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Best of the Blog - Environmentalism as Religion

Essay: carbon footprint as ‘original sin’
WUWT, 17th June 2013
This essay appears today in The Chronicle Review and it makes an interesting claim:

What is the carbon footprint, after all, if not the gaseous equivalent of Original Sin, the stain we inflict on Mother Gaia?

Pascal Bruckner writes:

There are at least two ecologies: one rational, the other nonsensical; one that broadens our outlook while the other narrows it; one democratic, the other totalitarian. The first wants to tell us about the damage done by industrial civilization; the second infers from this the human species’ guilt. For the latter, nature is only a stick to be used to beat human beings. Just as third-worldism was the shame of colonial history, and repentance was contrition with regard to the present, catastrophism constitutes the anticipated remorse of the future: The meaning of history having evaporated, every change is a potential collapse that augurs nothing good.

This is in the same vein as other essays from other religionistas trying to guilt trip some into false beliefs and obeying duplictious leaders.

Watch Now: The Late George Carlin Mocks 'Saving our Planet'
Climate Depot, 18th March 2013
Carlin: 'Are these f*cking people kidding me? Save the planet, we don't even know how to take care of ourselves yet. We haven't learned how to care for one another, we're gonna save the f*cking planet? I'm getting tired of that sh*t...I'm tired of f*cking Earth Day, I'm tired of these self-righteous environmentalists, these white, bourgeois liberals who think the only thing wrong with this country is there aren't enough bicycle paths'

Carlin: 'The planet is fine. Compared to the people, the planet is doing great. Been here four and a half billion years. Did you ever think about the arithmetic? The planet has been here four and a half billion years. We've been here, what, a hundred thousand? Maybe two hundred thousand? And we've only been engaged in heavy industry for a little over two hundred years. Two hundred years versus four and a half billion. And we have the CONCEIT to think that somehow we're a threat? That somehow we're gonna put in jeopardy this beautiful little blue-green ball that's just a-floatin' around the sun?

The planet has been through a lot worse than us. Been through all kinds of things worse than us. Been through earthquakes, volcanoes, plate tectonics, continental drift, solar flares, sun spots, magnetic storms, the magnetic reversal of the poles...hundreds of thousands of years of bombardment by comets and asteroids and meteors, worlwide floods, tidal waves, worldwide fires, erosion, cosmic rays, recurring ice ages...And we think some plastic bags, and some aluminum cans are going to make a difference?'

Full Transcript available here:

Some days I have similar rants... This entry is probably related to the other recent epic GW alarmist going off the deep end see, Climate Activists: 'White America' condemned to Hell!? -- Warmist Bill McKibben laments 'White America' has failed: 'White America has fallen short' by voting for 'climate deniers' but it is hard to tell because the fighting between GW alarmists and skeptics has descended into the ridiculous and I can't be bothered to follow the nonsense. Whatever, I am 100% sure that if humanity does not raise it's consciousness and stop abusing the planet, the solution will be humanity will be largely wiped off... It will be game over for a high tech civilisation on this planet.

Is Al Gore the Latter Day Pardoner?
Carbon Credits Are Modern Indulgences
WUWT, 2nd December 2012
So the Pardoner sold indulgences or pardons, hence his name, that absolved your sinful lifestyle and guaranteed going to Heaven. Who could resist a no lose offer?

It’s important to understand why Medieval and modern minds are gullible to such scams. Medieval people lived in fear of not being able to go to Heaven. Two examples help explain the intensity of that belief. The power of the fear of excommunication was effective even against Kings like Henry VIII. If excommunicated you were denied all church sacraments and services without which you couldn’t go to Heaven. [...]

Getting to heaven was the goal of being religious, anything that made it easier was an easy sell.

Environmentalism became the new religion in the 1960s, although the seeds were effectively planted when Darwinism replaced Creationism. Life became dependent on Gaia the planet, not God. This belief system claims humans are killing the planet with CO2. [...]

The analogy between Indulgences and Carbon Credits is very good, but especially as both create a source of income for those who identify and define the problem, exploit the guilt, and offer a solution. They also do nothing to ameliorate the supposed problems, the amount of sinning or the amount of CO2 going into the atmosphere from human sources. In fact, they almost guarantee an increase in both cases. The analogy fails because sin exists, whether it is a transgression against religious or secular law. CO2 in the atmosphere from any source, including human, is not causing global warming or climate change. More important, it’s essential to life on the planet and an increase in atmospheric levels is beneficial to their distribution, abundance, and productivity. [...]

Undoubtedly, Al Gore is the most effective pardoner of carbon credits. An Oscar and a share of the Nobel Peace Prize testify to his effectiveness. The movie, “An Inconvenient Truth” is full of “thick and fast” examples. Gore’s television appearances are a litany of stories from the past designed to capture through fear and to stick in the mind so they can be repeated, especially by the media.

Here, we are given a history lesson about those who routinely manipulate and exploit the ignorant and gullible masses through religion and how we can compare this to the global warming scam and the modern selling of indulgences in the form of carbon credits. In the comments, someone claims that Al Gore began his college education at divinity school and many have noted Al Gore's initial enthusiastic religious tone. But, due to the opposition to his efforts, his deameanour has changed and he comes across as a much darker character. In fact, since he has started talking about "dirty energy", Gore now comes across like the depiction of a high ranking member of the evil Magisterium church as described in Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy... Well, selling indulgences worked for centuries by an all powerful and evil Church, but today, all things religious and New Age really are under suspicion by many and for good reason...

The Branch Carbonian Cult
Jo Nova, 2nd August 2011
Some commenters wonder why I allow the word cultist, but sometimes there is no better term. Remember, apocalyptic storms are coming, and we’re all going to die, unless we heed the prophesies of the new Gods of Science.

What’s the difference between a real disaster foretold by scientists, or a cult? Evidence, for starters, and we’re still waiting for observations that support the idea that a catastrophe is coming, but there are more clues.

In normal conversations people can be, you know, wrong, but in a cult, wrongness is not a comment on a scientific point, it’s a statement of identity and a judgment of moral fitness. Those who speak against the (insert doctrine) are not just wrong, they are evil, immoral, and not “worthy” of polite conversation. Believers who become skeptics, are exiled (think “apostate”) and let’s not forget the sacrifices for penance (anyone want to buy a carbon credit for their sins?).

Well, I have seen accusations of the religious nature of the AGW proponents but not so many that have pointed out the fanatical and cult-like behaviour that seems to be driving this crusade into complete political and scientific disaster.

Green Sin Week – your personal guide to penance
WUWT, 24th April 2011
Mocking Lent, Good Friday, and Easter observed by millions, the eco website “Grist” this week showed the link between all things green and religion, by making a “virtual confession booth” for those who have sinned against Gaia. Apparently, there’s been lots of green sinning going on during the last week of Lent, leading up to Easter. Why, I’m sinning just using electricity for my PC to write this.

Brilliant, the prayers are a hoot....

Christian Leaders Say Green Movement is False Religion
The Christian Post, 28th December 2010
Conservative policy experts and religious leaders have collaborated to condemn the radical environmentalism movement in a 12-part video series. The series, called “Resisting the Green Dragon,” features criticisms of the green movement which religious leaders contend is a false religion that puts nature above people.

"Environmentalists have a long history of believing and promoting exaggerations and myths," says Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission in the video. One such myth speakers cite in the video is the notion that humans are causing global warming. According to The Cornwall Alliance founder Dr. E. Calvin Beisner, environmentalists are using this belief to advocate increased population control as a means of saving the earth. [...]

“Taking care of the earth sounds like a good idea because it is a good idea. What most Christians don’t understand is that environmentalism is a whole worldview that offers its own doctrines of God, of creation, of humanity, of sin and of redemption,” he contends.

The series, therefore, is an effort to expose the true motivations of the environmental movement. “I think the fear mongering is simply a way of obtaining power. Whoever controls the environmental regulations controls the economy, controls the population,” Tonkowich expresses.

I think this is simply a case of catching up with the Joneses... see Best of the Blog - Environmentalism as Religion

Wanted: an eco prophet
People are drifting into a lethal slumber on climate change. More of the same won't wake them up

The Guardian, 7th March 2010
It's an exceptionally inconvenient truth. Only one American in three believes that human beings are responsible for climate change: a polling result 10% down on where opinion rested the year before.

Worse, the number of Americans who believe that climate change is a hoax or a scientific conspiracy – not doubting, just damned blank certain – has doubled since 2008. Add in those who assert that the changes, if any, are of "no significant concern", and you've got 30% of the US denying, scoffing and just walking on by. [...]

More jaw and Gore from politicians can't cut it. They have come to seem secondhand sources, merely parroting a frail scientific thesis. That goes, alas, for journalists, too – and for pressure groups issuing lurid warnings or staging angry demos. Those of us who are convinced, who believe in the necessity of action, haven't changed our minds. But we're not the point. The audience that matters is out there, sleeping or drifting. And rousing it will demand something different, not more of the same.

It looks like Al Gore has lost his job. The apparent fear and panic about climate change runs very deep, but it's only a proxy for the fear of not being able to control the future due to rapid revolutionary change.

Is climate change the new faith?
Fanatics must stop playing fast and loose with global warming data

The Guardian, 6th February 2010
As a climate change agnostic – and I suspect most of us are, especially now, and more especially after the Guardian series this week – I've been bothered by two aspects of the argument. The first is the religious overtone. Humankind has always wanted to blame its own behaviour for natural events, whether Noah's flood, plagues of frogs, or volcanos which demonstrate that the gods are angry.

Three years ago a British bishop announced that gay marriage had caused our floods. I've often wondered whether global warming is another example of this, an irrational belief designed for a rationalist world.

And there is an element of religious faith in the true believers. Those who disagree are "deniers", with its echo of fanatics who don't believe in the Holocaust. Years ago I saw a sceptic howled down at a British Association meeting; [...]

Years ago I cowrote a book, Bizarre Beliefs, about various crazy things people believe in, such as astrology, the Bermuda Triangle and spiritualism. Most of them generated vast amounts of data from which believers simply cherry-picked whatever suited their case.The world's climate produces millions upon millions of facts and figures, and it's very easy to select the ones that suit you and ignore all the rest. Of course I don't know who's right. But I'm not surprised to see the true believers struggling.

This concept of cherry-picking what you want to believe and ignoring everything else means that you can get to the stage where reality leaps out and may even knock you out cold. To provide a vehicle for popularising climate change and "global warming", the 'Green' movement has been hijacked to maintain the view that we are responsible for the obvious evolutionary changes taking place on this planet (we have sinned and fallen short of the glory of the environment, etc). At the same time, there is a change of consciousness that can be expressed as the Green 'meme' and those who understand this have worked very hard to take advantage of this level of consciousness. My real concern now is that we are moving to a more cosmic understanding of our reality. People have been ignoring the UFO issue for decades and now we are experiencing a dimensional shift. Fortunately, there have been many people who have chosen to write books, make documentaries and set up websites, so it should not come as too much of a shock for some, despite the fact that some people's motivation has been to maintain the mystery but others have sought to find the truth and now it's the moment of truth. Those who have cherry picked what they wanted to believe and ignored the rest, are now in for a rude awakening on many different fronts.

Bill McKibben At Copenhagen: I Went To Church And Cried. Then I Got Back To Work
Mother Jones, 14th December 2009
I’ve spent the last few years working more than full time to organize the first big global grassroots climate change campaign. That’s meant shutting off my emotions most of the time—this crisis is so terrifying that when you let yourself feel too deeply it can be paralyzing. Hence, much gallows humor, irony, and sheer work.

This afternoon I sobbed for an hour, and I’m still choking a little. I got to Copenhagen’s main Lutheran Cathedral just before the start of a special service designed to mark the conference underway for the next week. It was jammed, but I squeezed into a chair near the corner. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, gave the sermon; Desmond Tutu read the Psalm. Both were wonderful.

I got half way through this article and I really thought, this can't be serious.... then I decided it was.... The comments here are quite unkind.....

EDITORIAL: Global-warming theology
The end is nigh, their god is dead

The Washington Times, 4th December 2009
Belief in global warming had long had a tinge of theology about it, a form of cultism that adherents and defenders elevated to a holy crusade. [...]

Any who questioned the orthodoxy were branded as heretics. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said that climate-change skepticism is "treason" and exhorted that "we need to start treating [skeptics] as traitors." In 2007, the Weather Channel's Heidi Cullen said that meteorologists who were skeptical of man-made global warming should be decertified. The e-mails from the University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit reveal systematic attempts by high priests of this religion to silence scientists who disputed their rigged findings. [...]

Global warming was an academic Ponzi scheme. Its leading proponents were mini-Madoffs, peddling a vision of global catastrophe to gullible activists, bureaucrats and policymakers. The vision was so vast, the fear it inspired so pervasive, that it seized popular imagination, aided ably by hucksters like former Vice President Al Gore and his science-fiction feature film "An Inconvenient Truth." But like any Ponzi scheme, global warming only worked if everyone kept investing and no one looked at the books. Once the truth came out - of manipulated findings, phony data, rigged peer-review processes and intimidation of skeptics - the scheme began to collapse. [..]

Yet even as the edifice comes down, the adherents of the orthodoxy say that there is nothing to see, that this is all a distraction from the business at hand, that there is still no time to lose, full steam (or solar power) ahead. But it is far too late for that. The veil has been pierced, the myth revealed, the scales have fallen from the people's eyes. The pagan priests are fleeing the temple, their sacred idols are being pulled down, their holy works renounced. Their god, finally, is dead.

A nice piece of journalism. From a metaphysical point of view, I have been totally amazed by what has happened in the last two weeks. A respected metaphysical source states that this is due to the New Energy on the planet and I think we are seeing POWER V FORCE operating BIG TIME! The lies and deceit are not being supported by the mass of human consciousness and so there is wholesale change to support the new higher consiousness on the planet. It must be totally shocking for those who have invested heavily in the darkside with lies and deceit. Incredible! If you are totally convinced of the effort to link environmentalism with religion, you might be interested in the following, I was quite amused, see Environmentalism - Enviro-Religion: Protest Poster Awesome! Video [2:10] NICK GRIFFIN: CLIMATEGATE - "Pope Al Gore"

Global Warming Obsession Takes Over BBC Religious Programme
Omniclimate, 9th November 2009
Letter sent to “Sunday: Religious News“, the BBC Radio4 weekly broadcast. (see also: “At The BBC, Not Even Religious Programmes Are Sacred“, July 9, 2009)
From: Maurizio Morabito
To: “Sunday: Religious News” at the BBC
Date: 8 Nov 2009
Subject: About your obsession with global warming
Dear Roger Bolton, Jane Little and all at the “Sunday: Religious News” programme

Your obsession with global warming is starting to worry this long-time listener of yours. In the first “incident” of 5 July the topic of “Global Warming” took over 27% of what is presumed to be 45 minutes dedicated to “the religious and ethical news of the week“. On 1 November, that number went up to 29%. Today 8 November, Global Warming occupied almost 44% of your programme."

This is a quite a sardonic letter pointing out the encroachment of global warming issues into religious programming. The author certainly made his point.


Judge rules that green views are the 'same as religious beliefs' as sacked environmentalist wins legal battle
Daily Mail, 3rd November 2009
"An environmentalist who claims he was fired for his views has won a landmark legal battle after a judge ruled being green was just as worthy of protection at work as religion. 'Green martyr' Tim Nicholson, 42, claims he was dismissed after his bosses at showed contempt for his philosophical belief the earth faces 'catastrophic climate change'.

He said he lost his job for criticising senior management at Grainger plc - including chief executive Rupert Dickinson who allegedly flew an employee to Ireland and back just to fetch a mislaid Blackberry mobile phone."

Well, when you come face to face with the facts, you have to say this green martyr did have a point....

Is Belief in Climate Change a Religion?
Roger Pielke Jr.'s Blog, 8th October 2009
Is belief in climate change a religion? The answer is "yes" for Tim Nicholson in the UK, who according to the Guardian "is attempting to have his environmental views recognised under religious law" in order to claim wrongful dismissal from a job.

He claims that the firm fired him due to his beliefs about climate change. Here are some more details: In March, employment judge David Neath gave Nicholson permission to take the firm to a tribunal over his treatment. The company is challenging the ruling, arguing that environmental beliefs are not the same as religious or philosophical ones.

Nicholson, from Oxford, said his views – which compelled him to make his home more eco-friendly and do not allow him to fly – affect his entire life. In a witness statement to the previous hearing, he said: "I have a strongly-held philosophical belief about climate change and the environment. I believe we must urgently cut carbon emissions to avoid catastrophic climate change."

Well, this is a nice example of someone who recognises that their belief in global warming is a based on religious faith and the facts are now irrelevant.

Maybe religion is the answer claims atheist scientist
The world may have to turn to God to save itself from climate change, claims one of Britain’s most eminent scientists.

The Telegraph, 7th September 2009
"Lord May, the president of the British Science Association, said religion may have helped protect human society from itself in the past and it may be needed again.

Speaking on the eve of the association’s annual conference, the committed atheist said he was worried the world was on a “calamitous trajectory” brought on by its failure to co-ordinate measures against global warming. He said that no country was prepared to take the lead and a “punisher” was needed to make sure the rules of co-operation were not broken.

The former Government chief scientific advisor said in the past that was God and it might be time again for religion to fill the gap.

“Maybe religion is needed,” said Lord May, who was brought up a Scottish Presbyterian but went through an "inverse epiphany" at the age of 11.

“A supernatural punisher maybe part of the solution.” He said in the past a belief in a god, or gods, that punish the unrighteous may have been part of the mechanism of evolution that maintains co-operation in a dog-eat-dog world."

Yes, there are lots of articles calling for drastic changes to counteract the non existent "global warming", but when a "comitted atheist" starts talking about a need for God to start punishing people in order to get us to co-operate with earthly "powers" and this printed in the mainstream media, you really have to wonder.

Environmental catastrophism
Agence France-Presse, 14th March 2009
"The concept of original sin is alive and well and being nurtured by the green movement. Climate change (meaning the manmade variety) is the latest in a long line of impending disasters for which our species is being blamed.

It seems more than coincidental that the rise of environmentalism has been at a time when there has been a big drop in religious adherence; the guilt which was felt by previous generations for their imperfection and general unworthiness has now been transferred to our species' impact on Nature (or Gaia, for those who want to make it more personal).

From DDT to GM crops, nuclear power to Brent Spar, there have always been one or more campaigns which the activists have focussed on, generally with great success. But the crucial difference between these issues and climate change is that this time mainstream scientists are allies and, in turn, the political class has been brought on board. It has also seen the evolution of the scientist as activist, a hybrid which has never before wielded such influence. We might expect that, given such a broad coalition, the pressure for action would be irresistible and, indeed, this seems to be true. Until now.

As I have stated before, there is a genuine rise in consciousness that is being manipulated by those in power. However, the transformation of consciousness is also being accompanied by 'chaotic attractors' (patterns of consciousness) making human behaviour and reactions to various scenarios increasingly difficult to predict. Yet, I totally believe that our future destiny is being decided now by the collective of individuals, especially those with the highest levels of consciousness.

Church Risks Complicity in Climate Change, Warns
Christian Today, 23rd February 2009
"The church will be complicit in the destruction, poverty and injustice caused by climate change if it does not take radical and united action to demand cuts in the carbon emissions that threaten God's creation. This is the message of a provocative new book by Paula Clifford, Head of Theology at Christian Aid, who recently served a year-long secondment to Lambeth Palace as Special Adviser to the Archbishop of Canterbury on Climate Change.

'Angels with Trumpets: The Church in a Time of Global Warming' is published by Darton, Longman and Todd this week. In it Dr Clifford draws heavily on the book of Revelation to provide a theological critique of the church's approach to climate change – and finds the actions of the Christian community to date less than adequate.

"The science of climate change is not in dispute. Christians cannot close their eyes to it – for indifference is as dangerous as denial," she says. "Instead, we must look at what 'Love thy Neighbour' really means at a time of global warming."

When I was about 15 and went to a pentecostal church, I was told that Jesus would return by 1985! Actually, the 'Christ' energies arrived in 1989 and have been increasing ever since. Like any esoteric text, the Bible was written on two levels, on one level for the initiates and another level for everybody else. Unfortunately, over the millenia, nobody now has the complete truth because of all the 'revisions' that have taken place. So now most Christians and those in esoteric groups don't even realise that global warming is only a symptom of rapid evolutionary change, that will enforce higher levels of consciousness and promote higher levels of spirituality. I have been A Seeker for 30 years, well I started Sunday school at 5 so maybe that's 40 years. Whatever, Christians need to understand the true nature of our reality, before they can work out an appropriate response. My question to Christians is: What is the Holy Spirit?

Environmentalism's Appropriation of Christianity
Ecofascism, December 2008
"The ecological reformation of Christianity," according to one scholar, "may be one of the most significant, though least noted events of this age."

(1) The environmental movement has conducted a 50 year campaign to appropriate the world’s Christian Churches. This is a top-down affair involving the recruitment of key clerics, theologians, Archbishops, Patriarchs and Popes. The stakes are huge. Churches claim 2 billion followers and assets worth trillions (US$). The reformation is partly complete. While Churches now promote Ecology they have yet to convert most Christians into green consumers, activists and voters."

Personally, I think Christianity is trying to stay relevant, as they long ago lost interest in teaching spiritual truths that will enable their followers to reach their greatest potential.

The Religion of Global Warming
Hawaii Reporter, 1st December 2008
"The religion of global warming is moving much faster than traditional religions. For example, as Ann Coulter observes, "It took the Catholic Church hundreds of years to develop corrupt practices such as papal indulgences. The global warming religion has barely been around for 20 years, and yet its devotees are allowed to pollute by the simple expedient of paying for papal indulgences called 'carbon offsets.'"

(5) As with the system of papal indulgences introduced in the late Middle Ages, anyone with enough money can buy their freedom from damnation by purchasing enough 'credits.' This gives them an official license to continue sinning, by emitting excessive amounts of carbon dioxide, regardless of what a corrupt sham the whole system has become. (6) I recently saw a one-act skit in Oakland, CA, highlighting the absurdity of this practice. In the skit, folks who wanted to commit adultery could do so providing they found someone they could pay to agree to not commit the same sin; a perfect analogy with the religion of global warming."

Are humans really this stupid? Yes, it looks like it.... See also

Beware the church of climate alarm
The Sydney Morning Herald, November 27, 2008

New Bible has a 'green' theme
The Ithaca, 1st November 2008
"A new edition of the Bible sets out to show that seeds of environmentalism were sown in the Garden of Eden. Just as "red letter" Bibles highlight the words of Jesus in red ink, "The Green Bible," in stores this week, uses green ink to spotlight more than 1,000 passages extolling the goodness of creation and God's charge to care for it.

The first chapter of Genesis is grass green; so are chunks of Psalms and Gospel passages in which Jesus considers the lilies of the field and keeps his eye on the sparrow. Publisher HarperOne's New Revised Standard Translation of the Bible is printed in soy ink on recycled paper and bound in eco-friendly linen."

Just in case you had any doubt that Christianity is desperately trying to appeal to environmentalists, this article is for you. Also don't miss the recommended 'Green Bible Quiz' , it's an absolute hoot!

Green Churches: Casting Out Demons
Global Warming Politics, 28th September 2008
"The fashionable new Protestant movement is unquestionably the Green Church, and, of course, it exhibits precisely the same tendencies to factionalism as did the Baptists and other sects. One classic split is painfully exposed today in an article by that arch 'global warming' believer, Mark Lynas ['The green heretic persecuted for his nuclear conversion', The Sunday Times, 'News Review', p.5].

The language reported in this piece is extraordinary, and includes: "conversion"; "Damascene conversion"; "heresy"; "evil"; "believe"; "dogma"; "humility"; "myths"; and "traitor". The only word missing is "apostate".

If you ever doubted that the Green movement is really a religion, then think again. The language at its very heart is both confessional and religious. You only need to attend a Green meeting to observe the parallels. There is prophecy, preaching, the confession of sins, conversion narratives, the casting out of demons, denunciations, and, inevitably, the church stall - "Buy your eco-balls here!""

This article comments on the Times article listed below and clearly reveals why many people believe that environmentalism has become a new religion.

German churches repent for green sins in bid to cut carbon footprint
Times Online, 10th September 2008
"And God said: "Let there be light," and there was light (Genesis). And the vicar saw the light, and dimmed it (Instructions from the ecclesiastical environmental management committee).

As Germany's Christian churches go green, Sunday service is becoming chillier and darker. Shocked by the revelation that church buildings are responsible for an annual 18 million tonnes of carbon emissions — about 3 per cent of the energy-related total in Germany — religious leaders are cracking down on prodigal parishes.

Churches that achieve a big reduction in their carbon footprint receive a special label of approval, the so- called Green Cockerel. Vicars have already begun proudly displaying the symbol in the hope that it will attract environmentally sensitive worshippers.

It seems various Church organisations wish to replace God with the environment so that people are sinning against the environment rather than God. So as the environmental chaos deepens and our world is transformed, I suppose people will be blamed for their transgressions. Oh wait a minute, isn't this 'environmental sinning' called anthropogenic (man-made) global warming.....

Christians told: Give up carbon for Lent
The Telegraph, 5th February 2008
"Two senior Church of England Bishops have called on people to give up carbon rather than chocolate for Lent. They want to drive home the climate change message to churchgoers by encouraging them to cut their energy use."

As many commentators have noted, there seems to be a slow creep taking place to convert environmentalism into a new form of worship.

Global Warming Blasphemy
by John Campbell [congressman] 9/4/07, 4th September 2007
"Before you global warming zealots relegate me to carbon hell, let me say that I do not think we should ignore the issue of global warming.... But let’s not spend trillions just to reduce production of gases that human beings expel while speaking when there are so many more immediate and more solvable problems before us."

Is this common sense?

Priest offers festival-goers the chance to confess their green sins
The Times, 30th August 2007
Father Sutch told The Times: "It is not, I hope, blasphemous to do this. I do not think it is. It is just an attempt to make people conscious of the way they live. The Church is aware of green issues and of how aware we have to be of how we treat the environment. I know the Pope has now set up his own airline, but I am told the Vatican will be planting trees every time it flies. I do think the way we treat our environment is important."

Well, it has finally happened, the Holy Church has turned Green!

Environmentalism: the new death cult?
Guardian Comment, 3rd July 2007
"Environmentalists have bastardised science as a gospel truth, which can be used to correct man's sinful behaviour. Science has traditionally remained always open to question, to ongoing falsification. Yet the science on climate change, we are told, is final and you deny its truth at your peril.

Some green campaigners even wave placards saying "The scientists have spoken", a new secular version of "This is the word of the Lord"."

Sorry, I can't resist these articles, this author really went over the top, with many similar statements .... I must have some kind of karmic predisposition to being a heretic! LOL!!

Floods are judgment on society, say bishops
The Telegraph, 2nd July 2007
Comment: I think there is a scripture that says, "Judgement will start at the house of God". Anybody who has researched church history will be appalled at the outright criminality of these people over millenium. The slaughter of innocents during the crusades and the sucking up to evil regimes, even to this day merits closer scrutiny. The list of transgressions is too long to list, but I suggest getting hold of the book, The Vicars of Christ: The Dark Side of the Papacy as a good start. I don't care what they call themselves now;

"All colours agree in the dark."
Francis Bacon (c. 1561-1626)

See rebuff in the UK Times So this is divine intervention?

Weather is Not God's Judgement... It's Weather, 18 June 2007
"When a city or house sits on the sand or in a bowl 20 feet below sea level, next to the sea, someday it will find itself in deep trouble as the normal forces on this planet play out their dance."

Well, I have spent a great amount of time thinking about this. Natural catastrophies are often interpreted as "God's Judgement", but I cannot agree with this simplistic view. Weather is driven by natural forces, but these forces have a component that is tuned by human consciousness. Yet, human consciousness is widely accepted as "unbalanced", which is easy to comprehend by the nonsensical way that we live on this planet. So as the volume of energies increases that has a greater and greater component that is "tuned" by human consciousness (now called Spaceweather), then catastrophes will increase until we realise what's happening and re-balance, otherwise we will be doomed. Earth will use this energy and "cleanse", most likely violently as we are now witnessing.

Carbon Offsets: Paid Penance For Hypocrites
Investor's Business Daily, 17th May 2007
Comment: Well, the backlash against the obvious, religious overtones is surprising me. Here, we have another great article simply outlining the case that Carbon offsets=Penance. "Instead of the local parish priest, green companies exist to take confession and tabulate environmental sins. Then they offer the offenders a way out of feeling bad while continuing their conspicuous consumption." I want to know where the Martin Luthers will come from...

Global warming is a religion
CayCompass, 18th March 2007
Some neuroscientists see evidence that man is genetically hard–wired to be disposed to religious conviction. If this is so, it might explain why among even the French — the most secular culture on Earth — only 25 per cent claim to be atheists and a full 60 per cent believe in a spiritual component to life.

It might also explain why the environmental movement tends to veer toward a religious, rather than a scientific, sensibility.

Terrific! Carbon credits are the new indulgences, so now it's OK to waste energy because as any good catholic will tell you, it is also possible to practice, ’indulgentia a culpa et a poena’, release from guilt and from punishment! A must read for anyone who wants to understand how environmentalism is becoming a new religion.

Greenhouse sceptics to congregate, February 28, 2007
Comment: I have to agree here and state that we are watching the birth of a new religion, "Environmentalism" led by high powered priests like Al Gore. Here are the best quotes from the report:
"Environmentalism has largely superseded Christianity as the religion of the upper classes in Europe and to a lesser extent in the United States."

"It is a form of religious belief which fosters a sense of moral superiority in the believer, but which places no importance on telling the truth."

"The global warming scam has been, arguably, the most extraordinary example of scientific fraud in the postwar period."
Some maybe confused by my stance. I am a seeker of the truth so I don't care about the source. Global warming alarmists are spreading lies to further an agenda. When they start talking about the Sun and the cosmic environment, then their views will be taken more seriously. When these people understand that we are witnesses to a spiritual transformation of planet Earth, then I will celebrate!

Susan Joy Rennison, B.Sc.Hons. (Physics with Geophysics)


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