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Best of the Blog - Consciousness & Spirituality

Best of the Blog - Consciousness & Spirituality

The Death of Nelson Mandela has been expressed by the Global Consciousness Project
First Sight, 8th December 2013
[...] Roger Nelson writes: “Not surprisingly, many people suggested Mandela’s passing should be on our list of global events. The GCP event was set for 24 hours, beginning almost an hour before his death, with a time period modeled on Ted Kennedy, Michael Jackson, and similar to Pope John. The result is Chisquare 87332.851 on 86400 df, for p = 0.013 and Z = 2.238.”

We don’t really understand by what physical mechanisms our shared meanings and feelings can interact with the physical processes of random number generators — although some very bright physicists, including a winner of the Nobel Prize, are working on the problem. But first sight theory may shed some light on the psychological processes by which this effect happens.

I don't completely agree with the Global Consciousness Project hypothesis or general conclusions... See previous comments. I would say there is probably more of a real correlation with geomagnetic flux as emotional energy needs a high aetheric tide to enable it to be registered... Recent geomagnetic activity has been quite intense as highlighted by

EdgeScience Magazine - issue 16
Society for Scientific Exploration, November 2013
Edge Science is a new magazine from the Society for Scientific Exploration. Why Edge Science? Because scientific knowledge is still full of unknowns. What remains to be discovered—what we don't know—very likely dwarfs what we do know. And what we think we know may not be entirely correct or fully understood. Anomalies, which researchers tend to sweep under the rug, should be actively pursued as clues to potential breakthroughs and new directions in science.

No. 16 is free but SSE would like new members and people to donate. Download here. In the new issue there are the following feature articles:
* "Fairy-Tale Physics", by Jim Baggott.
* "Beyond Neuroscience: The Challenge of Yoga", by Donald J. DeGracia.
* "What's Next?", by Dean Radin.
* "The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor", by Gerald H. Pollack.

I was quite interested in the article "Fairy-Tale Physics" because as a researcher you come across an awful lot of angry physicists. Some realise that the game being played is to get most scientists going around in circles whilst the real truth is preserved for a few and if a scientist does stumble on a better understanding of reality, they are usually marginalised until key decisions are made about how to utilise the knowledge to satisfy world powers. For those who don't understand the mindset, it is simple. Knowledge is power, why would world controllers want the underclass knowing anything really radical and beneficial for the whole of mankind without major advantages for the supreme few.

EdgeScience Magazine - issue 15
Society for Scientific Exploration, August 2013
Edge Science is a new magazine from the Society for Scientific Exploration. Why Edge Science? Because scientific knowledge is still full of unknowns. What remains to be discovered—what we don't know—very likely dwarfs what we do know. And what we think we know may not be entirely correct or fully understood. Anomalies, which researchers tend to sweep under the rug, should be actively pursued as clues to potential breakthroughs and new directions in science.

No. 15 is free but SSE would like new members and people to donate. Download here. From "The latest issue of this magazine on anomalies which features geologist Robert Schoch on the controversial archeological site in Turkey known as Göbekli Tepe, ontologist Aaron Dabbah on the rich vein of anomalies uncovered in seemingly mundane archeological research, and a stirring call-to-action on the part of anomalists by James Clement van Pelt."

A Magnetic Trick to Define Consciousness
Science News, 14th August 2013
Consciousness isn’t easy to define, but we know it when we experience it. It’s not so simple to decide when someone else is conscious, however, as doctors must sometimes do with patients who have suffered traumatic brain injury. Now, researchers have come up with an approach that uses the brain’s response to magnetic stimulation to judge a person’s awareness, reducing it to a numerical score they call an index of consciousness. “You’re kind of banging on the brain and listening to the echo,” says Anil Seth, a neuroscientist at the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science at the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom who was not involved in the work.

This is important information for those interested in the true nature of consciousness.

Global Consciousness Project Update
NELSON Tells you the Second Thing you need to Know
The Big Study, 10th August 2013
[...] The question, phrased differently, then is: When a certain type of world event occurs, why do the EGGs register non-random statistical behavior? Why are more [or less] than normal electrons tunneling then?

Since the foundational PEAR Lab experiments showed that individual conscious intention could cause this to happen in an individual device, are the grouped consciousnesses of humanity causing the grouped devices of the array to act non-normally??

Here's a pair of event examples. On the left a disastrous factory fire in Pakistan, and on the right a car-bombing in Baghdad. The EGGs ignored the factory fire, the redline zigzagging around the flat average, but seemed to respond to the car-bombing, rising resolutely out-of-the-statistical norm . Again two things:

1). Roger samples the array to look for evidence that his EGGs are blundering about like graph two, and they don't do that in time intervals where no dramatic world event is going on; and

2). Roger understands that when he gets an arising that this does not mean anything more than something happened to push the array out of norm. Coincidence is not causality, but a whole lot of similar coincidence is getting pretty close to being there.

Also note Roger's notation above: About 70% of the incidents looked at "show departures correlated with what seems to be conscious effects on the EGG array". One of his goals is to amass enough incidents [I believe that he has several hundred by now] to be able to learn of a certain type of event in the world and predict the EGG array behavior before looking at it.

I changed the headline. As much as I love this research, I have a fundamental disagreement with Nelson et al's explaination that the EEG data shows "events that focus attention and emotion shared by people around the world". I am very skeptical because these scientists have to guess why the EGGs have registered non-random statistical behavior. To do this they go looking for an event that they think has been registered but sometimes this does not work at all. Thus, a weak correlation is not proof of any type of causation. I believe what the EEGs can register the "high tides" that cause the impact of human consciousness to bleedthrough into our reality. We must note that we live on a planet with over 6 billion people and the creation of a morphic field that captures an emotional reaction will exist. Yet, finding something, anything happening that makes headline news that might fit the hypothesis does not seem very scientific to me.... What we have is evidence that the human ability to influence EGGs varies and the trend is going up which I think is really the headline news. Since we have other evidence that the impact of human consciousness is getting stronger in recent decades, I believe this is related to the flux of cosmic energies/space weather/spacetime that is now embedded with more mind-matter. Thus, it would make more sense if someone started to link the EGG output with what is going on with Earth's magnetic field and/or even the Schumann Resonances. There is a lot of scientific research that provides a solid foundation for this reasoning. The mind-matter component to everything that exists is not static and various scientists already know a mind-matter component exists that can be amplified. So, these scientists should be asking: what is causing the high tides? The best summary of my analysis is outlined in my latest e-book version of Tuning the Diamonds.

Human “cyborgs” Spiritual Transformation and the 2045 Global Future
What does religion and “human cyborgs” have to do with Spiritual Transformation on a global scale?
Stand Up For The Truth, 28th May 2013
In New York City, the second international Global Future 2045 congress will converge at the Lincoln Center to discuss a new evolutionary strategy for humanity, merging two revolutions in the spiritual and science/technology realms.

The event on June 15th – 16th is a gathering of the world’s leading specialists in the field of neural interfaces, robotics, artificial organs and systems, who will launch a brand new vision for the “spiritual transformation of humanity.” This is quite possibly the most heart-stopping convergence I’ve heard yet. And when I say heart-stopping, I mean in the literal sense. There is a group of international scientists and spiritual/religious leaders converging to talk about how we could all be immortal by 2045.

This congress will introduce the world to its Avatar mega-project, which will enable a gradual transition from our biological bodies to an increasingly advanced artificial carrier of the human self. That’s right. Your spiritual essence transported into a robot. Why? Because humankind is on the verge of collapse, and we can either regress into the dark ages, or evolve into a new civilization, requiring the deepest social and spiritual transformation. “We believe this is the only way to overcome existing crises,” says it’s GF2045 website:

Updated: Hmmm... Well, there are a few people tracking what is going on with the Transhumanism movement.... Huge subject... Do these people really think that transferring your spiritual essence into a robot is going to work? Has anyone ever isolated this spiritual essence that relates to the human soul? Personally I would like to read up on this scientific woo.... [Correction: The "spiritual essence" is known to exist as it can be measured as a huge electrical spark that leaves the body at the moment of death (info in my TTD book, Jay Alfred has also done a good article in recent years), but do you know anyone who has captured an electrical spark that represents a human soul and then transferred it into a robot? If you like, we can debate the use of Faraday cages but that still leaves the issue of transference...] Have these so called scientists never heard of Earth's magnetic field declining and cosmic rays corrupting electronics? I suppose if the in-crowd support it then the yes-men, too dim to argue dummies will think it's a great idea.... Let's think: The argument is that humans don't have good enough bodies to make them highly spiritual beings but all that would change by swapping the human body for a robot body.... Where exactly is there any logic that humans will change for the better by having an artificial enhanced body with super enhanced abilities derived from animal senses? This is total bullshit... Have you ever had anything to do with people claiming spirituality? Some of the nastiest %&ç"*++ you would ever want to meet... Anyone who has anything to do with folk in the Cultic/New Age milieu will know this is true... I think we have psychopath billionaires testing the waters to see which idiots swallow this crap... Meanwhile the truth about what is really happening is being buried by the duplicity of completely clueless so-called spiritual leaders... or more rightly, the abundance of wolves in sheep's clothing... Totally frightening... If you want a deeper analysis, you need to start reading up on this subject... Update 2: Can you imagine a sizeable group of scientists believe that the current humanity is over, so-called religious/spiritual leaders are "advising" about how we can become immortal by 2045 by becoming cyborgs and there is hardly a whisper in the mainstream media? It is absolutely unbelievable... Then more than a few wonder why I have nothing but disdain for the half-baked beliefs coming from the metaphysical community... The 2012 Winter solstice fiasco is a recent reminder of just how clueless many claiming to be in the know really are...The whole thing is incredible...

EdgeScience Magazine - issue 14
Society for Scientific Exploration, May 2013
Edge Science is a new magazine from the Society for Scientific Exploration. Why Edge Science? Because scientific knowledge is still full of unknowns. What remains to be discovered—what we don't know—very likely dwarfs what we do know. And what we think we know may not be entirely correct or fully understood. Anomalies, which researchers tend to sweep under the rug, should be actively pursued as clues to potential breakthroughs and new directions in science.

No. 14 is free but SSE would like new members and people to donate. Download here. From "There's a large gap between simple 'woo' and maverick science. Consider Rupert Sheldrake, compare his contributions to the work of Commander X to appreciate the divide. It's why we're happy to announce the newest issue of EdgeScience is available and the price is right, free. What can you expect of this issue? Our buddy Michael Prescott reviews the groundbreaking The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, Robert van de Castle explores the connections between dreams and psi, and David Pratt details the troubles of plate tectonics theory. Challenging and provocative ideas are what fuel scientific progress, and The Society for Scientific Exploration does a bang-up job."

'Dead' man comes back to life at his funeral
Mourners attending a funeral in central Zimbabwe were shocked when the man they had come to bury "returned from the dead."
The Telegraph, 14th May 2013
Family and friends were filing past a coffin with the remains of Brighton Dama Zanthe, 34, when one of them noticed the dead man's legs twitching. One of the mourners, Lot Gaka, who employs Mr Zanthe at his transport company, said: "I was the first to notice Zanthe's moving legs as I was in the queue to view his body. This shocked me. We called an ambulance immediately. It's a miracle and people are still in disbelief."

I am just paying attention to this new syndrome of 'fake' death...

‘Divine Strength’: Two Teenage Girls Lift 3,000 Pound Tractor Off Their Trapped Father
The Blaze, 10th April 2013
We’ve all heard stories about someone lifting an impossibly heavy object to free a trapped loved one (or even a stranger) when time is short and no other help is present.

In Linn County, Oregon a man experienced his worst nightmare when he found himself in that exact scenario, trapped beneath his 3,000-pound 1949 tractor. Jeff Smith says was trying to pull a stump out of his garden when he lost control of the machine, horrified when it flipped on top of him and pinned his chest to the ground. He tried calling for help, but with each breath it got harder.

These feats of incredible strength are usually associated with strong emotions.

Mind reading Sharjah Girl ‘exceedingly rare’ savant
Khaleej Times, 2nd April 2013
Godfather of savant research ‘never seen’ a case like Sharjah’s Nandana, reports Sajila Saseendran

A nine-year-old autistic girl in Sharjah, whose extraordinary ability to read her mother’s mind was revealed to the world last week, could be the next name added to a worldwide registry of people with savant talents, according to the world’s top expert in savant syndrome.

People with savant syndrome exhibit extraordinary abilities, but have serious mental disabilities including autistic disorder.

Telepathic rats solve problems together
FT News, 28th February 2013
Rats have collaborated telepathically to solve problems across continents in the first use of neurotechnology to transmit thoughts directly between animals’ brains.

Miguel Nicolelis, a pioneer of research into brain-computer interfaces at Duke University in North Carolina, worked on the experiments with scientists at the Safra International Institute for Neuroscience of Natal in his native Brazil. Their results were published on Thursday in the journal Scientific Reports.

Prof Nicolelis called the experiments an initial step towards the creation of a biological computer or “brain-net” linking multiple brains. “We cannot even predict what kinds of emergent properties would appear when animals begin interacting as part of a brain-net.”

“In theory, you could imagine that a combination of brains could provide solutions that individual brains cannot achieve by themselves,” he said. “One animal might even incorporate another’s sense of self.”

Jacques Benveniste was pilloried and he received two IgNobels, the 1991 chemistry prize for showing that water has memory, and the 1998 prize for a paper showing that this information can be transmitted over telephone lines and the internet. So. I am wondering why this rat mental chat research got so much publicity... Maybe times have really changed...

Randall Carlson - Hour 1 - Cosmic Patterns & Sacred Architecture
Red Ice Radio, 12th February 2013
As a professional designer/builder, student of Sacred Geometry and long time Freemason, Randall Carlson is uniquely qualified to interpret the hidden meaning of the great masterpieces of mystical architecture. It is his aspiration to affect a revival of lost knowledge towards the goal of creating the new world based upon universal principles of harmony, freedom, and spiritual evolution.

Randall emphasizes the cyclical nature of time and the periodic catastrophes responsible for the collective amnesia of our species. He returns to discuss sacred geometry. In the first hour, we’ll discuss the pioneers of sacred geometry and sacred architecture, places of pilgrimage and older building techniques. We’ll discuss the "travelling man" in Freemasonry. Randall shares a mason’s perspective on operative vs. speculative Freemasonry, King Solomon’s temple and buildings that imprint symbolism. He also comments on the 33rd degree of Freemasonry.

In the second hour, we’ll discuss how states of consciousness are connected to the environment that one inhabits. We’ll talk about today’s urban societies and what they reflect vs. ancient sacred buildings that reflect harmony, beauty and higher states. Randall speaks more on symbolism, scaling ratios in architecture and deeper meanings. Later, he explains how memory and numbers that are encoded into many ancient monuments connect with the cycles of catastrophe and the great year.

After listening to some of his interviews, I consider Randall Carlson to be a true practical mystic, but others might be blinded by the fact he is a 32nd degree Freemason... As far as I am concerned, he is practicing a very very old religion based on astronomy that seeks to preserve ancient and esoteric knowledge. Due to his ideas and beliefs he presents, I think he is Tier II simply because he seeks to integrate and anchor a more spiritually evolved outlook and understanding of our relationship with the cosmos. This interview covers a lot of ground but the discussion of The Great Year, precession of the equinoxes and comets in Part II is quite topical... I was very touched by his sincerity and depth of understanding. In my opinion, he is not a spiritual lightweight.

Morphogenetic Fields, Telepathy and Science Set Free
Earth Files, 31st January 2013
“The morphogenetic field is a bit like a magnetic field that organizes iron filings in particular patterns - so there is a group field and every animal group has that.”

- Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D., Biochemist and Author
January 31, 2013 London, England - Rupert Sheldrake was born in Nottinghamshire, England, seventy years ago with a destiny to challenge established scientific paradigms. By 1974, he had received his Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of Cambridge and spent the next ten years to 1985 working as a plant physiologist in India for the International Crops Research Institute for Semi-Arid Tropics. That’s when he wrote his first groundbreaking, but controversial book, A New Science of Life, published in 1981. See More Information below.

In a revolutionary step from traditional biology, he wrote: “It became clear to me that biochemistry would not solve the problem of why things have the basic shape they do.” His hypothesis has been that organisms develop their shapes through a memory system in Nature given by what he calls “morphic resonance.” He compares morphic resonance in analogy to the way “a magnetic field organizes iron filings in particular patterns.” The morphic field emerges from repetition, the memory of habit, in which shapes take form. His hypothesis was denounced by the journal Nature and mainstream biologists, but praised by some as fresh air thinking in dogmatic science.

For example, he points out that the Human Genome Project (HGP) expected that DNA sequencing would lead to understanding the fundamental nature of life at the molecular level. But, he says, “It’s a disappointment. Since around 2009, something called the ‘missing heritability problem’ has become important in biology." [...]

Dr. Sheldrake adds, “The HGP has sequenced now the genomes of 30,000 different people and looked at the characteristics of these people. For example – take height. It turns out that about 50 genes are responsible for height. So, they try to make a computer model based on height genes to predict any individual’s height. But they can only predict height to a 5% accuracy! And I think the reason it doesn’t work is that much of the inheritance that you and I have and that plants and animals have is coming through what I call morphic resonance – this influence from the past, a kind of collective memory.”

You can download this interview as an MP3. I think there is trouble brewing because the upgrade speed of morphic fields is accelerating due to being in a time of rapid evolutionary change. The long time denial of these fields does not hamper reality and leading scientists are now becoming alarmed at what they call "contagiousness" as a "social phenomenon" or rather more metaphysically minded, evidence for "Communal Consciousness". Sheldrake will be proven right, I have no doubt about that, but the question is what is spreading amongst humans? People should be worried about declining sperm counts for a start.

EdgeScience Magazine - issue 13
Society for Scientific Exploration, January 2013
Edge Science is a new magazine from the Society for Scientific Exploration. Why Edge Science? Because scientific knowledge is still full of unknowns. What remains to be discovered—what we don't know—very likely dwarfs what we do know. And what we think we know may not be entirely correct or fully understood. Anomalies, which researchers tend to sweep under the rug, should be actively pursued as clues to potential breakthroughs and new directions in science.

No. 13 is free but SSE would like new members and people to donate. Download here. From The latest issue of this science magazine features "Anomalies I Have Known" by Paul Devereux, "E = mc2: How Einstein Swept Retrocausality Under the Rug" by Antonella Vannini and Ulisse Di Corpo, "Why Venture Way Out of the Box" by John Petersen, "Metaphysical Einstein: The Genesis of Genius" by Lara Fine, and more, as they say. And the cover art of Einstein is by none other than Roy Thinnes, perhaps best known as the star of the late-1960s TV series "The Invaders." Pick up your free pdf copy at and contribute if you can, or purchase at printed copy at MagCloud.

Data From 14 Year Global Consciousness Study Released
Who Forted?, 6th January 2013
The original title of this post was going to “Highly Significant Data of 14 Year Global Consciousness Study Shows Evidence of Synchronicity”, but that was kind of a mouthful. Besides, I actually wanted people to read this, because the results of this study can’t really be understated: there is “highly significant” evidence that we may all be psychically linked.

Researchers for the Global Consciousness Study just released their data collected from August 1998 to this, the first month of 2013, and their findings, while nowhere near complete, show hugely significant evidence that we all may be far more connected than we think.

I changed the title because the word psychic is outdated and in this instance misleading. A morphogenetic field for human consciousness that humans are constantly modifying is not the same as being psychic... I think the trend being picked up here is significant but the link with individual events is pure guesswork and not relevant, see previous comments.

Spiritual people are more likely to be mentally ill (but at least they think life has more meaning)
Daily Mail, 2nd January 2013
* Researchers at University College London say spiritual believers are more likely to suffer problems such as eating conditions or an anxiety disorder

Being spiritual may give life deeper meaning, but it can also make you more susceptible to mental illness, new research suggests. A study found that people professing to be spiritual, but not conventionally religious, were more likely to suffer from a host of mental challenges.

They suffered problems including abnormal eating conditions, drug abuse, anxiety disorder, phobias and neurosis. They were also more likely than others to be taking medication for mental health problems. Professor Michael King, from University College London, and his fellow researchers wrote in the British Journal of Psychiatry: 'Our main finding is that people who had a spiritual understanding of life had worse mental health than those with an understanding that was neither religious nor spiritual.'

Well, for those who want to understand why so many that profess spirituality appear to be mentally ill, I suggest there is a great need to study cults, cult tactics, gurus and what is going on generally in the cultic milieu with the thirst for quickie enlightenment and the abundant use of heavy handed techniques to break people down mentally... I wrote about this in my long essay Spiritual Evolution in the Cultic Milieu (August 2011), an extract is provided below:

Enlightenment For Sale: Technologies of Experience

Historically, we can trace the development and widespread dispersion of mind-altering “Technologies of Experience,” that caused a “consciousness explosion” as huge numbers of people were exposed to radical therapeutic techniques. Briefly, we know that from about the 1970s onwards, experience techniques developed in the 1950s, found their way into the public arena. Social scientists had discovered that various methods can be used to push people into emotional highs, peak experiences, or supposed dramatic personal breakthroughs, whether via extreme acts of sensory deprivation or more subtle sensory manipulation. These methods could be used through words, gestures, images and intimate group dynamics and combined with Eastern practices (Zen, yoga and many forms of meditation) and psychedelics. Furthermore, the mass marketing of these techniques combined with aggressive sales techniques only served to legitimise the “quick-fix” search for enlightenment. Therefore, as these experience techniques became popular in the quickie search for enlightenment, there was real concern by some researchers that there was no real oversight, due to the largely subjective and intangible nature of the supposed benefits. Social scientists Flo Conway and Jim Siegelman in their groundbreaking book, Snapping: America’s Epidemic of Sudden Personality Change [1978, 1979, 1995, 2005], revealed that the ecstatic/illumination experience so often treasured by spiritual seekers may only be energy releases associated with the mind dealing with high stress, and when that sense of release occurs, people become wide-open to reprogramming.2 Hence, in response to a certain technique or therapy, there could be ‘enlightenment’ or conversely, a mental breakdown. Basically a form of spiritual roulette where when things go wrong, the normal response is to blame the victim. Conway and Siegelman write:
With the spread of the technology of experience into religion, therapy and wider everyday domains, millions no doubt had achieved impressive personal breakthroughs and spiritual awakenings, yet we saw little recognition of the perils inherent in the new technology and the intense experiences it evoked. These new practices that had proved beneficial in many contexts were not supernatural powers or pinpoint engineered tools but living information and communication processes that reached bedrock levels of the mind and body. When used manipulatively or covertly, they could be turned into paralysing instruments of human control. When practised recklessly or to excess, they spawned debilitating mental, emotional and physical effects.
In a consumer society, it seems that the only real criteria for consideration, was how well these techniques brought in more recruits to cult enterprises and how well they could be used by salesmen to sell or be sold in workshops, seminars and trainings. In the hands of exploiters, it was quickly realised that experience techniques were tools that could be used against people to serve their own agenda. Simply, if you can change how people think and feel, whilst weakening their resistance to suggestion and command, then you can create new followers. This means that an unscrupulous guru can use ‘honed’ experience techniques, to recruit new followers who will give them all their money and/or work for next to nothing, as long as he can keep them under his spell. A salesman using psychological tricks, hypnosis, suggestion, persuasion and influence techniques, can create willing buyers who will keep buying whatever you have to offer, if they can keep buyers convinced that they will benefit somehow. The manipulative and covert use of these techniques is defined as ‘cult tactics’.
“In SALES, they find your PAIN, and then magnify your PAIN, and then sell you services that promise to take away the pain. If those “services” increase their pain while promising to reduce it, you have a Customer For Life.” (Think about it, if their techniques worked, and you felt great, then they lose a customer. They are punished by success, and rewarded by failure.) The Anticult 3
Various psychiatrists, psychologists, sociologists and other academics and researchers have identified various levels of conditioning created by these technologies of experience. Flo Conway and Jim Siegelman, use the term Snapping to indicate a sudden drastic alteration of personality.2 (Literally, synaptic connections in the brain snapping off and new ones forming within seconds to create sudden change in the brain.) This altered state is the distinct aim of those seeking to gain complete control over new followers, but this is mostly disguised as being a real spiritual breakthrough.
Source: Spiritual Evolution in the Cultic Milieu (August 2011)
These days the perspective I have gained has helped me enormously understand just how serious the people issues are in the cultic milieu... Anyway, before I wrote up my Joyfire Philosophy webpage , I would get the more than occasional email from people who I thought were mentally ill... It was even more disturbing because it appeared that just because I am interested in metaphysics the non too intelligent assumed I was on the same wavelength... Presumably, there was very little in the way of criteria being used for a prognosis... This is just some clarification about philosophy:
A definition of philosophy:

Philosophers spend their days contemplating the world. While not strictly a science in itself, philosophers are concerned with uncovering the deepest truths about reality. The pursuit underpins knowledge and logical thought-- this makes up an essential component of the scientific method.

There are four major strands of philosophy: 'epistemology' is concerned with the growth of knowledge -- what it is, and how it is acquired and processed; 'ethics' is about resolving moral dilemmas -- scientific research dealing with the creation of life, such as synthetic biology is increasingly being guided by ethical considerations; 'logic' determines our processes of reasoning and deduction; while finally 'metaphysics' examines questions of reality that lie outside the realm of what is testable by science -- for example, is there a God? The word 'philosophy' comes from the Greek language and means 'love of wisdom'.

Source: Paul Parsons, Science 1001, Quercus Science
For those who still don't get it, the cultic milieu is an environment that resembles shark infested waters and the mental health of seekers is of no consequence to those looking for a cult following...

Grandmother 'comes back from the dead just minutes before post-mortem' after spending THREE DAYS in the morgue
Daily Mail, 29th December 2012
A grandmother has been brought back from the dead twice - and has even survived spending three days in a morgue. The 61-year-old Russian woman has been declared dead twice by doctors, but each time has come back to life - and once was minutes away from being cut open for her autopsy. Hardy Lyudmila Steblitskaya spent 3 days laying in a freezing cold morgue, while her family mourned the retired cook. The mother's eery habit of returning to life has not only left her family torn between grief and hope that she may come back to life, but perplexed doctors too,The Siberian Timesreported- She has scared both doctors, friends and family once in November last year and in October this year.

Hmmm.... So strange after the resent Daily Mail article abour zombies.... Well, this is another example of someone coming back from the dead, see archives for other examples.... Oh well, for those who want to do some research, there is ancient text that tells us there will come a time when there is no more death... this might just be the very start of something that might take thousands of years to come to fruition...

The Diamond
Michael Prescott Blog, 22nd December 2012
On a regular basis, I practice guided meditations, in which I try to achieve a mild trance state and then ask questions of a "spirit guide." I'm very much aware of the possibility – in fact, the probability – that much of the information I receive originates in my unconscious mind. However, I'm of the opinion that the boundary between the unconscious mind and the spiritual realm is pretty fuzzy, and that we can't access spiritual sources of information without going through the unconscious. [...]

During this time I practiced various meditations, and as I said, they were more vivid and clear than usual. In one case, I asked what my soul was like.

I was shown an image of a diamond, brilliant and multifaceted. But this was no ordinary diamond. It was alive. The facets, which were far more luminous than any real-life diamond's, were in constant motion. They were constantly shifting positions like the pieces of a mosaic, creating patterns that were intricate and harmonious. It did not appear that there was anything random about these patterns; rather, they seemed to involve the working-out of some larger scheme, much in the way that notes of music can be used to work out the themes and melodies of a musical composition.

I was told that this diamond was my true soul, and that the individual facets were merely contributing elements. The real me, the eternal me, was the diamond as a whole, even though I wasn't aware of it in everyday life.

Hmmm... I hope this is a genuine experience because it takes us back to the realm of genuine mystics who also saw the soul as a diamond... For various reasons, I now believe not everyone has a diamond soul.... it is something that has to be birthed.... I also believe the human diamond needs to be tuned to pick up the most divine frequencies in the cosmos... From Michael's description, I am wondering whether the patterns on the diamond facets are the so-called lightcodes or phosphenes.... Again, we are entering dangerous territory where some will misuse this knowledge and create the next big New Age mind virus or Socially Transmitted Delusion (STD)... This is a gentle warning and reminder for those who are still wide-eyd and naive and don't realise there are magicians in the cultic milieu who can make things seem very magical and enticing for spiritual children...

Brazilian mediums shed light on brain activity during a trance state
Medical Express, 16th November 2012
Researchers at Thomas Jefferson University and the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil analyzed the cerebral blood flow (CBF) of Brazilian mediums during the practice of psychography, described as a form of writing whereby a deceased person or spirit is believed to write through the medium's hand. The new research revealed intriguing findings of decreased brain activity during mediumistic dissociative state which generated complex written content. Their findings will appear in the November 16th edition of the online journal PLOS ONE.

The 10 mediums—five less expert and five experienced—were injected with a radioactive tracer to capture their brain activity during normal writing and during the practice of psychography which involves the subject entering a trance-like state. The subjects were scanned using SPECT (single photon emission computed tomography) to highlight the areas of the brain that are active and inactive during the practice.

"Spiritual experiences affect cerebral activity, this is known. But, the cerebral response to mediumship, the practice of supposedly being in communication with, or under the control of the spirit of a deceased person, has received little scientific attention, and from now on new studies should be conducted," says Andrew Newberg, MD, director of Research at the Jefferson-Myrna Brind Center of Integrative Medicine and a nationally-known expert on spirituality and the brain, who collaborated with Julio F. P. Peres, Clinical Psychologist, PhD in Neuroscience and Behavior, Institute of Psychology at the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, and colleagues on the research. [...]

Content produced during psychographies involved ethical principles, the importance of spirituality, and bringing together science and spirituality.

Hmmmm.... It always surprises me just how much scientific interest there is that validates people's spiritual experiences... BUT linking up with higher intelligences that suggest integrating science and spirituality would provide content similar to that produced by ancient philosophers that were really mediums.... Oh dear, did I really just explain why so much ancient philosophy is still not translated from Latin... Silly me....

Humans Smell Fear, and It's Contagious
Live Science, 6th November 2012
Humans can smell fear and disgust, and the emotions are contagious, according to a new study. The findings, published Nov. 5 in the journal Psychological Science, suggest that humans communicate via smell just like other animals.

"These findings are contrary to the commonly accepted assumption that human communication runs exclusively via language or visual channels," write Gün Semin and colleagues from Utrecht University in the Netherlands. Most animals communicate using smell, but because humans lack the same odor-sensing organs, scientists thought we had long ago lost our ability to smell fear or other emotions. [...]

The findings suggest that humans can communicate at least some emotions by smell, which could prove useful in crowded places, the authors suggest. "Our research suggests that emotional chemo-signals can be potential contributors to emotional contagion in situations involving dense crowds," the authors write in the study.

Hmmm.... Well, I regularly blog about my synaesthesia because sometimes smelling the energy field of people and places is not very nice at all so I like to vent... (The pun is intentional...) Due to the vast numbers of people with some form of synaesthesia, I predict this will become a major issue for lying frauds. Those who are clinical psychopaths won't smell since they don't have any emotions to give off, so they can be detected by their "chill factor". In my case, the stink or chill tends to focus my attention on what I am dealing with when certain types come knocking... The medical research on how quickly medical conditions can spread amongst the population due to an increase in "connectedness" and "emotional empathy", becomes quite relevant as we see more reports of "mass hysteria" especially amongst women and children. Whatever, it seems that this rapid spread or contagion of ideas, beliefs, feelings, etc has been noted by a wide selection of social scientists.
  • Study shows people can guess personality via body odor
    Medical Xpress, 5th December 2011 Flashback
    (Medical Xpress) -- An interesting study conducted by Polish researchers Agnieszka Sorokowska, Piotr Sorokowski and Andrzej Szmajke, of the University of Wroclaw, has found that people are able to guess a person’s type of personality to a reasonable extent, simply by smelling them, or their clothes. The team did some testing with volunteers, as they describe in their study published in the European Journal of Personality, and found that people could guess another’s personality through odors at least as well as they could when shown videos of people in action. [...]

Near-death experiences occur when the soul leaves the nervous system and enters the universe, claim two quantum physics experts
Daily Mail, 30th October 2012
* Ground-breaking theory holds that quantum substances form the soul
* They are part of the fundamental structure of the universe

A near-death experience happens when quantum substances which form the soul leave the nervous system and enter the universe at large, according to a remarkable theory proposed by two eminent scientists. According to this idea, consciousness is a program for a quantum computer in the brain which can persist in the universe even after death, explaining the perceptions of those who have near-death experiences.

Dr Stuart Hameroff, Professor Emeritus at the Departments of Anesthesiology and Psychology and the Director of the Centre of Consciousness Studies at the University of Arizona, has advanced the quasi-religious theory. It is based on a quantum theory of consciousness he and British physicist Sir Roger Penrose have developed which holds that the essence of our soul is contained inside structures called microtubules within brain cells.

Well, scientists have established that when a person dies they immediately lose weight and that weight equates to a tremendous amount of electrical power... The issue is that this mass-energy is held in a quantum state that makes it invisible to normal instrumentation.... Thus, these scientists have developed a theory as to where this energy actually resides inside all forms of life not just humans... As usual, when reviewing the work of world experts it is best to find world experts who have been following developments for years if not decades and see what they have to say. Thus. I was quite pleased to find a nice beginners explanation at the Canadian Institute for Health Research who provided with a nice short, simple critique and update to previous research on consciousness, see below. These days I have decided that there are humans that can only attract the 'Minimum Life Force' that keeps them alive but I think Christianity defines those who are Born Again who can then attract the 'Maximum Life Force' or as the religious call it "Christ" Energy... [Btw, this has nothing to do with a particular religion or belief system, but some have got the truth regardless...] Those with 'Minimum' are continuing leeching 2nd hand 'Maximum Life Force' and this explains the problem of narcissists and their continuous search for narcissistic supply... It does not matter what psychologists call them, parasites are parasites and if you are attracting "Maximum Life Force" the parasites will come running. This is my conclusion after over 30 years of searching for truth (maybe over 40 years as I started Sunday School at age 5...) and I have considerable experience of being leeched upon... For the naysayers, why has society got such a problem with paedophiles and why are so many being busted in the highest echelons of society? Maybe, because these types are the real experts in extracting high volumes of 2nd hand Maximum Life Force energy.... The reason that spiritual leaders do not teach this is because most often, these same people are on 'Minimum Life Force' and are busy energetically exploiting their 'flock' or followers for their own benefit... If you have any qualms about this notion, I suggest a good 500 hundred hours of reading over at the Cult Education Forum where there are links to hundreds of other websites that outline the issues in great detail.

Near-death experiences occur when the soul leaves the nervous system and enters the universe, claim two quantum physics experts
Daily Mail, 30th October 2012
* Ground-breaking theory holds that quantum substances form the soul
* They are part of the fundamental structure of the universe

A near-death experience happens when quantum substances which form the soul leave the nervous system and enter the universe at large, according to a remarkable theory proposed by two eminent scientists. According to this idea, consciousness is a program for a quantum computer in the brain which can persist in the universe even after death, explaining the perceptions of those who have near-death experiences.

Dr Stuart Hameroff, Professor Emeritus at the Departments of Anesthesiology and Psychology and the Director of the Centre of Consciousness Studies at the University of Arizona, has advanced the quasi-religious theory. It is based on a quantum theory of consciousness he and British physicist Sir Roger Penrose have developed which holds that the essence of our soul is contained inside structures called microtubules within brain cells.

Well, scientists have established that when a person dies they immediately lose weight and that weight equates to a tremendous amount of electrical power... The issue is that this mass-energy is held in a quantum state that makes it invisible to normal instrumentation.... Thus, these scientists have developed a theory as to where this energy actually resides inside all forms of life not just humans... As usual, when reviewing the work of world experts it is best to find world experts who have been following developments for years if not decades and see what they have to say. Thus. I was quite pleased to find a nice beginners explanation at the Canadian Institute for Health Research who provided with a nice short, simple critique and update to previous research on consciousness, see below. These days I have decided that there are humans that can only attract the 'Minimum Life Force' that keeps them alive but I think Christianity defines those who are Born Again who can then attract the 'Maximum Life Force' or as the religious call it "Christ" Energy... [Btw, this has nothing to do with a particular religion or belief system, but some have got the truth regardless...] Those with 'Minimum' are continuing leeching 2nd hand 'Maximum Life Force' and this explains the problem of narcissists and their continuous search for narcissistic supply... It does not matter what psychologists call them, parasites are parasites and if you are attracting "Maximum Life Force" the parasites will come running. This is my conclusion after over 30 years of searching for truth (maybe over 40 years as I started Sunday School at age 5...) and I have considerable experience of being leeched upon... For the naysayers, why has society got such a problem with paedophiles and why are so many being busted in the highest echelons of society? Maybe, because these types are the real experts in extracting high volumes of 2nd hand Maximum Life Force energy.... The reason that spiritual leaders do not teach this is because most often, these same people are on 'Minimum Life Force' and are busy energetically exploiting their 'flock' or followers for their own benefit... If you have any qualms about this notion, I suggest a good 500 hundred hours of reading over at the Cult Education Forum where there are links to hundreds of other websites that outline the issues in great detail.

Buddhist monk is 'happiest man on earth'
NY Daily News, 29th October 2012
The monk, molecular geneticist and confidant of the Dalai Lama, is passionately setting out why meditation can alter the brain and improve people's happiness in the same way that lifting weights puts on muscle. "It's a wonderful area of research because it shows that meditation is not just blissing out under a mango tree but it completely changes your brain and therefore changes what you are," the Frenchman told AFP. Ricard, a globe-trotting polymath who left everything behind to become a Tibetan Buddhist in a Himalayan hermitage, says anyone can be happy if they only train their brain. [...] The scans showed that when meditating on compassion, Ricard's brain produces a level of gamma waves -- those linked to consciousness, attention, learning and memory -- "never reported before in the neuroscience literature", Davidson said. The scans also showed excessive activity in his brain's left prefrontal cortex compared to its right counterpart, giving him an abnormally large capacity for happiness and a reduced propensity towards negativity, researchers believe.

This seems to be the original version of this story but there is a lot more background information... So, I am wondering about why neurologists have never seen this brain pattern before... I suppose the reason is that the exercise was specifically about compassion and maybe there has not been much interest amongst the academic community as the emphasis in this article is that compassion is a practical route to happiness, an emotional state that many are not too familiar with in modern societies that promote big time narcissism.... The other thing is the neurologist Richard J. Davidson (born December 12, 1951), professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin–Madison is criticised for being too involved with the Dalai Lama. Infact, it appears that he is a Buddhist promoting Buddhism and of courcse, there are some who are ironically very unhappy about a possible conflict of interest. Thus we read at Wikipedia:

A longtime friend of the 14th Dalai Lama, some of his work involves research on the brain as it relates to meditation.[5] Davidson has long maintained his own daily meditation practice, and continues to communicate regularly with the Dalai Lama.

This connection has caused controversy, with some scientists criticizing Davidson for being too close to someone with an interest in the outcome of his research and others claiming that it represents an inappropriate mix of faith and science. When he invited the Dalai Lama to participate in the "Neuroscience and Society" program of the Society for Neuroscience meeting in 2005, over 500 researchers signed a petition in protest.[11][12] The majority of the petitioners were Chinese researchers, who may disagree politically with the Dalai Lama's stance on Tibet[11]. The controversy subsided quickly after most scientists attending the talk found it appropriate. [13]

Source: Wikipedia Richard J. Davidson
These days I am very cynical as my archives will atest... There is simply too much bullsh#t and the mentality the end justifies the means is simply too prevalent in the cultic milieu even amongst scientists, especially when they get too religious/culty. I think this research needs some replication... More compassion and then some happiness... is that too much to ask?

Placebo's Effect May Depend on Your Genes
Live Science, 23rd October 2012
Your response to placebos, or dummy medicine, may depend on your genes, according to a new study.

People with a gene variant that codes for higher levels of the brain chemical dopamine respond better to placebos than those with the low-dopamine version.

The findings, reported online Oct. 23 in the journal PLoS One, could help researchers design medical studies that distinguish the placebo response from the underlying effect of a medicine — the real aim of drug trials.

I think we are being told that scientists have found a way to 'rig' drug trials by weeding out the people who don't respond so well to placebos, but it still means that when those drugs are approved they would be no better than a sugar pill for many people.... Well, I am sure that eventually it will be decided that the Placebo's Effect is based on epigenetic factors affecting genes..... What is interestng is that the pharmaceutical industry is in a terrible bind because placebos and 'real' drugs working are both based on belief and the power of belief appears to be getting stronger... but the difference between the impact of a placebo and a drug is lessening. Many new drugs can't beat placebo and many old drugs would fail if they were re-tested in today's environment.... Meanwhile, the metaphysical community don't seem to have anything much to say about it, which I think is very strange.... I suppose it's too much interest in reality...

EdgeScience Magazine - issue 12
Society for Scientific Exploration, October 2012
Why EdgeScience? Because, contrary to public perception, scientific knowledge is still full of unknowns. What remains to be discovered — what we don’t know — very likely dwarfs what we do know. And what we think we know may not be entirely correct or fully understood. Anomalies, which researchers tend to sweep under the rug, should be actively pursued as clues to potential breakthroughs and new directions in science.

No. 12 is free but The Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) would like some money for their efforts.... I know how they feel.... Download here. In this version, William Bengston responds to some who are oblivious to the fact there are universal energies that some humans can tap into and utilise. There is also a very very important article here from Larry Dossey on "Interconnectedness" and I am very grateful that someone is actually thinking about what is happening on this planet. This quote by Dossey is a very pertinent:
The fact that your friend’s friend’s friend, someone you’ve neither seen nor heard of, is affecting your health has begun to rattle many of the gatekeepers in medicine. This field may be a bomb with a delayed fuse that is getting ready to explode in the very heart of materialistic medicine. A few medical insiders are already raising the possibility that something radically different than usual may be going on, something possibly related to a collective consciousness linking distant individuals.

Among those suggesting a role for consciousness in social network phenomena is Dr. Robert S. Bobrow, clinical associate professor in the Department of Family Medicine at New York’s Stony Brook University. In discussing the spread of obesity in his 2011 article in Explore, “Evidence for a Communal Consciousness,” he says, “Frankly, obesity that develops from social connection, without face-to-face interaction, suggests emotional telepathy.”33

If these experiments don’t take your breath away, they should. They suggest that the notion of human isolation is a myth. Human consciousness can manifest in the world beyond the brain. We are linked, united, entangled. For better or for worse. Until death do us part. And perhaps even then…
DO NOT MISS THIS ARTICLE IF YOU HAVE ANY INTEREST IN THE MAJOR IMPLICATIONS OF THE SPIRITUAL CHANGES ON THIS PLANET. It seems that the research medical world is going into shock about a posssible mass consciousness shift taking place on this planet. I believe this has been imposed on this planet by universal consciousness via deliveries of space weather and should have been expected especially by those who are aware of the Hindu concept of Yugas and related esoteric/metaphysical knowledge about wholesale shifts in consciousness. Please note: Besides the comments on this blog, and updates to the 2012 version of my book Tuning the Diamonds, and the points made in my Delft Technical University evening presentation (January 2011) , back in March 2011, I summarised my opinion and wrote a short piece for my column in the Paradigm Shift Magazine (UK) that was published in print (Issue 51). I made this decision after I could only find 1 quasi-metaphysical article written by a doctor about the implications of the distress in the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry caused by the problem of new drugs failing to beat placebo. As an early bird, I clearly stated there was solid evidence that there was a shift of consciousness taking place on this planet. My focus is space weather and not medical research, but it was obvious to me what was happening. So the question is: why is there so little interest amongst the New Age milieu/metaphysical community? Is it that the guru culture and cult of celebrity combined with high levels of narcissism being promoted, cannot tolerate a major blast of reality concerning empathy?

Open Questions and the Reality of ESP
Disinformation, 21st October 2012
It’s an obvious question, but one not often asked, how does parapsychological research offend the evolutionist or materialist mindset? Certainly bold statements are made, but where is the real area of offense. One of the critiques most often leveled at research into anomalous perception centers around the idea that researchers in this area of experience posit some sort of supernatural origin for these phenomena. However, if you read what many of the top researchers relate, there’s nothing supernatural about psi.

It is interesting that scientists are busy de-mystifying abilities that were once thought as making people "special".... Scientists now know there are many more senses than 5 and then these can all by combined to make 63 different types of synaesthesia. The number of people with this condition is estimated to be about 4% of the population and some neuroscientists suspect that we are seeing rapid realtime human evolution. I am even amazed that scientists have been studying phosphenes for over 250 years, but some think seeing geometric symbols is something "special", but basic research reveals that even some astronauts can see them and it does not mean that some are more spiritual than others.... The issue is that wannabe gurus are desperate to make certain abilities "special" so they can exert influence and control over people to illicit certain priviledges and status. Personally, I have found that abilities do not equate to quality people that you can trust and the cult processing in the cultic milieu means that some become extremely shady characters. Read my essay Spiritual Evolution in the Cultic Milieu to understand just how warped some can become. Actually, my synaesthesia is curse and a blessing at the same time.... Stinking nasty energy fields are sometimes hard to cope with, but at least I am getting a clear warning of what I am dealing with....

Evidence of Premonitions Discovered in New Study
ABC News, 22nd October 2012

Burning Man Experiment Data [has been] Analyzed!
Noetic Sciences, 6th October 2012
We've just updated our website with new information about the experiment that IONS research scientists collaborated on at the Burning Man gathering in Nevada just over a month ago. This experiment investigated possible correlations between mind and matter by exploring what happens to a purely random system when it is located in an environment where 50,000 minds are all focusing on the same ritual (the burning man). Direct link here

I agree that the RNGs can detect something is changing in the environment, but I am wary that the explanations are linked to only specfic known events... I think the best thing about these random number generators located in 70 host sites around the world is the upward trend over the last 12 years and I think this might eventually provide strong evidence that the power of the collective consciousness is getting stronger. I also think it is important to note that if these "correlations between mind and matter" being recorded by the environment are genuine, then this human input will be affecting the planetary consciousness or Gaia.

Placebo effect does not depend on conscious thoughts
Pravda, 26th September 2012
[...] However, quite recently, scientists have found evidence of "unconsciousness" of the placebo and nocebo effects. A research team from Massachusetts General Hospital in conjunction with the experts from Harvard Medical School showed that the placebo effect was based on the work of the unconscious brain. Their article Nonconscious activation of placebo and nocebo pain responses was recently published in the PNAS journal. The brain decides how a medicine will effect it even before the information about the drug is understood by the patient, the researchers claim.

The clinical and laboratory practice to date has accumulated a great deal of facts that cast doubt on the conscious nature of placebo and nocebo effects. Many cases suggest that they may occur without conscious processing of visual or verbal stimuli. Often the improvement or deterioration in the health of patients advances automatically, without conscious acceptance of the idea that the drug or procedure must have some impact on them. In these situations, imaging showed that the visual and verbal stimuli were processed by the brain of these people in the striatum, the evolutionarily more ancient parts and in the subcortical amygdala. Experiments conducted by the authors of the study confirmed the hypothesis that the brain "decides" on the effects of a drug unconsciously - even before we carefully analyze the information about it.

According to world experts, The Placebo Affect has increased by 30% in the last few decades and scientists don't know why. This has caused a major problem because many new drugs can't beat 'fake' sugar pills and if this gets any worse, the whole pharmaceutical industry worth many billions of dollars is at risk.... I have written up my opinion on what is going on in the latest version of my book Tuning the Diamonds as it seems factors associated with human consciousness at a group level have changed.

Dr. William Bengston’s Hands On Healing Research Ignored by Cancer Industry
Skeptico, 17th September 2012
Interview with St. Josephs College sociology professor Dr. William Bengston examines his extensive scientific research into hands on healing.

Join Skeptiko host Alex Tsakiris for an interview with Dr. William Bengston about his book, The Energy Cure: Unraveling the Mystery of Hands-on Healing. During the interview Bengston describes his experiments with hands-on healing:

Dr. William Bengston: …starting from these clinical that, for example, malignant growths respond quickly and benign growths don’t respond so quickly, I thought to myself, ‘How are we going to get a handle on this? How are we going to go from spontaneous clinical experience to very controlled conditions?’ I wanted an absolute air-tight, no question about it, experiment that if it worked you didn’t have a viable counter-hypothesis…

I am quite impressed with Dr. William Bengston’s theory of "Resonant bonding" that he describes in his book Chasing the Cure (2010). There is a direct link with the Placebo Affect, but it is different because humans don't believe that mice have the ability to think themselves better from serious diseases.... Whatever, if you are interested in this subject, there are links on this website to good articles and his book is worth a read. Serious academics should check out his research papers.

Placebo Response Occurs at Nonconscious Level: Findings Demonstrate Unconscious Mind Plays a Key Role in Pain Experiences
Science Daily, 10th September 2012

Placebo Response Occurs at Nonconscious Level: Findings Demonstrate Unconscious Mind Plays a Key Role in Pain Experiences
Science Daily, 10th September 2012

Neglected Psychic Phenomena: I. The Levitation of the Human Body
Atlantic University's Scholar in Residence, 29th June 2012
"This is the first of a series of short essays about psychic phenomena that are generally neglected in recent times. A good example is the levitation of the human body, the topic of Joachim Bouflet’s La Levitation chez les Mystiques (Paris: Jardin de Livres, 2006. 202 pp. ISBN 2-914569-27-0), which I discuss here."

Savants: What They Can Teach Us
The Journal of Science and Healing, Volume 8, Issue 4 , Pages 213-217, July 2012

Evolution could explain the placebo effect
New Scientist, 6th September 2012
ON THE face of it, the placebo effect makes no sense. Someone suffering from a low-level infection will recover just as nicely whether they take an active drug or a simple sugar pill. This suggests people are able to heal themselves unaided - so why wait for a sugar pill to prompt recovery? New evidence from a computer model offers a possible evolutionary explanation, and suggests that the immune system has an on-off switch controlled by the mind.

I am still thinking about this because researchers are telling us that the placebo affect has got stronger over the last 30 years or so, at the same time as the numbers of people with synaesthesia has dramatically risen. I suspect we are seeing measurable changes in the type of consciousness that 'connects'. I updated my book and gave my thoughts on what is happening based on new research, but this is a very serious subject and needs more people with specialist knowledge in this area to provide their viewpoint.

Scientists' gold discovery sheds light on catalysis, 13th August 2012
( -- A physicist at the University of York has played a key role in international research which has made an important advance in establishing the catalytic properties of gold at a nano level.

Dr Keith McKenna was part of a research team which discovered that the catalytic activity of nanoporous gold (NPG) originates from high concentrations of surface defects present within its complex three-dimensional structure.

Metaphysical sources claim that there is a new type of catalytic energy on the planet and I have even seen some of the new 'golden' energy on my hands, but the globular nature of this golden energy was quite a surprise.... Whatever, I described the evidence that I had collected in my book Tuning the Diamonds and why the delivery of catalytic energy is very important during the process of fast evolutionary change. It has taken me a while to join up some more dots, but I think I have sorted out the process that explains where this energy originates and how catalytic energy is being delivered to Earth.... The cosmos is ordered and it is possible to understand the workings of a divine cosmos if one is prepared to do some study. (Btw, I did not learn any of this from other sources, I worked this all out from first principles. I am quite capable and qualified enough to research, study, engage brain, think and teach....)

  • Philip Pullman’s "His Dark Materials" (2006), 2006
    Once upon a time a young adolescent studied John Milton's Paradise Lost at school and was fascinated by it. Several years later, Philip Pullman -- for it was him -- wrote his masterpiece entitled His Dark Materials after a passage from Milton's poem. This title refers to what Pullman calls "Dust" in his story. But the real source of inspiration for Dust is the scientific term that exists in our world and is called "dark matter". Of course, dark matter is not Dust. The concept of Dust with a capital D is completely invented by Pullman. It is a materialisation of consciousness. The name "Dust" comes from the Bible: "For dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return" (Genesis 4:19).

    This is a dissertation written by someone French and clever. Sometimes it's a relief to find real intellects on the planet. I am thrilled by this essay and thrilled that whatever happens, I am happy that I cracked the nut of the real significance of Space Weather. It won't be long now as more intellectuals with some interest in genuine spirituality start to realise what is really going on. We can expect more and more cosmic dust being carried along by dark matter to fall heavily on this planet and the affects cannot be hidden. I am so happy to have worked this out.... Thank you Chloé Boffy, this is an excellent piece of work. Please see Book Review: His Dark Materials for more information.

Woman's missing digits grow back in phantom form
New Scientist, 10th August 2012
A woman born missing a finger and a thumb has grown them back – albeit as part of a phantom limb. This extraordinary occurrence shows that our brain contains a fully functional map of our body image, regardless of what our limbs actually look like.

The woman, RN, was born with just three fingers on her right hand. Aged 18, RN had the hand amputated after a car accident. She later began to feel that her missing limb was still present, and developed a "phantom" hand. "But here's the interesting thing," says Paul McGeoch at the University of California, San Diego. "Her phantom hand didn't have three digits, it had five. [...]

McGeoch says this study indicates that there is a hardwired representation in the brain of what the body should look like, regardless of how it actually appears in real life. It shows us more about the balance between the external and innate representations of a limb, he says.

My, how times are changing.... this kind of therapy must be considered as holistic.... The template or morphogenetic field is what is used to guide the development of a foetus from conception but this template remains for life. According to metaphysical sources, this template is updated by the environment and during this time of rapid evolutionary change, the condition of this template determines evolution or devolution.... This is why there have been a few lone voices in the metaphysical community encouraging anyone that will listen about the importance of working with the human energy field that hosts several different types of generic human template. I was unsatisfied with the snippets of info I found in my search for truth, especially as the technical theory was missing, so as usual, I did some work..... Now, I am confident that people were being warned for good reason, but of course, popular narcissism has overshadowed the most important advice, so I expect there will be lots of devolution even amongst the experts in cosmic ordering.

'Jesus' Appears On Tree Stump
U TV News, 9th August 2012
Image that looks like Jesus has appeared on a tree stump in Belfast City Cemetery.

Please see archives for my opinion on how religious images are held in the aether and most importantly why they are now appearing frequently. Next, why don't the religious establishment have something to say? Presumably, they don't want to reveal that they don't understand our reality.... Regardless, the leaders of the religious community have been frightening people for millenia about the return of Christ and now the Christ or crystalline energy is back on the planet, they are struck dumb.... I am really not impressed...

Shaffer: How much does your soul weigh?
News Observer, 25th June 2012

Why are schizophrenics starting to respond better to placebos?
i09 News, 24th June 2012
Studies of drugs that treat schizophrenia, what are also known as antipsychotics, are having fewer effects over time — and it's not because these drugs are becoming any less effective. Rather it's because patients are responding better to placebos – and it's not immediately obvious why this is happening.

Antipsychotics have been helping schizophrenics manage their symptoms — such as hallucinations and delusional thinking — for decades. For many people, these drugs have been indispensable, allowing schizophrenics to live a relatively normal life. But a strange thing has been happening since the introduction of second generation antipsychotics nearly 20 years ago: clinical trials of these drugs have been finding less dramatic effects, compared with trials from the early 1990s.

More interesting news about placebos... Scientists may have trouble coming up with an explanation, as I believe what has changed is the power of belief.... that is a spiritual quality and the type of consciousness that has now been 'upgraded' or 'boosted' on this planet.... The hard facts are now being produced by the pharmaceutical industry.

Living Stem Cells Discovered in 17-Day-Old Human Corpses
Live Science, 12th June 2012
Stem cells can remain alive in human corpses for at least 17 days after death, researchers say.

Stem cells give rise to all other cells in the body, a property that makes them extraordinarily valuable in potential therapies. These potent cells are often rare, only present in small numbers in tissue samples from patients and difficult to distinguish from other cell types in many cases. As such, scientists are investigating novel ways to procure stem cells and improve the viability of the ones they can get.

I am wondering if this is a clue as to how some people can come back from the dead.... So, if there is enough stem cells at a certain level of vibration and some catalytic energy arrives that speeds the process of regeneration up, I think the result would be what some would call a miracle.... It might also explain how some bodies do not rot as the quality of their cells are somehow embedden into an energy field that keeps their cells healthy and regenerating even though the person is dead and their 'spirit' has left the body.

EdgeScience Magazine - issue 11
Society for Scientific Exploration, June 2012
Why EdgeScience? Because, contrary to public perception, scientific knowledge is still full of unknowns. What remains to be discovered — what we don’t know — very likely dwarfs what we do know. And what we think we know may not be entirely correct or fully understood. Anomalies, which researchers tend to sweep under the rug, should be actively pursued as clues to potential breakthroughs and new directions in science.

No. 11 is free but The Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) would like some money for their efforts.... I know how they feel.... Download here.

The article on scalar waves here is most interesting to me but I find it odd that the author is desperate to discriminate and therefore enlighten the reader concerning "fringe science" (a term I absolutely hate), conspiracy theorists and New Age woo woo. Well, we can all agree the New Age stuff is virtually guaranteed to be made up of a sprinkling of pseudo-scientific jargon... The author probably did not make too much effort to find some examples of poorly defined examples of real energy fields... Yet, the reader is left confused by the addmission that NASA is happy to endorse scientists on the "fringe" concerning their belief about the existence of scalar waves .... this kind of attitude smacks of the kind of scientist that gleefully runs with the crowd to be later proven wrong by those actually interested in doing original research... A classic example is the totally unproven CO2 is causing climate change and global warming when the facts cannot substantiate this at all... as there is no warming (FACT) and Svensmark's cosmoclimatology theory with real physics experiments (duplicated by CERN) that prove that climate is a direct result of changes in the cosmic environment, so this has now become FACT. Oh well, I have learnt something.... We are provided with a technical description of Hertzian waves in electrostatic mode that can propagate through a plasma and therefore can be fully described in terms of the scalar potential field, in other words we are told it is a scalar wave..... I will have to update my book with some new notes, but I am also surprised there was no link made with Torsion fields and the many thousands of papers written based mainly by Russian scientists that focus on Einstein-Cartan theory (1913). I am also displeased that Dr Valerie Hunt's research has been ignored who spent 30 years at UCLA (maybe longer) investigating the human energy field and realised that 'core' energy is a scalar field. The author should not have dared to comment on the human energy field when he obviously has done no research on the matter and most certainly done no funded research of his own.

Eleven year-old girl with ability of setting things on fire with her brain
Eye Dr DeLengocky, 17th May 2012
Scientists said that there is a strange line on the right brain of the 11-year-old girl in HCM City–who can radiate and burn things that surround her.

That phenomenon only happens for priests, philosophers or painters,” said Dr. Nguyen Manh Hung, director of HCM City-based International University of Hong Bang. A group of scientists of various fields, led by Dr. Hung visited the little girl’s home in Tan Binh district, HCM City. Dr. Hung stated that the girl is capable of burning anything. “This is a very strange case in Vietnam and the world,” he said.

Scientists rejected environment as the element that causes the girl’s special ability because fires happened everywhere where the girl appeared. They collected soil, water, objects from the girl’s home for analysis.

"Dr. Hung said that after scanning the girl’s brain, they discovered a strange line on her right brain’s right side, which only happens with the brains of philosophers or priests."

“She burned objects near and far from her. There is no limit of distance between the girl and burnt objects. It is very odd!”

Hung said that there is a red mark on her forehead. The mark disappeared when she put on a black quartz bracelet and re-appeared when the bracelet was taken off. But when the girl wore the bracelet, she felt uncomfortable and felt an electric current running through her body.

The special ability of the little girl was discovered by her family about one month ago when fires appeared wherever the girl appeared.

At first, the family’s electricity network underwent repetitive short circuiting. Many electrical sockets in the house also burnt when the girl approached them. Taking the girl to other homes causes the same phenomenon. She also burnt the hotel room where her family stayed during their holiday on Vung Tau beach.

So..... This is another Nina Kulagina type but this Russian woman was not discovered until she was much older in life..... I imagine this little girl has lots of other abilities.... Scientists are just going to flock to Vietnam.... So, what's this about "a strange line on her right brain’s right side, which only happens with the brains of philosophers or priests" ???????????? Tell me more....

Girl ‘fire starter' mystifies scientists
Vietnam News, 17th May 2012

Vietnam 'fire girl' to be studied by expert
Thanh Nien News, 16th May 2012
An 11-year-old girl in Ho Chi Minh City who reportedly sets things on fire by just being near them will be studied by an expert, a local university whose help her parents sought has said.

Dr Nguyen Manh Hung, rector of Hong Bang University, told the family on Monday the school will send an expert who would constantly be with the girl, only identified as T., to observe and record all occurrences.

Hung made the decision after doing tests on her at home Tuesday, including a scan that found a red streak on the right side of her brain. [...]

She can reportedly set things within a 20 meter radius on fire without having to focus on or touch them, though conclusive proof has to be obtained yet.

Hmmm.... I am stunned..... So, the brains of philosophers and priests and presumable spiritual people in general, is different to those who are not so mystically and spiritually inclined.... What about healers? That is mind blowing news..... So how long has this been known and is this a recent phenomenon? We need some answers...I am stunned..... People are now comparing this little girl to X-men, (Pyro?) something I know nothing about....

Flammable girl sets house on fire
Tuoi Tre News, 14th May 2012
[...] Last Sunday, Dr Du Quang Chau confirmed with Tuoi Tre that he had received the case of this 11-year old. Specialists were sent by the center to T.’s house to measure the magnetic power but there were no abnormalities. They also found that plugs and switchboards in the house burned due to electrical discharges on the surface, while the internal wires remained unburned. The center also did a Resonant Field Imaging (RFI) test for T. and some problems were detected in the right hemisphere of her brain.

Dr Chau said the right hemisphere develops greatly in people who have great creativity and imagination like artists, poets or painters. In T.’s case, some issues in the right brain are probably the cause of the high heat, which sets fire to items which she stands near.

After Dr Chau gave T. a black quartz bracelet to reduce her ‘power’, things in the house stopped burning but T. showed signs of exhaustion and experienced light convulsions. T. was then instructed to come to the center for some training which helps balance her sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system. If practiced frequently, there is a possibility that T. will become normal again.

This must be quite exciting for the scientists, but we have a different story with the brain here.... Actually, this is now reminding me of people who somehow get their energy field screwed up and electrical things in the house start going crazy.... I occasionally have a problem with lights, it's generally when I wake up and there is too much energy on my hands.... However, if I wake up with a lot of energy I actually feel great.... There are a few sensible comments over at ATS 11 Yr Old Vietnamese Girl Starts Fires with Her Brain?

Girl ‘fire starter' mystifies scientists
Vietnam News, 17th May 2012

Blackboard Rumble: Why Are Physicists Hating On Philosophy (and Philosophers)?
NPR Blogs, 1st May 2012

[...] The battle began when David Albert — a well-known philosopher of science with an expertise in quantum mechanics — savaged Krauss' book [A Universe From Nothing] in the Times [...]

So there you go. Start with nothing, add quantum field theory, get something. End of story. (You can throw in the end of God and religion, too).

David Albert was having none of it. As he correctly points out: Where do the fields come from? Better yet: Where do the laws of quantum mechanics come from? These are clearly meaningful questions even if, perhaps, they fall outside the domains of physics. The bulk of Albert's review is spent articulating how deeply Krauss had missed this point. Krauss, in response, attacked the entire endeavor of philosophy. In a widely panned Atlantic interview, Krauss refers to his philosophical critics as "moronic" and implies all philosophy of science to be useless. [...]

Make no mistake, philosophy (and the philosophy of science) are not about doing science. Instead, these fields ask entirely different kinds of questions. They explore the relation between the possible and the actual, the correct links between an argument and it's conclusions or the tension between theoretical models and claims of evidence for those models.

Epic.... The discussion of "nothing" that got these physicists and philosophers at loggerheads is the crux of the matter (please excuse the pun) it is the same as the Big Bang 'nothing'.... I think I am on the side of David Albert, the philosopher, who wrote the 'savage' review (see link below)..... He states that the existence of fields are the arbiter of whether particles pop in and out of existence and of course that is a big 'something' associated with electromagnetism. The real philosophical discussion is: what 'decides' which fields exist? Well, Dr Oliver Reiser had some interesting ideas that he wrote about over 50 years ago that he links up with established and even ancient religious/metaphysical beliefs. In the latest version of my book, I mentioned a little of Reiser's explanation of something from nothing and then made a clear connection with the Theory of Multi-Dimensional reality as both agree there has to be a bridge between two completely different worlds.... Anyway, as far as I am concerned, much of quantum theory and related (spacetime, string theory etc) in modern physics is a heavily disguised mathematical version of ancient beliefs...

Physics Vs. Philosophy: Really?
NPR Blogs, 2nd May 2012
Actually, I was most interested in the image of a painting dated 1520.... I note the sameness of the wheels drawn in paintings attributed to Nostradamus and it reminds me of a very ancient and esoteric tradition of maintaining knowledge of The Wheels of Time. For the first time, I realise why the wheels are depicted outside this dimension too.... I suppose this is all supposed to be secret but why? A few Christians are having a field day because the recognise that ancient knowledge preserved in the Bible of what happens at the 'End of Time' is happening right now.... The only problem is they don't seem to know that the Return of Christ is an energy not a person, there is no logic in their beliefs because the full story has been hidden away but decipherable if you are prepared to cover a huge amount of information from many different esoteric, religious and indigenous traditions. Here's a BIG hint: In the Middle Ages, you could only study theology or philosophy at a university if you had studied astronomy first.... From the horses mouth That basically takes you back to how religions started in the first place... clue... clue... clue... etc In my search for truth over the last 30 years or so, what is happening now makes sense to me.... There are hints in the literature that require a mind that can integrate and that is the problem because so few people actually have the kind of mind that can sort this out, but of course, that is deliberate because some think there has to be some standards.... Whatever, the magnetosphere is breaking down and the philosophers and physicists are arguing about 'nothing'.....

New York Times Book Review by David Albert: On the Origin of Everything ‘A Universe From Nothing,’ by Lawrence M. Krauss
New York Times, 23rd March 2012
I think this is essential reading if you want to understand the relationship between physics and philosophy or the philosophy of science. I am quite pleased to find out that my own research has led me to the most important questions in philosophy, but I did not need to study philosophy at university to come to my own conclusions and find some great minds to help me on my quest.

Has Physics Made Philosophy and Religion Obsolete?
The Atlantic, 23rd April 2012
It is hard to know how our future descendants will regard the little sliver of history that we live in. It is hard to know what events will seem important to them, what the narrative of now will look like to the twenty-fifth century mind. We tend to think of our time as one uniquely shaped by the advance of technology, but more and more I suspect that this will be remembered as an age of cosmology---as the moment when the human mind first internalized the cosmos that gave rise to it. Over the past century, since the discovery that our universe is expanding, science has quietly begun to sketch the structure of the entire cosmos, extending its explanatory powers across a hundred billion galaxies, to the dawn of space and time itself. It is breathtaking to consider how quickly we have come to understand the basics of everything from star formation to galaxy formation to universe formation. And now, equipped with the predictive power of quantum physics, theoretical physicists are beginning to push even further, into new universes and new physics, into controversies once thought to be squarely within the domain of theology or philosophy.

No, even though the argument here is out of date pseudo-scientific and bordering on intellectual snobbery, I still think we need physics and science combined with philosophy (for those with an interest) so that people can defend themselves against the religious frauds and the vermin that haunt the Cultic Milieu... I do have lots of nasty thing to say about science and how it is conducted, but quite frankly, it is still a good enough antidote to the madness of the worse fanatical elements -- the religionistas and the cult fiends -- that the world can do without. Over the years, I have come across people who can only be described as %&ç*"/& ignorant and in their ignorance, they try to pretend they know what they are talking about about,[the quote is relevant here: "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt." ] but when these type get involved with cults they become extremely dangerous.... I suppose they brainwash easy.... Now, we all know that bullshit is very much an art form in modern society and I have even found an intellectual treatise called On Bullshit written by one of the world's most influential moral philosophers, Princeton University, Professor Emeritus Harry G. Frankfurt. Ironically this book has become a cult classic, see archives for more details or download a chapter here. But sometimes, the truth really matters and that is the problem. So, whilst some real truth has been hidden in archives and metaphysical messages have been given to the metaphysical community for years, very few have the intellectual abilities to correctly interpret the information and actually DO SOMETHING useful. So, now that the Earth's magnetic shielding is breaking down very few outside the metaphysical community realise that evolution and devolution is on the cards and outside of certain technical fields few realise that our modern technological society is at risk. A scientific and analytical approach may just save some from being mercilessly defrauded by the worse elements in the Cultic Milieu.

Losing Your Religion: Analytic Thinking Can Undermine Belief
A series of new experiments shows that analytic thinking can override intuitive assumptions, including those that underlie religious belief
Scientific American, 26th April 2012

Dark Matter Collides With Human Tissue An Average of Once a Minute, Study Finds
Popular Science, 10th April 2012
A dark matter particle smacks into an average person’s body about once a minute, and careens off oxygen and hydrogen nuclei in your cells, according to theoretical physicists. Dark matter is streaming through you as you read this, most of it unimpeded.

Dark matter is arguably the greatest mystery in modern physics. Observations from multiple sources across a few decades now shows that most of the universe is made of matter we can’t see — hence the name — but no one has been able to find it. One strong candidate for this dark material is called a WIMP, for weakly interacting massive particle, and there are a variety of observatories in Europe and the U.S. that are looking for these things. Some have found promising hints, but others have seen a whole lot of nothing.

Still, cosmologists generally agree there’s a halo of dark matter particles out there, and our solar system and our planet are flying through it. In a new paper, Katherine Freese at the University of Michigan and Christopher Savage at Stockholm University in Sweden thought about what this means for our bodies.

Only once a minute?...the research paper abstract actually says:
We investigate the interactions of Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs) with nuclei in the human body. We are motivated by the fact that WIMPs are excellent candidates for the dark matter in the Universe. Our estimates use a 70 kg human and a variety of WIMP masses and cross-sections. The contributions from individual elements in the body are presented and it is found that the dominant contribution is from scattering off of oxygen (hydrogen) nuclei for the spin-independent (spin-dependent) interactions. For the case of 60 GeV WIMPs, we find that, of the billions of WIMPs passing through a human body per second, roughly ~10 WIMPs hit one of the nuclei in the human body in an average year, if the scattering is at the maximum consistent with current bounds on WIMP interactions.

Dark Matter collisions with the Human Body by Katherine Freese and Christopher Savage arXiv:1204.1339v1 [astro-ph.CO]
The headline gives the impression that only the physical body matters but of course that is just old obsolete thinking.... There are problems with the definition of 'dark' because most people don't realise that these particles are real. Just because scientists can't measure sub-atomic particles does not mean they are not physical.... The real issue for those interested in the metaphysics is how this energy interacts with the human energy field and especialy the morphogenetic fields that controls the physical body. The statement that "there’s a halo of dark matter particles out there, and our solar system and our planet are flying through it" is interesting and presumably there is a link with the band of ultra high energy photons that have been discovered... Whatever, it is a fact that various scientists believe that this planet and everything on it is now experiencing of a new flow of dark matter.... Apparently, this is something that happens on a regular basis. As far as I am concerned this is just more confirmation that it is possible to integrate science and metaphysics.

Jesus Stingray: Does Christ Appear On This Dead Fish?
Huffington Post, 3rd April 2012

The Face of Jesus on Wall Surface
The Sun, 16th March 2012
More aetheric bleed-through....Also Jesus Image In TV? Woman Sees Christ In Her Television (VIDEO)

I ignored so many of these images until one day I decided to propose my belief that we seeing highly charged images held in the aether that are appearing in our reality due to high levels of aetheric energy on the planet. In metaphysical langage, this is information held in the Akashic Records. Dr. Michael Persinger, the famous Neuroscientist at Ontario University, believes that human memories are being directly stored in the Earth's magnetic field, but I think this is a little different scenario. It is more likely that images of Jesus are appearing more often than others because as a God-man, he was a figure of adoration and so this would have set up a very strong psychically charged field of energy somewhere in the aethers. This would have been continously re-charged supposedly over two millenia, (but I imagine this really started when the Catholic Church first encouraged the use of icons). These reports will not go away but, I don't know anyone else who is bold enough to explain the science even though I waited a long time before I would say anything. I now think this is totally clear that these imprints on other materials are being caused by a deluge of celestial energy with a high aetheric component due to the new phenomenon of spaceweather. The same reason why the normally invisible shadow biosphere is appearing en masse...Please note: there is even strange examples of writing appearing on human flesh and I believe this is for exactly the same reason. I have no idea if the number of reports will escalate or not, we will have to see...

Scientists Prove You Can Think Your Way to Wellness
Natural Society, 10th February 2012
Sometimes it really is the thinking that makes it so. Spend your days focusing on your vibrant health and you will be vibrantly healthy. In contrast you could make it known that you lack a healthy lifestyle, and as a result you will continue to live an unhealthy lifestyle. While this belief is held by many, a recent study has come out with even mainstream scientists proclaiming the very real power of thought.

I note that there is no link to a research paper, even an abstract would have been better than nothing, but there is a link to the Daily Mail article You will live longer if you TELL people you're healthy, as positive thinking lengthens life and a researcher's name, David Fäh, from the University of Zurich. Well, it is a fact that if doctors tell someone that they are going to live rather than die - even if they are dying - that this changes what happens, as the medical literature on the Placebo Effect is very clear on this matter. However, I have been thinking for a long time about common misconceptions related to positive thinking because my own experiences have made me question my beliefs. Not that long ago if I saw a 'scientific' report related to 'positive thinking' I believed it, but now I would be interested to know who was funding the scientists and what their motivations are. Simply my anguish is based around the experience of writing, publishing and my pathetic attempts at marketing. I thought positively, I had no reason to be negative and then the troubles started. I have come up against jealousy, nastiness, greed, sheer ignorance and arrogance. I now have a long mental list of horrible behaviour collected over the last 6/7 years or so. I know I am not responsible for the skewed perspective of people and I refuse to get involved with such people... I have worked extremely hard to come to this level of understanding because I understand the seriousness of what is facing this world... I did not achieve this by positive thinking, I did this by work, how others view my efforts has nothing to do with me and I have to be vigilant against the moronic. As I have written before, the concept of being positive is very useful for manipulators who create false choices.... The concept of positive thinking has been oversold...

EdgeScience Magazine - March Issue 10
Society for Scientific Exploration, February 2012
For the past two and a half years the SSE has been offering copies of EdgeScience to the public free of charge. In order to continue doing so, we need your help. Obviously, we would like you to become a member of SSE, in which case you would receive the latest digital issue of EdgeScience as it is published. You would also receive the quarterly Journal of Scientific Exploration, as well as other member benefits.

No. 10 is free but they are asking for members and money. Download free here. As usual there are some interesting articles. Contributions include Rupert Shledrake's "The Experimenter Effect: Are Blind Methodologies Also Needed in the Physical and Biological Sciences?"; Dean Radin's "Consciousness Matters: Research at the Institute of Noetic Sciences"; Arnold L. Lieber's "The Lunar Effect in the Lab"; as well as Jack hunter's "Anthropology and the Supernatural: From Spirits to Consciousness"; and P. David Moncrief's "Vritra and Geomythology." (courtesy I am shocked that Rupert Sheldrake points out in 'The Experimenter Effect', examples of people who could wreck experiments or make experiments work better by their presence. Jacques Benveniste reported there was a a fellow female researcher who would also screw up experiments too... You really have to wonder why these people are not sick if they have such bad incoherent energy fields. It also makes you wonder whether this incoherence is focused out into the world rather than internally and that is why they are not continuously sick. I even wonder whether they just manage to make others sick around them or if it is restricted to objects like machines because these people can also cause electronics to break down, all rather curious...

Bengston's Energy Healing - Too Good to be True?
Paranormalia, 15th February 2012
William Bengston's The Energy Cure came out at the end of last year, but I only just got around to it. I have an excuse I suppose, as my own book was coming out at the same time. But it's so extraordinary, I can't understand how I could have missed it. [...]

Yet Bengston's story is soberly told, not remotely New Agey, and includes impressive scientific evidence to back it up. So I'm surprised that the book has not made a bigger splash. I found plenty of references to it, but they are rather low key, and certainly not on the scale I'd expect. In particular, there's seems to have been little scientific discussion, and sceptics appear hardly even to have noticed it - usually a sign that no one else has either.

Some people can channel enough negative entropic energy to make a difference... I have read this book and my only query is that it is difficult to transfer these abilities en masse to other healers. This is why people who pay high prices for initiations may not get what they think they are paying for. It's like those who can channel a river or those who can only just allow a few drips like a leaky tap, there is a huge difference in abilities and I think it is based on spiritual development... There is also the fact that people go to healers when they are desperate and want miracles on the cheap. They expect an instant hit, but they are not told that the energies often do not work in that manner, even the best healers work in real-time, slowly slowly... What is interesting is that he 'taught' students to cure but maybe these students were more like proxies and he was still the main gateway for the energy. The background to the experiments is interesting and the reaction of ignorant academics with no idea about the existence of negative entropic 'universal' energies is also quite interesting. Some of the experiments were a mess because at times, even the control mice were getting cured when they were no efforts were being made and in the end they had to take the control mice off site. I don't think we really understand what is going on in group efforts as opposed to people working on their own and why some people will get the wrong impression of their abilities when they are on a course. I think if you are interested in the subject, the book is worth reading and thinking about what is really happening. There is some good background information in the March 2010 edition of Edge Science, if it is still available online, see below:

Edge Science: Breakthrough: Clues to healing with Intentions
Edge Science, March 2010

With unexplained strength, grandson lifts car off man
Monroe News, 23rd February 2012
When the car slipped off the blocks and fell on top of 74-year-old Ernie Monhollen, he figured the end was coming. "I knew I was gone," Mr. Monhollen said. "If I would have been there by myself, I would have died. I know it."

But he wasn't alone. With him was his 15-year-old grandson Austin Smith, who found the strength to lift up that Buick and allow the man he calls "Papa" to crawl out. His injuries were severe, but he was alive. "It happened very fast," said Austin, a freshman at Ida High School. "I just reacted. There was nothing else I could do."

I know someone who tells the story of working under a car when the jack slipped and he managed to push the car off himself and survived, so I know that these extraordinary feats can be achieved when people are frightened... I believe that emotion is directly related to the ability to do incredible feats but it is also linked to telepathy and psychokinesis, as scientists know from studying extraordinary individuals.

In Defense of Erik Andrulis
Miles Mathis, February 2012

A low energy spiral EM field. Historic photograph believed to be delivering information stored in the Universal Field or akashic record. Credit and Copyright © Dr. Sergei Barsamian

This photograph was taken in a Sydney University Laboratory in late 1986, marking an historic event. It shows the low-energy spiral field that surrounds a carbon particle. The particle was placed on a polymer-coated slide. Polymers are used by scientists as a substitute for human cells. They can act as sensitive film emulsions and thus record an impression of a physical event — in this case, that of a previously undetected field pattern surrounding the carbon particle. Energy is believed to flow in spirals. This photo is considered to be evidence in support of the Unified Field Theory, which Einstein amongst others, believed to be the basis of the physical universe.

Text from pg 214 Tuning the Diamonds: Electromagnetism & Spiritual Evolution, 2006, 2008 by Susan Joy Rennison

The slur “crackpot” is aimed at Erik Andrulis, whom I had not heard of before today and whose article I have not read. I don't need to read it because this defense is not a defense of Andrulis' theory, it is a defense of Andrulis' right to publish his theory without being called a crackpot by mainstream gatekeepers and propagandists. Emspak's article is clearly a hatchet job by a paid insider, and I don't like poorly done hatchet jobs. I say I have a bigger and sharper hatchet than Emspak does, and I will now prove it by shredding his article at

Erik Andrulis is a university biochemist who got a paper published in the peer-reviewed journal Life. Apparently his paper was interesting enough that it was taking attention away from this year's mainstream talking points, and someone in some endowed chair somewhere decided it was dangerous. They then hired Emspak to come in and rough Andrulis up a bit. Who is Jesse Emspak? A top physicist or chemist? No. He is a freelance journalist who is a mutual funds reporter for Investor's Business Daily and other such places when he isn't providing agitprop for Discovery News or Sounds fishy to me already.

Sorry Miles Mathis, I am not impressed with your defense either, don't you know that knowledge is power? The fracas over Erik Andrulis paper is not over yet... I had a quick look but I am busy busy busy.... It looks like Andrulis is trying to explain that the gyre is a delivery mechanism for information and energy-matter from the Universal Field but he does not want to say that so he has just said from the environment. He believes there are quite a few types which seem to be modified by what they are delivering. Now, when I quickly skimmed over this paper, it reminded me of a gyre in my book that was discovered during experimental research 25 YEARS AGO IN AUSTRALIA AND DUPLICATED BY THE EXTREMELY PRESTIGIOUS MAX PLANCK INSTITUTE IN GERMANY. I will repeat for the record, Andrulis has some experimental proof that is 25 years old already... The wheels of science grind extremely slowly but I think he will be vindicated... Like so many scientists ahead of their peers who prefer to be middle of the road but 'safe' in Tier 2 - 4 mode... Poor quality sells very well in todays world when there are so many dumb-dumbs about... I am busy, but I will make an effort to contact this Erik Andrulis and point out some reality, old reality at that... It really makes you wonder.... If you think you can help to make sure Erik Andrulis gets some support, please download this file of 5 pages, 4 pages of my book with 1 page of references and we will see if we can make a difference... Download .pdf here Barsamian Gyre/Vortex TTD excerpt with references Btw, the Australian author Mark Balfour is dead, so don't try to contact him...

'Crackpot' Theory of Everything Reveals Dark Side of Peer Review, 31st January 2012
A "theory of everything" from a scientist at Case Western Reserve University got a lot of attention for positing that inanimate objects, from planets and water to strands of DNA, are alive. Not only is the assertion bunk, but the scientific and media phenomena surrounding the study reveals how sometimes crackpot ideas can get traction.

The paper, by CWRU biochemist Erik Andrulis, was published in the journal Life, and says all physical phenomena can be explained by "gyres." Gyres, according to his theory, transform energy, matter and information to create the physical systems we're all familiar with, such as the phase transitions of water and the chemicals life is made of. It also includes a few that aren't familiar, like quantum gravity (a theory which hasn't been invented yet).

I wonder where he got his inspiration from, it does seem quite familiar to other ideas out there... Scientists are always quick to call stuff from a particularly different perspective 'crackpot'... James Clerk Maxwell's vortex model of the aether was probably called crackpot too, but by 1861, Maxwell believed that magnetic fields are filled with vortices of whirling ether, but because his derived formulas worked so well, his peers decided to ignore HOW he got to the answers. Personally, I don't see much difference between crackpot whirling aether and whirling gyres... It's like saying everything has a bit of magnetic field [with aether] whirling through it.... Now, quite frankly, that does not sound too crackpot at all.... However, I am wondering why a Erik Andrulis, a biochemist is writing a paper proposing his theories and attempting to challenge some fundamental ideas in physics. Well, thinking about it, there are some big questions not answered in any subject with a prefix of bio... Well, I still think you really have to know your enemy well before you can make this kind of attempt of upsetting the status quo...
  • Hilarious "Theory of Everything" Paper Provokes Kerfuffle
    Journal editor resigns after publishing "an incommensurable, trans-disciplinary, neologistical, axiomatic theory of life from quantum gravity to the living cell"
    PopSci News, 2nd February 2012

  • Download paper: "Theory of the Origin, Evolution, and Nature of Life" here (.pdf)
    MDPI Publishing, January 2012
    "The 19th century found Helmholtz rediscovering the Democritean law and Lord Kelvin and Maxwell using the gyre as the basis of different electromagnetic theories. In the early 20th century, Bostick used the gyre in his spiraling helicon fiber model and Thomson proposed that atoms were vortex rings. Many others have promulgated the gyre as core model of nature."
    I was right! Andrulis links his theory to Maxwell and others... No wonder the establishment has got upset, a little too close to some real understanding of the true nature of reality... This paper is 105 pages long, thus only for the brave...

'Dead' woman climbs out of coffin
Orange News, 29th February 2012
"A county hospital reportedly believes Mrs Xiufeng suffered an artificial death, during which the person has no breath, but the body remains warm."
What's this about "Artificial Death".... This is quite a story.... I even wonder whether this will become more common and related to the New Energies on the planet...

Rupert Sheldrake: the 'heretic' at odds with scientific dogma
The Guardian, 5th February 2012
Rupert Sheldrake has researched telepathy in dogs, crystals and Chinese medicine in his quest to explore phenomena that science finds hard to explain

It is not often, in liberal north London, that you come face to face with a heretic, but Rupert Sheldrake has worn that mantle, pretty cheerfully, for 30 years now. Sitting in his book-lined study, overlooking Hampstead Heath, he appears a highly unlikely candidate for apostasy; he seems more like the Cambridge biochemistry don he once was, one of the brightest Darwinians of his generation, winner of the university botany prize, researcher at the Royal Society, Harvard scholar and fellow of Clare College.

All that, though, was before he was cast out into the wilderness. Sheldrake's untouchable status was conferred one morning in 1981 when, a couple of months after the publication of his first book, A New Science of Life, he woke up to read an editorial in the journal Nature, which announced to all right-thinking men and women that his was a "book for burning" and that Sheldrake was to be "condemned in exactly the language that the pope used to condemn Galileo, and for the same reason. It is heresy".

Rupert Sheldrake needs to be added to the Heretics Hall of Fame, if there is one.... Certainly Sheldrake reached superstar status when he was stabbed by some madman who disagreed with his point of view and obviously, was determined to stop any kind of enlightenment for himself and anyone else for that matter. As far as I am concerned, Sheldrake has only pointed out the obvious for those with blinkers on...

Hair Is An Extension Of The Nervous System
Why Indians Keep Their Hair Long, 9th December 2011
This information about hair has been hidden from the public since the Viet Nam War .

Our culture leads people to believe that hair style is a matter of personal preference, that hair style is a matter of fashion and/or convenience, and that how people wear their hair is simply a cosmetic issue. Back in the Viet Nam war however, an entirely different picture emerged, one that has been carefully covered up and hidden from public view.

In the early nineties, Sally [name changed to protect privacy] was married to a licensed psychologist who worked at a VA Medical hospital. He worked with combat veterans with PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder. Most of them had served in Viet Nam.

Sally said, "I remember clearly an evening when my husband came back to our apartment on Doctor\'s Circle carrying a thick official looking folder in his hands. Inside were hundreds of pages of certain studies commissioned by the government. He was in shock from the contents. What he read in those documents completely changed his life. From that moment on my conservative middle of the road husband grew his hair and beard and never cut them again. What is more, the VA Medical center let him do it, and other very conservative men in the staff followed his example. As I read the documents, I learned why.

Funnily enough, I put an odd quote in my book because I 'felt' it was true. I don't have a problem following my intuition, I worked out the significance of space weather 7 years ago based on following my gut and I am still waiting for others who can make a difference to wake up.... Anyway, this is quite interesting validation if this is true. Here is the quote:
“The power that causes galaxies to spiral, stars, planets and atoms to spin; that causes the double helix spiral of the DNA molecule; this same spiraling power causes spiraling hair – otherwise known as NAPPY, kinky, curly, crinkly, bushy, frizzy, wavy, WOOLLY hair! The words, SPIN, SPIRAL, and SPIRITUAL have common roots! The Supreme Power spins; spirals; it is spiritual. It moves or spirals the universe! The entire universe ever dances in spirals and rotations; everything in it reflects the “SPIRaling, SPIRitual” essence out of which it is made! Everything is alive with Spirit, the vital principle or animating lifeforce within all living beings. In many languages, the word for Spirit, Breath, and Air are identical: Sanskrit prana, Hebrew ruach, Greek pneuma, Latin spiritus. For breath and life are One. Latin spirare means to breathe; Latin spir and Greek speira mean coil. The Spiral Principle of the Universe is what makes nappy hair nappy-or spiraling.” Suzar link
I picked up the image icon from the Daily Mail Phil Spector ditches his flamboyant, wild hair for a more sombre courtroom look (at least by his standards). Seriously, that is a big head of hair...

Helping your fellow rat: Rodents show empathy-driven behavior, 8th December 2011
The first evidence of empathy-driven helping behavior in rodents has been observed in laboratory rats that repeatedly free companions from a restraint, according to a new study by University of Chicago neuroscientists.

The observation, published today in Science, places the origin of pro-social helping behavior earlier in the evolutionary tree than previously thought. Though empathetic behavior has been observed anecdotally in non-human primates and other wild species, the concept had not previously been observed in rodents in a laboratory setting.

"This is the first evidence of helping behavior triggered by empathy in rats," said Jean Decety, PhD, Irving B. Harris Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at the University of Chicago. "There are a lot of ideas in the literature showing that empathy is not unique to humans, and it has been well demonstrated in apes, but in rodents it was not very clear. We put together in one series of experiments evidence of helping behavior based on empathy in rodents, and that's really the first time it's been seen."

I have to say, when I think of rats I tend to think of the human kind, with a few who can be rightly classified as vermin... After spending a lot of time researching the guru culture, it is true that rats help other rats, it's called cross-promotion... They all slap each others backs no matter what, even when they psychologically disturb, maim and kill people because the goal is creating a sense of elitism, something that I prefer not to do... When you survey the situation, lying, cheating and manipulating works very well for rats, empathic rats rule... Btw, I believe this is the first quote that I have found by New Agers sanctioning lying based on the mentality 'The End Justifies The Means'. I knew that this mentality existed from my own experiences, but it is rare for someone to deliver the message straight. The fact that it is linked to the Law of Attraction is even more incredible sinister. So we read:
Daily Law of Attraction Quotation If you feel drawn to someone, but you are annoyed because you think that they are telling you some lies, try to look beyond the lies and try to focus upon the feeling. People offer all kinds of words for all kinds of different reasons. Most lies are offered to try to keep things in alignment. We're not encouraging it, but the motive behind lying is usually a pretty honorable motive. In other words, when a child lies to their parents, it's usually because they want to be free to do what they want to do, and they don't want their parents to be upset about it. It's about wanting an alignment. Physical ears have a hard time hearing this. You keep talking about "We need to be honest." And we say, we don't meet any of you who are honest. Even those who claim to be the most virtuous, are not honest, but your vibration always is. We would trust the feeling more than the words. --- Abraham Excerpted from the workshop in Houston, TX on Saturday, January 13th, 2001
Source: link
Quite frankly, this is why there does not seem to be a lot of 'enlightenment' coming from those involved in the so-called enlightenment business, because there is not a great deal of integrity, and a great preference for lies and half-truths.

Update I have been thinking more deeply about this apalling daily quotation. So, people are being told that when they meet someone and their intuition and discernment kicks in and starts to warn them or even if they catch someone out lying, then they have to ignore the lying. I don't understand all the stuff about alignment but no doubt that is another piece of programming that has meaning in someone's unconscious that has been part of the brainwashing or is that mind cleansing.... Whatever, here people are being told to pay attention to 'feelings', this is strange because the ability to 'feel' is associated with intuition and discernment, but obviously, the person providing the advice here is oblivious to the scientific research on this matter. However creating confusion in people is also great for re-programming, so whether this is intended or not, this piece of 'advice' also helps the overall goal. New Agers are generally encouraged to be non-judgemental which is perfect scenario for predators, who need unwitting victims that can be blamed for allowing themselves to be manipulated with a whole series of techniques. Obviously, I have been approached by a whole bunch of manipulative types and a few mentioning 'synchronicity', like I am supposed to be impressed. Anyway, when I find out what they really want, they get surprised when I tell them to sling their hook, (I hope you like the double entendre here)... Of course, I know that guru types immediately tell intellectuals that the intellect is not needed to be spiritual, but of course, this is highly convenient for those who know the A-Z of manipulation. If you do the research it is obvious that this 'advice' needs to be completely ignored and people need to remain vigilant whilst watching out for the fakes of which there are myriad.

Two Diamonds Linked by Strange Quantum Entanglement
Live Science, 1st December 2011
Scientists have linked two diamonds in a mysterious process called entanglement that is normally only seen on the quantum scale. [...]

But now physicists have succeeded in entangling two macroscopic diamonds, demonstrating that quantum mechanical effects are not limited to the microscopic scale.

"I think it's an important step into a new regime of thinking about quantum phenomena," physicist Ian Walmsley of England's University of Oxford said."That is, in this regime of the bigger world, room temperatures, ambient conditions. Although the phenomenon was expected to exist, actually being able to observe it in such a system we think is quite exciting." [...]

Walmsley, along with a team of physicists led by Oxford graduate student Ka Chung Lee, accomplished this feat by entangling the vibration of two diamond crystals. To do so, the researchers set up an apparatus to send a laser pulse at both diamonds simultaneously. Sometimes, the laser light changed color, to a lower frequency, after hitting the diamonds. That told the scientists it had lost a bit of energy. [...]

Instead, because the two diamonds were linked, they found that one detector measured the change every time, and the other detector never fired. The two diamonds, it seemed, were so connected they reacted as a single entity, rather than two individual objects.

From my years of collecting esoteric and metaphysical information, this should not be a surprise, but it is.... So, diamonds can generate quantum mechanical effects at the macroscopic scale, I wonder how many orders of magnitude are we talking about?

Neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander’s Near-Death Experience Defies Medical Model of Consciousness
Skeptico, 22nd November 2011
Today we welcome Dr. Eben Alexander to Skeptiko. Dr. Alexander has been an academic neurosurgeon for more than 25 years, including 15 years at Harvard Medical School in Boston. In November of 2008, he had a near-death experience that changed his life and caused him to rethink everything he thought he knew about the human brain and consciousness. [...]

Dr. Eben Alexander: What I think is going to happen is that science and spirituality, which will be mainly be an acknowledgement of the profound nature of our consciousness, will grow closer and closer together.

One thing that we will have to let go of is this kind of addiction to simplistic, primitive reductive materialism because there’s really no way that I can see a reductive materialist model coming remotely in the right ballpark to explain what we really know about consciousness now.

Coming from a neurosurgeon who, before my coma, thought I was quite certain how the brain and the mind interacted and it was clear to me that there were many things I could do or see done on my patients and it would eliminate consciousness. It was very clear in that realm that the brain gives you consciousness and everything else and when the brain dies there goes consciousness, soul, mind—it’s all gone. And it was clear.

Now, having been through my coma, I can tell you that’s exactly wrong and that in fact the mind and consciousness are independent of the brain. It’s very hard to explain that, certainly if you’re limiting yourself to that reductive materialist view.

I think this is quite an amazing interview because this is a neuroscientist who really did not believe the whole NDE paradigm until he had his own experience. I suppose this is a clash of theoretical beliefs with technical knowledge versus real experience. However, I still can't deny my own feelings that I don't think you need to be nearly dead to have these types of experiences. I have had 'stuff happening' all my life. Maybe it's mild in comparison but I know that there are other realities and stuff is happening all around us that we can't normally see but every now and there are glimpses...

Strangers Spot People With Compassionate Genes in Seconds
Live Science, 14th November 2011
Strangers can "see" a persons trustworthy genes through their behaviors, suggests a new study finding that a single genetic change makes a person seem more compassionate and kind to others. The gene in question is the "love hormone," or oxytocin, receptor. A single change in the receptor can result in higher or lower empathy, or how much you can emotionally relate to others. These changes can be detected by strangers from just 20 seconds of soundless video; these strangers could literally see the person's genes manifesting in their behavior.

I know this to be true... I went through a period in my life when people collecting for charities would ALWAYS stop me in the street and rattle their collection boxes, it got to the stage where I thought: Do I have something invisible written on my forehead or something? Of course, since I have spent thousands of hours researching, written my book and spent a huge amount of effort trying to make a difference and point out that of world has changed, I do attract the greedy sort. People begging for free, free, free, hoping they can cash in on an apparent gullible idiot... The worse example is someone who SOLD a book online and then came to me saying that they were too busy to write the book... I am sure there are few people who would not believe this story, yes it sounds 'unbelievable' but it's true. I have had nastiness from people who think that I don't have rights over my free time too... Oh well, soon there may be a 'free' mega blast from the sun and the consequences will be 'free' too!

Near-Death Experience After Effects Key to Understanding NDEs, Say Researcher P.M.H. Atwater
Skeptico, 8th November 2011
Long-time NDE researchers and author P.M.H. Atwater reveals what she’s learned from the nearly 4,000 near-death experieners she’s interviewed.

Join Skeptiko host Alex Tsakiris for an interview with NDE researcher and author, P.M.H. Atwater. During the interview Atwater discusses the after-effects associated with NDEs: [...]

PMH Atwater: How deeply affected that individual is. If they’re deeply affected enough that it changes the body as well as the brain as well as the spirit. When you look further into what’s happening to the human being, you begin to see what I saw and that is that this can become a biological thing.

One of the things I noticed in my research, and I spent a lot of time talking about it in the second half of the book, is that the near-death experience is not any kind of anomaly. It is rather part of the larger genre of transformations of consciousness. I say that again because of the after-effects and how deep those after-effects or intense those after-effects might be.

If you go even further and realize that near-death experiences, Kundalini breakthroughs, baptism of the Holy Spirit, spiritual transformations, on and on and on, all of these different parts of this broader genre, they all change the human being in significant ways almost as if a transmutation.

So if you study history, which I have done, and you look at those times in history throughout our globe, and you notice this communing throughout the evolutionary phase, a lot of people are suddenly coming out and being born this way, being changed this way, experiencing this kind of thing. What I began to notice is that near-death experiences are really a biological imperative.

All I can say is Amen! This woman has nailed this!

‘Jesus Would Have Been an Atheist if He Had Known What We Know Today’
poorrichards blog, 26th October 2011
Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins isn’t a fan of religion — and he’s not afraid to show it.

In a recent interview with the The Guardian’s John Harris, Dawkins said, about faith and religion, “It’s infectious. It’s something that grips the mind in the same way that a conventional virus grips the body.”

Yes, I know, this is totally politically incorrect but I simply think this headline is hilarious... I am not really sympathetic towards Richard Dawkins or is ideas, but I don't think many religious people would be happy with my views either. Whatever, I am grateful for being able to understand my reality in a way that is not polarisied between that of a believer or a non-believer. What's more, I can see plus and minuses on both sides of the debate and I am not forced to join either camp. Please note: Dawkins is a staunch supporter of Darwin but many evolutionary biologists have been forced to abandon these old ideas because the evidence is not supportive; for instance, new discoveries about genetics and epigenetics allows for rapid evolutionary change, but these discoveries do not necessarily support a religious view either. I will admit, I am not an expert because I don't have time to study the differences because I am trying to integrate science and metaphysics to help as many people as possible understand the transition we are currently experiencing on Earth and that is a serious enough commitment. Click on the image icon to properly read the witty riposte to atheists.

Why near-death events are tricks of mind
Medical Express, 24th October 2011
Psychologists who reviewed a range of phenomena such as out-of-body experiences, visions of tunnels of light or encounters with dead relatives, say they are tricks of the mind rather than a glimpse of the afterlife.

Researchers at the Universities of Edinburgh and Cambridge say that most of the experiences can be explained by a reaction in the brain prompted by a traumatic and sometimes harmless event.

The researchers say that many common near-death experiences could be caused by the brain’s attempt to make sense of unusual sensations and perceptions occurring during a traumatic event.

The problem with this analysis is scientists cannot prove that the mind is a function of the brain or what the relationship is between the mind and the brain. They do know that the body actually has a mind and that is why there is a new study of the mindbody, normally referred to as psychoneuroimmunology. So trying to blame mind experiences as a brain malfunction is not really science it's guesswork. Yes, the brain can be re-wired due to the massive electrical discharge in the brain at the time of near death (and that is why so many of these shaman types try to nearly kill their followers by trying to literally electrically "shock" the brain to reconfigure, other religious traditions do exactly the same thing by various methods in the hope of advancement, but it is extremely dangerous), but how that affects the mind-brain relationship is not understood.

EdgeScience Magazine - issue 9
Society for Scientific Exploration, October 2011
Edge Science is a new magazine from the SSE. Why Edge Science? Because scientific knowledge is still full of unknowns. What remains to be discovered—what we don't know—very likely dwarfs what we do know. And what we think we know may not be entirely correct or fully understood. Anomalies, which researchers tend to sweep under the rug, should be actively pursued as clues to potential breakthroughs and new directions in science.

No. 9 is free but apparently, this may be the last issue because there is not enough funding support. Download here. The most interesting articles are: The Plasma Universe of Hannes Alfvén, Coincidence Studies, In Memory of William Corliss.

What is really interesting is that in the bio write-up about David Talbott who wrote the article The Plasma Universe of Hannes Alfvén, there is no mention that Talbott has no scientific qualifications and in fact is a mythologist! He is on a team of people that aim to introduce the Electric Universe to the masses, that does include physicists and engineers but he is an educated and qualified mythologist, described here as a scholar. At least that is better than Mayan researchers who get called scholars who have no higher education qualifications at all...

Your clever body: Thinking from head to toe
New Scientist, 21st October 2011 (subscribers only)
There's more to your mind than your brain--your body plays a part in everything from social savvy to mathematical ability

TAKE a minute out of the hustle and bustle of your busy life and sit very still. Now, place your hands on the arms of the chair or the desk in front of you, and try to focus your attention on counting your heartbeats. Can you feel a throbbing drum roll, a slight murmur or nothing at all? How does your bladder feel--is it empty or will you need to dash for the bathroom within the next half hour? You may be surprised to learn that these bodily sensations are helping you think.

We tend to view the mind as an aloof, disembodied entity but it is becoming increasingly clear that the whole body is involved in the thinking process. Without input from your body, your mind would be unable to generate a sense of self or process emotions properly. Your body even plays a role in thinking about language and mathematics. And physiological sensations, such as those from your heart and bladder, influence such diverse personal attributes as the strength of your tendency to conform, your willpower and whether you are swayed by your intuitions or governed by rational thought.

In the past few years, discoveries about mind-body connections have overturned the long-held view of the body as a passive vehicle driven by the brain. Instead there is more of a partnership, with bodily experiences playing an active role in your mental life. "The brain cannot act independently of the body," says [36]Arthur Glenberg at Arizona State University in Tempe. Tune in to the body's signals, and you can exploit this to improve your creativity, memory and self-control.

This interesting article is behind the New Scientist paywall, but here is a copy that might disappear soon... I thought this was a rather interesting statement:
"Since people who are naturally sensitive to their internal signals are not as easily hoodwinked by body illusions, they may be less affected by this kind of social manipulation, and less empathic as a result."
I would say it's good to know when you are being manipulated by a professional. I am very empathic, but I now realise that even my kindness towards people has been used against me. Since my enlightenment on this matter, I find that the manipulators don't hang around for very long, but at the same time, I think the sense of self must be very strong because I can sometimes pick up internal signals that provide me with interesting information.

The Spiritual Nature of Cancer
Henry Makow, 28th August 2011
How the patient takes the news will determine if there will be metastasis and if other cancers form in the lungs, liver or kidneys. (Metastasis is very rare in animals.)

In response to the many differing cancer cure claims, I wish to address the ignorance surrounding this class of dreaded diseases. The science of oncology is based upon certain unproven assumptions, thus obscuring the understanding of the true nature of cancer. [...]


I work with cancer clients by helping to see the emotional conflictual connection to their disease. Once the connection is seen, I help them to resolve the root conflicts. Most often these conflicts involve fear, lack of forgiveness, rancor, judgment and/or shame and guilt.

When the conflict is resolved, the body begins to heal naturally.

The sorry fact is people survive cancer from alternative methods because conventional medicine didn't kill them. But many also die while using alternative methods because the alternative community does not understand the true nature of cancer.

I know people that have died on carrot juice, Essiac tea, B17, Hulda Clark or chemotherapy. All of these methods are outright dangerous if the psyche is not taken into account.

Then there are some within alternative health community that are just as corrupt as any within the industrial medical complex. Some write against the truth for purposes of self promotion and profit and they are fully aware of it.

An interesting read.... but some tough talk...

The amazing phenomenon of Ninel Kulagina
Pravda News, 26th August 2011
Many Russians may remember a black and white documentary of the years of perestroika in which a woman moved small objects sitting before her on a table and rotated direction of the magnetic devices. Ninel Kulagina is still considered one of the most mysterious phenomena in the field of ESP.

Ninel Kulagina was born on July 30, 1921 in Leningrad. In April of 1942, a young girl volunteered for the army. She was wounded and underwent several surgeries. She was awarded the Order of "World War I level," and many medals.

Her "supernatural" ability manifested in early adolescence. During dinner, she was too lazy to reach out for bread and the pieces "crawled" to her plate. [How about that!]

The experiments were frequently broadcast on TV, described in newspapers and magazines. Click here to see the video of Ninel Kulagina.

Once a magazine accused Kulagina of fraud, and she sued them. The scientists she worked with witnessed in the court and she won the case.

I briefly mentioned Ninel Kulagina in my book, but I am quite pleased to find this article as I did not know she was a synaesthete, as she could detect colour by touch! Do not miss the video where it discusses her issues with kundalini energies and the impact of solar storms on the human energy field, psychokinesis and psychic powers... This article and the video, is quite an amazing synopsis of Russian views on hidden human powers but it seems that Ninel Kulagina was just a forerunner demonstrating the direction that some humans are already evolving towards. Anyway, I am glad she won her case after being called a fraud.... what do the ignoramuses think 40 scientists (including 2 nobel laureates) were doing whilst taking years to check her out?

The Spiritual Nature of Cancer
Henry Makow, 28th August 2011
How the patient takes the news will determine if there will be metastasis and if other cancers form in the lungs, liver or kidneys. (Metastasis is very rare in animals.)

In response to the many differing cancer cure claims, I wish to address the ignorance surrounding this class of dreaded diseases. The science of oncology is based upon certain unproven assumptions, thus obscuring the understanding of the true nature of cancer. [...]


I work with cancer clients by helping to see the emotional conflictual connection to their disease. Once the connection is seen, I help them to resolve the root conflicts. Most often these conflicts involve fear, lack of forgiveness, rancor, judgment and/or shame and guilt.

When the conflict is resolved, the body begins to heal naturally.

The sorry fact is people survive cancer from alternative methods because conventional medicine didn't kill them. But many also die while using alternative methods because the alternative community does not understand the true nature of cancer.

I know people that have died on carrot juice, Essiac tea, B17, Hulda Clark or chemotherapy. All of these methods are outright dangerous if the psyche is not taken into account.

Then there are some within alternative health community that are just as corrupt as any within the industrial medical complex. Some write against the truth for purposes of self promotion and profit and they are fully aware of it.

An interesting read.... but some tough talk...

EdgeScience Magazine - issue 8
Society for Scientific Exploration, July 2011
Edge Science is a new magazine from the SSE. Why Edge Science? Because scientific knowledge is still full of unknowns. What remains to be discovered—what we don't know—very likely dwarfs what we do know. And what we think we know may not be entirely correct or fully understood. Anomalies, which researchers tend to sweep under the rug, should be actively pursued as clues to potential breakthroughs and new directions in science.

No. 8 is free! Download here. Lots of interesting info including: Pseudo-Science in Science, How Evolution Occurs: Was Lamarck Also Right?, Remote Viewing: State of the Field, Mass Bird Deaths, Why Don’t the Data Move Like They Should? A Global Consciousness Project Update.

Chartres keeps its spiritual allure
San Francisco Chronicle, 10th July 2011
[...]Was this what people meant when they spoke of Chartres' "spiritual charge?" [...]

It's no wonder historians call Chartres "the queen of European cathedrals." Spiritual questers instead say it's a magical magnet that pulls people in from around the world. Both descriptions felt right to me. The awe-inspiring edifice sits astride the hilltop where ancient Gauls performed their mysterious rites, and Romans built a citadel and forum.

There's more to Chartres, a bustling town of 40,000, than the cathedral. For more than 1,000 years it's been hedged by what's now one of France's biggest, best-preserved medieval neighborhoods. Lively, secular attractions include half-timbered townhouses on curving, cobbled streets lined by cafe terraces, restaurants and boutiques. Serenely scenic, the tree-lined Eure River edges the compact center of town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that draws about 2 million visitors each year. Many are pilgrims and regular returnees.

I think this article is seeking to bolster the spiritual tourism trade. Well, it is a well known fact amongst those interested in esoteric facts, that the most important buildings have traditionally been placed on energy vortexes or portals. This is literally where spiritual energy comes spiralling down from the sky and enters the Earth or spirals up from the Earth out into the cosmos. That is why churches have tall spires that act as Torsion generators, beacons picking up and dispensing Torsion fields. These are pure informational fields energies that can be a hidden component of electromagnetic fields and they provide information as first described by Elie Cartan and Albert Einstein, now known as Torsion Field Theory. These fields are related to scalar fields but scientists have retained a distinction. So what kind of information is being picked up and dispensed and who or what is processing this information.... God, the angels or what? That's a good question... In terms of being in this kind of environment, I think people who are receptive will automatically start to evolve but I have also come to the conclusion that these energies can also be misused (maybe dependent on how the energy is used). Just look at the organisations that clearly use sacred geometry to maintain their worldly powers.

Journal of Anthropoligical Approaches to the Paranormal Paranthropology - July 2011
Paranthropology, July 2011
The new issue, which can be downloaded for free in PDF form, includes "Capturing Intention? The PIP Photography and Shamanic Intervention" by Zoe Bran, "The Ka in Ancient Egyptian" by Callum E. Cooper, "Anthropology, Evolution and Anomalous Experience" by James McClenon; "Supernatural Abductions: UFO and Folklore Narratives" by Franco Bejarano; and "Paul Devereux Live at the Rhine: Naturalizing Psi as the Anthropology of Consciousness" by Ryan Hurd.

I have not read any of the articles but the journal is free and some of the articles are about research that I think is useful to know. Since this journal has an old format, I presume that this is the revival of an old journal, but old information tends to be less polluted by popularisation, so from my point of view that is better.

Special Comment - 7th June 2011

I am still looking at the mess of the Gregorian Calendar, how that relates to precession and the various astrological zodiacs because it is impossible otherwise, to understand why estimates for the start time of an astrological age, that is only supposed to last 2150 years, can vary by over 1000 years. Amongst the detailed analysis by various scholars, I have come across the research of John Charles Webb, Jr who states:

We are now in the third millennium and our Macro cosmic timekeeping has been virtually ignored. It's like knowing what day it is but not knowing the week, month, year or century. According to the present scheme (no precessional adjustments) of The Gregorian Calendar we will NEVER enter the Age of Aquarius!

Source: The Gregorian Calendar

Since the the Gregorian Calendar is an invention of the 'Holy' Church that is anything but holy, it seems that the current state of affairs is deliberate. What's more, astrologers who stick to the Tropical/Sidereal zodiacs are actually mostly unwittingly conspiring to maintain this unenlightened state of affairs by fixing these zodiacs to a 4th century map of the stars. Hence, astronomers are correct to point out that we are actually in the Age of Aquarius and Space Weather is the ultimate proof. No amount of fiddling with any calendars can stop the outpouring of spiritual energy onto our planet, the Universe rules supreme, nothing can stop reality.

Special Comment 3rd June 2011

HAIR (Broadway cast) - "Age Of Aquarius"/"Let The Sunshine In" (Live)

This is a great performance by the Broadway cast of HAIR on Letterman. It gets quite wild at the end and reminds me of black pentecostal church.... Anyway, I have been doing a little investigation and it looks like back in the 1960s, the hippies were indeed right! If you ask an astronomer what astrological age we are in, and if they are willing to comment, they will say The Age of Aquarius because the vernal equinox has just recently moved into the constellation Aquarius. I actually found this information on an astronomer teaching website, but other astronomers are saying the same.... Folks, after the business with the constellation of Ophiuchus being on the ecliptic and astronomers claiming there should be 13 constellations in the Zodiac, I thought astronomers were only trying to annoy astrologers, but it's a fact that the planet is under severe bombardment and the Earth's magnetic shield is in tatters.... Space Weather is the reality of the Age of Aquarius and folk need to wake up.... Ancient astronomers from past advanced civilisations, did not leave important information about the 26,0000 year precessional cycle for no reason!

More: Here is a quote from a nice simple article that highlights why astrological beliefs now stand in conflict with scientific fact.
Astronomers agree, but the cosmic phenomenon, known as the earth’s precession, causes the positions of the stars as measured along the equinox to shift over a 26,000-year cycle, and both astronomers and astrologers have known about it for thousands of years.

“As the earth goes round the sun, it wobbles like a top,” VonStein explained. “That wobble makes the entire star background slightly shift by one degree every 72 years.”

The precession causes our spring equinox to gradually migrate westward to an adjacent constellation, according to Herb Schwartz, Drake University Observatory lecturer and astronomy instructor. While the spring equinox was once in the House of Aries, thousands of years of precession caused it to shift through the House of Pisces and has landed it in the constellation of Aquarius, which astronomers say is why the astrological beliefs now stand in conflict with scientific fact.

Zodiac sent into orbit: A 13th constellation throws horoscopes into upheaval.
Iowa City View, March 17th, 2011
I have been quite amused by reading a large selection of articles by astrologers who were mostly apoplectic that an astronomer had the nerve to point out some reality... See the Star Tribune 14th January 2011, article; Sign of the times: Astrology story soars like a comet. Yet, I have found a few astrologers who can actually read astronomical charts and have already adapted... For the record, I am mostly interested in the messages left by ancient astronomers and most of this has been retained in ancient religious text, philosophy, mythology and monuments. Yet, since astronomers have been acting very strange recently, like the prior upset when astronomers voted to demote Pluto to a 'dwarf' planet, I am now convinced that we are experiencing major 'winds of change'....

P.S. I have noticed there are a lot of people talking about the Age of Aquarius arriving in 700 years, but these are people repeating other people's opinions. There are some who claim the Age of Aquarius has already started and the estimates vary from the 15th century CE to the start of the new millenium! To be honest, I am only really interested in the opinions of those who can actually point a telescope in the right direction on the 21st March (Vernal Equinox) to see what constellation actually rises just before dawn because this is what how ancient astronomers determined the astrological age. According to astronomers who have, the constellation of Aquarius has been the heliacal rising constellation for some centuries!

Now the other argument is that this is only true because of all the 'adjustments' made to the Gregorian calendar. I can't disagree with this argument as there are too many historians who simply refuse to believe that most of the history that has been passed down to us is even remotely true before the 11th century, (the dates of historical astrological charts are rejected too.) If you have studied this subject, you will know that a certain well known religious establishment has a well documented and well earned reputation for extensive forgery and they were the ones in charge of the calendars and we know that the constant changing of dates completely wrecked the calendars to the point where the priests themselves actually had no idea what century they were living in. If you don't know this, then check the facts! That is why Mayan Timekeepers and Elders have rather curtly pointed out that they don't have a problem with their calendars....

So, this state of affairs is so bad that I am only really interested in hard facts and Space Weather is a reality. The other thing of real interest is why religious and metaphysical folk have not pointed out the importance of Space Weather because there has been extensive literature about the arrival of new energies associated with a New World Age. This period of time has been given many names by different cultures, religious, metaphysical and esoteric groups. Interestingly, The Age of Aquarius has been associated with an outpouring of The Holy Spirit and this reminds me of Gioacchino da Fiore, or Joachim of Fiore (1135-1202), an Italian mystic, theologian, and philosopher of history, today despised by The 'Holy' Church because he pointed out that when the Holy Spirit arrives, their time will be up! Quite frankly, I have come to the conclusion that many who claim to be spiritual are anything but.... they simply have no interest in reality because reality is spiritual.

How will they keep the bugs off the windscreen? Airbus unveil the transparent plane we'll be flying around in come 2050 (but maybe not those with a fear of flying)
Daily Mail, 14th June 2011
With its see-through aircraft cabin, passengers of the future will get a get a window on the world as they fly through the sky. For this plane with it's 'intelligent' cabin wall membrane and interactive games, may be everyday air transport in 2050. The futuristic concept for travel in 40 years' time was yesterday unveiled in London by Airbus - and it'll terrify those who already have a fear of flying.

Most of the basic technology such as moulding seats and 'head-up displays' already exist, but how Airbus plan to make the plant-based, transparent 'skin' of the plane remains a mystery.

How can the technology remain a secret? They are obviously using ORMUS particles and if they deriving that from plants, then that should encourage a few to at least think about what that means. Tick tock...

Supernatural: Messages on leafs
Brazil Weird News, 26th May 2011
ESPíRITO SANTO state/Brazil – In Serra city, leafs of trees - by ten years, have presented a strange phenomenon. Inscriptions, religious figures and others appear on the surface of the leafs. The images are like embroideries produced by combination of numerous tiny perfurations. The local population belives that the inscriptions are messages of Our Lady. The house where the tree stays became a pilgrimage place.

The first inscription, appeared sixteen years ago and was found by house owner, Mrs. Maria Aparecida D'ávila. Since then, the inscriptions don't stop to appear in leafs of all trees of the propriety. A specialist in insect explain that the marks probably were not made by ants. [...] During a retirement, drawings, similars to that appear on the leafs but much bigger, appeared on the wall. The Church says that there is no divine or supernatural phenomenon in the leaves, but does not condemn people that want pray at the site.

The translation is not brilliant, but good enough for us to know that experts have established some basics about what is going on. Well, since we know that UFOs/UAPs that were normally hidden in the aether are now appearing left, right and centre, we can start looking at all the other examples where we are seeing anomalous events that indicate the "magnetic video" of the aether appearing in strange places. From a more scientific perspective, due to the electromagnetic chaos in our environment, it seems information held as "scalar" fields are being converted into electromagnetic fields that appear in our reality.

Fish Stick Has Image of Jesus Christ
AOL News, 17th May 2011
They say God is all around and that's certainly the case with believers who claim to have spotted likenesses of Jesus Christ on processed foods like fish sticks and Cheetos.

The comedy website crossed the country with believers on pilgrimages to unlikely holy sites like a Chicago underpass where allegedly the Virgin Mary appeared in salt stain on the wall.

There is a compilation of 28 pictures here that help to elucidate the nature of this phenomenon and so are worth viewing, but there are a few jokes in there too. I have been ignoring these stories for years, but now I am quite confident based on my research from older esoteric sources, that we are seeing images stored in the ether, appearing all over the place and they are appearing due to chaotic electromagnetic conditions bringing in images and entities into our reality that are normally hidden. Since Jesus Christ is highly venerated as God, and the Virgin Mary is venerated by millions of Catholics, they are images loaded with emotional human energy and it would take less energy to bring them out into our reality, but we have seen many other even stranger reports of writing appearing on the bodies of babies and adults too. For those who skeptical, please investigate what genuine Shamans in the Amazon have to say about how information is invisibly stored all around and then ponder about all those electromagnetic signals and fields that are detectable by our technology, but we cannot see with the limited capability of our eyes and then again, think about additional realms that are totally undetectable by our technology

Husband Celebrates Miracle as 'Brain Dead' Wife Wakes Up in Hospital
Fox News, 11th May 2011
DARWIN, Australia -- A woman who was diagnosed as being brain dead has recovered three days after her husband begged doctors to put in a breathing tube before switching off a ventilator at an Australian hospital, the Northern Territory News reported Wednesday. Gloria Cruz, 56, underwent brain surgery after a tumor was discovered when she suffered a stroke on March 7 and was rushed to the Royal Darwin Hospital in Darwin, Northern Territory.

Doctors told her husband Tani Cruz, 51, the case was “hopeless” and she would probably die within 48 hours following the surgery. After two weeks, a breathing tube was inserted in Mrs Cruz's mouth and the ventilator was turned off. Hospital staff were stunned when she woke from her coma three days later.

Hmmm.... I actually believe that we are living in a time of miracles because of the quality of the energies on the planet...

EdgeScience Magazine - issue 7
Society for Scientific Exploration, April 2011
Edge Science is a new magazine from the SSE. Why Edge Science? Because scientific knowledge is still full of unknowns. What remains to be discovered—what we don't know—very likely dwarfs what we do know. And what we think we know may not be entirely correct or fully understood. Anomalies, which researchers tend to sweep under the rug, should be actively pursued as clues to potential breakthroughs and new directions in science.

No. 7 is free! Download here

Are the Religious Prone to Obesity?
Study found regularly attending services was linked to raised risk in middle age
Business Week, 23rd March 2011
WEDNESDAY, March 23 (HealthDay News) -- New research finds that people who frequently attend religious services are significantly more likely to become obese by the time they reach middle age.

The study doesn't prove that attending services is fattening, nor does it explain why weight might be related to faith. Even so, the finding is surprising, especially considering that religious people tend to be in better health than others, said study author Matthew J. Feinstein, a medical student at Northwestern University in Chicago.

"It highlights a particular group that appears to be at a greater risk of becoming obese and remaining obese," he said. "It's a group that may benefit from targeted anti-obesity interventions and from obesity prevention programs."

This is a subject that is often considered in metaphysical world and it's a particular issue for healers. From a personal point of view I wonder whether it is related to the need to provide protection. Spiritual people have to deal with others who cannot process spiritual energies very well and therefore are constantly being drained by those who prefer to get this energy second hand. I know because I went through many years of this and it can get very nasty. Most of this is unconscious but at some level of awareness protection mechanisms are put in place and I think the extra weight seems to help. Hence the confused analysis here and no understanding of the spiritual dynamics involved.

Tiny Diamonds Shrink Cancerous Tumors
News Max health, 10th March 2011
U.S. researchers said Wednesday they have found a way to attack late-stage breast and liver cancer tumors by attaching a potent chemotherapy drug to tiny carbon particles known as nanodiamonds.

The technique was tested in mice and showed that nanodiamonds helped the drug, doxorubicin, get inside the normally chemo-resistant tumor and shrink it, said the study published in the journal Science Translational Medicine.

Without the nanodiamonds, the drug was either rejected by the body and failed to work on the tumor, or in higher doses it was too powerful and lethal for the patient.

"This is the first work to demonstrate the significance and translational potential of nanodiamonds in the treatment of chemotherapy-resistant cancers," said the study.

Geometry is the key...

Why many historians no longer see alchemy as an occult practice, 24th February 2011
No, wizards have not learned how to transmute lead into gold and they haven't found any rejuvenating elixir of life. But the scholars who write the history of science and technology no longer lump alchemy in with witchcraft as a pseudo-science.

Instead they see alchemy as the proper precursor to modern chemistry. The modern word "alchemy" comes from the Arabic word "al kemia," which incorporated a spectrum of knowledge of chemical properties and practices from ancient times. [...]

"We're in an alchemical revolution," said Principe during a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in February. Principe said that just in the past 30 years articles about alchemy were being accepted into Isis, one of the leading journals devoted to the history of science. Before that a prohibition on alchemical subjects had been in place.

The reason for this change is that historians are now recognizing the huge role alchemists had in producing valuable things, even if the alchemists never succeeded in turning lead into gold. By the way, making new gold was of great concern to kings since it would have interfered with the valuation of coins. This is why transmutation was considered a crime and why alchemists often had to do their research in secret.

I imagine that people that are now claiming they are turning copper to gold and platinum (see article Real Alchemy - Dr Joe Champion is Turning Copper to Gold), will have the same problem with the Kings considering that this is a crime. However at least one metaphysical source claims that soon we will be able to make gold easily and it will become abundant and used for household articles. I think that will be in the future after a few major shocks forces us to do business on this planet in a different, more holistic way.

The drugs won't work if you don't believe in them
The Telegraph, 16th February 2011
"Pain really is all in the mind, according to scientists who have discovered that positive thoughts can double a painkiller's effect while negative thoughts can cancel them out."

Researchers from Oxford, Cambridge and two German universities made their conclusions after a novel experiment examining the role of conscious thought in pain perception. First, 22 volunteers had a pain device put on their skin that was too hot for comfort.

Each then had an intravenous line attached to deliver a powerful opiate-based painkiller. The volunteers were asked to rate the pain before any painkiller was introduced. The average score, from 0 to 100, was 66. Then the researchers started providing the painkiller, without telling the volunteers they had done so. The average score dropped to 55. But when the scientists told them they had started administering the painkiller the score dropped again to 39. When they said they had stopped providing the painkiller, the score rose to 64 - even though the opiate was still flowing. [...]

Professor Irene Tracey of the Centre for Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Brain at Oxford University, who led the research, said: "Doctors shouldn’t underestimate the significant influence that patients’ negative expectations can have on outcome.

Drug companies are facing a huge problem as new drugs are failing to beat placebo and the rules of consciousness associated with the power of intent that generates self-healing are actually changing. Based on the rules of consciousness, you can't tell people NOT to believe in either a real drug or a placebo because then nothing will work and that is exactly what scientists are finding.
  • Placebos Are Getting More Effective. Drugmakers Are Desperate to Know Why.
    Wired News, September 2009

  • Pharma Crisis: The Placebo Effect [Video]
    CNBC News, 31st August 2010
    "Many new drugs [half] are failing in late-stage trials because they can't beat out sugar pills. Dr. Erika Schwartz, medical director at Cinergy Health, and Steve Silberman, of Wired magazine, discuss the issue."

  • Placebos work, even when patients are in the know, study finds
    In what researchers call a novel 'mind-body' therapy, most patients in a study suffering from irritable bowel syndrome reported relief after receiving pills they were told contained no real medicine.
    Los Angeles Times, 22nd December 2010

  • Health advice by Dr. Weiss: The Placebo Effect
    Naples Daily News, 4th January 2011
    "Today, double-blind controlled studies show that some of the treatments and medications we use are only minimally better than placebos. When six leading antidepressants were compared to a placebo, the findings were disquieting. The placebo was 75% as effective as the 'real' medication. The learning: Just having a medication prescribed by a caring physician is helpful."

Mindfulness meditation training changes brain structure in eight weeks
Science Daily, 21st January 2011
ScienceDaily (Jan. 21, 2011) — Participating in an 8-week mindfulness meditation program appears to make measurable changes in brain regions associated with memory, sense of self, empathy and stress. In a study that will appear in the January 30 issue of Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging, a team led by Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) researchers report the results of their study, the first to document meditation-produced changes over time in the brain's grey matter.

Well, there seems to be a lot of scientific interest these days in meditation, hopefully these will be scientists who are interested in the truth and not promoting a particular belief system.

Electronic Healing - Dr Valerie Hunt [1/7]
Red Ice Creations, 4th January 2011
In the 1980s, radio station KABC carried the ground-breaking radio program "OPEN MIND" with host Bill Jenkins. The subject matter covered UFOs, alternative energy, spirituality, ancient religions, remote viewing, astral projection, out of body, crystal skulls, near death, past life, and psychic healing.

Wow! We can say a big thanks to Fredrik & Henrik at Red Ice Creations. Direct YouTube link It looks like a section is missing at the end of the question time in after about 3:50 minutes, but I will say this is a truly wonderful interview with Valerie Hunt. She seems to be still alive and working and I am guessing she is in her 90s. Total class...

Apparently this is part of a rare archive collection that has recently become available and can now be downloaded by torrent, see the Pirate Bay website for more details, here.

EdgeScience Magazine - issue 6
Society for Scientific Exploration, January 2011
Edge Science is a new magazine from the SSE. Why Edge Science? Because scientific knowledge is still full of unknowns. What remains to be discovered—what we don't know—very likely dwarfs what we do know. And what we think we know may not be entirely correct or fully understood. Anomalies, which researchers tend to sweep under the rug, should be actively pursued as clues to potential breakthroughs and new directions in science.

No. 6 is free! Download here

Placebos work, even when patients are in the know, study finds
In what researchers call a novel 'mind-body' therapy, most patients in a study suffering from irritable bowel syndrome reported relief after receiving pills they were told contained no real medicine.
Los Angeles Times, 22nd December 2010
A simple sugar pill may help treat a disease — even if patients know they're getting fake medicine. The finding, reported online Wednesday in the journal PloS One, may point the way to wider — and more ethical — applications of the well-known "placebo effect."

"The conventional wisdom is you need to make a patient think they're taking a drug; you have to use deception and lies," said lead author Ted Kaptchuk, an associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. And, Kaptchuk added, it seems many doctors do this: In one report, as many as half of rheumatologists and internists surveyed said they had intentionally given patients ineffective medication in the hopes it would have a positive result.

Kaptchuk, however, wondered whether the deception was needed. When he first tried to persuade fellow researchers to explore a sort of "honest" placebo, "they said it was nuts," he said. After all, didn't the whole effect hinge on people believing they were getting real treatment? Patients were easier to enlist. "People said, 'Wow, that's weird,' and we said, 'Yeah, we think it might work.' "

The researchers enrolled 80 people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, explaining the experiment while framing it positively — they called it a novel "mind-body" therapy. Half the patients were given a bottle with the word "placebo" printed on it. The pills it held, they were told, were like sugar pills. The patients were told they didn't even need to believe in the placebo effect, but had to take the pills twice daily.

The other half were given no treatment at all. At the end of the three-week trial, 59% of the patients taking the placebo said their symptoms had been adequately relieved, far outstripping the 35% in the non-treatment group.

Is it any wonder that the major pharmaceutical companies are in a panic! We need to see more and more studies that chart the rise of the Placebo Effect, which I believe is in direct correlation to the impact of morphogenetic fields being upgraded due by the arrival of Space Weather and New Energies on the planet.

Neurotheology: This Is Your Brain On Religion
NPR, 14th December 2010
For thousands of years, religion has posed some unanswerable questions: Who are we? What's the meaning of life? What does it mean to be religious?

In an effort to address those questions, Dr. Andrew Newberg has scanned the brains of praying nuns, chanting Sikhs and meditating Buddhists. He studies the relationship between the brain and religious experience, a field called neurotheology. [...]

It looks like during meditation, more of the brain connects up better, except the Reptilian part. How interesting! This is advertising a book and maybe there is a religious agenda too. Well, continuing my stance on bait. You can think of meditation being taught by various groups or gurus, to be like cheese or even chocolate on a mousetrap. There is nothing wrong with cheese or chocolate, but on a mousetrap, that's another issue...


Well, I have learnt something new. It seems that the science of the evolution of the brain has moved on and that ideas that have been well established and popularised by many respected scientists can be completely ignored. According to Virginia Campbell, MD who runs the website, Brain Science Podcast, in her October 2008 broadcast BSP-47: Brain Evolution, we learn:
Paraphrased: Newer techniques have proven that the old model that saw veterbrate brain evolution as the result of the successive addition of novel parts such as the Triune brain model have been proven false. Instead we know that all veterbrate brains are built according to a common plan that varies only in the details. [52:00]

Going to church makes you happy: Religion affirms sense of belonging
Daily Mail, 7th December 2010
Religion makes you happy because of its social rather than spiritual aspects, scientists have revealed.

Being part of a church congregation surrounded by friends is more important to your happiness than prayer, the study concluded.

Forming friendships with like-minded people makes people more happier than the theology or spirituality of a choosen faith.

While past studies have revealed a positive connection between religiosity and life satisfaction, American researchers claim a sense of 'belonging' made people more 'extremely satisfied' with life's lot.

Are religious groups mainly happy, clappy clubs? This is the reason why I would now NEVER be involved in any religious group, because I value my independent mind and would never compromise my ability to think, just to fit in with people who are confined by their religious beliefs (this also applies to science). When I was younger, I played along because there are some benefits but I kept my mouth shut, these days that would be impossible. However, even worse, are the prominent members of the New Age movement that are advocating not thinking at all! These are the really cynical mind control experts. If you don't understand this, I would recommend you spend a few hundred hours reading the research and opinion of those who have studied this issue and you can start at the Rick Ross Cult Education Forum. My view these days is work out what is truth and used as bait and what are the blatant lies - stay in control of your own mind!!!

Why the rich are no good at empathy ... they don't need to be
Daily Mail, 23rd November 2010
People who are rich have trouble recognising the emotions of others, a new study claims.

The university research has found that those who are poorer are better at gauging how someone feels because they need to rely on other people more often.

Scientists speculated that the rich performed worse in tests because they can solve their problems without relying on others. In other words, because of their wealth they are not as dependent on the people around them.

Whereas people who cannot afford to buy support services - such as childcare - have to rely on neighbours or relatives to watch their children while they attend work or run errands.

There are many people who are only interested in a human interaction if they think they can benefit in some way. However, reading others is a skill that can be highly developed, especially in those who have the necessary neural wiring to process the relevant bioelectromagnetic data that we are all constantly emitting. There is no mention of 'mirror neurons' here, as this research is of course, highly relevant.

Dr. Pim van Lommel Transformed by Near-Death Experience Research
Skeptico, 16th November 2010
Cardiologist and NDE Researcher Dr. Pim van Lommel discuses how his research with near-death experiencers has changed his beliefs about life and consciousness.

Join Skeptiko host Alex Tsakiris for an interview with cardiologist and author of Consciousness Beyond Life: The Science of the Near-Death Experience, Dr. Pim van Lommel. During the interview Dr. van Lommel explains how he began his research, and how what he learned from his patients led him to a personal transformation,

“I started to ask my patients who survived cardiac arrest if they could remember something of the period of unconsciousness. To my big surprise, out of 50 patients asked, 12 of them told me about their NDEs. This was the start of my scientific curiosity, how could people have an enhanced consciousness when they are unconscious, when the heart doesn’t work, and there is no breathing, and their brain has stopped functioning?” Van Lommel continues, “When you have spoken to patients who have had a near-death experience, their emotions, their reluctance to share their experience with you… it’s so honest. You just believe them because they’re so honest. You get convinced that there is more than what we can see, what we can measure.” [...]

Today’s guest is a world-class cardiologist and one of the leading medical experts on near-death experiences. His book titled, Consciousness Beyond Life: The Science of Near-Death Experience, covers his more than 25 years researching NDEs in the Netherlands and around the world.

It's very interesting to find out how well accepted this research is in The Netherlands. amongst the medical community.

Feeling The Future: Is Precognition Possible?
Wired News, 15th November 2010
Most science papers don’t begin with a description of psi, those “anomalous processes of information or energy transfer” that have no material explanation. (Popular examples of psi include telepathy, clairvoyance and psychokinesis.) It’s even less common for a serious science paper, published in an elite journal, to show that psi is a real phenomenon. But that’s exactly what Daryl Bem of Cornell University has demonstrated in his new paper, “Feeling the Future: Experimental Evidence for Anomalous Retroactive Influences on Cognition and Affect,” which was just published in The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Most science papers don’t begin with a description of psi, those “anomalous processes of information or energy transfer” that have no material explanation. (Popular examples of psi include telepathy, clairvoyance and psychokinesis.) It’s even less common for a serious science paper, published in an elite journal, to show that psi is a real phenomenon. But that’s exactly what Daryl Bem of Cornell University has demonstrated in his new paper, “Feeling the Future: Experimental Evidence for Anomalous Retroactive Influences on Cognition and Affect,” which was just published in The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

The fact that this research has been quite widely reported is a sign of the times after the 'dark' decades of scientists having to be ultra discreet about this kind of research and hiding behind the use of semantics to make sure they get adequate funding. Anyway, some of the research highlighted here is particularly interesting because it reveals that when emotions are involved, people have greater psi power. This is because our emotions are outside of time and space and humans often get a "bleed-through" into our "now" from what we think of as our past and our future. This was first discovered by the scientists in the old, Soviet Union who also noted that our psi ability is effected by natural magnetic fields. If scientists don't take these factors into consideration, then results will be more inconsistent as many scientists have found. The comments are quite interesting and generally intelligent here.

Homeopathy works - but it is talking, not tinctures that helps patients
The Telegraph, 15th November 2010
Homeopathy can reduce the symptoms of disease, but it is the consultations not the remedies which are responsible, a new study has found.

Sufferers of rheumatoid arthritis who visited a homeopathic doctor experienced significant reductions in pain, inflammation and other key markers of the disease, the research shows.

Yet it made no difference whether the solution they received was a genuine homeopathic tincture prescribed to treat rheumatism, or a placebo.

The research, published today in the journal Rheumatology compared different groups of patients, who were already being given conventional medication for the disease. [...]

While the study suggested the remedies itself had no benefit, conventional medics should learn from the way homeopaths treated their patients, said Prof Lewith, a reader in the University’s Complementary Medicine Research Unit

“When you place the patient at the heart of the consultation you get a powerful effect. I think there are a lot of lesssons here for conventional medics about the need for patient-centred care, instead of treating people as walking diseases.”

Dr Sarah Brien, the study’s lead author, said that while previous research had suggested homeopathy could help patients with rheumatoid arthritis, the study provided the first scientific evidence to show such benefits were “specifically due to its unique consultation process”.

There is all sorts of problems now, because it is a scientific fact that the placebo effect is getting stronger... This also means that a healer's ability to bond and empathise with patients and therefore transfer healing energies is getting stronger. This article should be of interest to all genuine healers.

Is this proof that spooky auras are real?
New Scientist, 14th November 2010
Glowing visions of light that emanate from a person's body, often seen by those claiming to be psychic, really do exist, for some people at least. That's the tantalising conclusion of a study on a new form of emotion-colour synaesthesia which projects itself as coloured auras.

Other forms of synaesthesia include numbers and letters that evoke colours, touch that evokes emotions and colours with their own fragrances. Now, Vilayanur Ramachandran and colleagues at the University of California, San Diego, have identified a new type of synaesthesia in a man whose emotions give rise to colours, which can take the form of auras surrounding other people. [...]

"Some people who claim to be psychic may be telling the truth when they say they can see auras, perhaps they are on this spectrum of synaesthesia," says Elizabeth Seckel, who also worked on the project. They could be empathising with another person's emotions and projecting this onto the person as a coloured aura, adds Miller.

These scientists are only just updating the knowledge database and scientific proof for the existence of the aura that is already at least fifty years old!!!!! We can also assume that before this time, the Russians had already made a significant contribution, as they were early leaders in the field of bioelectromagnetism. and aura research. Anyway, I wrote about the research of US based Dr Valerie Hunt, who proved that a good sensitive could see the aura, because they consistently matched colour with the aura's frequency signature, which was achieved using NASA astronaut technology (telemetry) that had been adapted to detect biolectric energy.

PRINCETON: Local firm explores mind over matter, 20th October 2010
Ever get that feeling that someone is staring at you? Ever wonder how you got that feeling? Psyleron provides products for the public and researchers to explore mind-matter effects, such as the sense of knowing someone is staring at you.

”That kind of sense, where does it come from?” said Herb Mertz, chairman of the board and co-founder of Psyleron. “It’s a mechanism we don’t understand and has to do with the mind’s influence on things.”

The Princeton-based company’s main product is the $189 mind lamp, an electric lamp with a random-event generator built in. When plugged in, the lamp throws off a white light before it cycles through eight colors. The theory behind the lamp is that users can influence what color the lamp turns by thinking about one of the eight colors.

”We produce devices that people use to explore the idea that the mind can influence the physical world,” said John Valentino, CEO and co-founder of Psyleron. “Our goal is to put this stuff out there and let people play with it themselves, rather than taking our word for it.”

Quantum-level probabilistic events drive the lamp to change color. “We are taking something that science says should be totally random, and we have evidence that suggests it’s not actually random, that people’s thoughts influence it,” Mr. Valentino said.

The science of mind over matter is now very well established. The Psyleron Mind Lamp, is a little bit pricey, but no doubt, it will be bought by pretentious New Agers.

Have Scientists Finally Discovered Evidence for Psychic Phenomena?!
Psychology Today, 11th October 2010
In Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass, the White Queen tells Alice that in her land, "memory works both ways." Not only can the Queen remember things from the past, but she also remembers "things that happened the week after next."

Alice attempts to argue with the Queen, stating "I'm sure mine only works one way...I can't remember things before they happen." The Queen replies, "It's a poor sort of memory that only works backwards."

How much better would our lives be if we could live in the White Queen's kingdom, where ours memory would work backwards and forewords? For instance, in such a world, you could take an exam and then study for it afterwards to make sure you performed well in the past. Well, the good news is that according to a recent series of scientific studies by Daryl Bem, you already live in that world! Find a Therapist

Dr. Bem, a social psychologist at Cornell University, conducted a series of studies that will soon be published in one of the most prestigious psychology journals (Journal of Personality and Social Psychology). Across nine experiments, Bem examined the idea that our brain has the ability to not only reflect on past experiences, but also anticipate future experiences. This ability for the brain to "see into the future" is often referred to as psi phenomena.

We have had undisputed evidence since the 1970s, for anyone prepared to decode the hermetic jargon or scientific babble.

Fear is a Magnetic Force and often Appears as Anger.
Smoking Mirrors, 2nd October 2010
[...] Stop worrying about what you think the bad guys can and will do. Be more concerned with your own operations within the schematic of existence. The system protects those who are harmonized with its greater intentions. The system is conscious. Ordinary physics has already proven that the universe is thought born. Ponder that.

There is only one force, period. This force is applied for both good and evil and is on temporary loan to both. It can be withdrawn at any time. It doesn’t matter if you see this system as an inflexible operation of mathematical principles or as a conscious and omniscient entity. It could well be both. A study of Greek and Roman mythology will repay big dividends to those who are honest with themselves in their manner of inquiry.

At certain points in human history, this mathematical or conscious force makes necessary adjustments, because of great imbalances that always appear like clockwork at predictable places. We are in one of those places. A new age is coming about and the previous age is being recycled. This one force is turning itself to new instruments, while also summing up the integrity, or lack of integrity, in the instruments that preceded them. You can call this ‘judgment’ or you can call it the outworking of natural law. It doesn’t matter what you call it.

A metaphysical viewpoint that I can't agree with completely, but I do agree with the overall sentiment.

EdgeScience Magazine - issue 5
Society for Scientific Exploration, September 2010
EdgeScience is a new magazine from the SSE. Why EdgeScience? Because scientific knowledge is still full of unknowns. What remains to be discovered—what we don't know—very likely dwarfs what we do know. And what we think we know may not be entirely correct or fully understood. Anomalies, which researchers tend to sweep under the rug, should be actively pursued as clues to potential breakthroughs and new directions in science. pdf link issue 5 here

No. 5 is free with some very interesting articles!

Happy people more likely to see others as happy
People who see the best in others are more likely to be happy and well adjusted themselves, a study found

The Telegraph, 3rd August 2010
Researchers discovered that the way people judge others says as much about their own mental wellbeing as it does about the person they are describing. The more likely people are to see others as happy, kind-hearted and emotionally stable is often a reflection on how happy, kind hearted and emotionally stable they feel. [...]

They discovered particularly strong associations between positively judging others and how enthusiastic, happy, kind-hearted, courteous, emotionally stable and capable the person describes oneself and is described by others. "Seeing others positively reveals our own positive traits," Prof Wood says. The study also found that how positively you see other people shows how satisfied you are with your own life, and how much you are liked by others.

In contrast, negative perceptions of others are linked to higher levels of narcissism and anti-social behaviour. "A huge suite of negative personality traits are associated with viewing others negatively," Prof Wood said. "The simple tendency to see people negatively indicates a greater likelihood of depression and various personality disorders."

Sorry, I have long ago given up naively seeing the best in others, because I have been disappointed too many times. These days I take a neutral stance, ie. I give people enough rope and see what they do with it. That way, I feel much more comfortable watching to see what happens and it severely reduces the disappointment. These days, nobody gets an automatic pass.

Happiness and Sadness Spread Just Like Disease
Wired News, 14th July 2010
A new study on the spread of emotions through social networks shows that these feelings circulate in patterns analogous to what’s seen from epidemiological models of disease. Earlier studies raised the possibility, but had not mapped social networks against actual disease models. “This is the first time this contagion has been measured in the way we think about traditional infectious disease,” said biophysicist Alison Hill of Harvard University.

Data in the research, in the July 7 Proceedings of the Royal Society, comes from the Framingham Heart Study, a one-of-a-kind project which since 1948 has regularly collected social and medical information from thousands of people in Framingham, Massachusetts. Earlier analyses found that a variety of habits and feelings, including obesity, loneliness, smoking and happiness appear to be contagious.

In the current study, Hill’s team compared patterns of relationships and emotions measured in the study to those generated by a model designed to track SARS, foot-and-mouth disease and other traditional contagions. They discounted spontaneous or immediately shared emotion — friends or relatives undergoing a common experience — and focused on emotional changes that followed changes in others.

These kind of studies really makes me wonder whether TPTB are worried that people are not miserable enough and they are wondering what they can do to make people more unhappy!

New Robot Capable Of Unhealthily Repressing Emotion
The Onion, 30th July 2010
Copy: PITTSBURGH—Announcing a crucial breakthrough in the effort to create machines that accurately simulate human behavior, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University said Monday they had built the first robot with the capacity to suppress its emotions. "This is the holy grail of artificial intelligence," said project director Kate Tillman, explaining that the robot instantly performs millions of computations to ensure feelings of unresolved anger and simmering resentment remain deeply buried within its complex circuitry.

"We felt we were on the right track when we brought up a personal shortcoming and it paced around the lab muttering, but when it started breaking eye contact and changing the subject, we knew we had accomplished something revolutionary." Tillman added that with its superior processing power, the robot could apply for clerical work and settle for the nearest available partner 10,000 times faster than a human being.


EdgeScience Magazine - issue 4
EdgeScience, July 2010
EdgeScience is a new magazine from the SSE. Why EdgeScience? Because scientific knowledge is still full of unknowns. What remains to be discovered—what we don't know—very likely dwarfs what we do know. And what we think we know may not be entirely correct or fully understood. Anomalies, which researchers tend to sweep under the rug, should be actively pursued as clues to potential breakthroughs and new directions in science. pdf link issue 4 here

No. 4 is free with some very interesting articles!

Plato's stave: academic cracks philosopher's musical code
Historian claims Plato's manuscripts are mathematically ordered according to 12-note scale
The Guardian News, 29th June 2010
It may sound like the plot of a Dan Brown novel, but an academic at the University of Manchester claims to have cracked a mathematical and musical code in the works of Plato. Jay Kennedy, a historian and philosopher of science, described his findings as "like opening a tomb and discovering new works by Plato."

Plato is revealed to be a Pythagorean who understood the basic structure of the universe to be mathematical, anticipating the scientific revolution of Galileo and Newton by 2,000 years. Kennedy's breakthrough, published in the journal Apeiron this week, is based on stichometry: the measure of ancient texts by standard line lengths. Kennedy used a computer to restore the most accurate contemporary versions of Plato's manuscripts to their original form, which would consist of lines of 35 characters, with no spaces or punctuation. What he found was that within a margin of error of just one or two percent, many of Plato's dialogues had line lengths based on round multiples of twelve hundred.

These numbers seem appear to be a nice example of how Plato encoded astronomical information about the divisions of the precessional cycle in an attempt to preserve even more ancient knowledge. At the same time, Plato could have embedded the mathematical laws related to the harmonics of the universe that modern day scientists have rediscovered.

Seeking to Illuminate the Mysterious Placebo Effect
New York Times, 21st June 2010
The phrase “mind-body connection” has many connotations. For some, it’s shorthand for New Age quackery. For others, it’s a source of hope and a way to reconcile their spiritual life with modern science. [...]

That persistent question — why some people are more responsive to placebos than others — has long frustrated scientists. “There’s decades of research that has more or less failed,” Dr. Wager said. “New methods are going to let us get a lot more out of it.”

Solving the mystery would potentially unlock whole new areas for therapy. Dr. Wager recently attended a meeting sponsored by the National Institutes of Health about enlisting multiple institutions in an effort to understand placebos. Several drug companies were present; some have begun their own research into the mystery.

Dr. Wager (who receives financing from the N.I.H., the National Science Foundation and the Michael J. Fox Foundation) says drug companies were cautious about bringing too much attention to placebos, but recognized a potential for better therapies.

But for him it is a deeper question, tied to his childhood religion and the way he sees the world.

“What is the placebo effect?” he asked. “It’s not some weird magical thing that just kind of happened out of the blue. “I think it’s connected to systems that generate emotional responses,” he continued. “It’s a window into ways in which psychological factors can affect brain and body factors that are related to health.”

Adequate research has been ongoing for decades, maybe this researcher could not be bothered to explain it. However the link here with emotions is very important as it points to the healthy state of the human electromagnetic field. The closed down unemotional zombies will NOT benefit from "The Placebo Effect".

Scientist inspired by Dalai Lama studies happiness, 14th May 2010
After hearing about his cutting-edge research on the brain and emotions through mutual friends, the Dalai Lama invited Richard Davidson to his home in India in 1992 to pose a question. Scientists often study depression, anxiety and fear, but why not devote your work to the causes of positive human qualities like happiness and compassion? the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader asked.

"I couldn't give him a good answer," recalled Davidson, a University of Wisconsin-Madison neuroscientist. Since then, Davidson has become a partner in the Dalai Lama's attempts to build a connection between Buddhism and western science.

"His Holiness has said he is prepared to give up any part of Buddhism that is contradicted by scientific fact." Wow.... the Dalai Lama is wise. Fundamentally, real spiritual seekers and real scientists are both searching for truth, they just take a different approach.

Boy, 3, tells how he 'saw grandmother in Heaven' before being brought back from the dead after falling into pond
Daily Mail, 19th April 2010
A boy of three claims he saw his great grandmother in heaven while he was clinically dead after falling into a pond. Paul Eicke came back to life more than three hours after his heart stopped beating.

It is believed he was in the pond at his grandparents' house for several minutes before his grandfather saw him and pulled him out. His father gave him heart massage and mouth-to-mouth during the ten minutes it took a helicopter to arrive. Paramedics then took over and Paul was taken the ten-minute journey to hospital. Doctors tried to resuscitate him for hours. They had just given up when, three hours and 18 minutes after he was brought in, Paul's heart started beating independently. Professor Lothar Schweigerer, director of the Helios Clinic where Paul was taken, said: 'I have never experienced anything like it.

'When children have been underwater for a few minutes they mostly don't make it. This is a most extraordinary case.' The boy said that while unconscious he saw his great grandmother Emmi, who had turned him back from a gate and urged him to go back to his parents.

Paul said: 'There was a lot of light and I was floating. I came to a gate and I saw Grandma Emmi on the other side. 'She said to me, "What are you doing here Paul? You must go back to mummy and daddy. I will wait for you here." 'I knew I was in heaven. But grandma said I had to come home. She said that I should go back very quickly. 'Heaven looked nice. But I am glad I am back with mummy and daddy now.' Paul is now back at home in Lychen, north of Berlin in Germany, and there appears to be no sign of brain damage.

A Miracle? Dead for 3 hours and 18 minutes?

'Starving yogi' astounds Indian scientists, 10th May 2010
An 83-year-old Indian holy man who says he has spent seven decades without food or water has astounded a team of military doctors who studied him during a two-week observation period. Prahlad Jani spent a fortnight in a hospital in the western India state of Gujarat under constant surveillance from a team of 30 medics equipped with cameras and closed circuit television.

During the period, he neither ate nor drank and did not go to the toilet.

"We still do not know how he survives," neurologist Sudhir Shah told reporters after the end of the experiment. "It is still a mystery what kind of phenomenon this is."

The long-haired and bearded yogi was sealed in a hospital in the city of Ahmedabad in a study initiated by India's Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), the state defence and military research institute.

Why are they surprised? There has been many other examples of people doing the same, but few claim they have done it for 70 years. The question scientists need to ask themselves is: how can some people live directly off aetheric energies?

So that's why Pontius Pilate washed his hands - it can help ease niggling doubts about decisions
Daily Mail, 6th May 2010
If you have made a difficult decision and want to stick to it, go and wash your hands. A study has revealed that hand washing, long associated with absolving the mind of guilt, can also erase any doubts about everyday choices.

The latest research, reported in the journal Science, looked at whether the phenomenon extends to decisions with little or no moral implications by asking a set of volunteers to pick between two CDs or two jams. Scientists found the 40 volunteers were less likely to try to justify their choice if they washed their hands just after making it. [...]

The idea that it is possible to wash away our sins is deep rooted in many cultures and religions, including Christianity. Water is a cornerstone of baptism ceremonies and, in the Bible, Pontius Pilate washed his hands after condemning Jesus to death.

Hmmm.... learning about the sources of our unconscious programming and how it determines our behaviour ....

Good and Evil Deeds Stimulate Surprising 'Superpowers'
Live Science, 4th May 2010
The mere act of kindness, or one of evil, can boost willpower and physical strength, a new study suggests. The results, based on three experiments, show that those who performed good deeds, or envisioned themselves acting charitably, were able to hold a weight or squeeze a hand grip significantly longer than those who didn't perform or think about such deeds. But evil acts appeared to confer similar and perhaps even greater superpowers.

The science is interesting but the spirtual truth is missing. It's the strength of our emotions that are linked to other realms of consciousness that makes the difference, whether we consider these emotions good or evil. It takes a lot of energy to be so hateful and that is why such people will go out of their way to drain those around them. However, people who are more optimistic and loving are able to tap into universal forces much more easily without realising it, but often don't realise the power available to them. Remember, the programming in society is to be meek and mild.

Improbable research: The repetitive physics of Om
Indian scientists wield sophisticated mathematics to dissect and analyse the traditional meditation chanting sound 'Om'
The Guardian, 3rd May 2010
Two Indian scientists are wielding sophisticated mathematics to dissect and analyse the traditional meditation chanting sound "Om". The Om team has published six monographs in academic journals. These plumb certain acoustic subtleties of Om, which these researchers say is "the divine sound". Om has many variations. In a study published in the International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security, the researchers explain: "It may be very fast, several cycles per second. [...]

In the introductory paper, Gurjar and Ladhake explain (in case there is someone unaware of the basics): "Om is a spiritual mantra, outstanding to fetch peace and calm. The entire psychological pressure and worldly thoughts are taken away by the chanting of Om mantra." No one has explained the biophysical processes that underlie this fetching of calm and taking away of thoughts. Gurjar and Ladhake's time-frequency analysis is a tiny step along that hitherto little-taken branch of the path of enlightenment.


Dr. Peter Bancel Assists Goldsmiths, University of London With Global Consciousness Project, 28th April 2010
The notion of a collective global consciousness is accepted truth within many cultures, but scoffed at by modern scientists. That may change.

Once skeptical researchers investigating the 10-year Global Consciousness Project are finding solid data to support the conclusion that we’re all connected.

I may be wrong but I believe the Global Consciousness Project will prove to be a very useful indicator of what is taking place on this planet. I am thrilled because we have a major indicator for WHY the pharmaceutical industry is having problems with the placebo effect.

Man claims he ate, drank nothing for 70 years, 29th April 2010
SCIENTISTS are studying an 82-year-old man who claims he has not had any food or drink for 70 years.

Prahlad Jani’s claims are being put to the test at a hospital in Ahmedabad, where he is being closely monitored and studied by India’s Defence Research Development Organisation, which believes he may have a quality which could help save lives, The Telegraph reports.

He has so far spent six days without food or water under the strict observation of doctors who say his body is yet to show any signs of hunger or dehydration. Mr Jani is regarded as a "breatharian" who can live a "spiritual life-force" alone. He believes he is sustained by the "elixir" of a goddess.

It's interesting to note that the military has taken an interest, and they are positive! I am wondering if the results will be released in plain language and made available to the world.

Brain shuts off in response to healer's prayer
New Scientist, 27th April 2010
WHEN we fall under the spell of a charismatic figure, areas of the brain responsible for scepticism and vigilance become less active. That's the finding of a study which looked at people's response to prayers spoken by someone purportedly possessing divine healing powers.

To identify the brain processes underlying the influence of charismatic individuals, Uffe Schjødt of Aarhus University in Denmark and colleagues turned to Pentecostal Christians, who believe that some people have divinely inspired powers of healing, wisdom and prophecy.

Well, this is only another form of scientific validation for what is going on when we fall under another person's spell. I realised this myself not that long ago when I felt driven to understand how a New Age guru could cook three people to death and then carry on as if nothing had happened and then for his followers to try and brush the incident under the New Age carpet under the guise of 'oh well nevermind, those folks "attracted" their own deaths'. After hundreds of hours of reading I discovered Snapping: America's Epidemic of Sudden Personality Change [1978, 1979, 1995, 2005] by Flo Conway and Jim Siegelman. Well, I was truly enlightened!

However, I have realised it is even more insiduous than becoming a brain dead idiot unthinking, unreasoning and undiscerning. It's the sociopathic tendencies that then arise due to the lack of empathy. All of a sudden 'victims' are blamed for the actions of sociopaths, malignant narcissists, psychopaths and predators! The reasoning is that you are supposed to be born able to discern these folks when some of them are so sly that they can fool trained professionals. Psychologists only study these types in order to help their victims, not because they think they can be helped. Anyway, you don't need to believe me, just hang out with ardent New Agers who just repeat the mantras, associated with the "Law of Attraction". It is quite clear when the reasoning pathways in the brain have atrophied... Go looking on the Internet and find the ex-devotees who paid serious money to a "school of enlightenment" to find that they have been seriously conned. They believed and believed and believed in the "Law of Attraction" and it simply did not work as they were told. It's a teaching that is just used as bait to help some upsell to the next book or the next seminar or the next course etc.

Human generator: a man in Georgia becomes a scientific phenomenon
RT News, 26th April 2010
“Let there be light!” is a phrase that Zurab Bedia from Georgia takes to a whole new level as he lights fluorescent lamps with just the touch of his hand. [...]

An entire laboratory has been set up by Georgia's top scientists to investigate the Zurab Bedia phenomenon. They have discovered that Bedia’s geomagnetic field is several times more intense than that of most humans.

However, scientists are not only intrigued by Bedia’s ability to light bulbs but, more importantly, the possible effect this could have on medicine and science.

Please note: the emphasis in the video of scientists studying psychosomatic imbalances that can be detected in the human energy field and then later on become an illness. These Georgain scientists are way way way ahead in the understanding of the relationship to health in the human energy field and physical health. Incredible news.

They have the power to switch off your brain
Sydney Morning Herald, 25th April 2010
CERTAIN parts of the brain - which control scepticism and vigilance - appear to deactivate in some people when they're in the presence of a speaker who they believe has divine healing powers, scientists in Denmark have found.

Researchers recruited 36 male and female participants; about half were devout Christians from the Pentecostal church, while the other half were non-religious.

This is a major problem in religious, metaphysical and cult-like groups. Once you switch off the critical thinking you are fair game. In the process of seeking enlightenment many people are tricked into following a leader that will use as many 'techniques' as possible to get you to become a follower and give up your money and/or your resources for THEIR benefit. Once you stop thinking and start repeating the mantras, then it does not take much time before people, become unthinking and unfeeling zombies. Once this happens your discernment vanishes. For those with a Christian background, please check out the Marjoe Gortner documentary and an interview with another Ex-faith healer who have both revealed some of the tricks use by the most unsavoury Charismatics.

EdgeScience Magazine
Edge Science, April 2010
Introducing EdgeScience - the new magazine from the SSE. Why EdgeScience? Because scientific knowledge is still full of unknowns. What remains to be discovered—what we don't know—very likely dwarfs what we do know. And what we think we know may not be entirely correct or fully understood. Anomalies, which researchers tend to sweep under the rug, should be actively pursued as clues to potential breakthroughs and new directions in science.

No. 3 Free! Download here.

Placebo Treatments Much Stronger than Previously Thought
Natural News, 14th April 2010
A recent study published in the British medical journal, Lancet, has found that placebo, or fake, medical treatments exhibit a noticeable biological effect on patients. A panel of international researchers pored through a series of studies they believe illustrate concrete evidence that physical changes in patients occur in response to placebos.

This short article that does not even give a hint of the pressure that drug companies are under, see, Placebos Are Getting More Effective. Drugmakers Are Desperate to Know Why. Many new and old drugs are no better than placebo and when drug trials are repeated placebos just get stronger! I'm quite excited but it's because we may have some solid proof of the impact of the New Energies on planet and how it is changing global consciousness. Scientists have done some nice studies in consciousness in the past few decades and now the thinkers have to draw some valid conclusions...

Can troops find hidden bombs with sixth sense?
American Chronicle, 28th March 2010
Recent research has determined that some U.S. military personnel are better than others in the ability to detect hidden improvised explosive devices (IEDs). But why?

According to a U.S. Army research project, troops raised in rural and forested areas seemed to be better at it. Troops who grew up in tough urban areas also seem to excel in this kind of perception. The common denominator is "situational awareness (SA)" that is key to hunting and being aware in the natural environment as well as in dangerous neighborhoods where people can become a victim of violence or other crime.

But what other important factors might be in play? And how might the understanding of human perception and consciousness benefit all of us?

In the first issue of the fascinating new magazine EdgeScience (October 2009 edition), editor Patrick Huyghe's article "Straight from the Gut" explored the two-year Army study on perception led by researcher and psychologist Steven Burnett. Huyghe also took a look at some of the media coverage on the study.

Long article. More evidence of the paranormal research undertaken by the military over the last 50+ years. The military are very aware that psychic ability or presentiment as it is described here can save your life, but most people just laugh, not fully comprehending that in a situation where one's life is in the balance, this ability can make the difference. Free Edge Science magazine issue 1. here

EM field, behind right ear, suspends morality
Sci Tech Heretic, March 2010
This new finding, from MIT, should cause scientists to more closely examine the risks to human health posed by mobile phones and other wireless, personal technologies. — M.B. MIT neuroscientists believe they have isolated the brain region — just behind the right ear — where moral judgements take place. And they can suspend someone’s ability to judge right from wrong, simply by generating a magnetic field near the same spot where many of us hold our cellular phones and wireless, Bluetooth, headsets. The researchers’ findings, announced today:

Stay away from being a volunteer for TMS research, there are reports were the scientists have stated they have deliberately attempted to make lesions on the brain, never mind the talk of "virtual lesions" here, whatever that might mean. It seems that afer all the tinkering, scientists have found a hotspot, I am amazed these researchers don't have the US military breathing down their necks, as research in bioelectromagnetism has been an area where there are some major secrets.

Want the Good Life? Your Neighbors Need It, Too
Yes Magazine, 4th March 2010
New research shows that, among developed countries, the healthiest and happiest aren't those with the highest incomes but those with the most equality. Epidemiologist Richard Wilkinson discusses why.

We live in a world of deep inequality, and the gap between the rich and the poor is widening. We in the rich world generally agree that this is a problem we ought to help fix—but that the real beneficiaries will be the billions of people living in poverty. After all, inequality has little impact on the lives of those who find themselves on top of the pile. Right?

Not exactly, says British epidemiologist Richard Wilkinson. For decades, Wilkinson has studied why some societies are healthier than others. He found that what the healthiest societies have in common is not that they have more—more income, more education, or more wealth—but that what they have is more equitably shared. In fact, it turns out that not only disease, but a whole host of social problems ranging from mental illness to drug use are worse in unequal societies.

I was surprised when a respected metaphysical source stated that the United States has a whole had some karma to deal with and I deduced that it was in relation to foreign policy and the treatment of international nieghbours. Whilst most people can only think of their own interests, as a collective this has accumulative effects. If you are not aware of economic hitman John Perkins and his story of how the US corrupts and controls countries, then his insight may help understand why a respected metaphysical source, far from espousing the wonder of "The law of Attraction", gets real and provides some balance as there are many "Universal Laws" that are generally underemphasised or ignored. In common day parlance, one of those Universal Laws states: "what goes around, comes around".

Edge Science: Breakthrough: Clues to healing with Intentions
Edge Science, March 2010
[...] I used healing techniques that Bennett and I developed through introspection, trial and error, and simple intuition. The techniques are completely belief-free and involve a process of extremely fast visualization of a series of personal images done in conjunction with the laying-on of hands, in which the person tries, with as little effort as possible, to feel an energy flowing out from the palms of his or her hands.

The images each person uses are generated by a personal list, prepared prior to the experiment, of 20 outcomes wanted in his or her life, specific goals that involve their own health, ideal jobs, material aspirations, or other people. Each item on the list is translated into an image that represents the achievement of that particular goal. These personal images are then memorized and the prospective healer practices cycling through them in a kind of mental filmstrip loop. This technique, rather than slowing down brain activity through some sort of meditative technique, actually speeds up brain functioning and activity through the rapid visualization. At the same time the handson technique is done in a very detached manner on the assumption that focus or belief would only get in the way. [...]

The idea that a placebo could produce real physiological effects was unthinkable in medicine 50 years ago, but by now medicine recognizes that placebos do work, even as the mechanism by which they work and the circumstances under which they work remain a mystery. Yet, in fact, it turns out that placebo effects increase over time to the point where up to 80 percent of the effects of drugs can be mirrored in placebos.

To say this research blows out a lot of conventional thinking about working with healing energies and techniques is to put it mildly. The discussion that this scientist has solved the problem of the placebo effect is amazing, lets say I am absolutely thrilled with what I have read about this research so far. THIS IS ALL VERY INTERESTING AS THE PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES ARE STRUGGLING TO BEAT THE PLACEBO EFFECT! According to someone called Judith, she persuaded Dr William Bengston to start teaching. According to her, the Bengston method is hit and miss and if you read her blog it is most likely to do with resonance, see William Bengston, Chasing the Cure: A commentary, also see the

Further commentary
Please remember, the person who started this all off was called Bennett Mayrick who was a natural healer who had acquired a high level of healing abilities on his own efforts. He did not need any "initiations" from anyone, then Dr. William Bengston spent a lot of time with him and picked up the frequencies as they worked out their process of visualisation. From what Judith says, Dr William Bengston does not seem to know how to pass on these frequencies properly and I think this is an area that needs thorough investigation and research, especially as there are many different schools and organisations and groups charging money for techniques and initiations. Btw, even if you spend years in a healing school like Barbara Brennan's, a few of her graduates have told me that there is no guarantee that you will evolve and pick up abilities like high sense perception (hsp). It seems that the sheep dip approach does not always work.

Darkness Begets Dishonesty, Study Finds
Yahoo News, 1st March 2010
Dim lights can make it seem as if no one is watching, triggering moral transgressions in many people, a new study suggests. Past research has shown that when people are concealed from view by others, say when they are wearing hoods, these individuals will be more likely to commit criminal acts and other bad behaviors.

But what about times when we're not actually anonymous - people can see us - yet we feel like we're hidden? The researchers of the new study describe it as the adult version of hide-and-seek: Kids often believe no one can see them when they cover their eyes even though they are hiding in plain sight. Turns out, a dark room can have a similar psychological effect on adults.

How interesting! These days I have started to question those who talk about light and dark and what kind of message is really being suggested. In my own experience, the only people I have known who talked about light and dark being aspects of the whole, had very dark aspects to their personality and I now wonder whether they were just trying to justify this to themselves and others.

Do Our Organs Have Memories?
Care 2, 21st February 2010
Glenda lost her husband, David, in a car crash. She made his organs available for transplant. A few years later, as part of a study by neuropsychologist Paul Pearsall, she met the young Spanish-speaking man who had received her late husband’s heart. Filled with emotion, Glenda asked if she could lay her hand on his chest. “I love you, David,” she said. “Everything’s copa­cetic.”

The young man’s mother, also present, was startled. “My son uses that word now,” she said. “He never said it before his heart transplant. I don’t know that word; it doesn’t exist in Spanish. But it was the first thing he said after the operation.”

Her son appeared to have changed in other ways too. Before, he had been a health-conscious vegetarian; now he craved meat and greasy food. He had loved heavy metal music; now he played nothing but fifties rock ’n’ roll. Glenda’s husband had been an ardent meat-lover and played in a rock ’n’ roll band.

This is fascinating stuff and a problem for scientists who wish to believe that there is nothing sacred about human body parts. I believe that consciousness is transferable and that even our body organs have access to multi-dimensional realms where our memories and emotions are stored. Scientists tell us that the mind cannot be separated from the body and we know that certain memories can become trapped in the body. I have started to think of this in terms of an overload situation where memories can be downloaded from higher dimensional space if there is too much trauma, but in reality, it's not that straight forward because humans also retain information in their electromagnetic field. There are now quite a few books about this subject and on going research but no signs that transplant specialists are trying to match the human traits of donors with those of the recipients and so it seems there are going to be many more of these startingly stories.
  • Transplanting Memories 1/4
    YouTube, May 10, 2010

Study: Happiness Good for the Heart
Positive People Have Less Heart Disease
WEB MD, 17th February 2010
Whether you view the glass as half empty or half full may help determine your risk for heart disease. Just as negative emotions such as depression, anger, and hostility are risk factors for heart attack and stroke, happiness seems to protect the heart.

This was the finding from a large study that examined the impact of positive personality traits like happiness, contentment, and enthusiasm on heart disease risk.

Researchers followed 1,739 healthy adults living in Nova Scotia, Canada, for 10 years to determine whether attitudes affected their health.

At the start of the study, trained professionals assessed the participants' degree of expression of negative emotions like depression, hostility, and anxiety and positive emotions such as joy, happiness, and excitement.
I used to be in a relationship where at the slightest hint that I was happy, the knife would come out to do something about the happiness. The focus in the New Age community is that you are responsible for your emotions but it's too simplistic. There are people who simply can't stand others being happy around them, and will do whatever it takes to lower the vibration so they are more comfortable. These days, my level of tolerance for these kind of people is next to zero and as one of my favourite websites often suggests, if you come across one of these manipulative people, turn and "run for your life".

Prayer Increases Forgiveness, Study Shows
Science Daily, 1st February 2010
We have all been guilty of a transgression at one time or another. That's because we're not perfect. We all commit hurtful acts, violate trust, and hope for forgiveness.

That's simply a fact, and here's another one: Nine out of 10 Americans say that they pray -- at least on occasion.

Florida State University psychologist Nathaniel Lambert put these two facts together and came up with an idea: Why not take all that prayer and direct it at the people who have wronged us? Is it possible that directed prayer might spark forgiveness in those doing the praying -- and in the process preserve relationships?

It certainly interesting what people are researching these days and then getting it reported in the mainstream media.

The Haiti Response: Is the Human Species Hardwired to be Compassionate? (A Weekend Feature)
Daily Galaxy, 23rd January 2010
The world's incredible outpouring of help to thhe people of Haiti raises the question: are we evolving to become more compassionate and collaborative in our quest to survive and thrive? A research team at the University of California, Berkeley, says "yes."

They are challenging long-held beliefs that human beings are wired to be selfish. In a wide range of studies, social scientists are amassing a growing body of evidence to show we are evolving to become more compassionate and collaborative in our quest to survive and thrive.The researchers have found compelling evidence that people who are more empathetic possess a particular variation of the oxytocin receptor gene.

The findings support other research showing that oxytocin plays a major role in countering stress. Previous studies have also linked this genetic variation with autism and parenting styles, says study coauthor Sarina Rodrigues, assistant professor of psychology at Oregon State University.

I find this amazing that a website dedicated to space and the universe wants to focus on evolving humans and compassion. In the last few week and months, I have been investigating why so many so-called spiritual people seem to be emotionally shut down and I have worked out why. Spirtual evolution does not involve reading reading a few books and attending a few seminars to learn to parrot other peoples' experiences. Regardless of how it's being done and it is happening on a wide scale now, people are volunteering to allow others to shut down their emotions and become a zombie. If you allow this, you cannot empathize with another human being, you close off your ability to use your intuition and your discernment and you will not evolve. The fakes out there posing as gurus, are only there because the general levels of consciousness are too low, this is only a feedback mechanism. This article is a good reminder that there are people out of there who are full of compassion and they live their lives in service to mankind.

15-year-old girl dies of mystery burns
Times of India, 19th January 2011
HOWRAH: A 15-year-old girl died after suffering burn injuries under mysterious circumstances at Howrah's Bantra on Tuesday. Police have started a probe.

Police said that Binita Puri, a Class IX student and resident of Hooghly's Pandua, was visiting her maternal uncle Kalachand Puri's house at Brindavan Mullick Lane at Bantra.

Kalachand lives on the ground floor of a highrise building. His wife Seema Puri was cooking when Binita suddenly shouted from inside the toilet. When everybody rushed in, she was found aflame. To save Binita, her aunt Seema rushed to her and tried to douse the fire by wrapping a cloth around her. Seema, too, sustained serious burns. Both were rushed to Howrah district hospital, where Binita was declared dead. Kalachand, who runs a cable business, was not at home then.

Jay Alfred has made an outstanding contribution with his integration of science and metaphysical beliefs, that he first called Plasma Metaphysics and later renamed Dark Plasma theory. Here is an excerpt from an important essay about spontaneous combustion, a subject that all spiritual aspirants need to understand.
"'Real Yoga' is as dangerous to an impure and undisciplined body as a match to a cask of gunpowder." – Annie Besant

In the meditative state of one-pointedness (also known as "hot" meditation or "active" meditation under the Newberg-Aquili model) or in qigong exercises, a person opens himself or herself up to absorb energy from the environment. Ruptures in the membrane of the magma body of an undisciplined person reduce the resistance of the magma body to external currents. If unsupervised by a teacher, a prodigious amount of current may leak into the magma body of the undisciplined and unsuspecting meditator. This energy will accumulate in an uncontrolled manner in the torso. When the electromagnetic stress exceeds a certain threshold, the current is discharged in a brief moment and a spontaneous human combustion occurs in extreme cases. In order to reduce the risk of this happening, meditators should go on to more energetic exercises in a gradual manner under the supervision of a more experienced person.

"Your body must be able to withstand the high voltage of this energy. Some of the delicate sinews of your body may be damaged if the voltage is too high for you to bear." – Osho (formerly known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh)

Uncontrolled surges of electromagnetic energy during meditation or prayer can damage the cells of the physical-biomolecular body. If it is close to any vital organ such as the heart, it can cause death. If it is near the brain, it can cause a breakdown of neural processes which may result in insanity. It can lead to spontaneous combustion of certain parts of the body. It is important in these cases to interrupt or absorb any flows of charged particles (or currents) from the body. According to Osho, a modern mystic, the use of wooden platforms for meditation had no other purposes than the fact that they were poor conductors of electricity. Deer and leopard skins were also frequently used for the same purpose: so that electromagnetic energy that is released during meditation does not damage the internal organs of the physical-biomolecular body. "A man can be killed by this electric shock," said Osho. "Therefore, the sadhak [or Yoga practitioner] puts on wooden sandals and slept on a wooden platform."


SHC – "Lightning Discharge" Hypothesis Receives Support

Plasma metaphysics' "lightning discharge" hypothesis, proposed in this Jay Alfred's article Spontaneous Human Combustion and Electrical Discharges in the Subtle Body (see above) published on April 16, 2007 has received further support from recent research. In the article, Jay Alfred proposed that spontaneous human combustion is caused by electrical discharges, similar to lightning discharges, within the body. The article states, "A bolt of lightning is an electrical discharge within this system. According to plasma metaphysics, the same phenomenon that occurs in space and on Earth can occur within our subtle bodies... The energies of our subtle (high energy) magma bodies far exceed anything the biomolecular body can withstand. "

In December 2007 researchers at the University of Michigan discovered, to their surprise, "electric fields inside cells as strong as those produced in lightning bolts". However, "scientists are not clear as to what causes these strong fields or what they might mean."

Plasma-induced Human Combustion and Electrical Discharges in the Subtle Body
Jay Alfred 2007, Dark Plasma Theory - (New) Biology

In recent years I have seen only one case that might have applied to a meditator and other cases of people living alone having died in mysterious fires, but I did highlight the strange story of someone leaving burnt footprints in the ground from an article in the Fiji Times, 2nd November 2009, Villager leaves mysterious burnt footprints.

Well, for the record, parts of the metaphysical community were being warned for years with many messages encouraging people to sort out their energy fields, because the incoming energy would literally fry their physical bodies. At the time, I did not understand why the messages were so persistent, until I came across Space Weather and realised that the planet was being bombarded with highly electrical energy, some or most of which is aetheric and falls into the category of universal or the more scientific "dark" energy. I don't know what is being taught in the cultic milieu of the various religious, spiritual, esoteric, metaphysical, New Age groups that exist. In my opinion, based on my own experience and my research from respected spiritual teachers and scientists who haver studied the Kundalini syndrome, those who are at highest risk of spontaneous combustion are those who practice yoga and meditate at the same time.

Quite frankly, since the literature and more recently the internet reveals most yoga teachers fail to warn their students about the issue of a Kundalini awakening, it is not unreasonable to assume that this state of affairs still exists but it is being addressed with some excellent Kundalini websites. Due to my own Kundalini issues that started in October 2001, I do feel qualified to comment. I have not practiced yoga except for a few 'social' sessions in recent years, but I practiced a type of meditation that was very natural for a thinker, something that I called inner reflection, but I did not equate this to "McMeditation" techniques learnt by others. Hence, I was fair game when I attended my first ever New Age meeting and my back caught on fire with aetheric energies, within half an hour of attendance. I have also learnt first hand of the real trauma experienced by a yoga teacher that was sent rolling over and over after a massive Kundalini blow out and was completely ignored by her wonderful workshop hosts, who left her to get on a plane and fly home. She found that there was NO help from any sources and was left to struggle for YEARS. I know all about that.

So, in spiritual traditions, Kundalini was highly prized because in my less than humble opinion, spiritual evolution was inevitable. Now, the commonly held belief is that there is "a reservoir of subtle bio-energy at the base of the spine." I can boldly state, this is incorrect. I believe that in the base of the spine is an aetheric "knot" that acts like a tap. Once that knot is undone, it can function like a tap and allow the passage of certain Earth aetheric energies through the chakra system and associated aetheric channels. Let's say, when you are on fire, you tend to be interested in understanding what worked to put the fire out. Now, besides Near Death Experiences, there are other even more secret methods used by spiritual adepts who historically have been seriously interested in their evolution and that means electrically re-wiring the brain with aetheric energies. However, it seems to me this is all fraught with danger, hence the warnings passed down through ancient spiritual and religious text, as explained in my book Tuning The Diamonds.

Today, spiritual evolution is being enforced due to massive evolutionary change to the electromagnetic environment of Earth. The energy levels of the whole planet is being driven up and like the birds sitting on highly electrical wires, humans will have to cope. Despite my own experiences and my own personal research trying to understand what the hell was happening to me as I had no idea, it seems dealing with aetheric fire is a phenomenon experienced by mystics and spiritual adepts of ALL spiritual traditions. I think those who have encorporated spiritual practices should, in theory, be able to cope better, but spontaneous combustion is a risk, especially for advanced meditators.

Global Consciousness Project Welcomes Collaboration With Skeptics
Skeptico, 16th January 2010
When it comes to claims of a global consciousness linking us all to tragedies like the earthquake in Haiti, or the terrorist attacks of 9/11, there are many skeptics. While the research results of the 12 year old Global Consciousness Project have withstood serious skeptical examination from researchers who’ve dug into the millions of test results collected on the publicly available website, skepticism persists.

But according to Alex Tsakiris, host of the Skeptiko science podcast, dialog between controversial science researchers and their doubters is a good for science, “it’s easy to have a knee-jerk reaction to unconventional science - that’s what makes it unconventional - but skeptics need to look deeper… critical thinking demands we’re sometimes critical of our own cherished beliefs.”

Well, true scientists welcome other scientists being able to find flaws in their theories and data interpretations etc. However, it does look like that scientists at the Global Consciousness Project have discovered at least part of the field of consciousness that is associated with the Global Mind. As I have stated before, the most interesting aspect of the research is the evidence of increasing global human interconnection over time, which is something that metaphysical sources have been adamant would be the result of the changing energies on the planet.

See the The Global Consciousness Project: Media Info

EEG Expert Can’t Explain Near Death Experience Data… and, Dr. Penny Sartori Finds More Than Hallucinations in NDE Accounts
Skeptico, 4th January 2010
For near death experience skeptics, medical evidence of a flat EEG during an out of body experience has always been a stumbling block.

After all, a brain dead patient can’t hallucinate. But, does a flat EEG really mean no brain activity? NDE doubters have claimed activity deep inside the brain, beyond the reach of EEG instruments, must account for the complex “realer than real” experiences reported by those who briefly pass into the afterlife. Now, University of Toledo Neuroscience researcher, and EEG expert, Dr. John Greenfield explains why this claim doesn’t hold up. [...]

The timing of NDE memories is the research question Dr. Penny Sartori sought to answer, “I worked in the intensive care unit and because of the nature of my job, of course, I’d come across a lot of death. And of course makes you wonder what happens when we die. For five years I gathered data, where I spoke to patients in the intensive care unit and particularly patients who’d had a cardiac arrest. When these patients revived, as soon as they were medically fit, I approached them and asked the simple question, ‘Did you have any memory of the time that you were unconscious?’”

“For the people who had a near-death experience and out of body experience [their recollection of resuscitation] was really quite accurate and I decided then to ask the control group, the people who’d had a cardiac arrest but had no recollection of anything at all. I asked them if they would reenact their resuscitation scenario and tell me what they thought that we had done to resuscitate them. And what I found is that many of the patients couldn’t even guess as to what we’d done. They had no idea at all.

Interesting research.....

Two 19th century NDEs [Near Death Experiences]
Michael Prescott, 30th November 2009
I find older reports of near-death experiences interesting, because they predate the popular interest in the subject that developed once Life After Life was published in 1975. Such reports can be traced back at least as far as the Middle Ages, and arguably earlier. Two that recently came to my attention are mentioned in Guided by Spirit, by Charles Emmons and Penelope Emmons (p. 219).

Two 19th century stories are given here and are quite interesting from an historical point of view as explained in this article. I have only come across two people who claimed that they had a NDE experience. One was an athelete who whilst running, had been knocked over by a car that had skidded on ice and was left for dead, if I remember rightly she needed an operation and died on the operating table for 3/4 minutes, it could be longer. The other I don't know any details about. The athelete came back with the ability to see auras and heal and she did say that she thought she was enlightened, but because of my short dealings with this person I am not so sure, but she herself stated that enlightenment could be compared with a light bulb that can get brighter and brighter and I think that is completely true. The other person was quite a dubious character who used the tidbit of her NDE as a marketing ploy. Neither of these people gave me the feeling that they were anywhere near the high levels of consciousness that characterises people who have NDEs, according to the research of the psychologist Sir David Hawkins, but I think this is a fascinating area to study. The book, "Biography of Mrs. J. H. Conant, the World's Medium of the Nineteenth Century" is available online here.

Can dreams intuit winning lottery numbers?
Skepticism Enquirer, 19th November 2009
Every once in a while the news media reports on how a state lottery jackpot winner claimed to have seen the winning numbers in a dream.

Time magazine profiled one such dreamer in December 2005, a 43-year-old Pakistani immigrant named Ihsanullah Khan, who drove a taxi cab in Washington and saw the numbers 2,4,6,17,25 and 31 appear in one of his dreams. He played those numbers and won a $55 million lottery jackpot.

But for those of you seeking quick shortcuts to riches, there’s a catch to this story --- Khan had his prophetic dream and then spent the next 15 years playing the lottery using those numbers until his combination turned up. This is the sort of dedication and confidence that’s sometimes required if our dreams are to come true.

Nice article. I actually know someone who was given "tips" through dreams, in that case, the person liked to have a flutter and was always generous with money. However, I don't think that spiritual evolution and the development of a more evolved human should be too closely associated with the ability to win the lottery...

Meditation 'cuts risk of heart attack by half'
Meditation is good for the body as well as the mind, scientists have discovered, as the practice significantly reduces the risk of a heart attack for people with heart disease.
The Telegraph, 17th November 2009
Patients with heart disease who practised Transcendental Meditation cut their chances of a heart attack, stroke and death by half, compared with non-meditating patients, the first study of its kind has found. Stress is a major factor in heart disease and meditation experts say the technique can help control it.

The problem I have is that some people get addicted to meditating by hormones that get generated in the brain, this is not my opinion, but that of people who have practised meditation for decades who recognise that there are pitfalls. What's more, I am even less enthusiastic for the Transcendental Meditation Movement after recently coming across the TM-Free Blog. I found the blog as a link from the Cult Education Forum, where I was having my eyes opened reading about James Ray and his use of various techniques including NLP to control people's thoughts with multilevel communications. I have to say I learnt a lot, especially about The New Wage.... LOL!!

OK I am sure there are people who will be upset that I don't unconditionally promote meditation, but since any meditation I do is completely unstructured and I have had good and bad experiences, so I am not willing to promote something that people need to be aware is not all plain sailing. I am also highly suspicious of any technique or organisation that does not encourage critical thinking. I would be interested to know who sponsored this research.

A New Magazine: EdgeScience
Unbelievable, 16th November 2009
I’m so excited about this new magazine EdgeScience! And it’s coming out from the Society for Scientific Exploration. You can download the first issue for free. There’s an article about the Global Consciousness Project by Roger D. Nelson that I look forward to reading. Consciousness is one of the areas I’m most curious about.

The article has a great Pierre Teilhard de Chardin pull quote. “It is our duty—as men and women—to behave as though limits to our ability do not exist. We are collaborators in creation of the Universe.”

Download Free no. 2 here. The article called Is The Global Mind Real? Is quite a nice straightforward read and we are told about the EEG or the Electro-GaiaGram that consists of a worldwide network of data cllection points that can be compared to how EEG electrodes collect data from a human head. The most interesting aspect of this report is the final section and graph that seems to be some evidence of increasing global interconnection, which is something that metaphysical sources have been adamant would be the result of the changing energies on the planet. Very interesting stuff.

Download Free no. 1 here.
Edge Science/Society for Scientific Exploration, March 2009

Iraq Swears by Bomb Detector U.S. Sees as Useless
New York Times, 3rd November 2009
"Despite major bombings that have rattled the nation, and fears of rising violence as American troops withdraw, Iraq’s security forces have been relying on a device to detect bombs and weapons that the United States military and technical experts say is useless.

The small hand-held wand, with a telescopic antenna on a swivel, is being used at hundreds of checkpoints in Iraq. But the device works “on the same principle as a Ouija board” — the power of suggestion — said a retired United States Air Force officer, Lt. Col. Hal Bidlack, who described the wand as nothing more than an explosives divining rod.

I think this is a case of the kettle calling the pot black as it becomes more widely known that US military trained psychic spies and once ran a Jedi program to train their elite in the art of the utilising 'The Force'.

Villager leaves mysterious burnt footprints
Fiji Times, 2nd November 2009
"AN early morning walk to his farm has left footprints which burnt portions of grass on his village lawn. Villager Sikeli Nadiri, who lives in Daroko settlement, outside Savusavu, is baffled as he tries to figure out the cause of his mysterious brown prints.

The incident has attracted fellow villagers to his house to have a feel of his feet trying to find a clue to the mystery. Mr Nadiri said it happened the previous week on Wednesday when he went to his farm to tend to his cows. The ground he walked on were seen scorched the next morning leaving footprints leading from his house to the farm.

He said on Thursday, villagers were talking about the strange footprints which had turned brown. [...] Last week, police visited him on Tuesday and the ground he walked on during the interview was also affected."

I suppose the police went to have a feel of his feet too! LOL!! Here, all I can do is repeat the notion well understood in certain parts of the metaphysical community that with the New Energies on the planet, humans are becoming much more charged and some will get burnt out as the increased current tries to flow through people with poor wiring. We know that from the moment of conception, there is an electromagnetic field that acts as a template and guides the development of the fetus and the physical development of the human being for the rest of their life. This energy is real and can be detected by torsion detectors. Regardless of what is going on at the higher dimensional level, this is what our scientists know about electromagnetic forces;
Hundreds upon hundreds of other scientific studies over the last fifty years have consistently revealed that “invisible forces” of the electromagnetic spectrum profoundly impact every facet of biological regulation. These energies include microwaves, radio frequencies, the visible light spectrum, extremely low frequencies, acoustic frequencies, and even a newly recognized form of force called scalar energy. Specific frequencies and patterns of electromagnetic radiation regulate DNA, RNA and protein syntheses; alter protein shape and function; and control gene regulation, cell division, cell differentiation, morphogenesis, (the process by which cells assemble into organs and tissues), hormone secretion, and nerve growth and function. Each one of these cellular activities is a fundamental behavior that contributes to the unfolding of life. Though these research studies have been published in some of the most respected mainstream biomedical journals, their revolutionary findings have not been incorporated into medical school curriculum. (Liboff 2004; Goodman and Bank 2002; Sivitz 2000; Jin, et al, 2000; Blackman, et al, 1993; Rosen 1992, Blank 1992; Tsong1989; Yen-Patton,et al, 1988). Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. The Biology of Belief
In my book, I provided the science to explain how geomagnetic storms effected people, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and I also provided metaphysical sources that claimed that there would be a massive increase in aetheric energies. Since that time, even NASA have recently admitted that we are losing our solar system shielding and scientists have clearly expressed their concern that the heliosphere might evaporate. Burnt footprints are just a sign that this person's energy field has interacted with the environment to generate this strange effect, what it means is probably well beyond what conventional science could explain.

Medical Mystery: Boy's Skin Branded with Religious Passages
KTLA News, 19th October 2009
"LONDON -- Doctors in the United Kingdom are baffled by what they have found on a 9-month-old's skin.

The Sun reports passages from the Koran were written all over the baby's body. The word "Allah" appeared on the boy's chin soon after he was born. Since then, his parents say scores of Arabic writings have emerged. The Sun reports these passages show up on the baby's back, arms, legs and stomach. His family claims the old markings vanish before the new words arrive and this happens twice a week. The parents tell The Sun,

"It's impossible to hold him when it's happening, his body is actively moving, so we put him into his cradle. It's so hard to watch him suffering." His mother, Madina, said that she and her husband were not religious until the words started appearing on his skin. Doctors say although they cannot explain his mysterious condition, they deny that the marks are from someone writing on the child's skin."

Hmmm... Well, this is the time of signs and wonders. What is odd, is that this has occured on a baby and not on a religious adult. Well, I have been saying for a long time that things will get weird but I was thinking along the lines of electromagnetic chaos, this is more along the lines of the paranormal. [See later explanations concerning aetheric bleedthrough.]

Out of your head: Leaving the body behind
New Scientist News, 13th October 2009
THE young man woke feeling dizzy. He got up and turned around, only to see himself still lying in bed. He shouted at his sleeping body, shook it, and jumped on it. The next thing he knew he was lying down again, but now seeing himself standing by the bed and shaking his sleeping body. Stricken with fear, he jumped out of the window. His room was on the third floor. He was found later, badly injured.

What this 21-year-old had just experienced was an out-of-body experience, one of the most peculiar states of consciousness. It was probably triggered by his epilepsy (Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, vol 57, p 838). "He didn't want to commit suicide," says Peter Brugger, the young man's neuropsychologist at University Hospital Zurich in Switzerland. "He jumped to find a match between body and self. He must have been having a seizure."

This is really the study of self-consciousness, something that scientists admit they really don't understand well at all.

Announcer: On this episode of Skeptiko, Dr. Rupert Sheldrake.
Skeptico, 10th October 2009
Dr. Rupert Sheldrake: Well yes. I mean it sounds as if he’s tried really hard over a long period of time and nothing I do ever works when they do it.

It’s not quite like that and first of all there haven’t been that many attempts. He did a staring experiment, I think it was the first thing that he did that was related to my own work. He used different methods than ones I’d used and his student came up with a result that was statistically significant by one test and not significant by another.

Probably the one that they used was the most appropriate, but it was on the borderline of significance, so I asked for the data, to analyze it using different statistical procedures. They’d used a t-test and there were other ways of doing the analysis. I just wanted to see how that would work. He said oh, well, I couldn’t do that cause they’d discarded the data. So I wouldn’t say that was an unambiguous failure. I think that it was interesting result and it was on the borderline of significance. It all depended on which tests you did.

I have to say I listened to the 28th September 2009, Skeptico interview with Dr Chris French and I thought he basically had NOTHING to say about Sheldrake's research, accept that he could not duplicate the same results. In fact, I thought the 50 minute interview was complete and utter waste of time listening to this person. However, here we find that in one experiment, Sheldrake wanted to check the raw data and French comes out with the excuse that the dog ate the data, where have we heard that before..... My attitude is that if you are going to be a sceptic, then be a good one! You need to be on top form with facts and figures, hand waving is not good enough. Sheldrake's analogy of comparing the experience of psychic phenomena to "erection on demand" in an environment of men with clip-boards is quite hilarious..... It's also interesting that no one wants to work with sceptical scientists and they actually have had a hard time trying to recruit subjects.... Maybe, people don't want that negative energy around themselves....

Scientists discover bacterium that transmutes gold, were the alchemists right?
NY Holistic Science & Spirit Examiner, 10th October 2009
"Gold is in the news, not only because of its record high at $1,060 an ounce according to the Globe and Mail, but also through Australian scientists’ recent study of a bacterium that plays a basic role in the cycle of solid gold formation.

From prehistoric times and Egyptian goldmines; from the gifts of the Magi in the New Testament to King Midas’ coins, not only were alchemists captivated by this shiny yellow metal, but once upon a time, we converted our skills and energy into this precious metal when our society’s monetary system was based on the gold standard."

There are some interesting spiritual concepts in this article, like 'cosmic alchemy' and natural evolutionary law that applies to metals. The subject focuses our attention on the universal principles that make up our reality as we are in a time of rapid evolutionary change, which means ever increasing complexity. At the same time, we have to remind ourselves that those who understood spiritual evolution in the past, knew themselves to be 'beings of light' and they were primarily interested in transmutation of themselves into a higher expression of universal energy. The evolution of base materials to pure gold, is often expressed as 'spiritual' alchemy.

Brain Waves Surge Moments Before Death
Discovery News, 6th October 2009
"A study of seven terminally ill patients found identical surges in brain activity moments before death, providing what may be physiological evidence of "out of body" experiences reported by people who survive near-death ordeals. Doctors at George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates recorded brain activity of people dying from critical illnesses, such as cancer or heart attacks.

Moments before death, the patients experienced a burst in brain wave activity, with the spikes occurring at the same time before death and at comparable intensity and duration."

This discovery of a brain surge just prior to death, that is measured as a burst of high voltage energy, may explain why those that have a near death experience [NDE], have brains that have been rewired and the experience propels them into the higher levels of consciousness, on a permanent basis. This later article tries to debunk peoples experience. See also, Doctor says near-death experiences are in the mind

Almost half of healers’ patients report immediate benefit
Paranormal Review, 4th October 2009
"Eighty patients have co-operated with Scottish psychic researcher Patricia Robertson in a study of the benefits they have received at the hands of two English healers, Gary Mannion and Nina Knowland. The healers also participated in the research.

Robertson revealed some early findings in a lecture on paranormal healing to the Society for Psychical Research in London on Thursday, 1 October, titled “Do Miracles Happen?” She reported that 86 per cent felt heat from the healer’s hands during treatment, half experienced a quick cessation of pain, and four out of ten said they sensed “internal manipulation” during treatment."

This website is new to me and looks quite interesting. Well, this kind of research, utilising scientific protocols is only required to prove to sceptics and the insensitive that universal energies exist and can be harnessed for spiritual health and well being. If you are interested, this is a great healing story, Catholic Church investigates inexplicable healing of dying man

Can We Really Read Minds?
Psychology Today, 30th September 2009
The belief in telepathy is deeply rooted in many of us, and not only science fiction fans. Mothers ring their daughters thousands of miles away, and their daughters say,

"How did you know? I was just thinking of you". We walk into a room and we just get a feeling about someone: it is as if we knew what they were thinking, and what they will say next.

Professors of parapsychology--and there are a few--have been unable to replicate these results in the laboratory. Minds they have to conclude cannot pass thoughts or images to other minds directly. Perhaps this should not be a surprise. After all, we do pass thoughts and images to each other pretty effectively by speaking, drawing, singing, and so on. More to the point, our minds are our own, and we want them to remain so. We fight to keep our original thoughts. So is telepathy just wishful thinking, born out of our wish to be close to our loved ones and not feel that they have minds that will be for ever closed to us? Or is it a more general feeling against the scientists and others who seem to want to reduce everything to atoms without allowing for the connectedness that joins us to the universe?

Maybe these parapsychologists need to redesign their experiments, as others have proven that signals are being passed between brains were there is an EMOTIONAL attachment, like between husbands and wives.

New study: What really happens when you die?
AWARE project harnesses technology to probe ‘out-of-body experiences’
MSNBC News, 28th September 2009
People often talk about seeing their lives flash before their eyes, but a select few — some of those who have been resuscitated after nearly dying — have reported on the experience of death, or at least coming very close to it. It’s a rarer phenomenon, and one that has captured the interest of scientists who are trying to answer the question of just what constitutes death, and when death actually occurs. A new international study is endeavoring to apply hard science to one of life’s biggest mysteries — its end. [...]

“At least 10 to 20 percent of people who have been brought back to life will tell us they had consciousness present, and a proportion of them will tell us they were able to see doctors and nurses working on them as if they’re looking from above,” Parnia told Vieira. “When people have died, their brain goes into a flatline state, so consciousness shouldn’t be present.

The article does not seem to distinguish between a 'near-death experience' (NDE) and an 'out of body experience' that can occur at anytime, which seems strange to me. Well, the most interesting thing is that research reveals that people who have had a NDE come back with a different brain pattern and become more evolved. According to psychologist Sir David Hawkins, they are propelled into higher states of consciousness to the levels of peace at about 600, on the Map of Consciousness that is calibrated from 1 – 1000, 700 and above is considered enlightenment and the re-wiring of the brain is proof, as psychologists who have studied human development tell us this is required for human evolution.

Power of the hidden message revealed
Negative emotional contents are more likely to register in the subconscious
The Indepencent, 28th September 2009
"An experiment by British researchers has found that even though subliminal messages are shown so briefly that the human eye cannot consciously read them, the brain is particularly good at picking up on the emotional meaning of a word if it is negative.

Scientists at University College London believe the results of the study, in which participants correctly identified when a subliminally transmitted word had negative connotations more than seven times out of 10, shows that humans are programmed at a sub-conscious level to respond to any stimulus that contains a potential threat."

I think if these scientists did the exact same experiment with people of higher consciousness and Sir David Hawkins, the psychiatrist, has a method to test for this using kinesiology, I would imagine that the results would be different. On the Map of Consciousness that is calibrated from 1 – 1000, 200 and above is the level of empowerment. At this level, human consciousness shifts towards the positive, but most of the world calibrates at much lower levels. This is a quote from Hawkin's second book, The Eye of the I.
It is significant that the majority of the world's population still calibrates below the level of integrity of 200. This mass negativity has continued to be counterbalanced by the small minority of the population that is in the very high positive range.

...Although, historically, the tendency is to blame specific leaders for any catastrophes, in actuality, they do not succeed without the support of the masses who, if below 200, are vulnerable to distorted concepts, slogans, propaganda, and mass programming by hatred, revenge, pride, anger, and greed. Therefore, it is crucial to the evolution of mankind that its overall consciousness level be kept above 200.
Sir David Hawkins, 2001
It must be remembered that the scale is logarithmic, as I wrote in my book, Tuning the Diamonds, "400 is not twice the power of 200, it is 10 to the power 400 (10400) and 200 corresponds to 10 to the power 200, (10200). Therefore, an increase in a few points represents a major advance in power. By the way, human consciousness is shifting upwards and that's because the 'small' number of individuals with higher consciousness are increasing and having a disproportionate effect. This is easy to see when a few people decide to make a difference, especially when it comes to matters of truth.

Stressed out: The debate over reiki’s benefits spills over at Roman Catholic hospitals
The Boston Globe, 22nd September 2009
Debbie Griseuk is a reiki practitioner and teacher who volunteered her time to elderly nuns in Manchester, N.H., and patients at St. Joseph Hospital in Nashua. In fact, she first became interested in the Japanese hands-on healing technique at St. Joseph, where she attended a lecture along with some nuns. She went through a training course at the Roman Catholic hospital, eventually becoming a reiki master.

But last spring the US Conference of Catholic Bishops announced that reiki - hailed by many as therapy, derided by others as quackery - would no longer be practiced in the church’s hospitals and retreat centers. Reiki, according to the bishops, is not grounded in science or Christianity and is therefore inappropriate for Catholic institutions. [...]

Apparently, St. Joseph Hospital agreed. A hospital brochure on reiki called it one of “the most popular forms of integrated therapies’’ at the hospital. The manager of volunteer services is quoted as saying: “This energy is deeply relaxing and enables the patient to release stress and anxiety. This state of relaxation facilitates our bodies’ natural healing.’’ [...] Patients at St. Joseph still call Griseuk and she occasionally goes to their hospital rooms to perform reiki. “Galileo was denounced by the Catholic Church,’’ she says. “I don’t mind being in his company.’’

Interesting article. Well, the science is available, but generally ignored. The Russians have done the most research and now they can offer certification to prove that a healer has the abilitiy to tune into universal energies, see Russia licenses faith healers. Still, the Catholic Church should read the Bible if they think healing people by the laying on of hands is not grounded in Christianity, because it begs the question: what exactly was Jesus Christ doing then?

Placebos Are Getting More Effective. Drugmakers Are Desperate to Know Why.
Wired News, September 2009
[...]"It's not only trials of new drugs that are crossing the futility boundary. Some products that have been on the market for decades, like Prozac, are faltering in more recent follow-up tests. In many cases, these are the compounds that, in the late '90s, made Big Pharma more profitable than Big Oil. But if these same drugs were vetted now, the FDA might not approve some of them. Two comprehensive analyses of antidepressant trials have uncovered a dramatic increase in placebo response since the 1980s. One estimated that the so-called effect size (a measure of statistical significance) in placebo groups had nearly doubled over that time.

It's not that the old meds are getting weaker, drug developers say. It's as if the placebo effect is somehow getting stronger. [..]

The fact that an increasing number of medications are unable to beat sugar pills has thrown the industry into crisis. The stakes could hardly be higher. In today's economy, the fate of a long-established company can hang on the outcome of a handful of tests.

Why are inert pills suddenly overwhelming promising new drugs and established medicines alike? The reasons are only just beginning to be understood. A network of independent researchers is doggedly uncovering the inner workings—and potential therapeutic applications—of the placebo effect. At the same time, drugmakers are realizing they need to fully understand the mechanisms behind it so they can design trials that differentiate more clearly between the beneficial effects of their products and the body's innate ability to heal itself. A special task force of the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health is seeking to stem the crisis by quietly undertaking one of the most ambitious data-sharing efforts in the history of the drug industry. After decades in the jungles of fringe science, the placebo effect has become the elephant in the boardroom.

From a metaphysical point of view, this is some real evidence that there has been a notable change in the direction of the positive, i.e. when human's apply the power of intent the result is much more evident. This is a long report, but highly informative!

Trust your gut? Study explores religion, morality and trust in authority
A Science Centric, 14th September 2009
"In a world filled with dogma, doctrine and discipline, it is accurate to say most of us strive to do what we believe is 'right.' These convictions and beliefs permeate every aspect of our lives, including education, ethics and even common law.

Psychologists Daniel C. Wisneski, Brad L. Lytle and Linda J. Skitka from the University of Illinois at Chicago explored this interplay of moral convictions and religious beliefs as it relates to our trust in authority. Specifically, the researchers provided a nationally-represented sample of adults - 53% female, 72% White, 12% Black and 11% Hispanic - with an online survey about the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling on physician-assisted suicide.

As the findings suggest in a recent issue of Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, the more religious participants tended to trust the Supreme Court's ability to make the right decision while the group with strong moral convictions felt distrust. And both groups, as it turned out, based their beliefs on a gut reaction rather than on thoughtful, careful deliberation."

As I have spiritual evolved, I have realised that I can't make false assumptions about anything, it's not a matter of distrust, yes I use my intuition, but making the wrong assumption can lead to massive disappointments.

Placebos Are Getting More Effective. Drugmakers Are Desperate to Know Why.
Wired News, September 2009
[...] "It's not only trials of new drugs that are crossing the futility boundary. Some products that have been on the market for decades, like Prozac, are faltering in more recent follow-up tests. In many cases, these are the compounds that, in the late '90s, made Big Pharma more profitable than Big Oil. But if these same drugs were vetted now, the FDA might not approve some of them.

Two comprehensive analyses of antidepressant trials have uncovered a dramatic increase in placebo response since the 1980s. One estimated that the so-called effect size (a measure of statistical significance) in placebo groups had nearly doubled over that time.

It's not that the old meds are getting weaker, drug developers say. It's as if the placebo effect is somehow getting stronger. [..]

The fact that an increasing number of medications are unable to beat sugar pills has thrown the industry into crisis. The stakes could hardly be higher. In today's economy, the fate of a long-established company can hang on the outcome of a handful of tests.

Why are inert pills suddenly overwhelming promising new drugs and established medicines alike? The reasons are only just beginning to be understood. A network of independent researchers is doggedly uncovering the inner workings—and potential therapeutic applications—of the placebo effect.

At the same time, drugmakers are realizing they need to fully understand the mechanisms behind it so they can design trials that differentiate more clearly between the beneficial effects of their products and the body's innate ability to heal itself. A special task force of the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health is seeking to stem the crisis by quietly undertaking one of the most ambitious data-sharing efforts in the history of the drug industry. After decades in the jungles of fringe science, the placebo effect has become the elephant in the boardroom.

From a metaphysical point of view, this is some real evidence that there has been a notable change in the direction of the positive, i.e. when human's apply the power of intent the result is much more evident. This is a long report, but highly informative!

The Holy Grail of the Unconscious
New York Times, 20th September 2009
This is a story about a nearly 100-year-old book, bound in red leather, which has spent the last quarter century secreted away in a bank vault in Switzerland. [...]

Carl Jung founded the field of analytical psychology and, along with Sigmund Freud, was responsible for popularizing the idea that a person’s interior life merited not just attention but dedicated exploration — a notion that has since propelled tens of millions of people into psychotherapy. The book tells the story of Jung trying to face down his own demons as they emerged from the shadows. The results are humiliating, sometimes unsavory. [...]

He worked on his red book — and he called it just that, the Red Book — on and off for about 16 years, long after his personal crisis had passed, but he never managed to finish it. He actively fretted over it, wondering whether to have it published and face ridicule from his scientifically oriented peers or to put it in a drawer and forget it. Regarding the significance of what the book contained, however, Jung was unequivocal. “All my works, all my creative activity,” he would recall later, “has come from those initial fantasies and dreams.”

This article is good background reading as an introduction to the phenomenon of Carl Jung. The comment towards the end that people are setting up conferences to exploit the interest in this infamous "red book" when they will not have been enough time to study its contents properly, just about sums up the culture of superficiality, the exact opposite of Jung's message of going inward and examining the soul, which is a time consuming affair.

New Charles Darwin film is 'too controversial' for religious American audiences
Daily Mail, 13th September 2009
"A new British film about Charles Darwin has failed to land a distribution deal in the States because his theories on human evolution are too controversial for religious American audiences, according to the film's producer. Creation follows the British naturalist's 'struggle between faith and reason' as he wrote his 1859 book, On The Origin Of The Species. The film, directed by Jon Amielm was chosen to open the Toronto Film Festival and has now been sold to almost every territory in the world.

Christian film review website described Darwin as 'a racist, a bigot and a 1800s naturalist whose legacy is mass murder.' The site also stated that his 'half-baked theory' influenced Adolf Hitler and led to 'atrocities, crimes against humanity, cloning and generic engineering.' Jeremy Thomas, the Oscar-winning producer of Creation, said he was astonished that such attitudes exist 150 years after On The Origin of Species was published. 'That's what we're up against. In 2009. It's amazing,' he said.

'The film has no distributor in America."

I think the opinion of the Christian flim review guide is a bit rough.... Well, I think my views mean that I am neither a creationist or an evolutionist, but I can see valid points from both sides. As far as I am concerned, the evidence points to evolutionary change being determined by cosmic blueprints and universal forces. Experts in this field realise that the evolution of humans has not been a smooth uninterupted process and there are many questions about why humans have such flawed DNA. What's more, Darwin has been criticised for his famous book, The Origin of Species (1872), for not even defining what he meant by species and the notion of the 'Tree of Life' is now looking unprovable. Quite frankly, we are experiencing rapid evolutionary change right now, so it will be interesting to see how both sides of the argument react, evolutionary biologists are already puzzled.

Can psychics be good for your health?
A phenomenon known as remote viewing, which claims to use psychic powers to 'see' what is invisible to the naked eye, may have an intriguing role to play in healthcare
The Telgraph, 31st August 2009
"So far, so spooky – and frankly unbelievable. Or is it? The NHS is involved in an ongoing trial to establish whether RV has social and medical applications.

Andrew Usher, dean of the British Institute of Homeopathy, and a (non-clinical) partner in an NHS practice in Scotland, is working with a GP to determine if RV can save lives. Usher's Med RV project uses a team of remote viewers around the world who try to detect illnesses that have been missed by conventional scientific and medical procedures.

The scheme has been running for just over a year. Usher, the complementary medicine consultant at Dunbeath Surgery in Caithness, says it is too early for conclusive results. "I've worked on 30 cases but I need at least 100 before I can make statistical correlations. RV is never 100 per cent accurate, so it could only ever be a supplementary form of data acquisition."

Up to six remote viewers at a time are involved in a single case. They are not given any information about the patient – whose consent must be sought – other than a case number."

It seems that governments using psychic spies but using the acronym, RV (Remote Viewing) has made this human ability seem more respectable. In the United States, people who work with doctors to diagnose medical conditions are known as 'Medical Intuitives' and the best are very accurate.

Depressions evolutionary roots
Scientific American, 25th August 2009,
"Two scientists suggest that depression is not a malfunction, but a mental adaptation that brings certain cognitive advantages. Depression seems to pose an evolutionary paradox. Research in the US and other countries estimates that between 30 to 50 percent of people have met current psychiatric diagnostic criteria for major depressive disorder sometime in their lives. [...]

So what could be so useful about depression? Depressed people often think intensely about their problems. These thoughts are called ruminations; they are persistent and depressed people have difficulty thinking about anything else. Numerous studies have also shown that this thinking style is often highly analytical. They dwell on a complex problem, breaking it down into smaller components, which are considered one at a time.

This article about depression is really quite interesting. I know all about the ruminating after the massive shocks I had after discovering that people I thought were "spiritual" were not that spiritual at all. In my analysis, I realised I had to change and I have had to become much more cynical of people because I was too naive. I learnt that I had imposed my understanding of spirituality unto other people who did not share my values. Interestingly, my naievity was pointed out to me by someone providing 'friendly' advice a few years before, but at the time, it went over my head and hence, I was ripe for circumstances to come into my life to teach me a few lessons. Now, one of my favourite expressions is that I am happy to give people enough rope and see if they hang themselves. Since, I am running the detective archetype with people rather than just information, I don't tolerate bogus people for very long and I believe I must be giving off different signals now. Despite the massive shocks, things could have been far worse, so I am grateful and gratitude is a high vibration that will steer people out of depression.

Why marriage is better for men than quitting smoking
Refreshing News, 23rd August 2009
"They may joke that marriage raises their blood pressure. But walking down the aisle actually has a positive effect on a man's health, scientists say. They found that a long marriage lowers a man's chance of developing serious health problems and is more effective than giving up smoking when guarding against potentially fatal diseases.

Researchers looked at blood samples from 1,715 volunteers aged 57 to 85 to measure the level of C-reactive protein. CRP, which is produced by the liver in response to inflammation, has been linked in previous studies to heart disease, depression and even stroke.

The study found that married men had the lowest CRP levels of any group: an average of 1.16 milligrams per litre of blood compared to 2.72 for unmarried men. There was only a negligible difference between married and unmarried women."

Call me cynical, but maybe it's because many men benefit from having an energetic doormat, whether it's by abusing their wives physically, emotionally or mentally. Since so many people exist at low levels of spirtual intelligence, it's hardly likely that there are many relationships that demonstrate much balance and women do tend to give up a lot of power for the sake of peace.

How thinking of yesterday can make you happy today
Daily Mail, 12th August 2009
The best way to make yourself feel happier is to think of something good that happened to you the day before, an experiment has found. Volunteers who were asked to recall a pleasant event from the previous 24 hours got an instant 15 per cent boost in cheerfulness.

Other popular techniques, such as expressing gratitude or making yourself smile, also increased happiness levels but not by so much. [...] Professor Wiseman said: 'Thinking about one positive thing that had happened the day before appears to have been by far the most effective technique. 'Compared to those in the control group, this quick and simple procedure provided an additional 15 per cent boost in happiness.'


Russian camera can see human soul
Russia Today, 30th July 2009
"A wonder device can see the soul of a dead man pass away… or at least that’s what the inventor claims. A publication of the popular Russian tabloid gives a dramatic account of the experiments of an inventor from St Petersburg, who has created a device able to see human aura. [...]

The instrument, which was presented to us as something involved in the study of death, turned out to have been designed as a medical diagnosis tool. With about 15 years of development behind it, its inventor claims that it’s an affordable early-diagnosis tool, capable of identifying any disease, from an ulcer to a brain tumor, by scanning irregularities in an aura. Sort of a spiritual healer in metal and plastic, available to everyone for a small fee. No mystical stuff here – a patient can see his own aura on the computer screen, all thanks to the “gas discharge visualization” or GDV."

Like many wonderful Russian press releases, the meaning is a little lost in translation, but I think the scepticism is that this device is being used to diagnose the aura at death and this is NOT the original intention for the use of this equipment.

If you're happy, then we know it
e Science!, 24th July 2009
"...But what if you had a remote-sensing mechanism that could record how millions of people around the world were feeling on any particular day — without their knowing?

That's exactly what Peter Dodds and Chris Danforth, a mathematician and computer scientist working in the Advanced Computing Center at the University of Vermont, have created. Their methods show that Election Day, November 4, 2008, was the happiest day in four years. The day of Michael Jackson's death, one of the unhappiest. Their results are reported this week in the Journal of Happiness Studies.[...]

Though Francis Edgeworth hoped to measure happiness, "exactly according to the verdict of consciousness," all science has to work with today are the tracings of a mind, not a literal mind-probe. New techniques in neuroscience seem to be moving closer to such a tool, but "we don't know what is going on in people's heads, really," says Dodds.

An observation I have made in life is those individuals who sense your own happiness or high state of consciousnesss and then go out of the way to destroy it! Many years ago now, I came across the bestselling book, The Celestine Prophecy that explains how and why humans steal energies from others during energetic interactions because there are certain spiritual energies that they need, but they can't process them themselves so they steal this energy already processed from somebody else. This book enlightened many and gave a clear understanding of why this happened. It reminds me of the research of Jacque Benveniste who discovered that a certain colleague was a walking chaos factory and if they were involved in experiments they would completely skew the results. These days, my tolerance factor of these types of people is virtually nil as alongside happiness, they will go out of their way to destroy your peace, joy, bliss, sense of harmony, whilst disrespecting and dishonouring you at the same time. The other thing that is of interest is who are the vampires? I have realised now that some who call themselves healers are in a good position to steal other people's energy whilst pretending to do otherwise. Now, I am concerned that people who learn energy techniques are leaving themselves open to all sorts of energies that they don't understand.

Health Ministry to hypnotists: Stop helping clients explore past lives
Haaretz News, 24th July 2009
"Israeli hypnotists were told to refrain from helping clients explore past lives, following a recent decision on the matter by a special Health Ministry advisory committee. The Advisory Committee on the Law on Hypnosis made the ruling following complaints by clients who said that they had sustained serious emotional damage because of reincarnation hypnosis sessions.

Israel has several experts on reincarnation hypnosis, who give sessions that aim to "discover who they were in past lives," as Dr. Lianna Sofer defines her treatments. "The reincarnation hypnosis allows us to return to the prenatal stage." The ministry decided not to completely ban the practice, in keeping with the decision to allow a host of other practices which are not recognized as therapeutic by modern medicine but are believed by some to be remedial."

I suppose the problem here is the skill of therapists and that nobody is guaranteed that bringing up past/other life information will be unproblematic. From my own experience of "energy balancing", some clients are just not able to cope with a blast of energy that quickly re-arranges their energy field, in these cases, efforts to balance them only makes them worse. I was warned about one client and I dutifully only carried out a 15-20 minutes of energy balancing but afterwards she still complained by email that it was "too powerful" and she had decided to go back to Reiki!

Strange! Humans Glow in Visible Light
Live Science, 22nd July 2009
"The human body literally glows, emitting a visible light in extremely small quantities at levels that rise and fall with the day, scientists now reveal. Past research has shown that the body emits visible light, 1,000 times less intense than the levels to which our naked eyes are sensitive. In fact, virtually all living creatures emit very weak light, which is thought to be a byproduct of biochemical reactions involving free radicals."

The study of biophotons is most widely known due to the research of German biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp, who started his work in the early 1980s, but this is old news for most people in the religious/spiritual/metaphysical communities. It is well known that mystics and saints are noted for their glowing auras and there is an example of a Sufi mystic, where history records that he gave off so much light that people could read by it!

Knowing Me, Myself, And I: What Psychology Can Contribute To Self-Knowledge
Medical News Today, 17th July 2009
"How well do you know yourself? It's a question many of us struggle with, as we try to figure out how close we are to who we actually want to be. In a new report in Perspectives on Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, psychologist Timothy D. Wilson from the University of Virginia describes theories behind self-knowledge (that is, how people form beliefs about themselves), cites challenges psychologists encounter while studying it, and offers ways we can get to know ourselves a little better."

A strange little article.... Well, I can recommend Spiral Dynamics, first developed by late emeritus psychologist Clare Graves in the 1950s, who initially called it "The Emergent, Cyclical, Double-Helix Model of Adult Bio-psychosocial Systems Development." and then simplified to "The Theory of Levels of Human Existence." It will help anyone going through issues with people who obviously think differently to oneself. I have been tremendously enlightened after my own problems with people who I thought were further down the evolutionary path than me until I found out what kind of people I had been dealing with. I can even see the funny side now of little despots who cannot deal with complexity pretending to be enlightened!

‘Miracle’ girl’s heart heals itself after transplant
‘The heart apparently has major regenerative powers,’ says cardiologist
MSN News, 13th July 2009
"British doctors designed a radical solution to save a girl with major heart problems in 1995: They implanted a donor heart directly onto her own failing heart. After 10 years with two blood-pumping organs, Hannah Clark's faulty one did what many experts had thought impossible: It healed itself enough so that doctors could remove the donated heart."

Incredible! This could have only been caused by the healthy heart transfering it's properties to the unheathly heart, by resonance, amazing!

In Search of the Science Behind the Healing Powers of Art
Wall Street Journal, 3rd July 2009
"Julia Strecher was 9 years old when she had her second heart transplant. Her body had rejected the first heart she received with particular vehemence: She went into cardiac arrest six times in two hours. As doctors struggled to revive her, she recalls, she could hear them debating whether to give up.

“I was trapped in my body,” says Ms. Strecher, now 18. “I was trying to tell people I was alive and not to pull the plug.” A few months after she went home with her second new heart, she began having nightmares in which she watched herself suffering cardiac arrest.

But then, she began writing down her thoughts about being helpless. Eventually she turned the details into poems and stories. “It was extremely emotionally healing and freeing,” she said. “It helped me relieve a lot of stress and provided a distraction from pain and depression.” The nightmares went away.

Ms. Strecher’s case seems a striking illustration of the healing potential of creative expression. But is it science? Can the power of the arts to soothe, transform and inspire be enlisted to treat—and perhaps even prevent—heart disease?"

This is the Wall Street Journal article teaching people that they can heal themselves through art and self-expression. It's a new world!

Russian church sells miracle stickers
Moscow Top News, 25th June 2009
"The Russian Orthodox Church has started to sell stickers that, when put on a mobile phone, will miraculously protect its owner from hazardous electromagnetic waves. For 170 rubles, or just $5.5, anyone can purchase the sticker at so-called "church shops" in the Novgorod Region, where they are sold among accessories like crosses, prayer books and candles, Komsomolskaya Pravda daily writes Tuesday MosNews reports.

The round stickers are decorated with images of famous Russian churches and monasteries - such as Christ the Savior or the Trinity Laura. They are extremely popular with customers. According to Svetlana Kokhan, who managers the protective stickers project, the stickers are a patented development of the Russian Academy of Sciences. They are made of a mineral called shungite, known for its healing characteristics.

Despite the headline, this short article is more about the problem of cell phone Electromagnetic radiation. During my early research on electromagnetism I noted that the Russian scientists would only permit very low levels for EMR exposure but it seems that the desire to make money has trumped any qualms about safety. Well, a little bit of research will now reveal that the biggest child killer is now brain tumours induced by mobile phones.

Ability To Literally Imagine Oneself In Another's Shoes May Be Tied To Empathy
Science Daily, 24th June 2009
"New research from Vanderbilt University indicates the way our brain handles how we move through space - including being able to imagine literally stepping into someone else's shoes - may be related to how and why we experience empathy toward others. The research was recently published in the online scientific journal PLoS One.

Empathy involves, in part, the ability to simulate the internal states of others. The authors hypothesized that our ability to manipulate, rotate and simulate mental representations of the physical world, including our own bodies, would contribute significantly to our ability to empathize. "

The research appears to claim that the ability to empathize is only spacial but maybe this is just superficial and not the real answer. It seems that the process of transfering healing energies occurs when one individual is able to empathize with another and transfer a matching "healing" scalar template. What this means is that if you have been through a similar suitation and been healed yourself, it is much easier to transmit a healing pattern of your healing to another. The person who is in receipt at some levels "feels" the empathy and opens themselves to receive whatever healing energies that can be transmitted.

Father of 'Reincarnated' WWII Pilot Says Christian Faith Undeterred
Christian Post, 10th June 2009
"The father of a boy who he believes his son was a World War II fighter pilot in "a past life" says his Christian faith has remained in tact despite his new belief while his wife says the situation has "enhanced my belief system."

"I am a Christian, and this has only reaffirmed the strength of my Christian faith," Bruce C. Leininger said in an appearance Monday on Good Morning America. "It's a new reality," he added. Around nine years ago, Leininger's then two-year-old son, James, began to have recurring nightmares of a plane crash that got worse and more frequent as time went on."

If you do the research, you will find out that many scholars believe that references to reincarnation were "removed" from the Bible. If you want to read, I can recommend from my bookshelf,
  • Reincarnation: The Missing Link in Christianity (1997) by Elizabeth Clare Phrophet
  • Reincarnation, The Phoenix Fire Mystery: An East-West dialogue on death and rebirth from the worlds of religion, science, psychology, art and literature (1998)
  • Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives (1994) by Michael Newton PH.D
  • Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives (2000) by Michael Newton PH.D.
Michael Newton is a state certified hynotherapist who made a mistake one day and accidentally went back too far and ended up bringing up information from in-between lives and other 'past' lives. The other interesting thing is that I found out whilst living in Norway, that it's illegal to regress people to find out about their past lives, it seems that the Norwegian state wants citizens to be under the impression that their current life is their one and only opportunity.....

People by Nature Are Universally Optimistic, Study Says
Eureka Alert, 24th May 2009
"Despite calamities from economic recessions, wars and famine to a flu epidemic afflicting the Earth, a new study from the University of Kansas and Gallup indicates that humans are by nature optimistic. The study, to be presented Sunday, May 24, 2009, at the annual meeting of the Association for Psychological Science in San Francisco, found optimism to be universal and borderless. [...]

Eighty-nine percent of individuals worldwide expect the next five years to be as good or better than their current life, and 95 percent of individuals expected their life in five years to be as good or better than their life was five years ago. "These results provide compelling evidence that optimism is a universal phenomenon," said Matthew Gallagher, a psychology doctoral candidate at the University of Kansas and lead researcher of the study.

The results of the poll are quite incredible really and must be quite disheartening for those desperately trying to keep the spiritual vibration low on this planet. Quite frankly, they must have realised by now that the battle has been lost and a better future is in store for mankind.

People by Nature Are Universally Optimistic, Study Says
Eureka Alert, 24th May 2009
"Despite calamities from economic recessions, wars and famine to a flu epidemic afflicting the Earth, a new study from the University of Kansas and Gallup indicates that humans are by nature optimistic. The study, to be presented Sunday, May 24, 2009, at the annual meeting of the Association for Psychological Science in San Francisco, found optimism to be universal and borderless. [...]

Eighty-nine percent of individuals worldwide expect the next five years to be as good or better than their current life, and 95 percent of individuals expected their life in five years to be as good or better than their life was five years ago. "These results provide compelling evidence that optimism is a universal phenomenon," said Matthew Gallagher, a psychology doctoral candidate at the University of Kansas and lead researcher of the study.

The results of the poll are quite incredible really and must be quite disheartening for those desperately trying to keep the spiritual vibration low on this planet. Quite frankly, they must have realised by now that the battle has been lost and a better future is in store for mankind.

Prayer May Reshape Your Brain ... And Your Reality
National Public Radio, 20th May 2009
"A Sense Of Oneness With The Universe: Newberg did that with Michael Baime. Baime is a doctor at the University of Pennsylvania and a Tibetan Buddhist who has meditated at least an hour a day for the past 40 years. During a peak meditative experience, Baime says, he feels oneness with the universe, and time slips away.

"It's as if the present moment expands to fill all of eternity," he explains, "that there has never been anything but this eternal now." When Baime meditated in Newberg's brain scanner, his brain mirrored those feelings. As expected, his frontal lobes lit up on the screen: Meditation is sheer concentration, after all. But what fascinated Newberg was that Baime's parietal lobes went dark. "This is an area that normally takes our sensory information, tries to create for us a sense of ourselves and orient that self in the world," he explains. "When people lose their sense of self, feel a sense of oneness, a blurring of the boundary between self and other, we have found decreases in activity in that area."

Newberg found that result not only with Baime, but also with other monks he scanned. It was the same when he imaged the brains of Franciscan nuns praying and Sikhs chanting. They all felt the same oneness with the universe. When it comes to the brain, Newberg says, spiritual experience is spiritual experience.

"There is no Christian, there is no Jewish, there is no Muslim, it's just all one," Newberg says. A little theological dynamite there — but, remember, the research is just beginning."

Quite profound

fMRI Study Can See The Emotions
Medical News Today, 16th May 2009
"By observing the pattern of activity in the brain, scientists have discovered they can "read" whether a person just heard words spoken in anger, joy, relief, or sadness. The discovery, reported online on May 14th in Current Biology, a Cell Press publication, is the first to show that emotional information is represented by distinct spatial signatures in the brain that can be generalized across speakers.

"Correct interpretation of emotion in the voice is highly important - especially in a modern environment where visual emotional signals are often not available," for instance, when people talk on the phone, said Thomas Ethofer of the University of Geneva, Switzerland. "We demonstrated that the spatial pattern of activity within the brain area that processes human voices contains information about the expressed emotion."

This reminds me of when I heard someone talking about their past, but I got the distinct impression that they were faking the emotions associated with what they were talking about. At the time, I was puzzled by the anomaly because of their 'position', I had ASSUMED that the person was genuine. Obviously, time revealed that this person was not operating at a very high level of consciousness and was only trying to fake a high level of spirituality. This is one of my favourite sayings, 'you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all the people all the time!'

Doctors confirm woman's imaginary third arm, 1st April 2009
"A 64-year-old woman has reported to doctors at Geneva University Hospital the presence of a pale, milky-white and translucent third arm. After examining the case, the woman's neurologist, Asaid Khateb of the hospital's experimental neurophysiology laboratory, called the rare phenomenon credible.

The brain of the 64-year-old patient reacts as if she had a third arm The arm appeared to the woman a few days after suffering a stroke, doctors said. But this case of what is known as a supernumerary phantom limb (SPL) is a genuine head-scratcher. [...]

She does not always perceive the arm but "retrieves" it when needed, doctors told the Swiss news agency. It is nevertheless the first case known to doctors of a person being able to feel, see and deliberately move a limb that doesn't exist. The findings are published in the Annals of Neurology."

I have to admit that people complaining about new phantom limbs was NOT something on my list of things that could occur as part of the electromagnetic chaos on Earth! Please note: Protecting your energy field that holds the morphogenetic field for an evolving human is NO joke!

How to spot a hidden religious agenda
New Scientist, 28th February 2009
Full text: "As a book reviews editor at New Scientist, I often come across so-called science books which after a few pages reveal themselves to be harbouring ulterior motives. I have learned to recognise clues that the author is pushing a religious agenda. As creationists in the US continue to lose court battles over attempts to have intelligent design taught as science in federally funded schools, their strategy has been forced to... well, evolve. That means ensuring that references to pseudoscientific concepts like ID are more heavily veiled. So I thought I'd share a few tips for spotting what may be religion in science's clothing."

Red flag number one: the term "scientific materialism". "Materialism" is most often used in contrast to something else - something non-material, or supernatural. Proponents of ID frequently lament the scientific claim that humans are the product of purely material forces. At the same time, they never define how non-material forces might work. I have yet to find a definition that characterises non-materialism by what it is, rather than by what it is not."

Apparently, due to 'objections', this was 'pulled' from New Scientist, and reading the article, it seems this writer is still living in the 'dark ages'. I am not a Creationist or an Evolutionist but when someone seems so totally unaware of advances in scientific thinking and stuck in some old scientific paradigm, then you have to really wonder. Well it seems that tolerance and the desire for some balance has won the day here.

Anger really can kill you, U.S. study shows
Reuters, 24th February 2009
"Anger and other strong emotions can trigger potentially deadly heart rhythms in certain vulnerable people, U.S. researchers said on Monday. [...]

"Our study starts to look at how does this really affect the electrical system of the heart," Lampert said. She and colleagues studied 62 patients with heart disease and implantable heart defibrillators or ICDs that can detect dangerous heart rhythms or arrhythmias and deliver an electrical shock to restore a normal heart beat. "These were people we know already had some vulnerability to arrhythmia," Lampert said in a telephone interview. [...]

"We found in the lab setting that yes, anger did increase this electrical instability in these patients," she said.

Scientists have been studying these electrical patterns generated in the heart for over 50 years but without much success. However, here the research shows a connection for those with heart abnormalities with their anger. making them more susceptible to heart attacks. In my book, I reveal the connection between resonating with higher frequencies and the harmonious electrical patterns made with the heart.

Experiences make us happier than possessions
CNN News, 10th February 2009
"Even in tough economic times, you may find yourself with a bit of cash to spare. You've been working hard, and you want to treat yourself. Should you spend it on an experience, such as a baseball game or concert, or a material object? An experience may generate positive memories that outlast the allure of a new material possession.

Psychological research suggests that, in the long run, experiences make people happier than possessions. That's in part because the initial joy of acquiring a new object, such as a new car, fades over time as people become accustomed to seeing it every day, experts said. Experiences, on the other hand, continue to provide happiness through memories long after the event occurred.

Personally, I think this is the time when many will look inward and examine what is most important to them. Relationships will become valuable as we learn to treasure those who are closest.

Brains 'are hardwired to believe in God and imaginary friends'
Daily Mail, 5th February 2009
"Religion is part of human nature and our brains are hard wired to believe in God, scientists believe. The evidence includes studies of babies and children which have shown the brain is programmed to think of the mind as being separate from the body. This distinction allows us to believe in the supernatural, to conjure up imaginary friends - and to conceive of gods, this week's New Scientist reports.[...]

New Scientist says: 'All of the researchers involved stress that none of this says anything about the existence or otherwise of gods: whether or not a belief is true is independent of why people believe it.'"

As the dimensions merge, we can only speculate how soon many start to clearly perceive our new reality. Already it seems that some are awed by their encounters with multi-dimensional entities, but it will be interesting to here accounts of others who attempt to downplay their experiences, especially if they are occur in a group setting.

A dose of laughter: How one man overcame cancer with the help of humor, 5th February 2009
Book Review: Cancer on five dollars a day (chemo not included): how humor got me through the toughest journey of my life. Robert Schimmel.

"...It took someone who was already pushing the boundaries of good taste to take on this disease that won't go away even though we refuse to talk about it. Skeptics were sure his choice of material would bomb, but the absolute opposite has been true. Schimmel has struck a chord, deep within the national psyche.[...]

In the final chapter, Schimmel sums up these "profound life lessons":
Keep your sense of humor, no matter what.
Create a purpose, a focus, and never take your eyes off it.
Figure out what's important to you. What's really important.
Be open. Try anything. You never know.
Love. You need love. Tons of it. A shitload of love.
Sometimes you need to be selfish.
You need support. You're in this alone, but you can't fight it alone.
The most precious thing you have is time. Don't waste it.
You're only human.
And, finally, once again - laugh. (pp. 185-6)

I think this is an example of someone who has tested the depths of the human spirit and come out victorious.

Mind out of balance, body out of balance, 22nd January 2009
"Many of the 40 million American adults who suffer from anxiety disorders also have problems with balance. As increasing numbers of children are diagnosed with anxiety, Tel Aviv University researchers have discovered that the link between balance and anxiety can be assessed at an early age - and that something can be done about it before it becomes a problem.

Dr. Orit Bart at Tel Aviv University's School of Health Professions, and her colleagues, have found that a simple course of physical treatment for balance problems can also resolve anxiety issues in children. Her work offers new hope for normal social and emotional development for children with both disorders.

Anxiety has a significant impact on children's personal and academic well-being. While not all kids with anxiety have balance problems, all those with balance problems do exhibit symptoms of anxiety, pointing to a link between the two conditions. "This is a breakthrough in the field of occupational therapy," says Dr. Bart."

Here we have health professionals who have found a way to treat physical balance problems and therefore alleviate emotional issues, proving there is a link. The metaphysical perspective suggests the emotional issues are the cause of the physical symptoms and as the electromagnetic conditions become extreme on our planet, many more with unresolved emotional issues will suffer with issues of balance.

Russia licenses faith healers
Miami Herald, 21st December 2008
"For the past two years, the Federal Health Service has been issuing licenses to practitioners of what it calls "traditional medicine," meaning anything from the use of herbal treatments to the manipulation of "auras." His claims buttressed by officialdom, Fadkin charges patients 3,500 rubles ($150) per session. And he says business is very good.

"Every day I learn something new," the smiling Muscovite says, gesturing to what he says is an invisible aura surrounding him - "because all the information I need is out there, in the vast energy field surrounding us." So far, 130 healers, including Fadkin, have passed the service's voluntary testing program, which promoters in the government say can determine whether someone has the inherent ability to cure. The program is limited to Moscow, but a Russian lawmaker is pushing to extend it nationwide and make it mandatory. [...]

The program includes a background check, a scan of electrical activity in the brain and a committee review of the results. The agency charges applicants 10,000 rubles ($428) for the tests. Andrei Karpeev, director of the Federal Scientific Clinical Center for Traditional Methods of Diagnostics and Healing, which administers the tests, insists that folk medicine, including psychic healing, is backed by scientific studies. While he acknowledges some of the criteria for determining who has healing powers are subjective, he claims the tests are able to wean out "charlatans." According to Karpeev, there are perhaps 100,000 people in Russia offering to use magic, psychic or other extra-sensory methods to cure illnesses, read minds or cast spells."

Well, quite frankly I have been scandalised by what goes on in the New Age community. However, there are so many scientific studies that have proven that genuine healers are most certainly generating unique brain waves patterns when they are channelling energies from the the Universal field. The Russians are right, this is measureable.

Downturn spurs "emotional survival panic" for some
Reuters News, 16th December 2008
"For those who need to abruptly curtail spending, that leaves a major void, said James Gottfurcht, clinical psychologist and president of "Psychology of Money Consultants," which coaches clients on money issues.

"People that have been ... identifying with and defining themselves by their material objects and expenditures are losing a definite piece of their identity and themselves," he said. "They have to learn how to replace that." [...]

After the attacks of September 11, 2001 killed thousands and shuttered U.S. financial markets, consumers were encouraged by politicians and business leaders to spend as a way of saving the economy and proving capitalism could not be crushed."

I would maintain that this will be very difficult for those who have been brainwashed for years to spend, spend, spend. What did George Bush say after 9/11, it was something like 'go out and shop....'

Women find happiness is not about the economy, stupid
Reuters News, 9th December 2008
"Men are happier with money, while women find greater joy in friendships and relationships with their children, co-workers and bosses, a new global survey reveals. The online survey of 28,153 people in more than 51 countries by global marketing and information firm Nielsen found that as the world grapples with a recession and financial markets remain volatile, many people are reminding themselves that money can't buy happiness. [...]

"Happiness is a local and personal matter and Nielsen sought to uncover what specific factors contribute to making people happy in different parts of the world," Paul said. "Many of the world's poorer and emerging markets outranked developed countries for happiness and satisfaction levels in nearly all aspects of their lives.""

This seems to based on another survey with a different perspective to the earlier press releases by Nielsen. Here the emphasis seems to be that people are not guaging their happiness on economic factors. This survey must be quite a shock for world conrollers desperately trying to keep people strapped down to the lower echelons of consciousness by encouraging consumption, greed and pride through the media.

Happiness Can Spread Among People Like a Contagion, Study Indicates
Washington Post, 5th December 2008
Happiness is contagious, spreading among friends, neighbors, siblings and spouses like the flu, according to a large study that for the first time shows how emotion can ripple through clusters of people who may not even know each other. The study of more than 4,700 people who were followed over 20 years found that people who are happy or become happy boost the chances that someone they know will be happy. The power of happiness, moreover, can span another degree of separation, elevating the mood of that person's husband, wife, brother, sister, friend or next-door neighbor.

"You would think that your emotional state would depend on your own choices and actions and experience," said Nicholas A. Christakis, a medical sociologist at Harvard University who helped conduct the study published online today by BMJ, a British medical journal. "But it also depends on the choices and actions and experiences of other people, including people to whom you are not directly connected. Happiness is contagious."

That's because it's a higher state of conciousness with greater power to effect others.

Want To Be Happier? Be More Grateful
Science Daily, 27th November 2008
Want to quickly improve your happiness and satisfaction with life? Then the pen may be a mighty weapon, according to research done by Kent State University's Dr. Steven Toepfer."

...Toepfer enlisted students from six courses to explore the effects of writing letters of gratitude to people who had positively impacted the students' lives. Over the course of a six-week period, students wrote one letter every two weeks with the simple ground rules that it had to be positively expressive, required some insight and reflection, were nontrivial and contained a high level of appreciation or gratitude.

After each letter, students completed a survey to gauge their moods, satisfaction with life and feelings of gratitude and happiness.

"I saw their happiness increase after each letter, meaning the more they wrote, the better they felt,"
says Toepfer, who also witnessed improvement in participants' life satisfaction and gratitude throughout the study. "The most powerful thing in our lives is our social network. It doesn't have to be large, and you don't always need to be the life of the party, but just having one or two significant connections in your life has shown to have terrific psychological and physical benefits.

This is confirmation of metaphysical teaching that we can all apply on a daily basis. Great News!

Personality Shapes Perception Of Romance, But Doesn't Tell The Whole Story
Science Daily, 30th October 2008
"Personality researchers have long known that people who report they have certain personality traits are also more (or less) likely to be satisfied with their romantic partners. Someone who says she is often anxious or moody, for example, is more likely than her less neurotic counterpart to be dissatisfied with her significant other."

"The researchers found that the way the participants described themselves and their relationships was not strongly linked to how they behaved toward one another in the laboratory. This suggests that those who study relationships might need to look deeper than what individuals report about themselves and their romantic partners, Roisman said."

Basically, it seems that if you are not happy within yourself you are less likely to be happy with your partner, but I am sure there are plenty of battle scarred individuals that don't need a researcher telling them something they know from their own experience....

Scientists prove it really is a thin line between love and hate
The same brain circuitry is involved in both extreme emotions – but hate retains a semblance of rationality

The Independent, 29th October 2008
"Love and hate are intimately linked within the human brain, according to a study that has discovered the biological basis for the two most intense emotions. Scientists studying the physical nature of hate have found that some of the nervous circuits in the brain responsible for it are the same as those that are used during the feeling of romantic love – although love and hate appear to be polar opposites."

"One major difference between love and hate appears to be in the fact that large parts of the cerebral cortex – associated with judgement and reasoning – become de-activated during love, whereas only a small area is deactivated in hate."

The research seems to be telling us that if we hate someone, there's usually a good reason..... Seriously, maybe at some level of our consciousness when we are "in love", it's a matter of choice whether we decide to let all reason and judgement fly out of the window..... Realistically, love-hate relationships exist where people have a poor connection to the source of all love, so normally the most unconnected person, attempts to extract second hand energy by creating episodes of massive drama. This kind of relationship is very unhealthy and completely undesirable for those who are properly connected to source.

Outcasts quick to spot a fake smile, 5th October 2008
"Smile and the world smiles with you. Fake it and the recently divorced, socially unpopular and romantically rejected will be onto you.

This is the conclusion of a new study that shows people who have been cast off or excluded have an enhanced ability to determine whether the "happy" face before them is genuine or feigned.

Researchers from Miami University found subjects who were manipulated to feel rejection were able to tell a fake smile from a real one roughly 80 per cent of the time, while the odds of doing so among people with a sense of inclusion were only slightly better than chance."

This report reveals why intuition can help us navigate through life, especially when trying to find trustworthy people is required.

Changing negative thinking
Herald Sun, 5th October 2008
"LISTEN to the way you think and the voice you hear just may be toxic. Here's how to recognise negative voices and quieten them for good. Imagine this scenario: you've got a friend who is always in your ear about how bad the world is, how awful you are, and how you'll never amount to anything.

While we wouldn't put up with this sort of negativity from anyone else, we often put up with it from ourselves. It's this kind of self-sabotage that literally does your head in and stops you from progressing in life. However, the good news is that with awareness, you can change those negative voices into your own personal cheerleading squad. Go you."

This advice can be a reminder for us all.

Heart patients should be screened for depression
Yahoo News, 29th September 2008
"DALLAS - Heart patients should be regularly screened for signs of depression, the American Heart Association recommended Monday.Depression is about three times more common in heart attack survivors and those hospitalized with heart problems than the general population, according to the recommendations published in the journal Circulation.

The authors said only about half of heart doctors say they treat depression in their patients — and not all those diagnosed with depression are treated."

There is a strong link between depression and the risk of death after a heart attack, see Research finds link between depression . So, it does seem the scientific evidence shows the importance of a balanced head-heart connection.

Selflessness, Core Of All Major World Religions, Has Neuropsychological Connection
Science Daily, 17th December 2008
"All spiritual experiences are based in the brain. That statement is truer than ever before, according to a University of Missouri neuropsychologist. An MU study has data to support a neuropsychological model that proposes spiritual experiences associated with selflessness are related to decreased activity in the right parietal lobe of the brain.

The study is one of the first to use individuals with traumatic brain injury to determine this connection. Researchers say the implication of this connection means people in many disciplines, including peace studies, health care or religion can learn different ways to attain selflessness, to experience transcendence, and to help themselves and others.

This study, along with other recent neuroradiological studies of Buddhist meditators and Francescan nuns, suggests that all individuals, regardless of cultural background or religion, experience the same neuropsychological functions during spiritual experiences, such as transcendence. Transcendence, feelings of universal unity and decreased sense of self, is a core tenet of all major religions. Meditation and prayer are the primary vehicles by which such spiritual transcendence is achieved.

The analysis here is very misleading and leads some people to think that by using certain meditation techniques or drugs that work on the pineal gland, they have reached the pinnacle of spiritual attainment. Others think that because they have developed the use of extra-sensory perception that they have reached a level of 'enlightenment'. Unfortunatrely, the 'guru' culture that now exists is insidious and infiltrated by many who have zero interest in the spiritual development of their devotees. Thus, I would like to take the opportunity to provide an excerpt from an interview with Mata Amritanandamayi (aka Amma, "the hugging saint"). "When You Go Beyond the Ego You Become an Offering to the World" by Amy Edlestein (from What Is Enlightenment? magazine, issue 17/Spring-Summer 2000). See the Joyfire article Spiritual Intelligence.

Does the Human Mind Have Potential "Super Powers"?
Daily Galaxy, 10th November 2008
"However, some of the most incredible minds on Earth lack this ability to filter irrelevant facts, or perhaps it is more accurate to say that to a savant, the irrelevant IS relevant, and incredibly so. Somehow their brains are able to store and access incredible loads of information, even perceiving and relating to this information in an entirely different way. Stephen Wiltshire is considered an autistic savant. He has an ability which can certainly be described as a "super power".

Sometimes referred to as the "human camera", Wilshire has the unnerving ability to draw exact replicas of intricate structures, buildings and landscapes—virtually anything he lays eyes on—after a quick glance. Without taking notes or drawing rough sketches, Wiltshire methodically replicates what his eyes have seen down to the exact number of windows in tall skyscrapers."

I find it really interesting that various organisations and military establishments have been investigating and developing the use of certain "super powers" like remote viewing for decades, but in the mainstream media these same "super powers" are questioned. I radically changed my opinion about the use of intuition and other "super powers" after the Asian Tsunami in December 2003 when I heard about animals and isolated tribes running for the hills, but saw the most terrible pictures of hundreds of the rotting bodies of tourists caught by the tsunami. In a so-called modern technological world, there wasn't even the ability to warn people by mobile phone using an emergency text messaging system. I was absolutely apalled, people have been so fooled.

Why faith in God really can relieve pain
Daily Mail, 28th September 2008
"For centuries, religious believers have endured suffering with impressive fortitude. Now scientists claim to have discovered that faith in God really can relieve pain.

New research at Oxford University has found that the Christian martyrs may well have been able to draw on their religion to reduce the agony of, for example, being burnt at the stake. In a bizarre experiment, academics at The Oxford Centre For Science Of The Mind 'tortured' 12 Roman Catholics and 12 atheists with electric shocks as they studied a painting of the Virgin Mary. They found that the Catholics seemed to be able to block out much of the pain."

It seems that our scientists can prove that there are real benefits from believing in a higher power.

Step Back To Move Forward Emotionally, Study Suggests
Science Daily, 24th September 2008
"When you're upset or depressed, should you analyze your feelings to figure out what's wrong? Or should you just forget about it and move on? New research suggests a solution to these questions and to a related psychological paradox: Pocessing emotions is supposed to facilitate coping, but attempts to understand painful feelings often backfire and perpetuate or strengthen negative moods and emotions."

"We aren't very good at trying to analyze our feelings to make ourselves feel better," said Kross, a faculty associate at the U-M Institute for Social Research (ISR) and an assistant professor of psychology.

"It's an invaluable human ability to think about what we do, but reviewing our mistakes over and over, re-experiencing the same negative emotions we felt the first time around, tends to keep us stuck in negativity. It can be very helpful to take a sort of mental time-out, to sit back and try to review the situation from a distance."

This approach is widely associated with eastern philosophies such as Buddhism and Taoism, and with practices like Transcendental Meditation. But according to Kross, anyone can do it with a little practice."

This research tells us that scientists can verify the benefits of methods derived from eastern philosophies such as Buddhism and Taoism, in how we manage the perception of ourselves and emotional events in our lives. I can only agree after 25 years of personal development and self-empowerment, that it is very necessary to develop strategies to view oneself and others in the most enlightened and loving way possible, to avoid the trap of mistaking 'the illusion' for reality.

Indonesian Woman "Noorsyaidah" Claims Metal Wire Has Grown, From Her Body For 18 Years, 30th August 2008
"Her name is NOORSYAIDAH. A 40 years old kindergarten teacher from Sangatta, East Kutai. Her first symptoms started manifestating in 1991. The metal wires grew out of her chest and her belly. There was no explanation then (or even now). During the first week wires kept falling off from her body and were gone. A month later, the wires grew back again and from that time onward the wires did not fall. They kept growing!"

Well, there have always been people with seemingly "bizarre" medical conditions but this story reminds me of the phenomena of "tin whiskers". According to a NASA webpage, "tin whiskers are electrically conductive, crystalline structures of tin that sometimes grow from surfaces where tin (especially electroplated tin) is used as a final finish. Tin whiskers have been observed to grow to lengths of several millimeters (mm) and in rare instances to lengths up to 10 mm." So, I note the scepticism about this woman's story but a very similar phenomena occurs within electronics and there is great concern due to the impact of recent environmental directives that will soon bring this phenomena to everyone's attention. So, like this poor woman's condition, metal growing in the wrong places is yet another "mystery".

Military wants to study mind-reading
CNN, 15th August 2008
"The U.S. military is paying scientists to study ways to read people's thoughts. Scientists use electroencephalography, or brain wave-reading technology, to measure brain activity. The hope is that the research could someday lead to a gadget capable of translating the thoughts of soldiers who suffered brain injuries in combat or even stroke patients in hospitals.

But the research also raises concerns that such mind-reading technology could be used to interrogate the enemy. Armed with a $4 million grant from the Army, scientists are studying brain signals to try to decipher what a person is thinking and to whom the person wants to direct the message."

Historical sources tell us that this type of research has been ongoing for at least 50 years.

Pyramid power works miracles in Russia
12 stories high, it can cure karma, release mysterious energy

Los Angeles Times, 10th August 2008
"You can see it from miles away, looming over the birch forests and wildflower fields and construction sites crammed with future dachas for Russia's rich and ruthless. Stabbing toward heaven from its hilltop perch, the pyramid gleams white under the blast of northern sun.

Twelve stories high and made of 55 tons of fiberglass, the pyramid swarms with Russians desperate to rearrange their energy fields and cure their karma.

Everybody, it seems, has heard some miracle tale about the pyramid: The sterile woman miraculously impregnated after a visit. The prisoners pacified with drafts of saltwater charged by the energies of the pyramid. The pillar of mysterious force allegedly emanating from the peak, healing the ozone layer over Russia."

Fantastic! I am thrilled to see this article in the mainstream media. The pyramids work by their geometry to harness interdimensional energy, thus promoting higher states of consciousness, correcting and balancing morphogenetic and electromagnetic fields. The Russians absolutely love these pyramids and I wote about the associated highly creditable research in my book, Tuning the Diamonds: Electromagnetism & Spiritual Evolution. You can also find some information at

Einstein letter says religion "childish superstitions"
Guardian, 13th May 2008
"Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind." So said Albert Einstein, and his famous aphorism has been the source of endless debate between believers and non-believers wanting to claim the greatest scientist of the 20th century as their own.

A little known letter written by him, however, may help to settle the argument - or at least provoke further controversy about his views.

Due to be auctioned this week in London after being in a private collection for more than 50 years, the document leaves no doubt that the theoretical physicist was no supporter of religious beliefs, which he regarded as "childish superstitions".

I was given a young man's heart -
and started craving beer and Kentucky Fried Chicken. My daughter said I even walked like a man

Daily Mail (UK), 9th April 2008
"So can elements of a person's character - or even their soul - be transplanted along with a heart? One woman who believes this to be the case is CLAIRE SYLVIA, a divorced mother of one.

She was 47 and dying from a disease called primary pulmonary hypertension when, in 1988, she had a pioneering heartlung transplant in America. She was given the organs of an 18-year-old boy who had been killed in a motorcycle accident near his home in Maine. Claire, a former professional dancer, then made an astonishing discovery: she seemed to be acquiring the characteristics, and cravings, of the donor."

Now that there are hundreds, if not thousands of accounts where people state they have changed because of a donor organ. This scenario has got to the extent where memories are also passed on and can be used as evidence in court. Therefore, it makes you wonder when the medical profession will take some responsibility and start trying to match up donors and recipients. Consciousness is transferable and is this process of changing consciousness is taking place on a global scale.

Can we really transplant a human soul?
Daily Mail (UK), 9th April 2008
"...donor patients could not only be acquiring the organs but also the memories - or even the soul - of the donor is surely one such story. This bizarre possibility was raised by the inexplicable case of Sonny Graham - a seemingly happily married 69-year-old man living in the U.S. state of Georgia. He shot himself without warning, having shown no previous signs of unhappiness, let alone depression. His friends described it as an act of passion, not of reason. The case might have remained just an isolated tragedy were it not for the fact that Sonny had received a transplanted heart from a man who had also shot himself - in identical circumstances."

I wonder if Professor Schwartz has thought about why only some donor organs have the ability to overide the consciousness of the recipient. I suggest it's related to how consciousness is calibrated and "signal power".

When People Can't Stop Praying
A Man Describes His Rare Religious Form of OCD

ABC News, 31st March 2008
"For centuries, Catholic priests wrote about how to subdue it. Some historians surmise Martin Luther had it, along with several renowned saints. When he was in seventh grade, Cole M., now 23, saw an episode of "20/20" and surmised he had it, though he didn't know its exact name: scrupulosity. Scrupulosity is a rare form of obsessive compulsive disorder focused on prayers, rituals or thoughts rather than the more common germ-phobia and compulsive hand washing. "Whatever thing that is most important to you, that's what the obsessive compulsive disorder will grab," Cole said"

Off-topic, but interesting anyway!

New kidney 'changed my whole personality'
Daily Telegraph, 16th March 2008
"A woman claims to have undergone a complete "personality transplant" after receiving a new kidney. Cheryl Johnson, 37, says she has changed completely since receiving the organ in May. She believes that she must have picked up her new characteristics from the donor, a 59-year-old man who died from an aneurysm."

Consciousness is transferable.....

Scientist says Buddhism showed there's life in space
Sinhalaya News, 12th March 2008
"The world’s chief exponent of the theory that tells life began in deep space and reached earth riding on comets said the philosophical backdrop for his theory was provided by Buddhism.

"In the 1970’s it was generally believed that the Earth must be the centre of life in the whole universe, an antithesis of Buddhist cosmology of course," said the Cardiff University Mathematician and Astronomer Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe in an interview with this writer.

"It became amply clear to me that Buddhist cosmology was incredibly modern in its outlook, even perhaps post-modern. According to Buddhist texts, life is prevalent across the universe and life is not confined to Earth. Buddhism talks about a multitude of planetary systems and an infinity of "inhabited worlds". In common with Hindu and Vedic ideas, Buddhism holds that "life is a truly cosmic phenomenon," the reputed astronomer added."

Could there be proof to the theory that we're ALL psychic?
Daily Mail, 28th January 2008
"While Dr Roe's work may appear controversial, he is starting to garner the support of eminent academics such as Professor Brian Josephson, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist from Cambridge University, who says: "The experiments have been designed to rule out luck and chance. I consider the evidence for remote viewing to be pretty clear-cut."

The military is also taking a keen interest. The Ministry of Defence takes the phenomena seriously enough to have commissioned its own research."

"She says: "Using the standards applied to any other area of science, you have to conclude that certain psychic phenomena, such as remote viewing, have been well established. "The results are not due to chance or flaws in the experiments."

Scientists just rehashing the same experiments, over and over again.

Geometry is all
A shape could describe the cosmos and all it contains, 28 November, 2007
"ONE of the mysteries of the universe is why it should speak the language of mathematics. Numbers and the relationships between them are, after all, just abstract reasoning. Yet mathematics has shown itself to be particularly adept at describing both the contents of the universe and the forces that act on them."

"Using geometry to describe the world is not new. Murray Gell-Mann performed a similar trick 50 years ago in an attempt to make sense of the plethora of particles that was then emerging from experiments. He placed these on the points of a geometric structure known as SU(3), and found that, by manipulating the structure, he was able to reproduce the interactions of the real world."

Nice, straight forward article. Now imagine that those particles are just whirlwinds of interdimensional and hyperdimensional plasma, and then imagine that these intelligent particles occasionally re-arrange themselves based on universal cycles, then finally consider that you are made up of these intelligent particles and can choose to incorporate the most intelligent and intuitive particles that can existence. Next, ask yourself the question, what is the Holy Spirit?

Why quantum physicists talk like mystics, 12th November 2007
"Psychics and mystics have found an unexpected ally within the ranks of a relatively new scientific field called by various names like quantum mechanics, modern physics, particle physics and, lately, quantum physics."

Nice short article, but I can't say I believe that psychics and mystics deserve unreserved credibility though, there are just far too many without any principals.

Brain stimulation sparks out-of-body experience
Reuters, 1st November 2007
"Electrodes implanted into the brain to treat a man with a stubborn case of ringing in the ear instead sparked an out-of-body sensation, doctors in Belgium reported on Wednesday. Stimulating the electrodes made the 63-year-old patient feel like he was outside his body twice, for 15 and 21 seconds, and allowed the doctors to use a PET scanner to track which parts of the brain became active during the experience."


Scientists Study Out-Of-Body Experiences
Associated Press, 24th August 2007
"Researchers in England and Switzerland have figured out ways to confuse the sensory signals received by the brain, allowing people to seem to be standing aside and watching themselves."

This article does not tell us anything knew, these scientists can only confirm what many people know as fact.

Scientists admit yoga can relieve stress, 17 July 2007
"Indian researcher Ratna Sharma has told the World Congress of Neuroscience in Melbourne she has the first scientific evidence that yoga helps PMS." [...]

"The fact that it appears to influence symptoms and also change levels of an important hormone is very significant indeed."

Boeing's Psychic Lab
Blog Wired, 5th July 2007
The headline refers to one 1960s experiment that can be found on the online archives of the Defense Technical Information Center .

History tells us that many countries and elite organisations, investigated psychic phenomena and proved that human consciounsess could be used for ESPionage.

Pentagon's Psychic Vision Revisited
Wired Blog Network, 28 June 2007
"John Alexander, a former Green Beret, earned a reputation in the 1990s as a vocal advocate of nonlethal weapons research. He was also a champion of the government’s now defunct “Remote Viewing” program, which, until its termination in 1995, sought to use psychics in the service of national security. Today, he continues to advise the military and frequently writes on national security issues. We met for dinner earlier this month and it was about the time that Alexander started talking about witches that I asked him if I could record some of our dinner conversation. After all, it’s not too often that you get to talk about witchcraft in the context of national security. Excerpts of the interview follow:"

This interview with a military adviser to the US government, once again confirms the use of "nonlethal weapons research" and the use of psychics in the service of national security i.e "Remote Viewing". We are told that RV [Remote Viewing] program was successful but it ended in 1995.

Pentagon Spends $78 Billion a Year on Weapons and Space Research, Some of it Whacky
Fringe Science Yields 'Gay Bombs' and Psychic Teleportation
ABC News, 21 June 2007
Comment: Interesting! The mainstream press are telling Joe Public that the military has discovered that psychic teleportation is real. "Just three years ago, the military funded a specious study of psychic teleportation, according to the Federation of American Scientists. An 88-page report prepared by the Air Force Research Lab contended that moving through mind powers is "quite real and can be controlled."

This long article tells us that the budget for military spending is so large that made-up enemies are required to justify the expense. Hence, the following statement; "Living here in Washington, you have no idea how we are inventing enemies," said Debat. "Hundreds of people are trying to figure out how to make China our enemy because there is so much money and power in the Pentagon." Does anyone else think there is something wrong here? See also Laughing bullets

Understanding empathy: can you feel my pain?
Herald Tribune, 25 April 2007
"Can I ask you a question?" the young woman ventured. "Have you ever been depressed? Do you have any idea how bad it feels?"

The patient, a married woman in her late 20s, had been tearfully describing her symptoms of depression during a consultation when she suddenly popped this question.

How could I possibly understand or help her, she seemed to be asking, if I had not personally experienced her pain? Her question caught me by surprise and made me pause.

Article discussing whether it's necessary to have experienced a particular trauma to be able to have empathy and support a fellow human being. I think that empathy is a major ingredient of a sucessful healer, as somehow a similar experience can be conveyed and with the power of intent gets transmuted as power to aid any kind of therapy work. Don't ask my how, it just seems to be that way.

Scientist takes on the psychic
"Many people claim expertise on psychic phenomena such as telepathy. But few can boast top-notch scientific credentials.

That's what separates Rupert Sheldrake from the New Age pack. A botanist who earned a doctorate in biochemistry from Cambridge University and later studied at Harvard University, Mr. Sheldrake has earned an international reputation for applying scientific method to quasi-scientific subjects. "

Article about Rupert Sheldrakes and his theory of morphogenesis. Again we see reporting of the religious zeal of scientists. Sheldrake is described as "a heretic in the church of science." We find his theory likened to that of "the Force" in "Star Wars" and Sheldrake's books "the best candidate there has been for book burning in many years."

Study: Doctors think faith helps patients
A new survey finds that 85 percent of U.S. doctors believe religious faith can help patients have a good outcome., 22 April 2007
"A new survey finds that 85 percent of U.S. doctors believe religious faith can help patients have a good outcome.

Researchers polled 1,144 doctors for the study, which was published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, The Los Angeles Times reported. Only 1 percent said they believe religious faith and spirituality have a negative effect, while 2 percent said it has no effect and 12 percent said they think the positive and negative effects are balanced.

Asked about their own religious beliefs, 54 percent said they think God sometimes intervenes to help patients, 28 percent do not and 18 percent are agnostic."

Well, even the medical establishment are becoming enlightened! After decades of seeing the "placebo effect" work, how else could they respond?

Meditation Sharpens the Mind
Live Science, 7th May 2007
Comment: The problem I have here is that people who become meditators sometimes start thinking they are somehow more spiritual than people who don't meditate. I've met these people and they are unaware that meditation and any form of spiritual practice is not that helpful unless the heart chakra is open and the spiritual practice actually changes the person for the better. There are reports of meditators becoming depressed because they become too rigid in their practice too. The other factor is that meditation can open people up to quite dramatic mystical experiences and when that happens, some people end up in a situation where there is no one to turn to for help. I know these things, because it has happened to me.

Power of prayer flunks an unusual test
Large study had Christians pray for heart-surgery patients

MSNBC, March 30, 2007
Comment: I think there are some major issues with this type of research caused by not understanding how the universe works. Even though some may think that prayer is about asking a higher power to help a fellow human being, we are actually commanding spiritual energy inherent in the universe and programming that energy in such a way that sometimes it may become less effective for the person we are trying to help. These days I send golden energy with the intent for balance, which means that this intelligent spiritual energy works with the consciousness of the recipient in their best interest, whatever that maybe. For example, it could be that the recipient is looking for peace of mind not healing from a particular physical ailment etc, we don't know what the best option is for another, but we can command energy to provide support. Also there are so many factors to consider with how experiments are conducted that one failure means nothing. The Daily Show take on this study is hilarious. See link here

UK military experiments with ESP, March 1st 2007
Comment: The UK Military have been dabbling in Remote Viewing and a recently released previously classified report proves it. The British government utilise psychics and the clearest historical example must be when teams of psychics were used to break Hitler's communication encryption on a daily basis. There is NO way that this could have been done any other way. I sometimes feel sorry for skeptics, they must really feel betrayed!

Susan Joy Rennison, B.Sc.Hons. (Physics with Geophysics)


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