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Why Do Some Americans Speak So Confidently When They Have No Clue What They're Talking About?
Harvard calls "leadership" speaking with conviction when you don't even believe it.
Alter Net News, 22nd January 2014
The Harvard Business School information session on how to be a good class participant instructs, “Speak with conviction. Even if you believe something only 55 percent, say it as if you believe it 100 percent,” Susan Cain reported in her bestselling book Quiet. At HBS, Cain noticed, “If a student talks often and forcefully, then he’s a player; if he doesn’t, he’s on the margins.”

Cain observed that the men at HBS “look like people who expect to be in charge.... I have the feeling that if you asked one of them for driving directions, he’d greet you with a can-do smile and throw himself into the task of helping you to your destination — whether or not he knew the way.”

This article is very interesting... with a good discussion of the bullshit operators who control our lives... The confident manner works because most people only pick up on mannerisms and refuse to engage brain and think... Of course the New Age star bullshitter/scumbag Tony Robbins, promoted by TV media Queen Oprah, is also discussed at length... Robbins excels in hyping up vulnerable people and then robbing them of their cash, but the accumulation of cash is all that matters for most... Btw, have you noticed the embarrassing silence from the big mouths who hyped up 2012? Lots and lots of people who really did not properly understand the issues at hand. Hah!

Utah Is Ending Homelessness By Giving People Homes
Our Future, 17th January 2014

Why I am Leaving The United States
Dollar Vigilante, 1st January 2014
[...] Upon learning of my wife and my decision to leave our friends, family, great jobs, and fantastic home, everyone immediately asks us: Why? It's such a painfully awkward question to answer. How could the answer be anything but obvious? That said, we learned our lesson early and have stopped telling people the truth behind our exodus. Instead we've been answering with generic statements like "Oh, just for a change of pace" or "We've always wanted to experience another culture."

I'm tired of holding my tongue. It's not healthy to keep so much bottled up inside and it's even more painful to watch those closest to me living a most ignorant and animal-like existence. So here are our real, unfiltered, and honest reasons for fleeing the land of the free.

The author describes this as an anarchist's greatest hits collection.... Of course, those of us with some insight know the constant reports of corporate/government/authority lunacy and stupidity in the United States is due to the fact that the levels of psychopathy at the top of society are too high and the levels of psychopathy (that includes 2nd hand psychopathy) spread throughout society is also too high, in fact at historic levels according to academics... As many now recognise, like a juggernaut that has spun out of control, destruction is fast beckoning because there is no control mechanism in existence to apply any brakes. The sane people have failed to rein in the lunatics...

FBI warns of terrorists toting copies of Old Farmers' Almanac
Boing Boing, 29th December 2013
The FBI is warning police nationwide to be alert for people carrying almanacs, cautioning that the popular reference books covering everything from abbreviations to weather trends could be used for terrorist planning.

In a bulletin sent Christmas Eve to about 18,000 police organizations, the FBI said terrorists may use almanacs "to assist with target selection and pre-operational planning." It urged officers to watch during searches, traffic stops and other investigations for anyone carrying almanacs, especially if the books are annotated in suspicious ways. "The practice of researching potential targets is consistent with known methods of al-Qaida and other terrorist organizations that seek to maximize the likelihood of operational success through careful planning," the FBI wrote.

Just bizarre... So farmers and gardeners are terrorists now? The psychopaths are completely losing it... Also: SWAT team raids sustainable community

Facebook wants to know why you didn’t publish that status update you started writing.
Slate News, 16th December 2013
We spend a lot of time thinking about what to post on Facebook. Should you argue that political point your high school friend made? Do your friends really want to see yet another photo of your cat (or baby)? Most of us have, at one time or another, started writing something and then, probably wisely, changed our minds.

Unfortunately, the code in your browser that powers Facebook still knows what you typed—even if you decide not to publish it.* It turns out that the things you explicitly choose not to share aren't entirely private.

This may be closer to the recent revelation that the FBI can turn on a computer's webcam without activating the indicator light to monitor criminals. People surveilled through their computers’ cameras aren’t choosing to share video of themselves, just as people who self-censor on Facebook aren’t choosing to share their thoughts. The difference is that the FBI needs a warrant but Facebook can proceed without permission from anyone. [...]

So Facebook considers your thoughtful discretion about what to post as bad, because it withholds value from Facebook and from other users. Facebook monitors those unposted thoughts to better understand them, in order to build a system that minimizes this deliberate behavior. This feels dangerously close to “ALL THAT HAPPENS MUST BE KNOWN,” a motto of the eponymous dystopian Internet company in Dave Eggers’ recent novel The Circle.

This reminds me of the rather bitter diatribe of the masses being studied like lab rats and then new methods devised to maximise control...

Judge: NSA spying ‘almost Orwellian,’ likely unconstitutional
Yahoo News, 16th December 2013
In a stinging rebuke to President Barack Obama’s surveillance policies, a federal judge on Monday branded the National Security Agency’s mass collection of Americans’ telephone data “almost Orwellian” and likely a violation of the Constitution. Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden cheered the ruling.

Well, I don't think it is possible for anyone living in the so-called 'land of the free' or 'land of the fee' to come to any other conclusion... Snowden did the right thing...

Psychopath Night, New on 4, Sat 14th December [UK]
Channel 4, December 2013
Psychopath Night unravels the mystery of psychopaths, exploring how their minds work, counting down the top ten movie psychopaths and revealing familiar faces on psychopathic scale

There is a short online psychopath test here with test results by newspaper readership. I don't know whether I will get the chance to watch this program, but Prof. Kevin Dutton is suspect because he is trying to tell us that cold blooded reptile psychopaths are good for society. The book The Wisdom of Psychopaths: What Saints, Spies, and Serial Killers Can Teach Us About Success by Kevin Dutton tries to put a positive spin on psychopathy, but others are not best pleased by his efforts, see In Praise of Empty Souls—Can We Learn From Psychopaths? . Dutton might have too many psychopathic traits himself to think that predators preying on others are worth paying homage to... According to Dutton, psychopaths who work their way into positions of responsibility but then turn round and risk everything trying to maximise profit, are the sort of person we should be grateful exists even when they are the cause misery for those around them. A perfect current example is the founder of a French company sentenced to four years in prison for selling hundreds of thousands of defective breast implants in more than 65 countries, see Defective breast implant sales draw prison term for French executive My usual advice is to learn how to spot the traits, especially when it comes to the snakes claiming to be religious or spiritual. These sub-human types will work you over time and again, the only option is to protect yourself by watching out. Update Well, I watched this 2 hour documentary and I was generally pleased with concept of a top 10 countdown of films that depicted psychopaths in all their glory or gory. This was interspersed with the opinion/interviews with an assortment of known psychopaths and experts. Within the first 5 minutes, the FBI agent that uses films to teach about psychopaths repeated the mantra that they are "intra-species predators," but nothing deep about what this means. The documentary really did not go into the gory details of why these people do what they do for kicks.... This is why you will never really understand until you pay attention to the most famous self-aware psychopath on the planet, Sam Vaknin. He honestly explains that they are squeezing their victims for energy that he calls narcissistic supply and he lays out their various strategies... I believe that ultimately psychopathy is a spiritual problem and those BIG NAMES claiming to be spiritual have a big credibility problem in failing to point this out... So, there is a spectrum of psychopathy and I presume the serial killers that kill and chop off body parts might only express their sickness differently to others with this condition. The filmmakers basically accused the banking profession of being overrun with psychopaths and the cause of the ruination the world's finances which I thought was very brave... Thus, we had the famous video footage of the former Lehman's Brothers boss being grilled by congress after Lehman's went under. It was good to get a reminder of another tell-tale sign, the creepy display of the lizard tongue being regularly stuck out... Watch the documentary, there were other psychopaths regularly sticking out their tongue like lizards, even greasy Dutton which only confirms my suspicions about him... Overall, this is well worth a watch...

Teen Who Killed Four People Got Off On Probation Because He's Rich
Gawker News, 10th December 2013
A 16-year-old boy who drunkenly killed four people got probation this week because the judge — with no apparent irony — agreed with the boy's defense that he was a victim of "affluenza," whose parents taught him wealth and privilege shield consequences. The teen had faced up to twenty years in prison.

Sixteen-year-old Ethan Couch admitted to four counts of manslaughter after he and seven other boys stole alcohol from Walmart, piled into his car and struck and killed four pedestrians while going 70 miles per hour in a 40 zone. One of his passengers remains in the hospital with severe brain damage, and nine other bystanders were also injured.

Couch's BAC was a .24 and he also had Valium in his system. According to reports, he was belligerent at the scene, at one point saying, "I'm outta here." Prosecutors were hoping to get up to 20 years. Couch's defense was that he was a victim of his parents' wealth and privilege; in that he never had to face consequences, which an expert summarized prior to sentencing.

Wow... suffering from "affluenza"... I think the real defence is that this is a young psychopath, but since when has society decided that they can't be held responsible for their actions? As we all know, some psychopaths become serial killers and will just keep killing more and more people until they are locked up... This person has killed 4: that includes a youth pastor; woman and child. He also injured 10 others in this one incident, is that not enough to be locked up? I think the judge needs to be tested for psychopathy too.

The Pathology of the Elite Class
The Real News, 5th December 2013
On RAI with Paul Jay, Chris Hedges discusses the psychology of the super rich; their sense of entitlement, the dehumanization of workers, and mistaken belief that their wealth will insulate them from the coming storms. [...]

Jay: Yeah. Marx was asked once to describe the psychology of a capitalist, and it was what we talked about a little earlier: après moi, le déluge, after me, come the floods. I'll get what I can today, and if the society is toast later, too bad.

Hedges: And I think they know it's going to be toast. And I think they think that they're going to retreat into their, you know, gated compounds and survive it. And they may survive it longer than the rest of us, but in the end, climate change alone is going to get us.

Jay: So it's up to us. Don't expect anything from the oligarchs.

Hedges: No. And not only that, they are creating systems in terms of exploitation not only of us but of the ecosystem that, if left unchecked, will ensure the extinction of the human species. It may already be too late, of course. But, you know, allowing the fossil fuel industry or these corporations to determine our relationship to the environment is a form of collective insanity at this point.

According to the rich vein of ancient knowledge passed down for eons, the coming flood must be interpreted as being of a cosmic origin and today we call it space weather. Certainly, Earth's cosmic shield is now very weak and it's now constantly blowing a cosmic gale in space, see Spacecraft Sees Solar Storm Engulf Earth & the cosmic conditions facing Comet ISON and Comet Encke. On a regular basis, it gets very stormy and in July 2012 there was a severe cosmic hurricane that only missed our planet by a week... So, why do the ruling capitalists/elite directly refer to themselves as the cause of impending disaster? Well, maybe it is because they know that on this planet, the laws of nature will not allow a predatory mindset to dominate on a long term basis. Since we have reached a checkpoint period, humanity is now in a vulnerable position and the re-balance by universal consciousness could be brutal... For the naysayers, you need to focus on the evidence of massive cataclysm on this planet that could only have originated by something coming in from space and why there is such a lot of warnings in plain sight for those who have eyes to see... Anyway, I think this article is a good summary of the issues concerning our spiritually bankrupt elite class and world leaders. This analysis shows how the lack of response to the immense Fukushima nuclear disaster that is now threatening the whole world, needs to be understood in terms of the ultimate lack of interest in the welfare of humanity by those who rule. It seems the elite think that they can survive on a highly radiated planet by regularly purifying their own blood, everybody else that does not matter to them can die. I think the discussion of class warfare needs to be ditched and redefined in terms of those who are the ultimate predators preying on humanity. Since predators exist at all levels, the issue cannot just be about about financial status, because there is a lot of effort in recruiting those in the lower echelons of society with the same mindset to do the dirty work... The only issue with this article is the failure to point out how religions reinforce the system and why the New Age get rich quick mentality (morally bankrupt teachings like The Law of Attraction) reinforce the predator mindset...

Aspartame - Tell Jennifer Aniston Why She Can't Get Pregnant
Rense, 5th December 2013
[...] Dr. Roberts also says "The concept that aspartame constitutes an "endocrine disrupting chemical" was mentioned earlier. Some suspect that aspartame has contributed to the continuing decline of sperm counts over the past two decades. [...] Many wonder where the epidemic of autism came from. Read below in the Aspartame Resource Guide how the FDA made a deal with G. D. Searle, the manufacturer of aspartame never to allow the public to see the teratology studies (birth defects) because it showed neural tube defects - autism, cleft palate, spina bifida, etc.

Empathic people are natural targets for sociopaths - protect yourself
Addiction Today, October 2013
[...] Often empaths are targeted by sociopaths because they pose the greatest threat. The empath is usually the first to detect that something is not right and express what s/he senses.

As a consequence, the empath is both the sociopath's number one foe and a source of attraction; the empath's responses and actions provide excellent entertainment for sociopaths, who use and abuse people for sport.

The world of the empath is not for the faint-hearted. In the context we are discussing, empaths often find themselves up against not only the sociopath but often a flock of apaths as well. Apaths are afforded pole position in the sociopath's intrigues.

But this prime spot comes at a price for, in what we call the "sociopathic transaction", the apath makes an unspoken Faustian pact with the sociopath, then passively or otherwise participates in the cruel sport.

This article about the relationship between apaths (apathetic people) and sociopaths is the first decent explanation I have come across for the situation in the Cultic/New Age/spiritual milieu where psychopaths run amok and very few seem to care. I suppose as an empath, I assumed from an early age that people claiming to be spiritual were also empaths.... a really terrible assumption to make that has taken many years to erradicate. Mark Passio's analysis explains the deception that keeps New Agers apathetic, see Mark Passio - Holistic Brain & “New” Age Deception

Thomas Sheridans - The “Brand” New Purple Pill [Subscribers]
Red Ice Members, 31st October 2013
Thomas Sheridan is an artist, writer and musician from Ireland. He is the author of Puzzling People: The Labyrinth of the Psychopath and The Anvil of the Psyche. We'll discuss Russell Brand's interview on British Brain Control (BBC) where he advocated a SOCIALIST EGALITARIAN system based on the massive redistribution of wealth to solve today's political problems. We'll talk about why a socialist egalitarian system will most definitely not solve problems or free the people. Thomas explains how Russell Brand, the arm chair socialist, is not waking people up. Brand is put on the TV screens to placate the ones already 'awake', and to put you back to sleep in the belief that this is some kind of victory. It's isn't - it is showbiz being used as a social engineering tool yet again. We'll talk about Brand's connections, including The New Statesman, started by the Fabian Society, the London School of Economics, symbolism around him and his ideas of a new age collective utopia. We address the true problem and talk about the real solution. In the second hour, Sheridan explains his analogy of the socially acceptable "Brand new purple pill," the third option now available. He speaks about how various movements have been taken, co-opted and watered down to dampen the truth. Then, we get into the idea of forced wealth redistribution vs. voluntary giving in a truly free society and other crimes against nature in a socialist egalitarian system. Later, we speak about the oxytocin effects of celebrity and powerful elite that can create hysteria.

I decided to have a break and listen to some Red Ice Radio shows that would elaborate on the fuss concerning the opinions of the jumped-up celebrity Russell Brand. I first listened to a subscribers only commentary with Henrik Palmgren and Lana and quite frankly, I have never heard Henrik so upset, see Russell Brand's Fantasy of a Socialist Egalitarian Utopia - October 27, 2013. Whilst spitting feathers, he made it quite clear that Brand is an idiot. Next, I listened to the above show and was overjoyed to discover Thomas Sheridan's analysis which has helped to restore my faith that there are more people about who can think and integrate information. I was thrilled with his cool calm analysis and his downright spiritual perspective. Based on his efforts and his current track record, as far as I am concerned, this guy is sheer class. He talked about stuff that I have never heard anyone mention along the lines of my analysis in the book review, Virus of the Mind. Brand rallying the New Age/alternative/conspiracy theorist demographic is like shooting fish in a barrel. A few well chosen buzz words and they jump to attention. In my opinion, Brand has gone after the weakest, most gullible and most fanatical no-minds. For a long time, I have been pointing out just how poisoned the cultic milieu has become and where many appear to be on the cult brainwashing scale, as denoted by psychologists and social scientists, see Comatose: Understanding the condition of 'conditioned' followers Thus it is a relief to find Thomas Sheridan who has done the analysis and come up with the same but obvious conclusions.

As Europe erupts over US spying, NSA chief says government must stop media
Guardian, 25th October 2013
With General Alexander calling for NSA reporting to be halted, US and UK credibility as guardians of press freedom is crushed

The most under-discussed aspect of the NSA story has long been its international scope. That all changed this week as both Germany and France exploded with anger over new revelations about pervasive NSA surveillance on their population and democratically elected leaders.

It looks like the game is up... The biggest laugh is the new NSA data centre that keeps blowing up with too much electric current (GICS). Well, I think the NSA problems - trying to control the world through spying and blackmail, but not enough people willing to turn a blind eye - are symptomatic of the signs of the times...
  • Google and Yahoo furious at reports NSA secretly taps data centres
    Files obtained from Edward Snowden suggest NSA can collect information sent by fibre optic cable between Google and Yahoo data hubs 'at will'
    The Guardian, 31st October 2013
    Google and Yahoo, two of the world's biggest tech companies, reacted angrily to a report on Wednesday that the National Security Agency has secretly intercepted the main communication links that carry their users' data around the world.

    I suppose they can't afford not to be outraged...

  • NSA stores data to target any citizen at any time - Greenwald
    RT News, 30th October 2013
    The current revelations on the NSA’s spying are just the tip of the iceberg and affect “almost every country in the world,” said Glenn Greenwald. He stressed the NSA stores data for “as long as it can,” so they can target a citizen whenever they want.

    This is basically a major blackmailing operation... and just typical of how predators operate.

Business majors and children of divorce are the biggest liars
Quartz, 25th October 2013
A new Canadian study concludes that the people most likely to lie for monetary gain are the children of divorce, business majors, and—perhaps most surprisingly—the religious. [...]

Men and women did not differ significantly, while the children of divorce took the lead spot in duplicity, electing to lie to their partners at a rate 29.3% higher than the group average. Next up were the business majors with a rate of lying that was 18.1% higher than all the other majors combined. “It could be that these students are more prone to lying by nature or training,” writes Childs. “It could also be that individuals strongly motivated by financial returns, and therefore more likely to lie for a monetary payoff, are more likely to pursue an education in business.”

What’s more, the researchers found that one’s likelihood for lying was directly proportional to reported religiosity and that their small sample of children raised by single parents (who separated amicably or were single due to death of a spouse) was significantly (39%) less likely to lie for financial gain.

I have come to the conclusion that most of these types of articles don't provide much in the way of teaching about basic principles. Lying frauds pretending to be highly spiritual and/or religious have been a major subject of interest for over 30 years. It began when I started researching the history of the Catholic Church and my most recent education has been due to my experiences with New Agers. However, the most important principles did not come into focus until I learnt about malignant narcissists and psychopaths, people who can be hardly categorised as human. Based on what I now know, I simply don't think raw statistics helps anyone, labelling them as religious or children of the divorced or interested in business is plain misleading. For those people who have suffered at the hands of selfish greedy people who have used and abused, I recommend learning about people with personality disorders, narcissists and such like and how they operate. The revelation will keep you in good stead for the rest of your life. Once you start to recognise the modus operandi and their disguises, you have a choice to eject parasitical people out of your life.

72 Types Of Americans That Are Considered “Potential Terrorists” In Official Government Documents
Activist News, 26th October 2013
Are you a conservative, a libertarian, a Christian or a gun owner? Are you opposed to abortion, globalism, Communism, illegal immigration, the United Nations or the New World Order? Do you believe in conspiracy theories, do you believe that we are living in the “end times” or do you ever visit alternative news websites (such as this one)?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you are a “potential terrorist” according to official U.S. government documents.

72 is a widely used esoteric number that is derived from the precessional cycle, 1 degree is about 72 years. So, I can only imagine this article is somehow intended as another pathetic rabble rousing effort. The list of people with alternative views also covers those with a thinking brain who are not particularly interested in conforming to society that is very near to total collapse. And as we have recently been informed by academia, one of the main causes of our impending demise, are the ruthless psychopathic types competing against each other and causing havoc for the rest of society.

Why have young people in Japan stopped having sex?
What happens to a country when its young people stop having sex? Japan is finding out… Abigail Haworth investigates
The Guardian, 21st October 2013
[...] Japan's under-40s appear to be losing interest in conventional relationships. Millions aren't even dating, and increasing numbers can't be bothered with sex. For their government, "celibacy syndrome" is part of a looming national catastrophe. Japan already has one of the world's lowest birth rates. Its population of 126 million, which has been shrinking for the past decade, is projected to plunge a further one-third by 2060. Aoyama believes the country is experiencing "a flight from human intimacy" – and it's partly the government's fault.

It's all going to hell in Japan... I suppose this is what happens in a technology focused society that has become pathological... The psychopaths want to turn humans into robots that is a fact ask Sam Vaknin and any top psychologist, but this mentality on Earth means inevitable extinction... Besides that, why would anyone want to have children in such a highly radioactive environment? I also wonder: how are the psychopaths in government coping with the realisation they have destroyed Japan and are now supervising their own end? Update: Some people think the associated documentary and articles about this are covering up young people dying of cancer, lots of pregancies being aborted, badly disfigured babies being killed at birth etc etc. These continuus accusations are by a few who will not shut up about how bad things are in Japan.

Idled NASA workers speak out against shutdown
Mx Fox Houston News, 14th October 2013
HOUSTON (FOX 26) - Furloughed NASA employees will protest the government shutdown on Tuesday morning, outside the Johnson Space Center. The demonstration was organized by the American Federation of Government Employees Local 2284. It's intended to shame Congress into approving a budget and ending the shutdown so locked-out federal workers can return to the job.

The vast majority of JSC's employees are considered non-essential and therefore subject to the furlough, which began on October 1. "We have about 100 employees out of 3100 that's working," explained NASA employee (and union president) Bridget Broussard-Guidry, "and they're mostly in Mission Control, supporting the mission or Space Station."

And the U.S. government is about to default too or so I have heard... These top scientists have no experience in roughing it either... I imagine NASA's no. 1 enemy James McCanney is having the biggest laugh...

Mathematical formula Predicts Revolution, 10th October 2013
There is a mathematical formula created by a professor at the University of Connecticut which appears to be predicting a huge social shift - and which may explain why we're in the shutdown and debt ceiling crisis. Professor Peter Turchin has spent years developing a model that uses numbers to explain historical cycles - like the fall of the Roman Empire, the Rise of Communism.

He measures things like income inequality, the minimum wage, and health - which he measures by life expectancy and the average height of the population. And the bottom line is - the wider the gap between rich and poor, the unhappier the general population is, and the closer people get to revolution.

We are, right now, climbing that inequality curve and all the signs are there: low taxes on the rich and low wages for workers. And there's another warning sign: a rising number of wealthy, educated elites competing for a fixed number of high political offices. The stiffer the competition, the more ruthless they become.

The signs of the times are obvious but it is interesting that academics acknowledge the issue of there being too many predators... I can't help thinking the New Age narcisstistic mindset is just another reflection of the darkest hour of humanity. I am not sure we will see revolution, I am hoping for a peaceful die-off and evolution for a select few that meet the criteria for humanity to be able to start the next cycle.

The Surprising Spread and Cultural Impact of Transhumanism
Catholic World Report, 3rd October 2013
Atheism, along with the blending of evolutionary theory and technology, is at the heart of transhumanism, Cook said. “The central idea of transhumanism is that the destiny of our species is completely, wholly, up to us,” he explained. “There is no sense of the divine providence, God looking after us, which is so characteristic of Christian thinking. So now that we have the technology, it is time to take responsibility for our evolution. Until now, the evolution of man has been random, but from now on, man can take responsibility for choosing what powers he can have.”

Hmmm.... If you do the research on the state of genetic science, transhumanism seems to rest on some misapprehensions because the environment has the final say over genes and genetic blueprints... But generally, I am appalled that people think this is the next stage of human evolution being directed by people who appear to be insane. Ray Kurzweil at Google is hoping to live forever inside a computer, but this sounds like the dream destiny for someone who is not a real human in the first place... Actually, thinking about it, this could be a great plan for tidying up the human gene pool by removing a lot of people who aren't very human....

When the going gets tough, the materialistic go shopping
Michigan State University News, 25th September 2013
Materialistic people experience more stress from traumatic events such as terrorist attacks and are more likely to spend compulsively as a result, according to an international study led by a Michigan State University business professor.These possession-driven folks tend to have lower self-esteem than others, said Ayalla Ruvio, assistant professor of marketing in MSU's Broad College of Business.“When the going gets tough, the materialistic go shopping,” said Ruvio. “And this compulsive and impulsive spending is likely to produce even greater stress and lower well-being. Essentially, materialism appears to make bad events even worse.”

Materialistic people are loved by wannabe billionaires exploiting those desperate for some 'enlightenment' which these days for many translates to the ability to 'attract' health, wealth and success. In reality, there is no magic but a downward spiral awaits those who get sucked in by predators making big claims. I think the biggest joke is the exercise of dressing rich people in rags, taking their ID off them and phones etc, and then throwing them onto the streets to beg for survival and money.... This is a classic way to stress out relatively rich people, take a big sledge to their self-esteem and making some even more traumatised. I believe this is done to re-inforce the spend spend spend mentality. James Ray thought this was a brilliant way to attract 'Harmonic Wealth' but look what happened there.... World class LGAT specialist and 'spider woman' Byron Katie does this exercise too and helps herself to peoples' valuables like jewellery and computers too, but I know there is a bunch of New Wage fraudsters using the exact same techniques to make a killing from vulnerable people. I would also like to point out that not all followers are the same. There are few sharks that hang around learning the ropes and when there is an opportunity they follower in their master's footsteps, and that is why I see the cult milieu has an incubator for humans spreading cult viruses.

Kenya shopping mall attack: Four-year-old British boy freed and given Mars bar after telling armed militant 'you’re a bad man'
Young Elliott Prior bravely stood up to the gunman
Independent News, 24th September 2013
A four-year-old British boy survived the Kenya shopping mall attack after telling an armed jihadist ‘you’re a bad man’, according to the boy's uncle who has given an interview to a UK newspaper.

After apparently seeing his mother shot in the thigh, young Elliott Prior is said to have confronted the gunman shouting “you’re a bad man, let us leave”.

Incredibly the gunman in understood to have took pity on Elliott and his six-year-old sister Amelie, giving the pair a Mars bar each and allowing them and their mother to leave the chaotic shopping mall in the middle of the terror attack.

Well said...

Gospel Choir’s ‘Keep Yo Business Off Yo Facebook’ Song During What Appears to Be a Church Service Is an Instant ‘Classic’
The Blaze, 16th August 2013
Facebook. It’s place where people air relationship woes, where pictures of nights before should never see the light of day and where best friends sometimes become enemies.

Although the social networking site has many positive uses keeping friends and families connected, it is unfortunately a place where even the most heinous of crimes are admitted.

So one church has a message for its congregation, taking form in a gospel song: “You need to keep your business off of Facebook.”

It's a hit! So, just in case nobody else points out the obvious, here is my opinion. This song is admonishing church goers claiming to be Christian to maintain their veneer of respectability whilst social networking on Facebook. This is a helpful message for those who are not quite what they claim to be. Well, this advice comes too late for New Ager Derek Medina who shot and killed his wife and posted about his crime and most likely incarceration last week, an update came with a photo of his murder victim wife. It does make you wonder about the psychological make-up of these people, but I know what I think...

Arnold Schwarzenegger orders gas chambers for some conservatives
Reference Frame, 15th August 2013
The Terminator's comments at the National Clean Energy Summit were... unfortunate. According to the Huffington Post (via Junk Science and Climate Depot), he has proposed a final solution to some disagreements with his opponents that seems to be highly popular among famous Austrian-born expats (let me not mention a former German chancellor by his name), perhaps even more popular than their irrational opposition to peaceful nuclear energy:
Speaking of greenhouse gas deniers: "Strap some conservative-thinking people to a tailpipe for an hour and then they will agree it's a pollutant!"
An interesting but not original (as visitors of a camp in Poland know) technique. But will it achieve what the ex-governor believes that it will achieve? Will the conservative-thinking people agree that CO2 is a pollutant?
Arnold Schwarzenegger is obviously not very bright, but as a climate alarmist, he must be considered as a useful idiot....

Is This the Week that Organized Skepticism Imploded?
Daily Grail, 11th August 2013
For many years on this site I've critiqued the demagogic tendencies of a number of the 'leaders' of the modern skeptical movement (see the bottom of this post for some links). I've often faced resistance (and sometimes hostility) from card-carrying skeptics for pointing out the foibles of these so-called champions of science, and the dangers of having such people as figureheads of a movement dedicated to truth and reason - but I had no inkling that in the space of just a few short years the reputations of a number of them would begin coming undone at their own hands. [...]

But what has become clear is that the former figureheads of the skeptical movement finally now have a (long-awaited) skepticism being applied to their own actions and pronouncements, and a number of them are being revealed for the pretenders they are. I'd like to think that this is the end of skeptical demagoguery, and the beginning of a new, more intelligent, self-critiquing skeptical movement - though perhaps it's more just a fragmentation, as Myers and Randi and others now just seem to have their own righteous armies fighting somewhat of an internal civil war in skepticism.

It looks like prominent skeptics are burning in the fires of their own hell.... I have been seeing snippets here and there for a while but I was quite stunned by revelations that things have badly deteriorated amongst skeptics. According to the website Spirituality is No Excuse run by Yakaru, he states he is now forced to provide a serious warning, see The Skeptic & Atheist Movements: A Word of Warning for Newcomers. Here, we are informed that some skeptics are now debating whether 'skepchicks' should be raped. Shocking stuff, but this troll mentality on the internet is now making lots of news, see the latest YouTube villain unmasked as a UK 'soap' actor, Vile online rap Videos. Strangely enough, it reminded me of an incident of having dinner with a male friend who I thought was a 'spiritual' person. Out of nowhere he made a vile comment in a hissed voice about a female politician needing to be violated as punishment. All of a sudden, the spiritual persona had slipped and something really evil had appeared. It was not long after I made the decision to not have anything to do with this person. In my own journal of 'enlightenment' I realise I don't have to tolerate or deal with other people's nastiness... Due to my experiences, I have been forced to pay attention, if I see real darkness, I now run, no matter what...
  • The Bullshit Police
    The Daily Beast, 16th August 2013
    [James Randi Educational Foundation] JREF’s goal, according to its website, is to “expose paranormal and pseudoscientific frauds in the media, and hold media organizations accountable for promoting dangerous nonsense.” The Skeptics Society, publisher of Skeptic magazine, describes its mission as an effort “to engage leading experts in investigating the paranormal, fringe science, pseudoscience, and extraordinary claims of all kinds, promote critical thinking, and serve as an educational tool for those seeking a sound scientific viewpoint.”

    But aren’t these merely descriptions of plain old science? Saunders says there is an important distinction. “We especially go after these claims that are against the laws of physics, while generally science is the study of nature,” he explains. In other words, science tends to ignore ghosts, goblins, levitating yogis, and mind-reading mediums claiming an ability to commune with the dead. “We’re not doing science. We’re advocating for it,” Swiss explains.

    Skeptics believe people should think and use reason but the average person (unfamiliar with how sience works) often reacts in a knee jerk arrogant manner. Worse still, the new crowd they are attracting is discrediting the whole scene, see above. Then there is a problem of religious conformity. Skeptics are expected to be atheists and Neo-Darwinists but you are not allowed to be a climate skeptic.... funny that.... Anything else and you are suspect... So, how do sane people counteract the apalling New Age uncritical thinking crowd? I don't know, but I don't think Randi et al. are the answer, because at the moment, it seems JREF is providing just another religious institution for many to hide behind and regurgitate what others tell them.

Court officially declares Bitcoin a real currency
RT News, 9th August 2013
A federal judge has for the first time ruled that Bitcoin is a legitimate currency, opening up the possibility for the digital crypto-cash to soon be regulated by governmental overseers.

United States Magistrate Judge Amos Mazzant for the Eastern District of Texas ruled Tuesday that the US Securities and Exchange Commission can proceed with a lawsuit against the operator of a Bitcoin-based

'999? I can't find the film I want on Sky': Bizarre time-wasting calls made to the emergency services revealed
Daily Mail, 8th August 2013
South Yorkshire Police claim up to a third of the 999 calls they receive should never have been made in the first place They include a woman who couldn't find the film she wanted on TV and a mother who wanted police to tell off her son for not eating his breakfast

Well, what does anyone expect when society is being dumbed down and people are encouraged to stay childlike. I think this is most noticeable if you watch TV and pay attention to just how childish the adverts are, but the media in general often appeals to a generally childish mentality. This is also very noticeable in the cultic milieu where spirituality is often relegated to 'entertainment' for children. I have even seen complaints amongst certain groups because people don't want anything too serious. It seems mummy and daddy storytelling is popular, but not much that requires people to really think for themselves.

English Speakers Increasingly Use Self-Centered Words Like 'Get' And 'Choose'
What changes in language use can tell us about society
Popular Science News, 7th August 2013
The words that consistently pop up in published literature can tell us a lot about individual and cultural trends and values. Are people talking about their emotions more? Are people feeling depressed?

Patricia Greenfield, a psychology professor at the University of California at Los Angeles, decided to use word frequency patterns to identify how people's values have shifted over time from the sociological concepts of gemeinschaft (translated from German as community, reflecting a rural society with a subsistence economy) and gesellschaft (translated as society, reflecting an urban, wealthy, technological culture).

By analyzing word frequency data from more than a million books published in the United States and Britain between 1800 and 2000, using Google Books Ngram Viewer, Greenfield found that our language has slowly shifted to focus on individualism and material gain. We now use more individual-focused words like "get" and "choose," rather than group-focused words like "give" and "obliged."

I am starting to think that the intelligentsia are worrying about where the selfishness, narcissism and psychopathic tendencies are leading humanity... It was not so long ago that a group of Oxford scholars muted that humanity were skirting with disaster see, This is the end: Team of experts say humanity faces extinction. I think the cultic milieu and particularly the almost mainstream New Age movement has been a major catalyst, (New Age book publishing has seen phenomenal growth in recent decades). Yet, now we know the business model is largely about creating a pipe dream with a strong focus on the individual and then encouraging people to spend lots of money whilst they chase after illusions. Read my archives and follow links, there are a large number of proven frauds claiming enlightenment but not much real evidence they have anything worth obtaining (magicians are good at creating illusions...). This has resulted in a huge number of people who have been processed, traumatised and spat out who realised they have been conned, there are plenty of websites out there of folk sharing their experiences. If you pay attention, you will know the fight back is now getting serious. The only way for humanity to get back on track is to reject the current New Age narcissistic teachings, mostly based on lies and twisted logic.

US debt six times greater than declared - study
RT News, 6th August 2013
The United States has accumulated over $70 trillion in unreported debt, an amount nearly six times the declared figure, according to a new study by University of California-San Diego economics Professor James Hamilton. The unique aspect of Hamilton’s study is that he examines federal debt that has not been publicly released, specifically the government’s support for “housing, other loan guarantees, deposit insurance, actions taken by the Federal Reserve, and government trust funds.”

Are We Being Conditioned to Accept 'Transhumanism' as Evolution?
Activist Post, 4th August 2013
Do you wonder why films and shows such as World War Z, Walking Dead, I Am Legend, or even the tongue-in-cheek marketing campaigns focus on 'zombie apocalypse warnings'? Is it just for your entertainment and giggles? After all, we know that zombies do not exist. Why then, would 'zombie apocalypse' be among Google's most popular search? A few years ago, it was the blood sucking vampires, which are still quite popular. Are we being psychologically conditioned to accept human changes, such as cannibalism, or 'transhumanism' as evolution?

We are living in the oddest of times. Our society is on the brink of so many simultaneous modifications. For example, we read about scorpion venom inserted into cabbage (to kill bugs), eel genes inserted into salmon (for profitable growth enhancement), bizarre animal parts surgically placed in humans, or micro machines drifting inside our cells. What are we doing as a species and what can you do to remain intact?

I am not particularly impressed with this article but the headline is worth thinking about. I think transhumanism (the transference of a human soul into a robot body) is still only pie in the sky and an excuse to see what scientific breakthroughs can achieve, but reports of scientists screaming like mad men that they want to be gods is just plain scary. Obviously humanity is already evolving, but changes forced by the environment are embarrassing to world controllers trying to create the impression that they control everything.

'Havoc' as HSBC prepares to close diplomatic accounts
BBC News, 4th August 2013
HSBC bank has reportedly asked more than 40 diplomatic missions to close their accounts as part of a programme to reduce business risks. The Vatican's ambassadorial office in Britain, the Apostolic Nunciature, is among those said to be affected. The head of the UK's Consular Corps told the Mail on Sunday the decision has created "havoc".

So, nobody wants these particular 'diplomats' money? Obviously, this must be linked to all the accusations of HSBC laundering huge amounts of money... Now we know this is not just mafia money. I wonder if Snowden and his little black book of NSA secrets have forced some to clean up their act...

Chief Scientist: Act Now or Live Through Deadly Post Antibiotic Resistance Era
Wired News, 12th July 2013
"There is now a genuine threat of humanity returning to an era where mortality due to common infections is rife"

Report: Meeting the threat of antibiotic resistance: building a new frontline defence

In the latest warning that antibiotics resistance is nearing dangerous levels in modern populations, Australia's chief scientist has issued a stark warning that if we don't invest in combatting it now, sore throats and other minor infections could one day be deadly.

His calls echo those of the UK's own chief medical officer Sally Davies, who in May appealed to the World Health Assembly for international action targeting the problem. Davies announced that the UK government would publish a five-year strategy this summer, but that the problem will not be defeated "unless we get coordinated, international action".

"If we don't take action, in 20 years' time we could be back in the 19th century where infections kill us as a result of routine operations," she said.

Here we have epigenetics in action and microbes fighting back, but the lack of interest in the survival of humanity is interesting to observe... Those that are bothered about survival, will just make the effort to learn about and use natural antibiotics... I suggest the apathy combined with all the other major survival issues will ensure there is a swift depopulation of this planet coming fairly soon.

Surge in 'digital dementia'
Doctors in South Korea are reporting a surge in "digital dementia" among young people who have become so reliant on electronic devices that they can no longer remember everyday details like their phone numbers. Telegraph, 24th June 2013
South Korea is one of the most digitally connected nations in the world and the problem of internet addiction among both adults and children was recognised as far back as the late 1990s.

That is now developing into the early onset of digital dementia – a term coined in South Korea – meaning a deterioration in cognitive abilities that is more commonly seen in people who have suffered a head injury or psychiatric illness. [...]

The situation appears to be worsening, doctors report, with the percentage of people aged between 10 and 19 who use their smartphones for more than seven hours every day leaping to 18.4 per cent, an increase of seven per cent from last year.

Riot after Chinese teachers try to stop pupils cheating
What should have been a hushed scene of 800 Chinese students diligently sitting their university entrance exams erupted into siege warfare after invigilators tried to stop them from cheating.
Telegraph, 20th June 2013
The relatively small city of Zhongxiang in Hubei province has always performed suspiciously well in China's notoriously tough "gaokao" exams, each year winning a disproportionate number of places at the country's elite universities.

Last year, the city received a slap on the wrist from the province's Education department after it discovered 99 identical papers in one subject. Forty five examiners were "harshly criticised" for allowing cheats to prosper. So this year, a new pilot scheme was introduced to strictly enforce the rules.

A whole nation that thinks cheating is fair... This mentality explains why life in China is so nauseating in so many different ways.

The Singularity Is Near: Mind Uploading by 2045?
Live Science, 17th June 2013
NEW YORK — By 2045, humans will achieve digital immortality by uploading their minds to computers — or at least that's what some futurists believe. This notion formed the basis for the Global Futures 2045 International Congress, a futuristic conference held here June 14-15.

The conference, which is the brainchild of Russian multimillionaire Dmitry Itskov, fell somewhere between hardcore science and science fiction. It featured a diverse cast of speakers, from scientific luminaries like Ray Kurzweil, Peter Diamandis and Marvin Minsky, to Swamis and other spiritual leaders.

These transhumanists make New Agers trying to upgrade their energy fields look tame and everybody else seem backward for the lack of interest in wanting to evolve... The GF 2045 International Congress is sponsored by Russian billionaire Dmitry Itskov who thinks an android body is the "next step" in human evolution or "neo-humanity" as he refers to it.... The whole thing pisses me off as most people are so oblivious to the severe issues humanity are facing, but these intelligentsia rightly or wrongly are making their own plans.

NSA admits listening to U.S. phone calls without warrants
National Security Agency discloses in secret Capitol Hill briefing that thousands of analysts can listen to domestic phone calls. That authorization appears to extend to e-mail and text messages too.
CNET News, 15th June 2013
The National Security Agency has acknowledged in a new classified briefing that it does not need court authorization to listen to domestic phone calls.

Rep. Jerrold Nadler, a New York Democrat, disclosed this week that during a secret briefing to members of Congress, he was told that the contents of a phone call could be accessed "simply based on an analyst deciding that."

If the NSA wants "to listen to the phone," an analyst's decision is sufficient, without any other legal authorization required, Nadler said he learned. "I was rather startled," said Nadler, an attorney and congressman who serves on the House Judiciary committee.

The United States of America, the land of Big Brother and communist style surveillance.

Confessions of a Sociopath
She's a successful law professor and a Sunday school teacher, with a host of family and friends. But her interpersonal calculus centers on how to manipulate and outmaneuver the many people in her life. Welcome to a world of ruthless cost-benefit analysis, charm, and grandiosity.
Psychology Today, 19th May 2013
[...] You would like me if you met me. I have the kind of smile that is common among television show characters and rare in real life, perfect in its sparkly teeth dimensions and ability to express pleasant invitation. I'm the sort of date you would love to take to your ex's wedding—fun, exciting, the perfect office escort. And I'm just the right amount of successful so that your parents would be thrilled if you brought me home.

Perhaps the most noticeable aspect of my confidence is the way I sustain eye contact. Some people have called it the "predator stare." Sociopaths are unfazed by uninterrupted eye contact. Our failure to look away politely is also perceived as being aggressive or seductive. It can throw people off balance, but often in an exciting way that imitates the unsettling feeling of infatuation. Do you ever find yourself using charm and confidence to get people to do things for you that they otherwise wouldn't? Some might call it manipulation, but I like to think I'm using what God gave me.

This is a good read.... I love an honest sociopath... For me I feel relieved that I now understand the modus operandi of the most shitty people I have come across in my life and why I am bothered by a constant stream of narcissists that I can only refuse to accomodate.

Yahoo Was Reportedly Forced To Join PRISM By A Secret Court
Huffington Post, 14th June 2013
Yahoo fought PRISM, and PRISM won. Court records obtained by The New York Times show that Yahoo had fought back against the National Security Agency's broad requests for user data in 2008. The company, which provides email service to hundreds of millions of people, argued that the order violated Yahoo account holders' constitutional right against unreasonable searches and seizures. The secret court didn't buy Yahoo's argument, and compelled the company to give the NSA digitally stored email and photos at its beck and call.

Since the bombshell revelation of NSA's so-called PRISM program last week, the public has learned more about how the nine participating Internet companies let the government collect broad swaths of personal information from Internet users for national security purposes. The secret 2008 decision seemed to put a dark cloud over Silicon Valley: cooperate with the government to fight terrorism abroad, or you'll find yourself in court.

Secret courts?

Jeb Bush: ‘More fertile’ immigrants needed to care for aging Americans
Raw Story, 14th June 2013
Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) told a conservative conference on Friday that comprehensive immigration reform could be turn around a trend of lower birth rates in the U.S. because “immigrants are more fertile.”

“Demography is destiny,” Bush explained to the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority conference. “We’re going to have fewer workers taking care of a larger number of people that the country has a social contract with to be able to allow them to retire with dignity and purpose. We cannot do that with the fertility rates that we have in our country. We’re below break-even today.”

“The one way that we can rebuild the demographic pyramid is to fix a broken immigration system to allow for people to come, to learn English, to play by our rules, to embrace our values and to pursue their dreams in our country with a vengeance, to create more opportunities for all of us,” he continued. “This is a conservative idea.”

Wow... It seems the low sperm count crisis is now becoming an issue and the talking heads have been briefed to talk-up the benefits of the normally dispised immigrant. However, how does this work when there are already huge numbers of unemployed people desperate for decent well paying jobs that have disappeared overseas due to cheap labour forces? Well, there being no money available to pay the pensions of the babyboomers is a major problem that needs to be rectified, maybe they should tax the rich and start sorting out the poor infrastructure too ...

NSA surveillance played little role in foiling terror plots, experts say
Obama administration says NSA data helped make arrests in two important cases – but critics say that simply isn't true
Guardian, 12th June 2013
Lawyers and intelligence experts with direct knowledge of two intercepted terrorist plots that the Obama administration says confirm the value of the NSA's vast data-mining activities have questioned whether the surveillance sweeps played a significant role, if any, in foiling the attacks.

The defence of the controversial data collection operations, highlighted in a series of Guardian disclosures over the past week, has been led by Dianne Feinstein, chairwoman of the Senate intelligence committee, and her equivalent in the House, Mike Rogers. The two politicians have attempted to justify the NSA's use of vast data sweeps such as Prism and Boundless Informant by pointing to the arrests and convictions of would-be New York subway bomber Najibullah Zazi in 2009 and David Headley, who is serving a 35-year prison sentence for his role in the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

It looks to me from this article that the U.S. intelligence agencies are at war... I think we have already been told by Snowden what PRISM is about. The American government (but maybe even a secret shadow government, who knows?) want the right to store individuals personal electronic based information on anyone in the world (if they can get the data) and then be in a position to be able to use this information to go digging for dirt. This means that anyone can be blackmailed or framed if possible, at any time in the future or even have their character blackened by their past associates becoming known.... The fact that other intelligence agencies have stated that data-mining through Prism and other NSA programmes does not have great merit in the instances the Obama Administration have cited to prove their affectiveness in counteracting terrorism, combined with Snowden's concerns should at least get thinkers thinking and quick thinkers totally alarmed...

NSA surveillance: anger mounts in Congress at 'spying on Americans'
After a closed-door briefing of the House of Representatives, lawmakers call for a review of the Patriot Act Guardian News, 12th June 2013
Anger was mounting in Congress on Tuesday night as politicians, briefed for the first time after revelations about the government's surveillance dragnet, vowed to rein in a system that one said amounted to "spying on Americans".

Intelligence chiefs and FBI officials had hoped that the closed-door briefing with a full meeting of the House of Representatives would help reassure members about the widespread collection of US phone records revealed by the Guardian.

But senior figures from both parties emerged from the meeting alarmed at the extent of a surveillance program that many claimed never to have heard of until whistleblower Edward Snowden leaked a series of top-secret documents.

They say timing is everything... If this had happened 6 months ago there might not have been such a furore. However, since the recent IRS revelations where it looks like the Obama Administration directed the IRS to target political opponents, something that most normal people realise is heinous, the political darkness is at record levels and a major bloodletting exercise is about to start. Whatever, these big internet companies now have a serious credibility problem... I suspect the problem is that it is very difficult for the government to defend their actions as we must assume that the secrecy surrounding the PRISM spy system is due to the unlawful activity...
  • 27 Edward Snowden Quotes About U.S. Government Spying That Should Send A Chill Up Your Spine, 10th June 2013
    [...] “There is a reason why government whistleblowers are so rare. And most Americans are so apathetic that they wouldn't even give up watching their favorite television show for a single evening to do something good for society. Most Americans never even try to make a difference because they do not believe that it will benefit them personally. Meanwhile, our society continues to fall apart all around us.” [...]

    #11 "Even if you're not doing anything wrong, you're being watched and recorded.'s getting to the point where you don't have to have done anything wrong, you simply have to eventually fall under suspicion from somebody, even by a wrong call, and then they can use this system to go back in time and scrutinize every decision you've ever made, every friend you've ever discussed something with, and attack you on that basis, to sort of derive suspicion from an innocent life."

    Personally, I don't think the problem is specific to Americans... I think quote #11 is the most frightening and insidious...

  • NSA scandal: Twitter and Microsoft join calls to disclose data requests
    Technology companies want government's permission to give public a more detailed list of demands for data from their servers
    Guardian News, 12th June 2013
    Microsoft and Twitter have joined calls by Google and Facebook to be able to publish more detail about how many secret requests they receive to hand over user data under the controversial Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (Fisa).

    "Permitting greater transparency on the aggregate volume and scope of national security requests, including Fisa orders, would help the community understand and debate these important issues," Microsoft said in an emailed statement to the Reuters news agency.

The NSA’s Prism leak could fundamentally change or break the entire internet
Extreme Tech, 10th June 2013
[..] Despite the focus on domestic implications, Prism is a system specifically designed to eavesdrop on foreign Internet traffic flowing through the United States — the NSA even says so.

Things are now going to change and the big Internet names will be made to suffer.

US lawmakers call for review of Patriot Act after NSA surveillance revelations
White House insists it welcomes 'appropriate debate' after Republican leadership questions implementation of security act Guardian, 10th June 2013
The White House has said it would consider congressional calls to review the Patriot Act after conceding that revelations over the scale of US surveillance activity had sparked "an appropriate debate".

The legislation, which was introduced after the 9/11 attacks, has been cited as the legal basis for the National Security Agency scouring billions of ordinary US telephone records in an effort to combat terrorism.

But even one it authors, Republican Jim Sensenbrenner, has questioned whether the act has been misapplied in the cases revealed to the Guardian by former CIA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Here is the latest: Live coverage of all today's developments After the IRS scandal where non Democrats were targetted because of their political affiliations, how on Earth can folk believe that a secret government spy surveillance system is not going to be used against them? You don't have to be that intelligent to work out this is an attempt to reach the most feared Big Brother 1984 omnipresent state of government control dreamed about by George Orwell. Things are so bad that even the biggest Obama supporters are appalled. The prospects look grim for the biggest internet companies involved who agreed to let the government have its own key for the back door so that they can spy on folk in other countries! Americans would have to be really stupid to let this stand...

Alex Jones's appearance turned Sunday Politics into Beadle's About
Bilderberg was meant to be debated, but by booking the US shock jock the production team opted for a bellowing shambles
Guardian News, 10th June 2013
[...] But the Sunday Politics didn't want a discussion. They wanted chaos, so they booked a volcano. Barely for a second did the programme stray into a critique of the event itself. The whole sequence, from start to finish, was deliberately shaped to discredit any serious discussion of a conference which takes itself seriously enough to spend millions of pounds on security.

[...] "It's like Christmas for conspiracy theorists," grinned Neil, introducing a short video package about this year's conference. No mention made of all the mainstream press that turned up (Reuters, AP, the Times, Telegraph, Channel 4 News, BBC London News, Sky News, Daily Mail, many others) – or the fact that the report itself was shot in a press area, a first for the conference. It was just a chance to giggle at the crazies.

Interestingly, there are quite a few articles about the reason for bringing Alex Jones onto national UK TV. It seems there is a new consensus that Jones is now actively discrediting conspiracy theorists by his bizarre rants. Focusing on the loony element like Alex Jones is more important to some parts of the mainstream media than focusing on the genuine concern about this unelected elite Bilderberg group meeting with elected government officials to decide on their secret strategies...

The Many Ways That Obama Has Been Spying On You
Motherboard, 7th June 2013
Planning on doing something online today? Or making a phone call, perhaps? Well, do it with a smile, because the National Security Agency will have a record of it. Over the last 24 hours, a pair of game-changing reports have revealed the truly stunning amount of data the federal government is collecting about your personal life. There's a lot of information swirling around now, so here's a handy guide to all of the things Obama's crew have gone big brother on. [...]

Obama has clearly expanded the surveillance activities instigated by George W. Bush, though he is not wiretapping phones outright like his predecessor. Still, his administration has overseen the most drastic expansion of surveillance by the state, perhaps in history. Our chat logs, status updates, phone records, even our video conference calls—they're all sitting in a massive database housed in a government-protected data center

From The Guardian article, Edward Snowden: the whistleblower behind the NSA surveillance revelations, Snowden implies that U.S. government spooks are looking for information that can be used to blackmail people in order to force people to work for the US government and he gives an example of a banker in Switzerland. As far as I am concerned, this is criminal activity but it is now common knowledge that this is how things are done in certain quarters... I suppose this is really business as usual.
  • Tech Companies Concede to Surveillance Program
    New York Times, 7th June 2013
    "But instead of adding a back door to their servers, the companies were essentially asked to erect a locked mailbox and give the government the key, people briefed on the negotiations said. Facebook, for instance, built such a system for requesting and sharing the information, they said."
    Of course, folk have to trust that government insiders will not start selling information to their corporate friends...

'We’re in a police state': US conspiracy theorist Alex Jones in bizarre rant on BBC's Andrew Neil show
The Independent, 9th June 2013
US conspiracy theorist Alex Jones lost his temper in spectacular style on live television on Saturday, accusing the Bilderberg group of being “heavily involved in the EU plan”, which he described as a “Nazi plan” and shouting “Freedom will not stop” repeatedly to bemused guests.

Jones had been invited to appear on BBC1’s Sunday Politics show alongside Times columnist David Aaronovitch to discuss the Bilderberg Conference which took place this weekend. During his outburst, Jones said that some of his reporters had been turned away, “but they didn’t turn me back and I was told this because they don’t wanna make a stink.”

Alex Jones is repulsive. He is deliberately acting like an arse to help label anyone with alternative views as a conspiracy theorist and therefore suspect. His followers are beyond help. See, Info-Spats: Conspiracy Theorists Are Sick of Alex Jones

20 Completely Ridiculous College Courses Being Offered At U.S. Universities
The Economic Collapse, 5th June 2013
Would you like to know what America's young people are actually learning while they are away at college? It isn't pretty. Yes, there are some very highly technical fields where students are being taught some very important skills, but for the most part U.S. college students are learning very little that they will actually use out in the real world when they graduate. Some of the college courses listed below are funny, others are truly bizarre, others are just plain outrageous, but all of them are a waste of money.

I don't agree that all these courses are ridiculous. Unfortunately, universities are having to deal with students who are a product of society obsessed with the celebrity/fame/tv culture... Most of these courses are focusing on themes in popular culture and trying to bridge a chasm to more intellectual concepts... Yes, we do have entrepreneur types who didn't need a degree, but if they could not think in the first place, they would not have been successful... Basically, the issue is society desperately needs people who are creative and who can think so that society as a whole can survive new challenges. Maybe we can get to the stage where there is enough intelligentsia to rein in and outwit the predator types who act like a plague on society.

Bosnia: Protesters Force Government Workers To Go back to work!
Thousands in Bosnia protest ID glitch
New Europe, 6th June 2013
Nearly 3,000 people have formed a chain around Bosnia's parliament on June 6, saying they won't let politicians go home until they start doing their jobs instead of keeping the country paralyzed with ethnic bickering.

What started as a small protest over a new law on personal identification numbers the day before has grown into a blockade of the building, with more people joining the protest every hour.

They demand a new law on personal ID numbers after the old one lapsed in February, leaving all babies born since without personal documents. The crowd has rejected the government's offer for a temporary solution.[...]

Police special forces were deployed to keep protesters away from parliament, but a number of young mothers with babies born after February and deprived of personal documents pushed their carriages between the protesters and the officers, making everybody stop.

Bosnian Serb lawmakers inside have expressed concern over their safety and said there won't be a parliamentary session because of security reasons. Some parliament employees tried to escape through windows but protesters turned them back yelling "Go back to work!"

This is quite hilarious...

Why does France insist school pupils master philosophy?
BBC News, 3rd June 2013
[...] So the purpose of teaching philosophy was - and remains, in theory - to complete the education of young men and women and permit them to think.

To see the universal arguments about the individual and society, God and reason, good and bad and so on, and thus escape from the binding imperatives of the now - by which I mean the dictatorship of whatever ideas are most pressingly forced on us in the day-to-day by government, media, fashion, political correctness and so on.

How wonderful, you cannot help thinking. What a great idea. Now that is what I call civilisation. Or is it? I mean, maybe this is one of those very French situations where the theory is all very well, but somehow reality does not behave as it is supposed to?

I was generally appalled by the tone of this article written by a British author who seemed to think encouraging young people to think by being guided by the finest brains that civilisation has been able to produce was somehow strange... Sigh...

Alex Jones Explains How Government "Weather Weapon" Could Have Been Behind Oklahoma Tornado
Media Matters, 21st May 2013
Conspiracy theorist radio host Alex Jones explained to his audience today how the government could have been behind the devastating May 20 tornado in Oklahoma.

On the May 21 edition of The Alex Jones Show, a caller asked Jones whether he was planning to cover how government technology may be behind a recent spate of sinkholes. After laying out how insurance companies use weather modification to avoid having to pay ski resorts for lack of snow, Jones said that "of course there's weather weapon stuff going on -- we had floods in Texas like fifteen years ago, killed thirty-something people in one night. Turned out it was the Air Force."

Following a long tangent, Jones returned to the caller's subject. While he explained that "natural tornadoes" do exist and that he's not sure if a government "weather weapon" was involved in the Oklahoma disaster, Jones warned nonetheless that the government "can create and steer groups of tornadoes."

Wow.... Alex Jones crawling out from under his rock and spouting crap for the truly ignorant and scientifically illiterate presumably to maintain credibility with his dumbed-down audience... As far as I am concerned this rabble rouser sold his soul a long time ago...

Some of the Sheep Are No Longer Asleep
The Commonsense Show, 16th May 2013
The world is finally beginning to wake up to the global tyranny that is threatening all of humanity. In the past two months I have heard from people that I have not heard from or seen for 10-20 years. I have heard from former players, students, friends and neighbors. [...]

How Does the Process of Awakening Work?

Scientists from the prestigious Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have determined that if just 10% of any given population holds to an unshakable idea, that the idea will become adopted by the majority of the country. However, the scientists who belong to the Social Cognitive Networks Academic Research Center (SCNARC) found that if the ideas are shared by less than 10% of the population, the idea will not progress and will eventually die out. The research was first published in a peer reviewed E Journal in an article titled “Social consensus through the influence of committed minorities.”

Computational and analytical methods were used to discover the tipping point where an obscure idea eventually becomes the majority opinion. The finding has dramatic implications for those of us trying to wake up the sheep in this country. The SNARC scientists found that the 10% figure was applicable whether they were talking about the spread of innovations or to advance a political ideal.

This article resonated with me, I suppose I think I am already awake but there is a few caveats... Well, since I prefer to engage brain and think and I don't restrict myself to popular ideas created for the benefit of malignant narcissists and predators to fool those who don't know any better, I don't see myself as being part of any popular grassroots movement. Due to my interest in metaphysics, I attract very dim-witted types who automatically assume I am a New Ager as they don't even realise that philosophers exists in society and how this type of person views the world. I suppose the issue is refusing to be involved with those who don't want to use their mind or are intellectually challenged and/or are devious and who prefer to play along with the game for their own reasons. Well, these days I simply really don't have the patience with the mindlessness any more and very few get past my initial screening process. Whatever, this article has somehow touched a nerve about people waking up but I think there is a need to quantify what exactly people are waking up to... Many think most of our 'glorious leaders' (that includes those claiming enlightenment too) are malignant narcissists and psychopaths. The most predatorial absolutely hate humanity and think they are just controlling cattle who can be killed off as and when it is possible to help maintain tighter control of the masses. Well, based on the evidence it is hard to deny the reality, but it is not really my particular focus so I resent people thinking I need to be educated with the latest 'conspiracy theory'... Thus, I think the Truther Movement is not the same as those who are real Seekers who are interested in more fundamental issues of our existence because that requires a more philosophical bent. Yet, those who like to be pretentious waxing lyrical about quantum mechanics and so pontificate about the evolution of consciousness do not impress me either. On reflection it is apparent that these same intellectuals cannot make a connection with reality and thus failed to realise the implications of space weather literally changing the fabric of spacetime around our planet.... So when I see a headline like this, it makes me wonder about what exactly is happening on an evolutionary level... Whatever, the best news for me all week has been discovering the opinion of some intelligentsia at Oxford.... It seems that a few more visionaries exists and I am not the alone in some of my opinions...

Survivor Found in Bangladesh Disaster Rubble
VOA News, 10th May 2013
Bangladesh rescue workers say they found a woman survivor Friday amid the rubble of a garment factory complex that collapsed more than two weeks ago. Emergency workers had earlier given up hope that they would find any more survivors from the accident near Dhaka that has killed more than 1,000 people.

The Bangladesh government says it has shut down 18 garment factories for safety reasons following the April 24 collapse of the building that housed five garment factories. Officials say the running of several heavy generators on upper floors may have contributed to the collapse because the structure was not built to support them.

Authorities have arrested at least nine people in the aftermath of the accident. On Wednesday, eight people died in a garment factory fire in the the capital. The fire erupted it the Tung Hai Sweater Factory after most workers had gone home.

So over 1,000 lives could have been saved by timely action but according to The Irish Times, "The government has blamed the owners and builders of the eight-storey complex for using shoddy construction materials, including substandard rods, bricks and cement, and not obtaining the necessary clearances." Personally, I think the government should be culpable too. There must have been a large cabal of greedy and evil people who must have realised the building should be condemned especially after engineers stated it was structurally unsafe. Bank workers on the ground floor were all saved because someone cared about their safety and told them to stay at home, they were just lucky as it could have easily been another malignant narcissist in charge who did not care whether people lived or died.
  • Dhaka collapse toll passes 1,000
    Bodies are still being pulled from rubble two weeks after disaster
    The Irish Times, 10th May 2013
    The death toll from the catastrophic collapse of a Bangladesh factory building, the world’s worst industrial accident since the Bhopal disaster in India in 1984, climbed above 1,000 and more bodies might still be trapped inside as rescuers struggle to end the salvage operation.

China in spotlight over mislabelled meat and poor hygiene
BBC News, 9th May 2013
When shoppers in Europe found themselves unwittingly buying horsemeat earlier this year, retailers rushed to take it off the shelves and reassure their customers. In China there is a seemingly endless diet of food safety scandals and growing public anger. Last week more than 900 people were arrested for selling what they said was lamb but which was in fact rat and fox meat.

The same old disgusting news from China. The National Darwin Award is coming....
  • China arrests hundreds over fake or tainted meat
    BBC News, 3rd May 2013
    More than 900 people have been arrested in China for selling fake or tainted meat in the last three months, state media say. Officials say they uncovered almost 400 such cases and seized more than 20,000 tonnes of fake meat.

    In one case, the suspects made fake mutton from foxes, mink and rats after adding chemicals, state media said. The report is the latest in a series of cases highlighting food safety issues in China.

Bangladesh factory building collapse death toll exceeds 500
Engineer becomes ninth person to be detained over country's worst industrial accident, as number of deaths climbs to 501
Guardian News, 3rd May 2013
The death toll from the collapse of a Bangladesh factory building has passed 500, officials said, as police investigating the disaster arrested an engineer who warned the day before the tragedy that the eight-storey complex was unsafe.

The detention of Abdur Razzak brought to nine the number of people held over the disaster, which has put the spotlight on the many western clothing retailers using the country as a source of cheap goods.

Scores of relatives remained at the site in a Dhaka suburb on Friday, clutching photographs of loved ones attesting to the many more still missing, as the number of deaths in the country's worst industrial accident rose to 501.

Greedy malignant narcissists will ignore real danger that is very apparent to 'normal' people because their first priorities are self-aggrandisement, power and control. It means that you will NEVER be safe if your life is in their hands, because ultimately you don't matter.
  • Bangladesh official: Disaster not 'really serious'
    USA Today, 3rd May 2013
    DHAKA, Bangladesh (AP) — The death toll in the factory-building collapse in Bangladesh rose to more than 530 on Saturday, a day after the country's finance minister downplayed the impact of the disaster on the garment industry, saying he didn't think it was "really serious."
    Vile... A typical response from someone with a psychopath predatory mindset...

JEREMY GRANTHAM: We Are In A Race To Prevent The Collapse Of Civilization
Business InsiderNews, 29th April 2013
Jeremy Grantham, the well-known head of investment firm GMO, has become increasingly vocal about his concerns for the fate of the world.

"Our global economy, reckless in its use of all resources and natural systems, shows many of the indicators of potential failure that brought down so many civilizations before ours," writes Grantham in his new quarterly letter titled "The Race Of Our Lives."

In 10 pages, he compiles some key points we've heard him discuss at length in his recent media tour. He spends most of his message on what makes him optimistic. We summarize is letter here. [...]

"The bottom line is that if we put our minds to it we can overcome normal inertia and abnormally powerful vested interests that oppose necessary change," he writes.

Someone with a brain and who can think sounding the alarm... There is a big focus here on declining fertility rates, but he thinks this is positive but obviously, the issue is the rapid drop and if the rate of sperm count dropping increases, there won't be many humans about in a few hundred years...

Wall St is full of "crooks" and hasn't reformed its "pathological" culture since the financial crash.
Top economist Jeffrey Sachs says Wall Street is full of 'crooks' and hasn't changed since the financial crash
The IMF adviser also blamed 'a docile president, a docile White House and a docile regulatory system'
The Independent, 29th April 2013
In a cutting attack on America's financial hub, one of the world's most respected economists has said Wall St is full of "crooks" and hasn't reformed its "pathological" culture since the financial crash. coming to a full blown mega crisis climax...

Professor Jeffrey Sachs told a high-powered audience at the Philadelphia Federal Reserve earlier this month that the lack of reform was down to “a docile president, a docile White House and a docile regulatory system that absolutely can’t find its voice.” coming to a full blown mega crisis climax...

Sachs, from Colombia University, has twice been named one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World, and is an adviser to the World Bank and IMF. [...]

“I meet a lot of these people on Wall Street on a regular basis right now,” he continued.

“I am going to put it very bluntly: I regard the moral environment as pathological. And I am talking about the human interactions . . . I’ve not seen anything like this, not felt it so palpably.”

"They have no responsibility to pay taxes; they have no responsibility to their clients; they have no responsibility to people, to counterparties in transactions,” he said. “They are tough, greedy, aggressive and feel absolutely out of control in a quite literal sense, and they have gamed the system to a remarkable extent.”

Looks like the refusal to reign in the psychopaths is coming to a full blown mega crisis climax... Is it now time to round up the criminals who are now very dangerous to society?

Rolling Stone magazine: 'Conspiracy theorists of the world, we skeptics owe you an apology. You were right'
Everything Is Rigged: The Biggest Price-Fixing Scandal Ever
Rolling Stone Magazine, 25th April 2013
Conspiracy theorists of the world, believers in the hidden hands of the Rothschilds and the Masons and the Illuminati, we skeptics owe you an apology. You were right. The players may be a little different, but your basic premise is correct: The world is a rigged game. We found this out in recent months, when a series of related corruption stories spilled out of the financial sector, suggesting the world's largest banks may be fixing the prices of, well, just about everything.

Folk are waking up....

Meet Your Future Crazy Ex On Alex Jones’s Infowars Dating Website
ATS, 27th April 2013
This has got to be the biggest laugh I have had all week.... Follow the links...

Higher Sperm Counts Are a Breeze with a Kilt
Live Science, 19th April 2013
Low sperm count got you down? The problem might not be in your pants — the problem may be pants themselves.

Researchers believe wearing kilts — the skirtlike garments long associated with Scottish bagpipers — could enhance men's fertility while also providing psychological benefits.

The medical experts base their claim on existing studies that prove sperm counts improve when the scrotal area is cooler. A 2012 report suggests that wearing boxer shorts (as opposed to snug-fitting briefs) was associated with higher sperm counts.

Hmmmm.... It seems that the sperm count drop is starting to frighten a few who can actually engage brain and think that if the trend continues, in a few hundred years, there will no humans left able to reproduce. This is a summary of info that I have already picked up but no doubt there are other statistics available. As I stated in my latest interview, when we consider what is happening on this planet, the few people that I came across attempting to turn their energy fields into cosmic shields no longer sounds ridiculous, rather these people on some level where enlightened enough to be well ahead of the curve. Unfortunately, the scientific analysis was none existent and my research efforts were only seen as something to steal by some to get credit which was not theirs to take. As I have elucidated on this blog enough times, this is typical behaviour amongst those who are uneducated and/or suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Chinese daily fooled by spoof that Win 8 glitch forced missile test delay
Paper reports as news a quote from a "source" that North Korea's Kim Jong-un was considering declaring war on Microsoft.
CNet News, 12th April 2013
Over the years, Windows users have shared plenty of war stories about their computers suddenly freezing up, forcing them to shut down and then reboot their machines at the worst possible times. But declaring war on Microsoft? Even in the wildest realms of hyperbole, that's cuckoo talk.

Hilarious... Some people are having a laugh at Microsoft's expense... BUT, in a way, it could demonstrate a shift in consciousness. When a volatile country like North Korea makes threatening noises, instead of people being frozen with fear, computer geeks just laugh it off by making a good joke (those in the know all agree Microsoft software is flaky and the add-on joke is that they should have used Linux...). Anyway, the joking seems to have worked for the moment...

Royal Bank of Scotland VP arrested in Moscow on $10mn fraud charge
RT News, 11th April 2013
RBS Vice President Vsevolod Glukhovtsev has been charged with fraud in a Moscow court after being arrested at his home the day before. The banker allegedly hoodwinked investors to finance fake construction projects in Montenegro.

"Glukhovtsev has been charged with fraud," The Russian Interior Ministry’s Department for the Central Federal District told Interfax.

The investigators claim as soon as money was transferred to accounts of Montenegrin companies controlled by Glukhovtsev he then took the money, and provided clients with fake reports saying they owned business or property abroad. Investors did not receive promised dividends and the assets they supposedly owned did not exist or were registered for a third party, according to the Interior Ministry.

Glukhovtsev allegedly provided his investors with fake business reports which led them to believe they owned business or property abroad. Investigators say they have evidence Glukhovtsev spent the investment dollars on real estate, luxury sports cars, art and jewelry.

Something to celebrate, a crooked banker being arrested...

Behind the North Korean Crisis
Consortium News, 6th April 2013
U.S. propagandists and the mainstream media present foreign crises, like the current one with North Korea, as black-and-white morality plays with Official Washington behaving wisely and the adversaries as crazy. But the reality is always more complex, as Christine Hong told Dennis J. Bernstein.

In early March, the U.S. and South Korea launched an expanded set of war games on the Korean Peninsula, prompting concerns in some circles that the military exercises might touch off an escalation of tensions with North Korea.

Christine Hong, a professor at the University of California at Santa Cruz, worried that the U.S. “was lurching towards war” since “the military exercises that the U.S. and South Korea just launched are not defensive exercises” but rather appear to promote a “regime change” strategy. undefined

Those military pressures have, indeed, led to threats of escalation from North Korea’s young leader, Kim Jong Un, and have set the Korean security situation at “hair-trigger dangerous,” Professor Hong said in the following interview with Dennis J. Bernstein.

Of course, the media reports give the impression that North Korea has suddenly gone off the deep end for no reason, but this article explains their paranoia very well.

The rise of the bitcoin: Virtual gold or cyber-bubble?
Washington Post, 5th April 2013
LONDON — A currency surging in value at a breathtaking rate this week belongs to no nation and is issued by no central bank. It can be used to buy gold in California, a hamburger in Berlin or a house in Alberta. When desired, it can offer largely untraceable transactions.

The coin in question now has a global circulation worth more than $1.4 billion on paper. Yet almost no one, it seems, knows the true identity of its creator. In the United States, this mysterious money has become the darling of antigovernment libertarians and computer wizards prospecting in the virtual mines of cyberspace. In Europe, meanwhile, it has found its niche as the coinage of anarchic youth.

Is this the next major investment bubble?

The Truth is Out There – The Role of Conspiracy
Theories in Personal Transformation
Waking Times, 3rd April 2013
Ignorance…brought about anguish and terror. And the anguish grew solid like a fog and no one was able to see.” - The Gospel of Truth, 17:10, Nag Hammadi Texts

“Humanity is asleep, concerned only with what is useless, living in a wrong world….Do not prattle before the People of the Path, rather consume yourself. You have an inverted knowledge and religion if you are upside down in relation to Reality. Man is wrapping his net around himself. A lion (the man of the Way) bursts his cage asunder.” - The Sufi Master Sanai, teacher of Rumi, in The Walled Garden of Truth (1131 C.E.).

What role does conspiracy and cover-up play in the multifarious facets of life in the closing years of this twentieth century? Are powerful groups manipulating events as part of a long-range strategy to bring about a totally controlled global society? Does recognition of conspiracies lead to paranoia and delusion? Or does it actually explain events and thereby empower people?

I quite like the statement, "Modern civilisation is a conspiracy against Reality." I think that just about sums it up. Curiously, this article is really about our modern world except it doesn't mention the Cultic Milieu, religions or cults and it should do.... Considering the website calls itself 'Waking Times' this is a bit amiss and I presume the conspiracy against Reality does not go as far as the enlightenment business. Maybe, this is to be expected as I have grown very suspicious here as this website gives off a very bad whiff -- the synaesthesia strikes again.... Anyway, when it comes to religion, I am not sure the term conspiracy is exactly right. I think while people are oblivious to the true origin of religion then I think the true issue is ignorance. Whilst people are oblivious to the fact the Cultic Milieu in general supports wolves in sheep's clothing then I think the real issue is ignorance and naivety. Whilst people just believing in tradition and accepting what they are told without question then the issue is naivety. When you have been a victim over and over again by the most disgusting people claiming spirituality then the issue is being a fool, and so forth... Now, that we are at the start of a New World Age, and one of the major world religions has decided to change the mythos, it will be interesting to see the reaction... It may become really hard for some to be able to distinguish between conspiracy and reality...

Water Prank May Land Radio Show Hosts in Jail
World Order News, 3rd April 2013
Two popular radio show hosts may find themselves locked up for telling their listeners the truth, that Dihydrogen Monoxide (water) is flowing from their household taps! Dihydrogen Monoxide is just the chemical name for H2O, that’s right, water! But unfortunately many Americans don’t know basic chemistry.

It seems trying to prank the ignoranti might not always be such a good idea...

South Korea on alert after hackers strike banks, broadcasters
NBC News, 20th March 2013
SEOUL -- South Korean police were investigating a hacking attack on an Internet provider that brought down the servers of three broadcasters and two major banks on Wednesday, and the army raised its alert level due to concerns of North Korean involvement. The network provided by LG UPlus Corp. showed a page that said it had been hacked by a group calling itself the "Whois Team," an unknown group. It featured three skulls and a warning that this was the beginning of "Our Movement."

I think the issue is vulnerability...

Cyprus bailout - live
Cypriot MPs have rejected European Union bail-out terms in parliament, with more than half of the country's legislators voting against a controversial bank levy, and 19 MPs choosing to abstain. *
Eurozone governments are "essentially blackmailing" Cyprus, said Anthanasios Orphanides, former governor of the Cypriot central bank, as he warned against the "slow death of the European project".

Telegraph, 19th March 2013

Everything you need to know about the Cyprus bailout, in one FAQ
Washington Post, 18th March 2013
This weekend, a group including the European Central Bank (ECB), the European Commission, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the government of Cyprus announced that the small island nation was on the brink of crisis, and needed to be bailed out.

But while most previous euro zone bailout have been financed by rich Northern European countries like Germany and the Netherlands, the Cypriot bailout is an entirely different story — one that happens to involve Russian gangsters. Here’s what you need to know. [...]

So who’s paying for this bailout?

A number of people, including, most controversially, the people who put money in Cypriot banks. Deposits of €100,000 or less would be subject to a 6.75 percent levy, and any deposits greater than that could be taxed at a rate of 9.9 percent. That raises €5.8 billion, or more than half of the bailout. It’s basically an across-the-board tax on bank deposits. That’s better for Cypriots than the alternative of just raising taxes a lot, because a large share of deposits in Cypriot banks are from foreigners, in particular Russians. But with a vote on the bailout proposal by Cyprus’s parliament delayed until Tuesday, Cypriots were rushing to the banks on Monday to pull out their cash.

According to German intelligence, at least €20 billion of Cyprus’ €70 billion in bank deposits come from Russia, much of it from the country’s “oligarchs” who got rich through quasi-legal means in the chaos that followed the Soviet Union’s collapse.

One advantage to the bailout scheme is that the bank deposit tax will hit these oligarchs as much as it will native Cypriots. The Russian deposits will take a hit of between €1 and 2 billion under the bank deposit levy, a substantial fraction of the bailout’s cost.

This article provides an excellent summary of the situation... In advertently, the ECB & IMF have made a grave mistake because they are also attempting to steal money from the Russian elite (ex-KGB officials & rich mafioso) to pay up for banking failures.... that's really nice... See Sinclair - Cyprus Disaster Is Much Bigger Than Being Reported.

Homeless US man who returned diamond engagement ring rewarded A homeless US man will soon have well over $150,000 (£98,000) after he returned an engagement ring to a woman who accidentally dropped it in his cup earlier this month.
Telegraph, 26th February 2013
Sarah Darling's fiancé set up a website seeking donations for Billy Ray Harris, who frequently panhandles on Kansas City's Country Club Plaza. By Tuesday morning, more than 6,000 people had donated more than $148,000 to the fund.

"I think in our world we often jump to like the worst conclusion, and it just makes you realise that there are good people out there," Ms Darling said. [...]

In explaining why he did not keep the ring, Mr Harris said he had a religious upbringing. "My grandfather was a reverend," Mr Harris said. "He raised me from the time I was six months old and thank the good Lord, it's a blessing, but I do still have some character."

That's nice, being rewarded for having some honesty and integrity... I suppose this represents a shift in consciousness and demonstrates that many people appreciate those with genuine spiritual values...

The Big Dogs On Wall Street Are Starting To Get Very Nervous
Mens News Daily, 21st February 2013
Why are some of the biggest names in the corporate world unloading stock like there is no tomorrow, and why are some of the most prominent investors on Wall Street loudly warning about the possibility of a market crash? Should we be alarmed that the big dogs on Wall Street are starting to get very nervous? In a previous article, I got very excited about a report that indicated that corporate insiders were selling nine times more of their own shares than they were buying. Well, according to a brand new Bloomberg article, insider sales of stock have outnumbered insider purchases of stock by a ratio of twelve to one over the past three months. That is highly unusual. And right now some of the most respected investors in the financial world are ringing the alarm bells.

I have been seeing these reports for a few weeks now... something major is brewing...
  • Sun-Grazing Comets As Triggers For Electromagnetic Armageddon
    Forbes, 30th November 2012
    Large sun-grazing comets could bring on the sort of global electronics meltdown usually associated with electromagnetic pulse weapons or a full-scale nuclear exchange. Or so says David Eichler, lead author of a forthcoming Astrophysical Journal Letters paper positing that a sun-grazing comet roughly the size of Hale-Bopp (with a nucleus some 30 kms in diameter), could trigger cosmic ray-generating shockwaves large enough to initiate a global electromagnetic Armageddon.

    I imagine Comet ISON is worrying world controllers...

Health Buzz: TV Overload Linked to Lower Sperm Counts
US News, 5th February 2013
Exercise and TV Watching May Affect Sperm Count
Here's some news that may cause men to drop the remote controls and hit the gym: Excessive TV watching and a sedentary lifestyle has been linked to lower sperm counts, according to a study published Monday in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Researchers in the Harvard School of Public Health analyzed 189 healthy men between the ages of 18 and 22, and noted the number of hours per week they exercised, as well number of hours per week they watched TV, videos, or DVDs, over the past three months. The results? The men who were the most physically active, and spent 15 hours or more exercising each week, had the highest sperm counts. In fact, this group's sperm count was 73 percent higher than that of the group who exercised the least, BBC Health reports.

Americans really ARE selfish: Study finds individuals are only motivated by self-serving acts
Daily Mail, 4th February 2013
* Study says appeals to Americans' individuality more likely to motivate
* White U.S. students made less effort when told to use teamwork
* However Asian Americans were moved by appeals to interdependence

We're all in this together - but not if you're an American. A new study by psychologists at Stanford University has found that Americans aren't driven by a sense of community.

And calls to Americans to act interdependently, rather than independently, could even make things worse. So if you're trying to get people to do something like recycling, it's better to stress that it's good for them individually rather than pointing out the wider benefits.

So, it's not win, win, win for Americans, i.e. I win, You win and We All Win... Down the human development scale it's only, I win and You Lose... The fundamental point of these times of evolutionary change is that humanity is 'judged' as a collective... Universal Consciousness checks out the morphic fields of human consciousness, so all this me, me and ç%&*+" me mentality does not wash... It is the reason that many previously high civilisations on this planet have perished before us... So, I suppose, it should be no surprise that sperm counts are dropping quickly across the world... Israel has seen a 40% drop in just 5 years... The only conclusion I can come up with is the influx of cosmic energy is not generally being used for evolution but devolution and an eventual irradication amongst many humans.

Georgia man guns down immigrant after GPS sends him to wrong driveway
Raw Story, 29th January 2013
A 69-year-old war veteran and former missionary was arrested over the weekend on the suspicion of killing a 22-year-old Cuban immigrant who mistakenly arrived in his driveway because of faulty GPS directions.

Gwinnett County jail records obtained by The Atlanta Journal Constitution indicated that Phillip Walker Sailors was charged on Sunday with the murder of Rodrigo Abad Diaz.

Friends who were in the car with Diaz told WSB-TV that they were trying to pick up a friend on the way to ice skating on Saturday but their GPS directed them to the wrong address. The friends said that they waited in the driveway for a few minutes before Sailors emerged from the house and fired a gun into the air.

What can you say when mentanlly ill people in a gun culture have the ability to shoot first before bothering to ask questions...

Antibiotic Apocalypse Looming, Warns Health Chief Sally Davies
International Business Times, 24th January 2013
Dame Sally Davies has described the rising risk of antibiotic resistance as a bigger threat than global warming and has warned that the population could be facing an "apocalyptic scenario".

The chief medical officer for the Department of Health was speaking to MPs at a science and technology committee meeting. She told them: "It is clear that we might never see global warming. The apocalyptic scenario is that, if I need a new hip in 20 years, I'll die from a routine infection because we've run out of antibiotics." [...]

Some experts say we are moving back to the pre-antibiotic era. No. This will be a post-antibiotic era. "In terms of new replacement antibiotics, the pipeline is virtually dry, especially for gram-negative bacteria. The cupboard is nearly bare.

"A post-antibiotic era means, in effect, an end to modern medicine as we know it. Things as common as strep throat or a child's scratched knee could once again kill."

National Darwin Awards looming? I notice that Dame Sally Davies is informed enough to be a climate sceptic and is far more certain that the antibiotic apocalypse is more likely whereas a climate apocalypse is not...

What would George Orwell have made of the world in 2013?
The Guardian, 24th January 2013
"People who run counter to the current popular wisdom, who point out the uncomfortably obvious, are likely to be strenuously baa-ed at by herds of angry sheep." If Orwell were around now, he would have been baa-ed at, perhaps, though by whom is less certain."

After my study into what was happening in the New Age and Cultic Milieu in general, I realised that George Orwell's vision had been implemented lock, stock and barrel... Mindless followers are mandatory in vast swathes of the Cultic Milieu don't you know? Read my long essay, Spiritual Evolution in the Cultic Milieu where it becomes very apparent that the majority of the so-called leaders being promoted are at best malignant narcissists and at worse psychopaths. It is the only explanation that fits the bill. The solution is some serious masse deprogramming and/or a major crisis that provides a suitable catalyst for human development.

Top psychiatrist: Meds behind school massacres
WND News, 22nd January 2013
NEW YORK – If lawmakers and authorities are truly concerned about stopping gun violence in schools, they need to take a close look at the prescription of psychotropic drugs for children and young people, says a leading psychiatrist. In an exclusive in-person interview in New York City with WND, London-based Dr. David Healy criticized pharmaceutical companies that have made billions of dollars marketing Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, known as SSRIs.

Psychotropic drugs “prescribed for school children cause violent behavior,” Healy stated. The drugs are widely used in the U.S. as antidepressants by doctors working in the mental health field and increasingly by primary care doctors, he noted. Healey insisted the problem today is that doctors working with schools to control the behavior of children are inclined to prescribe SSRI drugs without serious consideration of adverse consequences. [...]

Healey cautioned that there is a very high correlation between mass shootings and use of the drugs. “When roughly nine out of every 10 cases in these school shootings and mass shootings involve these drugs being prescribed, then at least a significant proportion of these cases were either caused by the drugs or the drugs made a significant contribution to the problem,” he said. [...]

“You can draw a line between the number of child psychiatrists in the United States and the number of school shootings, and you will find that both have gone up in the same direction at the same time,” he said.

Presumably, the child psychiatrists in the United States who were part of the conspiracy to prescribe drugs to children who did not need them, are now waking up to the horror of what they have created in American society...

Chinese workers take managers hostage over toilet breaks
CBC News, 22nd January 2013
Hundreds of Chinese factory workers angry about strictly timed bathroom breaks and fines for starting work late held their Japanese and Chinese managers hostage for a day and a half before police broke up the strike.

About 1,000 workers at Shanghai Shinmei Electric Company held the 10 Japanese nationals and eight Chinese managers inside the factory in Shanghai starting Friday morning until 11.50 p.m. Saturday, said a statement from the parent company, Shinmei Electric Co., released Monday.

It said the managers were released uninjured after 300 police officers were called to the factory.

Normal people in their desperation are fighting back against the psychopaths.....

The Swiss turn on the super-rich
Reuters, 21st January 2013

Woman drives 900 miles out of her way after GPS error
Yahoo News, 15th January 2013
Put too much faith in technology and you may wind up in Croatia. A 67-year-old woman from Belgium learned that the hard way after she followed (faulty) directions from her GPS device.

The woman only wanted to go about 90 miles from her hometown of Hainault Erquelinnes, Belgium, to pick up a friend at the Brussels train station. Her GPS device sent her about 900 miles to the south before (during the second day of driving) she realized that something was amiss. It's unclear if she entered the address incorrectly or if the GPS was faulty.

There were 7,740 comments when I picked up this story... Like others I presume, I think this women zoned out and gave full control to her GPS device navigator... So, is this some evidence of a new form of mental illness brought on by the hypnotic voice of a GPS device? I seriously don't think this has much to do with GPS devices or its services.

JIMMY SAVILE beat and raped a 12-year-old girl during a secret satanic ritual in a hospital. The perverted star wore a hooded robe and mask as he abused the terrifi ed victim in a candle-lit basement.

He also chanted “Hail Satan” in Latin as other paedophile devil worshippers joined in and assaulted the girl at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Buckinghamshire. The attack, which happened in 1975, shines a sinister new light on the former DJ’s 54-year reign of terror.

The Express is as mainstream as you get.... After the revelations of Savile having access to dead people with strong accusations from peers within the BBC, it seems that nothing is being held back.... It is interesting that the Express decided to remind us that Savile was awarded a Knighthood for his services to charity, but it is now widely acknowledged that this was only a cover for his predatory activities. Basically, it seems the tide has well and truly turned against the darkness...

World population may actually start declining, not exploding
Slate News, 9th January 2013
[...] A somewhat more arcane milestone, meanwhile, generated no media coverage at all: It took humankind 13 years to add its 7 billionth. That’s longer than the 12 years it took to add the 6 billionth—the first time in human history that interval had grown. (The 2 billionth, 3 billionth, 4 billionth, and 5 billionth took 123, 33, 14, and 13 years, respectively.) In other words, the rate of global population growth has slowed. And it’s expected to keep slowing. Indeed, according to experts’ best estimates, the total population of Earth will stop growing within the lifespan of people alive today.

Moreover, the poor, highly fertile countries that once churned out immigrants by the boatload are now experiencing birthrate declines of their own. From 1960 to 2009, Mexico’s fertility rate tumbled from 7.3 live births per woman to 2.4, India’s dropped from six to 2.5, and Brazil’s fell from 6.15 to 1.9. Even in sub-Saharan Africa, where the average birthrate remains a relatively blistering 4.66, fertility is projected to fall below replacement level by the 2070s. This change in developing countries will affect not only the U.S. population, of course, but eventually the world’s.

Why is this happening? Scientists who study population dynamics point to a phenomenon called “demographic transition.” And then it will fall. [...] But population decline is a very familiar concept in the rest of the developed world, where fertility has long since fallen far below the 2.1 live births per woman required to maintain population equilibrium. In Germany, the birthrate has sunk to just 1.36, worse even than its low-fertility neighbors Spain (1.48) and Italy (1.4). The way things are going, Western Europe as a whole will most likely shrink from 460 million to just 350 million by the end of the century. That’s not so bad compared with Russia and China, each of whose populations could fall by half. As you may not be surprised to learn, the Germans have coined a polysyllabic word for this quandary: Schrumpf-Gesellschaft, or “shrinking society.” [...]

And in the long term—on the order of centuries—we could be looking at the literal extinction of humanity.

That might sound like an outrageous claim, but it comes down to simple math. According to a 2008 IIASA report, if the world stabilizes at a total fertility rate of 1.5—where Europe is today—then by 2200 the global population will fall to half of what it is today. By 2300, it’ll barely scratch 1 billion. (The authors of the report tell me that in the years since the initial publication, some details have changed—Europe’s population is falling faster than was previously anticipated, while Africa’s birthrate is declining more slowly—but the overall outlook is the same.) Extend the trend line, and within a few dozen generations you’re talking about a global population small enough to fit in a nursing home.

There is a lot to read here but the cause of declining male fertility is not discussed. As the article points out, based on the curent trends and maths, the near extinction of humanity in just a few hundred years is very possible. The positive news is that Earth will be given the opportunity to flourish and those humans who remain, might experience a completely different high energy world aka Paradise. You have to then consider whether this is indeed the plan set in motion by Universal Intelligence for a new world... Personally, I think this is the best option for a new World Age populated by those humans who can harmonise with a high energy planet.

Internet shifts rape stigma to perpetrators
Thev Boston Globe, 8th January 2013
LAST WEEKEND, more than 1,000 people gathered in Steubenville, Ohio, a small town with a history of high school football glory, to support the victim of an alleged rape. These kinds of rallies happen from time to time, largely on college campuses. What made this one striking was the fact that many protesters were wearing Guy Fawkes masks.

Those masks are a trademark of Anonymous, the shadowy collective of hackers that has taken on Steubenville as a vigilante cause. In terms of criminal justice, this is far from ideal. But for our culture at large, it represents an unlikely glimmer of hope. Anonymous, whose members often wear Guy Fawkes masks, has taken on the Steubenville, Ohio rape controversy.

The Steubenville story began with old power dynamics, the ones that stem from a mix of athletic glory, power, and sex. At a series of parties last August, according to news reports, a 16-year-old girl, unconscious due to alcohol or drugs, was allegedly gang-raped by at least two members of the beloved Steubenville High School football team. The girl learned about the attacks the next day, the press reported, after various boys posted photos and mocking tweets — which they later deleted — on social media.

Good! Btw... anonymous is not an organisation, how can it be? It is exactly as the defnition defines..... anonymous. Any Tom, Dick and Harry can wear a mask... that's the point... and in the modern world the mask of anonomity is worn by the previously silent minority... I call this evolution when members of society distinguish themselves from the depraved....

Swiss bank Wegelin to close after US tax evasion fine
BBC News, 4th January 2013
Switzerland's oldest bank is to close permanently after pleading guilty in a New York court to helping Americans evade their taxes. Wegelin, which was established in 1741, has also agreed to pay $57.8m (£36m; 44m euros) in fines to US authorities.

It said that once this was completed, it "will cease to operate as a bank". The bank had admitted to allowing more than 100 American citizens to hide $1.2bn from the Internal Revenue Service for almost 10 years.

But HSBC who were caught laundering trillions in mafia money were too big to take down.... Oh well, at least the little country of Iceland maintained their integrity and managed to lock up some banksters this week, see Executives at collapsed Iceland bank jailed for fraud.
  • Financial regulation? What a joke, 3rd January 2013
    After a blizzard of revelations of financial wrongdoing last year, what do the following have in common - Barclays forced to pay $360 million over its manipulation of Libor, HSBC fined $1.7bn for money-laundering and flouting sanctions, Standard Chartered made to pay $667m over breached sanction laws, BP penalised $4.5bn for criminal damage and regulatory failings over the oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico, GlaxoSmithKline fined $3bn for selling anti-depressants for unapproved uses on children, RBS awaiting a big fine over Libor fixing, Rolls-Royce under investigation for allegations of bribery, to name but some?

    They are all British companies that have committed very serious offences, but they were not prosecuted by British regulators at all, only by US ones. The pretence that Britain has a working regulatory system, when actually it is toothless, inefficient and incompetent, is a national scandal.

Sandy Hook Mom Says Clairvoyant Son, 5, Refused To Go To School, Saving His Life
Hollywood Life, 2nd January 2013
Sandy Hook Elementary School mother Karen Dryer shares her emotional and uncanny story that saved her 5-year-old son’s life from that horrific Dec. 14 shootings. has all the EXCLUSIVE details on her extraordinary son.

Karen Dryer‘s worst nightmare started to unravel when her young son Logan Dryer, 5, became so anxiety ridden when he went to kindergarten at Sandy Hook Elementary School that she decided to pull him out of school just two weeks before the deadly massacre.

Like any parent, Karen could not understand why her usually happy, healthy son Logan all of a sudden started having panic attacks while in school. Little did she know, that like her own late mother, her son had the gift to foresee the future.

I would have been amazed if absolutely no one had had a premonition of what was coming because there are enough us about who have moved up the evolutionary spiral and the detectable programmed 'scalar' energy must be terrible. Obviously, the fact that many in the mainstream don't believe the official stories about what happened is beside the point, something awful did happen. See, Be a Proud Conspiracy Theorist, You're in the Majority

Military Must Prep Now for ‘Mutant’ Future, Researchers Warn
Wired News, 31st December 2012
The U.S. military is already using, or fast developing, a wide range of technologies meant to give troops what California Polytechnic State University researcher Patrick Lin calls “mutant powers.” Greater strength and endurance. Superior cognition. Better teamwork. Fearlessness.

But the risk, ethics and policy issues arising out of these so-called “military human enhancements” — including drugs, special nutrition, electroshock, gene therapy and robotic implants and prostheses — are poorly understood, Lin and his colleagues Maxwell Mehlman and Keith Abney posit in a new report for The Greenwall Foundation (.pdf), scheduled for wide release tomorrow. In other words, we better think long and hard before we unleash our army of super soldiers. If we don’t, we could find ourselves in big trouble down the road.

We are the mutants... Human DNA is tied into the environment and there will be a lot of changes due to the general increase in cosmic radiation and cosmic rays so that some humans will be able to evolve quickly and survive... there are even a few stories of people with superpowers already emerging, see archives... I was surprised with the revelation of soldiers being given electroshock treatment... I suppose using universal energies on the human energy field is still a little too gentle and advanced as an alternative, even for the military... Update: There is also those who believe that Transhumanism is the way forward...

In Praise of Empty Souls—Can We Learn From Psychopaths?
The New Republic, 14th December 2012
...The Wisdom of Psychopaths by Kevin Dutton, a research psychologist at the University of Oxford. Dutton’s eye-catching thesis is this: “Psychopathy is like sunlight. Overexposure can hasten one’s demise in grotesque, carcinogenic fashion. But regulated exposure at controlled and optimal levels can have a significant positive impact on well-being and quality of life.” Psychopathy, proposes Dutton, is “personality with a tan.”

Strangely, nowhere in this book about psychopathy does Dutton accurately define psychopathy, so I will do so here. Psychopathy is a disorder of brain and behavior, the central characteristic of which is the complete absence of conscience. All of its other pathological features (such as callousness, habitual lying, and ruthlessness) emanate from this defining deficit. Yet, as a tip-off to the major fallacy in his argument, Dutton does not once discuss the concept of conscience, and, in the entire body of his book he mentions the word itself—conscience—a total of four times, and then only in passing.

A book review of The Wisdom of Psychopaths: What Saints, Spies, and Serial Killers Can Teach Us About Success by Kevin Dutton where the author Martha Stout, is concerned about Dutton's efforts to put a positive spin on psychopathy. So, we are reminder that, "The reality is more literal: no one matters to a psychopath." Moreover, Stout writes: "In reality, a touch of psychopathy would mean a malignant streak of brutality, oiliness, predatory single-mindedness, callousness, carelessness, exclusive self-involvement, and clinical impulsivity. " I agree with Stout, we must not forget, psychopaths HATE real humans...

If there's an apocalyptic zombie invasion, rest assured, we're well prepared
Daily Mail, 26th December 2012
Contingency plans emerge in response to enquiry from member of public Cabinet Office would lead efforts to 'return England to pre-attack glory' It's not often you hear of fears of a zombie invasion - and if you do, it's almost certainly on television. But in the event of an apocalypse brought about by an army of the undead, civil servants would co-ordinate the military's efforts to 'return England to its pre-attack glory'. The country's contingency plans for a zombie onslaught emerged in a response to an enquiry from a member of the public.

A Freedom of Information request has shown the surprising level of readiness for the eventuality. The Ministry of Defence would not lead efforts to plan for such a horror attack or deal with the aftermath, reported by the Daily Telegraph, because that role would rest with the Cabinet Office, which co-ordinates emergency planning for the Government.

The MoD replied to the FoI request: 'In the event of an apocalyptic incident (e.g. zombies), any plans to rebuild and return England to its pre-attack glory would be led by the Cabinet Office, and thus any pre-planning activity would also take place there. 'The Ministry of Defence's role in any such event would be to provide military support to the civil authorities, not take the lead.

Hmmmm.... It is obvious to me that world controllers are preparing for something to happen. Obviously, there are two options, they can create zombies or more likely, they have access to information about the re-animation of the souls of the dead... I personally think it is latter and if we go back to ancient texts and the warnings that were encoded in the Bible, the phrase "the dead in Christ will rise" has always been a puzzle for me. I would like to see the original translation as best as is available, but I think this was a major warning about the life force energy (a crystalline energy.... remember there have been 10 years of plasma dust experiments on the International Space Station), hitting the planet in such a way that it could literally suck the life force out of people or re-animate those who are spiritually dead, whether that means even bodies lying in morgues I simply don't know.... Moreover, it is a fact that humans are regularly infected by viruses from space. Whether these viruses originate from: viruses being manufactured from material in the general space environment but distributed by the comet tail of Venus; other passing comets spewing material from the back of their tails; or small comets and meteors that explode in our atmosphere when they arrive. Whatever, we do know that this is continually happening as scientists often tell us they expect flu epidemics but often get it wrong yet, we have historical events like the Black Plague where the evidence suggests people in distant parts were simultaneously subjected to the same airbourne contamination. Currently, there is talk of a new horrible virus or disease in Africa where the skin turns yellow and eyes turn green.... that sounds very nasty.... Here is the ATS thread that discusses the strange medical symptoms and provide the original source links etc, Epidemic Alert on Dec 24th that described victims eyes turning on. Whatever, the fact that some governments are preparing for a zombie apocalypse has to be seriously considered by those with some spiritual intelligence...

Scientists warn of sperm count crisis
Biggest-ever study confirms drastic decline in male reproductive health
The Independent, 5th December 2012
[...] The findings confirm research over the past 20 years that has shown sperm counts declining in many countries across the world. Reasons ranging from tight underwear to toxins in the environment have been advanced to explain the fall, but still no definitive cause has been found.

The decline occurred progressively hroughout the 17-year period, suggesting that it could be continuing. [...]

The worldwide fall in sperm counts has been accompanied by a rise in testicular cancer – rates have doubled in the last 30 years – and in other male sexual disorders such as undescended testes, which are indicative of a "worrying pattern", scientists say.

There is an urgent need to establish the causes so measures can be taken to prevent further damage, they add.

Richard Sharpe, professor of reproductive health at the University of Edinburgh and an international expert on toxins in the environment, said the study was "hugely impressive" and answered sceptics who doubted whether the global decline was real.

"Now, there can be little doubt that it is real, so it is a time for action. Something in our modern lifestyle, diet or environment is causing this and it is getting progressively worse. We still do not know which are the most important factors but the most likely are … a high-fat diet and environmental chemical exposures."

Men are getting a strong message in the nuts... Maybe it is the only way that many will get the message that the human race is not omnipotent... Anyway, I am curious how people will react because most seem apathetic to just about everything... Whatever, some have been talking about the need for a big cull of the human race and it seems universal consciousness is obliging... So, it looks like there will be a status of Paradise on this planet, but not so many humans will be around to experience it...
  • Decline in French sperm count should be considered global warning
    Wired News, 5th December 2012
    A study revealing a significant decline in sperm concentration among French men should be considered a health warning, and could be linked to environmental factors, say its authors.

    Long termers who follow my blog will not be surprised by this headline that is accompanied by not one shred of scientific evidence or even scientific opinion... I decided to check if sperm reduction caused by global warming is listed at to see if it was one of the 883 past and present claims currently listed, see A complete list of things caused by global warming. Well, I found "starfish sperm eaten by parasites" and "polar bears fewer cubs" but I might have missed a few other things but human sperm reduction is not on the list... Whatever, if we remind ourselves that global warming is the cover story for cosmic climate change and a deluge of cosmic energy that has a myriad of effects, then it is easy to see why some might be so bold as to make this kind of "wild" assertion...

Death rate 2 to 4 times as high among childless couples
Medical Xpress, 5th December 2012
Despite the popular belief among parents that having children shortens their lives, the reverse seems to be true, particularly for women, indicates a large study of childless couples, treated for infertility, and published online in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

French sperm count 'falls by a third'
BBC News, 5th December 2012
The sperm count of French men fell by a third between 1989 and 2005, a study suggests.

The semen of more than 26,600 French men was tested in the study, reported in the journal Human Reproduction. The number of millions of spermatozoa per millilitre fell by 32.3%, a rate of about 1.9% a year. And the percentage of normally shaped sperm fell by 33.4%.

The average sperm count remained within the fertile range, but experts want to see more research into possible causes. One of the paper's authors, Dr Joelle Le Moal, an environmental health epidemiologist, said: "To our knowledge, this is the first study concluding a severe and general decrease in sperm concentration and morphology at the scale of a whole country over a substantial period.

"This constitutes a serious public health warning."

Nuclear radiation or genetically modified foods? I am also thinking this might also be related to the increase in cosmic radiation at ground level...Either way, it's not just the French with dramatically lowered sperm counts, other nations are candidates for national Darwin awards too.... For more info especially the opinion of Professor Chris Busby, one of the world's top radiation experts who has a lot to say about infertility and the general risks associated with small amount of radiation leaking from nuclear power plants, see Best of the Blog DNA 'Abnormalities' & Mutations & Best of the Blog The Japan Disaster March 2011 & The Ongoing Nuclear Risk.
  • New paper shows a large increase of solar radiation in Spain since 1985, dwarfs alleged effect of CO2
    The Hockey Schtick, 29th November 2012

  • “Tends to concentrate in the testicles”: 360+ atoms of radioactive sulfur per day may have been inhaled by Californians after Fukushima
    Energy News, 17th August 2011 Flashback!
    When the news broke yesterday that a previously unreported type of fallout from Fukushima—radioactive sulfur—had reached the United States in late March, nearly all mainstream media reports made the claim that it poses no threat to the health of Americans. [...]

    And if you’re a man, you may be interested to know that some miniscule portion of it could be in your testicles. [...] Sulfur-35 is absorbed by the entire body but is of particular concern to men because it tends to concentrate in the testicles, according to a Nuclide Safety Data Sheet from the University of North Carolina Charlotte. Beta radiation occurring there could damage neighboring cells. [...]

    Let's see how long it takes now for people (men) to wake up and decide enough is enough...
    [Update: 5th December 2012.... So who knew that certain types of radiation accumulates in the testicles? And to think for all these years people have been so damn uninterested in the radiation pouring onto this planet from space...]


Alleged robber shows off money in video
York News Times, 2nd December 2012
YORK – It appears that before her arrest, Hannah Sabata, 19, of Stromsburg, took it upon herself to make a YouTube video, in which she brags about stealing a car and robbing a bank. Sabata was taken into custody Wednesday on charges that she robbed the Waco bank after stealing a car in York.

In the video, ( which is coined “Chick Bank Robber,” Sabata holds up handwritten signs (accompanied by subtitles) in which she says she’s having the “best day of her life,” because she stole a Pontiac Grand Am and walked away with more than $6,000 when she robbed a bank. She also holds up a large bundle of cash, demonstrating to the camera how much money is in her possession.

Sabata also claims that she is a “victim of the government” and says she planned to pay off student loans and “go on a shopping spree.”

The blogosphere has a lot to say about the dumbness of this girl... Well, I find it hard to believe there is this level of dumbness around, but people showing off their loot on YouTube and Twitter is now quite common... However, most looters and thieves are intelligent enough to disguise themselves, but this girl somehow felt immune... The real question is: are we seeing some serious devolution in terms of intelligence? The best comment I have seen in the blogosphere is, "Idiocracy is not a movie, it is a prophecy."

Dr. Paul Babiak on the crisis of psychopaths in the workplace
The Washington Times Communities, 1st December 2012
Florida - Whenever people feel that they have been manipulated or short-changed, there is a good chance that they will call their perceived wrongdoer a "psychopath." The term could very well be one of the most overused in our society. It is thrown around so casually that more than a few have probably ceased to take it seriously.

Needless to say, this is most unfortunate. When a real psychopath crawls out of the woodwork then the situation becomes all the more difficult to manage. Even worse is that psychopaths are attracted to positions of power. This means that the workplace is especially vulnerable to the schemes of individuals who prey on the weakest among them.

Paul Babiak is an industrial-organizational psychologist who has done a great deal of research on this disturbing pattern of behavior. The co-author of Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work, he has devoted much of his career to raising awareness about how mental and emotional predators have found their way into the business world. [...]

Cotto: From your research, what motivates workplace psychopaths?

Dr. Babiak: We know very little about the actual motivations of the psychopath as they lack insight into themselves and lie when asked about almost everything. However, in my work I have identified three motivations, which I believe characterize the psychopath: 1. a need for stimulation, which we know (from fMRI research) is based on physiological factors; 2. they like to play "head games," meaning they seem to enjoy conning and manipulating others, including those high up in power and influence; and 3. they need to "win," and they define winning as "you losing." Whereas seasoned athletes, for example, likes to compete and win events, they are typically motivated by "personal achievement" within their sport, that is, competing against their "personal best." The psychopath has no such sense of competition (or personal achievement motive).

It really does seem that many in society are getting really sick of the destructiveness associated with psychopaths... We need people in positions of power that actually care about the future of humanity not "intraspecies predators" who actually hate real humans... Well, for those who want to understand the issues, I can recommend Sam Vaknin, author of Malignant Self-Love: Narcissism Revisted. Vaknin is certified as a psychopath, but he is a world treasure because he does have insight into his own motivations and those of other psychopaths and can articulate them very well. His insights have helped me enormously understand the motivations of the truly nasty so-called people I have come across in my life.
  • Are psychopaths in the workplace on the rise and what does it mean?
    The Washington Times Communities, 3rd December 2012
    In this second part of our discussion, he shares his views on the above-mentioned questions, explains what inspired him to write about psychopaths in the workplace, and discusses his life and career.

    Joseph F. Cotto: Empathy is something that most us experience, though for very different reasons. Are most workplace psychopaths able to empathize at all?

    Dr. Paul Babiak: Lack of empathy, remorse and guilt are some of the defining features of a psychopath, whether they are incarcerated, out in public or working for an organization.

    So, I would say they are incapable of feeling any empathy for those they manipulate. They also do not feel any loyalty to their companies or teams, despite a persona (mask) that portrays them otherwise.

    Cotto: Have incidences of psychopathy in the workplace increased over the last several years?

    Dr. Babiak: It would seem so based on the increasing number of financial frauds, horrific murders and audacious crimes that are being reported in the media.

    I don't think psychopaths are on the rise, the problem is that for a long time psychopathic traits were seen as beneficial to large organisations and companies and their traits were normalised as acceptable... Unfortunately, it has now been realised that psychopaths can wrought total destruction because they will take huge risks. If psychopaths are in positions of power and trust and they take risks that go wrong, large organisations and businesses can be decimated, but of course, a psychopath would not even care... They can't care because they are psychopaths... My real issue is psychopaths in the cultic milieu, the wolves in sheeps clothing. Due to popular New Age teaching, there is now an abundance of people who have been taught to act, think and behave like psychopaths and encouraged to believe they are entitled to whatever... Currently, there is discussion at the Rick Ross Cult Education Forum about a woman who was raped and her rapist justified his behaviour by citing the Law of Attraction and giving her a book, see Law of Attraction and rape. At the moment, I don't want to belive this story is true, but due to my experiences with New Agers, the lying, coniving, twisted behaviour of some is a signature of the 2nd hand psychopathy that I believe is prevalent in the New Age milieu. Thus, if you care to look, there are a lot of Big Names who have been caught out as damn liars and most likely, they got the Big Name by using their psychopathic charms... My advice these days is seekers have to be very very careful because the 2nd hand psychopathy in the cultic milieu is now widespread....
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