestrial life. After reading the Executive Summary of the WEF 2013 one is left with an impression that he has just read the scenario for the next 'X Files' episode. Runaway climate change, rogue deployment of geoengeneering, and digital wildfires are just a few issues that the readers of the Executive Summary can find not only unconventional but also futuristic. Nonetheless, all of these themes are due to be discussed under the rubric of the 'X Factors'.

I am sure someone has mixed up X-files with X-Factor, which I think that is quite hilarious, but I am not sure Simon Cowell will be pleased... Anyway, surely the penny has well and truly dropped about the implications of the dramatic environmental shift on this planet! It seems my basic synopsis of the situation has not gone unheeded! Who else has linked space weather with a dramatic environmental shift on this planet that has so many profound implications! It seems world controllers realise that ignoring the presence of another lifeform on this planet (Shadow Biosphere) that most call UFOs and UFOs is no longer feasible.... I don't talk about humanoid ETs, that is someone elses department and the orbs/UAPs/UFOs are more important because they generally don't care about complying with human directives... The other issues are really much lower down on the ranking of seriousness but the concern amongst those in the know explains why even the Vatican have been having yearly conferences to work out how to break the news to their faithful and business leaders have been encouraged to be prepared for a major new business opportunity, see archives... Thankfully, it seems some common sense is prevailing... Halleujah! Btw, it is my less than humble opinion that the metaphysical community have failed miserably. So-called US 'leaders' couldn't even point the Obama Administration in the right direction, see Planetary Challenges & Spiritual Evolution: Summary For Citizens of Planet Earth (June, 2011). Since stupidity has reigned supreme resulting in the embarrassing 2012 winter solstice predictions and PR failure, it is no surprise that the general levels of cluelessness about what is happening on this planet are still high and the 'could not care a less' about reality mentality still generally prevails...

X Factors: Discovery of Alien Life

[...] Over the long term, the psychological and philosophical implications of the discovery could be profound. If life forms (even fossilized life forms) are found in our solar system, for example, the origin of life is “easy” – that any place in the universe life can emerge, it will emerge. It will suggest that life is as natural and as ubiquitous a part of the universe as the stars and galaxies. The discovery of even simple life would fuel speculation about the existence of other intelligent beings and challenge many assumptions that underpin human philosophy and religion.

Through basic education and awareness campaigns, the general public can achieve a higher science and space literacy and cognitive resilience that would prepare them and prevent undesired social consequences of such a profound discovery and paradigm shift concerning humankind’s position in the universe.
Global Risks: Davos 2013 - X Factors
World Economic Forum: Reports 2013
Oh yes, the issue of other lifeforms is the key to the most important little chats that will be taking place at the World Economic Forum in Davos, 2013. For once, I will enjoy being right! Please note: The Executive Summary emphasis on Disaster Resilience is also very interesting... Update: Space literacy? Are they refering to Space Weather?
  • Vatican prepares for extraterrestrial disclosure
    Exopolitics Examiner, 12th November 2009
    The Vatican sponsored astrobiology conference was a landmark event. It showed that the Vatican was willing to officially sanction public discussions on the existence of extraterrestrial life. More significantly, it showed that the Vatican was willing to initiate a comprehensive dialogue on the theological implications of the discovery of intelligent extraterrestrial life. The Vatican’s astrobiology conference is yet one more sign that major global institutions are preparing for some kind of formal disclosure concerning UFOs and/or extraterrestrial life. This is a direct outcome of a series of landmark meetings at the UN beginning in February 2008 that led to the adoption of a new openness policy.

  • Wealth gap, debt top risks ahead of Davos
    Reuters, 8th January 2013
    Bringing together business leaders, politicians and central bankers, Davos has come to symbolize the modern globalised world dominated by successful multinational corporations.

    Chief executives arriving on their private jets may still ooze confidence but "Davos man" - and most delegates are male - has plenty to worry about these days. [...]

    Outside the interlinked areas of the environment and the economy, the WEF identified other dangers, including increasing resistance of bacteria to antibiotics and the danger of "digital wildfires" created by the rapid spread of misinformation online.

    More outlandish risks, dubbed "X-Factors," include the rogue deployment of geo-engineering to counter climate change, for example by injecting particles into the stratosphere, or the discovery of alien life, which would challenge many assumptions underpinning religion.

    Even Reuters reported the X Factors but it nearly slipped under the radar....

  • Catholic archbishop of Ireland, Diarmuid Martin to talk about X Factors
    Irish Independent, 26th January 2013
    [...] The archbishop (who has attended more Davos meetings than any other Irishman since his days in the Vatican) will talk on 'X factors; preparing for the unknown'.

    I took the liberty of changing the headline.... But of course, the Vatican would send a representative to Davos 2013 to talk about X Factors and we can only presume archbishop of Ireland, Diarmuid Martin is specifically there to talk about the ET X Factor.... Please remember, it was only last month we found out that the US media were directly reporting UFOs to the Vatican... Even I was amazed that it was reported in such a matter of fact manner... Anyway, Vatican astronomers make a clear distinction between ETs and Shadow Life. Ufologists want the disclosure of ETs and that generally means two-legged humanoids that are similar to humans. Shadow Life is what I have referred to as the Shadow Biosphere on this planet but I presume a plasma based lifeform would be ubiquitous in the universe and would be the primordial and original form of life in the universe. As author Phillip Pullman brilliantly describes it in the trilogy, His Dark Materials see, Book Review: His Dark Materials , these are the first beings that condensed out of the aether... The Vatican have always known about the existence of 'The gods' and historical and religious literature are teeming with references. I have already provided some astonishing references on this blog and latecomers will need to do some work. The problem is that the two tier system of knowledge has historically preserved certain knowledge for the elite and initiated. Today we have the ignorant and arrogant masses (the rabble) who are most certainly oblivious to why the Vatican are preparing for extraterrestrial disclosure. Check out my archives, I have provided some important answers over and over again.

World leaders prepare for discovery of extraterrestrial life in 10 years
Exopolitics Institute News, 23rd January 2013
In Davos Switzerland, a prominent ski resort, the world’s business elite are meeting to discuss what to expect over the next 10 years. This year, the annual World Economic Forum meeting runs from January 23 to 27 and business leaders are joined by prominent politicians and central bankers. For 2013, an 80-page analysis of 50 risks for the next 10 years was distributed to attendees. The Global Risks 2013 report is lengthy list of prognostications of what world leaders need to plan for to avoid “systemic shocks and catastrophic events”. Among the list are five X factors that according to the report, “no country alone can prevent.” One of the X factors is the discovery of extraterrestrial life.

The report goes on to explain ways in which world leaders can “share insights and ideas that improve national and organizational resilience to global risks.”

Among the list of global risks are five X factors developed in collaboration with Nature, a leading science journal. The Global Risks 2013 report recommended readers “to consider a set of five X factors and reflect on what countries or companies should be doing to anticipate them.” The last of the five X factors is the “Discovery of Alien Life”. [...]

Is social disintegration what the Davos Global Risks 2013 report has in mind if extraterrestrial life is discovered? The simple answer is no, if leaders develop the necessary “national and organizational resilience” to such a discovery, and implement “basic education and awareness campaigns”. The Global Risks 2013 report shows how far humanity has come over the last 50 years since the Brookings Report was written. World Economic Forum organizers are far more optimistic and believe that humanity can be sufficiently prepared for a “paradigm shift concerning humankind’s position in the universe.” World leaders currently meeting at the Davos World Economic Forum are themselves being prepared for the possible discovery of extraterrestrial life within the next 10 years.

Updated: I don't want to be snide, but please note there are no ufologists or “evolutionary leaders” (only some of the people in these groups can be considered as useful idiots) invited to Davos, just the world’s business elite joined by prominent politicians, central bankers and a few scientists and at least one Vatican representative (see the Scientific American blog article below for more info). Well, it seems that the people with temporal power are in a little difficulty and the reason is that the cosmic shift on this planet is so acute that they are being forced to consider humanity MUST be prepared for a “paradigm shift concerning humankind’s position in the universe.” I wonder how many blog readers can actually grasp the seriousness? The situation is unbelievable, but where is the wider interest in this “paradigm shift concerning humankind’s position in the universe.” Which scientists, ufologists and “evolutionary leaders” are going to provide the education? I can tell you this now, those with any credibility are going to be few because they should have been doing this now, not promoting “global warming” and a 2012 Mayan Apocalypse... Just think about it... Meanwhile, at least I can say that I understood the implications of space weather and energy driven evolutionary change on this planet over 8 years ago and wrote a book that was placed in the UK National Archives in November 2007. I have been running a “basic education and awareness campaign” for years on this website and I did not need anyone one to tell me what to do because I knew it was necessary. I would also like to add a reminder that it took me 7 years before I would ask anyone for any money. This situation is absolutely incredible.... Btw, here is a reminder of what the top boss Charles Bolden at NASA had to say not so long ago, and he was talking in terms of the next few years for the start of some major revelations.
  • NASA Administrator Believes in Alien Life
    WLTX, 7th February 2011 Flash Back!
    Columbia, SC (WLTX) - It's a question man has been asking for centuries: are we alone and could there really be life out there somewhere. For some the answer is easy. They believe NASA knows that alien life exist and that we're being visited on a regular basis.

    Clifford Clift is one such believer. "Maybe the powers that be are setting us up for disclosure, making it more subtle so it won't be a big jolt to us," he says. [...]

    After talking with Charles Bolden, he seems it's not a matter of if we find out, it's a matter of when. Bolden said, "I have no doubt about things that will be discovered in the next year or so that will help us rewrite text books."

    Well, Bolden certainly knows how to let the cat out of the bag.... if this report is true, then we can forget about a new discovery, the evidence has been in plain sight for many decades, infact since the invention of radar... Well, if Bolden is prepared to make this statement, it makes you wonder why there is such effort by some to desperately fight the notion that humans are not alone. Please note: the astronaut talk is about alien LIFE NOT alien CRAFT. So, I might be on my own here, but I believe any announcement will be about a Shadow Biosphere, which is the sensible thing for NASA to do, as the dimensional shift is clearly still accelerating.
I think this news is so important I have created a newsletter .pdf file that can be downloaded here, see Joyfire Newsletter – January 2013: Space Weather & X Factors, please pass on, this is of great importance.

FAA explains Amherst UFO... sort of
Boston Herald, 22nd January 2013
AMHERS — Federal aviation officials have explained the mysterious flying object seen in the Amherst area earlier his month — sort of. A Federal Aviation Administration spokesman says a military aircraft was flying over Amherst on Jan. 8 at about the time residents reported seeing the UFO flying silently overhead. The spokesman tells The Daily Hampshire Gazette the giant C5 cargo plane was doing practice approaches to Westover Air Reserve Base

Comment From
"This is a ridiculously short article, more of a blurb actually, but it tells us all we need to know. Bottom line, there is more to this story than what we're being told. The official explanation from the powers that be is that the gigantic and completely silent UFO reported by several people over Amherst was actually a large C5 cargo plane. There are a few issues with that explanation, the first being that there was no aircraft reported at that time. Then there's the fact that the C5 aircraft are extremely loud. Take a listen as this C5 cargo plane flies over Gillette stadium. Not only are these huge planes noisy, they are so loud that if you aren't familiar with them, you stop what you're doing and go outside to take a look. There's no way that whatever people saw in Amherst was a C5. It may have been a UFO, it might have been a flock of birds, a rocket, a mass hallucination, a hologram but the one thing we're certain it was not is a C5 cargo plane. Ironically, trying to dismiss the sighting by way of a silly explanation like this does nothing more than focus more attention on the case, so thank you, FAA!"

What I cannot understand is even when the masses are told the truth (see UFO/UAP Disclosure archives), the ignoranti (ignorant hoardes) are so uneducated about what life really represents that the concept of alternative lifeforms simply cannot be comprehended. This means the response by the majority to what UFOs/UAPs really represent is to take refuge in the strongholds of the ignoranti where they can enjoy the security of being with other dummies. Thus, we have the scenario of some more enlightened astrobiologists and scientists having very very different views from the masses about what can exist out in the universe and on this planet as part of a shadow biosphere. The gulf is so very wide, that even Vatican astronomers are willing to admit that Shadow Life exists....
  • What the Hell Is This Unidentified Flying Object?
    Gizmodo News, 21st January 2013
    Gizmodo reader Gavin Heffernan just finished this really beautiful day and night time lapse of Death Valley's dunes. "Though we almost froze, we got some amazing stars, geminid meteors, star trails, planets, and even a UFO," he says:

    The "UFO" appears at (1:30-1:35) and makes three broad circular sweeps over the desert. Though in timelapse it appears to be moving fast, consider the 5 seconds = about 50 minutes, so it's creeping. Closer picture below. It can also be seen cutting through the circular star trails in the shot used above!

    See archives and info below.

  • Towards a natural plasma explanation of certain UFO phenomena
    Hossein Turner's The Media Discerner, 12th September 2012
    "In this article, I will attempt to offer an explanation for at least some of the unexplained UFO observations in our skies. The often aetheric and dynamic and variable morphologies of the observed phenomena do challenge the notion that they are neccessarily manmade or extra-terrestial vehicles. The behaviour of electrodynamic ionized particles (plasma) in certain double-layer regions of our lower atmosphere deserves serious consideration as a possible driver of these sightings." [...]

Bigelow’s Bulletproof BEAM – NASA’s Bet Against Space Debris
Gguardian Express, 17th January 2013
North Las Vegas, NV. — It was only a matter of time before Bigelow Aerospace won its NASA contract. [...]

Garver and Bigelow had met just ten months earlier to sketch out the idea. That ink is now put to the $17.8 million contract represents relatively swift action on NASA’s part, indicating increasing cooperation between the space agency and private space companies like SpaceX and Bigelow. The module will remain attached to ISS for two years. It is not, like other modules, slated to house particular experiments, though with Genesis I and II Bigelow has experience providing microgravity science laboratory space.

Ultimately the crew will decide what to do with the extra space, but they’ll find it at once comfortable and, because it doesn’t vibrate like the aluminum-shelled exterior of the rest of the ISS, it will be the quietest part of the Station. Whatever else it houses, BEAM seems destined to be the preferred makeout spot on ISS; maybe the first true makeout spot in space, though one is always suspicious about Mir.

NASA’s swiftness was no doubt driven by another sort of urgency. The problem of space debris isn’t an abstract scenario for the ISS. Twice in recent years, in April 2011 and January 2012, the Station has had to maneuver out of the path of fragments closing on it at incredible speeds. There are some 9000 fragments of debris, ranging from entire discarded probes to small fragments, left over from thousands of launches since the beginning of the Space Age. The potential danger posed by these MMODs (Micro Meteroid Orbital Debris) is quite fluid, and can be made much worse by a single accident. Such was the case on February 10, 2009, when the 10 February that year, the Russian satellite Kosmos 2251 crashed into the American communication satellite Iridium 33's solar panel. Kosmos 2251 completely disintegrated; Iridium 33's panel shattered like a mirror.

Factually, the reporting of the number of pieces of debris is wrong because even a fleck of paint travelling at 17,000 mph (27359 kph)can cause serious damage. In June 2011, reported that orbiting satellites are threatened by over 700 000 pieces of debris, see Scanning the Skies for Debris Hazards, so 9000 pieces of debris is probable only those objects over 4cm. As I have explained before, in a severe solar storm, satellites often drop out of orbit and in the ensuing chaos it is inevitable that some live satellites will be hit by debris. Extreme space weather is the real reason why new innitatives have been given priority to stop the risk of the whole of the world's satellite communication infrastructure being turned into a blizzard of junk. For more info: Best of the Blog: Space Junk, Satellite Failure & The Escalating Problem

Man Captures Video Of Strange Explosion In The Sky
CBS Sacramento News, 30th December 2012
SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A Sacramento man scanning the night sky caught a sudden burst of light through his telescope. He recorded that strange sight with his smart phone.

CBS13 shared the video with experts to see if they could solve the mystery. This mysterious little tale begins earlier this week when Good Day Sacramento’s Cody Stark got this message on Facebook: “I have something on video no one has ever seen. I had my telescope out, caught an explosion in space.

I am only bothering with this story because we are told, "CBS 4 also contacted a Vatican expert who said it could be some sort of light refraction." Pardon me? What!?! OK they could have contacted NASA, or NOAA or even the ESA or the US military, NORAD, US airforce or FAA, but they contacted the Vatican.... How long have the US media been informing the Vatican of plasmoids entering our atmosphere or out in space and exploding? Words fail... Now we have the excuse that this was a weather balloon that exploded and that is even worse... So.... that means CBS 4 contacted a Vatican expert to report an exploding weather balloon! BUT if this is true, it would fit in with the reports direct from Vatican experts who are well aware of the existence of Shadow Life and are busy trying to work out how to tell their faithful flock that there is another lifeform on this planet with some major peculiarities.... Please note: the Orb Phenomenon has been promoted by Míceál Ledwith & Klaus Heinemann in their book, ‘The Orb Project’. Heinemann is a NASA scientist and Ledwith is an ex Vatican theologian who claims to have a personal collection of 10,000 orb images. See archives for more background info.

Russian premier Dmitry Medvedev muses on aliens and Vladimir Putin's lateness
The Telegraph, 8th December 2012
Mr Medvedev let his guard down after an interview with five Russian television stations when he failed to realise the cameras were still rolling. [...]

Another of the journalists asked whether the president is handed secret files on aliens when receiving the briefcase needed to activate Russia's nuclear arsenal.

"Along with the briefcase with nuclear codes, the president of the country is given a special 'top secret' folder. This folder in its entirety contains information about aliens who visited our planet," Mr Medvedev answered playfully.

"Along with this, you are given a report of the absolutely secret special service that exercises control over aliens on the territory of our country ... More detailed information on this topic you can get from a well-known movie called 'Men In Black' ... I will not tell you how many of them are among us because it may cause panic," he says.

Hmmm.... Quite frankly, this story is only relevant for those who have come across studies that imply that we have had 'visitors' in the ancient past and they have never left... Interbreeding might explain the interest and desperation to maintain certain bloodlines and the origin of psychopaths who the world's top psychologists do not even believe are human... I realise that most do not appreciate or understand any of this, but I have long ago given up bothering about the opinion of the uneducated and ignorant. Btw, I believe we should be more concerned with psychopaths than the existence of aliens...

Special Report Update: Dramatic Increase in Black Triangle Sightings Across the Country
The Object Report, 7th December 2012
Something is definitely going on. We've had nearly 100 reported sightings of enormous, silent black triangles from 21 different states, plus Canada in November and December alone. I feel it's necessary to run a follow up piece to my recent article about these craft because we're quite obviously in a full-on Big Black Triangle Flap...

I have given my opinion on these black triangles on this blog based on a previously top secret UK MOD report and the physics of magnetism and plasma, but I presume it is too exotic for the uneducated, I don't know what else to say...

SMERF search for alien visitors, 18th November 2012
The people of Springbrook, in the Gold Coast Hinterland, are so convinced they have been visited by aliens they have now formed a society to prove the existence of extraterrestrials. [...]The Springbrook Mountain Extraterrestrial Response Force, known as SMERF, has formed in a bid to prove the existence of ET and other-world life.

The group of 30 meets once a month at the end of Springbrook Rd and has declared itself a pro-active service designed to respond to and determine the veracity of close encounters of the first kind.Its mission is to "survey the night sky, explore the Earth's peculiar magnetic field fluctuations and ponder the Earth's energetic links to space and beyond".

There is an abundance of UAP reports that I don't have time to read, but there is something intriguing about humans spying on the Shadow Biosphere... it's almost like some kind of strange psychological reversal taking place... The emphasis on Earth's magnetic field fluctuations and presumably UAP activity is a touch of sophistication...

US military's plans for flying saucers explained in declassified documents
Newly released diagrams show scale of the future that never was after air force cancelled funding for wobbly disc-shaped craft
The Guardian, 8th October 2012
These days, flying saucers are most commonly associated with sci-fi films and conspiracy theories, but in the 1950s, some saw them as the future of aviation.

Documents published by the US National Archives give new information about a craft commissioned by the US air force, which if successfully developed would have achieved speeds of 2,600mph and flown at around 100,000ft.

Details of the proposed craft have been around for years. But the declassified papers include new diagrams and documents that demonstrate the scale of the project's ambition.

I suppose this supports all the so-called conspiracy theorists who stated that it is a fact that the Germans were working on anti-gravity crafts in the 2nd World War and then these scientists were offered jobs in the United States after the war. Presumably these crafts were built and then used to fly to the moon but all done in secret.

Shuker Nature, 18th September 2012
In an earlier ShukerNature blog post (click here), I documented one of my favourite if very radical theories appertaining to mystery creatures. Namely, that some UFOs may actually be living entities – i.e. highly-specialised, undiscovered species of atmosphere-inhabiting sky beast, adapted for an exclusively airborne existence in a vast rarefied realm in the uppermost reaches of our planet where, very oddly in terms of evolutionary diversity, no species endemic to it have ever been formally disclosed.

The only thing of great interest is the fact that it seems like more and more ufologists are seriously asking the question: are some UFOs actually living entities? Simply, there have been too many sightings that look distinctly biological and people are reporting what they see not what they think they should have seen (maybe this is related to how easy it is these days to take quick photos and video on mobile phones etc....) Well, some compaigners like Charles Fort realised nearly one hundred years ago, there was enough evidence to suggest the universe is far more diverse than most humans wish to consider. These days the weight of evidence is such that many are being forced to reconsider their beliefs.

NASA Admits to UFO's?
YouTube, 25th August 2012
"Did NASA Basically Admit to UFO's in their Unexplained Files?"

This is a clip from a NASA video. Well, if that is not an admission. I don't know what is!

The Investigation Begins: "It landed. It did not crash."
Red Ice Creations, 27th August 2012
For the last 65 years people have been seeing strange objects crashing and landing in lakes over Sweden. After decades of trying to unravel the case, the head of UFO-Sweden Clas Svahn and his team, are now setting out on an expedition to investigate the latest of these sightings. The Ghost Rockets is a documentary project following UFO-Sweden as they attempt to solve one of the worlds last unknown UFO-mysteries.

As part of the search they have gained access to thousands of documents from the Swedish military. Where the military have failed, we hope to succeed by crowdsourcing the search online.

Seriously, I was surprised one of my interviews made it onto the list of links here but it seems that very few want to point out the existence of these mysterious 'ghost' rockets leaving and entering Earth's atmosphere on a regular basis... I suppose that is because very few people have much interest in reality and one of the main reasons I prefer to read military/scientific reports that at least attempt to point out the obvious. So, based on instrumentation, military and scientists independently explain that these objects are plasmas. This plasma phenomenon is normally referred to as an Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP). Why most ufologists have such a problem keeping up with some scientific research and then accepting the facts is beyond me. In a visible universe that 99.99% plasma, what is so difficult to comprehend? Seriously, astronomers have telescopes that can look trillions of miles into the galactic center and beyond, but most ufologists refuse to believe military researchers, who don't exactly have a great challenge surveying what is happening around this planet.....

Larry King talks UFOs with Tom DeLonge, James Fox
Open Minds, 21st August 2012
Larry King has been a leading media figure for decades. His CNN talk show Larry King Live aired for twenty-five years, and in that time, King visited the UFO subject several times. The show ended in mid-2010, but in July 2012, King launched a new talk show on the web titled Larry King Now. And after just one month of being back “on the air,” King is exploring the UFO topic once again.

On August 20, the episode of Larry King Now focused entirely on UFOs. King’s guests on the show were UFO researcher and filmmaker James Fox, musician and UFO researcher Tom DeLonge, and Michael Shermer, the executive director of the Skeptics Society and publisher of Skeptic magazine.

King points out at the beginning of the episode that he has been exploring the topic of UFOs for fifty years. [But has he done enough studies in astrobiology and cosmology to work out the obvious?]

Just in case you are new to the issues posed by a prominemt UFO skeptic in the UK (Dr David Clarke) waking up to some reality and admitting the UK Defence chiefs are not morons for admitting that UFOs (or rather UAPs), are real and are most likely a plasma phenomena, I have re-linked details of a blog entry from October 2011. It seems extremely obvious to me that world controllers and some intellectual elites are fully aware of the nature of the objects seen flying around Earth. This planet and solar system are supposed to be 4.5 billion years old but the universe is supposed to be about 9 billion years older than that and we are all supposed to believe that nothing happened anywhere else in a vast universe with an estimated 300 sextillion stars, that is a 3 followed by 23 zeros... That is just stars (only some are like our Sun) not the planets that revolve around them... This is not difficult to comprehend, but most people refuse to engage brain and think and the truth stares people in the face but they find it impossible to comprehend... When I talk about a shadow biosphere I refer to a huge diverse selection of plasma entities with characteristics based on the properties of plasma but their electromagnetic properties means they don't have to be convenient and just be seen in the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum... Most ufologists have been brainwashed into thinking that all genuine UFO sightings must be extraterrestrials and humanoids like us in metal spacecrafts... No, the spacecraft that looks metallic IS the lifeform... We have scientists informing other scientists that they have detected UAPS with 6 different states of plasma, but plasma can be condensed into a metallic/crystallined state (like Earth's core), but we even have scientists creating metal cells... As I repeat, world controllers and some intellectual elites do have some understanding but the masses are too dumbed down especially when so many have an extremely childish view of reality, made worse by religion. So, most ufologists want us to believe that UFOS are all spacecraft made in galactic factories... the concept of evolution is completely outside of the normal ability of most to learn and comprehend.... Whatever, the problem of metallic craft seen in our skies and even on land, that display biological or even critter behaviour, has to have an obvious answer... My answer is that the universe is diverse beyond our wildest dreams, if any combination of factors can produce something unique, we can only imagine that the universal intelligence that generates life has probably produced a version somewhere suitable in the universe, there certainly must have been enough time.... Please consider the re-linked article and comments below:

  • Weekend Feature: A "Third Realm" --Alien Technology Could Exist That's Beyond Matter
    Daily Galaxy, 9th October 2011 ---Flashback---
    Much of the current thinking about advanced extraterrestrial life that may be a million to a billion years more advanced that the human species, depicts life forms that have evolved into intelligent AI-powered machines. Even Stephen Hawking has recently asked "Why isn't the Milky Way crawling with intelligent machines." [...]

    But what if advanced super-intelligent life is no longer matter based? What if they exist at a higher level concept than matter. Are matter and information all there is? asks Paul Davies, physicist and astrobiologist at Arizona State University. Five hundred years ago,he says, the very concept of a computer, a device manipulating information, or software, would have been incomprehensible. Might there still be a higher level he asks as yet outside all human experience that organizes information in the same way that information-processing organizes electrons."

    Davies envisions an alien technology that: Is not made of matter; has no fixed size or shape; has no well-defined boundaries or topology; is dynamical on all scales of space and time; or, conversely, does not appear to do anything at all that we can discern; does not consist of discrete, separate things; rather, it is a system, a subtle higher-level of things.

    This alien technology is “nature plus.” [...]

    Just as quantum weirdness is detected only with special apparatus, so alien technology might go undetected and unsuspected – it may exist in a realm beyond current human capabilities and evolution. A third, or fourth, or fifth realm millions of years evolved beyond the age of Homo sapiens.

    Well, what does that sound like to you? It seems that our astrobiologists are slowly creeping towards something a little bit more realistic about what we should expect to see in the Universe. But at the same time, it has dawned on me why astrobiologists emphasised "super-intelligent life" as machines. This is their explanation for the 'saucers', because for a long time, there was a great emphasis on this particular type of sighting and the elite and those in the know were indeed getting a reasonable explanation of what has been seen on this planet... So this makes me think about how these academics can stand up and tell us their truth and people (me included) just don't understand the connotations at all... I am amazed... officially gobsmacked... Update: is down..... I wonder why? Here is a copy of this article: link
    Update 2: Some researchers say that the elite have a 'code of ethics' if that is the right expression, where they have to leave certain sensitive information in plain sight. They can confidently do this because most people are too uneducated and/or too brainwashed to see exactly what is infront of them. Still, I simply cannot believe that I missed the connection between the saucers. Look it says it right in your face here: "Much of the current thinking about advanced extraterrestrial life that may be a million to a billion years more advanced that the human species, depicts life forms that have evolved into intelligent AI-powered machines." Here is a quote that I picked up this week:
    “If you take a highly intelligent person and give them the best possible, elite education, then you will most likely wind up with an academic who is completely impervious to reality.” -- Halton Arp’
    It's starting to look like my search for truth is more about deprogramming myself.

Air Traffic Control, UFOs and the FOIA
Dr David Clarke, 19th August 2012
But a far more accurate litmus test of how frequent reports of ‘UFOs’ (or UAPs) by aircrew actually are can be found in the records kept by the Civil Aviation Authority, the government agency that employs NATS to run air traffic services in the UK.

As a private company NATS is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act. But I have received a series of interesting responses to FOIA requests for data on Mandatory Occurrence Reports (MORS) and Near-Miss investigations recorded by the CAA. The MORS scheme is for aircrew to report occurrences ‘which endangered or which, if not corrected, would have endangered an aircraft or its occupants’. Although not designed specifically to capture UFO data any sightings reported by UK aircrew – whether in UK airspace or elsewhere in the world – enters the CAA database and is subject to Freedom of Information requests. [...]

A determination to downplay UFOs and avoid being drawn on this issue appears to be endemic at the CAA and Ministry of Defence, as UFO files released at The National Archives have revealed. One senior MoD official, responsible for flight safety, even referred to the official attitude as “ostrich like” in a 1977 memo, writing that:

“If we do not look, it will go away. If it does not officially exist, I cannot get terribly worked up if someone sees one, in the busy airlanes over the Channel or anywhere else.” (UFOs – Flight Safety Considerations, TNA DEFE 71/33)

Possibly the most interesting revelation from my FOI requests is that the Civil Aviation Authority (and by default NATS) decided two years ago to continue collecting UFO reports made by aircrew and air traffic controllers, despite the MoD’s determination to shut down its own X-files.

This move shows that the CAA, like the MoD, has no interest in UFO reports from the public regardless of how credible they may be. It also has no interest in ‘UFOs’ observed on radar without visual corroboration, as long experience has shown the majority of these can be explained as atmospheric phenomena.

The above quotes concerning some "official" attitude to UFO/UAP sightings are certainly very interesting but it seems that if there is anything of interest, it is reported to a private company that is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act.... how convenient... This blog entry looks initially like an half-hearted attempt effort to debunk and the stuff about radar angels conflicts with information in the public domain and even with the info in Clarke's own book, I know because I have a copy... But, I think I have stated before that, Dr David Clarke is a very strange character because his efforts have given me some tremendous insights, but I am not sure that was intentional.... So, despite all the huffing and puffing, pilots need to know about the existence of UAPs and pilots in the UK have a choice of where they can report their sightings even if the general public and trained observers are mostly ignored. Again the dismissal that we are dealing with "atmospheric phenomena", takes us back to atmospheric plasmas and how we differentiate plasmas. Here is on of my favourite quotes:
"You look up in the sky and the stars are plasma. Our Sun is plasma. The Earth's aurora are caused by plasma, In order to understand the universe, you must understand plasma. That is what I try to do." Dr Louis Frank, author of The Big Splash
The description of atmospheric phenomena is simply too vague, but great efforts are currently being made to identify the objects that ordinary people call UFOs.

Britain visited by one UFO a month but MoD rules they pose no threat
The Telegraph, 19th August 2012
It is official at last: Britain is not at risk from unidentified flying objects. [...]

It comes as the head of UK Air Traffic Control admitted the country is visited by around one unidentified flying object a month.

Asked on BBC Radio 4's Today programme about the existence of UFOs, Mr Deakin confirmed they were still being seen by his staff.

If you go through the archives, in recent years the UK MOD have made it clear in the UK media on a number of occasions that UFOs/UAPs are no threat. Now, if you go through the comments it is easy to see who has studied this subject and are aware of the facts and those basing their opinion on 'homespun' logic (A term that I really quite like...) You can ignore the New Agey 'culty' references, this subject is too serious to rely on cult bait... The UK MOD tells people that UFOs/UAPs are real and they are NO THREAT, but they are regularly seen on radar even though they are often invisible to the eye. The issue is that people refuse to study and answer some some basic questions like: what exactly is being seen in the skies that we know exists but poses no threat? How hard is it to look at the options and come up with the answer that we are glimpsing the presence of another lifeform... The indigenous community call them 'The Ancestors' because they are the original form of life made up of plasma that makes up 99.999% of the visible universe.... This should be so obvious.... Seriously, another lifeform that militaries have absolutely no control over... they come and go as they please... Don't you think the citizens of planet Earth should at least be informed? Instead, the ignorance factor is really breathtaking, especially when real scientists are putting their research into Unidentified Aerial Phenomena out on the internet and providing us with some very interesting details.... But, the worse ignorance must be amongst the New Age cultic milieu... too many pseudo idiot savants claiming to be enlightened, but the reality is a dearth of understanding. Simply, there are no books, articles and websites (to my knowledge) explaining about what the 'veil lifting' really means in today's world. Even though it was known an unseen world would appear, for some strange reason the skewed logic did not seem to stretch as far as UFOs... Those who really understood this should have been emphatic beause it does appear as if the planet is being invaded with another lifeform and that is major news.... The Return of the Ancestors or The Return of the Guardians should have set alarm bells ringing, but too many people were lulled to sleep by crap like The Secret and The Law of Attraction. There is no excuse, the existence of a shadow biosphere is ancient news (ask a Vatican translator who is prepared to talk), and information was retained over thousands of years in plain sight, deliberately preserved for 'The End Times' to help us understand what was expected to happen. We are at the end/start of a major astronomical cycle and in the midst of an outpouring of divine cosmic energy that will result in some major cosmic housekeeping with important implications for the citizens of planet Earth.

Fortean Times (issue 291)
Fortean Times, August 2012
The Skies Are Alive! - Are UFOs actually atmospheric creatures?

Scott Deschaine considers whether the solution to the UFO phenomenon is as simple, yet wondrous, as life itself: are UFOs actually atmospheric creatures?

Hurrah! The latest version of Fortean Times (issue 291) is pointing out the #obvious.... About time too....

The man in charge of UK air traffic control
BBC News, 17th August 2012
Over 6,000 flights a day need to be moved through UK airspace safely and as quickly as possible each day. Richard Deakin, of Nats, formerly National Air Traffic Services Limited, is responsible for making sure this happens.

When asked by the Today programme's Simon Jack whether his staff encounter unidentified flying objects, he said that occasionally there are objects "that don't conform to normal traffic patterns... typically around one a month".

Air traffic control are very relaxed about Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) because they have been known about for a very very long time, in fact, ever since they could be easily detected on radar that was invented in the 1940s (if not earlier). According to Dr David Clarke, journalist and consultant to the National UK Archives and author of the book, The UFO Files, air traffic control deal with these normally invisible entities by tuning them out and off radar screens, but of course, there is nothing they can do if UAPs become visible and scare pilots.... This is why some pilots have gone to a lot of trouble to increase awareness that these objects are no threat and that pilots should not panic, see the National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena website and the major report, Spherical UAP and Aviation Safety: A Critical Review - April 2010. As I have repeated many times, it is an historical fact that the shadow biosphere have been known to the military and air traffic control for a very long time.

Dr David Clarke, 17th August 2012
Six years ago I used the Freedom of Information Act to obtain the release of a secret Ministry of Defence report on ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena’ (UAP). The study, codenamed ‘Project Condign‘, concluded that UAPs – as the MoD’s Defence Intelligence Staff preferred to call UFOs – existed but were most likely a type of poorly understood atmospheric plasma related to ball lightning.

A rare image of a red ‘sprite’ captured by astronauts on the ISS in April 2012 (Credit: NASA Johnson Space Centre)

Press coverage of the report’s conclusions was superficial (a typical headline was ‘Sorry ET, you’re just a puff of plasma’ – The Sunday Times, 7 May 2006). UFOlogists and believers in extraterrestrial craft were unimpressed, with most dismissing the report as a ‘whitewash’.

But since 2006 evidence that some, if not all, the ‘unidentified’ UFOs are indeed types of atmospheric plasmas keeps piling up. [...]

If the two regions are interconnected, then it follows that UAPs observed in our atmosphere (commonly known as UFOs) might be related to UAPs in the mesosphere – 50 km above the Earth’s surface. Indeed it seems likely that atmospheric plasmas related to sprites and other energetic phenomenon in the middle atmosphere may be the source of some classic and unidentified ‘UFO’ reports made by the pilots of civilian and military aircraft since the advent of high altitude flights in the mid-20th century. For more on UAPs, Project Condign and related atmospheric phenomena see my page here.

Well, well, well, Dr David Clarke has finally got the message that UFOs/UAPs are most likely atmospheric plasmas..... hallelujah.... /sarcasm off. Please note: It was not that long ago that Clarke had the nerve to call the top UK Ministry of Defence officials "weirdoes" because of their beliefs.... I think Clarke owes them an apology....

Scientific data on Hessdalen Lights presented to European Geosciences Union
Examiner, 16th August 2012
The European Geosciences Union (EGU) 2012 General Assembly included data presented on what has come to be known as the Hessdalen Lights. The research may not provide UFO buffs with the chronically sought - yet ever elusive - confirmation of alien-piloted craft, but scientists indeed presented empirical evidence for the existence in Norway of aerial phenomena of unknown origins. There is no reason whatsoever to suppose the phenomena is under intelligent control or associated with non-human space travelers, but scientific research nonetheless indicated the Hessdalen Lights are a very real - although yet to be fully understood – phenomenon consisting of interesting possibilities.

Types of energy states

Researchers Hauge and Montebugnoli presented a paper to the EGU indicating testimonies involving aerial lights in the vicinity of Hessdalen can be traced at least as far back as 1811.

Recently commenting on the Hessdalen data presented at the EGU General Assembly, Frank wrote, “The luminous phenomena are poorly understood. The orbs do have the characteristic of being strongly ionized, strong enough to emit radiation seen with burning air (nitrogen reacting with oxygen to form nitrous oxides). However, the energy source for these orbs is not known. It’s not even known if the energy source is internal or external to the orbs themselves. Radon was considered, but discarded as a source of the energy. The six different states, Doublet, Fireball, Plasma ray, Dust cloud, Flash and Invisible state are all probably the same phenomena at different energies.”

If the phenomena are all strongly ionized, then that means they are made up of plasma, a fundamental state of matter that makes up 99.99% of the visible universe. This report is better than nothing, but I don't appreciate the desperation to tell us that these plasma entities are not intelligent when very clearly their defining characteristics are that they demonstrate intelligence, as research papers on the Hessdalen phenomena and unidentified aerial phenomena in general have clearly explained. For more background information, see the Joyfire webpage, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Index .

The man in charge of UK air traffic control
BBC News, 17th August 2012
Over 6,000 flights a day need to be moved through UK airspace safely and as quickly as possible each day. Richard Deakin, of Nats, formerly National Air Traffic Services Limited, is responsible for making sure this happens.

When asked by the Today programme's Simon Jack whether his staff encounter unidentified flying objects, he said that occasionally there are objects "that don't conform to normal traffic patterns... typically around one a month".

Air traffic control are very relaxed about Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) because they have been known about for a very very long time, in fact, ever since they could be easily detected on radar that was invented in the 1940s (if not earlier). According to Dr David Clarke, journalist and consultant to the National UK Archives and author of the book, The UFO Files, air traffic control deal with these normally invisible entities by tuning them out and off radar screens, but of course, there is nothing they can do if UAPs become visible and scare pilots.... This is why some pilots have gone to a lot of trouble to increase awareness that these objects are no threat and that pilots should not panic, see the National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena website and the major report, Spherical UAP and Aviation Safety: A Critical Review - April 2010. As I have repeated many times, it is an historical fact that the shadow biosphere have been known to the military and air traffic control for a very long time.

Cosmic Chaos?? Contrived Confusion??: Meteors Behaving Badly.
The Big Study, 7th August 2012
[...] As Sanderson noted though, some of the things he found were of mildly puzzling natures, and some were very puzzling. Let's take a look.

In 1858, over Berlin, Germany [yeh, OK, it wasn't quite "Germany" yet...] a fireball was seen. This fireball "burst" twice as it flew, sent out "sparks", and changed directions both times. Well, probably it blew off big chunks of itself and the remaining fiery part angled away according to the laws of motion. Maybe. Could have happened that way. Would have been nice to have gotten an idea of how much change there was. But we'll give the mundane world that one.[...]

Now come EIGHT cases, from 1649 to 1844, where the "meteors" are described as moving in a "serpentine", or bounding up and down in one case, style of motion. This is clearly not simple Galilean motion in any obvious way, and it takes quite a bit of "making stuff up" to dispense with the cases. The debunker here must fall back on doubting the witness testimony as to what exactly was meant by serpentine, how up-and-down WAS it?, weren't you just looking at a distorted smoke trail?, etc. I'm not comfortable with just tossing these oddities out.

The joy of historical records.... I don't think any of the changes taking place on this planet are brand new, because this planet has been around for billions of years. The difference now is frequency and intensity of certain phenomena that we must associate with evolutionary change being driven by cosmic forces. In terms of "strange" meteors, the evidence suggests this planet has always hosted a shadow biosphere, but it seems, a higher plasma environment is far more attractive to certain entities in the cosmos and they are arriving en masse. Thus, it is fantastic to find Fortean type records from the nineteenth century, that prove that UAPs are not new to this planet and there can be no dispute about the authencity and reputation of the authors. Charles Fort also collected a lot of these reports, so we know that some astronomers were aware of "strange" meteors, but the general modus operandi was to ignore and hide anything that astronomers did not understand. Please note: it was only 100 years ago that most astronomers refused to believe that stones could fall from the sky.... this is a reminder that human ignorance and arrogance is still extremly high in certain subjects. But, we can presume, there were a few people who eventually realised the implications, but for crowd control purposes, the general public needed to be shielded from the notion of anything existing that humans had no control over. Whatever, I am particularly intrigued with the historical reports of serpentine "meteors". Well, I have only recently discovered examples of orbs with long trails swishing about in the sky. This type reminds me of the fantastic firework (catherine-wheel type) entities moving backwards and forwards in the sky. As I have explained many times before, we have been enlightened by Russian space scientists who tell us that there are objects in the cosmos that look like comets, but when viewed through telescopes, no rocks can be found and the have been found to be purely plasma objects, huge sparks of cosmic consciousness. Following the biological model of a human being, (as below, so above), if the cosmos was a body, these sparks of universal consciousness are delivering information or messages between cosmic organs. Personally, I think this is a perfectly acceptable way to understand how universal consciousness keeps everything in sync.

Secret UFO files released
The Sydney Morning Herald, 5th August 2012
It is probably the closest Australia has come to scrambling fighter jets to intercept a UFO.

Documents that have just become available under the 30-year rule at the National Archives of Australia reveal how two RAAF Mirage jets were placed on the second highest level of alert to determine the cause of unidentified radar contacts seen on screens at Mascot.

The ''X Files'' viewed in Canberra also give details of other unexplained sightings, some of which are supported by witness statements to police.

Another release of UFO files, but this time it is Australia, see archives for details of previous released files.

'Invisible UFOs' Fill the Skies
Live Science, 18th July 2012
According to LPRS founder Ismael Cuellar, the "infrared-cloaked" object could not be seen with the naked eye, and cruised silently. "[We] have ruled out birds, bugs, airplanes, helicopters, and even flying drones by comparing them side by side as a point of reference," Cuellar told Life's Little Mysteries. This seems to leave just one explanation: It's a cloaked alien spaceship. [Huh! Obviously, this deductive reasoning is by someone who does not have the capacity to think about other options like Earth having a shadow biosphere of entities that can be seen in other parts of the EM spectrum apart from visible light.]

I think this headline is strange if the aim is to debunk.... In fact, there is absolutely nothing scientific about this article, as we are only offered the opinion of a presumed paid skeptic to explain why there are so many reports of UFOs/UAPs that can be seen in the infra-red. Thus, I am seriously wondering if this article is really meant to educate/inform those who are interested, about the 'presence' in the skies....

Retired air force lieutenant colonel talks about investigating and debunking UFO sightings
Open Minds, 18th July 2012
Retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Dick French’s 27 years of military experience has taken him around the world. [...]

His career started in the AFOSI (Air Force Office of Special Investigations) where he would conduct stakeouts to remove personnel who were breaking the military’s code of conduct. French then moved on to pilot training school and later was put in the 6004’s Air Intelligence Security Squadron where it was his duty to investigate any reported UFO sighting. He would collect any photographic evidence, question witnesses on the size and shape of the object, its estimated capability, and any other occurrences that surround the sighting.

In the end though, French claims that his superiors told him to debunk these sightings however he could. This position also allowed him to travel to many interesting UFO hot spots while meeting high-ranking officials; he even claims to have met Colonel Philip Corso.

Well, when people have got their pensions, they also get a lot of time to reflect on their careers and their duty to society as a whole becomes much more important, than duty to a previous employer. Hence, retirees can make a significant contribution with many decades of experience. Their pent up frustration of having to 'toe the line' means that when the shackles are off, some are highly motivated to do what they think is right.... This very much applies to scientists too... So, we are told that the US Air Force took UFOs seriously (it would be difficult to imagine any other scenario), but authorities demanded that Air Force personnel debunk when possible.... Well, there has been a backlash in recent years, from many military veterans standing up and speaking out on UFOs/UAPs and even contributing to books providing important eye witness testimony. From a metaphysical point of view, these actions must be associated with higher levels of consciousness on the planet providing support for those who want to spiritually evolve through a search for truth.

UFO mysteries
The Voice of Russia, 15th July 2012
Files released from the National Archives at Kew today reveal that the Ministry of Defence in the UK took the threat of Unidentified Flying Objects very seriously.

Under prime minister Tony Blair money and resources were devoted to checking whether any UFO was a reliable sighting. Dr David Clarke is a senior lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University and one of those involved in analysing the records. The Voice of Russia’s Tim Ecott asked Dr Clarke what lay behind the government's interest.

Quite few were reports by credible witnesses, you know, pilots, aircrew, police officers that simply defy explanation on what they concluded might relate to very rare atmospheric phenomena – plasmas. And they were interested in this from the military point of view. Because they thought that they could harness these plasmas and use them. They could be useful on the battlefield.

I was disappointed that David Clarke failed to provide an adequate explanation for "plasmas", but at least he admitted that the UK MOD believed that UFO/UAP sightings with no reasonable explanation were most likely atmospheric plasmas. No doubt this explanation came about after the use of radar and state of the art scientific equipment that would have been available to the military. I downloaded the previously Top Secret report, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena in the UK Defence Region [2000] written by the UK MOD, and the Executive Summary opens with this unequivocal statement:

"Reports of UAP (popularly known as "UFOs") are usually described as coloured lights and sometimes shapes. They are typically spherical, disc, torroidal or cigar shaped. Very occasionally they are reported with sound and even with smell. Reports occur because they comprise unfamiliar and unexpected lights, shapes and patterns, in the context in which the observer sees them. The phenomena occur on a daily, worldwide basis. […]

"That UAP exist is indisputable. Credited with the ability to hover, land, take-off, accelerate to exceptional velocities and vanish, they can reportedly alter their direction of flight suddenly and clearly can exhibit aerodynamic characteristics well beyond those of any known aircraft or missile-either manned or unmanned."

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena in the UK Defence Region [2000]

Some UK ufologists actually commissioned a report to study this document, but incredibly, they decided that they did not want to believe what a top defence contractor had to explain to the top 11 defence officials in the United Kingdom.

Chile: Retired General Declares "UFOs Exist"
Inexplicata, 12th July 2012
General Ricardo Bermudez (Ret.), Director of the Committee for the Study of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena (CEFAA, in Spanish) explained yesterday in statements made to Chile’s Radio Cooperativa that his team has indeed witnessed UFOs, that they exist and are being investigated in accordance with their mission, but that these objects do not necessarily include “little green extraterrestrials” inside them.

“A specific case took place in Punta Arenas late last year, where the radar picked up an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) and the air traffic controller told the airplane that it had said UFO in front of him at a distance of four miles, which is equivalent to three steps away for a person on land, and the pilot indeed saw it,” said Bermudez. [...]

“The anomalous aerial phenomenon described as unidentified flying object exists, is present here and all over the world, but it must be understood within scientific etymology. The term unidentified flying object is employed and the immediate thought that comes to mind is “flying saucer with little green aliens”, which is not at all correct.”

I want to know when will military personnel get brave and tell people that most 'real' UFOs represent another lifeform... It must be obvious to anyone with intelligence and knowledge that we are dealing with a real phenomenon. Yet, the military response worldwide of their air space being regularly violated by strange lights or even things that look like 'craft' on such a regular basis implies they are fully aware of what the world is dealing with. For goodness sake, we can take it they cannot be so stupid as to not know.... But, regardless of the evidence, Tom, Dick and dumb Harry ufologists want people to believe that every verified ufo sighting must mean that there are extraterrestrials investigating the Earth once again... the notion now just seems too ridiculous for words... Another lifeform that does business here seems much more in keeping with observations combined with modern and ancient historical knowledge.

The UFO Files: Alien sightings in Britain
UFO sightings have been reported in dozens of locations across Britain, with silver suited “faceless humanoids” in West Wales and suspicious-looking “men in black” in Lincolnshire, according to Ministry of Defence documents.
Telegraph, 12th July 2012
This looks like the latest batch of UFO-related documents released by the British National Archives.

'It was a craft that did not come from this planet': CIA agent speaks out on 65th anniversary of Roswell 'UFO' landings
Daily Mail, 9th July 2012
I am not really interested in this story but the image of the floor with a massive light code or phosphene at the entrance of the CIA headquarters is very interesting to me.... And some wonder why I am skeptical of those promoting 'NEW' light codes....

M'sian UFOs: We are not ALONE
Malaysia Chronicle, 7th July 2012
ARE THERE OTHER LIFE FORMS? Over the years, society has been intrigued by the idea of an advanced and intellectual foreign race fully equipped with laser guns and oval-shaped aircraft. Punitha Kumar speaks to local UFO enthusiasts and seeks if 'the truth is out there'

"THE clear blue skies were roaring." This was what the villagers of Kota Samarahan, Sarawak, said when questioned during an extraterrestrial site visit conducted by the National Space Agency (Angkasa) at the beginning of this year.

Angkasa (strategic and international relations unit) head and scientific officer Mohd Zamri Shah Mastor, who was part of a five-man team there, said more than 10,000 villagers believed there were extraterrestrial activities taking place in the vicinity. [...]

"Angkasa's stand is never to deny there are other life forms apart from humans, but if there is no proof sustaining claims and allegations of green-eyed monsters, we will not speculate."

This is a strange article coming from Malaysia..... So.... is this a case of officialdom just monitoring UAP activity? As it is now very clear, anyone who is anyone knows that the inhabitants of planet Earth are most certainly not alone... it is undeniable because the scientific evidence and otherwise is overwhelming...

"preponderance of evidence" UFOs exist: expert
CBS News, 30th June 2012
"s there really someone out there, or not? Rebecca Jarvis and Terrell Brown spoke with James Fox and Erin Ryder of the new National Geographic Channel show "Chasing UFOs" about their findings."
I think UFO/UAP disclosure is coming....

Open Letter to All “UFO Researchers”
John Keel describes the general mindset of UFO research... BUT, this cannot apply to more recent serious research by real scientists like the 25 years of work monitoring UAPs in Hessdalen that started in 1984 using state of the art scientific equipment.

UFOs sweep the skies: Orbs spotted worldwide (VIDEO)
RT News, 6th July 2012
Fast flying orbs of light have been spotted in the US and Europe almost simultaneously. While many suggest they were the same UFOs, the question remains: how they could travel so fast? First the phenomenon was spotted over Salt Lake City, Utah, about a week ago. Then it was also seen in Poland, Greece and Slovakia, some 9,000 kilometers away.

Footage uploaded by many who witnessed the UFOs reveals that they appeared almost simultaneously. The trajectory of the mysterious orbs was nothing like that of any man-made flying object. The orbs were of red and orange color and were moving very fast, witnesses say. Many witnesses noted heavy rains in the regions where the orbs appeared.

The Veil is Lifting.... It does seem that world authorities are progressing with disclosure of the existence of a shadow biosphere and the existence of our cosmic neighbours.

UFO Orbs Spotted Worldwide, Appearing Almost Simultaneously As Overall UFO Activity Continues to Increase
Alien Digest, 6th July 2012

Forget little green men: Aliens may look like jellyfish with orange bottoms, says government adviser
Daily Mail, 6th July 2012
Forget little green men. Aliens may look like giant jellyfish with orange bottoms, a leading space scientist has claimed. Maggie Aderin-Pocock, a satellite expert and government adviser, said it is likely that there is extra-terrestrial life - it is just more alien than you’d imagine.

Rather than being the little green men so beloved of Hollywood directors, they may look like football-field sized jellyfish, complete with onion-shaped appendages and an orange underbelly or bottom. Generated from silicon, rather than the carbon that is the basis of life as we know it, the creatures are able to live off light absorbed through their ‘skin’ and chemicals sucked in through their giant mouths.

Other alien adaptations could include ‘talking’ via pulses of light. But while they might resemble jellyfish, they will live not in the sea but in the atmosphere of a Jupiter-like planet, where they float around. The orange underside acts as camouflage, allowing them to escape predators in a fiery atmosphere, while the onion-like appendages act as buoyancy sacs, taking in and letting out gas so it can gain or lose altitude like a hot air balloon.

Even though we are being told the opinion of one 'government adviser', these jelly fish type entities have been seen floating around in our skies... see various reports in the News of the Imbalance archives or google to find reports on various other UFO websites. This appears to be 'soft' disclosure, so it does look like officialdom are continuing to wake folk up to the reality of Earth becoming a cosmic acquarium. Governments simply have no choice, because ancient warnings of 'The Return of the Gods' or 'The Return of the Ancestors' associated with the start of a new World Age have proven to be accurate. Full disclosure of the existence of a shadow biosphere cannot be much longer now.... I don't believe there is a threat (neither do the military), because we have lived alongside the shadow biosphere forever... We must remember, that they are most likely the original form of life and whether we can see them or not, over millions of years of regular influxes, humans are still here.

Would Finding Aliens Shatter Religious Beliefs?, 25th June 2012
SANTA CLARA, Calif. — The discovery of life beyond Earth would shake up our view of humanity's place in the universe, but it probably wouldn't seriously threaten organized religion, experts say. Religious faith remains strong in much of the world despite scientific advances showing that Earth is not the center of the universe, and that our planet's organisms were not created in their present form but rather evolved over billions of years. So it's likely that religion would also weather any storms caused by the detection of E.T., researchers say. [...]

God's other children? [& critters....]

Further, the news that we're not alone in the universe likely wouldn't come as a huge shock, because large numbers of people in the United States and abroad already believe that E.T. is out there somewhere. [...] So rather than being shaken to its foundations by the confirmation of life on another planet or moon, organized religion may accept the news, adapt and move on.

Hmmmm.... interesting...... Maybe some folk realise that it is now impossible to ignore the reality of our cosmic neighbours floating about... here, there and everywhere...

Are Some UFOs Living Space Beings?
Huffington Post, 26th June 2012
It looks like a few more folk are engaging brain.... There is some interesting info here...

Chile: Aeronautical Administration Launches UFO Website
Inexplicata, 22nd June 2012
The Dirección General de Aeronautica Civil (DGAC – General Office of Civil Aeronautics), launched a website on Wednesday that presents cases, videos and reports that demonstrates the existence of unidentified flying objects not only in Chile, but around the world.

CEFAA has been operating since 1997 as a result of the repeated instances of these phenomena in airports and sightings by pilots and other individuals. Thus, in cooperation with the Air Force, private and internal investigators, PDI staff, universities and scientists have managed to ascertain the existence of at least 24 cases that can be classified as UFOs.

Meanwhile, their mission consists in compiling and studying all relevant background information and contributing in this way to the safety of air operations. Pilots are instructed as to how they should react when faced with manifestations of this phenomena [bold in the original—SC]

“The UFO phenomenon is real,” stated Ricardo Bermúdez, CEFAA’s director, “and it is something that takes place worldwide.” Another of the goals of this organization is to make instances of these events known to the public at large.

Hmmm.... If you have been watching, you will know that there is a group of South American countries that are taking the issue of UFOs seriously. These governments, their militaries and ufo groups are all cooperating and so more and more information is being released into the public domain to educate the public. This is excellent news....

Russian Cosmonauts Have 'Alien Instructions'
RIA Novosti News, 19th June 2012
The UN has developed detailed instructions in case of a first contact with aliens, Russian cosmonaut Gennady Padalka said answering a question on Chinese TV.

“The UN and representatives of China have developed detailed instructions in case of the first contact,” Padalka said.

The cosmonaut shared his opinion saying that human beings are not alone in the universe. “Sooner or later we will meet our like-minded brothers,” Padalka added.

I am sure the ETs are intelligent enough to ignore the generally vile warlike humans on this planet, but apparently, there are stories of some that have dared to mingle.... As regulars are aware, I am really only interested in the Shadow Biosphere or Shadow Life because of the ancient warnings that relate to the Return of the Gods or the Return of the Ancestors. Well, they are back in force and some humans are too stupid to get... The orbs and UAPs are flying around without a care in the world but some humans can only shout about alien spaceships... (generally ufologists BUT NOT ALL, as some ufologists worked this out many decades ago....) According to these uneducated people, every strange bright light, fiery plasma and metallic looking disc object in the sky could be an alien spaceship.... I am sure that if the orbs and UAPs could die laughing I am sure some of them would, because humans are so damn stupid... BUT, I don't really think they would be laughing because they probably don't have the same level of consciousness as humans, but of course, this is most likely an oversimplification.... Whatever, I despair at the ignorance, especially when the military are making it clear there is no threat.... The radar angels have been around for a very long time already for people to start panicking now....

Jaime Maussan - IUFOC 2012 - Imminent Contact-part 1/6 -
YouTube, 4th June 2012
Jaime Maussan at the International UFO congress.. 2012

I have only watched parts 1 & 2 but I quickly got fed up.... As much as I like Jaime Maussan, I am sick of all his speculations like the orbs and UAPs are going to make 'Contact'..... Some of these entities appear to be working to carry out some planetary maintenance and transformation.... The intelligent orbs that are making the crop circles seem to be limited in where they can place them but they have been amusing those who have been interested for a long time already, same as some 'channelled' sources that may be orbs, but let's say I am not totally convinced about motives.... Maussan even mentioned Foo Fighters in World War II but all these little balls of light were doing is playing 'tag' with fighter jets, like birds that swoop down in front of cars and when they are bored they fly off.... this is pure critter mentality and the only form of 'contact' that we can expect from some if not most of the shadow biosphere.... why can't Maussan et al. get it?

Generally, the impression I get is that we are experiencing an invasion of a plasma based lifeform on this planet to add to the existing shadow biosphere, BUT THEY ARE GENERALLY NOT INTERESTED IN US HUMANS.... So, people can make up all sorts of scenarios, but the evidence so far is that most of this lifeform could not care too hoots about us little people and they are hanging around planetary hot spots where there is plenty of energy that they want -- the crystalline 'Christ' energy. I presume the New Energy that is hitting this planet in major quantities is the highest quality 'mental' energy available in the universe. This is what I have gathered from the available science and as indicated by various metaphysical and esoteric sources.... In reality, humans need to wake up and realise that the orbs and UAPs are just a sideshow and that we must be concerned about the breakdown of Earth's magnetic field and coping in extreme geomagnetic conditions because this is a major celestial downpour.... Space Weather is already an issue with a major impact on technology, but few are willing to talk about the impact on those humans who are the must vulnerable to unstable geomagnetic conditions... The scenario of the Earth's magnetic field dropping to a low level and cosmic energies flooding in has happened before on this planet and the consequence have been documented for those who care to look, but so far few are interested in learning anything from ancient history, maybe some will wait until they wake up one day speaking Chinese...

Paul Krugman's Alien Invasion Defense Idea To Save Economy Gets Brickbats, Bouquets From Experts
Huffington Post, 21st May 2012
Nobel laureate economist Paul Krugman repeated his assertion this week that the United States could benefit economically if the government began pouring money into anti-ET defense in preparation for a possible alien invasion of Earth.

Even a faked war of the worlds scare might help, he suggested.

They US government don't need to fake anything... they can tell people the truth about UAPs and orbs being another lifeform and I would support them.... Earth has a shadow biosphere and everybody should know because they are more cosmic entities arriving in droves and we don't know how bad things will get... If this kicks start the economies world wide then so be it! If they want to pretend there are extraterrestrials (ETs) that we can't trust, well that is another matter.... ETS and Shadow Life are two separate phenomena and this will extremely annoy most ufologists in explaining there is a difference.... That is definitely OK with me... Personally, I would love to see Obama stand up and tell the truth... Kick starting economies and some spiritual evolution is OK with me.... I think I might do something rare and actually get down on my knees tonight and pray that the US government is brave enough to do the deed.... There is no doubt it will create a crisis in humanity, but in terms of human development and evolution there is no other way.... Read up on the opinion of Professor Clare Graves who understood this clearly 60 years ago but strangely he also knew then that a massive crisis for humanity was coming...

Science and UFOs: Part 4 - Sincere but Uninformed Skeptics Have Been Duped by Skeptical Inquirer Magazine
UFO Chronicles, 24th April 2012
In this fourth and final installment of my article regarding scientific ignorance and presumption about the UFO phenomenon, I discuss the intriguing, almost completely unpublicized connection between the leading organization of UFO “skeptics” and the U.S. government. Because this group, the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, has had significant influence on scientists’ attitudes toward UFOs over the years—by constantly promoting the idea that there is nothing worthwhile to study—a closer examination of its role in debunking the phenomenon is warranted.

Simply put, my opinion is that the U.S. government does not have the right to keep the American people and the rest of humanity in the dark, decade after decade, about the UFO reality and the now well-documented interest on the part of their pilots in our nuclear weapons. (Soviet Army veterans have reported UFO activity at nuclear weapons sites in the U.S.S.R. during the Cold War. Now-available documents from the KGB and Soviet Ministry of Defense support some of those revelations.)

I missed this series but all the links to parts 1- 3 are here. The headline 'science and UFOs' is misleading because most of the article is whingeing about a paid skeptic ---- oh so what's new... Considering the fact that elite scientists have already had some very interesting insights about UFOs combined with the ongoing scientific research, people who don't realise that Earth has a shadow biosphere are just simply uninformed and for the naysayers and those who have not been convinced by having an encounter, they obviously don't have much ability to engage brain and think. Well, as the planet is beginning to swarm with orbs and UAPs, it will be interesting to know how skeptics can continue to ignore reality.

Paranormal TV Presents... : UFOs: 50 Years of Denial
YouTube, April 2012
In this release that aims to demystify the controversial phenomenon of unidentified flying objects, former government officials, astronauts, and military men offer firsthand accounts of their experiences with the unknown, and the government conspiracies designed to bury their secrets at any cost.

James Fox has done better documentaries but it is worth noting that Fox like most ufologists wants you to think that UFOS are about the existence of ETs (our planet is being visited by humanoids in metal spacecraft), but the military worldwide know better... So, based on their research, the military believe that Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) are real, see the UK MOD's Unidentified Aerial Phenomena in the UK Defence Region [2000] report, codenamed Project Condign. I downloaded this previously 'Top Secret' report and the Executive Summary opens with this unequivocal statement:

"Reports of UAP (popularly known as "UFOs") are usually described as coloured lights and sometimes shapes. They are typically spherical, disc, torroidal or cigar shaped. Very occasionally they are reported with sound and even with smell. Reports occur because they comprise unfamiliar and unexpected lights, shapes and patterns, in the context in which the observer sees them. The phenomena occur on a daily, worldwide basis. […]

"That UAP exist is indisputable. Credited with the ability to hover, land, take-off, accelerate to exceptional velocities and vanish, they can reportedly alter their direction of flight suddenly and clearly can exhibit aerodynamic characteristics well beyond those of any known aircraft or missile-either manned or unmanned."

Since the existence of this report has become more widely known, a few intelligent ufologists are being forced to reconsider their beliefs. However, this does not mean ETs do not exist... it is not a subject that I focus on, but there are plenty who love to speculate... Anyway, this documentary provides proof that the US Air Force was investigating UAPs in the late 1940s. B52 bombers were well equiped with cameras and scanners, but this was combined with instruments that could detect electric currents, magnetic fields and radio frequencies, so it seems that they knew more or less what these items were all those decades ago... The upshot is that the military don't have to lie much, ETs are not UAPs... World controllers/the elite/intelligentsia/military realise they are dealing with a populace who are very simple and world controllers wish to maintain their control over the masses... Therefore, the existence of plasma based lifeforms that includes members that astrobiologists have speculated as existing (or hypothesised as existing), have defined "life forms that have evolved into intelligent AI-powered machines". This may explain why world controllers are so agitated... Most humans have an extremely childish understanding of reality, supported by religion and the Orwellian New Age has made things even worse. (There are many New Agers who think being spiritual means switching off the brain and acting like automatons, to the point of becoming 2nd hand psychopaths, whilst being totally oblivious to their programming....). So, there is little comprehension that there is most likely more than just one major evolutionary ladder in the universe... Please note: disinformation is always a mix of truth and lies and I classify this documentary as disinformation.... Simple people have real trouble with this concept and that is why cults flourish and the UFO cultic milieu has remained so strong.

Bolivia: Government Responds to UFO Information Request
Inexplicata, 17th February 2012

Dear Mr. Salazar,

We have carefully read through your request for information that the Bolivian Air Force might provide you with regard to Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs).

I must admit that this subject, given its characteristics, is not one that receives any official treatment from any agency of the Bolivian government, even while the subject is well-known and a source of reports, particularly in the press. As a consequence of your request, it was learned that a number of blogs are in existence and provide information on this subject. However, it is up to you to weigh the quality and veracity of the information you may glean from them. [...]

It is clear that governments still avoid the subject of unidentified flying objects. This does not mean, however, that there aren’t official documents, reports from pilots, air traffic controllers and thousands of witnesses that have reported encounters between air force aircraft and unidentified flying objects.

This is a very strange response! Maybe, because it's not a flat out denial, the correspondent is told to check out eye witness reports held on blogs by highly reputable ufologists and then told to use their own judgement! I don't know what to say.... LOL!

Chilean General to Speak at UFO Conference
Open Minds, 18th January 2012
General (Ret.) Ricardo Bermudez will make a special announcement about official Chilean UFO Project at the 2012 International UFO Congress this February in Fountain Hills, Arizona.

Chilean Air Force General (Ret.) Ricardo Bermúdez, Director of Chile’s official Committee for the Study of Aerial Anomalous Phenomena (CEFAA) will address the International UFO Congress in Fountain Hills, AZ this February. This is the first time ever in the USA when a high-ranking military officer who runs an official government sponsored UFO project talks about the subject at a conference open to the general public. [...]

“The CEFAA’s official position has always been to recognize that something is happening in our skies, but we, as yet, do not know what it is,” he said.

Please note: The military in South America call this a "puzzling phenomena," they DO NOT believe these are ETs in spacecraft, they know better... Our modern astronomer priest class have already provided their opinions as I have already explained. Thus anybody that is anybody already knows the truth. It's only the really simple people that think that every strange unidentified object in the sky MUST be a spacecraft with inhabitants from another world.

The Australian Air Force & the flying saucer mystery
Weird Australia, 16th December 2011
Soon after Kenneth Arnold’s famous 1947 Mt Ranier sighting of nine shiny flying objects moving like “saucers skipping on water,” it appeared Australian skies too were being invaded by flying saucers. From 1950 to 1954, reports of fantastic sightings and encounters appeared regularly in the nation’s newspapers. The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) soon took the problem of unknown objects invading our airspace seriously, with one high-ranking RAAF official even commenting that he believed objects seen in the sky over Melbourne “have an interplanetary source. [...]

In February 1953, a committee was established to investigate the continuing spate of sightings.

“If you should see a ‘flying saucer,’ or even something like one, you should immediately notify the Australian Flying Saucer Investigation Committee,” Melbourne’s The Argus announced in its article When you see a flying saucer … which appeared on 25 February. The committee, while having “no political, military, or official affiliation,” had as its chairman Mr D.K Thomson, a former RAAF pilot.

“We’re attempting to approach flying saucer reports with intelligent curiosity. We have no preconceptions whatsoever. Each report will receive careful and impartial consideration. ‘Significant sightings’ would be referred to experts in physics, aeronautics, meteorology, and other sciences.

Some interesting historical info. Check the archives for more pilot details but I believe there have been countries that demand pilots report UFOs but keep quiet about what they see and other countries even today that just allow pilots to report UFOs. Certainly, some pilots are well aware of the existence of UAPs and there seems to be an effort to educate pilots to not panic when they see a UAP even if seems like it will hit because UAPs are fast and will steer clear of a plane faster than a pilot can maneuver. See NARCAP's Spherical UAP and Aviation Safety: A Critical Review - April 2010 .

Shuker Nature, 1st December 2011
  • "Unknown, luminous things, or beings, have often been seen, sometimes close to this earth, and sometimes high in the sky. It may be that some of them were living things that occasionally come from somewhere else." – Charles Fort - Lo!

  • It has often been said that Nature abhors a vacuum – and evolution certainly does. Every conceivable niche upon planet Earth has been populated by life forms – on land, in freshwater and the seas, beneath layers of rock far below the earth’s surface, even buried within the formless ooze on the ocean beds and encircling their scorching water-spewing hydrothermal vents. Yet, inexplicably, there is one lone but vast ecological niche that has remained totally untouched by such animate activity – the rarefied atmospheric layers above and encompassing our world. True, insects, bacteria, birds, bats, and various other living entities spend varying extents of time in the sky, but there is no known life form that has evolved to live exclusively here, never venturing groundward except to die. There are no sky beasts, or cloud creatures – or are there?

    This is a very long article, but this author has a lot to say on the subject. Hopefully, this article will reach a wider audience than ufologists, and hopefully a few more will see a new cosmic perspective that a huge variety of lifeforms are everywhere to be found.

    Court decision: German parliament must give access to secret UFO-report
    grenz|wissenschaft-aktuell, 1st December 2011
    Berlin / Germany - The Administrative Court of Berlin has decided that the German parliament, the "Deutsche Bundestag", has to give access to a so far secret official report compiled by the "Scientific Research Service of the German parliament" on demand of delegates on the question on the government's knowledge and studies about UFOs and extraterrestrial life. [...]

    As part of the worldwide Disclosure and Exopolitic-movement, "Exopolitic Germany" ( is pursuing the release of reportedly secret knowledge and information by governments, military and intelligence services. In an interview with the German online newsmagazine on the paranormal and edge-science "Grenzwissenschaft-Aktuell" (, Robert Fleischer, who is the coordinator of "Exopolitic Germany", commented on the court's decision as follows: "The decision represents a first step in the direction of a true freedom of information - also in Germany. I am optimistic that following decisions will follow the current decision. Sooner or later also the German government has to tell the truth about its knowledge about UFOs. 19 other countries have done this already. Such a step would also be important to avoid useless speculations and conspiracy theories about this question."

    This is an update.

    Berlin court hearing demands release of secret German UFO report
    grenz|wissenschaft-aktuell, 25th November 2011
    As part of the worldwide Disclosure and Exopolitic-movement, the "German Exopolitic Initiative" ( is pursuing the release of reportedly secret knowledge and information by governments, military and intelligence services. In an interview with the German online newsmagazine on the paranormal and edge science "Grenzwissenschaft-Aktuell" ( the coordinator of Exopolitc Germany, Robert Fleischer, commented on the fact that the Bundestag is withholding the paper, even while facing a court hearing, as follows: "The refusal of the German parliament to publish the report is even more strange and questionable as you can find and download nearly all other such reports, compiled by the 'scientific research service of the German parliament' when it comes to a whole range of other topics, at the website of the service ( The fact that the release and publication of such an report dealing with questions about UFOs and extraterrestrial life is not only denied but also fought at court with reference to the protection of the intellectual property rights, does not really make sense – or does it?" In fact: What is known about the conclusion of the secret paper is the fact that also the scientific research service of the German parliament this the very same and claims is is "more than likely that also official German authorities and Departments dealt with this questions".

    It does make you wonder why the German government are fighting when other governments around the world have opened up their archives. The UK government have released some important previously top secret reports and ufologists refuse to accept what they have to say. So, do the German government think that German ufologists are more educated and will understand what most UFO sightings are really about? Are there some cases that actually provide the proof of what ufologists are actually looking for? Either scenario can't be discounted, because even after opening up UFO archives, it's still doubtful whether the public has been told the full story up until now.

    Revisiting the famous 1979 UFO Debate at the House of Lords
    Open Minds TV, 18th November 2011
    The recent publication of author Philip Eade’s biography of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh and husband of queen Elizabeth II, has brought into the news once again the intense interest on UFOs by the upper crust of British society. As reported in recent stories in The Daily Beast and in the Huffignton Post , Eade’s biography. [...]

    Lords get UFO rundown With his credentials, then, it wasn’t a very difficult task for Lord Clancarty to give his peers a brief and complete rundown of the UFO story, from ancient times to the 1947 sighting by Kenneth Arnold up to the buzzing over a 13-day period of several Strategic Air Command nuclear bases in the United States. And from the candid declarations of the French Defense Minister, M. Galley, in 1974 to the famous Iranian UFO battle near Teheran two years later, in which all the communications and firing systems of a U.S.-made F-4 phantom jet were immobilized by a UFO. “There are literally vast numbers of these astounding reports,” said Clancarty. “Indeed, my lords, this worldwide UFO invasion of every country’s air space is of growing importance and therefore I suggest that Parliament keeps a continuous watch on the situation.” [...]

    Raymond Drake, the distinguished historian author of several books on ancient sightings, listed over 50 of such incidents extracted from mankind’s holy books, legends, traditions, historical and mythological records, etc. Antonio Ribera gave some fascinating insights of the work he has done to categorize and classify the UFO phenomenon according to its various manifestations from “daylight discs” and “E M [electromagnetic] Effects on engines, television sets, etc.” to “telepathic ‘messages’ from ‘extraterrestrials’” and “Cultism and Messianism.”

    “The trouble arises from the fact that the problem is wider than the yardsticks used to measure it,” he said. [Now that is funny...]

    [...] Despite his controversial private life, Lord Kimberley seemed very well informed about the UFO situation. When he mentioned that “a pact” existed between the USA and the USSR to deal with UFOs, this was actually true and not a conspiracy theory. As mentioned in a previous article in this site about UFOs sighted at nuclear weapons installations, “Soviet nukes and UFOs”, an Agreement on Measures to Reduce the Risk of Nuclear War between the United States of America and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, was signed on September 30, 1971 by Secretary of State, William Rogers, and Foreign Minister, Andrei Gromyko. In that article we quoted verbatim the section in this Agreement dealing with “unidentified objects” that could trigger a nuclear reaction and how the parties should notify each other before undertaking any aggressive action.

    There is some nice historical references here and the fact there is documented proof of “a pact” that existed between the USA and the USSR on how to deal with UFOs, must surely fire a few neurons in a few people... The Elite have access to all the scientific/military information and decent quality photographs if not actual hard physical evidence. They know that we are mainly dealing with another lifeform and that is why there is no panic, just curiosity. Unfortunately, most ufologists today just don't get it, because they are simply not educated enough... however, over the last 50 years or so, a few have worked out the truth...

    The Non-Response Response from The White House
    After Disclosure, 12th November 2011
    I would love to have been a fly on the wall when personnel of the Office of Science and Technology Policy of the Executive Office of the President at the New Executive Office Building in Washington , D.C., discussed how to respond to a petition about disclosing data on UFOs. I suspect that nobody brought up the enormous amount of information available indicating that not only are aliens visiting, but the US and other government have been withholding information for many decades. The response certainly indicates intentional lying and misrepresentation or total ignorance.

    Stanton Friedman provides us will a summary concerning the case for UFO disclosure and I am quite impressed. However, I am also intrigued.... Some ufologists make it very clear that they know about the existence of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs). For example documentary maker Jose Escamilla whose documentaries include UFO: THE GREATEST STORY EVER DENIED is very clear about the existence of UAPs, but Friedmans only hints at the same thing. Here is a point of interest, but this whole article is worth a read. Friedman writes:
    I, for one, was not one of more than 5000 persons signing the petition. My reason was straight forward. Having worked under security for 14 years and having researched the flying saucer phenomenon (certainly most UFOs are NOT alien flying saucers) for 53 years , I believe there is a very strong national security side to the question. I cannot see releasing technical data that could be of use to other countries also researching the phenomena and wanting to duplicate the extraordinary flying capabilities of the flying saucers… for military purposes
    I am sorry, but I don't agree with this argument. It smacks of wanting the USA to be top dog, but clearly, the leadership of the USA has been busy trashing it's own country for decades now and the empire is clearly in decline, so I don't really understand the argument. I also think the statement, "certainly most UFOs are NOT alien flying saucers" is ambiguous too, but Friedman goes on to mention NARCAP who are very careful to only refer to Unidentified Aerial Phenomena and so we are back to the Shadow Biosphere again. UAPs EXIST, that is a fact according to the UK Ministry of Defence. I think the only solution is educating the general public based on the what is already known, but the UFO community are largely only interested in ETs in spacecraft, which is not an accurate reflection of the fact that there is a completely different lifeform that inhabits this planet and is often mistaken for the possibility of ETs in spacecraft. Proper education is required, not the perpetuation of more mystery as the basis for the standard ufology business model.

    'No Aliens On Earth' Says Senior Obama Official
    UK Yahoo News, 8th November 2011
    A senior White House official has insisted there is "no credible evidence of extraterrestrial presence here on Earth".

    And in a blow to millions of conspiracy theorists, the member of Barack Obama's administration, also said there was no credible information to suggest evidence of alien life is being kept from the public.

    The unusual comments were contained in a response by senior space policy and communications official Phil Larson to several petitions lodged on a White House website.

    Quite frankly, even if there were aliens, I think it would be more useful of the Obama Administration explained the existence of a Shadow Biosphere, as more and more people are seeing orbs and plasma entities in the sky or even just above ground level, that are clearly not alien spacecraft. It's time to move on.

    Of Course, the US Government Officially Denies Any Contact With Aliens
    Gizmodo, 8th November 2011
    The retort at Gizmodo just made me laugh... But it also provides the entire US government official response.

    Royal Society journal archive contains scientific articles about extraterrestrials
    Open Minds, 2nd November 2011
    On October 26, 2011, the Royal Society announced that its journal archive has been made available to the public, free-of-charge. The material that was once restricted to pay-per-view access is now freely accessible online. Approximately 60,000 historical scientific papers make up the free archive, and come from various Royal Society publications. The Royal Society publishes peer-reviewed papers on varying scientific topics, including extraterrestrials and UFOs.

    According to the Royal Society’s announcement, Professor Uta Frith FRS, Chair of the Royal Society library committee, stated, “The release of these papers opens a fascinating window on the history of scientific progress over the last few centuries and will be of interest to anybody who wants to understand how science has evolved since the days of the Royal Society’s foundation.” The society’s first publication appeared in 1665. Yes, you can read articles from 1665 in the archive. aware that not all of the Royal Society’s content is currently available for free. Only content that was published more than 70 years ago is freely available. Newer content still requires a fee to view. So while you’re certainly welcome to browse writings by Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, and Ben Franklin, you still have to pay for most of the articles about extraterrestrials and UFOs..

    I am sure there must be some interesting information now available that goes well beyond the pseudoscience of the Drake Equation. However, this move must be seen as another step towards some kind of disclosure, but hopefully about Earth's Shadow Biosphere which anyone who knows about Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) and Light Phenomena and who can engage their thinking capacity will realise must represent a completely different lifeform.

    From the X Files: "Giordano Bruno's Legacy" --Vatican New Views on Extraterrestrial Civilizations
    Daily Galaxy, 26th October 2011
    The chief astronomer of the church that burned Giordano Bruno at the stake in 1600 says there is no conflict between believing in God and in the possibility of extraterrestrial civilizations perhaps more evolved than humans.

    "In my opinion this possibility exists," said the Reverend José Gabriel Funes, current director of the Vatican Observatory and a scientific adviser to Pope Benedict XVI, referring to life on other planets.

    "How can we exclude that life has developed elsewhere," he said in an interview with the Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano. The large number of galaxies with their own planets makes this possible, he noted.

    Asked if he was referring to beings similar to humans or even more evolved than humans, he said: "Certainly, in a universe this big you can't exclude this hypothesis."

    "Just as there is a multiplicity of creatures on earth, there can be other beings, even intelligent, created by God. This is not in contrast with our faith because we can't put limits on God's creative freedom. Why can't we speak of a 'brother extraterrestrial'? It would still be part of creation."

    Funes, who runs the observatory that is based south of Rome and in Arizona, held out the possibility that the human race might actually be the "lost sheep" of the universe. There could be other beings "who remained in full friendship with their creator," he said.

    "The general opinion is not always the perfect truth..." Giordano Bruno is still quoted. Such remarks produced expensive, bitter consequences: On 17th of February 1600 he publicly was burnt at the stake after eight years of torture and dungeon detention. Today the Piazza Campo dei Fiori where this statue stands has become a monument to free thinking; adjacent to the statue, is the "Fahrenheit 451" bookstore, named after Ray Bradbury's 1953 novel expounding freedom of thought.

    As the Spanish physicist Beatriz Gato-Rivera wrote, Bruno "claimed that the sun was only one star among the many thousands, and therrefore, like the sun, many other stars also have planets around them and living beings inhabiting them." Gato-Rivera goes on to note that to "appreciate the genius of Bruno one has to take into account that he lived at a time when more than 99% of the intellectuals believed that the Earth was the center of the Universe, and a few others, like Copernicus and Galileo, believed that it was the Sun, instead, at the center of the Universe, and the stars being some bright heavenly bodies of an unknown nature."

    I think this is an incredibly thought provoking article. The Catholic idea of the "Lost sheep" fits in with a lot of Gnostic beliefs rather than an idea that those who don't know any better will try and claim are New Age... Whatever, the admission that 99% of the intellectuals could be wrong and the one person that is right could be figuratively burnt at the stake for trying to provide some enlightenment is something that strikes a deep chord with me... As I have said many times before, this is a long standing pattern amongst academics who are often intimidated by their education (or brainwashing) to re-think problems from a completely different perspective. What's more, for a lot of people, just regurgitating somebody else's thoughts without actually having the capacity to think them through and take into account new observations and evidence, creates a false sense of intellectual achievement. Here, Vatican astronomers are not providing us with enlightenment for our benefit, rather they have access to the writings of ancient astronomers and philosophers, they know what is taking place on this planet now as I have written over and over again, so this is just a desperate bid to stay in power.

    Theologian Ted Peters Says Religious Believers 'Ready To Share A Pew With Aliens'
    Huffington Post, 10th October 2011
    If it turns out that Earthlings aren't alone in the universe and contact is eventually made between us and an extraterrestrial race, would we actually accept them as new-found friends and galactic neighbors? That question has been raised many times in the past couple of years by a variety of individuals in and out of religious circles.

    It was among the myriad topics discussed at the recent 100 Year Starship Symposium in Orlando, Fla. Sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the event considered issues dealing with future plans for humans to travel to faraway star systems. Among the subjects discussed were the philosophical and religious considerations about humans going into deep space and finding hospitable worlds and life elsewhere.

    Exactly how would the religious community react to the possibility of real, honest-to-goodness aliens in our midst?

    LOL! LOL! LOL! Can you imagine this at Westminster Cathedral in London (Church of England), St Peter's in Rome (Catholic), Greek Orthodox, synagogues around the world... LOL! Well, it took me a time to stop laughing at this headline, but I think the flock already know we are sharing dimensions with "unseen" visitors. The only issue is that we are experiencing a dimensional shift, so those "unseen" visitors are frequently becoming visible, but the metaphysical and spiritual leaders have failed (bigtime) to explain what we should expect to see in this normally unseen realm. In truth, that requires knowledge of some plasma physics, you know, the stuff that makes up 99.999% of the visible universe... Anyway, the intelligentsia must at least be wondering why these discussions are taking place so frequently (here we have DARPA involved and they are not noted for their altruism), so surely, there must be a few other spiritual leaders (besides the Catholic Church) who have some inkling as to what is taking place on this planet...

    The White House Disclosure Petition
    The White House, 22nd September 2011
    We petition the obama administration to:
    formally acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race - Disclosure.

    Disclosure Petition - Paradigm Research Group

    "We, the undersigned, strongly urge the President of the United States to formally acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race and immediately release into the public domain all files from all agencies and military services relevant to this phenomenon."


    Hundreds of military and government agency witnesses have come forward with testimony confirming this extraterrestrial presence. Opinion polls now indicate more than 50% of the American people believe there is an extraterrestrial presence and more than 80% believe the government is not telling the truth about this phenomenon. The people have a right to know. The people can handle the truth.

    Relevant Websites:,

    Hmmm.... I will repeat what I have written before many times on this website. Ufologists are mainly interested in the existence of aliens or ETs that look similar or dis-similar to humans (humanoid types), but that is NOT the cause of the majority of UFO reports. The real issue is that world controllers KNOW that another form of life exists throughout the universe and acts like a shadow biosphere on Earth, and this is the news that many do not want revealed. The real concern is that the average citizen will work out that humans are not the top of the universal pecking order and that is a problem for world controllers who wish to be seen as completely in control when it is obvious that they do not have ultimate control. Despite the manipulations, it is not possible to stop the energetic shift on this planet and it is only a matter of time before the vast majority will become aware of the fact that there are strange lifeforms regularly appearing in our skies and that Earth is becoming a Cosmic Aquarium. I've seen a beautiful little ball of light myself walking home from a visit to the local shops. This was the same type that people driving cars have seen that has forced them to stop and get out of their cars to examine because even at a distance, it is obvious what can be seen is not a 'normal' light. I presume the variety of lifeforms is the reason why the militaries are in conflict about whether they are a threat or not. I can only imagine that some perceive some of these entites to be a threat because they are big and there is no way of controlling them. I believe that the Obama Administration should do a 2-stage disclosure and reveal the existence of UAPs because that is urgent and there is enough science in the public domain to at least provide some explanations, however, the possible existence of humanoid ET types is another issue completely that I leave for others to discuss.

    Petition requests Obama to acknowledge extraterrestrial presence
    Open Minds TV, 23rd September 2011
    "Stephen Bassett of the Paradigm Research Group has posted a petition on the White House’s new petitioning website, calling for the president to “formally acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.” According to their website, the White House will review the petition for an official response if 5000 signatures are collected in 30 days. Created on September 22, 2011, Bassett’s petition has already collected over 2000 signatures, well on its way to meeting the goal. One can only wonder what the White House response may be, if they choose to respond at all."

    I-Team: Former Intelligence Officer Speaks of UFO's (Video)
    8 News Now, 3rd September 2011
    Now, another local man has caused a furor among those who follow the UFO subject. He's a former Army intelligence officer, well known to 8 News NOW viewers, who used his contacts in government to track down saucer rumors.

    "They are very real phenomena. I think we need to understand this will lead to a different understanding of how the universe is built," said Dr. John Alexander. Dr. Alexander is skeptical by nature, but not about UFO's. [...]

    UFO's are real and I'm talking about physical reality. There are craft that are seen, balls of light flitting around, to craft -- some of them a mile and a half across. They show up on radar and are really here," he said.

    But despite his acceptance of the basic UFO story, Alexander is viewed with suspicion and scorn by the pro-UFO crowd, "a real life man in black" someone called him. His frequent trips to UFO conferences are often met with overt hostility and tough questions. [...]

    "My premise is we're not even to the point of asking the right questions. But the UFO community has decided what the answers should be," he said.

    To extend his blasphemy even further, Alexander thinks UFO's are not necessarily extraterrestrial. The ultimate truth, he says, could be much more complicated. At a minimum, Alexander argues, people should be allowed to study this without fear of ridicule.

    Every day it is becoming more and more obvious; the gods are back! The Ancestors have returned! There are orbs and UAPs are flying around in broad daylight without a care in the world and ufologists and world controllers are totally embarrassed. Why? Because a shadow biosphere on Earth despite the clear evidence, is not what has been propagated as popular UFO mythology. Quite frankly, it might take quite some time for the general public to get over it when the realisation finally sinks in... but hopefully, the cosmic identity crisis might help a few to spiritually evolve...

    UFO hovered in front of Navy Destroyer
    Katherine Times, 1st September 2011
    "A UFO hovered in front of an Australian Navy destroyer for more than half an hour and did not appear on the warship’s radar, an Australian Navy reservist claims."

    Lights In Costa Rican Night Sky Possible UFO's
    Inside Costa Rica, 1st September 2011
    The strange lights in the sky are becoming ubiquitous, you simply can't miss them...

    UK UFO Files Show High Level Officials Were Concerned
    Huffington Post, 28th August 2011
    Britain's Ministry of Defence ceased to collect UFO reports as of December 2009, because, as they put it, " over fifty years, no UFO report has revealed any evidence of a potential threat to the United Kingdom." However, the UFO files being released by the British National Archives contain cases that clearly should be of concern, and I am not alone in this opinion. In fact, the last batch of files includes correspondence between the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and two high level military officials who were adamant that UFO cases should be taken more seriously. [...]

    Ralph Noyes, who retired as the Undersecretary of State in 1977, was another British government official whose letters petitioning that the UFO matter be taken serious can also be found in the UK UFO files. In 1969 he was head of Defense Secretariat 8 (DS8), and one of his responsibilities was to answer public questions about UFOs. He says he was not able to share his true opinions on the subject. In the files he states, "It is only since I left the MOD (in 1977) that I have seriously tried to consider what may possibly lie behind the 'UFO phenomenon'. It was impossible to discuss it seriously within the Department: I would merely have 'rubbished' my working relationship with the RAF and scientific colleagues if I had disclosed the interest I felt in the better reports which reached us. What I retain from my MOD experience -- greatly reinforced by much that I have since read -- is that the 'phenomenon' is veridical and important"

    In a recent Open Minds article on Ralph Noyes, Antonio Huneeus, suggested that some of the responses Noyes received from the MOD might have actually been authored by Pope. I emailed Pope to inquire about Huneuus' suspicions, which Pope confirmed. He went on to write:
    I had tremendous respect for Ralph Noyes, who I met on several occasions. He briefed me about his earlier UFO-related work at the Air Ministry and the Ministry of Defense. In many ways, we grappled with the same problem, albeit several years apart: we had official responsibility for a phenomenon that defied conventional explanation, but we faced a situation where we had to follow the official line that UFOs were of no defense significance. But this was Orwellian doublethink. How could it not be of defense interest, when our own radar systems were picking up these things, when jets were being scrambled and when both pilots and radar operators confirmed that these objects -- whatever they were -- were capable of speeds and maneuvers that defied conventional explanation? So we had a bizarre situation where we were telling the public that we weren't interested, but behind the scenes, our scientific and technical intelligence specialists were desperate for data, hoping that solving the UFO mystery might enable us to make a quantum leap breakthrough in propulsion system technology, aerodynamics or a related field.
    Pope continued to explain,
    "The ultimate irony was that it wasn't just the public who were out of the loop. There were factions at the MoD on this issue. I was involved in work that led to the setting up of a highly classified study into the UFO phenomenon, codenamed Project Condign. But my successors didn't enjoy the close relationship with the Defense Intelligence Staff that I'd had, and weren't briefed on the study. When the final report was issued in 2000, it wasn't copied to Directorate Air Staff, despite their being the division with the policy lead for UFOs! When the report was declassified and made public under the Freedom of Information Act, there was a farcical situation: it emerged that the people who had been sending out letters to the public saying that MoD didn't investigate UFOs hadn't been aware that, behind their backs, intelligence staffs had been doing the very thing that the civil servants had been telling parliament, the media and the public that we didn't do." [Basically, top MOD officials have been lying to the public all along.]

    I am only adding this entry because I have just finished reading Ralph Noyes's book A Secret Property (1985). My first impression is that Noyes has worked out UFOs/UAPs are part of a realm or property that belongs to Earth, which humans have the ability to psychically interact, manipulate and even control. I got the distinct impression through this work of fact-fiction that Noyes's wanted to get the message across that UFO groups are routinely infiltrated and a disinformation campaign has been waged to mislead people about the true nature of UFOs/UAPs. I also got the impression that Noyes had studied UFOs/UAPs to a level where he understood there is a spiritual component, as he managed to link in scientific studies that humans have the ability to interact with even things that seem inanimate because everything has a spirtual or 'mind' component. I really did not enjoy the style of this fact-fiction and I felt the conclusion was quite weak but there were enough gems for me to want to re-read this book more carefully. Quite frankly, if you have not studied the work of high calibre authors like, Trevor James Constable, Paul Devereux, John Keel and Jacques Vallee and others with similar views, then I think reading this book is a waste of time, especially if you believe that every strange bright light in the sky is some spaceship with occupants from other worlds. What is going on is far more complex than that and maybe Noyes wrote in such a way as to get his views across to those who are more educated about the true nature of reality. In summary, Ralph Noyes had a senior position in the British government and within the Ministry of Defence so we are not talking about a crank, his views however strange to people who have never seriously studied the subject of UFOs/UAPs, have tremendous historical importance as our world and reality is currently undergoing a major transformation and UFOs/UAPs become part of our 'normal' reality.

    British Admiral was tireless UFO advocate at the House of Lords
    Open Minds TV, 24th August 2011
    The recent release of UFO files from the UK’s Ministry of Defence (MOD) include two files, DEFE 24/2033/1 and DEFE 24/2034/1, dealing with Parliamentary Questions. A substantial amount of these—over 350 pages—show the tireless advocacy for UFOs in general and the December 1980 incidents in the Rendlesham Forest near the RAF bases of Woodbridge and Bentwaters in particular, by Admiral of the Fleet Peter Hill-Norton, a former Chief of Defence Staff and a peer in the House of Lords until his death in 2004.

    Because of his senior military rank, his parliamentary position and his stubborn personality that wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer, Lord Hill-Norton was a formidable foe to the MOD bureaucrats trying to spin and minimize the significance of UFO incidents over British airspace. The people at MOD knew this, as shown by the amount of drafts with careful editing in their official responses to the various UFO questions raised by Lord Hill-Norton. However, this never seemed to satisfy him and the exercise was repeated over and over again. [...]

    Besides raising the issue of allegations “that nuclear weapons were stored at RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge in violation of UK/US treaty obligations,” a highly sticky point considering the strong anti-nuclear climate in Western European countries, “Lord Hill-Norton asked Her Majesty’s Government”:
    Whether they are aware of reports from the United States Air Force personnel that nuclear weapons stored in the Weapons Storage Area at RAF Woodbridge were struck by light beams fired from an unidentified craft seen over the base in the period 25-30 December 1980, and if so, what action was subsequently taken.
    [...] There is no doubt that the Admiral of the Feet, Lord Hill-Norton, was a formidable advocate of the UFO cause and that nobody replaced him in that role after his passing in 2004. Nevertheless, his tireless efforts can now be studied and celebrated by all those interested in ufology not only in Britain but anywhere in the world, where there is a dire need for more leaders like him in political circles.

    I imagine that Admiral Lord Hill-Norton was a pain in the backside and I can't understand why someone like him was not on the list of Need-To-Know...

    Important testimony by former MOD official in latest UK UFO files
    Open Minds, 17th August 2011
    One of the documents that has received some attention in the latest release of UFO files by the British Ministry of Defence (MOD) is a long letter written in 1994 by Ralph Noyes, who headed Defense Secretariat 8 (DS8) in the early seventies, to Secretariat (Air Staff) 2a, in charge of UFO reports at the Ministry.

    The recipient’s name is censored but given the time frame it must be Nick Pope, who would later become one of ufology’s superstars. The letter discusses a number of UFO issues and attitudes going all the way back to 1952 and it’s not the only time that Noyes, who retired from the Ministry in 1977 with the rank of Under Secretary of State, would cross paths and sometimes criticize his former employer. This was particularly the case when both Noyes and former Admiral of the Fleet Lord Peter Hill-Norton challenged the MOD’s public stance that the famous December 1980 Rendlesham Forest UFO incident was of “no defence interest.”

    Ralph Noyes was born in the tropics and spent most of his childhood in the West Indies. He served in the RAF from 1940 to 1946 and was commissioned as aircrew, engaging in active service in North Africa and the Far East. He entered the civil service in 1949 and served in the Air Ministry and subsequently the unified Ministry of Defence. In 1977 he retired early from the civil service to take up a writing career, leaving in the grade of Under Secretary of State

    This article details and includes some must read historical evidence and proof that the UK MOD had more than just a passing interest in UFOs. I am certainly impressed to find that sources that I have believed to be credible and have been featured on this website, were also taken seriously by the UK MOD. Hence, we read:
    He provides some additional details and comparisons to other footage from civilian sources like that obtained in Norway’s Hessdalen Valley or by Dr. Harley Rutledge in the American Ozarks, noting that “the evidence for the persistence of an odd phenomenon (occasionally with very strange effects) is abundant in the serious ufological literature.”
    What is really interesting is the background of ufologists who are not interested in the opinion of the UK MOD because the story is not exactly what they want to hear, ie they are desperate for evidence of humanoid ETs. If they exist and I am sure they must exist, they do not seem to provoke the same level of interest by the militaries around the world as the UAPs, who appear to be the original and primordial lifeform that exists in the universe.

    Ralph Noyes Speaks
    This is the link to download the MOD file .pdf on Ralph Noyes's opinion on what happened at Rendlesham (start at pg260 and there is other Ralph Noyes articles too) but we are told flat out the UK MOD were lying about the events at Rendlesham.

    As U.K. Releases UFO Files, Former UFO Project Chief Apologizes For 'Spin And Dirty Tricks' (Exclusive) (Video)
    Huffington Post, 17th August 2011
    As the British National Archives continues to release UFO-related documents, the former Ministry of Defense (MoD) UFO Project chief is openly admitting to being part of what he claims was a U.K. policy of ridiculing UFO reports and the people who reported them.

    The U.K. made public 34 previously-classified files, totaling about 9,000 pages of documents covering the years 1985 to 2007. For three of those years, 1991 to 1994, Nick Pope was in charge of the official MoD office.

    "What's abundantly clear from these files is that, while in public we were desperately pushing the line that this was of no defense interest," Pope told The Huffington Post. "We couldn't say 'There's something in our air space; pilots see them; they're tracked on radar; sometimes we scramble jets to chase these things, but we can't catch them.' This would be an admission that we'd lost control of our own air space, and such a position would be untenable."

    "Every time we got a report from a pilot, we were checking the radar tapes. So it was an interesting sleight of hand. We were telling the public we're not interested, this is all nonsense, but in reality, we were desperately chasing our tails and following this up in great detail," he added. [...]

    It turns out that Pope may have been directly involved with this case. "I'm a little bit apologetic about this because obviously, when I was in MoD, I had to play this game myself. To really achieve our policy of downplaying the UFO phenomenon, we would use a combination of 'spin and dirty tricks.'

    I think the implications here are quite serious. Nick Pope (an ex Ministry of Defence insider) is airing his views but they will be taken seriously. Pope can explain the facts from an historical perspective, because he ran the UFO desk for a few years at the UK MOD. However, he is not currently an official spokesperson for the UK Ministry of Defence, but at at least he is clarifying the fact that there were abundant lies and deception from the UK MOD in an attempt to play down their interest in UFOs, that their own internal reports admitted existed.

    Well, the UK MOD has provided us with proof that they believed UFOs or what they called Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) exist. We have military officers and other senior officials all over the planet that KNOW UFOs/UAPs exist, but we are NOT generally talking about ETs in spacecraft. I can't talk about the existence of aliens that look similar or dis-similar to humans, but that is not the major issue. The real issue is that world controllers KNOW that we are talking about another form of life that exists throughout the universe and acts like a shadow biosphere on Earth, and this is the news that many do not want revealed. Even worse, the facts indicate that humans are not the top of the universal pecking order and that is a problem for arrogant world controllers who want to pretend that they are omnipotent.

    Highlights from newly released British UFO files
    Open Minds, 11th August 2011
    The UK National Archives has released its eighth batch of UFO files, and as usual the stories are making headlines. From the ridiculous to the eye-opening credible cases, there are dozens of interesting stories in the files.

    The National Archives began releasing their UFO files in 2008. They claimed that they received so many request for UFO files that it was easier for them just to release them all in batches over the next four years than to have to fulfill all of the requests. The first batch came out in May 2008, and there have been two a year ever since. This is the second batch for 2011, the first came out in March.

    The media will be covering the stories within the files for the next couple of weeks. [...]

    MoD official recalls Winston Churchill’s interest in UFOs

    In a 1994 letter from retired official Ralph Noyes to MoD says he was Private Secretary to Vice Chief of Air Staff Sir Ralph Cochrane in the summer of 1952 “when news reached him of the remarkable UFO events over Washington DC”. Noyes said his boss was interested “as was the then MP Winston Churchill.” The then Scientific Advisor to the Air Ministry, Robert Cockburn, was “instructed to make enquiries…[his] report convinced Cochrane that it was “all American hysteria?, though he naturally wouldn?t have put it in quite those terms in public. [Churchill] was advised that there was nothing in the “UFO nonsense?.” He adds that after 1952 “no further official notice was taken of the subject within the Air Ministry…[but] other subsequent events suggested to some of us that a “UFO phenomenon? of some kind or another certainly existed. But there were never solid grounds for regarding it as a Defence threat or as justifying official steps such as the establishment of a standing committee of enquiry.” As a result the subject remained “something of a joke (albeit an uneasy one on occasion)”.

    MoD UFO study

    In an internal memo from DI55 Wing Commander dated 5 July 1995 says there was no reason to continue publicly denying intelligence interest in UFOs. It says press stories have described DI55?s role as a “defender of the Earth against the alien menace” which is “light years from the truth.” He feared that if this interest was revealed it could lead to “disbelief and embarrassment since few people will be believe the truth that lack of funds and higher priorities have prevented any study of the thousands of reports received.” Another official has scribbled “Ouch!” in the margin of the document. The same file contains papers from 1986-87 on a DI55 proposal to enter details of UFO reports onto a computer. But in March 1988 Sec(AS) (the “UFO desk?) “decreed that all work should cease as it was in contravention of Ministerial statements to the effect that UFOs did not pose a threat to the UK”. They feared news of the proposed study “could be very embarrassing for [MoD]”.

    However the idea for a MoD UFO database was revived in 1993 when a limited study was proposed by DI55, despite the “potential for political embarrassment” if news leaked out. Background to the study can be found in a briefing document from 1995. The DI55 study of UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena) was completed in 2000 and was classified “Secret?, but was declassified and released to the public following a FOIA request in 2006.

    The report’s conclusions are summarized as: “sightings can be explained as mis-reporting of man-made vehicles, natural but not unusual phenomena and natural but relatively rare and not completely understood phenomena”. Following completion of the report, it was decided no further work on UFOs would be carried out by Defence Intelligence.

    Yes, it's the "not completely understood phenomena" that have been called UAPs, that the Ministry of Defence have been interested in all along. Hence, those in the know have occasionally pointed out the truth by stating: " is clear from the reports that we receive that there are many strange things to be seen in the sky". Yes, the radar angels can seen very strange if they become visible to the the naked eye. I really don't know why this Open Minds article is coy about sharing with us the actual details from the MOD's Unidentified Aerial Phenomena in the UK Defence Region [2000] report, codenamed Project Condign. I downloaded this previously Top Secret Condign report and the Executive Summary opens with this unequivocal statement:

    "Reports of UAP (popularly known as "UFOs") are usually described as coloured lights and sometimes shapes. They are typically spherical, disc, torroidal or cigar shaped. Very occasionally they are reported with sound and even with smell. Reports occur because they comprise unfamiliar and unexpected lights, shapes and patterns, in the context in which the observer sees them. The phenomena occur on a daily, worldwide basis. […]

    "That UAP exist is indisputable. Credited with the ability to hover, land, take-off, accelerate to exceptional velocities and vanish, they can reportedly alter their direction of flight suddenly and clearly can exhibit aerodynamic characteristics well beyond those of any known aircraft or missile-either manned or unmanned."

    There is no meandering around the truth here, the MOD Condign report was rather unequivocal.

    Go MoD priorities 'stopped UFOs study'
    Belfast Telegraph, 11th August 2011
    A lack of resources and "higher priorities" at the Ministry of Defence prevented a full-scale study of the thousands of UFO reports that have been made since the Second World War, according to official documents.

    The observation is contained in a 1995 internal memo from a wing commander in DI55, the branch of the Defence Intelligence Staff (DIS) which was responsible for assessing UFO reports. The author concludes that there was no longer any reason to continue denying intelligence interest in UFOs, although the public perception of the unit as a "defender of the Earth from the alien menace" was "light years from the truth".

    But he thought few people would believe the truth and that lack of funds and higher priorities had prevented a full study of UFO sightings.

    I can only presume that this article is refering to the MOD's Unidentified Aerial Phenomena in the UK Defence Region [2000] report. From the conclusion, it is very clear that the contractor who wrote this report new the truth. UFOs/UAPs represent another lifeform but that uneducated and ignorant people would struggle to believe it. Well, I don't believe that this generalisation should apply to the intelligentsia who can research, study and engage the parts of the brain that have not atrophied due to lack of use. For more background information, see the Joyfire webpage, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Index .

    UFO files: Huge flying jellyfish spotted over Scotland
    The Scotsman, 11th August 2011
    Harrier jets in a dogfight with a "bright light" above the Queen's Highland home at Balmoral and a glowing white ball "like a flying jellyfish" over East Kilbride are among the alleged UFO sightings made to the Ministry of Defence.

    The National Archives' latest batch of "alien activity", released yesterday, reveals sightings by the Scottish public, newspaper reports and official inquiries. The register shows that there were 61 reports between 2002 and 2006 alone.

    The also include a "glowing white flashing light" seen over St Andrews on the evening of New Year's Day 2002, to the "huge white ball that glowing. Looked like a flying jellyfish" over East Kilbride.

    More old reports of jellyfish like entities in the sky, see archives for more stories and comments.

    Chandler women claim UFOs spotted in sky
    CHANDLER, AZ (KPHO), 8h August 2011
    Two Chandler women claim some lights they saw in the sky Saturday night have no other explanation than being UFOs. "I noticed that it started to move like jagged...kind of like a fly," Jessica Hurwitz told CBS 5 News.
    Note the witness describes "critter" behaviour...

    UFO sighting files released in UK
    The Independent 11th August 2011
    "One of the more bizarre tales from the files is the 2003 sighting of "worm-shaped" UFOs "wriggling around in the sky" over East Dulwich in London."
    Plasma is recognised as having life-like properties, i.e. it behaves like it is alive. Reports of something wormlike wriggling in the sky are now quite common due to the massive influx of plasma onto our planet. 2003 was when we had the massive 'Halloween' X-rated solar storms. See archives for some reports and video links.

    The Inconvenient Truth is Out There…
    Dr David Clarke, 7th August 2011
    The truth about the British Government’s interest in UFOs has been released by The National Archives.

    In what I believe to be the most important revelation so far in the British disclosure programme, the MoD’s Defence Intelligence Staff admit that “lack of funds and higher priorities” had prevented any detailed study of the thousands of reports they had received since the end of the Second World War. [...]

    Other highlights include details of MoD’s continuing interest in photographs depicting “unidentified aerial phenomena”. Click here for my more detailed summary of the key stories. The files include:

    Dr David Clarke provides the link to download the latest batch of UFO files that are on offer free for 1 month, but there are links here to his latest summary and the previous 7 summaries of the UFO files released from the UK National Archives.

    National Archives UFO Files #8
    Dr David Clarke, August 2011
    "In public MoD policy was they did not spend public money on UFO research. But in private desk officers at the Defence Intelligence staff were keen to take a look at photos and films of UFOs obtained by members of the public. In order to do so, UFO desk officers would need authorisation to approach members of the public by phone or a personal visit. This was seen as a risky public relations strategy. They were well aware that both the Press and UFOlogists would interpret any interest, let alone personal visits from “the men from the Ministry”, as proof that MoD were involved in secret research on this subject."
    This is admission of the "official" lying that has been going on for decades.... Let's think: why would the military investigate if there was not a real phenomenon that needed to be understood?

    UFO TV: Out of the Blue - Military Disclosure Has Begun (Video)
    Latest UFO Sightings, 28th July 2011
    UFOTV: Out of the Blue - Military Disclosure Has Begun - National Press Club LIVE, Washington D.C

    Join us for a truly historic event. At the National Press Club in Washington D.C., an unprecedented gathering of top military and government officials from around the world met LIVE before members of the Press to present to the public alarming facts about UFOs and an extraterrestrial presence now engaging the planet Earth. This presentation provides LIVE coverage of that historic press conference. [...]

    This event was produced by Filmmaker James Fox. His award winning feature film "Out of the Blue" - is coming to DVD in a new special anniversary edition on 8/30/2011 from UFOTV. It's loaded with bonus features and interviews including this press conference.

    Yet another UFO/Military Disclosure documentary.... YouTube Version [1:36:26]

    NICAP documents available online
    Hynek Center, July 2011
    CUFOS acquired the files and other material of NICAP in the early 1980s as that organization was failing. We also have a complete collection of NICAP's UFO Investigator, the flagship publication of that organization. Altogether 162 issues were published, from July 1957 to June 1980. You can download each issue in a separate printable PDF file. In addition to the UFO Investigator, also available are the following publications released by NICAP: the Affiliate Newsletter, UFO Quarterly Review, Special "Confidential" Bulletins, "The Year of the UFO, A Special Calendar of Historical Highlights", and finally over 300 select NICAP documents (jpg format) giving over 1600 pages in this collection. [...]

    A very brief overview of NICAP is available on Wikipedia.

    The National Investigations Committee On Aerial Phenomena (or NICAP) was a civilian unidentified flying object research group active in the United States from the 1950s to the 1980s. 162 issues of NICAP's UFO Investigator newsletter, published between July 1957 and June 1980, a historical treasure trove, are now available free online in pdf format.

    Paddy Power cuts odds in half for UFO discovery
    Joe News, 27th July 2011
    A group of Swedish treasure hunters believe that a 190-foot circular object is located 285 feet below the Baltic Sea, somewhere between Sweden and Finland.

    Previously the odds for finding extra terrestrial life on earth were 40/1. But all this talk of finding a UFO has got Paddy Power a little worried, so they’ve dropped the odds down to 20/1. Maybe they know something we don’t.

    Ok, at least the bookies are getting real... I saw the original story and ignored it, but this update is just hilarious at the same time scientists are getting very curious, see the article below:

    Explorers find bizarre, spaceship-like object at the bottom of the Baltic Sea (Video)
    i09 News, 20th July 2011
    "Apparently there are tracks about 300 meters long leading up to the object, leading Lindberg to speculate that the object has moved."

    UFO Found on Ocean Floor?
    Live Science, 29th July 2011
    "An ocean exploration team led by Swedish researcher Peter Lindberg has found what some are suggesting is a crashed flying saucer. Lindberg's team, which has had success in the past recovering sunken ships and cargo, was using sonar to look for the century-old wreck of a ship that went down carrying several cases of a super-rare champagne. Instead, the team discovered what it claims is a mysterious round object that might (or might not) be extraterrestrial."
    If you are familiar with UFO literature and associated mysteries, finding a UFO/UAP on the ocean floor is not particularly surprising. Sweden even has some extremely well documented stories of strange objects crashing into lakes during WWII that caused major military investigations... What is surprising, is that the object has moved around a little and so it is still 'live'... I would be amazed if various military type agencies are not out there now investigating with submarines.

    | VIDEO: Chilean Civil Aeronautics Administrator Declassified Audio and Video Recordings of UFO Sightings in Chile
    UFO Chronicles, 23rd July 2011
    Brazilian UFO Magazine revealed that the Chilean Civil Aeronautics Administrator gave in February, some videos and audios of UFO sightings, through the Committee for Studies of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena (CEFAA). There are 183 cases that have no explanation.

    Meanwhile, Chile takes seriously this issue and is concerned about the UFO presence and its consequences to be subjected to a careful study.Chilean Army Captain Rodrigo Bravo (UFO Magazine Consultant), has demonstrated knowledge and interaction with the UFO subject in various statements such as:

    "I do not deny or ignore the situation with most of the UFOs. They represent a real threat, high seriousness. Today we are dealing with a complex phenomenon, whose characteristics cannot be explained in a ordinary way."

    Members of the Chilean Military, who are now in a real 'Coalition of the Willing' of countries in South America, have long realised that real UFOs/UAPs cannot be explained using humdrum mechanistic terminology. In a very simple metaphysical sense, UFOPs/UAPs are thoughtforms that can create their own body armour. Some of them prefer delicate shields of light and others like the heavy set metallic armour.... As the military have explained many times before, these UFOPs/UAPs have flying capabilities that are way beyond our aviation technology, (but of course, this does not including manmade UFO copies that maybe classified as Cosmic Top Secret.)

    FBI Releases Documents Describing UFO Investigations
    International Business Times, 30th June 2011
    Many people have dismissed recent reports of UFO sightings over London with a scoff, wondering how another sucker can be taken in by a hoax or a simple mistake.

    However, it turns out the Federal Bureau of Investigation took these incidents a lot more seriously.

    Documents recently added to the FBI's online reading room, the Vault, detail the period between 1947 and 1954 when "a rash of sightings of unexplained flying objects (UFOs) swept America," according to the website. Visitors can peruse a virtual library of photocopied letters describing government investigations into reports of extraterrestrial encounters.

    So, if UFOs do not exist, then why are all these government organisations around the world now revealing their old UFO files demonstrating their long term interest and some setting up new commissions aiming to resolve the enigma? Despite the need to keep the general public misinformed about this issue, many in the know have been pondering the reality of UFOs based on classified data for decades and Retired US Col. John Alexander says, "we're not even asking the right questions." In a recent article he states:
    "The problem is, when you discuss UFOs, we are talking everything from little balls of light to hard craft a mile or more across, and everything in between. So what is it?" Alexander asked. "I argue that, not only are we not solving the problems yet, we're not even asking the right questions, because we approach this wrong.

    "I suspect that consciousness is a piece of the puzzle. We talk about UFOs, saying it's a technology that's 1,000 years in advance, but it really isn't. If you follow the history of these things, usually it is somewhat in advance, but not beyond our comprehension by any stretch of the imagination. "The conundrum you get into is, yes, they are seen by sensors; however, at other times, they are not seen by sensors that should've seen them, and that's one I can't answer."
    Ret. Col. Says UFOs Are Real, but Denies Government Cover-Up
    AOL News, 23rd February 2011
    The issue is resolved immediately if you realise that since the 1940s when radar was invented, the military and scientists have been mostly detecting another lifeform. UFOs or UAPs as the military prefer to call them these days, are plasma entities that make up a Shadow Biosphere on Earth. Here is the link to my new archive webpage, Best of the Blog UFO Disclosure.

    UFO Facts and a Solution to the Energy Crisis Testimony of 60 Government & Military Witnesses, July 2011
    "This 10-page summary of witness testimony on UFO facts is taken from the book Disclosure, compiled by Steven M. Greer, MD. Page numbers from the book for each excerpt are given at the end of each statement. These testimonies were taken verbatim from video interviews with the witnesses, which include astronauts, generals, admirals, and other top government and military officials."

    Perú: Air Force Investigates Strange Phenomena in the Peruvian Skies
    Inexplicata News, 15th June 2011
    UFOs? The Peruvian Air Force (FAP) acknowledges that there’s something going on in our airspace. The Dirección de Investigación Aeroespacial (DINAE), which investigates events that still lack a scientific explanation, has been in service for a decade.

    Are we alone in the universe? This is the question that millions of human beings have asked themselves for centuries, and Peruvians are no exception. There is a department within the prestigious Peruvian Air Force (FAP) that was created in December 2001 and is devoted to the research of anomalous aerospace phenomena (to avoid calling them UFOs) and even now undergoes a restructuring phase to obtain a larger budget and more personnel.

    The Peruvian government has been very resistant to UFO disclosure, and it looks like despite their official UFO organisation stating there is nothing useful to report, they still believe their mission warrants more money and personnel. It's a shame because their South American neighbours are taking UFO disclosure much more seriously.

    MoD blocks release of UFO files
    AP, 1st August 2010
    The release of files about a Ministry of Defence civil servant-turned-UFO expert has been blocked. Nick Pope has drawn on his experiences working for Britain's official UFO investigation unit for a number of books about aliens and strange sights in the skies.

    Fellow UFO researcher David Clarke made a Freedom of Information request in 2007 for internal MoD documents about Mr Pope's decision to speak publicly about his conversion from sceptic to believer in the possibility that extra-terrestrials are visiting Earth. But more than three years later, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has upheld the department's refusal to publish the files because they contain personal information.

    Mr Pope worked on the MoD's UFO desk from 1991 to 1994, dealing with possible sightings sent in by the public. He published his first book about the phenomena - Open Skies, Closed Minds - in 1996, although he continued working for the MoD until November 2006.

    So what exactly are they hiding? Well, it's obvious to me that the MOD have been aware for decades that most UFOs/UAPs represent another life form and fear the consequences of the general public finding out. However, since the planet is now being swamped as we experience The Return of The Ancestors, I suppose the UK MOD are now collectively holding their breath, whilst some senior military officers in other countries are breaking ranks and speaking of what they know of the situation. Meanwhile metaphysical leaders get an epic FAIL for not realising what exactly was going to happen when the veil lifts.

    Are we alone in the universe? This is the question that millions of human beings have asked themselves for centuries, and Peruvians are no exception. There is a department within the prestigious Peruvian Air Force (FAP) that was created in December 2001 and is devoted to the research of anomalous aerospace phenomena (to avoid calling them UFOs) and even now undergoes a restructuring phase to obtain a larger budget and more personnel.

    The Peruvian government has been very resistant to UFO disclosure, and it looks like despite their official UFO organisation stating there is nothing useful to report, they still believe their mission warrants more money and personnel. It's a shame because their South American neighbours are taking UFO disclosure more seriously.

    Interview: Erling Strand
    Unexplained Mysteries, 6th June 2011
    UM forum regular "The L" recently secured an interview with teacher and researcher Erling Strand who heads a long-running project aimed at investigating the mysterious Hessdalen Valley lights in Norway.

    1.Is it proven that 95% of Hessdalen phenomena is plasma? Or are we still talking about UFOs? I read that conclusion of the research was that "...its behavior most often unpredictable." And unknown origin.

    No, it is not proven that the Hessdalen Phenomena is a plasma, but in many cases it might be a possibility. The many differences of shapes, colors, lifetime, behavior etc. makes us believe there may be different types of phenomena we are studying. There may be several answers to the question: What is it?

    This is an interesting interview where Erling Strand is being asked about the Hessdalen Phenomenon being a plasma. The questions are from someone who does not seem to have read the relevant scientific reports that are freely available on the internet or studied the properties of plasmas in relation to electromagnetic fields. I think that Strand has no choice but be quite evasive about whether the Hessdalen phenomenon is a plasma, because context is very important for a scientist. I think the answer to question 4. is probably the best Strand can do to help the interviewer understand the issue. The simple definition of plasma is like comparing a human to a selection of elements on the periodic table, obviously, that is a very long way off from understanding a human being. Humans have been scientifically studying human biology for hundreds maybe even thousands of years, we have defined many other different facets that make up a human being, but the importance of the electromagnetic and the interdimensional properties of humans are often studied, but the importance is mostly downplayed. It's the same issue with cosmology and the electromagnetic properties of the universe that have been mostly ignored until recent decades. Scientists are happy to explain they believe in completely undetectable "dark matter" and "dark energy", but have balked at the idea of electricity in space, but Space Weather has changed a lot of opinions. At the moment, due to our poor understanding of plasma and it's electromagnetic properties, calling the Hessdalen Phenomena "plasma" is just too all encompassing for a scientist, especially when funding is not that forthcoming.

    Scientific campaign analysis luminous phenomena observed in the valley Hessdalen Norway
    CNES Geipan, November 29, 2010
    Google translation: "[...] Despite intensified observations during recent years, it was not possible to formulate a clear hypothesis on the origin of these luminous phenomena, although they could be likened to plasma balls giving or not light emission side. The geomorphology of the valley and the existence of very large deposits of minerals could also contribute to the formation of these luminous phenomena. Finally, these events could also occur in the valleys surrounding desert.

    By the recurrence of these events, the site Hessdalen is therefore an ideal site for scientific research for understanding the phenomena of light. At the request of cooperation with the Norwegian teams GEIPAN (Group for Study and Information on Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena;, it has promoted an expansion of research scientists to a consortium led by Norway, Italy and France. A nucleus of French scientists from several research institutes, has proposed an assessment mission of these luminous phenomena during the winter season 2010-2011.

    The objectives of this first campaign, conducted with limited resources, are to identify possible disturbances of low frequency electromagnetic field (below 40 Hz) associated with these events light to measure the spectrum of the electric field in a frequency band very wide (1kHz to 5MHz) to study the seismic noise, recording radar traces of these phenomena with the Italian radar, and shoot on automatic triggering the phenomena of light through the Norwegian material. Four sites are currently operational: the Norwegian central station called 'Blue box' where the Norwegian equipment and measuring the electric field, the radar station located 4 miles south and two electromagnetic stations located in the valley and powered by batteries and solar panels."

    Please note: Scientists have NOTHING else to compare this luminous phenomenon to but plasma and for a good reason, when plasma makes up 99.999% of the known universe, but we still don't understand much about it at all.

    Australia's military loses its UFO X-Files?
    Reuters, 7th June 2011
    (Reuters) - Australia's military has lost its X-Files, detailing sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects, or UFOs, across the country, a newspaper report said on Tuesday.

    After a two-month search in response to a newspaper Freedom of Information (FOI) request, which forces government officials to release documents of public interest, Australia's Department of Defence had been unable to locate the files, the Sydney Morning Herald said.

    "The files could not be located and Headquarters Air Command formally advised that this file is deemed lost," the department's FOI assistant director, Natalie Carpenter, told the paper. Defence officials could not be contacted by Reuters.

    The only file Defence had been able to locate was a folder called: "Report on UFOs/Strange Occurrences and Phenomena in Woomera," a military weapons testing range in the center of Australia's vast outback, Carpenter said.

    Interesting that even Reuters felt the need to comment.... So, the Australian military would rather people think they were just incompetent?

    Argentina: Official Commission To Study UFOs is Presented
    Inexplicata, 27th May 2011
    Consisting of experts in various fields, it came about due to the number of sightings in the country.

    As Clarín informed readers a few weeks ago, the official Comisión de Investigación de Fenómenos Aeroespaciales (Aerospatial Phenomena Research Commission) was presented yesterday at noon, consisting of both civilian experts and Argentinean Air Force (FAA) personnel.

    Operating out of the Condor Building, the FAA’s current headquarters, it will start to receive reports in coming days – through the website – on sightings, and begin work on the most representative cases of recent times.

    One of the reasons that led to the creation of this new agency is “the increase in sightings by people. However, the goal is not to prove the existence of life on other planets, but rather, to approach unknown phenomena from a scientific perspective and reach the truth. Because these are ultimately the goal of our study,” according to Mohaupt. The team also includes Marcelo Módica of Comisión Nacional de Actividades Espaciales (CONAE), specializing in satellite information. It will be in charge of “examining the terrain and analyzing images received.”

    The Argentinian military already know the truth, in fact all the militaries around the world know the truth. It's hard to believe otherwise with the sheer volumne of information available in the public domain. This is about presenting the information to the general public in South America via the recent plethora of official agencies that has been set up in different countries.

    The Day Before Disclosure Full HQ - Part I
    YouTube, May 2011
    The Day Before Disclosure ( is a film documenting the growing awareness and the build up to what can potentially be the single, most important event in human history -- the day the UFO and ET presence becomes a world wide accepted reality.

    This is the story of the witnesses that was laughed at, the researchers and reporters that wasn't believed and the governmental and military personnel that were sworn to silence. A story that alters the foundation of everything you thought you knew, and takes you along for a ride all the way from the darkest abyss of living nightmares, through to the brightest hope for the future of humanity.

    This is the greatest story in human history.

    If you have watched a lot of UFO Disclosure documentaries, you may think this is the same as others, with many of the same cast of people being interviewed, but if you persist to towards the end, the documentary takes a deeply more profound turn. I found the argument that humanity needed to acknowledge that we were not alone in the universe to be very profound but that there was a need for discernment about what might happen, and this was presented in a very sensitive way. There were a few people who I did not believe, but most of this information is well know and accepted amongst the UFO community. As usual, there is talk of extraterrestrials and ETs, visitations from beings from other dimensions, solar systems and universes but no mention that a lifeform lives alongside us that I refer to as the Shadow Biosphere and I find this just totally bizarre when the evidence is available. It's as if we are being steered into the concept that we are helpless children and that all these beings are more intelligent than us and we need their help. I actually don't think that is completely true, the evidence does not suggest that this is the complete picture, so as persuasive as this documentary is, I think the need for discernment starts with the energy behind this documentary. Simply, think cheese on a mental mousetrap. The cheese is interesting but there is a need to watch out for the trap. If you have not watched many UFO documentaries, and you have approaching 2 hours, I think this is worth watching and considering.

    National Security Agency Releases UFO X-files
    UFO Brief case, 23rd April 2011
    In another bold leap towards full disclosure, the NSA has released to the public domain formerly classified UFO X-files. This one small step, yet ‘Giant Leap For Mankind’, is best described as a ‘treasure trove’.

    Of the documents we have assessed so far, we are particularly interested in NSA Technical Journal Vol XIV No 1 with FOIA Case number 41472 which has been titled ‘Key To The Extraterrestrial Messages’. The document authored by a Dr. Campaigne, presented a series of 29 messages received from outer space in “Extraterrestrial Intelligence”.

    The article is described as developing a key to understand these alien messages. If the penny hasn’t dropped yet, This now unclassified document not only confirms the presence of extraterrestrials, but that the US Government has received deep space transmissions from a civilization outside our own solar system !!!

    The following is transcribed from Page 21, Appendix: Recently a series of radio messages was heard coming from outer space. The transmission was not continuous, but cut by pauses into pieces which could be taken as units, for they were repeated over and over again. The pauses show here as punctuation. The various combinations have been represented by letters of the alphabet, so that the messages can be written down. Each message except the first is given here only once. The serial number of the messages has been supplied for each reference.

    Lately, there have been a lot or news concerning UFO disclosure but I think this is fairly substantial. Still, I am quite cynical about US UFO disclosure, as it may just be a major distraction from their economic woes.

    UFO Documents Index
    NSA/CIA, April 2011
    "The documents listed on this page were located in response to the numerous requests received by NSA on the subject of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO). In 1980, NSA was involved in Civil Action No. 80-1562, "Citizens Against Unidentified Flying Objects Secrecy v. National Security Agency"."

    Saudi Arabia business forum posts videos of UFO lectures
    Open Minds, 8th March 2011
    In late January 2011, business leaders from around the world met in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for the 5th annual Global Competitiveness Forum and of the many issues tackled UFOs and extraterrestrial life was one of them. Now they have put videos of the event on YouTube for all to see. You can view them below.
    World Leaders such as Tony Blair and Bill Clinton attended the conference, although they did not attend the UFO portion of the event. Leaders in UFO research were on hand to discuss its validity and potential for the advancement of global business. Jacques Vallee, a computer scientist, venture capitalist and long-time UFO researcher was among the speakers, as well as physicists, Dr. Michio Kaku and Stanton Friedman, author and journalist, Nick Pope, who worked for the UK Ministry of Defence investigating UFOs, and Dr. Zaghloul El Naggar, an accomplished and well respected professor of earth sciences. The UFO section of the event was called Contact: Learning from Outer Space, and was moderated by Harvard business professor, John Quelch.

    I was surprised to see this...

    Debunking The Debunkers - Interview With Mr. Stanton Friedman
    UFO Blogger, 24th February 2011
    Stanton Friedman is a tough guy! By the way, the video showing of all the stuff on sale at the 2011 annual UFO congress is revealing, it's like the stuff you would find on sale at a psychic fair.... It only strengthens my conviction that ufology is just another business and actually understanding the phenomena is not part of the business plan.

    Classified Docs Reveal UK Tried to Stop Worldwide UFO Investigation
    AOL News, 8th March 2011
    When Britain released 8,500 pages of previously classified UFO files last week, one set of key documents quickly caught my attention and had a profound effect on me as it took me back in time 33 years.

    The file includes many pages detailing the British government's attempt in 1978 to derail the country of Grenada's plan to convince the United Nations to form a special UFO study committee. The reason these documents resonated so strongly with me is because I'm the one who produced Grenada's UFO presentation at the U.N. all those years ago.

    One 1978 document just released in the British National Archives addresses the United Kingdom's desire to oppose a UFO committee out of fear that it would ultimately cause the U.N. to fall into some sort of disrepute:

    The British delegation does not think that the establishment of an agency for research into unidentified flying objects is appropriate to the functions of the United Nations. ...

    Hopefully, a confrontation with the representatives of Grenada can be avoided, but the U.K. should not hesitate to make its views known as and when appropriate. ...

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office ministers expressed the view that to set up any such body would reduce the credibility of the U.N.; accordingly, the U.K. delegation was instructed to oppose.

    I wondered why Britain suggested that an international commission to study UFOs "would reduce the credibility of the U.N."

    Nice to see Nick Pope commenting here on something relevant.

    Revealed: Northern Ireland UFO sightings found in secret Ministry of Defence X-files
    Belfast Telegraph, 3rd March 2011
    Reports of unexplained activity in Northern Ireland’s skies have been revealed in a secret dossier from the Ministry of Defence. Two suspected UFOs have been spotted hovering over the province during the past decade, according to the dossier.

    A ball of white light and a mystery aircraft in Co Fermanagh were both investigated. The information, held by the National Archives in London, was made public as part of the biggest ever release of Government UFO documents.

    Thirty-five files detailing unexplained phenomena between 2000 and 2005 have been made available online.

    OK, the picture caught my attention, but there is an interesting video collection here too. In fact, the report is so vague, that I am not even sure if the strange pink halo cloud is meant to be a ufo but if so, I am not convinced. Whatever, this report is not bad for the mainstream media, people are being educated about what is going on. See more below:

    Ret. Col. Says UFOs Are Real, but Denies Government Cover-Up
    AOL News, 23rd February 2011
    Whether you believe or disbelieve the notion that UFOs are visitors from another planet, a former highly decorated military officer now comes forward with information that may infuriate those on both sides in the ongoing ET debate.

    Retired Col. John Alexander, using his military savvy and high security clearance, spent a quarter of a century going through the top levels of the U.S. government and military searching for the group of people who were allegedly responsible for UFO information and the supposedly decades-old UFO cover-up. His conclusions: Not only is there no such group and no cover-up, but disclosure about UFOs has already occurred on different official levels.

    With so many people crying out these days for the U.S. government or the United Nations or even the Vatican to issue some sort of "we are not alone in the universe" disclosure statement, Alexander says the information has been dripping out all around us, over decades, with top officials casually making statements about UFOs. [...]

    "Disclosure has happened," Alexander added. "It starts with former presidents Truman, Carter, Reagan and [the Soviet Union's] Gorbachev. I've got stacks of generals, including Soviet generals, who've come out and said UFOs are real. My point is, how many times do senior officials need to come forward and say this is real?" Alexander told AOL News. [...]

    "The problem is, when you discuss UFOs, we are talking everything from little balls of light to hard craft a mile or more across, and everything in between. So what is it?" Alexander asked. "I argue that, not only are we not solving the problems yet, we're not even asking the right questions, because we approach this wrong.

    "I suspect that consciousness is a piece of the puzzle. We talk about UFOs, saying it's a technology that's 1,000 years in advance, but it really isn't. If you follow the history of these things, usually it is somewhat in advance, but not beyond our comprehension by any stretch of the imagination. "The conundrum you get into is, yes, they are seen by sensors; however, at other times, they are not seen by sensors that should've seen them, and that's one I can't answer."

    Please note the caption with the photo as below:
    Retired Army Col. John Alexander says UFO disclosure has already occurred, and the ultimate solution to UFOs is more complex than most people think.
    Amazing.... This really does sound like someone standing up and saying the general public should have been paying attention to government officials whispering in corners about the reality of UFOs... This article is quite incredible... debunkers are going to be in a serious dilemma, because this retired colonel is talking about the need to understand the true nature of reality, a subject that most refuse to even consider.... This reminds me of the often cited quote:
    "Every truth passes through three stages before it is recognized. In the first it is ridiculed, in the second it is opposed, in the third it is regarded as self- evident"
    Arthur Schopenhauer quotes (German Philosopher, 1788-1860)
    The various different press releases on this subject from around the world suggests that we have reached the third stage...

    UFOs: Government disclosure vs government confirmation
    Coast to Coast Radio Examiner, 21st February 2011
    "According to Alexander, the vast majority of the information is already out there. The problem with the UFO community is that they're not looking for disclosure. They're looking for confirmation and if it doesn't fit their preconceived notion of reality then they assume there must be a conspiracy."
    There you have it in a nutshell, most ufologists are largely only interested in hearing what they want to hear. No interest in reality...

    Former Canadian Defense Official Blasts US on UFO Cover-Up
    AOL News, 25th February 2011
    "If a previous minister of national defense of a big country started talking publicly about his belief that some UFOs are interplanetary vehicles carrying visitors to Earth, would you believe him or not? Well, stepping up to the plate is the Honorable Paul Hellyer, a former deputy prime minister of Canada and the longest serving current member -- ahead of Prince Philip -- of the Queen's Privy Council, which is made up of "prominent Canadians appointed to advise the queen on issues of importance to the country."

    As Canadian minister of national defense in 1963, Hellyer was responsible for integrating and unifying the Royal Canadian army, navy and air force into a single organization, the Canadian Armed Forces. Former Canadian Minister of National Defense Paul Hellyer is very outspoken on the reality of UFOs and has criticized the U.S. government for reportedly covering up UFO information. And yes, he is extremely outspoken about UFOs and alien visitors to Earth."

    A milestone for NARCAP
    Herald, De Void, 22nd February 2011
    [...] NARCAP’s roughly 50 members — research associates, mostly, with disciplines as disparate as aviation engineering and perceptual psychology — are studying UFOs, one of the most heavily trafficked subjects in cyberspace. (They refer to the mystery by another acronym, UAP, or unidentified aerial phenomena, in an effort to avoid the UFO baggage.) Never mind that their perhaps forbiddingly technical analyses — such as last year’s sobering Project Sphere — are routinely ignored by the mainstream media and never referenced by so-called skeptics alleging a lack of data to review. [...]

    Unlike the U.S., the Chilean government has a formal and transparent UAP reporting system called the Committee for the Study of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena (CEFAA), which was established in 1997 following a major sighting wave too widespread to ignore. Last December, NARCAP scored a huge and possibly unprecedented coup when it signed onto a partnership with CEFAA under the auspices of Chile’s General Direction of Civil Aviation and National Aviation.

    Signatories included the somewhat fearless CEFAA director Gen. Ricardo Bermudez Sanhueza. In 2000, Bermudez dispatched a memo to the Pentagon via the American embassy asking if U.S. anti-missile exercises might account for yet another rash of sightings along Chile’s central coast in 1999. He also expressed an interest in working with an American counterpart to investigate the unremitting weirdness in the skies.

    “Both requests went unanswered,” Bermudez wrote last year in Leslie Kean’s UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record.

    I wonder if Wikileaks have got the US Embassy memo... Anyway, I am pleased to here about this positive step.

    Argentina: Air Force Makes Contact with the UFO Phenomenon
    Inexplicata, 18th February 2011
    The radar picked up an object of considerable size, flying from Rio Gallegos toward the north. The device is unable to determine its point of origin. But it flies without stopping. There is astonishment and disquiet. However, the decision in quick and unequivocal: two Mirage interceptors are scrambled from the Tandil Base to intercept the object...and they find that it is a weather balloon launched in Australia, winding up in Argentina's airspace.

    More or less, this is the story told by Commodore Jorge Tealdi, press officer for the Argentinean Air Force (FAA) which decided in late 2010 to create a commission to investigate celestial phenomena that penetrate the nation's skies.

    The incident he recalled took place several years ago, but it helps to explain the goals of this new commission. There was something strange in the air, an unknown object, and it was possible -- by specific actions -- to establish what it was. "The Argentinean Air Force's main mission is to safeguard Argentinean airspace, and we admit that our skies have cases involving objects or phenomena that cannot be explained. This does not necessarily mean that they are alien spacecraft, but they are indeed unidentified flying objects," explained Tealdi, a resident of Córdoba, born in Morteros, in a statement to Día a Día.

    So, the Argentineans are not just happy to tell us that UFOs are real, they are taking the next step and telling us that they are not necessarily alien spacecraft either. Yes, French ufologists have realised this too and that is why the French government sponsored UFO organisation has taken on the full time services of an astrobiologist, see archives. So, we are waiting for more official confessions from various government, military and respected aviation sources, so that the rest of the world can get up to speed about the numerous lifeforms that are appearing in our skies.

    UFO Declassification Begins In Chile!
    UFO Digest, 9th February 2011
    According to Brazil’s UFO magazine, Chile’s Office of Civil Aeronautics handed over a number of videos or audiotapes of UFO events that occurred in its territory. This was done through the Comité de Estudios de Fenomenos Aereos Anómalos (CEFAA, by its Spanish acronym). The news item goes on to state that “out of a total of 183 cases, 12 of these lack an explanation.”

    Chile appears to take the subject earnestly and is concerned over UFO manifestations: both the presence of these unknown quantities and their consequences.

    Rodrigo Bravo, a Chilean military aviator and a correspondent for Brazil’s Revista UFO, said that the Chilean army has its own aviation corps and pilots, and it has demonstrated its “awareness and interaction with the subject of UFOs on various opportunities.”

    Bravo cites a recent statement by the Chilean army: “There is no longer any need to deny or ignore the UFO situation. They represent a real and very serious threat. Today were are challenged by a complex phenomenon whose characteristics cannot be explained within natural terrestrial confines.”

    Well, it looks like yet another South American country has fallen like a domino, in some form of agreement between the militaries to not hide the existence of UFOs any longer. This is starting to look like a great new coalition of believers.... Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. Maybe this will put more pressure on Mexico and Peru, who have had UFO groups for years placing pressure on their respective governments for disclosure. However, we still await confirmation from more sources.

    Chile: UFO Declassification Begins
    Inexplicata, 9th February 2011

    World business leaders told flying saucers are real & extraterrestrials exist
    Exopolitics, 25th January 2011
    At five thousand dollars a ticket, some business leaders got more than they bargained for when they attended the first day of the Global Competitiveness Forum (GCF) being held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. They were told flying saucers are real, and they better start thinking about the business implications of extraterrestrial life and technologies.

    Convened each year by the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority, the GCF brings together business and political leaders to discuss ways of promoting business competitiveness. For the first time at its annual conference, the GCF held a panel discussing UFOs and extraterrestrial life.

    Titled “Learning from Outer Space” the panel comprised five speakers who all endorsed the view that extraterrestrial life is real, and has many implications for the world as we know it.

    Oh... the message is UFOs and extraterrestrial life, so does that mean acknowledging the Shadow Biosphere and other off-planet ETs? The graphic is interesting, NOT LITTLE GREEN MEN did catch my eye... The BIG MONEY IN ALIEN LIFE slogan is somewhat distasteful... Quite frankly, this was not quite what I had in mind, but maybe people need to be SOLD their next evolutionary leap of consciousness.... Honestly, I am not convinced...

    Argentina Air Force Website Hacked To Protest Against UFO Crash Cover-Up
    UFO Blogger, 21st January 2011
    Anonymous hacker hacked the official Argentine Air Force (FAA) website on January 20th to claim information about a unknown UFO crash in January 1985 in the city of Mendoza. The AAF hacked page lasted a few hours on Thursday and now the website is back to normal again.

    In his complaint, he indicates that on January 26 , 1985 their was a cigar-shaped UFO crashed in the area of Papagayos. And a large number of military personnel and foreign national were sighted after that incident. Even the daily Los Andes had also reported the tremor shook in the region ion same day and the people connecting this to UFO crash.

    What a nerve! I mean, isn't there supposed to be a new spirit of Glasnost in Argentina? Why couldn't this hacker wait to see what happens, before hacking in rage... all rather incredible, but maybe a sign that some people are losing patience with authorities... Related article:

    The Triumph of Hacker Culture
    Slate, 21st January 2011

    Hackers cause internet storm after breaking into Nicolas Sarkozy's Facebook page and announcing his resignation
    Daily Mail, 24th January 2011

    UFO Webcam in Hessdalen, Project Hessdalen and Norway’s Mysterious Lights
    DBKP, 16th January 2011

    Yep, we know we’re not supposed to use webcam footage as evidence of UFO’s. The link to the unofficial UFO webcam in Hessdalen, Norway. Webcams, the next best thing to being there.

    Project Hessdalen was established in 1983 after a wave of UFO sightings in central Norway in the Hessdalen Valley. Hessdalen, the sight of mysterious lights witnessed by local residents for over a hundred years. In 1998, the world’s first UFO observatory built in Hessdalen. Through the years, numerous investigations and studies of the mysterious lights by scientists and researchers from Norway, Sweden, Italy, and France.

    On the internet a paper published in 2005 by Assistant professor Bjørn Gitle Hauge at the østfold University College in Norway. Hauge’s paper, 10 Years of Scientific Research of the Hessdalen Phenomena. Hauge’s paper on the mysterious lights in Hessdalen, the investigations, research, and the world’s first ‘UFO’ observatory, ‘bluebox’, built in Hessdalen.

    Comment: I noticed the first and second article at DBKP, but now we have third. At the same time, we have ufologists muttering about New Ufology, so I am wondering if the penny has dropped. This is really interesing.... Maybe after seeing all the recent amazing reports of light phenomena around the globe, some serious ufologists have realised they have been largely barking up the wrong tree and have decided to pay attention to those who state this is NOT a simple and single phenomenon. This means they will have to go back a good forty plus years to recognise the opinions of ufologists likes of Trevor James Constable, John Keel and more lately Jacques Vallee. I am sure there are others, but this is not my subject. My interest is evolutionary change and what that means in terms of the metaphysical beliefs associated with a "Dimensional Shift" and "The Lifting of the Veil."

    Dancing Light UFO’s: Norway’s Hessdalen Phenomena?
    DBKP, 15th January 2011

    Dancing Light UFO’s, The Dorothy Izzat Story and Hessdalen Phenomena, Connecting the UFO Dots
    DBKP, 16th January 2011

    New Ufology
    Dr Esoterica, 13th January 2011
    "Not even quantum physics is radical enough to explain what lies behind Fortean anomalies such as UFOs. Eventually one will have to research consciousness, philosophy, and metaphysics (in its broadest senses) in order to begin understanding UFOs."
    Really... There have been people doing this for over fifty years but nobody was interested in what they had discovered...

    World business leaders to discuss UFOs & extraterrestrial life
    Exopolitics, 13th January 2011
    A leading business forum discussing global competitiveness will in its annual conference host a panel discussing UFOs and extraterrestrial life. The Global Competitiveness Forum is hosted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and discusses business trends and insights essential for future business investment and competitiveness.

    The panel is titled: “Contact: Learning from Outer Space”, and features famed astrophysicist Dr Michio Kaku and a leading Islamic scholar, together with prominent UFO experts Stanton Friedman and Nick Pope. The Global Competitiveness Forum is poised to introduce, perhaps for the first time, many world business leaders to key issues concerning UFOs and extraterrestrial life, and how these impact on economic competitiveness.

    I actually don't know what to make of this but the event has attracted some big names in ufology.

    Argentina: It's Official - AAF Will Research UFOs
    Inexplicata, 28th December 2010
    Information about the upcoming formation of a group of analysts within the Argentinean Air Force emerged recently, and was well received by the country’s experts. “This is the news that all researchers of the UFO phenomenon expected, and it fills us with satisfaction to hear that this will come about,” said expert Silvia Perez Simondini of the Vision OVNI group, who is working to bring about in Argentina a goal that is common to other countries in the Latin American region, which have already declassified their files.

    “To this end, we created CEFORA (Commission for the Study of UFOS in the Argentinean Republic) to bring about the declassification that has already been achieved in many countries.The news about this commission gives us hope that it is a beginning, and that Argentina may also achieve it. It must be done with a critical attitude, and this is the most reasonable to our understanding. This way, we shall have the certainty of a serious and responsible scientific investigation,” Simondini maintains. [...]

    The researcher explained that “this announcement by the Argentinean Air Force has something special about it, and that it will be supported on men of science with a critical sense, something that true researchers have always promoted and demanded: a task developed with specialists in different fields of science and above all, far from mysticism, speculation and superstition.”

    “In this field,” Avellaneda concluded, “the task rests on a triad: the Air Force as the custodian of our skies, science as the only method of seriously explaining the facts, and specialized researchers with a necessary outreach to the community. Above them, the decision by the powers of the State to place our country – once and for all – in the place it deserves for serious, responsible research, and above all, an interrelationship between officialdom and the citizenry.”

    More confirmation of this announcement from another source, but I am surprised that it has taken 5 days for the acknowledgement from this well respected ufology website. I will state that I don't think that the scientific perspective is paramount, but since current metaphysical teaching has proven to be so inadequate, to the point where most people interested in spirituality have no idea that UFOs belong to a spiritual dimension, I think the Argentineans are right to adhere to scientific protocols.

    New Zealand military releases UFO files
    Sky News, 23rd December 2010
    The New Zealand military has released hundreds of previously classified reports detailing claims of unidentified flying object (UFO) sightings and alien encounters.

    The reports, dating from 1954 to 2009, were released on Wednesday under freedom of information laws after the New Zealand Defence Force removed names and other identifying material.

    In about 2000 pages of documents, members of the public, military personnel and commercial pilots outline close encounters, mostly involving moving lights in the sky. [...]

    One of the most comprehensive files concerns two sightings of strange lights off the South Island town of Kaikoura in 1978, one of which was captured by a television crew aboard a plane in the area.

    The incident made international headlines at the time, but a contemporary Air Force report found it could be explained by natural phenomena such as lights from boats being reflected off clouds or an unusual view of the planet Venus.

    The original documents on which the reports released on Wednesday were based will remain sealed in the national archive, some until 2080.

    Watch the Sky News report and the vintage 1978 video, released as of a peach coloured orb, that the 'experts' tell us was probably Venus, 1978 video of a UFO that newly released files from the NZ authorities conclude was either Venus or light waves. Now, do any of these 'experts' feel any shame for not being able to tell the difference between a planet and an object hovering in the sky! Well, The Big Secret is well and truly out. Earth has a Shadow Biosphere and this plasma entity is another form of life, and only those who have done no research would have the stupidity to suggest that there is no evidence, when scientific papers on Light Phenomena are easily available on the internet and therefore are in the public domain.


    News Video: New Zealand Government Released Its UFO X-Files
    UFO Blogger, December 2010
    New Zealand Government UFO file link

    Breaking News: Argentine Air Force announces committee to study UFO phenomenon
    Seattle Exopolitics Examiner, 23rd December 2010
    The Air Force of Argentina on Dec. 23, 2010 formally announced the formation of a committee to study the UFO phenomenon.

    The Argentinean Air Force’s action to form a UFO investigation unit was confirmed by Sylvia Perez Simondini of the CEFORA (Argentinean Republic Committee for UFO Phenomena Studies), "an organization formed by various UFOlogy groups in Argentina. The main purpose is the declassification of all related UFO phenomena in Argentina. It was formed by serious Argentinean UFOlogists in Victoria, Entre Rios during a conference.”

    In a public statement, Ms. Perez Simondini says,

    "The Argentinean Air Force has just announced the formation of a commission to investigate the UFO phenomenon.

    "The Director of Institutional Relations of the Argentinean Air Force confirmed on Telefe Newscast that it has recorded two UFO sightings it cannot account for by normal explanations. The Argentinean Air Force further stated that the mission of the Air Force is to guard the security of Argentinean air space.

    "This is a message that all UFO researchers hoped for, filling us with satisfaction to hear that this will occur.

    "In our last congress, especially in the Uruguay, which was conducted fairly by the Uruguayan Air Force, at that time, I received greetings from Commodore Robert Muller, Head of the Unit II Air Brigade Paraná, from Colonel Ariel Rios Sanchez, Head of Ricardo Bermúdez CRIDOVNI of CEFAA, the sister republic of Chile, from Ademar Gevaerd Director of the Brazilian UFO Magazine, who is the coordinator of the declassification of UFO phenomenon in Brazil, in order to urge the Air Force of Argentina toward a common goal of UFO disclosure.

    "CEFORA, (Argentinean Republic Committee for UFO Phenomena Studies) was created for this goal, to put Argentina on a par with many countries where UFO files have been declassified. This news gives us some hope to believe disclosure is starting, and Argentina also can get UFO declassification. It is most reasonablebe that we assume a critical attitude on our part, so we will have the security of a good and responsible scientific research.

    "We see that the struggle of many researchers over the years can have the reward of seeing a dream fulfilled, and we hope that when this [Air Force] Committee is formed, it will know how to accept and discuss the work of researchers that has been made with a lot of effort, through the will and vocation of those who have been following the phenomenon for so long.”

    There must be something in the air... what about UFOs? LOL! But seriously, we are being told here that the Argentinean Air Force does not want to be be seen as being behind the times, so what about all the other reluctant world and government agencies out there? It really makes you wonder....

    Defence lifts lid on Kiwi X-files [NZ], 22nd December 2010
    Thousands of secret files on New Zealand's UFO reports are set to be made public, nearly 32 years to the day after our most famous sighting.

    The files include every witness account of unidentified flying objects reported to authorities since the early 1950s, including the 1978 Kaikoura mystery.

    They had been held by Archives New Zealand, which was to make them available in February after requests from the public, but the Defence Force stepped in, saying it needed to remove personal identification to comply with the Privacy Act. The Defence Force promised to release the files by the end of this year and is due to make them public this week.

    More than 2000 pages of files will be issued in 12 volumes. Squadron Leader Kavae Tamariki said the Defence Force would not comment on the files' content.

    This was initially reported in January 2010 and it looks like the New Zealand Defence Force have kept their promise to deliver before the end of the year. It's not just 'the veil' lifting, it's the veil of secrecy too!

    Files shine light on UFO sightings
    NZ Herald, 22nd December 2010
    "New Zealand's most famous UFO sighting was a moving cluster of bright lights five times the size of a large fishing vessel that dazzled and spooked the occupants of a small plane during a routine newspaper drop. [...] The camera man shot footage on the "anomalous bright objects". [...] "It is not the intent of this paper to offer an explanation for the unusual bright source. However one may note that the brightness, the size (20m or more), and the duration (it was seen for over 12 minutes) place rather severe requirement on a conventional phenomenon such as, for example, glowing plasma or 'ball lightning'. " However, a report from the RNZ Air Force found that the lights could be explained by "natural but unusual phenomena"."

    All the world's miltary know the truth and that this 'unusual natural phenomena' belongs to a Shadow Biosphere, a form of 'weird' life, some with out-of-this-world characteristics. For the facts, read what the UK Ministry of Defence have got to say, which can be found in a previously top secret report, now in the public domain. See Unidentified Aerial Phenomena in the UK Defence Region [2000] link. For more background info, see Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Index .

    More Background Info

    India may be the first country to explain to the world about extra-terrestrial and UFO contacts – the secret debate is on
    India Daily, January 06, 2005 --- flashback ---
    New Delhi is in the middle of a big secret internal debate. On one side the largest democracy of the world is eager to explain to its citizens and to the world about the ongoing contacts with the UFOs and extra-terrestrials. On the other hand there are invisible untold international protocols that prohibit doing anything that may cause worldwide fear and panic. [...]

    "Military officials and politicians have confessed the fact that India has been contacted. India has been told the rules of the Universe.

    The current debate is on whether to keep it secret like other countries are doing or in tradition of a total transparent society come out and tell the truth. India is so open and democratic; it is very difficult to keep a secret for long."

    This is old news but quite frankly, we can summise that Indian government politicians did have some some really juicy information that they could disclose to the whole world. Maybe, this information was used as a gambling chip in the form of, wouldn't it be interesting if we did share what we know? The author of this article states: "When all these factors are added together and analyzed, it seems like India is being told by the world to abide by the hidden protocols and in exchange be recognized as a major emerging superpower." Well, the only problem with all this backroom dealing is the Shadow Biosphere being mistaken for aliens, has nothing to do with any humanoid ETs that may or may not be in contact with world governments. The 'bright lights' are a completely separate phenomena and have no interest in abiding by any code of secrecy, as most of them are "critters", as it is clear from numerous sightings. So more and more governments disclosing their UFO files is admitting that UFOs exist, but not the full truth of what is really going on. Quite frankly, world authorities probably do not want to admit there are complexities that they do not fully understand in our 'spiritual' universe.

    Erling Strand - The Hessdalen Light Phenomena [67:47]
    Red Ice Radio, 12th December 2010
    For generations mysterious lights have been observed in the remote valley of Hessdalen in Norway. Different types of lights and crafts have been witnessed at various altitudes and at different speeds. The phenomena has been reported to be as large as a house to as small as a soccerball. Lights have been seen hovering for hours and sometimes performing breakneck maneuvers at incredible speeds.

    Both Norwegian and international researchers have been involved in trying to reveal the true nature of this mystery. There are many theories, from unknown natural energy phenomena to extra-terrestrial visitors. We have Erling Strand with us from the Department of Information Technology at østfold University College in Norway to talk about his long time investigation and studying of the phenomena.

    I am thrilled that Professor Erling Strand has been interviewed by Henrik Palmgren at Red Ice Radio and I believe I am responsible for advertising the Hessdalen Phenomena, during my own recent Red Ice interview. So, I am delighted and relieved that at long last, more people are going to hear the truth about the plasma phenomena, the balls of light and the rest of the other Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) as Red Ice Radio has upto 50,000 listeners. Due to the massive evolutionary changes on the planet, this is important information and I now expect this news to travel fast. I am really quite overjoyed!

    In Part I, I thought that it was quite funny that Professor Erling explained that they take student groups up to Hessdalen to show them some excitement. Well, these days, these same balls of light and fire are whizzing over the heads of people in busy metropolitan areas all around the world and nobody can be bothered to even try and explain them, even as earthlights, which apparently, is now only considered to be "an old theory". Obviously, the balls of fire are a little harder to try and pretend they are just harmless lights and professor Erling Strand does not shy away from the truth. In Part II (subscribers only), he tells the story of a man who saw his house from a distance and thought it was on fire, only to find on arrival that the fire was not 'real' fire but a massive fiery orb had enveloped the whole house. Anyway, towards the end of Part I, Henrik mentions the different theories about the lights and quickly slips in after the discussion of piezoelectricity that it can't be plasma because plasma dissipates quickly, [it is unclear whether this is meant in connection with the ball lightning phenomenon]. Unfortunately this is not corrected by Erling Strand, because that is in direct contradiction to the details provided in the Hessdalen Documentary. In Part 5 of the 'The Portal: The Hessdalen Light Phenonomena' December 2009, [47:08], assistant professor Bjørn Gitle Hauge (I think) explains the Hessdalen phenomena (one of many) that looks like a burning ball of fire that does not expand in comparison to what you would expect from the normal combustion process. So he goes on to mention a plasmoid, a plasma trapped in a strong magnetic field and states energy is contained for a "long, long time". Please review Part 5 of this documentary for clarification. Also, from the paper, An Alternative Method For The Scientific Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life: "The Local SETI" (2005) written by Massimo Teodorani, we find a simple chart (Table 1) of average characteristics, that reveals that 85% of the Hessdalen phenomena (150 sightings, detected in the 2000, 2001 & 2002 expeditions) are defined as having the characterisitics of a plasma the other 15% were undefined. [Please note: the Sun is a ball of plasma, I have not noticed it dissipating away quickly either!] So, why am I insistent that this is understood properly? Well, if you see a strange ball of fire shooting over your head one night, I want you to know that scientists have been studying this for years and it is a real PLASMA phenomena. In Part II, Henrik Palmgren asks if the Hessdalen phenomena could be considered to be another form of life. Professor Erling Strand suggests that if we don't consider life to be just physical, but we have a wider definition, then this is possible. Let's say, I was thrilled to hear this reponse from a scientist, who did not reject this view with the usual panic stricken knee-jerk reaction. Professor Erling Strand has acquired my utmost respect.

    Additional Note

    This is a prime example of a ball or mass of fire in the sky. The description provided is: "Amazing object floating in the sky and looks like fire. Occurred in Macaé, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. December 16, 2010."

    OVNI Fire Floating in the Sky - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 16-Dec-2010
    Latest UFO Sightings, 17th December 2010

    UFOs and Nukes Lecture at Oxford University
    Press Dispensary, 10th November 2010
    November 10, 2010 - Press Dispensary - UFOs and Nukes Lecture at Oxford University

    What: A lecture by Robert Hastings titled “UFOs: The Secret Story”

    Where: Oxford University - Jacqueline Du Pre Auditorium at St Hilda's College

    When: Wednesday, November 24, 2010 7:30 P.M. Ticketed Admission Only

    Contact: Robert Hastings 505-263-3815 (New Mexico, USA)


    Media: Admission free with ID. No seating available—standing room only.

    “UFOs: The Secret Story” is a 60-minute lecture concerning the U.S. government’s covert response to UFO activity at nuclear weapons sites and is based on hundreds of U.S. Air Force, FBI and CIA documents declassified via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), as well as the testimony of 120 former or retired U.S. military personnel interviewed by Hastings.

    The documents confirm that UFOs do indeed exist and further reveal that these mysterious aerial objects are of the greatest concern to the U.S. Air Force and various American intelligence agencies. Consequently, the files completely contradict frequent public denials about the UFO reality issued over the years by official spokesmen in Washington.

    I am sure there will be a lot of interest, as the UK is now inundated with UFOs...

    Chile: Controversial Book Declassifies the UFO Phenomenon in Chile
    UFO Digest, 4th November 2010
    Rodrigo Bravo, an Army officer and military pilot, has written a controversial book with paleontologist Juan Castillo: Ufología Aeronáutica delves into the deepest details of eleven cases reported in the country, with information gleaned from the recently created Comité de Estudios de Fenómenos Aéreos Anómalos (CEFAA) of the Office of Civil Aeronautics. It even transcribes revealing recordings of conversations between pilots and the control tower. Information that this text from Mago Editores makes accessible to the public at large for the first time ever. The book launching for Ufología Aeronáutica will take place on Thursday, November 04, 2010 at 20:00 hours at the Santiago Book Fair.

    This book takes no prisoners. While proposing a footnoted, scientific and aeronautic study on UFOs and FANI (Fenomenos aereos no identificados, or UAPs in English), it fires a broadside against those who have monopolized the study and dissemination of these cases: ufologists.

    It faults them associating the phenomenon “indiscriminately with the possibility of extraterrestrial life” and from “detouring” attention from serious research to “laughable” hypotheses that lead to the “explosive growth of new ideologies, movements, cults and others who take anomalous aerial phenomena even further away from its real context for reasons of financial gain.”

    The author and military man himself gives a strong and clear response: “For decades, the scientific community has been suspicious of this subject and has avoided mentioning it, given that those involved in its research do not necessarily have the knowledge to interpret the existing information. Ufologists are to blame for this,” accuses Bravo.

    This is further continuation of the trend of ex-military personnel documenting their experience of UFOs/UAPs. However, here the author takes a hard swipe at ufologists for good reason. Basically, most ufologists heavily promote the stupid idea that any unexplained strange sighting in the sky must be an alien craft with humanoid ETs as occupants, despite the ample evidence that most unexplained sightings are in fact bright lights that represent entities that are part of a Shadow Biosphere, which are associated with extremely poorly understood interdimensional plasma phenomena.

    Retired Turkish general claims close encounter with UFOs
    Hurriyet Daily News, 24th October 2010
    Greek jets are not the only aerial adversaries Turkish planes have engaged in the skies, according to a retired general who has claimed he encountered unidentified flying objects over western Turkey while serving as a pilot.

    Calling up a live television show Saturday during a heated debate about UFOs, Retired Gen. Erdogan Karakus said he and seven other pilots experienced a UFO encounter over the western province of Balikesir in May 1983.

    The UFOs were levitating using an unknown technique, Karakus said, explaining that he was part of a group of eight pilots flying four Turkish jets to the southern city of Adana for a drill when one of the men spotted something in the air. [...]

    Karakus said the control towers at airports in Ankara, Istanbul and Konya also detected the UFOs that night. “We reported [the incident] and it was probably sent to NASA.”

    Well, all hell is breaking out now with lots of UFO reports, as expected. This report is highlighted because it's another ex-senior military official giving his story, yet we also learn that the debate has moved onto TV, as this ex-general called up a live TV program! Can you imagine that!! However, the most interesting aspect of the report is that he lets the cat out of the bag and tells us that this report was "probably" sent to NASA. How interesting...

    Twenty Year (Civilian) Veteran of Minuteman Program Confirms UFO Activity & Nuclear Missile Shut Downs!
    UFO Chronicles, 1st October 2010
    I worked for Sylvania Electric Systems (Then changed to GTE Government Systems) for 25 years. I worked on the Minuteman program for Twenty years. Sylvania was responsible for building, testing and shipping the Minuteman Ground Electric Systems equipment to Malmstrom and Grand Forks AFBs. In 1966 and 1967, I was responsible for tracking the testing, deliveries, movements, etc. for this equipment. I was involved on a near daily communicating by phone and at Sylvania with all major contractors in-house and on-site. During this time, I began to hear about UFO sightings taking place on these SAC bases and of course inquired about them with these on-site contractors. I heard that a flight of missiles had shut down at Malmstrom during one of the incidents.

    I truly believe that many of these ex-senior military are reacting to the 'New Energy on the planet and it's now too difficult to withhold the truth that will help humanity evolve to a new higher level of consciousness. Many of these military men had access to nuclear weapons, so we are not talking about ungrounded New Agers with scant interest in reality.

    U.S. Air Force officials report more than 100 UFO sightings over 30 years
    680 News, 29th September 2010
    WASHINGTON D.C. - At a news conference held Wednesday, seven retired members of the U.S. Air Force spoke in great detail about over 100 UFO sightings spanning three decades, to the surprise of many in the audience. "UFO phenomenon is real. Not imaginary," said former launch officer Robert Hastings, as the group of retired Air Force members finally broke their silence after being told to keep silent for years about what they saw. "One hundred witnesses indicate that craft of vastly superior capabilities have been monitoring the U.S. nuclear arms program since the 1940's." [...] According to the Air Force, UFO's would interfere with missiles in the United States and Russia.
    However, Hastings said "I don't think humankind is in jeopardy from whoever they are and what their intentions are, except, we will have our minds expanded. There will be a paradigm shift."

    Comment: YES, THIS IS A MASSIVE PARADIGM SHIFT! There will be enlightenment, whether people want it or not!

    No U.N. 'Alien Ambassador' as the Bets Roll In
    Discovery News, 28th September 2010
    It's been a strange few days for alien news. Not only do we have ex-military airmen coming forward about UFOs hovering over their missile silos, the United Nations apparently appointed an "alien ambassador" to become mankind's point of contact for extraterrestrials.

    Even betting companies are putting odds on an imminent close encounter of the third kind.

    Obviously, some media outlets decided to go all-out, claiming said U.N. ambassador is needed to ask why the aliens (riding in said UFOs) are fiddling with our nukes. It's the responsible thing to do, right? There's just one catch. The Malaysian astrophysicist, Mazlan Othman, who -- according to the UK's press -- was about to become the U.N.'s spokesperson for Earth, has no clue about her unprecedented promotion. [...]

    So is this "alien ambassador" thing just a storm in a UFO-shaped teacup? It looks like it. Why would the U.N. be an automatic choice to be first to open dialogue with ET anyway? I'm glad Othman is an astrophysicist and not a politician, but surely the guys at the SETI Institute -- who, incidentally, try to communicate with extraterrestrials on a daily basis -- should be an obvious choice? If we ever received a signal from deep space, they'd be the ones to decode it.

    M. Othman is being played but I can't be bothered to speculate why, unless this is a not so subtle way of waking up a few more folks. Anyway, there is an interesting amount of UFO chatter on CNN and Fox News as no doubt the massive increase in reports is probably starting to worry even the most obtuse. Here is a nice CNN report on YouTube [5:09] CNN - American Morning - UFOs & Nukes - Sep. 29th, 2010

    Shocking revelation: Former Air Force personnel disclose UFO, alien-related threats
    NECN News, 27th September 2010
    (NECN: Washington) - A press conference was held this afternoon at the National Press Club in Washington, where at least a dozen former U.S. Air Force personnel, mostly officers who worked on secret projects connected to sensitive nuclear weapons sites, are admitting that they were privy to UFO and alien-related incidents -- that occurred during their time of service. In this clip, you will hear from: Retired Air Force Captain Robert Salas, Former Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Dwayne Arneson and Former Air Force Official Bill Jameson.

    This is NOT shocking. These ex-military men are telling the world about the existence of another lifeform on this planet and have been doing these same press conferences since 2001. What is shocking is the fact that it was broadcast live by CNN! There is a short 18 minute video clip here. The Daily Mail report reads:
    * Retired officers call on Government to tell public the truth
    * Deactivation of nuclear weapons 'is a message' to human race

    An ex-US air force chief has given an astonishing account of an encounter with a UFO at an air force base in Suffolk. Charles Halt is one of a number of senior former airmen who went public today over claims that UFOs had tampered with nuclear missiles in the US and the UK.

    'We saw a bright glowing object like an eye': U.S. airman's startling testimony about UFO encounter near UK nuclear base
    The article also has the full video [1:55:51] 2001 UFO Disclosure Project Press club Briefing from May 2001.

    Former Air Force officers discuss UFO sightings
    Military Times, 27th September 2010

    NPC Press Conference UFOs and Nukes Sept.27. 2010
    Blip.TV, 27th September 2010
    Beginning missing, 71 minutes. [11:15] Big surprise... In 1980, the most famous UFO incident in the UK occured at Rendlesham Forest near 2 U.S. military bases, RAF Woodbridge and RAF Bentwaters in Suffolk, England. In giving his testimony about his involvement, Colonel Halt actually stated that in his personal opinion, what was seen was either from another dimension or it was extraterrestrial.... wow... At about 58:00, a reporter asks about other spiritual beings in the universe! The response is very interesting...

    Retired Military Personnel To Confirm UFO Incursions at American Nuclear Weapons Sites
    American Chronicle, 20th September 2010
    Consider it the second barrel of the double-barreled shotgun, or the "two" of the proverbial "one-two punch"; the first being Leslie Kean's new book, UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record and now the upcoming press conference being co-hosted by researcher Robert Hastings and former missleer (Minuteman I launch officer - Deputy Missile Combat Crew Commander) Bob Salas.

    Hastings writes: "Declassified U.S. government documents and the testimony of more than 120 former or retired military personnel have established, beyond doubt, the reality of ongoing UFO incursions at American nuclear weapons sites. While most of the incidents apparently involved mere surveillance, in a few cases a significant number of nuclear missiles suddenly and simultaneously malfunctioned, just as USAF Security Policemen reported seeing disc-shaped craft hovering nearby.

    Well, this is following a pattern of retired military men around the world, revealing what they know about UFOs. Presumably, at a very deep level, these men know they are in a position to help the world through the shock of the massive revelations to come. What's more, from what I have read, most military men are very aware that the bright lights are NOT "craft" in the conventional sense of the word, see my many previous UAP comments Best of the Blog Orbs, UAPs & UFO Disclosure. I don't think discussion of incursions at American Nuclear sites is a big deal because the higher levels of radiation tend to make UAPs much more easily visible, that's all. It's these reports of the UAPs firing beams and rendering nuclear weapons useless during tests that is much more interesting... We have to share this planet with this lifeform and it seems that at times in the past, they have taken action... The MSM taking an interest too, UFOs Visited Nuclear Weapons Sites, Former Air Force Officers Say.

    Japanese Air Force Also Has Encounters with UFOs: A New Book by a Retired Lieutenant General
    UFO Digest, 20th September 2010
    Mr. Mamoru Sato (born in 1939), a retired Lieutenant General of the Air Self-Defense Force (air force), has done an epoch-making work: his new book introduces UFO sightings of his colleagues and subordinates. The hardcover book, Jitsuroku: Jieitai Pairotto-tati ga Sekkin-Sogu shita UFO (A True Record: UFOs the Self-Defense Force Pilots Encountered Closely), published by Kodan-sha, the biggest publisher in Japan, appeared July (\1700 + tax; 294 pages). According to his blog, Mr. Sato wrote this book at the publisher’s request. He asked 37 persons (page 120), and, contrary to his expectation (page 40), he got many UFO stories (#1). The witnesses are not against the duty of confidentiality, because any UFO does not exist for our Ministry of Defense. “The subject of UFO is virtually taboo in the Self-Defense Force,” says Mr. Sato at Preface of this book. But it does not mean “cover up.” “There is no such deep meaning.” It means no more than that the high officials of Japanese air force look down on the UFO problem. Thus almost all of these stories were hidden not only from the nation but also from Ministry of Defense! (#2)

    I was absolutely fascinated reading this article... Even Japanese ex-military men are supporting the UFO/UAP disclosure effort, that's fantastic! I was so amazed, I decided this should have it's own separate blog entry. However, I don't think ufologists will be overjoyed, as the stories provided in this article are mostly about the bright lights...

    Pope Benedict XVI's astronomer: the Catholic Church welcomes aliens
    Highly evolved extra terrestrial lifeforms may be living in space and would be welcomed into the church - "no matter how many tentacles", one of the Pope's astronomers has said.

    The Telegraph, 17th September 2010
    The senior Vatican scientist, Brother Guy Consolmagno, said that he would be delighted if we encountered intelligent aliens and would be happy to baptise them. His pronouncement opens up the possibility of space missionaries heading out to the stars to convert aliens to Christianity. [...] He said he was "comfortable" with the idea of alien life and asked if he would baptise an alien, he replied "Only if they asked".

    Dr Consolmango Consolmagno is having a good laugh... but personally, I think the joke has gone too far... Yes, it's obvious that the Vatican knows the truth about the existence of other lifeforms, but there is too many folk who don't have a clue and I think this kind of joking is in poor taste. Please note: the emphasis here is on lifeforms, and I am seriously wondering if we are seeing the media getting on board with some kind of soft disclosure, as it is apparent that there is no choice but to announce the existence of another form of life existing on this planet. From May 2008, the BBC reported, Vatican says aliens could exist

    UFO: THE GREATEST STORY EVER DENIED (Documentary to watch online), September 2010
    Blurb: "Jose Escamilla's controversial film that reveals how the Air Force, the Military and the Pentagon created the cover up surrounding UFOs but using scientists and astronomers in the 1940's and 1950's to lie to the public about the reality of the UFOs by denying they exist.

    This carefully crafted film contains the information about the real facts behind the UFO Phenomena and statements by some of the most important people that have worked within the White House. CIA, NASA, NSA, NRO and many fields of the armed forces and the Air Force. These people have come forth to deliver the truth about UFOs for the public to know. This film is the definitive answer on whether or not we are alone in the Universe. Running Time 1:42:00." courtesy:

    Excellent! Jose Escamilla reveals that most UFOs are another lifeform that is visible in the infra-red, but the film documents the history of UFO research that was first started by the US Military and then goes on to explain that most technology that has been obtained from backengineering 'craft' type UFOs has been suppressed. After watching this video, the intelligentsia will now understand why space weather is such a big problem... the veil is lifting and there is absolutely nothing that the controllers can do about it and worse, GPS accuracy needed for military operations is quickly deteriorating due to spaceweather and increasing ionospheric 'electron' flux whatever you believe these zero volume point particles to really be...

    Monitoring network to scan skies for meteors, UFOs
    Global Times, 7th September 2010
    A meteor-monitoring network to be completed this year may provide more solid evidence to confirm or debunk UFO sighting claims. The city will establish six monitoring stations to observe flying objects that cross the sky, the first of their kind in the country.

    With 3 million yuan ($441,897.78) in government funding, the network will mainly be used to track falling stars, comets and meteors of a certain brightness, said Kou Wen, the Beijing Planetarium expert in charge of the project. The station can observe and record almost anything that flies overhead, including meteor showers and UFOs, Kou said, providing a chance to supply more accurate documentation that can be used to verify or dismiss UFO witness reports.

    This is particularly interesting as the Chinese seem to have taken a global lead in their interest in UFOs. Update! What the hell...


    Academician: Aliens exist, but also have weaknesses
    People's Daily Online, 23rd August 2010

    Wang Sichao, a researcher and planetary astronomer at the Purple Hills Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that he believes extraterrestrial beings do exist and their UFOs have the ability to visit our earth. However, he disagrees with British scientist Stephen Hawking, who believes an encounter with aliens would spell disaster to human beings.

    Wang has done the astronomical observation work for 39 years and he publicized his opinion on a science forum held in Guangzhou today.

    Wang also found that in the terrestrial space between the height of 130 kilometers and 1,500 kilometers, UFOs have appeared many times. Their flying speed is much slower than the first cosmic velocity. Some are even as slow as 0.29 kilometers per second and they can fly in the 1,460 kilometers' height for more than 25 minutes.

    This means UFOs have the anti-gravity ability. Otherwise, they would fall soon. Wang came to these conclusions based on the spherical astronomy and physics method and his years of observation at Purple Hills Observatory as well as the quantitative analysis of some significant UFO events.

    Many people are worried that the aliens would invade the earth and if they do exit, is could be a calamity for human beings. Hawking is one person who holds such a theory.

    However, Wang said it's too early to come to this conclusion.

    "If they are friendly to us, we can promote the human beings' civilization through exchange and cooperation with them. If they are not, as long as we prepared for their invasion, we can beat them back based on their weaknesses. After all, they are life entities, they would show their slips," Wang said. By Wang Qianyuanxue, People's Daily Online

    One commentator has stated that this statement amounts to disclosure because nothing is printed in the media without the permission of the Chinese government. Quite frankly, if governments realise that the game is up and that the veil is lifting and all the stuff that can be detected on radar is now appearing more often, then what choice do they have but to disclose?

    Skeptic misses point behind UFO book
    Solid sightings cited in ‘UFOs’; serious investigation needed

    MSNBC News, 7th September 2010
    When I wrote my book about officially documented UFO reports, I fully expected the skeptics to react. That’s why I was careful to focus only on the very best evidence from the most credible sources in "UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record." Since 95 percent of all sightings are eventually identified, the book is concerned only with the remaining 5 percent — those UFO events that have been thoroughly investigated, involve multiple witnesses and ample data, but still cannot be explained. That didn’t stop James Oberg, a space analyst for NBC News, from complaining that the book was based on a “questionable foundation.”

    Meanwhile, the energetic bombardment of Earth continues and the veil continues to lift. so we are seeing a dramatic increase in UFO or UAP reports. The skeptics just close their eyes tighter and the confused stay confused... At the end of the day, reality is reality and as part of understanding the evolutionary changes on this planet, I am most interested in what people are going to be seeing on a regular basis. Hence, I have been watching Terence McKenna videos, because his Timewave Zero theory is being evaluated as the end is near as they say. In his guise as an urban shaman, he was in no doubt that The Apocalypse was about our world being transported into a higher dimensional state. However, I will disagree with his reasoning and state that The Apocalypse is about the ability of higher dimensional entities to appear in our reality. Simply, there is a need to explain how this could occur across the whole planet. Currently Space Weather is the only logical explanation for increasingly higher energy levels on our planet.

    So The Apocalypse is easy to understand if we take the example of orb entities and imagine them as being like light bulbs that have an ability to switch themselves on. If the current is weak there is hardly any difference (especially during the day) and the bulb remains dim and remains invisible to us, however if the current is strong, the brightness makes them much more noticeable (especially at night). Sigh... the whole UFO/UAP issue is just passé. For those who have opened their ideas and are prepared to accept reality as it is, evolutionary change means many people are seeing huge balls of light and the rest of the weird interdimensional spectrum on a regular basis.

    Btw, I wonder if any of the skeptics have read the article UFOs, Sovereignty and Politics, which reads: ""UFO ignorance is political rather than scientific"- that's the conclusion of two prominent university professors who had the results of their research on UFOs published in the August 2008 edition of Political Theory. The paper by Wendt’s and Duvall’s is available online, here is the abstract, Sovereignty and the UFO but the full paper can be downloaded here .

    Strange yellow organge light - The British 'X' files revisited (Video)
    UK UFO Sightings, 2nd September 2010
    Location of Sighting: Fairlight, Hastings, East Sussex
    Date of Sighting: Saturday 28th August
    Time: around 9.30 p.m.
    Witness Name: Jenny Healey

    Witness Statement: I (and a friend Andrew) saw one of these yellow orange lights last Saturday (August 28th) evening when I was visiting in Fairlight (near to Hastings). Similar to the others reported – we were sitting outside on the patio and the light (bright yellow)came over the house in a straight line (heading roughly south east I think)- moving at a steady speed in a straight line at what appeared to be a steady height – below the few clouds but quite high(but difficult to judge) and no sound at all (which was strange, slightly eerie)It continued until it just disappeared from sight.

    Andrew took a photo on his mobile, unfortunately it's just a pinprick of light in the distance. I'm not the first in the family to report a sighting - my father saw something over fifty years ago when he was a pilot in the RAF - which was hushed up quickly and became one of the British 'X' Files. Copy and paste the link below to see film of his interview (and his co-pilot) all that time ago.

    I was absolutely enchanted by this eyewitness report that provides an historical slant! We are told at the end of this 1953 news report: "RAF intelligence officers are investigating EVERY report of so called flying saucers over Britain." So, now that the UK is overrun with UFOs, officialdom are no longer interested in the opinion of the general public but astronomers and pilots are still able to log their sightings via private agencies, see Best of the Blog archives for details, Best of the Blog - Orbs, UAP Traffic & UFO Disclosure. Well, there are plenty of reports at the usual websites, here are just a few with additional video footage.

    Video: Silent ball of light - Newbury, Berkhsire [UK ]
    UK UFO Sightings, 29th August 2010

    Video: Another UFO reported over Shropshire [UK]
    Shropshire Star, 2nd September 2010
    I can't say this looks like a Chinese lantern... actually, a close up shows a rosy pink hexagonal orb, but I agree, it does look really quite strange, almost like a spot light in the sky. The report came from a real reporter returning from a football match, so we have to trust that, this is a genuine sighting.

    Video of reported UFO in Zhejiang province in China (Video)
    Tucson Citizen, 5th September 2010
    It's just an orb hanging out, but it does morph into a completely different shape at one point when it jumped position in the sky....

    Man stopped by beam of light - Maidstone services [UK] extra
    UK UFO Sightings, 1st September 2010
    (No video but the report made me laugh...)

    UFO book based on questionable foundation: Eyewitness accounts require hard look, even if witness is a pilot (Video)
    MSNBC News, 27th August 2010
    If we trust pilots to carry us through the air safely, and to guard our nation’s skies, then why can't we trust what they tell us about their encounters with unidentified flying objects? That's the question posed by investigative journalist Leslie Kean in her new book, "UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record." It's a compelling question — but is it a good argument for the existence of something truly unexplainable?

    The book's main themes are the extraordinary stories of strange aerial encounters in Europe, South America and even the United States. In these stories, investigators have failed to pinpoint phenomena to explain the sightings. And because the primary witnesses are pilots, the accounts are considered more credible than run-of-the-mill UFO reports. But are they really?

    Kean asserts that pilots are the best describers of aerial phenomena. “They represent the world’s best-trained observers of everything that flies,” she writes. “What better source for data on UFOs is there?... [They] are among the least likely of any group of witnesses to fabricate or exaggerate reports of strange sightings.”

    OK, I am surprised that this book is getting major MSM attention... good! Leslie Kean is a tough cookie and much kudos to her. Of course, the partyline is to pretend that nobody knows what these things are, but I can only suppose that some want scientists to spend the next 50 years investigating this phenomena at their leisure... Those who have a serious interest in metaphysics, in theory, should already know...

    New French aerospace report endorses reality of UFOs
    Open Minds, 16th August 2010
    A new French report released on May 31, 2010 concluded that UFOs are definitely real and possibly of extraterrestrial origin. While not an official government study, the Progress Report of the Sigma/3AF Commission comes from a highly credible source, the Aeronautical & Astronomical Association of France, known as the 3AF, which established a Commission on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena back in May 2008. The Commission’s President is Alain Boudier, a former French Defense attaché, and one of its key members is Jean-Gabriel Greslé, a former fighter pilot who studied at the U.S. Air Force Academy and later became an airliner pilot with Air France, where he experienced a couple of UFO sightings. Greslé has published three UFO books in France, including Unidentified Flying Objects: An Airline Pilot Talks (Guy Trédaniel, 1993).

    The Sigma/3AF is not a final report but just a work in progress document; nevertheless, it provides good background material on the history of official UFO research in France, a balance of Sigma’s work during the last two years, a brief description of the most significant French cases, and some comments and conclusions. The report begins with a brief history of French official UFO research, which is quite extensive: “France is the only country where the collection of Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena (PAN in French) and its scientific study have been assigned since 1977 to a civilian official organization, the CNES (National Center for Space Studies, the French space agency) through the GEPAN study group.” After a short description of this unit, now known as GEIPAN (Study and Information Group on Aerospace Unidentified Phenomena), the report outlines other official or quasi-official French studies, including the famous COMETA (Committee for In-Depth Studies) Report of 1999, issued by a group of high-ranking retired French military and intelligence officers, which concluded that UFOs were real and probably extraterrestrial. [...]

    In the Comments section, the Sigma/3AF report uses unambiguous language, for instance: “No natural phenomenon can account for the majority of observation reports accompanied by electromagnetic detections made by one or several radars. Both the defense services and air traffic control have been confronted a number of times around the world with unknown aerial intrusions or artificially induced phenomena.” Later on, the report goes on to say, “The behavior of these devices during encounters with fighter jets or interceptors – some have participated in real swirling battles in the U.S. – suggests they are controlled, guided or led by particularly sophisticated automation.” And then again, “the air superiority of the craft concerned, if they are indeed crafts, is such that none of the many interceptions which have been made against them, in the United States for example, have been able to overcome one of these devices.”

    The trickle of agencies around the world admitting the existence of UFOs is now becoming a flood and there is a good reason for that. Please note the caution here and the clear indication that military and civilian personnel think that the antics that have been displayed imply that these objects do not conform to the usual laws of physics. Lots of useful links and reports to download here.

    (6th December 2010 comment added.) Interesting, no mention of Chinese lanterns. Yes, the dimensional shift is accelerating, a whole spectrum of plasma entities are appearing, but the typical reaction is a blank. Meanwhile, the truth is very apparent to anyone with intelligence that has studied the UFO/UAP reports for long enough. Guess what? Some French ufologists know the truth or else the highly credible Aeronautical & Astronomical Association of France (3AF) would not have publicised the fact that they had recently acquired the services of an exobiologist. This highly interesting piece of information can be found in the Progress Report of the Sigma/3AF Commission. For the original French version and more details, see New French aerospace report endorses reality of UFOs. Here is the definition of exobiology:
    The branch of biology that deals with the search for extraterrestrial life and the effects of extraterrestrial surroundings on living organisms. Also called astrobiology.

    Former Armed Forces head wanted probe into UFO sighting, newly released files show
    A former head of the Armed Forces wrote to the defence secretary urging him to “demonstrate a more serious concern” over a now famous UFO sighting, files released by the Ministry of Defence disclose.
    Telegraph, 17th August 2010
    Former Armed Forces head wanted probe into UFO sighting, newly released files show A former head of the Armed Forces wrote to the defence secretary urging him to “demonstrate a more serious concern” over a now famous UFO sighting, files released by the Ministry of Defence disclose.

    To be honest, I am now starting to understand why the military have resisted telling the public the truth. Simply, it's not their job anyway, they are not metaphysicans. The UFO phenomena is complex and a mental challenge especially for scientists who do not want their mentality changing. The general public have a low level of education about science and this is more so for metaphysics, but many seem to want to believe the rather childish idea that UFOs represent spaceships or spaceprobes designed and built by humanoid aliens that come from advanced civilisations. Of course this is a very simplistic explanation and the real truth is far more disconcerting and complex for simple minded folk. Also, after my experience with a plastic shaman who was making claims that strongly implied they had no idea what the hell they were talking about, I am incredulous at the high levels of ignorance even within the metaphysical community. If you are going to be a fake, some education is still required! If you don't like this viewpoint, then ask yourself: what do you know about aether physics and aether biophysics?

    Brazil govt to record UFO sightings
    AAP, 12th August 2010
    Brazil is now to officially record any UFO sightings in its vast airspace and make the information available to researchers, according to a government decree published this week. The text calls on military and civilian pilots and air traffic controllers to lodge any experiences with unidentified flying objects with the Aerospace Defence Command in Brasilia along with any material proof by way of photos or video.

    That evidence will be catalogued at the air force's Historic Documentation Centre in Rio de Janeiro state, where it will be made available to searchers of extraterrestrial life and other people interested. The decree, dated Monday and published on Tuesday, was signed by air force chief Juniti Saito.

    "Air force command does not have the specialised structure needed to carry out scientific investigations on these aerial phenomena and will only register the events," the air force said in a statement sent to the newspaper O Dia. A military air controller in Rio told the daily that respectable witnesses have previously recounted experiences with UFOs. "There are reports by ministers and even a president who saw a UFO," he said.

    It seems that senior Brazilian military officials and UFO researchers have won the battle with the government over the importance of making the existence of Aerial Phenomena "official". Please note: the Brazilians have dropped the tag "Unidentified," because of course, they known what they are...

    Churchill and Eisenhower 'agreed to cover up RAF plane's UFO encounter during WWII', secret files reveal
    Daily Mail, 5th August 2010
    Sir Winston Churchill was accused of covering up a close encounter between an RAF aircraft and a UFO during the Second World War, newly-released files reveal today. The former prime minister allegedly ordered that the unexplained incident over the east coast of England should be kept secret for at least 50 years because it would provoke 'mass panic'.

    The claim, made by a scientist who said his grandfather was one of Churchill's bodyguards, is recounted in declassified Ministry of Defence UFO files made available online by the National Archives. Allegations of the cover-up emerged when the man, from Leicester, wrote to the government in 1999 seeking to find out more about the incident.

    He described how his grandfather, who served with the RAF in the war, was present when Churchill and US General Dwight Eisenhower discussed how to deal with the UFO encounter. The man, who is not named in the files, said Churchill was reported to have exclaimed: 'This event should be immediately classified since it would create mass panic amongst the general population and destroy one's belief in the church.'

    This is a cover story for latest release of UK UFO files and it seems the media loves to remind the public about Winston Churchill and his interest in UFOs. Well, maybe the phenomena was not properly understood in Churchill's time, but we now know that the military have realised that most real ufos are not craft in the conventional sense, but most represent a completely different life form and some are interdimensional 'ether ships' made from intelligent aetheric (plasma) energy. Please note the careful wording here:
    "Asked to intervene, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) agreed there was no evidence of visits by lifeforms from other planets and backed Ladbrokes."
    "An MoD official replied on July 23 1999: 'The MoD does not have any expertise in respect of UFO matters or to the question of the existence of extraterrestrial lifeforms, about which it remains totally open-minded.

    'However, to date the MoD is not aware of any evidence that might substantiate the existence of alien lifeforms and therefore supports the view that your bet should not be upheld.' [emphasis added]
    It's interesting that the UK MOD is wisely directing people to the existence of extraterrestrial life forms rather than hyping up the existence of aliens in craft because after over 60 years of research by scientists, this is the main conclusion that has been reached. Well, the debate is all rather ridiculous now, as the planet is being swamped, the game is up!

    MoD blocks release of UFO files
    AP, 1st August 2010
    The release of files about a Ministry of Defence civil servant-turned-UFO expert has been blocked. Nick Pope has drawn on his experiences working for Britain's official UFO investigation unit for a number of books about aliens and strange sights in the skies.

    Fellow UFO researcher David Clarke made a Freedom of Information request in 2007 for internal MoD documents about Mr Pope's decision to speak publicly about his conversion from sceptic to believer in the possibility that extra-terrestrials are visiting Earth. But more than three years later, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has upheld the department's refusal to publish the files because they contain personal information.

    Mr Pope worked on the MoD's UFO desk from 1991 to 1994, dealing with possible sightings sent in by the public. He published his first book about the phenomena - Open Skies, Closed Minds - in 1996, although he continued working for the MoD until November 2006.

    So what exactly are they hiding? Well, it's obvious to me that the MOD have been aware for decades that most UFOs/UAPs represent another life form and fear the consequences of the general public finding out. However, since the planet is now being swamped as we experience The Return of The Ancestors, I suppose the UK MOD are now collectively holding their breath, whilst some senior military officers in other countries are breaking ranks and speaking of what they know of the situation. Meanwhile metaphysical leaders get an epic FAIL for not realising what exactly was going to happen when the veil lifts.

    Vatican Prepares for ET: Can Religions Survive UFO Reality?
    Alternet Blog, 24th July 2010
    Father Funes, the Director of the Vatican Observatory, believes that the existence of Aliens would not be a contradiction with the Vatican faith. This has created a bit of uproar among the faithful. But Funes says that if ET exists they are God’s creatures.

    Michael Salla, Ph.D. reports: …The Vatican’s new openness on extraterrestrial life is consistent with reports of secret discussions held at the United Nations that began in February 2008. The Vatican’s permanent representative to the UN, Archbishop Celestino Migliore, was reported to have attended along with a number of other prominent government officials to discuss increased UFO sightings and the implications of extraterrestrial visitation. Significantly, Migliore’s position requires that he maintains close relations with the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Sciences. At the time of the secret UN discussions, Migliore made a presentation on moral issues associated with scientific problems such as climate change. Most importantly, the UN discussions reportedly led to a new policy of openness being adopted by approximately 30 nations that would begin in 2009.

    The widespread disclosure that we are NOT alone and that other life forms and humanoid ETs exist and some even live amongst us will act like an evolutionary bomb as it will provoke a crisis for many people. Some will quickly evolve their consciousness and others will regress. It does not matter whether people are believers or not, evolutionary change is accelerating and the dimensions are merging. Folks are seeing orbs and all sorts of other entities now, so at some point reality will sink in, even for the most obtuse. The Catholic Church are way ahead of the curve on this, as they perceive that the religion business may be under threat.

    Uruguay’s Air Force Examines Photo of Possible UFO
    Latin American Herald Tribune, 21st July 2010
    MONTEVIDEO – The Uruguayan air force is analyzing a photograph in which can be seen a black spot of unknown origin in the sky above Montevideo taken on the day of the festivities celebrating the return of the national soccer team from the World Cup tournament in South Africa, the daily El Pais reported Wednesday.

    The air force’s UFO panel, known as Cridovni, received the image on Tuesday from a private citizen, the newspaper said. In the photo, which was reproduced by El Pais, a black spot is visible in the sky above the huge crowd that accompanied the bus carrying the soccer team’s players as they toured the capital and were warmly and gratefully greeted by their countrymen after having secured the fourth place spot in the World Cup competition.

    There really has to be more to this story, I can't imagine that one little speck on a photo would be any interest unless there was also a large speck on radar... But, maybe this is a sign of a high level of openess as the Uruguayan Air Force (FAU) high command declassified its files in June 2009 and then allowed EL PAIS (The National Newspaper) to access its UFO records and eyewitness accounts. For more info see Uruguayan Air Force X-Files disclosure June,2009
    Update Photo! Uruguay: Strange Object Photographed During Parade

    The Latest Challenge
    EdgeScience, July 2010
    Ten years ago, Richard Haines, former chief of the Space Human Factors Office for NASA/Ames Research Center, produced a groundbreaking and largely ignored report called “Aviation Safety in America: A Previously Neglected Factor.” Built upon detailed case studies of 56 near misses involving UFOs going back half a century, Haines argued that pilots attempting to avoid collisions might well overcorrect, with catastrophic results.

    Haines’ research evolved into the National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena (NARCAP), and in a semantic effort to veer away from the loaded UFO term, his team of volunteer analysts — which include pilots, air traffic controllers, aviation administrators — agreed on a new acronym: UAP, or unidentified aerial phenomena.

    In April, NARCAP released a 154-page monster followup entitled “Spherical UAO Activity: A Critical Review,” which should be mandatory reading for Seth Shostak, Paul Davies, Stephen Hawking, and all the other media favorites who keep trying to convince the public there’s no scientific UFO data to evaluate.

    Nice article and I agree about the comments that certain people like Stephen Hawkins should educate themselves on UAPs, before making themselves look stupid whilst rambling about the possible existence of extraterrestrials.

    Another Brazilian Military Reveals UFO Investigation and Observation
    UFO Digest, 8th July 2010
    Commander of an Army installation in the Brazilian Pantanal area determined the official investigation of spherical nocturnal objects reported to have burned vegetation. Military personnel sighted the UFO and obtained photos [...]

    The former military commander reported that in mid 1977 (he was unable to remember the date precisely) he was informed by his men that a small settlement located somewhere in the middle of the Cuiabá-Cáceres Road was highly excited about sightings of a strange and recurring luminous object that appeared predominantly at night. Having always been opened to UFO issues, and seeing the reports were significant, he sent a first man to do the preliminary investigations. [...]

    When asked about his personal view of the alien presence on Earth, Lieutenant-Colonel Leo Tércio Sperb demonstrated that he belongs to a lineage of Brazilian military that is quite open and prepared to face the reality of the UFO Phenomenon. He asserted that he thinks “there’s no question about the existence of other intelligences in contact with Earth’s humankind”, and that “contact between them and us is inevitable and will definitely happen in the future”.

    Isn't it strange that retired senior military from various different countries are speaking out because their governments are not releasing the relevant information into the public domain. Please note the use of language: "spherical nocturnal objects", "strange and recurring luminous object that appeared predominantly at night" & "spherical UFOs, brightly lit". All around the world, the military knows the truth that UFOs are another life form, a complete spectrum of plasma entities with out-of-this-world characteristics. Why do you think that when some of the bigger objects enter our atmosphere, the military do not react, maybe they have learnt that antagonising these objects is a bad idea. From the following accounts, the U.S. military worked out the truth in the mid 1960s. see The Real truth about UFO's and ET's (Ex U.S. Military speak out)

    ET, meet the EU: Call for states to open UFO data
    AP News, 6th July 2010
    BRUSSELS — E.T., call Brussels. A European Union lawmaker called Tuesday for member governments to open their secret files on UFOs, saying people need to know about close encounters of the third kind. Mario Borghezio, an Italian member of the European Parliament, told the Associated Press in an e-mail Tuesday that the EU needs its own "X Files" archive where anyone can see information on UFOs — including data gathered by the military. Borghezio said all European governments should go public and stop what he called a "systematic cover-up." Opening the files is not unprecedented: Last year, Britain published 4,000 pages online on 800 alleged encounters with aliens during the 1980s and 1990s. And over the past three years the British defense ministry has been gradually releasing previously secret UFO papers after facing Freedom of Information demands. Borghezio also said it is essential to have a scientific center to research unidentified flying objects. Its investigations could have "major scientific and technological spinoffs," he said.

    Well, this story as gone from the blogosphere to the mainstream MSM in about one month. MEP Mario Borghezio is fully aware that most UFOs are really plasma entities or UAPs, but the planet is now attracting much more of these entities, so the denial can't go on for much longer.

    UFOs at the UN -- A Close Encounter
    AOL News, 25th June 2010
    (June 25) -- Will the European Union disclose any UFO files it might have, as one lawmaker called for several days ago, perhaps bringing new facts to a field long relegated by government officials as science fiction? Maybe, but this isn't the first time world leaders have had a close encounter with UFOs. As AOL News reported here earlier this week, Italian Northern League party leader Mario Borghezio has urged all 27-member EU governments to open the books and reveal any previously secret UFO files. UFO Crusader Mario Borghezio Carsten Koall, Getty Images Mario Borghezio, a member of the European Parliament, is lobbying the EU to release its secret UFO files. In Borghezio's declaration, he mentioned a 1978 United Nations summit in which "the 33rd General Assembly ... formally recognized UFOs as a valid issue."

    It's only taken a week for this news to go mainstream, and now we have the name ot the Italian MEP. He knows that most ufologists are hyping up their fantasies and that the vast majority of UFO sightings are plasma phenomena, UAPs.

    European Union Parliamentarian Calls For End to UFO Secrecy
    UFO Blogger, 18th June 2010
    After UFO Disclosure by UK, Denmark, Sweden, Uruguay, Russia, and New Zealand government publishing its own x-files in public domain in next few weeks. And CIA disclosure document revealing that DIA Remote Viewers 'saw' Extraterrestrial on Saturn moon Titan. Now the Italian EU MP Mario Borghezio on 14 June 2010, had tabled a written statement. In it he calls on member of states to disclosure the documents relating to UFOs. According to document :
    • 1. Considers it essential to set up a scientific center for the analysis and dissemination of the scientific data gathered to date by various European bodies and governments;
    • 2. Calls for public archives on UFOs to be opened up and for records to be declassified by the Member States, thus providing the public and the mass media with access to the full range of documentation on the subject;
    • 3. Instructs its President to forward this declaration, together with the names of the signatories, to the Council, the Commission and the governments of the Member States.

    So far 17 EU members have signed the statement. Disclosure request document had received the signatures of the majority of the EU Parliament. The written statement P7_DCL (2010) 0057 also indicates that the UFOs are a major safety problem and further states that in the 33rd United Nations General Assembly in 1978 it was formally recognized as well. According to UFO disclosure request document UFO sighting data collected by the Member States could "important scientific and technological impact" entail. Therefore urge the signatories not just "the opening of state archives on UFOs and the lifting of secrecy", but also propose the establishment of a scientific UFO observatory. Down-below is EU Parliament UFO Disclosure Request Document:

    Due to information available on the internet, I strongly suspect that this Italian European MEP, is completely aware that UAPs represent another life form, and hence why he wants an observatory. That is NOT what you would ask for if one suspected that humanity was under any kind of threat. The other give away is the reference to 'safety', which should read 'aviation safety' and is an oblique reference to NARCAP's Spherical UAP and Aviation Safety: A Critical Review - April 2010 .

    Shrugging off Bigelow’s killer UFOs
    Herald Tribune Blog, 9th June 2010
    Robert Bigelow, the jillionaire hotelier who wants to build the world’s first private space station, doesn’t do much media — mos def not De Void — so Monday’s profile in the New York Times is worth a read. [...] But suddenly — screee! — reporter Kenneth Chang shifts lanes and shears the guardrails. Quote:
    His space stations are not his only interest in space. “I’ve been a researcher and student of U.F.O.’s for many, many years,” Mr. Bigelow said. “Anybody that does research, if people bother to do quality research, come away absolutely convinced. You don’t have to have personal encounters.”

    He added: “People have been killed. People have been hurt. It’s more than observational kind of data.”

    So Bigelow is now talking about UFOs in the New York Times, which is interesting after we are told he can be hardly bothered with the press... Anyway, that should make a few pundits pay a little more attention to what's going on. Btw, some of the deaths have been caused by pilots trying to do stunts to avoid UFOs and have not made it. Other deaths have been caused by pilots trying to chase UFOs, and have crashed their planes for various reasons like going too high and running out of oxygen. Then there are planes that have disappeared, but we can't assume it was due to being swallowed up by a UFO. I actually read one story about a daredevil pilot that actually flew a small aircraft around a huge 'mothership' UFO, whilst smaller UFOs were exiting and he lived to tell the tale, so there are no hard and fast rules about these 'deaths,' but the UK MOD UAP report stresses the need for pilots to NOT try to outmaneuver UFOs/UAPs, it's simply a very bad idea. Please note: the December 2009 press release by the US FAA informing pilots and air traffic controllers that if they come across a UFO to contact Bigelow's organisation - Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) (voice: 1-877-979-7444 or e-mail: Bigelow knows the score on what UFOs represent, and I am grateful, he realises that he has to inform others, simply, authorities have no choice, the planet is being swamped.

    Nuclear Physicist Describes Vast UFO Cover-Up
    AOL News, 7th June 2010
    [...] You're fighting the forces of 'evil,' one might say -- arrogance and ignorance."

    While some scientists through the years have quietly suggested Earth has been visited by ETs, Friedman is the most outspoken.
    He's especially irked by the attitude of scientists who use radio and optical telescopes in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, such as the SETI Institute in California.

    "Their livelihood depends on the assumption that there's nobody coming here, and if we just wait long enough, we're going to pick up the signal and it'll be the greatest discovery in man's history, and it will help solve all our problems.

    "What really bothers me is that the SETI people will tell you there is no evidence for UFOs.
    Well, they certainly don't reference any, so there must not be, right? Wrong!" If so, why would reputable scientists refuse to consider that Earth may be a vacation spot for otherworldly travelers?

    "Because they'd have to admit that they'd ignored such a big story for so long and that they were wrong," Friedman said.

    "Being wrong is something that scientists don't like to admit at all." [...]

    Plus, in 2008, the pope's chief astronomer, the Rev. Gabriel Funes, proclaimed that intelligent beings created by God might actually exist in outer space, and that it wouldn't contradict a belief in God. All of that gives Friedman hope.

    This is the mainstream press, so does this suggest that more pundits are starting to wonder? So Friedman is going after the SETI guys, well, they already know they have a problem, huge balls of fire swooping down on folks in the UK cannot have gone unnoticed. What's interesting, is that the link came from a shorter version at Fox News Vast UFO Cover-Up a 'Cosmic Watergate,' Says Nuclear Physicist

    I found a nice easy to read paper called On the Importance of SETI for Transhumanism , and I got the distinct impression that the authors are not too thrilled with the intellectual arguments and skepticism towards the existence of alien life forms. Here is a quote:
    "Curiously enough, some transhumanists seem to share the view, previously regarded as the exclusive playground of religious (notably Christian) fundamentalists, that intelligent life on Earth is unique, at least in the Galactic context.[3] Consequently, they reject any interest in astrobiological and SETI questions, even in the contexts in which it directly (and possibly adversely) influences some of the basic tenets of transhumanism. This strain of thought is expressed particularly well, for instance, in an otherwise brilliant paper on existential risks humanity faces (Bostrom 2001):
    The probability of running into aliens any time soon appears to be very small... If things go well, however, and we develop into an intergalactic civilization, we may well one day in the distant future encounter aliens. If they were hostile and if (for some unknown reason) they had significantly better technology than we will have then, they may begin the process of conquering us. Alternatively, if they trigger a phase transition of the vacuum through their high-energy physics experiments (see the Bangs section) we may one day face the consequences. Because the spatial extent of our civilization at that stage would likely be very large, the conquest or destruction would take relatively long to complete, making this scenario a whimper rather than a bang. ...

    There must be (at least) one Great Filter – an evolutionary step that is extremely improbable – somewhere on the line between Earth-like planet and colonizing-in-detectable-ways civilization ADDIN ENRfu[64]. If the Great Filter isn’t in our past, we must fear it in our (near) future. Maybe nearly every civilization that develops a certain level of technology causes its own extinction. Luckily, what we know about our evolutionary past is consistent with the hypothesis that the Great Filter is behind us. ...

    This would change dramatically if we discovered traces of life (whether extinct or not) on other planets. Such a discovery would be bad news. Finding a relatively advanced life-form (multicellular organisms) would be especially depressing.
    Thus, we are led into a bizarre situation that out of all scientific disciplines, astrobiology is the only one whose successes are not desirable. This particularly applies to the SETI sector of the astrobiological endeavor. To other complaints against the SETI enterprise, one is tempted to add another: psychological welfare of humanity, namely the need to avoid being “depressed”!" [Bold added for emphasis]
    Link: On the Importance of SETI for Transhumanism ,
    Well, I imagine that a few people in the know, have been in a very depressed state for quite a long time already!

    Spherical UAP and Aviation Safety: A Critical Review
    NARCAP News, May 2010
    From the Preface: "This collection of articles is focused upon this single form. Each article considers a particular aspect of spherical UAP, those poorly understood but ubiquitous visual phenomena in Earth's atmosphere that existed yesterday, exist today, and will very likely exist far into the future!"

    It looks like NARCAP [National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena] have knocked it out the box with this collection of articles on the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs), 23 documents and 21 MB. It does not matter that there is widespread ignorance amongst the general public, some pilots believe that they should be aware of everything in the skies that could have an affect on their flight. Please note: the webpage title "Project Sphere". Like anyone who is prepared to do the work, and this organisation has massive catalog of 1300+ sightings from military, airliner and private pilots sightings from 1916 to 2000 that is available online, they have taken into account that the vast majority of UAPs are spheres or orbs.

    UFO Disclosure 2010: No Government Will Prevent It
    Basil and Spice, 18th April 2010
    The question of UFO Disclosure in the United States is of ultimate importance. The people ask that their representatives come clean on this “taboo” subject. Since Roswell, American skepticism has grown on both sides of the issue. Disinformation, debunkers, supporters, glorifiers, believers abound, while credible witnesses have come forward. Utilizing the internet’s capabilities to get the message out through YouTube, blogging, forums, and links to ufologists’ sites—there’s no escaping the fact that the human populace wants real information. [...]

    I actually added a comment here, because there are too many people who are hoping for humanoid ETs to turn up. Some of the orbs have demonstrated their intelligence in trying to wake humans up, hence the crop circles, but most UAPs/orbs are minding their own business and their appearance is due to cosmic factors that cannot be stopped, so disclosure about their presence MUST start here first.

    Documentary: 'The Portal: The Hessdalen Light Phenomenon' [2009]
    YouTube, March 2010
    Background Information: Hessdalen is a small valley in the central part of Norway. At the end of 1981 through 1984, residents of the Valley became concerned and alarmed about strange, unexplained lights that appeared at many locations throughout the Valley. Hundreds of lights were observed. At the peak of activity there were about 20 reports a week.

    Project Hessdalen was established in the summer of 1983. A field investigation was carried out between 21.January and 26.February 1984. Fifty-three light observations were made during the field investigation. In 1994, Assistant professor Erling Strand, the founder of the Hessdalen project, conducted together with assistant professor Bjørn Gitle Hauge, østfold University College Norway, the first international congress of the Hessdalen phenomena. This congress attracted 28 scientists from all over the world and boosted the scientific research in Hessdalen.

    Statements from the congress indicated that explanation of the phenomena could lead to new concepts in physics. This congress also started the collaboration between østfold University College in Norway and CNR in Italy. In 1999, Dr. Stelio Montebugnoli and assistant professor Bjørn Gitle Hauge started the EMBLA project, with the purpose of studying the electromagnetic radiation and behavior of the Hessdalen phenomena. Lights are still being observed in the Hessdalen Valley, but their frequency has decreased to about 20 observations a year.

    The Hessdalen pheomenon of what looks like a burning ball of fire is explained in part 5 of this documentary as 'magnetic field plasmoids'. This documentary was made by independent Norwegian filmakers with the cooperation of the Hessdalen Research Association. The following is the conclusions from over 25 years of research and after Italian SETI scientists got involved with much more highly sophisticated equipment.
    • The phenomenon is identified as a bright flying object with special characteristics making it unique to science.
    • The phenomenon is more complex and diverse than expected, indicating more than 1 single kind of phenomenon.
    • The phenomenon is sometimes made up of separate units that may depart and fly away.
    • The speed varies from still to 8km per second.
    • The phenomenon changes course in speeds indicating no mass by physical means.
    • The phenomenon seems to be able to take on pieces of plasma or energy from the ground whilst passing by.
    • The phenomenon seems to radiate energy due to the light and frequency change of colour.
    • Many interesting spectra in the optical and radio frequency range have been detected but more data is needed to draw proper conclusions.
    "These scientific data are quite sensational! We are dealing with a real existing phenomenon which can be observed even though this is difficult." Terje Toftenes, 2009
    For additional information, see the research paper 10 YEARS OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH OF THE HESSDALEN PHENOMENA (2004)

    Italian UFOs on the radar
    De Void Blog Herald Tribune, 17th March 2010
    How’s your Italian? De Void can say “ciao” and “that’s amore!” and that’s about it. So De Void isn’t quite sure what happened in Rome on Monday. But did Italy just become the latest government to dump its UFO reports online?

    Thanks to a post from Norway’s Alfred Rosberg, it appears as if one Col. Marco Picciau, a security boss for the Italian Air Force, did some major media two days ago to publicize its own UFO — or OVNI — puzzle. A rough reading from its official Web site indicates the Italian military has been collecting UFO reports since 1978.

    If Italy’s declassified UFO archives are now open to public scrutiny, De Void’s just flat-out lost count of how many countries that makes now: the UK, Brazil, France, Denmark, Uruguay, Canada, etc. Which is kinda weird, like March Madness without the top seed, but hey, American exceptionalism still rocks.

    The article says it all really, the "dumping" of UFO files by yet another country, surely must provoke a few more folk to wonder: what is going on? All UFO websites that allow the public to log sightings have noted a huge increase in reports! There is also a possibility that these are just military files and NOT government files.

    UFO sightings will vanish in the ex files
    The Times, 29th February 2010
    The Ministry of Defence will destroy future reports of UFOs to prevent them from being made public, a memo has revealed. The British UFO investigation unit and hotline were closed at the start of December. Since then reports have been kept for 30 days. It means that details of sightings will be exempt from freedom of information laws. The memo said that an increase in reports had diverted staff from “more valuable” defence-related activities. The MoD had 634 reports of sightings last year, the highest total since 1978.

    The MoD is releasing its past UFO files through the National Archives. Five instalments have been made public, which is about a third of the total. [...] The UFO expert said that the MoD’s new policy on destroying reports would make it much more difficult to uncover the truth about incidents in the future. “It’s like they’re desperately trying to avoid having to answer FoI requests on this subject,” he said. “Even if something quite serious happened, perhaps where there was a near-miss with an airline, the MoD will say, ‘we may have had a report on it, but we’ve destroyed it’.”

    It's now two years since the mainstream press noted the huge rise in UFO sightings and I suppose the UK MOD is seen as an official body that has the power to confirm the existence of another lifeform on this planet and they don't want to take that responsibility. At this moment in time, due to the Space Weather onslaught, we can only presume that the evolution of spacetime is still happening, the veil is still lifting and soon it will become obvious to all and sundry that our reality has fundamentally changed. Curiously, some in the mainstream have already worked this out and they did not need help from the metaphysical community, which I find very interesting.

    MoD blanked out 'uncomplimentary comments' on UFO files
    The Independent, 21st February 2010
    The Ministry of Defence had to blank out "uncomplimentary comments" made by officials about members of the public before publishing its UFO files, a newly released document shows.

    Following a deluge of requests under the Freedom of Information (FoI) Act 2000, the MoD agreed to disclose its full archive of reported sightings of unexplained sights in the skies. But a previously secret memo reveals that the files had to be edited for references to military technology, relations with other countries and insulting remarks about the public written by defence officials and police. [...]

    Dealing with all the FoI requests for information about UFOs was becoming "increasingly costly and time-consuming" by 2007, with the Directorate of Air Staff (DAS) receiving 199 applications in 2005 alone, the memo shows. [...]

    "Contrary to what many members of the public may believe, MoD has no interest in the subject of extraterrestrial life forms visiting the UK, only in ensuring the integrity and security of UK airspace," it says.

    What? So the UK Ministry of Defence are now starting to talk in terms of extraterrestrial life forms visiting the UK! Now, we are getting somewhere! Update
    There are some great comments over at the UK UFO sightings website. Here is the wonderful Scottish Tam Westwater replying in local dialect.
    Tam Westwater
    March 1st, 2010 at 2:39 pm

    Ah dinnae ken what your oan pal but ah think weir aw gaun tae need tae get some tae if aw this buznis cairys oan. An atmosphere of encoragement? Mair like fear and incredewlity up here. And aw ye get frae the quack is some looloo pills that send ye gaga but maybe if we get oany o yer alien visitations that might be the best fir some fowk bat ah kin tell ye ah want tae be richt oan the baw when that happins. In fact, if the aliens land oanytime afore this May then we should get them tae staund in the election, that wid be the oany bricht side ah could see oanyway. Still nowt oan the telly or internet apairt frae here. How come? 10 Comments on “MoD blanked out ‘uncomplimentary comments’ on UFO files”
    Hilarious! LOL!

    Ministry of Defence standard reply to UFO sightings
    The Ministry of Defence received 1,666 reports of UFO sightings between 1996 and 2000 and most were sent a standard reply following this template.
    The Telegraph, 19th February 2010
    Dear Sir / Madam,

    2. The Ministry of Defence examines any reports of "unidentified flying objects" it receives solely to establish whether what was seen might have some defence significance; namely whether there is any evidence that the UK Air Defence Region might have been compromised by hostile or unauthorised foreign military activity.

    3. Unless there is evidence of a potential military threat, and to date no UFO report has revealed such evidence, we do not attempt to identify the precise nature of each sighting reported to us. We believe that rational explanations, such as aircraft lights or natural phenomena, could be found for them if resources were diverted for this purpose, but it is not the function of the MOD to provide the kind of aerial identification service. It would be an inappropriate use of defence resources if we were to do so.

    4. With regard to your particular observation, I can confirm that we received no other reports of UFO sightings for [insert date] in or around the region, and we are satisfied that there is nocorroborating evidence to suggest that the United Kingdom's airspace was breached by unauthorised military aircraft.

    Yours sincerely,

    I have updated the typo here mistyped as 'of' to 'or' natural phenomena. Maybe sometime in the future, another agency will send out a similar letter stating: 'We believe that rational explanations, such as aircraft lights, natural atmospheric or meteorological phenomena and of course the 'radar angels', are the probable source of your sighting...' The radar angels are made up of the primordial energy of the universe, plasma that can appear in an abundance of different compositions from crystalline, liquid fire, nebulous to metallic that can vary with brightness and/or appear luminous. Unfortunately, the general public are uneducated about such matters and so the mystery is perpetuated.

    Churchill UFO request revealed
    ITN News, 17th February 2010
    Copy: New documents released by the Government reveal former prime minister Winston Churchill expressed curiosity in "flying saucers" and requested a briefing from his ministers. The "Churchill Memorandum" sent from the wartime leader on July 28 1952 to Lord Cherwell, secretary of state for air, is one of hundreds of UFO files released by the Ministry of Defence and National Archives.

    In the note, Mr Churchill briefly writes: "What does all this stuff about flying saucers amount to? What can it mean? What is the truth? Let me have a report at your convenience."

    The response to his memo, explained that following an intelligence study conducted in 1951 the "flying saucers" could be explained by "one or other" of the following four causes: Known astronomical or meteorological phenomena; mistaken identification of conventional aircraft, balloons, birds etc; optical illusions and psychological delusions; and deliberate hoaxes.

    Well, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena would have to come under the "known astronomical or meteorological phenomena", it's that simple. Since plasma makes up 99.999% of the visible universe and 100% of what we can't see, the big mystery was solved a long time ago, but since knowledge is power, some people want the masses to stay unenlightened. Also;

    Churchill demanded UFO briefing: secret files
    Associated Press, 17th February 2010

    MoD's records of UFO sightings a close encounter of the absurd kind
    The Guardian News, 18th February 2010
    It's obvious that the media think the best way to stop people reporting their sightings is to ridicule the whole UFO/UAP phenomena. However, people no longer give a *#%?& about the opinion of the media. The catchphrase these days is: "I know what I saw!"

    SETI Opens All Data and Coding to the Public
    News Junkie Post, 12th February 2010
    The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) just announced that it is releasing all information to the public. was launched on Wednesday to facilitate the release and help coordinate an ‘army of citizen scientists’ to help search for anomalies in interstellar microwave patterns. The NewScientist reports, “SETIQuest is the product of astronomer Jill Tarter’s TED Prize wish. After being awarded the TED Prize last year, Tarter was given the opportunity to make a single wish before an auditorium full of the top names in technology and design. Tarter wished that they would “empower Earthlings everywhere to become active participants in the ultimate search for cosmic company”.

    This is not disclosure, it's just more marketing and PR! People need to understand that a shadow biosphere is now appearing everywhere and what it means... I am at a lost as to how some people think it can be ignored... The situation is going to get so bad that governments will be FORCED to disclose the presence of another lifeform on this planet. I am only wondering how long that will take, but as the changes to spacetime are now accelerating exponentially, it will be soon.... I've had another thought; maybe we can consider this move as more "baby steps". I am sure that the powers that be are not stupid and realise that something major is happening, (the Obama Administration don't wander around the metaphysical community asking pertinent questions for nothing), so this maybe the first step in disclosing a shadow biosphere. Take your pick, PR or "baby steps", I think I will flip a coin...

    UFO papers to be made public [NZ]
    The Press, 23rd January 2010
    Hundreds of pages of secret files on New Zealand UFO sightings will be released by the military this year. The files include reports of UFO sightings from 1979 to 1984 and references to the Kaikoura sighting of December 1978. The files are held by Archives New Zealand and were to have been made public this month, but the Defence Force is removing personal information from them to comply with the Privacy Act.

    "At the moment we are working on making copies of these files, minus the personal information," a Defence Force spokeswoman said. "Once this work is completed, we are hoping to be able to release a copy of all the UFO files, including some ahead of their release time, within the year."

    Lights were seen in the sky over Kaikoura in December 1978 and were filmed by an Australian news crew. Aircraft tracked the lights, which were also seen on radar.

    More UFO disclosure! The veil is lifting, world authorities have no choice, it's an attempt to salvage some credibility. See, Readers respond with `UFO' photos [NZ]

    Should Mainstream Media DEMAND To See The Outcome Of FAA UFO Reports Given to Robert Bigelow?
    UFO Discosure Countdown, 17th January 2010
    Hello, welcome to the UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock (UDCC) thanks for having an inquisitive mind and coming to this article. And, as you can see from the title of this post, I am wondering WHY the American Public hasn't been given something that is rightfully theirs - government information about UFO's - that the `government' office of the FAA - has been providing to a particular man and organizations. And, if you haven't been following this issue lately, to catch you up to speed - it has been internet fodder for the last couple of weeks to more closely examine what Robert Bigelow and his money has been doing with official UFO reports by airline pilots and ground control - as directed by the FAA manual for how to handle such incidents --- for almost the last decade.

    I quite like this UFO website because the entries are quite thoughtful, articulate and balanced. Despite the dismay of ufologists about the lack of disclosure, I am now very confident that it won't be long now. The cake is being baked and it is starting to rise, soon everyone in the house, not just the kitchen will smell cake. The dimensions are truly opening up and NOBODY on this planet has the power to stop the process of transformation.

    Hillary Clinton’s ET book discovered
    Open Minds, 15th January 2010
    In the 1990’s Laurance Rockefeller became interested in paranormal phenomena, especially with UFOs and Extraterrestrial visitation. He funded scientific investigations and organized and funded a briefing document to record the best evidence (Open Minds journalist, Antonio Huneeus was a key contributor to this document). Rockefeller also conferred with the Clintons regarding the release of files by President Bill Clinton.

    Researcher Grant Cameron, who runs the website, was able to retrieve documents through the Freedom of Information Act that showed Rockefeller was soliciting help form Hillary’s staff on drafting a document to President Bill Clinton in 1995. The title of the document was: Lifting Secrecy on Information About Extraterrestrial Intelligence as Part of the Current Classification Review. In August of 1995 the Clintons made a trip to Rockefeller’s JY Ranch near Jackson’s Hole, Wyoming. Many speculate that UFOs and ETs must have been a subject of conversation during the visit. However, there has never been any proof of this, until now.

    Hillary Clinton and her interest in ETs will always be associated in my mind with the ignoramous who wrote to tell me I had gone off the rails because I answered a fair question when asked in an interview about UFOs. My reaction then and now is: would this person have the nerve to write to Hillary Clinton and tell her she has gone off the rails? I don't think so! There must be a tremendous number of people waking up now and realising we are definitely NOT alone!

    British UFO reports triple in final MoD report
    News Lite, 13th January 2010
    The MoD may have recently closed their UFO department, but 2009 saw the one of the highest number UFO sightings ever recorded. Over 600 odd lights or strange objects were reported to the Ministry of Defence 'X Files' bureau last year - which was quietly axed in December.

    That number made 2009 the busiest year since 1978 for the department, which investigated all claims - more than 12,000 since it was opened in 1950. Among the recent sightings was someone from Essex who saw a flying orange light the size of a 20p coin and a man from Doncaster who saw one the size of 30 jumbo jets. Indeed many of the reports involved an OBOL (Orange Ball of Light) - In completely unrelated news, has anyone noticed how popular those Chinese Lanterns are at the moment. Link MoD 2009 Report (pdf)

    Hmmm.... Download the pdf, most reports suggest UAP phenomena as suggested in this article, no wonder the MOD just gave up and shut down the UFO desk.

    Brit UFO Reports Triple in 2009
    The Sun, 13th January 2010
    In 2009 there were 643 reports of bizarre lights, strange spheres and curious orbs in our skies — a figure only beaten in 1978. UFO expert Nick Pope said 31 years ago there were 750 reports from panicked members of the public. [...] Mr Pope, who used to run the MoD's UFO project, said last night: "This is incredible. Britain is being inundated with UFO sightings. "I'm sure the record would have been smashed had the MoD not terminated the UFO project late last year. "These sensational figures just show how wrong that decision was. "There are sightings here from military personnel, police officers and air traffic controllers."

    How not to report a UFO
    With UFO sightings at record levels, the Ministry of Defence should not have closed its hotline. This is a sad day for science
    The Guardian, 4th December 2009
    On December 1 the Ministry of Defence terminated its UFO project. After over 50 years of investigating the phenomenon, the plug was pulled in a most unceremonious way.

    The news was slipped out so as not to attract attention. An amendment was made to an existing document in the freedom of information section of the MoD website, entitled "How to report a UFO sighting". The announcement states: "In over fifty years, no UFO report has revealed any evidence of a potential threat to the United Kingdom." It goes on to say that the "MOD will no longer respond to reported UFO sightings or investigate them". [...]

    Having worked on the UFO project from 1991 to 1994, I am very sorry to see the MoD disengage in this way. I believe that where evidence suggests that UK airspace has been penetrated by an unidentified object, this must automatically be of defence interest and should be investigated properly. Not because I believe Britain is vulnerable to an alien attack, but because "if it doesn't behave like a conventional aircraft, we're not interested" is a very dangerous mindset. [..]

    UFO sightings are at record levels and public interest is at an all-time high. Whatever one's views about them, this is a sad day for science. One of the greatest mysteries of the modern era is now much less likely to be resolved.

    I have said it all before. If a UAP is spotted on radar, then the MOD have know for DECADES that they are NO THREAT. They are the RADAR "ANGELS", AND THEY HAVE A RIGHT TO GO ABOUT THEIR BUSINESS! I don't know what the hell Nick Pope is talking about, there is no mystery, just plain ignorance. ETs (humanoid type piloting crafts) are another matter and are probably investigated by secret organisations but they will only represent a very small percent of the reports made by the public.

    The truth is not out there: MoD shuts UFO department after 50 years
    Daily Mail, 4th December 2009
    The Ministry of Defence has closed its UFO investigation unit, it was revealed today. A hotline and email address for the public to report strange sights in the skies to the military were quietly shut down on December 1.

    The MoD said it had received thousands of reports of UFOs over more than 50 years, but none revealed any evidence of a potential threat to the UK or substantial proof of the existence of extra-terrestrials. It justified the decision to axe the X Files-style unit by saying there was no 'defence value' in investigating the sightings. [...]

    Past military files on UFOs will continue to be released by the National Archives. In a statement, the MoD said: 'The MoD has no opinion on the existence or otherwise of extra-terrestrial life. However, in over 50 years, no UFO report has revealed any evidence of a potential threat to the United Kingdom.

    How interesting! I imagine that the amount of calls from puzzled members of the public about strange lights were escalating dramatically, but as the top brass in the UK MOD are well aware, the plasma phenomena that generates the strange lights are indeed, NO THREAT.

    Gold, Frankincense and Mars - Guy Consolmagno
    Colbert Report, 1st December 2009
    Comment: copy: Stephen Colbert welcomes Brother Guy J. Consolmagno to "Comedy Central". The interview clip [6:00] is provided here. Brother Consolmagno was referenced in my book, as he seems to be a prominent Vatican spokesperson on the 'heavens' and is described as a Jesuit scholar who wrote the book The Heavens Proclaim.

    In his reply to Colbert's first question, Brother Consolmagno explained that in the Middle Ages, scholars first had to study astronomy as a way of understanding the Universe before they were allowed to study theology or philosophy as a way of getting to know the Creator. Hmmmm... That tells you just how backward things are now...

    Anyway, check out the NEW VATICAN interpretation of the first verses of GENESIS (my interpretation because Guy actually quotes the start of the Gospel of John, "In the beginning was the word", we get a new meaning for what WORD could mean and then when Colbert mentions angels, we get another interesting perspective that suggests the Vatican believe there is no reason why there should not be other intelligent life and creatures in the universe. WOW!!!! This is primetime knockout entertainment! But seriously...

    What exactly is a Vatican astronomer doing on a prime time TV comedy program talking about ETs and the possibility of extraterrestrial life?
    The metaphysical community should be ashamed for being so far behind the curve.... See articles and documents, Religion and UFOs

    Exopolitics Movement Discredited By Stupid Prediction Of Obama Alien Disclosure
    UFO Disclosure Countdown, 28th November 2009
    As you know, this website attempts to give a realistic overview of the role our government is taking concerning `UFO' Disclosure. And, as you also most likely know, the Ufo Disclosure movement has been around since the early 1990's and most certainly peaked earlier in the decade with Dr. Steven Greer's National Press Club showing in 2001. Unfortunately, it has been nearly ALL been downhill ever since; regardless of folks - in general - being more open to intelligent life elsewhere in the universe and even more open to intelligent life visiting Earth. [...]

    As you know, this website attempts to give a realistic overview of the role our government is taking concerning `UFO' Disclosure. And, as you also most likely know, the `Ufo Disclosure' movement has been around since the early 1990's and most certainly peaked earlier in the decade with Dr. Steven Greer's National Press Club showing in 2001. Unfortunately, it has been nearly ALL been downhill ever since; regardless of folks - in general - being more open to intelligent life elsewhere in the universe and even more open to intelligent life visiting Earth.

    Quite frankly, I am not surprised. If you follow the links here, this blogger explains the politics/reasoning why our politicians are not willing to give up their power. UFO disclosure is now being studied by academics and they have identified the problem as a "metaphysical threat". My view is that the first step is governments admitting that there is another lifeform on this planet and that will be fairly soon, as Space Weather is delivering us a new version of space-time and the veil lifts, making it easier to see the multi-dimensional lifeforms all around us. It is already quite obvious now, with orbs and UAPs making their presence known. Therefore, Bulgarian scientists, communicating with orbs via crop circles making big news in the mainstream press, is very very interesting....

    Respected scientist says aliens are among us
    The Star, 27th November 2009
    A leading astrophysicist who has worked on space missions claims that he and his colleagues are in contact with extraterrestrials who are "living among us." And they don't like what they see.

    Latchezar Filipov, head of the Space Research Institute at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, is causing global ripples after researching crop circles around the world.

    Well, it looks like the Bulgarians have got the world's attention! Actually, this article made me laugh, but I won't say which bit, but the mention of 2012 is also quite provocative. Please note again, scientists are going to have to learn that just because you are in contact with another lifeform, does not mean to say that they have the best interests of humanity at heart, discernment is required. Well, this is oh so interesting.... I will continue to follow this story, you just never know, other scientists might start to make their confessions too....

    It's taken me a while to think about this, but there are instances where crop circles have been formed in a flash, the most famous is the incident in July 2007, the 1,033-Foot-Long East Field Wheat Formation where investigstors were staking out this famous field with a range of sophisticated camera equipment, (see Best of the Blog Crop Circles). The investigators state,
    "We were the first to reach the formation at 4 AM (July 7, 2007) after seeing a very bright flash of light. The wheat circles were raised 6 inches above the ground so when we stepped in, the plants crunched under our feet like we were stepping on delicate crystals."
    - Gary King, Cardiff, U. K. Paralegal.
    Hmmm... maybe we can't make assumptions.... See also Nancy Talbott, December 2009 interview, Robbert van den Broeke's "UFO" Photos: An Interview with Nancy Talbott

    Aliens? They're already living among us, claim Bulgarian government scientists
    Daily Mail, 26th November 2009
    Aliens are already among us on Earth, say Bulgarian government scientists who claim they are in contact with them. Researchers for the country's Space Research Institute said they are currently working on deciphering a complex set of symbols sent to them.

    They claim the aliens are in the process of answering 30 questions posed to them by the Bulgarians. Lachezar Filipov, deputy director of the Space Research Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, confirmed the research was under way.

    In all, his team are analysing 150 crop circles from around the world which they believe answer questions beamed into outer space. Mr Filipov said: 'Aliens are currently all around us, and are watching us all the time. 'They are not hostile towards us, rather, they want to help us but we have not grown enough in order to establish direct contact with them.'

    Obviously, this story has been buzzing around the blogosphere for a few days, but the original Bulgarian story in the Sofia Echo, BAS official: Aliens are among us, does not mention crop circles, so I ignored it. Anyway, in the comments here, someone called "beyondimagination" wrote: Write in Google "crop circles"+plasmoids and you will see some very interesting results.

    Therefore, it seems that the Daily Mail must have checked out the story and got some more relevant details. The link with crop circles suggests that these scientists are in communication with orbs or magnetic entities. It is a scientific fact that the orbs are making the crop circles and people are channelling orbs all the time, so really the only problem is that this dialogue with another lifeform (that is also extraterrestrial), is not "official", because major governments are not admitting this reality, just yet....

    Despite partial disclosure, Europe's UFO files remain mostly under wraps
    In the two years since the French made their top-secret UFO files public, more European nations have declassified documents. But the majority remain tight-lipped with a few refusing to even acknowledge the phenomenon.

    Deutsch Dwelle, 13th October 2009
    On August 4, 1990, an unidentified flying object was seen hovering in daylight near the town of Pitlochry in Scotland. Eyewitnesses stated that the diamond shaped object hung in the sky for about 10 minutes as two military aircraft made a series of low-level passes near it. Almost three weeks later on August 24, hundreds of tourists and local residents observed formations of luminous spheres for over 30 minutes in the sky near the German city of Greifswald, located close to the coast of the Baltic Sea. In November of that year, a triangular object was seen by numerous witnesses passing over Saint-Germain in the Champagne-Ardenne region of France. The object moved slowly at low altitude and emitted beams of light towards the ground before eventually speeding away. So what do the files made public by the likes of France and Britain actually tell the public about the UFO phenomenon in Europe? [...]

    "What these files don't say is almost more important than what they do say," said Nick Pope. "What they don't say is that we have proof that any of these things are extra-terrestrial. What they do say is that European governments have consistently had these things reported to them, sometimes by reliable witnesses such as police officers and pilots." [...]

    "I think this disclosure will lead to a greater understanding of the UFO phenomenon," said Pope. "The release of these files shows that governments do have information and if they liaise with each other, we may get further down the line to explaining this mystery because they all have a little piece of the puzzle. Unfortunately liaison is not common in this field."

    However, the declassification may be discrediting some common UFO myths and lend credibility to sighting claims.

    "When you read about sightings in governmental files from all around Europe with testimonies from military pilots, commercial airline pilots, and radar reports which show these things performing maneuvers and speeds that are way beyond our capabilities, it changes the nature of the debate from an underground anomaly to a mainstream issue," said Pope,"and that has to be a good thing."

    The realisation that most UFOs are not extraterrestrial but are in fact UAPs, a poorly understood plasma phenomena, will soon become known, despite the obvious apprehension of world controllers. There is a link here to another report that reveals that Germany is also having problems with the general public reporting lots of Chinese lanterns. It seems that like the British, the Germans are also blessing each other over and over again with this symbol of hope and good wishes. See, UFO Scare in Germany Just Hot Air: Germany's UFO hotline has been inundated with thousands of calls from people who have mistaken glowing lights in the nighttime sky for alien space objects.

    Brazil declassifies new UFO secrets documents
    UFO Digest, 28 September 2009
    "This is to inform you that the Brazilian Government has just declassified a new set of significant previously secret UFO documents, now covering the 80s. We already had disclosures covering the 50s, 60s and 70s, all with very important documents and information. So far over 4,000 pages have been disclosed.

    The recent disclosure is particularly powerful because it contains dozens of reports of UFOs on May 19, 1986, considered the "Official UFO Night in Brazil", when 21 spherical objects, estimated 100 meters in diameter " according to military sources " were detected by radars and spotted by civilian pilots, and literally jammed air traffic over the major Brazilian Airports, such as Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Then, several Mirage and F5 jets were scrambled to pursue them.

    As a result of that "invasion", the Air Force minister brigadier Octavio Moreira Lima went public about it the other morning on the national TV network, declaring all facts openly. The pilots who took part in the pursue and their commanders also spoke freely about the pursuits, which occurred over several hours."

    Obviously, the real question is why are so many governments and even military unilaterally releasing UFO files? I have said it before, they simple have to or as the veil lifts, they will have NO credibility left in the mind of the general public.

    Britain's X Files: RAF suspected aliens of "tourist" visits to Earth
    A new book reveals details about UFO sightings over British skies after author David Clarke studied declassified Ministry of Defence records.

    The Telegraph, 20th September 2009
    "The book gives new insights into an incident known as "Britain's Roswell" as well as the belief in UFOs by high ranking defence officials." Documents in the files reveal that there were high level defence officials in the 1990s who believed UFOs could be spacecraft piloted by extraterrestrials who could even be conducting "tourist" visits to earth. In 1993, an RAF Wing Commander lobbied MoD officials about the need for a properly funded study.

    He told them: "The national security implications (of UFOs) are considerable. We have many reports of strange objects in the skies and have never investigated them."

    He added: "If the sightings are of devices not of earth then their purpose needs to be established as a matter of priority. There has been no apparently hostile intent and other possibilities are: (1) military reconnaissance, (2) scientific, (3) tourism."

    The Wing Commander, whose name is blanked out in the documents, said the MoD could learn from the craft.

    "If the reports are taken at face value then devices exist that do not use conventional reaction propulsion systems, they have a very wide range of speeds and are stealthy. I suggest we could use the technology, if it exists."

    The internal debate in the MoD came to a head in 1995, when documents were made public revealing that UFO reports were routinely copied to specialist "Defence Intelligence" branches.

    An exasperated intelligence office wrote to the UFO Desk: "I see no reason for continuing to deny that (Defence Intelligence) has an interest in UFOs.

    "However, if the association is formally made public, then the MoD will no doubt be pressurised to state what the intelligence role/interest is.

    "This could lead to disbelief and embarrassment since few people are likely to believe the truth that lack of funds and higher priorities have prevented any study of the thousands of reports received."

    Dr Clarke said: "Some of these officials, like the Wing Commander, obviously believed in some pretty weird stuff. He doesn't seem to have any evidence for his theories, but seems to have just been watching the X Files, like everyone else at the time.

    "These are senior officials and yet they believe some pretty bizarre things."

    An inquiry, Project Condign, was eventually launched in 1996, apparently without the knowledge of then defence secretary Michael Portillo. It was completed in 2000 under Geoff Hoon.

    The report found: "That (UFOs) exist is indisputable. Credited with the ability to hover, land, take-off, accelerate to exceptional velocities and vanish, they can reportedly alter their direction of flight suddenly and clearly can exhibit aerodynamic characteristics well beyond those of any known aircraft of missile – either manned or unmanned."

    It went on that, although they existed, UFOs presented no threat to defence.

    It found that many sightings of UFOs were in fact "plasmas" of gas caused by charges of electricity in the atmosphere.

    The author even suggested that exposure to plasmas could cause responses in parts of the brain that lead to elaborate hallucinations that might be interpreted as supernatural experiences of encounters with aliens.

    The inquiry examined seven "near misses" involving RAF aircraft and "unexplained aerial phenomenon".

    The unnamed author concluded that "the possibility exists that a fatal accident might have occurred in the past" as a result of aircrew avoiding a UFO.

    The study recommended that pilots should make "no attempt. to out manoeuvre a UAP during interception".

    Now, as the dimensional shift progresses, it will no longer be TOP UK DEFENCE BRASS THAT BELIEVE IN "PRETTY BIZARRE THINGS"! Please note that when the The Condign Report [2000] was completed, it was only sent to 11 of the most senior UK Defence officials, that's all. For years, Nick Pope's UFO MOD department were NOT even aware of the report's existence. What's more, the report noted that Russian scientists had put their research about 'Unidentifed Aerial Phenomena' that they called 'Vacuum Domains' and Natural Self Luminous Formations' (NSLF) onto the internet. Somehow, these top Defence officials thought the world should remain stupid and ignorant of this OTHER LIFEFORM. Anyway, the real issue is what is going to happen as aetheric energy continues to build up around Earth. By way, in the general context of the SETI project, a new branch named SETV (Search for Extraterrestrial Visitation) is being developed. It seems that scientists no longer have to worry about leaving our solar system, because it is now obvious that ETs and other 'exotic' lifeforms are coming to us!

    Take me to your gizmos: MoD in bid for alien tech
    The Sunday Times, 20th September 2009
    "THE Ministry of Defence ordered an investigation of thousands of UFO sightings in the 1990s to examine whether alien spaceship technology could be exploited to build advanced engines for the RAF, according to a new official history.

    The book, based on the ministry’s “X-files” of thousands of sightings, shows that an unnamed wing commander initiated the project in 1993 because he believed it was wrong to assume extra-terrestrial craft did not exist. Nick Pope, who has written on UFOs and was a colleague of the officer at the MoD, confirmed the book’s account: “I remember him saying he believed there was evidence of an exotic propulsion system and the bottom line was that if they had it, we sure as hell wanted it.” Pope would not disclose the man’s name. [...]

    Last year the MoD’s directorate of air staff logged 285 UFO sightings. The ministry runs a UFO hotline at RAF High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire which the public can telephone with details of sightings. The number is 01494 496 254.

    This reminds me of the Canadian ex-Minister of Defence that publicly stated a few years ago, that we should use 'alien' technology to fight global warming. At the time, I am sure many curious folk would have wondered: what 'alien' technology is this? Just to clarify, I am in no doubt that our planet does get visited by ETs, my issue is this does not account for the vast majority of sightings which should in the category of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena or UAP. By the way, I thought I would list the UK MOD hotline humber, but as time progresses you may have difficulty getting through, as the dimensional shift accelerates and Joe Public is confronted with a spectrum of weird lifeforms all misrepresented by the term UFO. Again, the extremely mainstream UK Telegraph have generated yet another article on UFOs, see Britain's X Files: RAF suspected aliens of "tourist" visits to Earth.

    Newly released UFO files from the UK government
    UK National UFO Archives, August 2009
    "The files contain a wide range of UFO-related documents covering the years 1981-1996. Find out more about close encounters, stray satellites, bright lights and Britain’s very own Roswell – Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk. Start by reading our highlights guide (PDF, 254kb) to help you navigate your way through the files."

    The videocast (10:55) here by Dr David Clarke, an expert in UFO history is very interesting. When are people going to pay attention to the UK's Ministry of Defence, when they insist that they are not concerned that UK airspace is being violated? The answer to the mystery is that they know full well that 'radar angels' and the majority of other sightings are actually interdimensional plasma entities and are therefore no threat. There is no other way to explain the following UK MOD view,
    "it is clear from the reports that we receive that there are many strange things to be seen in the sky"
    source link.
    Many of the entities that travel in and out of Earth's atmosphere are literally information carriers and that is why I called them 'The Earth Management Team' in my book. Really, it's no big deal but the general public and ufologists in particular are fascinated with the possibility of ETs and their craft. Yes, there may be off-planet or even resident ETs and their craft, but it's likely that would represent a very very small percentage of reports made over the years.

    The problem we have now is that the very fabric of spacetime has changed and is still morphing and a whole spectrum of interdimensional lifeforms are appearing. Besides the work of dedicated lone researchers who have made their research available (and let's not forget Russian scientists who have made some of their research available in Rnglish), it is very likely that elite organisations around the world have identified this interdimensional presence, but kept it secret for their own need to retain power over the masses. Unfortunately for them, they have absolutely no ability to stop evolutionary changes, but according to metaphysical sources, they have tried.....

    Remember, the Earth is a school and Universal forces determine the rules based on the development of humanity and the set-up on Earth is radically changing. It's now all change please, all change!

    1300+ Pages Of Secret UFO Docs Surface In Brazil, 17th August 2009
    "Over 1,300 pages of former secret UFO documents surface in Brazil and was given to the Brazilian Committee of UFO Researchers Hundreds of papers from the Brazilian Air Force's official System for the Investigation of Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon have surfaced and demonstrate how Nation's military authorities dealt with the UFO Phenomena in the 60s and 70s.

    The Brazilian Committee of UFO Researchers (CBU) has just received a massive lot of new UFO-related documents from the Brazilian government, which disclose in detail the inner workings of the official body created by the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) in 1969, during the dictatorship years, to investigate the presence and activity of aliens in the country: the System for the Investigation of Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (SIOANI). This time, however, the newly disclosed documents have not come from the government, as a result of the campaign
    "UFOs: Freedom of Information Now!", which has so far produced three official disclosures, the largest and most important of which was on May 4th, largely announced worldwidely. The new former secret material was handed over to CBU by civilian researcher Edison Boaventura, from Grupo Ufo gico do Guaruj (GUG), who has kept such material away from the Brazilian UFO community for over 10 years."
    Comment: Respected metaphysical channelled sources have been encouraging governments to disclose their knowledge gathered over 50 years plus of extraterrestrial activity and their craft. These sources have stated clearly that if governments do not do this, it would happen within decades anyway and then governments would have to face an angry public. On this blog, the emphasis has been interdimensional plasma biology and "magnetic entities", often mistaken for 'craft' and due to my interest in Earth Sciences (I do have an Honours Degree in Physics and Geophysics), I am most interested in understanding this phenomena in terms of evolutionary change and the impact in real terms for the citizens of planet Earth. It is blatantly obvious to the intelligent and educated that there is tremendous complexity associated with evolutionary change. The subject often termed UFO Disclosure is also vast and complex and people need to realise that the evolutionary progression of humanity includes subjects that have been shunned in the past, which will clearly reveal the complexity and diversity of our reality.

    Russian Navy UFO records say aliens love oceans
    Russia Today, 21st July 2009
    "The Russian navy has declassified its records of encounters with unidentified objects technologically surpassing anything humanity ever built, reports Svobodnaya Pressa news website. The records dating back to soviet times were compiled by a special navy group collecting reports of unexplained incidents delivered by submarines and military ships.

    The group was headed by deputy Navy commander Admiral Nikolay Smirnov, and the documents reveal numerous cases of possible UFO encounters, the website says. Vladimir Azhazha, former navy officer and a famous Russian UFO researcher, says the materials are of great value. "Fifty percent of UFO encounters are connected with oceans. Fifteen more - with lakes. So UFOs tend to stick to the water," he said."

    More UFO disclosure and further evidence that something momentous is happening.

    Brazil Releases UFO Documents, 16th July 2009
    copy: "During May 2009, the Brazilian Government has disclosed over 600 new pages of previously classified documents, covering UFO reports and military investigations from 1970 to 1979, including photos and films, for the first time. The content of this material has now been examined and proved to be very interesting and revealing showing Brazilian official strategy to cover-up UFO cases, often openly regarded as from outside Earth.

    The cases covered and the methods used to investigate them by the military are also very significant. On my opinion, the most important material contained in this new declassification are 195 new pages of documents resulted from the Operation Saucer, conducted in the Amazon by the Brazilian Air Force from September to December 1977, that is certainly the biggest *known* official initiative to military investigate UFOs in the world.

    Over 1,400 pages of Brazilian previously classified UFO documents have been released thanks to the efforts of the Brazilian UFO Researchers Committee (CBU) started in 2004 and articulated by the Brazilian UFO Magazine. This has been the biggest disclosure ever in Brazil. Files can be downloaded at here . Pay special attention to Folder 10 - 1978, downloadable here . Thanks to A. J. Gevaerd, Editor, Brazilian UFO Magazine"

    I don't have enough time or interest to sift through the massive worldwide archives of UFO reports looking for examples of UAPs. Quite frankly, there are enough reports in the local & mainstream UK & U.S. media. However, as a reminder for some that may not be familiar with metaphysical sources that explain what is taking place. There are considered to be two types of UFO that are described as being on "our side of the veil" and the "other side of the veil". What that means is that some UFOs are what the UK Ministry of Defence have defined as UAPs, "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena" or magnetic plasma entities which are just made up of the stuff of the universe. We live in a universe that is 99.999% plasma and these beings are non-carbon based lifeforms that have evolved along a completely different evolutionary path to humans. Go find the science and check it out.

    Now, in a universe with billions of stars like our Sun with billions of galaxies, of course there are extraterrestrials that exist, some of which are more advanced than us. The reason that they are here is to primarily monitor the evolutionary transition that is taking place on this planet, apparently it's the biggest show in the galaxy! Hence, that is why they are keeping a relatively low profile, if they were interested in invading our planet and taking over, first there would have to be a massive fight with agencies who are acting as Earth's guardians. We are absolutely not left on our own to cope! Now, I actually had an ignorant person email and tell me I was going off the rails because I was asked about UFOs in a radio interview. I would like this ignoramus to also write to Hillary Clinton and tell her she was going off the rails for her life-long interest in extraterresterial life. See, Hillary Clinton Favors Diplomatic Response to Extraterrestrial Life . The most upsetting thing about this email was this person was also boasting that they were channeling, but they were so ignorant, they didn't even realise that what they claimed to channel fell under the category of a UFO!

    Uruguay: Air Force Declassifies UFO Files, ET Hypothesis Not Dismissed
    Inexplicata, 6th June 2009
    "40 UFO cases remained unexplained in Uruguay. The UFO phenomenon has manifested itself many times in Uruguay. Thirty years after research began, 40 cases remain unexplained. The files were declassified and EL PAIS was allowed access to them.

    The Uruguayan Air Force will not publish a "Blue Book" containing the results of its 30 years of research, but the high command allowed EL PAIS access to records and eyewitness accounts. While the Air Force commission that studies these cases has been operating for only a few decades, the UFO phenomenon began in Uruguay in 1947, at the same time that worldwide enthusiasm for the subject commenced.[...]

    The FAU (Uruguayan Air Force) has now declassified all of its information, even those labeled "confidential".[...]Another singular case is found in these military annals: the appearance of two reddish spheres, flying silently over the heads of two teamsters driving cattle. The objects moved at high speed in opposite directions and the vanished toward the West at high speed.

    Records indicate that the months prone to most manifestations of these objects are February, March, July and October. In February of this year (2009), the commission received numerous reports accompanied by digital photographs. Photographs or film are not a determining factor in any case, but rather a contribution, explains Sanchez, given the current technical possibilities for hoaxing images.

    Unsolved cases have a considerable high strangeness quotient for the FAU. For example, the 1986 pursuit by two Pucara jet fighters over the Palmar Dam in response to the maneuvers of a luminous sphere. The pilots joined together and decided to chase it. When they were about to intercept it, the sphere flew off at a dizzying rate of speed toward Argentina and could not be reached. When the pilots returned to their base, the sphere reappeared over the dam. But the same thing occurred - the chase occurred and it vanished from sight, changing colors from red to yellow.

    A similar case occurred to a group of military pilots in 1996, that is to say, qualified observers engaged in exercises over the Santa Bernardina base in Durazno. As in 1986, they saw two luminous spheres, whose presence was corroborated by the airport's control tower. When the objects flew away, they maintained their shape and luminosity, which enabled the spherical shape to be confirmed. Minutes later, the pilots noticed their glow diminished, and only their outline was illuminated. "The weren't satellites, as they do not fly in formation or that low, since these objects were at 10,000 feet (3,000 meters, approximately), nor do satellites diminish their glow," says Sanchez.

    Among other reports we find the one by the crew of a commercial airline - a domestic carrier - that was pursued by a powerful light in 1979 as it returned from Paraguay. The light was even photographed by passengers. This case is also unexplained."

    There are now so many governments de-classifying their UFO files, only the most blinkered would not suspect that something momentous is happening. As I have clearly stated on this blog many times, my interest is in "magnetic plasma entities" that are a completely natural manifestation in the visible universe that is 99.999% plasma. Since, we are now seeing "swarms" of these entities arriving, it is worth studying historical accounts. Please remember, "magnetic entities" are NOT new, but the aetheric background on this planet has fundamentally changed and so it's much easier to see them, that's all. They are information carriers and holders and I have called them 'The Earth Management Team' but in the spiritual traditions, they have been called 'The Terrestrial Gods' and 'The Celestial Gods' , do the research. By the way, this report has outlined the exact same scenario that caused the UK Ministry of Defence to warn their fighter pilots to not try and chase these things, because they will be out manoeuvred, every time!

    UFO Sweden releases 18,000 Swedish UFO reports to the public domain
    Denver UFO Examiner, 6th May 2009
    Full story: "Breaking News! UFO Sweden is releasing thousands of UFO files beginning May 9-10, 2009, according to a news story in Swedish online news magazine Expressen. Translation of the story was provided by Exopolitics Sweden and editor of Soul Travel Magazine. Sassersson's translation states that:

    "Besides the 18,000 Swedish cases are thousands of cases from Denmark and other Nordic countries. Thousands of US cases on micro film are too included. The archive (Norrkoping) will be open to the public domain starting with May 9-10, 2009.

    The chairman of UFO Sweden Clas Svahn mentions one case of special interest, a case from 1980. A cigar shaped UFO submerged itself into a mountain lake and never came up again according to witnesses. Svahn comments, "it may still be there, since the lake never been monitored by divers."

    Another government caving in and opening up their UFO files.....maybe something is up! LOL!

    Government of Canada Provides Open Access to UFO X-Files
    PR Web, 31st March 2009
    "The Canadian government has made available 9,500 files on UFO sightings and direct government actions related to national policy concerning craft of unknown origin.

    These once-restricted and secret files originate from the Department of National Defense, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Department of Transport and the National Research Council. These files describe thousands of Canadian UFO sighting reports in great detail.

    Although the UFO files compiled by high level government officials provide an interesting chronology of Canada's accumulation of UFO sightings, many of the files also tell a dramatic story about how high level government officials orchestrated meetings, agendas, memoranda and Ministerial letters designed to play-down and ultimately cover-up the UFO issue with measures similar to those used by the American government."

    Well, maybe this is the reality of 'the veil lifting', it seems that governments now have absolutely no choice but disclose what they already know. Note the selection of paranormal phenomena revealed in the following UK Telegraph article, UFOs captured on Google Street View hovering over East End bookies , we have 'silver discs', 'Victorian ghosts' and long necked ETs! Welcome to planet Earth 2009!

    Hillary Clinton Favors Diplomatic Response to Extraterrestrial Life
    Honolulu Exopolitics Examiner, 24th January 2009
    "Newly confirmed Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has long had an interest in UFOs and the existence of extraterrestrial life. She was given an informal briefing in August 1995 by billionaire philanthropist Laurence Rockefeller, on the best available UFO evidence. An August 4, 1995, memo by President Clinton's Science Advisor, Dr Jack Gibbons, confirmed that the Clintons would be vacationing with Rockefeller at his Teton Ranch in Wyoming that summer, and they would discuss UFOs:"

    Surely, anyone who has studied the subject to any depth must realise that a extraterrestrial presence on this planet exists. It's really not an intellectual exercise to realise that our 'visitors' are not here to invade because they would have done that a very long time ago. Hillary Clinton's interest, only mirrors that of someone who is intelligent and is interested in what is happening in our world. So, unlike many, she does does not feel the need to bury her head in the sand and ignore the evidence. Hillary is smart and has probably realised that taking part in galactic diplomacy would definitely ensure her name goes down in history BIG TIME. We know the new administration has a new agenda of open government, so we will have to see what happens. See UFO files to be released under Obama Open Government Memoranda. It's time for the majority of the citizens on this planet to awaken to a new reality. Certainly, new circumstances will not allow anything else.

    Britains 11,000 UFO sightings in 30 years set to go public
    Thaindian News, 23rd June 2008
    "Britains X-Files, which include reports of more than 11,000 Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) sightings of the past 30 years, is set to be opened to the public for the first time. The Ministry of Defence (MoD) papers will release a total of 160 files containing every reported sighting to the National Archives.

    The top-secret government records include various documents, reports of sightings and investigations by MoD staff. Witnesses include airline pilots, and police who reported a white light descending from the sky in Woking, Surrey. MoD decided to release the papers following a flood of requests from UFO buffs."

    There seems to be an explosion of UFO reports at the moment, it does seem that there is an effort to acclimatise the general public. What worries me is the 'unbalanced' reporting that might ensue any official government announcement and if certain governments try to promote their "friends" who may not necessarily have the best interests of humanity at heart. It has to be stated clearly that there is a huge assortment out there that have come to watch evolutionary transformation of this planet and they will be at the varying levels on the path of consciousness. Looking at how this world is run, what type of consciousness would our world leaders, spiritual and secular attract or latch onto?

    Defense Minister troubled over legal issues if UFO arrives
    Japan News Review, 20th December 2007
    "Defense Minister Shigeru Ishiba said Thursday that he was troubled over potential legal issues if a UFO arrives in Japan, requiring action by the Self-Defense Forces, Japanese media reports. The subject was triggered by a question from oppositional lawmaker Ryuji Yamane, who argued the government should attempt to confirm what UFOs are because of "frequent observations" of them in Japan.

    "There are no grounds for us to deny that there are unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and some life-form that controls them," Ishiba said at a news conference. "Various possibilities should be considered."

    Ishiba noted that in the classical Godzilla movies, Japan deployed its military against the monster. "Few discussions have been made on what the legal grounds were for that," the minister said, drawing laughter from reporters, according to an AFP report.

    What's up with Japanese officials these days? I think I would have laughed too!!

    UFOs definitely exist, Chief Cabinet Secretary says
    Japan News Review, 18th December 2007
    "Chief Cabinet Secretary Nobutaka Machimura, the government’s top spokesman said Tuesday during a press conference he "definitely" believes that UFOs exist.

    "How else would you explain the (Peruvian) Nazca Lines?" the Asahi Shimbun quoted Machimura as saying. "The government’s official response has to be a stereotyped phrase like that. But personally, I definitely think they exist," Machimura said."

    What is going on! Government officials telling people what they really think and using some logic and reasoning in the process!

    Footnote Puts Government UFO Records Online, 15 July 2007
    " says they have digitized all of Project Blue Book, a collection of records containing the United States government's investigation of UFOs from 1947-1969.

    Project Blue Book has accounts of UFO sightings from every state, which are available online at Project Blue Book allows users to decide for themselves if the UFO sightings are a conspiracy theory, hallucinations or evidence of extraterrestrial visitors."

    I really don't remember there being any major Press Release that US UFO reports were being made available to the public. I am sure this must be following in the heels of disclosure by Columbian, Russian, French and British governements.

    [Britain's Ministry Of Defense] MoD opens its files on UFO sightings to public
    The Guardian, 2nd May 2007
    The Ministry of Defence plans to open its "X-Files" on UFO sightings to the public for the first time. Officials have not yet decided on a date for the release of the reports, which date back to 1967, but it is hoped to be within weeks.

    The move follows the decision by the French national space agency to release its UFO files in March, the first official body in the world to do so. [...]

    The documents due for release are witness reports of apparent UFO sightings, many by civil pilots and military personnel. Most were simply collected and filed by a small, secret unit within defence intelligence called DI55. A few are thought to have been investigated further by the military, but the details have never been made public. There are 24 files due for release, each containing 200-300 reports of sightings, plus internal MoD briefings and correspondence.

    Well, what's going on? The British Ministry of Defence are opening up their UFO files, they must of heard about my book! LOL!! Seriously, well done David Clarke, I'm really happy because he got a mention in my book, pg 57 re UAPs [Unidentified Aerial Phenomena] and plasma entities....maybe it was the orbs in church, who knows, but I'm thrilled!! Picture the future....Lessons in primary school..... Listen up kids, there are two types of UFO, our side of the veil and the other side of the veil.....

    UFO Technology Could Provide Climate Change Solutions: Former Canadian Defense Minister, 25th February 2007
    After a retired U.S. Air Force General confirmed to Hon. Paul Hellyer that the 1947 Roswell UFO crash took place, Hellyer went public about what he knows of the cover-up. He says that he spoke out because the policy implications affect every nation on Earth. He suggests that the world community should find ways to establish contact with advanced civilizations to find out what we can learn from them that will help us save our planet, save our civilization from coming global environmental challenges caused by climate change.

    Toronto, Canada (PRWEB) February 25, 2007 -- A former Minister of National Defense of Canada believes that advanced technology from extraterrestrial civilizations could help all nations put an end to our addiction to oil, and reduce greenhouse gases.

    Hon. Paul Hellyer will be further discussing his views at an upcoming screening of a new documentary exposing an alleged UFO cover-up in Toronto on March 7, 2007.

    Hellyer first went public about UFOs when he spoke at the Toronto Exopolitics Symposium in September 2005. He stated that a retired U.S. Air Force General confirmed to him that the 1947 Roswell UFO crash took place and originated from an advanced humanoid intelligent extraterrestrial civilization.

    A video of his presentation can be seen online:

    In the New Energy it seems that people have real difficulty keeping their mouths shut, even former Defense Ministers! We even have governments, Russian, French & Colombian, breaking ranks and opening up their UFO files to researchers, because they can no longer want to pretend that planet Earth is not being visited by extraterrestrials. Now, metaphysical sources have made it very clear that we have a huge presence on Earth at the moment. A vast assortment of entities parked up where they can find a space in higher dimensions around Earth! Folks, we are the biggest show in the galaxy! What is happening here is a source of great interest. You may get the occasional crash, or sighting, or proof that they are kidnapping a few locals to inspect their DNA, but there is no intent to invade or they would have done it by now. No......they have come to watch the evolutionary upgrade of a planet and see how the humans cope. First class alien entertainment!

    Susan Joy Rennison, B.Sc.Hons. (Physics with Geophysics)


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    As the Sun Awakens, NASA Keeps a Wary Eye on Space Weather
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    White House Executive Order:

    “Space weather has the potential to simultaneously affect and disrupt health and safety across entire continents. Successfully preparing for space weather events is an all-of-nation endeavor that requires partnerships across governments, emergency managers, academia, the media, the insurance industry, non-profits, and the private sector.”

    Executive Order –– Coordinating Efforts to Prepare the Nation for Space Weather Events
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