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Increasing resilience: A national imperative
Earth Magazine, 18th November 2012
Over the past several years, the concept of resilience has increasingly captured public attention. Even fitness clubs are advertising resilience to get you in the best shape of your life – able to handle anything that comes your way. The same resiliency that helps individuals – being mentally, physically and financially prepared, and having a disaster-recovery plan – applies to communities and even to nations.

In August, a committee of the National Resource Council (NRC) of the National Academies released a report in which the authors (myself included) looked at how communities can increase their resilience to natural disaster. The committee outlined a plan for becoming more resilient over the next two decades, but that work must begin today.

In the report, “Disaster Resilience: A National Imperative,” the NRC committee defined resilience as “the ability to prepare and plan for, absorb, recover from and more successfully adapt to adverse events.” Resilience is thus broader than preparedness, as it implies an innate ability to absorb and adapt to an array of impacts, whether anticipated or surprising. […]

Resiliency starts at the individual level, but the greatest impact is at the community level; to be resilient as a nation, we must be a nation of resilient communities. From a hazards perspective, a number of factors feed into resiliency.

I have only just found this website with a collection of interesting and relevant articles, but it seems the message coming from the scientific mainstream is that there is an urgent need for nations to be prepared for disasters… Who knew?
  • Being prepared to face disasters: Superstorm Sandy won't be the last
    Phys.Org News, 30th November 2012
    The financial costs of Superstorm Sandy now exceed $60 billion, with the estimate continuing to climb. Given that the U.S. population is growing, with new buildings and infrastructure added to the national inventory every year, the cost of natural and human-caused disasters will only increase if the country isn't better prepared.

    Facing inevitable future disasters – but with far greater civic resilience – is the topic of an internet-accessible event held at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, D.C., starting at 9 a.m. Friday, Nov. 30.

    USC's Susan Cutter will address the audience at the event, which will include panel discussions with officials from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Energy, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Ralph J. Cicerone, the president of the National Academy of Sciences, will give opening remarks and Miles O'Brien, science correspondent for PBS NewsHour, will moderate the panels.

    In a way it has been a relief to discover major reports being presented to world governments that make it very clear that there is a new imperative because this planet has shifted gear and humans can expect more mega-disasters in the future. Despite the vast amount of foolishness being presented by many in the metaphysical community/cultic milieu, it does seem there were a few sources who provided some clarity… So, even though the Disaster Resilience Summary is the product of two years of work, and provides a roadmap of "how to move the nation from reactive to proactive approaches to disasters, with the ultimate goal of diminishing their burden on society", we don't get an explanation for what has changed… Thankfully, the Geocataclysm 2011 report makes it very clear, and the summary for natural factors in global climate change is a useful synopsis in terms of understanding the consequences of living on a planet that is experiencing energy driven evolutionary change. Thus we read:

    12. The role of natural factors in global climate change:

    • - The role of Earth’s volcanic activity in global climate change is significantly higher than suggested in IPCC reports.
    • - Increased degassing of the mantle during the periods of intensification of Earth’s endogenous activity can be one of the main factors causing global temperature changes. This process occurs as a result of the following: growing number of volcanic eruptions; increased seismic activity and higher rate of gases entering the atmosphere through deep faults in the crust; deep gases penetrating into the world ocean and subsequently the atmosphere as a result of intensification of the spreading processes. All this ought to result in higher amount of greenhouse gases released from the mantle into the atmosphere.
    • - An important role in climate change is attributed to global changes in the parameters of the geomagnetic field and magnetosphere; this refers in particular to the more than 500% increase in the North Magnetic Pole’s drift rate and reduction of the geomagnetic field intensity. Today, the impact of magnetospheric processes on Earth’s climate is considered a proven scientific fact.
    • - Global climate change is also affected by solar activity, solar constant variations (flux of solar radiation) in particular, which is also a proven scientific fact.
    • As a result of the studies conducted, a conclusion has been drawn about the beginning of the so-called global “energy spike” in our planet’s energy manifesting itself across all its strata: the lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and magnetosphere. The starting point for the global “energy spike” is roughly 1998. The global “energy spike” is explicitly reflected in the soaring statistical indicators for the vast majority of natural disasters most dangerous to humanity: earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, storms, floods and forest fires.

      PROCEEDINGS: Natural Cataclysms and Global Problems of the Modern Civilization, WORLD FORUM – INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS September 19-21, 2011 – Istanbul, Turkey
      Source: (43.7 MB .pdf) Link.

  • 2012: The end of the world or just another year of living in harm’s way?
    Earth Magazine, 24th July 2012
    We live on a knife-edge, separated from an ocean of super-heated rock by a wafer-thin and perpetually rupturing crust, swinging our way through a cosmic minefield of lethal debris around a nuclear furnace prone to tantrums. For doomsayers, the end of the Mayan long-count calendar, set against such a backdrop, is a gift. Though Mayan culture never spoke of a cataclysm, Dec. 21, 2012 – the purported last day of a 5,125-year cycle in the Mesoamerican calendar – has been added to an endless list of days when the world has been predicted to end.

    But what are our real chances of being wiped out by a cataclysmic event of the geologic sort – the kind that has happened in the past and will inevitably occur again someday? Let’s take a look at four of the most probable global catastrophes that could change life on Earth forever: asteroid impacts, super-eruptions, solar storms and earthquakes. […]

    To Prepare or Not to Prepare?

    Most world-changing events that punctuate the vast prehistory of our planet are lent exaggerated immediacy by prophets of doom. Scientists who study such events concede that these hazards can change lives when they occur. However, the highly infrequent nature and scale of total threat posed make preparation for all potential hazards an unrealistic, impractical and impossible venture. It is fortunate that truly global catastrophic events are rare.

    That said, realistic fears surrounding local and regional threats posed by small to mid-sized asteroids and volcanic eruptions, and larger earthquakes and solar flares, can often be addressed, and in some instances, dismissed with sustained research. The Spaceguard Survey and the ShakeOut drills have shown that we may profit from scientific advancements through enhanced understanding and sense of well-being, as much as through preparation and the prevention of human or material loss.

    Perhaps, if the December 21, 2012, infers a passing, it is not of a world but an age, as the time comes when we understand our home as not something to fear, but rather to appreciate and respect.

    The article focuses on disaster prearedness and resilience and the conclusion implies that disaster preparation is not such a bad idea as we enter a New World Age…

Earth cracking up under Indian Ocean
New Scientist, 26th September 2012
YOU may not have felt it, but the whole world shuddered on 11 April, as Earth's crust began the difficult process of breaking a tectonic plate. When two huge earthquakes ripped through the floor of the Indian Ocean, they triggered large aftershocks on faults the world over, and provided the best evidence yet that the vast Indo-Australian plate is being torn in two.

Geologists have spent five months puzzling over the twin quakes - of magnitude 8.6 and 8.2 - which took place off the coast of North Sumatra. Events that large normally occur at the boundary between tectonic plates, where one chunk of Earth's crust slides beneath another, but these were more than 100 kilometres from such a subduction zone. What's more, both involved rocks grinding past each other sideways with very little vertical movement - what geologists call strike-slip earthquakes. Yet strike-slip quakes this large had never been reported before.

This is another unprecedented event, that we can compare with other unprecedented events that are occuring all the time now…. Well, it seems that geoscientists have quietly been connecting the dots between space weather and changes in the interior of the Earth resulting in an increase in earthquakes and volcanic activity. Prof. Dr. Elchin Khalilov, Chairman of World Forum – International Congress GEOCATACLYSM-2011, states …we are at the beginning of the so-called “global energy leap” on our planet and in the Solar system in general. Source: Link.
Source Paragraph: Changes in the geophysical parameters of the Earth, in particular, the five-fold acceleration of the drift of the North Magnetic pole, changes in the form and geometric parameters of the Earth, variations of its angular rotation velocity and axial inclination, displacement of the center of the masses and global irregular fluctuations of the oceans’ level indicate the beginning of the so-called “global energy leap” on our planet and in the Solar system in general. Therefore, scientists of different countries should combine their efforts in order to inform the world community, influential international organizations including the UN, UNESCO, European Commission, heads of state and parliaments of the true state of affairs as to the changes in natural environment and their possible technogeneous, economic and social consequences.

From the introductory speech of Prof. Dr. Elchin Khalilov, Chairman of World Forum – International Congress GEOCATACLYSM-2011, he also states:
Prof. Dr. Elchin Khalilov

The time has come when accumulated earth science data make it possible to take a deeper look into the nature’s global changes, and reconsider their extent and their role in the sustainable development of civilization. Many world scientists realize that not only do these changes affect the climate, but they have an impact on virtually the entire volume of the Earth, from its core to the atmosphere and magnetosphere.

Global Changes of the Environment, “GEOCHANGE”, mean natural, planet-wide changes in nature, influenced by endogenous, exogenous and cosmic factors occurring within the solar system and having negative implications for the sustainable development of humankind.

This summarizing scientific work by IC GCGE “GEOCHANGE” is our attempt to demonstrate the extent of these processes and how they influence the development of humankind. Those processes may destabilize the progress of civilization unless some preemptive and effective joint action is taken by the international community to ensure the maximum possible reduction in the number of casualties and economic damage caused by natural disasters.

PROCEEDINGS: Natural Cataclysms and Global Problems of the Modern Civilization, WORLD FORUM – INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS September 19-21, 2011 – Istanbul, Turkey
Source: (43.7 MB .pdf) Link.
The Honorary Chairman of the World Forum International Congress “GEOCATACLYSM-2011” states in his paper the following:
An important role in climate change is attributed to global changes in the parameters of the geomagnetic field and magnetosphere; this refers in particular to the more than 500% increase in the North Magnetic Pole’s drift rate and reduction of the geomagnetic field intensity. Today, the impact of magnetospheric processes on Earth’s climate is considered a proven scientific fact.

PROCEEDINGS: Natural Cataclysms and Global Problems of the Modern Civilization, WORLD FORUM – INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS September 19-21, 2011 – Istanbul, Turkey
Source: (43.7 MB .pdf) Link.
These geoscientists have realised that theories that seeks to blame an anthropogenic (manmade) cause are incorrect and are now hosting international conferences and making their scientific research available to those interested in the transformation of our planet. The 2011 was attended by scientists from 30 countries that heard 200 presentations with research papers included in the massive 600 page report, “NATURAL CATACLYSMS AND GLOBAL PROBLEMS OF THE MODERN CIVILIZATION”, 2011 Geocataclysm 2011. The conference Declaration seems to have a similar style to the conclusions provided in the Russian Planetophysical report (1997, 1998 in English), so we can surmise the honourary chairman Prof. Dr. Nikolay Laverov, Vice President of the Russian Academy of Sciences had a big influence over the writing of the latest state-of-the-planet report. It seems that the message of massive planetary upheaval caused by space weather has been accepted by hundreds of geologists and geophysicists.

Here are some short excerpts from the Geocataclysm 2011, Declaration On Natural Cataclysms.
“Istanbul Declaration On Natural Cataclysms”

1. Participants of the World Forum – International Congress GEOCATACLYSM-2011 state that the continuing trend of global change in the geological and geophysical parameters of the Earth and near-earth space, acceleration of the growth rate of the number and energy of natural disasters, global changes observed throughout the Earth including its core, mantle, lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, ionosphere and magnetosphere represent a serious threat to the sustainable development of humanity. […]

4. The experience of a number of developed countries proves that preparing the population for likely natural disasters and raising its educational level for taking effective steps before, during and after natural disasters significantly reduces the number of victims and improves the quality of emergency management. Meanwhile, the world’s population in many countries still lacks the skills, knowledge and experience to counter natural disasters. For the most part, this refers to the people of poor and densely populated countries.

5. The geological life of our planet have repeatedly witnessed periods of a significant increase in endogenous and exogenous activity and another such period, as shown by many natural indicators, has already begun.

Source: Link.
I would like to thank aboriginee over at ATS for his diligence in searching for information that confirms that geoscientists are concerned about changes to Earth's interior and the relationship to changes in Earth's cosmic environment, see ATS thread link.


Best of the Blog - Earth Changes & Earth Science Archive (0)

The house that can survive a TSUNAMI: Waves flow through the building to save it from being washed away (and it's earthquake-proof too)
Daily Mail, 23rd January 2014

Bastardi: Arctic Outbreak with Multiple Storms to Last 10-15 Days, Has Power Grid Concerns
Breitbart News, 21st January 2014
On Sean Hannity’s radio show on Tuesday, Weatherbell Analytics meteorologist Joe Bastardi predicted today’s severe winter weather is just the beginning of a 10 to 15 day outbreak to hit the Midwest, the Great Lakes region and the Northeast.

“I think this is blizzard conditions on [Long Island] tonight, coastal New Jersey, southeastern New England,” Bastardi said. “Severe and extreme cold developing at the tail end of this storm. And this is the beginning of a siege that I’m very concerned is going to have an immense impact on the country economically. I’m very concerned, and I hope I’m wrong, about the power grid. That Arctic outbreak that came for three to four days earlier in the month, led to blackouts. We’ve got 10 to 15 days of this coming now, where one shot after another comes in and more storms are coming. And you know, this is not trying to be doom and gloom. You don’t need to hype the weather. It will hype itself naturally.”

There is a notable uptick in swings of extreme weather…. See Ice Age Now has a lot of stories…

Not so Freak Hail Storm Hits Lisbon, Portugal [VIDEO]
Mysterious Portugal, 17th January 2014

The sea froze so fast that it killed thousands of fish instantly
Sploid, 13th January 2014
Norwegian public radio (Google-translated) reports on the instant dead of thousands of fish in a bay in the island of Lovund, Norway. An air temperature of -7.8 C (17.96 F) combined with a strong east wind froze the sea water instantly, trapping and killing the fish you can see in this fishapocalyptic image:

Millions braced for breath-taking chill as polar vortex hits East, South
NBC News, 7th January 2014
The East and South were braced for record-breaking, dangerously-low temperatures Tuesday as the "polar vortex" responsible for the coldest Arctic outbreak in at least 20 years forced millions to stay inside. […]

As many as 187 million Americans – more than half the nation's population – live in regions submerged under a rare Arctic weather system so broad that every state except Hawaii can expect some freezing temperatures.

The phenomenon called a polar vortex is essentially an arctic cyclone. It usually sits near the North Pole, but this week, like the birds, it has traveled south for the winter.

The worst of the system passed across the Midwest and Plains Monday, sending temperatures there as low as minus 30 degrees and wind chill as low as minus 60 degrees. […]

Human flesh freezes in less than five minutes at that temperature, the weather service warned. In northern Minnesota on Monday, the towns of Embarrass, Babbitt and Brimson all reached minus-40 – and that was the real air temperature, not the wind chill.

At the moment, I have not come across any info that definitely explains what force pushed this arctic cyclone over the US…. Piers Corbyn is not claiming he predicted this extreme event, but I am wondering if eventually, atmospheric scientists will confess that it is related to the Sudden Stratospheric Warming event that Piers did predict… U.S. subscribers were warned that December 2013 and New Year 2014 harboured snowmageddons, but this appears to be on another level, a seriously life-threatening event… What happens when there is no power/heating because the infrastructure fails due to high demand and bad weather?

Canadians experience jolting 'frost quakes' as temperatures plunge
RT News, 6th January 2014
As temperatures around Toronto and across Ontario drop to -20 Celsius (-4 Fahrenheit), residents are reporting frost quakes that are powerful enough to shake houses and rattle nerves. Usually found in extreme polar regions, the recent outbreak of frost quakes, known to meteorologists as cryoseisms, are now affecting many residents of Toronto, Canada's most populous city.

The weather-related phenomenon, which can feel like an earthquake, happens when water and moisture deep underground freeze as the temperature drops. Frost quakes typically occur between midnight and dawn, the coldest part of the night, thus many residents are being jolted awake by the booming sounds. "I experienced a small earthquake in California many years ago, and the sensation was very similar," Melissa Young, a US citizen visiting friends in Thornhill, a suburb of Toronto, told RT. "I was surprised to hear it was a frost quake, something I've never heard of before."

Extremely rare frost quakes? It's a lot easier to believe something strange is going on in the upper atmosphere and I have explained the atmospheric science before… Whatever, at the moment, I am reserving some judgement just in case this just keeps on happening, but it is more likley that the booms are being caused by extreme geophysical conditions due to the solar wind and the coronal hole that has opened up and that the top of Earth's atmosphere is being pounded by comet debris as already explained we have been told to expect, see below…

Jan5…ongoing HOW BAD will be the coming storm in Br+Ir+Eu?, 5th January 2014
The very large system which - as snow and wind - trashed N/E USA is bearing down onto Ireland Britain & Europe. How bad will it be? Piers Corbyn says  "VERY BIG and BAD rather than very very bad"
"In all the previous major storms October onwards this year WeatherAction correctly warned that the MetOffice were underestimating the top wind gusts - because our WeatherAction solar-based Top Red (R5, R4) Factors were operating.
In THIS case although it is a very large system our top red 'enhancement' factors are not operating so although huge and dangerous waves are expected it will probably not have the local wind and hail ferocity of the NY+2, Jan3 storm.  Met Office top wind warnings therefore as 1800 Jan 5 are probably accurate or OVERESTIMATES"

Piers Corbyn says the nasty US weather is coming to the UK & Europe, it will be bad but not the worst we could expect…

Aerial views show shocking scale of damage as Britain endures worst winter storms for 20 YEARS and braces for more flooding
Daily Mail, 5th January 2014
  • Environment Agency has urged people to stay away from the sea and rivers because they risk being killed 
  • Almost 300 flood alerts and warnings in England and Wales, with torrential rain expected to batter South first
  • Met Office warns rain could give way to ice and snow as bitterly cold Arctic air brings freezing temperatures
  • PM says lessons will be learned and insists that EA has been given the funding to protect frontline services
  • Third death last night as 47-year-old man's mobility scooter falls into river in Oxford off flooded pathway
  • First Great Western tells customers to get on a train 'earlier rather than later' due to possibility of flooding
[…] The Environment Agency has issued 73 flood warnings urging people to take immediate action, while a further 213 areas are on flood alert. Coastal areas - particularly in the South - are most at risk as they cope with a combination of unusually high tides and another Atlantic storm today.

A good set of pictures…. The UK Met Office failed again and obviously, Piers Corbyn has a lot to boast about…

3 Jan Br+Ir storm "Tremendous success" for WeatherAction 

  • Major Storm and Top winds ~R5+ 31Dec-2Jan(+/-1d) and R4 29-30Dec(+/-1d) warnings confirmed. 
  • Observed winds substantially in excess of MetO warnings
  • Worst storm for 20yrs in Wales and SW says Daily Mail 
Blog reports below and Twitter feed reports @Piers_Corbyn and some copied below show MetO winds were substantially topped as we warned they would be both in the R5+ (1st+/-2d in extended form BOTH on 1st Jan and 3rd Jan) and the R4 before 29-30th Dec +/-1d. "We've had tremendous feedback on this storm period, which is another triumph for WeatherAction. Not only were our wind warnings Br+Ir a stunning success but also all our solar + geophysical forecasts were confirmed in this R4-R5 pair top Red periods: - Extra active earth facing sunspots amd Coronal hole, aurora, and major quake-volcano events. The extreme local turbulance (quasi tornadic events) high gustiness, ferocious waves, large (on English measures) hail was also significant especially on 3rd which is very pleasing.
Piers also writes:
The R periods and wild behavior of the Jet Stream are driven from above and are associated with extra and extreme changes in electrical and magnetic activity above the stratosphere and in the ionosphere and the solar wind of charged particles coming from the sun and events on the sun itself**

[**Note Ideas such as 'temperature contrasts drive the Jet Stream' are totally inadequate to explain or predict events. Such a picture cannot explain the relationship between Earth weather and events in the ionosphere, magnetosphere, the solar wind and on the sun and the simultaneity of extreme storm events across earth and their ~coincidence with (radio) storms on other planets. Indeed such a low-level Earth atmospere centred view, notwithstanding certain feedbacks, is akin to suggesting the movement of tree branches causes winds.]

This extreme agitation of the atmosphere and increasing storminess is NOT going to go away but will increase again along with extra solar activity, and auroral displays particularly around the turn of the month and again in January.
If more people start paying attention to those who really understand our reality then more lives will be saved.

Roscoe Bartlett: The Congressman Who Went Off the Grid
Roscoe Bartlett spent 20 years on Capitol Hill. Now he lives in a remote cabin in the woods, prepping for doomsday.
Politico Magazine, 3rd January 2014
When Roscoe Bartlett was in Congress, he latched onto a particularly apocalyptic issue, one almost no one else ever seemed to talk about: America’s dangerously vulnerable power grid. In speech after late-night speech on the House floor, Bartlett hectored the nearly empty chamber: If the United States doesn’t do something to protect the grid, and soon, a terrorist or an act of nature will put an end to life as we know it.

Bartlett never gained much traction with his scary talk of electromagnetic pulses and solar storms. More immediate concerns always seemed to preoccupy his colleagues, or perhaps Bartlett’s obsessions just sounded more like quackery than real science, even coming from a former Navy engineer who had worked on the space race. Whatever the reason, Congress’s failure to act is no longer Bartlett’s problem. The octogenarian Republican from western Maryland–more than once labeled “the oddest congressman”–found himself gerrymandered out of office a year ago and promptly decided to take action on the warnings others wouldn’t heed, retreating to a remote property in the mountains of West Virginia where he lives with no phone service, no connection to outside power and no municipal plumbing. Having failed to safeguard the power grid for the rest of the country, Bartlett has taken himself completely off the grid. He has finally done what he pleaded in vain for others to do: “to become,” as he put it in a 2009 documentary, “independent of the system.”

This is a long and interesting article…. We are now due for an extreme solar blast generating a G5 geomagnwtic storm causing a technological meltdown, very few people are ready to cope…

Scientists solve a decades-old mystery in the Earth's upper atmosphere
Phys.Org News, 18th December 2013
New research published in the journal Nature resolves decades of scientific controversy over the origin of the extremely energetic particles known as ultra-relativistic electrons in the Earth's near-space environment and is likely to influence our understanding of planetary magnetospheres throughout the universe.

Also Colossal Cosmic Accelerator Discovered Hovering Above Earth

Rare "snonado" captured on Lake Superior
Boing Boing, 16th December 2013
According to the Weather Channel, there are only six known photographs of winter waterspouts in existence. Then, last week, Jordan Detters captured a good minute and a half of video, showing winter waterspouts dancing along the waves of Lake Superior near Knife River, Minnesota.

Woman Who Lives “Off the Grid” Threatened With Eviction – From Her Paid-For Home
Daily Sheeple, 15th December 2013
Robin Speronis, a Florida woman who lives off the grid, is being threatened with losing her home due to her “alternative lifestyle”. Last month, Robin’s story was featured on Fox 4 news in Florida. She does not have a refrigerator, oven, running water, or electricity. […]

Unfortunately (but not surprisingly), after Robin was featured on the local news, authorities took notice: the day after the feature, Robin was slapped with a notice to vacate her property. “A code enforcement officer came, knocked on the door then posts a placard that says uninhabitable property, do not enter.”

In a nutshell, in the United States, folk who are totally independent from the local government/authorities are a threat… Insane authoritarians want folk totally dependent and vulnerable and when the poorly maintained and outdated power grid goes down and stays down, they want millions desperate for their help, which will not come unless you think being herded into a prison camp is a great idea… The United States has become a desperate place… the land of the fee and the home of the slave.

Massive Fireball Rocks Homes Across Arizona
A massive explosion rocked homes across Arizona, leaving some to question what is truly going on
Intellihub News, 12th December 2013
TUSCON (INTELLIHUB) – Bright lights and big booms startled residents across the state Wednesday night, as more meteors have been making their way to earth recently. In fact, a local news station has received over 600 comments on the matter. Some describe the boom as a massive explosion-like blast that really shook their home.

Tony Kubrak, a local man explained, “My wife and I and my son were sitting in the house, and we felt this absolutely tremendous explosion, I mean, it shook the windows, it shook everything in the house. I stepped outside, and had to be no more than 3 minutes later after I hear all of this, and I see this tremendous, white, bright light in the western sky. And it was just…it was absolutely enormous, I couldn’t believe it.”

Read my News of the Imbalance blog ments over the last few years, the solar system is being flooded with asteroids and comets. Comet ISON's massive debris field is now of particular concern, but quite frankly, there are continuous reports of meteors and loud explosions in the atmosphere. There is already official acknowledgement from a variety of authorities that the citizens of spaceship planet Earth are facing new hostile cosmic conditions, those pretending nothing is going on are just deluded. There are many other reports, some can be found at Fire In The Sky.

Hurricane-force winds wreak havoc in Britain, head to Europe
Reuters, 5th December 2013
Hurricane-force Storm Xaver blasted towards mainland Europe on Thursday after cutting transport and power in northern Britain and killing three people in what meteorologists warned could be the worst storm to hit the continent in years.

British authorities said the Thames Barrier, designed to protect London from flooding during exceptional tides, would shut on Thursday night and warned of "the most serious coastal tidal surge for over 60 years in England". Prime Minister David Cameron called two emergency meetings to discuss strategy.
  • UK weather: Live storm updates as Britain hit by gale-force winds, travel chaos
    Follow our updates as the Met Office and the Environment Agency warn of gale-force winds and severe flooding in coastal areas
    Mirror, 5th December 2013

  • WeatherAction Predicts 3 Weeks Ahead Storm Force Winds, 8th December 2013

    Piers Corbyn at WeatherAction states that his subscribers got three weeks notice of what he calls this "Storm force 10/11 event" when the UK Met Office did not even issue a Red Warning… Luckily, the flood defences held up… U.S. subscribers had been told that there will be three snowmageddon events in December, and according to the mainstream U.S. media, the first one has already started.

2013 marks record year for the number of volcanoes erupting across the planet
The Extinction Protocol, 5th December 2013
December 5, 2013 – GEOLOGY – This year will go down on record, as seeing the most volcanic eruptions recorded in modern history. The previous number was set in 2010, at 82 volcanic eruptions for the year. The number of volcanoes erupting across the planet has been steadily rising from a meager number of just 55 recorded in 1990. While most scientists may readily dismiss any significance to the latest figures and may be quick to say the planet is just experiencing normal geological activity, it does raise other concerns about just what may be transpiring within the interior of our planet.

I don't have the time to monitor volcanic eruptions but it is noticeable in the media that there are now many simultaneous and dramatic ongoing eruptions. The Extinction Protocol website keeps watch. The evidence is now clear that the climate scientists have failed to comprehend that the geomagnetic flux caused by space weather results in the heating the Earth's mantle and not necessarily the Earth's atmosphere. Poorly understood cloud formation then becomes a major factor partly due to more erupting volcanoes combined with the impact of warming oceans that release more CO2… Of course, world controllers are not interested in the complexities, they just want a simple formula to explain climate change. Blaming the masses gives some the excuse to extract more taxes whilst creating a new business agenda for the priviledged to benefit from. Meanwhile, whilst world controllers are not so interested in facing reality, the future of humanity on Earth becomes more tenuous.

Volcano Sends Pillar Of Fire 1,000m Into Sky
Sky News, 2nd December 2013
This dramatic image captures the moment Russia's Klyuchevskoy volcano hurls a stream of lava nearly a kilometre into the sky. With a pillar of fire stretching up into the clouds, this spectacular image captures the moment a volcano erupted in remote Russia.

The stream of lava rose up to a kilometre above the summit of Klyuchevskoy, one of the active volcanoes on the Kamchatka peninsula in the east of the country. The volcano, which erupts around every two years, is one of the largest on-land active volcanoes, according to the US Geological Survey. It stands at 15,584ft on the north end of a belt of 30 active volcanoes.

The dramatic picture of Klyuchevskoy was captured by photographer Marc Szeglat on October 16 at a distance of approximately 9.5 miles from its concealed cone, as the volcano erupted for the first time in three years.

Wow… It does make you wonder whether a super volcano has already started its countdown to a major blowout that that will affect the climate and food production…

Hailstorm wreaks havoc [Pretoria, S. Africa]
IOL News, 29th November 2013
Pretoria - A heavy hailstorm hit parts of Pretoria and the Witwatersrand on Thursday afternoon, shattering windscreens, windows and roofs and causing damage estimated at millions of rand.

The heavy downpour and hail damaged houses in some parts of the city extensively, leaving gaping holes where there were windows, breaking roofs and leaving ceilings caved causing the flooding of interiors.

The freak weather continues… Hailstones the size of golf balls and apples…. I think most will agree, icy apples dropping from a great height can kill but as I have stated many times before, we have to conside the extreme conditions in the atmosphere that would allow ice droplets formed on condensation nuclei to grow into huge missiles…

Unusual ice circle forms in North Dakota river
Vahoo News, 26th November 2013
BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) – When George Loegering saw a large spinning circle of ice in the Sheyenne River while out hunting with relatives, the retired engineer couldn't believe his eyes. "At first I thought, no way! It was surreal," Loegering, 73, said Tuesday of the large ice disk he witnessed Saturday. "You looked at it and you thought, how did it do that?"

Then his engineering background kicked in. He calculated the disk's diameter to be about 55 feet, took photos and videos of it and then turned to the Internet for more information about what he, his brother-in-law and nephew had seen. "It's not an unknown phenomenon, but it is relatively rare," said Loegering, who lives in rural Casselton, about 20 miles west of Fargo.

Allen Schlag, a National Weather Service hydrologist in Bismarck, and Greg Gust, a weather service meteorologist in Grand Forks, said a combination of cold, dense air last weekend and an eddy in the river likely caused the disk.

The formation of ice depends on the presence of an electric field so a spiral suggests to me that a magnetic vortex had started that provided the right ingredients for the rare phenomenon of a large spinning circle of ice. The convention view provided by Wikipedia suggests: "Ice discs form on the outer bends in a river where the accelerating water creates a force called 'rotational shear', which breaks off a chunk of ice and twists it around.[5] As the disc rotates, it grinds against surrounding ice – smoothing into a circle." link

Why Have 10 Major Volcanoes Along The Ring Of Fire Suddenly Roared To Life?
The Truth, 24th November 2013
Ten major volcanoes have erupted along the Ring of Fire during the past few months, and the mainstream media in the United States has been strangely silent about this. But this is a very big deal. We are seeing eruptions at some volcanoes that have been dormant for decades. Yes, it is certainly not unusual for two or three major volcanoes along the Ring of Fire to be active at the same time, but what we are witnessing right now is highly unusual. And if the U.S. media is not concerned about this yet, the truth is that they should be. Approximately 90 percent of all earthquakes and approximately 80 percent of all volcanic eruptions occur along the Ring of Fire, and it runs directly up the west coast of the United States. Perhaps if Mt. Rainier in Washington state suddenly exploded or a massive earthquake flattened Los Angeles the mainstream media would wake up. Most Americans have grown very complacent about these things, but right now we are witnessing volcanic activity almost everywhere else along the Ring of Fire. It is only a matter of time before it happens here too.

According to Volcano Discovery, there are 35 currently erupting volcanoes in the world. Over at The Extinction Protocol website that keeps a close watch, there isclearly a trend.
The average number of volcanic systems erupting during a year is 50-60; and that gives us a fair barometer of how much thermal energy the planet is venting. The more volcanoes that erupt, the greater the amount of thermal energy the planet is dissipating. If more than half are erupting continuously, that’s something to take note of. What we’re seeing, however, is multiple eruptive phases from active volcanic systems as well as new activity from previously dormant systems. In 1990, there was only 55 volcanic systems erupting. In 2001, there was 64, as of today; we’re already at 82 for the year- so the trend curve is upward. What that trend also suggests is our planet is in trouble and could be in the primary stages of over-heating; when according to the every theory of science if Earth is really 4.5 billion years old, it should be cooling.
Source: About 35 volcanoes are currently erupting across the globe, 27th November, The Extinction Protocol.
Based on all the emergency drills that have taken place in recent years, I would argue that authorities are well aware of the threat. Whatever, volcanoes are going up because of the inner heating of our planet brought on by space climate change. As I have highlighted many times before, world expects have told us that super volcanoes erupting is a major threat as Earth experiences a "global energy leap".

Glowing Lake in Puerto Rico Mysteriously Goes Dark, 20th November 2013
Due to what we already know, I think the on/off mechanism is electrical energy…

European Space Agency satellite swarm launch to map Earth's magnetism
BBC News, 22nd November 2013
The trio of European Space Agency (ESA) satellites left the Plesetsk Cosmodrome at 12:02 GMT, riding a Rockot vehicle. They are expected to be deployed at an altitude of 490km, in a polar orbit, shortly after 13:30 GMT.

Swarm's data should help scientists understand better how the field is generated, and why it appears to be weakening. The strength has fallen by some 15% in the past two centuries. The movement of the north geomagnetic pole has also accelerated.

More and more everyday people suddenly into 'prepping' for disaster
Natural News, 14th November 2013
(NaturalNews) It's not just "fringe" types and end-of-the-world religious prognosticators; more and more "everyday people" are sensing that something is wrong with their country and the world, and are taking steps to prepare for turbulent times.

Yes, technically they are "preppers" in today's lexicon, but they are far from the kind of people that that term engenders. In fact, some of these "newbies" might even be your neighbors.

I think that after so many terrible natural disasters where help from authorities is often inadequate or even non existent, most realise that looking after yourself is a good idea.
  • What I saw at the doomsday prepper convention
    CNN, 11th November 2013
    Jim is emphatic about the mainstream audience he's catering to. "Our core audience is 40-75 years old.
    Eighty percent have college degrees. Twenty percent of those have advanced degrees," he said.
    He attributes his success in attracting a higher-end clientele to the educational bent of LCBR. "When you bring in a higher caliber of speaker, you attract a different group -- more disposable income, more moderate in their thinking. That [extreme] element of the preparation mindset, they still show up, they come in, but that's not what we're about."
    This is good news… It seems many intelligentsia in the United States have worked out which way the wind is blowing.

Death toll rises in Sardinia after impact of Cyclone Cleopatra
FT, 19th November 2013
The death toll keeps rising in the Italian region of Sardinia due to devastating floods caused by Cyclone Cleopatra, as rescue efforts continue on the Mediterranean island. The Italian government declared a state of emergency on Tuesday morning, freeing €20m in funds for the affected areas, in what prime minister Enrico Letta described as a “national tragedy”.[…]

The death toll keeps rising in the Italian region of Sardinia due to devastating floods caused by Cyclone Cleopatra, as rescue efforts continue on the Mediterranean island. The Italian government declared a state of emergency on Tuesday morning, freeing €20m in funds for the affected areas, in what prime minister Enrico Letta described as a “national tragedy”.[…]

Franco Gabrielli, head of the national civil protection agency, said the cyclone was a “true natural calamity”. Over 450 millilitres of rain have fallen in 12 hours, “the same quantity of rain that Italy usually gets in six months,” he said.

I first assumed this was related to an atmospheric river dumping huge amounts of water but the link with a Cyclone makes me totally unsure and I will seek out expert opinion. Also: 'Apocalyptic' storm floods Sardinia, 17 dead
  • Death toll in Sardinia rises as cyclone kills 17
    Irish Independent, 19th November 2013
    Olbia mayor Gianni Giovannelli said the city had been destroyed by the "apocalyptic" storm, with bridges felled and water levels reaching 10 feet in some places. He described the ferocity of the rains as a "water bomb."

  • Another slow-moving "blocked" storm that generated an extreme rainfall event, 20th November 2013
    […] The jet stream set-up for this extreme event was very much like the ones that spawned this year's destructive floods in Calgary, Canada, Boulder, Colorado, and Central Europe--a slow-moving upper low trapped to the south of a blocking ridge of high pressure. […] Slow-moving lows stay in place longer, allowing greater rains to fall over a localized area, increasing the risk of catastrophic flooding. A big question is how climate change may affect the incidence of blocking.

Searchers comb through rubble after deadly storm system clobbers Midwest [United States]
Fox News, 18th September 2013

A nasty field of debris in Washington after Sunday's tornado. Courtesy More photos:

Authorities fanned out across at least a half-dozen states Monday to assess damage and search for any people who may still be trapped after a series of deadly tornadoes and powerful storms tore through the nation's heartland the day before, destroying homes and flipping over cars.

At least eight were dead, thousands homeless and hundreds of thousands without power Monday as the region began the daunting task of recovering from powerful storm system that spawned several tornadoes. Illinois was hardest hit, with at least six people killed and seven counties declared disaster areas by Gov. Pat Quinn. Two people were declared dead in Michigan.

The wave of thunderstorms also brought damaging winds and tornadoes to 11 other states: Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and western New York. One tornado that blew through Illinois' Washington County, east of St. Louis, left a path of destruction more than three miles long, according to a preliminary survey by the National Weather Service. […]

Just how many tornadoes hit was unclear. Although about 80 reports of tornadoes had come in as of Sunday night, Bill Bunting, the forecast operations chief of the National Weather Service's Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Okla., said the actual number will likely be in the 30 to 40 range. He said that's because the same tornado often gets reported multiple times.

Fox News meterologist Janice Dean said the stormfront could have created one of the top five outbreaks of tornadoes in November on record. The highest outbreak of tornadoes was in 1992, with 105 being reported between Nov. 21-23. Officials said the last such severe weather warning issued so late in the season in November came in 2005, and the result was an outbreak of 49 tornadoes.

At the moment, it is difficult to guage whether we are seeing an overall real increase in dangerous weather events, because extremes means long lulls too, but overall 'Earth changes' that must include seismic activity: earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and sinkholes etc, an assortment of world experts have warned us to expect new high levels of Earth changing events. Here it seems, the recent bout of space weather has generated a second major tornado season in the United States.

Ominous roll cloud caught on camera as it glides over Texas skies 'like a horizontal vortex'
Daily Mail, 13th November 2013
•A roll cloud is a horizontal cloud formation that glides relatively low to the ground, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association
•In a rare instance, the roll cloud in Texas on Monday was not associated with a thunderstorm
•Truck driver Bonnie Mask had the day off so she decided to capture the event on camera in a captivating video

This rare cloud phenomenon lasted for around 20 to 30 minutes on Monday A massive roll cloud blew over Timbercreek Canyon, Texas on Monday. A roll cloud is a horizontal cloud formation that glides relatively low to the ground, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association. Usually these types of clouds occur alongside thunderstorms, sea breezes, and cold fronts. This particular roll cloud wasn't caused by a thunderstorm.

Maybe these Roll clouds or Morning Glory clouds are rare in comparison to other atmospheric phenomena, but they are sill a regular feature in a few parts of the world. According to Wikipedia: "The southern part of the Gulf of Carpentaria in Northern Australia is the only known location where it can be predicted and observed on a more or less regular basis due to the configuration of land and sea in the area." Morning Glory Clouds. As I have mentioned before, in the highly charged electric atmosphere of Earth, this roll cloud must have been formed by unusual geomagnetic conditions…. In my mind, this is just another horizontal weakly rotating 'tornado' caused by a stray electric current generating the requisite conditions for cloud formation by a suitable containing magnetic field.

Piers' Comment on the Super typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), 14th November 2013

"Extreme typhoons like this - and deadly landfalling Atlantic Hurricanes like Sandy which hit New York in 2012 - are an inevitable consequence of the Mini-Ice-Age - Wild-Jet-Stream climate now developing and will increase in frequency this decade and next decade. The delusional CO2 theory has no role in this whatsoever.

"These storms are solar-lunar driven events and largely predictable. This storm specifically ramped-up dramatically during our, (WeatherAction Solar-Lunar-Action-Technique) Top Red R5 Weather period 4-6th Nov and now the same storm is exacerbated by a second TopRed R5 period 9-10th. Having two R5's so close is unusual. This second whammy made the Typhoon track shift somewhat rightwards of standard models, just as our Br+Ir+Eu storm of 28-29th OCT did so in accordance with our prediction.

"Solar activity is generally lower during Mini-Ice-Age's and so the relative changes in activity and more specifically magnetic connectivity are more dramatic and with the generally wild jet stream make these extreme storms and superstorms more frequent world-wide.

"I warned of the coming increase in Sandy-type storms (and extreme Pacific Typhoons in discussion) in my presentation to the GAFTA (Grain and Feed Trades Assoc) conference in Geneva in May […]

"On this particular Typhoon one must ask why warning was, it appears, not given of the Storm driven Tsunami. Look at the pictures. Many palm trees survived even if damaged then look below them. The tsunami-flood dealt the death blow to houses and people who were warned of wind but not the violent flood it appears according to TV reports. These storm following floods are totally predictable and well understood phenomena and lead to destruction and loss of life unless warnings are made and acted upon"

CO2 Warmists lie again, no surprise

As expected the CO2 Warmist sect claim the super typhoon is evidence of man made climate change. This is opportunist delusional drivel which they just made up. They claimed many things in the last ten years eg more hurricanes USA and the end of snow in uk which all failed, now they just claim everything bad is evidence of their fraudulent theory and the Philippines delegate to the COP conference is making deranged claims which are against the interests of his people.

The fact is this storm ramped up in a predicted solar driven Top red R5 period and without that it would have been just another typhoon. Or, do the Warmist cherry-Pickers think C02 caused those solar events? Furthermore we warned there would be more very extreme storms in the developing Mia wild jet stream conditions even if less storms in number. This is being confirmed. The biggest storm in the last 400 years in Europe was the tempest of 1703 which came in the later part of the Maunder Minimum Mini ice age. The warmists cannot predict anything and are holding back science. Their sect must be destroyed, or as Scipio would have said "Dalenda est warmistas". […] There have been a number of other articles reinforcing the point that the claim that CO2 drove Yolanda is self-serving, dishonest, warmist delusional nonsense, eg: Benny Peiser of GWPF: WUWT on exaggerated wind speeds for Yolanda

I have not commented much on super-typhoon Haiyan, but Piers Corbyn and others are making it very clear that we should expect more extreme events due to major changes in how the Sun's overall solar activity affects us on Earth. My main concern is: why was a country like the Philippines that gets regular typhoons, so unprepared? On this blog, I have pointed out that the US military have been building huge domes that can withstand winds of 250 miles an hour. This means that their vital equipment will not be completely destroyed by a major hurricane….. In places where typhoons are a regular threat, at the very least, hospitals, schools and community centres should all be dome structures.
  • Strange Domes to Line the Texas Coast in Preparation for Something to Come
    FEMA Funding Impenetrable Dome Structures Around Houston
    The Intel Hub, October 15, 2012 Flashback!
    HOUSTON – Disaster-proof domes that can sustain winds in excess of 250 mph will cost taxpayers more than $50 a foot. FEMA has now offered to pick up the tab of at least $50 million dollars, to install disaster shelters in and around Houston that, according to the manufacturer, (ABC Domes based out of Sealy – Division of Golden Sands General Contracting out of Miami) are “almost impenetrable”.

  • Monolithic Domes and Disaster Resistance
    Monolithic Dome Institute, May 2007

    Previous Comment: Disaster resistance homes and buildings. We are talking tornados, hurricanes, wildfire, earthquake liquefaction, lightning, even flooding if built right. We cannot fight Earth & climate changes, we just have to think differently and apply new solutions. Dome houses are cheaper to build and cheaper to maintain, I think the bigger domes can be designed to be very stylish. We have to do business differently on this planet, it's the only way we will survive.

Desperate survivors of Philippine typhoon raid the dead
Raw Story News, 8th November 2013
Tormented survivors of a typhoon that is feared to have killed more than 10,000 in the Philippines rummaged for food Sunday through debris scattered with corpses, while frenzied mobs looted aid convoys. Two days after one of the most powerful storms ever recorded flattened entire towns across part of the Southeast Asian archipelago, desperate survival tactics created fresh horrors.

On the outskirts of Tacloban, a coastal eastern city of 220,000 where tsunami-like waves destroyed many buildings, Edward Gualberto accidentally stepped on bodies as he raided the wreckage of a home. Wearing nothing but a pair of red basketball trousers, the father-of-four and village councillor apologised for his shabby appearance and for stealing from the dead.

"I am a decent person. But if you have not eaten in three days, you do shameful things to survive," Gualberto told AFP as he dug canned goods from the debris and flies swarmed over the bodies.

The same level of desperation will happen in any major disaster, including major or even nationwide power blackouts that go on for more than a few days.

Why everyone is talking about the super typhoon
USA Today, 8th November 2013
Super Typhoon Haiyan, which slammed into the Philippines early Friday morning, is one of the strongest storms ever recorded on the planet. Here are some fast facts about the storm:

• Super Typhoon Haiyan had winds of 195 mph and gusts of 235 mph. This is one of the highest wind speeds ever recorded in a storm in world history.

• It made landfall as the most powerful typhoon or hurricane in recorded history, as based on wind speed measurements from satellites.

• The strength of Haiyan is equal to that of an extremely powerful Category 5 hurricane in the Atlantic. (Typhoons are the same type of storms as hurricanes).

• No hurricane in the Atlantic has ever been this strong; Hurricane Camille hit the U.S. Gulf Coast with an estimated wind speed of 190 mph.

I think we must relate this to the recent delivery of extra solar energy evidenced by 28 solar flares in a 7 day period. Since there is no sign of the solar activity declining (because Comet ISON is still getting closer to the Sun), there may more to come. At this time, we need info coming from astrophysicists and meteorologists who take major bouts of space weather into account.

Google's barge explanation: Bilge?
It took Google many long, difficult days to decide why it had begun to construct barges. The explanation, by no means a definitive one, still raises eyebrows.
CNET News, 6th November 2013
After long, difficult days of fear and speculation, Google has finally explained that it is building structures on barges not to create technological islands upon which the company can conduct dubious scientific experiments.

Instead, Google offered a statement that it was just, oh, you know, building a nice floating glass box that children could swim to, in order to learn about new technology.

The actual words read: "Google Barge…A floating data center? A wild party boat? A barge housing the last remaining dinosaur? Sadly, none of the above. Although it's still early days and things may change, we're exploring using the barge as an interactive space where people can learn about new technology."

Please forgive me, but if you decide to build what looks like quite a substantial structure out on the water, you might have some vague idea of what you're going to do with it. Especially if you're an engineer. […]

If Google was going to create floating Google Glass showrooms, again it might have decided to get people talking (something the company has done an excellent job at doing with Google Glass).

Instead, rumors flowed, veins clogged, worry reigned, and the world's secret services tapped keyboards more furiously. Many might feel entirely persuaded that these barge-based buildings are merely for fun and games.

Some, though, might still feel the explanation leaves their boat unfloated.

Clearly the techie reporters at CNET are just not impressed with this explanation. These Google barges or 'Arks' will be costing a lot of money to build and maintain, but Google still has not made up its mind what they are being used for? Google realise most people are zombified and will accept any old rubbish as an explanation. It is clear that the Google response is to lull most back to sleep, but anyone with any awareness of other major disaster contingency plans have been well and truly tipped off! Thank you Google! You have restored my faith that at least some intelligentsia are aware of what they need to do to try and survive a major disaster that causes a technological meltdown. A two finger salute to all the idiots out there who just can't think deeply about anything.
  • Google's mysterious secret barges off US coasts: THE TRUTH
    Admen spill beans on what's planned for floating metal monsters
    The Register, 6th November 2013
    Google has shed more light on just what it plans to do with a pair of floating barges off either coast of the US. The advertising giant told The Register that its two vessels, officially known as Google Barges, will in fact be designed to serve as nautical showrooms for the company's latest and greatest products. […] Google is remaining tight-lipped on whether more barges would be deployed or if the current pair would be moved to locations around the globe.

Big Brother blinded: Security fears in China as smog disrupts surveillance cameras
Teams of scientists assigned to find a solution as heavy pollution makes national surveillance network useless, raising fear of terror attack
South China Morning Post, 5th November 2013
To the central government, the smog that blankets the country is not just a health hazard, it's a threat to national security.

Last month visibility in Harbin dropped to below three metres because of heavy smog. On days like these, no surveillance camera can see through the thick layers of particles, say scientists and engineers.

To the authorities, this is a serious national security concern. Beijing has invested heavily to build up a nationwide surveillance network that lets police watch every major street and corner in main cities.

Hmmm… The irony… Controllers are worried about the awful conditions that they have allowed to happen. Please note they are not worried about people dying, they are only bothered about having their total control power fix.

Chilling 'War of Worlds' noises heard in sky over Manchester
Mancunian Matters, 5th November 2013
Is it the coming of the apocalypse, some sort of alien communication or just the work of electromagnetic currents? Whatever the theory the chilling trumpet-like sounds heard coming from the sky as far as Kiev, Canada and Manchester has sparked a fierce debate to its origins.

And the latest incident recorded from Blackburn, Lancashire, last month proves that the mysterious noises are not confined to major cities but have been heard in smaller towns. The noises were first documented in 2011 with several more recordings appearing on YouTube throughout 2012 and 2013 with claims that the sounds were the work of High Frequency Active Auroral Research – a deep sea communication device.

Again, the religious folk point out that we are experiencing 'The End Times', but few have decoded enough information to work out that religious scriptures are the end result of astrotheology, the very important preservation of ancient knowledge concerning a changing cosmic environment and what the citizens of planet Earth should expect. Surely this has got really obvious now? The 'signs of the times' are now everywhere…

SEE IT: Electrical fireball moves across utility wires, knocks out power
The stunning sparkler was caught on cellphone video already formed, but moving rapidly across the power lines and causing an explosion at what looks to be a power pole.
NY Daily News, 4th November 2013
This is the terrifying moment an electrical fireball knocked out power lines in Canada. The astonishing cellphone footage shows balls of sparks and flames zipping down cables in Lachine – near Montreal – late Friday night. Heavy storms and winds of 70 mph had hit the area and more than 350,000 residents were left without power.

UK Daily Mail version, Huge lightning fireball caught on camera as it traveled down power lines, missing a home by just inches OK. I saw the video links on various forums but I was not really interested as nobody mentioned that before the ball of fire, there was disco light show going on, with the sky lighting up in a various different colours… So, as far as I am concerned, this event appears to have been a release of energy from the Earth that also resulted in a major burst of energy taking the easiest route along a power line. Photon emissions at different wavelengths appears to be a 'slow' form of quakelights where light (photons) end up travelling at different speeds, so the light energy is being effectively split into various colours, see archives for other major displays in recent years. At the moment, reality is a problem for mainstream theory to account for this, but as usual, mainstream theory is inadequate and most likely, somebody proposed a good theory 50 years ago that can account for what is going on. (I have actually found an old theory that I think covers this…) What I can say, is that for a long time, geoscientists refused to believe that earthquakes are often preceded by bursts of light (quakelights), until the evidence was so great they had to admit the phenomenon was real. Thus 'disco' quakelights seems to be the next major hurdle in explaining how the light is travelling in such away that it is being released at specific wavelights. The 'fireball' travelling along a power line, is more often called 'ball lightning', but video footage like this is very very rare. As I have claimed many times in my writings, we are in the midst of a planetary refresh and sometimes the incoming and outgoing bursts of energy are ferocious.

Waters Turning Red in Nootdorp - Blue Heron - The Netherlands
YouTube, 1st November 2013
This canal in South Holland turned blood red overnight and is a mystery to local authorities. PHOTO'S -… The local water department (the Hoogheemraadschap in Dutch) has take samples and is quickly trying to determine what this is. The blue heron (reiger in Dutch) did not seem to mind the waters being red though and was actually calmer then ever when I was filming!

Appears to be a bacteria that should be harmless, but they still warn to stay away from the area until tests are complete -

Local Pijnacker-Nootdorp press (Telstar) broke the story: "Nootdorp - Een sloot achter het bekende Eetcafé 1837 in Nootdorp is sinds een paar dagen helemaal roodgekleurd. "Het lijkt wel rode wijn", zegt Nootdorper Mark Ruder."

Waters Turn Blood Red In Netherlands – Another Sign Of Prophecy?

It is likely an algae, but these red algae are rare in The Netherlands, especially in November. The local press interviewed someone calling it red win. Now, if he says so, he can drink it first.

Naturally Biblical references of Wormwood, Revelations and Ezekiel 32:6 comes to mind. Revelations 8 reads, "The third angel sounded, and a great star fell from heaven, burning like a torch, and it fell on a third of the rivers and on the springs of waters. 11The name of the star is called Wormwood; and a third of the waters became wormwood, and many men died from the waters, because they were made bitter."

Likely just an algae that came in with that St Jude Storm last week and it was a bit warmer then normal, although not really tropical, but 15 or so Celsius for a day, not longer.

We will await what the water department finds. At least the blue heron was not deterred by the color of the water!

It does make me wonder just how long it will take for more people see the Big Picture… The concept of astrotheology and the preservation of ancient knowledge through mythology and holy scripture is really not that difficult. See archives using online search for more stories of seas and rivers turning red. I am not a marine biologist but the trigger for waters turning red is notably vague in the literature… Based on the evidence of the stronger electrical interactions taking place in our atmosphere (beams of killer electrons and natural lasers), I think waters turning red are just one biochemical end result.
  • Water Turned to Blood in the Bible
    Yahoo Voices, 2nd December 2012

  • Sloot in Nootdorp roodgekleurd door zwavelpurperbacterie, 1st November 2013
    Google Translation: NOOTDORP - The red colored water in a ditch on the Kerkweg Nootdorp is caused by sulfur purple bacteria. Although the bacterium known harmless to humans and animals, recommends Delfland to avoid. Contact with the water

    Employees of Delfland have Friday samples taken from the ditch water behind eatery in 1837. Laboratory studies showed the purple sulfur bacteria is the culprit. This bacterium thrives in oxygen-poor water.

    The fact that the oxygen levels in the water are low, it is not unusual for this time of the year. According Delfland The breakdown of leaf litter in the water is a natural process and takes a lot of oxygen. The sulfur released during the decomposition process, the purple sulfur bacteria grow explosively.

    Bacteria disappear

    The bacterium disappears again when this process is over. The place where the water is colored in red, at the end of the ditch. The water does not flow further. Therefore, according to the water board is unlikely that the red color spreads.

The Piers Corbyn Storm of Oct 2013, the most serious in Britain/Ireland, N/W France and the Low Countries for decades, was predicted - in detail to within one day from 6 weeks ahead., 28th October 2013
The Piers Corbyn Storm of Oct 2013, the most serious in Britain/Ireland, N/W France and the Low Countries for decades, was predicted - in detail to within one day from 6 weeks ahead - by Piers Corbyn of WeatherAction see […]

Piers says: "We are very pleased with our success - which follows on confirmed success for significant 'warm-up' storms of major rain/flooding and/or severe gales/storms this month on 17/18th mainly in Ireland and 21-23rd (208th Anniversary of the 'Trafalgar Night Storm') - See ; and confirms the superiority of our solar-lunar based forecasting science for such extremes above all other methods.

I would just like to add my congratulations to Piers Corbyn…. I am just grateful that those of us with some discernment, are not completely at the mercy of the UK Met. Office. As Piers Corbyn can prove, forecasting the weather has nothing to do with CO2 and everything to do with the influence of the sun and moon on the planets atmospheric systems, with a new fix applied for worsening space weather conditions and events. For those amongst the 260,000 who lost their power and those who are still withour power 48 hours later, too bad… This is only a little taste of what's to come as the UK authorities have already warned, as power supply has been engineered to get very flaky in the near future… Btw, according to the whispers on this blog, Piers is forecasting another major storm threat for this weekend that will affect the south of the UK. I have no details of other countries that may be affected as I am not a weatheraction subscriber, but Piers seems to excel at forecasting bad weather.

Wall of rock rises out of the ground in the Philippines: new fault triggered large quake
The Extinction Protocol, 24th October 2013
As the magnitude 7.2 earthquake ended on Oct. 15, residents of Sitio Kumayot in Barangay Anonang heard an explosive sound like a thunderclap. Villagers watched in horrified disbelief as the ground cracked open and, with smoke and the stench of sulphur spreading, one side started to rise. The emerging wall of rock and earth missed by a hairline the toilet of baker Menecia Bautista Aparecio, 43. “We will be living forever in fear, being so close to the fault line,” said Aparecio, who fears returning to her home and now bakes her “pan Bisaya” or “pan kinamot,” a local bread, in the village chapel.

The rock face, about three meters high and two kilometers long, raised fears among villagers that more cracks would appear on the ground and swallow them up.

Mysterious hum keeping people up all night ‘could be mating fish’
Independent News, 24th October 2013
A mysterious hum has been keeping people in Hampshire awake all night, and scientists have said there could be something fishy about it. The noise “pulsates” through homes, forcing some residents of Hythe near Southampton to evacuate the area just to get a good night’s sleep.[…]

Maria Dennett from Sholing, Southampton, said: “We regularly experience a humming noise at night. “A few times we put it down to a neighbour's washing machine or dishwasher but it's happening so frequently that we know it's not the case. “It's a really low pitched sound that literally pulsates through the house.”

This explanation is a real insult to the general public. Not even I think the general public are stupid enough to believe this nonsense. For newbies, I have already explained (search archives) about various new hums being monitored by geoscientists and sources that indicate this is just another sign of the times as Earth enters a new high energy dispensation. Even some totally disinterested folk in the UK cannot avoid some high energy Earth reality…

CCTV captures light shaft which appears to descend from the heavens
Daily Mail, 14th September 2013
• Reflected sun on Polperro harbour in Cornwall creates stunning blue light.
• Newsagent William Fathers captured image on his shop's webcam.
• The 46-year-old said: 'It looks as if aliens are coming to Polperro harbour.'
• Heavenly reflections created when low sun shines on to the sea's

This astonishing picture shows how sunlight reflected off the sea looked for a minute as if a UFO was coming in to land in the harbour. A newsagent in the picturesque Cornish village of Polperro joked that he feared for a minute an alien such as E.T. was descending when he saw the strong blue shaft of light on the harbour. William Fathers, of Polperro News, tweeted this stunning picture of the natural phenomenon from his shop's webcam with the caption 'Aliens are beaming down to Polperro Harbour'…

The talk of UFOs is just plain irritating and symptomatic of the general level of dumbed down ignorance… Personally, I am wondering if this is an example of a natural atmospheric laser, the same atmospheric lasers that are making the perfectly round laser-cut sink holes… The highly electric atmospheric conditions on Earth are becoming as extreme as the conditions around Earth where natural lasers are knocking out satellites…

Phailin on Course to Devastate India This Weekend
Accuweather, 12th October 2013
India is expected to suffer catastrophic impacts from Severe Tropical Cyclone Phailin on Saturday and Saturday night.

Destructive winds well over 160 kph (100 mph) and flooding rain of at least 100-200 mm (4-8 inches) is expected across a wide area. There will be a crippling storm surge of 4-6 meters (14-20 feet), as well as wind gusts over 300 kph, near the landfall point of Phailin which is expected across northeastern India Saturday morning EDT.

Apparently, the black represents very cold cloud tops, which means heavy rains and winds are definitely going to be a huge problem.

Snow Falls Weeks Early In Munich! …Meteorologist: “Winter Strikes Unusually Early And Severely”!
No Tricks Zone, 11th October 2013
Meteorologists warned us that snow was on the way and would fall below the 500 m elevation in southern Germany and elsewhere. Moreover, they warned us that this winter could be one of the worst in 100 years for Central Europe. No one knows if it’s really going to be such a winter, but one thing is sure: it sure is starting out like one! At least in parts of Central Europe.

More signs of global warming…

Snow Falls Weeks Early In Munich! …Meteorologist: “Winter Strikes Unusually Early And Severely”!
No Tricks Zone, 11th October 2013
Meteorologists warned us that snow was on the way and would fall below the 500 m elevation in southern Germany and elsewhere. Moreover, they warned us that this winter could be one of the worst in 100 years for Central Europe. No one knows if it’s really going to be such a winter, but one thing is sure: it sure is starting out like one! At least in parts of Central Europe.

Mysterious earthquake swarm damages many villages in Galati, Eastern Romania: strange sounds like ‘boiling water’
The Watchers, 4th October 2013
ER reports that for a couple of weeks, an unusual earthquake swarm is going on in Eastern Romania, Galati province, close to Moldovia border. Additionally, a constant sound like boiling water, a strange water smell like sulfur and big cracks in the ground are reported. The quakes have an extremely shallow depth, have a relatively high shaking intensity and are causing a lot of damage in the villages near the epicenter areas.

Residents and seismologists are very surprised and are trying to understand what is happening. Oil extraction and flooding where initially mentioned as possible triggers but these reasons cannot explain why some other phenomenon like: a constant sound like “boiling water” (coming from the ground) and a strange water smell (like sulfur) is being noticed.

The hornets of your nightmares: Swarms of massive insects kill more than 40 and injure 1,600 in China
Daily Mail, 3rd October 2013
* At least 37 patients are in a critical or serious condition in hospitals
* Many survivors are now nursing bullet-sized wounds
* 'The more you run, the more they chase you' victims say
* Species are four times the size of British honeybees

Swarms of deadly hornets have killed more than 40 people and injured more than 1,600 in northern China. At least 37 patients are in a critical or serious condition in hospitals, according to Shaanxi provincial government. Victims of the attack have been left with deep, dark craters in their skin the size of bullet wounds.

Should this kind of attack be called Darwin's revenge? I have been spending more time reading up on the latest discoveries that are driving scientists to demand the evolution of evolutionary theory. Neo-Darwinism has been busted. Since we are living at a time of rapid evolutionary change, I imagine some are expecting things could get very scary… Then there is Fukushima pumping out more and more radiation… Gigantism may be the next big problem if you can excuse the pun.

Mysterious Green Patches on the Sky
APOD NASA, 30th September 2013
What is it? Some surely natural phenomenon has appeared in a video that, so far, has defied clear identification. The above time-lapse video was made to record Perseid meteors above Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick, Canada late this summer. The video, which ran from 9:30 pm August 11 to 3:00 am the next morning, records several meteor and satellite streaks beyond a picturesque background. Each image records a 30 second exposure. At about 25 seconds into the video, however, an unusual patchy green glow appears to cover the sky. Possible explanations include airglow, aurora, lighting from an artificial or natural source, or something completely different. This APOD is an attempt not only to solve this intriguing sky riddle, but to measure how powerful the APOD readership is as a citizen-science, collective-intelligence engine. If you have insight into what might be causing this phenomenon, please contribute to the discussion.

I think this is NASA testing to see how much interest there is in the obvious extreme electrical atmospheric conditions we are now experiencing. Green skies are a sign of intense electrical activity and that is why there is a link with tornadoes. There was panic in Russia not so long ago when the skies turned green, see the archives.

NASA releases images of Pakistan's 'Earthquake Island'
RT News, 30th September 2013
Amidst the destruction caused by the devastating earthquake in Pakistan that killed more than 500 people, a new island emerged from the depth of the sea. NASA has released images of the newly formed islet.

NASA has released before and after photos of a new terrestrial body that was born on September 24 during a quake that struck Pakistan.

Called Zalzala Jazeera, or a an earthquake island, the terrestrial formation can now be found 380 kilometers from the earthquake’s epicenter in Paddi Zirr Bay near Swadar, Pakistan in the Arabian Sea.

Pakistan quake island off Gwadar 'emits flammable gas'
BBC News, 25th September 2013
"There were dead fish on the surface. And on one side we could hear the hissing sound of the escaping gas," Mr Baloch said. Although they couldn't smell gas, they did put a match to the fissures from where it was oozing, and set it on fire. "We put the fire out in the end, but it was quite a hassle. Not even the water could kill it, unless one poured buckets over it." […]

Rashid Tabrez, the director-general of the Karachi-based National Institute of Oceanography, says the energy released by the seismic movements of these fault-lines activates inflammable gases in the seabed. "The seabed near the Makran coast has vast deposits of gas hydrates, or frozen gas having a large methane content," he explained. "These deposits lay compressed under a sediment bed that is 300m-800m thick."

Seriously…. Putting a match to the top of a new volcano that is hissing away… The whole island could have just gone boom! Sometimes, I wonder whether calling people stupid is just stupid when it is clear there are a lot of people incapable or using reason or logic…
  • Volcanism is culprit behind sudden appearance of island off Pakistan’s coast
    Extinction Protocol, 25th September 2013
    [..] Researchers at the United States Geological Survey are investigating the new formation, Paul Earle, a USGS geophysicist told NBC News, but have yet to get independent confirmation of it. It is clear that “the islands are not created because the ground was … pushed up by the earthquake,” he said, but more likely it was a secondary effect of shifting sediments. He also agrees the formation appears to have been caused by a mud volcano, but added that they don’t need an earthquake to set them off. NBC News

    I think the issue of high volcanic activity is only just starting to get serious… Actually, this has made me think of an incident when a submarine smashed into a underwater mountain that "should not have been there…." So, with all the recent reports, I am sure scientists and military are being kept very busy monitoring volcanic activity: on the land; in the seas and oceans; and in the atmosphere… If you are a newbie, there is some info in the archives about volcanism and climate change. Also, it looks like scientists wanting to use state-of-the-art detection systems to cap dangerous volcanoes before they blow volcanic ash sky high into the atmosphere and cause a volcanic winter is looking like commonsense, but we don't live in world run by commonsense. As many people now realise, lunatics are running an wide assortment of government sponsored asylums….

Spider webs cover North Texas overnight
WFAA News, 25th September 2013
DALLAS –– Across North Texas, thin, sticky white threads appeared to float in midair on Wednesday morning. They ended up attached to buildings and vehicles, illuminated by the morning sunrise. So, what are they? Spider webs.

The strands were filled with tiny spiders as part of their annual migratory process. They ended up floating in the air because it was so still, explained Patrick Dickinson of the Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center. “The wind that we are getting this time of year off of the Gulf of Mexico picks up the silt and the spiders are able to float from tree-to-tree, building-to-building and plant-to-plant,” Dickinson said.

The cool overnight temperatures triggered the spider eggs to hatch. The newborns then climbed to the highest point they could find and released webs that lifted them into the air. If the wind is right, some can travel for miles, leaving dozens of feet of webbing behind. […] Dickinson said the migratory method is common for a variety of spider species.

I think the explanation sounds totally implausible…. Have you ever heard of spiders migrating enmasse and creating webs as they go? sarc on/ Heh do you know if the weathermen use radar to spot spiders in flight and make predictions about where they will land and cause a mess? /sarc off … The info online about migrating spiders is sparse besides a few varieties of ballooning spiders that according to Wikipedia can only travel a few metres, but see more below… So, I think this explanation was made up by someone in authority who was in a state of panic about what they should say… Just wow… At the moment someone independent needs to test these 'webs' to make sure they are even from spiders it could be UFO angel hair or chemtrail residue… Conspiracy theorists are going to have a field day…The other thing is the state of Earth's magnetic field and evidence that stuff being suspended high up in the atmosphere can come down rather suddenly when conditions change…. I am not an expert in spiders but don't spiders need time to spin their webs, so where is the evidence of the spiders? I am sure there are many doubters and conspiracy theorists who seriously don't think this has anything to do with spiders…
  • Mysterious angel hair phenomenon often reported after UFO sightings
    Pravda, 30th May 2007
    There are times when “angel’s hair” falls out from a clear blue sky. Residents of the city of Montgomery in the United States reported the fall of “flying web type substance” in 1898. According to the description provided by eyewitnesses, the threads of the material resembled somewhat fluorescent asbestos fibers. On February 10, 1978, a large number of sticky fibers were falling from the sky for two hours in the vicinity of the coastal city of Samaru, New Zealand. The fibers appeared to be “considerably finer than cobwebs” yet clearly visible against a clear blue sky.

    This article is very interesting…

  • Spiders Blanket The Sky In Brazil (VIDEO)
    Gadling News, 10th February 2013
    As many of us in the northeast scramble because of heavy snow and delayed flights, at least we can rest assured knowing we don't have it as bad as these people in Brazil. The terrifying video above shows a strange phenomenon: thousands of spiders dangling in the sky. According to Gawker, the footage comes from the southern Brazilian town of Santo Antônio da Platina, and was posted online earlier this week by 20-year-old web designer Erick Reis as he was leaving a friend's engagement party. A bad omen, perhaps?

    Brazilian news outlet G1 spoke with a local biologist who says the spider activity is actually quite normal. He identified the species as Anelosimus eximius, a "social spider" known for its massive colonies that create blankets of webs. The behavior might also seem familiar to people in Chicago, where each year the city experiences an influx of "flying spiders" – so many that earlier this year the Hilton's Magnificent Miles Suites hotel formally requested guests keep their windows shut to avoid the annual migration. This species, known as Larinioides sclopetarius, spin their silk into balloon-like formations and ride lakefront air currents to crevices in high rises downtown.

  • “Ballooning” Spiders Fly Without Wind
    Discover Magazine, 23rd September 2013
    Gossamer spiders are best known for their bizarre “ballooning” stunts, but it’s only this week that we’ve learned how they pull them off. They disperse by spinning strands of silk into the open air, which allows them to float through the atmosphere miles above the surface of the earth and out to sea far beyond the reach of land. […]

    But this week a researcher in Hawaii determined that it wasn’t wind’s thermal currents that gave the spiders lift. Their flight, he determined, is actually electrostatic. Some of that charge comes from the electrostatic field of Earth’s atmosphere. Some charge comes from friction between the silk and dry air. The rest is thought to result from the spinning process and the launch surface itself. As described in the paper published recently in arXiv:
    The presence of this charge will lead both to mutual repulsion among the emitted strands, and an additional overall induced electrostatic force on the spider, providing a component of lift that is independent of convection or aerodynamic effects.
    As reported in The Physics arXiv blog:
    This idea accounts for all the previously unexplained ballooning phenomena. For example, it explains how spiders achieve such a high velocity in conditions of little or no wind. It also explains how such large spiders are able to generate lift. These produce several strands that each acquire charge and generate lift. And it explains why these strands fan out from each other–because their negative charges repel.

    I am very suspicious about this very recent article when there is so little about spider migration in general, BUT the reason scientists may have been quiet might be because these little critters are being carried aloft by strong electromagnetic and electrostatic forces. Since meteorologists and scientists in general have major problems acknowledging the role of the electrogmagnetic force that supports a more sophisticated understanding of what is going on in the atmosphere (THEY DON'T HAVE SUITABLE ACADEMIC TRAINING), the recent extreme geomagnetic levels must be causing some serious embarrassment… (Those atmospheric rivers carrying humongous amounts of water across the globe suddenly now becoming very erratic and causing massive flooding are difficult to explain without considering the fact that the electromagnetic force is 39 orders of magnitude greater than gravity… ) Anyway, we have got a few answers here because it looks like some hapless scientist not sufficiently brainwashed enough in Tier II/III/IV science, looked at the facts and decides these critters are managing to surf due to electromagnetic forces as it is impossible to blame it on the wind at times when there is NO WIND…. It is also made me think about that levitating frog embarrassing NASA at a rocket launch….. Surely, NASA would not use some banned technology to help rockets lift-off and evade gravity? /sarc off

Quake kills 45 in Pakistan, creates new island in sea
Reuters, 24th September 2013
(Reuters) - A major earthquake hit a remote part of western Pakistan on Tuesday, killing at least 45 people and prompting a new island to rise from the sea just off the country's southern coast.

Tremors were felt as far away as the Indian capital of New Delhi, hundreds of miles (kilometers) to the east, where buildings shook, as well as the sprawling port city of Karachi in Pakistan.

The United States Geological Survey said the 7.8 magnitude quake struck 145 miles southeast of Dalbandin in Pakistan's quake-prone province of Baluchistan, which borders Iran.

There was not even a tsunami warning, is this Earth changes on steroids?
  • Pakistan 7.7 Earthquake: 46 Dead
    CNN, 24th September 2013
    Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN) -- A deadly 7.7-magnitude earthquake struck southern Pakistan on Tuesday, the U.S. Geological Survey said. The death toll rose quickly, with at least 46 deaths reported in Awaran in Balochistan province, provincial Home Secretary Asad Gilani said. In addition to the fatalities, "dozens have been injured," Gilani said. Officials fear people are trapped in rubble.

  • Gwadar coast – A New island emerges off after earthquake [VIDEO]
    News, 24th September 2013
    GWADAR: A rock-like island has emerged some 1.5 kilometers off Gwadar following earthquake, officials say. According to DIG Gwadar, a similar island had appeared in Hangal in the coastal area of Lasbela four years ago.

    The quake struck at 4:29 pm local time (1129 GMT) around 100 kilometres (60 miles) southwest of the city of Khuzdar in Balochistan province, at a depth of 15 kilometres. USGS originally measured the earthquake at magnitude 7.4 and 29 kilometres deep but later revised their figure. Pakistan’s meteorological office gave the magnitude as 7.7. On the Gwadar coastline, the quake created a small island about half a mile into the sea near an area called ‘Jhanda’.

  • Earthquake in Balochistan: Death toll touches 150
    Tribune Express, 24th September 2013
    A powerful 7.7-magnitude earthquake hit southwestern Pakistan on Tuesday, killing hundreds in Balochistan, besides creating a new island off the Gwadar coastline in its wake, Express News reported. Tremors were felt as far as the Indian capital New Delhi. The Deputy Speaker Balochistan Assembly stated that at least 150 people had died from the disaster. There is another photo of this island here…

  • Massive earthquake in Pakistan – At least 50 killed and 100's injured – estimated damage : 100 million US$, 24th September 2013
    This page will automatically refresh every 10 minutes…

  • GWADAR: A rock-like island [PHOTO ONLY], 24th September 2013

How the Arctic Seed Vault and Apocalypse Entwine With Climate Change
Gizmodo News, September 2013
Since 2007, the Svalbard Global Seed Vault has maintained a repository of the world’s agricultural heritage. A series of tunnels bored into the side of a mountain, this vault is climate-controlled, secure against tectonic activity or sea-level rise, and designed to hold up to 4.5 million different seed varieties for centuries to come. Built 900km north of Europe in Svalbard, a barren archipelago in Norway, it sits on the edge of the Arctic Ocean, containing duplicate specimens from other seed vaults scattered throughout the world. There are more than 1,000 crop diversity collections worldwide, but the Global Seed Vault in Svalbard was built away from civilisation because it is the fail-safe, the insurance policy, the last resort.

Since its inception, the Svalbard Global Seed Vault has repeatedly evoked a sense of the apocalypse. Everyone from Fox News to Wired magazine has used the unofficial nickname ‘doomsday seed vault’ to refer to the project, and it is routinely described as a last haven and refuge for plant biodiversity should some global catastrophe destroy the world’s crops. ‘The “doomsday” vault is designed to keep millions of seed samples safe from natural and unnatural disasters: global warming, asteroid strikes, plant diseases, nuclear warfare, and even earthquakes,’National Geographic reported in 2008. Wired, in 2011, referred to it as ‘the world’s insurance policy against botanical holocaust’.

I am not even sure what the point of this article is about. Whatever. As a reminder, one of the original articles concerning this vault appeared in the New Scientist in January 2006, Doomsday vault to avert world famine. copy. It revealed that the Norwegian government had announced that they would build a vault to store seeds in a mountainside on the island of Svalbard 1,000 km (600 miles) from the North Pole. It was described as a “Noah’s Ark” by the Norwegian Agriculture and Food Minister and the vault’s purpose was to enable survivors of a global disaster to re-seed Earth. One reason given for this planning was the possibility of a complete breakdown of global electricity supplies, but no mention is given of why this would occur besides, "If the worst came to the worst, the seed vault would allow the world to reconstruct agriculture on this planet". According to various government officials, scientists and engineers, the worst is coming, the issue is how soon…

Super Typhoon Usagi, 'world's strongest storm of 2013', heading for Hong Kong
South China Morning Post, 21st September 2013
[…] Winds of 205 kilometers per hour were expected to bring torrential rain and destructive gusts. Philippine weather bureau forecaster Alvin Pura said the super typhoon had gathered strength and speed with gusts reaching 240 kph.

“It is the strongest typhoon in the west Pacific region this year,” a weather forecaster at the Taiwan Central Weather Bureau said. "Usagi is this year's most powerful tropical storm by wind speed anywhere in the world," Cheng Ming-Dean, director of Taiwan’s Weather Bureau added. [] It was difficult at the present time to estimate whether Usagi would hit Hong Kong head-on, he said, because the typhoon is still a long way from the city.

“A slight change of direction can make a considerable difference in terms of its impact on Hong Kong,” the spokesman explained. Taiwan's authorities urged residents on southern parts of the island to carry out precautionary measures as Usagi approaches. China's state news agency Xinhua reported a "yellow alert" had been issued as the storm approaches.

According to the comments here, super typhoon Usagi will hit Hong Kong at high tide generating a storm surge that will be 2 metres of water higher than normal. This scenario looks similar to what happened with Superstorm Sandy that was not even a hurricane when it hit land, but the damage in New York was horrendous. Despite the warnings that big coastal cities are not prepared to cope with major disasters, it seems that reality waits for no man and it will be interesting to see what happens. More Info at the UK Independent Strongest Storm For 30 Years Is Heading For Hong Kong

Strength of gravity shifts – and this time it's serious
New Scientist, 11th September 2013
Did gravity, the force that pins us to Earth's surface and holds stars together, just shift? Maybe, just maybe. The latest measurement of G, the so-called constant that puts a figure on the gravitational attraction between two objects, has come up higher than the current official value.

Measurements of G are notoriously unreliable, so the constant is in permanent flux and the official value is an average. However, the recent deviation is particularly puzzling, as it is at once starkly different to the official value and yet very similar to a measurement made back in 2001, not what you would expect if the discrepancy was due to random experimental errors. […]

"Logically, either some of the experiments are wrong, or G is not constant," says Mark Kasevich of Stanford University.

An oscillating G could be evidence for a particular theory that relates dark energy to a fifth, hypothetical fundamental force, in addition to the four we know – gravity, electromagnetism, and the two nuclear forces. This force might also cause the strength of gravity to oscillate, says Padilla. "This result is indeed very intriguing."

A further, less radical option is that G is still a constant but that Quinn's team has hit upon its true value. That would mean the actual value of G is higher than the official figure, which is interesting in itself, says cosmologist Clare Burrage of Nottingham University.

Despite the fact that some scientists don't believe gravity exists and even though opinion varies,the belief is that scientists are instead measuring some side effect we call gravity associated with more fundamental forces. Well, I still wrote about why we should expect gravity fluctuations and even a permanent gravity shift due to the changing flux of dark matter in my essay The Greatest Transition (June, 2010). I think there is now enough new scientific missions and an assortment of new announcements (see archives) that imply that spacetime is changing and our reality is being affected. The most relevant new announcement is the discovery of positrons, see A Whiff of Dark Matter on the ISS (April 2013) by the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, a particle detector operating onboard the International Space Station. This discovery of the antimatter equivalent of electrons sent shock waves through the scientific community…. Well, due to all the hints and tips for those who are clever enough to decipher the news, I believe Tier I scientists already know that spacetime is changing. The existence of fluctuating dark matter causing gravity to vary does not rule out another possibility of pulsars delivering new matter but either way, the basis of our reality and therefore something fundamental is changing.

Strange Sounds Heard All Over Terrace This Morning [CANADA]
Explanations range from electromagnetic storm to the second coming
cftktv News, 29th August 2013
Was it an elabourate prank? Was it the sound of aliens? Was it the second coming? Those were some of the suggestions heard today, as many Terrace residents awoke to a rather unearthly sound, which was heard in many parts of the city at around 7:30 this morning.

The sound lasted for roughly 10 minutes -- and was recorded by many people. This recording was submitted to us by Kimberly Wookey.

There is already lots of chatter on the internet and I have already written lots about why we are getting electromagnetic energy from space being transduced into sky sounds. So, none of this makes any sense unless you understand something about astrotheology. You are either aware of the use of metaphors to preserve ancient knowledge or you are not. This is a local news video link:

Hampshire 'vortex of hay' captured on camera
BBC News, 30th August 2013
Mr Farndell had his camera on him and was able to capture the phenomenon A man captured footage of a weather phenomenon known as a "hay devil" while in the countryside near his home.

Kevin Farndell was walking through some fields near Dummer, Hampshire, when he saw "straw quite high in the sky". He added: "As I rounded the corner I could see this vortex of hay whizzing around." Hay devils, sometimes referred to as dust devils, occur when the ground is hot and the rising warm air lifts up light debris.

I have stood about 25 feet (8m) away from freshly cut grass swirling in a vortex and it was a distinctly electrical phenomenon as the air was totally charged producing a very uncomfortable experience.

This Waterspout In Croatia Is Magnificent (VIDEO)
Huffington Post, 29th August 2013
This waterspout off the coast of southern Croatia is simply magnificent. Filmed on Wednesday by storm-chaser/photographer Boris Basic in the historic seaside city of Dubrovnik, the video captures the tall, thin vortex as its spins in place, connecting the ocean with the sky.

Basic, who's a member of the Dubrovnik Storm Chasers team, a group of amateur meteorologists who track and photograph severe weather in the region, told The Huffington Post that the video above captured just one of 20 waterspouts he and his team witnessed on Wednesday in the Adriatic Sea off Croatia's rocky coast.

I said that NASA were warning us about the start of waterspout season…

Volcanic 'geyser' erupts close to Rome airport
Italian experts have been puzzled by the overnight appearance of a geyser crater spraying clouds of gas 15 feet in the air, yards from the end of the runway at one of Europe’s busiest airports.
Telegraph, 25th August 2013
Motorists on Saturday were alarmed to notice hot, stinking gas spurting from a newly formed crater in the middle of a roundabout close to the perimeter fence of Rome’s Fiumicino airport -- less than 900 yards from the end of a runway.

Spectators gathered around the smoking crater, which measured about six feet wide and three feet deep, before firefighters and vulcanologists arrived to seal off the roundabout to prevent inhalation of the gas, suspected to be a cocktail of carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide and methane. Tests are now underway.

Pink Snow Surprises Residents In Karaghanda
Message To Eagle, 17th August 2013
Summer is not yet over, but this does not prevent strange snow for showing up in some parts of the world. Residents in Karaghanda, Kazakhstan witnessed extraordinary snowfall on August 13. Snow falling from the sky was pink!

Meteorologists predicted rainfall on that day, but snow fell instead. According to weather experts this is a normal and natural phenomenon that cannot always be predicted, just like a tornado or storm. Extreme weather conditions have surprised us before. We have seen on a couple of occasions how lakes and seas have suddenly turned red.

Original source: Pink snow falls in heat of summer in Karaganda

Earthquakes In Irish Sea Shake North West
The British Geological Survey has recorded two earthquakes in the North West, with local residents saying they felt a tremor.
Sky News, 25th August 2013
The British Geological Survey has recorded two earthquakes in the North West, with residents of Blackpool, Fleetwood and Barrow saying they felt their homes shaking. The first of the two quakes had a 2.4 magnitude. It was reported at 5.37am at a depth of 3km (1.8 miles), 25km (15 miles) west of Fleetwood. The second one measured magnitude 3.3. It was recorded at 9.58am at a depth of 5km (3 miles).

Colorado Hail Storms Produce "Winter" in August
Weather Underground, 23rd August 2013
Strong to severe thunderstorms pushed through the Colorado Springs, Denver and Pueblo areas on Thursday night, dropping such an enormous amount of hail that it resembled snowfall. For the most part, the hailstones were below-severe limits, measuring no more than a dime to a nickel in size. However, larger, severe-size hailstones were reported during the event. The National Weather Service in Boulder, Colo. received a report of golf ball size hail in Jefferson County.

Torrential Rains Shut Down Philippine Capital
ABC News, 19th August 2013
Torrential rains brought the Philippine capital to a standstill Monday, submerging some areas in waist-deep floodwaters and making streets impassable to vehicles while thousands of people across coastal and mountainous northern regions fled to emergency shelters.

The national disaster agency and local officials reported at least two dead and several missing. Schools, offices, the stock exchange, courts and embassies were closed as the weather bureau placed metropolitan Manila – a sprawling area of 12 million people – under red alert.

Read the article, sudden atmospheric river water 'dumps' and human efforts combine to make catastrophic flooding events worse than the need to be.

Wellington shaken by severe earthquake
NZ Herald News, 16th August 2013
The severe earthquake which rocked the upper South Island and lower North Island this afternoon sent workers in Wellington running into the streets as the ground shook and buildings swayed from side to side.

GNS has confirmed the earthquake at 2.31pm was a magnitude 6.6 and was just 8km deep, 3km shallower than the magnitude 6.5 quake which hit the Cook Strait last month. Today's quake was centred just off Seddon at the top of the South Island, causing significant damage to houses and infrastructure in the region.

In Wellington, hundreds of commuters were left stranded, with the rail network crippled and 11 commuter trains stuck between platforms for up to an hour.

I have seen this earthquake reported anywhere between 6.9 and 6.6, but folk are worried the 2.31pm quake is a precursor to something much much bigger…
  • Seismologist warns of megathrust earthquake threat for New Zealand
    Hawkes Bay Today News, 4th February 2013 Flashback!
    Less than 100km off the coast of Hawke's Bay is a deep-water trench that could be the site of a potential megathrust earthquake similar to the 2011 Japan earthquake, says seismologist Kevin Furlong. Despite the Hikurangi Trench's potential, he said very little was known about the underwater valley, where the Pacific plate was dragged underneath the Australian plate.

    This appears to the identification of yet another region at risk of major geophysical upheaval. Courtesy: Extinction Protocol

Famous cloud formation rolls in ahead of time
ABC News, 13th August 2013
Residents of an island in Queensland's Gulf of Carpentaria say a rare formation of clouds known as Morning Glory have appeared much earlier than expected. Tex Battle from Sweers Island says the clouds, which appear like a roll of clouds in the sky, are usually visible from mid September.

He says the first formation appeared on Sunday and yesterday's clouds also brought some rain. "It approached slowly, it was well formed, neatly formed and for the first time ever we had some rain come out of it – not much, just a trace," he said.

In a few parts of the world this cloud formation is expected yearly but it is interesting that this roll cloud has appeared a month early. Thanks to T. Browning for the tip.

Freak hail the size of 'eggs' destroys crops in Bordeaux weeks after storms wrecked 90 per cent of Burgundy's vineyards
Daily Mail, 10th August 2013
* Severe hailstorms hit the Bordeaux region on August 2 completely destroying entire vineyards
* Vineyards owners described the hail as being the size of 'pigeon's eggs'
* Comes weeks after much of Burgundy's wine crop was destroyed by storms
* Many wine-makers are now facing ruin as they have no grapes to make wine

Wine-makers in France are facing ruin after hail storms decimated vineyards in Bordeaux just a few weeks after summer storms destroyed up to 90 per cent of crops in Burgundy.

The torrential hail storm which struck on August 2 ravaged around 20,000 hectares of land in the region - leaving many vineyards completely barren.

Many wine-makers in the region have been left with no crops by freak hail the size of 'pigeon's eggs' while others have seen theirs severely reduced. […]

Many argue that insurance is the only viable option – but with some areas seeing six devastating hailstorms in the last 12 years, it is becoming increasingly costly.

The world is a big place. It can't be terrible weather all the time everywhere, because there are reports of record harvests.

The river UNDER the sea: Haunting images of scuba diver exploring mysterious channel flowing in water-filled cavern
Daily Mail, 6th August 2013

Bizarre 'Meteotsunami' Stirred Waves in UK
Live Science, 5th August 2013
A tsunami that struck the UK in 2011 was caused by a storm roiling the ocean hundreds of miles away, a new study confirms.

The "meteotsunami" (or weather-induced tsunami) of June 27, 2011, caused swells on a normally calm estuary on a sunny day, left some people knee-deep in water and made other people's hair stand on end in southwest England. Scientists suspected that a storm was to blame for the bizarre waves, but the new study, published in the June issue of the journal Weather, confirms it.

"As far as Britain is concerned this is the first time that a meteotsunami has been recorded," said study co-author David Tappin, a marine geologist at the British Geological Survey. [10 Tsunamis That Changed History]

Weather-induced waves happen when storms blast the ocean surface with a burst of pressure, creating a wave. But this wave only turns into a tsunami if the pressure wave forms a resonance with the weather pattern – meaning the wave is traveling at the same speed as the weather front itself.

I remember now, the reports of people's hair standing on end with the static electricity! High tides or landslides and earthquakes that usually cause tsunamis, are not normally accompanied by a big flow of charge and I wonder whether it means the jet stream hit sea level…. The source of this charge had to come from somewhere and an extreme electrical storms might suggest the cause was severe space weather. Therefore, the suggestion that modifications to weather forecasting is needed, is reminiscent of the acknowledgement that space weather now needs to be taken into account… Whatever, this looks like another major change…
  • Mild tsunami strikes Cornish coast, shifting water levels 'in a flash'
    Landslide at sea likely cause of surging wave along south coast and hair-raising static electricity
    The Guardian, 29th June 2011 Flashback
    An underwater landslide is thought to have caused a small tsunami that sent holidaymakers and anglers scattering in Cornwall. Witnesses reported the sea being sucked out, or receding, before a wave struck the coast on Monday morning.

    No damage was caused by the wave, thought to have been about 40cm (16in) high and causing a surge up to 90cm (3ft) by the time the seawater pushed into the Yealm estuary, 70 miles up the coast near Plymouth, Devon, but many people, along the south coast, up to Hampshire, were left baffled by the phenomenon.

    There were reports that static electricity in the air at the time made people's hair stand on end.

  • NOAA: A Rare Tsunami Hit The East Coast Earlier This Month
    NPR News, 25th June 2013

Hundreds of submarine volcanoes found off the coast of Norway
Extinction Protocol, 2nd August 2013
NORWAY – Researchers at the University of Bergen (UiB) has discovered hundreds of volcanoes in the deep sea around Norway. The area may be Norway’s new National Park or billion-profit generating region.The unique findings were discovered in Norwegian waters along a 1500 km long volcanic mountain range, which stretches from Jan Mayen to the Fram Strait between Svalbard and Greenland. Prior to this white spots on the map, we knew nothing about what was there. But using technological tools we have been able to map the ocean floor.

NOAA has been pointing out the sudden appearance of thousands of undersea volcanoes. So, it looks like Robert Felix at was right to point out the relationship between climate change and volcanic activity, especially the role of undersea volcanoes. See It's not Global Warming, it's Ocean Warming

Mystery of shadowy dark line shooting from a cloud over Florida beach stumps weather experts
It's a funnel cloud! It's a shadow! No, it's … what is it?
Tampa Bay Times, 2nd August 2013
DUNEDIN – Mike Weight was strolling the beach at Honeymoon Island about noon Wednesday when he saw something weird. A black line appeared against the bright blue sky, shooting down from a cloud into the gulf. "At first I thought it was an optical illusion because it was like a dark piece of sky with a light sky background," Weight said. "You could see through it." […]

Mike Clay, chief meteorologist at Bay News 9, didn't know what the black line was either. He shared the photos with several other weather experts. One meteorologist came back with a theory: It could be the shadow of a contrail, the stream of condensed water vapor left by a rocket or plane. The contrail could have been concealed by clouds, Clay said.

For such a shadow to appear, conditions need to be just right, with the sun and contrail in precise spots. But that's just a theory. Clay said no one he spoke with is entirely sure what Weight saw.

The headline came from the Uk Daily Mail version of this story link. Of course, none of the professionals pay much attention to what is going on outside of traditional meteorology so it's no surprise that they can only make guesses. We have had other examples of huge beams of light hitting Earth and being caught on camera, besides other strange atmospheric events, see archives. Whatever, I have been pointing out: the laser-cut looking sinkholes on land and ice sheets; hole-punch clouds; killer electrons and associated new research; and natural microwave lasers in Earth's atmosphere associated with intense electrical activity…. Surely, it is obvious to a few that major change has occurred in Earth's atmosphere. Think and you might find some truth.

The mystery of the highway in the sky: Sunbeams, clouds and strange shadows caused astronomical phenomenon in China
Colorado Newsday, 28th July 2013
[…]When a strange 'highway' was spotted in the skies in China, few people knew what had caused the unusual astronomical phenomenon.

After investigating, meteorological experts think the bizarre pathway was created by a combination of sunbeams 'cast from over the horizon,' clouds high in the sky and shadows.

The striking photos of the unusual astronomical phenomena were spotted in the sky above Boao Town of Qionghai City in Hainan Province, South China.

More previously rare atmospheric phenomena becoming not so rare. I picked up previous reports in June & December 2012.

Mysterious glowing multi-colored clouds light up night sky in Russia (Video)
Open Minds, 31st July 2013
Thousands of people in Russia witnessed an incredible array of glowing multi-colored clouds in the Ural Mountains region recently. Although scientists have theorized that they it may be a rare occurrence of the Northern Lights in the area or a phenomenon called “silver clouds,” others are not so sure. This is the same region that a huge meteorite struck in February, causing thousands of injuries.

Most reports came from Chelyabinsk, the largest city in the area. The video above was taken in the nearby town of Miass, which is where the lights are said to have been the brightest.

I presume this is some kind of electrical discharge phenomenon associated with a dusty plasma enhanced cloud. In the archives, we have had some other strange similar events in recent years (I also have examples not online in the archives), almost like huge lightbulb filaments glowing in the sky… I have never heard of "silver clouds" so this could be yet another very rare atmospheric phenomenon appearing on a regular basis as charged dusty plasmas from space burst through into the Earth's lower atmosphere.

The mystery of the highway in the sky: Sunbeams, clouds and strange shadows caused astronomical phenomenon in China
Colorado Newsday, 28th July 2013
[…]When a strange 'highway' was spotted in the skies in China, few people knew what had caused the unusual astronomical phenomenon.

After investigating, meteorological experts think the bizarre pathway was created by a combination of sunbeams 'cast from over the horizon,' clouds high in the sky and shadows.

The striking photos of the unusual astronomical phenomena were spotted in the sky above Boao Town of Qionghai City in Hainan Province, South China.

More previously rare atmospheric phenomena becoming not so rare. I picked up previous reports in June & December 2012.

Stunning scene of FOUR waterspouts off Greece coast is captured in awe-inspiring photographs
Daily Mail, 30th July 2013
* Italian Roberto Giudici captured images while sailing off Greek island
* Taken in 1999 but have only been unveiled after appearing on NASA website
* Seeing one waterspout is considered to be once-in-a-lifetime event

Seeing just one waterspout is thought by many to be a once-in-a-lifetime event, but one lucky boat passenger managed to capture four in these amazing pictures. Italian Roberto Giudici managed to take the pictures while sailing off the Greek Island of Orthoni, in the Ionian Sea, when a huge storm blew up over night. The morning light then revealed this stunning scene of the four waterspouts, which develop in a similar way to tornadoes but are usually far weaker.

This is not so rare these days and you can find very recent examples by using Google, see below… I suspect that NASA are trying to condition people because more are expected in August as there are stronger Earth-Cosmos electrical connections at this time of year. Go back into the archives, August & September 2012 were quite wild…

Hailstones the size of tennis balls cause millions of euros of damage in German village [VIDEO]
Severe thunderstorms sparks misery for villagers as giant hail stones fall from the sky
Mirror News, 30th July 2013
Tennis ball-sized hailstones rain down on a German village in a storm that has caused millions of euros of damage to homes and cars.

Kathleen Busche, who lives in the village of Wassel, near Hanover, told the Telegraph: "I ran to my window and then it really started. Our doors cracked, and the 'tennis balls' jumped up and down in our garden, and we got into a panic."

Another resident, Laello Chan , who posted a video on YouTube showing the storm, said he expected the cost of damage to property to be in the millions.

These massive hailstones events appear to be coming more often, providing some awakening for a few who think climate change will not affect them.

More 'Rare' & 'Glowing' Clouds?, 29th July 2013
NACREOUS CLOUDS OVER TIERRA DEL FUEGO: On July 24th, about an hour after sunset, Gerardo Connon of Rio Grande city in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, walked outside and witnessed a rare display of nacreous clouds. The colorful apparition was as bright as the street lights in the city below:

These clouds, also known as "mother of pearl clouds," form in the stratosphere far above the usual realm of weather. They are seldom seen, but when they are, the reports usually come from high-northern parts of our planet. This apparition over Tierra del Fuego was unusual indeed.

Surely these clouds are electrified? These clouds are high but still only a quarter of the distance up in comparison to noctilucent clouds, so the backlit by the Sun explanation is a little suspect. Earth's atmosphere is electrifield that is a fact, but it seems a combination of factors sometimes switch the clouds on and makes them glow brightly with quite spectacular results. Here is some more background info at ATS, The beauty of the Nacreous Clouds

Horse swallowed by Somerset sink hole
hoebe Garlick describes her shock at being woken at 4am to find that her horse Harvey had plummeted six feet down a sink hole.
Telegraph, 26th July 2013

Earthquakes Burp Up Methane Bubbles
Live Science, 28th July 2013
The long-suspected link between earthquakes and underwater methane bursts has finally been confirmed, reports a study published today (July 28) in the journal Nature Geoscience.

Though the temblor wasn't caught in the act, the strong shaking left clues in methane-rich mud and sand offshore of Pakistan, where two of Earth's tectonic plates collide at the Makran subduction zone. In 1945, a magnitude-8.1 earthquake struck along the subduction zone, killing at least 300 people and triggering a tsunami.

Finally, the cause of more methane appearing in our atmosphere is a measure of the occurence of more geophysical activity and thus linked to cosmic factors.

Storms deliver triple digit winds, hail nearly 5 inches in diameter, street flooding
Wichita Eagle News, 24th July 2013
As sunrise brings fresh light to the aftermath of strong storms in southern Kansas from Tuesday night, authorities are beginning to assess the toll.

Hail as large as baseballs was reported in east Hutchinson, according to Reno County Emergency Management. Winds estimated as high as 100 miles an hour were reported in southern Reno County near Pretty Prairie. The town itself was hit hard by hail and strong winds, knocking down trees and blocking streets.

A hail stone measuring 4.75 inches in diameter fell near Yoder in eastern Reno County and hail as large as tennis balls was also reported.

See more headlines at Ice Age Now for extreme cold in South America.

Otherworldly Photos Capture Mysterious Phenomena in Upper Atmosphere
Wired News, 23rd July 2013
[…] A lot of research regarding TLEs is still cutting-edge science, said Ashcraft. Only in recent years have scientists aimed high-speed cameras capable of capturing thousands of frames per second to study the spectacles in detail. While researchers had originally hypothesized that the phenomena were starting at the tops of thunderclouds, fast-motion videos prove that TLEs start as luminous spheres and then shoot upwards and downwards at the same time.

Shelter from the Storm: Incredible and unusual clouds that herald a massive downpour are spotted in the Midwest
Daily Mail, 24th July 2013

* Bulbous formation turned sky over Iron Mountain orange
* Weather phenomenon, known as Mammatus, can be sign of storm

Ominous clouds gathered over a Michigan city on Monday night, leading residents to question what was causing the bulbous formations and if they were a sign of rough weather ahead.

As the orange-tinged clouds were spotted at about 8.30pm above Iron Mountain, residents posted pictures of them on social media to see if anyone could identify what they were. Meteorologist Jeff Last was finally able to resolve the mystery through Twitter, when he identified the phenomenon as Mammatus.

These mammatus clouds don't seem so rare these days at it must be more obvious the atmosphere is becoming more disturbed by an outside influence…

It's been so hot even the fish are dying! Wildlife wiped out and cars flooded by a month's rain in just hours as extreme conditions sweep Britain [PHOTOS]
Daily Mail, 24th July 2013

* Around 50 homes hit by flash flooding in Southwell, Nottinghamshire, following heavy downpours
* Entire months rainfall hits Pershore, Worcestershire, in the space of three hours as the area is hit by 56mm of rain

Two flood warnings and 13 flood alerts put in place by the Environment Agency Man, 27, drowns after going swimming in a reservoir in in Keswick, Cumbria

After the hot weather finally ended, it was flooding that arrived with heavy rain. In Southwell, Nottinghamshire, more than 50 homes were affected as a sudden downpour caused flash floods. Cars were left damaged and the road was left covered in thick mud after vehicles had been tossed around in the dirty water. Mother-of-four Julie Wells, 40, described the gushing wall of water as 'like a tsunami' after the storm engulfed the village.

At the moment, the skeptics are still arguing we are not seeing more extreme weather, but I think rough space weather and weak cosmic defenses means extreme weather is inevitable…

Supermoon Could Trigger An Earthquake Over Next Several Days
The Weather Space News, 22nd July 2013
Tonight is the Supermoon. The Supermoon is when the moon is closer to the Earth on orbit, resulting in a bigger and brighter moon than usual. But will it cause an Earthquake?

Several triggers are in place for one to happen. First, the Supermoon. Retired USGS Geologist Jim Berkland long looked at the Moon as a trigger for Earthquakes. He produces Earthquake windows for the Ring of Fire based on the Moon phase between the Earth and the Sun. This is called, Syzygy, a straight line configuration of three celestial bodies.

When the Moon is Full, the Earth is between it and the Sun. This causes extreme force on the planet, with higher tides as well. Berkland claims this is a trigger to quakes.

My own triggers have to do with weather systems and geomagnetic fields. My theories of geomagnetic fields being a trigger to Earthquakes date back many years, before the new millennium took place. Higher geomagnetic field readings are in place right now.

Earth is inside a stream of solar wind flowing from a very large coronal hole. A coronal hole is a section on the Sun where solar wind can escape into space, traveling at many hundreds of km/sec. This is due to continue through the weekend.

These three triggers may be enough to trigger mechanisms in faults we still have not uncovered.

I have had a look at the plot and I think the issue is also related to the alignment of Jupiter, Mars and Mercury with Earth…. These planets will be acting as lenses to funnel galactic energy. Besides, the earthquake risk is more of an issue 3/4 days either side of the actual full supermoon. Hence news of major earthquakes were anticipated by those looking out for the next disaster.

Volcanic earthquakes produce a “seismic scream” just before eruption
So many earthquakes happening so quickly that they are impossible to separate
Ars Technica News, 15th July 2013
Volcanic activity is intimately associated with seismic activity. You simply can't force molten or semi-molten rock through a mountain without cracking a few faults in the process. If we were ever able to understand how to read the seismic activity correctly, it could provide valuable advanced warning about impending eruptions.

A 2009 eruption of Alaska's Redoubt Volcano may not get us much closer to an advanced warning, but it provides a detailed glimpse of the last moments before an explosive eruption. Shortly before the eruption, small faults within the volcano were breaking so frequently that they merged into what's being called a "seismic scream." Then, within a few minutes of the eruption, the scream got cut off as the last resistance gave way.

I suppose it is too much to ask that they use slightly more technical terms and explanation like a complex electromagnetic signal in preference to scream… See archives for similar reports analysis.

Massive Portuguese earthquake 'could send a three-metre high tsunami towards British coast and submerge Isles of Scilly'
Daily Mail, 16th July 2013

* Disaster planners say a repeat of the 1755 Great Lisbon quake is overdue
* Such a quake would wipe out Scillies and much of the coast of Cornwall
* Devon and Cornwall Local Resilience Forum wants warning system for UK
* Their concerns will be examined by government scientists and experts

Swathes of Britain could be left totally underwater by a tsunami in the Atlantic Ocean, it has been claimed. An earthquake off Portugal could trigger disastrous levels of flooding along the coast of the UK, scientists have said. The Isles of Scilly and parts of Cornwall would be worst hit if there were a repeat of the Lisbon earthquake of 1755. […]

Experts believe that a quake similar to the devastating one 250 years ago would send a 10ft wall of water towards the UK.

Yet again, another assessment of earthquake and tsunami risk. This is NOT another waste of time exercise. The massive landslide in India last week that could be seen from space, where an estimated 6,000 people in a remote region were killed proves that world controllers are paying attention to the geophysical changes taking place on this planet.
  • Mysterious Disaster in India Seen from Space
    Discovery News, 15th July 2013
    It has taken some time for the news to come out of India, but there has been a major landslide disaster that has claimed an estimated 6,000 lives. In the remote, mountainous north of the country, steep slopes have given way and launched flows of rock and water that have destroyed or seriously damaged some 240 villages and small towns.

HAARP Facility Shuts Down
ARRL News, 15th July 2013
The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) – a subject of fascination for many hams and the target of conspiracy theorists and anti-government activists – has closed down. HAARP’s program manager, Dr James Keeney at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico, told ARRL that the sprawling 35-acre ionospheric research facility in remote Gakona, Alaska, has been shuttered since early May.

“Currently the site is abandoned,” he said. “It comes down to money. We don’t have any.” Keeney said no one is on site, access roads are blocked, buildings are chained and the power turned off. HAARP’s website through the University of Alaska no longer is available; Keeney said the program can’t afford to pay for the service. “Everything is in secure mode,” he said, adding that it will stay that way at least for another 4 to 6 weeks. In the meantime a new prime contractor will be coming on board to run the government owned-contractor operated (GOCO) facility. […]

As he explained it, the diesel generators on site no longer pass Clean Air Act muster. Repairing them to meet EPA standards will run $800,000. Beyond that, he said, it costs $300,000 a month just to keep the facility open and $500,000 to run it at full capacity for 10 days.[…] As things stand, the Air Force has possession for now, but if no other agency steps forward to take over HAARP, the unique facility will be dismantled, Keeney said. He pointed out that it would cost less to bulldoze the antenna field than it would to replace the 180 antennas. Splashy web postings abound, blaming HAARP for controlling the weather – most recently in the case of Hurricane Sandy and the spate of tornados – and for causing other natural disasters. Quipped Keeney, “If I actually could affect the weather, I’d keep it open.”

What are all the HAARP believers going to do now to ignorantly blame atmospheric and geological events on! The HAARP boogey man is dead! The HAARP facility is rather pathetic compared to the billions of nuclear bombs worth of magnetic energy hitting Earth when solar flares detonate and the half trillion tonnes of plasma when CMEs arrive. Still, I am wondering whether the ghost of HAARP will live on or if the ignorant will find another atmospheric boogey man to blame things on… Well, I suppose the government can make a bit of cash stripping down the diesel engines that powered this atmospheric heater, maybe they can make some money selling bits as mementoes… LOL
  • Alaska’s controversial HAARP facility closed -- will it come back online?
    Alaska Dispatch, 17th July 2013
    Despite the optimism that the facility would reopen in the coming weeks or months, there remain some troubling questions about the future of HAARP. The ARRL reported that there was no budget request for HAARP in the 2015 fiscal year, which starts Oct. 1, 2014, and that the facility’s diesel generators are in need of upgrades that could end up costing in excess of $500,000 to meet Environmental Protection Agency Clean Air Act requirements.

    The uncertainty about HAARP’s future could also signal a fading interest on the part of the U.S. military in continued HAARP research projects, perhaps due to a lack of viable defense applications. Wired Magazine reported in 2009 that HAARP cost about $10 million each year to operate, and noted that military officials were getting antsy as early as 1999 about turning HAARP into a viable military research installation -- “…the Pentagon wanted to know when its overpriced conspiracy-magnet would produce that battle-ready technology they'd been promised,” wrote Noah Shachtman.

    It looks to me that the military did not get what they were promised… Whatever, there seems to be some dissension as a few people try to maintain their HAARP gravy-train… Hence, the effort to try and say the facility is just waiting for a new owner… Meanwhile, the place is locked up and closed since late May 2013 and the truly stupid are still trying to blame earthquakes on this non-operational facility.

Unusual Storm System Moving Backwards Across United States Through End Week
An unusual storm system is over Oklahoma and Texas at this time, causing severe thunderstorms and much needed rainfall to the dry areas of both states.
The Weather Space, 14th July 2013

Photos: Spectacular Views of Sunday's Aurora, 14th July 2013
A dazzling aurora was visible as far south as Kansas on Sunday night, thanks to an earth directed coronal mass ejection solar flare that occurred on Friday. Monday night may still offer views in the northern United States, according to Meteorologist and Astronomer Mark Paquette.

Nobody wants to talk about geomagnetic storms causing previously very rare purple auroras. WHAT HAS CHANGED SHOULD BE EXPLAINED.

Green Flash on The Sun, 14th July 2013
GREEN FRAGMENT BREAKS OFF THE SUN (NOT REALLY): On July 12th, nature photographer Jim Young was watching the sun set over the Pacific Ocean west of Seaside, Oregon, when a green fragment broke away from the solar disk.

Appearances notwithstanding, the sun is still intact. What happened? The green color of the eruption is the key clue. "It was a green flash," explains Young, "caused by refraction in the atmosphere over the Pacific ocean." The Pacific is a great place to find green flashes. Temperature gradiants in the air above the sea surface magnify tiny differences in the atmospheric refraction of red and green light, creating a verdant mirage.

There was a time when green flashes were thought to be fables, but now we know they are real. Jules Verne popularized the phenomenon in his 1882 novel "Le Rayon Vert" (The Green Ray). He described "a green which no artist could ever obtain on his palette, a green of which neither the varied tints of vegetation nor the shades of the most limpid sea could ever produce the like! If there is a green in Paradise, it cannot be but of this shade, which most surely is the true green of Hope." 131 years later, Young is hoping for more

Green and even rarer blue flashes on the Sun are being documented on a regular basis (use google to find more examples at and have now been regulated from myth to yet another sign of the times. Btw, green flashes have been detected on the moon too… I don't think the answer is temperature… it does not explain how we have gone from fable to fact in such a short period of time.

High intensity quake could reduce Shimla to rubble: National Disaster Management Authority report
Times of India, 11th July 2013
SHIMLA: In last few years, Himachal Pradesh (HP) is witnessing increased frequency of earthquakes up to 5 magnitude on the Richter scale, which has led to the fear of bigger quakes hitting the state in future. While experts are claiming low intensity quakes release seismic energy to avoid bigger earthquakes, unplanned constructions, even on steep hills, has led to fear of widespread destruction if a high magnitude earthquake hits the state.

Another country reporting regional earthquake risk…

Six-Year Oscillation in Earth's Core Changes Length of Day
Live Science, 10th July 2013
  • California Climate, PDO, LOD, and Sunspot Departure
    WUWT, 7th October 2007
    The Atmospheric Angular Momentum index (AAM) is a factor used in numeric weather forecasting. The AAM index is a measure of the ratio of East West vs. North South winds on the planet. The AAM index accounts for about 98 percent of the variation in Earth’s length of day variation (LOD) (measured in milliseconds per day). LOD variation is measured daily by the Naval Observatory and has been monitored since 1640 at England’s Greenwich Observatory. The annual average of the daily length of day is shorter after 1975. This reflects a greater North-South component in the worldwide wind patterns as well as a major change in California’s rain and temperature trends.

Deserts ‘greening’ from rising CO2
WUWT, 8th July 2013
Increased levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) have helped boost green foliage across the world’s arid regions over the past 30 years through a process called CO2 fertilisation, according to CSIRO research.

In findings based on satellite observations, CSIRO, in collaboration with the Australian National University (ANU), found that this CO2 fertilisation correlated with an 11 per cent increase in foliage cover from 1982-2010 across parts of the arid areas studied in Australia, North America, the Middle East and Africa, according to CSIRO research scientist, Dr Randall Donohue.

Alberta Hailstorm Leaves Behind 10-Mile Ice Strip Across Airdrie, Canada [PHOTO, VIDEOS]
International Business News, 9th July 2013
What appears to be a giant white strip in the middle of Canada is actually the aftereffect of a freak hailstorm in the province of Alberta this past weekend. The photograph, taken by a pilot, shows the remains of the storm in the city of Airdrie.

The now-viral photo, first shared on Twitter, was reportedly taken by a Jazz Aviation pilot, Captain Daryl Frank, north of Calgary on Saturday. According to a report from the Huffington Post, the hailstorm and high winds hit not only Airdrie but also Cochrane and north Calgary Saturday afternoon. The storm, although leaving behind up to 12 inches of accumulation that measured two miles wide and 10 miles long, only lasted an estimated 30 minutes, reported WunderGround.

Toronto battered by storm, flooding; thousands stranded [PHOTOS]
CTV News, 9th July 2013
A severe storm in Toronto flooded parts of the city, knocked out power to thousands, and shut down roads and sections of the city’s subway system Monday, as nearly 100 millimetres of water fell across the area in a matter of hours.

Rainfall totals measured 106 mm at the suburban Pearson International Airport after the storms blew through. The rain began at 4 p.m. local time, stranding commuters in cars, buses and subway trains as the busy rush hour was getting underway.

There are quite a few expected storms in various locations around the planet, see News at Accuweather
  • Severe thunderstorms cause major flooding, traffic nightmare in southern Ontario
    Weather Network, 8th July 2013

  • Why Toronto is flooding
    Global Toronto, 8th July 2013
    Though Environment Canada had issued a Special Weather Statement early in the afternoon, the severe thunderstorm warning for Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Brampton and Mississauga wasn’t issued until 5:55 p.m., long after the hardest part of the storm had passed through the area.

    Mark Seifert, a meteorologist with Environment Canada said that thunderstorms are “notoriously difficult” to predict. “Until they develop.” “We have been in a very hot and humid air mass for the past couple days and this morning’s sunshine helped destabilize the atmosphere,” said Global Toronto Meteorologist Anthony Farnell.

Region hit by silent 'heat' lightning
The Dominion Post, 8th July 2013
Stargazers could be mistaken for thinking the night sky had filled with flash photography last night after a series of 'heat' lightning strikes off the Wairarapa coast were seen across Kapiti, Wellington and as far north as Masterton. Karori man Stuart Cunningham noticed the flashes in the sky when he was walking to his house about 8pm. They were ''non directional'' and he originally thought someone nearby was doing flash photography.

Where is the true North Pole?
The Watchers, 3rd July 2013
The North Pole is at the top of the Earth and the South Pole is at the bottom, right? Except that the Earth is kind of a ball, and they don't really have tops and bottoms. Of course Earth isn`t exactly spherical and isn`t spinning through space - spinning about an imaginary axis of rotation.

One of the points where that axis goes through the Earth, in the Arctic ocean, where in 2007 Russians planted their flag on the bottom of the sea is called the North Pole. More precisely it is the "geographic" North Pole. Because just like there are different definitions for what a "year" is (tropical year, sidereal year, anomalistic year); there are different "North Poles".

This is basically a short tutorial.

Smethwick blaze: fire chiefs tell public to stop using Chinese lanterns
Call for urgent review into use of paper lanterns after evidence emerges that blaze that left 10 firefighters hurt was caused by one
Guardian News, 1st July 2013
Chief fire officers have called for an urgent review of the use of Chinese or paper lanterns across the UK after evidence emerged of one causing a blaze at a plastics recycling plant in which 10 firefighters were injured.

The blaze, said to be one of the largest ever in the West Midlands, started on Sunday night. More than 200 firefighters and nearly 40 fire engines tackled the fire, which sent a plume of smoke rising 2,000 metres (6,000ft) from the J&A Young plant at Smethwick, West Midlands.

I have already written a lot about Chinese lanterns see archives. The surprise is that there has not been more effort by the Fire Service to stop this new hazard. Actually, very close to my home in Norway, I once saw a firework at New Year land and quickly set fire to a small field in the middle of a housing estate where people quickly had to put the fire out before it started burning down houses. I have never felt the same about fireworks since.

Rare Atmospheric Phenomenon Observed from Armagh
Armagh Observatory, July 2013

Freak Afghan hailstorm damaged 80 US helicopters: army
The News, 27th June 2013
KABUL: A freak hailstorm in Afghanistan damaged more than 80 US military helicopters, wrecking rotor blades, shattering windows and grounding aircraft for weeks until repairs were completed, the army said on Thursday.

Golf ball-sized hail stones struck Kandahar airfield on April 23, triggering an emergency operation to get the helicopters back in the air in one of the most violent hotspots of the Taliban insurgency.

The US military described how the "sudden unprecedented hailstorm" had badly dented the sheet metal skins of the helicopters, which were parked outside at the airfield in the desert-landscape of southern Afghanistan.

I thought the U.S. military are supposed to 'own the weather'… this does not look like it to me…..

NOAA: A Rare Tsunami Hit The East Coast Earlier This Month
NPR News, 25th June 2013
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says a 6-foot wave that hit the East Coast earlier this month was a rare tsunami. The West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center said the source of the wave is "complex and under review," but they believe it was caused by a strong storm and perhaps even the "the slumping at the continental shelf east of New Jersey."

The weather service says that Brian Coen, who was spear fishing near Barnegat Inlet in New Jersey, saw the effect of the tsunami first hand. He told the weather service that he noticed an outgoing tide that lasted a couple of minutes and exposed rocks that had been submerged. That was followed by a big six-foot wave. […]

He explained the weather system that moved through the area may have changed the air pressure enough to "generate waves that act just like tsunamis." When that happens, the wave is called a "meteotsunami" – in other words a tsunami caused by meteorological conditions, not seismic activity.

So……… Is this related to the weird report Dry Air Weather System Forms Over Atlantic Ocean? [VIDEO] by freaked out Dr Greg Forbes at on 9th June where he warned it might cause huge lightning storms? Obviously the timing is suspicious, but again this just adds to the reports of rarer types of atmospheric chaos being experienced around the world.

Record heat wave hits Alaska
CBS News, 25th June 2013
Baked Alaska is taking on a new meaning this week. Temperatures in Anchorage, the country's northernmost city with a population of more than 250,000, reached the 80s and are expected to remain high through the weekend. […]

Meteorologists say the jet stream, a big river of air high above Earth that dictates much of the weather for the Northern Hemisphere, is causing the unseasonably high temperatures. The jet stream has been unusually erratic the past few years. They blame it for everything from snowstorms in May to the path of Superstorm Sandy.

The jet stream usually rushes rapidly from west to east in a mostly straight direction. But lately it's been wobbling and weaving like a drunken driver, wreaking havoc as it goes. The more the jet stream undulates north and south, the more changeable and extreme the weather.

"I've been doing meteorology for 30 years and the jet stream the last three years has done stuff I've never seen," said Jeff Masters, meteorology director at the private service Weather Underground. "The fact that the jet stream is unusual could be an indicator of something. I'm not saying we know what it is."

You would think that understanding the mechanics of the jet stream would be bread and butter science, but it is not because the jet stream is fundamentally an electromagnetic atmospheric phenomenon and as such, an in depth understanding has been deliberately avoided. Note: the electric nature of space was classified information in the 1980s…. Obviously, this is now changing because the interference of electrical energy from space is simply causing too many problems.

23 Scouts hospitalized after lightning strike in Belmont, New Hampshire
NBC News, 25th June 2013
Twenty-three Boy Scouts were hospitalized after a lightning strike in New Hampshire on Monday night, a fire chief said. Chief David Parenti, of Belmont Fire Station, said the Scouts, aged from 12 to 16, were at the Griswold Scout Reservation in Belmont when the incident happened.

He said they were taken to local hospitals for further evaluation. When asked about their conditions, he said he “wouldn't even call it serious.” Parenti told NBC station WHDH that many of the injuries were minor burns. He said six scouts were given cardiac monitors because the burns were in the chest area.

Rare ‘ball lightning’ blamed as Mannings Heath loses power and internet
West Sussex County Times, 25th June 2013
An eyewitness has described seeing a ball of white light shoot through Mannings Heath, just before a power cut and digital disruption. The object, which appears to fit descriptions of a rare phenomenon called ‘ball lightning’, was seen in the village on the afternoon of June 7.

In this instance, I believe this was a real example of ball lightning.

AERB studying undersea volcano near Kalpakkam in Tamil Nadu
Times of India, 25th June 2013
CHENNAI: The Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) has begun a detailed study to analyze the possible threats of an underwater volcano near the Madras Atomic Power Station (MAPS) in Kalpakkam, about 70km south of Chennai.

Confirming the presence of an underwater volcano five weeks ago, an AERB reply to an RTI query said the Geological Survey of India (GSI) has also recommended an advanced study to figure out the status of the volcano, though initial investigations did not detect any significant geological signs

The sea bottom is now peppered with undersea volcanoes warming the ocean and helping to release CO2 but not necessarily interfering with global temperatures which is a major enigma for climate scientists.

Devastating floods struck Alberta, Canada forcing more than 100,000 people to evacuate
The Watchers, 22nd June 2013
Since Wednesday June 19, 2013 almost 200 millimeters of rain have fallen in some areas in Alberta, Canada devastating communities, creating mudslides and washing out many roads. On Thursday June 20, 2013 river banks have burst throughout southern Alberta, because of heavy rainfall that caused the swelling of rivers.

Many towns and communities across Alberta have declared states of emergency. Some of them like High River and Bragg Creek have been ordered to evacuate.

Extreme Weather in France and Switzerland Kills 3
NTD TV News, 22nd June 2013
Hailstorms and floods hit separately in Switzerland and southern France on Thursday, killing three people and causing huge economic losses. Flooding has swollen the Po River in Pau, capital of France's Pyrenees-Atlantiques department, bringing damage to the city, despite widespread anti-flooding measures. Local media reported that days of rainfall and thawing snow water from the neighboring Pyrenees Mountains have caused floodwater to spill into the city.

Things have been extreme all over the place, Ice Age Now has more stories.

Sonic boom heard in Essex, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire
BBC News, 16th June 2013
"Loud explosions" heard across the east of England were caused by a sonic boom when a jet broke the sound barrier.

The noise, at 11:30 BST, caused shaking and smashed windows and prompted calls to police in Cambridgeshire, Essex and Hertfordshire. The Ministry of Defence said a Typhoon jet from RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire was launched when communication was lost with a Heathrow-bound plane.

Hmmmm…… either way, an atmospheric blast or lost communications for a plane, this should concern a few…

50,000 trapped by flooding and landslides in Himalayan foothills
Fears that death toll of 150 could soar, with up to 14,000 unaccounted for
The Independent, 21st June 2013
Indian troops and rescue workers are battling to help 50,000 people still trapped in the Himalayan foothills after massive monsoons triggered devastating flooding and landslides. The Indian media has reported that up to 14,000 could still be unaccounted for and that the death toll of around 150 could soar.

Around 10,000 soldiers and dozens of helicopters are spearheading efforts to reach people that have been cut off since monsoon rains hit at the weekend. Reports say food and clean water is in short supply and that operations are being hampered by the problems of getting fuel to the helicopters. The image icon is a submerged statue of the Hindu Lord Shiva stands amid the flooded waters of the river Ganges at Rishikesh in the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand, India, on June 17, 2013. See Could big bills from extreme weather drive climate action?.

Heavy rains in southern Alberta force mandatory evacuations in areas of Calgary and surroundings [Canada]
National Post, 20th June 2013
Torrential rains and widespread flooding throughout southern Alberta on Thursday washed out roads and bridges, sent residents scurrying for safety, and delivered up surreal scenes of cars, couches and refrigerators just floating away.

The RCMP put out a call for help to the Canadian Armed Forces, which sent in two helicopters and a Hercules aircraft to help extract people stranded by water.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper issued a statement saying the federal government would offer “any and all possible assistance to the Province of Alberta in response to the situation.”

There are quite a few reports of extreme weather and flooding, it is really difficult to keep up. Severe weather in New Zealand, see Warning, aftermath Wellington in dark as storm slams capital & Clean-up begins after chaos in capital [VIDEO].

Report: Building resilience to climate-fueled extreme weather is ‘woefully underfunded’
The Hill, 19th June 2013
The federal government spends six times more on disaster recovery than helping communities become resilient to extreme weather that’s predicted to become more intense and frequent in a warming world, a new study shows.

The analysis by the Center for American Progress (CAP), a prominent liberal think tank, labels the approach “pound foolish” and calls for a dedicated fund for “community resilience” fed by higher levies on fossil fuel production.

“We must help communities enhance their ability to withstand the high winds, flood waters, scorching heat, searing wild fires, and parched earth from extreme weather,” states the CAP analysis released Wednesday, which alleges the federal government “woefully underfunds” such efforts. […]

The report – which is titled “Pound Foolish: Federal Community-Resilience Investments Swamped by Disaster Damages” – estimates that applying that formula to fiscal 2013, the amount earmarked for a resilience fund would have been $7 billion.

It really does seem that authorities are starting to pay attention especially to the rising cost of continuous natural disasters.

Climate chaos: after record winter cold, Alaska bakes in record heat-wave
Extinction Protocol, 19th June 2013
ALASKA - Taking advantage of an intense heat-wave that broke long-standing records yesterday, residents of Anchorage, Alaska headed to the beach at Goose Lake. As The Anchorage Daily News reports, the National Weather Service recorded a high temperature of 81 degrees in the city, beating the previous record set in June of 1926.

The AP reports that in other spots, it got in even hotter: “All-time highs were recorded elsewhere, including 96 degrees on Monday 80 miles to the north in the small community of Talkeetna, purported to be the inspiration for the town in the TV series, ‘Northern Exposure’ and the last stop for climbers heading to Mount McKinley, North America’s tallest mountain. One unofficial reading taken at a lodge near Talkeetna even measured 98 degrees, which would tie the highest undisputed temperature recorded in Alaska.

It was only a few weeks ago there was real concern in Alaska about the winter ice refusing to melt, see older news reports.

Russia blast: Multiple explosions rock arsenal storing ‘millions’ of shells as hundreds fight blaze [PHOTOS]
RT News, 19th June 2013
Huge explosions have ripped through a munitions depot in Russia’s Samara Region where over 13 million shells were stored. More than 1,500 firefighters were deployed to combat the blaze, and thousands of locals were evacuated.

Local authorities declared a state of emergency after artillery shells began exploding at an ammunition depot about 15 kilometers from the city of Chapaevsk. The first blast was heard at around 15:00 GMT on Tuesday, with further detonations rocking the area through the night.

Firefighters initially had difficulty reaching the blaze, as shell shards were scattering around the area. The depot housed some 13 million shells of various calibers at the time the explosions began. […]

Ammunition depot explosions are not a rare occurrence in the Russian Federation. Over the last three years, more than a dozen incidents have shocked the nation taking the lives of both civilians and military personnel.

There are constant reports of ammunition depot explosions and many many reports of major explosions becoming quite frequent all over the planet… one really has to wonder what is going on, see previous comments. (This is a separate issue to space weather corroding pipelines and causing oil and gas leaks etc, see archives for more info.) The website points out the increase in methane and hydrogen sulfide and suggests we are facing an extinction level event. The listing of daily incidents is quite impressive but as they say, coincidence or correlation does not imply causation. Obviously, something is happening.

Siberia: Scorching Sun To Snow Storm In A Day
Residents in a Siberian town were shocked to see heavy snow just one day after temperatures had hit 30C.
Sky News, 14th June 2013
Surely, this means atmospheric conditions were in a total state of chaos?

'Spooky' caterpillars shroud trees in cobwebs
Trees and shrubs around the country have been shrouded in cobwebs due to a mystery plague of caterpillars.
Telegraph, 12th June 2013
The ermine moth caterpillars emerge when the weather gets warm and spin a cobweb over the trees to protect them from birds.

The high numbers this year could be because the cold winter has killed off predators like ladybirds. The cherry trees in Jesus Green, Cambridge have been stripped by the caterpillars and are now covered in a fine white cobweb.

A caterpillar plague in the UK…

Unusually massive line of storms may affect 1 in 5 Americans
Fox News, 12th June 2013
A gigantic line of powerful thunderstorms could affect one in five Americans on Wednesday as it rumbles from Iowa to Maryland packing hail, lightning and tree-toppling winds. Meteorologist are warning that the continuous line of storms may even spawn an unusual weather event called a derecho, which is a massive storm of strong straight-line winds spanning at least 240 miles. Wednesday's storms are also likely to generate tornadoes and cause power outages that will be followed by oppressive heat, said Bill Bunting, operations chief at the National Weather Service's Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Okla.

Hmmm… The wild weather in the United States just seems to be continuous at the moment, hardly time to clean up before the next disaster strikes…

The Tornado That Hit Oklahoma Last Week Was A Record-Breaking 2.6 Miles Wide
Yahoo News, 4th June 2013
The tornado that killed nine and injured about 50 people near Oklahoma City on Friday has been rated a top-of-the-scale EF5, the National Weather Service said Tuesday.

It also had a record-breaking width of 2.6 miles, double the size of the 1.3-mile-wide tornado that devastated Moore, Oklahoma last month. The National Weather Service posted thus graphic to its website illustrating the path of the huge tornado.

I updated the headline, the additional 0.6 miles adds to the wow factor…. I don't know if it is worth repeating that when folk regularly experience these dangerous mega-tornadoes, why is it that some are forced to try and hide in a freezer or a bathtub with a mattress over the top for protection? What's wrong with building tornado resistant shelters above and below ground? More: Widest tornado in history [VIDEO]
  • A Quarter Of Oklahoma's Strongest-Recorded Tornadoes Happened In The Past 2 Weeks
    Business Insider, 4th June 2013
    Here is a mind-blowing Tweet from Weather Channel meteorologist Eric Fisher (via OKCenergybeat's Jay Marks): Since 1950, there have only been 8 tornadoes rated F5/EF-5 in Oklahoma. So 25 percent of them have been in the past 2 weeks. – Eric Fisher (@EricFisherTWC) June 4, 2013
    br> F5/EF-5 is the strongest category of tornado. We've discussed that while climate change may not be causing more tornadoes, there's evidence it's making storms in general more intense. This may be more proof…
    It will be interesting to see if climate skeptics decide to ignore the facts here…

Evacuation in Prague, state of emergency as floods grip Czech Republic (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
RT News, 2nd June 2013
The historical center of Prague is under threat as the worst flood in decades cause chaos, claiming the lives of at least five people. Almost 2,700 people from low-lying areas of Czech Republic were evacuated, schools closed and transportation halted.

The subway in the center of the capital was halted for the first time since massive floods hit the city in 2002. The disaster, caused by torrential rains, has prompted evacuation of hospitals, retirement homes and cultural institutions as well as the city zoo. […]

Foul weather has also hit Germany, Austria and Switzerland with at least six people reported dead and seven missing because of floods, according to the Associated Press.

I have already highlighted the existence of atmospheric rivers and with the geomagnetic chaos and specifically the jet streams becoming more erratic, it is likely that these kind of apocalyptic flooding events will become more common, see archives for more background info on what is most likely happening.
  • Rain, Rain, Go Away: Germany Drowns in Endless Downpour
    Spiegel Online News, 31st May 2013
    After barely surviving the darkest winter in decades, Germans are now suffering through one of the soggiest springs in memory. Flooding has led to major damage and one death, and only one corner of Germany can expect any relief soon. Rain, rain and, yes, more rain. Welcome to Germany!

    For weeks, rain has been pounding Germany, whose serotonin-sapped residents are straining to hold on to the last vestiges of hope after already having suffered through the darkest winter in over four decades. But, save for a few soon-forgotten days of sunshine, most of Germany's vitamin-D-deprived residents have had to live through endless days of gray drizzle and downpour this spring. Though summer is officially just around the corner, refrains of "Can you believe this (insert expletive) weather?" have given way to silent, knowing looks and forlorn sighs.

  • Ten dead, thousands evacuated as floods sweep Europe
    Herald Sun, 4th June 2013

Discovery channel's storm chaser Tim Samaras killed in El Reno tornado
Examiner News, 2nd June 2013
Storm chaser, Tim Samaras, his son Paul and crew member, Carl Young were killed Friday in a tornado that ripped through El Reno, Oklahoma.

Samaras followed storms for over 30 years. His fascination with tornadoes began when he was about six years old and saw the tornado in The Wizard of Oz. Samaras once stated, “My passion for storm chasing has always been driven by the beautiful and powerful storms displayed in the heartland each spring."

Chasing tornadoes is a very dangerous business, but the stormchaser community are still shocked. I have already queried the number of dead given from these storms in the United States in the media and I can only believe the numbers are much much higher than are being reported. See, Passing of Tim Samaras, Paul Samaras, and Carl Young
  • Storm chasers among Oklahoma fatalities
    Famous storm chaser Tim Samaras among dead
    KOCO News, 2nd June 2013
    Three storm chasers were among the nine people killed in powerful storms that struck Oklahoma on Friday night, relatives told CNN on Sunday.

Tornadoes, floods hit Oklahoma; at least 5 dead
Deadly storm bore down on an interstate highway as commuters tried to beat it home during evening rush hour.
USA Today, 1st June 2013
Multiple tornadoes hit Oklahoma City and the metro area Friday night, killing at least 5 people and injuring more than 50.

The storm also brought heavy rain and hail. Floodwaters topped 4 feet in Oklahoma City early Saturday and are expected to rise as flash flooding continued in parts of the state. Across east and central Oklahoma, repeated rounds of thunderstorms have produced between 4 to 7 inches of rain since midnight Saturday.

The area along the state's I-40 corridor, packed with motorists when the storm occurred, was particularly hard-hit.

It is impossible to summarise just how bad this event was because it seems to be widespread and as usual, the mainstream media seem to be downplaying the severity of this disaster. If you follow the social media, eye witnesses are reporting what they are seeing, hearing on emergency feeds, their interpretation of satellite data and radar signatures. These people know that spreading information saves lives. So when I find anecdotes of a 4-mile wide debris field and reports of damage that can be compared to hurricane force winds etc etc, it implies this was a very severe weather event. ATS is just one of many sites that tried to cover this event see, Rough evening shaping up for Oklahoma, Moore and points NE - Tornado Emergency Declared. This is the Twitter link for the source of the image icon, here.
  • Woman, baby, three others killed as tornadoes hit Oklahoma City suburbs
    U.S. News, 31st May 2013
    Multiple tornadoes – one a mile wide – killed a woman, a baby and three others Friday evening in the Oklahoma City area, which was being hit by “life-threatening” flash floods early Saturday.

    The twisters landed just 11 days after a monster tornado left 24 dead in the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore, where power outages were reported Friday.

    They were part of a massive storm that also spun off tornadoes in Missouri, North Dakota and Tennessee. States of emergency were declared in Oklahoma and Missouri. Hospitals in Oklahoma City reported 98 casualties, including four critical patients. […]

    Many of the injured were hurt in accidents along Interstates 35 and 40 west of the city, where at least three semi-trailer rigs were overturned after the biggest tornado touched down near El Reno, authorities said. Authorities said some of the worst damage on Friday was from flooding around El Reno and Yukon and the danger continued into Saturday.

    This is a small summary of the widespread reports of tornadoes touching down. Since F4 tornadoes was reported travelling up the I-40 and in the vicinity of the I-35 with traffic bumper to bumper desperately trying to flee, I don't believe the reported number of fatalities and am suspicious that there is no indication of the number of people missing. Please note the fact that a mile-wide tornado actually hit the outskirts of Oklahoma City but I have seen no reports yet of how long it was on the ground. Piers Corbyn at, might have been a few days late for his severe weather warnings 25th - 29th, but he was right about just how serious people should be taking the threat of extreme weather, tornadoes and giant hail. People taking the "advice" of "getting out of the way" that caused the highways to be blocked with traffic with massive tornadoes approaching and cars being flipped, is just an indication of just how clueless people are about protecting their own lives. After all, this is the heart of tornado alley, where people should be prepared for just another regular but major tornado event.

  • Tennis ball hail from El Reno, OK.
    Twitter, 31st May 2013

  • Tornado Hunt Team Takes Direct Hit by Tornado, 31st May 2013
    Meteorologist Mike Bettes was chasing the monster rain-wrapped tornado near El Reno, Okla. when he says the storm picked up the heavy chase SUV and threw it an estimated 200 yards.

    "We were ahead of the storm. We stopped to broadcast and I saw a large violent wedge tornado," Bettes said in a live phone interview after he established phone connection after the incident.

    "What we were trying to do was just get away from it and get to the south side of it," Bettes said. "But what ended up happening was all three of our vehicles that we chase with were all hit by it."

  • The @weatherchannel vehicle just got thrown by tornado [PHOTO]
    Twitter, 31st May 2013

  • TORNADO - TWC Tornado Hunt Team's Vehicle Tossed [VIDEO]
    YouTube, 1st June 2013

  • TORNADO CHASERS: 5/31/2013 CLOSE RANGE Union City, Oklahoma Tornado - INSANE Video
    YouTube, 31st May 2013
    Brett and Brandon got extremely close to a violent tornadic circulation that produced multiple tornadoes in very close range… The team was hit by inflow jet winds into the tornado and their vehicle received damage as a barn was completely destroyed. A hay bale came barreling across the road and was tossed into their car.. The team is very fortunate to live to chase another day… Incredible storm chaser traffic prevented an escape from the tornado like normal.. There have been fatalities with this tornado.. The team's thoughts go out to those affected!

    This tornado chaser's video footage is the most incredible I have ever seen… These guys took a huge risk and maybe next time they do this they will end up dead. The best quote comes from ATS, "It's like Sheldon decided to be a stormchaser." LOL… Sorry if you don't know who Sheldon is, it's a geek thing… LOL

NASA PSA features Jaden Smith and his new movie
Open Minds, 31st May 2013
Jaden Smith and NASA have joined up to help promote Smith’s new movie and NASA’s Earth Sciences programs. In a new PSA, Jaden warns people that we need to learn more about our environment so we don’t end up with the futuristic Earth portrayed in the movie.

The movie is After Earth, a collaboration between M. Night Shyamalan and Jaden’s dad, Will Smith. It stars Will and Jaden, and takes place on a futuristic planet Earth that has become hostile to human beings. The atmosphere and the animals have evolved to focus on destroying the Earth’s biggest threat, humanity. In the future portrayed in the movie, humans have actually left Earth, but the father and son team accidentally crash land on Earth and have to survive long enough to be rescued.

How interesting…. It looks like more of the intelligentsia (even NASA scientists) are starting to see the seriousness of what could happen as we enter a period of rapid evolutionary change…

TORNADO CHASERS: 5/31/2013 CLOSE RANGE Union City, Oklahoma Tornado - INSANE Video
YouTube, 31st May 2013
Brett and Brandon got extremely close to a violent tornadic circulation that produced multiple tornadoes in very close range… The team was hit by inflow jet winds into the tornado and their vehicle received damage as a barn was completely destroyed. A hay bale came barreling across the road and was tossed into their car.. The team is very fortunate to live to chase another day… Incredible storm chaser traffic prevented an escape from the tornado like normal.. There have been fatalities with this tornado.. The team's thoughts go out to those affected!

This tornado chaser's video footage is the most incredible I have ever seen… These guys took a huge risk and maybe next time they do this they will end up dead. The best quote comes from ATS, "It's like Sheldon decided to be a stormchaser." LOL… Sorry if you don't know who Sheldon is, it's a geek thing… LOL

How a large, violent tornado stood still for nearly an hour (Bennington, Kansas)
Washington Post, 30th May 2013
The large, violent tornado that touched down near Bennington, Kansas Tuesday [28th May] hardly moved over the course of an hour – astonishing meteorologists and storm chasers used to twisters plowing ahead at swift forward speeds.

“I have never seen such a stationary tornado, especially not for so long and for such a violent tornado,” said Joshua Wurman, a meteorologist at the Center for Severe Weather Research. “The tornado is moving less than 2 mph for a while, and changes direction, dwelling over the same areas for a long time.” […]

Given its non-movement, it’s extraordinarily fortunate the Bennington tornado formed and remained over farmland during its life cycle. Wurman and his team, who were chasing the storm, clocked a wind gust of 247 mph using their mobile doppler radar unit, known as Doppler on Wheels (DOW).[…]

The preliminary storm survey from the National Weather Service assigned the storm an EF4 rating. “Damage to structures within the path yielded EF3 damage however supplemental data provided by mobile doppler radar sampled winds suggest that this was a violent [i.e. EF4+] tornado,” the NWS survey said.

This is a detailed analysis and one for the record books. more: Numerous Reports of Tornadoes Tuesday (PHOTOS) & Day 3 of extreme weather in the Midwest [VIDEO]

More severe weather to hit many parts of US after tornadoes, thunderstorms
U.S. News, 29th May 2013
Severe weather will continue to batter many parts of the United States on Wednesday, forecasters warned, after violent storms brought heavy rain to Chicago and large tornadoes to Kansas, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania, and a fatal lightning strike in Florida.

New York City and western Long Island were among the areas that could be hit by heavy rain and high winds, the Weather Channel said.

Further west, a severe thunderstorm and tornado outbreak is expected from South Dakota to central Texas with the tornado threat highest from south-central and southeast Nebraska to western Oklahoma. […]

“The ingredients are coming together for a severe thunderstorm and tornado outbreak in the Plains Wednesday,” said Weather Channel meteorologist Kevin Roth. Many parts of the Chicago metropolitan area were lashed by torrential rain, frequent lightning and high winds late Tuesday, reported.

So was Piers Corbyn a couple of days out in his forecast or will the bad weather peak on the 29th?

Memorial Day Storms From Texas to the Dakotas, 27th May 2013
Dangerous thunderstorms will once again erupt across the Plains this Memorial Day from West Texas northward to the western Dakotas. All totaled, over 10 million people run the risk of strong thunderstorms during the day.

Wintry spring costs Western Europe
Euro News, 24th May 2013
The weather in Western Europe this month could easily have been mistaken for mid-winter. Around the French mountain community of Little Saint Bernard, very close to the border with Italy. In the Alps, the snow ploughs have been out daily.

They can keep the road clear in the Serra de Estrela in the middle of Portugal, but the last time they had snow there this late in the year was eight years ago.

A tourist who found it bewildering said: “It is very strange, but I think the whole of Europe had a very long winter, but I didn’t expect snow in the Serra de Estrela in May.” The northern Spanish city of Burgos felt temperatures drop to -3°C on May 15.

Think of all the billions of dollars spent trying to convince the public of global warming…. There has been no warming for nearly 17 years and we are staring at the strong likelihood of a mini Ice Age… Humanity have not been served well by the scientific community overall, (but we do have to thank the skeptics) the think tanks serving world controllers badly got this wrong. They can think again.
  • Historic cycling race in Italy is halted by snow for the first time in 24 years
    Irish Independent, 24th May 2013
    HEAVY snow forced organisers of the Giro d'Italia cycling race to call off yesterday's mountain stage – the first time in 24 years that a stage of the famous bike race was cancelled due to the weather.

  • Heavy snow in the Alps
    Planet Ski, 26th May 2013
    It seems that winter in the Alps is not over as snow falls across the ski resorts making it look more like the middle of winter. However there are just 15 resorts open across the world at the moment. Check out news and pictures of the latest snow. Heavy snow is continuing to fall in The Alps.
Alaska Continues Its Record Long, Snowy Winter
Heartland, 20th May 2013
“Forget global warming, Alaska is headed for an ice age,” the Alaska Dispatch reported December 23.
Less we forget, the reality of winters all year round is looming fast for some…

Northern California quake is a curiosity for seismologists
The 5.7 temblor northeast of Sacramento, in a part of the state that hasn't been studied much, didn't do a lot of damage but was felt 'along an unusual distance.'
LA Times, 24th May 2013
A magnitude 5.7 temblor Thursday night was the largest earthquake to shake California since 2008 and has generated curiosity from seismologists.

The temblor occurred in a rugged section of Northern California that has not been studied as thoroughly as Southern California and the Bay Area and has less monitoring equipment. Experts said they were surprised the quake was felt over such a large area, and they plan to go to the region to investigate.

The magnitude 5.7 quake struck around 8:47 p.m., about 150 miles northeast of Sacramento; its epicenter was about 27 miles southwest of the town of Susanville.

I will look out for seismologists' conclusions.

Earthquakes Create Global-Scale GPS Errors
Live Science News, 23rd May 2013
Twelve years of supersized earthquakes have contaminated GPS sites around the world, a new study finds.

The Global Positioning System is a network of satellites and ground stations that provide location information anywhere on Earth. Except for spots in Australia, western Europe and the eastern tip of Canada, every GPS site on the ground underwent small but important shifts since 2000 because of big earthquakes, according to a study published May 6 in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth.

The research confirms that great earthquakes, those bigger than magnitude 8.0, can have far-reaching effects on the Earth's crust. And because GPS is critical for everything from calculating satellite orbits to sea level rise to earthquake hazards, scientists can't ignore these tiny zigs and zags, the researchers conclude. […]

Here's why these seemingly small changes matter. Scientists who rely on GPS need to compare one place to another. There are a handful of stable spots around the world, usually in the interior of continents, called the terrestrial reference frame. For example, a geologist measuring the speed of the Pacific plate would compare it with the North American reference frame. But Tregoning's study shows these stable spots were shifted by the massive earthquakes.

We are now living on a planet where there is no such thing as 'stable'. The latest big 8.3 Earthquake might just have made things far worse.

Tremors felt in Moscow as 8.2 quake rattles Russia's Sakhalin region
RT News, 24th May 2013
Tremors have been felt all across Russia and in Europe, following a major 8.2 earthquake in the Sakhalin region. Panicking Muscovites began calling security services, and some decided to leave their homes.

The residents informed security services of vibration and tremors that caused furniture and kitchen utensils to move.

The magnitude of the tremors felt in Moscow was no higher than 1 on the Richter scale, the Agency of Hydrometeorological and Environmental monitoring indicated. […]

Russia’s Emergency Ministry said that all of its departments are on high alert following the quake in the Okhotsk Sea.

“Our special attention is on the coastal area. The Ministry is going to watch out for the possible aftershocks. At the moment there’s absolutely no threat of tsunami, no buildings are destroyed, there are no injured and people are in no danger” Ministry representative Irina Rossius said.

Some Sakhalin region residents reported that they were unable to turn on electronic devices after the earthquake.

In the meantime, the seismic forecasters say that another quake with the magnitude of over 7 is expected to hit the Sakhalin region in the coming week.

Its going down… The release of energy that disrupted electronics is exactly what I have been trying to warn about for years…. the human energy field is being continually flashed fried by some very disruptive energies and my research proves to me that faint warnings from metaphysical sources concerning the human impact of seismic activity were valid.

  • Massive earthquake in Russia’s far east – Felt in Moscow and parts of China, India and Japan
    EarthQuake Report, 24th May 2013
    - An other country, feeling this quake, is Kazakhstan. 20 people in Uralsk in western part of the country reported authorities they felt it.

    - Seems that this quake was felt over the whole Eurasian plate. Russian media report that also some people in Romania felt it. We received reports from Finland and Denmark and a perso from Italy gave their report to ESMC.

    In St. Peterburg one more building was evacuated. Both towns, Moscow and St. Petersburg, usually do not have any earthquakes. So people are frightened if it happenes. There are still no news about damage from Kamtchatka. But usually those buildings widestand larger intensities than V, so no heavy damage is expected.

    - Many parts of China were also affected by the quake. People from different provinces said they felt the quake, among them Heilongjiang, Gansu, Hubei, Chongqing, Jiangsu and Sichuan. No damage was reported from China.

  • 8.2 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes offshore Russia, Tsunami Center Investigating
    The Weather Space, 24th May 2013
    A magnitude 8.2 Earthquake struck offshore Russia on Friday. The Tsunami Center is investigating further on the quake’s power. Earthquakes of this size are known to generate tsunamis, potentially dangerous to coasts outside the source region.

    More information will be available as products are issued and the investigation is underway. Senior Meteorologist Kevin Martin says the quake might be too deep.

    “You are looking at a quake that was 385 miles deep,” said Martin. “Generally tsunamis are generated with much shallower earthquakes so chances are the warning center will not issue watches for it. We are awaiting their official word.”

    This is too big to ignore… but deep earthquakes generally do not produce tsunamis

    IRIS, 24th May 2013


  • Russian Earthquake Could Be Deepest Ever
    Live Science, 24th May 2013

3 survive I-5 bridge collapse over Skagit River
King5 News, 24th May 2013
MOUNT VERNON, Wash. -- An Interstate 5 bridge over a river north of Seattle collapsed Thursday evening, dumping vehicles and people into the water, the Washington State Patrol said.

The four-lane bridge over the Skagit River collapsed about 7 p.m., Trooper Mark Francis said. Skagit County Sheriff's Department said three people - two men and one woman - were rescued from the water and transported to area hospitals. All three were reported in stable condition.State authorities say there were no fatalities. […]

While the cause of the collapse was being investigated, witnesses reported seeing a semi-truck with an oversized load crossing the bridge and striking the beams on the north end before the bridge collapsed.

Lots of details here….
  • PHOTOS: Photos of I-5 bridge collapse over Skagit River

  • Report finds thousands of U.S. bridges in dangerous need of repair
    Homeland Security News, 4th April 2011
    Last week a new report found that nearly 12 percent of the bridges in the United States were “structurally deficient” and required replacement; the report found that major repairs and critical maintenance has often been delayed as states are struggling with budget shortfalls; the average age of bridges across the country is nearing forty-two years, and most were designed to have a fifty year lifespan before they were replaced or reconstructed; Transportation for America has called for increased federal funding for infrastructure to help make repairs; the American Society of Civil Engineers has recommended that the United States spend $17 billion a year on bridge maintenance, significantly more than the $10.5 billion that is currently spent each year

    At a time of constant Earth changes, poor infrastructure is only going to make things worse. The United States has allowed its infrastructure to fall into a state of decay, so citizens should expect more of the same.

5 die in 33-foot sinkhole that opened up in China
Raw Story, 21st May 2013
Five people died when a 10 metre (33 feet) wide sinkhole opened up at the gates of an industrial estate in Shenzhen, the southern Chinese boom town neighbouring Hong Kong, local authorities said Tuesday.

The Shenzhen Longgang district government said on its verified page on Sina Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, that five people had died and added that it was investigating the incident.

The sinkhole formed just outside the Huamao Industrial Park in Shenzhen on Monday evening, at a time when many factory workers would have been changing shifts, according to the website of Beijing-based newspaper the Guangming Daily.

Herbrandston residents 'tortured' by mystery low frequency noise [UK]
Western Telegraph, 18th May 2013
A group of Herbrandston residents have reached breaking point after a 'torturous' mystery noise made life in the village a 'living hell'. Jane and Steve Ingram said life at their quiet Herbrandston home became unbearable when a low, drowning noise started keeping them awake at night. Jane, who began to hear the drone back in 2009, said she hasn't had a full night's sleep in years and has even considered moving house. […]

Anne Kerr, who has lived at her home in St Margarets Way, Herbrandston, for 33 years, said she started hearing the noise about three years ago. She said: "It's more of a vibration than a noise, it's very disturbing to my body - my heart vibrates. "Sometimes I feel suicidal because it's becoming hell, like hell on earth." Another sufferer Louise Cleaver said she is constantly haunted by the noise at her Tiers Cross home.

See archives for previous comment.

Oklahoma tornado officially an EF5 – wind speeds still less than 1999 Moore tornado
WUWT, 21st May 2013
The map below shows ‘Tornado Tracks Streak Across Oklahoma’ as measured by doppler radar.

The rotation of tornadoes creates a distinctive signature in radar data, and can be used to estimate the track that the system takes over land. This image shows the rotational velocity of the systems that passed over Oklahoma on the afternoon of May 20, 2013. A single cohesive structure can be seen to cut across seven counties, with Moore directly in the middle.

Oklahoma tornadoes end quiet storm season
USA Today, 20th May 2013
The violent tornado outbreaks of the past several days, including the killer twister that hit Moore, Okla., on Monday, have shattered the calm of what had been a very quiet tornado season so far. More violent storms appear to be on the way for Tuesday.

As of a week ago, tornadoes had killed only three Americans in 2013, according to the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Okla. In the past week, 59 people have died in storms in Texas and Oklahoma, but that number could rise as first responders continue to recover victims of Monday's twister. […]

Oklahoma City is "probably the largest, most tornado-prone, urban area in the world," according to Christopher Burt's book Extreme Weather.

"Sitting in what is practically the epicenter of North America's most active 'tornado alley,' Oklahoma City has been struck by tornadoes 112 times since the city's first recorded twister in 1893." he writes. "Residents may expect a damaging tornado to hit somewhere in the metro area about once every two years."

Over at, astrophysicist Piers Corbyn informs us that, "Predictable Solar-Lunar factors drive weather & REAL climate change." Jet-stream movements have a major influence on creating the most extreme weather and the jet stream is directed impacted by energy from space and geomagnetic factors. Piers Corbyn predicted US tornadoes and hail. His report states: "Major thunderstorms with damaging large / giant hail and tornados are expected during main WeatherAction R5/R4/R3 periods: ~3-5th, 9-12th, 13-14th, 22-25th, 26-27th, 30th-1st May." I think he got this totally correct. Source: WeatherActionUSA: Long Range Weather Forecast b) USA / South Canada

Huge Oklahoma tornado, on ground 40 minutes, smashes schools, homes
LA Times, 20th May 2013
A mile-wide tornado slammed into Oklahoma on Monday afternoon, leveling neighborhoods, starting fires and causing, as one storm chaser put it, "total destruction."

Two elementary schools were destroyed, and an untold number of homes and businesses sustained heavy damage near the cities of Moore, Newcastle and Oklahoma City. CNN reported that rescue crews swarmed over Plaza Towers Elementary School, where 75 students and staff had sought refuge in a hallway.

Britane Diacon-Boese of Oklahoma City was worried about students she works with. "I have clients who can't be found," she said. "I'm terrified; I'm completely terrified," she told the Los Angeles Times. "There's no power, it's all down."

So, people live in a tornado alley with properties that are not tornado resistant and where nobody cares enough to even build tornado shelters for schools… The latest reports state rescuers are currently digging children out from the rubble of one school that has been destroyed… plus estimates of up to 37 children dead, drowned in the school basement. Info from Fox News streaming live. Update: 24 children dead: Found drowned beneath school devastated by tornado reported. & Mother’s Action Saved 5-Year-Old as Tornado Bore Down on School

USA has the world's most extreme weather
USA Today, 17th May 2013
North America – and the USA in particular – has the world's wildest weather extremes: No other part of the planet can boast its ferocious weather stew of hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, floods, wildfires, blizzards, heat waves and cold snaps.

"You'd be hard-pressed to find another patch of land on Earth the size of the USA that boasts such a variety of such intensely extreme weather inside its borders," says meteorologist and author Robert Henson of Boulder, Colo.

"We get more high-impact weather than any other country on the planet," agrees Sean Potter, a meteorologist and weather historian in New York City. […]

Tornadoes, such as the ones that slammed Texas on Wednesday, are nearly a uniquely American phenomenon. Each year, "the U.S. experiences about 80% to 90% of all of the tornadoes that occur across the world," says Randy Cerveny, a professor of geography at Arizona State University.

"The U.S. averages more than 10,000 severe thunderstorm events per year, with more than 1,000 tornadoes," Potter says. "By comparison, China, which is slightly larger in size, sees around the same number of severe thunderstorms, but fewer than 10 tornadoes per year." […]

"In some cases, the incredible diversity of climate, even within short geographic distances, has led to actual differentiation of species. In the Grand Canyon, for instance, there are two distinct species of squirrels – one on the north side of the canyon and another on the south side," Cerveny concludes.

This is one country in the world that should be encouraging their citizens to become resilient against extreme weather. The evidence suggests that extreme weather is associated with climate change and extreme space weather factors, as well as powerful but erratic energy supplies from space drives weather on this planet. I also think that due to military experimentation and electromagnetic pollution, the atmosphere over the United States is in a poor state and subject to huge direct blasts from outer space…. i.e. the atmospheric filters are no longer optimal… Those who want to argue have to compete with climate 'experts' who have demonstrated utter ineptitude as their failed climate models demonstrate. In terms of weather, the most sucessful weather forecasts come from those who understand the Sun-Earth Connection and have factored in the new influence of space weather, see archives for more details.

  • Texas tornado victims vow to rebuild
    Tornadoes that killed six people and injured 53 this week in north Texas also damaged dozens of homes constructed by Habitat for Humanity.
    LA Times, 18th May 2013
    On the limb of a barren tree in the tornado-devastated north Texas community of Rancho Brazos, an American flag flaps in the wind – placed there by a firefighter.

    "It's symbolic of, 'We're here, we're going to rebuild,'" said Sgt. Nathan Stringer, a Hood County sheriff's spokesman. The tornado has "broken homes, but it hasn't broken our will," he said.

    A fierce series of twisters tore through the northern part of the state Wednesday, killing six people, injuring 53, leaving scores of damaged and destroyed houses and many people homeless.

    I wonder if the people who have seen their houses plus all their belongings destroyed would consider that maybe re-building a torndo resistant dome-house might be a better idea…

    • Tornado-Resistant Concrete Houses, May 2013
      The following details shown on this website do not necessarily represent the only methods for building a disaster-proof house. Instead, they illustrate proven solutions to the problem of building houses that are sustainable, with high resistance to powerful winds, earthquakes, fire, termites and critters. At the same time, new energy conserving methods permit easy accomplishment of meaningful energy conservation.

    • Monolithic Domes
      Monolithic Domes, May 2012

Persistent Sinkholes and Unexplained Booms
Earthfiles, 13th May 2013
“Since 2011, many geologists have noticed almost a 1000% increase in soil liquefaction.” - Geophysicist subcontractor for U. S. Air Force […] Recently I received an email from a retired communications and electronics expert for several contractors that have done work for Hill AFB in Utah. He has also worked for the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Strategic Planning Office between 1993 to 2005. In his work, he came to know a geophysicist also working on military contracts for the U. S. Air Force. […] The geophysicist said he and his colleagues “believe something is going on in the inner core of the Earth. They don't know if it's a magnetic pole change; restructuring of minerals within the soil down to the mantle and core. It's becoming more frequent and so has the intensity. They really have no real idea what's going on. He said they don't know if it's a short term, one-time boom phenomenon, or something very serious. They don't know if it's a regular occurrence that happens in cycles on the Earth. So far, there is no explanation for the boom phenomenon. ”

I missed this… It annoys me that the source is anonymous… All we are being told is that something is going on and a few geophysicists think it is related to processes within the Earth's core but I think that is obvious (we are still awaiting the results from the ESA's SWARM Mission & other geophysical missions). The real question is how this relates to the influx of energy from deep space stirring the core. I have been attempting to document the known science and theoretical work, because cause and effect is a universal law and cannot be ignored.

Giant chunk of ice slams to Earth near kids playing in Tenn.
WBTW News, 13th May 2013
GRAY, TN (WJHL) -- -A Tri-Cities man has video of what appears to be a large chunk of ice that he says fell from the sky on Wednesday and landed in a yard in Gray, TN.

Andy Miller says his children were playing outside along Keeview Drive off Hales Chapel Road around 4 p.m. when they heard what sounded like a rocket.

"They ran into the house shaking," Miller said. He used his phone to record video of the children inspecting the pile of pure white ice sitting in a gouged out hole in the ground near where they were playing.

Ice wall destroys homes on Dauphin Lake [Canada]
CTV News, 11th May 2013
A state of emergency was declared Friday night in the Rural Municipality of Ochre River as strong winds drove ice pile-up from the lake onto yards. Earlier this week, provincial flood forecasters predicted a moderate to high risk of shoreline ice pile-up on Dauphin Lake, as ice began to break up and melt.

Strong north winds Friday afternoon and evening pushed the ice piles from the lake onto yards in Ochre Beach. The R.M. says 20 homes are majorly damaged on Lake View Drive with minor damage on Sombrero Drive and Beach Road. “Fortunately, nobody was hurt,” says Deputy Reeve Clayton Watts. “There was extensive damage, though.”

The internet is abuzz with video footage of an ice wave in the United States but this event in Canada seems to have been far more destructive, see also Wall of ice destroys Manitoba homes, cottages & Hundreds pitch in to dig out houses damaged, destroyed by Ochre Beach ice floe
  • Ice Charging Into Northern Minn. Homes Caught on Video [United States]
    KSTP News, 11th May 2013
    Ice outs are still happening on lakes in northern Minnesota because of our cold and snowy spring. Now, homes along the shore of Lake Mille Lacs are getting damaged because the ice is moving like a glacier, and pushing up against the homes. […]

    In a video sent to us by KSTP viewer, Darla Johnson, you can see the ice making its charge onto shore. Then in a matter of minutes the wind pushes the ice about 15 feet from the shore to the doors of a home. Johnson even tried saving patio furniture but she couldn't stop the ice before it pushed in doors and windows, causing damage.[…] meteorologist Jonathan Yuhas said 35 mph wind gusts Saturday pushed the ice onto the shore.

  • Glaciers Visit Izatys Resort - Mille Lacs Lake, MN
    YouTube, 11th May 2013
    For those who have studied some geography, this seems to negate the idea that glaciers grow slowly… I am not totally convinced with the concept of wind 'pushing' either… Can you imagine the weight of the ice being 'pushed'? Whatever, it really seems like a mini Ice Age has already started in some parts…

  • Still waiting for spring in Minnesota
    WUWT, 11th May 2013
    Even though we all know “weather is not “climate,” that rarely stops CAGW’s fiercest proponents, so we might as well have a little fun with it as well. This weekend is the 2013 Minnesota State Fishing Opener. And the joke around these parts is the most important equipment a fisherman needs this year is …. an ice auger.

Forget Beatles… now he's all about the grasshoppers! Paul McCartney's stage is invaded by insects during Brazilian show
Daily Mail, 9th May 2013
His band The Beatles are arguably the most famous musical group of all time. But on Tuesday night, Paul McCartney was more about the grasshoppers as he found his stage invaded by a swarm of the insects during a concert in Goiania, Brazil. The 70-year-old musician was forced to complete his three-hour performance as clouds of the Esperanca Grilo creatures buzzed around him.

All very biblical… A sign of the times…. As we get an acceleration of 'signs', it becomes more apparent to more than just a few scholars that the preservation of ancient knowledge is to warn about periods of extreme climatic and celestial turmoil.
  • Climate change unleashing pestilence omens: Bosnian capital hit by plague of flies
    The Telegraph, 2nd May 2013
    Some people reportedly fled the city to escape the aerial invasion, according to local media. Bosnian fire brigade officials said that could do little to combat the flies but advised people to shut doors and windows in order to keep the swarming insects at bay.

    Likened to blizzards and leaving surfaces covered with a thick layer of crawling insects, the swarms have already struck a number of towns across the Balkans. Serbian press said that the insects cleared streets and squares of people in just a few minutes after they descended on the central town of Kraljevo on Monday night.

    Experts said rare climatic conditions with temperatures rising rapidly after a period of damp weather have created the perfect conditions for fly hatching.

  • Plague of locusts blankets Madagascar
    New Scientist, 10th May 2013
    A locust plague of epic size is devastating the island nation of Madagascar, threatening the lives of 13 million people already on the brink of famine. Billions of locusts are destroying crops and grazing lands across half the country. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) expects the plague to get worse, with two-thirds of the country likely to be affected by September.

Dust in the clouds
Cirrus clouds form around mineral dust and metallic particles, study finds.
MIT News, 9th May 2013
At any given time, cirrus clouds – the thin wisps of vapor that trail across the sky – cover nearly one-third of the globe. These clouds coalesce in the upper layers of the troposphere, often more than 10 miles above the Earth’s surface.

Cirrus clouds influence global climate, cooling the planet by reflecting incoming solar radiation and warming it by trapping outgoing heat. Understanding the mechanisms by which these clouds form may help scientists better predict future climate patterns.

Now an interdisciplinary team from MIT, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and elsewhere has identified the major seeds on which cirrus clouds form. The team sampled cirrus clouds using instruments aboard high-altitude research aircraft, analyzing particles collected during multiple flights over a nine-year period. They found that the majority of cloud particles freeze, or nucleate, around two types of seeds: mineral dust and metallic aerosols.

As a reminder, noctilucent clouds exist 50 to 53 miles (80 and 85 kilometers) above ground in the atmosphere, the edge of space is , 50 miles or 80 km high up a region often permeated with meteoric dust.

First Biological Evidence of a Supernova
Science Daily, 8th May 2013
In fossil remnants of iron-loving bacteria, researchers of the Cluster of Excellence Origin and Structure of the Universe at the Technische Universitaet Muenchen (TUM), found a radioactive iron isotope that they trace back to a supernova in our cosmic neighborhood. This is the first proven biological signature of a starburst on our Earth. The age determination of the deep-drill core from the Pacific Ocean showed that the supernova must have occurred about 2.2 million years ago, roughly around the time when the modern human developed. […]

"It seems reasonable to suppose that the apparent signal of Fe-60 could be remains of magnetite chains formed by bacteria on the sea floor as a starburst showered on them from the atmosphere," Shawn Bishop says. He and his team are now preparing to analyze a second sediment drill core, containing upwards of 10 times the amount of material as the first drill core, to see if it also holds the Fe-60 signal and, if it does, to map out the shape of the signal as a function of time.

This is direct physical proof that living creatures are affected by extreme space weather.

Russian researchers find more evidence to support notion that lightning is caused by cosmic rays
Phys.Org News, 6th May 2013 –Russian physicists Alex Gurevich and Anatoly Karashtin claim, in a paper published in the journal Physical Review Letters, they have found more evidence to support their idea that lightning is caused by cosmic rays. The notion was first proposed by Gurevich back in 1992, and has been a source of debate ever since.

No one really knows what causes lightning to form and strike–the prevailing view is that it comes about as a result of collisions between ice crystals in clouds and hail stones. But because clouds and the lightning they produce are unpredictable and hard to pin down, no one has been able to prove this theory. Another theory, proposed by Gurevich twenty years ago, says that lightning is formed from the collisions between cosmic rays and water droplets present in thunderclouds. Now he and a colleague claim to have found evidence to support this idea.

There are approx. 40-50 strikes per second from lightning but this article tells us that scientists are still struggling to explain how lightning is caused. Whatever, the link with cosmic rays means that as NASA have informed us, cosmic rays are at an all time high and likely to increase so we are likely to see more lightning.
  • Cosmic Rays Hit Space Age High
    NASA News, 28th September 2009
    Planning a trip to Mars? Take plenty of shielding. According to sensors on NASA's ACE (Advanced Composition Explorer) spacecraft, galactic cosmic rays have just hit a Space Age high.

    "In 2009, cosmic ray intensities have increased 19% beyond anything we've seen in the past 50 years," says Richard Mewaldt of Caltech. "The increase is significant, and it could mean we need to re-think how much radiation shielding astronauts take with them on deep-space missions." […] "The space era has so far experienced a time of relatively low cosmic ray activity," says Mewaldt. "We may now be returning to levels typical of past centuries." Please note: This is the primary reason why computer "glitches" are rising.

Italian village recovers from earthquake struck by tornado + TENNIS BALL-SIZED HAIL
Telegraph, 5th May 2013
Residents of an Italian village struck by a deadly earthquake last year are cursing their luck after a tornado destroyed containers used for temporary offices, ripped off roofs and hurled caravans through the air.

The tornado, which lasted around an hour on Friday and was accompanied by tennis ball-sized hail stones, swept through the village of San Martino Spino and surrounding countryside. The village, in the region of Emilia Romagna, was shaken last May by tremors which left 26 dead and 45,000 homeless.

Thirteen people were injured by flying debris and hailstones and 119 had their homes destroyed, while mayor Maino Benatti said it was "a miracle" no one was killed.

Incident in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, 01 May, 2013 at 05:42 (05:42 AM) UTC.
RSOE News, 1st May 2013
A Saudi passenger aircraft on a domestic flight made an emergency landing in the capital Riyadh after its cabin front window was damaged by rain, a newspaper in the Gulf Kingdom reported on Wednesday. The aircraft landed safely but the pilot looked worried after he left the plane to wait along with the cabin crew members at the airport pending the completion of repair, the Arabic language daily Sabq said, quoting airport sources. "The plane landed safely although its front window was damaged by heavy rain which was accompanied by snow," the paper said.

Due to previous reports (see archives), I think this is more likely to be wild electromagnetic conditions that cracked the windowscreen or even hail rather than rain.

Strange 'chandeliering ice' phenomena unfolds at Medicine Lake [VIDEO]
Kare 11 News, 30th April 2013
PLYMOUTH, Minn. - Many of us thought we'd seen it all when it comes to the winter of 2012-2013. Think again.

On a day in which spring made its return to Minnesota with a vengeance, Nadalie Thomas caught Old Man Winter making his last stand with an ice-shattering spectacle known to some as "chandeliering."

Nadalie and her kids were down on the shores of Medicine Lake in Plymouth Saturday when they noticed large piles of ice that were splintering into fine shards similar to glass. As spectacular as the visual image was the ear-splitting sound that accompanied the icy scene. [….]

One viewer emailed Mr. Sebesta claiming that it is known as "chandeleiring ice." Another friend of Jerrid's claims that a similar occurrence happened on the shores of Lake Mille Lacs back in 1994, leaving piles of ice shards so large they had to be removed by front end loaders.

I think the ice has changed into a new state of matter (superglass?) and the splintering and noise is the phase transition… I was intrigued with what looks like purple colour and I assumed there was a blast of ultraviolet light hitting this ice and causing the transition…. Personally, I think this is a major sign…. I have felt for a long time that there are problems with the atmosphere over the United States and this to me is not a good sign… My Delft TU evening presentation touched on the ice needle manifestation that relates to the charge on ice but the rapidity shown here is something else…

The Earth's center is 1,000 degrees hotter than previously thought
Phys.Org News, 25th April 2013
Scientists think they have found some real global warming…

Bizarre whirlpool appears in Latvian river sucking everything in its path into watery vortex [VIDEO]
Daily Mail, 24th April 2013
* Seven-minute clip apparently captured after a river burst its
* It captures huge blocks of ice and mud heading towards whirlpool

A monstrous whirlpool has appeared in the Baltic state of Latvia swallowing everything dragged towards it. The bizarre phenomenon looks as if a plug has been pulled from the ground beneath as it sucks water down. A seven-minute clip of what looks like a vortex in action was apparently captured after a river burst its banks in the south-east of the country.

The Daily Mail is on a roll documenting the most weird Earth change events around the globe, the video is quite incredible. Well, I wonder if there was a bore hole created in the bedrock beneath the river caused by a blast from space and hence the plug-hole effect that was caught on video….

Nasa image reveals the magnetic 'bubble' that is protecting the Earth from solar particles as it speeds through space
Daily Mail, 23rd April 2013
Earth is seen as a tiny speck surrounded by an enormous magnetic 'bubble' surging through space in this image released by Nasa. Far from the usual view of a blue and green globe spinning peacefully in the solar system, the dramatic picture illustrates the speed and energy of the magnetosphere that surrounds Earth as it moves around the sun. Scientists studying data collected by Nasa's WIND spacecraft have used it to create a more detailed snapshot of the way solar particles streaming in from the sun bounce off the bubble. […]

Lynn Wilson, deputy project scientist for Wind at Nasa's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, explained how 'cool squiggles' she stumbled upon in the data 'turned out to be a special kind of magnetic pulsations called short large amplitude magnetic structures, which we call SLAMS for short'.

Studying the region around these 'rogue waves' and how they propagate may help to establish what accelerates narrow jets of charged particles back out into space and away from Earth.

This is a simplified version of a NASA press release, see below. The mention of magnetic mirrors focusing intense beams back into space reminds me of the existence of stellar jets and the idea that intense magnetic fields can produce high currents (larger than a thousand amperes) and generate jets. I suppose this most often happens when the magnetopause is squashed during the arrival of a coronal mass ejection- Since we know for a fact that "killer electrons" are coming into our atmosphere from the Earth's radiation belts (night side only?), it is making me wonder if these jets are formed by a similar mechanism. According to ESA scientists, when Earth’s magnetic lines wobble, it creates something like a very large-scale, low frequency laser, which accelerates the electrons even more, up to ‘killer’ energies. So, I am wondering if the shape of the magnetic field is the final arbiter because that would be in the realm of Dave La Point's Primer Fields discovery…. I suppose the real issue is that satellites are getting regularly zapped by big electrical discharges from these jets knocking out the electronics… That is the reality of space weather and the new tough conditions around Earth.

Believe it or not, this is no beautiful sandy beach - it's a farmer's field! Crop of barley ruined by tons of sand blown across land as Britain finally warms up
Daily Mail, 22nd April 2013
* Scotland battered again by second round of sandstorms devastating crops
* Farmer Cameron MacIver in Moray says the sand is so high 'the only thing showing is top of fences'

Scotland was hit by a second bout of freak sandstorms today, causing an estimated £50,000 damage to crops.
Farmers in Elgin, Moray, had just spent a week clearing up after freak winds created 4ft high sand drifts on Tuesday when more gales swept in, whipping up further sandstorms and devastating crops. Barley farmer Cameron MacIver said: 'There's parts around my farm where the only thing showing above the sand is the top bit of the fence.'

Absolutely no mention of where this huge volume of sand came from….. Did it just drop out of the skies?

Superstorm Sandy Jolted Whole Of America
The energy generated was similar to earthquakes between magnitudes 2 and 3 and picked up by sensors right across the country.
Sky News, 19th April 2013
Superstorm Sandy did not just rattle the East Coast, it also jiggled the ground across the country ever so slightly, US scientists have revealed.

Earthquake sensors located as far away as the Pacific Northwest detected the storm's energy as it surged towards the New York metropolitan region last year.

The network typically records the sudden release of energy in the Earth's crust, but it can pick up shaking triggered by ocean waves, mine cave-ins and tornadoes.

As Sandy lashed at New York City and New Jersey, the force of waves slamming into other waves shook the sea floor, which was recorded by the system of 500 sensors.

Climate realists were not particularly impressed over at Watts Up With That! See Superstorm Sandy’s seismic action – a whole lotta normal.

238 Pigs And 89 Dogs “Suddenly Dead” UPDATE, 4/18, 1:34 am: The death toll is up to 410 pigs and 122 dogs. Via AP: In Chinese Village
Beijing Cream, 18th April 2013
This is alarming. According to, 238 dead pigs and 89 dead dogs were found in Dongtun village in Luoyang, Henan province yesterday. By all accounts, they died suddenly and at the same time.

Initial tests have ruled out the H7N9 virus as a cause. Thank goodness for that and all, to know the zombie apocalypse has not yet arrived, but the question still remains: why are pigs and dogs dropping dead?

Some are speculating that a nearby chemical plant’s gas emissions may have poisoned the animals. “Usually there’s a smell,” a villager said, “today it was especially bad, really big.”

Large sinkhole swallows three cars in Chicago
Extinction Protocol, 18th April 2013
One person was hospitalized after a sinkhole swallowed three cars in the South Deering neighborhood on the Southeast Side this morning. The person was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in serious-to-critical condition, according to the Chicago Fire Department. Witnesses said the hole opened up around 5 a.m. at 9600 South Houston Avenue, quickly growing from about 20 feet to about 40 feet. First two cars slid in, then a third as the hole widened, witnesses said. A fourth vehicle was towed from the edge as it was about to fall inside, witnesses said.

This time aging pipeline infrastructure is being blamed but we must remember space weather greatly accelerates pipeline corrosion. The refusal to monitor and maintain pipelines to a high enough standard is now a problem in the United States as engineers have already pointed out. More: City: 98-year-old water main cause of sinkhole that swallowed 3 cars [VIDEO]

In Russia, a Freak Urban Geyser Smashes Cars With Flying Asphalt
Atlantic Cities, 12th April 2013
Attention to the person who parked a red Škoda outside: Please move your vehicle, it is being pummeled by asphalt chunks caused by a hot geyser erupting in our parking lot.

This unnatural disaster actually happened on Thursday in Smolensk, a city of about 327,000 souls a couple hundred miles west of Moscow. People were going about their business next to a collective-farm area when a fissure in the pavement began spitting steam. Seconds later the little perforation split open to unleash a mephitic torrent of boiling water that soared above the rooftops of nearby three-story buildings.

At first explosion, the urban geyser pushed a load of broken asphalt into the air. The stone rain came down battering cars, breaking the back windshields of at least two. A Ukranian news site reported that 15 vehicles were damaged, some by falling rocks and others by engine flooding. There were no reports that I can find of injuries.

Tannoy: "…please remove your car, it is being boiled in the car park!" LOL

‘Like a nuclear bomb’ – Deadly fertilizer plant blast devastates Texas town; at least 15 dead
Extinction Protocol, 18th April 2013
WACO, TX – As the sun rose Thursday over West, Texas, the scope of the small town’s devastation came into fuller view: a gruesome, bloody scene, homes flattened to rubble, and scores of firefighters battling a raging blaze. The massive, deadly blast at a fertilizer plant Wednesday night forced the evacuation of about half the town of about 2,800 people and left officials asking key questions: Was it a crime or an accident? How could it have happened? […]

More than 160 people were injured when the explosion shook homes as far as 50 miles away. It measured as a 2.1-magnitude seismic event, according to the United States Geological Survey. […]

“It was like a nuclear bomb went off,” he said of the blast. “Big old mushroom cloud. (It’s) massive – just like Iraq. Just like the Murrah (Federal) Building in Oklahoma City,” said D.L. Wilson of the Texas public safety department.

So the locals live with a fertilizer plant in their backyard that when it detonates, explodes like a nuclear bomb but the town only had three ambulances?

More than 12,000 birds crashed in Utah’s west desert Monday
The Salt Lake Tribune, 17th April 2013
The number of eared grebes rescued – and killed – after their Monday crash-landings at the U.S. Army’s Dugway Proving Ground was far higher than originally estimated.

Wildlife biologists and volunteers spent Monday and Tuesday gathering 12,800 water birds, carrying the 7,828 surviving birds by pickup trucks to ponds in the region.

The birds were migrating back to the Great Salt Lake for the summer, but apparently became disoriented by snow and fog and mistook wet roads and parking lots for water.

Major earthquake strikes south-east Iran
More than 30 people were killed and dozens injured in Pakistan
BBC News, 17th April 2013
Iran has been struck by its most powerful earthquake for more than 50 years, with tremors felt across Pakistan, India and the Middle East. The epicentre of the 7.8-magnitude quake was near the south-eastern city of Khash, close to Pakistan.

The quake struck deep and in a remote region, apparently limiting casualties. Iranian state TV said 27 people had been injured, but rowed back on early reports of deaths. However, more than 30 people were killed in Pakistan. The Pakistani military has been mobilised to help with rescue efforts, officials said.

Iran's Massive Earthquake Explained

WATCH: The giant, rat-sized snails devouring South Florida
The giant African land snail can grow to 8 inches long, eat through plaster, and puncture your car tire The Week, 15th April 2013
South Florida is under attack, and the non-native species threatening to wreak havoc seems innocent enough: It's not the giant Burmese pythons that made a home in the Everglades in 2000, nor a ravenous, land-walking fish like the Asian carp that have been eating through waterways farther up north. No, this foreign invader is a snail.

But what a snail it is. The giant African land snail "can grow as big as a rat and gnaw through stucco and plaster," says Reuters' Barbara Liston. Since the monstrous mollusks were first noticed in the Miami-Dade County area in September 2011, researchers and vigilant homeowners have caught at least 117,000 of them, or about 1,000 a week. And "residents will soon likely begin encountering them more often, crunching them underfoot as the snails emerge from underground hibernation at the start of the state's rainy season in just seven weeks."

Huge sink hole appears in the Alentejo
Heavy rains are the most probably cause of a 100-metre deep sink hole that appeared near Marvão in Upper Alentejo on Tuesday evening.
The Portugal News, 10th April 2013
The hole is about 15 metres across. Geologist Vitor Lamberto told Luda this kind of phenomenon “is typical” in limestone areas and there are “similar” situations in other places in Portugal, though not as big.

Lamberto said that in these areas there are underground rivers, but when the holes they flow through are too narrow for the quantity of water, some upstream caves fill up and start to dissolve the cave roofs and eventually the roofs cave in, leaving these enormous sink holes.

More pictures: Cratera com 100 metros de profundidade em Marvão [11 FOTOS]

One of Azerbaijan’s largest mud volcanoes erupts
News.Az, 8th April 2013
Eruption was recorded on April 1. Akhtarma-Pashali mud volcano in Hajigabul region of Azerbaijan has erupted, head of the ANAS Institute of Geology's Mud Volcano Department Adil Aliyev told APA.

He said the eruption was recorded on April 1. The scientists of the Institute of Geology have carried out research in the area: “This is one of the largest volcanoes of Azerbaijan. Volcano is located 35 km from Shirvan city - in the south-eastern Shirvan. The volcano erupted for the first time in 1948, this is the 7th eruption.”

Why evacuate for an earthquake no-one can feel?
BBC News, 6th April 2013
It's four years since the deadly earthquake in L'Aquila, Italy, and six months since scientists were convicted of manslaughter for failing to communicate the danger. Today, evacuation orders are issued much more readily - too readily, some say. "Everyone knows, you can't predict an earthquake." […]

Italy never used to worry quite so much about little tremors.

The change appears to be the direct result of last year's conviction of seven members of Italy's High Risk Commission - six of whom were scientists - for manslaughter. They were found guilty of failing to properly communicate the risk of a major earthquake in L'Aquila. The case has produced its own kind of aftershock.

So, it seems that in Italy, nobody wants to go to jail for failing to warn about an earthquake…

Argentina: flooding from torrential rains kill 52
Miami Herald, 3rd April 2013
LA PLATA, Argentina -- At least 52 people drowned in their homes and cars, were electrocuted or died in other accidents as flooding from days of torrential rains swamped Argentina's low-lying capital and province of Buenos Aires. At least 46 died Wednesday in and around the city of La Plata, Gov. Daniel Scioli said. Six deaths were reported a day earlier in the nation's capital.

Is this another atmospheric river dump? Update: Death toll of 54 as torrential rain and flash floods hit La Plata and Buenos Aires & Buenos Aires flooding causes severe disruption - video

Flint isn't the only place with mysterious explosions
M Live News, 1st April 2013
FLINT, MI -- The cause of the mystery booming noises Flint residents had complained about may be explained by the secret bomb range Flint police recently confirmed.

For months, years even, residents have reported random loud noises, like thunder or fireworks.Flint isn't the only place where people have reported noises like this. All over the country are reports of strange noises and loud booming sounds. Usually, nobody seems to know where they're coming from.

This article provides a summary links for 3 months worth of "Mysterious Boom" reports across the US. It starts off in Michigan where frightened residents called 911 to report the sound of gunshot-like explosions. The "secret bomb range" is most likely a convenient lie. See also: Mysterious Booms Shake Branch County Houses

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