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Best of the Blog - Ancient Civilisations

There’s a 1,200-year-old Phone in the Smithsonian Collections
One of the earliest examples of ingenuity in the Western Hemisphere is composed of gourds and twine
Smithsonian Magazine, December 2013
As a nomadic cultural historian, my subjects have led me in wildly different directions. [...] on a recent afternoon in the hushed, temperature-controlled precincts of the National Museum of the American Indian storage facility in Suitland, Maryland. There, staffers pushing a rolling cart ushered one of the museum’s greatest treasures into the high-ceilinged room. Nestled in an acid-free corrugated cardboard container was the earliest known example of telephone technology in the Western Hemisphere, evoking a lost civilization—and the anonymous ancient techie who dreamed it up. The gourd-and-twine device, created 1,200 to 1,400 years ago, remains tantalizingly functional—and too fragile to test out. “This is unique,” NMAI curator Ramiro Matos, an anthropologist and archaeologist who specializes in the study of the central Andes, tells me. “Only one was ever discovered. It comes from the consciousness of an indigenous society with no written language.”

I suppose this brings us back to the argument that humans have been around for a long time. High civilisations have come and gone and despite best efforts to hide the evidence, those interested in the truth have plenty of anomalous artefacts, to cite as proof. My real interest is the obvious use of telescopes by ancient civilisations. Intelligent folk have to wonder how the ancient Egyptians could accurately calculate the eclipse times of a binary star system that is 7.6 light years away. The archaeological evidence of astronomical observatories, astronomical lenses and ancient manuscripts suggests the ancient Maya did not produce accurate astronomical calendars by accident either... Obviously, the effort to hide these facts is because world controllers don't want many people to understand humanities history of cosmic conflagration and associated cataclysm. In ancient times, the elites needed to understand the cosmic times and eventually this became the basis of all the world's religions... You can distinguish yourself from the masses by realising this is the truth.

Ancient bees could have died out with the dinosaurs, 26th October 2013
According to a new study, the unknown event that killed off the dinosaurs millions of years ago could be the same event that wiped out ancient bees as well. [...]

The study’s lead author told LiveScience, “We can track periods of diversification and stasis … There was a period where there was no genetic diversification happening for millions of years — a real dearth of speciation. This is an indication of a mass extinction event.” That period lines up almost exactly with the time scientists believe the dinosaurs disappeared. And the researchers predict 90 percent of the bee species that existed at that time went right along with them. [...]

On top of learning more about the extinction of ancient bees, scientists hope this study will help shed some light on the current decline in bee species around the world.

Well, obviously since the bees are disappearing, the dinosaurs will be going extinct too.... /sarc off

Is the Huge Handprint Found in Nevada’s Lovelock Cave Evidence of a Lost Race of Cannibalistic Giants?
Who Forted?, 29th July 2013
Did two Bigfoot hunters stumble onto evidence of a long lost race of giant cannibals in a Nevada cave? They believe that their discovery of a huge, charred handprint backs up their claims of legendary “Red-Headed Giants”.

In 1911 David Pugh and James Hart, two guano miners (yes, mining bat poo is really a thing) were excavating a cave on the eastern side of Nevada when they found something intriguing buried under 250 tons of excrement.

According to the men’s bizarre tale, hidden beneath six feet of bat crap they discovered several sets of giant bones, remains which many now believe belong to the Si-Te-Cah, a storied Paiute tribe of red-haired cannibal giants. Legend has it that the last remaining giants were burned alive inside the cave thousands of years ago.

There are now lots of books citing the evidence of giants on Earth and even a few incredible recent images of huge skeletons that have been found as well as footprints etc, see archives. In terms of evolutionary change, giants and dinosaurs imply that in the past gravity was not the same as it is now and once these variants appear, their demise depends on what is happening in the environment.

50,000-Year-Old Cypress Forest Discovered 60 Feet Underwater Off Mobile, Alabama
Earthfiles, 25th July 2013
July 25, 2013 Mobile, Alabama - Ancient bald cypress forests (Taxodium distichumonce) dominated swamps in the southeastern United States for at least 2,000 years. [...]

Alabama Underwater Cypress Radiocarbon Dated to Older Than 50,000 Years

The radiocarbon dating, which was done out of the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory - the first three times they did it, it came back radiocarbon dead, which means the wood is older than 50,000 years. We don't know how much older because the radiocarbon becomes imprecise once you hit 50,000 years, but it means the forest is much, much older than the last ice age.

Space jewelry? Egyptian bead likely came from meteorite, study says
LA Times, 31st May 2013
Did ancient Egyptians prize meteorites so much that they turned them into jewelry? A new study of a 5,000-year-old iron bead hints that the rocky fragments that fell from the sky may have held a special place in the ancient civilization.

The findings published in the journal Meteoritics and Planetary Science center around one of the small, tube-shaped beads pulled from tombs in the Gerzeh cemetery on the Nile’s western bank, dating from 3600 BC to 3350 BC.

I am very sure there are already many hundreds of scholarly works that lay out in detail the evidence that ancient civilisations worshiped the stars and heavens and that meteorites were particularly revered. It is also easy to prove that this belief still influences modern religious traditions and continues to the present day. I suppose the best example is the Kaaba, the ancient stone building toward which Muslims pray. This is a cuboid building in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, dating back as far as 2030 B.C.E and is one of the most sacred sites in Islam. Muslim believers are also required to make a pilgrimage, known as the Tawaf ritual of the Hajj and circle this building at least once in their lives as part of their religious duties. The significance is that the eastern cornerstone contains The Black Stone, a religious relic which is believed to be from pre-Islamic times and therefore pagan origins. The Stone is a dark rock, broken into a number of fragments and cemented into a silver frame fixed into the side of the Kaaba at the eastern cornerstone. The Stone was once believed to have been of meteoric origin but today the meteoritic hypothesis is now seen as doubtful. Some authors have some very interesting ideas see The Mysterious Black Stone of Kaaba - Worship of a Meteorite?. The other more surprising example is the black stone that can be found in the Meditation Room of the United Nations Building in New York City. In the center of the room is a 4 foot high, black casket-shaped stone slab which happens to be the largest piece of magnetite ever mined and thus is extremely magnetic. There is no argument that this altar was designed with occult features and various articles can be found discussing the symbolism. Those who have studied enough, will easily see the same astronomical principles and esoteric symbolism that have been repeated and perpetuated throughout all world religions and advanced societies ancient and modern.

Stunning Astronomical Alignment Found at Peru Pyramid
Live Science, 6th May 2013
An ancient astronomical alignment in southern Peru has been discovered by researchers between a pyramid, two stone lines and the setting sun during the winter solstice. During the solstice, hundreds of years ago, the three would have lined up to frame the pyramid in light.

The Temple of the Feathered Serpent
Robot Finds Mysterious Spheres in Ancient Temple
Discovery News, 29th April 2013
Hundreds of mysterious spheres lie beneath the Temple of the Feathered Serpent, an ancient six-level step pyramid just 30 miles from Mexico City.

The enigmatic spheres were found during an archaeological dig using a camera-equipped robot at one of the most important buildings in the pre-Hispanic city of Teotihuacan.

"They look like yellow spheres, but we do not know their meaning. It's an unprecedented discovery," said Jorge Zavala, an archaeologist at Mexico's National Anthropology and History Institute.

Ancient Maya Predicted 1991 Solar Eclipse
Live Science, 8th January 2013
LONG BEACH, Calif. — The Maya, best known these days for the doomsday they never foretold, may have accurately predicted astronomical phenomena centuries ahead of time, scientists find.

A new book, "Astronomy in the Maya Codices" (American Philosophical Society, 2011), which was awarded the Osterbrock Book Prize for historical astronomy here at the American Astronomical Society conference Monday (Jan. 7), details a series of impressive observations made by Mayan astronomers pre-16th century.

In fact, the Brickers found the astronomical calendar dated to the 11th or 12th century accurately predicted a solar eclipse to within a day in 1991, centuries after the Mayan civilization had ended. The 1991 eclipse occurred on July 11.

More academic acknowledgement of the importance of astronomy to the ancient Mayan civilisation... What is very interesting is that we are told that the Maya were interested in predicting cosmic influences that affect humans... This means that modern Mayan elders are only maintaining an ancient tradition even though their heritage and thus knowledge have been greatly decimated.

Lost civilization unearthed in Indonesia
The Jakarta Post, 22nd November 2012
Ancient Balinese history was not uppermost in Ida Rsi Bhujannga's life until plans to build a septic tank at his home turned into an archeological discovery that has scientists bewitched. The elderly high priest says he is now fascinated by his community's history, which the rare find of dozens of massive stones has uncovered. These meter-long stones are believed to be from a 14th century temple complex that may have been the largest ever constructed on the Island of the Gods.

"I have become very interested in archeology since this was found, because we must know our history here in Bali. As a priest I need to know about this history so I can teach people," said Bhujannga. [...]

"We have no stories, no histories of this temple and of its people. So our community was really surprised by this discovery. The archeology department says there may be much more still to be found under the rice fields here. They believe the section we have found is the eastern wall of the temple complex, it was huge and the biggest ever found in Bali. What is clear I think is that at the time there must have been a civilization made up of many people, because a big temple like this would have needed a lot of people to build it," says Bhujannga.

I am impressed that this Bali priest takes the responsibility of teaching the people about ancient civilisations and historical cataclysmic events on this planet seriously...

Extreme weather preceded collapse of Maya civilization
University of California, 8th November 2012
“It has long been suspected that weather events can cause a lot of political unrest and subject societies to disease and invasion,” Macri said. “But now it’s clear. There is physical evidence that correlates right along with it. We are dependent on climatological events that are beyond our control.”

Are these archaeologists trying to tell us something?

Said Winterhalder: “It’s a cautionary tale about how fragile our political structure might be. Are we in danger the same way the Classic Maya were in danger? I don’t know. But I suspect that just before their rapid descent and disappearance, Maya political elites were quite confident about their achievements.”

Are these archaeologists trying to tell us something?

Bosnia Pyramid Carbon Dated at 25 Thousand Years Old
Bosnian Pyramid Journal, 12th October 2012
What can we say we really know about history? Well, it seams not a lot. What we think we know is constantly changing in light of new discoveries. A recent carbon dating performed on a pyramid in Bosnia, proves it to be at least 25 thousand years old.

Most scientists and historians however believe that human civilization started about 5,000 years ago with the Sumerians and Babylonians. That is, until artifacts were found, which predate them. These discoveries suggest, that there was a pre-historical civilization around the world- one that must have been highly advanced.

Two Italian archaeologists, Dr. Ricarrdo Brett and Niccolo Bisconti found a piece of organic material on the Bosnian Pyramid. They were able to carbon-date the material and with it the pyramid itself. This carbon dating puts the pyramid 20 thousand years before the Sumerian and Babylonian “civilizations.”

We are told that despite the effort of "scholars" claiming that human civilization started about 5,000 years ago with the Sumerians and Babylonians, the evidence is that there was a pre-historical civilization around the world that must have been highly advanced. There is lots of evidence if you to pay attention to all the anomalous objects, geological and archaeological observations that continue to appear and have been documented over many decades. It is also clear that a tremendous effort has been made to hide the fact that a major catastrophe occured that wiped out a major worldwide civilisation and most likely, the cause was due to a cosmic conflagration.

Bosnia Pyramid Carbon Dated at 25 Thousand Years Old
YouTube, 12th October 2012

O2 said it had had a problem with its 2G service in northwest Scotland, and anyone with a 2G phone would not be able to use it for calls, texts, email, or the internet. [...]

He blamed the disruption on a "piece of network hardware which manages the registration of handsets" and insisted such an issue was extremely rare.

Another bit-flip caused by a cosmic ray? There was even a similar technical glitch at Qatar Telecom (Qtel) that caused a brief yet major disruption too....

Experts: Mayan Ballgame Had Astronomical Function
Latin American Herald Tribune, 5th October 2012
MEXICO CITY – Restoration works at Chichen Itza have confirmed the hypothesis that the ballgame played in that ancient Mayan city in southeastern Mexico had an astronomical function, the National Anthropology and History Institute, or INAH, said.

After almost two years of restoration and preservation work, the Great Ballcourt at Chichen Itza, at 120 meters (130 yards) long the largest in Mesoamerica, is gradually recovering its original appearance with the reincorporation of different elements, including the five “passages” that the ancient Mayas built on the site. [...]

Archaeologist Jose Huchim, coordinator of the Chichen Itza comprehensive conservation project, said that observers were possibly stationed in those structures to follow the game and see if the ball went through the vertical stone ring and make sure players hit the ball according to the rules of the ritual.

Huchim said that 25 years ago, when he was studying archaeology, he observed the site with his then-professor Victor Segovia, a pioneer in the study of pre-Colombian astronomy, because both were convinced that the passages were oriented to the equinoxes and solstices.

“We found that the central passage did have an orientation that permitted a view of the equinoxes – that’s why we thought it important to restore all five to determine whether all of them were built in line with the extreme (nearest and farthest) distances of the sun from the equator,” he said.

Presumably, Segovia & Huchim were the first scholars to make this observation 25 YEARS AGO. It seems that most scholars had refused to accept the findings of archaeologists specialising in ancient astronomy and the influence on Mayan society of an ancient astronomically based religion. Today, this is becoming harder and harder to ignore as the evidence mounts.

Ancient calendar unearthed
Vietnam News, 24th September 2012

Dramatic" New Maya Temple Found, Covered With Giant Faces
Archaeological "gold mine" illuminates connection between king and sun god.
National Geographic, 20th July 2012
Some 1,600 years ago, the Temple of the Night Sun was a blood-red beacon visible for miles and adorned with giant masks of the Maya sun god as a shark, blood drinker, and jaguar.

Long since lost to the Guatemalan jungle, the temple is finally showing its faces to archaeologists, and revealing new clues about the rivalrous kingdoms of the Maya.

It just seems to me that there are many new discoveries that all point to how Mayan culture was very diplomatic in how it satisfied the narcissistic desires of ruler kings, who were only very temporal (here today gone tomorrow) with their much more important and sacrosanct astronomical religion that involved some serious study of the sun, stars and heavens. Understanding Mayan culture is important to determine the relevance today of what remains of Mayan calendars and artefacts that point to a period of major astronomical change.

Archaeologists Make Big Find at Aztec Temple in Mexico
Brunei Times, 16th February 2012
MEXICO CITY – A total of 23 pre-Columbian stone plaques dating back approximately 550 years, with carvings illustrating such Aztec myths as the birth of the god of war Huitzilopochtli, were discovered by archaeologists in front of the Great Temple of Tinochtitlan in downtown Mexico City, the National Anthropology and History Institute, or INAH, said. Bas-relief sculptures on slabs of tezontle (volcanic rock) relate the mythological origins of the ancient Mexica culture through representations of serpents, captives, ornaments, warriors and other figures, the INAH said in a statement. The pre-Columbian remains are of great archaeological value because this is the first time such pieces have been found within the sacred grounds of Tenochtitlan and can be read “as an iconographic document narrating certain myths of that ancient civilization,” archaeologist Raul Barrera said.

Again, it looks like the archaeologists have found another depiction of an astronomical event preserved in stone. Talk about ancient myths is for non-initiates... Astronomy and worship of the heavens was the original religion. This is absolutely essential to understand and the only way to see the importance of why so much effort was given to preserving messages over many thousands of years about the arrival of major astronomical cycles or preserving the knowledge of major celestial events that have impacted life on Earth in the distant past.

A small, stone ‘car’ was among discoveries made in 2011, in the Kiziltepe district of Mardin province in eastern Turkey
Datelinezero, 14th February 2012
The “toy car” is on display alongside toy dolls and whistles — all made out of stone — at the Mardin Museum [map]. Archaeologist Mesut Alp reports that the toy car is at least 7,500 years old — dating back to the late Stone Age. When speaking with the Cihan news agency and reporters with Todays Zaman, Alp insisted that the item is a toy car. Culture and Tourism Director of Mardin, Davut Beliktay, confirmed that the exhibit piece as a 7,500-year-old toy car. Beliktay said that the car is “like a copy” of cars today; adding that it also resembles a tractor. However, he didn’t explain how a toy car could be 7,500 years old.

The comments are cute here...

Pillow talk: The woman who texts in her sleep
Daily Mail, 16th February 2012
I suppose this is a variation on sleep walking, but maybe a bit more involved...

Mysterious energy beam above the Bosnian pyramid of the Sun
The Truth Behind the Scenes, 26th January 2012
A team of physicists detected an energy beam coming through the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. The radius of the beam is 4.5 meters with a frequency of 28 kHz. The beam is continuous and its strength grows as it moves up and away from the pyramid. This phenomenon contradicts the known laws of physic and technology. This is the first proof of non-herzian technology on the Planet. It seems that the pyramid-builders created a perpetual motion machine a long time ago and this “energy machine” is still working.

In the underground labyrinth, in 2010, we discovered three chambers and a small blue lake. Energy screening shows that the ionization level is 43 times higher than the average concentration outside which makes the underground chambers into “healing rooms”.

Further electromagnetic detection in 2011 confirmed that levels of negative radiation through the Hartman, Curry and Schneider grids are equal to zero in the tunnels. There was no technical radiation (from power lines and/or other technology) found in the tunnels and no cosmic radioactivity. Ceramic sculptures are positioned over the underground water flows and the negative energy is transformed into positive. All of these experiments point to the underground labyrinth as one of the most secure underground constructions in the world and this makes it an ideal place for the body’s rejuvenation and regeneration.

Two hundred years of Egyptology has not produced a satisfactory answer to the question of what the real purpose was for the oldest and most superior pyramids.

This article is based on an article WORLD HISTORY AND BOSNIAN PYRAMIDS 2011 dated 15th December 2011. Truly incredible, but let's be conservative and state that this could also be a publicity stunt. I will confess that I did not know anything about the photo taken in 2000 that shows a beam of energy off the the Pyramid of the Moon in Teotihuacan in Mexico. That could make three ancient pyramids caught balancing Earth energies. We also know that the massive modern Russian pyramids built around Moscow were detected to release huge beams of energy (ions), some even before the Russians finished building them. I wrote about octahedron geometry in my book and related this to Russian scientific studies concerning their modern massive pyramids. I believe it is likely that the Great Pyramid in Egypt was built to help balance Earth energies, but I agree it might have had a local ability to help balance Egyptians too. Well, the Russians who were involved in building these massive pyramids might end up having the last laugh as Space Weather escalates and the question of Earth's stability becomes a major issue. What we do know for sure is that our planet is being flooded by energy and according to our own scientists, 96% of this energy simply cannot be detected, but it's old news, geometry can harness the energy of the aether...

The Meaning of Words: New Evidence of Ancient Maya History
National Geographic News, 24th April 2011
The ancient Maya culture flourished in Mesoamerica. At the height of their splendor there’s an overwhelming rise in architectural construction, the type of buildings that pay homage to their rulers and their ancestors. Archaeologists call this phenomenon the Classic Maya Period, a time between 200 and 900 A.D. Within these centuries, archaeologists have found evidence that city-states expressed their power by creating unique architectural centers that in many ways were meant to replicate their cosmology.[...]

Along with multi-leveled stepped pyramids, ball courts, plazas and freestanding monuments called Stelae, the Maya also literally told the stories of their parents, ancestors, founders, foes, captured enemies and military alliances. Maya writing is a unique feature of this culture that along with the perfection of their calendar has intrigued and mystified the world. Their texts are expressions of a ruling class, however, the question remains, are we reading history, political propaganda or both?

More Mayan discoveries that might help shed some light on ancient Mayan beliefs from a culture that many suspect has strong links to the Egyptians who are also survivors from Atlantis.

Tomb of Maya "Destroyed": More Looting Confirmed in Egypt
Antiquity Lives, 1st February 2011
Some disturbing news has begun to float around the web that the tomb of Tutankhamun's Treasurer Maya has been "destroyed." Maya's tomb is located at Saqqara, where mass looting broke out over the weekend in the wake of the current political protests.

The following was relayed today from an Egyptology group via Facebook:
From our Senior Guide. A Sakkara inspector told him that in the last few days Sakkara has been ransacked. Maia is destroyed and even the reliefs in the burial chamber have been hacked out. There is mass digging around the Unas area in particular. The inspector could not get as far as the Teti area as he was threatened with guns but the mastabas will have suffered the same fate. A black day (via P.Allingham).
This reflects previous comments by Dr. Christian Greco and the radio statement of this morning by Dr. Maarten Raven. 
The loss of Maya's tomb is a devastating blow to Egyptology.

Why would a modern Egpytian destroy his own heritage? According to a ATS thread Maya Tomb Sakkara damaged, to destroy dangerous evidence? "This tomb, locked away to the public for a long time- was looked at by Steven Mehler, author of Land of Osiris, and he photographed a very odd looking ceiling. Those photographs were sent to Mayan elders in Mexico who confirmed them as Mayan heiroglyphs. See the book for more details online The Land of Osiris. The Maya claim that they and the Egyptians BOTH came from Atlantis as a few high priests and survivors who managed to escape the catastrophe that destroyed this civilisation. This explains why there are many obvious similarities between both cultures and the attempts to destroy or suppress the evidence which scholars have been aware of and have documented over many hundreds of years.

High in the Andes, Keeping an Incan Mystery Alive
New York Times,16th August 2010
[...] Rapaz’s isolation has allowed it to guard an enduring archaeological mystery: a collection of khipus, the cryptic woven knots that may explain how the Incas — in contrast to contemporaries in the Ottoman Empire and China’s Ming dynasty — ruled a vast, administratively complex empire without a written language.

Archaeologists say the Incas, brought down by the Spanish conquest, used khipus — strands of woolen cords made from the hair of animals like llamas or alpacas — as an alternative to writing. The practice may have allowed them to share information from what is now southern Colombia to northern Chile. ew of the world’s so-called lost writings have proved as daunting to decipher as khipus, scholars say, with chroniclers from the outset of colonial rule bewildered by their inability to crack the code. Researchers at Harvard have been using databases and mathematical models in recent efforts to understand the khipu (pronounced KEE-poo), which means knot in Quechua, the Inca language still spoken by millions in the Andes.

So it's hundreds of years after some of these Inca artefacts were stolen by the Conquidistors, but modern day anthropologists have still failed to crack the code that unlock Inca secrets. I suppose it's the same problem that faces researchers who want to enforce their beliefs about S. American calendars. It is very apparent, that there is not enough understanding of the indigenous beliefs associated with consciousness, so that now, Mayan and Inca descents the Q'ero have been proven to be correct in their beliefs that we are experiencing a massive transition of energy that is catapulting the world into a New Age, but the world is still largely ignorant of the fact. Hence today, many 'researchers' have generated a myth of a galactic alignment that lasts one day ignoring the rest of the information that has been carefully explained by indigenous Elders about cosmic cycles.

Abstracting Atlantis: Scientists Find Evidence of Mayan Underwater City
Huffington Post, 3rd June 2010
In December 2009, Herald de Paris published a curious article about the likely discovery of a submerged city in the Western Caribbean. While the discovery could have tremendous implications for modern archaeology, the story remained, forgive the pun, largely under the radar.

Today, we sit down with architectural historian and archaeologist Jes Alexander, who spearheaded the research team, to get the first-hand details of what could be a piece of real-life Atlantis. Maria Popova: What is it, exactly, that your team discovered and how?

Jes Alexander: Well, we believe we have found the remains of an ancient city on the sea floor in the Western Caribbean. It is important to note that we have yet to be to the site, but what we believe we have found is the remains of an ancient city that was formerly above sea level, and perhaps as much as 4500-8000 years old. This has nothing to do with another site, found almost 10 years ago by a Canadian/Russian team working to map the sea floor near the Yucatan Peninsula. Their site is nearly 2 miles below the sea floor. The site we are working with is much shallower - in between 40 and 70 feet of water. We initially found anomalous objects by mapping a grid and searching the sea floor using simple Google Earth technology. As we zeroed in on the site location, we sought out other satellite imagery and ocean floor maps to arrive at this hypothesis.

Atlantis was not just a city, it was a huge continent that sunk. I think the general idea is to scoff at ideas of Atlantis because the implications are that either an ancient civilisation created their own demise or forces beyond their control caused catastrophe, either way, controllers don't want ordinary people to consider either scenario. Yet, the fact that a small section is only 40 - 70 ft below water, seems to fit in with the idea that this sunken continent is actually now resurfacing. Surely, it's too close to the surface not to have been noticed before? I hear there are rumours that Lemuria that sank in the Pacific is coming up too... All very exciting!

Archaeologists Unearth 7,000-Year-Old Swastika in North-western Bulgaria
Balkan Travellers, 20th May 2010
A pottery fragment with the image of a swastika, dating to 7,000 years ago, and an ancient female adornment with a phallus are among the artefacts shown for the first time as part of the on-going exhibition “Gods, Symbols and Ancient Signs” in the museum in Vratsa in north-western Bulgaria. [...]

The swastika as a symbol dates to the Neolithic period in Ancient India, according to previous archaeological finds. It can also be seen on Roman and Medieval artefacts. Although it was commonly used all over much of the world without stigma and still occurs widely in religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism, the swastika has become stigmatized in the Western world, because of its iconic usage in Nazi Germany.

It's a sacred symbol for good reason but most are uneducated in the origins and meaning of ancient symbols because this kind of knowledge is retained for high initiates.

Mysterious Mayan ceremonial head found at Tak´alik Ab´aj News, 11th May 2010
Guatemala.Discovery of an extraordinary offering of a jadeite mosaic miniature ceremonial head underscores the importance and political power at the beginning of Early Classic of the ancient Maya city Tak’alik Ab’aj Tak'alik Ab'aj is an ancient pre-Hispanic city situated in El Asintal, Department of Retalhuleu at the pacific piedmont of Guatemala. This important long distance trade and cosmopolitan cultural center is transcendent because of its long history which endured 1700 years (800 B.C. - 900 A.D). At its beginnings Tak'alik Ab'aj interacted and participated with the Olmec culture, and at its surmise, was one of the protagonists in the development of the early Maya culture. This particularity in addition to the extraordinary production of sculpture programs during these two important cultural periods, make Tak'alik Ab'aj unique in the history of Mesoamerica.

What is interesting is that the Maya deliberately hid some of their treasures in "time capsules" to be found at a certain time later in history. This is an issue for people who want to maintain that the present day Maya are just a degenerate version of their former selves and that they have lost their knowledge. Well, the modern Maya predicted a New Age dominated by space and the aether and they have been proven right. They still have their 20 calendars and from what I can tell, they are the only ones with the ability to interpret 17 out of 20 of them. Mayan treasures are still being found but more importantly, the real treasure of Mayan spiritual truth is being revealed.

Dendera Zodiac: The World's First Horoscope?
Heritage Key, 7th May 2010
One of the most famous, popular and mysterious ancient Egyptian treasures of the Louvre, the 2060-year-old Le zodiaque de Dendéra – the Dendera Zodiac – has witnessed more than its fair share of controversy over the centuries. Stripped from the portico of a chapel dedicated to Osiris at the Hathor Temple at Dendera in 1820, then shipped to Paris, the beautifully carved bas-relief played an unlikely role in fierce disputes over science and faith in Napoleonic and Restoration France. Today, the zodiac continues to spark debate.[...]

New age pseudo-scientists prescribe a significance for the Dendera Zodiac as grave as that of the Maya Long Count Calendar, which is popularly said to be ticking towards Armageddon in December 2012.

One such eccentric is John Lamb Lash, an author and “exponent of the practice of mythology.” In an article on his website titled, with Dan Brown-esque flourish, The Dendera Revelation: Our Moment in the Mythic Order of the Ages, he describes the Dendera Zodiac as a “time-scanning dial,” revealing the mythic pattern of humanity’s experience over a cycle of 26 millennia, a cycle which is due to end very soon (around the same time as the Maya calendar times out, conveniently enough).

I am sure this article will be of interest to those who want to know there is a link between astronomy, religion and mythology.

Unearthing the Mayan Creation Myth
Discover, 16th May 2009
"Archaeologists who have uncovered two massive carved stucco panels in the Mirador Basin of Gua­temala’s northern rain forest say they are the earliest known representation of the Mayan creation myth, predating other such artifacts by a millennium. According to the researchers, the panels—26 feet long and 20 feet high, with images of monsters, gods, and swimming heroes—date to 300 B.C [...]

Some historians dismiss the Popol Vuh as a contaminated document, containing not only ancient Mayan mythology but also contemporary Spanish Catholic influences. The discovery of the panels establishes key portions of the stories as genuinely Mayan. “We can now extend the authenticity of the creation myth back another 1,000 years,” Hansen says."

If historians worried about levels of "contamination" there would be very little left to study!

Archeologists find rare Maya panels in Guatemala
Reuters News, 11th March 2009
"Archeologists have uncovered carved stucco panels depicting cosmic monsters, gods and serpents in Guatemala's northern jungle that are the oldest known depictions of a famous Mayan creation myth. The newly discovered panels, both 26 feet long and stacked on top of each other, were created around 300 BC and show scenes from the core Mayan mythology, the Popol Vuh."

The timing is quite interesting....

Susan Joy Rennison, B.Sc.Hons. (Physics with Geophysics)


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