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December 2009

The respected metaphysical source is the Hathors channelled by Tom Kenyon who referred to "zombies" in the following September 2008, Hathor message, The Dissolution of the Old World. The relevant passage is as follows:

As the spiritually driven evolutionary forces increase, and the rip in the fabric of your civilization becomes clear to more and more individuals, there will be a tendency for those who are fixated on 3 Dimensional reality (without access to the higher dimensions of themselves) to enter into a state of mental and emotional shock, a kind of numbness. You can recognize these numb people because they will walk and talk like normal, but they are like zombies, half aware, half alive. Have compassion for these individuals because they are caught between the old world that is passing away and an uncertain future that has yet to be born. Have compassion, yet be wary of them. Do not let them seduce you into their numbness and fear. source

The online dictionary definition that I think is most appopriate for "zombies" is as follows:

3. One who looks or behaves like an automaton.

My use of the word "comatose" and the definition is more in keeping with the general tone of this passage

1. Of, relating to, or affected with coma; unconscious. 2. Marked by lethargy; torpid.

When I first read this, it rang true, but for me I applied this to my own experiences of the most stereotypical 'New Age' people I had come across. In fact, I had a strange dream in March/April 2005 where I had the experience of someone I knew being like a robot. Sorry, the details are deliberately vague here, but it has puzzled me for years and now I have the reason. In fact, it combines wonderfully with other symptoms that this person has shown and combined with facts that allow me to gain a new perspective, that can be applied to many New Agers at various stages of the same disorder. As usual, I either do some serious work myself or I rely on top world experts, but it has been 8 years since I came across my first example of an emotionally detached New Ager on remote control.

Now, I can cite an award winning study and book that provides a scientific perspective to describe the ungrounded, unthinking, emotionally detached and some downright nasty New Age people that I have come across. The book Snapping: America's Epidemic of Sudden Personality Change [1978, 1979, 1995, 2005] by Flo Conway and Jim Siegelman, will help you understand people who have been severely damaged by their search for truth and enlightenment. The following link takes you directly to chapter 12 of this book, Varieties of Information Disease, that I have now decided to call "Snap Syndrome". Here, we have the four main aspects of "Snap Syndrome" as quotes from chapter 12, with my comments in brackets:

  • Floating — The Ongoing Altered State. In the wake of a snapping experience, after an individual surrenders or lets go, whether in a sudden moment or gradually, he may slip into a level of reduced awareness in which the disorientation and confusion of the snapping moment becomes part of his everyday experience of the world. This trancelike floating state, in our view, marks the first stage in the change and reorganization of personality. (In the New Age world this is commonly known as being "ungrounded".)

  • The Delusional Phase. This second, more advanced form of information disease concerns reality and illusion and an individuals ability to distinguish between the two. For, all along with the basic processes of perception that brings information to the brain, the human mind possesses the remarkable capacity to create information of its own. this capacity is generally referred to as imagination. (The worse case of delusion I have come across is someone with no qualifications who could not work out how I could have written my book and could not work out why they were NOT the chosen one. Obviously, they were so deluded that they could not appreciate that having an Honours Degree in Physics and Geophysics and having not allowed the rot to set into my brain, made me a good candidate for being able to integrate science and metaphysics.)

  • Not Thinking — Mind Control But a far more frightening threat to personality posed by the new technology of experience is the impairment of a more fundamental capacity of mind: quite simply, an individuals ability to think, not just for himself, but to think at all. (This is so prevalent in the New Age community as to be absolutely frightening.)

  • Not Feeling — Emotional Control Mind control was only half the story of the new covert control. As our inquiry expanded, we uncovered a second control pattern pervading the inner lives of millions of spiritual seekers of, a pattern of not of mind control but of emotional control. In contrast to identifiable techniques that stilled the mind's critical thinking and decision making capacities, these more subtle methods of emotional control targeted a deeper domain of human information processes: people's inner feelings of fear, guilt love hate anger and other universal emotions.
    (At my first ever "New Age" meeting, I came face to face with an emotional robot, when I burst into aetheric flames due an Earth energy exercise and my Kundalini energy was dramatially activated. On making an enquiry as to what was happening, the robot just said "Kundalini" and walked away and left me. At the time, I just could not understand the lack of empathy, but now I know.)

Snapping is a book for intelligent people, who has been puzzled by the odd and strange behaviour of people who claim to be spiritual. If you want to understand how mental health experts view people who have been in and out of cults and have had religious practices used against them to destroy their minds, or in the case of New Agers have practicied various techniques in the hope of spiritual advancement that have worked against them, then Snapping is a recognised definitive book linked to award winning research. Once you realise that many people have literally allowed their thinking capacity to be severely diminished, as well as their ability to use their feelings which are vital to their ability to use their intuition, then it is much easier to understand how so many dreadful and stupid ideas that swirl around cults, cult versions of major religions and the worse sections of the New Age community can exist. If you think this is too harsh, especially concerning my analysis of what is going on in the New Age community, then please consider the following recent high profile examples:

  • How did James Arther Ray, manage to use mind control techniques on middle-class Americans until he managed to kill a few of them and when he has done killing them, New Agers were still trying to defend his cult tactics?

  • How Did "Dr. John Gray" become so successful with his, "Men Are From Mars and Women Are From Venus" series, when he has no accredited degrees from any institution of higher learning, but apparently he has a high school diploma. In that case, it's not just the New Age community that he has fooled... Granted he has helped many people, but how come NOBODY thought to check him out until well after he became an international New Age Mega Superstar?

Food for thought:

This is the first chapter in an evolving book, “Blowing the Whistle on Enlightenment: Confessions of a New Age Heretic,” by Bronte Baxter. Blowing the Whistle, Chpt. 1: The Hidden Agenda of Mantra Meditation

Note: 19th June 2011

I have changed the heading to reflect the fact there are some who consider themselves religious who also suffer the same condition.

Susan Joy Rennison, B. Sc. Hons. (Physics with geophysics)

December 2009

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