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Best of the Blog - The Japan Disaster March 2011
& The Ongoing Nuclear Risk


Best of the Blog - The Japan Disaster March 2011
& The Ongoing Nuclear Risk Archive

Kyodo News: Fukushima raises concerns over “viability of Japan’s future” — Former Prime Minister: Reactor restarts “a criminal act toward future generations”; “Fate of country” at stake; “Myth that nuclear power clean and safe has collapsed”
Energy News, 22nd January 2014
Wall St. Journal, Jan. 22, 2014: “Restarting nuclear reactors while we still have no place to dispose nuclear waste is a criminal act toward future generations,” [Former Prime Minister Morihiro] Hosokawa said during a news conference where he laid out his campaign promises for the Feb. 9 election.

Bloomberg, Jan. 22, 2014: “The myth that nuclear power is clean and safe has collapsed,” Hosokawa told reporters in Tokyo today. “We don’t even have a place to store nuclear waste. Without that, restarting the plants would be a crime against future generations.”

Kyodo News, Jan. 22, 2014: “Nuclear power is out of date and the most costly source of energy,” Hosokawa said. “The severity of risks associated with nuclear power is high. We have to switch to renewable and environmentally friendly energies, and lead the world in that field.”

Reuters, Jan. 22, 2014: “I foolishly once believed the myth that nuclear energy is clean and safe,” he told a news conference. “That myth has completely broken down.”

Kyodo News, Jan. 22, 2014: “Nuclear power is out of date and the most costly source of energy,” Hosokawa said. “The severity of risks associated with nuclear power is high. We have to switch to renewable and environmentally friendly energies, and lead the world in that field.”

At some point, reality will always bite... even for the most deaf, dumb and stupid...

‘Game Changer’: Former Prime Ministers team up to win Tokyo election and end nuclear power — It’s endangering the existence of Japan… “Our nation’s survival is at stake” — “Could have biggest influence ever on national politics”
Energy News, 14th January 2014
Kyodo, Jan. 14, 2014: Former Prime Minister Morihiro Hosokawa said Tuesday he will run in the upcoming Tokyo gubernatorial election with an antinuclear agenda after securing the backing of popular former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi [...] The move [...] could have game-changing impact on the race for the helm of the Japanese capital [...] “I have made my decision to run in the Tokyo governor election,” Hosokawa told reporters after meeting Koizumi. “I have a sense of crisis myself that the country’s various problems, especially nuclear power plants, are matters of survival for the country.” [...] Koizumi indicated the main focus of the election will be whether to pursue nuclear power or not, calling the election “a war between the group that says Japan can grow with zero nuclear power plants” and the group that says it cannot. [...]

Wall St. Journal, Jan. 14, 2014: [Former Prime Ministers Hosokawa and Koizumi] are expected to stir up the gubernatorial race and bring the energy debate back into the national spotlight. That will likely dismay of the administration of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, which would rather not have the divisive issue become an election focal point. [...] Mr. Hosokawa said [...] “I have a sense of crisis that our nation’s survival is at stake over nuclear power.”

Maybe not all politicians are immune from the facts associated with reality... Maybe Mr. Hosokawa does care about the demise of Japan...

Interview with Radiation Expert Dr. Christopher Busby: It’s terrifying how Pacific ecosystem has collapsed since Fukushima — Plutonium and uranium suspected of spreading through food chain (VIDEO)
Energy News, 8th January 2014

Fox News: “So many US sailors coming forward” with symptoms after mission near Fukushima; “Strange lumps all over… he’d been poisoned with radiation”; Hemorrhaging, cancers, leukemia, tumors — Another 50 service members may join lawsuit
Energy News, 20th December 2013
Fox News, Dec. 20, 2013: [Months after 3/11], while still serving aboard the [USS Ronald Reagan] aircraft carrier, [Quartermaster Maurice Enis] began to notice strange lumps all over his body. Testing revealed he’d been poisoned with radiation, and his illness would get worse. And his fiance and fellow Reagan quartermaster, Jamie Plym [...] also began to develop frightening symptoms, including chronic bronchitis and hemorrhaging. They and 49 other U.S. Navy members who served aboard the Reagan and sister ship the USS Essex [report] illnesses including thyroid and testicular cancers, leukemia and brain tumors [...] [They] wonder if their service to their country and to Japan has left them doomed. [...] the number of plaintives has more than quadrupled [from the initial dozen] as more service members come forward with radiation-related illnesses, [attorney Charles Bonner] said. Nathan Piekutoski, 22, who served aboard the USS Essex [...]i says he suffered from leukemia [...] “Within a few months I started getting all these weird symptoms” [...] Plym says she is prepared to have her symptoms question in court [...] with so many U.S. sailors coming forward, she believes justice will prevail.

The bad news is going mainstream... Excessive radiation coming to the air you breath and the water you drink... Now we need any secret knowledge or technology that is available to clean up the mess on this planet. Maybe, some big cosmic blasts might serve the same purpose, but that might be a rather drastic solution...
  • Fukushima "Breaking".....75 US Navy sailors have cancer after brief visit to leakage site
    The Slog, 18th December 2013
    Veteran human rights lawyer Charles Bonner (left) has practiced law for 27 years, so by now he's pretty good at it. [...] Now he is leading a class action lawsuit against TEPCO, the regulator/owner of the Fukushima nuclear energy plant.

    He's unlikely to lose it, because he represents 75 sailors who came down with a host of medical problems, including cancers and leukemias, all kinds of gynaecological problems, and tumors on the brain. These service men and women are mainly young people in their early to mid twenties, and no one in their family had ever any of these kinds of illnesses before. Just since Bonner took the case, another 21 sailors have begun to show the same dire symptoms....of radiation sickness.

    Their common link? They were all serving on board USS Ronald Reagan during a brief visit to the waters around Fukushima three years ago. As the Ronald Reagan desalinates all its water from the sea for drinking, bathing and other cleaning purposes, all the sailors were multiply exposed to radiation from the Fukushima accident.

    Reality biting... I think that what happened to these US servicemen is the worse case radiation exposure scenario. Just imagine, nuclear fuel rods and plutonium blew sky high... The sea was contaminated closest to Fukushima but it was the only source of water supply for sailors on the USS Reagan for drinking and bathing... The same level of medical problems is coming quickly for Fukushima and the rest of Japan. The images of radiation picked up by car filters in Fukushima city is shocking... The recent draconian effort by the Japanese to suppress the bad news is just a small indication of just how bad this all is, the lack of interest in the future of humanity is what the survivors on this planet will spend a lot of time trying to understand.

  • What the Japanese Government Isn’t Saying About Fukushima
    Fairewinds, 16th December 2013
    In this, the third installment in our short film series, Fairewinds Energy Education’s Arnie Gundersen discusses sources of radiation the Japanese government is not taking into consideration when assessing the risk to it’s people and the rest of the world.

Japan Professor: Damage from Fukushima is unprecedented, a disaster never before experienced in human history; Some say it could affect whole northern hemisphere — Experts: “Very likely the largest nuclear accident which mankind experienced”
Energy News, 16th December 2013
The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster : One of the World’s Worst-Ever Cases of Pollution, Professor Fumikazu Yoshida of Hokkaido University’s Graduate School of Economics, Economic Journal of Hokkaido University, March 2013: The Fukushima nuclear disaster, however, has been responsible for the largest and worst case of pollution to have occurred during the postwar era […] its complexities and scale are greater than anything that has gone before. […] So severe are [the myriad of problems] that we can characterize this disaster as a “second war defeat” since its impact on the nation questions the whole basis of Japan’s postwar society […] [There are] immense dangers that the ‘accident’ still poses […] Rather than simply being a local problem, it has been from the beginning a nationwide and potentially international issue (some say that it has the potential to affect the whole of the northern hemisphere).

Now it gets interesting as reality starts to bite...
  • ‘Unprecedented’: China bans all imports of shellfish from U.S. West Coast — Official: “They’ve never done anything like that that I’ve ever seen” — Includes Washington, Oregon, Alaska and N. California Gov’t says it will continue indefinitely (AUDIO)
    Energy News, 13th December 2013
    UOW, Dec. 13, 2013: China Imposes First-Ever West Coast Shellfish Ban [...] China has suspended imports of shellfish from the west coast of the United States — an unprecedented move [...] China said it decided to impose the ban after recent shipments of geoduck clams from Northwest waters were found by its own government inspectors to have high levels of arsenic and a toxin that causes paralytic shellfish poisoning. The restriction took effect last week and China’s government says it will continue indefinitely. It applies to clams, oysters and all other two-shelled bivalves harvested from the waters of Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Northern California. [...]

    The Olympian, Nov. 24, 2013: [...] Fans of razor clams will have plenty of opportunities to dig if tests show clams are safe to eat. A weeklong dig is scheduled to begin Saturday at four beaches. [...] In response to questions from diggers, the state said that in tests done to date, no fish or shellfish off the Pacific coast have radioactive contamination that would pose a risk to people who eat them. Dan Ayres, the coastal shellfish manager for the state Department of Fish and Wildlife, said he has heard from people that razor clams might be contaminated with radioactive material from the damaged nuclear power plant in Fukushima, Japan.

    Not even the Chinese want the highly polluted and radiated shellfish from the U.S. West Coast... There are 238 comments here from people who are seriously interested in the fate of humanity on this planet... Mainstream version

BBC: Work at Fukushima Unit 4 a “distraction”; The “real nightmare” is coming from 3 molten cores — NYTimes: Melted fuel is “all over the place… First goal is simply to stop uncontrolled releases of radioactive material” (AUDIO)
Energy News, 7th December 2013

Professor: “It’s true that about 70% of Japan’s territory is polluted” by Fukushima radioactive material; Tokyo contaminated with highly toxic radiation — “Experts worry about catastrophic impacts on health”
Energy News, 3rd December 2013
More from microbiology Professor Kim Ik-joong: As the tainted water is spread over the ocean, we cannot rule out radioactive materials in fish from outside the eight prefectures, especially those from Hokkaido and Tokyo [...] It is true that about 70 percent of Japan’s territory is polluted [...] According to PNAS, a scientific journal published by Japanese scholars, about 20 percent of Japanese land, including Tokyo, is contaminated with highly toxic radiation. It is obvious that agricultural products are also contaminated as the land is polluted with radioactive materials. The contamination on land will last approximately 300 years.

From the comments:
Mack, December 3, 2013 at 2:16 am Log in to Reply

Ironic that these countries know that a nuclear-meltdown can decimate a country's food supply, yet they still promote nuclear energy:

* Korea – ban on 26 agricultural products from 13 Japanese prefectures
* China – ban on imports of food products from 10 Japan prefectures
* Hong Kong – ban on food imports from 5 Japan prefectures
* Taiwan – ban on food imports from 5 Japan prefectures
* Singapore – ban on Fukushima fish; requiring certification by the Japanese government that no radioactive materials were found in fish caught around Tochigi, Gunma, Iberaki, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama prefectures
* Russia – ban on imports from 242 fish processing companies in 8 prefectures
* U.S. – Ban on 50 fish products from 8 prefectures w/ radiation limit of 1,200 Bq/kg. FDA ban on imports of Japanese dairy products, veggies and fruits from 2011
* EU – Ban on all food products from Fukushima. Ban on fish from 8 prefectures with radiation limit of 500 Bq/kg. Advised 27 member countries to test all Japanese food and feed.

Europe announces disaster communication plans for nuclear emergency
World Nuclear News, 29th November 2013
Project work - expected to be finalised in early 2016 - will focus on what to do in case of long-lasting radiation releases, as seen during the Fukushima accident. Researchers will develop a system to collect and exchange information quickly and reliably during a rapidly-evolving emergency situation, and develop procedures and policies for dealing with potentially contaminated goods. Employees of nuclear emergency centres, safety authorities, agriculture ministries will be trained to use the tools and methods resulting from PREPARE.

"Before Fukushima, emergency plans were designed in general for releases of a few days, but at Fukushima we saw releases for up to one month and then also smaller releases," said Johan Camps, head of the Crisis Management and Decision unit at the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre told World Nuclear News.


Revered California Physician: The problem we face at Fukushima is absolutely huge — I may leave West Coast during attempt to remove nuclear fuel (VIDEO)
Energy News, 25th November 2013
[...] At 30:45 in
Should an event occur [during attempt to remove fuel from Unit 4], all of the radioactivity is going to go straight up into the air. We saw where it went the last time that that occurred. This is happening in the next two weeks. This is a possibility that could happen to each and every one of us. And I can tell you, it wasn’t until I started looking into this that I realized this was a possibility to happen. I certainly haven’t taken any preparations for this. I’m not exactly sure what the preparations are, but I think we ought to know so we can at least take whatever preparations we want to take. I may have to make a visit back to Boston during this period of time to protect myself from this.

The real intelligentsia know just how bad this is....
  • Fukushima Reactor Designer: I doubt plant can be decommissioned, perhaps enclose it in cement — Nuclear Professor: Solution is to pour concrete all over, but now it’s too late (VIDEO)
    Energy News, 19th November 2013
    Associated Press, Nov. 19, 2013: “I doubt if Fukushima Dai-ichi’s full decommissioning is possible. Its contamination is so widespread,” said Masashi Goto, a nuclear engineer who designed the Unit 3 reactor and now teaches at Meiji University in Tokyo. “We should not rush the process, because it means more exposure to workers. Instead, we should wait and perhaps even keep it in a cement enclosure.” [...] “If you just put concrete over this, groundwater still will be flowing and things like that, and you have an uncontrolled situation,” [Tepco adviser Lake] Barrett said. “I just don’t see that as a plausible option.”

    Arirang’s ‘Prime Talk’, August 30, 2013 (at 2:30 in): I think they have to be really opening up their minds. If it comes to nuclear disaster, it’s an international one. It never was a national one because nuclear disasters truly going over and beyond and above the borders. Think about the atmosphere, hydrosphere, oceans. But they realized this a little too late. Probably they were the last one on the planet to realize this is situation. [...] The solution again [is] concrete. Just think about Chernobyl, they just poured concrete all over. Sarcophagus, that’s the solution. And they should have done it a couple years ago, they actually lost the opportunity, because by now the soils are all too much contaminated.

    Just sad....

  • Die-offs of mammals, birds, reptiles in Western U.S. — “So many diseases afflicting such a wide variety of animals” — Names out of sci-fi thriller: hemorrhagic disease, sylvatic plague — Studies now underway to find out why (VIDEO)
    Energy News, 23rd November 2013

  • Geothermal energy is Japan's buried treasure
    Nikei Asian Review, 30th October 2013
    Japan may be a small nation, poor in most natural resources, but it is sitting on an abundance of energy in the form of geothermal heat. In fact, it has the world's third largest stores of geothermal energy. Efforts have now begun to unlock its potential.

    Aboveground, Japan sees more of the downside of earthquakes and volcanic activity. But belowground, all that hot magma has created vast stores of thermal energy locked up in geological formations. Japan is an engineering powerhouse in this field, with Japanese companies boasting about a 70% share of the global market for geothermal power station equipment.

    Japan is now heavily contaminated with radiation after Fukushima nuclear disaster that was made worst in the aftermath by intransigence, incompetence and stupidity... The only conclusion we can come to is building nuclear reactors in a region of high seismic activity is extremely high risk, but permitted because it makes money for a few in-control psychopaths. The alternatives that are more 'green' and safe – mother Earth solutions – like geothermal energy, are vetoed because they are too cheap... Look at the mess now, a desperate situation for the too trusting Japanese who are now going to be quickly killed off due to the high levels of radiation and contamination.

Tornado hits U.S. nuclear facility – Uranium enrichment building damaged — Parts of cooling towers destroyed — Alert declared for ‘emergency condition’ (PHOTOS)
Energy News, 18th November 2013
Portsmouth Daily Times, Nov. 18, 2013: Tornado hit Paducah plant Sunday [in Kentucky] [...]

The Courier Journal, Nov. 18, 2013: USEC stopped enriching uranium there in June.

Nearly all news outlets covering the Paducah tornado claim the plant stopped enriching uranium earlier this year. However, according to this report, (Emphasis Added) “On 14 November 2013 Russia has shipped the last batch of low-enriched uranium [...] The cargo will be delivered to Baltimore and then to USEC’s Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant in Kentucky, where the uranium will be used to manufacture fuel for U.S. nuclear power plants.”

Also note the vast majority of reports only say that no “hazardous materials” were released — releases of “radioactive material” are not denied or admitted (see USEC’s twitter feed). The plant’s internal documents clearly distinguish between “hazardous” and “radioactive”. For example, APPENDIX F reads, “Categories of waste evaluated were LLW [low-level radioactive waste], TRU [transuranic waste], hazardous waste […] All low-level mixed (radioactive and hazardous) waste (LLMW) and hazardous waste at these sites are transported off site.”

Interestingly, USEC’s last tweet before the tornado hits is a message promoting a local showing of CNN’s much maligned pro-nuclear film ‘Pandora’s Promise‘, an event they appear to be sponsoring.

‘Pandora’s Promise’...just about sums this up...

Japan lawmaker breaks taboo with nuclear fears letter for emperor
The Star, 1st November 2013
TOKYO (Reuters) - A Japanese lawmaker handed Emperor Akihito a letter on Thursday expressing fear about the health impact of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, breaking a taboo by trying to involve the emperor in politics.

Taro Yamamoto, who is also an anti-nuclear activist, gave Akihito the letter during a garden party, setting off a storm of protest on the Internet from critics shocked at his action.

As we all know now, Japan is Fukued by the Fukushima nuclear disaster and we can only hope that seer Edgar Cayce gets his Japan prediction correct, for the sake of the rest of the world. I actually feel sorry for the Japanese that are actually real humans, because it is obvious to the discerning that those in charge can only be the intraspecies predators with rules of behaviour that are hard to fully comprehend by real humans.

Scientists: ‘Spheres’ of radioactive material from Fukushima reported for first time — Ball-like particles composed of cesium, iron, zinc — Solid and insoluble in water — Impact on human health needs to be examined (PHOTOS)
Energy News, 24th October 2013
This study reports for the first time the presence of spherical radioactive Cs-bearing particles emitted from the FNPP during a relatively early stage (March 14-15) of the accident. The particles coexist with Fe, Zn, and possibly other elements, and their diameters are approximately 2 ?m. Because these elements were evenly distributed within the particle, we conclude that they are internally mixed and form an alloy. […] Due to its spherical shape and composition, the particle is likely solid and is largely insoluble in water. […] The spherical Cs-bearing particles likely have longer retention times on the land surface than those of the water-soluble Cs particles. The retention time of the particles in the soil or other environments needs to be reconsidered.

dosdos writes: "These probably formed from gaseous metals that combined into an alloy as they condensed into liquid, then the micro-droplets solidified while still airborne. That would indicate that the process happened well above the ground, probably in the Unit #3 explosion." The discussion of buckyballs is interesting because carbon buckyballs are coming in from space too and probably ending up in the atmosphere and oceans... It seems combining with our radiated planet to facilitate our quick demise.... Maybe that is what the true panic about removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is really about.... The public are obviously too stupid to appreciate the implications of radiation wrapped in carbon cages that protects radioactive particles for long periods of time until they hit and cause genetic damage somewhere along the line.../sarc off. Hmmmmm... another interesting proposition.... Anyway, no wonder the Americans told them to stop using seawater... The moron factor is breathtaking... Well, it's public knowledge that sperm counts across the planet are dropping... Humans controlled by the fake humans (psychopaths) are reaping the whirlwind.

Sailor’s horrific Pacific journey goes viral, smashes record — Picked up by The Guardian, USA Today, many more… All fail to mention ongoing crisis at Fukushima, by far world’s largest release of radioactivity into ocean
Energy News, 23rd October 2013

World Emergency Should Be Declared Over Fukushima
The Voice of Russia, 14th October 2013
[...] A state of emergency should now be declared throughout the world community. Japan needs international control, Tokyo can’t manage it on its own. Whatever the world nations can offer to cope with the situation should be used, or else the northern part of the Pacific will be contaminated. Discharging radioactive water into tanks and keeping them is pointless. Japan clearly needs an immediate extraordinary solution.

Dispelling the myth that building nuclear power plants in seismically active areas is safe has become an important lesson taught by the Fukushima disaster. It has been brought home to the Japanese for dozens of years that the situation is under control and they should have no fears. But it turned out that the elements are unpredictable and that humanity is defenceless against nature despite all of their

It was obvious from the word go this was a mega mega disaster... Japanese leaders are acting like they are mentally incapacitated, but maybe they don't want to admit they have destroyed their own country. Whatever, Japan is finished, the issue is what happens to the rest of the world. It sounds like the Russias have lost patience... The paragraph here about the foolishness of building nuclear reactors in seismically active areas is a rare bit of honesty... The comments by Ed Ward sum this up properly: "The only thing to be 'declared' now is a world 'disaster'". Next, we need an admission that nuclear reactors are vulnerable in major blackouts when power is needed 24/7 to maintain operations.

Japan Professors: Worst case scenario at Fukushima, nuclear rods melted and went through reactor floors; Contamination is impacting rest of world; Likely that entire Pacific will be affected — Farmer: Gov’t doesn’t have any idea about status of fuel (VIDEO)
Energy News, 13th October 2013
The 2011 Eastern Japan Great Earthquake Disaster – Kyoto University’s Okada Norio, Yoshio Kajitani, Hirokazu Tatano & Beijing University’s Tao Ye, Peijun Shi: [T]he nuclear accident gradually became a level 7 nuclear event, which is a major accident and the highest level on the International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale (INES), equivalent to the Chernobyl disaster in April 1986. [...]

The long-term impact of the nuclear crisis to Japan, the Asia-Pacific region, and the entire world is still not fully revealed. […] The radioactive contamination caused by the nuclear accident following the earthquake and tsunami is affecting the rest of the world through atmospheric circulation. The polluted water released by the Tokyo Electric Power Company is likely to affect the entire Pacific Ocean in the coming decades.

I have been saying for a long time Japan is finished, the issue for debate is whether this has become an extinction level event for humanity. Well some think humanity is finished, but the most curious is the transhumanists who are desperate to give up with being human and re-animate themselves inside a computer. The irrationality knows no bounds. From my point of view, New Agers wanting to strengthen the human energy field to act as a cosmic shield now looks like common sense... The irony, especially when so many are completely clueless about just how vulnerable humanity has become...

Pumps cooling Fukushima reactors hit by power failure, backup kicks in
Energy News, 7th October 2013
Reuters, Oct. 7, 2013: Pumps cooling Fukushima reactors hit by power failure, backup kicks in [...] The operator of Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear plant said on Monday that pumps used to inject water to cool damaged reactors were hit by power failure, but that a backup system kicked in [...]

Reuters, Oct. 7, 2013: UPDATE 1-Fukushima worker accidentally switches off cooling pumps, backup kicks in [...] The Nuclear Regulation Authority said a worker conducting system inspections mistakenly pushed a button turning off power to some of the systems in the four reactor buildings at the Fukushima plant. [...] The latest incident is another reminder of the precarious state of the Fukushima plant [...]

Maybe, this should be classed as an act of sabotage?

Radio: Health physicist in U.S. worried about inhaling hot particle from Fukushima — Either uranium, plutonium, etc. (AUDIO)
Energy News, 4th October 2013
Chris Harris, former licensed Senior Reactor Operator and engineer: Let me relay just one more thought from my health physicist friend. Even here in the U.S., he’s worried about inhaling a hot particle; I’m just letting you know — and so am I. […]

Either uranium, plutonium, or something bad — remember they’re not even monitoring for strontium and uranium, so it’s very difficult to monitor what we’re getting and not getting. […] This is real; we don’t want this to happen here. It’s upsetting other people too.

The headline comes from Reuters... I suppose Fukushima really highlights the dilemma for the intelligentsia when they are now directly threatened. These are the folk who are not dumbed down sheeple, but can actually engage brain and think; they realise the shit is well and truly hitting the fan in many different ways. Conforming to the nasty sociopathic social norms for the sake of convenience no longer seems such a great idea when the numbers with a sociopathic mindset has tipped over into dangerous territory. It is no longer acceptable when it is completely impossible to escape or innoculate yourself from the rigid and destructive mindset displayed by those who don't care if they trash planet Earth as long as they are in charge of the mess.

Yale Professor: Fukushima Unit 4 pool in perilous condition — “All of humanity will be threatened for thousands of years” if not able to be kept cool — Danger of collapse during storm or while attempting removal of fuel rods
Energy News, 20th September 2013
Title: Fukushima Forever
Source: Bulletin of Atomic Scientists (via Huffington Post)
Author: Charles Perrow, Emeritus Professor of Sociology, Yale University
Date: Sept 20, 2013

[...] Much more serious is the danger that the spent fuel rod pool at the top of the nuclear plant number four will collapse in a storm or an earthquake, or in a failed attempt to carefully remove each of the 1,535 rods and safely transport them to the common storage pool 50 meters away. Conditions in the unit 4 pool, 100 feet from the ground, are perilous, and if any two of the rods touch it could cause a nuclear reaction that would be uncontrollable. The radiation emitted from all these rods, if they are not continually cool and kept separate, would require the evacuation of surrounding areas including Tokyo. Because of the radiation at the site the 6,375 rods in the common storage pool could not be continuously cooled; they would fission and all of humanity will be threatened, for thousands of years. [...]

Emeritus Professor Charles Perrow has got his pension now so he is not too concerned about being threatened to keep quiet... So, we have an academic who has now decided keeping quiet about the dangers of Fukushima is no longer such a clever idea... He might actually be intelligent enough to be concerned about the future of mankind or even his own grand-children...

Endless Fukushima catastrophe: 2020 Olympics under contamination threat
RT News, 15th September 2013
As the escape of radiation at Fukushima seems virtually unstoppable, there are still steps that governments all over the world should take to prevent worst case consequences. One of them would be canceling the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Scientific estimates predict that the radioactive plume travelling east across the Pacific will likely hit the shores of Oregon, Washington State and Canada early next year. California will probably be impacted later that year. Because the ongoing flow of water from the reactor site will be virtually impossible to stop, a radioactive plume will continue to migrate across the Pacific affecting Hawaii, North America, South America and eventually Australia for many decades.

A nice summary of the Fukushima nightmare. Question: how can there be no problem hosting the 2020 Tokyo olympics when building 4 cooling pool is still at risk of catching fire, "releasing the radioactive equivalent of 14,000 Hiroshima-sized bombs and 10 times more cesium than Chernobyl"? In this event, the Northern Hemisphere would become badly contaminated and the Japanese government could be forced to evacuate 35 million people from Tokyo.... You have to seriously wonder what medication Japanese officials are taking... More headlines at Energy News<, including Japan TV: Typhoon presents “significant likelihood of natural disaster of a magnitude observed only once every few decades” — Around 500,000 households get instructions to evacuate — Waves over 30 feet high likely for Pacific coast (VIDEO).
  • Endless Fukushima catastrophe: Many generations’ health at stake
    RT News, 13th September 2013
    Bio-accumulation of radioactive elements around Fukushima will devastate many future Japanese generations, while the Pacific Ocean is also being contaminated by leaking radioactive water. Yet there is still no good solution from the Japanese government.

TV: “Simulation shows ENTIRE Pacific being polluted by radioactive water in just 6 years” after start of Fukushima crisis — “Experts now fear it may become a scary reality” (VIDEO)
Energy News, 31st August 2013
This graphic shows the gradual contamination of the Pacific Ocean due to leaks of radioactive water from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan.

The simulation, which was run by a German marine research institute, shows the ENTIRE Pacific waters being polluted by radioactive water in just six years.

Although the results failed to grab attention when first released last year, experts now fear that the hypothesis may become a scary reality, after the Japanese government recently admitted that some 3-hundred tons of radioactive water have leaked into the ocean everyday.

Most people commentating here, think the way I do that the Fukushima nuclear disaster provides the ultimate proof that this world is run by evil psychopaths with very litte interest in the future of humanity. A Zardoz world is coming... I am not sure about the reports of the sea boiling, but even the BBC provided a link to the Voice of Russia story, Fukushima radioactive leak causes the sea off Japan coast to boil. It could be steam or fog and/or radioactive, obviously something strange is going on and while nearby countries start to fume, the Japanese government are still failing to take much responsibiity besides decisions to spread even more radiation around the planet.

Fukushima operator pleads for international help as radiation crisis deepens
RT News, 22nd August 2013
The Japanese authorities begging for international help has come two and half years too late. Based on the headlines, the panic has started.

Japan's nuclear crisis deepens, China expresses 'shock'
Yahoo, 22nd August 2013
I just don't believe China has been so clueless about the ongoing seriousness of the Fukushima crisis.

CNN: Japan’s nuclear regulator called Fukushima “a house of horrors”… They are not prone to hyperbole, an unbelievable thing to say — “Very, very serious… incredibly frightening” (VIDEO)
Energy News, 22nd August 2013
Lots more terrible news here....

Worse than Chernobyl: The inner threat of Fukushima crisis
RT News, 20th August 2013
I recently pointed out, this operation has to go on forever - a long sickness, but at least not a sudden death. However, this week begins a new development in the potential sudden death department.

There is a curious and bizarre reversal of the natural at Fukushima: a looking-glass world inversion. Unlike the standard marine catastrophe, for example the Titanic, where the need is to manically pump water out of the ship to stop it sinking, at Fukushima the game is to madly pump water in, in order to stop it melting down and exploding.

Chris Busby is one of my favourite campaigners, somebody intelligent that cares about the future of humanity.
  • Fukushima leak is 'much worse than we were led to believe'
    BBC News, 22nd August 2013
    This should come as no surprise for anyone paying attention. Three nuclear reactors melting down should have been prevented but now the Japanese are being forced to point out that the Fukushima disaster is spiralling out of control. They have been trying to save face concerning their greed and incompetence but poisoning their own population and threatening the world is not something that can be hidden for ever.

Reuters: Crisis deepening at Fukushima nuclear plant; Upgraded to ‘Level 3 Serious Incident’ — Represents a 100-fold increase in “severity of a radiological release” — Tepco says highly radioactive leakage continues, but unknown where from
Energy News, 21st August 2013
Reuters, Aug 21, 2013: Japan to issue gravest Fukushima nuclear warning in two years-agency [...] Japan will dramatically raise its warning about the severity of a toxic water leak at the Fukushima nuclear plant, its nuclear watchdog said on Wednesday, its most serious action since the plant was destroyed [...] The deepening crisis at the Fukushima plant will be upgraded from a level 1 “anomaly” to a level three “serious incident”‘ [...] That will mark the first time Japan has issued a warning on the International Nuclear Event Scale (INES) since three reactor meltdowns [...] The leak [...] has not been plugged [...] Each one-step INES increase represents a tenfold increase in severity [...]

Reuters: Crisis deepening at Fukushima nuclear plant; Upgraded to ‘Level 3 Serious Incident’ — Represents a 100-fold increase in “severity of a radiological release” — Tepco says highly radioactive leakage continues, but unknown where from

It has taken a long time, but has the SHTF?
  • Fukushima Governor: This is a national emergency — Massive radioactive leak causes top officials to hold emergency meeting — Tepco: Leakage believed to be continuing Tuesday
    Energy News, 20th August 2013
    NHK, Aug 20, 2013: Fukushima Governor Yuhei Sato has urged the central government to take the initiative in dealing with the wastewater leak at Fukushima Daiichi [...] The prefecture’s top officials held an emergency meeting on Tuesday following Monday’s revelation of a massive leak of radioactive water from a storage tank. The governor described the situation as a national emergency [...] Senior Fukushima prefectural official Shoji Furuichi [...] asked [Tepco] to quickly find out whether the leak has contaminated the environment. Furuichi called the leak extremely regrettable [...]

    AFP, August 20, 2013: TEPCO reports worst radioactive leak from tank at Japan’s Fukushima [...] Some 300 tonnes of radioactive water is believed to have leaked from a tank at Japan’s crippled nuclear plant, the worst such leak since the crisis began, the operator said Tuesday. [TEPCO] said the leak was believed to be continuing Tuesday at Fukushima and it had not yet pinpointed the source of it. [...] But the latest leak was the worst from a tank in terms of volume, the TEPCO spokesman said. TEPCO admitted the toxic water might contaminate groundwater and flow into the Pacific Ocean “in the longer term” [...] So far four tonnes of the spilled water had been retrieved since Monday evening [...]

    Actually, this is a worldwide emergency.... Ever since the Fukushima disaster occurred, the news being reported by the website Energy News has been progressively getting worse. It has been alarming for quite some time and the website now hosts a wide selection of terrifying news... Basically, denial does not make the meltdown of three nuclear reactors any better. Due to short term profit motivated thinking, the world is now facing an extinction level event.

  • Tokyo Professor: Ground beneath Fukushima reactors becoming increasingly unstable — “Potential catastrophe unfolding in plain sight”
    Energy News, 20th August 2013
    [...] Expert commentary, including from the METI Nuclear Accident Response Director, has warned that the constant flow of water may lead to further structural instability of the buildings. [...] 1000 tonnes of water per day runs down from the surrounding hills, further softening the ground [...]

    So, here we have a potential catastrophe unfolding in plain sight [...] They know – or certainly should know – that they are drifting into ever more risky circumstances, as the volumes of water increasingly render the ground underneath the reactors unstable. All parties also know that Tepco is prepared to start removing fuel rods from November [...] Given the implications of a mishap in fuel-rod removal, as well as the myriad other problem areas at the plant, the word “shameful” seems hardly strong enough. [...]

  • Biologist: Pacific herring in Canada bleeding from eyeballs, faces, fins, tails — I’ve never seen fish looking this bad — All 100 examined were bloody — Officials informed of hemorrhaging soon after 3/11 — Gov’t ignoring problem (PHOTO)
    Energy News, 19th August 2013
    The Globe and Mail, Aug 13, 2013 (Emphasis Added): Independent fisheries scientist Alexandra Morton is raising concerns about a disease she says is spreading through Pacific herring causing fish to hemorrhage. [...] “Two days ago I did a beach seine on Malcolm Island [near Port McNeill on northern Vancouver Island] and I got approximately 100 of these little herring and they were not only bleeding from their fins, but their bellies, their chins, their eyeballs. [...] “It was 100 per cent … I couldn’t find any that weren’t bleeding to some degree. And they were schooling with young sockeye [salmon]”

    Read the comments here, this is almost like government officials have never hear of the food chain...

  • 11 Facts About The Ongoing Fukushima Nuclear Holocaust That Are Almost Too Horrifying To Believe
    True Activist, 20th August 2013

Calls for seafood tests due to radiation leak in Japan
MSN News, 12th August 2013
Nuclear experts are calling on the U.S. government to test West Coast waters and Pacific seafood sold in the U.S. in the wake of Japan's alarming admission about an ongoing radiation leak.

The Tokyo Electric Power Co. acknowledged last week that 300 tons of contaminated water from its crippled Fukushima nuclear plant has been seeping daily into the ocean since a devastating earthquake and tsunami in March 2011. [...]

Joseph Mangano, executive director of the nonprofit Radiation and Public Health Project, said "a cocktail of more than 100 radioactive chemicals" from the Fukushima reactors presents hazards when the material is ingested into the body through the food chain or by breathing tainted air. Potential health risks include birth defects and thyroid cancer, he said.

In March, the organization published a report indicating that the number of West Coast babies born with a condition called hypothyroidism — underactive thyroid glands — rose by 28 percent within nine months of the Fukushima disaster, compared with the previous year.

Mangano noted that the American Medical Association has already called for the testing of all fish sold in the U.S. for radiation contamination, but that the FDA has so far resisted. "We've had such enormous releases already, we need to vigorously monitor how much radiation is in our environment and bodies, not just in Japan but in the U.S.," he said.

Well, I presume that we are waiting for the Fukushima complex to completely collapse and even though the current news is bad enough, worse is yet to come.

Pump and pray: Tepco might have to pour water on Fukushima wreckage forever
RT News, 7th August 2013
Fukushima is a nightmare disaster area, and no one has the slightest idea what to do. The game is to prevent the crippled nuclear plant from turning into an “open-air super reactor spectacular” which would result in a hazardous, melted catastrophe. [...]

We hear that 400 tons of highly radioactive water is now escaping the barriers that Tepco erected and is reaching the sea. Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe, said on August 7 that “stabilizing Fukushima is our challenge.” Tepco said, “This is extremely serious — we are unable to control radioactive water seeping out of the Fukushima plant.” CNN quoted “industry experts” saying that “Tepco has failed to address the problem...[the experts] question Tepco’s ability to safely decommission the plant.” [...]

What we have here in Fukushima is more local, but still very deadly and certainly worse than Chernobyl since the populations are so large. And this brings me to my second point, and a warning to the Japanese people. The contamination of the sea results in adsorption of the radionuclides by the sand and silt on the coast and river estuaries. The east coast of Japan, the sediment and sand on the shores, will now be horribly radioactive. [...]

And what about the future? The future is bleak. I see no way of resolving the catastrophe. They will either have to pour water on the wreckage forever, and thus continue to contaminate the local sea, or find some more drastic immediate solution. I was told that US experts had the idea at the beginning of bombing the reactors into the harbour. Not so stupid in my opinion. That at least may enable them to get sufficiently close to the pieces to pick them up, and should also solve the cooling problem. Apparently (my contact said) the French argued them out of it because of the negative effect on nuclear energy (and Uranium shares).

I think the U.S. Military should have stormed in there and bombed Fukushima and saved the world. It would have been something useful for a change... Instead, the moronic stance of heeding the opinion of psychopaths, the same psychopaths who had built so many nuclear reactors in a very active earthquake zone.
  • The Fukushima Nightmare Gets Worse
    The Progressive, 8th August 2013
    [...] Some 28 months after three of the six reactors exploded at the Fukushima Daichi site, nobody can offer a definitive explanation of what is happening there or how to deal with it. The most cogent speculation now centers on the reality that, simply enough, water flows downhill. [...] Reports now indicate the outflow at Fukushima also includes substantial quantities of radioactive iodine, cesium, and strontium. That, in turn, indicates there is probably more we haven’t yet heard about. This is very bad news.

The Radioactive and Explosive Stones That Come From Sea
Brazil Weird News, 2nd July 2013
URUGUAI. At Piriapolis city, in Punta Negra's beach, the retired military, fisherman in his spare time, 78 years - Juan Carlos Bézon, was walking on the seaside when he noticed a small stone, just over 3 inches wide. He noted that it had a strong color in a fluorescent green hue, flecked with dark spots, brownish.

He picked up the object. It had a rough texture - and placed it in his pants pocket. In about five minutes, the man began to feel a warming sensation in the thigh.

It was the stone that - apparently - started a spontaneous reaction, radiating heat. Immediately Bézon began to undress and, luckily, as was wearing two pairs of pants, apart from underwear, escaped a more serious injury in the leg.

According to this report and comments we are seeing radioactive waste washing up on shores in North and South America presumably from Fukushima. I suppose, in not wanting to spread alarm a few unlucky people are getting badly burnt by their curiosity in these 'strange stones'.

Fukushima radioactive water leak an 'emergency'
BBC Asia News, 5th August 2013
Japan's nuclear watchdog has said the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant is facing a new "emergency" caused by a build-up of radioactive groundwater. A barrier built to contain the water has already been breached, the Nuclear Regulatory Authority warned.

This means the amount of contaminated water seeping into the Pacific Ocean could accelerate rapidly, it said. There has been spate of water leaks and power failures at the plant, devastated by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

The headline at the subscriber only UK Times is also noteworthy: Lethal threat from radioactive water flowing into sea from crippled Fukushima I now wonder whether Fukushima is already an extinction level event (ELE)... I called it a long time ago that Japan was finished, but scientists breezily trying to claim that it will not affect the United States are just lying. Here is a comment at Energy News thart sums this all up nicely:
Gasser August 6, 2013 at 1:18 am Log in to Reply

Aloha! My ENENEWS friends

I've been following the Fukushima potential ELE disaster on ENENEWS from day one and try to convey the seriousness of this catastrophe to those in my circle of friends and whoever else's attention I can grab, because few grasp the severity.

I knew that whatever is manufactured or grown in Japan will become more and more contaminated as the moments tick away.

I live in Hawaii and have a gut feeling the soles of the Japanese tourist shoes are highly contaminated spreading radioactive isotopes in Aircraft, Busses, Taxis, Hotels, Restaurants and every tourist attraction we have to offer.

If this contamination were like stepping in bright yellow wet paint, it would blow your mind to see how much this has spread everywhere world wide, brining a new meaning of "The yellow brick road"… Just say'n.
Well, very strangely, yesterday I received an email from a long term regular blog reader who I have had some correspondence with over the last few years. I don't think she will mind sharing some of her email which made me think of Fukushima straight away. L. Sharp writes:
“I'm here in Maryland, USA navigating this life as best I can. I've continued to observe the changes that are happening right before our very eyes. Something miraculous, yet subtle, is happening right in our presence and most of us can't 'see' it. Yet more and more people are aware that "something" is going on.

I've observed the changes in the sky and atmosphere for many years now. The anomalies, aircraft, and now train and other vehicle malfunctions are no surprise to me. The changes in animal intelligence, the lifting 'veil', and erratic human behavior are no longer a surprise. But the surprises DO continue. This summer I have noticed some of the largest insects that I've ever seen in my life .....and I've heard no one else even mention it. I've seen common insects that come out every summer here in Maryland that are 3 or 4 or even more times larger than their normal size! I've seen beautiful butterflies the size of small birds; dragonflies that I've suspected of being small 'drones'; huge bees; and today, on my patio I saw the largest fly I've ever seen in my life! It was almost shocking. It had to be almost the size of the palm of my hand, but I didn't get too close.
There has to be some type of mutation going on, as you've noted in your work many times. I just wanted to share my observation.”
Gigantism is a symptom of low level radiation contamination, in humans, animals, fish and plants. I don't have time to produce lots of links but Energy News has lots and lots of relevant information and you can start here: Radiation Biologist: Tree leaves were gigantic after Chernobyl — “Witch’s Broom” effect (VIDEO) & Japan Scientists: Truly unusual deformities in Fukushima — Forests may be evolving into different ecosystems — “There’s been a sudden, large change”

Fukushima plant's spent fuel pool cooling system partially restored
Kyodo News, 19th March 2013
Tokyo Electric Power Co. said Tuesday it has partially restored the cooling system for the spent fuel pools of the No. 1, 3 and 4 reactors at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, which has been suspended since Monday evening due to a suspected problem with a power switchboard.

The incident has not affected the injection of water into the Nos. 1, 2 and 3 reactors that suffered core meltdowns in the early days of the nuclear crisis at the plant triggered by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

As for the spent fuel pool located atop the damaged No. 4 reactor building, one of the two lines forming the cooling system was restored at around 1:20 p.m. Tuesday. The other line is expected to resume operation at around 8 p.m., the utility said.

Another major panic in Japan... Background: Electricity problem at Fukushima Daiichi suspends cooling of spent fuel pools. Update: Japan's Fukushima Plant May Have Come Worryingly Close To Another Nuclear Meltdown Thanks To A Hungry Rat.

US sailors sue operator of Fukushima nuclear plant
The Australian, 29th December 2012
US Navy sailors who say they were showered with radiation from the exploding Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant during relief operations are suing its operator, Tepco, for tens of millions of dollars.A lawsuit believed to be the first example of foreigners suing the Japanese electric utility over last year's tragedy has been lodged on behalf of eight sailors in a US federal court in San Diego.

The sailors were crew members of the USS Ronald Reagan, which played a pivotal role in the US government's massive tsunami relief program called Operation Tomadachi.The aircraft carrier was dispatched to the coast off Fukushima in the days after the disaster but had to move on March 14 when it became clear from radiation readings that fallout from the plant had reached its location.The US Navy said at the time that 17 of the ship's crew were exposed to "low-level" radiation but the total exposure was no higher than one month's absorption of normal background radiation.

This is incredible when we consider that people in the Fukushima prefecture are being exposed to huge amounts of radiation every single day but these US Navy sailors only received a low relative dose but still think they merit a huge compensation pay out...

Major fault line found running under nuclear reactor west of Tokyo
The Extinction Protocol, 11th December 2012
TOKYO - A fault running directly underneath the Unit 2 reactor of the Tsuruga plant, operated by Japan Atomic Power Co. and located about 330 kilometers (200 miles) west of Tokyo, “could be an active one,” the panel said in a meeting to review an on-site investigation carried out Dec. 1-2 into faults within the plant’s premises. The government’s top spokesman, Chief Cabinet Secretary Osamu Fujimura, stressed, however, that steps need to be taken before any final decision. “We shouldn’t make any predictions at this stage,” he said. For one, the panel’s assessment needs to be reviewed by the new regulator, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and it isn’t known when the commission will meet. Still, NRC Chairman Shunichi Tanaka said the commission won’t be able to consider a request to restart the plant as long as there is a possibility the fault is active.

This is the copied version just in case the Wall Street Journal version goes behind a paywall... Well, we have proof here of Japanese psychopathy as authorities placed a nuclear reactor on top of an earthquake fault. I don't think it matters whether the fault is active or not... After the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Japan is finished anyway, as many now agree and I have been saying for quite some time....

Reuters: Last 24 hours have ‘killed’ French nuclear -Analyst — “It looks really bad”
Energy News, 5th December 2012

Title: UPDATE 2-Enel pulls out from French EPR nuclear project
Source: Reuters
Author: Stephen Jewkes and Michel Rose
Date: Dec 4, 2012
h/t Enformable

Last 24 hours have ‘killed’ French nuclear – analyst

French power group EDF received a new blow on Tuesday when Italy’s biggest utility Enel announced its has pulled out from a project to build a next-generation nuclear reactor in northern France. [...]

“In a way, the last 24 hours have killed French nuclear finally because the cost makes it totally impossible to export and now you have one of the few partners actively withdrawing; it looks really bad,” said UBS analyst Per Lekander. [...]

Wikipedia: Nuclear power is the primary source of electric power in France. In 2004, 425.8 TWh out of the country’s total production of 540.6 TWh of electricity was from nuclear power (78.8%), the highest percentage in the world. France’s nuclear power industry has been called “a success story”

Earlier in the week the US nuclear industry was already discussing ‘losing’ in France: Meanwhile, In France … Losing the Nuclear AdvantageComment: From the comments: "France may need to shut down all of their nuclear reactors just to maintain a population." Yes, it is that bad....

Newspaper: Japanese evacuating country because of radiation — “Passport issuance growing sharply” — “Increase is attracting attention”
Energy News, 21st November 2012
New figures reveal the number of Japanese leaving their homeland for a life abroad has more than tripled in the wake of last year’s earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident. [...]

Next year the number is likely to climb further, as travel industry research indicates passport issuance is growing sharply. Worries about radiation, predictions of another devastating quake and diminishing opportunities in Japan’s economically depressed and rapidly ageing society are driving young families and singles and wealthy retirees abroad.

In insular and conservative Japan, this increase is attracting attention. [...] Foreigners tended to assume Japan had bounced back from the triple disaster, and in some areas that was true. But many Japanese now had, for the first time, a deep distrust of their government. [...]

The original version is behind a paywall. Well, this comes as no surprise, Japan has been devastated...

Scientific Paper: “The Fukushima Radioactive Plume Contaminated the Entire Northern Hemisphere During a Relatively Short Period
Zero Edge, 18th September 2012

We warned mere days after the Japanese earthquake that the West Coast of North America could be hit with radiation.

Our concerns – unfortunately – have been validated.  See this and this.

The peer-reviewed scientific journal Science of the Total Environment reports:

Massive amounts of anthropogenic radionuclides were released from the nuclear reactors located in Fukushima (northeastern Japan) between 12 and 16 March 2011 following the earthquake and tsunami. Ground level air radioactivity was monitored around the globe immediately after the Fukushima accident. This global effort provided a unique opportunity to trace the surface air mass movement at different sites in the Northern Hemisphere.


The analysis of the air mass forward movements during 12th -16th March showed that the air mass was displaced eastward from the Fukushima area and bifurcated into a northern and a southern branch outside of Japan (Fig. 3). This eastward bifurcation of air masses is in agreement with the simulation of the potential dispersion of the radioactive cloud after the nuclear accident of Fukushima (Weather OnlineWebsite of United Kingdom, UK, 2012).


This work clearly demonstrates how little dissipation occurred during this time due to the nature of the rapid global air circulation system, and the Fukushima radioactive plume contaminated the entire Northern Hemisphere during a relatively short period of time.

Comment: I downloaded the paper referenced here and I can confirm that the statement "...the Fukushima radioactive plume contaminated the entire Northern Hemisphere during a relatively short period of time." is from the conclusion. Is it any wonder that space weather combined with Fukushima radiation is now causing pilots and flight attendents to be sick.

Mutated sunflower in Kagawa prefecture
Fukushima Diary, 19th September 2012

10 nuclear events in 10 days
The Watchers, 18th August 2012

Nuclear reactor in Connecticut shut down due to excessive seawater temperatures
The Watchers, 14th August 2012

‘Quite Something’: Extremely radioactive sample from Tokyo air filter — 150 times more uranium than expected — “This is from Fukushima” -Busby (VIDEO)
Energy News, 25th July 2012

Japan to probe 'active faults' under nuclear plants
Yahoo News, 18th July 2012

Getting ready for the Big One: Japan chooses disaster-alternative capital
RT News, 15th July 2012
The Japanese government is considering unparalleled counter-measures to withstand the inevitable earthquakes and tsunamis awaiting Japan in the future. Experts propose preparation of emergency government offices in the country’s five major cities.

­One of the main anti-earthquake emergency measures proposed by the Central Disaster Prevention Council is a recommendation to be ready to transfer central government offices, as well as the Bank of Japan and other facilities, in case Tokyo is devastated by a tsunami. The country’s major cities, Fukuoka, Nagoya, Osaka, Sapporo and Sendai are recommended as suitable substitutes because they already have some governmental facilities and branches of the Bank of Japan, Kyodo reports.

I think the authorities are getting ready to abandon Tokyo...

Nobel Prize Winner on NHK: “Only way to preserve human life is to completely turn away from nuclear power” (VIDEO)
Energy News, 17th June 2012
This is obvious on a planet that is becoming increasingly unstable....

150 mph Super Typhoon Sets Aim at Japan: Fukushima near center of forecast track — “Expected to intensify” and already the highest category storm
Energy News, 17th June 2012
There is a good map of the storm track 18-20th, as it crosses straight over Japan...

Japan to restart 2 reactors, 1st restarted since Fukushima crisis
Kyodo News, 16th June 2012
The Japanese government on Saturday approved restarting two nuclear reactors in Fukui Prefecture, the first to be reactivated since all reactors in Japan were idled amid concern about their safety following last year's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant crisis.
So, this is rather unfortunate timing.... Typhoon Guchol has intensified near Philipiness and is a category 4 Hurricane. It is expected to reaches category at 5, but it is expected to weaken and go back down to category 2 as it nears Japan then weakening further as it makes landfall by the time the typhoon hits Tokyo. So...... those Japanese people who are already stressed about the amount of radiation all over the country have to live under the threat of typhoons smashing up their crippled and not crippled nuclear power facilities....

Japan Nuclear Freeze Ends as Voter Backlash Begins for Noda
Bloomberg News, 16th June 2012
Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda approved the first restart of Japan’s power reactors since last year’s Fukushima nuclear disaster, a decision that could undermine his political support and force early elections. Noda declared two reactors at Kansai Electric Power Co. (9503)’s Ohi nuclear plant in Fukui prefecture, western Japan, safe to begin operations, at a Cabinet-level meeting today. The move, which follows approvals from local authorities, ends a month- long spell without atomic power in Japan. [...] Noda “could end up like all his predecessors in the dustbin of history very quickly,” said Robert Dujarric, director of the Institute of Contemporary Asian Studies at Temple University’s Tokyo campus. “The dustbin is waiting for him.

It seems that more and more people are starting to suspect that the Japanese hierarchy are absolutely insane.... These days I think about the cartoons used to persuade the under-educated masses that nuclear power was safe..... I can only imagine that a few more people (suffering from radiation poisoning) have moved on from such childish views, but the evidence is clear that the strategy worked because so many people prefer fairy tales and others such fantasies.... It seems that it takes a major crisis to get most people to re-focus on reality, but by that time, it is too late....

  • Pluto-Kun: Childrens Japanese Nuclear Cartoon
    YouTube, 2nd April 2011
    "ENGLISH TRANSLATION - The brainchild of a now defunct government research organization, the apple-cheeked animated Little Mr. Pluto debuted in the mid-1990s wearing a green helmet with a pair of antennae and the chemical symbol for plutonium, Pu. Promising to "never be scary or dangerous," Little Pluto extolled the benefits of plutonium, which Japanese nuclear authorities have viewed as a fuel of the future for fast breeder reactor technology."

Typhoon Guchol is forecast to strike Japan at about 18:00 GMT on 19 June – cutting a path through the heart of Tokyo
Extinction Protocol, 16th June 2012
"JAPAN – Typhoon Guchol is forecast to strike Japan at about 18:00 GMT on 19 June. Data supplied by the US Navy and Air Force Joint Typhoon Warning Center suggest that the point of land fall will benear34.0 N,137.1 E. Guchol is expected to bring 1-minute maximum sustained winds to the region of around120 km/h (74 mph).Wind gusts in the area may be considerably higher. There is also the potential for flooding further inland due to heavy rain. This is an extremely dangerous storm and people in low-lying areas or regions at risk should heed all emergency bulletins."

Typhoon Guchol intensified near Philipiness, heading toward Japan
The Watchers, 16th June 2012

Women's "Die-In" against the Restart of Ooi Nuke Plant (Jun/07/2012)
YouTube, 7th June 2012
Quote: "Prime Minister Noda is said to be the leader of this country but he's inhuman and i can never forgive him."
The die-in on the streets is in the last minute of the video.... this is another classic quote, "Fukushima women will fight like demons..." Well, it looks like some people in Japan are realising that there are psychopaths in charge and indeed they are not human as most would consider human. Now, it looks like the decision to place 55 nuclear power plants in an earthquake zone that rattles every day is a psychopath's dream for a future pay out of narcissistic energy supply.... Once you get this concept, then it is easy to see why human misery is food to these people and elixir to their gods...

Major crack in the south wall of Fukushima reactor 4: is this the end of the world as we know it?
Extinction Protocol, 20th May 2012
May 20, 2012 – TOKYO – If there isn’t a large crack there is still the issue of the severely damaged Unit Number Four building ‘tilting.’ The 1500 spent fuel rods pond almost suspended in air on the fifth floor and the extreme potential for a slight earthquake or explosion to unleash a catastrophic radioactive chain of events ‘much worse than Chernobyl.’ “The spent fuel in the hobbled unit 4 at Fukushima Daiichi not only sits in an elevated pool outside the reactor core’s reinforced containment, in a high-consequence earthquake zone adjacent to the ocean — just as nearly all the spent fuel at the nuclear site is stored — but it’s also open to the elements because a hydrogen explosion blew off the roof during the early days of the accident and sent the building into a list.”

There has been a lot of talk in the last week about unit 4 see Gundersen: Japan is sitting on a ticking time bomb — “We’re all in a situation of having to pray there’s not an earthquake”. This is a very sorry state of affairs but a Zardoz world is becoming increasingly likely.... What is so sad is that if people really understood what our world would be experiencing today, would there have been as much apathy? I truly believe metaphysical and spiritual leaders have failed due to a basic lack of interest in reality.... All this crap about the Law of Attraction being spread by malignant marcissists and the spiritually naive, has been nothing but a major distraction... awful...

Alaska Airlines flight attendants itching to get rid of uniforms
The Star, 7th May 2012
Scores of flight attendants at Alaska Airlines say their uniforms are giving them rashes and causing hair loss.

The Association of Flight Attendants, which represents some 2,800 Alaska Airlines attendants, believes the year-old uniforms are possibly contaminated with the chemical Tributyl phosphate and are demanding they be replaced.

The union said in a letter to company president Brad Tilden that 280 employees developed skin irritation and hair loss after the airlines switched to the new uniforms in March 2011. The airline says it’s more like 200.

“I’ve never had a uniform like this. I broke out this week. I broke out on my back first, then on my legs. I don’t know what it is, or whether it’s the uniform. But, I didn’t have it until I flew six, seven days in a row and then I started breaking out,” an unidentified flight attendant told Seattle’s King 5 News.

Egan noted that the complaints started coming in fairly quickly after the new uniform was introduced and that the matter has only become public recently.

This sounds more like radiation poisoning..... Notice the coincidence of the date of the new uniform March 2011, about the same time as the Fukushima disaster.... Dr Deagle thinks this is about Alaskan Airlines flying through plumes of radiation but because of the northern latitude I also suspect space weather or a combination of both. I will admit, I saw this story a few days ago and I ignored it because it did not make sense, but after listening to Deagle and re-reading this article, I think this story is highly suspicious that airline staff may be suffering from radiation poisoning to the extent that their hair is falling out. We will know when they replace the uniform and things don't get better...

Dr. Bill Deagle w/ Jeff Rense 2012/05/08 - Multiple Updates
YouTube, 9th May 2012
At about 30.00 Deagle talks about Alaskan airlines

Marine Die-offs, Polar Bears Losing Fur And Sick Animals In Alaska As Radiation Hits West Coast
Alexander Higgins, 10th April 2012

Geiger Counter in an Airplane (Radioactivity Reading - Milky's plane trip)
YouTube, 14th March 2012
"NOTE FROM MILKY: I borrowed a Soeks geiger counter from a friend to measure the radiation in the airplane ride from Flint Michigan (layover in Atlanta) and off from Atlanta to San Diego this past Feb. 22, shortly after the Chicago area and San Onfre (near San Diego) nuclear plants both released radioactive steam. I turned it on at 10,000 feet when the pilot announces you can turn electronic devices on. We cruised up to 32.000 feet. Radiation reached approx. 2.85 mcSv/h Microsiverts per hour. Considered Dangerous radiation."
This is only for reference as there has been recent warnings (see below) for frequent fliers about high levels of radiation that is not related to radiation from Fukushima....

  • Potential dispersion of the radioactive cloud over The Northern Hemisphere
    Weather Online, April 2011
    "Potential dispersion of the radioactive cloud over The Northern Hemisphere This animation displays a potential dispersion of the radioactive cloud (Caesium 137 Isotope) after a nuclear accident in reactor Fukushima I. The continuous release rate is very uncertain, thus the calculations have to be interpreted qualitatively. Dispersion in the near surface level (Level 1), in appr. 2500 m height (Level 12) and in appr. 5000 m height (Level 16)."
    According to this, Europe has been getting some good sized dosages in the last few days and might explain why the French complained about the levels of radiation not being 'neglible' any more.

    Japan to switch off final nuclear reactor
    Yahoo News, 6th May 2012
    The last working reactor in Japan is to be switched off Saturday, leaving the country without nuclear power just over a year after the world's worst atomic accident in a quarter of a century.

    As technicians ready to close down the No. 3 unit at Tomari in Hokkaido, the debate over whether Japan needs nuclear power has been reignited, amid increasingly shrill warnings of summer power blackouts.

    Hokkaido Electric Power, which runs the plant, said they would at 5pm (0800 GMT) begin inserting control rods that would halt the chain reaction and bring the reactor to "cold shutdown" some time on Monday.

    I suppose this is an occasion that needs to be marked but the news from Japan is terrifying. Now things are so bad, it looks like Tokyo (35 million in the metropolitan area) are in the midst of a nuclear holocaust. Even the Emperor and his family in their Tokyo palace, are sick and when the Emperor tries to speak out he is ignored..... That tells you just how deep the denial is...

    Kyoto Nuclear Professor: “There is no longer any such thing as clean and safe food” after radiation from Fukushima spread around planet — People who advanced nuclear power should be made to eat the extremely contaminated items (VIDEO)
    Energy News, 4th May 2012
    Koide: There is no such thing as clean food.

    The Fukushima accident has happened and a tremendous amount of radiation has already been released and spread throughout the planet.

    That’s why there is no longer any such thing as clean and safe food… our only choice is whether we accept that or not.

    I do have one proposal:

    … the people who advanced nuclear power be made to eat the extremely contaminated food.

    People like the managing director of Tepco, or members of the parliament… academics who promoted nuclear power.

    I’d like to build a system that feeds them with contaminated food.

    But that’s not enough. I also have a proposal that the relatively contaminated food be feed to the adults that have accepted the nuclear power industry and the relatively uncontaminated food be fed to the children.

    Wow...... It looks like the gloves have finally come off and normally polite Japanese have had enough.... presumably, even the intellectuals have realised that the radioactive contamination of air, food and water is extremely stupid and as I have read somewhere else, even dogs are intelligent enough to not shit in their own drinking water.

    Author on Japan TV: It’s almost as if Tepco officials are aliens from another planet (VIDEO)
    Energy News, 29th May 2012
    I could not resist this headline.... it seems some people are starting to wonder...

    Caldicott: Plants in Tokyo died from Fukushima fallout — “See these spots? That’s from radiation falling on the ginkos” (VIDEO)
    Energy News, 1st May 2012

    More Michigan Mutations from Fallout 4.21.2012
    YouTube, 21st April 2012
    Dandelions found today in a parking lot in Rochester Hills Michigan, about 20 miles north of Detroit, where I found mutations last weekend.

    Whenever I think of Fukushima it is reminder of how people can be in deep trouble but due to cultural restraints there is not really a lot of fight back just resignation. The psychopaths place 55 nuclear reactors on or near fault zones in a country that rattles with earthquakes nearly every day.... And surprise surprise, eventually an earthquake causes a major nuclear disaster that is now affecting the whole world. When the Russians had a nuclear disaster they did their best to contain it, but the Japanese authorities just tell lots of lies and don't do anything to prevent serious disaster and then decide to make sure all their citizens share the radiation load and are burning radioactive debris all over the country..... I am sorry to say this but Japan needs to fall into the bottom of the sea to preserve some life on this planet... What's more, the way things are looking this is starting to look like we could get a post apocalyptic "Zardos" world.

    YouTube, 16th April 2012
    Vancouver, BC Canada
    Found: April 16th??
    Mutated dandelions are popping up all over my street! There are more to come! Please share this video. Go outside and look for yourself! YOU DON'T NEED TO GO ON THE INTERNET TO FIND THESE ANYMORE! IT'S RIGHT IN YOUR OWN BACK YARD! Share this video!
    I found this video really sad...

    Arnie Gundersen on KGO Radio: Disaster Lingering at Fukushima Daiichi Unit 4
    Fairewinds, 15th April 2012

    NYT: Top Japan official warned of “demonic chain reaction” after Daiichi meltdowns — “We would lose Fukushima Daini, then we would lose Tokai” — “We would also lose Tokyo itself”
    Energy News, 27th February 2012

    Japan's Government-Industrial Complex to Create Small "Japan" in Southern India, 14th January 2012
    The news was there on Yomiuri Shinbun on January 5, 2012, but little noticed until someone picked it up and spread on Twitter overnight.

    The Japanese government in close collaboration with the big businesses in Japan is to build a city in southern India that will house 50,000 people, with "Japanese-quality" infrastructure including seaside resort, industrial park, hospital, shopping mall, and golf course (of course).

    Many on Twitter are speculating that this is part of the plan by the Japan's political and business elites to abandon ship (Japan), and part of the reason for the Noda administration's insistence on the tax hike despite the incipient recession.

    Well there you go, it looks like the practical realists know the whole country will have to be abandoned.... I am sure there will be lots more comment about this in the future. Japan is finished!

    Japan Official: Fukushima nearly as serious as being attacked by nuclear weapons — If facts were known all citizens might have left Tokyo (VIDEO)
    Energy News, 15th January 2012

    C.Busby “You shouldn’t go to Japan even for business trip.”
    Fukushima Diary, 15th January 2012
    "Dr. Chris Busby on Sky TV 12/20/2011. On the interview, he warns the risk of staying in Japan."

    The Biggest Energy Story of 2011
    IEEE News, 2nd January 2012
    This one is not a tough call: The Fukushima nuclear catastrophe was hands-down the major energy event of 2011. Two aspects of the disaster were particularly devastating. First, its unprecedented scope--three reactor partial meltdowns, two hydrogen explosions that destroyed outer containment buildings, and a raging fire in a spent-fuel pond--all providing vivid television images of a situation utterly beyond human control.

    Second, badly amplifying that image, the incompetence and haplessness of the corporate and governmental response. The CEO of TEPCO, owner and operator of the reactor complex, reportedly fell into a fugue state, unable to make decisions and issue orders for days. Onsite representatives of Japan's nuclear regulator fled the stricken reactors, only to be ordered back; no single voice took responsibility as the crisis unfolded, so that the sense of governmental panic and incoherence got worse rather than better.*

    I would expect the IEEE as the largest scientific/technological organisation in the world to take a very dim view of the Fukushima disaster.

    Magazine boss back from Fukushima: Major cities are being irradiated — They’re not telling people the truth (VIDEO)
    Energy News, 1st January 2012
    Nice to know some people in the public spotlight are actually informed about what’s going on in the world

    PODCAST #164 – Shane Smith, Brian Redban, The Joe Rogan Experience, Dec 6, 2011 [*WARNING* ADULT LANGUAGE]:

    Interview with Shane Smith, Founder of Vice Magazine (NYT piece on Smith here)

    If you are depressed about what is going on in Japan than don't bother, the news is only getting worse and worse and obvious that Japan is now experiencing the fires of hell on a grand scale. Here is my listing of atrocious news, but there is a lot to choose from.

    Report: NHK starting to broadcast truth — Large increase in brain tumors and cancers near nuke plant — “Everyone died. Just I’m alive. It’s killing me.” says 18 year old — Gov’t kept telling them ICRP says safe

    Gov’t projections assumed ONE becquerel per hour was leaking from Fukushima — Actual rate reached at least 10 Quadrillion times higher

    Busby: “A criminal event” that gov’t failed to reveal true extent of radiation contamination — “Criminal irresponsibility” — “Quite a criminal affair” (VIDEO)

    Mainichi: Radiation detected in drinking water from underground wells — Over 15 miles from Fukushima meltdowns

    NYTimes: Devastating gov’t failure — Entire communities exposed to harmful radiation

    Japan Lawyer: Repeated calls for arresting Tepco officials — People “bewildered” after 40-year Fukushima plan announced

    BBC: “Actual situation is much, much worse than we were told” says evacuee — “From the start the gov’t officials have lied”

    Gundersen via Bloomberg: “I actually think it’s going to blow up in their face” after declaring cold shutdown while nuclear cores still “extraordinarily hot”

    Ex-Fukushima Plant Worker Press Conference (VIDEO)
    Tepco: Send us people who don’t mind dying
    Energy News, 15th December 2011
    * There are 840 “missing” workers officially
    * Tepco is trying to look like they are looking for them
    * They published a list of 13 of them for some reason
    * Tepco says they want to know the internal exposure dose of them
    * Tepco announced they even visited the registered addresses of them but they couldn’t find
    * The 13 workers were in the plant from March to June at least

    This journalist is either brave or stupid, but he got some exclusive information...

    “My university is annoyed with me” — Air filter from Japan so radioactive, it must be buried at radioactive waste disposal site in US (VIDEO)
    Energy News, 11th December 2011
    New Video of Scientist Kaltofen Presenting to American Public Health Association, Fairewinds Associates, Inc, Dec. 8, 2011 (Emphasis Added):
    A professional video of Marco Kaltofen’s presentation to the American Public Health Association was recently made available to Fairewinds. Kaltofen states that hot particles are contaminating portions of northern Japan. He also states that auto air filters from Fukushima, that he tested in his Massachusetts laboratory, are so radioactive that they have to be disposed of in a buried radioactive waste disposal site in the US. Additionally, he expresses concerns for the mechanics who work on cars in Fukushima Prefecture.

    And also we have Fukushima’s which is about 65 kilometers away from the site. This automobile air filter is actually hazardous. My university is annoyed with me because we have to contract to have this filter disposed of as radioactive waste. Unfortunately, you can just imagine what this means to the people in Fukushima City which is not evacuated, and even for the (automobile) mechanics who are changing these air filters.
    Comment: Here is the link to the slides that are difficult to read in the video, Marco Kaltofen Presentation to APHA.

    Nuclear specialist: Corium hitting water table is “big concern” — Once fuel hits groundwater the concern is “it just blows right up” (VIDEO)
    Energy News, 7th December 2011

    Host: [...] The architect of Reactor No. 3 at Fukushima spoke out recently criticizing Tepco saying their explanations don’t make sense. And he claimes that it’s inevitable that nuclear fuel has leaked into the groundwater which means China Syndrome is upon us, or could be [...] Based on what the architect said, have we officially reached the edge of the China Syndrome stage at Fukushima?

    Gunter: [...] The former president of Saga university, this info is also corroborated by an earlier report from September by an assistant professor at the Kyoto Research Reactor Institute who said reactors 1 and 3 already had a melt-through and that by his projection the corium had moved 10-12 meters into the ground already [...]

    Highly radioactive fuel and steel and its just burning down [...]

    Even in Tepco’s simulation, they admitted corium has burned through 2/3s of floor [...]

    Tepco’s credibility is less than zero right now [...]

    Comment: A good video from RT. Well, there is no uncertain terms here, if the corium is hot enough, the melted down radioactive material will blow up like a volcano... The thing is, we don't even know how many meltdowns are going on simultaneously...

    Hartmann: Fukushima...Has the China Syndrome now officially begun?
    YouTube, 6th December 2011
    "Paul Gunter, Beyond Nuclear joins Thom Hartmann. The crisis at Fukushima continues. Over the weekend - the crippled Japanese nuclear plant spewed even more highly radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean - roughly 45,000 liters in all. According to a French nuclear research institute - since the Fukushima nuclear crisis began in March - the plant has leaked more radioactive material into the ocean than has ever happened before in the history of the planet. And he claims that after more than 8 months since an earthquake and tsunami triggered this crisis - it's inevitable that nuclear fuel has leaked into the groundwater - meaning the "China Syndrome" is officially upon us. He also warned that if underground water gets overheated - it could trigger a hydrovolcanic explosion. So what does all this mean? Time to ditch nuclear power - the most expensive and dangerous form of energy on Earth."
    This is a direct YouTube link for the embedded video above

    Japan’s ‘Neil Armstrong’: 1st man in space loses everything after abandoning Fukushima farm — I can’t trust gov’t radiation claims — “As though a robber has taken everything from me”
    Energy News, 7th December 2011

    Dr. Sebastian Pflugbeil “Tokyo is on the path of Kiev” (VIDEO)
    Fukushima Diary, 2nd December 2011
    Dr. Sebastian Pflugbeil, the chairman of German Society of Radiation Protection had a lecture in Berlin,and talked about Tokyo.

    To the question about what we can do to minimize the damage of the accident, he answered:

    “Nothing. There is no way to stop the nuclear fuel that has melted-through leaking. All we could do is to pray for the fuel not to touch the underground water vein.

    We must avoid internal exposure from contaminated food. Authorities are trying to make Japanese eat polluted food for their twisted patriotism, but on the other hand, citizens are setting up independent labs around Japan. This is very important. However, lab facility costs are huge. Maintenance, recording the data costs too. Now, the best thing Germans can do is to support those independent facilities financially.”
    To another question “How dangerous Tokyo is now?” He answered:
    “Tokyo is not the safe area. Now Tokyo is in the similar situation to Kiev in Chernobyl. Ukrainian Government couldn’t define that densely populated area, Kiev, as evacuating area so they did not admit Kiev was threatened and manipulated the radiation map to look like Plutonium stopped just before Kiev.”

    Dr. Sebastian Pflugbeil is just stating the obvious about Tokyo and we can reflect on the very early rumours of talk amongst diplomats of the need to relocate from the capital. As I have already noted, we have been informed that there is an important criteria of making sure that this new "backup city" has enough casinos for the compulsive gamblers, as it seems to be necessary to support the psychological make-up of the elite in charge. The authorities are also starting to mutter about China Syndrome, but obviously that was inevitable, the debate now is whether there will be a very loud bang or not.

    Nuclear Experts: “We have to be prepared for the worst case scenario” — 5-10 meter barrier must be installed beneath Fukushima reactors
    Energy News, 2nd December 2011
    The Russians started building their barrier underground within weeks of the Chernobyl disaster, here the Japanese are just talking about it 9 months later... truly pathetic.

    Another stupid Japanese is happy with mutated potato
    Fukushima Diary, 3rd December 2011

    Double colored mutated chrysanth
    Fukushima Diary, 3rd December 2011

    Fukushima Worker: Nothing left we can do — Zero plan/idea how to manage leaking reactors — Tepco begins reducing # of workers
    Energy News, 23rd November 2011

    Fukushima worker confesses “There is nothing left that we could do”, Fukushima Diary by Mochizuki, November 23, 2011 (Emphasis Added):

    This Fukushima worker (Twitter account Happy20790) tweets useful information daily. [...]

    In short, he says Tepco started reducing the number of workers because they can not do anything for the reactors anymore. [...]

    He explains, the next thing to do is to check the state of container vessels pressure vessels, define the actual point of the leakage of contaminated water, and action to stop the leakage, but there is zero plan / idea how to manage it.

    The interiors of the buildings are extremely radioactive and nobody can officially go into reactor 3 [...] The only thing they can do is to analyze the gas from inside of the container vessels.

    Thus nothing can be done by human anymore.

    Comment: This is a good response:
    Grampybone: November 23, 2011 at 12:20 pm

    There is nothing they can do? Well they could start by telling the public the truth. I wish they would give status reports on reactors 5&6 but I guess they can’t even take measurements in the 4 confirmed problem zones. What a mess! Now they want to reduce workers? Gorbachev would have mobilized an entire nation by now what the hell are the clowns at TEPCO smoking? The messiest situations have yet to happen and they want to reduce staff. I have seen stupid before, but not at this extreme. Cold shutdown my ass! Why don’t they just say “we failed and we’re sorry for ruining 10% of the country.”
    This is what happens when too many peopole have no interest in reality. Well, the contrast with the Chernobyl nuclear disaster and the Russian response will be seriously studied by social historians in some future civilisation on this planet. This is a famous prediction by Edgar Cayce, "A greater portion of Japan must go into the ocean". Maybe, we will see this actually happen, to save this planet.
    • Vindicated Seismologist Says Japan Still Underestimates Threat to Reactors
      Bloomberg News, 21st November 2011
      Dismissed as a “nobody” by Japan’s nuclear industry, seismologist Katsuhiko Ishibashi spent two decades watching his predictions of disaster come true: First in the 1995 Kobe earthquake and then at Fukushima. He says the government still doesn’t get it.

      The 67-year-old scientist recalled in an interview how his boss marched him to the Construction Ministry to apologize for writing a 1994 book suggesting Japan’s building codes put its cities at risk. Five months later, thousands were killed when a quake devastated Kobe city. The book, “A Seismologist Warns,” became a bestseller. [...]

      “What was missing -- and is still missing -- is a recognition of the danger,” Ishibashi said, seated in a dining room stacked with books in his house in a Kobe suburb. “I understand we’re not going to shut all of the nuclear plants, but we should rank them by risk and phase out the worst.”

      Shakes head... Obviously, someone who removed some of his blinkers enough to see reality as it is... This is the point where seeing danger and averting danger become incongruent with those blinkered by "thinking positively".

    Architect of Reactor 3 warns of massive hydrovolcanic explosion
    fukushima Diary, 19th November 2011
    Architect of Fukushima Daiichi Reactor 3, Uehara Haruo, the former president of Saga University had an interview on 11/17/2011. In this interview, he admitted Tepco’s explanation does not make sense, and that the China syndrome is inevitable.

    He stated that considering 8 months have passed since 311 without any improvement, it is inevitable that melted fuel went out of the container vessel and sank underground, which is called China syndrome.

    He added, if fuel has reaches a underground water vein, it will cause contamination of underground water, soil contamination and sea contamination. Moreover, if the underground water vein keeps being heated for long time, a massive hydrovolcanic explosion will be caused.

    Nothing changes just because most people decide to ignore the facts... It is amazing that the Japanese government did not act quickly to contain the impact of this disaster.

    Nearly a tenth of Japan contaminated
    ABC Pacific News, 22nd November 2011
    I am amazed they have even admitted this much...

    STRANGE: Two high-profile Fukushima studies ‘edited’ by global warming advocate James Hansen — Wrote article “Why America Needs Nuclear Energy”
    Energy News, 22nd November 2011
    I always thought that Dr James Hansen was an honest fanatic but maybe that is an oxymoron (as I am finding out about people generally) and that maybe it's more truthful that he is corrupt. Hansen is already in trouble, see Dr.James Hansen being caught not declaring a million dollars worth of outside income

    German TV: Japan TV star suffering acute leukemia after eating Fukushima produce (VIDEO)
    Energy News, 22nd November 2011
    "After consumption of vegetables from Fukushima ill TV star to acute leukemia
    Large parts of Japan are loaded after the Fukushima disaster radioactive heavy. Also, the current rice crop is contaminated. After the disaster, the Japanese government had initially indicated, food from the contaminated region are relatively harmless. A Japanese TV host had eaten so demonstrative in his TV show vegetables from the north of the country. Now the 63-year-old is suffering from acute leukemia."
    Maybe sometimes, being stupid and shallow does not pay...

    Radiation levels in Fukushima are lower than predicted
    New Scientist, 16th November 2011
    The fallout from the radiation leak at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor in Japan may be less severe than predicted.

    Radiology researcher Ikuo Kashiwakura of Hirosaki University, Japan, and colleagues responded immediately to the disaster, travelling south to Fukushima prefecture to measure radiation levels in more than 5000 people there between 15 March and 20 June.

    They found just 10 people with unusually high levels of radiation, but those levels were still below the threshold at which acute radiation syndrome sets in and destroys the gastrointestinal tract. Geiger-counter readings categorised all others in the area at a "no contamination level".

    Nobody who is keeping a close watch on what is happening in Japan believes this rubbish. See links below for some of what's really happening...

    Japan nuclear minister with strange sores on face (PHOTOS) — Emperor unable to leave hospital: “He has lost his appetite”… New respiratory infection?
    Energy News, 16th November 2011

    #Fukushima I Nuke Plant Reactor 3 Video of Packbot Finding 1.32 Sievert/Hr Location, 16th November 2011
    "But here's the video of Packbot working at the 1.32 sievert/hr (or 1320 millisieverts/hour, or 1,320,000 microsieverts/hour) location in Reactor 3's reactor building where the human workers somehow will have to go in."

    Video of J-Village, Fukushima I Nuke Plant by the Press, 11/12/2011, 16th November 2011
    "The video is from the November 12, 2011 press tour of J-Village and Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant, first since the accident. The members of the press were limited to those who belong to the press club and the foreign correspondent club."

    Fukushima Diary: “I’m under their surveillance… I can’t post everything I know” — Next day writes “4 men interrogated me”
    Energy News, 16th November 2011
    "4 men interrogated me. They wanted to make up a story that I was an international criminal or something. It was a strange spectacle. They tried to make me state I was involved in an international money laundering though I only bought an A-bike on eBay."
    This is a classic! How funny is that! OK, I realise this is serious stuff but really, you have to see the funny side...

    Tepco President apologizes for accident at Fukushima DAINI nuclear plant… not just Daiichi
    Energy News, 14th November 2011
    Comment: The news from Japan just gets worse and worse... I am linking to Energy News because you can get more of the same awful news there. The news about Fukushima DAINI is not a surprise, if you look in the archives, I registered details that implied there was radiation leaking from this site (10km south of Fukushima Daiichi) and it looks like the radiation readings did not lie... The talk of reporters complaining that there were not able to leave the tour bus is unbelievable... are these people completely stupid? See links below:

    Press gain access to Fukushima plant / Media get firsthand look at devastation caused by tsunami, hydrogen blasts
    Daily Yomiuri Online, 15th November 2011
    "At that time, the dosimeter in the bus suddenly showed high readings. It measured 800 microsieverts per hour in front of the No. 4 turbine building and 1 millisieverts--or 1,000 microsieverts--per hour in front of the No. 3 building."
    Just in case there are some who have not been following the aftermath of the disasters in Japan and are unfamiliar with what is considered normal. 1 -2 millisieverts was considered the normal radiation exposure on this planet PER YEAR, so Fukushima readings PER HOUR are horrendous!

    Japan TV: Journalists on Fukushima tour ordered to put cameras down as radiation readings spiked (VIDEO)
    Energy News, 15th November 2011
    Description: ANN News from KHB Channel.8 months after nuclear disaster a Fukushima report was controlled by male on the bus after they passed 3-4 reactor probably heading to reactor Nr. 1 and dosimeters were shoving 300 microsievert /hour. [...] KHB Translation: “They were asked to put their cameras down… Excuse me put down your cameras please”

    NYT: Reporters not allowed to leave bus during tour of Fukushima plant even though in full body contamination suits — CNN: “Radiation readings stood at 1,000 microsieverts” around reactors.
    Energy News, 14th November 2011

    Fukushima Worker: My shoes melted instantaneously when near reactor — Revealed during Tepco-affiliated forum.
    Energy News, 14th November 2011

    Nuke agency reports unusual radiation in Europe
    Yahoo News, 11th November 2011
    VIENNA (AP) — Very low levels of radiation, which are higher than normal but don't seem to pose a health hazard, are being registered in the Czech Republic and elsewhere in Europe, the International Atomic Energy Agency said Friday.

    The agency said the cause was not known but was not the result of Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, which spread radiation across the globe in March.

    The "very low levels of iodine-131 have been measured in the atmosphere," the agency said in a statement. It said such radioisotope will lose much of its radiation in about eight days.

    Not much to say until we find out more information.

    Radioactive Iodine Detected in Wide Areas of Europe Since Mid October, 11th November 2011

    Riddle of the radiation sweeping across Europe: UN nuclear agency mystified by soaring levels
    Daily Mail, 12th November 2011
    "Very low levels of radioactive iodine-131 have been detected throughout Europe, but the particles are not believed to pose a public health risk, the U.N.nuclear agency said on Friday.
    NASA have released images of 2,400 stars, known as the Tarantula Nebula, that are producing intense radiation and powerful winds, believed to be the cause for the detection in the atmosphere.

    Japan’s Emperor hospitalized: “He appeared fatigued and has lost some resistance to fight his illness” — Traveled to disaster area in April
    Energy News, 7th November 2011
    Japanese emperor to be admitted to the hospital on bronchitis fears, Reuters, November 7, 2011:

    “Japanese Emperor Akihito is due to be hospitalized on Sunday with a cold, fever and symptoms of bronchitis, Kyodo news agency reported [...] because the fever worsened the bronchitis symptoms and he appeared fatigued and has lost some resistance to fight his illness.”

    “Five days after the devastating earthquake and tsunami struck Japan’s northeast, Akihito made a rare public televised address and in April traveled to the disaster-struck area with Empress Michiko, 77.”

    The headlines coming out of Japan are unbelievable... So... is the Japanese emperor suffering from radiation poisoning? There has been headlines since April about the increased numbers of people with pneumonia but now it's royalty too, see Japan Emperor’s granddaughter hospitalized with mycoplasmal pneumonia & apparently the the empress has been ill with aches and pains in the arms and legs. This is a quote:
    The areas surrounding the imperial household in the center of Tokyo in Chiyoda-ku has elevated radiation levels. The foodstuff that is used in the imperial household - vegetables, milk, egg, beef - comes from the imperial farm in Nasu, Tochigi Prefecture (Imperial Household Agency, announcement on 7/21/2011) where the radiation is even more elevated and where the meat cow nearby was found with high level of radioactive cesium.

    #Radiation in Japan: Small News and Baseless Rumors,, 6th November 2011
    I don't even know what to say anymore, what is wrong with the Japanese government? They can't even protect their own royalty... Look, these are two old people and they went to Fukushima and brought the food to eat! See, Japanese emperor visits Fukushima What is amazing is the constant sickness reports that keep making comparisons with Chernobyl, as if it's some kind of surprise... There are at least 6 nuclear reactors in trouble with three confirmed meltdowns or melt-throughs, so the Japanese are now busy allowing their water supply to be contaminated too... Where is the intelligence? THE COUNTRY HAD NO PLANS TO HANDLE A NUCLEAR DISASTER... What amazes me is why the Japanese royal family did not flee...

    Scientist Marco Kaltofen Presents Data Confirming Hot Particles
    Fairewinds, 31st November 2011
    "Washington, DC - October 31, 2011 – Today Scientist Marco Kaltofen of Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) presented his analysis of radioactive isotopic releases from the Fukushima accidents at the annual meeting of the American Public Health Association (APHA). Mr. Kaltofen’s analysis confirms the detection of hot particles in the US and the extensive airborne and ground contamination in northern Japan due to the four nuclear power plant accidents at TEPCO’s Fukushima reactors. Fairewinds believes that this is a personal health issue in Japan and a public health issue in the United States and Canada."
    YouTube version here.

    Japan’s Emperor hospitalized: “He appeared fatigued and has lost some resistance to fight his illness” — Traveled to disaster area in April
    Energy News, 7th November 2011
    Japanese emperor to be admitted to the hospital on bronchitis fears, Reuters, November 7, 2011:

    “Japanese Emperor Akihito is due to be hospitalized on Sunday with a cold, fever and symptoms of bronchitis, Kyodo news agency reported [...] because the fever worsened the bronchitis symptoms and he appeared fatigued and has lost some resistance to fight his illness.”

    “Five days after the devastating earthquake and tsunami struck Japan’s northeast, Akihito made a rare public televised address and in April traveled to the disaster-struck area with Empress Michiko, 77.”

    The headlines coming out of Japan are unbelievable... So... is the Japanese emperor suffering from radiation poisoning? There has been headlines since April about the increased numbers of people with pneumonia but now it's royalty too, see Japan Emperor’s granddaughter hospitalized with mycoplasmal pneumonia & apparently the empress has been ill with aches and pains in the arms and legs. This is a quote:
    The areas surrounding the imperial household in the center of Tokyo in Chiyoda-ku has elevated radiation levels. The foodstuff that is used in the imperial household - vegetables, milk, egg, beef - comes from the imperial farm in Nasu, Tochigi Prefecture (Imperial Household Agency, announcement on 7/21/2011) where the radiation is even more elevated and where the meat cow nearby was found with high level of radioactive cesium.

    #Radiation in Japan: Small News and Baseless Rumors,, 6th November 2011
    I don't even know what to say anymore, what is wrong with the Japanese government? They can't even protect their own royalty... Look, these are two old people and they went ot Fukushima and brought the food to eat! See, Japanese emperor visits Fukushima What is amazing is the constant sickness reports that keep making comparisons with Chernobyl, as if it's some kind of surprise... There are at least 6 nuclear reactors in trouble with three confirmed meltdowns or melt-throughs, so the Japanese are now busy allowing their water supply to be contaminated too... Where is the intelligence? THE COUNTRY HAD NO PLANS TO HANDLE A NUCLEAR DISASTER... What amazes me is why the Japanese royal family did not flee...

    Japan Times: It is now a “grave situation” at Fukushima — “Plutonium fission” mentioned for first time — “Criticality is very likely to have occurred”
    Energy News, 3rd November 2011

    Nov. 3, 8:30 pm ET (Emphasis Added) — A report published at 8:30 pm ET by the Japan Times calls on Tepco and the Japan gov’t to “find out true reactor conditions” at Fukushima.

    Tepco announced Wednesday that, according to the Times, “There is the possibility that criticality, a sustained nuclear chain reaction, had occurred ‘temporarily’ and ‘locally’ in the No. 2 reactor.”

    During it’s testing, Tepco has detected xenon-133 and -135, “Products of uranium or plutonium fission.”

    The half life of xenon-135 is about 9 hours, therefore, “Criticality is very likely to have occurred just before the gases were analyzed,” reports the Times.

    How much worse can this get? I am wondering: are we actually seeing a situation that world controllers have no control over? Well, I have been saying for at least 6 months that Tokyo is finished and now there are new plans, for a backup city (with casinos?), but no interest in evacuating the children in Fukushima... What other conclusion is there, Japanese 'controllers' are completely insane....

    Japan unveils plan to develop massive gov’t “backup city” 300 miles west of Tokyo — Room for 200,000 staff — May be built at Itami Airport
    Energy News, 3rd November 2011

    • OurPlanet TV: What's Happening to Children Now? (7/14/2011), 30th October 2011
      Our Planet TV is an Internet-based station "with no religious or political affiliations. It was founded by a small group of producers, video journalists and other media professionals who questioned the way mainstream media covered 9.11 and the events that followed."

      One of the programs, ContAct, did an interview with Mika Noro, which was webcasted on July 14, 2011. Ms. Noro has been active in helping children in areas affected by the Chernobyl nuke plant accident, and after the Fukushima accident her organization has been setting up free medical consultations for mothers and children in Fukushima.

      Noro and the host of the program discussed health issues that were starting to get reported more widely around that time, and compared them to what Noro observed in Chernobyl. Her conclusion: weakened immune system due to exposure to radiation. She is no medical doctor or radiation expert, but considering what the medical doctors and radiation experts have been saying and doing since March 11 (remember Dr. Yamashita?), that doesn't necessarily disqualify her from commenting on health and radiation.

      Rather, as Dr. Nishio of Hokkaido Cancer Research Center says in the video, if this many people report almost identical symptoms (throat problems, nosebleed, diarrhea, fatigue, etc.) after being exposed to radiation from the Fukushima I Nuke Plant accident, "the doctors need to recognize them as new clinical symptoms of low-dose radiation exposure", instead of outright dismissing them (which is what almost all of them do). The Japanese authorities don't even care about the perpetuation of their own race and are spreading the radiation all over Japan by burning contaminated radioactive material, I think this is some serious psychopathy for the world to see. Are the people in charge humans or evil aliens?

    Belgium plans to phase out nuclear power
    BBC News, 31st October 2011
    Belgium's main political parties have agreed on a plan to shut down the country's two nuclear power stations, but they have not yet set a firm date. A new coalition government is being set up and the nuclear shutdown will be on its agenda, officials say.

    If alternative energy sources are found to fill the gap then the three oldest reactors will be shut down in 2015. [Is this just politics?] Germany is the biggest industrial power to renounce nuclear energy since Japan's Fukushima disaster in March.

    Another outbreak of sanity... As a reminder to those who may be new to this blog. In a high energy chaotic geomagnetic and electromagnetic environment, natural disasters that knock out electricity supplies on a frequent basis need to be expected and this is a major issue for nuclear power as constant electricity is needed to stop them going into meltdown. Ideally, we need to remove the dependence on national power grids and nuclear power, but over unity devices for the masses are thought of as untenable in the minds of the controlling elite, despite all the danger that our world faces. I picked this up at Energy News, but the rest of the news there is just dreadful.

    Leading Director in Japan: “Nuclear power generation is the only invention that may destroy the future of human beings”
    Energy News, 29th October 2011

    Gov’t confirms 57.7 microsievert/hr near Tokyo is linked to Fukushima meltdowns — “Highly likely” it came from rain tainted with radioactive fallout
    Energy News, 23rd October 2011
    Oct. 23 — According to Kyodo, the “Kashiwa hot spot [is] linked to Fukushima” and Japan’s Science Ministry “reverses government claims after [an] on-site survey finds high amounts of cesium.”

    When the local government received a report about the 57.7 microsieverts per hour measurement at the site, it said the radiation was unlikely to be related to the Fukushima disaster.

    However, “On Sunday, the science ministry and the city government [...] said it is highly likely that rain tainted with fallout from the Fukushima plant was running into nearby soil,” reports Kyodo.

    I think the disaster in Japan is the ultimate example of how people can live in total denial, even in the face of a nuclear holocaust. There have only been a few deaths so far from Fukushima clean-up worlers but experts are now predicting deaths from lung cancer will start soon.

    Nuclear Expert: Radioactivity increasing in Tokyo air filters — Not from initial blasts — Cesium is being revolitalized into air (VIDEO, Part I)
    Energy News, 21st October 2011
    Fukushima Update: James Corbett provides an informative October 20 interview with Fairewinds chief nuclear engineer Arnie Gundersen.

    Germany’s ‘Today’ Show rips Japan Gov’t, TEPCO — May help explain why country rejected nuclear power (VIDEO)
    Energy News, 21st October 2011
    DO NOT MISS THIS CLIP as TEPCO are described as a 'criminal company', it's supposed to be funny... but I don't think the situation in Japan is funny at all... make sure you get the English subtitles.

    Must Read: Asahi Shinbun "Trap of Prometheus" Series Part 1 - Men in Protective Clothing (7, 8) "No One Helped My Parents", 21st October 2011
    "Asahi Shinbun's series "Trap of Prometheus" - Men in Protective Clothing documents what happened in Namie-machi in Fukushima Prefecture right after the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant accident."

    Local Official: “We are not human guinea pig” — Tells young people to leave Japan
    Energy News, 18th October 2011
    MINAMISOMA, Oct. 18 — Mochizuki at Fukushima Diary has summarized a posting by Oyama Koichi, a Minamisoma city councilor.

    Radiation levels there remain around 3 uSv/hr.

    Koichi says he is having his “last fight” and knows he may die of exposure.

    He is trying to save people for his life and spends his time driving around the city calling on people to evacuate, shouting “we are not human guinea pig”.

    The councilor “tells Japanese young people to leave Japan too,” according to Mochizuki.

    Read More: News: My last fight

    I will admit, I am so gutted by the events in Japan that it's been hard to even read the reports, this article is just the latest devastating news. Look, the officials know how serious this is, hence all the early reports of moving the capital away from Tokyo coming from diplomatic sources who certainly have no interested in being irradiated to death in Tokyo.

    ABC News (Australia) Japanese communities record Chernobyl-level radiation
    YouTube, 19th October 2011
    "Thousands of Japanese forced to evacuate their homes by the Fukushima nuclear disaster are facing the prospect of never being able to return."
    A Zen Buddihist in the Fukushima prefecture doing prayers in a 400 year old temple is actually quite interesting.

    NYTimes: Gov’t said “nothing to fear” in Tokyo… “Then came the test results” — Well above 1.5 million Bq/m² near church in capital
    Energy News, 15th October 2011
    New York Times, Oct. 14 — [...] Like Japan’s central government, local [Tokyo] officials said there was nothing to fear in the capital [...]

    Then came the test result: the level of radioactive cesium in a patch of dirt just meters from where [Takeo Hayashida's] 11-year-old son, Koshiro, played baseball was equal to those in some contaminated areas around Chernobyl. [...]

    Some of the results were shocking [...]

    The news from Japan is terrible. There is another article here *Flashback* Nuke expert who worked at IAEA: I can now speak freely — “Fukushima is as serious as Chernobyl”, but you don't have to be an expert to realise that all the evidence pointed to a nuclear holocaust. What's more, other nuclear experts have already stated Fukushima is worse than Chernobyl and have demanded that authorities increase the top of the INES scale.

    Prof. Chris Busby update on Supplements to block Fukushima radioactivity effects
    YouTube, 15th October 2011

    4 generator failures hit US nuclear plants
    AP, 9th October 2011
    ATLANTA — Four generators that power emergency systems at nuclear plants have failed when needed since April, an unusual cluster that has attracted the attention of federal inspectors and could prompt the industry to re-examine its maintenance plans.

    None of these failures has threatened the public. But the diesel generators serve the crucial function of supplying electricity to cooling systems that prevent a nuclear plant's hot, radioactive fuel from overheating, melting and potentially releasing radiation into the environment. That worst-case scenario happened this year when the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant in Japan lost all backup power for its cooling systems after an earthquake and tsunami.

    Three diesel generators failed after tornadoes ripped across Alabama and knocked out electric lines serving the Tennessee Valley Authority's Browns Ferry nuclear plant in April. Two failed because of mechanical problems and one was unavailable because of planned maintenance. [...]

    A single generator failure is not a calamity. All reactors have at least one backup generator and sometimes more. If the diesel generators fail, nuclear plants can run safety gear off batteries for hours or use steam-driven pumps to keep cooling water flowing.

    But the loss of all emergency power — including the diesels — is a crisis. That happened on March 11 when an earthquake and tsunami disabled all the diesel generators at the Japanese plant. Three of its six reactors suffered meltdowns. The facility was rocked by explosions and released radiation requiring the evacuation of roughly 100,000 people.

    I was never convinced that the situation in Alabama with the tornado knocking out ALL the powerlines to the Browns Ferry nuclear plant was properly reported, so it's interesting to see some information supplied here.

    AP: Radiation leak at Brookhaven lab in NY — 34 microsieverts on worker’s hand — Not announced for 10 days
    Energy News, 10th October 2011
    The nuclear news is so terrible that I really don't want to comment.

    Japan's 3/11 Radiation Refugees
    Earthfiles, 4th October 2011
    "We in Otsu-City, Shiga Prefecture, 311 miles (500 km)
    from Fukushima, are seeing readings around 0.15 microsieverts on average,
    which is around five times what the Japanese government is reporting. My wife
    and children will leave Japan as early as possible because I perceive a growing
    exodus will come and it might become hard to place kids in schools."

    Frank Daulton, Ph.D., Applied Linguistics, Ryukoku Univ., Kyoto, Japan

    Three weeks before Australia's ABC News reported that former special adviser to Japan's prime minister and cabinet, Kenichi Matsumoto, really knows the radiation situation in Fukushima and beyond is much worse than the government has admitted, Earthfiles received the following email from Frank E. Daulton, Ph.D., Prof. of Economics and Applied Linguistics at Ryukoku University, Kyoto, Japan, who commutes 20 kilometers from his home in Otsu-City, Shiga Prefecture.

    From: Frank E. Daulton
    Subject:   Radiation Cover-up in Japan
    Date: September 8, 2011
    To: Linda Moulton Howe <>

    Dear Linda,

    I need to report on the cover-up involving nuclear contamination throughout Japan. I have been conducting measurements and experiments near my home in Western Japan, more than 500 kilometers from Fukushima (in Shiga Prefecture). I have found the local soil to be quite and undeniably contaminated. Even ambient radiation levels are around five times government data.

    However, there is no acknowledgement from the government or media of this situation. The average citizen has no idea of the dangers, and therefore, takes no precautions.

    The only way to understand how the government can present false data showing absolutely no effect of Fukushima in Western Japan -- knowing that some day the lie will become apparent -- is that things are far worse than anyone has imagined. Indeed in Japan, one does not tell someone with cancer than he/she has cancer; it may 'upset' them too much. I think, in the future, we will be given a similar excuse for the current cover-up.

    I am writing a paper on the situation and my measures to alleviate the radiation on my property. I have four small children, who I plan to send abroad early next year. They will be among the first of many 'radiation refugees'. [...]

    Prof. Daulton: “I also have to point out that official measurements are taken from atop tall buildings, which are usually government facilities. In the case of my Shiga prefecture, the (measurement height) is 20 meters (66 feet); in Osaka it is around 30 meters (98 feet). [...]


    It is quite likely that this article will be archived soon so and only available to subscribers, but it's of interest to those followiong events in Japan. It is obvious that the situation is terrible and far worse than the Japanese government wants to admit, apparently they expect their people to live in complete denial. The revelation of taking radiation measurements high up in the air is really quite stunning...

    Regrets: Mother finds 20 times higher radioactivity than normal in child’s bedroom — “The national government and TEPCO kept saying it’s alright and I believed them”
    Energy News, 4th October 2011

    Thyroid problems found in children from Fukushima — 60% from outside evacuation zone
    Energy News, 4th October 2011

    Kobe U. Prof: Radiation is concentrating on surface — 23 µSv/hr above dirt in roadside drain far from meltdowns — Can’t decontaminate concrete or asphalt, must remove it all
    Energy News, 5th October 2011

    Japan 'scared' of telling truth to Fukushima evacuees
    ABC News, 28th September 2011
    A former adviser to the Japanese cabinet has revealed the government has known for months that thousands of evacuees from around the Fukushima nuclear plant will not be able to return to their homes.

    Nearly seven months after the meltdowns at Fukushima, about 80,000 people are still living in shelters or temporary housing.

    Former special adviser to Japan's prime minister and cabinet Kenichi Matsumoto has told the ABC that the government has known for months that many who live close to the Fukushima plant will not be able to return to their homes for 10 to 20 years because of contamination.

    I actually can't see the point of this story. Fukushima is a nuclear disaster on a scale that this world has not experienced in modern times. Telling folk that they can't go back to Fukushima Prefecture is not as difficult as explaining to 35 million people that Tokyo must be abandoned.

    Radiation Map by Ministry of Education: Gunma Looks Worse Than Expected, 27th September 2011

    Man Arrested for [1800] Prank Calls to TEPCO
    Ji Ji Press, 26th September 2011
    "The man admitted the charges against him, saying that he was angry about having to eat radiation-contaminated food, according to the sources."

    GENOCIDE IN JAPAN! - Professor Chris Busby
    YouTube, 22nd September 2011
    "Spread Professor Chris Busby's message about Japan and the nuclear industry's intentional coverup of Fukushima radioactive problem, how Japan is trucking tons of radioactive waste to south Japan, etc. Prof. Busby has been working on making supplements that block some of the radioactive nucleotides from attaching themselves to the DNA."

    Whistleblower-Japan’s PM “isolated, out of his depth” (Lateline Video)
    Cannonball Nuclear News, 29th September 2011

    High levels of radiation in rice from Obama district — “Set off alarm in the Japanese media”
    Energy News, 24th September 2011
    Fukushima finds cesium in Nihonmatsu rice, to hold more tests before shipment decision, Mainichi, September 24, 2011:
    The Fukushima Prefectural Government said on Sept. 23 that it had detected 500 becquerels of radioactive cesium per kilogram — the government-set allowable limit — in a sample of “Hitomebore” rice collected in Nihonmatsu’s Obama district. It will greatly increase the number of testing locations there for a second test to decide whether to allow shipments of rice from the city. [...]

    This is the reality of living in the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust.... Quite frankly, this is exactly what any reasonable person would expect after such a massive nuclear disaster. You can find the lastest Fukushima disaster stories here...

    Radioactive Train in Tokyo Metropolitan Area? Over 10 Microsievert/Hour Inside the Train, 25th September 2011
    "See for yourself. An expat from California measured the radiation level inside the train to Narita, and found it was extremely high right where he was sitting."

    Siemens to quit nuclear industry
    BBC News, 18th September 2011
    German industrial and engineering conglomerate Siemens is to withdraw entirely from the nuclear industry. The move is a response to the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan in March, chief executive Peter Loescher said.

    He told Spiegel magazine it was the firm's answer to "the clear positioning of German society and politics for a pullout from nuclear energy". "The chapter for us is closed," he said, announcing that the firm will no longer build nuclear power stations.

    Is this a breakthrough of some common sense?

    Experts: Possibility of evacuating parts of Tokyo can no longer be ignored — Fukushima ‘worse’ than Chernobyl (VIDEO)
    Energy News, 18th September 2011
    This is a fight for the children

    Nuclear Event in USA on Saturday, 17 September, 2011 at 03:38 (03:38 AM) UTC.
    RSOE EDIS, 17th September 2011
    The Palisades Nuclear Plant in southwestern Michigan has been shut down due to a loss of water in a cooling system. WWMT-TV reports the facility in Covert Township was shut down just before 3 p.m. Friday. The lowest of four emergency classification levels was declared. The classification means plant workers were notified and were resolving the problem. Officials say the shutdown poses no risk to the public and that no radioactive materials were released. A U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission inspection was held at the Van Buren County plant last month after a water pump component failed. The plant is owned by New Orleans-based Entergy Corp.

    RSOR EDIS stands for National Association of Radio-Distress Signaling and Info communications Emergency and Disaster Information Services (EDIS), it is based in Budapest, Hungary and tends to be very reliable if you want to be aware of the latest disasters that are being reported by world authorities. Now, it looks like another major disaster in Michigan. No water means no cooling and therefore MELTDOWN! This has also been reported by the mainstream media, see below. FAIL, FAIL, FAIL! Nuclear power plants are failing like stacked dominoes falling over...

    Palisades Nuclear Plant Shut Down After Loss Of Water In Cooling System
    CBS Detroit, 16th September 2011
    "COVERT TWP (AP) – The Palisades Nuclear Plant in southwestern Michigan has been shut down due to a loss of water in a cooling system. The lowest of four emergency classification levels was declared. The classification means plant workers were notified and were resolving the problem."

    • Palisades nuke plant checks for earthquake damage
      Michigan Messenger, 24th August 2011
      It looks like Palisades Nuclear Plant was not even on the list of Massachusetts Representative Edward Markey’s letter to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, August 29, 2011 (see archives), but at the time. there was media attention given to issues related to the 5.9 Virginia earthquake.

      The earthquake that hit Virginia and much of the east coast yesterday was felt at Michigan’s Palisades nuclear power plant, where a federal regulator has warned that the spent fuel storage is vulnerable to damage from quakes.

      The 5.9 magnitude quake was centered few miles from Dominion’s North Anna nuclear power plant in Lousia County, Virginia. The reactors there were forced into a hot shutdown after the plant lost electricity, officials said, and diesel powered back-up generators functioned to cool the reactors and spent fuel pools until power was restored. It is not yet clear what physical damage the plant may have sustained.

      Entergy’s 40-year old Palisades plant on Lake Michigan near South Haven was among at least a dozen nuclear power plants that notified the Nuclear Regulatory Commission of “unusual events” related to the quake.

    French Report: Radioactivity 10 times normal in Avignon — Cause of “anomalous increase” could be directly linked to explosion at Marcoule (CHART)
    Energy News, 15th September 2011
    “A level of radioactivity 10 times the daily measurement of Avignon and 4 times higher than the Mont Ventoux”

    According to an article published September 13, 2011 on the website of the anti-nuclear coordination Southeast, an “anomalous increase” of radioactivity on the detection of X-rays, Gamma and Beta particles have been measured within a radius of 120 km downstream of Marcoule.

    On September 12, 2011 anti-nuclear members of the Collective have made the Vaucluse independent measurements of radioactivity in different parts of Vaucluse, Gard and Herault [...]

    No “credible explanation” from the makers of the nuclear accident at Marcoule and the weight of the French nuclear lobby, the collective anti-nuclear states that the cause of this increase in radioactivity could be directly linked to the bombing in the Gard. [...]

    I suppose we should not be surprised. Well, it will be interesting to see just how far the love of nuclear energy goes if processing of nuclear material becomes totally unreliable.

    Criticality? Nuclear chain reaction may have caused explosion at France MOX plant, says French nuke expert
    Energy News, 12th September 2011
    The accident is probably due to “a few violent chemical reaction,” said Francis Sorin Europe 1 of the French Nuclear Energy Society. “It can also be an explosion due to the criticality, that is to say that at one point, there is a nuclear reaction, a chain reaction that begins but can not last. It is very but low enough to make an explosion, “he said.

    “This is the first time it happens to us in 15 years,” said one of Europe ‘s head of occupational medicine. “Do not panic. We keep them informed but for now, we were just asked to lock themselves in the building and not to leave.”

    The real question is: why now? Let's wait to see if this keeps happening because the whole planet is now saturated with physical but invisible 'aetheric' energies that can only be partially detected. (Definition: aetheric means invisible to the eye, but partially visible in the infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Metaphysical sources claimed many many decades ago that celestial energy would be arriving too.) We do know that since the 1990s, scientists have been busy trying to understand the impact of space weather and great efforts have been made to understand dusty plasmas and many experiments have been carried out on the International Space Station. However, due to the acceleration of space weather and Earth's weak defenses, the planet is now in complete upheaval with clashing energies coming and going. So, scientists might easily find out the cause of this explosion, but explaining it to the general public in plain language might not happen.

    Expert: Already hearing reports of kids suffering heart attacks — Beware deadly cardiac problems in children caused by Fukushima radiation (VIDEO)
    Energy News, 12th September 2011

    Pr Chris Busby on children’s heart attacks in Fukushima, radioactivebsr, September 11, 2011:

    Summary of interview with Christopher Busby, expert on health effects of ionizing radiation

    At :40 in

    • Yury Bandazhevsky, studied effects of cesium-137 on children in Belarus after Chernobyl
    • He found that children with just 20-30 Bq/kg of cesium-137 suffering cardiac arrhythmia (heart not beating properly) and were suffering heart attacks and dying
    • Not a question of cancer or leukemia (although that occurred as well), there were very high rates of heart disease in these children… manifesting heart disease usually only found in old people

    At 4:00 in

    • Heart cells are non replaceable by-and-large
    • Only 1% of heart cells replaced in a year
    • Cesium-137 goes to muscle, so concentrates in muscle tissue of heart

    At 5:00 in

    • It does seem from what people have been telling me in the Fukushima affected area, is they [children] are actually suffering heart attacks

    At 6:40 in

    • Cesium-137?s effects on heart muscle cannot be repaired, heart tissue cannot be repaired
    • These children will suffer their whole life and die young

    At 7:30 in

    • Post-Chernobyl Belarus showed an increase in cancer… but an “enormous” increase in heart disease

    When I saw the headline, I just did not want to believe that it was true.... despite all my research.... but this is Professor Chris Busby reporting, someone who I have the utmost respect for, therefore denial is not an option.

    Japanese minister quits after 'town of death' gaffe
    The new minister in charge of handling Japan's nuclear crisis has stepped down just eight days into the job after upsetting locals with a string of gaffes.
    The Telegraph, 12th September 2011
    It's only a "gaffe" when someone 'important' tells the truth that people generally don't want to hear...

    Explosion at French nuclear waste plant
    One worker reported dead in blast at Marcoule nuclear waste processing site in southern France
    The Guardian, 12th September 2011
    One person has been reported killed and four injured in an explosion at a nuclear waste processing plant in France. An oven reportedly exploded at the Marcoule nuclear site near Nimes in the south of France. The site produces MOX fuel, which recycles plutonium from nuclear weapons, and is partly used by the French nuclear power company Areva.

    Part of the process involves firing superheated pellets of plutonium and uranium in an oven to reduce them in size to make them easier to store. Local newspaper Midi Libre reported that one person had been killed and four others injured, including one seriously, in the explosion at 11.45am (10.45 BST).

    The papers said the body of one male worker at the plant had been "found carbonised", but it added that there was no evidence that the explosion had "caused any radioactive leak".

    Another nuclear disaster.... So, when are people going to start getting very nervous about the uptick in nuclear disasters?

    Business Insider, 12th September 2011

    Leak fears after French nuclear site blast, 12th September 2011

    THERE is a risk of a radioactive leak after an explosion in an oven at the Marcoule nuclear site near the city of Nimes in the south of France, emergency services say.

    Nuclear Event in France on Monday, 12 September, 2011 at 12:05 (12:05 PM) UTC.
    RSOE, 12th September 2011
    "The site is partly used by French nuclear giant Areva to produce MOX fuel which recycles plutonium from nuclear weapons. Part of the process involves firing superheated plutonium and uranium pellets in an oven. Marcoule is a nuclear waste management site that does not include any reactors."
    Wouldn't it be interesting if due to the new energies on the planet, the processing of nuclear bombs becomes so dangerous that the bomb makers are forced to stop... Let's put it like this, scientists have already noticed fluctuations when it comes to atomic decay rates... and small variations associated with atomic weight...

    NRC rejects quick restart at Virginia nuclear plant
    Reuters, 9th September 2011
    (Reuters) - Nuclear regulators shot down an ambitious five-week timeline proposed to restart Dominion's (D.N) two North Anna reactors in Virginia during a public meeting on Thursday to discuss the Aug. 23 earthquake that knocked the station offline.

    The 1,806-megawatt station has remained shut since it automatically tripped last month after the unusually strong 5.8 magnitude earthquake struck roughly 12 miles (19 km) from the plant in Mineral, Virginia.

    Japan & United States seem to be demonstrating just how dangerous nuclear power becomes when confronted by major Earth changing events. North Anna was not even designed to withstand the shaking of a 5.9. earthquake, that really tells you something... What's worse, is that most of these old nuclear power installations are past their initial sell by dates too...

    Mystery fire at Ft. Calhoun nuke plant: Disabled ability to cool spent fuel pool — Feds sending special team of inspectors to learn more — Reactor will not restart until cause determined
    Energy News, 12th September 2011
    "The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is sending a special team of inspectors to Nebraska to learn more about a fire at the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station not long after flooding"
    There are so many US nuclear reactors in trouble, that soon they won't have enough teams of inspectors....

    Uranium munching microbes
    Microbes generate electricity while cleaning up nuclear waste Watts Up with That, 6th September 2011
    EAST LANSING, Mich. — Researchers at Michigan State University have unraveled the mystery of how microbes generate electricity while cleaning up nuclear waste and other toxic metals.

    Details of the process, which can be improved and patented, are published in the current issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The implications could eventually benefit sites forever changed by nuclear contamination, said Gemma Reguera, MSU microbiologist.

    Well, it seems that soon these micro munchers will have to be put to work because the planet is becoming more and more contaminated... This is a Mother Earth solution that has been ignored since the 1980s when the discovery was first made. Simply, using this method of processing of nuclear waste would be too cheap an option and more costly money making options were preferred despite the risk to many lives. However, as our world faces an ever increasing number of Earth changing events that will generate many more nuclear accidents, (the United States seems to have had many nuclear power plants at risk since the disaster in Fukushima), this is now about the survival of the human race, as there is no where to hide from radiation.

    Dominion: North Anna Reactors Won't Restart Until Safety Assured
    WHSV News, 5th September 2011
    Dominion Virginia Power said Friday it won't restart the two nuclear reactors at its North Anna Power Station rattled by the Aug. 23 earthquake until the company is convinced it is safe.

    The plant about 11 miles from the central Virginia epicenter of the 5.8-magnitude quake was shut down within seconds of the tremor that shook tens of millions along the East Coast. Officials at the Richmond-based company said the damage was only cosmetic and the plant is safe. Damage ranged from small buckles and cracks in tile floors in one of its technical buildings, to bolts of large metal parts that transfer power from transformers to the electrical grid and into homes.

    Dominion also said the earthquake caused 25 massive nuclear storage containers at the plant to shift, but they remained intact. The containers are used to store used fuel and weigh about 115 tons when full. The company is evaluating whether to move the containers back, but said they are still safely spaced.

    This is seriously ridiculous... at least when you are playing with fire, the consequences are immediate i.e. when you get burnt or you accidentally burn the house down, but with nuclear radiation 'accidents', the consequences go on for thousands of years... more info over at Energy News

    Arnold Gundersen with a Fukushima update / Aileen Mioko Smith on rising radiation levels in Japan and government denial
    If You Love This Planet, 2nd September 2011

    "Blind" - A Disturbing Short Film Set in Near-Future Tokyo
    trying to tell you what could happen if you "don't see it" now. (Or so I take the message.), 3rd September 2011
    This could be the immediate future for large parts of the world if people don't wake up and make some drastic changes. This is the quote at the end of this short movie:
    Turning away from today's reality will blind our future.

    Congressman: Emergency diesel generator was inoperable due to flooding at Maryland nuke plant where transformer exploded during hurricane
    Energy News, 31st August 2011
    Massachusetts Representative Edward Markey’s letter to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, August 29, 2011: (.pdf) link

    (Right click for larger image)
    Comment: Seriously gobsmacking.... please download and read the complete letter, there were NUMEROUS nuclear plants affected... This is the highlights from this letter. How are we going to survive on this planet when people refuse to recognise the increasing impact of Space Weather triggering more and more Earth change? It is not as if we are not getting enough warnings.... Energy News has many more links to the latest on the Nuclear Radiation Madness.

    Officially Declared Nuclear Nightmare (Video)
    The Intel Hub, 28th August 2011
    It is now being said that the amount of radioactive cesium that has leaked from a tsunami-hit nuclear plant is about equal to 168 of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima at the end of World War II, Japan’s nuclear agency said Friday the 26th. That’s like dropping one nuclear weapon a day since the beginning of this disaster and this is what they have been calling safe, no problem, don’t worry about it, go home and go to sleep. Dr. Chris Busby tells us in the above video that he himself went to Japan with very sophisticated equipment and found areas in Tokyo that were 1,000 times higher than the exclusion zone around Chernobyl. Tokyo is Finished

    Time is running out for the 35 million people in the Tokyo metropolitan area and, in fact, in a year or two all of northern Japan will become quite uninhabitable for there is no way for them to stop the process once the fissioning materials work their way down into the earth and the water table below, which they have already done. (See my recent essay “The China Syndrome”.)

    As radiation levels rise, some sanity has surfaced in Japan as the government lowered back down the radiation exposure limits for children to below one millisievert per year while at school.

    Following the accident, in a move that prompted outrage, Japan raised the exposure limit for both adults and children from one to 20 millisieverts per year, matching the maximum exposure level for nuclear industry workers in many countries.

    This is a good summary report with no nonsense assessment of the situation. I have a separate link of Professor Busby being interviewed by Russia Today about the situation.

    RT News: Radiation Above Chernobyl Evacuation Limits Found In Tokyo
    YouTube, 21st August 2011
    "Radiation Levels Above Chernobyl Evacuation Limits Found In Tokyo"
    Professor Busby being interviewed by Russia Today about the situation

    Large Zone Near Japanese Reactors to Be Off Limits
    New York Times, 21st August 2011
    "TOKYO — Broad areas around the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant could soon be declared uninhabitable, perhaps for decades, after a government survey found radioactive contamination that far exceeded safe levels, several major media outlets said Monday."
    Comment: There are complaints that this New Yortk Times article is misleading, because it downplays the extent and severity of the radiation contamination.

    Kan resigns; says he did all he could, given difficulties he faced
    Japan Today, 26th August 2011
    TOKYO — Prime Minister Naoto Kan on Friday announced his resignation as president of the Democratic Party of Japan, effectively ending his tenure. “I resign as the (party) president effective today,” Kan told senior party officials.

    Later, in a nationally televised speech, Kan said he did all he could, given the difficulties he faced, including the disasters and a major election defeat in upper house elections last summer that left the parliament in gridlock.

    “Under the severe circumstances, I feel I’ve done everything that I had to do,” he said. “Now I would like to see you choose someone respectable as a new prime minister.”

    About time too.... I don't think HE should be allowed to 'choose someone respectable as a new prime minister.' Japan needs someone who can think differently to help the country recover, not somone who is happy to kill off millions of people to make sure profit margins are maintained.

    Japan gov’t to finally admit indefinite forced depopulation of large zones around Fukushima plant
    Large Zone Near Japanese Reactors to Be Off Limits New York Times, 21st August 2011
    TOKYO — Broad areas around the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant could soon be declared uninhabitable, perhaps for decades, after a government survey found radioactive contamination that far exceeded safe levels, several major media outlets said Monday.

    The formal announcement, expected from the government in coming days, would be the first official recognition that the March accident could force the long-term depopulation of communities near the plant, an eventuality that scientists and some officials have been warning about for months. [Maybe that should read hundreds of years. ]

    Headline from Energy news. Quite frankly, due to the scale of the disaster, this was expected from day 1 by nuclear experts.

    Report: Workers say ground under Fukushima plant is cracking and radioactive steam is coming up — Melted core may be moving out of building (VIDEO)
    Energy News, 17th August 2011
    Host: “Workers at Japan’s Fukushima plant say the ground underneath the facility is cracking and radioactive steam is escaping through the cracks” [...]

    Dr. Robert Jacobs, Hiroshima Peace Institute: “It’s a very serious and alarming development because this started to happen specifically after two large earthquakes in the last few weeks, there was a 6.4 on the 31 of July 31 and a 6.0 on August 12? [...]

    “It’s an indication that radioactive material is moving under the ground” [...]

    “When you have a fragile structure that’s already suffered a great deal of damage and when you have continual aftershocks at the level of six-point, or there’s been some even higher, what we have now is we have the radioactive core that has melted down into the basement, into the bottom of the containment vessel of these reactors, and if the radiation level is going down, where it’s been monitored inside the buildings, and if the water pressure is going down, and the temperature is going down, it’s not that the radiation is just suddenly going away, it means that the radioactive material, the melted core, is simply moving further away from where it’s been measured. And it may have — as a result of these aftershocks — be moving down out of the building itself.” [....]

    The nightmare continues...
    • Huge Quantities of Radiation Are Still Being Released By Fukushima (Video)
      Washington's Blog, 17th August 2011
      Radiation expert Dr. Chris Busby says that huge quantities of radiation - 1013 or 10 trillion becquerels per hour - are still being released from Fukushima.

      This is down slightly from some of the radiation levels observed in March, which - as I noted in April - exceeded levels pumped out at Chernobyl during the week-long fire.

      But given that the Fukushima crisis has continued for months, Fukushima dwarfs Chernobyl in terms of radiation released.

    • Tends to concentrate in the testicles”: 360+ atoms of radioactive sulfur per day may have been inhaled by Californians after Fukushimab>
      Energy News, 17th August 2011
      When the news broke yesterday that a previously unreported type of fallout from Fukushima—radioactive sulfur—had reached the United States in late March, nearly all mainstream media reports made the claim that it poses no threat to the health of Americans. [...]

      And if you’re a man, you may be interested to know that some miniscule portion of it could be in your testicles. [...] Sulfur-35 is absorbed by the entire body but is of particular concern to men because it tends to concentrate in the testicles, according to a Nuclide Safety Data Sheet from the University of North Carolina Charlotte. Beta radiation occurring there could damage neighboring cells. [...]

      Let's see how long it takes now for people (men) to wake up and decide enough is enough...

    • Now, #Radioactive Sanitary Napkins??, 17th August 2011
      "Someone tested the "Unicharm" brand of feminine sanitary napkins, and the survey meter showed 0.15 microsievert/hr on a napkin. The ambient radiation level was 0.07 microsievert/hr (indoors). He was worried for his wife, and traced the manufacturing number on the package, and it was made in the factory in Fukushima Prefecture."

    • Young Turks: America's Nuclear Nightmare
      YouTube, 12th August 2011
      The Young Turks tell it straight

    Japan government prepares plan to flee Tokyo
    ABC News, 9th August 2011
    Japan is considering the possibility of creating a back-up capital city in case a major natural disaster, like the March 11 earthquake, strikes Tokyo.

    A new panel from Japan's Ministry of Land and Infrastructure will consider the possibility of moving some of Tokyo's capital functions to another big city, like Osaka.

    Old news, but now it's 'official'... whatever, the current radiation levels in and around Tokyo are set to kill millions of people.

    Busby on Radiation in Japan: Issues & Epidemiology
    femalefaust, 8th August 2011

    #Radioactive Leaf Compost Spreads to Schools
    possibly irradiating children as they planted flowers as part of school curriculum., 1st August 2011
    Ever since the March 11 start of the Fukushima I Nuke Plant accident, unthinking, order-following school teachers and administrators throughout Japan from kindergarten/nursery school on (with a few exceptions) have made small children:

    Now the latest: they made them plant flowers using the leaf compost which turned out to be highly radioactive.

    As journalist Takashi Hirose said, they are "killing the children".

    OK, the situation in Japan is deteriorating as expected, there are people clearly in major denial and others who are fully aware that the government plus authorities are killing their own children. The list here is probably just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of stories here but 2 brave journalists pressing charges against various authorities is quite interesting...

    Japanese government killing its own people in Fukushima (Video)
    YouTube, 23rd July 2011
    On the 19th of July 2011, people in Fukushima had a meeting with government officals from Tokyo to demand that the government evacuate people promptly in Fukushima and provide financial and logistical support for them. Also, they brought urine of children to the meeting and demanded that the government test it.

    Watch this video! The end of this video is like a film drama.... It looks like some people are losing all patience with local authorities and are comparing this disaster with Chernobyl. People just cannot understand why the Japanese government have refused to take the same action as the Russians in order to save lives. At about 3:00 officials go berserk and walk off when parents demand that they test the urine of children... I am struggling to watch these videos of people pleading for help as authority figures simply don't care, but it is all so strange because officials and their children are being slowly contaminated too. Brains numbed, emotions numbed, 'auto'crats.

    Unique volcanic complex discovered on Moon's far side, 25th July 2011
    Analysis of new images of a curious “hot spot” on the far side of the Moon reveal it to be a small volcanic province created by the upwelling of silicic magma. The unusual location of the province and the surprising composition of the lava that formed it offer tantalizing clues to the Moon’s thermal history.

    I thought the moon was supposed to be dead? It's like the supression of the facts that there is water on the moon and clouds too! Slowly, relevant information is being released, but probably only due to the efforts of researchers making the evidence public knowledge before NASA is forced to admit the truth. Yet, NASA still refuses to provide coloured photos of the surface of the moon, but it can send space probes to various asteroids and collect cosmic dust from the edge of our solar system and them deliver them back to Earth. Sigh! Well, it seems that the alternative media are getting the message that changes on the moon are part of the evolutionary changes taking place throughout our whole solar system. Good!

    #Radiation in Japan: Chinese Tourists Are Back, Because They WANT Radiation, 21st July 2011
    On a lighter note, Chinese tourists are back in Japan, particularly young couples, according to an article that appeared in Shukan Post, a Japanese weekly magazine. Chinese were among the first to depart en masse from Japan after the earthquake/tsunami/nuke plant disaster, and they avoided Japan altogether in April.

    Why are they back now? Because they WANT to get exposed to radiation. Why? Because they believe that would get them a baby boy. It's got to be another "baseless rumor"; high-IQ and rich Chinese wouldn't do such a silly thing as trying to be intentionally exposed to artificial radiation hoping that would get them a boy, would they?

    This is quite a humorous article under the current circumstances. Whatever, it seems that some Chinese have taken the German Scherb-Voigt study seriously see below:

    Study: Nuclear Radiation May Affect Gender of Babies
    Daily Tech, 29th May 2011
    Researchers found that long-term nuclear radiation exposure led to either increased male births or decreased female births Researchers from the Helmholtz Zentrum München have discovered that nuclear radiation exposure either causes a higher rate of male births or a decreased rate of female births. [...]

    But in a

    euronews science – Possible breakthrough in nuclear clear-up
    YouTuibe, 20th July 2011
    Scientists in Japan think they may have found a way to remove caesium radiation from contaminated ground around the Fukushima nuclear plant damaged in the earthquake in March. It involves using microbes to attracts particles from the metal caesium in soil and water. So far results have been very encouraging and the scientists are keen to test the procedure on the ground as soon as possible….

    This is only a video report, I can't find a long write-up. Well, scientists have known since the 1980s that microbes can be used to clean up nuclear waste, as certain hardy microbes can simply eat it and render it harmless. The reason this method is not used is economics. Bioremediation is a Mother Earth solution which means it's too cheap and not enough people can be killed in the process. The fact that humans are being slowly poisoned by radiation leakage is of no interest to world controllers. That's the truth. Google: "Scientists Seek Indestructible Bugs To Eat Nuclear Waste" or "Superbug Survives Radiation, Eats Waste" or "Deinococcus radiodurans". Look around, the truth is out there...

    Black Rain In Japan! Ex Japanese Nuclear Regulator Blames Radioactive Animal Feed on "Black Rain"
    Fairewinds, 19th July 2011
    "While many radioactive cattle have been discovered large distances from Fukushima, what is more important is where their feed is coming from. "It's not only about the radioactive cattle in Fukushima Prefecture; its also about the radioactive straw the cattle eat that was grown elsewhere". Straw found 45 miles from Fukushima is highly contaminated with radioactive cesium, which is an indication that radiation has contaminated large portions of Northern Japan. More than half a million disintegrations per second in a kilogram of straw are comparable to Chernobyl levels. This proves that the American Nuclear Regulatory Commission was correct when it told Americans to evacuate beyond 50 miles and that the Japanese should have done the same. An Ex-Secretariat of Japan's Nuclear Safety Commission blames this contamination on "Black Rain". Rather than minimize the information the Japanese people receive, Gundersen suggests minimizing their radiation exposure."

    Also: A private citizen paid for a lab report on radiation from street material in Tokyo. It had 53000 decays per second in 1Kg of material from the street. This is a good summary but one of the most disturbing reports from Arnie Gundersen. Quite frankly, this has to be expected, as the Japanese people around Fukushima and well beyond, have been betrayed by their own government...

    Black Rain In Japan! Ex Japanese Nuclear Regulator Blames Radioactive Animal Feed on "Black Rain"
    YouTube, 20th July 2011

    CBS Investigative Report on the Safety of the New Reactor at the Watts Bar Nuclear Plant in Spring City
    Digital Network, 19th July 2011



    We all know that nuclear power is simply a way for some people to make lots of money, but it seems that things have just got far too complacent... especially in our quickly changing environment.

    Firefighters head off to help Los Alamos
    The Daily Times, 16th July 2011
    FARMINGTON — Despite the prospect of rough conditions, sleeping in tents and surviving on camp rations, a crew of unfazed Farmington firefighters left for Los Alamos on Friday.

    The federal government issued a call for help from fire departments and wild land firefighting organizations all across the nation since the Las Conchas fire started last month. "We were getting resource requests daily during the Fourth of July," said Farmington Fire Department Battalion Chief Nick Mrzlak. "They were in a real bind looking for manpower." [...]

    Despite the major difference between the Los Alamos fire and other wild land fires, this crew wasn't the least bit nervous. In fact, they were excited as they loaded the truck Friday afternoon. The difference can be summed up in a single word, "radiation," a word that not only resonates with the recent catastrophe in Japan, it also draws up memories of some of the worst events in modern history.

    "We spend all this time training so when we finally get to use it it's a relief," Sterrett said. "It's definitely going to be a change of pace." Another reason the team might not worry about radiation exposure is that levels are constantly monitored. "The labs have technicians keeping track," Bair said. "If it's radioactive, we will know. They have crews with radiation gear." [...] The Las Conchas Fire, which started June 26, has become the largest fire in New Mexico history. Even now, as some of the threat to the Los Alamos nuclear laboratory has faded, the fire is only 57 percent contained.

    So.... the fires are still burning around Los Alamos and radiation IS a problem? Talk about ironic! Los Alamos Laboratories created the nuclear bombs that were droped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and now Americans are facing various radiation disasters on their own doorstep due to their own carelessness.

    Contaminated soil a concern at Los Alamos lab
    Reuters, 12th July 2011
    (Reuters) - Following a massive wildfire, crews at the Los Alamos National Laboratory have begun removing contaminated soil from nearby canyons out of a concern that flash flooding could wash toxins into the Rio Grande, officials said on Monday.

    The Rio Grande is a source of drinking water for many communities in New Mexico, including the capital Santa Fe. The Las Conchas wildfire, which scorched land in the canyons near Los Alamos before it was turned away from the lab earlier the month, has added urgency to the soil removal efforts because flash floods could rush unimpeded through canyon floors stripped of vegetation, officials said.

    I actually think some expert comment is required here, because something seems quite odd about the action being taken.

    High levels of radiation detected in Northwest rainwater
    MSNBC News, 12th July 2011
    "A Seattle nuclear watchdog group is accusing the federal government of failing to keep the public informed of radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster. In the days following the March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the U.S. began monitoring radiation from Japan's leaking nuclear power plants. Most of the public attention went to the air monitoring which showed little or no radiation coming our way. But things were different on the rain water side."

    #Radiation in Japan: Dr. Shunichi Yamashita Will Become Vice President of Fukushima Medical University, 8th July 2011
    "The diabolical country on the western edge of the Pacific Ocean (no it's not North Korea) that is what Japan seems to have morphed into will have Dr. Shunichi "100 microsieverts/hour radiation is safe" Yamashita of Nagasaki University as the vice president of the Fukushima Medical University in charge of setting up an organization to conduct research on effects of radiation on the Fukushima residents.

    Well, those in Fukushima and elsewhere who wanted to remove the professor from the Fukushima radiation advisor sort of got their wish. He just made a lateral move. Or maybe he will continue to be the advisor. Criticism? What criticism?

    This is an update on the consequences of the speech given by Dr. Shunichi Yamashita now famed for his "radiation won't affect people who are smiling". Personally, I can hardly believe that this kind of sociopathic lying deceitful behaviour could be considered as acceptable and it seems that someone has decided it is not.

    Radiation: Like an Angel's Smile, 30th June 2011

    Dr. Shunichi Yamashita, Radiation Advisor to Fukushima: "Fukusima Will Be World-Famous! It's Just Great!", 21st June 2011
    "To tell you the truth, radiation doesn't affect people who are smiling, but those who are worried. This has clearly been demonstrated by animal studies."

    REFILE-Japan's nuclear industry credibility crumbles amid email scandal
    Reuters News, 8th July 2011
    (Reuters) - A Japanese nuclear power plant has come under fire for trying to sway the outcome of a public forum on atomic safety, dealing a fresh blow to the industry's credibility four months after the world's biggest nuclear disaster since Chernobyl.

    An employee with Kyushu Electric Power Co instructed workers at the utility and its affiliates to pose as ordinary citizens and send e-mails backing the restart of nuclear reactors in southern Japan to a televised public hearing. [...]

    "There is growing suspicion that power companies are playing fast and loose with data to support their cause and will go so far as to orchestrate public support," said Jeffrey Kingston, director of Asian studies at Temple University's Japan campus.

    "The more the media pulls back the veil, the angrier the public is getting." The e-mail scandal has been daily fodder for mainstream media, often accused of being soft on the industry.

    Public trust in utilities and their regulators has already been dented by patchy and slow disclosure about the crisis at Tokyo Electric Power Co's Fukushima plant.

    "They (Tokyo Electric) have zero credibility," Kingston said.

    Industry critics said the e-mail scandal was no surprise, but added it nonetheless deepened doubts about both safety and whether threatened power outages were a real risk.

    This is all so pathetic... More info at Energy News.

    Jellyfish threaten Israeli power plant
    BBC News, 5th July 2011
    A swarm of jellyfish is threatening a power plant in Israel. The facility in Hadera uses sea water for cooling off purposes but huge numbers of jellyfish have been sucked into the cooling system.

    Israel's Electric Corp, which runs the plant, has warned that entire cities could be left without power if the problem persists. Nachum Plaumbaum, a worker at the plant, explained how the jellyfish could stop the power plant from functioning.

    Hmmmm.... there were some hilarious jokes when a squirrel was blamed for a transformer fire at Los Alamos at a time of great concern, but with all the various plagues we are seeing at the moment, it does seem like nature is fighting back...

    Picture Gallery: Thousands of jellyfish clog water supply of power station in Israel
    The Telegraph, 5th July 2011
    Yuk... There are pictures here of containers holding thousands of jellyfish that have been cleared from Orot Rabin coal-fired power station in Hadera, Israel, after they blocked the water supply to the plant.

    Millions of jellyfish invade nuclear reactors in Japan and Israel (PHOTOS)
    International Business Times, 9th July 2011

    Radiation at Thyroid Gland Found in 45% of 1,000 Children Tested in Fukushima, 5th July 2011
    The Nuclear Safety Commission headed by Haruki "Detarame" Madarame disclosed on July 4 that the test conducted in late March had found 45% of 1,080 children tested in Fukushima Prefecture had internal radiation exposure at thyroid gland, according to Tokyo Shinbun.

    3 months, that seems to be the amount of time that these government people must feel safe to disclose what they had known all along. After 3 months, people may forget, and/or people will give up because the disclosure is too late. The NSC says the levels were low, and there was no need for more detailed evaluation.

    If you look at the numbers, though, you may wonder how they came to the conclusion. To them, 100 millisieverts per year body dose equivalent for 1 year old (or 0.2 microsievert/hour) was acceptable because the ICRP says so. Since the highest they found was 50 millisieverts per year body dose equivalent, they concluded there was no need for further testing.

    I have now come to the conclusion that Japanese society has decided to eradicate itself from the surface of the planet. See more reports below:

    More on the NSC Disclosure of Radiation Survey on Fukushima Children in Late March, 5th July June 2011
    Tokyo Brown Tabby found a one-page document (no detailed data) that Japan's Nuclear Safety Commission created on May 12 and last modified on May 13 that simply says:

    "Yes, we tested 1,080 children aged 0 to 15, and no one exceeded the threshold of dose equivalent of 100 millisieverts."

    According to Tabby, the NSC person said: "It's not that we withheld this information, but nobody asked us about this already-uploaded-data until a reporter from Tokyo Shinbun did at the press conference on July 4. "

    17,020 Becquerels/Kg Cesium in Dirt Cleaned Out from Elementary School Swimming Pool in Ibaraki Prefecture, 5th July 2011
    "Now on to one of the favorite topics of this blog: Swimming pools in Japan. Well they did it again, this time the Board of Education in Joso City in Ibaraki Prefecture. Back in May, as one of the annual, educational events of the schools, public elementary schools and junior high schools in Joso City had their pupils clean out the school swimming pools in preparation for the school swimming classes during summer. The teachers also helped out. Together, they cleaned the pools and scooped out the dirt that had accumulated at the bottom of the pools."
    Japanese children are used to pick tea and clean out swimming pools that happen to be radioactive too!

    Daily life in Fukushima: 'It was like visiting another universe'
    YouTube/Russia Today, 3rd July 2011
    Jan Beranek, who is with a team of Greenpeace activists investigating the fallout from the Fukushima nuclear disaster, says Japanese are encouraged to return to their normal lives unaware of the dangers they face in the contaminated area. "I personally find it very disturbing, because on the one hand you see the Japanese authorities forcing people and society to get back to normal... And yet at the same time there are still extremely high levels of radiation and the contamination of the soil, and also potentially in the food," the activist told RT.

    "This is just unbelievable because at those levels of exposure it certainly poses a risk to the lives and health of the people. If you draw a parallel to the Chernobyl disaster, then actually the Soviets decided to evacuate everyone living in the place, where radiation was three or four times lower than what we see in Fukushima City today," added Beranek, who personally visited the Chernobyl area after the 1986 disaster.

    Unbelievable.... Maybe this is what the US authorities are hinting at with all the talk of a 'Zombie Apocalypse'.... a world of people who refuse to think, just living on automatic and can be controlled at a push of a button...

    CDC "Zombie Apocalypse" disaster campaign crashes website
    Reuters, 19th May 2011
    "(Reuters) - A Centers for Disease Control blog post mentioning a "zombie apocalypse" as a lighthearted way to get Americans to read about preparing for the hurricane season drove so much traffic that it crashed the website, the center said on Thursday."

    Radiation Expert Predicts More Threats
    Wall Street Journal, 2nd July 2011
    TOKYO—A former nuclear adviser to Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan blasted the government's handling of the crisis, and predicted more revelations of radiation threats to the public in the coming months.

    In his first media interview since resigning his post in protest in April, Toshiso Kosako, one of the country's leading experts on radiation safety, said Mr. Kan's government has been slow to test for dangers in the sea and to fish, and has understated certain radiation threats to minimize clean-up costs. In his post, Mr. Kosako's role was to advise the prime minister on radiation safety.

    It looks like Naoto Kan is refusing to give up the fight for truth on behalf of the Japanese people. He is not stupid and therefore realises that there will be serious problems on the way. If this article goes behind a pay wall, there are long excerpts at, Radiation in Japan: Professor Kosako: "Come the harvest season in the fall, there will be a chaos".

    Fukushima spin was Orwellian
    Emails detailing how the UK government played down Fukushima show just how cosy it is with the nuclear industry
    The Guardian, 1st July 2011
    It was an open secret that Britain's decision to back nuclear power in 2006 was pushed through government by a cosy group of industrialists and others close to Tony Blair, and that a full debate about the full costs, safety and potential impact on future generations was suppressed.

    But the release of 80 emails showing that in the days after the Fukushima accident not one but two government departments were working with nuclear companies to spin one of the biggest industrial catastrophes of the last 50 years, even as people were dying and a vast area was being made uninhabitable, is shocking. [...]

    These guys were not just cosy. They were naked, in bed and consenting.

    This blog is primarily about Space Weather driving evolutionary change and documenting the evolutionary impact for all life on Earth. However, the release of manmade radiation has the same impact on human DNA in that it kicks starts mutation and therefore is an evolutionary/devolutionary driver. I am not sure there are any studies that compares the difference between the impact of cosmic radiation with manmade radiation, but we do know that nuclear disasters can generate radioactive particles that can cause terrible damage once they are inside the body. Historically, when Earth's magnetic field has been at say 10% of it's full strength, cosmic radiation has flooded our planet and there has been rapid evolutionary change. Some forms of life die immediately and other forms of life flourish and thrive. Maybe in the future there will be a field of science to study Celestial Epigenetics. I have been studying some ancient mythology, so I know that the ancient astronomers understood our intimate relationship with the cosmos and knew that at certain points in the precessional cycle there would be serious impacts for all life on Earth. The issue is that few have bothered to talk about the good things, as it seems that most spiritual leaders are unaware of the significance of ancient knowledge that is now highly relevant.

    Revealed: British government's plan to play down Fukushima
    Internal emails seen by Guardian show PR campaign was launched to protect UK nuclear plans after tsunami in Japan
    The Guardian, 30th June 2011
    British government officials approached nuclear companies to draw up a co-ordinated public relations strategy to play down the Fukushima nuclear accident just two days after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and before the extent of the radiation leak was known.

    Internal emails seen by the Guardian show how the business and energy departments worked closely behind the scenes with the multinational companies EDF Energy, Areva and Westinghouse to try to ensure the accident did not derail their plans for a new generation of nuclear stations in the UK.

    Wildfire Continues to Burn Near Nuclear Facility in New Mexico (Video)
    Lede NY Times blog, 30th June 2011
    [...] "The laboratory’s Twitter feed also points to relevant video and information elsewhere on the Internet, like this time-lapse video of the fire posted on YouTube by a blogger named Michael Zeiler: Mr. Zeiler explained on YouTube:
    On this fourth day of the devastating Las Conchas fire which is threatening Los Alamos, New Mexico, the night sky finally cleared enough to see the flames licking all around the labs and the city.

    This time-lapse video is comprised of 113 photographs taken 30 seconds apart. Each photograph is shown for one second. My vantage point is from my home on a ridge just to the north of Santa Fe.
    Have some of the Los Alamos labs have already burnt down?

    LANL: Fire updates from the Emergency Operations Center
    LANL, 30th June 2011
    "Fire Mitigation Efforts Ongoing at Laboratory Los Alamos, New Mexico, June 30, 2011, 5:00am—Though no fires are burning on Los Alamos National Laboratory property, numerous personnel are actively engaged in fire mitigation projects throughout the Laboratory’s 36 square miles. Crews are in the process of thinning fuels and improving existing fire roads at five locations on Laboratory property."
    This is the official position.... but who knows...

    Jellyfish force shut down of nuclear power station - E. Lothian, Scotland [UK]
    Two reactors at Torness shut down after huge number of jelllyfish found in seawater being taken into the plant.
    STV News, 30th June 2011
    An influx of jellyfish has forced the shutdown of two reactors at the Torness nuclear power station in East Lothian.

    Seawater is taken into the plant and filtered before it is used to cool the reactors, but the number of jellyfish coming through the system resulted in the filter systen becoming clogged.

    Jellyfish, seaweed or other debris causing the flow of cooling water to be reduced is not an unusual situation. The shutdown, which took place on June 28, was done as a precaution and the cooling sytstems performed properly during the procedure and both reactors are now safely shut down.

    I am not even trying to report all the problems with nuclear reactors but this is getting strange...

    Q&A: Is New Mexico's Los Alamos National Laboratory Really Safe?
    TIME, 29th June 2011
    [...] The Associated Press reports that LANL is storing “as many as 30,000 drums of plutonium-contaminated waste in fabric tents above ground.” Is that really a safe standard procedure? Ideally, how should LANL store this waste? You would think [LANL] would get rid of that stuff. They talked about getting it out of there, but they simply haven't. They [should] store it at WIPP (Waste Isolation Pilot Plant) in southern New Mexico, an underground storage facility for low-level waste. But again, now they claim these barrels can stand up to tests of fire.
    Obviously, Japan is still on everyone's mind. Is there anything that LANL should learn from the way the country has handled its nuclear crisis? Or anything LANL shouldn't do?

    [Regarding] the $6-billion building I was telling you about, there's a seismic problem with that, and there's a seismic problem with a lot of the places at the lab. [LANL is on a fault line.] All of a sudden [officials] are starting to focus on that now. I do believe LANL should be honest about what the situation is. I'm not arguing that they are lying about anything, but they're putting on the absolute best face, acting as if nothing can happen. But as you know, things can happen.
    Is there anything else you want to say about this situation in Los Alamos?

    Just hope to hell that the wind blows in the right direction.

    These people are just too casual...

    Local TV: Los Alamos residents rushed out of town fearing future children “would be born with a third-eye and extra limbs”
    Energy News, 30th June 2011
    I'm disgusted, I don't know why this media moron thinks this is funny....

    Fukushima Spews, Los Alamos Burns, Vermont Rages & We've Almost Lost Nebraska
    Oped News, 29th June 2011
    Humankind is now threatened by the simultaneous implosion, explosion, incineration, courtroom contempt and drowning of its most lethal industry.

    We know only two things for certain: worse is yet to come, and those in charge are lying about it---at least to the extent of what they actually know, which is nowhere near enough. Indeed, the assurances from the nuke power industry continue to flow like the floodwaters now swamping the Missouri Valley heartland. [...]

    The stream of reactor disasters spewing from this dying industry is certain to escalate. The toll rises with each leak at Fukushima, every flame at Los Alamos, each legal brief at Vermont Yankee, every foot of Nebraska floodwater.

    The need to stop the madness grows more desperate every day.

    The headline summarises the apocalyptic news in the modern sense. As far as I am concerned, humanity have been marching down the wrong road and the major nuclear accidents that are now taking place were inevitable... Check the archives as I said there would be more accidents, but it seems we are now on fast forward... If nothing else, we are seeing the rapid destruction of an old world and so maybe we should recognise that a new world will emerge through the chaos, but it did not need to be this harsh. However, world controllers thought they could ignore reality and the reality is the world is transforming into a high energy environment, it seems that evolutionary change is not negotiable.

    MAP: Conchas Fire at 60,741 Acres; 'A Road Away' from LANL
    Santa Fe Reporter, 28th June 2011
    Updated 4:30 pm: The Las Conchas fire, at 60,741 acres as of this morning, is "a road away" from the nuclear lab, according to Los Alamos Fire Chief Doug Tucker.

    According to a recent press release from Los Alamos National Laboratory, the Las Conchas fire has burned up to State Road 4, which borders the lab's southwest edge.

    "When you ask how close it is to the border, it’s a road away,' Tucker says in the release. The lab remains on essential services only tomorrow (Wed., June 29). Approximately 12,000 residents have been evacuated. [...]

    There are, of course, plenty of people who are a lot less sanguine. Greg Mello of the Los Alamos Study Group, for one, today spoke with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now on the risks the fire poses to a nuclear lab. Click here to read/listen.

    Obviously there is a lot of news reports about Los Alamos but this particular report has quite a few links and a link to the highly informative Democracy Now video about nuclear bomb making facility at Los Alamos and the storage of nuclear waste.

    Wildfire swells near Los Alamos nuclear lab
    CBS News, 28th June 2011
    LOS ALAMOS, N.M. - A vicious wildfire spread through the mountains above a northern New Mexico town on Tuesday, driving thousands of people from their homes as officials at a government nuclear laboratory tried to dispel concerns about the safety of sensitive materials.

    The wildfire — which has swelled to about 93 square miles — sparked a spot fire at the Los Alamos National Laboratory on Monday. The fire was quickly contained, and lab officials said no contamination was released and radioactive materials stored at spots on the sprawling lab were safe.

    No fires burned on lab property overnight, but teams from the National Nuclear Security Administration's Radiological Assistance Program were headed to the scene to help assess any nuclear or radiological hazards, said Kevin Smith, Los Alamos Site Office manager. [...] The spot fire scorched a section known as Tech Area 49, which was used in the early 1960s for a series of underground tests with high explosives and radioactive materials.

    Lab spokesman Kevin Roark said environmental specialists were monitoring air quality, but the main concern was smoke. He said that the lab has taken many steps to prepare for a wildfire, including thinning trees and underbrush and surrounding key buildings with gravel to create a defensible space. Many of the buildings are also constructed to meet strict standards for nuclear safety and aggressive wildfires are taken into account, he said.

    The anti-nuclear watchdog group Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety said the fire appeared to be about 3.5 miles from a dumpsite where as many as 30,000 55-gallon drums of plutonium-contaminated waste were stored in fabric tents above ground. The group said the drums were awaiting transport to a dump site in southern New Mexico.

    Lab officials at first declined to confirm that such drums were on the property, but in a statement early Tuesday, lab spokeswoman Lisa Rosendorf said such drums are stored in a section of the complex known as Area G. She said the drums contain cleanup from Cold War-era waste that the lab sends away in weekly shipments to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant.

    So..... there has already been a fire on the Los Alamos Property and a specialist team to measure levels of substances such as plutonium and uranium in the air are being drafted in “as a precaution.”? More info at Energy News.

    MSNBC News: “This has grown much more serious" at Los Alamos
    VideoMe, 28th June 2011

    Los Alamos Nuclear Lab: What Are the Dangers?
    ABC News, 28th June 2011
    "Physicist Michio Kaku discusses the threat wildfires pose to the government lab."

    MSNBC: Michio Kaku On America's Current Nuclear Emergencies In Nebraska & New Mexico
    YouTube, June 28, 2011
    "Nebraska is basically FUKUSHIMA IN SLOW MOTION. The magic number is 1014. When the water flood levels reach 1014 feet, it's game over. It's all over. At that point we're talking about flooding, short-circuits, pumps, generators around. But we're there. We don't expect to be there soon."
    Martin Bashir reports, Michio Kaku starts speaking at about 3:10. Kaku: This is a triple whammy....

    Breaking_ US Nuclear Emergency LOS ALAMOS, N.M - What You're Not Being Told
    YouTube/NewsTsar, 28th June 2011
    Informative with good video clips

    "Note from Kevin:
    Thank you for your continued interest in our work. For the past 2 weeks, Arnie and Maggie have been traveling and presenting while I have been traveling and working in Brazil. As such, you have not seen any new content from us. At this time we are all back in the office and I am preparing new content for publication while Arnie and Maggie are working on back-to-back expert reports through the end of July. You can expect to see more video and updates soon.
    Thank you again for your interest in our work.
    This is from the latest email notification from Fairewind Associates. I think Arnie needs to talk about Los Alamos too! Radio link Stream WBAI Pacifica Radio @ 5:10pm

    Arnie Gundersen, Five OClock Shadow, June 28, 2011 at 5:00 pm EDT, 28th June 2011
    The Arnie Gundersen interview starts at about 15:00 minutes.

    New Mexico wildfires force evacuation at Los Alamos nuclear labratory
    NY Daily News, 27th June 2011
    Raging wildfires in New Mexico forced the evacuation of the famed nuclear lab at Los Alamos Monday, though officials insist that radioactive material is secure.

    Fires have burned as close as one mile from the government lab - threatening buildings, power lines and gas lines, officials said. "Lab emergency crews have been dispatched across the lab to protect key facilities and materials," said lab spokesman Jeff Berger.

    The news these days verges on the apocalytic.... I think we are seeing some systemic collapse in the US.... It's hard not to think this when the environment is pushing hard on a weak infrastructure that has not been designed to cope with Earth and climatic change. More info at Energy News.

    Report: Up to 30,000 drums of plutonium-contaminated waste stored in fabric tents above ground at Los Alamos dumpsite — Lab declines to comment
    Energy News, 27th June 2011

    Concern at Nebraska Reactors as Floodwaters Rise
    New York Times, 26th June 2011
    BROWNVILLE, Neb. — Like a city preparing for siege, operators of the nuclear reactor here are hunkering down to defend it against the swollen Missouri River at its doorstep. On Sunday, eight days after the river rose high enough to require the operators to declare a low-level emergency, a swarm of plant officials got to show off their preparations to the chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

    The reactor, Cooper Station, is one of two nuclear plants on the Missouri River, which has been beset by flooding in recent days. Another reactor, Fort Calhoun, took two steps backward on Sunday. In the pre-dawn hours, a piece of heavy equipment nicked a temporary rubber berm, 8 feet high and 2,000 feet long, and it deflated. And water there began to approach the switchyard, where grid power enters the complex, so operators started up their diesel generators.

    Wow! That is some incompetence.... I am now wondering if anyone predicted a radiation apocalypse, Fort Calhoun Nebraska looks like it's the next one to go...
    • Waters Encircle Nuclear Plant
      Wall Street Journal, 27th June 2011
      "The berm's collapse allowed floodwaters to wash around the main electrical transformers. As a result, emergency diesel power generators were started. Later in the day, power was restored. [...] Even when in shutdown mode, a nuclear plant requires electricity to keep key components cool in order to avoid any degradation or melting of the core that could result in the release of radiation. In response to the berm collapse, the NRC has activated its Incident Response Center."

    • Many containers of fuel to power pumps were washed away after breach at Ft. Calhoun nuke plant
      Energy News, 27th June 2011

    • 100% chance of reactor core damage if floodwaters went above 1010 ft. at Ft. Calhoun nuke plant, NRC said in 2010 — River now around 1,007 ft. and expected to rise
      Energy News, 27th June 2011
      3ft and it's game over?

    • Ft Calhoun Newest Photos Have Disappeared, 27th June 2011
      "I'll guess that when the aqua dam burst, the control room was flooded. They are saying "no problem, there is no danger"- but, of course, there IS a problem. The REASON there is a problem and why they aren't telling the truth is because, while Fukishima is equivalent to about twenty Chernobyls, Ft. Calhoun is equivalent to about twenty Fukushimas. Not because it has a lot of reactors - or even a very big one. But because it is holding an immense amount of nuclear fuel in its cooling pool."

    • Flooding: The worst is yet to come, 26th June 2011

    • The Purposeful Flooding of America's Heartland
      American Thinker, 22nd June 2011
      Environmentalists at the heart of this disaster?
      "Greg Pavelka, a wildlife biologist with the Corps of Engineers in Yankton, SD, told the Seattle Times that this event will leave the river in a "much more natural state than it has seen in decades," describing the epic flooding as a "prolonged headache for small towns and farmers along its path, but a boon for endangered species." He went on to say, "The former function of the river is being restored in this one-year event. In the short term, it could be detrimental, but in the long term it could be very beneficial."

    Nuclear Plant's Flood Defenses Trigger a Yearlong Regulatory Confrontation
    New York Times, 24th June 2011
    Pictures of the Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant north of Omaha, Neb., show it encircled by the swollen waters of the Missouri River, which reached a height of nearly 1,007 feet above sea level at the plant yesterday.

    The plant's defenses include new steel gates and other hard barriers protecting an auxiliary building with vital reactor controls, and a water-filled berm 8 feet tall that encircles other parts of the plant. Both systems are designed to hold back floodwaters reaching 1,014 feet above sea level. Additional concrete barriers and permanent berms, more sandbags and another power line into the plant have been added.

    More stupidity, lack of foresight and adequate planning.... More info at Energy News.

    • Photos: Flood at Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant:
      Cartor Radiations, 25th June 2011
      Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant: The spent fuel storage is in a modular concrete structure at ground level. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers expects record water release from the federal dams along the Missouri River to continue until mid-August.
      Great photos!

    Robot, drone fail on Japan nuke-plant missions, 24th June 2011
    TOKYO—Two high-tech machines intended to help workers at Japan's tsunami-hit nuclear plant malfunctioned Friday, including a long-awaited Japanese robot making its first attempt to take important measurements in areas too dangerous for humans.

    The other machine that failed was a drone helicopter that made an emergency landing on a reactor roof at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant.

    This is some kind of bizarre corporate comedy and TEPCO seems to have some kind of corporate myopia. We have the greatest industrial disaster in modern times and TEPCO refuses to comprehend the consequences of high levels of radiation. When I read the stories of the drone crashing onto the top of reactor 2, it did not register. All I can think now is that my mind wanted to reject this high level of stupidity... We have read report after report of ridiculously high levels of radiation and we know that at a certain level electronics will simply not work, so what do TEPCO do? Let the situation get beyond stupid so they can't use humans and they can't use robots... Checkmate. I got the image of the drone from the Asian Week website that has a whole section on Fukushima Fuku-Ups.

    Robot fail, HoverDrone Fail, Water Decon Fail
    Asian Week, 24th June 2011

    From Hiroshima to Fukushima: The political background to the nuclear disaster in Japan
    World Socialist Website, 23rd June 2011
    This is the first of a two-part article on the historical antecedents of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

    Following the Japanese earthquake and tsunami disaster of March 11, the meltdown of the nuclear reactor in Fukushima continues to alarm people all around the world. The world witnessed the events virtually live as one reactor building after another exploded and one of the planet’s most high-tech countries tried to quell the 770 000 terabecquerel (1) radioactivity unleashed from the meltdown with bucket and hose. Japan was desperate to convince the world that everything was under control.

    Since the seriousness of the situtation at Fukushima is re-traumatising the people of Japan, it will be interesting to see if authorities decide to try and persuade people that being irradiated is great. Hence, the surfacing of old government propaganda helps us consider how they could achieve this aim today, (the obvious choice would be a new Pokemon but maybe that would be too obvious)... See below:
      Pluto-Kun: Childrens Japanese Nuclear Cartoon
      YouTube, 2nd April 2011
      "ENGLISH TRANSLATION - The brainchild of a now defunct government research organization, the apple-cheeked animated Little Mr. Pluto debuted in the mid-1990s wearing a green helmet with a pair of antennae and the chemical symbol for plutonium, Pu. Promising to "never be scary or dangerous," Little Pluto extolled the benefits of plutonium, which Japanese nuclear authorities have viewed as a fuel of the future for fast breeder reactor technology."

      This government propaganda cartoon was used to persuade Japanese Society to go Nuclear after nuclear bombs were dropped at Hiroshima and Nagasaki with all the terrible consequences. This character is Pluto-Kun, the suffix '-Kun' after the name means more Honorable! However, I want to point out again that the element Plutonium was named after Pluto, the greek god of Hades or hell because this element releases energy that is traditionally compared to the fires of hell. The actually mythology and etymology is convoluted but a good explanation is provided here: Pluto (mythology). Unfortunately, humans have not worked out how to extinguish this fire and some of it lives on for hundreds of thousands of years. Therefore, we can only pray that the current evolutionary changes caused by a cosmic deluge in the form of Space Weather, allows this energy to be transmuted and with all the other strange evolutionary changes taking place, I consider this to be a strong possibility.

    Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner at the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant?
    Hawaii Daily News, 22nd June 2011
    Earlier this month, workers at the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant surrounded the reactor and other key parts of the facility with a massive water berm called an “AquaDam”.

    Fort Calhoun had a foot-deep pool next to the reactor for spent fuel rods. The pool was so full in 2009 that they were sealing the fuel rods up in dry casks and sticking them in an on-site ‘mausoleum’

    Hat tip and a bow to Arthur Hu for finding the dry-storage bunker, half-submerged OUTSIDE the condom. It’s the smaller brown building adjacent to the white tank.

    Oh..... So that's legal....
    • Fukushima 'still a ticking time bomb' (Video)
      CNN News, 21st June 2011
      "Famed physicist Michio Kaku says Japanese officials still don't have control of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster."
      Kaku - 'They Lied To Us, They KNEW How Bad It Was'

    Japan Strains to Fix a Reactor Damaged Before Quake
    New York Times, 17th June 2011
    TSURUGA, Japan — Three hundred miles southwest of Fukushima, at a nuclear reactor perched on the slopes of this rustic peninsula, engineers are engaged in another precarious struggle. The Monju prototype fast-breeder reactor — a long-troubled national project — has been in a precarious state of shutdown since a 3.3-ton device crashed into the reactor’s inner vessel, cutting off access to the plutonium and uranium fuel rods at its core.

    Engineers have tried repeatedly since the accident last August to recover the device, which appears to have gotten stuck. They will make another attempt as early as next week. [...]

    A top manager at the plant recently committed suicide, on the day that Japan’s atomic energy agency announced that efforts to recover the device would cost almost $21.9 million. And, like several other reactors, Monju lies on an active fault.

    The video below provides a synopsis of the situation and compares the various disaster scenarios in Japan that includes the fiasco of the Monju prototype fast-breeder reactor with the situation in the United States with various ongoing incidents' and previous near misses...
      Thom Hartmann: Second Japan Nuke...more dangerous than Fukushima? (Video)
      YouTube, 27th June 2011
      "Kevin Kamps, Nuclear Waste Watchdog at Beyond Nuclear joins Thom Hartmann. If Japan didn't have its hands full with one melted down nuclear plant at Fukushima - it certainly does now with another nuclear power plant on the verge of melting down. About 300 miles southwest of Fukushima sits the Monju nuclear reactor - a prototype fast-breeder reactor filled to the brim with plutonium - the deadliest element on the face of the planet. And last year - a 3 ton device of some sort fell into the Monju reactor blocking access to the nuclear fuel rods in the reactor core - and despite several attempts - has yet to be recovered."
      Prepare to be shocked...

    Tokyo area parents' radiation worries grow with discovery of local 'hotspots'
    The Mainichi Daily Times, 20th June 2011
    More than three months after the Great East Japan Earthquake and the meltdowns at the Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant, Tokyo region residents are becoming increasingly worried over radiation exposure as a number of radioactive "hotspots" have been discovered in and around the capital.

    This is hard to believe that this is happening in a so-called modern 'advanced' society.

    Flooding Brings Worries Over Two Nuclear Plants
    New York Times, 20th June 2011
    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — As record floodwaters along the Missouri River drench homes and businesses, concerns have grown about keeping a couple of notable structures dry: two riverside nuclear power plants in Nebraska.

    Though the plants have declared “unusual events,” the lowest level in the emergency taxonomy used by federal nuclear regulators, both were designed to withstand this level of flooding, and neither is viewed as being at risk for a disaster, said a spokesman for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

    Well, not even the New York Times is interested in pretending there is not a problem here... I found this image over at the Daily Mail, it really makes you think about what is happening to the United States...

    Sixty Minutes: Fallout!
    60 Minutes, 17th June 2011
    When Japan was rocked by a massive earthquake and tsunami back in March, we told ourselves the worst was behind us. Tens of thousands dead, an economy shattered, whole communities razed. Surely the Japanese had suffered enough.

    But all these weeks later, the crisis is far from over. The crippled Fukushima nuclear plant is still leaking and, judging from the experience at Chernobyl, Japan's recovery won't be measured in years, but centuries.

    Full transcript:

    Sixty Minutes documentary. I found the section with people trying to make cardboard boxes home very distressing.

    Unsafe Radiation Found Near Tokyo, Vast Area of Japan Contaminated
    Daily Kos, 16th June 2011
    Japan is dangerously contaminated by radioactivity over a far larger area than previously reported by TEPCO and the central government according to new reports from multiple sources. The prefectural government of Iwate released new data that shows radioactive contamination of grass exceeds safety standards at a distance of 90 to 125 miles from the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plants.
    The prefectural government found on Tuesday radioactive cesium exceeding the limit of 300 becquerels per kilogram in grass collected from pastures in four areas, including Tono and Otsuchi. The areas are located about 150 to 200 kilometers north of the Fukushima nuclear power plant.
    Science Magazine reports that Japanese scientists have become so concerned about the health of their children that they have initiated their own radiation monitoring program and made their own maps. The results are shocking.

    Sorry to say this but what do people expect? Nuclear energy has to be carefully controlled but on a planet that is experiencing massive Earth changes, it is impossible to prevent natural disasters and it seems humanity has now walked into the trap of nuclear power plants emitting dangerous levels of radiation when things go wrong. Well, my emphasis was on cosmic radiation, but I got it wrong because we now have a major issue with cosmic AND manmade radiation and this is only just the start...

    Documentary: NHK Special - Japan's Nuclear Crisis, Part 1
    Nippon Sekai, 15th June 2011
    In this special documentary, NHK interviewed more than 200 people including government and TEPCO officials, experts, and engineers.

    While reluctant, they agreed to speak with NHK. Some of the rather candid comments confirm that TEPCO, nor the Japanese government where adequately prepared for a disaster of this magnitude. The Economy, Trade, and Industry Minister, Banri Kaieda even made a rather damning remark (around the 4m30s mark in clip 1-A) that he could not deny there was a myth of safety regarding the nuclear power plants and that probably somewhere in their minds, they always felt that measures against emergency situations were unnecessary because such situations would never occur. This 1 hour video is split into 4 parts and hosted on Dailymotion (so you'll need to put up with the advertisements automatically displayed) since it is blocked on YouTube.

    Editorial note: At least to me, this wreaks of extreme overconfidence and arrogance and puts into context the sort of thought processes which were occurring early on until those involved finally realized the gravity of the crisis being beyond anything they could realistically imagine (and just how much officials underestimated the problems from the beginning).

    In English, but I have not watched this documentary yet.

    The US Is Having A Catastrophic Nuclear Emergency In Nebraska And The Obama Administration Is Covering It Up -- Russia
    Business Insider, 19th June 2011
    Here's an interesting report from Pakistan's daily newspaper The Nation. It cites a Russian regulatory agency as saying that the US is currently having a major nuclear emergency at the flooded plant in Nebraska and that the Obama Administration is trying to cover it up.

    The Russian report describes the Nebraska situation as one of the worst nuclear accidents in the history of the United States. [...]

    Bear in mind that this report comes from Russia and Pakistan--two countries that aren't particularly happy with Obama right now.

    But the FAA has enacted a no-fly zone over the Fort Calhoun nuke plant, which was damaged by a fire and flooding from the Missouri river.

    Well, it's just amazing how quickly things are escalating... 1 week before Fukushima, it was reported that US nuclear experts were worrying about poor electrical backup systems in the event of a natural disaster and look what is happening now on US soil, just three months later. We have not even had a knock out blow from the Sun yet either, so maybe we should be grateful for the heavy warnings, because it looks like it's the only way humans will pay attention...

    Cooper Nuclear Station On Lowest Warning Level [Nebraska Nuclear Plant II]
    WOWT News, 19th June 2011
    "Flooding precaution at southeast Nebraska plant along river As the Missouri River rises, the Nebraska Public Power District declared a Notification of Unusual Event Sunday for the Cooper Nuclear Station located three miles southeast of Brownville, Nebraska along the riverfront.
    • U.S. reactors have weaker back-up batteries than Fukushima Daiichi had
      Homeland Security Newswire, 31st March 2011
      "Almost all American nuclear power plants have backup batteries that would last only half as long as those at Japan's troubled Fukushima Daiichi plant did after a tsunami knocked out power there; just eleven of the U.S. 104 plants had eight-hour batteries, and 93 had four-hour batteries; the batteries are not powerful enough to run pumps that direct cooling water, but they can operate valves and can power instruments that give readings of water levels, flow and temperatures."

    • Experts: Move to protect nuke plants from solar flare damage
      Scripps News, 4th March 2011

      WASHINGTON - It has happened before and it will happen again: an Earth-bound electromagnetic pulse from the sun that disrupts the power grid by burning out high-voltage transformers. [...]

      Thomas Popik, an economic researcher, Massachusetts Institute of Technology mechanical engineering graduate and a former Air Force expert on unattended power sources at radar sites, and his New Hampshire-based Foundation for Resilient Societies, think they have a solution to one sobering consequence of a grid failure.

      They filed a petition with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission earlier this month addressing a dire concern: If the spent fuel rod pools at the country's 104 nuclear power plants lose their connection to the power grid, they believe current regulations aren't sufficient to guarantee those pools won't boil over, exposing the hot, zirconium-clad rods and sparking fires that would release deadly radiation.

      Their solution is a relatively inexpensive, $152,800-per-plant arrangement to keep the coolant pools operating unattended in the wake of such an event. The foundation's members are not anti-nuclear, he insists, and their evidence comes from existing government studies, not advocacy groups.

      Now it's too late, I suppose someone at the top (none technical paper pusher) was penny pinching, just like the cause of the BP Gulf disaster...

    Northwest sees 35% infant mortality spike post-Fukushima
    Medical professionals publish report highlighting post-Fukushima mortality spike.
    Q13Fox News, 17th June 2011
    Physician Janette Sherman, M.D. and epidemiologist Joseph Mangano published a report Monday highlighting a 35% spike in northwest infant mortality after Japan's nuclear meltdown.

    The report spotlighted data from the CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report on infant mortality rates in eight northwest cities, including Seattle, in the 10 weeks after Fukushima's nuclear meltdown.

    The average number of infant deaths for the region moved from an average of 9.25 in the four weeks before Fukushima' nuclear meltdown, to an average of 12.5 per week in the 10 weeks after. The change represents a 35% increase in the northwest's infant mortality rates. In comparison, the average rates for the entire U.S. rose only 2.3%.

    It looks like this sad news is going mainstream, even though there has been talk in the blogosphere for about a week. I don't think I really need to expound the reality that manmade radiation will cause a huge drop in birth rates. In so-called 'advanced' countries there will be many more abortions due to deformed babies being detected by medical specialists, so that means in countries without the advanced technology, there will be a dramatic increase in deformed babies being born. Of course, as I have stated before, infertility will increase dramatically too... I have been talking about spirtual evolution and it seems the criteria for this is being set higher and higher. Just in case there are a few new to my website, please find details provided by Physicist Professor Chris Busby, the world's top radiation expert, he says that radiation throws a switch on DNA that allows for more and more mutations... I have been saying this in relation to cosmic radiation, as Space Weather gets more severe, but our planet is now being flooded with manmade nuclear radiation too.

      China: 3 More Rabbitts With NO ears (Video)
      China Central TV, 15th June 2011
      China? These rabbitts are becoming star attractions... At the moment, I am not linking to rumours about an increase in miscarriages, I prefer to wait for a medical professional to comment.

    Fukushima: It's much worse than you think
    Scientific experts believe Japan's nuclear disaster to be far worse than governments are revealing to the public.
    Aljazeera, 16th June 2011
    "Fukushima is the biggest industrial catastrophe in the history of mankind," Arnold Gundersen, a former nuclear industry senior vice president, told Al Jazeera.

    Japan's 9.0 earthquake on March 11 caused a massive tsunami that crippled the cooling systems at the Tokyo Electric Power Company's (TEPCO) nuclear plant in Fukushima, Japan. It also led to hydrogen explosions and reactor meltdowns that forced evacuations of those living within a 20km radius of the plant.

    Gundersen, a licensed reactor operator with 39 years of nuclear power engineering experience, managing and coordinating projects at 70 nuclear power plants around the US, says the Fukushima nuclear plant likely has more exposed reactor cores than commonly believed.

    "Fukushima has three nuclear reactors exposed and four fuel cores exposed," he said, "You probably have the equivalent of 20 nuclear reactor cores because of the fuel cores, and they are all in desperate need of being cooled, and there is no means to cool them effectively."

    Long article. The situation is absolutely desperate, Arnie Gundersen provides the terrible facts.

    Radiation in Japan: Nosebleed, Diarrhea, Lack of Energy in Children in Koriyama City, Fukushima, 15th June 2011
    Once a malicious "baseless rumor" on the net, now it is written up in a regional newspaper with readership in Tokyo and Kanto area.

    Tokyo Shinbun (paper edition only, 6/16/2011) reports that many children in Koriyama City in Fukushima Prefecture, 50 kilometers from Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant, are suffering inexplicable nosebleed, diarrhea, and lack of energy since the nuke plant accident.

    (The photo of the page from this blog site, in Japanese.)

    This is going to be terrible. The Japanese government response has been really pathetic. Heartbreaking, but only for people who can actually feel any emotions...

    Nebraska Nuclear Plant at Level 4 Accident (Video)
    Hawaii Daily News, 15th June 2011
    The Fort Calhoun, Nebraska, Nuclear power plant is going down fast due to massive flooding. The NRC has declared it a level 4 accident. The FAA has issued the following directive, shutting down airspace over the plant:

    Another nuclear disaster in the making caused by a natural disaster.... Arnie Gundersen now has another disaster to make comments about.

    Japanese gov’t report on Fukushima: “The situation has become extremely severe”
    The Denki Shimbun (The Electric Daily News), 13th June 2011
    TOKYO --The Japanese government prepared a report on the accident at the Fukushima I nuclear power station (NPS) of Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc. (TEPCO) and submitted it to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on June 7. The findings will be reported at the IAEA ministerial conference due to start on June 20. The 750-page report outlines several facts and observations...

    The report consists of 13 themes. In the introduction, it points out that "the situation has become extremely severe" in dealing with the Fukushima I accident, due to the circumstances where the accident had to be dealt with in parallel with reconstruction work following the disaster caused by the great earthquake and tsunami. The report also includes an apology in relation to the nuclear accident, stating, "Japan sincerely regrets causing anxiety for people all over the world about the release of radioactive materials."

    The headline comes from Energy News where there are many more alarming headlines. What is so strange is the general ineptness, no disaster plans, no satisfactory response right at the begining of this disaster, the Japanese nuclear workers had nothing, not even flashlights, no decontamination unit available, etc etc. The world had 4 years warning after the Sumatra Indonesia 9.2 earthquake when 250,000+ people died. Geologists did not believe that such a massive earthquake could occur in that region, but they were wrong. What excuse do the Japanese have? Again geologists did not believe that such a massive earthquake could occur but tsunami is a Japanese word and they have a history of tsunamis killing many tens of thousands of people. So, where do they locate the nuclear power plants? On fault lines directly on the coast, with no decent back-up electricity lines. As we now know, the meltdown was caused by the earthquake and not the tsunami, just as a geologist predicted was extremely likely to happen. Our planet is humming with new higher frequencies, the energy inbalance means that more massive Earth changing events are likely and the world is still only interested in maintaining the status quo that simply cannot support humanity, but it suits the powers that be who prefer to have less people to try and control. Meanwhile, nobody can escape the radiation (cosmic and man-made) and it's down to how well people can cope with radiation on an individual basis.

    Japanese Nuclear Cleanup Workers Detail Lax Safety Practices at Plant
    Wall Street Journal, 14th June 2011
    OGAKI, Japan—When Masayuki Sakamoto stepped onto the grounds of the world's most dangerous nuclear power plant in March, he had little preparation other than a half-hour briefing on protective gear.

    The 56-year-old owner of a 30-person construction firm from central Japan had been hired to clear debris and shovel dirt at the Fukushima Daiichi plant at a time when its reactors were belching smoke and oozing gamma rays. He had never worn a hazmat suit or used a dosimeter. He still doesn't have the proper paperwork that, in normal times, would be needed to work in a radioactive environment.

    Mr. Sakamoto's rare and detailed description of daily conditions at the plant reveals the extent of worker-safety concerns there. On Monday, plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co., or Tepco, said six more workers—bringing the total to eight—have likely received larger doses of radiation than allowed, even under Japan's loosened exposure limits.

    Mr. Sakamoto, a junior-high graduate, says he feels a "mission" to help tame the national crisis, but at the same time jokes that he's too dumb to be scared. "Smart people know about sieverts and becquerels, so they've really got this sense of self-preservation, fear, suspicion," he says. "When you think about it, it's a real plus to be uneducated and ignorant."

    The world is now watching but TEPCO still has no ability to see what is right and act accordingly. This is pathological corporate behaviour. Obviously, it does help if you can find those who don't mind being used and abused.

    Mutant rabbits, economic meltdowns and nuclear tourism
    Japan times, 12th June 2011
    In the first week of June, media attention shifted briefly from the Fukushima reactor calamity to skirmishes on the floor of the National Diet, where the government headed by Prime Minister Naoto Kan survived a no-confidence vote.

    But the Fukushima reactor troubles keep coming back, creating a state of affairs best summed up by an obscure corollary to Murphy's Law that goes, "After things have gone from bad to worse, the cycle repeats itself." [Classic....]

    A professor of zoology at the Tokyo Institute of Technology would not rule out the possibility of the birth defect being caused by radiation exposure to the mother rabbit, but he told Flash it would be difficult to ascertain the cause of the mutation. Needless to say, no one at this stage even wants to think about the potential effects on the humans who will be born from around this autumn.

    I am impressed with the discovery of an obscure corollary to Murphy's Law, but I think it is only appropriate here because most have failed to comprehend the significance of the times that we are living in. Humanity largely failed to prepare adequately and now in the attempt to carry on as 'normal' or 'business as usual', many are disappointed that this is in fact, impossible. There is lots more disasterous news at Energy News.

    Head of Fukushima health study: 100 mSv/yr OK for pregnant moms — “Effects of radiation do not come to people that are happy… They come to people that are weak-spirited”
    Energy News, 11th June 2011
    I suppose this comes from some idiot who believes in encouraging people to believe in the power of positive thinking, in the hope that people will stop thinking about reality and working to do something about making some drastic changes...
    • Anger over Fukushima spills on streets in Tokyo anti-nuke protests
      YouTube/Russia Today, 11th June 2011
      It's exactly three months since the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, causing widespread destruction and leaving some 15,000 people dead. The nuclear crisis that followed shows no sign of abating as radiation continues to leak, forcing tens of thousands of evacuees into crowded shelters. Our correspondent Sean Thomas is in Tokyo where anger over the situation is spilling onto the streets.
      Very interesting footage showing nuclear protestors... I have just listened to Kei Sugaoka's interview so I am still in shock, I can't imagine people would be still so cheerful if they knew the truth...

    • GE Nuclear Plant Inspector/Whistleblower Kei Sugaoko Speaks About Fukushima, GE
      YouTube, 6th June 2011
      "General Electric nuclear plant inspector Kei Sugaoka was one of the inspectors at the Fukushima Daiichi plant in 2000. He noticed a crack in the steam dryer which he videotaped. He was later ordered by Tokyo Electric Power Company TEPCO to edit this part of the tape which is illegal in the United States. He went public and some TEPCO managers were fired. He thought that things would change but they have not. Additionally, as a result of being a whistleblower he was also laid off by General Electric and has been struggling to get the truth out about these dangerous plants. Sugaoka has inspected plants throughout the world including in Taiwan and Europe. This interview was done on May 5, 2011.

      This information provided in this interview is just frightening.... shocking... awful....

    Radioactive Tea: Shizuoka Government Told Online Food Grocer Not to Publish the Test Result for Tea on Their Website, 9th June 2011
    It can't get any better. (But that's what I've thought ever since March 11 and I've been wrong.)

    It was the proverbial "fly in the ointment" when an online food grocer (home delivery of fresh produce) alerted the Shizuoka prefectural government that one of Shizuoka's teas tested high in radioactive cesium according to the grocer's test. For Shizuoka, it was going to be a "clean bill of health" for all teas in Shizuoka when they started testing the final products, "seicha". 8 tea-growing regions tested below the limit on June 8, and 11 more regions were going to do the same on June 9.

    But this grocer came forward with the information that one of the teas were radioactive, exceeding the national limit. So the government was forced to test that particular tea, and it was indeed exceeding the limit. But it was not before the prefecture told the grocer not to publish the data, because the prefectural government was already doing the minimum necessary to alert the consumer. Their words.

    In other countries, this kind of arrogant behavior by the producer ignoring the safety of the consumers may result in boycott of the product. [Are you sure about that....]

    Japan is looking more and more like China with the total disregard for human life constantly being advocated by government authorities, who only seem to care about maintaining business interests. This is now so short sighted, they don't seem to comprehend that they will actually kill all the "customers" off.... Read the news and think.... Tokyo is already showing hot spots of high levels of radiation. This mentality of lets not destroy business interests, will instead sabotage the whole country...
    • Police to Send 150 Officers, Riot Squads to Tepco Meeting
      San Francisco Chronicle, 9th June 2011
      June 10 (Bloomberg) -- Japan's National Police Agency will send 150 officers and riot squads to Tokyo Electric Power Co.'s annual general meeting this month to quell possible protests by shareholders and terror attacks, a police official said.
      Share price has fallen off a cliff....

    • Widen evacuation zone for children, pregnant women: Greenpeace chief
      Japan Times, 10th June 2011
      "The government should consider evacuating children and pregnant women from a wider area around the Fukushima No. 1 power plant because radiation levels remain high even outside the 20-km no-go zone, Kumi Naidoo, executive director of Greenpeace International, said Thursday in Tokyo."

      The Japanese government response is incredible compared to how the Russians dealt with Chernobyl, government advisers don't cry in public because they think everything is going to be OK.

    • U.S. Nuclear Industry: Japan Accident Won't Harm Health
      Wall Street Journal, 9th June 2011
      More lies....

    • Hot particles in Japan
      "Autoradiograph of dandelion leaves picked since the disaster. An autoradiograph is an image created by placing a specimen in close contact with X-ray film. If radioactivity is present it will darken the image. This image is from Professor Bin Mori of Tokyo University Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences. There are more autoradiographs on his blog site. He says the pictures show that radioactive materials have been absorbed from the roots and distributed throughout the plants."
      This is Professor Busby's website and there has been talk about dandelions before the birth of the rabbit with no ears.... the youtube video below is a little troubling too....

    • Japan Fukushima Dandelion Mutations??? Alberta Canada
      YouTube, 7th June 2011
      "This video is comprised of photos taken in Edmonton Alberta Canada one week ago. The mutant Dandelions were in a 4 square foot radius. Some flowering candidates looked promising the day before... and then just died and then some just seem to flourish like marigolds on steroids! I'm no botanist but this doesn't seem right!"

    CNN's John King interviews Arnie Gundersen about the Hot Particles discovered in Japan and the US.
    Fairewinds, 7th June 2011
    "CNN's John King and Arnie Gundersen discuss "hot particles" detected in Seattle and Japan, the cozy relationship between Japanese regulator NISA (Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency) and plant owner TEPCO, and changes at the Fukushima accident site since March. John King and Arnie Gundersen also discuss how TEPCO's acknowledgement today of another error in calculating radiation dose more than doubles the amount of radioactivity to which people in the Northern Hemisphere have been exposed."

    Arnie's revelation that some people on the West coast are getting a fair no. of "hot" particles a day is really making headlines.
    • Parents urge Tokyo to rethink radiation monitoring
      Japan Times, 8th June 2011

    • "We request that the Tokyo government and Koto Ward properly check the radiation levels, especially around school areas and parks," she said. According to Ishikawa, her group, which has about 35 members, checked the soil and air in Koto Ward for contaminants between May 21 and 25 with the help of Kobe University professor Tomoya Yamauchi.

      Yamauchi, an expert on radiation physics, said high levels of contamination were detected in soil, especially around a plant in Koto Ward that produces sludge, an ingredient in cement, where the level reached 2,300 becquerels per kilogram. That level is about a third of the 6,550 becquerels per kilogram detected at a schoolyard in Fukushima Prefecture in April.
      Yes, it's just a matter of time before Tokyo has the same levels of contamination as Chernobyl... and then what are the authorities going to do?

    • ANOTHER NUKE PLANT: Fukushima Daini has 3,000 tons of radioactive water in reactor buildings
      Energy News, 7th June 2011
      There have been question marks about Fukushima Daini (the no. 2 nuclear power plant 10km away from Fukushima Daiichi), but the news has been very muted. Well, here it looks like they have been experiencing some of the exact same problems and we have to wonder what else has been going on there.

    Melted Fuel at Fukushima May Have Leaked Through, Yomiuri Says
    Bloomberg, 7th June 2011
    The melted fuel at Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear power station may have leaked through the pressure vessels of the Nos. 1 to 3 reactors, the Yomiuri newspaper reported.

    The Japanese government will submit a report to the International Atomic Energy Agency that raises the possibility the fuel dropped through the bottom of the pressure vessels, a situation described as a “melt through” and considered more serious than a “meltdown,” according to the report, which cited the document.

    I don't have an image icon for "Melt-Through" yet and I don't have an image available for the International Nuclear Event Scale (INES) "off the scale" nuclear mega disaster. I hear that nuclear engineers have been pleading for a new level at the top of the scale and I would suggest the next level (or two) is defined as "Nuclear Holocaust".
    • Japan Concedes Severity of Blast
      Nuclear Disaster Strained Relations With U.S. in Days After the Meltdown
      Wall Street Journal, 7th June 2011
      "We felt pretty confident [within a few days of the accident] that there was significant fuel damage," Bill Borchardt, the NRC's operations chief, said in New York late last month. "There were numerous indications of high radiation levels that can only come from damaged fuel at those kinds of levels."

      In the accident's early days, the U.S. ambassador in Tokyo, John Roos, made "around the clock" phone calls to Japanese officials, according to a U.S. official. Upset by the slow trickle of data from Prime Minister Naoto Kan's office, he began calling Cabinet-level officials representing the ministries of defense, foreign affairs and even finance, this official says.

      That annoyed the Japanese foreign ministry, according to one senior Japanese official, which was trying on its own to coordinate the response to Washington's urgent pleas. [...] A U.S. official said Assistant Secretary of State Kurt Campbell called Japanese Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki, a longtime friend, to his office four or five times on March 16. Mr. Campbell told Mr. Fujisaki that the U.S. might have issue broader evacuation warnings, and brushed aside the ambassador's fears that the divergent views on evacuation could embarrass Japan.

      One U.S. official says Mr. Campbell told Mr. Fujisaki that "the survival of your nation" was at stake.

      I don't understand the headline.... there is one planet Earth, what happens to Japan effects us all so, why all the delay in helping to solve this crisis? Diplomats beating each other over the head does not actually make an ounce of difference.

    • Radiation Understated After Quake, Japan Says
      New York Times, 6th June 2011
      TOKYO — Japan said Monday that radioactive emissions from the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in the early days of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami disaster might have been more than twice as large as a previous estimate, suggesting the accident was more grave than the government had publicly acknowledged.

      The Japanese government are now admiting 40% of the total amount of radiation released at Chernobyl was released in just one week at Fukushima, but they still trying to cushion the blow by stating there is a "wide margin of error". There is already plenty of proof that the Japanese government are probably still hiding the extent of the radiation released and the figures here are probably still too low. Well, the mainstream media seems to have decided to restart reporting the seriousness of the disaster in Japan, whilst the blogosphere has maintained the stance of searching hard for stories to keep people informed.

    • Fukishima -- Japan's Faustian Bargain With the West
      Henry Makow, 6th June 2011
      It is finally dawning on the Japanese that the 'West' was not/is not what it was purported to be and that the contact with the West and its technology has been a Faustian bargain. Indeed the whole of 'West' can almost be summarized, post Renaissance and Enlightenment as an re-enactment of the myth of Dr. Faustus. And with similar tragic ending to it. [In this myth, Faustus sells his soul to the devil for power and knowledge.]

      This is what happens when you deal with psychopaths, as it's rather foolish to believe anything they say. I think the other excellent example is the problem of Uranium weapons and Israel using them extensively to kill their neighbours, but as a result, they have now got their own major infertility problem. So, at the current increasing rate of infertility, by 2020 their aspirations as a nation will be all over....

    • Radiation check in Japan June7/11
      YouTube, 6th June 2011
      "Another beautiful day in Japan, I am 135 miles / 220 Km south of Fukushima, on the outskirts of the Tokyo area. It is Tuesday, June 7th, as you can see in the video, I just walk outside of my house and .... radiation. The air is not dangerous but the ground is. The radiation is much higher in low lying areas and the government here is desperately trying to keep it quiet."
      5.77 Microsieverts per hour on the ground at a drain...

    Fukushima: Never Again
    Huffington Post, 5th June 2011
    [...] It is hard to believe that the current Japanese government is falling so far behind the 5 mSv standard set by the Soviets. How can a government that lived with the fallout of nuclear bombs allow such high levels of radiation exposure for its children? Why is the Japanese government not actively decontaminating school grounds?

    I think about Katya and the pupils of the Kopachi kindergarten who hopefully managed to grow up far away from the radiation. For those not endowed with memory of previous tragedies, surely these stories should be enough?

    The Japanese government must do all that it can to protect its citizens from the aftereffects of Fukushima. Meanwhile, the rest of the world must join the Japanese, German and Swiss governments who have decided to stop funding nuclear energy. No more Chernobyls. No more Fukushimas. Never again.

    This is from the Kumi Naidoo, Executive Director, Greenpeace International. He is wondering why the Japanese government does not care about the children.... It's a very good question and really highlights the behaviour of the psychopaths in charge who have got to the stage where they cannot even pretend to be interested in the well being of humans around them. The reason is because they are 'aliens', the 4% of the human population that are not in fact like 'normal' humans, as our neuroscientists have already identified and well documented.
    • Japan's Exporters Clamor for Radiation Tests
      Wall Street Journal, 6th June 2011
      "TOKYO—Since the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear crisis, many global consumers have equated "Made in Japan" with "potentially radioactive," hurting business across the country. That has fueled a boom in demand for radiation-testing equipment from exporters, such as Toyota Motor Corp. and Fujitsu Ltd., seeking to reassure overseas clients that their cars, computers and other products are safe. Nippon Kaiji Kentei Kyokai, which conducts safety inspections of marine cargo, has received more than 1,600 orders for radiation tests since the nuclear accident."
      The full report is for subscribers only, but this is enough to tell us that it does not matter that the global media are playing this down, self preservation is kicking in hard...

    • TEPCO eyes design flaw in hydrogen explosion
      Asahi News, 5th June 2011
      "A design flaw in the exhaust system within the reactors at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant may have caused a hydrogen explosion at the No. 1 reactor March 12 that blew the top off the structure. The same type of exhaust and venting system is installed at other nuclear plants in Japan, meaning a major review will likely be required at those plants."

      Hopeless.... the news was circulating immediately after the explosions that 3 engineers complained in the 1970s regarding safety issues with this old design of nuclear reactor... See, 15th March 2011, ABC News report: Fukushima: Mark 1 Nuclear Reactor Design Caused GE Scientist To Quit In Protest: Damaged Japanese Nuclear Plant Has Five Mark 1 Reactors

    Exclusive Arnie Gundersen Interview: The Dangers of Fukushima Are Worse and Longer-lived Than We Think
    Chris Martenson, 3rd June 2011
    "I have said it's worse than Chernobyl and I’ll stand by that. There was an enormous amount of radiation given out in the first two to three weeks of the event. And add the wind and blowing in-land. It could very well have brought the nation of Japan to its knees. I mean, there is so much contamination that luckily wound up in the Pacific Ocean as compared to across the nation of Japan - it could have cut Japan in half. But now the winds have turned, so they are heading to the south toward Tokyo and now my concern and my advice to friends that if there is a severe aftershock and the Unit 4 building collapses, leave."
    Direct Download/Play the Podcast Part 1, MP3 Important: Arnie's advice: Winds have turned, hot particles to head south from Fukushima — Advice is to leave Tokyo if Unit No. 4 collapses.... Yes, that's all 35 million of you in the vicinity...

    Arnie Gundersen Interview (Part II): Protecting Yourself If The Situation Worsens

    Chris Martenson, 3rd June 2011
    Executive Summary

    * Identifying the health dangers from radiation & contamination
    * Steps those living in Japan and the US West Coast should be taking today
    * Precautions to take with food
    * The implications of radioactive seawater
    * Urgent steps to take in a worst-case scenario if reactor 4 collapses

    Direct Download/Play the Podcast Part 2, MP3

    IAEA fact-finding team compiled summary report on Fukushima accident
    The Denki Shimbun, The Electric Daily News, 3rd June 2011
    TOKYO --A fact-finding mission from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) visiting Japan to investigate the accident at the Fukushima I nuclear power station (NPS) complied a summarized version of its investigation report on June 1. The report credited expert staff at the Fukushima I with having done the best they could in their efforts to secure the plant under exceptionally difficult circumstances in the initial stages of the accident. On the other hand, it pointed out that several improvements should be made including strengthening of anti-tsunami measures, defense-in-depth systems and initial response plans at the power plant. The report urged that similar improvements be made also at other nuclear facilities.

    Well, we have the mega photo op promoting nuclear energy.... I wonder how much radiation they all got? Well, we can see in the photo provided here that they were wearing respirators but most of the IAEA are standing with their backs to the camera... presumably, standing in front of the Fukushima 'mega disaster' nuclear plant wreckage was probably bad enough... I am not even going to bother discussing the 'findings' because anyone with a few brain cells knows this disaster should not have been allowed to happen...
    • Contaminated groundwater detected for first time near Fukushima plan, 2nd June 2011
      Surprise, surprise.... well, not really...

    • 6.3-magnitude quake hits off the east coast of Honshu, Japan -- USGS
      Xinhuanet News, 3rd June 2011
      "TOKYO, June 3 (Xinhua) -- An earthquake measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale jolted off the east coast of Honshu, Japan at 09:05: 03 a.m. local time (00:05:03 GMT) on Friday, the U.S. Geological Survey said."
      That's right by the Fukushima nuclear plants.

    • Japan bans radioactive green tea from area 40 miles SOUTHWEST of Tokyo
      Energy News, 2nd June 2011
      Japan banned the shipment of green tea leaves grown in four prefectures around Tokyo on Thursday after radioactive caesium above legal levels was found in samples, a media report said. [...] The ban covers tea leaves from parts of the Tochigi, Chiba and Kanagawa prefectures and all of Ibaraki prefecture, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare said, Kyodo News agency reported.

      A few bloggers have noted that the radiation levels around Ibaraki prefecture have been sky high. We know that the Tokai reactor was under suspicion (see archives for mid April), because there were reports of the pumps for cooling systems failing and backup diesel generators not working during power cuts. So now, they are banning produce from that region... I think it's easy to work out what has happened.... Well, the behaviour of world powers has been nothing short of criminal, so we await the next nuclear disaster and then the next after that.... When most people can't have babies and the babies born are badly mutated or people die in droves of cancer, then maybe a few more people will come to their senses, but I am not holding my breath... This is starting to look like a holocaust: 1. Destruction or slaughter on a mass scale, esp. caused by fire or nuclear war: "a nuclear holocaust". Sorry, the news from Japan is just terrible and getting worse, see more headlines at Energy News.

    • An Angry Japanese Housewife in Fukushima City: "We've Had It, and We're Leaving", 1st June 2011
      "Watanabe says to the NPR reporter Louise Lam that "Its our fault, we put the current DPJ government in power. We thought they'd be different from the last lot. But now it turns out we no longer know whether any political party out there will protect us. "

      There are so many people who think governments tell the truth and really care about the people...

    Exclusive Arnie Gundersen Interview: The Dangers of Fukushima Are Worse and Longer-lived Than We Think
    Chris Martenson, 3rd June 2011
    "I have said it's worse than Chernobyl and I’ll stand by that. There was an enormous amount of radiation given out in the first two to three weeks of the event. And add the wind and blowing in-land. It could very well have brought the nation of Japan to its knees. I mean, there is so much contamination that luckily wound up in the Pacific Ocean as compared to across the nation of Japan - it could have cut Japan in half. But now the winds have turned, so they are heading to the south toward Tokyo and now my concern and my advice to friends that if there is a severe aftershock and the Unit 4 building collapses, leave."
    Direct Download/Play the Podcast Part 1, MP3 Important: Arnie's advice: Winds have turned, hot particles to head south from Fukushima — Advice is to leave Tokyo if Unit No. 4 collapses.... Yes, that's all 35 million of you in the vicinity...

    Arnie Gundersen Interview (Part II): Protecting Yourself If The Situation Worsens

    Chris Martenson, 3rd June 2011
    Executive Summary

    * Identifying the health dangers from radiation & contamination
    * Steps those living in Japan and the US West Coast should be taking today
    * Precautions to take with food
    * The implications of radioactive seawater
    * Urgent steps to take in a worst-case scenario if reactor 4 collapses

    Direct Download/Play the Podcast Part 2, MP3

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