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Best of the Blog - Evolutionary Change,
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Environmental change triggers rapid evolution
Phys.Org News, 9th April 2013
A University of Leeds-led study, published in the journal Ecology Letters, overturns the common assumption that evolution only occurs gradually over hundreds or thousands of years.

Instead, researchers found significant genetically transmitted changes in laboratory populations of soil mites in just 15 generations, leading to a doubling of the age at which the mites reached adulthood and large changes in population size. The results have important implications in areas such as disease and pest control, conservation and fisheries management because they demonstrate that evolution can be a game-changer even in the short-term.

Professor Tim Benton, of the University of Leeds' Faculty of Biological Sciences, said: "This demonstrates that short-term ecological change and evolution are completely intertwined and cannot reasonably be considered separate. We found that populations evolve rapidly in response to environmental change and population management. This can have major consequences such as reducing harvesting yields or saving a population heading for extinction."

Although previous research has implied a link between short-term changes in animal species' physical characteristics and evolution, the Leeds-led study is the first to prove a causal relationship between rapid genetic evolution and animal population dynamics in a controlled experimental setting. [...]

Professor Benton said: "The traditional idea would be that if you put animals in a new environment they stay basically the same but the way they grow changes because of variables like the amount of food. However, our study proves that the evolutionary effect— the change in the underlying biology in response to the environment—can happen at the same time as the ecological response. Ecology and evolution are intertwined," he said.

Over the decades, some scientists have been pointing out the geological and paleontological evidence for rapid evolutionary change being associated with periods of rapid climatic change, but now, due to many examples of evolutionary changes in real-time, more scientists and scientific philosophers are accepting that Darwin's theory has been falsified. This latest piece of research is just another nail in the coffin for Darwinist 'believers'...

Best of the Blog - Evolutionary Change,
Mass Extinctions & Catastrophe News Archive

Evolution or Extinction?
Augureye Express, 27th December 2013
[...] We do not have to be limited to only the choices given us by our "leaders" - we are allowed to think outside the box (Cage), to come up with our own solutions for the planet and her passengers. Unlike the poor but delicious lobster, we can still find our way out of hot water, but it won't be easy, and you're not going to like it. It begins with forgiving yourself for waiting so long, then standing up and taking your power back from those who hypnotized you into giving it away. Snap out of it, quit hiding from the ugly truth. Anger can be a most potent tool once you channel it into a creative, rather than destructive outlet. Don't get mad, then start destroying stuff, that's just playing right into their hands. Instead, get mad, then start creating stuff!! They won't know how to deal with that.

I thought the conclusion here was mostly typically disappointing New Agey mush... However, I can agree with the above paragraph... The Erik Lensherr quote and question: "Where do I find the more evolved people?", is one I mutter virtually every day... I think we are headed for a major wipeout, but one that not even the elite will survive with their current level of power and control in tact. Hence, the major panic in trying to predict space weather as they know that the world has been previously "burnt out" and the hope they can survive another major solar blast... Meanwhile evolutionary change is determined by the environment and the 'reset button' has already been pushed...

Surviving ash trees help to address evolutionary riddle
A pathogenic fungus is killing thousands of European ash trees every year. Danish researchers are now trying to uncover the genetics behind the unknown defence mechanism in ash trees. Not only to save the ash trees, but also to address an evolutionary mystery in trees.
Science Nordic, 22nd October 2013
Since 2003, the aggressive Hymenoscyphus pseudoalbidus fungus has infected just about all Danish ash trees with the fungal disease ash dieback. The situation is the same across most of Europe. One by one the trees become infected with the disease, which is characterised by leaf loss and crown dieback.

Only 2-3 percent of the ash trees appear to have a defence mechanism which enables them to withstand the fungus. A research group from the University of Copenhagen is currently working intensely to figure out how these few ash trees manage to evade the disease, an ability that may be used to rescue the entire ash tree population.[...]

Study also addresses an evolutionary riddle

If the researchers manage to reveal why some of the Danish ash trees manage to resist an ash dieback fungus, they would also come one step closer to understanding some of the evolutionary mysteries regarding the immune system in trees in general.

Newly-discovered monkey which purrs like a cat and other strange new creatures found in the Amazon
The Mirror, 24th October 2013
A monkey that purrs like a cat has been discovered in the depths of the Amazon rainforest. The Caquetta titi monkey is one of 441 new species discovered during the past three years by teams of scientists.

The discovery has been described by wildlife experts as "remarkable" . Scientist Thomas Defler, who was one of the team who spotted the animal in Colombia, told Sky News: "When they feel very content they purr towards each other."

As I often repeat: how do we know these are brand new species? We are living in a time of rapid evolutionary change where scientists have monitored epigenetic changes taking place in decades or about 15 generations... Some biologists are crying wolf about mass extinction but at the same time, others are pointing out lots of evidence for adaptation taking place on a wide scale. The most interesting news for evolutionists is geneticists being forced to admit the sudden miraculous appearance of 'novo' genes. Neo-Darwinism is being blown sky high... Moreover, there are many reports about the discovery of brand new species. Sigh... You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool all the people all of the time.... Widespread evolutionary change is taking place right now!

"Transition from Inorganic to Organic Life was Based on Information, Not Chemistry"
Daily Galaxy, 21st October 2013
In December of 2012, a radical new approach to the question of life's origin was proposed by two Arizona State University scientists that attempts to dramatically redefine the problem. The researchers – Paul Davies, an ASU Regents' Professor and director of the Beyond Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science, and Sara Walker, a NASA post-doctoral fellow at the Beyond Center.

"We propose that the transition from non-life to life is unique and definable," added Davies. "We suggest that life may be characterized by its distinctive and active use of information, thus providing a roadmap to identify rigorous criteria for the emergence of life. This is in sharp contrast to a century of thought in which the transition to life has been cast as a problem of chemistry, with the goal of identifying a plausible reaction pathway from chemical mixtures to a living entity." [...]

"To a physicist or chemist life seems like 'magic matter,'" Davies explained. "It behaves in extraordinary ways that are unmatched in any other complex physical or chemical system. Such lifelike properties include autonomy, adaptability and goal-oriented behavior – the ability to harness chemical reactions to enact a pre-programmed agenda, rather than being a slave to those reactions."

I would say this is a paradigm shift... Plasma is life-like, self-regulating and self-directing... The spirtual goo of the universe... Anyway, it really does looks like scientists are biting the bullet and acknowledging the existence of mysterious non-local epigenetic information required to implement “Body Plans” and another higher level master control level that can explain sudden ‘macro-evolutionary’ events. The Intelligent Design folk are going to be cock-a-hoop with this confession.

Human Evolutionary Change 100 Times Higher in Past 5,000 Years (Today's Most Popular)
Daily Galaxy, 13th August 2013
"We are more different genetically from people living 5,000 years ago than they were different from Neanderthals," according to John Hawks -University of Wisconsin anthropologist. "Five thousand years is such a small sliver of time - it's 100 to 200 generations ago. That's how long it's been since some of these genes originated, and today they are in 30 or 40 percent of people because they've had such an advantage. It's like 'invasion of the body snatchers.'What's really amazing about humans," Hawks continued, "that is not true with most other species, is that for a long time we were just a little ape species in one corner of Africa, and weren't genetically sampling anything like the potential we have now."

In a finding that countered a common theory that human evolution has slowed to a crawl or even stopped in modern humans, a study examining data from an international genomics project describes the past 40,000 years as a time of supercharged evolutionary change, driven by exponential population growth and cultural shifts. The findings may lead to a very broad rethinking of human evolution, especially in the view that modern culture has essentially relaxed the need for physical genetic changes in humans to improve survival.

Well, what happened 40,000 years ago to cause a massive acceleration of evolutionary change on Earth? Here is a short quote from the 2012 e-book version of Tuning the Diamonds. In chapter 5, Earth’s Changing Geomagnetic Environment, I write:
Now, there has been a new discovery of massive gamma ray bubbles (Su, Slatyer, and Finkbeiner, 2010) seen toward the Galactic Center extracted by the Harvard team from Fermi telescope data that has been dated to a major cosmic event that occurred ~40,000 years ago [91]. We can deduce that the surge of cosmic radiation that caused evolutionary change on Earth was caused by a blast of cosmic radiation from our own Milky Way galaxy’s galactic core. The Harvard team also acknowledged the existence of fainter larger gamma ray bubbles outside the main inner gamma ray bubble, pointing to the occurrence of previous events.
Of course the emphasis on natural selection driving evolution is just old theory that clearly needs to be revised in the light of epigenetics and other related discoveries as the article states when it says "other pathways for evolution have opened....". I would say the opening is like big sticks a dynamite blowing open a chasm in a big mountain of beliefs associated with Neo-Darwinism. Whatever, Earth's magnetic field is now officially at times "like a sieve", NASA have told us that cosmic rays are at an all time high and expected to get higher, and we are seeing some rapid evolutionary changes that some are loathing to call evolution because they are taking place in decades as small species live short lives and we have proof that genetically transmitted changes in laboratory populations can take place in only 15 generations. Professor Tim Benton, of the University of Leeds' Faculty of Biological Sciences, states simply: "This demonstrates that short-term ecological change and evolution are completely intertwined and cannot reasonably be considered separate. See, Environmental change triggers rapid evolution
  • Asteroid Impact May have Triggered Evolution of Earth's Multicellular Life (Today's Most Popular)
    Daily Galaxy, 13th August 2013
    A massive asteroid that struck South Australia during a glacial cold snap 590 million years ago may have triggered the evolution of Earth’s earliest complex organisms, Australian geologists reported. In 2010, researchers from the University of Adelaide argued that the Acraman asteroid impact coincided with an extensive glaciation period more than 500 million years ago and created ideal conditions for an explosion of complex organisms, known as the Ediacara biota.

Is This the Week that Organized Skepticism Imploded?
Daily Grail, 11th August 2013
For many years on this site I've critiqued the demagogic tendencies of a number of the 'leaders' of the modern skeptical movement (see the bottom of this post for some links). I've often faced resistance (and sometimes hostility) from card-carrying skeptics for pointing out the foibles of these so-called champions of science, and the dangers of having such people as figureheads of a movement dedicated to truth and reason - but I had no inkling that in the space of just a few short years the reputations of a number of them would begin coming undone at their own hands. [...]

But what has become clear is that the former figureheads of the skeptical movement finally now have a (long-awaited) skepticism being applied to their own actions and pronouncements, and a number of them are being revealed for the pretenders they are. I'd like to think that this is the end of skeptical demagoguery, and the beginning of a new, more intelligent, self-critiquing skeptical movement - though perhaps it's more just a fragmentation, as Myers and Randi and others now just seem to have their own righteous armies fighting somewhat of an internal civil war in skepticism.

It looks like prominent skeptics are burning in the fires of their own hell.... I have been seeing snippets here and there for a while but I was quite stunned by revelations that things have badly deteriorated amongst skeptics. According to the website Spirituality is No Excuse run by Yakaru, he states he is now forced to provide a serious warning, see The Skeptic & Atheist Movements: A Word of Warning for Newcomers. Here, we are informed that some skeptics are now debating whether 'skepchicks' should be raped. Shocking stuff, but this troll mentality on the internet is now making lots of news, see the latest YouTube villain unmasked as a UK 'soap' actor, Vile online rap Videos. Strangely enough, it reminded me of an incident of having dinner with a male friend who I thought was a 'spiritual' person. Out of nowhere he made a vile comment in a hissed voice about a female politician needing to be violated as punishment. All of a sudden, the spiritual persona had slipped and something really evil had appeared. It was not long after I made the decision to not have anything to do with this person. In my own journal of 'enlightenment' I realise I don't have to tolerate or deal with other people's nastiness... Due to my experiences, I have been forced to pay attention, if I see real darkness, I now run, no matter what...
  • The Bullshit Police
    The Daily Beast, 16th August 2013
    [James Randi Educational Foundation] JREF’s goal, according to its website, is to “expose paranormal and pseudoscientific frauds in the media, and hold media organizations accountable for promoting dangerous nonsense.” The Skeptics Society, publisher of Skeptic magazine, describes its mission as an effort “to engage leading experts in investigating the paranormal, fringe science, pseudoscience, and extraordinary claims of all kinds, promote critical thinking, and serve as an educational tool for those seeking a sound scientific viewpoint.”

    But aren’t these merely descriptions of plain old science? Saunders says there is an important distinction. “We especially go after these claims that are against the laws of physics, while generally science is the study of nature,” he explains. In other words, science tends to ignore ghosts, goblins, levitating yogis, and mind-reading mediums claiming an ability to commune with the dead. “We’re not doing science. We’re advocating for it,” Swiss explains.

    Skeptics believe people should think and use reason but the average person (unfamiliar with how sience works) often reacts in a knee jerk arrogant manner. Worse still, the new crowd they are attracting is discrediting the whole scene, see above. Then there is a problem of religious conformity. Skeptics are expected to be atheists and Neo-Darwinists but you are not allowed to be a climate skeptic.... funny that.... Anything else and you are suspect... So, how do sane people counteract the apalling New Age uncritical thinking crowd? I don't know, but I don't think Randi et al. are the answer, because at the moment, it seems JREF is providing just another religious institution for many to hide behind and regurgitate what others tell them.

Scientific 'consensus' overturned again: Life on Earth 4 times older than previously believed
The Hockey Schtick, 22nd July 2013
EUGENE, Ore. -- (July 22, 2013) -- Conventional scientific wisdom has it that plants and other creatures have only lived on land for about 500 million years, and that landscapes of the early Earth were as barren as Mars.

A new study, led by geologist Gregory J. Retallack of the University of Oregon, now has presented evidence for life on land that is four times as old -- at 2.2 billion years ago and almost half way back to the inception of the planet.

Sigh.... It is very very difficult for researchers when most prefer consensus based on not enough information (ignorance), poor logic and arrogance. The best example is Neo-Darwinism that is now blowing up spectacularly now that epigenetics suggests that genes are NOT the final arbiter of evolution. Only after 50+ years of serious research and running into a brick wall when humans were found to have the same number of genes as a poorly developed worm (Human Genome Project), have arrogant academics finally admitted they were wrong. Please note: Lamarckian experimentalist Paul Kammerer’s observations in the 1920s look suspiciously like newly discovered aspects of epigenetics, but at the time he was dismissed as a fraud.

Speedy evolution may help sea urchins survive
Futurity, 14th June 2013
Rapid adaptation could be sea urchins’ primary weapon against acidification and climate change as the carbon content of the ocean increases. [...]

To observe the potential effects of future increased levels of carbon dioxide in ocean water, researchers bred generations of purple sea urchins in conditions mimicking projected environment of the ocean in near the end of the century. “We exposed them to 1,100 parts per million of carbon dioxide,” Kelly says.[...]

While the larvae reared under the future carbon dioxide levels were, on average, smaller, the researchers also noted a wide variation in size, indicating that some of these larvae—the ones that remained the same size as they would have under today’s conditions—had inherited a tolerance for higher CO2 levels.

Size is an important trait. It’s tied to feeding rate and the risk of being eaten by other creatures. The animals that can withstand higher CO2 levels in the ocean will leave more offspring than their weaker counterparts. This natural selection, coupled with the finding that variation in size under more acidic conditions is heritable, points to the rapid evolution of the purple urchin.

“This is what allows us to predict that this species will evolve increased tolerance—as CO2 rises, urchins that have greater tolerance will have a better chance of survival, and they will pass on their greater tolerance to their offspring,” Kelly says.

These marine biologists have already done the experiments and they fully expect sea urchins to quickly evolve to cope with a changing environment.

Some Evolution May Not Depend on Genes
Live Science, 4th June 2013
Epigenetic changes, or chemical markers on DNA that can turn genes on or off, may play a role in natural selection, a new paper argues.

The piece, published today (June 4) in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, argues that these chemical markers can be passed through multiple generations just as genes can, and as a result, epigenetic changes can be selected for or against — thereby contributing to species' evolution.

Over the last several decades, researchers studying epigenetics have found that something in addition to DNA alters the expression of genes. For instance, a chemical marker, called methylation, can cause DNA to coil tightly, thereby preventing cellular machinery from copying DNA's genetic instructions.

But epigenetics are incredibly complicated. For instance, studies in plants, mice and humans have found that the chemical marks on DNA can be stably passed down through the generations. [The Top 10 Worst Hereditary Conditions]

But these chemical markers can be both inherited and modified by the environment.

There is now a huge amount of doubt amongst evolutionary biologists caused by new scientific discoveries. Epigentics means that 200 years after Darwin, scientists are being forced to admit evolution is still not very well understood. In my Tuning the Diamonds book, I point out experiments where healers demonstrated that they could unwind DNA at will.... Now it seems the importance of this ability is becoming clear as it seems to prove that humans do have the ability to influence their own evolution.
  • More Light Is Cast on Epigenetics and Design
    Evolution News & Views, 10th June 2013
    The study of epigenetics -- codes and systems "above" genetics -- has accelerated in recent years. Scientists now recognize a multitude of players implicated in regulating genes. These players include proteins, RNA molecules, and chemical "tags" that DNA translation machinery recognizes. Some recent papers elucidate a few of the many ways epigenetic factors interact with the genome.

    I don't want to get into the trap of being classified as a creationist, (even if it is true) but the Intelligent Design people are pretty cock-a-hoop these days. I love the way the scientific arguments are being explained for those us who don't have a PH.D. in biology.

Silly Moth, You Aren’t A Spider
Business Insider, 1st June 2013
If you come across the Lygodium Spider Moth, don’t be afraid. It’s just a moth, after all. The fascinating bug was discovered in Thailand in 2005, and is described in the journal Annals Of The Entomological Society of America [PDF].

The moth feeds on ferns, and the researchers think that the creepy spider markings help protect it from predators. That’s pretty awesome.

Researchers have documented previous incidences of moth species mimicking the behaviour of spiders as a way to defend against their predation, but this spider moth species is a dramatic example of how one species can reap benefits from mimicking or looking like another species.

This kind of revelation makes me want to study the ideas of those who propose the concept of Intelligent Design.... We can forget this as being natural selection over hundreds of thousands of years because this spider pattern camouflage has appeared from nowhere... No half-baked copies to be found anywhere.... This is an intelligent idea that has been implemented, but intelligence in what mind? The idea of a moth using spider camouflage must have started somewhere... This is the kind of thoughts that philosophers routinely contemplate and I am with the philosophers and maybe a few religious folk who believe that everything starts off as an idea, the issue is where does that mind reside? Does this mind take into account the consequences of these kind of changes or does it allow a feedback mechanism that learns from what happens? I think many evolutionists are not philosophers or else they would not support such shallow theories that cannot be proven even after hundreds of years.... This is the UK Daily Mail article version, Moth displays the ultimate deterrent after evolving camouflage on its wings that looks like a SPIDER.

Giant, fluorescent pink slugs found on mountain
Yahoo News, 30th May 2013
It would seem to be something you'd see only in a cartoon or at a Phish concert, but according to park rangers in New South Wales, Australia, dozens of giant, fluorescent pink slugs have been popping up on a mountaintop there.

"As bright pink as you can imagine, that's how pink they are," Michael Murphy, a ranger with the National Parks and Wildlife Service, told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. "On a good morning, you can walk around and see hundreds of them."

The eight-inch creatures have been spotted only on Mount Kaputar, a 5,000-foot peak in the Nandewar Range in northern New South Wales.

Hmmm.... I am not convinced by the explanation here but environmental change could have provided the catalyst for a throw-back and the sudden arrival of these pink slugs. See archives re somatic hypermutation.

Monkey with 'human eyes' among top discoveries of 2012
Telegraph, 23rd May 2013
[...] "I don't know whether to be more astounded by the species discovered each year, or the depths of our ignorance about biodiversity of which we are a part," said Professor Quentin Wheeler, founding director of the International Institute for Species Exploration. Among the other species highlighted by the scientists is the world’s smallest vertebrate - a tiny species of frog discovered in Papua New Guinea, called Paedophryne amanuensis, that measures just seven millimetres.

Historically, scientists have preferred to create distinct groups of lifeforms to the chagrin of more evolved thinkers like Charles Fort who realised that scientists were just ignoring evidence they did not like. Simply, most scientists have been too narrow minded and hence the issue with the reality and complexity of the vast biodiversity on Earth. This becomes a major issue when scientists start trying to understand possible forms of alien life that could exist and explains why the scientific community have until recently refused to acknowledge so-called 'alien life' already here on Earth.

Pesticides Make a Comeback
Many Corn Farmers Go Back to Using Chemicals as Mother Nature Outwits Genetically Modified Seeds
Investors Hub, 22nd May 2013
Wall Street Journal paywall copy: Insecticide sales are surging after years of decline, as American farmers plant more corn and a genetic modification designed to protect the crop from pests has started to lose its effectiveness.

The sales are a boon for big pesticide makers, such as American Vanguard Corp. and Syngenta AG. But it has sparked fresh concerns among environmental groups and some scientists that one of the most widely touted benefits of genetically modified crops—that they reduce the need for chemical pest control—is unraveling. At the same time, the resurgence of insecticides could expose both farmers and beneficial insects to potential harm.

Until recently, corn farmers in the U.S. had largely abandoned soil insecticides, thanks mostly to a widely adopted genetic trait developed by Monsanto Co. that causes corn seeds to generate their own pest-killing toxins, but which the Environmental Protection Agency says doesn't hurt humans.

The modified seeds, first introduced in 2003, proved to be largely effective against the corn rootworm, a voracious bug that is the main scourge of the nation's largest crop. Today, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, two-thirds of all corn grown in the U.S. includes a rootworm-targeting gene known as Bt.

As more farmers switched to the modified seed, the share of corn acreage treated with insecticide fell to 9% in 2010, the most recent year for which data are available, from 25% in 2005, according to USDA data. Those farmers who continued to use insecticide applied less in 2010, the data showed.

In 2011, however, entomologists at Iowa State University and the University of Illinois started to document rootworms that were immune to the Monsanto gene, and have found these resistant pests scattered across the Midwest. Now, many farmers have decided they need to spray their soil to kill any rootworms that have developed Bt resistance, as well as growing populations of other pests.

What we are being told is that in a matter of a few years, rootworms evolved their DNA to become resistant to pest-killing toxins from genetically modified seeds to ensure their survival. Therefore, it looks like Monsanto's business plan is bust, but obviously there are wider issues concerning rapid evolutionary change being demonstrated by various forms of life on this planet. Humans, on the surface, cannot seem to benefit from the same rules to cope with environmental threats. Why is that?
  • 800 Scientists Demand Global GMO “Experiment” End
    Natural Society, 24th May 2013
    Some scientists with functioning brains who realise that big greedy corporations are forcing humanity to take too much of a big risk. By trying to mess too much with Mother Nature, it is looking increasingly like humans will come off worse.

Mutant roaches evolve to avoid sticky traps
The Sydney Morning Herald, 24th May 2013
San Francisco: Roaches that have been hard to trap may be a variety that find sugar doesn't taste quite so sweet as bait anymore, a study suggests.

Most cockroach baits cover poison in a layer of glucose, a sugar. Some mutant German roaches, the most common species of pest found in houses, apartments, restaurants and hotels, now taste glucose as bitter, researchers said today in a study released in the journal Science. This change in palate enables them to avoid traps.

The scientists collected 19 roach populations, mostly from the US and Puerto Rico, to look at how common the glucose- spurning had become. They found seven populations that had the taste trait, said Coby Schal, a study author and a professor of entomology at North Carolina State University in Raleigh. He expects the numbers would have been higher had his group asked exterminators to send sample roaches from infestations that had been difficult to control by ordinary means.

More speedy evolution...

More Than Half of Spiders No Longer Build Webs
Real Clear Science News, 22nd May 2013
Spider webs are beautiful to behold, but they're not necessarily all that efficient to use. For spiders that weave webs to hunt, their foraging is effectively restricted to one area. Moreover, ignorant and unappreciative humans frequently rip the elegant, silken constructs to shreds, leaving the eight-legged owners temporarily without means to attain nourishment.

Perhaps due to these stark limitations, more than half of spider species have abandoned the web-spinning ways of many of their forebears, instead pursuing prey in a more traditional "search and seize" manner. [...]

We may indeed be witnessing a noticeable example of evolution in action. Over the coming centuries, it will be quite interesting to see if more and more spiders switch to a web-less hunting style. If so, pristine, silken webs sparkling with dew on a clear, spring morning may, sadly, become a rare sight.

Evolutionary change, this time for spiders, in very short timescales. Gone is the belief that everything takes hundreds of thousands of years replaced with sudden change that happens in decades and maybe hundreds of years. The image icon is from the surprising 'happy face' spider discovery announced in April 2009, British scientists study Hawaiian happy face spider.

Climate change 'spurred modern human behaviour'
BBC News, 22nd May 2013
Abrupt climate change in Africa helped trigger technological and cultural advances in early modern humans, according to new research. Archaeologists had long noted that the complexity displayed by human groups moved in fits and starts.

But there has been a debate about the causes of this stop-start pattern. Analysis of marine sediments suggest a close link between changes in human behaviour and changes in the southern African climate. The research by a British, Swiss and Spanish team is published in the journal Nature Communications. [...]

Prof Chris Stringer, from London's Natural History Museum, who was also an author on the paper, said: "The quality of the southern African data allowed us to make these correlations between climate and behavioural change.

Actually, I would be interested to find evolutionary biologists who have developed sophisticated theories concerning the specifics of the triggers that link changes in human behaviour and changes in the climate. I have been stating that morphogenetic templates are controlled by the environment for a long time because it seems obvious to me but in my book Tuning The Diamonds, I actually quote from a paper, “Consciousness As A Self-Organizing Process: An Ecological Perspective” (1998). In the abstract, the authors Goerner & Combs write: “The evolution of consciousness is seen in the context of energy-driven evolution in general, where energy and information are understood as two sides of the same coin.” Most importantly, the authors Goerner & Combs write:
“We are now coming to understand the innate tendency of energy systems to evolve into structures that capture energy and use it to organize even more complex, flexible, and tenacious structures. It turns out that systems which exist far from equilibrium are the natural product of the self-organizing tendencies of energy currents throughout the universe to move toward greater complexity. Thus these systems are information intensive, capturing free but patterned energy from the environment and using it to enrich their own complex structures.”
I am wondering if this is just too sophisticated and/or too esoteric for most but I am grateful that a at least a few academics understand this and those who want to understand can ignore the New Age woo... In straight language, if humans cannot pick up the new “patterened” energy from the environment and that means morphogenetic templates that control the physical formation of every living creature to invoke DNA changes, then humanity will go extinct, it is that simple....As stupid humans think polluting the environment and our own existing templates does not matter, it is inevitable that most of humanity will die off and it might explain the Transhumanism that is still largely under the radar, for those scientists and academics who think they can upsurp Universal Intelligence.... How foolish.

New Meat-Eating Plant Species Found In Japan
Popular Science, 7th May 2013
According to Japan Times, a new species of carnivorous plant has been found in Aichi Prefecture, on the central-southern coast of Japan's main island. The Japan Times calls it a "pitcher plant," which it is not; as a species related to (and mistaken for) Drosera indica, it's actually a sundew.

Cosmic Explosion Left Imprint in Fossil Record
Universe Today, 16th April 2013
Ancient iron-loving bacteria may have scooped up evidence of a nearby supernova explosion 2.2 million years ago, leaving an extraterrestrial iron signature in the fossil record, according to German researchers presenting their findings at a recent meeting of the American Physical Society.

In 2004, German scientists reported finding an isotope of iron in a core sample from the Pacific Ocean that does not form on Earth. The scientists calculated the decay rate of the radioactive isotope iron-60 and determined that the source was from a nearby supernova about 2 million years ago.

The blast, they say, was close enough to Earth to seriously damage the ozone layer and may have contributed to a marine extinction at the Pliocene-Pleistocene geologic boundary. [...] By using a chemical treatment that extracts iron-60 while leaving other iron, the scientists then ran the sample through a mass spectrometer to determine whether iron-60 was present. [...]

Although the scientists are not sure which star exploded to rain radioactive iron onto Earth, the scientists refer to a paper from 2002 that points to several supernovae generated in the Scorpius-Centaurus star association. The group of young stars, just 130 parsecs (about 424 light-years) from Earth, has produced 20 supernovae within the past 11 million years.

Another example of an extreme space weather event recorded in the fossil record.

Environmental change triggers rapid evolution
Phys.Org News, 9th April 2013
A University of Leeds-led study, published in the journal Ecology Letters, overturns the common assumption that evolution only occurs gradually over hundreds or thousands of years.

Instead, researchers found significant genetically transmitted changes in laboratory populations of soil mites in just 15 generations, leading to a doubling of the age at which the mites reached adulthood and large changes in population size. The results have important implications in areas such as disease and pest control, conservation and fisheries management because they demonstrate that evolution can be a game-changer even in the short-term.

Professor Tim Benton, of the University of Leeds' Faculty of Biological Sciences, said: "This demonstrates that short-term ecological change and evolution are completely intertwined and cannot reasonably be considered separate. We found that populations evolve rapidly in response to environmental change and population management. This can have major consequences such as reducing harvesting yields or saving a population heading for extinction."

Although previous research has implied a link between short-term changes in animal species' physical characteristics and evolution, the Leeds-led study is the first to prove a causal relationship between rapid genetic evolution and animal population dynamics in a controlled experimental setting. [...]

Professor Benton said: "The traditional idea would be that if you put animals in a new environment they stay basically the same but the way they grow changes because of variables like the amount of food. However, our study proves that the evolutionary effect— the change in the underlying biology in response to the environment—can happen at the same time as the ecological response. Ecology and evolution are intertwined," he said.

Over the decades, some scientists have been pointing out the geological and paleontological evidence for rapid evolutionary change being associated with periods of rapid climatic change, but now, due to many examples of evolutionary changes in real-time, more scientists and scientific philosophers are accepting that Darwin's theory has been falsified. This latest piece of research is just another nail in the coffin for Darwinist 'believers'...

The find of a lifetime: Bizarre 'panda bat' discovered in South Sudan
Daily Mail, 10th April 2013
* Researchers say the bat is an entirely new genus
* Black and white fur make it look uncannily like a panda

Researchers have hailed a bat that looks uncannily like a panda bear as 'the find of a lifetime'. The bat, discovered in South Sudan, is so rare researchers believe it is an entirely new genus.

'My attention was immediately drawn to the bat's strikingly beautiful and distinct pattern of spots and stripes,' said Bucknell Associate Professor of Biology DeeAnn Reeder, who made the discovery. 'It was clearly a very extraordinary animal, one that I had never seen before - I knew the second I saw it that it was the find of a lifetime.'

The talk of a mass extinction is NOT the full story, because at times of rapid evolutionary change new species also appear from nowhere, but we can expect some flukes appearing too and that is a major issue facing us at this time... I imagine there are some evolutionary biologists who are well aware of what is happening and what could happen in the near future....
  • Colorful Tree-Climbing Tarantulas Found in Brazil
    Live Science, 30th October 2012
    A scientist has discovered nine new species of colorful tree-climbing tarantulas in central and eastern Brazil, including four belonging to a mysterious, old genus and others that are quite picky about which plants to choose as homes.

Swallows may be evolving to dodge traffic
Nature News, 18th March 2013
Roadside-nesting cliff swallows have evolved shorter, more manoeuvrable wings, which may have helped them to make hasty retreats from oncoming vehicles, according to a study published in Current Biology1.

The study’s authors discovered the trend after noticing that the number of vehicle-killed birds had declined over the past three decades. They suggest that the two findings provide evidence of roadway-related adaptation. “I’m not saying that it’s all because of wing length,” says Charles Brown, a biologist at the University of Tulsa in Oklahoma and one of the authors of the study. But, he says, the shortening does support the idea that the birds are adapting to disturbed environments, as other organisms presumably are.

Evolutionary change in the timescale of decades rather than hundreds of thousands of years... It seems that Darwinists are being crushed by the weight of evidence that evolutionary change operates at very short time scales and driven by changes due to "disturbed" environments.

Lost Land Beneath the Waves
Science Magazine, 24th February 2013
Geological detectives are piecing together an intriguing seafloor puzzle. The Indian Ocean and some of its islands, scientists say, may lie on top of the remains of an ancient continent pulled apart by plate tectonics between 50 million and 100 million years ago. Painstaking detective work involving gravity mapping, rock analysis, and plate movement reconstruction has led researchers to conclude that several places in the Indian Ocean, now far apart, conceal the remnants of a prehistoric land mass they have named Mauritia. In fact, they say, the Indian Ocean could be "littered" with such continental fragments, now obscured by lava erupted by underwater volcanoes.

This is evidence of massive Earth changes 50 million and 100 million years ago. The recent fabled demise of the continent of Atlantis was just the latest catastrope that wiped out a major civilisation and because it was so recent, world controllers have preferred to ignore and disuade academics pointing out that humans live on a planet that can change quickly in short periods of massive evolutionary change.
  • Superquakes, supercycles, and global earthquake clustering: Recent research and recent quakes reveal surprises in major fault systems
    Earth Magazine, January 2013
    A number of recent big earthquakes around the world have humbled many earthquake researchers. The March 2011 magnitude-9 superquake off Tohoku, Japan, and the December 2004 magnitude-9-plus temblor off Sumatra were both far larger than what scientists expected those fault systems to produce. Based on these quakes, and on recent research that contradicts long-held paradigms, it is becoming clear that the types and sizes of large earthquakes that a given fault system is capable of producing remain poorly known for most major fault systems. [...]

    Finally, the underlying cause of supercycles is unclear. They could be generated by intrinsic properties of the plate boundaries, cycling of energy among segments of an individual fault, transfer of energy between adjacent faults, or even energy transfer acting over larger distances. In addition, there is clear evidence of global clustering of magnitude-9 earthquakes, but we don’t have long enough records from around the world to say for sure whether this phenomenon is real or random, or what it means.

    Geoscientists are admitting that periods of massive geophysical upheaval exist but they don't know where the energy is coming from to facilitate such huge earthquakes or superquakes. Unfortunatley, this is due to a lack of imagination... Earth is not a closed system and the planet can get additional energy from space (Space Weather) in the form of solar flares and coronal mass ejections that deliver huge amounts of magnetic energy and trillions of tons of highly charged plasma (sub-atomic particles) and this electromagnetic energy gets soaked up by our planet. I imagine that the new stream of dark matter (background zero point energy) being muttered about by NASA scientists might also contribute... So, massive Earth changes are caused when there is too much charge built up and sudden big discharges of current occur.. see archives for more info.

Earthquake Storms and the Electric Sun, 6th February 2013
Some four thousand years ago, the civilizations of the world were obliterated by a catastrophic series of events.

Earthquakes are natures deadliest killers! A storm of earthquakes totally buried and destroyed cities throughout the Middle East less than 5000 years ago. Men, women and children were decimated, with famine and plague curiously attending this collapse of civilization.

Doubt this? Then listen to English archaeologist Katherine Kenyon, excavator of both Jericho and Jerusalem: “The final end of the early Bronze Age civilization came with catastrophic completeness. Jericho was probably completely destroyed. Every town in Palestine that has so far been investigated shows the same break. All traces of the early Bronze Age civilization disappeared.”

French archaeologist, Claude Schaeffer, looked at numerous excavation sites and realized this was a worldwide event. That means Australia too! The Geology of Melbourne’s Port Phillip bay indicates numerous tectonic upheavals unmatched in recent history. [...]

Some of the latest researches are showing that the Sun not only controls our weather but is responsible for earthquakes. Weather, according to Henrik Svensmark, runs parallel to the Sun’s coronal mass ejections (CMEs) but earthquakes in most cases, correspond to sunspot minimums.

Sunspots are those little black spots on the Sun (each spot as big as the Earth) out of which solar flares and CMEs leap towards Earth. During high solar activity, the electric Birkeland currents connecting the Sun and Earth charge up, exciting Earth’s buried Telluric current circuitry. When, as in around every eleven years, the number of Sun spots drop off to nearly zero the Earth reacts. Then the stored electric energy discharges. Tremendous forces are released from the Earth’s circuitry. Result? Earthquakes attended by violent lightning storms and winds!

Wow... I have never seen this EU analysis and perspective before... It does seem that the wipeouts of civilizations come quite frequently...

Extreme Space Weather Triggered Medieval Famines, Say Astrophysicists
Famines plagued Iceland and food prices spiked in medieval England following extreme space weather events, according to a new study of historical data
Technology Review, 31st January 2013
The Earth’s local interplanetary environment is a maelstrom of solar winds, giant clouds of hot plasma ejected from the Sun and violent magnetic fields. To a large extent, we are protected from this so-called space weather by our atmosphere and the Earth’s magnetic field.

But every once in a while, these interplanetary storms are so ferocious that even our planetary defences fail. In 1989, for example, a powerful geomagnetic storm knocked out the Hydro-Quebec power grid leaving six million people without electricity.

Today, Lev Pustil’nik and Gregory Yom Din at Tel Aviv University in Israel say the effects of space weather could be much more significant than originally thought. These guys make the case that under certain special conditions, space weather can influence terrestrial weather so severely that it can have a dramatic effects on agriculture, causing crop failures, death and starvation.

We really are seeing scientists facing up to some cosmic reality these days...

Study rebuts hypothesis that comet attacks ended 9,000-year-old Clovis culture, 28th January 2013
(—Rebutting a speculative hypothesis that comet explosions changed Earth's climate sufficiently to end the Clovis culture in North America about 13,000 years ago, Sandia lead author Mark Boslough and researchers from 14 academic institutions assert that other explanations must be found for the apparent disappearance.

"There's no plausible mechanism to get airbursts over an entire continent," said Boslough, a physicist. "For this and other reasons, we conclude that the impact hypothesis is, unfortunately, bogus."

In a December 2012 American Geophysical Union monograph, first available in January, the researchers point out that no appropriately sized impact craters from that time period have been discovered, nor have any unambiguously "shocked" materials been found.

In addition, proposed fragmentation and explosion mechanisms "do not conserve energy or momentum," a basic law of physics that must be satisfied for impact-caused climate change to have validity, the authors write.

Scientists have been arguing this out in the media and I had given up bothering with reports for a while. Airbursts over a whole continent require some planetary sized "magnetic reconnection" events, these scientists need to consult with space scientists or preferably plasma cosmologists... I would also recommend the book Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps by Robert Felix. He points out that fireballs in the sky will create nanodiamonds and giant fireballs will be triggered by a geomagnetic reversal, see Candle flames contain millions of nanodiamonds for further explanations.
  • Article 4 : “No” to Magnetic Reconnection and “Yes” to Electrified Plasma, 24th December 2011
    Electrical engineers and plasma cosmologists have been known to say that magnetic reconnection is one of the stupidest theoretical ideas that researchers ever derived from the mistaken belief that there are no significant electric currents in space. Yes, the mathematics can be made to fit – though with increasing difficulty as observations proceed – with the energy needs involved, but it should be remembered that processes of physics are not explained by such equations. However, in the case of “magnetic reconnection” there is a much deeper difficulty than that. I refer to the inconvenient truth that the lines of force of a magnetic field do not physically exist at all! They are only a mental aid for us to conceptualise the shape and intensity of a magnetic field.

Erratic Environment May Be Key to Human Evolution
Live Science, 25th December 2012
At Olduvai Gorge, where excavations helped to confirm Africa was the cradle of humanity, scientists now find the landscape once fluctuated rapidly, likely guiding early human evolution.These findings suggest that key mental developments within the human lineage may have been linked with a highly variable environment, researchers added.

Olduvai Gorge is a ravine cut into the eastern margin of the Serengeti Plain in northern Tanzania that holds fossils of hominins — members of the human lineage. Excavations at Olduvai Gorge by Louis and Mary Leakey in the mid-1950s helped to establish the African origin of humanity. [...]

We find complementary forcing mechanisms — one is the way Earth orbits, and the other is variation in ocean temperatures surrounding Africa," Freeman said. These findings now shed light on the environmental shifts the ancestors of modern humans might have had to adapt to in order to survive and thrive.

"Early humans went from having trees available to having only grasses available in just 10 to 100 generations, and their diets would have had to change in response," Magill said in a statement. "Changes in food availability, food type, or the way you get food can trigger evolutionary mechanisms to deal with those changes. The result can be increased brain size and cognition, changes in locomotion and even social changes — how you interact with others in a group."

This variability in the environment coincided with a key period in human evolution, "when the genus Homo was first established and when there was first evidence of tool use," Magill said.

Previous research has already established that climate change and evolution of all species of life on this planet are directly related. The reason being is that DNA is directly linked to the environment and when signals from the environment change if the corresponding version of DNA does not exist, then species go extinct. The science of somatic hypermutation is now scientific fact but the reasons why some species evolve and thrive during climate change and others go extinct are not known.

Africa's Homo sapiens were the first techies
Escience News, 5th December 2012
The search for the origin of modern human behaviour and technological advancement among our ancestors in southern Africa some 70,000 years ago has taken a step closer to firmly establishing Africa, and especially South Africa, as the primary centre for the early development of human behaviour. A new research paper by Wits University archaeologist, Prof. Christopher Henshilwood, is the first detailed summary of the time periods he and a group of international researchers have been studying in South Africa: namely the Still Bay techno-traditions (c. 75,000 -- 70,000 years) and the Howiesons Poort techno-tradition (c. 65,000 -- 60,000 years).

I don't have time to wax lyrical on this but I am fed with the messed up timelines and corrupted research from archaeologists and anthropologists who have tried to hide the truth of human origins and cataclysms that have wiped out advanced civilsations on this planet in the past.... I am particularly fed up after hearing a story of a stupid middle class person who couldn't even cook chicken without giving themselves food poisoning but this same idiot-class person would look down on so-called primitives who we find were not so primitive and developed "innovative technologies" to help them survive climate change.... What the hell are we doing? World controllers are so damn stupid that they are trying to make a fast buck selling carbon credits via carbon trading... truly pathetic....

Cosmic rays reveal event in Earth's magnetic field history News, 29th November 2012
41 000 years ago, the Earth's magnetic field faded and practically disappeared, leaving our planet unprotected from the bombardment of cosmic rays. Evidence for this event has been found in ocean sediment cores by a team from the Centre de Recherche et d'Enseignement de Géosciences de l'Environnement (CEREGE, CNRS/Aix-Marseille Université/IRD/Collège de France). In the cores, the researchers measured variations in concentrations of beryllium-10, a radioactive isotope produced by the action of cosmic rays on oxygen and nitrogen atoms in the atmosphere. The work, published in the Journal of Geophysical Research, is an important step towards developing a new method for studying the history of Earth's magnetic field, which should shed light on why its strength has been declining over the past three thousand years.

Evidence for the event was uncovered by the researchers in sediment cores collected off the coasts of Portugal and Papua New Guinea. In the samples, they found an excess of beryllium-10, an isotope produced solely by collisions between particles of cosmic origin and atoms of nitrogen and oxygen. The beryllium-10 (10Be) produced in the atmosphere then falls to the Earth's surface where it is incorporated into ice and sediments. In sedimentary beds dating from the age of the Laschamp excursion, the researchers found up to twice as much 10Be as normal, evidence of the intense cosmic ray bombardment that the Earth underwent for several thousand years. [...]

The method based on beryllium-10, which has been developed over the past 10 years at CEREGE, therefore makes it possible to obtain a continuous reconstruction of variations in the strength of the Earth's global magnetic field.

It is also known that over the past 3000 years the magnetic field has lost 30% of its strength. This trend suggests that in the coming centuries, the Earth might undergo an excursion similar to the one that took place 41 000 years ago. Since high energy cosmic rays can cause mutations and cell damage, such an event would have a significant impact on biodiversity, and in particular on humans.

The reason for the new urgency for research is because Earth's magnetic shielding is fading fast, see archives for more info and details, Best of the Blog Earth Changes & Earth Science.

Human Evolution Enters an Exciting New Phase
Wired News, 28th November 2012
If you could escape the human time scale for a moment, and regard evolution from the perspective of deep time, in which the last 10,000 years are a short chapter in a long saga, you’d say: Things are pretty wild right now.

In the most massive study of genetic variation yet, researchers estimated the age of more than one million variants, or changes to our DNA code, found across human populations. The vast majority proved to be quite young. The chronologies tell a story of evolutionary dynamics in recent human history, a period characterized by both narrow reproductive bottlenecks and sudden, enormous population growth.

The evolutionary dynamics of these features resulted in a flood of new genetic variation, accumulating so fast that natural selection hasn’t caught up yet. As a species, we are freshly bursting with the raw material of evolution.

“Most of the mutations that we found arose in the last 200 generations or so. There hasn’t been much time for random change or deterministic change through natural selection,” said geneticist Joshua Akey of the University of Washington, co-author of the Nov. 28 Nature study. “We have a repository of all this new variation for humanity to use as a substrate. In a way, we’re more evolvable now than at any time in our history.”

Hmmm... Humans are ready to quickly evolve, whether some want this or not...

Research shows lemmings were wiped out by Ice Age's climate change, 27th November 2012
(—Small mammal populations across Europe were wiped out multiple times during the last Ice Age, due to an inability to deal with rapid climate change, according the research published today in the journal Proceedings of the Natural Academy of Sciences.

Led by researchers at Royal Holloway university, the international team of scientists found that a series of short-lived warm periods led to inhospitable environments for many cold-adapted animals, leading to a series of collapses in local ecosystems.

The research casts further doubt that humans played a significant role in causing the megafaunal extinction at the end of the last Ice Age – a period which saw the demise of many of the world's largest terrestrial animals, including woolly mammoth, giant deer and cave bears. [...]

Scientists have known for a long time that the Ice Ages led to diversification and speciation in many animals. However, this study is one of the first to demonstrate that the climatic changes that took place during the last Ice Age, were also important drivers for the extinction process.

The results showed that a series of extinctions had taken place in Western Europe, and that each extinction was followed by recolonisation of genetically different lemmings.

"That the lemmings in Western Europe became extinct five times during the last Ice Age is unparalleled among mammals. We were really surprised by this finding," said Eleftheria Palkopoulou from the Swedish Museum of Natural History. "Our research shows that the modern-day genetic variation in lemmings is just a small fraction of the variation that existed in the past. The amount of diversity that was lost due to these past changes in climate is simply stunning," said Dr Love Dalén from the Swedish Museum of Natural History.

There is no argument that climate change is always associated with evolutionary change, the issue is about how species are going to respond and this seems to be on a case by case basis. This report is specific that humans cannot be blamed for having a significant role in causing certain megafaunal extinctions in the past or for diversification and speciation in many animals. Simply, if species have not produced DNA via the process of somatic hypermutation to help them adapt to future environmental changes and avoid extinction, then that is the end of them, but why this process fails to work in all cases is an interesting conundrum... Incidentally, this article states "lemmings in Western Europe became extinct five times during the last Ice Age", I assume this means some lemmings adapted 5 different ways and each variation still ended up going extinct...
  • Unravelling the causes of the Ice Age megafauna extinctions
    Was it humans or climate change that caused the extinctions of the iconic Ice Age mammals (megafauna) such as the woolly rhinoceros and woolly mammoth?, 4th November 2011
    For decades, scientists have been debating the reasons behind these enigmatic Ice Age mass extinctions, which caused the loss of a third of the large mammal species in Eurasia and two thirds of the species in North America.

    Now an extensive, inter-disciplinary research team, involving over 40 academic institutions around the world and led by Professor Eske Willerslev's Centre for GeoGenetics at the Natural History Museum, University of Copenhagen, have tried to tackle the contentious question in the biggest study of its kind. And the answers are far more complicated than ever imagined.

    The study, published online in the journal Nature reveals that neither climate nor humans alone can account for the Ice Age mass extinctions. Using ancient megafauna DNA, climate data and the archaeological record, the findings indicate dramatically different responses of Ice Age species to climate change and humans. [...]

    Professor Alan Haywood, a paleoclimatologist from the School of Earth and Environment at the University of Leeds, who helped provide climate simulations for the project, said: "This new study is conclusive in its size and scale, and points to climate change as a major driver of extinctions for specific megafauna. But in a wider context, statements about how species are going to respond in the future to global warming are extremely difficult to make on the basis of what's happened in the past."

    This report forgets to mention the arrival of new species that seem to come from nowhere during these periods of evolutionary change...

  • Organisms cope with environmental uncertainty by guessing the future
    Eureka Alert, 16th August 2012 Flashback
    In uncertain environments, organisms not only react to signals, but also use molecular processes to make guesses about the future, according to a study by Markus Arnoldini et al. from ETH Zurich and Eawag, the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology. The authors report in PLoS Computational Biology that if environmental signals are unreliable, organisms are expected to evolve the ability to take random decisions about adapting to cope with adverse situations.

    Most organisms live in ever-changing environments, and are at times exposed to adverse conditions that are not preceded by any signal. [...] Previous experimental work with microorganisms has reported variability in stress responses between genetically identical individuals. The results of the present study suggest that this variation emerges because individual organisms take random decisions, and such variation is beneficial because it helps organisms to reduce the metabolic costs of protection without compromising the overall benefits.

    I believe the scientists here are refering to Somatic Hypermutation — rapid or excessive alterations of the genes. This is a process that allows an organism to use a suitable gene variant to effectively relieve an environmental stress. Simply, if a bacterium needs help, it can simply cut out some useless genetic material and replace it with a new and more helpful version.... This has seriously freaked out biologists and blown Darwin's theory of evolution out of the window.... As I wrote in the 2012 version of my book
    This was first revealed in 1988, by the internationally recognized geneticist John Cairns who wrote the paper, “The Origin of Mutants” that was published in the prestigious British journal Nature. Since, this research was a serious challenge to prevailing beliefs of random mutations espoused by Darwin followers, it was immediately condemned as complete heresy. Of course, after 10 years of replication, scientists were forced to admit that an alternative mechanism for evolution existed.
    Tuning the Diamonds: Electromagnetism & Spiritual Evolution (2006, 2008, 2010, 2012)

Previously Unknown Population Explosion of Human Species 40,000 Years Ago --Discovered
Daily Galaxy, 30th October 2012
DNA sequencing of 36 complete Y chromosomes has uncovered a previously unknown population explosion that occurred 40 to 50 thousand years ago, between the first expansion of modern humans out of Africa 60 to 70 thousand years ago and the Neolithic expansions of people in several parts of the world starting 10 thousand years ago. This is the first time researchers have used the information from large-scale DNA sequencing to create an accurate family tree of the Y chromosome, from which the inferences about human population history could be made.

"We have always considered the expansion of humans out of Africa as being the largest population expansion of modern humans, but our research questions this theory," says Ms Wei Wei, first author from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and the West China University of Medical Sciences. "The out-of-Africa expansion, which happened approximately 60,000 years ago, was extremely large in geographical terms with humans spreading around the globe. Now we've found a second wave of expansion that is much larger in terms of human population growth and occurred over a very short period, somewhere between 40,000 to 50,000 years ago." [...]

"We think this second, previously unknown population boom, may have occurred as humans adapted to their new environment after the first out-of-Africa expansion," says Dr Qasim Ayub, lead author from the Wellcome Trust Sanger institute. "We think that when humans moved from the horn of Africa to Asia, Australia and eventually Europe, they remained in small groups by the coasts. It took them tens of thousands of years to adapt to the mountainous, forested surroundings on the inner continents.

However, once their genetic makeup was suited to these new environments, the population increased extremely rapidly as the groups travelled inland and took advantage of the abundance of space and food."

Some scientists have linked changes in the cosmos, with Earth's magnetic field waning, climate instability and dramatic evolutionary change affecting nearly all life on Earth. Scientists have known about 'The Laschamp Event' for about 45 years and I pointed this event out in my original book and provided more information in the 2012 e-book version. The Science Codex article dated, 16th October 2012 An extremely brief reversal of the geomagnetic field, climate variability and a super volcano, states: "An extremely brief reversal of the geomagnetic field, climate variability and a super volcano 41,000 years ago, a complete and rapid reversal of the geomagnetic field occured." Hence, totally independent research only strengthens the scientific opinion that abrupt climate change is associated with rapid evolutionary changes driven by cosmic factors that I have dubbed as celestial epigenetics.

Far from random, evolution follows a predictable genetic pattern, Princeton researchers find
Princeton University, 25th October 2012
Image caption: Princeton University researchers led by Peter Andolfatto (above), an assistant professor of ecology and evolutionary biology and the Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics, found that evolution may be driven by a simple and repeated genetic solution to an environmental pressure that a broad range of species happen to share. This means that scientists with knowledge of how certain external conditions affect the proteins encoded by a species' genes could pinpoint how the diverse adaptations seen in the natural world developed even in distantly related animals.

Evolution, often perceived as a series of random changes, might in fact be driven by a simple and repeated genetic solution to an environmental pressure that a broad range of species happen to share, according to new research.

Princeton University research published in the journal Science suggests that knowledge of a species' genes — and how certain external conditions affect the proteins encoded by those genes — could be used to determine a predictable evolutionary pattern driven by outside factors. Scientists could then pinpoint how the diversity of adaptations seen in the natural world developed even in distantly related animals.

Hmmm... this is more science that supports my claims that changes in the cosmic environment [celestial epigenetics] drives evolutionary change but these scientists are making even more startingly claims that this evolution is predictable... What's more, it seems that the once derided "junk DNA" is now being called "multiple gene duplications" and these duplications allow for quick genetic adapation to environmental stresses and thus permits rapid evolutionary change in short periods of time rather than in the completely wrong Darwinian timeframe that everything takes hundreds of thousands if not millions of years.

Randall Carlson - Cycles of Catastrophe & Cosmic Patterns
Red Ice Radio, 2nd September 2012
As a professional designer/builder, student of Sacred Geometry and long time Freemason, Randall Carlson is uniquely qualified to interpret the hidden meaning of the great masterpieces of mystical architecture. It is his aspiration to affect a revival of lost knowledge towards the goal of creating the new world based upon universal principles of harmony, freedom, and spiritual evolution.

Randall emphasizes the cyclical nature of time and the periodic catastrophes responsible for the collective amnesia of our species. He’ll discuss cosmic events and recapitulate disaster scenarios. In the member’s hours, Randall talks about impact events and ancient foreknowledge of coming catastrophe. We’ll discuss where we presently are in the cycle of catastrophe, climate change, water cycles and interglacial periods. Randall explains how we are much more likely to head into a cold period. We’ll end discussing dark and golden ages and their literal meanings.

In hour 1, Randall Carlson explains in a nutshell, why he believes the melting of huge ice sheets was caused by severe space weather events... We know that world controllers are extremely twitchy about the public understanding that Earth is frequently subjected to severe cosmic events, so Carlson's original research and reasoning is new to me and I am seriously impressed. If you really want to understand more about the spiritual (divine cosmos) component to cosmic cycles, Randall Carlson fully understands what this is about, but this is only mentioned in hour 2 & 3 which is for Red Ice members only. Sometimes it is a relief to find scholars that can look at the evidence and engage brain....

Evolutionary increase in size of the human brain explained
Eureka Alert, 16th August 2012
Researchers have found what they believe is the key to understanding why the human brain is larger and more complex than that of other animals. The human brain, with its unequaled cognitive capacity, evolved rapidly and dramatically.

"We wanted to know why," says James Sikela, PhD, who headed the international research team that included researchers from the University of Colorado School of Medicine, Baylor College of Medicine and the National Institutes of Mental Health. "The size and cognitive capacity of the human brain sets us apart. But how did that happen?"

"This research indicates that what drove the evolutionary expansion of the human brain may well be a specific unit within a protein – called a protein domain -- that is far more numerous in humans than other species."

The most important information is that there was an evolutionary change that affected brain size and it happened quickly. I wrote the following in the latest version of my book.
Therefore, the Theory of Punctuated Equilibrium, by Niles Eldredge and Stephen Jay Gould, first proposed in 1972, must be considered as a major advancement in scientific reasoning [92]. Instead of slow continuous evolution proposed by Charles Darwin, the study of fossil organisms found evidence of geological layers with long intervals in which nothing changed (“equilibrium”), “punctuated” by short, revolutionary transitions, in which species became extinct and were replaced by new forms.
Tuning the Diamonds: Electromagnetism & Spiritual Evolution (2006, 2008, 2010, 2012)

Tuning the Diamonds: Electromagnetism & Spiritual Evolution (2006, 2008, 2010, 2012)
These days neurologists are marvelling over the occurence of the number of people with so many different types of synaesthesia, because there has been a notable increase in only three decades. Some neurologists think it is an evolutionary change and this has to be seriously considered because it seems to be related to humans being increasingly privy to the interplay of human consciousness [deeper awareness]. This is in the form of more complexity of the senses providing us with new ways of interpreting environmental information.

Cosmic Chaos, part one, Addendum.
The Big Study, 10th August 2012

Massive volcanic eruptions triggered Little Ice Age
Ice Age Now, 14th May 2012

Woman found with superhuman sight which lets her see 99m more colours
A woman has been found with superhuman sight that enables her to see 99million more colours than the average person.
Metro News, 19th June 2012
She can see an unimaginable range and depth of hues and is the first so-called ‘tetrachromat’ to be discovered in Britain following a 20-year search by researchers. [...]

Vision is based on eye cells known as cones – but tetrachromats have four types instead of three. ‘Tetrachromats may never need to draw on their full capacity,’ said Ms Jordan. ‘They may be trapped in a world tailored to creatures with lesser powers.’

It is interesting to contemplate whether there is a small but growing numbers of people with extraordinary sight and other superhuman capabilities, that we could associate with evolving humans...

Little Ice Age began with a bang
Science News, 10th March 2012

Earth's massive extinction: The story gets worse, 5th January 2012
Scientists have uncovered a lot about the Earth's greatest extinction event that took place 250 million years ago when rapid climate change wiped out nearly all marine species and a majority of those on land. Now, they have discovered a new culprit likely involved in the annihilation: an influx of mercury into the eco-system.

"No one had ever looked to see if mercury was a potential culprit. This was a time of the greatest volcanic activity in Earth's history and we know today that the largest source of mercury comes from volcanic eruptions," says Dr. Steve Grasby, co-author of a paper published this month in the journal Geology. "We estimate that the mercury released then could have been up to 30 times greater than today's volcanic activity, making the event truly catastrophic." Grasby is a research scientist at Natural Resources Canada and an adjunct professor at the University of Calgary.

Dr. Benoit Beauchamp, professor of geology at the University of Calgary, says this study is significant because it's the first time mercury has been linked to the cause of the massive extinction that took place during the end of the Permian.

This might be helpful for those who are actively researching the transformation process on this planet.

Neutrino Bomb' Idea Expands Debate on Human Extinction
New York Times, 23rd January 1996

Fossils shed light on evolutionary origin of animals from single-cell ancestors, 22nd December 2011
All life evolved from a single-celled universal common ancestor, and at various times in Earth history, single-celled organisms threw their lot in with each other to become larger and multicellular, resulting, for instance, in the riotous diversity of animals. However, fossil evidence of these major evolutionary transitions is extremely rare. [...]

This X-ray microscopy revealed that the fossils had features that multicellular embryos do not, and this led the researchers to the conclusion that the fossils were neither animals nor embryos but rather the reproductive spore bodies of single-celled ancestors of animals.

Professor Philip Donoghue said: "We were very surprised by our results – we've been convinced for so long that these fossils represented the embryos of the earliest animals – much of what has been written about the fossils for the last ten years is flat wrong. Our colleagues are not going to like the result."

Professor Stefan Bengtson said: "These fossils force us to rethink our ideas of how animals learned to make large bodies out of cells."

Reference material in my efforts to understand how life started on this planet. Besides, there is the issue of how quickly scientific ideas change... In my efforts to integrate many different subjects, it is very difficult picking up the correct strands to weave together when concensus does not necessarily mean scientific beliefs are correct.

Evolution at warp speed: Hatcheries change salmon genetics after a single generation, 19th December 2011
These findings, published this week in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, show a speed of evolution and natural selection that surprised researchers. They confirmed that a primary impact of hatcheries is a change in fish genetics, as opposed to a temporary environmental effect.

"We've known for some time that hatchery-born fish are less successful at survival and reproduction in the wild," said Michael Blouin, a professor of zoology at Oregon State University. "However, until now, it wasn't clear why. What this study shows is that intense evolutionary pressures in the hatchery rapidly select for fish that excel there, at the expense of their reproductive success in the wild."[...] "Nevertheless, this shows that hatcheries can produce fish that are genetically different from wild fish, and that it can happen extraordinarily fast," he said. "The challenge now is to identify the traits under selection to see if we can slow that rate of domestication."

When conditions change genetics take over to ensure survival of the species or at least conformity to some pre-existing ecosystem maintenance plan. The surprise is purely based on the widespread belief in Darwinism that insisted for decades that everything is done in a timescale of hundreds of thousands of years. Most evolutionary biologists realise this is wrong because over and over again, they are seeing very quick 'evolutionary' changes and adaptation. I believe that this is being accelerated by catalytic energies literally dropping from the skies. We have seen widespread evolutionary change on this planet before and NOBODY knows how or why this occurs, BUT there are factors like Earth's magnetic field dropping like a stone and certain catalytic elements like Irridium being found in abundance at certain rock layers that could have only come from a cosmic source.

Humans became human because of viruses
Pravda News, 1st November 2011
Why do human beings and chimpanzees have the identical genome in spite of the fact that we are completely different creatures in our nature? Such a difference can not be based on mutations. Scientists have recently unveiled the mystery. It turned out that it all happened because of the viruses.

It is an open secret that human beings and chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) are close relatives in spite of the fact that they differ from each other greatly. Chimpanzees possess reasonable thinking, the skills for making labor tools, and the abilities for creating human-like languages. All of those abilities are embryonic. To put it otherwise, the predecessors of these two species had the same potential in the beginning of their evolution. Human beings managed to develop that potential, whereas chimpanzees could not. [...]

It just so happens that the difference between the human being and the chimpanzee did not occur because of mutations. It occurred because of the viruses that travel across the genome. The viruses changed the work of the genes and led to the differences between the appearance and the physiology of the closely related species.

It is not ruled out that humans look human, walk human and do many other human-like things owing to viruses. Those viruses penetrated into the genome of the mammals in the very beginning of their evolution. Their descendants subsequently provided the appearance of the only form of reasonable life on our planet.

This is of great interest to me.... In a meditative state (and believe me I am not a great meditator but stuff happens as they say), I saw something appear infront of me and I had no idea what it was until I saw a picture online of a virus, (I am no biologist, so the fact I saw what I saw still amazes me...) The fact that viruses are associated with evolution is interesting because of many different reports about what is taking place on this planet right now... Anyway, until my own personal insight, I had always thought viruses were something bad, but now I realise that my perspective was coloured by beliefs that simply cannot be justified. The fact the Russians are telling us that viruses modify DNA and cause evolution is something I had come to realise in the last few years and that is why I am pleased to find this report as confirmation.

Study shows humans still evolving, 4th October 2011
( -- A new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences provides evidence of human evolution and rapid genetic changes suggesting that, contrary to modern claims, technological and cultural advancements have not halted the evolutionary process in humans.

The new study, led by geneticist Emmanuel Milot from the University of Quebec, looked at a group of women from the remote island town of Ile aux Coudres in Quebec, Canada. The team looked at the birth, death and marriage records kept by the Catholic Church in the town. They were specifically looking at the data from women who married between 1799 and 1940.

What they discovered was that within that 140 year time frame, the age that the women conceived their first child dropped from 26 to 22. Looking at cultural, social and economic differences in the women, the researchers were able to determine that 30 to 50 percent of this variation in age was explained solely by genetic variations. [...] This is not the first study to show that human evolution is still happening. Recent studies include the Tibetans evolutionary change to adapt to the lower oxygen levels found in their high altitude environment. This change has only occurred throughout the last few hundred generations. Other studies show that humans have only evolved the ability to tolerate lactose in their systems over the last 5,000 or so years.

Personally, I think the Tibetan research is far more convincing, but the principle to remember is that humans can and will evolve quickly based on a desire to survive even in extreme environments.

A plant that sows its own seeds discovered
Discovery On, 20th September 2011
Scientists have discovered a tiny plant which they say bows down and sows its own seeds.

The dainty, inch-high plant with pink-and-white flowers was found growing in the backyard of a local plant collector in rural northeastern Bahia, Brazil, one of the world’s most biologically diverse areas.

Maybe the plant is impatient and hates waiting for some insect or bird to do the job and so it decided to evolve... LOL! Anyway, I always have difficulties with this subject because botantists and biologists always say they have 'found' new species but just because they have found something undocumented, does not mean it is really new and so unless a species is heavily monitored (history retained in DNA?), then I think it's difficult to make a call about whether evolution really has taken place.
  • Well-preserved seeds found in 3,000-year-old storage units
    Discover On, 23rd November 2010
    Archaeologists found many well-preserved fruit and vegetable seeds, including almonds and melon seeds, from more than 3,000 years ago — some even look like new seeds — according to the Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology on Nov. 20. The archaeologist said that people of the Zhou Dynasty had built unique storage units 3,000 years ago that were capable of keeping things fresh.
    Actually, I wonder whether of this is an example of history repeating... Since we now have the Svalbard Vault, Norway being used to preserve the world's seeds in case of mega disaster...

Meteorites Pummeled Earth, Delivering Gold
A slew of meteorites pelted Earth some 3.9 billion years ago -- delivering that gold you may be wearing on your finger.
Discovery News, 7th September 2011
Your wedding ring, the gold chain around your neck… even the platinum in your catalytic converter. For all of these you can thank a slew of meteorites that pelted Earth around 3.9 billion years ago, says new research.

Certain metals like gold, platinum, nickel, tungsten and iridium are attracted to iron, which comprises the Earth's core. So when the Earth first formed as a molten mass, all of these elements should have migrated to the core, leaving the outer layers of Earth stripped of its precious metals.

Of course, this is complete speculation. I would imagine that some time in the future, it will be obvious that catalytic energies are delivered to Earth as Space Weather at times of major evolutionary change. Interestingly, we have at least one maverick scientist who is literally extracting tiny amounts of gold, literally from the air, something I wrote about in my book... Anyway, how Earth got certain elements is a major area of interest to geoscientists and there have been many related articles about the drizzle of nanodiamonds that supposedly fell when a comet shattered. Logic dictates that for nanodiamonds to drizzle down for months and months, it would have had to have been a massive comet or a long cometary debris train, so the idea does seem very unlikely.... Yet, there is plenty of proof that in Earth's long history, there have been many major Space Weather events, just like we are experiencing now.

Plant has evolved a specialist bird perch
BBC News, 6th September 2011
New research sheds light on the world's most specialised bird perch. The researchers suspect that the vertical, branchless stem of a South African plant - locally called the Rat's Tail - has evolved to encourage pollinating birds to visit its flowers.

The birds hang upside down from this perch and fertilise the plant when they thrust their beaks into the red flowers to drink nectar. The international team reports the findings in the Annals of Botany.

Plants go to great lengths to attract animals to pollinate them; they seduce insects, birds and small mammals with colourful, shapely, sweet-smelling flowers. Some plants even wave at passing pollinators.

We are living at a time of rapid evolutionary change, there will be many wonders... It seems here that the botantists are telling us that plants are conscious, but then research has been telling us this for decades.

Can evolution outpace climate change?
UC Davis, 8th June 2011
Animals and plants may not be able to evolve their way out of the threat posed by climate change, according to a UC Davis study of a tiny seashore animal. The work was published today (June 8) in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

The tide pool copepod Tigriopus californicus is found from Alaska to Baja California — but in a unique lab study, the animals showed little ability to evolve heat tolerance.

“This is a question a lot of scientists have been talking about,” said study co-author Eric Sanford, an associate professor of evolution and ecology at UC Davis and a researcher at the university’s Bodega Marine Laboratory. “Do organisms have the ability to adapt to climate change on a timescale of decades?”

How interesting! This article based on the results of one study, neglects to inform the reader that the geological record shows that at times of rapid evolution change, many species die but many others flourish and scientists have NO idea what the factors are behind the changes. Whatever, the fact that scientists are even talking about evolution change taking place in decades reveals there must be more than enough examples to force them to reconsider what they know about evolutionary change. Hence, we have geneticists and evolutionary biologists/ecologists organising new conferences where it is obvious they seem to have completely abandoned their prior Darwinian theology. Hence we read:
Ecological and Evolutionary Epigenetics is a new field of frontier research at the intersection between molecular genetics and evolutionary ecology. Research in this field is rapidly expanding because of the growing realization that epigenetic processes, notably those involving DNA methylation, might be much more relevant for ecology and evolution than previously acknowledged. Indeed, there is accumulating evidence that:
(1) epigenetic variation can be a source of heritable phenotypic variation that is independent of DNA sequence variation
(2) epigenetic variation is widespread in natural populations
(3) the environment plays an important role in inducing epigenetic variation both within and across generations.
Thus, epigenetic variation might be a significant source of heritable phenotypic variation in natural populations. Moreover, induced epigenetic changes could represent an important component of the ecological and evolutionary responses of organisms to environmental change.

ESF-EMBO Symposium, Epigenetics in Context: From Ecology to Evolution [18-23 September 2011]

A fish with arms... and a 'T-Rex' leech found up a girl's nose: Scientists reveal amazing top 10 'new species' list
Daily Mail, 24th May 2011
* Amazing jumping cockroach and glowing fungus also make top 10 list
* 10million species waiting to be classified, say experts

It looks like a pancake, crossed with a fish, and a bat... with arms. And it hops. So it's no surprise scientists have labelled one of their new discoveries the hopping pancake batfish.

The creature is one of ten 'new species' to have made it onto a list of weird and wonderful creatures published today. Joining it is the 'T-rex leech' - a bloodthirsty 2inch invertebrate which was discovered when it was pulled from the mucous membrane of a girl in a remote region of Peru.

Again, more reports that highlight the fact that evolutionary biologists must have a dilemma when there are so much evidence of new species appearing... I even argue that there may be species on this planet that have never been seen and recorded by humans but it does not mean they are new. What's more, it only take a few DNA changes and something becomes brand new. This is especially interesting as scientists are telling us that various species can adapt in a matter of years caused by changes in their habitat and there are now many examples..

7 Animals That Are Evolving Right Before Our Eyes News, 18th May 2011
When the international ban on the trade of ivory took effect in 1989, there were about a million elephants in Africa and about 7.5 percent of those were getting poached to death every year. Today, less than half of them are left, and we're still losing about 8 percent of elephants to ivory poachers. Pretty much everything we've done to protect our wild pachyderm friends has failed.

So elephants have decided to take matters into their own hands ... or trunks or weirdly rounded three-toed feet or whatever. To make themselves less appealing to their greatest enemies (poachers), elephants all over the world have begun selecting against having tusks at all. For example, it used to be that only 2 to 5 percent of Asian male elephants were born without tusks, and you can believe those few were the belittled Dumbos of the group.

By 2005, it was estimated that the tuskless population had risen to between 5 and 10 percent. And it's not just happening in Asia, either. One African national park estimated their number of elephants born without tusks was as high as 38 percent. It's natural selection in action: either lady elephants are deliberately choosing tuskless mates, or the only boy elephants surviving into breeding time are the ones born without tusks. Either way, that tusklessness is getting passed on.

Many scientists complain about global warming or climage change and generally only want to lament about extinctions but all along there have been many stories of animals evolving in decades rather than according to Darwinism and the text book millions of years of very slow change. Here the details, especially about the elephants evolving so quickly to stay alive from the threat of humans is absolutely incredible. I truly believe that this is due to the evolutionary energies now on the planet. This is not speculation, scientists know where this is energy is coming from and that there has been a substantial increase over the last 50 years. All I can say is, good for the elephants!

Extinctions Overestimated by 160 Percent?
National Geographic, 18th May 2011
"Global extinction rates may have been overestimated by as much as 160 percent, according to a new analysis. In recent decades numerous studies have predicted that habitat destruction will doom some 20 to 50 percent of Earth's species within 500 years."
This is evolutionary change, the same that as happened many times in the history of the Earth.

Spectacular mammal rediscovered after 113 years -- first ever photographs taken, 19th May 2011
"A unique and mysterious guinea-pig-sized rodent, not seen since 1898 despite several organized searches, bizarrely showed up at the front door of an ecolodge at a nature reserve in Colombia, South America. The magnificent red-crested tree rat (Santamartamys rufodorsalis), stayed for almost two hours while two research volunteers took the first photos ever of a creature the world thought would never be seen again."
Obviously, it's not extinct, but just good at hiding away from humans when it wants to....

The winners of mass extinction: With predators gone, prey thrives, 2nd May 2011
In modern ecology, the removal or addition of a predator to an ecosystem can produce dramatic changes in the population of prey species. For the first time, scientists have observed the same dynamics in the fossil record, thanks to a mass extinction that decimated ocean life 360 million years ago. [...]

"This is the first time that specific, long-term predator-prey interactions have been seen in the fossil record," said Lauren Sallan, graduate student in the Department of Organismal Biology and Anatomy at the University of Chicago and lead author. "It tells us a lot about the recovery from mass extinctions, especially mass extinctions that involved a loss of predators."

Well, I am hoping that Viola Petitt Neal in her book Through the Curtain was right about the removal of a select group of human predators on this planet... Yet, from my basic studies of evolutionary biology, this is exactly what we should expect at times of massive evolutionary change when the predators who have overstressed the environment are the first to be removed...

New plant species offers insights into how evolution works
Discovery You, 21st March 2011
Scientists have revealed that a new plant species is providing an insight into how evolution works and could help improve crop plants.

The new plant species, Tragopogon miscellus, appeared in the United States 80 years ago. It came about when two species in the daisy family, introduced from Europe, mated to produce a hybrid offspring.

The species had mated before in Europe, but the hybrids were never successful. However in America something new happened. The number of chromosomes in the hybrid spontaneously doubled, and at once it became larger than its parents and quickly spread.

Here we are told that despite the efforts of humans to create hybrids, this will only work when the environment decides that hybrids will be allowed. It's that simple.

Did Climate Change Make Us Human?
The Resilient Earth, 24th February 2011

Given the ongoing controversy over global warming the question of whether humans can change Earth's climate is a familiar one. Lost in the fight over anthropogenic global warming is a more subtle and possibly more important question—how has climate changed people. In recent decades, the fossil record of hominin evolution and behavior, though still incomplete, has improved greatly. Triggered by a recent National Research Council (NRC) report, a perspective article in the journal Science poses the question, “did climate change shape human evolution?”

One fact is often overlooked when it comes to discussing humanity's place in nature, and that is that man is a part of nature. Indeed humans are a product of nature and the ever changing living system that controls the climate of planet Earth. In the brief for the NRC report “Understanding Climate’s Influence on Human Evolution,” the relationship that every species, including man, has with nature is spelled out:

All living things interact with the earth system—the combinations of land, atmosphere, and oceans—that make up the planet’s environment. As the earth system has changed over time, individual species have responded to these changes. In some cases, species have moved to new locations. In other cases, they have remained and adapted to the environmental changes, and sometimes this has led to the formation of new species. In some cases, species have become extinct.

Comment: I believe that Universal Intelligence sets the parameters for all life on Earth and at particular periods in the cycle of life on this planet, massive changes are made. We are facing one now but it seems that the ancient warnings of what can happen have not gone completely unheeded. I don't hold popular views, so I am still ruminating over the Mayan belief that monkeys use to be humans that degenerated due to a cosmic bombardment that happened in our distant past.
Finally the men of the Third Age underwent physical mutations, exactly as if they had been exposed to radiation by an atomic explosion, since their race disappeared and was replaced by the 'Race of the Fourth Age.'

'Nothing remains of the men of the Third Age but the monkeys of the forests. These [mutated] are descendents of men. That is why the monkey resembles men.' (From the Popul Vuh. Unlike conventional prehistorians, the ancient Mexicans, believed the monkey descended from man, by mutation and deterioration of the species.)

Robert Charroux, Legacy of the Gods (1974)
Even today, a few bold Mayan Elders state the some humans are going to devolve and be turned into trees. This may be an extreme view, (metaphysical sources just say that some folk will not be reincarnating back on this planet), but it is not inconsistent with views held by evolutionary biologists who tell us that at certain times, mutants arise who become the dominant species version. The metaphysical community have been talking about this for a long time, but most have not talked about those who are certain to devolve and how this will take place. So, the reality of evilutionary evolutionary change has still not sunk in, even as i) the cosmic ray counts are at a space age high and anticipated reach levels not seen in hundreds of years, ii) cosmic radiation is pouring onto the planet because iii) Earth's magnetic field has weakened and is now full of 'rifts', no doubt caused by the mega magnetar blasts from deep space.

Did SCIENCE Just Say That Myra Shackley Was Right???
The Big Study, 7th February 2011
This is perhaps something that is well known "out there" in electronic-land, but it just became known to me, so I'll share. I was for years a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science [AAAS] and received the magazine SCIENCE as part of that. Upon retirement, I dropped all this, due to rather expensive dues. Once in a while the AAAS tries to get me to come back by sending me a free copy. Thus, the other day the "fateful" magazine arrived. And within was an article that rang bells. In fact, it came very close to being [for me] solid scientific evidence for the claim by the lady above that there are/were wild-living non-Homo Sapiens sapiens living in modern times in the central regions of Asia. My goodness!! What is science coming to??

This is interesting for many reasons but primarily it means there is evidence that non-Homo Sapiens have existed until fairly recently and some might even still be around based on all the reports of wildmen seen around the world. It does make you wonder about the evolutionary process and the comment here of the 'human tree' being more like a 'human bush' is quite thought provoking. Of course there is also the belief of 'intervention' of human DNA to consider, that explains why humans are so different from their ancient relatives. Besides that, there is no explanation for why so many species have refused to evolve and have remained more or less the same for millions of years and in times of dramatic evolutionary change, some new species have suddenly disappeared and others suddenly appeared with no apparent evolution involved.

Caltech geobiologists uncover links between ancient climate change and mass extinction
Eureka Alert, 27th January 2011
PASADENA, Calif.—About 450 million years ago, Earth suffered the second-largest mass extinction in its history—the Late Ordovician mass extinction, during which more than 75 percent of marine species died. Exactly what caused this tremendous loss in biodiversity remains a mystery, but now a team led by researchers at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) has discovered new details supporting the idea that the mass extinction was linked to a cooling climate.

"While it's been known for a long time that the mass extinction is intimately tied to climate change, the precise mechanism is unclear," says Seth Finnegan, a postdoctoral researcher at Caltech and the first author of the paper published online in Science on January 27. The mass extinction coincided with a glacial period, during which global temperatures cooled and the planet saw a marked increase in glaciers. At this time, North America was on the equator, while most of the other continents formed a supercontinent known as Gondwana that stretched from the equator to the South Pole.

By using a new method to measure ancient temperatures, the researchers have uncovered clues about the timing and magnitude of the glaciation and how it affected ocean temperatures near the equator. "Our observations imply a climate system distinct from anything we know about over the last 100 million years," says Woodward Fischer, assistant professor of geobiology at Caltech and a coauthor.

It is evident that our world is currently facing climate change and mass extinction, but history also reveals that there is also massive evolutionary change and new life. The issue is that mankind has no control over how this is achieved and sometimes the transition is done in an extreme manner, as we can see as clearly evident from Earth's geological upheavals.

Evolution by mistake, 24th January 2011
A major driving force of evolution comes from mistakes made by cells and how organisms cope with the consequences, University of Arizona biologists have found. Their discoveries offer lessons for creating innovation in economics and society.

Charles Darwin based his groundbreaking theory of natural selection on the realization that genetic variation among organisms is the key to evolution.

Some individuals are better adapted to a given environment than others, making them more likely to survive and pass on their genes to future generations. But exactly how nature creates variation in the first place still poses somewhat of a puzzle to evolutionary biologists.

Now, Joanna Masel, associate professor in the UA's department of ecology and evolutionary biology, and postdoctoral fellow Etienne Rajon discovered the ways organisms deal with mistakes that occur while the genetic code in their cells is being interpreted greatly influences their ability to adapt to new environmental conditions – in other words, their ability to evolve.

"Evolution needs a playground in order to try things out," Masel said. "It's like in competitive business: New products and ideas have to be tested to see whether they can live up to the challenge."

This evolutionary mechanism discovered in organisms, has got nothing to do with ideas proposed by Darwin's Theory of Evolution. An organism has an inbuilt ability to adapt to new environmental stimulus within a certain degree and this is achieved by permitting dna copying "mistakes" to be stored and used later, if they are beneficial to permit evolutionary changes and adaptation to new environmental conditions. This means organisms do not wait for drastic environmental changes to occur that threatens survival and then sit around waiting for some random dna mutation to come along to change its DNA blueprint to help it survive. This explains how organisms can evolve at will, because the blueprint is designed to be flexible. This has nothing to with The Dogma believed by Darwinists who for 250 years have claimed that change can only take place over millions of years. Today, we are seeing rapid changes in DNA that can take place in only decades, hence there are far more interesting theories that can be cited that help us understand the creative intelligence that supports evolutionary change.

Origin of life studies cancel each other
Pravda, 24th December 2010
In 2009, Brown University biology professor Ken Miller wrote in the journal New Scientist that "the most profound unsolved problem in biology is the origin of life itself." Actually, it is not a problem in "biology," but a problem for evolution's anti-supernatural bias. And the problem is not only still unsolved from an evolutionary standpoint, it shows all the signs of being unsolvable by strictly natural means.

Two new studies purport to have made some progress in resolving this dilemma. Ironically, however, they cancel each other out. [...]

Neither heat nor cold can help chemicals come to life. Naturalistic origin of life research is more hopeless at finding an answer than it has ever been, especially since the "prebiotic soup" scenario was abandoned. It appears that the fancy phrase "precellular Darwinian evolution" used by the Nature authors is just "spontaneous generation" in new clothes.

The data from origin of life research all point to one clear conclusion: Nature is not enough to produce the conditions, machines, information, or chemicals for a living cell. The solution must therefore be found outside of nature. This scientific inference is also well-supported by Scripture, which says, "For by [God] were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth."

It's interesting to get an update on the struggle that scientists are having explaining the origin of life. I simply can't agree with the final paragraph either. Maybe the we should consider whether humans know all the Laws of the Universe? This is another longer article pointing out the same issue.

Is the Origin of Life in Hot Water?
Discovery Institute, 8th December 2010
The following is worth noting: "Dembski and Wells state the overall problem best in their work, Design of Life (2008):
Whenever origin-of-life researchers accept plausibility rather than evidence as their standard for scientific truth, they in effect give up the search for what really happened or for what with reasonable probability could have happened. Plausibility, as Stewart and many origin-of-life researchers understand the term, implies no effort to estimate probability. Instead, they settle for what they can imagine was possible or could have happened. In this way, they substitute opinion and prejudice for experiments and data." (241)

Earth's exposure to radiation stresses biodiversity, study says
May be tied to solar system's bobbing path around the Milky Way
MSNBC, 22nd December 2010
A puzzlingly regular waxing and waning of Earth's biodiversity may ultimately trace back to our solar system's bobbing path around the Milky Way, a new study suggests.

Every 60 million years or so, two things happen, roughly in synch: The solar system peeks its head to the north of the average plane of our galaxy's disk, and the richness of life on Earth dips noticeably.

Researchers had hypothesized that the former process drives the latter, via an increased exposure to high-energy subatomic particles called cosmic rays coming from intergalactic space. That radiation might be helping to kill off large swaths of the creatures on Earth, scientists say.

The new study lends credence to that idea, putting some hard numbers on possible radiation exposures for the first time. When the solar system pops its head out, radiation doses at the Earth's surface shoot up, perhaps by a factor of 24, researchers found.

This article can be linked to the false idea that has mislead many into believing that Earth will be passing through the Galactic Plane in 2012. Well, the numbers vary, but here it states we are 10 million years away from this eventuality. However, even if this was true, I don't see any of these 2012ers explaining that the result would be DNA mutations and rapid evolutionary change. However, we do have the new phenomena of Space Weather, something that has been acelerating for over 20 years and has become a serious threat to our technological societies. I have not seen any statistics for the overall increase in background radiation, but we do know that cosmic rays are at a Space Age high. See: Health Risks from Exposure to Low Levels of Ionizing Radiation: BEIR VII Phase 2 (2006) Board on Radiation Effects Research (BRER) link The explanation is that in the course of moving around the galactic centre, our solar system has arrived at new region of space and the transition has severely affected the Sun's behaviour, at the same time that Earth is losing her planetary and solar system shielding. Research papers and articles are easily available for those prepared to look, but obviously, the 2012 cosmic fairy tale being perpetuated in some quarters, is a long way from the truth. Please note the details of the original press release:

Human Gene Mutation Creates Resistance to A Rare, Violent Epidemic
Daily Galaxy, 18th November 2010
"It's absolutely fascinating to see Darwinian principles at work here. This community of people has developed their own biologically unique response to a truly terrible epidemic. The fact that this genetic evolution has happened in a matter of decades is remarkable."

Professor John Collinge, Director of the Medical Research Council (MRC) Prion Unit

A community in Papua New Guinea that suffered a major epidemic of a fatal brain disease called kuru has developed strong genetic resistance to the disease, according to new research by Medical Research Council scientists.

It makes you wonder when some claim that humans are suppose to be vegetarian but when we eat each other, human genes get to work and mutate to stop us dying from this bad habit! Anyway, like the many examples of creatures on Earth evolving in a matter of decades as changes to their natural habitats occur quickly, we have an example of humans also evolving in a matter of decades and it is in stark contrast to now outdated Darwinian dogma that states evolution is a slow and progressive, taking hundreds of thousands of years. Personally, as I have previously written, the evidence point to new cosmic influences driving sudden evolutionary change on Earth.

Passing Into the Energy Cloud
Huffington Post, 28th October 2010
On Christmas Eve, 2009, the startling hypothesis that our Solar System, the Sun and all its planets, are moving into a potentially dangerous and destabilizing interstellar energy cloud, was resoundingly sustained. In their research paper, "A strong, highly-tilted interstellar magnetic field near the Solar System," published the December 24, 2009 issue of Nature, a highly respected scientific journal, M. Opher et al report on data transmitted from Voyager, the twin spacecraft that have been exploring the outer reaches of the Solar System since 1977.

The author Lawrence Jospheph is basically advertising his book, but at least he is aware that Earth is facing massive evolutionary change caused by dramatic changes in our solar system.

Biodiversity: the new Big Lie
Telegraph Delingpole Blog, 21st October 2010
And so it begins. With all the shamelessness of a Goldman Sachser trading in his middle-aged wife for a hot, pouting twentysomething called Ivanka, the green movement is ditching “Climate Change”. The newer, younger, sexier model’s name? Biodiversity.

Consider this summary of the UN’s two-week Convention On Biodiversity, launched on Monday:

Delegates from nearly 200 countries are being asked to agree to new 2020 targets after governments largely failed to meet a 2010 target of achieving a significant reduction in biological diversity losses, a goal set at the last biodiversity in 2002. And one of the same issues that led to failure the first time around could jeopardize this meeting: money.

Developing nations say more funding is needed from developed countries to share the effort in saving nature. Much of the world’s remaining biological diversity is in developing nations such as Brazil, Indonesia and in central Africa.

Do you see what’s going on here?

This is very interesting, as this latest UN initiative, will only serve to wake up the general public to the reality of massive evolutionary change and obviously, I don't think that is such a bad idea. However, I have noted in the past and as I wrote about in my book, evolutionary biologists make sweeping statements about climate change and claims that extinction levels are the highest in 65 million years, but at the same time, they keep making announcements of many new discoveries that could be examples of rapid evolutionary change in biodiversity for all we know. Well, you have to dig a bit deeper to find scientists who realise that climate change is related to dramatic changes in Earth's cosmic environment, as I have pointed out on this blog many times. For more info on why people are so skeptical see:
  • Biodiversity: Manufacturing a Crisis
    Resilient Earth, 3rd October 2010
    With the UN trying to promote diminishing biodiversity as the NEXT BIG CRISIS it is interesting to note the chaos among diversity researchers. It is hard to make definitive statements regarding loss of diversity when science can not even tell us how many different creatures there are on the planet. Nevertheless, the UN has launched the International Year of Biodiversity, warning that the ongoing loss of species around the world is affecting human well-being. Yet another UN generated “science based” crisis to keep the world's citizens in a frenzy—shades of the failed global warming crisis, which the UN is rather hoping we all will forget.

    Obviously, many many scientists are completely unaware of Space Weather and the associated science and therefore don't understand why there is some real panic by others, who do understand what is going on, but are being controlled by powers who are desperately trying to benefit from this knowledge...

Nanodiamonds discovered in Greenland ice sheet
Nanotechnology Now, 12th September 2010
"There is a layer in the ice with a great abundance of diamonds," said co-author James Kennett, professor emeritus in the Department of Earth Science at UC Santa Barbara. "Most exciting to us is that this is the first such discrete layer of diamonds ever found in glacial ice anywhere on Earth, including the huge polar ice sheets and the alpine glaciers. The diamonds are so tiny that they can only be observed with special, highly magnifying microscopes. They number in the trillions."

This discovery supports earlier published evidence for a cosmic impact event about 12,900 years ago, Kennett explained. He said that the available evidence in the Greenland ice is consistent with this layer being at or close to this age, although further study is needed.

This is the latest in a series of reports over the last few years (see archives), but it seems that scientists still don't want to let go of the comet impact theory even though there no evidence of a comet crater and prefer to ignore those who state that the Earth experienced a major Space Weather event where these nanodiamonds appeared to have lingered in the air for months. There is also a direct link with climate change and a major extinction level event so it is understandable why there is such a high level of resistance by some scientists who do not wish to contemplate that Earth is not an isolated island from the rest of the universe. From an earlier report we read:
In the study, published in Science [subscription required], researchers used transmission electron microscopy to identify nanodiamonds at a number of North American sites, from Arizona to South Carolina to Manitoba, Canada. “We’ve discovered nano-diamonds that are not normally produced through average processes on the surface of the Earth,” said [study coauthor] James Kennett…. “They indicate there was an extra-terrestrial event on Earth 12,900 years ago” [BBC News]. The tiny diamonds are encased in carbon spheres that form through instantaneous melting, and the diamond crystals have a hexagonal pattern rather than the usual cubic structure, indicating that they were formed by intense heat and pressure. Such diamond crystals have been found only within meteorites at at impact craters, the researchers say. Source: Nano-Diamond Discovery Suggests a Comet Impact Killed the Mammoths
Obviously, this would be explainable if Earth was engulfed in crystalline cloud which is mostly likely starting to occur again now. Btw, these hexagonal crystals could the very same adamantine particles that the metaphysical community are expecting and the same particles (Stardust) that scientists are anxiously trying to capture as they are leaking into our solar system, see archives.

Mass Extinction Threat: Earth on Verge of Huge Reset Button?
Yahoo News, 2nd September 2010
Mass extinctions have served as huge reset buttons that dramatically changed the diversity of species found in oceans all over the world, according to a comprehensive study of fossil records. The findings suggest humans will live in a very different future if they drive animals to extinction, because the loss of each species can alter entire ecosystems.

Some scientists have speculated that effects of humans - from hunting to climate change - are fueling another great mass extinction. A few go so far as to say we are entering a new geologic epoch, leaving the 10,000-year-old Holocene Epoch behind and entering the Anthropocene Epoch, marked by major changes to global temperatures and ocean chemistry, increased sediment erosion, and changes in biology that range from altered flowering times to shifts in migration patterns of birds and mammals and potential die-offs of tiny organisms that support the entire marine food chain.

Well, evolutionary biologists are very short sighted these days as the historical record clearly shows that that we have had continuous change for billions of years on this planet. There are certain epochs were some species are eliminated en masse and at the same time others just appear and flourish that are more suited to the environmental conditions. Scientists cannot explain how this can occur simultaneously, and they certainly don't acknowledge that the evidence is clear that evolutionary change on this planet is being managed by universal intelligence.

Corn stalk with 27 ears puzzles farmers
The Hawk Eye, 19th August 2010
MASON CITY- North Iowa farmers are puzzled by a curiously bountiful corn stalk growing in front of a restaurant in Mason City. The more than 5-foot-tall plant in front of the Wild Horse Western Cafe has 27 ears of corn on it. Usually a single corn stalk has two or three ears. Osage area farmer Don Ahrens says he has never seen or heard of anything like it. He says a genetic mutation might have caused it, but he's not sure.

Cafe owner Ilene Mittag said she got three plants from a Minnesota farmer in June when they were about a foot tall. Two grew up normally, but she said one went "out of control."

We now know that seeds can be modified by intense electric fields and that the new versions of these seeds that have been produced have proven to be a vast improvement. I can only see this as evidence that the morphogenetic fields have been upgraded and it is possible for DNA to harness this new genetic in formation, so we are seeing examples of these spontaneous and positive DNA mutations taking place. See, The "Primeval Code" – the ecological alternative to controversial genetic engineering!

Life on Earth gets wiped out every 27 million years, say boffins
'Nemesis' dark star theory poohpooh'd, though
The Register, 12th July 2010
The revelations are made in a new paper from paleontologist Richard K Bambach of the Smithsonian Institution and astronomer Adrian Melott, flagged up by the Physics arXiv blog and viewable online here.

According to Bambach, there's no doubt at all that every 27 million years-odd, huge numbers of species suddenly become extinct. He says this is confirmed by "two modern, greatly improved paleontological datasets of fossil biodiversity" and that "an excess of extinction events are associated with this periodicity at 99% confidence". This regular mass slaughter has apparently taken place around 18 times, back into the remote past of half a billion years ago.

If this scientist had not been from the Smithsonian Institution I would have completely ignored this news item. However these astronomers seem to be able to avoid following consensus and have a habit of actually paying more attention to observations. However, I am still dubious that they mention Nemesis, the idea that a huge, dark companion body orbits the Sun so far out that it comes near only on a 27-million-year cycle. Since NASA scientists are also talking about Nemesis and other scientists are claiming that something is disturbing the Oort cloud, I wonder whether this is a piece of disinformation, as this 'research' has been placed on an open archive but apparently NOT undergone peer review. Never forget, a little bit of truth is often used as bait for some BIG LIES. Hence, the 27 million-year cycle is very close to the often cited 30 million year cycle associated with our solar system moving through the galactic plane.

Human race 'will be extinct within 100 years', claims leading scientist
Daily Mail, 18th June 2010
#E00000 As the scientist who helped eradicate smallpox he certainly know a thing or two about extinction. And now Professor Frank Fenner, emeritus professor of microbiology at the Australian National University, has predicted that the human race will be extinct within the next 100 years.

He has claimed that the human race will be unable to survive a population explosion and 'unbridled consumption.’ Fenner told The Australian newspaper that 'homo sapiens will become extinct, perhaps within 100 years.'

I think we are in for a re-birth, but there is a lot of deadwood to be got rid of first. That means that evolutionary changes driven by cosmic forces will determine that a new human with higher consciousness (mutant) will arise and Space Weather is set to zap those that no longer harmonize with Earth. I'm sorry if you don't like the idea but you need to study many subjects to realise that life on Earth has been destroyed many times before and recovered. I know there are people who feel secure because they have a bunker and gold but that is of zero interest to cosmic forces that can seriously sterilise this planet.

Pictures: Nine Fish With "Hands" Found to Be New Species
National Geographic, 24th May 2010
Using its fins to walk, rather than swim, along the ocean floor in an undated picture, the pink handfish is one of nine newly named species described in a recent scientific review of the handfish family.

Only four specimens of the elusive four-inch (ten-centimeter) pink handfish have ever been found, and all of those were collected from areas around the city of Hobart (map), on the Australian island of Tasmania.

Though no one has spotted a living pink handfish since 1999, it's taken till now for scientists to formally identify it as a unique species.

Well, whilst evolutionary biologists tell us we are facing the greatest extinction rate in 65 million years, we seem to have constant reports of new species being found. Others, are claiming that species and plants are resilient and are adjusting to cope with new conditions, and they have the genetics to tune into the environment and quickly change their characteristics or habits/habitats to quickly adapt. So, we have many examples of evolutionary change that is occuring in decades not thousands or tens of thousands of years. As I have said many times before, how do we know if we have never seen a new species before that it has not quickly evolved from something else that we have not seen seen before either? See video clip, Science - Walking Fish

All Species Evolved From Single Cell, Study Finds
National Geographic News, 14th May 2010
All life on Earth evolved from a single-celled organism that lived roughly 3.5 billion years ago, a new study seems to confirm. The study supports the widely held "universal common ancestor" theory first proposed by Charles Darwin more than 150 years ago.

Using computer models and statistical methods, biochemist Douglas Theobald calculated the odds that all species from the three main groups, or "domains," of life evolved from a common ancestor—versus, say, descending from several different life-forms or arising in their present form, Adam and Eve style.

The domains are bacteria, bacteria-like microbes called Archaea, and eukaryotes, the group that includes plants and other multicellular species, such as humans.

The "best competing multiple ancestry hypothesis" has one species giving rise to bacteria and one giving rise to Archaea and eukaryotes, said Theobald, a biochemist at Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts. But, based on the new analysis, the odds of that are "just astronomically enormous," he said. "The number's so big, it's kind of silly to say it"—1 in 10 to the 2,680th power, or 10 followed by 2,680 zeros.

I am not sure this is really "astronomically enormous". I have seen even bigger astronomically enormous probabilities calculated for the occurence of life based on the 20 biologically important amino acids and the sequencing needed to create enzymes. For the 2,000 enzymes that are known to be crucial over a fairly wide spectrum of life ranging from simple micro-organisms all the way up to humans, the probability that they would occur is 10 followed by 40,0000 500,000 zeros. I wonder if I started writing zeros on the walls, how many times I would have to go around the room and whether there would be enough wall space to write 40,000 500,000 times... This is the EXACT reason why scientists who can actually comprehend the meaning of this kind of probability believe there is some type of creative agency in the universe and you can call that The Creator, God, or The Divine Principle, whatever you like. By the way, I am neither a creationist or an evolutionist, I prefer to study the facts. Update I am actually working my way through research papers and articles on this subject and it looks like this probability was revised UP! Now, the probability for the development of life is truly astronomical! LOL!

Tibetans developed genes to help them adapt to life at high elevations, 13th May 2010
Researchers have long wondered why the people of the Tibetan Highlands can live at elevations that cause some humans to become life-threateningly ill - and a new study answers that mystery, in part, by showing that through thousands of years of natural selection, those hardy inhabitants of south-central Asia evolved 10 unique oxygen-processing genes that help them live in higher climes.[...]

Even at elevations of 14,000 feet above sea level or higher, where the atmosphere contains much less oxygen than at sea level, most Tibetans do not overproduce red blood cells and do not develop lung or brain complications. The Utah and Chinese researchers found evidence that this might be related to at least 10 genes, two of which are specific genes strongly associated with hemoglobin, a molecule that transports oxygen in the blood.

The statement that this variation in genes was due to thousands of years of natural selection is commonly accepted speculation. We already know that lower forms of life in stressed environmental conditions can actively modify their own genetics, if given anough time, but the mechanism has got nothing to do with natural selection.

Fossil from cave is a ‘missing link’
Times Online, 4th April 2010
A FOSSIL skeleton of a child discovered in a cave system known as the Cradle of Humankind may represent a previously unknown stage in the evolution of man.

The skeleton, which is almost complete despite being 2m years old, is believed to belong to one of the hominid groups that includes humans. Hominid fossil finds are usually little more than small bone fragments. Scientists hope such a complete find will help them to work out what our ancestors looked like and to determine key dates in their evolution from ape-man to man-ape. Experts who have seen the skeleton says it resembles Homo habilis, the first species of advanced human.

I'm a skeptic, where have we heard all this before? Oh yes Piltdown Man! See previous comments about Ida, the last attempt that academics made to provide a "missing link". Best of the Blog - Evolutionary Change

The day the Earth froze: An hour-long storm started a mini ice age, say scientists
Daily Mail, 2nd April 2010
An hour-long hailstorm from space bombarded the Earth 13,000 years ago - plunging the planet into a mini-ice age, scientists claimed today.

The catastrophe was caused by a disintegrating comet and saw the planet sprayed by thousands of frozen boulders made of ice and dust. The collisions wiped out huge numbers of animal species all over the world, disrupted the lives of our stone age ancestors and triggered a freeze that lasted more than 1,000 years. [...]

Professor Napier's theory suggests the devastation took place when the Earth strayed into a dense trail of fragments shed by a large comet. Thousands of chunks of material from the comet would have rained down on Earth, each one releasing the energy of a one megaton nuclear bomb. The impacts would have filled the atmosphere with smoke and soot and blotting out the Sun. [...]

His model, published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, suggests that the 'hailstorm' would have only lasted about an hour. It would have caused thousands of impacts, generating global fires and depositing nanodiamonds at the 'extinction boundary' marking the point in time when many species died out.

Here we are told that Earth suffered a severe Space Weather event but there have been many doubts expressed about what exactly happened. Previous articles have stated that some of this space debris was suspended in the air and it is much more likely that a comet tail full of debris came very close to Earth and polluted Earth's atmopshere for a long time. Maybe we even experienced a small interstellar cloudlet with crystalline properties that engulfed our world and caused the mini-ice age and flooding. That scenario would be quite topical as dense plasma with crystalline properties is now invading our solar system which 'coincides' with the arrival of diamond ray or diamond flame energy according to a reputable metaphysical source...

Mega-flood triggered cooling 13,000 years ago: scientists
News Daily, 31st March 2010
Scientists say they have found the trigger of a sharp cooling 13,000 years ago that plunged Europe into a mini ice age. Mark Bateman from the University of Sheffield in England said a catastrophic flood unleashed from a giant North American lake dumped large amounts of freshwater into the Arctic Ocean. This led to the shutting down of the Gulf Stream ocean circulation pattern that brings warmth to Europe.

"We're talking about a lake the size of the UK emptying very quickly," Bateman told Reuters by telephone. "We don't know the exact period of time but we're talking about a catastrophic flood."

Note image icon: Rotation (green), Precession (blue) and Nutation in obliquity (red) of the Earth. According to ancient sources, life on Earth is periodically disrupted by fire or flood. The reason WHY is due to the consciousness of humans not being high enough for universal consciousness that literally refreshes the planet with energies on a periodic basis. If the incoming energy is too high and therefore human consciousness is too low we get mostly wiped out and that is the reason why 'prophets' are sent with a message that humans need to shape up. Hence, this knowledge has been retained but hidden within mythology, religion, philosophy, literature, architecture, arts and culture etc. The most often discussed period is linked with the Earth's precessional cycle of approx. 26,000 years, but smaller events are linked to 13,000 years. I don't have enough strong evidence for smaller timescales but here we are told there was a major flood 13,000 years ago and probably it was the biblical flood of Noah, the same flood detailed in a host of other sources retained as ancient writing. Now, we have hit the 26,000 year marker again and the panic is on, but little understanding that the fire is aetheric fire, but I have also called it an electromagnetic flood for scientific reasons. We have been reliably told with scientific reports to back it up, that Earth's grids have been updated so we are not expecting complete devastation. However, there are high levels of ignorance about what is taking place, even from people who claim to be knowledgeable. So at the moment, we have reports of orbs dropping aetheric fire over major cities and not a peep from the metaphysical community, unbelievable but true! Do I know everything that is happening? Certainly not! But I have worked very hard in the past 6 years or so and I am quite pleased that I can see the overall Big Picture.

Ongoing human evolution could explain recent rise in certain disorders
Scientists call for integrating evolutionary perspectives into medical curricula
Eureka alert, 11th January 2010
The subtle but ongoing pressures of human evolution could explain the seeming rise of disorders such as autism, autoimmune diseases, and reproductive cancers, researchers write in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Certain adaptations that once benefited humans may now be helping such ailments persist in spite of – or perhaps because of – advancements in modern culture and medicine.

"This work points out linkages within the plethora of new information in human genetics and the implications for human biology and public health, and also illustrates how one could teach these perspectives in medical and premedical curricula," says author Peter Ellison, John Cowles Professor of Anthropology at Harvard University. [...] In the final presentation of the colloquium, researchers called for the integration of evolutionary perspectives into medical school curricula, to help future physicians consider health problems from an evolutionary perspective.

It looks like some are starting to think and the paradigm is shifting...

Stephen Hawking: "The Human Species Has Entered a New Stage of Evolution" - The Daily Galaxy Top Story of 2009
Daily Galaxy, 5th January 2010
Although It has taken homo sapiens several million years to evolve from the apes, the useful information in our DNA, has probably changed by only a few million bits. So the rate of biological evolution in humans, Stephen Hawking points out in his Life in the Universe lecture, is about a bit a year.

"By contrast," Hawking says, "there are about 50,000 new books published in the English language each year, containing of the order of a hundred billion bits of information. Of course, the great majority of this information is garbage, and no use to any form of life. But, even so, the rate at which useful information can be added is millions, if not billions, higher than with DNA." This means Hawking says that we have entered a new phase of evolution.

Now isn't this interesting, that this article was made the top story of 2009! The argument being here is similar to that being made by others in the metaphysical community, but I think the story is not complete. We have got to the hundredth monkey phase or critical mass where those who have reached a certain level then work to upgrade the rest of humanity. This is being done through information and I would say that also represents energy levels ie upgrading the morphogenetic field for humanity. We don't have to keep repeating the mistakes of the past and we can share our knowledge which is for the benefit of the whole human race. Those who are hiding information are the Neanderthals and they will be bypassed as part of the evolutionary process.

Evolution may take giant leaps, 11th December 2009 -- A new study of thousands of species of plants and animals suggests new species may arise from rare events instead of through an accumulation of small changes made in response to changes in the environment.

The traditionally accepted idea of species evolving through gradual changes is the Red Queen hypothesis, named after a character in Alice in Wonderland, who explains to Alice that "it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place." The hypothesis, that species continually change and adapt to compete with co-evolving species and retain their ecological niche, was proposed in 1973 by Leigh Van Valen. Dr Pagel said that the research shows speciation is the result of rare events in the environment, such as genetic mutations, a shift in climate, or a mountain range rising up. Over the long term new species are formed at a constant rate, rather than the variable rate Pagel's team expected, but the constant rates are different for different groups of species. The work suggests that natural selection may not be the cause of speciation, which Pagel said "really goes against the grain" for scientists who have a Darwinian view of evolution. The model that provided the best fit for the data is surprisingly incompatible with the idea that speciation is a result of many small small events, Pagel said.

Here we have a scientist who has looked at the evidence and has concluded that evolution is NOT a slow process, which is an issue for Darwinists, but instead they occur as evolutionary spikes which are driven by changes in environmental and most likely cosmic factors.

Mass Extinction: Why Did Half of N. America's Large Mammals Disappear 40,000 to 10,000 Years Ago?
Science Daily, 27th November 2009
ScienceDaily (Nov. 27, 2009) — Years of scientific debate over the extinction of ancient species in North America have yielded many theories. However, new findings from J. Tyler Faith, GW Ph.D. candidate in the hominid paleobiology doctoral program, and Todd Surovell, associate professor of anthropology at the University of Wyoming, reveal that a mass extinction occurred in a geological instant. [...]

However, new findings from Faith indicate that the extinction is best characterized as a sudden event that took place between 13.8 and 11.4 thousand years ago. Faith's findings support the idea that this mass extinction was due to human overkill, comet impact or other rapid events rather than a slow attrition.

I sometimes wonder why scientists write these, "we don't know" articles. Maybe, they feel obliged to tell us that they don't know or maybe it clears their conscious. Well, I have given my opinion many times about this particular extinction event, but here I would just like to focus on the fact it occurred at approx. half of Earth's precessional cycle. What's more, scientists don't tend to focus on the fact that evolutionary change is determined by cosmic factors and species that cannot adapt and evolve just go into extinction. There seems to be evidence that the universal directive and evolutionary impetus means increasing complexity and sophistication. Any life that cannot comply with this directive is wiped out, scientists seem really puzzled by this but it seems to be part of Universal Law.

Humans Still Evolving as Our Brains Shrink
Refreshing News, 14th November 2009
"Evolution in humans is commonly thought to have essentially stopped in recent times. But there are plenty of examples that the human race is still evolving, including our brains, and there are even signs that our evolution may be accelerating.

Shrinking brains Comprehensive scans of the human genome reveal that hundreds of our genes show evidence of changes during the past 10,000 years of human evolution.

"We know the brain has been evolving in human populations quite recently," said paleoanthropologist John Hawks at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Surprisingly, based on skull measurements, the human brain appears to have been shrinking over the last 5,000 or so years. Is our evolution accelerating?

There are signs that human evolution may not only be continuing, but that its rate has even accelerated in recent times. Hawks and his colleagues have found evidence of rapid change, with a host of new mutations originating in the last 40,000 years. So what might explain this apparent acceleration?

Please note the caution at the start of this article. If you read more articles on the subject, there seems to some effort to decry human evolution because it's about change and for some reason that is an issue. 40,000 years ago was when humans underwent a transition to modern behaviour and scientists still don't know WHY. Yet, there is clear evidence that there was a host of evolutionary changes and many different species either thrived or went extinct. Interestingly, this occurred at the same time that the Earth's magnetic field shrank to 10% of today's value for about 3,000 years and cosmic rays flooded the planet causing genetic mutations. Some scientists still want to argue about what happened but there are many different studies that point out cyclical cosmic factors drive evolutionary change on Earth. Whatever, the counter arguments, evolutionary biologists have fully accepted the science of Epigenetics, after 50 years of research, that reveals that DNA processing follows blueprints held in the environment. For those who want to take this understanding one step further, morphogenetic or scalar fields are controlled by cosmic intelligence. So the explanation here of changing habitats causing the evolutionary change in humans is very weak and seeks to ignore the evidence that life on Earth is directed by universal forces. Please remember, we are constantly being showered by cosmic energy and scientists have no understanding as to how this energy bombardment is being used by cosmic intelligence, yet metaphysical sources are emphatic that consciousness is constantly being directed to Earth. Therefore, it is most certain cosmic laws allow for increasing complexity, that all life is 'encouraged' to follow. It must also be stated that mystics who tune into the most beneficial cosmic energies and allow themselves to evolve, will develop exceptional gifts. Yet, there seems to be times in cosmic cycles, where a wholesale shift of all lifeforms are directed to evolve and as the build-up of cosmic energies on our planet accelerates and DNA mutations correspondingly increase, we are now facing one of those periods.

Rich 'may evolve into separate species'
The super-rich may evolve into a separate species entirely in the future due to enhancements in biotechnology and robotic engineering, American futurologist Paul Saffo has said.
The Telegraph, 25th October 2009
"Mr Saffo, from San Francisco, says in the future people will be able to grow their own replacement organs, take specially tailored drugs, and use genetic research tools to alert them from any possible hereditary health dangers. He adds that tomorrow's world will be a fusion of biology and technology, where robots do the chores, cars drive themselves and artificial limbs are better than real ones."

Personally, I take this kind of "news" as just wishful thinking. Humans are changing and drugs are becoming less effective. What's more, genetic material is processed by DNA bluprints held in the environment and so cannot be accessed. However, I do believe some humans will live longer but based on their spiritual condition, so I think these kinds of claims is fantasy talk, especially as rich folk are not known to be living longer now, even though they can afford the best treatments. Incidentally, I could not bear to put the image of the cyborg on my website, I think the notion of the cyborg human is an affront to our 'divine' status.

'Eighth wonder' Ida is not related to humans, claim scientists
US palaeontologists dismiss initial claims about the 47million-year-old fossil found in Germany's Messel Pit
The Guardian, 21st October 2009
"Her arrival was announced with unrestrained razzmatazz. She was the "eighth wonder of the world", "our Mona Lisa" and an evolutionary "Rosetta Stone", according to the researchers who unveiled her. The female in question was Ida, a 47million-year-old primate, whose exquisitely preserved fossil was touted as the remains of our earliest human ancestor. She was, they said, the "link" between us and the rest of the animal kingdom.

Or maybe not. Writing in the journal, Nature, a team of palaeontologists from New York claim that Ida is not related to humans at all. Instead, they conclude, the $1m fossil looks more like a small lemur or maybe a loris. [...] "Our analysis and results have convinced us that Ida was not an ancestor of monkeys, apes, or humans, and if anything has more relevance for our understanding of lemur and loris origins," said Erik Seiffert, a fossil hunter at Stony Brook University in New York who led the Nature study.

Researchers behind the Ida fossil, known formally as Darwinius masillae, immediately defended their own interpretation, which is based on two years of meticulous measurements of the remains.

Science by press release is a very bad practice. It really makes you wonder if any of these palaeontologists have ever heard of the expression "crying wolf". See previous archive entries, Best of the Blog Evolutionary Change.

Mutations Make Evolution Irreversible: By Resurrecting Ancient Proteins, Researchers Find That Evolution Can Only Go Forward
Science Daily, 24th September 2009
A University of Oregon research team has found that evolution can never go backwards, because the paths to the genes once present in our ancestors are forever blocked. The findings -- the result of the first rigorous study of reverse evolution at the molecular level -- appear in the Sept. 24 issue of Nature. [...]

The discovery of evolutionary bridge burning implies that today's versions of life on Earth may be neither ideal nor inevitable, said Joe Thornton, a professor in the UO's Center for Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. [...]

GR's [glucocorticoid receptor] evolutionary irreversibility suggests that the molecules that drive our biology today may not be inevitable products of the evolutionary process. "In the GR's case, restrictive mutations erased the conditions that previously opened up the ancestral form as an evolutionary possibility. It's likely that throughout history other kinds of restrictive mutations have taken place, closing off innumerable trajectories that evolution might otherwise have taken," Thornton speculated. "If we could wind back the clock and allow history to unfold again, different sets of mutations, apparently inconsequential at the time, would almost certainly occur, opening up some potential paths and blocking others -- including the one that leads to the present that actually evolved in our world," he said. "If what we observed in GR evolution is a general phenomenon, then the biology we have is just one of many possible rolls of the evolutionary dice."

This is important research and highly relevant as humanity is now taking an evolutionary leap.

Mutation Rate in Humans Measured by Direct Sequencing
Xinhua News, 29th August 2009
An international research team has reported the first direct measurement of the general rate of genetic mutation at individual DNA letters in humans.

The team, including 16 Chinese and British scientists, published its findings in the latest edition of the journal Current Biology.

"If we say the mutation drives human evolution as an ongoing train, now we finally get its speed measured," said Dr. Xue Yali, a Chinese scientist working in the British Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and the first author of the team's research paper. [...]

"The accumulated mutation in history has made us evolve from ape to human, but finding this tiny number of mutations in individuals was more difficult than finding an ant's egg in the emperor's rice store," Xue said.

Well according to my research there are 4,000 flaws in human DNA, but since I am not a biologist I have still yet to understand what they mean as a 'flaw'. There are also suggestions that there are regular breaks in DNA, so this kind of assessment causes a problem when evolutionists are asked to explain the discrepancy, if the current human gene pool represents the pinnacle of evolution. It all depends on your perspective as to whether you see genetic changes as mutation or evolution. From the metaphysical point of view, there are some who are astute enough to understand that Light Codes are being sent to the planet to "repair" our DNA and make us fit for the next stage of our evolutionary development.

Microorganisms can predict changes in their environments—upending age-old biological tenets and giving new insight into non-neural genius
Seed magazine, 7th August 2009
"Princeton molecular biologist Saeed Tavazoie first began investigating this strange phenomenon after reading a 2002 paper demonstrating that yeast, when exposed to a stressful stimulus such as extreme temperature, would activate a large set of genes that served no function to combat the stress. “There seemed to be a disconnect.” Tavazoie says. “And so we decided to step back and rethink the whole idea of how microorganisms respond to their environments.”

What Tavazoie demonstrated in a study published last year, and what the Weizmann team argue in the new Nature paper, is that

microorganisms are capable of interacting with their surroundings in a way that goes beyond simple reflexive behavior. Though pre-inducing genes diverts resources in the first environment and therefore temporarily hinders the organism, it confers a fitness advantage in the future. Prediction is a short-term energy expense for long-term gains in survival. [...] Audrey Gasch, a professor of genetics at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, studies similar stress responses in yeast. She agrees that an understanding of predictive gene induction will greatly alter how biological science is conducted. “Scientists really need to start thinking broadly about their results,” Gasch says. “We were duped based on a lot of assumptions in the literature, and no one had gone and tested this very basic question, which is: Are these gene expression changes really important to survive the condition that triggers their change?”

I would like to say that the kind of thinking that this scientist is proposing, requires a brain that is networked differently to the norm and thus is at a higher level of consciousness. Besides that, this research serves to help us understand the process of evolutionary change and the effort within the New Age community to encourage people to cooperate with universal intelligence. The most interesting thing here is the activation of many genes that are not immediately required, but provides an advantage in the future. I have to smile as I realise that is EXACTLY what people are doing when they work with the human energy field and activate the layer of light that represents a holographic projection of our DNA, a grid of 64 diamonds.

Comet Swarm Delivered Earth's Oceans?
National Geographic News, 5th August 2009
"A barrage of comets may have delivered Earth's oceans around 3.85 billion years ago, a new study suggests. Scientists have long suspected that Earth and its near neighbors were walloped by tens of thousands of impactors during an ancient event known as the Late Heavy Bombardment."

Well, there is a certain maverick scientist who is currently crooning about his 30 years of opposition against the standard comet model who understood this principal a long time ago. The science and metaphysics now agree about water, but the metaphysics goes further and tells us that consciousness is being continually delivered to the planet. There are some 'comets' that are really just massive sparks of pure consciousness, as they are mistaken by scientists to be rocky/icy comets, (the Russians are more honest and tell us that sometimes when they probe the inside of what they think is a comet's coma, they can't find anything 'solid' inside). In reality, all comets serve to effect the energetic balance of the environment of Earth. Hence, there is a need to integrate more science with metaphysics to truly understand our reality.

Did an ice age boost human brain size?
New Scientist, 29th July 2009
"IT IS one of the biggest mysteries in human evolution. Why did we humans evolve such big brains, making us the unrivalled rulers of the world? Some 2.5 million years ago, our ancestors' brains expanded from a mere 600 cubic centimetres to about a litre. Two new studies suggest it is no fluke that this brain boom coincided with the onset of an ice age. Cooler heads, it seems, allowed ancient human brains to let off steam and grow."

I think this article reveals just how much scientists are stabbing in the dark trying to understand the link between massive global climatic change and human evolution. These scientists are talking about 2.5 million years ago, but the same thing happend approximately 40,000 years ago when the Earth's magnetic field dropped to 10% of today's value allowing cosmic rays to flood the planet. This generated massive evolutionary change, where species either just died because they could not adapt or they quickly evolved, this understanding is termed "punctuated equilibium" to confuse the uninitiated. Now, NASA is telling us that besides the slow ebbing away of the Earth's magnetic field, the earth's magnetosphere sometimes parts like a pair of curtains and allows vast amounts of solar and cosmic energies to enter the atmosphere of Earth. This is happening at the same time that the solar system protection provided by the solar wind is quickly 'evapourating' thus exposing Earth to galactic and intergalactic energies. (Meanwhile, the Mayan prophecy of a New Age dominated by space or the aether is simply ignored by the 2012 fraternity.) Evolutionary biologists claim that we are seeing the greatest rate of extinction in 65 million years, but also admit some extraordinary rapid evolutionary changes. Those who are prepared to do some serious unbiased research, will soon understand that everything on this planet is controlled by external universal forces and because everything is interlinked, like the mechanism of an an old fashion watch or clock, once one cog starts turning, lots of other wheels start turning too. The overall mechanism is known in some scientific circles, but the details are still hazy because scientists have only started to understand that DNA blueprints are 'tuned' by the environment and the concept of morphogenetic fields is simply just too advanced for most of them. Hence, this is why there are attempts by politicians and their friends to force feed we the people some rubbish about CO2 driving evolutionary change in the hope of increasing future tax revenues. What's more, as a seeker of the truth, I could not understand why the New Age community were promoting 'energy balancing' and DNA activations, it was the latest fad with no intelligent explanations and no scientific justifications. It was not until I started researching and discovered Space Weather and how that could be interlinked with the scientific disciplines of cosmology, astronomy, plasma physics, atmospheric physics, geophysics, geomagnetism, and bioelectromagnetism could I properly understand metaphysical information. This was the point that I realised the world was facing massive evolutionary change. There is nothing anyone can do to stop the process of evolutionary change.

Tiny diamonds on Santa Rosa Island give evidence of cosmic impact
Eureka Alert, 21st July 2009
"Nanosized diamonds found just a few meters below the surface of Santa Rosa Island off the coast of Santa Barbara provide strong evidence of a cosmic impact event in North America approximately 12,900 years ago, according to a new study by scientists.

Their hypothesis holds that fragments of a comet struck across North America at that time. The research, published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), was led by James Kennett, professor emeritus at UC Santa Barbara, and Douglas J. Kennett, first author, of the University of Oregon. The two are a father-son team. They were joined by 15 other researchers.

"The pygmy mammoth, the tiny island version of the North American mammoth, died off at this time," said James Kennett. "Since it coincides with this event, we suggest it is related." He explained that this site, with its layer containing hexagonal diamonds, is also associated with other types of diamonds and with dramatic environmental changes and wildfires. They are part of a sedimentary layer known as the Younger Dryas Boundary. "There was a major event 12,900 years ago," said James Kennett.

"It is hard to explain this assemblage of materials without a cosmic impact event and associated extensive wildfires.

This hypothesis fits with the abrupt climatic cooling as recorded in ocean-drilled sediments beneath the Santa Barbara Channel. The cooling resulted when dust from the high-pressure, high-temperature, multiple impacts was lofted into the atmosphere, causing a dramatic drop in solar radiation." The tiny diamonds were buried below four meters of sediment and they correspond with the disappearance of the Clovis culture –– the first well-established and distributed North American peoples. An estimated 35 types of mammals and 19 types of birds also became extinct in North America about this time.

These scientists are trying to explain how it rained diamonds in a previous undisputed period of evolutionary change, but they are looking on the ground for all the evidence and have not considered the possibility of a massive Space Weather event. It must also be noted the date given for this event is about half of the approx. 25,920 years associated with Earth's precessional cycle. According to carefully preserved esoteric knowledge and ancient mythology, our planet has been most vulnerable to catastrophe at certain points in the precessional cycle that has either resulted in fire or flood. Worldwide disasters have been caused by the massive disparity between incoming evolutionary energies and the levels of human consciousness. Low spiritual intelligence has routinely caused our own demise but somehow this time, we have collectively managed to raise our vibration enough to avoid complete catastrophe. Since I have searched high and low for truth and enlightenment for approaching 30 years, I have started to seriously wonder how many people really care about understanding the true nature of our reality. The real issue is that the interest of the individual is not really of paramount interest to universal forces in the final energetic "judgement" of mankind, a factor that seems to have alluded many.

Study catches two bird populations as they split into seperate species
PHYSorg, 14th July 2009
" A new study finds that a change in a single gene has sent two closely related bird populations on their way to becoming two distinct species. The study, published in the August issue of the American Naturalist, is one of only a few to investigate the specific genetic changes that drive two populations toward speciation.

Speciation, the process by which different populations of the same species split into separate species, is central to evolution. But it's notoriously hard to observe in action. This study, led by biologist J. Albert Uy of Syracuse University, captures two populations of monarch flycatcher birds just as they arrive at that evolutionary crossroads. " [...]

That change appears to have been enough to create a reproductive barrier for flycatchers. Not every species is so picky, so a color change doesn't always drive speciation. Nonetheless, these results suggest that it can take as little as one gene, in the right spot in the genome, to cause a fork in the evolutionary road."

We are at an evolutionary crossroad and this bird study helps us to understand what exactly is happening to humanity.

Scientists reveal connection between cancer and human evolution
PHYSorg, 2nd July 2009
Researchers at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) have discovered that gene mutations that once helped humans survive may increase the possibility for diseases, including cancer. [...]

The findings were recently the cover story in the journal Genome Research. "The concept that the same principles that drive evolution toward the emergence of new species govern the emergence of diseases is new," Mishmar explains. "A clinician looks at the genome of a tumor, or other disease, and compares it to the normal population, looking for new mutations that do not occur there. I assume the mutations are already part of the population and have had a survival function. When these same mutations reoccur in the correct environment, they can cause disease."

Again, we have scientists who have fully embraced the concept that the environment is the main determinant for how DNA templates are 'tuned'. Recent articles tell us that the growth of Epigenetics research has been 'explosive'. However, the metaphysical perspective has always known that humans by their intent can cooperate with the environment and have an ability to 'fine tune' their own DNA. At this time of evolutionary change, understanding how this works is paramount. [This relates to concepts discussed in my book Tuning the Diamonds and this research needs to be added as a reference.]

DNA Template Could Explain Evolutionary Shifts
PHYSorg, 21st June 2009
"Rearrangements of all sizes in genomes, genes and exons can result from a glitch in DNA copying that occurs when the process stalls at a critical point and then shifts to a different genetic template, duplicating and even triplicating genes or just shuffling or deleting part of the code within them, said researchers from Baylor College of Medicine in a recent report in the journal Nature Genetics.

"I think this is going to make people think very hard about copy number variation with respect to genome evolution, gene evolution and exon shuffling," said Dr. James R. Lupski, vice chair of molecular and human genetics at BCM and senior author of the report. [...]

In a previous report, Lupski and colleagues described how the process that copies DNA during cell division stalls when there is a problem with the genetic material. In some cases, the process seeks a different template, often copying another similar but significantly different stretch of DNA before it switches back to the appropriate area."

Since I am not a biologist, I would describe this report as 'technical'. However, we know that the environment ultimately decides what happens with our genetic blueprints and makes the appropriate decisions as to what to do.

Moth turns from black to white as Britain's polluted skies change colour
The Peppered moth, which changed its colour from white to black in areas of Britain with heavy pollution, is now reverting to its original appearance.
The Telegraph, 19th June 2009
"The moth was white with small black speckles but over time it evolved to being almost black in parts of the UK because of heavy industrial pollution. The change made it less obvious to predators against backgrounds of grime and soot. Having declined by more than two thirds compared to 40 years ago, it is regarded as a classic example of natural selection and has consequently become known as "Darwin's moth."

Well, this moth is making a complete mockery of the beliefs of evolutionary biologists as it flips back and forth in decades as environmental conditions change. So as experts try to blame global warming for the changes they admit," These fast-moving adaptations come as a surprise even to biologists and ecologists because they are occurring so rapidly." See Global warming already killing species, analysis says

Newly discovered snow roots are 'evolutionary phenomenon', 10th June 2009
"It may not be the Yeti, but in a remote region of the Russian mountains a previously unknown and entirely unique form of plant root has been discovered. Lead Scientist Professor Hans Cornelissen and his Russian-Dutch team describe this finding today in Ecology Letters. The root belongs to the small alpine plant Corydalis conorhiza and unlike normal roots, which grow into soil, they extend upward through layers of snow. Given this novel behaviour, the scientists have termed them 'snow roots'.

"This is a completely new discovery," says Cornelissen, an associate professor of ecology at VU University in Amsterdam. "Snow roots are thus far unknown and a spectacular evolutionary phenomenon."


The Spooky World Of Quantum Biology
h+ Magazine, 1st June 2009
"Now, a new kind of science, called “quantum biology,” is beginning to emerge –- and it could change everything we know, again.. Quantum Biology The premise is simple. Life is a molecular process; molecular processes operate according to the quantum playbook; therefore, life is a quantum process.

And yet, it wasn’t until the nineties that anyone suggested biology could be better understood by looking at it through the lens of quantum theory. (The seminal paper was D.V. Nanopoulos’ "Theory of brain function, quantum mechanics and superstrings.”) Not long after that, the idea caught on – particularly in the neurosciences, where the idea of the brain as a quantum computer quickly became a topic of fierce debate. [...]

Quantum biology stands to answer other big questions, as well –- questions that many contemporary biologists prefer to ignore. McFadden, in his excellent primer Quantum Evolution, cites several experiments that suggest certain mutations are “intelligent,” even “anticipatory.” For example, bacterial cultures have been observed to evolve clever responses to lab toxins at speeds that – just like the emergence of DNA from a primordial soup – defy astronomical odds. Can biological quantum calculation account for this? McFadden thinks so. (His hypothesis was itself anticipated in the science fiction of Greg Egan, whose novel Teranesia featured some very “spooky” retrocausal mutations – including the instantaneous appearance of entire new ecosystems via competing future evolutionary scenarios. Whether such extreme examples of quantum biological principles are possible remains to be seen.)"

Well, with the terms and conditions for all life on Earth rapidly changing due to the breakdown of the Earth's defences against Space Weather, there will be some very rapid evolutionary responses and we have been told to expect physical changes in humans too.

The Big Question: Is 'Ida' really the missing link between humans and animals?
The Independent, 21st May 2009
"Why are we asking this now? The fossil, nicknamed "Ida", was discovered in 1983 but the scientific paper describing it has only just been published amid great secrecy to coincide with the commercial launch of a popular science book and a television documentary. The creature in question has been named Darwinius masillae in honour of Charles Darwin and it lived 47 million years ago.

See also the New Scientist version, Why Ida fossil is not the missing link . The scientific community are generally very opposed to science by press release and what surprises me is how quickly the rebuttals have occurred. There is a long history of fakes by paleontologists e.g. 'Piltdown Man' and levels of scepticism are high. The Piltdown Man was a supposed relic of an ancient ape-man discovered near the village of Piltdown in Sussex, England in 1912. What followed was tremendous academic celebration but immediately, some suspected it was a grand hoax, and after decades of campaigning it was eventually exposed as a forgery by the British Museum in the 1950s. From the book, Forbidden Archaelogy: The Hidden History of the Human Race(1993) by Cremo and Thompson they quoted Kenneth Oakley of the British Museum who wrote:
"I have sometimes wondered whether it was a misguided impatience for the discovery of a more acceptable 'missing link' that formed one of the tangled skein of motives behind the Piltdown Forgery (1912)."
Cremo and Thompson conclude that the "carefully planned forgery" by someone with scientific training, acting alone or with others. There is a cast of suspects and people with a solid motive for trying to convince the world of the veracity of Darwin's The Origin of Species and the connection between Homo Sapiens and ancient Miocene apes. So, it looks like 'Ida' is just another attempt and as the saying goes, 'those who do not know history, are doomed to repeat it'. Thus it makes one wonder when are these scientist "storytellers" going to realise that people are just not that gullible these days.

Life’s First Spark Re-Created in the Laboratory
Wired Science, 13th May 2009
"Researchers synthesized the basic ingredients of RNA, a molecule from which the simplest self-replicating structures are made. Until now, they couldn’t explain how these ingredients might have formed. [...]

Like other would-be nucleotide synthesizers, Sutherland’s team included phosphate in their mix, but rather than adding it to sugars and nucleobases, they started with an array of even simpler molecules that were probably also in Earth’s primordial ooze. They mixed the molecules in water, heated the solution, then allowed it to evaporate, leaving behind a residue of hybrid, half-sugar, half-nucleobase molecules. To this residue they again added water, heated it, allowed it evaporate, and then irradiated it."

I can only presume that when they irradiated this 'ooze' they used ultra-violet radiation to mimic energies from the Sun, to encourage synthesis. The reference to these ingredients being found in interstellar dust clouds and on meteorites suggests that researchers are finally coming round to agree with Panspermia theorists, decades after these ideas were initially suggested.

Freaks Survive Because They Are Strange
Live Science News, 12th May 2009
If a blue jay sees a normal-looking salamander, it will eat it. But if the same bird sees a freak, it may let it go. [...] University of Tennessee researcher Benjamin Fitzpatrick says this discovery, which his team reports in the open access journal BMC Ecology, suggests why rare traits persist in a population.

Predators detect common forms of prey more easily, the scientists figure. The majority that share a common look are always on the dinner menu, while oddballs are left to reproduce. "Maintenance of variation is a classic paradox in evolution because both selection and drift tend to remove variation from populations," Fitzpatrick explained today.

I could not resist using the 'happy evolution' spider! Well, after two hundred years of research into evolution we find that there are still "classic paradoxes" that conventional wisdom cannot explain.

British scientists study Hawaiian happy face spider
The Telegraph, 22nd April 2009
"The spider, which measures just a few millimetres across, has developed bizarre markings giving the appearance of a smiling face. Scientists think the spider, which has the scientific name Theridion grallator and is harmless to humans, has evolved the patterns to confuse predators. [...]

Dr Geoff Oxford, a spider expert from the University of York, said: "I must admit when I turned over the first leaf and saw one it certainly brought a smile to my face. "There are various theories as to why the spider has developed the markings it has, one of these that it may be to confuse predators."

Happy Evolution!

Modern life's pressures may be hastening human evolution
McClatchy Newspapers, 8th April 2009
"We're not finished yet. Even today, scientists say that human beings are continuing to evolve as our genes respond to rapid changes in the world around us. In fact, the pressures of modern life may be speeding up the pace of human evolution, some anthropologists think.

Their view contradicts the widespread 20th-century assumption that modern medical practice, antibiotics, better diet and other advances would protect people from the perils and stresses that drive evolutionary change. Nowadays, the idea that "human evolution is a continuing process is widely accepted among anthropologists," said Robert Wald Sussman , the editor of the Yearbook of Physical Anthropology at Washington University in St. Louis . It's even conceivable, he said, that our genes eventually will change enough to create an entirely new human species, one no longer able to breed with our own species, Homo sapiens.

According to our scientists, human evolution is an ongoing process and metaphysical sources suggest we can expect rapid evolutionary changes that will be physical. Some researchers have already noted physical changes in 'super psychic' children, but I think the physical changes could be far more dramatic.

Mass Extinctions, Ancient Viruses May Hold Clues to Life’s Origins, 3rd April 2009
"Mass extinctions occur repeatedly, though irregularly, throughout Earth's history, and occasionally these extinctions have been devastating to life on our planet - or have they?

Extinction events have sometimes accelerated the evolution of life on earth by eliminating old dominating species and making room for new ones. A new study takes this idea a step further, showing that life may have never achieved the complexity necessary for the development of advanced multi-cellular organisms without recurring extinction events."

It's interesting to think that we are on the verge of a mass upgrade of humanity and that the rich and powerful won't have any influence over the process in any way, 'human' dinosaurs without the ability to evolve will be gone. Bribery and corruption won't be helpful in this process either!

A comet may have caused widespread large mammal extinctions 12,900 years ago, 31st March 2009
"The big bang theory's back. But this time the theory doesn't involve the cosmos, just a comet. Some scientists hypothesize that relatively recently in our geological history a comet collided with Earth. And they're not talking about the collision 65 million years ago that did in the dinosaurs. They're talking about a collision 12,900 years ago, which did away with woolly mammoths, saber-tooth tigers and giant sloths, among some three dozen large mammals. [...]

"It has generated quite a bit of controversy in the field, some of it not necessarily polite," says David Fastovsky, a professor of sciences at URI, who specializes in the study of dinosaur extinction."

12,900 is approx. half of the precessional cycle, which is the last time Earth's alignment to the greater celestial forces caused a major influx of cosmic/galactic phenomena. The scientists here are desperately trying to keep the focus on a comet when there is NO impact crater and no evidence of widespread fires. The associated carbon rich "black mat" is a thin layer filled with "hexagonal nanodiamonds", irridium and other material that could have only come from a cosmic source, hence the evidence for a Space Weather event is strong. This is the same event where scientists state, "Diamonds drizzled down by the tons" and lingered in the air for months. See archives July/August 2008 or google for similar stories. By the way, it's all highly relevant, as the Earth is now being blasted with Space Weather, fire balls, meteorites and plasma "entities" etc.

Genetic Code Mashups to Create New Species
Daily Galaxy, 26th March 2009
"Researchers smashed up the DNA of yeast cells using high energy X-Rays. How a team dedicated to creating mutant super-bread obtains funding is not made clear, but observation of the irradiated cells yielded interesting results:

as the nuked microorganisms quite literally tried to pull themselves together, they didn't put things back the way they were. The repeated sections of DNA can cause broken pieces to be mixed and matched between entirely new chromosomes. This method of mutation is quite extreme, but such aberrations can happen without nuclear blasting (it just takes longer) and form part of the all-important biological diversification process."

OK, this article is relevant when extremely high energies are being generated in our own atmosphere that are producing x-rays and gamma rays. NASA tells us that cosmic rays are at an all time high and record Gamma Ray Bursts are occuring on a regular basis. It seems whatever the Universe can fling at us, we are getting it and probably energies that we have not even properly understood yet too. The problem now for people who have not been working on their energy fields is the danger of trying to integrate new energies too quickly and the danger of this was outlined in my book.

We are becoming a new species, we are becoming Homo Evolutis
Ars Technica, 5th February 2009
"At TED 2009, Juan Enriquez talked about the new human species emerging before our eyes. Thanks to an array of biological advances and our growing aptitude in robotics, we now find ourselves in the early days of the deliberate creation of what he called a new species. [...]

Chairman and CEO of Biotechonomy, Enriquez says that humanity is on the verge of becoming a new and utterly unique species, which he dubs Homo Evolutis. What makes this species so unique is that it "takes direct and deliberate control over the evolution of the species." Calling it the "ultimate reboot," he points to the conflux of DNA manipulation and therapy, tissue generation, and robotics as making this great leap possible."

Enriquez needs to know that the planet is being deluged with Space Weather and the environment is reprogramming all life on this planet to support a higher levels of consciousness. So, as the heliosphere shrinks and Earth loses it's cosmic protection, Earth will be increasingly bombarded by cosmic rays and electronics and computer hardware will become far more unreliable. Humans are a product of the morphogenetic field that surrounds the physical body, according to our current scientific understanding. The metaphysical belief is that this energy field can become a shield to deflect harmful energies if the person has the ability to attract the highest frequencies of light that will naturally occur in the process of spiritual evolution. Yes, there will be a new human, this is self-evident as geneticists have realised that human DNA is directly programmed by the environment and that is changing dramatically, but human influence on the nature of our biology will remain strictly limited.

Why Darwin was wrong about the tree of life
New Scientist, 21st January 2009
"IN JULY 1837, Charles Darwin had a flash of inspiration. In his study at his house in London, he turned to a new page in his red leather notebook and wrote, "I think". Then he drew a spindly sketch of a tree. As far as we know, this was the first time Darwin toyed with the concept of a "tree of life" to explain the evolutionary relationships between different species.

[...] "The tree-of-life concept was absolutely central to Darwin's thinking, equal in importance to natural selection, according to biologist W. Ford Doolittle of Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Without it the theory of evolution would never have happened. The tree also helped carry the day for evolution. Darwin argued successfully that the tree of life was a fact of nature, plain for all to see though in need of explanation. The explanation he came up with was evolution by natural selection.

This article is fundamentally flawed as it does not mention the relationship between DNA and the environment even though the last 25 years of research has produced hundreds of papers that confirm this relationship. The results of the Human Genome Project was a massive shock to geneticists when they found that the number of genes could not account for the complexity of humans who had the same number of genes as a rat. The science of epigenetics which means "control above genetics" has revealed that DNA blueprints can be modified by the environment and specifically electromagnetic signals. Thus, anyone who still believes in the primacy of DNA is behind the times, this concept is now dead and this article, mourning the loss of one of Darwin's basic tenets, demonstrates the intransigence that exists in the scientific world.
  • Debunking Evolution: problems between the theory and reality; the false science of evolution The "Tree of Life" is falling

    New discoveries are bringing down the whole notion of a "tree of life", as passages from an article in the mainstream magazine New Scientist show:23 "The tree-of-life concept was absolutely central to Darwin's thinking, equal in importance to natural selection, according to biologist W. Ford Doolittle of Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Without it the theory of evolution would never have happened." "For much of the past 150 years, biology has largely concerned itself with filling in the details of the tree. 'For a long time the holy grail was to build a tree of life,' says Eric Bapteste, an evolutionary biologist at the Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris, France. A few years ago it looked as though the grail was within reach."

    "But today the project lies in tatters, torn to pieces by an onslaught of negative evidence. Many biologists now argue that the tree concept is obsolete and needs to be discarded. 'We have no evidence at all that the tree of life is a reality,' says Bapteste. That bombshell has even persuaded some that our fundamental view of biology needs to change." "The problems began in the early 1990s when it became possible to sequence actual bacterial and archaeal genes". "As more and more genes were sequenced, it became clear that the patterns of relatedness could only be explained if bacteria and archaea were routinely swapping genetic material with other species - often across huge taxonomic distances". " 'There's promiscuous exchange of genetic information across diverse groups,' says Michael Rose, an evolutionary biologist at the University of California, Irvine." "As early as 1993, some were proposing that for bacteria and archaea the tree of life was more like a web. In 1999, Doolittle made the provocative claim that 'the history of life cannot properly be represented as a tree'.13 'The tree of life is not something that exists in nature, it's a way that humans classify nature,' he says."

Diamonds Linked to Quick Cooling Eons Ago
New York Times, 1st January 2009
"At least once in Earth's history, global warming ended quickly, and scientists have long wondered why. Scientists found microscopic diamonds in the black layer of rock at Murray Springs in Arizona. Now researchers are reporting that the abrupt cooling — which took place about 12,900 years ago, just as the planet was emerging from an ice age — may have been caused by one or more meteors that slammed into North America. That could explain the extinction of mammoths, saber-tooth tigers and maybe even the first human inhabitants of the Americas, the scientists report in Friday's issue of the journal Science. The hypothesis has been regarded skeptically, but its advocates now report perhaps more convincing residue of impact: a thin layer of microscopic diamonds found in rocks across America and in Europe. [...]

At each site the scientists looked at, the diamond layer in the rocks correlates to the date of the hypothesized impact. Within the layer, the scientists report finding a multitude of diamond particles, all encased within carbon spheres.

"We've yet to find a single diamond above it," Dr. West said. "We've yet to find a single diamond below it." Perhaps more telling, the scientists reported last month at a meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco, the carbon atoms inside some of the diamonds are lined up in a hexagonal crystal pattern instead of the usual cubic structure. The hexagonal diamonds, formed by extraordinary heat and pressure, have been found only at impact craters and within meteorites and cannot be formed in forest fires or volcanic eruptions, Dr. West said.

Astrophysicist Paul LaViolette has a very nice, long and detailed response to geologists and astrophysicists about this event, which he believes was a result of Space Weather. As we see here, the scientists are speculating, but a blast of Space Weather is a much better fit for all the evidence. There are many articles on this new theory, which scientists aim to take to the mainstream. See Gems Point to Comet as Answer to Ancient Riddle, Tiny diamonds share geologic record with massive extinction & Diamonds Link Comet To Mammal Extinction

Did magnetic blip trigger mass extinction?
Rising hot material upset convection in Earth's core, says new theory

MSNBC News, 12th December 2008
"It was a dying on a scale never seen before or since on Earth. The slaughter was everywhere; the fertile ocean and balmy supercontinent Pangea were transformed into killing fields, littered with the bodies of ancient animals. By the time the dust had settled on the Permian-Triassic mass extinction 250 million years ago, 90 percent of life on the planet had been snuffed out."

This new theory suggests that the trigger that caused 90% of life on Earth to be wiped out, was a weak magnetic field allowing cosmic rays to come in and seed clouds that effected the climate. Wait a minute, isn't that what's happening now.... Whatever, the extinction took millions of years and still certain species survived and evolved to meet the challenge of the new conditions. This is the exact same scenario facing all life on this planet, to meet the challenge of changing conditions and to evolve.

'Orphan' Genes Play An Important Role In Evolution
Science Daily, 18th November 2008
"Closely related animal species share most of their genes and look almost identical. However, minor morphological differences allow us to tell them apart. What is the genetic basis for these differences?

Often, the explanation is provided by minor changes in spatial and temporal activity of transcription factors - "regulator" genes which are conserved throughout the animal kingdom. However, every group of animals also possesses a small proportion of genes which are, in contrary, extremely variable among closely related species or even unique. For example, a gene may be present in one species or animal group, but not in any other. Such genes are referred to as "novel," "orphan" or "taxonomically restricted". Their function and origin are often obscure. What are these genes needed for?"

"The data indicate that "novel" genes are involved in generation of novel morphological features that characterise different species, thus pointing the way to a new, more complete understanding of how evolution works at the level of a particular group of animals. Emergence of "novel" genes may reflect evolutionary processes which allow animals to adapt in the best way to changing environmental conditions and new habitats."

Hmmm.... Personally, I am worried about "novel" features appearing in humans as they are being seen in the aetheric template of some humans by the more 'gifted' folks. However, the day could arrive – who knows when that would be – when we get a manifestation into the physical..... Quite frankly, I really don't think the world is adequately prepared....

How Evolution Learns From Past Environments To Adapt To New Environments
Science Daily, 10th November 2008
"The evolution of novel characteristics within organisms can be enhanced when environments change in a systematic manner, according to a new study by Weizmann Institute researchers. Merav Parter, Nadav Kashtan and Uri Alon suggest that in environments that vary over time in a non-random way, evolution can learn the rules of the environment and develop organisms that can readily generate novel useful traits with only a few mutations." "The ability to generate novelty is one of the main mysteries in evolutionary theory."

We are currently at the start of a period of evolutionary change so this kind of research is particularly relevant. We are told that 'somehow' organisms learn from previous environments using a guidance system that can be used for evolutionary progression when environments change. This guidance system must exist somewhere, but we are not told how or where. This is why I believe that Rupert Sheldrakes's theory of morphogenetic fields or fields of information stored in the environment MUST exist and are a critical in understanding that when environments change, there is a rapid evolutionary response.

Rapid Evolution of a Plant in Response to a Change in Climate
CO2 Science, 29th October 2008
"Contrary to what climate alarmists continue to blithely claim, this study demonstrates that plants have the capacity to rapidly alter a number of life-history traits that enable them to better deal with the consequences of climate change. Earth's plants, therefore, are likely to be much more resilient to global warming and potential associated changes in precipitation regimes than people have long been misled to believe."

The above conclusion provides us with an opinion based on current scientific methods and these scientists are not alone, many others have come to the same conclusion; "Skelly et al. say that the case for rapid evolutionary responses among many other species "has grown much stronger (e.g., Stockwell et al., 2003; Berteaux et al., 2004; Hariston et al., 2005; Bradshaw and Holzapfel, 2006; Schwartz et al., 2006; Urban et al., 2007)." As a result, they write that "on the basis of the present knowledge of genetic variation in performance traits and species' capacity for evolutionary response, it can be concluded that evolutionary change will often occur concomitantly with changes in climate [our italics and bold] as well as [with] other environmental changes (e.g., Grant and Grant, 2002; Stockwell et al., 2003; Balanya et al., 2006; Jump et al., 2006; Pelletier et al., 2007)."" Source link here. Yet, it's obvious that over billions of years of climate change and even cataclysm, the Earth's flora and fauna has clearly demonstrated it's ability to adapt and survive.

'Magnetic Death Star' Fossils: Earlier Global Warming Produced A Whole New Form Of Life
Science Daily News, 23rd October 2008
"An international team of scientists has discovered microscopic, magnetic fossils resembling spears and spindles, unlike anything previously seen, among sediment layers deposited during an ancient global-warming event along the Atlantic coastal plain of the United States."

"Fifty-five million years ago, Earth warmed by more than 9 degrees Fahrenheit after huge amounts of carbon entered the atmosphere over a period of just a few thousand years. Although this ancient global-warming episode, known as the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM), remains incompletely explained, it might offer analogies for possible global warming in the future."

An historical precedent for evolutionary change, magnetism and new geometry. Here, we have a real example of global warming driven by a cosmic source which drove evolutionary change as, "Almost half of the common sea bottom-dwelling microorganisms known as foraminifera became extinct", and other bacteria evolved as "a fossil bloom of bacteria that make iron-oxide magnets within their cells, but also an entirely unknown set of organisms that grew magnetic crystals to giant sizes." The report ends up by stating, "These fossils may be telling a story of radical environmental transformation." Now, in this current episode of transformation, humans are also required to encorporate a higher level of magnetism or else they will become extinct. Please note that according to these scientists, the unique "spearhead" geometry, not found anywhere else in the paleontological annals, was caused by "strange climate conditions". Thus, it seems life on Earth responding to atmospheric changes by changing geometry is not unprecedented.

Earth In Midst Of Sixth Mass Extinction: 50% Of All Species Disappearing, 21st October 2008
"The Earth is in the midst of the sixth mass extinction of both plants and animals, with nearly 50 percent of all species disappearing, scientists say.

Because of the current crisis, biologists at UC Santa Barbara are working day and night to determine which species must be saved. Their international study of grassland ecosystems, with flowering plants, is published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences."

Evolutionary biologists are well aware that evolutionary change is underway, but usually they blame it on pollution or global warming. What this report does not mention is that the evidence shows that the pace of evolutionary change is accelerating and some changes are being recorded in decades not hundreds of thousands of years as scientists have taught. The justification for attempting some kind of eco-engineering, does not take into account that in previous great extinction events, universal forces determined new balanced ecosystems, as many species either disappeared, survived or evolved. Our scientists have no ability to control life on Earth, that priviledge is reserved by univeral intelligence.

Volcanoes May Have Provided Sparks Of First Life
Science Daily, 16th October 2008
"New research suggests that lightening and volcanoes may have sparked early life on Earth." "It is commonly thought that early Earth was comprised of many small volcanic islands. This study suggests that lightning and the release of gases associated with these volcanic eruptions could have produced the necessary chemical components to give rise to early life."

Scientific experiments prove that without the catalyst of electromagnetic energy, the divine "spark", there can be no life. Yet it seems that electromagnetic energy is not enough and scientists tell that the pieces that make up complex biomolecules do not readily come together by themselves. This has been a major obstacle for origin-of-life theories, but this has been overcome by suggesting diamonds can impose a rigid order on molecules near its surface, enabling biomolecule manufacturing. What's more, this is most likely to occur in or in the vicinity of volcanoes on early Earth. Astrobiologists suggest that the diamond geometry has very special properties that have unique ordering effects and promote greater molecular complexity. This understanding is especially relevant as it is now raining diamonds (highly catalytic electromagnetic plasma) and the metaphysically astute are being encouraged to use the diamond geometry to facilitate their evolutionary progression. See Diamonds May Be Life's Birthstone. I am truely astounded by this additional confirmation of the importance of diamond geometry.

Evolution stops here: Future Man will look the same, says scientist
Daily Mail, 7th October 2008
"For centuries, writers have attempted to predict the future of the human race. Some have argued that we are destined to evolve into super-beings, others that we are turning into dim-witted goblins incapable of anything more demanding than watching TV. But according to a leading geneticist, both visions are wrong because human evolution has ground to a halt. Professor Steve Jones, of University College London, says the forces driving evolution - such as natural selection and genetic mutation - no longer play an important role in our lives. The people living one million years from now, should Man survive, will resemble modern-day humans. 'We now know so much about the process of evolution that we can make some predictions about what might happen in future,' said Professor Jones in a lecture on Monday. Evolution is driven by natural selection and mutation."

Well, as the Earth's shielding drops and cosmic and galactic radiation floods our planet, DNA mutations WILL become more prevalent and most scientists are in no doubt that this will FORCE evolutionary change. The evidence shows this has happened before in the past and has to be considered regardless of whether there is enough evidence that suggests the blueprints that control DNA processing will or have already been changed. This understanding explains why some in the metaphysical community have been actively working with "New Energy" to protect their energy field which holds the information for our physical, mental, emotion and spiritual nature and have sought to allow themselves to evolve to comply with the evolutionary destiny of mankind.

Mass Extinctions And The Evolution Of Dinosaurs
Science Daily, 30th September 2008
"Dinosaurs survived two mass extinctions and 50 million years before taking over the world and dominating ecosystems, according to new research published this week. Reporting in Biology Letters, Steve Brusatte, Professor Michael Benton, and colleagues at the University of Bristol show that dinosaurs did not proliferate immediately after they originated, but that their rise was a slow and complicated event, and driven by two mass extinctions."

The question here is; what are the factors that determine whether a species disappears or evolves? Scientific studies suggest, that natural selection is determined by the environment and whether species can contribute to balanced ecosystems. Once a species start to dominate then they are wiped out. Universal consciousness determines which species are to be eliminated and which will be allowed to evolve. It seems strange to me that we can look back on the evolution of life on Earth and fail to pay attention to how well mankind is doing, in relationship to being in balance with the environment.

Fast [Climate changes in the past]? Try The Younger Dryas
Global Warming Politics, 23rd September 2008
Quote given from a brilliant new review published recently in the scientific journal, Progress in Physical Geography [see: G. M. MacDonald et al.: 'Impacts of climate change on species, populations and communities: palaeobiogeographical insights and frontiers', Progress in Physical Geography 32(2) (2008), pp. 139 - 172: DOI: 10.1177/0309133308094081.

"Some shifts in climate may have been gradual, but events such as the YDE ['Younger Dryas Event'] or the MCA ['Medieval Climate Anomaly'] and the LIA ['Little Ice Age'] were much more rapid.

Responses to climate change have included changes in geographical distributions, shifts in community composition and extinction. Species which are extant today have in the past been organized into communities that have no modern counterparts. Regional bio-diversity has seen marked changes in response to shifts in climate. In addition to these ecological responses, which are expected in the case of large-scale habitat changes and climate warming, there is also evidence that species have responded with genotypic and phenotypic shifts in the face of Quaternary climatic change. Such evolutionary responses should also be anticipated in the future."

These scientists are telling us that abrupt climate changes have happened in the past and the evidence shows that species have responded by rapid evolutionary change. Guess what? It's about to happen again and the inhabitants of Earth are largely unprepared because this time, the bar is being reset to facilitate a higher level of consciousness. This helps to explain why there is so much panic in certain quarters, because it will be change that will be impossible to control.

'Junk DNA' May Have Triggered Key Evolutionary Changes In Human Thumb And Foot
Science Daily, 5th September 2008
"Out of the 3 billion genetic letters that spell out the human genome, Yale scientists have found a handful that may have contributed to the evolutionary changes in human limbs that enabled us to manipulate tools and walk upright." "In the last several years, scientists have discovered that non-coding regions of the genome, far from being junk, contain thousands of regulatory elements that act as genetic "switches" to turn genes on or off."

It's amazing that scientists would call parts of the human genome that they didn't understand junk in the first place....

Diamonds May Have Jumpstarted Life on Earth
Yahoo News, 26th July 2008
"One of the greatest mysteries in science is how life began. Now one group of researchers says diamonds may have been life's best friend. Scientists have long theorized that life on Earth got going in a primordial soup of precursor chemicals. But nobody knows how these simple amino acids, known to be the building blocks of life, were assembled into complex polymers needed as a platform for genesis. Diamonds are crystallized forms of carbon that predate the oldest known life on the planet.

In lab experiments aimed to confirm work done more than three decades ago, researchers found that when treated with hydrogen, natural diamonds formed crystalline layers of water on the surface. Water is essential for life as we know it. Also, the tests found electrical conductivity that could have been key to forcing chemical reactions needed to generate the first birth. When primitive molecules landed on the surface of these hydrogenated diamonds in the atmosphere of early Earth, a few billion years ago, the resulting reaction may have been sufficient enough to generate more complex organic molecules that eventually gave rise to life, the researchers say."

Recent research is stacking up to support the theory of Multidimensional Reality, which explains how our reality is determined by a crossover of energy from higher dimensions. The link with Panspermia theory can also be linked to metaphysical teaching and how life is delivered by cosmic forces.

Diamonds May Have Rained Down From Space During Ice Age
Fox News, 8th July 2008
"Diamonds and precious metals found in the eastern United States might have rained down during the last Ice Age after a comet shattered over Canada and set North America ablaze, all leading to a mass die-off of animals and humans. New chemical analyses of diamond, gold and silver found in Ohio and Indiana reveal the minerals were transported there from Canada several thousand years ago. The question is, how?"

The comet theory is based on geological evidence of a cosmic driven event but the 'impact' site cannot be found...... Note the statement; "Diamonds drizzled down by the tons." There have been channelled messages that tell us that we are about to be deluged by "Diamond Flame Energy", at the same time that we have digital images being taken by ordinary people showing that it's 'raining' diamonds (aetheric plasma). For the many reasons specified in my book, "Tuning the Diamonds", this energy has the ability to structure matter, but it also represents the purest form of Universal Consciousness. We are at the start of a massive deluge of electromagnetic energy and some of the consequences are explained in my book.

Ancient diamonds 'may reveal earliest life on Earth'
Daily Mail, 3rd July 2008
"Life may have appeared only a short time after the Earth was formed out of a swirling disc of gas and dust, scientists said today. They believe 4.2 billion-year-old diamonds could contain an imprint of this earliest existence.

If they are right it will mean a major re-think about the emergence of biological activity on Earth." "But the diamonds, containing a type of 'light' carbon normally associated with living organisms, raises the possibility of life existing at least 700 million years earlier. The diamonds were trapped inside extremely old zircon crystals recovered in 1983 from the Jack Hills of Western Australia.

Resarch leader Dr Alexander Nemchin, from Curtin University of Technology in Australia said: 'We believe this find to be the oldest terrestrial light carbon reservoir discovered so far. 'It opens up the possibility of biological activity during the period not long after the Earth's formation.'" "'The discovery challenges our fundamental understanding of processes active in the early history of the Earth,' Dr Nemchin said. 'It suggests that life may well have appeared on Earth long before the period of heavy-meteorite bombardment believed by some to have initiated the emergence of life on Earth.'"

"Very interesting article as it relates to the theory of Multi-Dimensional Reality and especially now as cosmic and galactic "gas and dust", which should really read 'plasma and dust' is sprinkling the Earth with new diamonds......

Rapid Genetic Change in Terrestrial Plants:, 18th June 2008
"Some fifteen years ago, Root and Schneider (1993) wrote that CO2-induced changes in global climate were expected to occur "too fast for evolutionary processes such as natural selection to keep pace," and that this constraint "could substantially enhance the probability of extinction of numerous species."

This idea has pervaded the thinking of climate-alarmists ever since it was first suggested; and it figures prominently in the ongoing doom-and-gloom predictions of Al Gore and James Hansen. But is it correct? In an exciting new paper recently published in Global Change Biology, Jump et al. (2008) describe an experiment that suggests the contention is fatally flawed." "In a conclusion that clearly repudiates this catastrophic extinction scenario, Jump et al. say that their results actually demonstrate "that rapid evolution in response to climate change may be widespread in natural populations, based on genetic variation already present within the population," which likelihood is becoming ever more evident with each new study that investigates the subject."

The scientists have been noticing rapid evolutionary change for some time and the studies just keep coming.....Those with predictions of doom and gloom and the whole '2012' catastrophe scenario have simply missed the point.....

Life's Raw Materials May Have Come From The Stars, Scientists Confirm
Science Daily, 13th June 2008
"Scientists have confirmed for the first time that an important component of early genetic material which has been found in meteorite fragments is extraterrestrial in origin, in a paper published on 15 June 2008. The finding suggests that parts of the raw materials to make the first molecules of DNA and RNA may have come from the stars. The scientists, from Europe and the USA, say that their research provides evidence that life's raw materials came from sources beyond the Earth."

See previous comments on this subject. Anyway, I have just watched the fantasy film 'The Golden Compass', as it was recommended to me by my teeenage son, who has read my book and could immediately see the connection. I have to say I was so fascinated with the storyline and the whole concept of 'dust' coming into Earth's atmosphere and effecting humans that I have resolved to read the book version, especially the bit where they decide to explore 'other worlds' that are the source of the 'dust'. This is highly relevant to my belief that we are experiencing evolutionary change being driven by cosmic energy. Again, the Russians have informed us that they have been investigating HUGE vortexes of energy coming into our atmosphere. I believe that is what the chemtrails are all about, somehow 'controllers' are trying to interfere with the downflow of energy. The UK military have already told us, that this plasma energy is easy to see using their sensors. Personally, I think all their efforts are in vain, do they really think they can fight this cosmic deluge? As I point out in my book, between 2007 - 2012 the increases in energy will be 100,000 times, year on year. I truly believe that great efforts are being made to inform ordinary people of what is taking place on this planet. If you want it straight, you can read my book, I don't think my analysis is subtle at all!! Unfortunately, many don't understand what is taking place and are being distracted by other more mundane issues and many so-called spiritual leaders are not really in tune with what's going on and don't understand the dynamics.....Well, actually thinking about it, I am most certain that SOME of these spiritual leaders DO KNOW what is taking place and are doing their best to prevent their flock from waking up to a new reality....

Sun's Movement Through Milky Way Regularly Sends Comets Hurtling, Coinciding With Mass Life Extinctions, 2nd May 2008
"The sun's movement through the Milky Way regularly sends comets hurtling into the inner solar system -- coinciding with mass life extinctions on earth, a new study claims. The study suggests a link between comet bombardment and the movement through the galaxy."

There have been many studies that have come to the same conclusion, however it seems that there is a concerted effort to avoid any major focus on cosmic influences that might affect life on Earth.

There Is 'Design' In Nature, Biologist Argues, 18th February 2008
"There is, indeed, a design to life -- an evolutionary design," Miller said. "The structures in our bodies have changed over time, as have its functions. Scientists should embrace this concept of 'design,' and in so doing, claim for science the sense of orderly rationality in nature to which the anti-evolution movement has long appealed."

"Intelligent" universal energy is self-directing and self-organising and regardless of what scientists choose to believe, everything that exists has this "divine" component, as the evidence clearly shows.

Evolution as Biological Thermodynamics, 13th February 2008
"When Guy Hoelzer runs computer simulations of organisms living in the modeling equivalent of a featureless plain, he sees them break into different species -- even though there's no reason for natural selection to take place.

That preliminary but tantalizing finding hints at some larger phenomenon driving the mechanisms of neo-Darwinian evolution. Hoelzer thinks the phenomenon is self-organization: combine energy with complex networked interaction and order will emerge."

This statement is a good summary; "But I don't see ideas about self-organizing complex systems as competing with our traditional Darwininan evolution, but extending them and putting them into a thermodynamic context. I'd hope that my colleagues would see this as a point of view for deepening understanding."

Humans are still evolving - and it's happening faster than ever
The Guardian, December 11, 2007
"Humans are evolving more quickly than at any time in history, researchers say. In the past 5,000 years, humans have evolved up to 100 times more quickly than any time since the split with the ancestors of modern chimpanzees 6m years ago, a team from the University of Wisconsin found."

The acceleration of change has only just seriously started, see comments about this research below:

Are Humans Evolving Faster?, December 7, 2007
The above link provides a copy at Godlike Productions. Quotes: "We aren't the same as people even 1,000 or 2,000 years ago". "Our study denies the widely held assumption or belief that modern humans [those who widely adopted advanced tools and art] appeared 40,000 years ago, have not changed since and that we are all pretty much the same. We show that humans are changing relatively rapidly on a scale of centuries to millennia, and that these changes are different in different continental groups."

"History looks more and more like a science fiction novel in which mutants repeatedly arose and displaced normal humans." "A key finding: 7 percent of human genes are undergoing rapid, recent evolution."

The explanations given for this recent rapid acceleration are not linked to cosmic factors but other researchers and scientists have already made this connection. Metaphysical sources are very clear that human evolution will occur in the most spiritually evolved first and they will act as "wayshowers" for the rest of humanity, so are you ready to be a mutant?

Ice age comet theory causes big bang
Some say it hit U.S. 13,000 years ago

The Times-Picayune, 2nd November 2007
Comment: Well, I am seriously wondering who else out there has understood what is happening on this planet. Our scientists are studying a 2-inch-thick carbon-rich "black mats" found in about 50 sites across North America. This layer contains grains with iridium, carbon spherules and fullerenes packed with concentrations of helium 3, "all of which are evidence for an extraterrestrial impact" about 12,900 years ago, yet the same article tells us that there is no evidence of massive burning. The problem that these scientists are facing, is that they do not realise that we live in a plasma universe. According to Russian sources, some comets are PURE PLASMA ENTITES, if one of those hits the planets it will not create a crater, but it will have the ability to change the chemical properties of matter. These geologists are NEVER going to work it out without getting some basic concepts right first. What gets me, is that metaphysical sources have told us that big deliveries are on the way, unfortunately the mouthpieces are just that, they don't understand what the messages mean.....

Human race will 'split into two different species'
Daily Mail, 26th October 2007
"The alarming prediction comes from evolutionary theorist Oliver Curry from the London School of Economics, who says that the human race will have reached its physical peak by the year 3000."

I think there is a smidgen of truth in this report but this interpretation appears to be based on one academic's fantasies. Real scientific studies quite clearly show that evolutionary change is determined by the environment which has the ultimate control over our DNA. Humanity will split, but the next stage according to seers, will be based on our willingness to spiritually evolve.

Which Came First, The Chicken Genome Or The Egg Genome, 9th October 2007
"Which came first, the chicken genome or the egg genome? Researchers have answered a similarly vexing (and far more relevant) genomic question: Which of the thousands of long stretches of repeated DNA in the human genome came first? And which are the duplicates?"

I suppose someone has to try and work it out!

South Carolina site holds evidence of comet explosion
Contra Costa Times, 7th October 2007
"Scientists, led by Richard Firestone of the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, took soil samples from throughout North America and in Belgium. In a layer dating to about 12,900 years ago, they found high levels of iridium, nanodiamonds and glasslike carbon that could have been caused by a comet explosion and subsequent fires."


Study: Evolution may have increased speed
Science Daily, 30th August 2007
A complex Israeli study has determined the pace of evolution increases when evolutionary goals are continuously changed. "Since evolution takes place under changing environmental conditions, forcing organisms to continually adapt would, at least intuitively, slow the process, the researchers said. But when they created a simulation that repeatedly changed the goals, evolution actually increased speed and the more complex the goals, the faster evolution accelerated."

For a system as complex as our Earth, the rate of evolutionary change must be fast or else it will fail according to our understanding of the science of energetic transitions. This study is published online here

What triggers mass extinctions?
Mystery surrounds the ‘reset buttons’ that clear the way for new species, 8th August 2007
Comment: The unsolved mystery of mass extinctions has vital clues that researchers have already identified as the "reset buttons". These are 1. The Earth's magnetic field dropping like a stone, 2. Cosmic rays penetrating the atmosphere with ease (there is debate here about the role of the Sun in "batting away" cosmic rays because the highest energy cosmic rays are not diverted at all anyway and 3. The strange coincidence of the metal iridium which is a highly catalytic rare Earth element. Due to the distribution of this irridium the evidence suggests it comes from a cosmic source. These factors can be easily combined by the concept of highly catalytic and evolutionary energies coming from a galactic cosmic source driving evolutionary change on Earth. That is exactly what is occurring now and explains the anomalies because the energy is interdimensional and acts to reprogram the morphogenetic fields which control all species on Earth. All species out of balance with the environment get balanced off into extinction! Simple really!

Butterfly shows evolution at work
Scientists say they have seen one of the fastest evolutionary changes ever observed in a species of butterfly.

BBC News, 12 July 2007
"We usually think of natural selection as acting slowly, over hundreds of thousands of years." "But the example in this study happened in the blink of the eye, in terms of evolutionary time, and is a remarkable thing to get to observe." "To my knowledge, this is the fastest evolutionary change that has ever been observed," said Sylvain Charlat, of University College London, UK, whose study appears in the journal Science."

We are living at a time of great evolutionary change, when will humans realise that they are being requested to evolve quickly too, as environmental conditions change?

Evolutionary Adaptations to Climate Change
CO2 Science, 30th May 2007
Franks et al. say their results "provide evidence for a rapid, adaptive evolutionary shift in flowering phenology after a climatic fluctuation," which "adds to the growing evidence that evolution is not always a slow, gradual process but can occur on contemporary time scales in natural populations," and, we would add (as was the case in this study), in response to real-world climatic changes." The Specter of Species Extinction: Will Global Warming Decimate Earth's Biosphere?

From the executive summary: "Proponents of what we shall call the CO2-induced global warming extinction hypothesis seem to be totally unaware of the fact that atmospheric CO2 enrichment tends to ameliorate the deleterious effects of rising temperatures on earth’s vegetation. They appear not to know that more CO2 in the air enables plants to grow better at nearly all temperatures, but especially at higher temperatures. They feign ignorance of the knowledge (or truly do not know) that elevated CO2 boosts the optimum temperature at which plants grow best, and that it raises the upper-limiting temperature above which they experience death, making them much more resistant to heat stress.

What amazes me is that nobody has thought to be concerned about human evolution. One mainstrean report says that the human race will split, that's funny because there are a few metaphysical messages that say the same thing.

Predicting catastrophic transitions
EurekaAlert, 22nd May 2007
Comment:Press release of an article to appear in the June issue of The American Naturalist, discussing, "How complex systems, such as the earth's climate, coral reefs, oceans and socioeconomic systems, seem to respond little to gradual change until a critical tipping point is reached, after which the system may collapse completely. After such collapse, the original state of the system is hard to restore." Well, as we are going through a period of rapid evolutionary change, it might explain why we need catalytic energy to speed the whole process up and make sure we don't fail to get to the next level without total catastrophe.

Diamonds tell tale of comet that killed off the cavemen
Guardian Unlimited, 20th May 2007
Comment: This newspaper report says a group of scientists have found a layer of microscopic diamonds at 26 different sites in Europe, Canada and America. The remains of a giant carbon-rich comet that crashed in pieces on our planet 12,900 years ago. Remember it's only a theory used to explain why the sites are so scattered, another explanation could be a blast of energy from the galactic center or an exploding supernovae. Whatever, the layer of microscopic diamonds is hard evidence. Yet, this is especially interesting when metaphysical sources are telling us to prepare for the arrival of diamond flame energy. Scientific opinion here: Did Impacts Influence Human Evolution? Update Another version of this story specifically tells us of that the analysis of the rock layers also revealed the existence of iridium, from the platinum group of elements, which is a rare earth element. This discovery only solidifies existing data that associates periods of dramatic evolutionary change with incoming cosmic energy which is highly catalytic.

Scientists Foresee Extinction Domino Effect
Inter Press Service News Agency, 17th May 2007
Comment: Well, I agree that we might see this extinction domino effect, but we must remind ourselves that we are witnessing evolutionary change. Birds, animals, insects and even plants will adapt quickly, if not, they will die off, that is the process of natural selection. This has happened before on this planet, yet the polar bears survived previous extinction events and there is no reason to believe they won't survive this time around. "However, what is not well understood, even by scientists, is exactly how insects, bacteria, birds, and animals interact with trees and plants to produce the ecological services we rely on, like clean air and water." Well, the reckless attitude towards our environment means that humans are the ones who have the most to worry about. We have the technology and know-how but no will to do things differently and live in a more holisitic way with our planet. Sorry, Carbon Credit Funds will not do, unregulated companies shuffling share certificates about, is not the answer.

The World Wide Web's Most Comprehensive Source of Information on the Current Mass Extinction

David Ulansey's website, Current
Comment: 300 links to authoritative reports and updates about the current mass extinction. New articles are added regularly.

Ancient mass extinctions caused by cosmic radiation, scientists say
KAZINFORM, 23 April 2007
Comment: This is what I believe. On Earth, we are seeing a dramatic increase of incoming cosmic rays facilitated by a declining magnetic field. Our evolutionary biologists are alarmed by the high rate of species extinction, the highest in 65 million years. When are people going to start wondering whether they are on the hit list too?

Extinction, like climate change, is complicated, March 26, 2007
Comment: Scientists tell us that humans evolve during short periods of great environmental change and argue that climate change forces humans to adapt. However, research also shows that in energetic systems, additional energy supplied by the environment can be used to facilitate development. So, we find that, "While climate change has caused species extinction, it has also led to the birth of new species, including mankind." We have to consider that this current period of climate change will also create a new type of human, the question is: what are the "rules" that determine natural selection. Personally, I think the main determining factor will be based on our spiritual development, which can be measured as a balanced electromagnetic field.

Human species 'may split in two'
BBC News, October 17, 2006
Humanity may split into two sub-species in 100,000 years' time as predicted by HG Wells, an expert has said. Evolutionary theorist Oliver Curry of the London School of Economics expects a genetic upper class and a dim-witted underclass to emerge. The human race would peak in the year 3000, he said - before a decline due to dependence on technology. People would become choosier about their sexual partners, causing humanity to divide into sub-species, he added. The descendants of the genetic upper class would be tall, slim, healthy, attractive, intelligent, and creative and a far cry from the "underclass" humans who would have evolved into dim-witted, ugly, squat goblin-like creatures. Comment: Now, I have started to understand the process of evolutionary change, metaphysical sources of information that are fairly unambiguous that some kind of division of humanity is on the cards seem much more credible. The interpretation given here, appears to be a very subjective, and thus difficult to give any credence. However, as our energ fields and DNA can be adjusted by external electromagnetic fields, it is not difficult to see why some scientists think that cosmic rays, gamma ray bursts from exploding supernovae or massive bursts of electromangetic energy from the galactic center will modify our existence on Earth. The real question is; what are the factors which will determine the upward evolutionary spiral of the human being? I believe the next stage will be about the development of our spiritual values and we will have to walk our talk. The Universe will examine our energy fields to determine the truth.

Susan Joy Rennison, B.Sc.Hons. (Physics with Geophysics)


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“Space Weather is now a fact of life.”

“We are all astronauts now!”

Tuning The Diamonds,
September 2006

“We must spiritually evolve as part of the new terms & conditions for living on Earth.”

Joyfire Tour – Evolutionary Change, December 2006

“Space Weather will force many changes in how we do business on this planet.”

News of the Imbalance,
April 2007

NASA Press Release:

“Earth and space are about to come into contact in a way that's new to human history.”

“We're on the threshold of a new era in which space weather can be as influential in our daily lives as ordinary terrestrial weather.”

As the Sun Awakens, NASA Keeps a Wary Eye on Space Weather
NASA News, 4th June 2010

White House Executive Order:

“Space weather has the potential to simultaneously affect and disrupt health and safety across entire continents. Successfully preparing for space weather events is an all-of-nation endeavor that requires partnerships across governments, emergency managers, academia, the media, the insurance industry, non-profits, and the private sector.”

Executive Order –– Coordinating Efforts to Prepare the Nation for Space Weather Events
The White House, 13th October 2016

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