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Spiritual Evolution in the Cultic Milieu

April 2013

Spiritual Evolution in the Cultic Milieu

Joyfire Comment

This essay was written in order to help process the lessons I have learnt during my experiences with people who consider themselves New Agers. Simply, I have been left traumatised and baffled by my experiences, but over the last five years or so, I have tried to heal myself by studying human development and the process of spiritual evolution. I have always considered myself to be 'A Seeker of The Truth' and by definition that places me in the Cultic Milieu, the society of seekers that exists as a permanent part of society. This essay attempts to describe the main aspects of the Cultic Milieu and the subsection of the New Age or Spiritual Milieu.

In reality, I now realised that my first major negative encounter with people in the Cultic Milieu occurred when I was student at university. I was involved in a Charismatic church, where 'cult tactics' were used against me by the Pastor and I was pushed extremely close to the edge but I survived. At the time, I had no idea what had happened, I just knew I was not safe in that environment, but I had absolutely no knowledge that someone I trusted by default, had used a well known psychological technique to gain control over me.

Recently, I have been accused of being a New Ager, but this has been by people who blatantly had no idea what they were talking about. Due to my need to integrate science and metaphysics, I am a thinker and I love to research and study. I believe this makes me a Natural Philosopher. Simply, my philosophical traits puts me at odds with many people who call themselves New Agers, who simply don't believe that using the mind helps in the quest for spiritual progression. Hence, when I have revealed some of my spiritual experiences, it has left folk shocked. My synaesthesia that I use for discernment is also a source of bafflement to these people too. The only conclusion that I can come to is that sinister forces have managed to dupe many people into believing some major lies and how this has come about is explained in some depth in this essay.

Today, I would even be happy to be 'insulted' and called a Sophist. The ancient Greek meaning is someone who is in the business of wisdom, using the tools of philosophy and rhetoric for the purpose of teaching and in the process, questions the status quo. Sophiology is a philosophical concept regarding wisdom, as well as a theological concept regarding the wisdom of God. The modern meaning of Sophist is normally used to insult someone who has the ability to propose arguments that others consider to be deceptive because by clever argument, people can be lead into a new way of thinking. Funnily enough, sophists were the first lawyers in the world. Their status as lawyers was a result of their extremely developed argumentation skills. This historical perspective gives you some idea of the original role of a sophist and why other philosophers would try to give them negative press.

Sophia is the goddess of wisdom, philosophy is philo-sophia, or, literally, the love of wisdom and I have spent my whole life in pursuit of truth, knowledge and wisdom. However, since I live in a world that generally prefers ignorance and stupidity, I have come to the conclusion: does the opinion of people who are not interest in truth, knowledge and wisdom really matter? Simply, it is a fact that the Cultic Milieu harbours some extremely dangerous people who will push you to the edge of madness and even risk killing you in order to achieve their aims. Cult experts estimate that millions of people have been affected but the worse affected parts of the Cultic Milieu refuses to even acknowledge that there is a problem. Today, based on what happened with James Ray, the opinion in parts of the New Age milieu is that killing seekers in their search for enlightenment is just fine! Check out the internet discussion. There are many who think the three people who trusted James Ray to keep them safe, but died anyway in his hellaciously hot sweat lodge, were at fault! It seems that many simply cannot comprehend that the power of mind over matter does not apply when you are unconscious and fighting for your life in abnormal circumstances! The conclusion of my essay is that the New Age has been taken over by sinister orwellian forces to explain the obvious mind control of duped seekers. Furthermore, based on a considerable amount of reflection, I believe something has to be done to clean up the spirtual milieu… I am even thinking there must be market for someone who promises to teach people how to seek safely, but I wonder who else thinks this is a good idea.

I would be happy to hear from people who have seriously contemplated the issues explained in this essay and who also want to understand the glaring inconsistency of those teaching enlightenment but demonstrate low levels of spiritual intelligence as the world faces the greatest transition in the history of mankind. Yes, we are talking about the myriad of emperors with no clothes... In my own personal journey of healing, this essay summarises a new level of enlightenment but it also reinforces the loneliness that I have felt even whilst being approached by more and more people, oblivious to why I would not be interested in networking with them. Therefore, I would be especially thrilled to hear from professionals, psychologists, psychiatrists, sociologists, philosophers and other academics, who have something worthwhile to add. Essentially, I am looking for spiritual intelligence especially as geomagnetic conditions on our planet worsen, because it is obvious to me that many more people are going to be badly damaged by their experiences in the most indiscriminate parts of the Cultic Milieu.

Spiritual Evolution in the Cultic Milieu - Introduction

If you consider yourself to be a spiritual seeker of any variety, then you have entered the environment that academics have termed the Cultic Milieu. The meaning of this expression is not directly related to cults, rather “Milieu” is a French word meaning “surroundings; environment” and applies to the general environment of seekers with associated organisations and activities that make the Cultic Milieu function as a permanent ongoing feature of society.1 The aim of this essay is to describe how it is impossible for people in this environment to be unaffected by the culture of the Cultic Milieu and how others within the milieu, act to impede real spiritual growth. In order to provide some clarity, this essay introduces a new term to describe the behaviour of people within the Cultic Milieu, who have been in and out of various cults and ideological groups. These are people who have been in this environment for so long, that they have become 'conditioned,' or 'tainted' by 'cult tactics'. The routine use of cult tactics that most consider as normal practice, is comprised of a battery of techniques used by manipulators and exploiters to gain control over the perception, thinking, emotions and belief systems of people whilst being drawn into cults or to keep people participating in cults. So, even if seekers drift around in the Cultic Milieu, as they can't be drawn into cults, there seems to be an unacknowledged acceptance and compliance with a certain background level of detrimental conditioning within the Cultic Milieu that puts people into a mode that I have termed 'cult-o-matic'. This term has only been adopted because I do not believe there is an adequate modern word or phrase to convey sufficient meaning to the ingrained manner and behaviour of people steeped in the culture of the Cultic Milieu.

End of excerpt

Contents (book size version)

  • Introduction
  • 1
  • Enlightenment For Sale: Technologies of Experience
  • 2
  • Understanding the Cultic Milieu
  • 9
  • The Spiritual Milieu
  • 12
  • Milieu Control
  • 21
  • Is there anything off-limits? Intruding into the Workplace
  • 31
  • Being Badly Bitten
  • 68
  • Positive Skepticism
  • 53
  • Bait, Cheese and Sales Pitch
  • 59
  • Conclusion: The Orwellian New Age
  • 67
  • Dedication
  • 73
  • Addendum
  • 74
  • References
  • 78

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    General Note

    Please respect copyright. There is no general permission to copy anything from this essay for use on other websites.

    Susan Joy Rennison, B.Sc.Hons. (Physics with Geophysics)
    11th August 2011, updated April 2013

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