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Best of the Blog - Earth Changes & Earth Science Archive (3)

Bubble trouble: 50ft tsunami of foam sweeps through village after chemical spill
Daily Mail, 29th September 2012
* Wall of bubbles sparked panic in China's Guangdong province as it swept along a river
* Suds are thought to have been created when a chemical was swept into the river by heavy rainfall
* Officials in Xintang said the mass of foam was 'harmless'

This wall of foam sparked widespread panic among locals as it rushed along a river in southern China. The mass of soapy suds blanketed the water in Xintang, in China's Guangdong province, leading to evacuations along the banks of the river.

But officials have now said the only threat posed by the foam - thought to have been caused by chemicals washed into the river - was the possibility of 'one or two dead fish' lurking in the bubbles.

China, again....

Scots village smothered by waist-high sea foam
SCIENTISTS believe the unusual substance, that covered Footdee on Tuesday, was produced by phytoplankton.
Scottish Daily Record, 27th September 2012
IT’S a topsy-turvy world for the people of Footdee – one day they’re swamped by foam, the next they’re basking in sunshine. Now scientists are carrying out tests on the waist-high foam from the North Sea that villagers near Aberdeen beach awoke to on Tuesday after Britain was hit by a night of storms.

Experts at Marine Scotland in the city are searching for phytoplankton – thought to be the main cause of the unusual substance. Phytoplankton cells produce a large amount of mucus and, when they are picked up by strong winds, they can form a foam.

Zooplanktologist John Dunn compared the frothing process to whisking egg whites. He said: “We believe the foam was produced by the waves crashing up against the sea wall and the strong winds picked it up and blew it inshore.”

At long last we have been provided with a clue.... By comparing the frothing process to whisking egg whites, Zooplanktologist John Dunn is implying that this natural phenomenon is being caused by vortices of energy (tornadoes) that are whisking the seas up into a froth.... Waterspouts, tornadoes reaching down from the clouds and dust devils are common, but even fire devils or fire tornadoes are becoming more common these days. Thus, these foam displays are are just another tornadic manifestation based on the ingredients that can be found in the sea that can be blown ashore.

Foam swamps Aberdeen seafront (Pictures from STV)
YouTube/Channel 4 News, 25th September 2012

British policeman baffled by moon, 26th September 2012

Yes, the moon is very bright these days and the reason according to NASA is that the moon's atmosphere is now highly electrified, one of the many changes that has swept through our solar system in the last two decades, see archives for more information.

Sounds of space: NASA records audible "chorus" beyond Earth
CBS News, 25th September 2012 A NASA spacecraft has made the clearest record yet of choruses of noise in the Earth's magnetosphere.

The chirps and whoops were captured by one of NASA's two recently launched Radiation Belt Storm Probes spacecraft, whose mission is to understand more about space weather.

"My wife calls it 'alien birds,'" joked experiment principal investigator Craig Kletzing, an astronomer at the University of Iowa.

The twin RBSP spacecraft are exploring the magnetosphere, an area where solar particles add energy to the Earth's magnetic environment, leading to a release of energy in the Van Allen radiation belt. [

This is exactly the same as when energy is transfered from the ionosphere to the ground during the process of lightning. NASA states:
"Everyone's terrestrial environment almost literally sings with radio waves at audio frequencies," says Dennis Gallagher, a space physicist at the Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC). "Our ears can't detect radio waves directly, but we can convert them to sound waves with the aid of a very low frequency (VLF) radio receiver."
The source of most VLF emissions on Earth is lightning. Lightning strokes emit a broadband pulse of radio waves, just as they unleash a visible flash of light. VLF signals from nearby lightning, heard through the loudspeaker of a radio, sound like bacon frying on a griddle or the crackling of a hot campfire. Space scientists call these sounds "sferics," short for atmospherics. Earth Songs:
Our planet is a natural source of radio waves at audio frequencies. An online receiver at the Marshall Space Flight Center is playing these songs of Earth so anyone can listen. NASA Science News, January 19, 2001
Radio waves are communicating information, so I can only presume the planetary brain picks up the information as a data transmission to accompany the physical delivery of energy, but the whole process is still curious...

New Cloud Formation, Undulatus Asperatus, Seeks Official Status
Red Orbit, 20th September 2012
A new variety of cloud is attempting to be officially added to the classification system after first being discovered in 1951.

Meteorologists and “cloudspotters” are looking to formally add undulatus asperatus clouds, or “agitated waves,” to the official list of cloud species. The clouds look like a fluffy blanket that cover part or all of the sky.

The United Nations’ World Meteorological Organization (WMO) in Geneva has the final say in cloud classification, but it may be a few years until the cloud species gets its official status.

The cloud formation was officially proposed as a separate cloud classification by the Cloud Appreciation Society in 2009.

This is solid evidence of a changing world as we know cloud formation is directly related to condensation nuclei and that is influenced by the amounts of cosmic dust in the atmosphere. The real question is what is “agitating” the clouds? Well, due to a changing cosmic environment, the ripples imply a disturbance in Earth’s upper atmosphere, or ionosphere that produce magnetic ripples rather like when a rock is thrown into a pond. Another analogy is like the flow of wind over a lake or body of water can induce the formation of ripples in the water, so the solar wind over the magnetosphere and Earth's atmosphere can give rise to a wave in a plasma. These waves are named after Hannes Alfvén, the physicist who predicted in the 1940s that waves of changing magnetic fields, that he called magnetohydrodynamic waves, MHD waves for short. In January 2012 I also, gave my thoughts on dusty plasmas with technical references to explain the appearance of quite solid looking cloudy ripples in the sky.

Motorist plummets into a sinkhole on a Canadian highway.
Sydney Morning Herald, 10th September 2012
"According to Canadian news broadcaster CBC News, the driver of the car, Juan Pedro Unger, thought the sinkhole was a piece of plastic on the road. With no time to brake, he and his car plunged into the hole, with Unger left dangling in the driver’s seat."

This is a proper sink hole with even rushing water at the bottom of the hole...

Bad assumptions or bad luck: Tohoku’s embarrassing lessons for earthquake hazard
The Watchers, 4th September 2012

Tornado confirmed in New York City as tri-state area is put under warning
Fox News, 8th September 2012
NEW YORK – The National Weather Service has confirmed that a tornado struck a beachfront neighborhood in New York City. Videos taken by bystanders show the funnel cloud hurling sand and debris in the air as it moves through the Breezy Point section of the Rockaway peninsula in Queens on Saturday.

Witnesses have reported power lines down and damage to cars and other structures. The National Weather Service issued a tornado warning for New York City that spread through parts of Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, and is in effect until 9 p.m. Saturday.

So far, there are reports of 2 tornadoes with video captured, see link below. Things are getting wild on this planet with an obvious increase in earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, but tornadoes in major cities is a reminder of the movie The Day After Tommorrow. The message was that major climate change could take place very quickly and violent tornadoes in cities was a sign. Well, I agree, but I believe the cause is related to chaotic influxes of cosmic energy interfering with normal conditions and subsequent weather patterns, presumably 'quick' climate change occurs when we reach a tipping point. Interestingly, experts tell us hurricanes and tornadoes have actually been down in recent years but since the same experts don't have a good understanding of how this weather related atmospheric phenomenon is ultimately related to geomagnetic conditions, (but research into EM factors is ongoing), then anomalous behaviour is very difficult to predict.

Severe weather in N.E.; Tornado in NYC
CBS News, 8th September 2012

Rare 'Fire Devil' Caught on Film
Yahoo News, 17th September 2012
Nature's not much for subtlety. Just ask Chris Tangey, the man who watched in awe as a 100-foot-high (30-meter-high) whirlwind of fire tore around a patch of Australian Outback on Tuesday (Sept. 11).

Tangey, a filmmaker, managed to capture some very rare footage of the startling phenomenon while out scouting locations near Alice Springs, Australia, according to The Australian.

One name for the event he recorded, a fire tornado, is a misnomer, according to Mark Wysocki, New York's state climatologist and a professor of atmospheric sciences at Cornell University. The columns of spinning fire are much more similar to dust devils than tornadoes, Wysocki said.

I was truly amazed by what the filmmaker actually stated in his interview, the fire tornado was part of an event that lasted 40 minutes and stated: "It was a dance of giants, it was awe inspiring...", but these fire tornadoes are becoming less rare, see archives...

Tornado Of Fire Caught On Tape In Australia Fire Twister
YouTube, 18th September 2012

Chinese River Turns Red, And Nobody Is Quite Sure Why
International Business Times, 7th September 2012
A stretch of China's Yangtze River has mysteriously turned red around the city of Chongquin. Officials are investigating the river's transformation, as nobody is quite sure what caused it. The river began turning the color of a nice marinara sauce on Thursday.

The Yangtze River is the longest in Asia and the third-longest in the world. The affected area of the river -- reportedly turned "the color of tomato juice" is generally in the vicinity of the industrial city of Chongquin, although red sections of the river have been reported elsewhere, as well.[...]

"When water turns red, the thing a lot of people think of first is red tide," Stanley told LiveScience. "But the algae that causes red tide is a marine group and not a freshwater group, so it's highly, highly unlikely that this is a red-tide-related phenomenon."

She acknowledged certain other microorganisms can turn freshwater such as lakes red due to oxygen deficiencies. However, it is much more uncommon to see a moving body of water change color, as a river's constant motion interferes with this process.

There is not a great deal of press coverage about this event, as few have any interest in the transformation of our world, but there is some useful info here. Maybe, there will be more interest if a third of the world's rivers turn red.... This is purely hypothetical, but based on information preserved from ancient sources, that describes what happened on this planet before. Obviously, we will have to wait and see what happens, because it is certain the decline of Earth's magnetic field means more cosmic radiation at ground level... For those skeptical about prior advanced civilisations, it is important to note the effort to retain ancient knowledge, especially details that concern planetary catastrophes. There is plenty of evidence of catastrophe but it is also public knowledge that ancient astronomers MUST have had sophisticated telescopes and astronomical techniques to be able to see stars eclipsing many light years away. Today, we know that very accurate mathematical calculations were made that are still useful today. Papers discusing this are in the public domain.

The river that DID run red: Residents of Chinese city left baffled after Yangtze turns scarlet
Daily Mail, 7th September 2012
It is the last thing the residents of Chongqing would have expected to see. But the Yangtze river, which runs through the city in south-western China, turned a bright shade of orange-red yesterday.

The waterway where the Yangtze met the Jialin River provided a fascinating contrast as the red started to filter into the other river. While officials investigate the cause of the colouring, one fisherman went about his daily business as if nothing had happened.

Others were so amazed that they collected samples in water bottles. Although the cause is yet to be determined, this is not the first time a river has turned red in China. [...]

According to chapter 16, verse 4 of the Bible's book of Revelations, one of the signs that Armageddon is near will be an angel pouring a bowl into the rivers, turning them into blood.

Well, I won't waste time with the factory dye spillage excuse, but there have been quite a few rivers and lakes turning blood red in recent months and years. Due to my research over the last 30 years, I have discovered that there is hidden astronomical and esoteric knowledge embedded into world religions to preserve the knowledge of extremely important long astronomical cycles. In the past, when scholars wrote about their research on this matter, a few have lost their positions at universities and academic institutions... Thus, the Bible provides snippets of coded information about the end/start of a major astronomical cycle that until recently could only be understood by the educated astronomer class elite. Gleaning information that has been retained in ancient texts, ancient mythology, architecture, paintings, monuments etc., we can work out that Earth is periodically flooded with cosmic energy (the return of 'Christ' or primordial crystalline energy). We can only deduce that ancient text (used to produce the Bible) preserved the detail that rivers will turn literally blood red as we can clearly see here. I am not totally sure but I think this might be an electrochemical reaction (similar to bioluminescence) due to too much space radiation arriving at ground level.

Sky Portal Appears Over Arctic Facility 2012 HD
Antarctica, 6th September 2012
Strange event reported this week about a possible portal or wormhole, appearing over an Arctic Facility. Phenomena was witnessed by multiple people, who seem unshaken by the event, as they claim this kind of thing happens all the time in that region. Some claim its a natural event, while others have stated they believe it to be a military weapon of some kind, possibly HAARP related. Phenomena lasted about an hour before disappearing. This is the only information I was sent by a subscriber, if you have any info then please private message me and I will add it to the description, include links if you can.

I believe this story originated on a Facebook page with video loaded up onto YouTube, but the casual suggestion that this phenomenon is "normal" in the Artic is quite incredible... Well, I think this looks like liquid plasma "dripping" onto the planet and reminds me of several different types of plasma manifestations, even the strange "dripping" aurora that was reported by the Daily Mail, see archives.

US experts probe beaching that killed 17 whales
Phys.Org News, 3rd September 2012
US scientists are to investigate what led 22 whales to beach themselves in Florida—killing 17 of them—one of three such incidents in North America over the weekend.

The dead whales will be "dispersed at different labs across Florida for necropsy," or animal autopsies, Blair Mase, regional stranding coordinator for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, told AFP on Sunday. [...]

However, two other groups of whales swam onto beaches in North America—one in Cape Cod on Saturday and another in Canada on Sunday—an occurrence that Mase said merited further investigation.

"It's very interesting that we're seeing all these mass strandings occur in North America right now," she added.

Hmmm.... regulars will know that I have repeated many times that North America seems to have a major problem with their atmosphere and this might explain the extensive chemtrailing to provide an artificial ionosphere.... but, it seems that maybe, some scientists are also starting to wonder. Regardless, many will suspect the US navy because of their previous extensive sonar crimes against ocean life... There is also a suspected link between stranded whales/dolphins and earthquakes but I can only think this could be related to precusor earthquake signals that might affect magnetoreception. Curiously, there was a 5.3 earthquake in the Svalbard region of Northern Norway on the 2nd September, but I am doubtful as Earth is ringing like a bell with continuous large earthquakes all over the planet and birds and marine life would all be in a complete mess trying to navigate if these earthquake signals were a real problem.

Rescuers help 39 stranded dolphins on Cape Cod
Boston Herald, 2nd September 2012
EASTHAM — Animal rescuers helped move 39 dolphins to deeper water after they became stranded at a Cape Cod beach.

A spokeswoman for the International Fund for Animal Welfare told the Cape Cod Times that members of her group responded Saturday night to a report of stranded dolphins at Thumpertown Beach in Eastham.

The spokeswoman, Kerry Branon, says all 39 dolphins appear to be safe for the time being. She believes the dolphins are part of a larger pod that includes up to 100 dolphins.

The Cape, is a cape in the easternmost portion of the state of Massachusetts, in the Northeastern United States (Wikipedia). Well after 5 and a half years of blogging, I have not noted so many multiple strandings at once. I think dolphins and whales are sometimes affected by wildly fluctuating magnetic fields, the same as racing pigeons.but scientists don't understand the mechanism exactly. But, it should be no surprise because there are enough signs that at times, the geomagnetic field of our planet is getting severely distorted and the usual method of averaging global magnetic field deviations, might not reflect what is really happening at the local level.

Stranded whales die on Fife coast
Rescuers hope four of 30 stranded pilot whales may survive if they can be refloated at high tide on Sunday afternoon
Guardian, 2nd September 2012
More than 20 whales have died after becoming stranded off the coast of Fife. Some of the whales were already dead when animal rescue teams arrived on the scene at Pittenweem, near St Andrews, but others had to be put down.

According to the BBC version of this story Anstruther in Fife sees mass stranding of pilot whales the Fife strandings were discovered Sunday at 7.00am BST so they probably happened at about the same time (within 24 hours) as the whales beaching in Florida. I have found the Joint USAF/NOAA Report of Solar and Geophysical Activity and we aere told that Geomagnetic field activity from 31/2100Z to 01/2100Z ranged from quiet to unsettled levels... Well, obviously, we certainly don't know all the facts but world experts only vaguely point to biomagnetism and magnetoreception as a guess for why whales and dolphins get beached.
:Product: 0901RSGA.txt
:Issued: 2012 Sep 01 2200 UTC
# Prepared jointly by the U.S. Dept. of Commerce, NOAA,
# Space Weather Prediction Center and the U.S. Air Force.
Joint USAF/NOAA Report of Solar and Geophysical Activity
SDF Number 245 Issued at 2200Z on 01 Sep 2012
IA. Analysis of Solar Active Regions and Activity from 31/2100Z to 01/2100Z: Solar activity was low. The largest flare in the past 24 hours was a C3/SF flare at 0039Z from Region 1554 (N15W94). Region 1560 (N03W05) remains the largest on the disk and the most complex with a magnetic configuration of a beta-gamma. IB. Solar Activity Forecast: Solar activity is expected to be low with a chance for moderate.
IIA. Geophysical Activity Summary 31/2100Z to 01/2100Z: Geomagnetic field activity ranged from quiet to unsettled levels. A greater than 10 MeV proton event, associated with the disappearing filament on 31 August, began at 01/1335Z, reached a maximum flux of 41 pfu at 1925Z, and remained above threshold at the time of this report.
IIB. Geophysical Activity Forecast: Geomagnetic activity is expected to be quiet to unsettled on 2 September. Activity is expected to increase to minor storm levels with a chance for major storm levels on 3 September with the arrival of the 31 August CME. High latitudes have a chance of reaching severe storm levels on 3 September. On day 3 (4 September), activity is expected to decrease to mostly unsettled conditions as CME effects wane.

Joint USAF/NOAA Report of Solar and Geophysical Activity SDF Number 245 Issued at 2200Z on 01 Sep 2012

Cuba Researches Schumann Resonances
Journal of Cuban Youth, 1st September 2012
Google Translation: Disorders of the human central nervous system such as epilepsy, climatic variations and seismic activities are some of the phenomena to be studied in Cuba from the Schumann Resonance call (RS), a set of extremely low frequencies in the radio spectrum generated the planet.

The project, conceived in collaboration with the Institute of Geophysics of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, located in the Caribbean nation as a pioneer in Latin America in promoting this type of research, explained to the engineer Paul JR Sierra, technical radio astronomy Station, Institute of Geophysics and Astronomy.

To this end, the assembly provides a modern station in Havana for the registration of the RS, which allow measurements to describe the influence of solar and geomagnetic activity, and using monitoring data to study at different periods of time investigating episodes of epilepsy, said.

The specialist noted that the program is designed with the RS, as its main frequency coincides with the frequency alpha brain, which are electromagnetic waves that represent the cerebral cortex activity in a resting state, one of the parameters measured in the central nervous system.

I think a better translation is lightning strikes create the Schumann Resonances and that there are slight variations due to global temperature and climate variations. I am just wondering why Cuba is interested, since every single person on the planet utilises the Schumann Resonances and is affected by fluctating geomagnetic conditions. But, so far, this has not been a good enough reason for this to be an area of great scientific research.... Maybe, Cuban scientists are astute enough to realise there is a human impact due to the quickly deteriorating geomagnetic conditions on this planet, especially now that we are experiencing big solar wind shock waves (one just hit us today, see, and the whole planet's magnetic field rings like a bell for days on end..... (expect more reports of people acquiring Foreign Accent Syndrome). This is a paragraph from my book Tuning the Diamonds: Electromagnetism & Spiritual Evolution
In addition to the Schumann Resonances, there are additional atmospheric signals. VLF-atmospherics or VLF-sferics occur when lightning generates a variety of signals in the very low (radio) frequency (VLF) range (1-100 kHz). Sferics are electromagnetic impulses that propagate at nearly the speed of light through the atmosphere. Most of these signals become dispersed with distances beyond 1000km, except a signal at about 10 kHz. They are characterized by very low amplitudes and short duration with an electric and magnetic field strength that does not exceed values of a few volts per meter and some microTesla, respectively. It does seem that these signals have not received the same level of attention as the Schumann Resonances, but they have biological effects too. Correlation studies show that weather sensitive individuals are prone to a whole host of induced symptoms. Briefly, patients report an increase in pain intensity from brain injuries, damaged tissue (operation wounds, scars), or internal illnesses (asthma, angina pectoris, migraine) and rheumatism. Spectral maxima at 6, 8, 10, 12, and 28 kHz are associated with the occurrence of epileptic seizures, sudden deafness, and myocardial infarctions (heart attacks) [32].
Oh well, at least there are a few scientists who might have realised this is important.

22 whales stranded on Florida beach, only 5 saved
Chicago Sun Times, 1st September 2012
FORT PIERCE, Fla. — More than 20 pilot whales came ashore on a South Florida beach on Saturday, triggering a daylong effort by state and national officials, nearby residents and others to save them.

By evening, five pilot whales — two calves and three juveniles — had been taken to Florida Atlantic University’s Harbor Branch Institute for rehabilitation. The rest had died of natural causes or had to be humanely euthanized, said Allison Garrett, a spokeswoman for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s fisheries service

Probing the Electric Space Around Earth
Earth Observatory, 31st August 2012
They were the subject of perhaps the first scientific discovery of the Space Age, and yet we still don't know much about them. The radiation belts that surround Earth are home to killer electrons, plasma waves, and intense electrical currents that can disrupt and destroy the electronics on satellites. But the behavior of the Van Allen Belts—named for James Van Allen, who led the team that discovered them in 1958—is wildly unpredictable. [...]

Fifty-four years later, NASA has embarked on a missions designed specifically to understand the space weather in the dynamic and erratic Van Allen Belts. [...]

The RBSP satellites are designed to observe how and when killer electrons are energized, to sample the electrical and magnetic fields in Earth’s space, to count particles, and detect plasma waves of different frequencies. The ultimate goal is to improve the prediction of space weather; that is, how solar activity can cause geomagnetic storms that upset telecommunications and electronics.

Hmmmm.... NASA are getting very informative these days.... So, in only a few months, NASA have informed anyone interested that the Moon is electric (or rather the moon's atmosphere is electified and glowing) and now we are also told that the space around Earth is electric too.... Obviously, this has been known for many decades and some scientists have made an enormous effort to educate those interested in the facts that point to an electromagnetic universe. However, the paradigm shift now taking place in the space community is due to cosmic climate change. Simply, there are massive electric shocks coming from space and they pose a problem for the inhabitants of planet Earth.... This article reminds us of the existence of 'Killer Electrons that the Europeans Space Agency informed us are entering our atmosphere when things get stormy in the radiation belts.... It took a while but eventally a NASA press release claimed that these Killer Electrons only went back out into space but provided no proof... At the moment, these beams of electrons just add to the other beams of high energy that are being fired around our planet (see archives), sometimes zapping satellites and possibly creating hole punch clouds and 'laser cut' boreholes at ground level.

Strange sounds from the sky spook Widnes residents [UK]
Runcorn & Widnes Weekly News, 30th August 2012
A SERIES of unexplained sounds that have allegedly been heard around the world have been keeping a number of Hough Green residents awake at night. [...]

Sue Carman, of Plumley Gardens, sent a recording of the sounds 1taken from her home to the Weekly News.

She said: “It is a really bizarre noise, hard to describe. It is almost like the buzz from a huge mechanical vibration that drones in and out.

“The first time we heard it my dogs went absolutely crazy and the stronger it got, it started to shake the windows. [...]

The internet has been buzzing with theories about what the sounds could be, with suggestions such as the Second Coming of Jesus and the end of the world put forward.

A major meteor sighting, tornadoes and strange sky sounds over the UK all in the last few days.... With reference to the 'Second Coming of Jesus', I have explained before that world religions preserved the knowledge of major astronomical events and the end/start of major cosmic cycles. This is the only way to understand the major theological study of Eschatology. This is a Christian term that means the study of the end of history from a religious perspective. As it is explained on the Christian Tolerance website: "Probably more obscure theological text has been written on this topic than on any other belief in Christendom." Yes, there is a reason for that because those who run the Christian Church know that this really matters.... Knowledge is Power. How else do you think the Church hierarchy has held so much power over millenia?

There goes the summer: Hundreds see bizarre weather phenomenon over Somerset [UK]
Yahoo News, 30th August 2012

Heavens above! Midlanders behold stunning 'angel cloud'
Yahoo News, 22nd August 2012
Thousands of residents were left in awe when they spotted this beautiful angel-shaped cloud formation above their homes. The heavenly image appeared appropriately on Sunday morning – which was so large it could be seen from over 30 miles away. The angel-like figure is believed to have been caused by a plane’s vapour trail disturbing the static clouds as it passed overhead. Eagle-eyed electrician Michael Robinson, 49, spotted the celestial cloud when he looked out of his bedroom window in Ironville, Nottingham, at 7.30am on Sunday.

This is the first report of a hole punch cloud over the UK that I have come across...

August 27, 2012 - What Was Loud Boom Today in Holland?
Earthfiles, 27th August 2012
Copy: “Maastricht dichtjij posted a news item in Dutch about the boom, 1 hour ago (10:30 AM Mountain, August 27, 2012). It was heard from Roermond all the way to Maastricht and perhaps even an larger area. From Maastricht to Roermond is 50 km (about 31 miles). I'm not so sure that this was a Belgian jetfighter like the news report asks. Seems pretty strange to me that a fighter can make so much noise over such a great distance, but who knows?”

- Maastricht, The Netherlands Resident

Maastricht Dichtbij- Translation by Maastricht resident for Earthfiles: “In short, the bang was heard almost simultaneously in Heerlen, Maastricht, Roermond, Geleen, Linne, and in Bilzen. In Heerlen shook the house of ANP photographer Marcel van Hoorn, who told this. Limburg residents this afternoon startled by a loud bang from Roermond to Maastricht and the houses shook. Probably it is a Belgian fighter that flew through the sound barrier? The blast caused people to twitter: "What was that like for boom # / # # explosion near Roermond # Linne?" "It had a ferocious bang @ geleen - that you heard in Roermond yet." "The # bang was heard in Bilzen (Belgium) and here in Roermond. rik123 from Roermond concludes: Did not know that airplanes could make such a boom?”

How interesting.... Earth is experiencing a massive flux of cosmic and terrestrial energies, but at the same time there are continuous reports of meteors. The main problem is being able to explain the source of the booms after it can be proven that the implausible explanations offered by official sources can be ignored. See archives for my explanation that suggests these booms could be related to the solar wind rather than meteors, Best of the Blog Earth Changes & Earth Science.

Why Is the Night Sky Turning Red?
Discover Magazine, 23rd August 2012
The idea of a red sky at night used to invoke beautiful images of vibrant sunsets, the product of warm sunlight bathing the sky near the horizon. The adage of “red sky at night, sailor’s delight” refers to a calm night ahead; a red sunset suggests a high-pressure system in the west is bringing calm weather. But red skies at night have taken on a new meaning in recent decades. As outdoor lighting become increasingly prominent, our night skies are gradually turning from black to red.

Hmmmm.... I think there may be additional factors like a lot of cosmic dust in the air... We know the cosmic dust is arriving and it has to go somewhere....

Unusual Phenomenon: Mysterious Light Pillar in Japan
Science Ray, 22nd August 2012
An unusual phenomenon was captured by a photographer: a mysterious pillar of light that stretches from end buildings in a Japanese city to the sky.

After two months of heat, in which were recorded temperature over 35 degrees Celsius, Japan was hit by a wave of storms, lightning and thunder. An amateur trying to capture lightning in the photo, but the picture made ??it look something unusual: a pillar of light that stretches from horizon to heaven. There were beams of light that appeared before the occurrence of strong lightning, but rarely happened to glimpse such a pillar perfectly straight.

Hmmmm.... well, mysterious pillars of light are not new and I have previously given different perspectives based on scientific and metaphysical knowledge.... I would have initially stated that this was a scalar beam (like the beam photographed coming out of El Castillo, a Mayan stepped pyramid at Chichen Itza , in July 2009 see archives), but then hole punch clouds and perfectly round 'laser cut' boreholes became common and I started to think something else was happening.... Then, I discovered natural lasers in plasmas that can exist in space, in the atmospheres of stars and planets and realised that this was additional compelling evidence that the plasma envelope around Earth is becoming more and more ionised and thus amplifying weak beams coming from space.... [I even wonder whether Electric Universe theorists would simply say that electron beams are being generated within double layers caused by strong electric fields that exist within Earth's upper atmosphere and/or the radiation belts... google returns 275,000 results for laser + plasma + "electric field"] Quite frankly, Earth is becoming a high energy plasma environment, the evidence is such that you really have to wonder just how 'out of this world' things will get...

Mystery Light Beams Appear In Japan 2012 HD
YouTube, 24th August 2012

Racing pigeon losses baffle fanciers
BBC News, 23rd August 2012
Hundreds of racing pigeons from clubs throughout Scotland vanished at the weekend in mysterious circumstances. Some fanciers are even considering stopping flying the birds until they establish why so many failed to return.

Weather patterns and birds of prey scaring the pigeons off track have been blamed in the past, but experts have been baffled by the latest incident. The Scottish Borders was worst hit with only 13 of 232 birds sent from Galashiels to Thirsk making it back.

Well, it seems only some racing pigeon owners know that they need to pay attention to space weather forecasts to avoid a pigeon 'smash', but I can't find any warnings. Infact, the the Space Weather Prediction Center and the U.S. Air Force.status reports, issued: 2012 Aug 17 2200 UTC stated: "The geomagnetic field is expected to be quiet to unsettled for the next three days (18-20 August) with lingering effects from a CME and the arrival of a coronal hole high speed stream." Whatever, maybe they pigeon fanciers were caught out by a substorm causing poor geomagnetic conditions, see the Space Weather Prediction Center and the U.S. Air Force.status reports here. It suggests that Earth was being affected by the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF).
IIA. Geophysical Activity Summary 18/2100Z to 19/2100Z:

The geomagnetic field ranged from quiet to unsettled levels. A coronal hole high speed stream became geoeffective during the past 24 hours. At approximately 18/08Z, solar wind speed at the ACE spacecraft began increasing from about 400 km/s to 580 km/s. Shortly after, the Bz component of the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) became negative, eventually reaching -12nT. Bz returned to positive values around 14Z. Earth is currently in the positive sector of the IMF. IIB. Geophysical Activity Forecast: The geomagnetic field is expected to be at mostly unsettled levels with a chance for active conditions on day 1 (20 August), decreasing to a slight chance on days 2-3 (21-22 August). The disturbed conditions are expected in response to the continued presence of the coronal hole high speed stream.

Joint USAF/NOAA Report of Solar and Geophysical Activity SDF Number 232 Issued at 2200Z on 19 Aug 2012
Interestingly, there was some craziness over the weekend and The Watchers website reported What is happening with solar observing instruments right now?!. Geomagnetic conditions are getting far worse - that is official, and world controllers have realised they must get more scientists involved to help with forecasting and understanding the sun-earth relationship. Thanks Alan R. for the link. Update: The fact the birds could not navigate properly suggests that there was a wild fluctuation in the Earth's magnetic field that disorientated the birds.... Well, the report is clear as it says for the 18th: "A coronal hole high speed stream became geoeffective during the past 24 hours." It means the solar wind just busted through the normal cosmic defenses....

More strange sky sounds, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 22nd August 2012
"Amazing and strange sound in the sky in Brazil (São Paulo) on the morning of August 22, 2012, approximately 4:27 (AM). The sound was so loud and intense that [it] made [me] wake up and look in the sky where the noise was very loud."
Our solar system experiences interstellar 'winds' and this explains why there are more reports of strange sky sounds occur at certain times of the year and new reports in August were highly predictable, so I think January 2013 will be very interesting... Soon, it will become more than obvious to those who are already familiar with the changing cosmic conditions in our solar system as Earth's cosmic shielding continues to break down.

Composition of mysterious white powder that covered Omsk district in Russia analyzed
The Watchers, 21st August 2012
On August 16, residents of few Omsk district cities, in Russia, saw streets covered with mysterious white and gray, odorless, fine powder. The white powder was reported in Barkhatova, Zaozernaya, Strelnikova, Glinka, Grounds, Pushkin tract and other cities in Omsk district. [...]

Residents reported the discovery of mysterious odorless powder to the Center for Crisis Management EMERCOM Russia’s Omsk region, Rospotrebnadzor and State Civil Defense and Emergency Administration of Omsk Region which conducted test to determine the nature of the powder. According to their preliminary data, the selected powder samples were just – usual ash. However, some researchers didn’t rule out that the substance may be a product of the refinery, possibly some kind of catalyst.

Ormus? I am suspicious that we are being told that some chemists believed that this was some kind of catalyst....As I wrote in my book, Russians chemists employ a different type of spectroscopy technique and have confirmed the existence of highly catalytic elements with special properties. In my book, I wrote about the existence of white mysterious powder appearing on rocks that some think is being extracted from the air, but mysterious white goo has also been found in space and on the International Space Station... Well, after 7 years of research, this is first report of a lot of mysterious white powder being deposited at once. The fact it is being reported internationally is of great interest, especially as we are told scientists have no idea where it came from. Don't they have satellites that can track volcanic ash, especially when there have been so many volcanoes erupting?

Massive sinkhole opens near elementary school
WBIR News, 20th August 2012
A sinkhole that is more than 12 stories deep has opened up within just a few feet of a school.

Rash of Sinkholes Appear in China’s Harbin
The Epoch Times, 20th August 2012
China’s northeastern city of Harbin has suffered a sudden appearance of sinkholes this month, triggering a feverish discussion on Chinese social media sites about their cause and what they mean. Around seven sinkholes appeared in the city between Aug. 8 and 17, killing two and injuring two more, Chinese Internet news portal Sina reported. Two cars also fell into sinkholes that opened up in the middle of two roads.

Nine waterspouts spotted on Lake Michigan; forecasters say more possible Sunday
MLive, 19th August 2012
UPDATE: The National Weather Service is now reporting nine waterspouts from two separate storms were witnessed on Lake Michigan. SOUTH HAVEN, MI — Waterspouts have been spotted over Lake Michigan today and forecasters say it’s possible more could spawn tonight and Sunday night.

9 waterspouts over one lake? According to video reports, five waterspots were seen falling from the sky simultaneously.... Since it is now common to see video of tornadoes forming funnels in the sky to be met with another funnel of energy coming from the ground we can assume that this was prompted by peculiar turbulent geomagnetic conditions in the atmosphere because waterspouts are still relatively rare... In an electromgnetic universe, an energy source of hot waters and 'winds' are not very meaningful and better explanations are required that explain the physics of different states of matter and the occurence of electrical signals and phenomena.

Turbulent atmosphere: Waterspout breakout reported over Lake Michigan
Extinction Protocol, 19th August 2012
There are video links to recent waterspouts seen in Poland and the Ukraine.

Baby girl’s miracle rescue from 33ft-deep crater as busy road collapses, killing two people
Daily Mail, 16th August 2012

Dozens of Dead Birds Fall From the Sky in NJ
NBC 10 Philadelphia, 15th August 2012
Residents in a Cumberland County community were left wondering Tuesday morning what caused dozens of birds to drop dead from the sky.

Residents along Peach Drive in Millville found at least 80 birds -- mostly red-winged blackbirds -- on the ground dead having fallen from trees and the sky.

"Crazy -- something out of a movie," said resident Michelle Cavalieri who saw the birds fall from the sky. The birds caused a bloody mess on roadways in the residential neighborhood

We have to see if there are any more incidents, but when I see pictures of dead birds I immediately start thinking of the sci-fi movie The Core. The movie pointed out the signs that will accompany the decline of Earth's magnetic field and besides official acknowledgement by space agencies, we are seeing plenty of raw evidence as many have noted.

Louisiana Sinkhole Disaster: 400 Square-Foot Gaping Hole Swallows Mass Amounts Of Trees, Prompts Mandatory Evacuation [PHOTOS]
International Business Times, 14th August 2012
A Louisiana Sinkhole measure 400 foot deep has reportedly swallowed all of the trees in its area and prompted a mandatory evacuation order for an estimated 150 residences due to fear of potential radiation and explosions.

(Click here for photos of Louisiana Sinkhole)

Located in Assumption Parish, La., about 50 miles south of Baton Rouge, the 400 square-foot gaping hole is situated in the middle of a heavily wooded space where it has consumed all of the soaring cypress trees that had been there.

A mandatory evacuation for between 100 and 150 homes in the area has been enacted while most people have chosen to stay, according to ABC News.

Silly me, I thought it was just a another sinkhole and the blogosphere was being OTT by talking about radiation.... I think this article is a good summary of the situation.

Details of sinkhole’s dimensions emerge: 250% size of earlier reports — One area so deep it exceeded length of measuring rope, nearby ‘bubbling’ — Official: May be ‘rabbit holes’ or cracks in earth
Energy News, 14th August 2012

Official: Reports that butane release from salt cavern could be like H-bomb explosion are “a little bit over the top” — Company Plan: Butane could damage out two-thirds of a mile… Update due by end of day
Energy News, 15th August 2012
This is a crazy situation....

Source of Mysterious Pumice 'Raft' in Pacific Found, NASA Says
Our Amazing Planet, 14th August 2012
The source of an enormous floating mass of pumice spotted this week in the South Pacific Ocean off the coast of New Zealand has been discovered: NASA satellite images and other sleuthing science have pinpointed an erupting undersea volcano called the Havre Seamount as the culprit. On Aug. 9, the HMNZS Canterbury ship observed the floating pumice "island" — measuring a whopping 300 miles (482 kilometers) in length and more than 30 miles (48 km) wide — along a voyage from Auckland to Raoul Island, New Zealand. A maritime patrol aircraft, RNZAF Orion, had seen the weird mass and reported it to this Royal New Zealand Air Force ship.

I am wondering when the denials will start about the pumice floating above the waves..... But seriously, why would a captain of a navy ship even make such an observation if it was not true? [I would also like to add that sailors have a long tradition of pointing out strange phenomena that occur at sea. Usually, the scientific community ignores whatever they have to say until someone eventually pays attention. A good example is freak waves which has now been totally accepted occur, but this is probably because satellite imagery and buoys provide solid proof, but the reasons for their occurence is still not properly understood.] We will have to see what researchers and documentary film makers say to verify this observation and then some serious hand wringing can start in earnest.... Whatever, this is a more than interesting geological event and due to the now obvious fast evolutionary change taking place on this planet, what is going on inside the Earth is also a very important part of the equation. It is my belief that energy being absorbed by the planet due to space weather is different, it is highly catalytic and utilised by the planet to cause fast evolutionary change. To explain what we are seeing, it is fast becoming clear that we have to use some old and new alternative theories. We have geological evidence of previous changes over billions of years but now we are living through a major upheaval and scientists are documenting wheels within wheels starting to move very quickly, therefore to understand the process and how humans are being affected requires integrating information.... Things are getting and becoming truly incredible on this planet....

Magnetic Reversals Linked to Massive Volcanism
Ice Age Now, 12th August 2012
"Scientists think massive volcanism triggers magnetic reversals. I think they have it backward."

The discussion here is interesting. I note the comment: "My answer is that the surrounding magnetic field can be so strong as to send the earths magnetic field into reversal." Quite frankly, due to space weather and changing electromagnetic conditions in our solar system combined with Earth's rapidly declining magnetic field, it is now quite easy to see how and why magnetic reversals take place. I really rate Robert Felix and I highly recommend his interviews and his book Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps, where the geological evidence is explained in detail, but I still think an overview of plasma cosmology and electric universe theory is important to understand too. Whatever, this book certainly gave me something to think about....

10,000 square miles of floating volcanic pumice found in Pacific
Bizarre rock 'ice shelf' found in Pacific
Yahoo News, 10th August 2012
The New Zealand Navy announced today that they have found a patch of floating volcanic pumice from an underwater volcano floating about 600 miles off the shore of New Zealand.

“The rock looked to be sitting two foot (half a meter) above the surface of the waves and lit up a brilliant white colour in the spotlight. It looked exactly like the edge of an ice shelf,” said Lieutenant Tim Oscar aboard the ship the HMNZS Canterbury.

Major news! OK, I missed this earlier.... Pumice rock levitating above the water for 10,000 square miles!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are some intelligent comments at Ice Age Now:
BobbyR says: August 10, 2012 at 7:53 pm
To put it in perspective the 10,000 square miles is 6,400,000 acres. The island of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea is only 6,352,576 acres.
Please note: if these pumice stones are levitating, then that has some serious implicatings for what is going on inside our Earth.... Some seriously mind blowing new geophysics....

What today's unusual cloud pattern means
Brisbane Times, 9th August 2012
An unusual cloud pattern formed over Brisbane and southeast Queensland on August 9, 2012. According to Weatherzone meteorologist Josh Fisher, this pattern represents a signal that the weather is about to turn cold, a harbinger of cooler weather. It’s a high cloud forming ahead of a cold front that is crossing through New South Wales at the moment.

These clouds form in continuous strong winds blowing at the high altitudes. The turbulence from these strong winds creates the wave-like appearance. The clouds comprise tiny ice crystals and though it is not known how long they are going to stay around the temperature is expected to drop from a maximum of 26 degrees today to 18 degrees tomorrow.

I think the meteorologist is guessing... This looks like waves in the sky rather similar to noctilucent clouds that are caused by electrified ice particles that are nucleated by meteoric and cosmic dust. This might even be an example of a dusty plasma or more technically light scattered by dust bands in plasma. Charged dusty particles on the move are not just 'winds', and this "unusual cloud pattern" must join the growing list of previously rare atmospheric events that are becoming more and more common.

Our new island? Pumice float stuns Navy (+video, photos)
NZ Herald News, 10th August 2012
A mass of small volcanic rocks nearly the size of Belgium has been discovered floating off the coast.

The stretch of golf-ball-size pumice rocks was first spotted this week by a New Zealand air force plane about 1,000 kilometres northwest of Auckland. The rocks stretch for about 26,000 square kilometres.

A navy ship took scientists to the rocks Thursday night. Naval Lt. Tim Oscar says the rocks appeared a brilliant white under a spotlight, like a giant ice shelf. He says it's the "weirdest thing'' he's seen in 18 years at sea.

Another example of geological changes taking place extremely quickly...

White Island: Orange flashes light up sky (update)
The Daily Post, 10th August 2012
The Daily Post reporter Katee Shanks said the flashes were "spectacular''. "It's like lightning but it's orange, it's a different colour. It's lighting up the sky."

Eye witness accounts are not to be dismissed by vague talk of volcanic dust and lightning. We are told that the whole sky is lighting up with orange flashes and I suspect these are photonic emissions, similar to those seen before that have been blamed on transformer fires (eye roll).... Whatever, I have even found a nice alternative theory that is quite old now to explain the geophysics.

Extraordinary natural phenomenon which has turned a French beauty spot blood RED
Daily Mail, 9th August 2012
It might look like a scene from a horror film but this is the breathtaking natural phenomenon which has met tourists at a popular French beauty spot.

The stunning scenes in Camargue, southern France, may look very dramatic but are actually thought to be caused by the high levels of salt within the water. The bizarre sight was captured by photographer, Sam Dobson, from Moscow in Russia.

High levels of salt, but what else is going on? The photos are great, but are now becoming familiar....

Unexplained lights, noises appear again in Baraboo
Reedsburg Times-Press, 8th August 2012
For the second time in four months, Baraboo residents have reported unexplained flashes of light accompanied by loud booms.

The Baraboo Police Department received reports before 3 a.m. Sunday of flashes and thunderous bangs from locations on Tenth Street, Birch Street, Park Street and numerous other areas.

Officers who heard the bangs themselves believed they came from somewhere south of the city, according to a police report. But they were unable to determine who or what caused them. [...]

"It wasn't a firework," Kaun said. "It was more of a strobe-light effect that lit up the entire night sky. And there was no residual gunpowder flare falling from the sky."

Is this an example of violent eruptions of energy, a form of quakelights? Well, I am starting to think of these strange lightshows, as a reaction to the cosmic rain... Instead of rising steam that occurs when the ground is warm and it has rained, we are seeing an assortment of energetic reactions. NASA claims that 'ion plumes' are affecting satellites, but I have been most interested in earthquake precursor signals that can affect biological functions and therefore must be affecting the human energy field. Don't forget, we need to explain the corruption of morphogenetic fields and the classic example of lots of cats growing wings in China after a major earthquake, see archives....

A Lot of Dust in the Air
Environment News Network, 7th August 2012
There is a lot of dust in the air. From whence does it come? NASA and university scientists have made the first measurement-based estimate of the amount and composition of tiny airborne particles that arrive in the air over North America each year. With a 3-D view of the atmosphere now possible from satellites, the scientists calculated that dust, not pollution, is the main ingredient of these imports. According to a new analysis of NASA satellite data, 64 million tons of dust, pollution and other particles that have potential climate and human health effects survive a trans-ocean journey to arrive over North America each year. [...]

Data from several research satellites flying advanced observing technology developed and launched by NASA enabled the scientists to distinguish particle types and determine their heights in the atmosphere. They combined that information with wind speed data to estimate the amount of pollution and dust arriving over North America. The scientists used data from instruments on NASA's Terra satellite and the Cloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observations (CALIPSO) satellite, a joint effort between NASA and the French space agency, Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales.

I have collected information over the last 7 years from space scientists that predicted there will be a lot of cosmic dust in the Earth's atmosphere by 2012 due to a strange magnetic configuration on the Sun in 2001 that has allowed in huge amounts of cosmic dust into the inner parts of our solar system. I have also collected lots of examples of how this dust is creating many different types of previously rare atmospheric effects and even reports of concern about dust combusting. Hence, I have no idea why there is no mention of this cosmic dust in this article, but there is not even mention of volcanic dust or aerosols and that is even stranger. This might reflect the compartmentalisation of scientific research so that it is much harder to see the big picture. Whatever, we are told dust high up in the Earth's atmosphere is serving to cool the planet, but now, we have been told officially by NASA et al. that there is a lot of space dust high up in the atmosphere which is causing noctilucent clouds to become more prevalent. What's more, there is lots of research that explains that massive volcanic eruptions also serve to change the climate. Since there has been a lot of undersea volcanoes appearing in recent decades and many overland volcanoes erupting, this combination of factors is probably far more important in determining the climate than anything man-made, as lot of climate realists point out on a regular basis.

Sinkhole shocks Cumberland Dr.
Homeowners search for help, caves found
The Tennessean, 31st July 2012
On the afternoon of July 19, Fairview resident Trish Parker wanted to get her yard cut before the predicted rain later that evening generated another grass growth spurt. Imagine the shock when Trish and her husband Dean walked outside the next morning to discover what was generated in their side yard was a super-sized sinkhole.

Brison observed the sink hole was approximately 50 feet deep with underground cave-like rooms and what appeared to be a tunnel. He went into the sinkhole armed with a lot of courage and his iPhone, which enabled him to capture photographs and video of the hole.

Hmmm.... another deep laser cut and perfectly round hole... We should stop calling them sinkholes because they are being created by natural atmospheric/cosmic lasers. In this case there is mention of finding caves (how strange), but no evidence of water (not even talk of any mud at the bottom...) which is essential to provide the evidence that this is a sinkhole created by the action of water. I even wonder how cavers could go down into the hole so soon after it's formation because if it was a real sinkhole it would be inherently unstable. I think the video if available needs to be watched, before a final opinion can be formed.

Rare mountain tornado photographed at 12,000 feet (VIDEO)
Yahoo News, 31st July 2012
"A tornado was caught on film at the crest of Colorado's Mount Evans on Saturday. The twister was discovered at 11,900 feet, making it the second highest ever recorded by the National Weather Service. "It's not unprecedented to have tornadoes in the mountains. But they are rare," National Weather Service meteorologist David Barjenbruch told the Denver Post. An up close photograph of the tornado was captured by Josh Deere, who posted the picture to his Facebook page, writing, "Only a guy from Oklahoma could drive up to 12,000 feet and find this."

Predict earthquakes? “Encouraging results
Ice Age Now, 31st July 2012

Sea of Azov turned bloody red
The Watchers, 29th July 2012
Scientists and citizens are baffled as the waters of the Azov Sea turned bloody red close to Berdyansk village in mid-July, according to article published online by EnglishRussia. Villagers immediately suspected the great pollution from nearby factories. And older locals warned that it might be a sign of the coming events. Scientist however point that the most probable reason for bloody red color of the sea is algal blooms that are not dangerous to humans.

The researchers explained that the bright red color of the sea is result of high temperatures, which led to the blossoming of brown algae. The south-west wind “drove” algal blooms closer to shore. Further flowering could lead to fish deaths of mass proportions. [...]

Although the director of the Institute Leonid Izergin claims that the sea is safe for swimming, villagers of Berdyansk don’t believe him. They claim that the sea has a special metallic smell that worries them.

I just don't believe the high temperatures story and the fact that there is a 'metallic smell' is quite interesting.... Yes I know about 'Red Tide' but this really needs some proper research to find out if there are any alternative expert opinions that might be able to link this with atmospheric conditions. Regardless, my initial guess is that this is some kind of bioelectrochemical reaction similar to bioluminescence, another natural phenomenon that our biologists confess that they don't fully understand.

Loud noise remains a mystery
The Mercury, 25th July 2012
A MYSTERIOUS rumbling noise remains a hot topic in the Huon Valley some 10 days after it was heard. Hundreds of residents are still unable to explain the source of the 20-second roar. The noise was first reported after a Huonville dam bank burst on July 15, causing the evacuation of 100 residents. [...]

But the council said the noise would not have been caused by the dam incident. [...] The Bureau of Meteorology says it was most likely a particularly extreme thunder blast. "But it sounded very different to thunder," unconvinced Cygnet resident Kamal Singh said yesterday.

I think the only choice is a sonic boom caused by meteorite or Earth's atmosphere taking a thump as the solar wind can also produce a shock wave similar to a sonic boom under certain conditions. see link below. If you look back in the archives on the 14th/15th/16th July there was Stormy Geomagetic Conditions and Purple Auroras. As I have stated before loud bangs and ground tremors that cannot be detected by seismographs, might indicate atmospheric blasts with energy quickly being absorbed by the ground.... Hence, with all the research I have collected, I am wondering if there are too many signs and solid facts that indicate Earth's upper atmosphere has become very thin in parts... So, as people complain about loud bangs, strange noises and hums; internet connection, mobile phone and banking failures, there is no understanding that there might be a common cause.... As I have attempted to explain in this blog, the transformation of Earth is well underway and the deterioration of our modern technological world also seems to be underway too. I suppose, an important question is if there is any kind of organisation in place to change technologies and save ourself from disaster? At the moment, there does not seem to be a great deal of effort to change track, despite the high risks we are facing...

NASA Science News, December 8, 1998

Weather Extremes Leave Parts of U.S. Grid Buckling
New York Times, 25th July 2012
WASHINGTON — From highways in Texas to nuclear power plants in Illinois, the concrete, steel and sophisticated engineering that undergird the nation’s infrastructure are being taxed to worrisome degrees by heat, drought and vicious storms. [...]

“We’ve got the ‘storm of the century’ every year now,” said Bill Gausman, a senior vice president and a 38-year veteran at the Potomac Electric Power Company, which took eight days to recover from the June 29 “derecho” storm that raced from the Midwest to the Eastern Seaboard and knocked out power for 4.3 million people in 10 states and the District of Columbia.

Interesting article that suggests the US authorities are happy to let their infrastructure rapidly deteriorate after already being assessed as being well below par. This must be the plan as weather records are being continuously broken every year in the United States and the nation’s infrastructure is being wrecked. Nevertheless, I do think the US is a special case after decades of military experimentation on the atmosphere and radiation belts. After damaging or even destroying parts of their own atmosphere, so that they are now forced to desperately try and patch over the damage, hence the phenomenom of heavy chemtrails. Well, I think that global extreme weather does indicate climate change and even the onset of a mini Ice-Age. However, it is being primarily driven by solar activity, changes in the cosmic climate and the onset of severe space weather. The defenses against galactic cosmic rays are being lowered across the solar system (solar wind flagging) and Earth's magnetic field is also dropping to allow in more cosmic energy. When we compare this to previous dramatic changes in Earth's climate, only the truly uneducated and stupid would deny there is any connection and try and blame climate change solely on human activity.

Rare tornado [waterspout] touchdown on Lake of Zürich, Switzerland
The Watchers, 23rd July 2012

Earth’s magnetic field just might be gearing up for a reversal
i09 News, 15th July 2012

Why Earth's Magnetic Field Is Wonky
Our Amazing Planet, 17th July 2012
"In the last decade, seismic waves from earthquakes revealed the inner core looks like a navel orange, bulging slightly more on its western half. Geoscientists recently explainedthe asymmetry by proposing a convective loop: The inner core might be crystallizing on one half and melting on the other."

The electric atmosphere: Plasma is next NASA science target, 17th July 2012
Our day-to-day lives exist in what physicists would call an electrically neutral environment. Desks, books, chairs and bodies don't generally carry electricity and they don't stick to magnets. But life on Earth is substantially different from, well, almost everywhere else. Beyond Earth's protective atmosphere and extending all the way through interplanetary space, electrified particles dominate the scene. Indeed, 99% of the universe is made of this electrified gas, known as plasma. [...]

"Particles from the radiation belts can penetrate into spacecraft and disrupt electronics, short circuits or upset memory on computers," says Sibeck. "The particles are also dangerous to astronauts traveling through the region. We need models to help predict hazardous events in the belts and right now we are aren't very good at that. RBSP will help solve that problem."

While the most immediate practical need for studying the radiation belts is to understand the space weather system near Earth and to protect humans and precious electronics in space from geomagnetic storms, there is another reason scientists are interested in this area. It is the closest place to study the material, plasma, that pervades the entire universe. Understanding this environment so foreign to our own is crucial to understanding the make up of every star and galaxy in outer space.

Hmmm.... It seems that there is now more and more acknowledgement from world authorities that our planet is becoming a high energy plasma environment. That means high electric fields and strong electric currents and magnetic fields in Earth's atmosphere that is creating many new atmospheric phenomenon and a new source of electromagnetic interference for our modern technological infrastructure. Yes, I know the article emphasises the radiation belts, but there is also many new plasma phenomena appearing in our atmosphere in recent years...

Violent storm turns night into day over Washington- residents claim the ‘most intense’ lightning storm ever seen
Extinction Protocol, 15th July 2012
In the last few weeks, Earth has received huge blasts of magnetic energy (solar flares) and electrical energy ( coronal mass elections) and this can be used to power up major electrical storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanic activity besides all the other space weather impacts.

Freak wave of tornadoes carve trail of destruction through northern Poland, leaving 1 dead
Extinction Protocol, 15th July 2012

Sounds of northern lights are born close to ground
WUWT, 9th July 2012
For the first time, researchers at Aalto University in Finland have located where the sounds associated with the northern lights are created. The auroral sounds that have been described in folktales and by wilderness wanderers are formed about 70 meters above the ground level in the measured case.

Researchers located the sound sources by installing three separate microphones in an observation site where the auroral sounds were recorded. They then compared sounds captured by the microphones and determined the location of the sound source. The aurora borealis was seen at the observation site. The simultaneous measurements of the geomagnetic disturbances, made by the Finnish Meteorological Institute, showed a typical pattern of the northern lights episodes.

70 meters above ground level is very close... I believe this is unrelated to the sky sounds that have been dubbed Sounds of the Apocalypse and the comments here from Canadians who have heard these aurora sounds is quite interesting. At the moment, scientists either say 1. that the strange 'Apocalypse' sounds have an electromagnetic origin and are somehow emitted from the aurora or radiation belts (but I believe sounds are coming from the magnetosphere but the final proof is related to the time of year and Earth's orientation with respect to a major cosmic source of energy....) or other scientists describe the source as 2. "acoustic-gravity waves that are being generated by very large-scale energy processes. These processes include powerful solar flares and huge energy flows generated by them, rushing towards Earth's surface and destabilizing the magnetosphere, ionosphere and upper atmosphere." Since, there are new sources of cosmic energy hitting our solar system, I am quite confident that that we will get more of the same types of noises again early next year and that will be good enough proof for me about what is really going on...

Northampton [UK] Town centre street closed after 20 foot [deep] hole appears in the road
Northampton Chronicle and Echo, 9th July 2012
The article claims that a fire engine caused a bore hole that was 20ft deep... Either there is some new physics operating on Earth, or this claim is truly ridiculous.... I am now wondering whether we will see one of these deep holes that will be big enough for a car or lorry to fall into, appearing on a motorway in rush hour....

The great hole of China: Giant 30m chasm suddenly opens up on road and swallows car
Daily Mail, 5th July 2012
Police had to launch a desperate late-night rescue operation in China after a section of highway collapsed into a giant sinkhole, trapping a car and killing at least one passenger.

The cavernous hole appeared along a busy stretch of Xiangjiang Road in Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province, central China, early this morning.

The 30m-square pit swallowed a passing car, and at least one person died at the scene before emergency services could haul anyone to safety. [...]

One rescuer with the local fire brigade described the sinkhole as being so deep, 'we cannot see the bottom of the pit with the naked eye'.

This 'sinkhole' looks laser cut to me and I now understand why we are seeing a lot of these holes over China, but they are appearing elsewhere... So far, I have not come across a scientific article by anyone brave enough to explain that we are now experiencing enhanced natural lasers operating in Earth's atmosphere or even hitting us from space, even though there is ample evidence in a selection of different types of holes. Whatever, it must be noted that the existence of natural lasers in outer space and in Earth's atmosphere is already scientific fact. This is a quote from the book Through the Curtain (1983) by Viola Petitt Neal, Ph.D.
November 16, 1963

Night Class

Recalled by Viola Petitt Neal

Cosmic Energies and Their Effect on the Planet Earth

At present the solar system has moved into great streams of Cosmic Energy in space. Some of these energies, striking through the surface of the earth, have the effect of melting substances and they do become molten, although ordinarily they may be in a solid state. [...]

We must explain a little more clearly how these cosmic radiations affect the planet. You have a good example in a recent discovery in science which will somewhat explain the action of these radiations. The laser beam will instantly make steel molten when it strikes it. The beam can travel through space or the atmosphere without appearing hot, but when it strikes steel for example it will burn a hole in it instantly. This beam can also be directed for certain kinds of surgery to do a specific job.

These cosmic radiations of energy are of many different types. Some affect only certain minerals or solid substances and not others. At this time, the solar system is moving through a new area in space where great cosmic streams are and tides affect the sun and all the planets, first of all, on the physical level. This has happened before in the time of Atlantis approximately 25,000 years ago. These changes come in cycles of about 24,000 years. It is a cosmic spiral and cycle difficult for man to identify because he has not been able to span in his awareness such vast reaches of time. Much that is now considered to be authentic geology is not correct. However, it the best man can achieve by applying reasoning to what he is able to observe.

These radiations will raise the frequency of the planet and affect consciousness. The actual substance, physical, astral and mental, is even at the present moment being raised.

Source: A Thousand Dollars Book Celebration, 7th April 2011 By Susan Joy Rennison

Scientist Finds Hidden Portals in Earth’s Magnetic Field
Gizmodo News, 3rd July 2012
According to NASA, Jack Scudder—a researcher at the University of Iowa—has found "hidden portals on Earth's magnetic field [that] open and close dozens of times each day." Some of them are open for long periods of time.

Scudder says that these portals "create an uninterrupted path leading from our own planet to the sun's atmosphere 93 million miles away."

Called X-points or electron diffusion regions, they are located "a few tens of thousands of kilometers from Earth. The portals are created through a process of magnetic reconnection in which lines of magnetic force from both celestial bodies mingle and criss-cross through space. The criss-crossing creates these x-points.

The portals are "invisible, unstable and elusive," opening and closing without any warning. When they open, however, they are capable of transporting energetic particles at high speed from the Sun's atmosphere's to Earth's, causing geomagnetic storms.

Hmmm.... What exactly are we being told here? Earth's magnetic field can erratically open up big holes that floods Earth with cosmic energy that generate geomagnetic storms..... Quite frankly, we need to be told what this means in terms of Earth's cosmic shielding and whether these portal openings are getting bigger and more frequent...

Neglected Psychic Phenomena: I. The Levitation of the Human Body
Atlantic University's Scholar in Residence, 29th June 2012
This is the first of a series of short essays about psychic phenomena that are generally neglected in recent times. A good example is the levitation of the human body, the topic of Joachim Bouflet’s La Levitation chez les Mystiques (Paris: Jardin de Livres, 2006. 202 pp. ISBN 2-914569-27-0), which I discuss here.

The great hole of China: Giant 30m chasm suddenly opens up on road and swallows car
Daily Mail, 5th July 2012
Police had to launch a desperate late-night rescue operation in China after a section of highway collapsed into a giant sinkhole, trapping a car and killing at least one passenger.

The cavernous hole appeared along a busy stretch of Xiangjiang Road in Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province, central China, early this morning.

The 30m-square pit swallowed a passing car, and at least one person died at the scene before emergency services could haul anyone to safety. [...]

One rescuer with the local fire brigade described the sinkhole as being so deep, 'we cannot see the bottom of the pit with the naked eye'.

This 'sinkhole' looks laser cut to me and I now understand why we are seeing a lot of these holes over China, but they are appearing elsewhere... So far, I have not come across a scientific article by anyone brave enough to explain that we are now experiencing enhanced natural lasers operating in Earth's atmosphere or even hitting us from space, even though there is ample evidence in a selection of different types of holes. Whatever, it must be noted that the existence of natural lasers in outer space and in Earth's atmosphere is already scientific fact. This is a quote from the book Through the Curtain (1983) by Viola Petitt Neal, Ph.D.
November 16, 1963

Night Class

Recalled by Viola Petitt Neal

Cosmic Energies and Their Effect on the Planet Earth

At present the solar system has moved into great streams of Cosmic Energy in space. Some of these energies, striking through the surface of the earth, have the effect of melting substances and they do become molten, although ordinarily they may be in a solid state. [...]

We must explain a little more clearly how these cosmic radiations affect the planet. You have a good example in a recent discovery in science which will somewhat explain the action of these radiations. The laser beam will instantly make steel molten when it strikes it. The beam can travel through space or the atmosphere without appearing hot, but when it strikes steel for example it will burn a hole in it instantly. This beam can also be directed for certain kinds of surgery to do a specific job.

These cosmic radiations of energy are of many different types. Some affect only certain minerals or solid substances and not others. At this time, the solar system is moving through a new area in space where great cosmic streams are and tides affect the sun and all the planets, first of all, on the physical level. This has happened before in the time of Atlantis approximately 25,000 years ago. These changes come in cycles of about 24,000 years. It is a cosmic spiral and cycle difficult for man to identify because he has not been able to span in his awareness such vast reaches of time. Much that is now considered to be authentic geology is not correct. However, it the best man can achieve by applying reasoning to what he is able to observe.

These radiations will raise the frequency of the planet and affect consciousness. The actual substance, physical, astral and mental, is even at the present moment being raised.

Source: A Thousand Dollars Book Celebration, 7th April 2011 By Susan Joy Rennison

BRITAIN faces another six months of topsy-turvy weather with violent storms followed by extreme heat. Long periods of rain and thunder will be broken by brief spells of scorching sunshine as the unstable weather “bounces” between extremes.

Forecasters say the country has become a battleground between two air masses and the resulting “Armageddon” is likely to last until December. The volatile weather has already produced severe storms on a scale normally seen in the American Midwest.

On Thursday temperatures hit 82F (28C) in Gravesend, Kent, while an inch of rain fell in just two hours in parts of the Midlands and North, leading to flash flooding which claimed at least one life.

Hailstones up to five inches in diameter bombarded parts of Leicestershire and in Lincolnshire practice for this weekend’s air show at RAF Waddington had to be suspended because of lightning.

Hailstones that are 5 inches wide.... that's not a hailstone that is a hailbrick.... incredible for the UK...

Freak hail storm drives insurance claims [UK]
Guardian, 28th June 2012

Mysterious African 'Fairy Circles' Stump Scientists
Live Science, 27th June 2012
In the sandy desert grasslands of Namibia in southern Africa, mysterious bare spots known as "fairy circles" will form and then disappear years later for no reason anyone can determine. A new look at these strange patterns doesn't solve the wistful mystery but at least reveals that the largest of the circles can linger for a lifetime.

Small fairy circles stick around an average of 24 years, while larger ones can exist as long as 75 years, according to research detailed today (June 27) in the journal PLoS ONE.

My guess is either energy coming up from the Earth or laser beam hits from Earth's atmosphere or even outer space. The reason being is that these African 'Fairy Circles' are very specific to the type of soil and we know that different types of holes are now frequently appearing on Earth and in the clouds. Therefore, it is interesting that someone is attempting to decipher some of this mystery.

Post-storm sky produces unusual bubble clouds
CBC News, 27th June 2012

Multiple sinkholes open in Trillium [Florida, US]
Hernado Today, 27th June 2012
BROOKSVILLE -- Chris Cook heard the suction from inside his house Sunday night. It was dark, windy and raining. He saw the water stretching beyond the edge of the retention pond behind a row of homes along Nodding Shade Drive. It was inching toward the pole to his bird house, which is about 20 paces from his back porch.

Cook shined his flashlight to the left. He was joined outside by his next-door neighbor, who was hearing the same sounds. He saw the whirlpool. He knew the depression underneath the flowing water was a fresh sinkhole.

Hmmm.... why would so many sinkholes opened up at the same time?

Duluth Roads Collapse, Sinkholes Swallow Cars [VIDEO], 21st June 2012
I have never seen such bad storm damage but I was most interested in looking at the 'proper' sinkholes created by running water..... These are clearly nothing like the laser-cut bore holes that are appearing all over the planet....

Mysterious SinkHoles in Russian Forests
Global Rumblings, 17th June 2012

Rare hat-shaped cloud in Japan
BBC News, 21st June 2012

Italy – Hundreds of dead mice found in earthquake area
Ice Age Now News, 19th June 2012
“Dead mice that sprout like mushrooms.” “Small piles of dead rats. Of every kind, type and size.” Did the earthquake kill them?

[...] Castellavazzo was hit by the earthquake less than a week ago. The thought passes quickly and the association of ideas is quickly made.

One thing is certain: the extermination of rats is not the work of man or a fool who likes to spread toxic substances. The animals, in fact, no signs of poisoning. Ergo, were not killed.

Confirmation came from the laboratories ULSS of Belluno, not even the shadow of a trace of poison. But then what is the nature of this murder? And to thicken the veil of mystery, some mice were found with eyes wide open. Another, as confirmed by Roccon Franco, the first citizen of Castellavazzo, “had a red spot on his chest.”

Veterinary experts and professionals struggle to give an explanation to this phenomenon. Paul Cecchin, veterinary Feltre and scholar of the behavior of animals, prefers “not to commit on a topic of which I have no special knowledge, and therefore can not explain.”

No trace of poison.... I think this must be a very rare geophysical phenomenon, but experts consulted here are not so sure....

Awesome mushroom storm cloud dominates skyline over Beijing and sparks fresh 'end-of-the-world' fears
Daily Mail, 18th June 2012
There are some good pictures of this cloud here....

Giant mushroom cloud forms over Beijing (PHOTOS & VIDEO)
Yahoo News, 18th June 2012
'Mushroom clouds' seem to be representative of high energy, and that is why people panic as they have seen very scary images of nuclear explosions.... Well, we now live in a high energy plasma environment and I imagine that there was high energy particles and radiation being manufactured in that cloud... it even looked like it was glowing in the video, but this is presumably due to the sun being seen through the cloud.... It would be nice to find a scientific report that explains what these weird clouds are actually about, as we are seeing so many reports.

150 mph Super Typhoon Sets Aim at Japan: Fukushima near center of forecast track — “Expected to intensify” and already the highest category storm
Energy News, 17th June 2012
There is a good map of the storm track 18-20th, as it crosses straight over Japan...

Huge mushroom cloud over Beijing sky
China Forum, 17th June 2012
I am hoping to find some more information...

Italy earthquake kills thousands of fish, Bees can’t find their way back to their hives
Ice Age Now, 10th June 2012
9 Jun 2012 – “About an hour ago, (4.05 am local time) I felt an earthquake, a magnitude 4.5, with epicenter about 17 miles north from my home,” says Italian geologist Dr Mirco Poletto.

“The strange thing is that yesterday I found about twenty bees trying to get into my house. They seemed clearly lost and so I thought about what you wrote in Not by Fire but by Ice about the electromagnetic effects before an earthquake. Maybe they felt a variation in the local geomagnetic field and could not find the way back to their hive.”

This ties in with an email that Dr Poletto sent to me yesterday about thousands that fish that died as a result of the big earthquakes in Italy a couple of weeks ago.

Yes, and humans are also effected by electromagnetic effects before an earthquake...

Japan earthquake HAARP – Sun, March 2011 analysis
The Watchers, 16th June 2012
Special Analysis of HAARP and Solar Activity regarding earthquakes felt here on the Earth, specifically targeting the Japan 2011 ’9.0 Earthquake March 11', due to the myths and disinformation regarding HAARP, this video shows HAARP is clearly shown to follow solar activity and a measuring device of solar activity and not the other way around as many have claimed due to a lack of knowledge and understanding of solar and celestial influences.

Excuse my stupidity but where did HAARP get addressed in your video. HAARP is used for high altitude atmospheric modification to investigate the effects on the earth. The magnetometer data you show comes from spacecraft or ground based magnetometers around the earth. Where is the correlation between the HAARP transmissions and spacecraft and ground based solar radiation and solar event data? GBRMM [Exactly....]

The Haarp Induction Magnetometer is influenced by solar activity, this video is about the real Haarp not the phantom Haarp seen on the history channel. If your after that please visit one of youtubes many comedy and disinformation channels. SolarWatcher in reply to GBRMM

I am glad there a few out there that actually understand the science... Unfortunately, HAARP has become conspiracy fodder for the scientifically illiterate... There are too many people with no ability to use logic whatsoever and they have to be ignored.... The recordings of temporal variations in the geomagnetic field in the ULF (ultra-low frequency) range of 0-5 Hz associated with the Japan 3/11 event are associated with the MASSIVE ionospheric disturbances that were also recorded by satellites and well documented a few days prior. This is why there is scientific interest in using these signals to predict earthquakes, but the science is still in its infancy as these earthquake precursor signals vary enough to make them difficult to use for prediction. Incidentally, the Japan Tohoku earthquake on 3/11/11 released energy that amounts to about 25,000 nuclear bombs all going off at once. Something that NO human technology on Earth is capable of inducing. Especially with old technology that has the power output of less than a bolt of lightning. My interest in this subject stemmed from whispers in the metaphysical community that led me to find the science that supports the notion that these precursor signals are actually damaging to the human energy field and thus the impact is automatically filtered down into the physical. Hence, with the increasing geophysical activity on this planet, there is a need to protect your energy field if you have any interest in spiritual evolution.
  • Atmosphere Above Japan Heated Rapidly Before M9 Earthquake
    Technology Review, 18th May 2011

    Geologists have long puzzled over anecdotal reports of strange atmospheric phenomena in the days before big earthquakes. But good data to back up these stories has been hard to come by.

    In recent years, however, various teams have set up atmospheric monitoring stations in earthquake zones and a number of satellites are capable of sending back data about the state of the upper atmosphere and the ionosphere during an earthquake.
    See archives for previous comment

  • Spacecraft Saw ULF Radio Emissions over Haiti before January Quake
    Technology Review, 9th December 2010
    A French satellite observed a dramatic increase in ultra low frequency radio waves over Haiti in the month before the M7.0 earthquake earlier this year. Back in 2004, the French space agency CNES launched a small satellite called DEMETER into polar orbit some 700 km above the Earth's surface.

    DEMETER's is an unusual mission. Its job is to monitor low frequency radio waves generated by earthquakes.

Photos from an "Apocalyptic-like" Hail Storm in Dallas [PHOTOS & VIDEO]
Accuweather News, 14th June 2012

Baseball-sized hail pummels Dallas, Fort Worth
CBS News, 14th June 2012
The holes in the roof on a big house shown here is quite unbelievable....

Apocalyptic-like Hail Storm in Texas
YouTube, 13th June 2012

Unknown Readings/Sound June 2012 – HAARP Induction Magnetometer
The Watchers, 12th June 2012
Suspicious0bservers whos 2min videos are pretty well known in our growing global community published an interesting video with recorded sounds from HAARP Induction Magnetometer. Below is video, comments are welcome.

The image below is a todays time-frequency spectrogram, which shows the frequency content of signals recorded by the HAARP Induction Magnetometer. This instrument, provided by the University of Tokyo, measures temporal variations in the geomagnetic field in the ULF (ultra-low frequency) range of 0-5 Hz. The spectrogram images are produced by computing the PSD (power spectral density) of successive 102.4-second segments of timeseries data, and plotting these spectra as color/intensity slices along a 24-hour scale.

A YouTube video embedded in this article is causing some excitement.... It seems that geomagnetic field in the ULF (ultra-low frequency) range of 0-5 Hz is being routinely converted into audio but a recent new recording is distinctly different... Presumably, scientists have managed to pick up the arrival or departure of magnetic energy with a distinctly different signature. People who have been paying attention to these audio recordings don't have any ideas for what this new sound could represent, but we do know one thing.... it is NEW!

Omen? Waters near Osaka bay Japan turn pale yellow
Extinction Protocol, 12th June 2012
JAPAN - At this moment, people in Osaka and Kobe are tweeting the color of Osaka bay looks strange. From the picture, it looks pale yellow. One follower on the site tweeted: “Moving from parents house to Mikage. Osaka bay looked yellowish when I saw from an eminence. Am afraid it’s a sign.” From local citizens, it became strange color before the great Hanshin earthquake (1995) as well. They might need to stay informed just in case

Yellow waters..... Sulfur?

China's Wuhan city covered in mysterious haze
Yahoo News, 11th June 2012
"Young and old residents of the Chinese metropolis of Wuhan were advised to stay indoors on Monday after a thick haze blanketed the city of nine million people, official media said. Described by residents as opaque with yellowish and greenish tinges, the fug descended suddenly in the morning, prompting people to rush to put on face masks, witnesses told AFP."

Tornado Hits Venice
Italy Chronicles, 12th June 2012
At around 11am today, a tornado hit Venice in Italy. Initial reports indicate that trees were damaged, market stalls overturned and some buildings were damaged. No injuries have been reported,

One of the worst hit areas was the Sant’Elena island where an open air market was in progress. The tornado caused terrified shoppers to dash for cover.

It really does make you wonder how bad "climate disruption" could get....

Tromba d'aria a Venezia - Tornado in Venice! 12 giugno 2012
YouTube, 12th June 2012
This is not even a little tornado either....

Tromba d'aria Venezia, 12 giugno 2012
YouTube, 12th June 2012
There are a lot more videos on YouTube too...

Freak storm as Durban hit by hail
IOL News, 9th June 2012

Sinkhole swallows minibus in S China
People's Daily Online, 8th June 2012
A sinkhole engulfed a minibus Thursday morning in Guilin, south China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, injuring the vehicle's driver. The incident was a geological disaster that happened around 4 a.m. on Fuxing Road in the city's Qixing district. It left a big hole which is 4 meters long, 2.5 meters wide and 2 meters deep. The driver, the only person in the minibus, was being treated in hospital. (CFP/Dong Hua)

This is life in a high energy plasma environment combined with Earth encountering new cosmic conditions in space.... Some sinkholes look as if they have been cut with a laser... that is because they are cut with natural lasers that are being formed in our atmosphere, the scientific papers that explain this are available for those who want to go looking.... There is a lot going on that relates to the transformation of our solar system and I have now found some excellent scientific proof that the energy and matter required to fulfill metaphysical claims of Paradise on Earth are currently being delivered by the cosmos.

‘Tarantulas’ invade Assam town, ‘kill’ two
Times of India, 3rd June 2012

Tornado in Mexico City community Yéchar Satiago Jocotitlán 30 May 2011 (VIDEO)
Extinction Protocol, 2nd June 2012
“First time ever!! Central Mexico is attacked by deathly tornadoes which damaged 15 houses, three vehicles, razed trees and poultry. The last minute news says there were 2 deaths…” -Luisport
First time ever?

Tornado in Mexico City! - 1st June 2012
YouTube May 2012
This reminds me of the film 'The Day After Tommorrow', with tornadoes hitting major cities....

Webcam: Tornado in Mexico City! - 1st June 2012
Simply wild....

Rare tornado in Hungary!!! [18 Photos]
Meteo Service, 2nd June 2012

Mysterious Booms Heard May 27 and May 28 in Four West Michigan Counties
Earthfiles, 30th May 2012
May 30, 2012 Kalamazoo, Michigan - Between 10:30 PM on Sunday night, May 27, 2012, and the next morning at 8:30 AM local time in four counties of southwestern Michigan, something highly strange caused booms loud enough to provoke residents to call police and fire departments.

The first round of booms on Sunday night, May 27, 2012, seemed to be focused in Union City, Michigan, about 50 miles southeast of Kalamazoo. Residents said it was like a huge clap of thunder in a clear, dry sky. Four counties altogether were affected: Calhoun, Branch, St. Joseph and Kalamazoo

No planes creating sonic booms and no earthquakes registered but people in two locations have their houses shaking... Maybe this was a meteor but who knows if there are no eye witnesses... However this is not unexpected as we have had these close asteroid fly-bys and maybe their was an entourage of rocks that we could not see that fell... otherwise it means the sky is falling...

Author Will Self and his family flee for their lives after roofs of £1 million houses in his street collapse
Daily Mail, 29th May 2012
The freak incident is being blamed on yesterday's sudden heatwave, when temperatures leaped almost 10 degrees in less than 24 hours. [....]

Mrs Wiley, who is currently staying with friends in Kennington, said a council surveyor told her a phenomenon called ‘diurnal shift’ may have caused the destruction.

She explained: 'The surveyor has told us that it may have been caused by a strong diurnal shift, which in layman’s terms means really low temperatures followed by really high temperatures, which has caused this to happen.


Diurnal shift is a meteorological term for the variation in temperature between the highs of the day and the cool of the night.

In the last two days, this swing has been far greater than for most of the year. The phenomenon is particularly important when growing grapes as it has the effect of increasing their ripening qualities, while the sudden drop in temperature preserves the balance of natural acids.

But in buildings, such changes cause steel, concrete and other materials to expand and contract, which can damage the structure, particularly if it is ageing or defective. Much of London's housing stock is more than 100 years old.

Strong diurnal shift.... too much hot and cold... I can't believe this has been given as an excuse, these are not cheap properties, but surely the roofs must have been in a shoddy state?

'Nine Dead' After Another Quake Hits Italy
Sky News, 29th May 2012
Rescue teams are frantically searching for survivors after a powerful earthquake hits northern Italy - the second in nine days. The 5.8-magnitude quake struck just after 9am local time in an area that had already suffered substantial damage following a quake on May 20.

That seismic event left seven people dead and some 5,000 in temporarily accomodation. Reports said the latest tremor has claimed the lives of at least nine people, but there are fears more could be dead as several buildings collapsed in the strong quake.

The area affected was around 40km (25 miles) northwest of Bologna - the same region suffering a series of aftershocks following the earthquake in the early hours of May 20. TV pictures showed crumpled buildings in nearby San Felice Panaro as rescuers clawed at rubble with their bare hands to reach survivors.

I have updated the link below to the opinion of geologists re the previous earthquake in this region because this is unprecedented for northern Italy.... thank God the Italians were sensible enough to close down their nuclear reactors.... say what you like, but I think that is good news for everybody else.... see Nuclear power in Italy

New earthquake in northern Italy kills 16
BBC News, 29th May 2012
A new earthquake has struck northern Italy, killing at least 16 people and injuring 200 others, officials say. The magnitude 5.8 quake hit the Emilia Romagna region, damaging buildings and causing panic among residents living in tents after the earthquake on 20 May. That quake killed seven people and caused significant damage to the region's cultural heritage. The number of people made homeless has now gone up from 6,000 to 14,000, the Italian government says.

New Changes in Earth's Core: The Enigma 1,800 Miles Below Us
New York Times, 28th May 2012
[...] Reporting recently in the journal Nature, Dario Alfè of University College London and his colleagues presented evidence that iron in the outer layers of the core is frittering away heat through the wasteful process called conduction at two to three times the rate of previous estimates.

The theoretical consequences of this discrepancy are far-reaching. The scientists say something else must be going on in Earth’s depths to account for the missing thermal energy in their calculations. They and others offer these possibilities:

¶ The core holds a much bigger stash of radioactive material than anyone had suspected, and its decay is giving off heat.

¶ The iron of the innermost core is solidifying at a startlingly fast clip and releasing the latent heat of crystallization in the process.

¶ The chemical interactions among the iron alloys of the core and the rocky silicates of the overlying mantle are much fiercer and more energetic than previously believed.

¶ Or something novel and bizarre is going on, as yet undetermined.

“From what I can tell, people are excited” by the report, Dr. Alfè said. “They see there might be a new mechanism going on they didn’t think about before.”

Something new going on..... that's interesting.... Earth's core is becoming more crystalline....

A mystery from Earth's red-hot inner core
China Daily, 10th June 2012

Rare heat burst just occurred in Iowa
KCCI News, 3rd May 2012
DES MOINES, Iowa - The Iowa Mesonet network recorded a heat burst in Bussey Thursday morning. Data from the Mesonet/KCCI Schoolnet 8 weather station shows the sudden temperature change started about 8 a.m. and was over by about 10 a.m.

Temperatures shot up from about 74 degrees to about 85 degrees and at the same time the dew point dropped from about 73 to about 54. The weather station also recorded a sudden change in the peak wind gusts, jumping from about 15 mph to about 60 mph at about 8 a.m.

A trained weather spotter reported non-thunderstorm wind gusts of 60 mph at 8:12 a.m. to the National Weather Service. The Pella Airport also reported a wind gust of 76 mph 08:11 a.m.

A heat burst is a rare atmospheric phenomenon characterized by gusty winds and a rapid increase in temperature and decrease in dew point. Heat bursts typically occur during nighttime hours and are associated with decaying thunderstorms.

A similar heat burst was recorded last August 23 in Atlantic when a sudden 20 degree jump was recorded.

There is an example in the archives where there was a heat burst in Wichita, Kansas in June 2011, with the temperature jumping from the mid-80s up to 102F after midnight! So, how rare is rare? I think we can add heat bursts as another sign that huge amounts of energy is explosively detonating in the lower atmosphere, but I need to find out some more information before further comments.
  • Wichita experiences rare 'heat burst' overnight
    KSN News, 9th June 2011
    WICHITA, Kansas -- Last night Wichita experienced a very rare weather phenomenon known as a “Heat Burst.” At 12:22 a.m. the temperature at Wichita’s Mid-Continent Airport was 85 degrees. At 12:44 the temperature spiked to 102 degrees. This was a 17 degree increase in only 20 minutes. Winds also gusted between 50 and 60 MPH. The heat burst winds and temperatures rapidly dissipated as they spread across Sedgwick and Southern Butler Counties.

Ministry of Defence expert probes new Primrose Hill hum reports [UK]
Ham&High, 24th May 2012
The Ham&High reported in February this year an unidentified “deep resonating humming” coming from all directions at once in Primrose Hill, which was logged on the UK UFO Sightings website.

Now another resident has contacted the paper claiming to have heard the sound five or six times overnight on May 9. Vlad Syrota said: “I’ve been hearing the alleged humming in Primrose Hill all night.

I think this will become a problem all over the planet where people live close to natural energy portals that are experiencing huge inflows and outflows of cosmic/terrestrial energy. Please see the archives for previous comments on this phenomenon. This is the explanation for the sudden loud booms and jolts where the ground shakes but nothing is registered by seismographs.... What's more, we are seeing a lot of strange rings on radar, but so far I have not come across anyone else who believes NASA that this is related to space weather.... The only reason NASA are forced to talk about this is because satellite communications and GPS are being disturbed and they need scientists to cooperate and help deal with the problem.... but of cause, many people are not that interested in what NASA has to say these days and that is a shame, they have been most helpful to me understanding what is taking place on this planet and I am quite grateful...

Sky Sound Phenomena Returns To Florida USA
UDCC, 23rd May 2012

Why Italy's Earthquake Was Weird
Discovery News, 22nd May 2012
THE GIST * The magnitude 6.0 quake was a thrust quake, yet it occurred at a depth of just 3 miles (5 kilometers).
* The quake hit about 470 miles (750 km) north of the plate boundary.

The intensity of shaking from the 6.0 magnitude earthquake that struck northern Italy on May 20, 2012. Click to enlarge this image. USGS

A strong and unusually shallow earthquake struck northern Italy over the weekend, fracturing pavement, sending torrents of brick and rubble raining down from buildings, and killing seven people. The powerful shaking was a first for the region in centuries — and fairly surprising to seismologists.

Data indicate the magnitude 6.0 quake, which struck just after 4 a.m. local time on Sunday (May 20), just north of Bologna, was a thrust quake — the type of earthquake caused when two tectonic plates smash together — yet it occurred at a depth of just 3 miles (5 kilometers). "It is kind of surprising that it's that shallow, because it's pretty far from the plate boundary," said Paul

‘Sonic boom’ caused tremors felt across the north of Scotland
STV.TV News, 23rd May 2012
A sonic boom has been blamed for tremors that were felt by residents across the north of Scotland. The strange vibrations were phoned into police late on Tuesday night by people in Cults, Inverbervie, Aberdeen, Stonehaven, Cove, and even Arbroath. A spokesman for Grampian Police confirmed the reports and said the force had received around a dozen calls between 8.45pm and 11.15pm on Tuesday.

He said: “Grampian Police can confirm that following the numerous reports from members of the public who felt 'tremors' during the evening of Tuesday, May 22, the British Geological Survey have reported no significant seismic activity. No reports of injuries or damage have been received. “The Ministry of Defence have confirmed that they regularly conduct supersonic flight over sea around the whole of the UK, when aircraft do fly at such speeds a sonic boom is created that could be mistaken for an explosion or a tremor.

So if the MOD regularly schedule supersonic flights over the UK and in this part of Scotland, how come the locals got frightened about this particular occasion? This is getting ridiculous...

Mystery boom shakes buildings
This is Jersey News, 21st May 2012
AN investigation has been launched into the cause of a mysterious boom which shook buildings across the Island on Saturday afternoon.

Hundreds of Islanders reported hearing a loud bang – similar to a sonic boom – at 1.04 pm.

The boom was so loud it rattled doors and windows from Gorey to St Ouen and even measured on the Island’s seismograph in St Aubin.

What is so amazing is how much people are reporting on the forums and what actually gets into the mainstream media. There was another suspicious meteor that weas reported over mexico that caused a loud boom and houses to shake but that has been generally ignored out side of the blogosphere.

Possible Fireball Touchdown in Mexico, page 1
ATS, May 2012

Powerful quake kills at least 6 in N. Italy
CBS News, 20th May 2012
"(AP) SANT'AGOSTINO DI FERRARA, Italy - One of the strongest earthquakes to shake northern Italy rattled the region around Bologna early Sunday, a magnitude-6.0 temblor that killed at least six people, toppled buildings and sent residents running into the streets, emergency services and news reports said. The quake struck at 4:04 a.m. Sunday between Modena and Mantova, about 22 miles north-northwest of Bologna at a relatively shallow depth of 3.2 miles, the U.S. Geological Survey said."

Sky Italia News
Sky TG24 News, 20th May 2012
Helicopter footage: Some modern buildings are completely destroyed but others appeat to be intact... presumably this is all about lapse building regulations being enforced...

RAI News: Earthquakes in Modena, Emilia-Romagna, Italy - Biggest Magnitude 6.0
YouTube, 20th May 2012
Here is video of more historic buildings that have been destroyed...

Microbes at the Edge of Space
Wired News, 19th May 2012
“Researchers have learned that the Earth’s biosphere extends to much higher altitudes than previously suspected,” says Wright, “up to 100,000 feet or more.” Indeed, thousands of microbial species have been found in the upper atmosphere, traveling up to thousands of kilometers. The best-studied “atmospheric bridge” is between North Africa and the Caribbean. Each year, up to one billion tons of dust are swept up by Sahara winds, and with a million bacteria per gram of sand, enormous quantities of biomass come along for the ride.

The upper atmosphere is not a particularly hospitable environment, and researchers have traditionally assumed that the dry, UV-zapped, nutrient-poor environment would kill off any stowaways. And although the jury is still out on whether these organisms can actively metabolize and grow in the atmosphere, they can find refuge in protective mineral grains or form spores.

This unexpected biosphere could be more than just a microbiological curiosity: “The upper atmosphere could serve as a global transport system for disease organisms,” notes Wright.

As I have previously mentioned, the main issue is that bacteria appear to be able to adapt to life in highly radioactive conditions and become highly virulent. So, rather than bacteria coming from Earth and swept up into the atmosphere, they may also be coming from space and be occasionally offloaded from the back of a comet.... There is no reason why not and as cosmologists and astrobiologists Sir Fred Hoyle and Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe discovered decades ago, cosmic dust is just freeze dried bacteria, presumably waiting to land somewhere hospitable before it springs into life. But, of course, this concept then leads to other thoughts about how alternative forms of life can survive in space...

Humanity At The Height Of Folly Nuclear Power And Earthquake Zones
Environment Armageddon, 18th May 2012
We have heard much about Japan’s Fukushima Unit 4 nuclear spent fuel pool and the huge amount of radioactivity that could be released if that pool were to go dry, crack, fall apart or collapse (1; 2). As former Japanese diplomat to the United Nations, Akio Matsumura, recently warned the world:

“The highly radioactive spent fuel assemblies at the Fukushima-Daiichi power plants present a clear threat to the people of Japan and the world. Reactor 4 and the nearby common spent fuel pool contain over 11,000 highly radioactive spent fuel assemblies, many of which are exposed to the open air. The cesium-137, the radioactive component contained in these assemblies, present at the site is 85 times larger than the amount released during the Chernobyl accident. Another magnitude 7.0 earthquake would jar them from their pool or stop the cooling water, which would lead to a nuclear fire and meltdown. The nuclear disaster that would result is beyond anything science has ever seen. Calling it a global catastrophe is no exaggeration. If political leaders understand the situation and the potential catastrophe, I find it difficult to understand why they remain silent.

Hmmm.... I am not exactly sure how many people understood that the world was facing a flood of aetheric energies before I wrote my book in 2006, and realised that this flood of energy is real, physical and electromagnetic and was being called Space Weather, but when I did my research, despite the emphasis on certain types of infrastructure, nuclear power stations were never mentioned... The first I realised there was a problem was an article I found about 1 or 2 weeks before Fukushima written by an engineer in the United States who was expressing concern about just how inadequate the backup systems are in the event of a power failure... Well, the rest of the story is all now heavily documented history... I just feel very sad... Too many 'alien' psychopaths who only seem to have one aim and that is destroying humanity... worse still is the sheeple are too powerless to stop these 'aliens' ruining everything they touch...

A Special Report On the Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe
Environment Armageddon, 18th May 2012

Nuclear Power’s Future In Doubt Amidst Fukushima Crisis
Environment Armageddon, 26th May 2011

Rise and fall of underwater volcano revealed
BBC News, 13th May 2012
The violent rise and collapse of an underwater volcano in the Pacific Ocean is captured in startling clarity for the first time. Researchers studying the Monowai volcano, near Tonga, recorded huge changes in height in just two weeks. The images, gathered by sonar from a research ship, shed new light on the turbulent fate of submarine mountains. [...]

Lead author Tony Watts of Oxford University told the BBC that the revelation was "a wake-up call that the sea-floor may be more dynamic than we previously thought."

"I've spent my career studying the seabed and have generally thought it pretty stable so it's stunning to see so much change in such a short space of time."

Hmmm... It's almost like the concept of Earth being an open energetic system is completely unknown by most geoscientists.... Currently, Earth is being blasted by huge amounts of energy from space which is being soaked up by planet Earth. We have now got to the point where geologists get surprised when the balance of energies are such there is enough energy to make huge shifts, the same as can be applied to why we are seeing more 9.0+ earthquakes.... Scientists tell us there is an energy imbalance and quite clearly it is most noticeable due to the ever increasing number of earthquakes and increasing volcanic activity which will have an impact on the climate [BUT THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OF GLOBAL WARMING] and possibly cause an Ice Age. See archives or even better the website It really makes you wonder.... it seems not so many people have the ability to raise their consciousness to the level where they can see The Big Picture.

40 die in Chinese hailstorm
Yahoo News, 12th May 2012
Forty people were killed when a brief but violent hailstorm and torrential rain swept through a mountainous region of northwest China, according to the local government. [...]

It had "wreaked havoc" on all of the county's 18 townships and had affected more than two-thirds of its 450,000 residents, the state-controlled Xinhua news agency reported.

"Roads were blocked, houses collapsed, farmland was destroyed, and the power supply and telecommunications services were disrupted by the extreme weather," the agency said, quoting Xu Guangyao, a senior county official.


Ottawa sends MP to solve mysterious 'Windsor Hum'
CTV News, 1st May 2012
While the Motor City has produced popular sounds like Motown and the deep pulse of Detroit Techno, lately residents in the neighbouring Canadian city of Windsor have been complaining about a different kind of noise.

In fact, local chatter about a strange, disruptive hum along the Canadian side of the Detroit River has been commonplace for more than a year. And now federal officials in Ottawa are taking notice.

What the hell is going to happen when the realisation hits home there is NOTHING anyone can do because it's literally sonic booms coming from the atmosphere and that blasts of ionised air are causing the ground to shake as energy is quickly dissipated in the Earth? Btw, the people spreading lies and saying that rings on radar images are HAARP related just make me sick.... why the hell people don't want to pay attention to what NASA scientists are saying about the about new space weather phenomena related to geomagnetic storms... The world has changed and yet people are trying to blame crappy old out of date technology run off a bunch of old diesel engines without even enough power to rival a bolt of lightning.... truly pathetic... Oh, yes, HAARP is good conspiracy theory for the scientifically illiterate, so it useful in helping to control those with no clue...

Ottawa Sends MP to Solve Mysterious 'Windsor Hum' - May 1, 2012 (MEDIA VIDEO)
YouTube, 1st May 2012

Unexplained sounds, flashes spark rumors in Roslindale, Boston
Boston Metro News, 30th April 2012
Roslindale may soon be called Roswell-lindale after a series of unexplained sounds and flashes of light were witnessed over the weekend. Both Friday and Sunday, around the same times, residents reported hearing "booms" in the area of Zeller Street near the Fallon Field.

Some residents said the sound wasn't consistent with the noises made by fireworks during a July 4 celebration. The mysterious blasts were reportedly heard from Dorchester Fields to Jamaica Plain, but no one had an answer for the strange phenomenon.

This article links to the Linda Moulton Howe broadcast [15:10] (see below).... it seems that the only way to wake people up is to jolt them to the bone.... Besides that, if there is no evidence of earthquake activity then it has to be coming from the sky, but I imagine the authorities would rather pretend nothing was the matter that admit the noise was coming from the atmosphere and the seriousness of the magnetosphere breaking down... At this moment, are we hearing sonic booms being caused by the solar wind slamming into the magnetosphere? It looks like the answer is most likely yes,

NASA Science News, December 8, 1998

Researchers using NASA's Polar spacecraft have found the first direct evidence that bursts of energy from the Sun can cause oxygen and other gases to gush from Earth's upper atmosphere into space. Scientists first saw this effect September 24-25, 1998, when a storm from the Sun smacked into the Earth. Using particle detectors on Polar, they found that the flow of "polar wind" out of Earth's upper atmosphere increased substantially when the storm hit. In effect, pressure from the solar ejection squeezed gas out of the ionosphere. [...]

"This solar wind energy essentially 'cooks' the upper atmosphere off of the Earth." Moore's observations were presented on December 8 in San Francisco, CA, during the fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union.

On September 22, 1998, the Sun ejected a mass of hot, ionized gas (known as plasma) toward Earth. This magnetic cloud of plasma (called a coronal mass ejection) increased the density and pressure of the solar wind and produced a shock wave similar to a sonic boom. When that shock wave arrived at Earth late on September 24, it rammed into and compressed Earth's magnetic shell in space (the magnetosphere). This shock to the magnetosphere excited the plasma trapped in Earth's ionosphere to a point where some ions gained enough energy to escape Earth's gravity and flow downwind of Earth. The amount of oxygen and other gases lost from the ionosphere amounted to a few hundred tons....

NASA Science News, December 8, 1998
Well, I have been suspecting this all along, but it looks like instead of this ionized air escaping downwind of the Earth (literally being gouged out and flung out into space) this ionized air is creating sonic boom direct 'hits' over the United States and elsewhere..... We know that Earth's magnetic field is now operating with new rules and it seems something has changed to cause ionized air to coming exploding into Earth's lower atmosphere..... . I also imagine that this could be happening due to magnetic reconnection events on the night-side of Earth associated with substorms.... well, I never.....

The sound of police responding to one of the Roslindale booms
Universal Hub, 2nd May 2012

Mysterious Booms All Over U.S. Not Just Wisconsin Jolting People To The Bone
YouTube/WHENDASHTF, 31st March 2012
Linda Moulton Howe provides a brilliant summary of the problem in the United States and the efforts made by the City Administrators [Lisa Kuss talking] and authorities in Clintonville to investigate this noise phenomenon. The conclusion here is that this is from the Earth but only as far as a mile deep so that it is not being registered by seismic monitors, but I still think this is implausible as seismic waves would still travel through the ground and not just disappear....

Activity increases at Nicaragua’s Masaya Volcano- making noise like a jet engine
Nicaragua Monitors Microseismic Activity Increase in Volcano
Prensa Latina, 29th April 2012
April 29, 2012 – MANAGUA – Nicaraguan Experts reported Sunday more seismic activity at Masaya volcano, about 20 kilometers south of Managua, with an increase in expulsions of sulfur gases, which keeps the disaster warning system in high alert. According to the report, a crack in the main crater causes higher emissions and a sound similar to a jet engine. Specialists of the National System for Prevention, Mitigation and Attention to Disasters (SINAPRED) and the Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies (INETER), told the press that they detected this unusual behavior several days ago, but for now there is no reason for alarm.

There are lots of volcanoes waking up but making the sound of jet engine is something new and interesting when we consider all the other strange and mysterious hums and noises that are being heard coming from the sky. The headline came from Extinction Protocol website.

East and West coast of Canada hit with inexplicable earthquake swarms "Sounds like dynamite exploding."
The Extinction Protocol, 28th April 2012

Tornado rips through Essex farm
Herts & Essex Observer, 26th April 2012

'Mini Tornado' Damages Homes In Rugby
Yahoo News, 26th April 2012
Two tornadoes in a few days in the UK? See archives re: tornadoes in the UK, they may not be big but they occur quite often....

Green clouds over Moscow spark disaster fears (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
RT News, 26th April 2012
Mysterious green clouds have been spotted over the Russian capital, sparking fears of a chemical disaster and even some doomsday theories.

But the Emergencies Ministry is advising the public to calm down. It says the clouds are actually composed of birch pollen, not of chemicals from an allegedly burning factory in the Moscow region, as some reported.

Some people, however, got so scared that even the official comments could not convince them. Russian Twitter users have been posting alarming messages like “Moscow schools are closed because of the blast! Children are sent home,” “Sky has turned completely green in Moscow’s south!” and “The factory in Kaluga is destroyed!” A flood of 911 calls was also registered.

Others believe that the authorities are hiding information from the public: “Pollen is just an excuse. It might as well be the beginning of the Apocalypse!” one popular Russian blogger posted to his readers.

Well, it is no surprise that people did not believe the authorities, since when have green clouds been 'normal'.... The story about pollen is ridiculous....OK, we have green auroras, but I can't make a connection even though I would like to...

Fact or Fiction?: If the Sky Is Green, Run for Cover—A Tornado Is Coming
Hang on Dorothy, you may be in for a rough ride when trying to predict cyclones by the color of the sky
Scientific American, June 14, 2007
The explanation here of light being scattered is a bit strange... but it seems that researchers are discouraged from finding out why the sky can turn green..... I think there is something very odd here...

Baseball sized hail found in northeast Gatlinburg Thursday
WBIR News, 26th April 2012
Viewers in Sevier County are reporting large hail stones, some as big as golf balls and baseballs, pounded the area Thursday afternoon.

Dispatchers reported they had received reports of vehicles being damaged in the Gatlinburg area. The area hardest hit was near the Food City, where firefighters said some of the hail was as large as baseballs. There were several reports of broken windows.

Closer to downtown Gatlinburg, the hail was smaller, marble to pea-sized. There was also some damage at the Gatliburg Welcome Center on the Spur.

Long termers know that I have a thing about hail.... it's just bizarre.... Anyway, what is amazing is NOBODY wants to talk about the severe electromagnetic conditions in the atmosphere that can keep hail in the atmosphere long enough for it to defy gravity and GROW to baseball sized! Warm 'updrafts' simply don't cut it for me, and I would be interested to find any experiment where hail can be suspended in the air and grow to the size of a baseball in any kind of 'warmth'....

Golf ball-sized hail reported in Townville after Thursday storms
Independent Mail, 26th April 2012
"Hail as big as golf balls was reported in the Townville area, along with smaller hail in Powdersville and Williamston, among other parts of the three counties."
I enjoyed this video..... at ABOUT 1.50 a strange looking cloud appears.... that I thought looked like a tornado and the people producing the video predicted hail and explained the SKY WAS GREEN... They were right about the hail, but the clouds were truly menancing...

Mysterious, Persistent Booms Throughout North America and England
Earthfiles, 26th April 2012
[...] The next night on Saturday, April 14th, at 7:30 PM Central, in Columbia, Missouri, a university professor emailed me, “My neighbor and I are in agreement it was one hell of a boom – far too large to be a vehicle crash or a sonic boom” and compared the sound this way: “Imagine taking a really large, metal railroad car and you slammed it full speed into a stone wall” – a very metallic, concussive sound. [...]

In England, first the MoD said it did not know what the loud boom was and then changed to the sound barrier being broken by a U. K. Typhoon jet responding to an unusual emergency call from a small helicopter over Bath in Somerset County. (See more in report below). In all four American cases, there were no military confirmations of sound-barrier-breaking aircraft and no USGS evidence of local seismic events. As in many other parts of the U. S. and Canada since at least February 2012, one earwitness in Lacey says, “it sounded like the metallic collision of railroad cars followed by rumbling.”

There is an MP3 interview with various witnesses, but a transcript is provided. I have heard a recording of these loud metallic sounds (see below) and it is incredible.... I am wondering when a few more people will start to join the dots and come to the conclusion that the magnetosphere is breaking down hence the auroras that are appearing over the United States when the aurora season is supposed to be well over, never mind being seen as far south as Kansas in the United States due to 'minor' geomagnetic storms.... I think the UK booms are no comparison in coverage to what is taking place over the United States, but you can judge for yourself, see below. My theory is that the atmosphere is somehow badly damaged over the United States. I don't think anyone who has studied the decades of military madness and tinkering with the atmosphere would doubt this, the only problem is the need for proof, but that does not mean it does not exist...

Strange sounds in the sky 2012 (Oregon).mp4
YouTube, 11th April 2012
"This is the 3rd morning in a row at roughly 3:00 am. The sound starts with a rumbling in the ground, and then the sound continues for roughly 30 minutes or so. Can not explain where it is coming from, it seems as if it is coming strait from the sky with not a single plane in sight."

Strange weird noise in the sky Bath England, 6:10PM, 12th April 2012
YouTube, 12th April 2012
"Just heard a very weird noise so tried to capture it out of our window! Around 6pm-ish 12/04/2012. Was going on for a good 10mins or so, kept cutting in and out like that. Lots of storm clouds in the distance so we wondered if it was a strange phenomenon where a noise from a plane or thunder could bounce/echo around the clouds or something? First thing I've ever uploaded to youtube as I've never heard anything like it in my life! Sorry my hand's a bit shaky!"

MP to prepare 'Windsor hum' report
CBC News, 21st April 2012
Conservative MP Bob Dechert has wrapped up a fact-finding mission to solve the mystery of the so-called Windsor hum, a persistent low frequency noise that has triggered hundreds of complaints over the past two years.

The hum has annoyed residents of southwest Windsor and a neighbouring county since 2011.

The noise, described as a low-frequency rumbling sound, has become a significant annoyance in the border city, with an estimated 22,000 residents taking part in a telephone forum held in February to discuss the issue.

See archives for science and comments that link the new 'hums' as another sign that Earth has reached a new energetic level.

Should we be worried about Earth's magnetic poles reversing?
What will happen when north-pointing compasses make a 180-degree turn toward Antarctica? Will the continents tear themselves apart, or are we in store for much more mundane changes? Mother Nature Network, April 2012
[...] "The most dramatic changes that occur when the poles reverse is a very large decrease of the total field intensity," said Jean-Pierre Valet, who conducts research on geomagnetic reversals at the Institute of Earth Physics of Paris. [5 Ways the World Will Change Dramatically this Century]

Earth's magnetic field takes between 1,000 and 10,000 years to reverse, and in the process, it greatly diminishes before it re-aligns. "It's not a sudden flip, but a slow process, during which the field strength becomes weak, very probably the field becomes more complex and might show more than two poles for a while, and then builds up in strength and [aligns] in the opposite direction," said Monika Korte, the scientific director of the Niemegk Geomagnetic Observatory at GFZ Potsdam in Germany.

The scientists say it's the weak in-between phase that would be roughest on Earthlings.

According to John Tarduno, professor of geophysics at the University of Rochester, a strong magnetic field helps protect Earth from blasts of radiation from the sun. "Coronal mass ejections (CMEs) occasionally occur on the Sun, and sometimes hurtle directly toward Earth," Tarduno said. "Some of the particles associated with CMEs can be blocked by Earth's magnetic field. With a weak field, this shielding is less efficient."

The charged particles bombarding Earth's atmosphere during solar storms would punch holes in Earth's atmosphere, and this could hurt humans. "Ozone holes, like that over Antarctica (which today are due to an entirely different cause related to man) could form as solar particles interact with the atmosphere in a cascade of chemical reactions. These 'holes' would not be permanent, but might be present on one- to 10-year timescales — arguably important enough to be a concern in terms of skin cancer rates," Tarduno said. [Will Sunscreen Protect You from the Upcoming Solar Flares?]

I totally agree with comment that it's when the Earth's magnetic field is weak that I think HUMANS WILL HAVE A PROBLEM AND A STRONG PERSONAL ENERGY FIELD IS REQUIRED. We already have the European Space Agency telling us Killer electrons are being beamed into our atmosphere during bouts of space weather, but recently, NASA said the Killer electrons are beamed out into space.... who do you believe? Link. There is a lot of very interesting information in this article and it is interesting because of the experts that are being quoted and what they have to say about space weather. I quoted some of these people in my book, but back in 2006 when I published not so many people were talking about space weather, but how things have changed!

From my point of view, due to the extremely high levels of ignorance about what is taking place on this planet, few see the need for spiritual evolution. I basically spent thousands of hours researching, studying and reflecting on what I had learnt and then came up with the concept that strengthening the human energy field amounted to spirital evolution. Basically getting rid of the crud that causes imbalance in the human energy field. Yet, the general levels of teaching in the metaphysical community is just extremely poor as too many people think that a decent energy field is built up based on spiritual narcissism and greed -- I think not! Basically, bulls#t is no protection against cosmic rays and a highly fluctuating magnetic field.
  • Earth’s Magnetic Field Is Produced By An External Dynamo System, Not An Internal Dynamo
    EPR Aerospace News, Oct 23rd 2009
    "Earth’s inner and outer core simply cannot provide the fuel a dynamo system needs. If earth’s dynamo had to depend on energy from the planet for fuel, the entire planet would have been completely consumed many years ago."
    This is interesting new source that I have missed... Many others have come to this conclusion too, so I am interested to know what ESA's SWARM Mission will discover...

Mystery Booms in San Diego NBC San Diego News
YouTube, 14th April 2012
Comment: The Emeritus Professor Pat Abbott, who has been a professor at San Diego State University since 1971. says that something happened in the atmosphere, but he says he thinks it MUST have been a fleet of planes.... Seriously, since when have there been reports of whole fleets of planes flying in the skies. This report DOES NOT even confirm the existence of any planes in the vicinity... Linda Moulton Howe at Earth files will be doing a special report, when it arrives I will add a link, but see details below:

April 17, 2012 - Bizarre, Metallic Booms Persist - Now in
San Diego, Calif., and Lacey, Washington.    Report upcoming.

- “From 9 PM on April 12, until 3 AM on April 13, it sounded
like periodic metallic, crashing booms of colliding railroad cars followed by rumbling.”

- John Ellison, Fitness Trainer, Lacey, WA

- “All at once [at 8:45 AM on April 13], there was a
knocking noise and a rumbling vibration on my kitchen window.”

- Carol Hill, Midway, San Diego County, CA
Source: Earthfiles

Sometimes, it's hard to know what to say... Well, I have worked hard for 7 years and at least I understand enough about what is going on to inform others, but more importantly I understand WHY.... Basically, the sounds of the apocalypse are warning of what is coming and the same was heard in ancient times. The magnetosphere is breaking down to allow in huge volumes of cosmic and galactic energy and the result will be evolution or devolution right here on planet Earth. So far, most seem to be oblivious and that also reflects the stance of ancient civilisations that were generally wiped out with only a few survivors in the past. This time, I understand things will not be so severe, but poor geomagnetic conditions may only be the best case scenario.

Source: What Was That Mystery Sound?
San Diegans felt it, they heard it; so what as it?
NBC San Diego News, 13th April 2012

Incredible Images Show Giant Sinkhole In Sweden Keeps Expanding!
Message to Eagle, 14th April 2012

Quake Expert: Earth Cracking Up
Croatian Times, 15th April 2012
A leading earthquake scientist has warned that the planet could be cracking up after a series of massive quakes in just 48 hours. Expert Gheorghe Marmureanu - from Romania's National Institute of Earth Physics - says 39 quakes had hit the globe within two days.

The series started with two massive quakes in Indonesia measuring 8.6 and 8.2 on the Richter scale rapidly followed by three more only slightly smaller in Mexico within hours. "There is no doubt that something is seriously wrong. There have been too many strong earthquakes," said Marmureanu.

He added: "The quakes are a surprise that cannot be easily explained by current scientific knowledge. With the Indonesian quake for example, statistically, there should be one big earthquake in this part of Asia every 500 years. However, since 2004, there were already three quakes with a magnitude of over 8, which is not normal.

From a geophysical point of view, this is a very serious claim. However, as there has been a massive build up of energy on this planet, this is the time when we can expect some serious changes.... The geological record is evidence that changes can take place very quickly. Yes, that is why some countries have been doing huge earthquake drills, it seems that experts have already tipped off governments that we can expert some trauma... I believe we can make a link with the delivery of massive amounts of energy from deep space and the predictions it is about to get serious....

Sonic boom as jets investigate ‘UFO’
The Sun, 14th April 2012
TWO RAF Typhoon jets that rocked five counties with their sonic boom were at the centre of a UFO riddle last night. The scrambled warplanes were seen intercepting a mystery object hovering over Somerset. Dad-of-three Richard Bird, 38, told how the supersonic jets probed the “strange sock-shaped” entity above his garden in Bath. He said: “They were having a really good look.”

The story is still bogus. Even if it's true fighter jets were investigating a ufo, why would the MOD jet fighters draw attention to what they were doing by making such a racket? The sonic booms were heard over a HUGE AREA.... UAPs exist, but until now, the attitude of the UK MOD has been 'and so what?'

Strange sounds in the sky 2012 (Oregon).mp4
YouTube, 11th April 2012
"This is the 3rd morning in a row at roughly 3:00 am. The sound starts with a rumbling in the ground, and then the sound continues for roughly 30 minutes or so. Can not explain where it is coming from, it seems as if it is coming strait from the sky with not a single plane in sight."

Fantastic..... the sounds of space... see archives for links to 'real' outer space recordings for comparison..... Sometimes I just have to laugh... when I wrote and published my book in 2006, I came up with the slogan: "We are all astronauts now!" Little did I know just how right I was....

Strange weird noise in the sky Bath England, 6:10PM, 12th April 2012
YouTube, 12th April 2012

"Just heard a very weird noise so tried to capture it out of our window! Around 6pm-ish 12/04/2012. Was going on for a good 10mins or so, kept cutting in and out like that. Lots of storm clouds in the distance so we wondered if it was a strange phenomenon where a noise from a plane or thunder could bounce/echo around the clouds or something? First thing I've ever uploaded to youtube as I've never heard anything like it in my life! Sorry my hand's a bit shaky!"

Well, well, well, this might a disturb a few... this is quite a roar... in fact, 10 minutes of roaring but only 3 minutes provided here.... The uploader also writes that the MOD declared this was caused by TWO RAF jets, so presumably the UK MOD decided jets going round and round in circles for a while was a great idea... (Yes, I have picked up the rubbish that there was a jet in trouble but it would not be travelling at a speed to create sonic booms if that was true....) Whatever, I think this is a classic video... North Devon to the West Midlands is a long way for a sonic boom to be heard... Oh well, people think the magnetosphere breaking down is some kind of joke, but I don't think it will remain a joke for much longer...

Typhoon sonic boom behind mysterious bang reports - MoD
BBC News, 16th April 2012
"The Ministry of Defence initially said it was investigating what was behind the loud noise, but a spokesman later confirmed it was from one of two RAF Typhoons that had been launched following an emergency call from a helicopter. Flood of calls The MoD said the Typhoons, from the Quick Reaction Alert (QRA), based at RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire, were scrambled and authorised to go supersonic after the small civilian helicopter had emitted an emergency signal.

A spokesman said the frequency was only used when an aircraft was in particular trouble, such as a hijacking. He said the aircraft were already on their way to the helicopter by the time the helicopter pilot realised he was transmitting on the wrong frequency and switched to the correct one."

This "news" report from the BBC is a garbled mess.... Listen to the actual recording which is supposed to be only 3 minutes from 10 minutes of roaring in Bath, UK....Remember, the sound was heard over a large area... Why would the fighter jet(s) go sonic AFTER doing "tight" circles and when the emergency was over? It is difficult to comment on a story that is so badly concocted.

Huge mystery boom heard over county - big bang theory!
Oxford News, 12th April 2012
“We believe it could be a sonic boom from a supersonic aircraft.” He added that he believed it to be more than a single incident as the reports were so far spread. Some have reported the noise was so loud it ‘shook their house’.

Golf Ball-Sized Hailstones Kill Three People (Media Video)
Sky News, 12th April 2012
"Hailstones the size of golf balls have reportedly killed three people and injured 25 others in China. The giant pieces of ice pelted several rural areas in east China's Jiangxi province overnight and on Wednesday morning, resulting in the deaths of three people, the Xinhua news agency said. The hailstones were said to be as large as 3.5cm in diameter and weighed 18g on average."
As they say in the blogosphere, this *%/& is getting real....

Typhoon sonic boom behind mysterious bang reports - MoD [UK]
BBC News, 12th April 2012
I can't keep up with these reports of booms and bangs.... How on Earth can one RAF plane make that much noise that it is heard over a large part of the UK? I think the excuse is extremely weak....

4 feet of hail in Texas? Reports, photos cause quite a storm
MSNBC News, 12h April 2012
"Sure, everything's bigger in Texas. But 4 feet of hail from one storm? That's what the National Weather Service, the Texas Department of Transportation and a local sheriff say happened Wednesday in an area north of Amarillo when hail piled up in drifts so wide they cut off a major highway."
Well, it's an incredible picture, but my first thought was this looked like it was a dusting of snow on rocks...

Why Today's Indonesia Quake Didn't Make a Monster Tsunami
Our Amazing Planet, 11th April 2012

Earth's Leaky Magnetosphere - Sprite Season Starts Already?, 2nd April 2012
SPRITE SEASON BEGINS: The first sprites of summer are starting to appear in the skies of North America. The strange thing is, summer is almost three months away. "Sprite season is beginning early this year," says Thomas Ashcraft, who photographed these specimens on March 30th from his observatory in New Mexico: [...]

Sprites are electrical discharges that come out of the top of thunderclouds, opposite ordinary lightning bolts which plunge toward Earth. Sprites can tower as high as 90 km above ground. That makes them a form of space weather as they overlap the zone of auroras, meteors, and noctilucent clouds.

So we have gone from atmospheric scientists ignoring this phenomena before 1989, to "surprise" that electrical conditions in the atmosphere have intensified enough such that sprite "season" will soon be all year round constant activity... Well as far as I am concerned, we are all Tibetan monks now.... nobody has to go live in a monastery on an Himalayan mountain to benefit from this "special" energy... I am also pleased that tells us that this is a type of spaceweather as I had worked this out without their help when I published my book back in 2006.

3,000 Dolphins Found Dead on Peruvian Beaches
Fox News Latino, 2nd April 2012

Mystery Ocean Glow Confirmed in Satellite
UFO Digest, 28th March 2012

Officials Explain Mysterious Glowing NJ Sky
CBS New York, 25th March 2012

March hailstone confirmed as largest ever in Hawaii
Star Advertiser, 22nd March 2012

Trees May Play Role in Electrifying the Atmosphere, Study Suggests
Science Daily, 21st March 2012

Pink/Orange rainbow
YouTube, March 2012

Night Time rainbow over Windsor, Onatario
YouTube, March 2012

Pink/Orange rainbow Image only

"Horizontal Tornado" Captured by Amateur Videographer
Scientific American, 16th March 2012
"This harmless phenomenon, called a roll cloud, forms where cold air drives low-hanging, moist warm air upward. Cooler temperatures condense the moisture to form clouds. Winds create the rolling effect"
I personally think this explanation lacks an explanation that includes stray magnetic field lines....

Pictures: Glowing Blue Waves Explained, National Geographic
National Geographic, March 2012

Mysterious hog farm explosions stump scientists
Ars Technica, 14th March 2012
"If microbes are to blame, the next question would be: Why now? Deep-pit manure collection on high-density hog farms has been around for decades. Some recent and specific change would need to be responsible for altering the communities of microbes inside them. "I don't think it's a dangerous new microbe," said Angela Kent, a microbial ecologist at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. "I think it's a shift in the environment that’s favoring a particular microbial assemblage that’s inadvertently causing this."
Picking up on an environmental change is most certainly an interesting explanation...

Family's surveillance cameras rolling as tornado hits West
YouTube, 9th March 2012
There are elements to this video that verge on the paranormal, see anomaly @ 5:31 & @ 6:20.... It explains why in even severe tornados, not all houses are obliterated and some are left standing without so much as a tile missing on the roof.... I would be interested to meet the people living in these homes that come out from a major cleansing event untouched...

Entire Month's Worth of Tornadoes Strike in One Day [Photo Gallery]
"In what may be the biggest daily tornado outbreak on record for March, an entire month's worth of twisters struck in a single day."
Yahoo News, 3rd March 2012

Mysterious Sky Sounds Baffled Early Explorers Too
Weird Australia, 20th February 2012

Tornadoes cut violent path across U.S. leaving trail of destruction and 32 dead
Extinction Protocol, 3rd March 2012
March 3, 2012 – HENRYVILLE, Ind.— The death toll from the tornadoes that slammed through the Midwest and Southeast on Friday and early Saturday rose to at least 32 as a second wave of storms hit southern states overnight. In Alabama, one person was confirmed dead in the east-central county of Tallapoosa as more tornadoes touched down overnight, state authorities said. Storms also crossed over parts of neighboring Georgia overnight, but there was only one reported injury and no fatalities as of Saturday morning.

I really don't like commenting on tornadoes but hellfire, the planet has been open to the cosmic elements in the last few days and the power for these massive destructive tornadoes has to come from somewhere. I truly believe that as Earth's magnetic field completely breaks down which it will, people will have to build dome houses or other designs that can withstand the ferocity of high winds. Continuing to build the same type of matchstick properties is just plain stupid, especially in regions that are already prone to tornadoes...

40 dead as 'enormous outbreak' of tornadoes tears through U.S on 2nd March 2012
YouTube, 2nd March 2012
Helicopter video of the destruction at Henryville...

Brief Clip of Massive Tornado in West Liberty, KY - March 2, 2012
YouTube, 2nd March 2012

Doomsday Shelter Owners Hope For The Best, Prepare For The Worst
Huffington Post, 8th August 2011

VIDEO: Puna area on Hawaii Island shaken by mysterious force
Civil Defense says a number of agencies have no explanation for “quake” before 9 a.m. Big Island, 22nd February 2012

Satellite captures enormous 90-mile-wide storm that's UNDERWATER
Daily Mail, 21st February 2012

Mysterious plume blankets Kewalo Basin [Hawaii]
Khon News, 29th February 2012
"At first light he and other boat owners were stunned by the free flowing plume that turned the water white. "Just was coming out here like crazy just like you see it right now and it muddied the whole harbor in a matter of five minutes."

Unexplained Phenomena Lights up Night Sky in Derby, England
Who Forted, 25th February 2013
A mysterious “white ball of light” has the residents of the English town of Derby buzzing about visitors from outer space.

When the odd flash lit up the sky on January 26th, Dawn Ratcliffe from Loscoe took to the internet to see if anyone else had noticed the bizarre event.

“I was sat on the floor in the living room talking to my boyfriend, facing the window, when outside I saw a massive white flash that lit up the whole sky,” she told UFO UK. “It only lasted a split second. It was like it had come from a ball of light, not like lightning. It definitely wasn’t a firework and we went straight outside to see If there was anything out there or an aeroplane or something, but the sky was clear. It was such an intense bright white flash.”

Judging from the response, she wasn’t alone, as other residents backed her story up by claiming that, unlike lightening, the event lasted many seconds and effectively lit the sky for many miles on end. Residents theories range anywhere from UFOs to government laser testing.

The Planetary Refresh even in dreary Derby... As I have repeated before, I think this is a particular type of seismic photon discharge similar to a quakelight, but without the following earthquake, see archives for other similar events like the amazing Fort Worth event in May 2011.

Strange Sounds in Missoula: My Ear-witness Account.
Zoo FM, 20th February 2012
[...] I was indeed the person who filmed the evidence. It was yesterday, Saturday, Feb 18th around 12:40pm in the Hellgate Elementary School playground. I was taking my daughter out for her daily exercise (the same girl you see in the distance in the video) along with my dog. I started to hear the sounds early on in our little adventure and the first time it was heard my dog perked her ears up and my daughter stopped in her tracks. That sound was identical to the one I had taped later, and lasted just as long. Now since I’ve been following this worldwide strange sounds phenomenon for some time, the whole “End of the world” thing popped instantly into my head. What if this was one of those sounds? I had my phone ready to capture the next one just in case. Sure enough, five minutes later the sound had returned. This second sound was captured but I never released this video only because I kept yelling for my daughter to come closer, and honestly I didn’t want the public to be hearing her name for privacy reasons. Perhaps I’ll bleep out her name and upload that one someday too.

This video has been floating around the internet for a few days. I saw the video first before I saw the write-up and now I am not sure what to believe... My initial reponse was this was fake, fake, fake but it could have been a truly 'local' event so I am thinking there needs to be some independent verification and I don't have time to check. The issue is this sound is just too musical, and the person who made the video is another DJ at a radio station. The video starts off 'normal' and then goes orchestral... and reminds me of trippy New Age music.... it has provoked a lot of discussion fake or not... People are not too thrilled with the name Hellgate either...

Strange sound in Kiev, Ukraine - 22nd February 2012
YouTube, 22nd February 2012
I think this is interesting because we get sounds heard indoors and then we get the drama of the ear-witness running downstairs to hear the same sounds outdoors...

Mysterious night time noise plagues Derry [Ireland]
Derry Journal, 22nd February 2012

Earth, solar wind and fire: Northern lights and molten lava come together in landscape that could be out of this world
Daily Mail, 21st February 2012

International disaster training drill simulates 8.0 earthquake hitting Mexico and unleashing volcanic firestorm
Extinction Protocol, 17th February 2012
February 17, 2012 – SAN DIEGO - Don’t call us paranoid, but why is the world suddenly having so many disaster simulation drills? Besides the New Madrid quake drill in the U.S, the latest exercise involves several nations and is hosted by San Diego State University. Exercise 24 (X24) Mexico is the third iteration of a primarily virtual, open-invitation, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief (HADR) exercise with real-world functional components that is hosted by San Diego State University’s “Immersive Visualization Center” (VizCenter). Public Event kicks-off February 08-09, 2012 at 8:00am PST -Hosted by San Diego State University Immersive Visualization Center.
There was even major earthquake disaster drills in the UK (see archives) and the UK does not even get major earthquakes so presumably someone somewhere thinks they are coming.... See the archives for a report from a UK government sponsored agency that warned there will be more disasters in the future. Despite the refusal to explain this properly, it is a fact that our planet is now energetically quite unstable as there is an obvious inflow and outgoing of cosmic and terrestrial energies that I have termed the Planetary Refresh and the process is accelerating. Change requires energy and that energy is coming from space!
  • Governments must prepare for more mega-disasters - UK, 28th March 2011
    "A BRITISH government report says major disasters like the Japanese earthquake and tsunami or Pakistan's floods are likely to become more frequent and global governments must prepare for an uncertain future."

On the trail of powerful explosions reported in Russia?
Extinction Protocol, 15th February 2012
February 15, 2012 – RUSSIA - As reported the Geophysical Service of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences- two unusually powerful explosions occurred in the last few days in the south of Western Siberia, a few dozen kilometers of the town of Belovo, Kemerovo Region, Russia.

The first explosion took place February 9, 2012 at 20:30 pm, the explosion was such a huge force, that the inhabitants of cities Belovo Prokopevsk, Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo felt such powerful tremors of the earth, which in many apartments the furniture were falling, many residents were in the panic, ran into the street, thinking that this is an earthquake,

but according to the Geophysical Service of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, that have been published already after a few minutes after these shocks- Russian Academy of Sciences excluded the possibility of an earthquake, as an explosion occurred on the surface of the earth, the force was M3.6 on the Richter scale. After this – at February 12, 2012 was another explosion, a little weaker, than the previous explosion,

and the Geophysical Service of the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences also noted, that it was an explosion but was not an earthquake and this explosion occurred exactly at the same place (the copy of the report message of Geophysical Service of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences can be viewed at the top of this article).

Now we are getting strange explosions? OK, I only came across the 1944 prophecy of Peter Deunov about 3 weeks ago and someone who has watched my Delft Evening Lecture sent me a different link. Since it mentions "terrible explosions will resound in numerous regions of the earth" and now there is concern about dust exploding, I think it would be remiss of me not to point out that genuine sources many many decades ago told us what to expect. Yes, some sources have told us that it will not be as bad as it could be because the EM grids of the planet have been reset so we just have to hope that we do not get worse case scenario because based on the geological record and ancient text, the worse case is terrible... Yet, I think this is quite clear: "The earth will soon be swept by extraordinary rapid waves of Cosmic Electricity." Yep, that is crystal clear and that is why the UK & US governments announced in June 2011, that when we get powerful geomagnetic storm conditions, they are now prepared to play Russian roulette with the Sun and take down the national power grids at a moments notice... see archives for details.

California Seismologist Testifies against Scientists in Italy Quake Manslaughter Trial
Scientific American, 16th February 2012
The courthouse in L’Aquila, Italy, on February 15 hosted a highly anticipated hearing in the trial of six seismologists and one government official indicted for manslaughter over their reassurances to the public ahead of a deadly earthquake in 2009 (see "Scientists face trial over earthquake deaths" and "Scientists on trial: At fault?"). During the hearing, the former head of the Italian Department of Civil Protection turned from key witness into defendant, and a seismologist from California criticized Italy’s top earthquake experts.

All those indicted took part in a meeting held in L’Aquila on March 30, 2009, during which they were asked to assess the risk of a major earthquake in view of the many shocks that had hit the city in the previous months. After the meeting, Bernardo De Bernardinis, deputy head of the Department of Civil Protection, said to the press: "The scientific community tells me there is no danger because there is an ongoing discharge of energy," a statement that most seismologists consider to be scientifically incorrect.

I can't believe this has gone to trial... Though, it is interesting that there was a heavy discharge of energy and it was ignored.... This is called a seismic 'precursor signal' and I have commented many times about this particular energy... We also find out the name of the hero who tried to warn: "Giampaolo Giuliani—a laboratory technician and amateur seismologist who was alarming the population with claims that a major shock was coming" the article forgets to mention that Giampaolo Giuliani was arrested for trying to make a difference...

Beirut River mysteriously turns blood red [Video!]
Extinction Protocol News, 16th February 2012

Environment Ministry Launches Probe as Beirut River Turns Red
Naharnet News, 16th February 2012
I am paying attention to these stories of rivers turning bright green and red because I think the cause is environmental.

Water spout spotted over Auckland [NZ]
The Telegraph, 15th February 2012

Insurance firms reject Zurich quake claims
The Local News, 14th February 2012

Strange Clouds Form Over Panama City Beach, Florida
Huffington Post, 7th February 2012

2012-02-11 ML 4.2 SWITZERLAND
USGS, 12th February 2012

My goodness, I experienced an earthquake in Switzerland! I even wrote down the time as 23:49 but it looks like I was off by 4 minutes by the time I decided to record this historic event... Strangely it felt like an earthquake and a blast because I had the distinct sensation of wind... hence it is interesting there are reports that people thought there had been explosions... OK, this is nothing compared to what others have experienced but I can't remember if I have ever felt an earthquake before... From a geophysical point of view the sensation of a blast is very very interesting to me... I am wondering if anyone saw any quakelights too... More thoughts: Since when have earthquakes been associated with explosions? I was not outside, I felt a blast in my living room and had a brief sensation of things swaying... If someone told be that CERN was destroyed I would believe it...

Testimonies: 2012-02-11 ML 4.2 SWITZERLAND
EMSC News, 12th February 2012
"Very strange feeling. Although I am used to earthquakes,as I come from Greece, this was something else... The floor was shaking in high frequency, windows were shaking too, with a very strong noise from outside. as if it was coming from the lake...the earthquake stopped suddenly with an explosion feeling at the end... Too strange...duration about 6 seconds but too strong..."

Moderate but shallow earthquake strikes Zug and Zurich area, Switzerland
Earthquake Report, 12th February 2012
"My IKEA Billy CD shelve fell!. No structural damage to house."

Yes - The Sky Noise Phenomena Continues Into February In Pennslyvania
UDCC, 6th February 2012
"Indeed, today on UDCC I think I have ferreted out a GOOD strange sky noise phenomena video for you from Pennsylvania. Multi minutes, very vocal about NOT being a hoax, and a profile that suggests this is NOT a BS'er. All that said, who knows as in the comments he does get a little 12-21-12'y for me. Says it went on for OVER THREE HOURS."

Mild swearing... nothing you have not heard before...

Mystery noises reported in Hartlepool
Hartlepool Mail, 8th February 2012

UFO report in Primrose Hill after mystery deep humming [London, UK]
Ham & High, 9th February 2012

Strange Noise Over The Skies Of Amarillo Texas, 1st February 2012
So earlier tonight Cadillac Cruz Dj for Blake & Kiss Fm stormed into the studio yanking me off the air to hear what was going on outside.

Now I’ve heard of incidents like this going on all across the world. This was the creepiest thing I have ever heard! A strange noise coming from the sky since it was dark we couldn’t really figure out what it was.

It definitely did not sound like a plane. There has been reports of this strange noise in the sky all across the planet and people have been posting their videos of it on YouTube.

I presume this is a hoax.... But it has generated lots of interest, so I have decided to at least log a few videos that people posted in response.

Red State (Trumpet Scene)
YouTube, Jan 21, 2012

Apocalypse Sounds Played All At Once "Amazing" Bible Prophecy!
YouTube, 2nd February 2012
Theologian Paul Begley of Indiana plays an audio (news reports from CTV) (Shawn Fussell Texas made the combination apocalypse sounds) of all the different sounds heard around the world! The Apocaylpse sounds seem to be coming from Heaven including the shofar...

It is really interesting that Christians are having a field day with The Sounds of the Apocalypse' or 'trumpet' sounds in the sky, because the knowledge of the 'End Times' has been retained in the Bible, but obviously, scripture is well short of any technical details. I do keep thinking of the parable of the virgins that were ready (they had lamps with oil) and those who were not (empty lamps). I actually think the analogy is trying to explain about those who are truly spiritual and those who are just religious for convenience or spiritual materialists. What's more, I disagree with Christians who think that it is a simple matter of being 'saved'. I think this is about living at a high level of human consciousness. If you want this in biblical terms, 'Spirit' or Universal Intelligence can only recognise you by your energy field and it has to be in good shape because I am starting to think that there is going to be some severe 'zap' 'zapping' soon. The trumpets ARE a warning because they are telling us that the Earth's magnetosphere is breaking down and your energy field is going to be your only salvation from fierce cosmic radiation. Because I have studied so much I am amazed at all the different sources of ancient knowledge and text that are coming together to help us de-code the significance of some serious change coming to this planet. All I can say to those who want to carry on as if nothing is happening is, good luck! Cosmic Intelligence is about to do some serious spring cleaning on this planet.

Updated: Earthfiles Email About Mysterious “Chorus of Trumpets” and Other Strange Sounds
Earthfiles, 2nd February 2012

Mysterious “Chorus of Trumpets” Heard in Tennessee
Earthfiles, January 31, 2012
You even get the scriptures here too!

Mysterious noise escalates in Windsor, Ont.
Councillor wants Ottawa to address cross-border rumble
CBC News, 30th January 2012
An unexplained rumbling disturbed hundreds of Windsor, Ont., residents this weekend to the extent that some thought it was an earthquake, prompting calls for Ottawa to step in.

City Coun. Al Maghnieh said he was inundated with telephone calls, emails and Facebook messages this weekend after the so-called "hum" returned, louder than ever.

Residents across Windsor and neighbouring LaSalle began reporting a noise they describe as similar to an idling train or semi-trailer in February 2011. Maghnieh said a "low-frequency rumble" seemed to peak early Sunday morning, calling it "really harsh." He wasn't alone in this complaint.

See previous comments on this hum/mystery sounds/noise phenomena, especially comments with references to geophysical electrophonics and sounds of the magnetosphere.

Strange sounds in sky explained by scientists
WOSCO News, January 2012
Mr. Khalilov, what is the nature of the unusual very low-pitched sounds reported by a great number of people in different parts of the planet since the summer of 2011? Many call them "The Sound of the Apocalypse". Information about that comes from all over the world: US, UK, Costa Rica, Russia, Czech Republic, Australia, etc.

We have analyzed records of these sounds and found that most of their spectrum lies within the infrasound range, i.e. is not audible to humans. What people hear is only a small fraction of the actual power of these sounds. They are low-frequency acoustic emissions in the range between 20 and 100 Hz modulated by ultra-low infrasonic waves from 0.1 to 15 Hz.

In geophysics, they are called acoustic-gravity waves; they are formed in the upper atmosphere, at the atmosphere-ionosphere boundary in particular. There can be quite a lot of causes why those waves are generated: earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, storms, tsunamis, etc. However, the scale of the observed humming sound in terms of both the area covered and its power far exceeds those that can be generated by the above-mentioned phenomena.

In our opinion, the source of such powerful and immense manifestation of acoustic-gravity waves must be very large-scale energy processes. These processes include powerful solar flares and huge energy flows generated by them, rushing towards Earth's surface and destabilizing the magnetosphere, ionosphere and upper atmosphere. Thus, the effects of powerful solar flares: the impact of shock waves in the solar wind, streams of corpuscles and bursts of electromagnetic radiation are the main causes of generation of acoustic-gravitation waves following increased solar activity.

Atmospheric scientists and geoscientists should know full well that the conditions in our ionosphere combined with a weak magnetosphere is the cause of the strange sounds in the sky... This is not a result of a few solar flares, conditions in our solar system have been changing and becoming saturated with charged dust for the last 20 years. This is what happens when there is a celestial deluge of 'charged' cosmic energy as recorded by ancient texts.

Strange Sounds Being Heard Around the World 2011-2012
YouTube, 19th January 2012
"Strange sounds are being reported from all around the globe!!! Many different cities, through out many different countries are hearing them. Mostly in 2011, some sooner, and especially more recently in 2012, these "earth sounds" are becoming a quickly growing phenomenon!!! "
The scientists at WOSCO think this 7 minute video is worthy of some consideration....

New Sott Report: Strange Noises in the Sky: Trumpets of the Apocalypse?, 29th January 2012
I thought this presentation was quite funny... Quinn has a lovely Irish accent... This video is dramatic in parts, but there is not really enough RELEVANT FACTS like the interstellar debris cloud entering our solar system, the breakdown of Earth's magnetosphere or even any mention of the seriousness of space weather, but that is because the folks over at have spent a lot of time in recent years warning about comets, which may or may not be relevant to what is taking place to our world.

Strange sky hum Cambridge 23rd January [UK]
YouTube, 23rd January 2012
There is swearing here, as the owner of this video has not been informed that this is Apocalypse time. It is interesting to note that someone has been interested in a little bit of reality, even in the rarified atmosphere of Cambridge in the UK... I also wonder if any of the intellectuals there have engaged their brains and understand what is taking place to our world... I picked this up at who are still logging reports of strange sounds in the sky from all over the world.

Strange Sounds Jan 21 2012 Banff Alberta Canada
YouTube, 22nd January 2012
"We came down to check to see if the ice was thick enough for skating and shoot a few photos on Lake Minnewanka and heard this insane noise that seemed to go on forever."
OK these sounds are very different...

YouTube, 29th January 2012
"This was very freaky. The sky was making strange noises or i should say there were some strange noises coming from the sky. I woke up about 3am & listened to them for about 45 minutes before i grabbed my camera to record the sound. It kept making the sounds about every 4 seconds until around 5.45am. I hope it doesn't happen again tonight."
Classic... Complaints about the sky snoring at 3.45am in the morning! Lots of swearing.... But I will say it reminds me of Crocodile Dundee... This is funny... communication.... LOL!

Strange sounds all around the world
Reality Choice, August 25, 2011
"Have you been noticing a rise on reported aerial visual and auditory anomalies? Weird sounds coming from the earth and sky seem to be reported from different countries throughout the past few years. As recently as this month, there have been a few reports from Canada and Ukraine in which people describe either strange mechanical sounds emanating from the skies or a combination of low rumbling and low frequency hums."
This is for those interested in a selection of videos concerning strange sounds reported last year.

Strange noises reported around North Battleford (NEWS VIDEO)
CTV News, 24th January 2012
There's been a lot of buzz over the last few weeks about strange sounds being heard in the atmosphere. People around the world and here at home have reported hearing some bizarre noises. The latest were recorded in the Battlefords last weekend.

Ian Hamilton, North Battleford's mayor, says he can't explain it. "What I experienced was a scraping sound, like a snowplow."

Mike Halstead, a North Battleford resident, was lying in bed when his phone rang. Calls and text messages came in from his friends, each reporting strange noises. "That's when the goose bumps got me and I thought ‘that's awfully strange'." [...]

University of Saskatchewan professor Jean-Pierre St. Maurice says there is a natural explanation. "Somehow they are picking up noise from an electrical antenna that is there. That is electromagnetic noise."



Well, there is a mixed response on the blogosphere, but it is certainly amazing to me that people who have no idea that there is a new phenomenon called Space Weather or what is happening in space right now, don't want to believe a professor. I realise that people love their ignorance but this is ridiculous, hence I have posted details of Jean-Pierre St.Maurice's credentials below. It looks like instruments on the ACE satellite have recovered from their ordeal (25th Jan 9:30 UT), and we now have a fast solar wind, but the damage was actually caused by the solar wind spiking up to 750km/s when the CME impacted the ACE satellite.... However the details were also picked up an instrument on the SOHO satellite that did not manage to fail. Not surprisingly, the auroras have been spectacular, see spaceweather Storm Recap - 25th January 2012.

CTV News: Strange noises around North Battleford - 24th January 2012
YouTube, 24th January 2012

*ORIGINAL VIDEO* Strange Sounds in Saskatoon?? (Jan. 18 2012)
YouTube, 18th January 2012

  • Engaging Minds: Jean-Pierre St.Maurice
    YouTube, Aug 28, 2008
    Jean-Pierre St.Maurice - Canada Research Chair in Environmental Sciences Being Canada Reserach Chair in Environmental Sciences helps Jean-Pierre St. Maurice keep his eyes on the sky...the night sky to be exact. That's where he gets a bird's eye view of the aurora borealis.

    Jean-Pierre St.-Maurice, Professor and Canadian Research Chair,
    Department of Physics and Engineering Physics link

    Jean-Pierre St-Maurice - Publications link

    Profile link

    Jean-Pierre St.Maurice is a world expert on the aurora, who else would you rather listen too? I have relinked to the sounds of the magnetosphere that have been recorded by scientists at the University of Iowa. However, I will state that with worsening Space Weather, the conclusion that this was being caused by the magnetosphere should not be a surprise, by those who understand what is taking place to our world.

  • Sounds of the Magnetosphere: Polar Plasma Wave Investigation
    The University of Iowa, March - June 1996

Strange sound in MönchenGladbach in NRW, Germany / with english subtitles!
YouTube, 22nd January 2012
Anybody knows this sound? We were doing a video of our dog, as suddenly our Cockatoo freaks out und we`ve heard a strange noise...

First we thought about our water pipes from the bathroom (got some trouble with it before), till we recognized, that this sound is coming from outside. It was really loud and strongly, maybe you can`t hear it so good by watching this video. Please watch this video from the start till the end, cause by watching this lately, we noticed, that this "hum" almost started by the beginning of this video !

This video could be a trailer for a horror movie... If this is a fake, it has been brilliantly done to get the animals to cooperate... Seriously, it's quite impressive because a bird and a dog start to react before anyone can hear the strange sounds but the couple immediately start to blame the noise on bad plumbing... Then there is some cussing that there are loud noises outside on a Sunday evening! When the guy opens the door to investigate, the noise gets much louder, so he then wisely announces: Techno Party! LOL! This is a great video... It's got English subtitles and the owner has even provide the translation for the English swear words too...

Eerie Sounds Set Off Car Alarms In Germany - January 20th 2012
YouTube, 20th January 2012
I have no idea if this is a genuine or not... However, I note the comment here about people copying other sound tracks and all these videos being only about 1 minute long, which is a little suspicious...

Strange Sounds! 1/23/12 holy sh#t its true!
YouTube, 23rd January 2012
The dogs react by barking, the humans react by swearing... that seems to be how things are going...

Electric Material in Mantle Could Explain Earth's Rotation
Science News, 19th January 2012
When it comes to Earth's rotation, you might think geophysicists have pretty much everything figured out. Not quite. In order to explain some variations in the way our planet spins, Earth's mantle—the layer of hot, softened rock that lies between the crust and core—must conduct electricity, an ability that the mantle as we know it shouldn't have. Now, a new study finds that iron monoxide, which makes up 9% of the mantle, actually does conduct electricity just like a metal, but only at temperatures and pressures found far beneath the surface.

This is an intriguing article about the impact of an electric shell inside Earth affecting Earth's rotation. So, now that the planet is being charged up by trillions and trillions of tons of plasma due to space weather, this might explain the gravitational anomalies if gravity is related to the electromagnetic force. One of my favourite science quotes is: "There is no such thing as mass only charge." It might be related to other anomalies that I think are caused by changes in Earth's core that affect the Earth's orbit and our relationship with the Sun and moon.

Rense & Charles Smith - Mysterious, Frightening Sounds Worldwide
YouTube, 21st January 2012
Comment: Jeff Rense at has been highlighting the mysterious sounds from all over the world, but he does not have seem to have a grasp of the Big Picture. However, he is not alone, as there seem to be many 'intelligent' people who are not integrating information.... Our solar system is being engulfed with a new type of highly charged energy and major blasts of this new energy has been called Space Weather. Our planet Earth is being saturated and everything is slowly changing to adjust to this environmental shift and so I believe this should be considered as celestial epigenetics. This transition has been accelerating for over 20 years, but since the cause is due to changes in the celestial environment, this change has been slowly ongoing for many decades. In metaphysical and esoteric language this is The Shift of The Ages/The Apocalypse etc, and we have been told what to expect by the Keepers of Ancient knowledge, but the real scientific key is the arrival of Space Weather. Thus we are experiencing:
new and 'rare' atmospheric phenomena; massive increase in auroral activity, daylight auroras, massive increase in atmospheric electrical activity that includes Transient Luminous Events (TLEs) e.g. sprites and Terrestrial Gamma Ray Flashes (TGFs), noctilucent clouds caused by dusty plasmas, sudden increase in 'rare' and new clouds, sun haloes, moon haloes, hole punch clouds, upside down rainbows, light pillars, sundogs, "ripples" in the sky, purple haze, purple fog, freak dust storms, Earth windier, "goo" from the atmosphere, mass deaths from lightning, "heat bursts", mystery booms, mysterious sounds and noises, new plasma phenomena that looks like massive bubbles of light, plasma strings and spirals, (UFOs/UAPs). There is weird weather; hurricanes over land, hurricanes over deserts, freak waves, massive hail, snow in the deserts, purple snow, rivers turning green, earthquakes everywhere, fire tornadoes, continuous volcanic eruptions, sinkholes with laser cut sides, dramatic mudslides, new ocean basins and huge cracks in the ground. However, it's not just our planet because there are changes taking place all over the solar system; "global warming" on every planet in the solar system and some moons), massive increase in interstellar dust caused by the arrival of an interstellar debris field, "stalled" solar cycle, dramatic increase in space weather and it's impact, massive increase in asteroid flybys, massive increase in meteors, funny "slow" meteors", moon orbit anomalies, Earth axis tilt supposedly changed by earthquakes(?), Arctic sunlight anomalies, equinox and solstice anomalies, regional magnetic field shifts, magnetic pole shifts, jet stream shifts, whale and dolphin strandings, bird deaths, raining fish, etc. The impact on human DNA is not being considered here, but as electromagnetic beings, we are being hit on several different levels as I have tried to explain in my writings.
Therefore, you would have to have your head buried really deep to not realise that something major is happening to our world. So, as I have stated many times, this is all because we are experiencing energy driven evolutionary change as new energy from outside our solar system has arrived as predicted by those who understand the impact of the end/start of a precession related major astronomical cycle... I believe the 'Sounds of the Apocalypse' are caused by "shearing" cosmic and solar energies due to Earth's magnetosphere being ultra weak and cracked and allowing in huge volumes of solar/cosmic energies. My beliefs are based on my research and efforts to retrieve and read scientific papers that explain the changes to our solar system, NOT just the latest blogosphere rumours. So, I believe it is only the truly unenlightened who would be ignorant enough to try and blame all this on a tiny little atmospheric heater called HAARP and other such stupid ideas.

Srange Sounds In The Sky, January 18, 2012 - Winnipeg [Canada]
YouTube, 19th January 2012
"I heard about these "Strange Sounds from the Sky" happening around the world and I was sitting on my couch when!! ....... Please forgive my bad language, sorry. :)"
A guy can't watch television because of the weird noises outside, so he takes a trip outdoors but he does like to swear. What is interesting is that it's hardly likely that this example is a fake because there are so many different sources of noise, TV and police sirens etc, and him swearing profusely... However, the Earth 'wail' is unmistakable....

Strange Sounds Heard in Staten Island, NY
YouTube, 20th January 2012
People are frightened.... there is swearing...

RAF: Big bang in Grimsby wasn't us
This is Grimsby News, 20th January 2012
THE Royal Air Force has said none of its planes were responsible for what many have called a "sonic boom" over Grimsby. As reported, the Grimsby Telegraph received many calls from residents who had heard what sounded like a large explosion at about 7pm on Wednesday. [...]

However, when contacted by the Grimsby Telegraph, Squadron Leader Nikki Stacey, based at Headquarters Air Command, said the noise had not been caused by an RAF aircraft, adding there was "nothing reported" from any of the forces' "fast jet units". Gareth Stringer, deputy editor of Global Aviation Resource magazine, said: "A sonic boom occurs when an aeroplane breaks the sound barrier and the noise that you hear is the shockwave of area around the aircraft.

"As far as I am aware, no aircraft should break the sound barrier within ten miles of the coast, but certain atmospheric and weather conditions can mean the sound of the boom can travel further. "That could explain why something may have been heard inland.

I would have ignored this, but the UK specifically has been reports over the last week of massive booms in the North and even the mainstream news has been discussing what the hell is happening with all the strange noises, see the ITN report below .... (I have not bothered to link reports of strange noises over the UK, because there are a lot of morons who think hoaxing is funny.) Whatever, read the UK account below of a blast that caused the roof to wobble in a busy supermarket, that is nothing to sneer at... By the way, we have asteroid 2012 BV1 flyby within the orbit of the moon today (0.8 LD), so I wonder if there is other smaller untrackable debris hitting us too and causing the booms.... You would have to have your head buried really deep to not realise that something major is happening to our world...

Sonic boom shakes north east – eyewitness account [UK]
SM World News, 13th January 2012
"Suddenly, a loud booming noise rumbled across the roof of the building. We felt like were in the middle of an earthquake or some kind of unusual seismic event. It felt similar to the sonic boom you experience when RAF fighter jets go past on exercise – but we were not aware of any aircraft overhead at the time. The roof began to shake violently and it looked as if it was sagging and about to fall in at one point, as it shook. Within seconds, the boom reached a crescendo as we all looked up, astonished. Then it stopped. “What on earth was that?” we said to each other, not quite believing what had happened. The other people seemed equally baffled, staring at the roof in bemused wonderment."

Strange Noises: Are they UFOs, thunder, HAARP or a hoax?
ITN News, 19th January 2012

Sounds of the Magnetosphere: Polar Plasma Wave Investigation
The University of Iowa, 16th January 2012 With Updates


Although most of these sounds are in the acoustic frequency range, they are not actually audible by the human ear. These sounds are produced by processing the original wave data in much the same way that a radio station processes radio signals.

The University of Iowa Plasma Wave Investigation science team, including its non-Iowa Co-Investigators, are dedicated to participating in a coordinated effort with all of the ISTP spacecraft and ground-based investigators in carrying out, when possible, the scientific objectives of the GGS and ISTP programs. These objectives include the evaluation globally of effects of solar activity on the flow of energy, momentum and mass through the Sun-Earth-connected system; the understanding of how individual parts of the closely coupled, highly time-dependent geospace system work together; the determination of the control exercised by plasma processes in geospace of the energy input to the Earth's atmosphere, and the provision of a comprehensive data set for determining the accuracy and prediction capability of geospace models. The Polar PWI science team will continue to analyze plasma wave measurements in collaboration with other ISTP investigations in order to characterize wave-particle processes associated with the auroral zone, the magnetic cusp, the dayside magnetosheath, and the night side equatorial plasmasheet. Some of the specific research topics which the PWI science team intends to continue pursuing or begin studying in support of these goals and in support of furthering our understanding of plasma waves in general are summarized below: Source: The University of Iowa, PRESENT AND ONGOING RESEARCH

Sounds of the Magnetosphere are being naturally heard on Earth! Check out the NICT magnetosphere simulation, the magnetosphere is red/white hot today and for whatever reason, there is no scientific explanation so far, we can here the sounds of the magnetosphere right here on Earth! Someone on GLP suggests this is like "cosmic energy shearing across suns solar wind. sort of like playing a violin." I actually think that is an excellent description with some decades old plasma physics that will hopefully provide the scientific theory. (Magnetosonic waves basics vs Alfvén wave vs sound wave) I think the mechanics of a violin (and some of this reflected as the sound) actually fits better than the academic chorus, hiss and whistler definitions. Source: Polar Plasma Wave...creating the sounds people are hearing around the world??...sounds of the magnetosphere..Listen for yourself...

Strange Noise Sound Heard in Brampton [Canada] January 19, 2012
YouTube, 19th January 2012
"I'm getting freaked out...."
I think this one is genuine...

The Sounds Of Space
YouTube, 6th Feb. 2008
"Outer space is filled with all sorts of electronic waves. The two Voyager spacecraft detect these electronic signals and then, with radio transmitters as powerful as a small lightbulb, transmit the signals back to earth, where they are converted to audible sounds. Yes, I know: electronic waves and energy are not "sound." These sounds were derived and created from the transmitted signals by converting the electronic waves to audible frequency. The resulting sounds are fascinating and haunting.

OK, more and more people are making the link with sounds from space. The issue is what is converting electronic waves to audible frequency? Please note: people complained that the recording of Tibet’s Cave of Spirits (reports March 2011) that was recorded by Russian researchers ( was identical to the sounds of Jupiter... Yes, that is the whole point.... Yes, around the world people can hear space and it really makes you wonder whether Earth's magntosphere (magnetic field protection) has more than just a few cracks....

Jupiter sounds (so strange!) NASA-Voyager recording
YouTube, Jun 5, 2007

The Song of the Sun - (Solar Oscillations)
YouTube, Sep 28, 2010
"Oscillations ("audio" of the Sun) ~ Courtesy of SOI (Stanford)"

Tibet’s Cave of Spirits is Singing
Wee Warrior Blog, 18th March 2011 Flashback!
[...] I checked around and found the page for the Russians who claim to have recorded the original and have the high definition version online for download: Just click on the link that says “earthcalling” and save it to your computer…virus free, I promise! Unfortunately, my subsequent investigations have turned up very little so far. The small amount I have uncovered has mainly been on forums and are 90% speculation. Here is the one statement that is being repeated most often:
There is a secret cave of spirits in Tibet.
This cave is not known to the public.
The Tibetan saints are sleeping in this cave.
The old men and monks are saying that Shiva is starting to sing his mantra calling for Gods to return to the Earth.
This mantra has three levels.
The last level means the coming of the new era.
Listen to this sound recorded by Russian enthusiasts who were allowed to visit the place near the cave where it was possible to record the sound. This sound has no artificial changes and is presented in raw format (only noises were reducted). As I listened to it, I was overwhelmed with thoughts about the “Music of the Spheres” as was taught in the Pythagorean mystery schools…

This is doing the rounds on the blogosphere but it has also got extra attention due to the strange humming earth sounds in Florida that has got people searching for clues. Well, I am enthralled to discover that Tibetan monks have preserved the knowledge that the increased energies on the planet would be reflected in the Earth humming that would reach a level that would represent the arrival of a new era. Due to recent geophysical discoveries, the New Scientist reported the following:
The second humming (of the Earth)

Listen closely, and you'll hear the Earth humming - in not just one note, but two. For 10 years or so we have known about Earth's quiet "vertical" hum which is probably caused by the steady thumping of deep waves on the ocean floor. A team in Germany has now discovered a second "horizontal" note, and nobody knows what's causing it.
Seven new wonders of the world, New Scientist, 02 January 2009 link
So, are the Tibetan monks correct and we are now hearing the third level of hum? We are seeing many reports of radar anomalies and humming sounds that not everyone can hear. There are many other geophysical events that appear to be related so the only conclusion we can come to is that Earth is reaching a new frequency and/or Earth is resonating more strongly with an external signal.

The Hum: An Anomalous Sound Heard Around the World [Deming, 2004 ]
Journal of Scientific Exploration, Vol. 18, No. 4, pp. 571–595, 2004

1. Analysis of that anecdotal evidence available at the present time tentatively suggests that the Hum is not an acoustic sound or a form of tinnitus. As a working hypothesis, it appears probable that the Hum can be attributed to electromagnetic radiation that some people have the ability to interpret as sound.
2. The source of the Hum is unknown. However, a comparison of several different sources of radio transmissions with the time and place of Hum reports seems to tentatively exclude several possibilities. Unlikely sources include cellular telephone transmissions, LORAN navigational stations, and HAARP. The hypothetical source that can be best correlated in time and space with Hum reports is the TACAMO aircraft operated by the US Navy for purposes of submarine communications.
3. Thirty years of research into the cause of the Hum have proven fruitless because of the repetitive and thoughtless use of standard acoustic techniques. Although sound measurements are an indispensable starting point, it should be clear by now that routine approaches are inadequate. Future investigations should start with some recognition that local manifestations of the Hum are only one aspect of a global problem. Ten years ago, the British Medical Journal noted:
Hums are associated with noise problems that cannot be routinely solved by acoustic consultants or environmental health officers (Rice, 1994).
Comment: This paper is out of date because there is no discussion of the mysterious Chorus, Hiss and Whistler waves generated by the Earth's magnetosphere and other recent space weather related research.

A Collection of Scientific Works and Comments on the HUM
Dr Chris Barnes publications, January 2012
1. Letter to the Editor Journal of Scientific Exploration
The article ‘The Hum: An anomalous sound heard around the world’ Journal of Scientific Exploration, Volume 18, No4, pp571-595-2004 gives an excellent history and background to the Hum yet sadly, seems to be fundamentally flawed in its main conclusion.
"I would also like to clarify the papers’ comments on the aurora. There are several references which pre-date the paper which explain sound generation by the aurora and one which purports to have audio –recorded the extremely weak sound of the aurora. Thus the aurora being a four fold emitter of sound, broad spectrum radio waves, magnetic pulsations and often light as well is nature’s electrophonic concert for the taking. Presumably the body reacts to the aurora by enhanced perception involving dueling senses. If we can begin to understand human sensitivity to the aurora we may understand the Hum as well.
This sounds like those who have a touch of certain types of synaesthesia, will be more affected than those who do not... There is a lot to read here...

Rumble in the sky over Samarahan [Borneo]
Borneo Post, 16th January 2012
KOTA SAMARAHAN: Unexplained chilling sounds, which filled the air of Samarahan in the wee hours of Jan 11 and 12, have residents there puzzled and perturbed until today.

One of the theories being thrown into the pan is that it could be a by-product of the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme (HAARP) undertaken by the United States, while others believed it were from processing machines hard at work at an oil palm factory owned by Felcra in Kampung Endap. But the fact remains that until today the mysterious sounds, which some say resembled loud snoring sounds, remain veiled. [...]

Ferdauz claimed that he also saw strange pattern in the skies in the early morning of Jan 12. “The clouds appeared to be in straight lines, and well formed. I have never seen anything like it, but whatever it is, I am sure there must be a scientific explanation for it. “But later that day, an earthquake hit Sumatera in neighbouring Indonesia with a magnitude of 7.3 on the Richter scale. I am not sure whether both incidents are related in some ways.”

The incidents only occurred for two nights – Jan 11 and 12. Meanwhile, Kampung Meranek’s JKKK chairperson Mahmud Pawi, who claimed that he also heard the sounds together with his family, said hoped that the authorities concerned could shed light on the matter. “When I woke up that morning (Jan 11), I had goose bumps just listening to the sounds. I quickly woke up my entire family and we sat at the veranda trying to figure out what it was and where it was coming from.

Please note that official investigations have already started in Canada because these sounds have been going on for quite some time, see link (above). Well, for some strange reason, after watching the Manitoba Canada video (link below), I started singing an old hymn; "When the trumpet of the Lord shall sound and time shall be no more", remembered from when I use to go to a really old fashioned 'black' Church when I was about 12/13. After a few lines, I started to wonder why I was automatically singing this song, but then it hit me.... THE TRUMPETS ARE SOUNDING NOW! If you understand that bits and pieces of ancient knowledge have been retained by different cultures all over the planet, with enough scientific knowledge especially concerning the arrival of Space Weather and the 'Christ' crystalline energies, the Big Picture emerges. Here is the first verse:
1. When the trumpet of the Lord shall sound and time shall be no more
And the morning breaks eternal, bright and fair
When the saved of earth shall gather over on the other shore
And the roll is called up yonder, I'll be there!

I made a few more major discoveries this week.... I know I am right about the arrival of Paradise. I understand some very basic principles concerning astronomical cycles and energy driven evolutionary change as we move to a high energy plasma environment, so I am able to provide some hard scientific facts to support my beliefs. Here are a few more links but there are lots of videos some of which could be fake.

The Trumpet Sounds: And Time Is No More! Strange sounds 2012 Manitoba Canada
YouTube, 16th January 2012
"Heard it again early this morning? At 330 am cst. The 2nd sound was a very annoying hum/buzz."
Excellent Video but there is some profanity.

Strange Sounds in Winnipeg, Manitoba
YouTube, 14th January 2012

Strange Sounds Chile January 12, 2012
YouTube, 16th January 2012

Mysterious explosions still unexplained [Costa Rica]
Authorities say the boom was not a volcanic eruption or a supersonic aircraft.
Tico Times, 12th January 2012
Monday morning started off with a bang for residents of the Central Valley when a loud, as yet unidentified, series of booms rattled windows about 30 minutes after midnight. Many did not hear it, but enough people did to cause a firestorm of comment on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

The strange sound was prolonged – many described it as lasting for five minutes or so. Perhaps the only one making no comments were scientists and government authorities, who were reticent about commenting or speculating. A few things it wasn’t: Volcanologists discounted a volcanic eruption; nor was it a supersonic aircraft, because the powerful radar at Juan Santamaría International Airport outside of San José picked up no planes at the time, not even subsonic ones.

Also, there were no climatological phenomena or strange weather conditions. By nightfall Monday, the speculation was still going along briskly with the major vote going to fireworks at the festival at Zapote, in San José. But many said it sounded like no fireworks they had ever heard.

Sounds of the Apocalypse.... geophysical electrophonics, as cosmic energies stream unto the planet, see lots of previous comments.

OMG - The Sky Sound Phenomena Continues In 2012 - Costa Rica TV Report (VIDEO)
UDCC, 12th January 2012
TV News report with GOOD coverage of the sound.

Incredibly Creepy Noise in the Sky in Denmark, January 10, 2012 – Video
DKPK, 10th January 2012
I don't think the video of the sound is that fantastic...

Strange Humming - Rumblings Sound Heard In Canada, Sweden, Hungary, Denmark, Costa Rica, Czech Republic : Jan 9 - Jan 12, 2012
UFO Blogger, 14th January 2012
5 Videos - the strange sounds in Conklin, Alberta January 12, 2012 would make good cue music for a horror film truly spooky.... the young rangers in the forest looked as if they really don't know what the hell is going on...

Extreme Weather: Anvil Cloud Lightning Sparks UFO Debate (Video)
Gather News, 10th January 2012
An extreme weather video posted to YouTube produces awe at the power of nature, but is also igniting an old debate: do UFOs hide in clouds?

It's a natural conclusion, one that even the ancients drew. Lightning from the clouds was often construed as anger from the Gods. But in the modern world, especially thanks to Steven Spielberg, such anvil-shaped clouds are thought, in some circles, to be camouflaging extraterrestrials and their UFOs.

What's interesting, and awe-inspiring, about this video is the clear blue sky surrounding the anvil hammerhead cloud. It's startling to see such fierce electrical activity on an otherwise cloudless day.

Usually, when a lightning storm erupts, the bolts from the blue come from all around, not one centrally located spot. It's a testament to the power of the natural world that the conditions are ripe for such majesty emanating from a single, threatening cloud head.

I really don't understand what lightning has to do with UFOs, I did not see anything strange and even if I did, I would asume it was ball lightning first...

Russian toddler dies in Bryansk pavement collapse
BBC News, 9th January 2012
A toddler in Bryansk in western Russia has died after falling through a hole that opened up as his mother took him for a walk. The pavement gave way because of a burst hot-water pipe, emergency officials said.

The boy's mother, 26, was pulled alive from the hole by her traffic police officer husband, reports say. But he was unable to rescue his son, who was thrown from his pushchair and fell into the sewer below.

"The woman managed to grab on to the edge of the collapsed pavement, which saved her life," a Bryansk official was quoted as saying.

This is a terrible story. I am not 100% sure, but I am very suspicious because this hole looks laser cut to me. There is also a rash of sink hole stories in the last few days too, the 'Bronco Halo' that simply could not be ignored by the media and some unexpected space weather too, so this could have been caused by a 'cosmic' blast.
  • High-speed beams of charged particles accelerate towards Earth
    ESA News, 6 December 2007
    "ESA’s Cluster constellation has found that multiple, high-speed beams of electrically charged particles, or ions, are formed on the night-side of near-Earth space and get accelerated towards Earth. These observations are key to understanding how solar material manages to reach the Earth’s night-side, to forecast the behaviour of the magnetic environment around our planet, and in turn, to better protect ground and space-based technologies. Different theories were proposed in the 80’s and 90’s to explain the presence of these ion beams."

Is a super-volcano just 390 miles from London about to erupt?
Extinction Protocol, 2nd January 2012
* It's similar in size to Mount Pinatubo, which in 1991 gave us the biggest eruption of the 20th century
* Billions of tons of ash and magma would be ejected
* Southern England would be covered in ash
A sleeping super-volcano in Germany is showing worrying signs of waking up.

It's lurking just 390 miles away underneath the tranquil Laacher See lake near Bonn and is capable of ejecting billions of tons of magma. This monster erupts every 10 to 12,000 years and last went off 12,900 years ago, so it could blow at any time.

That's interesting, a volcano that blows every half precessional cycle...

European Volcano Bubbles But Will it Blow?
Discovery News, 5th January 2012
"Beware of fearmongering journalists. The first line of a disappointing Daily Mail story posted this week warns that "a sleeping super-volcano in Germany is showing worrying signs of waking up."

But that sensational assertion is based on nothing more than a sparse smattering of old facts that sound tantalizingly apocalyptic when you string them together. Read the full story, and you'll find no mention of new science, no expert named.

One of the supposedly "worrying signs" is the well-known fact that carbon dioxide bubbles up along the southeastern shore of Laacher See, the lake that now fills the collapsed caldera of the volcano (above), which last erupted 12,900 years ago. Ongoing bubbling is indeed a sign that the magma chamber beneath the lake is degassing, but this phenomenon is not new. And so in no way could it signal an eruption.

Oh, dear, the Daily Mail got panned for being the source of this story...

Norway: Landslide Forces More Evacuations [VIDEO], 1st January 2012
More than 50 persons were evacuated from their homes when a large landslide ripped through a rural area outside Trondheim on Sunday. It was a brutal start to the New Year, following a string of storms that also forced evacuations in western Norway earlier in the week.

Geologists said it was too early to determine exactly what caused the landslide at Byneset in Trøndelag, which extended over around half-a-kilometer of farmland. One geologist told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) that the ground in the area was characterized by unstable clay and that the stormy weather of the past week may have contributed to the landslide.

Comment: has a video of the mud landslide.

Dead blackbirds fall again in Arkansas town [US]
Yahoo News, 1st January 2012
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — Thousands of dead blackbirds rained down on a town in central Arkansas last New Year's Eve after revelers set off fireworks that spooked them from their roost, and officials were reporting a similar occurrence Saturday as 2012 approached.

Police in Beebe said dozens of blackbirds had fallen dead, prompting officers to ban residents from shooting fireworks Saturday night. It wasn't immediately clear if fireworks were again to blame, but authorities weren't taking a chance.

Officer John Weeks said the first reports of "birds on the streets" came around 7 p.m. as residents celebrated the year's end with fireworks in their neighborhoods.

Again, I believe that the United States has a severely weak ionosphere but this combined with weak magnetosphere and such it is allowing in the solar wind. It could be that birds are dropping dead due to air that has become highly ionised and the lack of oxygen is what is killing the birds. This is the conclusion that I came to when this happened last year, see archives.

Mystery foam engulfs northern seaside town
The Guardian, 29th December 2011
A thick white blanket settled gently on the seaside town of Cleveleys near Blackpool on Wednesday, but this was no seasonal dusting of snow from above. The Environment Agency dispatched officers to Princess Promenade to gather evidence as gobs of foam blew in from the sea and smothered streets, cars and houses. The foam is whipped up by strong winds once or twice a year along the town's seafront and vanishes soon after, a spokeswoman for the agency told the Guardian.


Journey Under Way to Track the Magnetic South Pole
Return to Scott's Antarctic camp marks 100-year anniversary.
Scientific American, 28th December 2011
Two scientists from New Zealand will travel to Antarctica on December 28 in a quest to continue a 100-year-long record of Earth's magnetic field: a record begun by British explorer Robert Scott at the start of his ill-fated expedition to the geographic south pole (see "Turning the world upside down"). Record-keeping is necessary because the magnetic poles move about, thanks to the complex circulation of Earth's fluid outer core. During the past century, both magnetic poles have been moving northwest: the north pole from Canada towards Siberia, as fast as 60 kilometers per year, and the south pole towards Australia at 10-15 km per year. "It's quite an astonishing rate," says Stewart Bennie of GNS Science in Avalon, one of the two scientists due to head to the Antarctic on December 28. The movement is thought to be a normal feature of the planet's magnetic wobble, and could change direction at any time.

Information I have read suggests that up until now, private groups have been monitoring the Magnetic South Pole in recent years. Well, as I have made clear, the difference between the movement of the South and North poles is responsible for the lack of balance on this planet, but the information provided here is very different to other sources that state the difference between the drift of the North and South Poles is 10 times, where here we are told that the difference is 4 - 6 times, see archives.

Electric Universe: Scientists find solar winds can degrade or short-circuit planetary magnetic fields, 23rd December 2011
( -- Mercury, the smallest of the eight planets with a diameter of 4900 kilometres and the closest to the Sun, looks more like the Moon than the Earth from the outside. It is the only rocky planet that has a global magnetic field like Earth. But why is its magnetic field so much weaker than Earth’s? Scientists at the Technische Universität Braunschweig and the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research have now presented a new explanation: the solar wind counteracts Mercury’s internal dynamo and thus weakens its magnetic field.

[...] How can the large discrepancy in the field strength be explained? This question has now been answered by a group headed by Karl-Heinz Glassmeier at the Technische Universität Braunschweig. The solar wind – a constant stream of charged particles – plays a significant role. At an average distance from the Sun of only 58 million kilometres – around one third of the distance of the Earth – Mercury is much more exposed to these particles

“We must keep in mind that Mercury stongly interacts with the surrounding solar wind,” says Daniel Heyner, lead author of the article published in Science and doctoral student at the International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) in Katlenburg-Lindau. This interaction drives strong electrical currents in the magnetosphere of the planet, whose magnetic fields counteract the internal dynamo effect.

This is a headline that I picked up elsewhere and the article implies that exactly the same thing is happening on Earth... If you want to see other old scientific papers on this matter, google 'Ring Current' & "geomagnetic storm" because some scientists have known for a long time that Earth's magnetic field is not just about what happens in the Earth's core.

New kind of metal in the deep Earth
Space Daily, 21st December 2011
The crushing pressures and intense temperatures in Earth's deep interior squeeze atoms and electrons so closely together that they interact very differently. With depth materials change. New experiments and supercomputer computations discovered that iron oxide undergoes a new kind of transition under deep Earth conditions. Iron oxide, FeO, is a component of the second most abundant mineral at Earth's lower mantle, ferropericlase. [...]

"Our new results show, instead, that FeO metallizes without any change in structure and that combined temperature and pressure are required. Furthermore, our theory shows that the way the electrons behave to make it metallic is different from other materials that become metallic."

"The results imply that iron oxide is conducting in the whole range of its stability in Earth's lower mantle." Cohen continues, "The metallic phase will enhance the electromagnetic interaction between the liquid core and lower mantle. This has implications for Earth's magnetic field, which is generated in the outer core. It will change the way the magnetic field is propagated to Earth's surface, because it provides magnetomechanical coupling between the Earth's mantle and core."

Well, this explains why Birkeland's Terrella experiments were so successful when he used a hollow metal ball to replicate the Earth and the Sun. This result has implications for what is going on in the Sun as it explains why similar experiments that replicate the Sun with a hollow metal ball produce images that are remarkably similar to modern satellite x-ray images of the Sun. Of course this will please maverick scientists with strong beliefs who think something similar is happening inside the Sun (Iron Sun Theory and Vacuum Sun Theory), but there is also Gravastar Theory (with it's shell of a superconducting Bose-Einstein Condensate) that will probably become a front runner in replacing the current black hole theory too. For lots of reasons, this discovery is very important especially when it comes to understanding the generation of Earth's magnetic field that is vital for our survival on this planet. Due to space weather, our planet Earth is charging up and humans are being challenged to cope with completely new environmental conditions, but of course, most are unaware of the consequences.

Massive earthquakes are no more likely today than they were a century ago, despite an apparent rise of the devastating temblors in recent years, US researchers said on Monday., 19th December 2011
The deadly 9.0 earthquake this year in Japan, an 8.8 quake in Chile last year and the 2004 Sumatra-Andaman earthquake that registered 9.0 on the moment magnitude scale have raised alarm in some science and media circles that such events may be linked.

But researchers at the University of California went back over the world's earthquake records dating back to 1900 and found over time there was no statistically significant rise in the number of big quakes 7.0 and higher.

"One has to be careful, because humans have a tendency to see patterns in random sequences," lead author Peter Shearer of the UC Berkeley Department of Statistics told AFP.

I find it amazing when scientists release information and tell you nothing. What they might have been trying to convey is that there is not enough data to prove that there has been a rise in large earthquakes. I don't know how they did this either because apparently the earthquake scales have been changed (1960s?) and presumably these statistics were computed using raw data that has been standardised in some way.

Giant Tsunami-Shape Clouds Roll Across Alabama Sky
Live Science, 19th December 2011
For a morning, the sky looked like a surfer's dream: A series of huge breaking waves lined the horizon in Birmingham, Ala., on Friday (Dec. 16), their crests surging forward in slow motion. Amazed Alabamans took photos of the clouds and sent them to their local weather station, wondering, "What are these tsunamis in the sky?"

Experts say the clouds were pristine examples of "Kelvin-Helmholtz waves." Whether seen in the sky or in the ocean, this type of turbulence always forms when a fast-moving layer of fluid slides on top of a slower, thicker layer, dragging its surface.

Yes, the weather is getting wilder but it's got nothing to do with CO2.

Triangular cloud falls over Tokyo?
Forgetomori, 17th December 2011
This is bizarro!

Powerful Energy Release Emanating From The Earth’s Core Recorded
GeoChange Journal, 15th December 2011
The International Geodynamic Monitoring System, a part of GNFE (London, UK), has registered on November 15, 2011 a powerful energy release emanating from the Earth’s core. The intense three-dimensional gravitational anomaly was almost simultaneously recorded by all ATROPATENA geophysical stations separated by vast distances from each other in the following cities: Istanbul (Turkey), Kiev (Ukraine), Baku (Azerbaijan), Islamabad (Pakistan) and Yogyakarta (Indonesia). According to GNFE President Professor Elchin Khalilov, the detailed analysis of ATROPATENA station records indicates a powerful energy release emanating from the Earth’s core. According to the scientist, this fact may herald intensification of geodynamic processes in our planet and as a result, a higher number of strong earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis.

Wow.... a big thanks to Fantastic, the scientists showing off their use of geometry to de-code signals from the Earth's core... brilliant! There is a lot of background reading to be done here....

Khalilov: there remain three more cycles of high seismic activity this year.
WOSCO News, January 2012

Rare white rainbow lights up the North Pole
Daily Mail, 12th December 2011
This is the amazing moment a white rainbow streaks across the Arctic sky. The rare phenomena, named a fog bow, was spotted by Sam Dobson during a recent expedition to the North Pole. As their ice breaking ship cruised through the chilly waters, Sam clocked the arching rainbow but was stunned to see it was completely white.

Pretty, but not that rare... The only thing to speculate about is why the size of the particles are so small.

Cloaked bubble UFO [?] in Italy perplexes onlookers [VIDEO]
i09, 7th December 2011
"Cloaked bubble UFO in Italy perplexes onlookersOn November 13, Antonio Urzi captured this stealthy bubblecraft buzzing over Cinisello Balsamo in Italy. Here's a six-minute take on the story."

In November 2010, the First Workshop of the International Space Weather Initiative (ISWI), convened by the United Nations, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) took place. This workshop was principally about the Equatorial electroject which is a massive electrical current flowing at a height of about 100km. In this region, GPS and satellite signals are interferred with by scintillation and this is also partly caused by the occurrence of plasma bubbles, see a scintillation map here. Since astronomers and pilots are now reporting seeing large bubbles in the sky, it is likely that more and more small bubbles will be seen too. This is a now a new era, education is required so that people can learn something about what is happening to our world. This is a permanent change, authorities pretending that nothing is happening will not make all the new atmospheric phenomena go away.

Upper atmospheric lightening sprites caught in 3D video [VIDEO], 9th December 2011
( -- Sometimes in science, it’s easy to get caught up in the practical, to focus so heavily on the why’s and how’s of things, that it’s easy to miss the simple beauty that nature offers. That might be the case with a little known type of lightening that occurs between the part of the atmosphere where weather events are seen quite easily, and the far reaches near the beginning of space. Called sprites, these other kinds of lightening strikes are of far shorter duration than we’re accustomed to; it wasn’t until just the past thirty years or so that anyone even knew they existed. So odd were they, that pilots flying at high altitudes who saw them feared for their jobs if they spoke of them. Now however a research team has captured some instances of them using high speed cameras mounted on two jets to create 3D images.

I believe the knowledge of sprites has been retained in the Mesoamerican culture as the Tzitzimime, star demons that lived in the darkness. It is most likely that the mythology that is retained today is 'embroidered', but the core message is that there is a manifestation of 'beings' in the sky that are associated with the End of the World. To be more correct, it's really about the End of a Cycle, but there has been major disaster scenarios at this junction in time when for whatever reason, the Earth's electromagnetic grid fails and chaos ensues. Since the planet being deluged by highly charged particles is rather major in my opinion, I have written about what I think is going to happen this time, but regardless of whether people understand what I have to say or not, world authorities are taking space weather very very seriously. This video is short but it is quite awesome. I am wondering if the reason that sprites have become more numerous and can be much more easily seen is because a number of different factors have all come together at once. Sprites are atmospheric plasma 'events' and cannot be classified as entities like UAPs and orbs and should be considered on the same level as lightning. Plasma is known to have 'life-like' properties and these sprites 'look' like jelly-fish and squid (the whole family is called Transient Luminous Events) so I am wondering whether their appearance is influenced by the type of 'living' energy that is now appearing on the planet in abundance.

2012: Magnetic Pole Reversal Happens All The (Geologic) Time
Red Orbit, 1st December 2011
Scientists understand that Earth’s magnetic field has flipped its polarity many times over the millennia. In other words, if you were alive about 800,000 years ago, and facing what we call north with a magnetic compass in your hand, the needle would point to ‘south.’ This is because a magnetic compass is calibrated based on Earth’s poles. The N-S markings of a compass would be 180 degrees wrong if the polarity of today’s magnetic field were reversed. Many doomsday theorists have tried to take this natural geological occurrence and suggest it could lead to Earth’s destruction. But would there be any dramatic effects? The answer, from the geologic and fossil records we have from hundreds of past magnetic polarity reversals, seems to be ‘no.’

This article has: Please Don't Worry Written All Over It! However, the article is not completely wrong but it fails by omission. Yes, the Earth's magnetic never completely disappears and parts of the Earth's magnetic field held in the core have already 'flipped', but nobody ever seems to point this out. The mysterious goings on in the core is why the European Space Agency is conducting the SWARM Mission, but I believe this project is behind schedule. Earth's magnetic field is also generated by the Ring Current that encircles Earth and it seems the Ring Current can cause Earth's magnetic field to flip, possible due to solar activity. This is complex and I don't have time to write a long essay about this here. The main point is that NOBODY wants to talk about cosmic rays flooding the planet and causing evolutionary change when Earth's magnetic field is weak. Cosmic rays and radiation turn the switch on DNA that allows for more and more mutation. FACT. Meanwhile, we get news that evolution is taking place on a wide scale in the population now under the umbrella term Synaesthesia and the mainstream are now starting to point this out, but there is hardly a squeak about this in metaphysical circles. Maybe that is because people are evolving despite having no proof that this is related to metaphysical activities and that is possibly a major dilemma for some. Actually, I can can give you my opinion. The simple truth is more likely based on the 'upgrade' of the human morphogenetic field and the evolution of humanity has been triggered by the actions of the many in maybe small ways, but enough changes have pushed humanity to reach criticality and we are seeing a corresponding avalanche of changes. Certainly, the difficulty is how that can be linked to certain individuals, (who refuse to do or say anything that does not make them look good) who tend to get all the publicity, especially since the numbers with Synaesthesia have been growing for 30 years or so. Marvellous!

Snowtober: US north-east coast hit by unseasonal October snow storm (21Pics)
Refreshing News, 1st November 2011
One of the darkest Hallowe'ens ever looms for roughly 2.8 million households in the US left without power by a rare October snowstorm in the Northeast that hit transportation and killed at least eight people over the weekend. The unseasonably early winter storm, known as a "nor'easter" due to its north-easterly movement, was being called "Snowtober" and affected up to 60 million people.

Record-breaking snow fell, the heaviest of which was 31.4 inches measured in Jaffrey, New Hampshire, according to the National Weather Service. Just 45 minutes northwest of New York City, in West Milford, New Jersey, 19 inches of snow fell.

If we are slowly moving into an Ice Age then this should not be a surprise... These are great pictures.

Inches of “Global Warming” Get Dumped on NASA-GISS HQ (PHOTO)
Watts Up With That, 29th October 2011
"[Update: New York City got more snow in October 2011 than ever before in recorded history, according to the NY Daily News (including some good photos). Special thanks to WUWT commenter NikFromNYC who posted this photo link of Snow near GISS HQ last evening.]"
Actually, I don't really think this is funny at all if this is another sign that we are moving into an Ice Age.

Record snowfall for “Climate Justice Day” in New York
WUWT, 30th October 2011
Obviously, I support both camps here, but I can see the funny side...

Reuters: Occupying Wall Street in the snow
YouTube, 29th October 2011

'Heartbeat' of Earth's Atmosphere Detected from Space
Our Amazing Planet, 29th November 2011
Lightning flashes in the skies above the Earth about 50 times every second, creating a burst of electromagnetic waves that circle around the planet's atmosphere.

Some of these waves combine and increase in strength, creating something akin to an atmospheric heartbeat that scientists can detect from the ground and use to better understand the makeup of the atmosphere and the weather it generates.

For the first time, scientists have detected this heartbeat — called the Schumann resonance — from space.

As this wave flows around Earth, it hits itself again at the perfect spot such that the crests and troughs are aligned, causing the waves to act in resonance and pump up the original signal. [...]

While models suggest that the resonances should be trapped under the ionosphere, energy has been known to leak through. The findings meant the models will need to be tweaked to account for the leaky boundary, and also that there is a new tool for understanding the ionosphere as well as the electric events in the atmosphere.

I will need to check this out properly. Some New Age authors have tried to claim that the Schumann Resonance has increased dramatically and they have been universally derided due to the lack of evidence. HOWEVER, the Schumann Resonance is traditionally measured between the ground and a layer of Earth's atmosphere called the ionosphere. So now they are talking about tweaking models? I actually wondering whether we are being told something has changed... Curiously, one respected metaphysical source stated that there had been changes associated with the Schumann Resonance between the ground and the TOP of the ionopshere and I noted this in my book, but I could not find any scientific proof. Hence, this is the first mention of a change documented by scientists that I have come across in 6 years... It is a fact that astronauts on the ISS previously got sick because there was no Schumann Resonance and it had to be artificially produced, so the fact it can now be detected around Earth is quite interesting and some relevant questions need to be asked.... Well, I wrote in my book that the Schumann Resonance was being pumped up by the Equatorial electrojet and that every brain on the planet was being affected by signals that were at least 3 times stronger than before the arrival of the electroject, so it's interesting that a different suggestion is being given for pumped up signals. Whatever, I personally thought this was major news...

Ice tornado: 'Brinicle' ice finger of death filmed in Antarctic
BBC News, 23rd November 2011
A bizarre underwater "icicle of death" has been filmed by a BBC crew. With timelapse cameras, specialists recorded salt water being excluded from the sea ice and sinking. The temperature of this sinking brine, which was well below 0C, caused the water to freeze in an icy sheath around it.

Where the so-called "brinicle" met the sea bed, a web of ice formed that froze everything it touched, including sea urchins and starfish. The unusual phenomenon was filmed for the first time by cameramen Hugh Miller and Doug Anderson for the BBC One series Frozen Planet.

Incredible, but I don't believe this is caused by salty sea water, have these researchers never heard of currents? How can salty water be that localised? This object descends like it is being confined by a strong electromagnetic field, so I think this is an 'ice' tornado caused by something like a 'slow' bolt of lightning because this only takes 5 or 6 hours to form. Just look at the leading strand when it is descending that gives the game away by being helical. Nothing has changed from my previous explanations related to a number of other atmospheric phenomena. The freezing point of water (or cloud formation) is directly related to charge, as I pointed out in my Delft Lecture. At one point, there is a close-up and I suspect that the delicate tendrils of ice that were seen should be more accurately described as 'feathery' which will be the ultimate proof that this is an electromagnetic phenomenon. So the big question is: where are the focused beams of electromagnetic energy coming from to cause the formation of these ice tornadoes?

Supercooled: Water doesn't have to freeze until -55 F
PhysOrg News, 23rd November 2011
"Yet in very pure water, "the only way you can form a nucleus is by spontaneously changing the structure of the liquid," she adds."
This research does not apply to water in our environment that is far from "pure".

"War of the World Lights"
Mystery in Bridgewater: What caused strange glowing lights in the sky? [New Jersey, US] News, 23rd November 2011
BRIDGEWATER — It may have looked like an out-of-this-world blast, but authorities say a mysterious glow that lit up the early-morning sky in Bridgewater today was no cause for alarm.

Some county and Bridgewater officials believe that transformer fires caused by heavy rain may have played a part in the freakish light show, although they had no definitive answers about the source of the lights.

Shortly after midnight, several Bridgewater residents reported seeing a pulsating glow in the distance that changed colors, similar to the aurora borealis. They said the lights appeared to come from the northern part of the township.

"The sky lit up like pure daylight," said 87-year-old Joseph Wing, who lives on Foothill Road. "This was unlike anything I’ve ever seen."

Luckily, there is some great video, but you will have to excuse the bad language from shocked residents because we are back to what has been loosely explained as transformers exploding aka Fort Worth style with the sky glowing all sorts of different colours, see archives. I changed the headline because I think it's time more people start to take what is happening to our world much more seriously.

Strange, Colored Lights Illuminate the New Jersey Sky - Up Close - Nov. 23, 2011
YouTube, 23rd November 2011
This is a collection of at least 3 videos --- simply incredible...

Supervolcanoes: Not a Threat for 2012
Science Daily, 15th November 2011
ScienceDaily (Nov. 15, 2011) — The geological record holds clues that throughout Earth's 4.5-billion-year lifetime massive supervolcanoes, far larger than Mount St. Helens or Mount Pinatubo, have erupted. However, despite the claims of those who fear 2012, there's no evidence that such a supereruption is imminent.

What exactly is a "supervolcano" or a "supereruption?" Both terms are fairly new and favored by the media more than scientists, but geologists have begun to use them in recent years to refer to explosive volcanic eruptions that eject about ten thousand times the quantity of magma and ash that Mount St. Helens, one of the most explosive eruptions in recent years, expelled.

More efforts to panic people about 2012, and scientists seem to be fighting back... Life on Earth is being influenced by a new cosmic cycle, with LONG TERM IMPLICATIONS, therefore it's not about a specific apocalypse in 2012. However, if we don't start to take some issues seriously like space weather, then we will get a slow drawn out apocalypse, this is really not that difficult to work out...

X-ray facility to study conditions at Earth's core
BBC News, 11th November 2011
An experiment to recreate the extreme conditions of the centre of the Earth was officially opened on Thursday. The ID24 beam line at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) will use X-ray beams to subject iron and other materials to extraordinary temperatures and pressures.

How the X-rays are absorbed should give insight into the mysterious processes going on at and near the Earth's core. For example, the work could unravel why the Earth's magnetic field can "flip".

I wonder.... Experiments to understand what is happening in Earth's core... Do you think scientists have been given this important task because Earth's magnetic field is failing? Have you watch the sci-fi movie 'The Core' that was panned by critics? As I have already written, we are experiencing many of the things that the movie pointed out would happen if Earth's magnetic field breaks down, the only problem is the magnetic field of Earth does not all come from Earth's core but besides that, I really liked this terrible movie because I was enthralled with the scenes of the discovery of giants diamonds inside the Earth. Now I know a little bit more about what is really going on, this movie is a great introduction.

Want weird weather? Come to Oklahoma!
Reuters News, 10th November 2011
(Reuters) - After one of the strangest local weather days in memory, an Oklahoma woman with a sense of humor asked on Twitter earlier this week: "Wanna experience the apocalypse before it happens? Visit Oklahoma!"

She posted that on Monday night shortly after a 4.7-magnitude aftershock earthquake shook the state. The temblor occurred not long after six tornadoes ripped through southwest Oklahoma, which was preceded by flash-flooding in an area that's been plagued by a historic drought.

"Seriously, WHAT'S GOING ON?" someone else tweeted that night. The answers vary. Global warning? Coincidence? Bad luck? Bad timing? End of time? There's agreement on only one thing: It's been weird all year. "Even for Oklahoma, this is crazy," said Rick Smith, a National Weather Service meteorologist in Norman. "Since January, we've been setting records. People are just kind of amazed and shocked."

What I find interesting is the mention of "End of time" like everyone is supposed to already know that everything gets weird in the "End Times." Well, the problem we have is the general public have been generally badly informed. As I have worked out in the last 30 years and it's over 40 years if you count the fact I started Sunday School at age 5, the original religions were based on the worship of the heavens and other fantastic phenomena that were seen in the skies that became anthropomorphised over millenia. Hence, astronomers were the original priests and that is why even in the Middle Ages, the Catholic Church insisted that their priests studied astronomy before they trained to be theologians or philosophers. Once you understand the nuances then it is much easier to understand all the references to End Times in ancient religious texts, because the knowledge of major astronomical cycles was buried very deep so that major important cycles like the 26,000 years precessional cycle would not be forgotten. This also served a religious purpose in that the priests could threaten the ignorant hordes by warning them that Judgement Day was coming etc etc. Well, I am not sure the strategy completely worked because the religious hierarchy became far too corrupt and much of the true meaning of the ancient text was lost. The other way that astronomical knowledge was preserved was by the use of allegorical storytelling that becane mythology... (Please note: bits and pieces of information have been retained in cultures all over the planet, the issue is that very few people have been able to reinterpret that info to become meaningful today, but a few know enough.) Well, the build up of energies around our solar system was noticed by the Russians in the 1960s, but we really started to notice a difference on Earth in the 1990s, the solar system is being flooded with what the religious have called 'Christ' or crystalline energy or other similar esoteric terms and space weather is a reality. Despite the fact that it seems that some people claimed they 'knew' this was coming, I really can't see any serious preparation except for the Russians who some commentators claim are the most 'balanced' nation on the planet. The indigenous people have made an effort but because of all the efforts ranged against them to destroy their culture, religious and spiritual heritage, they have been hampered in their efforts but they still knew enough to try and warn the rest of the world. All my adult life, I have been trying to understand my reality and now that I can see a much bigger picture, I stand by what I have written in my essay The Greatest Transition in the History of Mankind, but I think the general lack of interest in reality means that this is really not going to be an easy transition but that was our choice due to a major lack of interest in understanding the universe and what spirituality actually really means.

APOD: Crown Flash & Leaping Streams of Light
APOD NASA, 8th November 2011
What's happening above those clouds? In the past few years, videos have appeared on the web detailing an unusual but little known phenomenon: rapid light changes over clouds. Upon inspection and contemplation, a leading hypothesis for its cause has now emerged. In sum, this hypothesis holds that a lightning discharge in a thundercloud can temporarily change the electric field above the cloud where charged ice crystals were reflecting sunlight. The new electric field quickly re-orients the geometric crystals to a new orientation that reflects sunlight differently. In other words, a lightning discharge can cause a sundog to jump. Soon, the old electric field may be restored, causing the ice crystals to return to their original orientation. To help this curious phenomenon become better studied, sky enthusiasts with similar jumping or dancing sundog videos are encouraged to share them.

Well, I am pleased to see that NASA are acknowledging this 'rare' atmospheric phenomenon. However, as I have already noted so many times before, there are many different examples of atmospheric phenomena that signify that Earth's atmosphere is becoming more and more electrified. So, I am wondering at what point will more people stop and consider the implications and what this actually means for humans who will need to be able to cope with their bodies becoming more and more charged too.

Snowtober: US north-east coast hit by unseasonal October snow storm (21Pics)
Refreshing News, 1st November 2011
One of the darkest Hallowe'ens ever looms for roughly 2.8 million households in the US left without power by a rare October snowstorm in the Northeast that hit transportation and killed at least eight people over the weekend. The unseasonably early winter storm, known as a "nor'easter" due to its north-easterly movement, was being called "Snowtober" and affected up to 60 million people.

Record-breaking snow fell, the heaviest of which was 31.4 inches measured in Jaffrey, New Hampshire, according to the National Weather Service. Just 45 minutes northwest of New York City, in West Milford, New Jersey, 19 inches of snow fell.

If we are slowly moving into an Ice Age then this should not be a surprise... These are great pictures.

Inches of “Global Warming” Get Dumped on NASA-GISS HQ (PHOTO)
Watts Up With That, 29th October 2011
"[Update: New York City got more snow in October 2011 than ever before in recorded history, according to the NY Daily News (including some good photos). Special thanks to WUWT commenter NikFromNYC who posted this photo link of Snow near GISS HQ last evening.]"
Actually, I don't really think this is funny at all if this is another sign that we are moving into an Ice Age.

Record snowfall for “Climate Justice Day” in New York
WUWT, 30th October 2011
Obviously, I support both camps here, but I can see the funny side...

Reuters: Occupying Wall Street in the snow
YouTube, 29th October 2011

Inner west's mystery noise creates buzz abroad - Sydney, Australia
Inner West Courier, 26th October 2011
MYSTERY noise in the form of a persistent hum or buzz has residents across the inner west scratching their heads and reaching for the ear plugs. When Neil Hill of Newtown wrote a letter to the editor about such a hum and it appeared in the Courier’s October 6 edition, he had no idea the response would be immediate and international.

John Berry, who lives opposite Sydney University, said a continuous humming noise had disturbed his sleep for years but his investigation of the noise had been fruitless. “Sydney University has mechanical equipment running 24/7 so it seemed the most logical source,” Mr Berry said.

A noise consultant hired by the university failed to identify any problem - and Mr Berry said this week it was almost impossible to identify the source of low frequency noise. Balmain’s Rosa Needham was glad to hear she was not the only one hearing a consistent hum. She tried to find the source but to no avail.

Well, so now the mystery hums are happening downunder too, see previous comments, Best of the Blog Earth Changes & Earth Science
Mysterious hum baffles experts and annoys Ranchlands residents [Canada]
Calgary Herald, 30th September 2011

Turkey Earthquake 2011: Photos and Footage as Quake's Death Toll Rises [VIDEO]
International Business Times, 23rd October 2011
Eastern Turkey is still being ravaged by the 7.2 magnitude quake that hit at 1:41 local time today, ending 2011 with hundreds believed dead and countless survivors still trapped beneath the rubble. Here, see raw footage of the start of the quake, and video and photos of residents helping rescue workers save lives and seek shelter, as the temperature drops below zero and the death toll continues to grow.

Initial footage taken by a survivor on Oct. 23. The video was posted on shortly after news of the earthquake ravaging eastern Turkey began to spread. Initially, the number of those killed were completely unknown, and the magnitude of the quake fluctuated between a 7.2 and a 7.6 magnitude.

This reminds me of the devastating Haiti earthquake.

Up to 1,000 estimated dead after powerful earthquake shakes Turkey
Dozens of buildings collapsed in various cities in the southeast region after quake measured at magnitude of 7.3 Turkey's Kandilli Observatory puts death toll between 500-1,000.
Haaretz News, 23rd October 2011
"Turkey's Kandilli Observatory estimates that some 500 to 1,000 people were killed in a powerful earthquake in southeast Turkey's Van province on Sunday, broadcaster CNN Turk reported."

Separately, Deputy Prime Minister Besir Atalay told reporters some 10 buildings had collapsed in Van city and around 25-30 buildings collapsed in the nearby district of Ercis.

Very strong earthquake in eastern Turkey + Video of one of the collapsed apartment buildings
Earthquake Report, 23rd October 2011
This website is providing continuous updates.

The Extinction Protocol: Earthquakes & Earthquake Swarms
The Extinction Protocol, October 2011
There is a lot of major earthquakes and earthquake swarms that have been occuring in recent weeks and months, this website does a good job in collating information.

Ozone layer hole over Arctic in sudden expansion
Arctic and Antarctic holes of similar size for first time, say scientists, due to combination of wind patterns and intense cold The Guardian, 3rd October 2011
• Datablog: The size of the hole in the ozone layer
• Antarctica may heat up dramatically as ozone hole repairs, warn scientists

A huge hole that appeared in the Earth's protective ozone layer above the Arctic in 2011 was the largest recorded in the northern hemisphere, though the sudden appearance of the hole was not due to man-made causes, scientists said in a report on Monday.

The ozone layer high in the stratosphere acts like a giant shield against the sun's ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which can cause skin cancer and cataracts. Since the 1980s, scientists have charted the size of the ozone hole every summer above the Antarctic. Some years, the holes have been so large that they covered the entire continent and stretched to parts of South America. [...]

The findings, reported on Monday in the journal Nature, show that the hole had opened over northern Russia, parts of Greenland, and Norway, meaning people in these areas were likely to have been exposed to high levels of UV radiation. "The chemical ozone destruction over the Arctic in early 2011 was, for the first time in the observational record, comparable to that in the Antarctic ozone hole," say the scientists, led by Gloria Manney of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.

As I have written before: For decades, scientists have been pointing out that the climate on Earth is directed by the stars and that the cosmic environment is now rapidly changing. Here are a few opinions:
A 1992 paper (Bui et al, “Short-period variation of cosmic-ray intensity and ozone density observed in the stratosphere” []) states: “The energy deposition by slowing-down of energetic ionizing particles in the atmosphere enhances the production of constituent concentration which perturbs and eventually destroys the ozone (OZ) layer. Near the Brazilian anomaly region the cosmic-ray (CR) intensity varies greatly due to the magnetic activity in that region. In order to study these variations, stratospheric balloons were launched to measure, simultaneously, the CR and OZ fluxes in the atmosphere. The Fourier-analysed data collected during the flight on April 22, 1989 show evidences of a short-period variation for both fluxes measured.”

In 2009, University of Waterloo Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Qing-Bin Lu said [] “it was generally accepted for more than two decades that the Earth's ozone layer is depleted by chlorine atoms produced by the sun's ultraviolet light-induced destruction of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in the atmosphere. But mounting evidence supports a new theory that says cosmic rays, rather than the sun's UV light, play the dominant role in breaking down ozone-depleting molecules and then ozone. … Cosmic rays are concentrated over the North and South Poles due to Earth's magnetic field, and have the highest electron-production rate at the height of 15 to 18 km above the ground -- where the ozone layer has been most depleted.”

Ozone, Global Warming Science, last update: 2011/02/15
Cosmic rays are at all all time high and set to get higher, see Cosmic Rays Hit Space Age High!, so the ozone problem will get worse whatever we do.
  • How Fukushima Impacted The Massive Arctic Ozone Los, 3rd October 2011

    The cold winter in 2010-2011 produced dense stratospheric clouds over the Arctic, which due to the presence of water promoted chemical reactions with various gases to produce compounds that deplete ozone over the Arctic Circle.

    The Arctic ozone hole, that began expanding due to the clouds, radically widened in March and April, coinciding with the Fukushima disaster.

    The damaged Fukushima reactors and burning fuel rods released many, many tons of of iodine (a highly-reactive ozone-attacking agent) and xenon, which soon transformed into xenon fluoride (produced when xenon comes under UV catalysis to combine with fluorine gas in the atmosphere).

    Fluorine is abundant over the US Pacific Northwest and Canada. The jet stream carried the iodine and newly-formed XeFl compounds in a northeasterly direction, crossing into the Arctic circle and looping back down over Greenland, Scandinavia and European Russia. This exactly accounts for the oblong shape and direction of the expanded ozone hole.

How Earthquakes Are Measured Around The World
Irish Weather Online, 3rd October 2011
While the Richter scale is the most easily recognized measure of an earthquake’s magnitude, seismologists say several more dynamic measurement methods have eclipsed it since it was developed more than 70 years ago.

IRIN considers current best practices around the world -from the standard magnitude indicators that replaced the Richter scale to prediction models that estimate an earthquake’s economic impact on society.

The changes in how earthquakes are measured means that it is very difficult to compare available historical data with what is going on today. There is also a 25 year cycle of earthquake activity too, that makes making a judgement more difficult too.

Mystery intensifies over unexplained booming noise in Tennessee
The Extinction Protocol, 1st October 2011
TENNESSEE – The Lashbrooke subdivision in Louisville enjoyed a quiet and sun-bathed afternoon on Thursday. The peaceful surroundings of the affluent neighborhood along the Tennessee River lend no hint that its residents suffer from shell-shock. “It’s scary-loud. It’s loud enough that it makes your heart stop for a second,” said Andy Wombold. ”It sounds like a shotgun or an explosion of some kind.” Wombold and dozens of other residents in the neighborhood are unable to say exactly what “it” is. All they know is the mysterious booms have provided several rude awakenings that sent residents scrambling in fear.

This is really a collection of reports and that is why it has been highlighted. The planet is really getting very noisy as the Planetary Refresh becomes extremely noticeable and some people are finding it difficult to stay asleep... These kind of articles just make me want to shake my head as I think of those who thought that nothing significant would happen at 2012... Of course they were right, because most had been mislead about what was happening on our planet and the belief of whether something would happen in 2012 or not was just a major red herring. The truth is that there has been a significant escalation of cosmic energies on this planet over two decades and the scientific evidence suggests that those who claimed that we are in a period of transition to a new energetic level were indeed correct.

At night, a red tide glows blue along the San Diego County coast
LA Times, 29th September 2011
Find a dark spot on the San Diego County coastline after night falls and you might be be treated to a spectacular neon blue light show. Bioluminescent waves, which glow a vivid blue as they crash ashore, have been dazzling nighttime visitors to the beach this week. Photographers have been snapping photos of the otherworldly surf as it has increased in intensity over the last few days.

The electric blue glow is caused by an algae bloom commonly referred to as a “red tide.” The organism, a phytoplankton called Lingulodinium polyedrum, has bloomed since late August, turning the water a brownish-red color in the daytime, according to UC San Diego scientists.

The movement of the waves turns the tide a brilliant blue, visible only after night falls. It’s caused by a chemical reaction on the cellular level, according to Scripps Institution of Oceanography Professor Peter J. Franks, who calls the phytoplankton “my favorite dinoflagellate.”

I am totally fascinated by the phenomenon of bioluminescence that our scientists do not understand very well. What amazes me is that with the escalation of new energies on this planet, bioluminescence could become more and more prevalent and our planet could eventually become a 'World of Light'... the possibility is really exciting.

Red Tide - Bioluminescence San Diego, 2011
YouTube, 28th September 2011
On September 28th, 2011, the "Red Tide" hit San Diego shores. The neon-blue waves are not digitally created or altered from their original form. This video was shot at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, Calif & North Ponto Beach in Carlsbad, Calif.
The video is set to music and the blue bioluminescence waves look quite amazing...

Massive spinning column of water forms over Lake Michigan
A tornado-like waterspout forms over Lake Michigan, near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Telegraph, 25th September 2011
A waterspout formed over lake Michigan Saturday near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The weather phenomenon is unusual, particularly in that region.

Waterspouts are essentially tornadoes that develop at sea, in which a continuous vortex extends from a cloud to the water surface.

Inside the spout, winds can reach speeds of up to 62.1 miles an hour. They have also been known to pick up various sea-life and dump it on land. Several waterspouts were reported in that area Saturday.

Extreme weather events... due to extreme electromagnetic forces...

Italian scientists on trial for failing to predict earthquake
Seismologists around the world in uproar at legal move, which they say is an attack on science
The Guardian, 20th September 2011
Seven scientists and other experts are standing trial on manslaughter charges for allegedly failing to sufficiently warn residents before a devastating earthquake that killed more than 300 people in central Italy in 2009.

The case is being closely watched by seismologists around the world, who insist it is impossible to predict earthquakes and say no major tremor has ever been foretold.

OK, I have a lot of harsh things to say about science but I still don't agree with this... Humans have divorced themselves from the planet and when the Earth starts to signal that something major is about to happen, the vast majority of humans simply cannot process the information, yet most often the animals do react... Please remember that it was reported that a scientist did warn about this earthquake and he was arrested for scaremongering. It's like the issue of space weather. It's been over 20 years since things started to escalate. The UK & US governments have now warned they are going to play Russian roulette with the Sun and the vast majority of people are still oblivious to what is going on and what needs to be done to make sure people remain safe. I even had one ignorant fool tell me I was scaremongering the very week US & UK government made the unprecedented announcement. So, if and when it goes wrong, will the ignorant majority try and blame the few people who tried to make a difference and warn? As far as I am concerned, this is a very similar situation.
  • Italian earthquake: expert's warnings were dismissed as scaremongering
    The Telegraph, 6th April 2009
    "An Italian scientist, Giampaolo Giuliani, predicted the earthquake which has killed at least 90 people in the Abruzzo region but he was reported to the police for scaremongering, it has emerged. Mr Giuliani told locals to evacuate their houses and posted a video on YouTube in which he said a build-up of radon gas around the seismically active area suggested a major earthquake was imminent. Several tremors had been felt in the medieval city of L'Aquila, around 60 miles east of Rome, from mid-January onwards, and vans with loudspeakers had driven around the city spreading the warning. But instead of heeding Mr Giuliani's warnings, the local authorities reported him to police for "spreading alarm" and he was told to remove his findings from the internet. [...] Even after the devastating earthquake, the head of Italy's National Geophysics Institute, Enzo Boschi, dismissed Mr Giuliani's predictions. "Every time there is an earthquake there are people who claim to have predicted it," he said. "As far as I know nobody predicted this earthquake with precision. It is not possible to predict earthquakes."

Mysterious 'Booming Sounds' Heard Around World Perplex Scientists
Our Amazing Planet, 14th September 2011
Mysterious booming sounds are occasionally heard on the North Carolina coast, often powerful enough to rattle windows and doors. They cannot be explained by thunderstorms or any manmade sources — their source is a mystery. [...]

"It seems there is quite a range of processes in nature that might be responsible," Hill told OurAmazingPlanet.

"Earwitnesses" described sounds like booming cannons or falling stones accompanying small to moderate earthquakes in England from 1880 to 1916. In 1975, U.S. Geological Survey researchers managed to record both acoustic and seismic signals of an earthquake swarm in California, finding that three earthquakes with magnitudes ranging from 2.0 to 2.8 produced sounds that began within 0.02 seconds of the arrival of seismic waves at the scientists' station. Similar results were seen with quakes in the French Pyrenees in 2004.

All in all, audible sounds from earthquakes might be perceived even when shaking is not, Hill suggested. For instance, while earthquakes are rare in coastal North Carolina, they are relatively common in the Charleston area of South Carolina, the site of the 1886 magnitude 7.6 Charleston quake, and the Catskill Mountains that Seneca Lake is located within do host low-level earthquake activity. Locals could be hearing an earthquake that is too small for them to feel.

The article suggests that if earthquakes are caused by underground lightning, then these booms are the equivalent of underground thunder.

Windsor rumble intensifies: 'the loudest it's ever been'
Windsor Star, 13th September 2011
WINDSOR, Ont. — It seemed as if the mysterious rumblings had subsided, but Sunday night through early Monday the low-pitch humming came back with a vengeance, according to Windsor residents.

"It was the loudest it's ever been," Grete MaKenzie said about the inexplicable rumblings she and thousands of Windsorites have reported hearing in the past eight months.

The 61-year-old said the noise woke her at home about 5:30 a.m. Monday. "Last night it was really bad," said MaKenzie. "We went outside and it was almost like it was vibrating your eardrums."

Well, there has been some interesting comments over at concerning 'geophysical electrophonics.', that are certainly worth a read. However, I don't think this is related to fireballs, but rather due to space weather, where plasmas are literally screaming in from space and there might be some kind of resonance response with the Earth generating Extra Low or Very Low Frequency radio emissions. Yet, the description of a 'rumble' suggests an escalation from previous reports or the 'hum' described by scientists who since the 1990s, have reported detecting new Earth frequencies (see archives for more info).

Somewhere under the rainbow: Rare 'fire rainbow' glimpsed through a 'window' in the clouds
Daily Mail, 12th September 2011
Mr Jankovoy said he came across the spectacular shot on a recent trip to Ghasa in Nepal. The 23-year-old travels across the world to capture his stunning shots from Mount Everest to remote areas of Ukraine.

He said: 'For the last couple of years I've seen a lot of rare and interesting light phenomena like halos, convex clouds, mirages, brocken spectres and fog bows. 'But it was the first time I saw this phenomenon and I was completely astonished.'

Mr Jankovoy needed help identifying the bizarre atmospheric occurrence, which is formed when sunlight refracts off horizontal ice crystals in high-level cirrus clouds. The sun must be very high in the sky and it can not be seen at a latitude above 55degrees north (which includes Scotland and much of Canada) or below 55 degrees south.

This photograph does not even seem real.... The Daily Mail have done some research and cites the ubiquitous ice crystals that I have commented on over and over again. However, I am not satisfied with the explanation. According to the experts at this is just a very large halo... We read:
It is a very large halo and always parallel to the horizon. Often only fragments are visible where there happen to be cirrus clouds - the individual patches of cirrus are then lit with colour that can be mistaken for iridescence.
Circumhorizon Arc ,
The main problem is that these are NOT cirrus clouds, see Cloud Chart. Also, according to the experts at, if this was a Circumhorizon Arc then at the latitude of Ghasa in Nepal, 28o North and 84o East, this is not so ultra rare. Basically, if these were caused by ice crystals then there must be other enviromental or geomagnetic circumstances that have not been explained. From my book Rare Halos, Mirages, Anomalous Rainbows and Related Electromagnetic Phenomena by William R. Corliss, it states there is a possibility that reflection from ice and snow might be involved in the effect.

Indonesian Officials Looks Up To Save Lives During Future Tsunami Events
Irish Weather Online, 7th September 2011
City officials in the Indonesian city of Padang have come up with an unusual strategy to save the lives of its citizens in the event of a tsunami: multi-storey buildings.

The city on the west coast of Sumatra Island is in one of Indonesia’s most quake-prone regions, where a 7.6 magnitude quake in 2009 killed more than 1,000 people and destroyed large parts of the city. “If we try to build just horizontal evacuation roads, they won’t be enough. But multi-storey buildings are one way to save the people,” Dedi Henidal, director of Padang’s Natural Disaster Mitigation Board, told IRIN. Hundreds of thousands would be killed if Padang were hit by a large tsunami and there were no evacuation towers, say disaster management experts. [...]

The escape towers have been designed with civil engineers from the University of Kyoto, specializing in quake-resistant buildings, as well as Indonesian geophysicists and seismologists, says Henidal. His agency is running tests to check whether the buildings can withstand quakes stronger than magnitude nine.

Disaster management experts in Jakarta say the success of these evacuation points depends on whether Padang’s Disaster Mitigation Board builds according to the specifications developed by the national technical experts.

It looks like they have thought about coping with earthquakes too.... There is an excellent roundup of earthquake news here too.

Moderate Earthquake Hits The Netherlands
Irish Weather Online, 7th September 2011
"The Netherlands is rarely hit by earthquakes, and most are usually centered in the northern part of the country due to natural gas processing. The magnitudes of these earthquakes normally do not exceed 3.0 on the Richter scale."

Yes, but we are seeing more and more earthquakes in places that don't normally have them and Germany has been rattling too in the last few weeks with reports that magma is on the move. I think this suggests that there is a build-up of telluric currents and the electric universe view is that earthquakes are just underground lightning. There are other scientists with similar views, but Friedemann Freund, from Nasa Ames Research Center, developed the scientific theory that when rocks are compressed they act like batteries, producing electric currents. This is NOT related to the piezoelectric effect, because this only applies to rocks such as granites, which contain a high percentage of quartz. See Rocks That Crackle and Sparkle and Glow: Strange Pre-Earthquake Phenomena. [2003].

Earthquake prediction still stymies scientists, 7th September 2011
Despite decades of research, earthquake prediction remains elusive. As much as society would like scientists to tell us when a jolt is coming, mainstream seismologists are generally pessimistic about ever having that ability.

They lived through the checkered history of earthquake prediction, filled with passioned debates, failed oracles and the enduring search for warning signs that may portend a powerful quake. The Earth so far has refused to give up its secrets.

In recent years, however, a more hopeful camp has emerged, pushed by researchers using satellites who say it may be possible to someday predict earthquakes from space and others who think they can tease out signals in rocks. The two schools of thought swapped notes during a two-day meeting in Los Angeles weeks before a relatively mild magnitude-5.8 rattled the Eastern Seaboard.

My interest here is that the signals that scientists are recording in space believed to be earthquake precursor signals, is the same extremely low frequency energy that metaphysical sources have claimed is harmful to the human energy field. Steps are needed to to protect electrodynamic templates that are only partially aetheric, so that DNA processing is not impaired. In this regard, there are some strange events that can be linked to major earthquakes and the best known is in southern China, where tom cats grew wings in a month. This can only be considered as anecdotal evidence, but there is other less interesting science that suggests biological organisms are affected by these earthquake precursor signals.

'Tornadoes will batter Britain', says forecaster
Travel AOL, 7th September 2011
Cancel that late summer stay-cation! Tornadoes are set to batter Britain in the coming week or so, with winds of up to 65mph predicted this month, according to some weather forecasters.

Persistent and torrential rain, along with powerful winds is being predicted, and forecasters from Positive Weather Solutions say that parts of Britain will also be at risk of tornadoes - especially in the southern parts of the Midlands and down towards the south, known to some forecasters as 'tornado alley'.

So... when did Britain develop a tornado alley?

Notre Dame Stadium Evacuated Twice
CNS Chicago News, 3rd September 2011
SOUTH BEND -- At kickoff, the heat index at Notre Dame Stadium was 98 degrees. And that was the least oppressive part of the weather Saturday.

The heat spawned two waves of severe thunderstorms that rolled through northern Indiana Saturday, delaying Notre Dame's battle with South Florida for nearly three hours.

"I'm from California. They don't have thunder and all that other crap," said running back Cierre Wood when asked if he had ever experienced anything like Saturday's atmospheric shenanigans.

"For the first time in HISTORY the stadium had to be evacuated according to guidelines - not just once, but TWICE @_@ But they were taking extra precaution after the 7 deaths in the same state on August 13th when a steel stage collapsed during the Indiana State Fair." Courtesy: Sheilaaliens. However, of more interest to some was the univited visitors flying around above the stadium, see Notre Dame Stadium Evacuated Twice - UFOs + Lightning Strikes - Sep. 3, 2011

5 injured after thunderstorms in southwestern Ontario
South West Onatario, 7th September 2011
WATERLOO, Ont. — Thunderstorms and high winds have left a swath of damage in southwestern Ontario. Five people were injured at the farmers' market in the St. Jacobs area near Waterloo when winds knocked down several tents Saturday.

Indonesian Government: Moon Is Not In The Right Position
Reuters, 30th August 2011
(Reuters) - Indonesia's government has declared that the moon is not in the right position for the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan to end as expected on Tuesday, causing hungry disappointment in the world's most populous Muslim nation.

Indonesians, 90 percent of whom are Muslim, celebrate the end of Ramadan or Eid al-Fitr festival with a feast and new clothes, but they have been forced to put their delicacies back in the cupboard for one more day.

Housewife Nur Arifah did not expect the announcement, which came late on Monday, and got up early that day to cook plenty of stewed beef for her family in Jakarta.

"My nephews and nieces have all gathered in my father's house to celebrate with new clothes, yet it's the wrong day.

We have the first government to point out to the world that there is something strange about the moon, but many people have been complaining about the moon refusing to follow astronomical projections for a long time and an Italian scientist even wrote a paper about the moon's eccentricity, see archive for mid April 2011. So what about NASA et al., why have they nothing to say?
  • It's Official: Idul Fitri Is on Wednesday
    Jakarta Globe, 29th August 2011
    The Ministry of Religious Affairs has announced that Idul Fitri will fall on Wednesday, Aug. 31, not Tuesday as most calendars assume. The decision was taken following a session at the ministry on Monday afternoon and was announced by Religion Minister Suryadharma Ali.

    The result was not far from previous predictions, but was taken because the moon's position is still less than two degrees above the horizon. The start of idul fitri is determined by the position of the moon.

    Nasaruddin Umar, the ministry's Director General for Islamic Affairs, said earlier on Monday that the ministry had agreed with many parties including astronomy experts, the Navy, the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology and religious scholars that the moon's position was very low thus making Aug. 31 the correct date.

    Moonsighting for Ramadan 1432
    Moonsighting News, 29th August 2011
    Iran: "The fasting month of Ramadan begins in Iran on Tuesday as the crescent moon was not spotted at Sunday's sunset, Office of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution announces."
    That's interesting, it looks like Iran started Ramadan 1 day late because they could not seen the crescent moon on the day it was expected.

'There are some here that have nothing to go back to': New York town nearly wiped out by flooding in the wake of Hurricane Irene
Daily Mail, 30th August 2011
* Town of Prattsville, New York, nearly decimated by Hurricane's wind, rain and floods.php
* Homes and hundreds of roads and bridges washed away in Vermont * High flood waters seemed to come as a surprise to the state where evacuations had not been made
* Rivers and streams burst banks in upstate New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts
* Last night flood waters were rising in New Jersey closing major highways including the New Jersey Turnpike
* At least 44 people have died in the storm, most of them when trees crashed through roofs or onto cars
* President Barack Obama warns, 'This is not over', as he says flooding could get worse

There’s no way out of Prattsville, New York. The small town of only about 650 people in the Catskill Mountains has nearly been wiped off the map after Hurricane Irene tore through the area, taking out bridges and destroying homes.

Some distressing images, but it looks like more floods to come.

Tropical Storm Katia forms in the Atlantic
ABC Local, 30th August 2011

Perfect Storm of Hype: Politicians, the media and the Hurricane Irene apocalypse that never was
Telegraph News, 28th August 2011
Across the screen, the “Breaking News: Irene Batters Long Island” caption was replaced by stern advice from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA): “Stay inside, stay safe.”

The images summed up Hurricane Irene – the media and the United States federal government trying to live up to their own doom-laden warnings and predictions while a sizeable number of ordinary Americans just carried on as normal and even made gentle fun of all the fuss.

There was almost palpable disappointment among the TV big guns rolled out for the occasion when Irene was downgraded to a mere ‘tropical storm”. In New York city, CNN’s silver-haired Anderson Cooper, more usually seen in a tight t-shirt in a famine or war zone, was clad in what one wag dubbed “disaster casual”.

I think this assessment is too harsh. At one stage, there was a headline that 3.3 million people were without power and others headlines telling people to not expect any power for 1 or 2 weeks, I think that is quite something.

Breaking Weather: River Flooding Worsens
"Irene is gone but flooding will continue in the Northeast for several days., 29th August 2011

If your power is out, expect to remain without power for 1-2 weeks.: Virginia Department of Emergency Management - 12160, 28th August 2011

Irene: Worst Effects on Northeast in 50 Years Possible, 25th August 2011
There is potential for the worst hurricane impacts in 50 years along the northern part of the Atlantic Seaboard as Irene plows northward.The impacts on lives, property, commerce and travel will be serious.

While Irene is not forecast to track as far west, nor as fast, as Hazel did in 1954, it will ride up along the mid-Atlantic coast in such a way as to inflict major damage in many coastal and some inland communities. In today's dollars, Hazel was a multi-billion-dollar storm and reached Category 4 at peak intensity.

Wow... the earlier earthquake shock and now a hurricane for people who have little experience of what to do in this situation...

Hurricane Irene: Major East Coast Threats
The Weather, 25th August 2011
"Our projected path map below continues to paint an ominous picture by pointing Hurricane Irene along the East Coast this weekend. The latest computer model guidance confirms this extraordinary threat and the first hurricane warnings and hurricane watches have been issued for the East Coast."

Hurricane Irene: Where Is Storm Headed?
ABC News, 25th August 2011
"Sam Champion reports on the path of the massive storm heading for the U.S." This is an excellent report

Hurricane Irene: Where is the Storm Headed? ABC News 3D Model Projections
YouTube, 25th August 2011
Copy of ABC News report

Is God Trying To Say Something?
Market Ticker, 25th August 2011

There are times you just have to wonder. A hurricane that appears to be taking dead aim at both Washington DC and Wall Street? Gee, I wonder if there's an embedded message in there somewhere? After all, insurance companies do call these sorts of events "acts of God", right? So..... as we all prepare if we're in the to-be-impacted area, let's remember a few things:

You do have to wonder... There is some reflection here about whether God is mad about something.... This is an interesting read... (The latest warning and tracking issued 5pm EDT is available here .)

What If A Hurricane Hit NYC?
CBS News, July 30, 2006
"Only On The Web: Dr. Nicholas K. Coch explains to Michelle Miller what could happen if a hurricane hit New York City, and according to the professor, history says that it's definitely possible."
Really interesting historical and geographical perspective.

Mega Disasters - Hurricane hits NYC
YouTube, 4th June 2010
"The last damaging hurricane to hit Long Island wasGloria in '85 preceded in 1938 by the "Long Island Express", which did major damage to Long Island and New England. Experts say the L.I. and N.Y.C. areas are due for another big one in the near future. Here's their take on what would happen if a category 3 or higher storm hit the Island/NYC head on..."

A New Natural Phenomenon: Crown Flash [Leaping Streamers of light above clouds], 22nd August 2011

Last month I wrote about Bill Beaty’s “Leaping Sundogs”, with a couple of fascinating videos recording the dancing streamers of light. [...] Beaty had already updated his page with new speculations, and meanwhile, I also received comments from fellows Martin Shough and Wim Van Utrecht.

Shough notes that Beaty’s suggestion of ice crystals re-alignment due to electrical storms was considered during a 1999 conference on sprites, as it seems the phenomenon may have been observed by satellites! [...] Not only that, Utrecht also found on William Corliss’ treasure trove some references to the phenomenon recorded in decades past:

“In "Lightning, Auroras,…" there’s a Chapter called "Crown Flash" which is described as "The brightening of a thunderhead crown followed by the appearance of aurora-like streamers emanating into the clear atmosphere. Crown flash seems to be synchronized with lightning strokes from the cloud base to the ground" (although the latter synchronicity is not really that evident from the three examples CORLISS cites).

OK, it looks like this cloud phenomena is not new but from the references provided it seems in the early 1970s, scientists were writing in journals that it was a new meteorological phenomenon. Well, I even have the William Corliss's "Rare Halos, Mirages…" book and I have been too busy to check...

Mapping Virginia Earthquake 2011 Locations, Tremor, Damages and Hazards
International Business Times, 24th August 2011
The 5.8 magnitude Virginia earthquake of 2011 occurred at 1:51 p.m. (EDT) Tuesday, Aug. 23, in the Central Virginia Seismic Zone, which is believed to have produced the strongest magnitude in the history of Virginia in May 1897, a 5.9 earthquake in Giles County.

The U.S. Geological Survey says the area has produced “small and moderate earthquakes since at least the 18th century.”

The last known earthquake to have originated from the zone's epicenter occurred in 1875, when effective seismographs were not invented, but the damage from the shock suggested that it had a magnitude of about 4.8, USGS said.

I think this is a massive jolt to many on the east coast of the USA. Some are even claiming they have NEVER experienced an earthquake before and others were so shocked, they are comparing the earthquake to 9/11.

Earthquake reported along the East Coast
Washington Post, 23rd August 2011

An earthquake centered in Virginia struck along the East Coast at 1:51 p.m., according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The earthquake was reportedly 5.9 magnitude.

Officials said the earthquake’s epicenter was near Mineral, Va., 87 miles southwest of Washington.

May be the largest recorded earthquake to hit area

Tweets and reports from the affected area

Snap a photo of evacuations or damage near you

Minutes after the quake, the director of the U.S. Geological Survey, Marcia McNutt — who watched objects falling from the shelves in her office — cautioned that the shaking might not be over.

“What the concern is, of course, is that this is a foreshock. If it’s a foreshock, then the worse is yet to come.”

She said the energy from earthquakes on the East Coast does not attenuate as quickly as it does on the West Coast, and thus even a relatively modest tremor can shake a very broad area.

Comment: This is good lengthy report. The area that people are claiming to have felt this earthquake is enormous, from South Carolina to Toronto, Canada? Apparently, the Washington Monument is tilting due to the earthquake. There are two nuclear reactors on emergency diesel backup generators, see below:

Pope's speech in Spain ended by Act of God!
Mother Nature Has Last Word on World Yute Day, 21st August 2011
[...] However, the final act of the Yute Day deserves a second look and can be explained in a mostly unbiased way just by looking at the pictures from El País. The final discourse of the Papone was to take place yesterday evening in the Cuatro Vientos air base outside Madrid, where at least a million yutes had spent all day waiting under a merciless sun at temperatures that reached 45°C (113°F) and caused over 800 sunstrokes.

The dark clouds started rolling in just as Papone rolled in, and just as he started speaking, the wind started, followed by thunder and lightning and abundant rain as if to wash it all away. By the time the storm passed, there were seven people injured, the Papone was gone and his discourse left unspoken.

At least the stage did not collapse, but 7 were injured... (don't miss the funny video on "yutes".)

ITN News Video: 'Monster' hail storm in China
The Independent, 22nd August 2011
"Hail stones the size of rice bowls rain down on cars and smash their windows."

Stage Collapse Kills Concert-Goers in Belgium
Incident is latest in a series of collapses at outdoor concerts; Mountain Park operator takes precautions
Chicago Tribune, 18th August 2011
At least three people are reportedly dead after a stage collapsed Thursday during severe weather at a music festival in Belgium.

Initial reports suggest that a storm moving through the grounds at the Pukkelpop Festival in Hasselt, Belgium, caused the Chateau Stage to collapse shortly before Chicago band the Smith Westerns was scheduled to perform.

Cullen Omori, the band’s singer wrote on Twitter, “Stage collapsed max almost got crushed by the tress.[sic] I hope pukkelpop has insurance bc all our [expletive] is broke.” He followed up a minute later with the hope that no one was hurt.

3 stage collapses in just over a month.... this is just weird....

10 Photos: Scene from Pukkelpop music festival stage collapse
Chicago Tribune, 18th August 2011

Pukkelpop 2011 (10secs)
YouTube, 7th August 2011

Twitpic: Pukkelpop 2011
Twitpic, 18th August 2011

Something Smells in San Diego
NBC San Diego, 17th August 2011
A strange smell kept San Diego emergency operators busy Wednesday afternoon as dozens across the county called to report the odor.

San Diego Fire and Rescue spokesman Maurice Luque said that, beginning at about 2 p.m., people complained of an obnoxious, sweet smell that resembled lighter fluid, kerosene, petroleum or a fabric softener.

Due to the historical records of earthquake precursors, people in Southern California, should be nervous that a major earthquake might occur. We have a smoking hillside and strange smells over a widespread area. If we get reports of fire coming out of the ground, I would suggest people get out of the area as fast as possible.... I have picked up a link that provides, Eye-witness Accounts of Several Major Earthquakes by Thomas Gold and I was most amazed to read these historical reports of offending smells, smoke and flames coming out of the ground prior to major earthquakes. Here, I have decided to provide some quotes but limit them to quotes about sulphurous smells. So we read:
"In Aquila and Norcia, and in other places . . . the earth was here and there observed to split in cracks, from which streamed the evil odors of sulfur and bitumen; and men in Aquila most worthy of trust write that in many places after the earthquake sulfur and fire issued from the opened earth." (Quoted by Galli, 1911)

Lisbon, 1 November 1755

"Ruptures in the soil originated in thousands of places. From almost all of them water and quicksand were emitted together with flames and stinking smoke. . . . The river Danube began to rise . . . and the water appeared to be steaming as though boiling. It had a sulphurous smell. The majority of the ruptures occurred near the river bank and from some of them flames emerged alternately with the sand and smoke. Fertö Lake, 100 km west of Komarom, began to rumble and foam very intensely. . . . Flames as big as a barrel were seen over the river itself. Many horned cattle perished in the terrible stinking vapour that came from the earth. . . . At the bank of another smaller river, the Vag, red-colored flames rushed up from the ruptures, followed by sulphurous waters. . . . At some places the waters that came fro

Lima, 30 March 1828

In Santa Rosa, according to Lawson and others (1908), a strong smell of sulphur had been noticed two days before the earthquake by one Charles Kobes. Since during an earthquake eight years previously, "sulfur fumes came up from under his house which almost drove his family from home", the recurrence of this phenomenon on 16 April 1906 caused Kobes to tell his family that there would be another earthquake.
Eye-witness Accounts of Several Major Earthquakes by Thomas Gold, 1987.
There are more reports below:

Sulfur smell in city [Washington] Tuesday night
Washington Post, 17th August 2011
"A sulfurous odor was reported Tuesday night in many sections of Washington near the Potomac River, as well as in Arlington, authorities said. "

San Diego – Strange fume event occuring in southern California – Aug 18, 2011
The Truth Behind the News, 18th August 2011

"First a fresh lava field erupts off the coast of Oregon, then mystery plumes erupt from lava fields all the way up the west coast from Pisgah area north to the washington state line… a 6.0 magnitude quake hits Baja California, then a hill side in Santa Barbara (just north of Los Angeles) begins to smoke and steam…"
There is a video here by the popular YouTuber Dutchsinse. He links up all the different strange geological events in the last 3 weeks or so in the region of Southern California, Oregon, San Diego and I think his analysis of precursor events to a large earthquake is credible.

Earth Not Expanding, Says NASA
Irish Weather Online, 17th August 2011
NASA has completed a study, published recently in Geophysical Research Letters, which its says quashes a widely held belief that Earth is exanding due to tectonic forces.

Since Charles Darwin’s time, scientists have speculated that the solid Earth might be expanding or contracting. That was the prevailing belief, until scientists developed the theory of plate tectonics, which explained the large-scale motions of Earth’s lithosphere, or outermost shell. Even with the acceptance of plate tectonics half a century ago, some Earth and space scientists have continued to speculate on Earth’s possible expansion or contraction on various scientific grounds.

What is interesting is why NASA felt the need to respond to this theory of the expanding Earth, especially now when the evidence is starting to pile up...

Flood Bugnadoes Sweep Across Missouri
Irish Weather Online, 17th August 2011
Parts of Missouri affected by serious flooding in recent months are having to contend with a bizarre new natural hazard, swarms of bugs that appear in the shape of tornado funnels.

The large bug vortexes of flying bugs, which have been referred to by local people as “bugnadoes”, have been spotted throughout low-lying parts of the State in the vicinity of the Missouri River.

It is unclear as of yet what species of flying insects is involved. To make matters worse, however, swarms of dragonflies have been seen flying around and feeding on the swirling bug funnels.

The weirdness continues, swarming bugs that can form tornadoes.... well I can only presume that the morphogenetic fields that control swarm behaviour are also being affected by the chaotic and intense electromagnetic conditions. I think I am at liberty to make this assertion as biologists cannot explain using conventional science what controls swarm behaviour. Btw, I saw a small mini-tornado (maybe two metres long by half a metre across) of bugs right outside my appartment when I was on my balcony one early evening last summer. I could not believe my eyes and I ran inside and shut the doors and windows immediately...

Indiana fair tragedy was no 'fluke,' expert says
Weather Channel challenges governor's assertion with detailed look at events
MSNBC News, 17th August 2011
In a recent AP article, Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana was quoted as saying that the blast of wind that toppled the stage rigging at the Indiana State Fair, killing 5 people, was a "fluke event".

A "fluke" by definition is an unlikely chance occurrence. The destructive and deadly wind gust on Saturday evening in Indianapolis was no chance occurrence. [...]

Inclement Weather Had Been in the Forecast
From the Indianapolis National Weather Service: The potential for severe weather was noted as early as Thursday (August 11) and again on Friday (August 12). Forecasters addressed the severe weather threat in greater detail early on Saturday (August 13). This product highlighted that damaging winds and large hail would be the most significant impacts with any thunderstorms moving through central Indiana during the late afternoon and evening. Other risks included dangerous lightning and heavy rainfall. [...]

At 8:49 p.m. ET, ten minutes after the bulletin was issued, the stage rigging at the Indiana State Fair dramatically collapsedonto concert-goers after an outflow boundary or gust frontswept through the fairgrounds. That is a ten-minute lead time for event officials to evacuate concert-goers and usher them into a place of safety and shelter. Does this seem like a fluke to you ... a chance occurrence? If a known hazard — wind gusts in excess of 60 mph — is approaching, how is the destruction it causes a fluke?

We are talking about a recipe for disaster — an approaching line of severe thunderstorms containing high winds and lightning bearing down on a large, metal but seemingly fragile outdoor stage set with its rigging standing high and hovering over the crowd below.

A meteorologist explains the facts...

Electrostatic fields & Leaping Streams of Light
YouTube, 15th August 2011
I was pool side in my apartment in Singapore, when I saw something weird in the skies.

As I looked over head I saw some weird cloud shoots of light and puff as the clouds seemed to reform sporadically. I could see that a storm cloud was building, but the light and visual show was intriguing me. So I grabbed my iPhone and recorded this :)

I reported about this phenomenon in July 2011, but this latest YouTube video is amazing. In the report Leaping Streams of Light: a New Natural Phenomenon, it cites the opinion of well respected electrical engineer Bill Beaty who speculated about the impact of electrostatic fields. He is quoted as saying:
"I stumbled across a strange idea: shouldn’t the strong electrostatic fields in thunderstorms have a visible effect on rainbows?”, he speculated.

“E-fields should slightly distort falling raindrops, causing the light distribution of a rainbow to change slightly. Sometimes we should notice that a rainbow suddenly "flicks" during a lightning bolt, then slowly changes to its initial pattern as the e-fields build before another strike.”
The author of this reports states that we do not see flicking rainbows but instead writes:
" ...the behavior of the leaping streams of light, by almost instantly changing (apparently faster than a shockwave, thus eliminating mechanical action), and then slowly returning to the initial configuration, is certainly indicative that Beaty’s original suggestion of electrical fields influencing suspended ice crystals or droplets may be on to a fascinating, and so far unknown natural phenomenon."
Leaping Streams of Light: a New Natural Phenomenon, 2nd July 2011
I think this is a good explanation. We are seeing so many new dynamic, energetic and electrical behaviour in the skies, and considering them in the light of current and alternative electromagnetic theory seems to provide the best explanations. Of course, the source of all the new electricity or more correctly (electrically charged sub-atomic particles or plasma) is off-planet and is being delivered (sometimes violently) by Space Weather. The planet is literally 'humming' and sparking with lots of different manifestations of this increased electrical input.

Strong wind topples stage at US fair, killing 5
Gov.: Wind gust at Sugarland concert a 'fluke'; fair closed Sunday
MSNBC News, 14th August 2011
INDIANAPOLIS — The summer evening at the Indiana State Fair turned strangely cold. The wind blew hard, then harder still, tearing the fabric from the roof of the wobbling grandstand stage.

The crowd, waiting under a thunderous sky for the country duo Sugarland to perform Saturday, had just been told over the loudspeakers that severe weather was possible. They were told where to seek shelter if an evacuation was necessary, but none was ordered. The show, it seemed, was to go on.

None of the phone calls workers had made to the National Weather Service prepared them for the 60 mph to 70 mph gust that blew a punishing cloud of dirt, dust and rain down the fairground's main thoroughfare. The massive rigging and lighting system covering the stage tilted forward, then plummeted onto the front of the crowd in a sickening thump.

Hmmm... It's a bit strange when virtually the same thing happened in Montreal, Canada at the Bluefest when the stage collapsed nearly a month ago (see below or archives), and that was believed to have been caused by a downburst — a strong downdraft of air from a thunderstorm that spreads out in all directions when it hits the ground at much faster speeds.

Residents search for the cause of the strange acoustic anomaly reported in Kiev
Extinction Protocol, 13th August 2011
KIEV – This was of such sound intensity that it shook windows in buildings. If you can prove and argue that this was coming from the building, please do so and we would welcome it. This was recorded on the 5th floor. Construction work is truly in nesokolkih neighboring houses, and is heard on the video but the construction work – sounds like a mosquito squeak in this terrible hum. Neither the power used nor the power of sound construction holds any comparison with what was heard.

OK, this sound is incredible but it does sound completely natural, almost like a whale calling... Strange sounds and low frequency hums are being heard in many metropolitan areas. Scientists are not willing to comment yet about on what is taking place on a wider scale, but we do know that scientists have identified new Earth humming and strange radar rings suggests influxes of energy. For more background info, see comments related to the article Tibet’s Cave of Spirits is Singing, March 2011, Best of the Blog - Earth Changes.

Mystery hum gains another believer
Councillor to track vibrations
Windsor Star, 13th August 2011
"The phenomenon of mysterious rumblings under Windsor has a new believer - and he says it's time to start taking it seriously. "It's very present and real," said Ward 10 Coun. Al Maghnieh."

YouTube, 17th August 2011
Eye Witness News 9 TV report plus other video [11:00]

“Hurricane” in the desert, 10th August 2011
From the comments: I live in Blythe, California, due east of Twenty-Nine Palms, CA. I was out attempting to take lightning photographs on the night of July 5th as this system swept overhead. I got just one semi-successful photo as the lightning, while intense, was heavily shrouded by the extreme rainfall which developed. It was one of the strangest storms I’ve seen in my 12 years of desert lightning photography!

Normally a cell forms, shoots off some cloud-to-ground lightning, then begins to rain, then the lightning ceases as the rain becomes the primary transport of electrons back to the ground. This storm had lightning coming down lighting huge sheets of rain, so much so that the branches of the lightning couldn’t be seen even as close as a half mile from the strikes. I saw lightning hit a power transformer and a tree, and saw the sparks fly through the air, but never saw the bolt, other than as a sheet flash. This began to form directly over Blythe, out of the clear skies and intense heat and humidity we had that day, once it had been destabilized by the outflow of storms over western Pinal County in Arizona.

Note on the animated gif that at no point in time does this swirl ever come up from the Gulf of California. It was not the result of a “storm that developed over the Gulf of California”. No way, no how. There were no low level winds associated with this, other than typical t-storm inflow and outflow. It is sheerly a construct of the quirky high humidity we had that day, and the high diurnal desert heat, which remained in sunlight for the entire day west of the Colorado River which divides Arizona and California.

More anecdotal evidence that the theories of hurricane formation are basically wrong. The comments here are quite interesting.

Atmosphere May Help Power Huge Freak Waves
Our Amazing Planet, 9th August 2011
In 1995, an 84-foot wall of water pummeled an offshore oil rig in the North Sea. This massive wave wasn't a tsunami triggered by an earthquake — it was the first documented occurrence of a "rogue wave."

Rogue waves are enormous waves that occur far out at sea seemingly in isolation and without an obvious cause. They have been plaguing sailors since the advent of seafaring, yet it wasn’t until monitoring equipment on the rig captured the telltale data that scientists could confirm that freak waves, as they’re also known, were not just the product of a sea-soaked imagination.

But in the years since then, the study of rogue waves has yielded as many questions as answers. Scientists have examined the wave patterns to look for clues as to how this seemingly random phenomenon could occur. New research suggests that atmospheric pressure may play a role.

"Maybe this isn't just a wave problem, which is how we've been looking at this for the past decade," said Tim Janssen, associate professor of oceanography at San Francisco State University, who was not involved with the study. "This time, let's step out of the box and say maybe there's atmospheric variation going on."

Scientists stepping out of the box is always interesting to hear about as it's such a rare event... Well, we are getting many more rogue waves these days and we have to consider the impact of atmospheric instability due to space weather, but I can see there might be more of a closer relationship with the moon's increasingly eccentric orbit influencing Earth.

Massive Japan Quake Even Rattled Upper Atmosphere
Our Amazing Planet, 8th August 2011

The giant earthquake that struck Japan this year not only shook the Earth, but also rattled the highest layer of the atmosphere, scientists find. This research could lead to a new type of early warning system for devastating tsunamis and earthquakes.

The magnitude 9 quake that struck off the coast of Tohoku in Japan in March unleashed a catastrophic tsunami, ushered in what might be the world's first complex megadisaster and set off microquakes and tremors around the globe.

Past research revealed the surface motions and tsunamis that earthquakes generate can also trigger waves in the atmosphere. These waves can reach all the way to the ionosphere, one of the highest layers of the atmosphere.

Now scientists report the Tohoku quake generated the largest such disturbances seen yet, creating ripples in electrically charged particles reaching nearly 220 miles (350 kilometers) above the Earth.

Investigators measured these disruptions, called seismotraveling ionospheric disturbances, using about 1,000 global positioning system (GPS) receivers in Japan and Taiwan. Disruptions of the electrically charged particles in the ionosphere would lead to anomalies in radio signals between the ground receivers and the GPS satellites, data that scientists can measure.

More details about how a massive increase in electron density was detected in the ionosphere about Japan, and how the impact on GPS receivers provides a very accurate way to provide some measurement of what took place. This could be very useful new science.

Doomsday Shelter Owners Hope For The Best, Prepare For The Worst
Huffington Post, 8th August 2011
When people look back on the period of 2011 and 2012, they may remember it as a time when the world was supposed to end. That's assuming, of course, that the world doesn't actually end. Fact is, these times are rife with doomsday predictions, be it Harold Camping's failed end-times prediction this past May to his updated doomsday date of Oct. 21. [...]

"It's got a great insulation factor," he said. "We are protected from hurricanes, tornadoes, bullets and bombs. And the utility bills are low." There is one thing that the home may not be safe from (two, if you count the aforementioned telemarketers). "The only thing that could be a problem is a flood, but I am higher than my neighbor's house."

Well, this is the first article that I have seen abou these dome homes. At a minimum, they should be built as emergency shelters and a large ones should be the standard design for community centres to save lives in areas that are prone to tornadoes and hurricanes.

Auto Body Shops Flooded With Repair Calls After Storm
NBC New York News, 2nd August 2011
Auto body shops in Queens and Long Island are overwhelmed with repair calls today, a day after severe summer storms lashed the region, in some places dropping tennis-ball-sized hail that dented cars and smashed windows.

"It's a windfall for me, a catastrophe for others," said Bob Polgar, owner of Tip Top Auto Body in Garden City, N.Y., on Long Island.

The shop got 100 calls Monday night. On a normal day, it gets 15 calls, Polgar said. Most car owners are reporting busted windshields and dents on hoods and roofs.

"They were the size of tennis balls," said Sandy White. "I had to check if any of my windows were broken.

Tennis ball sized hail falling in New York could have been a scene from the disaster movie, The Day After Tommorow. See previous comments on the how we need to understand that strong electromagnetic forces can be the only explanation for how hailstones can be suspended in the atmosphere and become so huge and heavy before the electromagnetic conditions change allowing hailstones to hurtle down to the ground as lethal weapons. In the movie, huge brick sized hailstones were a sign of dramatic climate change, but really, it is related to extreme atmospheric conditions.

Unexpected Clue to Thermopower Efficiency: Uneven Temperature Can Lead to Electronic Whirlpools and Sideways Magnetic Fields
Science Daily, 28th July 2011
Berkeley Lab scientists and their colleagues have discovered a new relation among electric and magnetic fields and differences in temperature, which may lead to more efficient thermoelectric devices that convert heat into electricity or electricity into heat.

"In the search for new sources of energy, thermopower -- the ability to convert temperature differences directly into electricity without wasteful intervening steps -- is tremendously promising," says Junqiao Wu of Berkeley Lab's Materials Sciences Division (MSD), who led the research team

Presumably, this would also explain the occurrence of tornadoes, waterspouts, fire tornadoes and maybe even hurricanes, because atmospheric temperature differences and Earth's vertical electric field are combined with air that has become ionised enough to become a semi-conducting plasma and these are all the ingredients to create the same vortexes and "whirlpools of electric current" but on a much larger scale.

Part of town street collapses creating large sinkhole [Canada]
No injuries reported as street closed
The Valley Leader, 27th July 2011
This was more than just a regular pothole.

Town of Carman work crews were called out to 2nd Ave SE near the corner of First Street SE after receiving a call about a large sinkhole approximately six feet by five feet and about five feet deep, on the street.

Sonja Morrison, who lives near the site with her family, said they heard a "thump" and then a second louder one when they went outside their home to take a look at around 5:15 p.m. on Monday (July 25).

"By the time we came out it had fully collapsed," Morrison said. "It was fairly deep as well."

I am suspicious that this is not a 'normal' sinkhole but this one is too close to call.... It looks laser cut on one side and the fact it was reported as being "as deep as well" is also worthy of consideration, but since we are seeing some really good 'laser cut' holes, I think we can only just make a note for future reference.

Sinkholes – A Sign of the Times?
Truth Frequency, 11th June 2011
Yes, sinkholes are a sign of the times, but not for the reasons given here. Rather, the surface of Earth is not breaking up, it's just being given a little bit of cosmic acupuncture... just chill out.... Lots of great photos here, real sinkholes and the cosmic 'acupuncture' laser cut holes.

Mysterious Lotuses Appear in Chinese River - NTDTV
YouTube, 26th July 2012
In traditional Chinese culture, lotus flowers are symbols for purity. They grow out of muddy waters yet maintain their beauty. But very rarely do we see this kind of lotus flower.

In Sichuan province, these lotus flower patterns began appearing in a river on July 13th. They seem to grow out of nowhere, but every few minutes, they form these distinct lotus flower shapes -- complete with white petals. The remarkable phenomena happened again six days later.

Interestingly enough, this river is called Lotus River, and the town -- you guessed it, Lotus County. Apparently the river was known for producing these lotus flowers in ancient times.

The incredible "lotus flowers" have baffled locals. Some say they're simply oil patches in the water, others say it's nothing short of a miracle.

The river was known for producing these lotus flowers in ancient times.... how magical! Here is another longer YouTube video [7:14], where people are pretty excited, here. I found the following explanation regarding the lotus flower as a comment on YouTube:

In Buddhism the lotus flower symbolizes the purity of spirit. Especially of the open lotus is the symbol? of the purity of origin. From the mud of the lake rises the lotus flower on its pristine water level and describes the harmonious development of the mind.

The white lotus is Pundarika and is associated to spiritual perfection and clarity of mind (mental purity). Both the White Tara and Manjushri, of the Bodhisattva are displayed with of the Utpala.
To understand these lotus patterns appearing on the Lotus river that do look like very strange 'oil slicks' (we have to explain how a rainbow sheen appears in the centre of the lotus flower pattern), thus we need to understand some chemistry and dispersion patterns. My only knowledge on this matter is related to the existence of natural patterns in nature that can be reproduced by simple computer code i.e. Turing patterns that are related to phosphenes, (light codes). But then there are other scientific explanations that require us to look at like the incredible 'memory of water' research that has caused such consternation amongst scientists. There is even a Nobel prize winner,(Luc Montagnier, who shared the Nobel prize for medicine in 2008 for his part in establishing that HIV causes AIDS), who is loudly proclaiming that DNA can send 'spooky' electromagnetic imprints of itself into distant cells and fluids. Maybe, there is some kind of memory in the water and in the mud (or even a strange oil coming up from the bottom of the the river), but the water/mud/oil has to be embuded with a certain type of 'divine' energy first before the dispersion patterns can appear and the energy is being delivered right now to the planet by space weather. I am even wondering whether this is an appearance of a morphogenetic template for the lotus flower.... (For those interested in how energy arrives into our dimension or reality, then I personally like the theory of Multi-Dimensional Reality.) Because the lotus flowers are not all perfect, it does seem that there are opposing forces appearing in the river, one that indicates a level of beauty and perfection and the opposite, energies that represent the imperfection and pollution of the river. Nobody will argue that this is a mystery, but at this stage, I don't believe conventional science has all the answers. Anyway, as delighted as I am by finding this piece of extremely interesting news it also makes me sad.... I have tried my best to explain and document that the current cosmic onslaught is about the delivery of energy that will transform our world. After 30 years of seeking truth and trying to understand my reality, it just amazes me that ancient texts tell us that Paradise is set to return on this planet, but few seem to appreciate the magnitude of what this all means as the signs and wonders start stacking up. Space scientists are in a state of shock because of the dramatic changes that have happened to the cosmic environment of Earth and our solar system in only a few decades, a blink of the eye in cosmic terms..... I realise that the majority of people are simply not capable of understanding the changes and this is why information was retained by the astronomer-priests in ancient times for the elite only, but today, there are supposed to be more educated people around.... Whatever, very few are interested in the workings of a divine universe due to high levels of ignorance and narcissism, but at least after all my searching I can appreciate the vast scale of the transformation of world and I realise that we are headed back to Paradise, but I wonder who else is even interested.

VIDEO Summer Lightning Storm Over Montreal, Canada
Irish Weather Online, 23rd July 2011
Vimeo user operatique took this incredible video of a horizontal lightning display over Montreal, Canada on at 9:20 p.m. on Thursday, July 21, 2011.

The city’s maximum temperature record was broken on the same day. Mercury levels hit 35.2 celsius, while the humidex factor was 45 celsius.

Here we are provided with some useful information about the temperature record, we must presume this might explain the formation of this most amazing cloud and it compares with other menancing clouds that have been seen recently, see archives. Montreal has been getting other 'freakish' weather events and last week a 'downburst' caused a stage to collapse, see more below.

Collapsed Bluesfest stage dismantlement begins
CBC News, 19th July 2011
Cheap Trick manager Dave Frey told CBC News the wind hit the stage "so hard that it just kind of creaked and groaned and then you heard rivets popping." The specifications of the Mark III stage that collapsed say it can withstand gusts of wind as high as 120 kilometres an hour. Ticket holders to get refunds

Winds at the Ottawa Airport were recorded at 96 km/h, but Environment Canada said a downburst — a strong downdraft of air from a thunderstorm that spreads out in all directions when it hits the ground at much faster speeds — was likely the trigger for the collapse of the main stage.

Downbursts can potentially cause as much damage as a tornado. Berger said it was "freakish weather" and not a structural defect that caused the collapse.
  • Intracloud lightning as a precursor to thunderstorm microbursts - by E R Williams, R E Orville
    In NOAA International Aerospace and Ground Conference on Lightning and Static Electricity (1988) Pages: 454-459
    Abstract: The intracloud lightning activity of microburst-producing thunderstorms is shown to be a systematic precurser to the maximum outflow velocity at ground level. The time of peak flash rate leads the time of maximum differential velocity by 5 to 10 minutes. The consistent temporal relationship between the electrical phenomenon (lightning rate) and the dynamical phenomenon (the microburst) is attributed to a common cause - ice particles aloft.

    There are lots of references, but this one amused me. What on Earth does the highly energetic phenomenon of lightning have to do with ice crystals? It beggars belief that meteorologists believed the twaddle of charged ice crystals rubbing together. Well, now that atmospheric scientists are seeing the connection between the solar wind, our ionosphere and atmospheric currents, and Space Weather is forcing scientists to admit that we live in an electromagnetic universe, hopefully they will be able to come up with something more realistic...

Deep Sleep: Hole Nearly Swallows Gran's Bed (Video)
Sky News, 22nd July 2011
A grandmother in Guatemala City has had a lucky escape after a huge sinkhole suddenly opened up under her bed as she slept. Inocenta Hernandez woke up on July 18 to discover she was lying just inches above a 12m (40ft) deep sinkhole.

Mrs Hernandez was startled by a large booming sound which she thought was a gas explosion outside. The sound was actually the earth under her bed imploding to create a deep and almost perfectly circular hole. If the pit had been a few metres larger it may have swallowed the pensioner as she slept.

The 65-year-old said: "My son was crying because you never expect something like that in the bedroom. "When they raised the bed and I stood by this big hole my son then said that we have to call the firefighters because they need to come. "Thanks to God and the holy Mary that nothing bad happened, it was an accident."

In the weeks before the pit appeared neighbours had reported hearing strange sounds coming from the earth and now fear further implosions.

Now this is strange, we find out here that Grandma was in the bed! So it seems that the certain sections of the media were not interested in reporting all the facts. Well, as a reminder, this is not really a sinkhole, geologists call them "piping features" but don't seem to have much of an explanation for how they are formed. The other explanation that I often forget to mention is that these laser cut holes could be caused by blasts of energy from within the Earth. Obviously, there is an issue explaining where all the material has gone to leave a clean hole so that is why the experts are calling them implosions, but then they don't explain why these implosions leave holes with neat straight sides (see article details below). Check archives to find details about how Russians have been finding strange deep holes in secluded areas too. Whatever, I still think they are caused by blasts from space but the evidence might suggest that the complete collapse of the hole might not be immediate.

(UPDATED*) Sinkholes: A chronic geohazard
American Geophysical Union, 2nd June 2010

Hail storm damages 40 planes, strands passengers
Brisbane Times, 15th July 2011
More than 100 flights have been cancelled at Denver International Airport after hail damaged about 40 planes and stranded about 1000 passengers overnight.

Airport spokeswoman Laura Coale said on Thursday that all damaged planes had to be evaluated, slowing operations. She says an unknown number of planes have been taken out of service because of damage. Frontier Airlines says it expects more cancellations on Friday.

The airport was pummelled by three-quarter-inch hail for about 15 minutes on Wednesday night.

Denver has been experiencing intense 'weather' conditions that I think clearly reveal intense electric fields that have caused windscreens to crack whilst planes have been on the tarmac. So, this report of more bad 'weather' damaging planes is interesting to note.

Sinkhole forms under Guatemalan woman's bed
AFP News, 20th July 2011
GUATEMALA CITY — When neighbors heard the loud boom overnight they thought a cooking gas canister had detonated. Instead they found a deep sinkhole the size of a large pot inside a home in a neighborhood just north of Guatemala City.

The sinkhole that appeared late Monday was 12.2 meters (40 feet) deep and 80 centimeters (32 inches) in diameter, an AFP journalist who visited the site reported.

The hole is tiny compared to giant sinkhole that formed nearby in 2007 that was 100 meters (330 feet) deep and swallowed several homes and a truck, killing three people. Area residents were forced to evacuate for days.[...]

"When we heard the loud boom we thought a gas canister from a neighboring home had exploded, or there had been a crash on the street," said Inocenta Hernandez, a 65 year-old widow.

"We rushed out to look and saw nothing. A gentleman told me that the noise came from my house, and we searched until we found it under my bed," said Hernandez.

Hmmm...... I just cannot believe the official explanation, LOOK AT THE LASER CUT SIDES OF THIS HOLE! As far as I am concerned, this is another blast from deep space forming a deep hole instantly and I think they becoming more common in this region because of the type of volcanic geology. There are other examples of strange holes like hole punch clouds too, so this is not just about this particular genre of 'laser cut' sinkholes. I have only found one metaphysical source who quietly predicted this in a book that was only printed after her death. The following details can now be considered as a brilliant explanation for what is taking place on our planet because of the scientific information that we are indeed entering into an interstellar cloud. Hence we read:
We must explain a little more clearly how these cosmic radiations affect the planet. You have a good example in a recent discovery in science which will somewhat explain the action of these radiations. The laser beam will instantly make steel molten when it strikes it. The beam can travel through space or the atmosphere without appearing hot, but when it strikes steel for example it will burn a hole in it instantly. This beam can also be directed for certain kinds of surgery to do a specific job.

These cosmic radiations of energy are of many different types. Some affect only certain minerals or solid substances and not others. At this time, the solar system is moving through a new area in space where great cosmic streams are and tides affect the sun and all the planets, first of all, on the physical level. This has happened before in the time of Atlantis approximately 25,000 years ago. These changes come in cycles of about 24,000 years. It is a cosmic spiral and cycle difficult for man to identify because he has not been able to span in his awareness such vast reaches of time. Much that is now considered to be authentic geology is not correct. However, it the best man can achieve by applying reasoning to what he is able to observe.

These radiations will raise the frequency of the planet and affect consciousness.

Cosmic Energies and Their Effect on the Planet Earth, November 16, 1963, Night Class Recalled by Viola Petitt Neal, Through the Curtain (1983) by Viola Petitt Neal, Ph.D. More Quotes

Scientists admit they have no idea what’s heating the Earth, 17th July 2011
What spreads the sea floors and moves the continents? What melts iron in the outer core and enables the Earth's magnetic field? Heat. Geologists have used temperature measurements from more than 20,000 boreholes around the world to estimate that some 44 terawatts (44 trillion watts) of heat continually flow from Earth's interior into space. Where does it come from? [...]

One thing that's at least 97-percent certain is that radioactive decay supplies only about half the Earth's heat. Other sources – primordial heat left over from the planet's formation, and possibly others as well – must account for the rest.

The headline came from Extinction Protocol's version of this article. Scientists tell us they can only detect 4% of the matter-energy of the universe, so it's really strange why these scientists are wondering why they can't find where all of Earth's heat comes from... Anyway, in the great climate debate, despite the ferocity of the arguments, most seem to agree that there is an Energy Imbalance on Earth, see below:
New Paper “Importance Of The Deep Ocean For Estimating Decadal Changes In Earth’s Radiation Balance” By Palmer Et Al 2011
Pielke Research Group, 18th July 2011
Jos de Laat has alerted us to an interesting new paper on the use of the ocean heat content changes as the metric to diagnose global warming and cooling. it is Palmer, M. D., D. J. McNeall, and N. J. Dunstone (2011), Importance of the deep ocean for estimating decadal changes in Earth’s radiation balance, Geophys. Res. Lett., 38, L13707, doi:10.1029/2011GL047835. [....] It says here: "the ocean is the primary heat store in the Earth System".

Giant Undersea Volcanoes Found Off Antarctica
Mount Fuji-size peaks unexpected, scientists say.
National Geographic News, 15th July 2011
A chain of giant, undersea volcanoes has been found off Antarctica, scientists say. All told a dozen previously unknown peaks were discovered beneath the waves—some up to 10,000 feet (3,000 meters) tall, according to the British Antarctic Survey.

The volcanoes were found near the U.K. territories of the South Georgia Islands and South Sandwich Islands (see map) during a monthlong mapping expedition, which used multibeam sonar to fill in a 370-mile (600-kilometer) by 90-mile (150-kilometer) gap in existing seabed maps.

It looks like Robert Felix at was right to point out the relationship between climate change and volcanic activity, especially the role of undersea volcanoes. See It's not Global Warming, it's Ocean Warming

Igloolik Isuma Productions going out of business
CBC News, 8th July 2011
Igloolik Isuma Productions Inc., which made award-winning Inuit films like Atanarjuat (The Fast Runner), is going out of business, but its owners say they are still proud of their achievements.

The Igloolik, Nunavut-based film production company has been placed in receivership, following a Quebec Superior Court decision last month to appoint a receiver to wind up the company and sell off its assets.

The court action was initiated by Atuqtuarvik Corp., a Nunavut business lender. Isuma owes that company more than $500,000 and has not been able to make its payments.

Well, we can be grateful that this film company made the documentary about the Inuit's beliefs that the world has tilted on it's axis. These indigenous people don't rely on datasets that can be tampered with, they only rely on their experience and knowledge that has been past down through hundreds of generations.

Inuit People On Sun Wrong, Stars Wrong, Earth Tilting On Axis [3:54]
YouTube, 7th July 2011
This short compilation is an excellent summary of the claims being made by the Inuit and might be worth saving if the website disappears with the full length Inuit documentary: Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change, see below.

Documentary: Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change, October 2010
"Nunavut-based director Zacharias Kunuk (Atanarjuat The Fast Runner) and researcher and filmmaker Dr. Ian Mauro (Seeds of Change) have teamed up with Inuit communities to document their knowledge and experience regarding climate change. This new documentary, the world’s first Inuktitut language film on the topic, takes the viewer “on the land” with elders and hunters to explore the social and ecological impacts of a warming Arctic."

Lightning kills 20 cows
Richmond County Daily Journal, 8th July 2011
A lightning storm Wednesday afternoon claimed the lives of 20 Angus cows belonging to Wesley and Sammy Anderson, of Ellerbe.

The cows congregated underneath a tree when the storm rolled in, and were killed when lightning struck and traveled through the group.

“We’re fourth generation farmers, and my dad and I don’t ever remember seeing anything like this,” said Sammy. “I’ve heard of cows being hit standing in ponds, but not this many - and I’ve never seen it myself.”

Hmmm... another example of mass killing by lightning... Are we seeing some severe Positive Lightning which is six to ten times the charge and voltage difference of a negative bolt and lasts around ten times longer than normal lightning?

Chile's Atacama Desert Hit With Record Snowfall (VIDEO)
Huffington Post, 7th July 2011
One of the driest places on the planet has just experienced its heaviest snowfall in almost two decades.

As the BBC is reporting, the Atacama desert region in Chile was virtually buried with an estimated 31.5 inches of snow after a cold front brought subzero temperatures to much of South America, including Argentina and Uruguay.

Officials from Chile's Directorate of Meteorology said the area had not seen this amount of snow in close to 20 years. Local media reports said authorities rescued a total of 36 people who had been caught in the storm, the Associated Press reports.

Maybe, this is a good example of why NASA are studying the impact of the solar wind on Earth's atmospheric currents, see below for more info:

BBC News: Hyper arid Atacama desert hit by snow
YouTube/BBC News, 7th July 2011

New Force Driving Earth's Tectonic Plates
Science Daily, 6th July 2011
[...] Using analytical methods to track plate motions through Earth's history, Cande and Stegman's research provides evidence that such mantle plume "hot spots," which can last for tens of millions of years and are active today at locations such as Hawaii, Iceland and the Galapagos, may work as an additional tectonic driver, along with push-pull forces.

Their new results describe a clear connection between the arrival of a powerful mantle plume head around 70 million years ago and the rapid motion of the Indian plate that was pushed as a consequence of overlying the plume's location. The arrival of the plume also created immense formations of volcanic rock now called the "Deccan flood basalts" in western India, which erupted just prior to the mass extinction of dinosaurs.

To be honest I was surprised... I always thought that magna pushing up from the deep would be considered as a major force causing tectonic movement... So, I was hoping to read something sensational, not something obvious... Whatever, the interest here is it strengthens the belief that tectonic movement occurs at times when Earth is bombarded with high energy which enters Earth's core via the polar cusps and then appears on the Earth's surface in the form of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and plate tectonics. There are various theories that relate to Earth's expansion which I think are plausible, but regardless of whether they are right or wrong, the geological evidence is clear that in the past, Earth has experienced serious and sudden Earth changes resulting in a major makeover.

Conspiracy of Science - Earth is in fact growing
YouTube, 2nd March 2007
"This video is a Neal Adams animation about his theory that the Earth is growing. This collides with the Pangea theory. Watch it, you will be amazed."

End of the world? No, just the start of Arizona's monsoon season as massive dust storm rolls in from the desert and engulfs Phoenix (Video)
Daily Mail, 6th July 2011
After the floods, tornadoes, wildfires and crippling blizzards that have ravaged the U.S. this year, an enormous wave of dust rolling in and erasing an entire city would not have been a welcome sight.

But the massive dust storm - as awesome and apocalyptic as it looks - proved little more than an inconvenience to the residents of Phoenix, Arizona, as it bore down upon them yesterday afternoon.

The dust storm, or 'habub' as it is often known, is a regular feature of the U.S. state's 'monsoon' season, which lasts until the end of September.

Lots of great pictures here: "... this is a larger-than-normal storm." I think the US is getting to the stage where there is no 'normal'... Sky News video clip US City Struck By 30-Mile Wide Dust Storm

Rockets Study Solar Winds Affect Atmospheric Currents
Irish Weather Online News, 5th July 2011
Some 50 miles up in the sky begins a dynamic region of the atmosphere known as the ionosphere. The region is filled with charged particles created by extreme ultraviolet radiation from the sun. At the base of the ionosphere, charged particle motions create a global current called the “atmospheric dynamo.”

Generally moving in loops from the equator to the poles, the dynamo changes daily based on solar heating and magnetic activity – but what keeps it moving isn’t well understood.

This July, scientists will launch four rockets from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia, USA, for a five-minute journey some 100 miles up into the atmosphere. The rockets will collect data on the charged particles as well as winds of neutral particles that sweep through the lower ionosphere and how each affects the other, ultimately causing these dynamo currents.

Well, since NASA have informed the world that since the mid 1990s, the solar wind has been flagging and this seems to be part of a long term trend, then Earth's atmospheric currents will be changing too. What that means to Earth's climate is unknown and presumably why NASA are doing these experiments.
  • Solar Wind Loses Power, Hits 50-year Low
    NASA News, 23rd September 2008
    Sept. 23, 2008: In a briefing today at NASA headquarters, solar physicists announced that the solar wind is losing power. "The average pressure of the solar wind has dropped more than 20% since the mid-1990s," says Dave McComas of the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas. "This is the weakest it's been since we began monitoring solar wind almost 50 years ago."

Korean office tower evacuated after mysterious shaking
CNN News, 5th July 2011
Authorities in Seoul, South Korea, ordered the evacuation of a 39-story office building Tuesday after occupants reported that it shook for about 10 minutes, local media reported.

There was no seismic activity reported at the time of the tremors, which began about 10:10 a.m., according to a report in The Korea Times.

"I fled the building with everyone else while it was shaking up and down. It almost made me feel dizzy," Lim Joon-hee, who works on the 20th floor of the building, told the Yonhap News Agency.

I suppose this is related to many previous reports around the world of buildings, windows and ground shaking that is sometimes associated with sonic booms, but seismologists being adamant that there has been no seismic activity. Well, maybe a small asteroid entered Earth's atmosphere, but unless astronomers reveal fireball data (if they have it) then we will never know. I can only speculate that the building shook at a resonant frequency, because ten minutes of shaking seems to be a long time...

Town Pond Turns Fluorescent Green
East Hampton Patch, 2nd July 2011
Town Pond in the heart of East Hampton Village has turned a bright green. What caused the change in color remains a "phenomenon," according to Mayor Paul Rickenbach, Jr. He said he noticed a change in color last Friday and on Saturday, when the color of the pond turned fluorescent, he reached out to officials for answers.

I am paying attention to these strange stories of ponds and rivers turning into bright colours and I wonder whether this is related to our world becoming more bioluminescent. Bioluminescent life forms make their own light and carry it around in their bodies, but scientists find this hard to study because when creatures are captured they often lose this ability. I do believe that increased cosmic radiation on the planet will cause viruses and bacteria to quickly mutate, but I am also wondering whether increased bioluminescence is symptomatic of our planet starting to turn into a world of light.... All I know is that this can happen locally overnight, but what about a whole world, how long would that take? For more info on bioluminescence see, HowStuffWorks "How Bioluminescence Works"

DEC: 'Prankster' Likely Dyed Town Pond Fluorescent Green
East Hampton Patch, 5th July 2011
"It wasn't algae, chemical runoff or alien mischief-makers that dyed an East Hampton Village pond fluorescent green over the weekend, environmental officials say. It was a joker. State Department of Environmental Conservation officials think it was likely a non-toxic dye that turned the water the eerie shade of green. "The most likely cause would be a fluorescent dye, often times used in regards to finding leaking pipes," said DEC spokeswoman Aphrodite Montalvo. The DEC is not actively investigating the case, she said. The mayor said on Saturday that he thought it to be a natural event. Town Natural Resources Director Larry Penny, who was asked to take a water sample, thought it was a type of algae bloom. "Certainly anything's possible," Montalvo said. The dye is non-toxic and lingers for just a few days, Montalvo said.

Please note the difference between fluorescence and bioluminescence
"While some animals use fluorescence to create light, fluorescence is not the same as bioluminescence. In bioluminescence, two or more substances combine to generate light, like the substances in a light stick. In fluorescence, a substance absorbs light of one color and emits light of another color. An example of this is posters that glow purple when placed under a black light."
HowStuffWorks "How Bioluminescence Works" -- Part 5
Since these environmental officiers have done no proper investigation, they cannot say for sure what caused the pond to go green and why anyone would go to the trouble to turn a pond green for a few days. If it was a fluorescent dye, surely the pond would have been green for a lot longer than just a few days? Unless there is a proper scientific investigation, there is no reason to suppose that this was not caused by an influx of energy that shifted the properties of this water and created bioluminscent light or fluorescence from algae in the pond.
  • Mushroom lights up the night in Brazil: Researcher finds bioluminescent fungus not seen since 1840, 6th July 2011
    In 1840, renowned English botanist George Gardner reported a strange sight from the streets of Vila de Natividade in Brazil: A group of boys playing with a glowing object that turned out to be a luminescent mushroom. They called it "flor-de-coco," and showed Gardner where it grew on decaying fronds at the base of a dwarf palm. Gardner sent the mushroom to the Kew Herbarium in England where it was described and named Agaricus gardneri in honor of its discoverer. The species was not seen again until 2009.

    San Francisco State University researcher Dennis Desjardin and colleagues have now collected new specimens of this forgotten mushroom and reclassified it as, Neonothopanus gardneri. Findings are now online and scheduled to be published in the November/December print issue of Mycologia.

    They hope that careful study of the Brazilian mushroom—which shines brightly enough to read by--and its other bioluminescent cousins around the world will help answer the question of how and why some fungi glow. [...]

    To catch the green glow of the bioluminescent mushroom, Desjardin and his long-time research partner in Brazil, Dr. Cassius Stevani, had to "go out on new moon nights and stumble around in the forest, running into trees," he recalled, wary of nearby poisonous snakes and prowling jaguars.

    I wonder whether the new moon is a clue but I suspect the bioluminescence could be caused by a combination of energies including aetheric.

UN calls for technological revolution or ‘major planetary catastrophe’
Channel 6 News, 5th July 2011
UNITED NATIONS (BNO NEWS) -- The United Nations (UN) on Tuesday warned that humanity is coming close to breaching the sustainability of Earth, urging a greater and faster technological revolution to avoid "a major planetary catastrophe."

The UN's yearly report titled "The World Economic and Social Survey 2011: The Great Green Technological Transformation," underlined the importance of scaling up clean energy technologies, sustainable farming and forestry techniques, climate-proofing of infrastructure, and technologies reducing non-biological degradable waste production. [...]

"Business as usual is not an option," the report concluded. "An attempt to overcome world poverty through income growth generated by existing 'brown technologies' would exceed the limits of environmental sustainability."

I try not to get too political but I have to agree that the current system of doing business on this planet is not going to work as the environment changes drastically. The give away here is the term, "climate-proofing of infrastructure". Most people are completely blind to the real cause of the changes taking place on this planet that I believe is being driven by Space Weather. World controllers are well aware of the truth but they have failed to convince people of their version of reality and the need to implement their plans for the future. Just look at the facts and extrapolate: satellite communications are under threat, GPS is becoming useless, national power grids are now vulnerable to geomagnetic storms, oil and gas pipelines are becoming very difficult to maintain due to geomagnetic conditions causing continuous corrosion of pipelines, these are all fundamental to the worlds current technological infrastructure. The rug is being pulled from under the feet of world controllers and they know it, but most people are completely oblivious and can't be convinced of any need for change. Here, the United Nations sounds like the voice of reason.

Leaping Streams of Light: a New Natural Phenomenon, 2nd July 2011
Bill Beaty may have discovered a new natural phenomenon, with the surprising help of, of all sources, Youtube.

Years ago during museum exhibits work I was explaining rainbow optics …and also explaining thunderstorm dynamics. I stumbled across a strange idea: shouldn’t the strong electrostatic fields in thunderstorms have a visible effect on rainbows?”, he speculated.

“E-fields should slightly distort falling raindrops, causing the light distribution of a rainbow to change slightly. Sometimes we should notice that a rainbow suddenly "flicks" during a lightning bolt, then slowly changes to its initial pattern as the e-fields build before another strike.”

It's just getting weirder and weirder...

Lightning kills 18 kids at primary school, 29th June 2011
A LIGHTNING strike at a primary school in western Uganda has killed 18 students and injured 50. Lightning hit Runyanya primary school in Kiryandongo district, about 225km northwest of Kampala, killing 15 girls and three boys yesterday, police spokeswoman Judith Nabakooba said.

"The injured were taken to hospital nearby and 15 of those who were seriously injured were transferred to Mulago hospital," in Kampala, Nabakooba said.

Local media reported that a further 21 pupils were burned after lightning struck at a second school in Zombo district, about 380km north of Kampala. Police could not confirm the incident.

These mega lightning events are now killing large numbers on a regular basis...

Mild tsunami strikes Cornish coast, shifting water levels 'in a flash'
Landslide at sea likely cause of surging wave along south coast and hair-raising static electricity
The Guardian, 29th June 2011
An underwater landslide is thought to have caused a small tsunami that sent holidaymakers and anglers scattering in Cornwall. Witnesses reported the sea being sucked out, or receding, before a wave struck the coast on Monday morning.

No damage was caused by the wave, thought to have been about 40cm (16in) high and causing a surge up to 90cm (3ft) by the time the seawater pushed into the Yealm estuary, 70 miles up the coast near Plymouth, Devon, but many people, along the south coast, up to Hampshire, were left baffled by the phenomenon.

There were reports that static electricity in the air at the time made people's hair stand on end.

I have received an email that pointed out this report that is over 2 weeks old. Well, I did originally read this report and I noted the comment about static electricity, but I was completely baffled. I suppose there could have been a landslide of some sort that caused a mini-tsunami and a sudden burst of energy from the Earth that caused the static electricity, but I did not think of this at the time... Yet, thinking about this report again, I was reminded of reports from the UK about strange 'vapour' looking emissions in the South around the Isle of Wight that have appeared like water spouts. One was reported at the UK UFO Sightings website (I have blogged two reports), but I have not been checking on this website recently and I have not seen anything reported elsewhere, but that does not mean things are not happening. However, there are other comparisons that could be made, like the recent report about water spouts in Australia. At the end of the YouTube version of this mainstream media news (see archives), a waterfall that normally ran down some cliffs was actually videoed being blasted into the air presumably by the electric field present, but the cliffs were not close to the water spouts.... This then reminds me that I witnessed a mini tornado in Switzerland in the summer of 2008, when freshly cut grass was sent about 10 meters into the air with a vortex that was about 3-4 metres wide. As I came out of a shop I was shocked to see this, but the most extraordinary sensation was the electric field (static electricity) which felt very strong to me... Since the planet is being bombarded with highly charged energy that is borderline physical/aethertic (there is no argument here as NASA have provided ample proof), our world is becoming highly electrified, I see this as a planetary refresh but also the reason why we can clearly state that we in the midst of a massive transition to a new Earth.

Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier melting from below twice as fast as previously thought
Extinction Protocol, 28th June 2011
June 28, 2011 – ANTARCTICA – Stronger ocean currents beneath West Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier Ice Shelf are eroding the ice from below, speeding the melting of the glacier as a whole, according to a new study in Nature Geoscience. A growing cavity beneath the ice shelf has allowed more warm water to melt the ice, the researchers say — a process that feeds back into the ongoing rise in global sea levels. The glacier is currently sliding into the sea at a clip of four kilometers (2.5 miles) a year, while its ice shelf is melting at about 80 cubic kilometers a year — 50 percent faster than it was in the early 1990s — the paper estimates. –Science Daily

What’s really melting most of the ice under Antarctica?

How about submarine volcanoes as the above NASA infrared thermal imagery shows? Underwater vents are alive and well around the massive continental ice sheet as numerous expeditions have already proven but the stories of man-made causes of global warming by runaway carbon emissions continue to fill newspaper headlines. In 2004, numerous volcanic vents were found by Eugene Domack of Hamilton College in Clinton, N.Y which you read about here. And then there’s the 2009 expedition which uncovered volcanic vents and a massive caldera on the Antarctica seafloor which you can see in the video.

Strangely, the Science Daily article cited here does not mention the word volcano and presumably readers are not meant to make the connection but nevertheless the connection has been made by various scientists. An underground volcano is the obvious answer but politically incorrect, as it means that the energy inbalance caused by an influx of energy into Earth's core due to Space Weather, is warming the oceans through the activation of underwater volcanoes and this is what is causing the release of CO2 and generates more water vapour NOT human activity. However, global temperatures are not rising and in fact may fall because more surface volcanoes are also becoming active. Volcanic ash generate aerosols that cool the skies and so the overall result will become "global cooling" with an eventual build up of more snow and ice which is the real cause of Ice Ages. Please note the massive flooding in America is caused by massive amounts of snow melting and the water being suddenly released as a "spring pulse".

Scientists Explore Origins of 'Supervolcanoes' on the Sea Floor
National Science Foundation News, April 9, 2010

Ocean Currents Speed Melting of Antarctic Ice: A Major Glacier Is Undermined from Below
Science Daily, 22nd June 2011

27June - 2 July (issued 22 May) VERY MAJOR EXTREME Weather events and Major Earthquake/volcano events predicted (Extra Top Red warning Period), 27th June 2011
=> Extreme weather events likely in many parts of world Tornadoes & tornado swarm and other weather extremes likely USA: For forecast maps see 30day USA extreme events forecast (also Europe & world) via (USA forecast subscribed now includes July forecast available after 2nd July when June-July2 forecast ends). Largest tornado events probably July 1-2.

=> MAJOR Earthquake/volcanism likely at anytime but July 1-2 probably most likley.

Things are already bad.... I think I have got to the stage when I hope that Piers Corbyn is wrong, but he is usually never wrong...

Piers Corbyn Forecasts Major Event June 27-July 2 (speaking June 14 2011)
YouTube, 25th June 2011
He predicts very dangerous events way ahead of this date...

Snow Falling in Colorado on Eve of Northern Hemisphere’s Summer Solstice
Bloomberg News, 20th June 2011
The calendar says summer starts tomorrow in the Northern Hemisphere. The snow falling in the mountains of Colorado tells a different story.

A storm that has prompted a tornado watch across Nebraska and Kansas today also left 2 to 4 inches of snow in the Rocky Mountains, said Joe Ramey, a weather service meteorologist in Grand Junction,


Flood Contol Around The World
What Really Happened, 19th June 2011
Levees in northern Missouri breached, overtopped: Several levees in northern Missouri were failing Sunday to hold back the surge of water being released from upstream dams.

Authorities said water—some of it from recent rain—began pouring over levees Saturday night and Sunday morning in Holt and Atchison counties, flooding farmland and numerous homes and cabins.

This is not a fair comparison but the final picture made me laugh....

Can earthquakes be predicted by electromagnetic signals?
Scripps, 17th June 2011
SAN FRANCISCO - Earthquakes often seem to send out mysterious electromagnetic signals before the ground ruptures, but what they might mean has sparked controversy for centuries.

Now researchers seeking ways to predict quakes say they have detected those signals in an experiment ripping apart a huge granite boulder near Yosemite.

They liken the signals to the "magnetic pulsations" they say they detected weeks before a 5.6-magnitude quake that struck beneath San Jose's Alum Rock Park on the Calaveras Fault four years ago. [...]

Bleier and geochemist Friedemann T. Freund of the NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View tested their "precursor" ideas in an experiment with an 8-ton boulder at Bass Lake in the Sierra, 14 miles from Yosemite's south entrance.

This article provides actual details of an experiment.You can ignore the opinions of scientists who are not involved with this research, because Friedemann T. Freund has been very careful to explain that the energy is released when rocks are squeezed is a plasma, see Freund's paper, Rocks That Crackle and Sparkle and Glow: Strange Pre-Earthquake Phenomena. [2003].
  • A useful Earthquake comparison by size and energy calculator link

Volcano ash turns eclipse blood red
Winnipeg CTV News, 16th June 2011
SYDNEY — Asian and African night owls were treated to a lunar eclipse, and ash in the atmosphere from a Chilean volcano turned it blood red for some viewers.

The Sydney Observatory said the eclipse was to begin at 3:25 a.m. Thursday (1:25 p.m. EDT, 5:25 p.m. GMT Wednesday) and last until after 5 a.m. Scientists said the specific phenomenon happening Thursday -- known as a "deep lunar eclipse" -- often exudes a coppery color. But the intensity of the color depends on the amount of ash and dust in the atmosphere.

Yes, but we don't need an eclipse to turn the moon blood red. There are now a tremendous amount of amount of ash and dust in the atmosphere but I would suggest that there a significant amount of cosmic interstellar dust too, see archives for more details.

From Russia with Moon: Amazing RT video of lunar eclipse in Moscow
YouTube/Russia Today, 16th June 2011
"The bright midsummer full moon has all-but disappeared into darkness around much of the world - with the longest lunar eclipse in a decade now underway. RT filmed some stunning footage of eclipse in Moscow."
This is some impressive footage.

Amazing mirage appears over river in Anhui Province, East China, 16th June 2011
China Central TV, 18th June 2011
Amazing mirage appeared on Thursday at dusk at the Tunxi section of the Xin'an River in Huangshan City, east China's Anhui Province, when continuous pouring rain had just stopped.

In the thin mist above the river were spectacular images of mountains, buildings and trees, which seemed to be floating on the river. The phenomenon began at about 17:00 p.m. local time, attracting a large number of people, who paused to watch the ethereal scene.

This is a longer video and the close-up of the trees in the so-called mirage is just weird... it looks like the scientific explanation of mirages has just been blown...

ITN NEWS: MIRAGE - Buildings and mountains appear in China ( INCREDIABLE )
YouTube, 17th June 2011
This footage completely disproves the theory that mirages are caused by high temperatures... I would even suggest that it may not be a mirage at all... Interesting, there is no report (yet) that anyone actually recognised the city that was seen in this mirage... We are certainly living in strange times...

Tsunami lit up the heavens
Camera captures quake-triggered atmospheric ripples over Hawaii Science News, 16th June 2011
Japan’s recent monster earthquake did more than jolt the island nation and send a tsunami racing across the Pacific Ocean. Hundreds of kilometers overhead, that tsunami also lit up the atmosphere in celestial glowing ripples.

In the first picture of its kind, scientists photographed these “airglow” ripples as they washed over Hawaii hours after the quake. The report will appear in an upcoming Geophysical Research Letters.

“It’s just total serendipity that we got this measurement,” says team leader Jonathan Makela, a space scientist at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. “It’s a really neat example of how the environment is coupled together.”

More evidence for my planetary refresh theory, but the conspiracy theorists in their ignorance, fail to pay attention to the evidence that strange emissions have been linked to earthquakes for hundreds of years.

Rare Snowfall Blankets African Desert
Irish Weather Online, 9th June 2011
Parts of the south-west Africa nation of Namibia usually associated with heat and dust have been blanketed in snow.
A storm brought sub zero temperatures and snow to the Namib-Naukluft Park this week, which local forecasters have described as an extremely rare event. The average overnight temperature, measured from Tuesday 18h00 until 06h00 Wednesday, was a record low of 2.1 degrees Celsius.

According to, the lowest temperature recorded by weather stations on Tuesday was minus 7.8 degrees Celsius, just south of Waterberg in the Otjozondjupa Region. The cold conditions are expected were expected to ease Thursday.

Another 'rare' weather event....

While country is hit by drought, snow falls on Snowdon [Wales, UK]
Wales Online, 11th June 2011

Wichita experiences rare 'heat burst' overnight
KSN News, 9th June 2011
WICHITA, Kansas -- Last night Wichita experienced a very rare weather phenomenon known as a “Heat Burst.” At 12:22 a.m. the temperature at Wichita’s Mid-Continent Airport was 85 degrees. At 12:44 the temperature spiked to 102 degrees. This was a 17 degree increase in only 20 minutes. Winds also gusted between 50 and 60 MPH. The heat burst winds and temperatures rapidly dissipated as they spread across Sedgwick and Southern Butler Counties.

A heat burst is caused when rain falls into very dry air, high up in the atmosphere. The rain quickly evaporates as it falls through the dry parcel of air and that parcel cools rapidly. This dense mass falls rapidly toward the ground, heating up as it compresses. When this hot ball of air hits the ground it spreads out in every direction creating very strong, warm and dry winds.

I wonder whether this was related to strong geomagnetic activity associated with the solar flare and CME. Probably the best guess would be a substorm but because this event is very rare, I think it must be noted.

Heat burst hits Wichita: 102 degrees at 1AM
Watts Up With That, 8th June 2011
"Wichita, Kansas was hit with a thunderstorm induced “heat burst” early Thursday morning, with the temperature jumping from the mid-80s up to 102F after midnight! Wichita has now experienced the earliest string of 7-straight 100F+ days (so far) this June."

'Wild and weird' weather leaves its mark [United States]
USA Today, 8th June 2011
Monster tornadoes, historic floods, massive wildfires and widespread drought: Springtime has delivered a wallop of weather-related destruction and misery across much of the nation this year. And it may all be related.

Never mind the debate over global warming, its possible causes and effects. We've got "global weirding." That's how climatologist Bill Patzert describes the wide range of deadly weather effects that have whipped the nation this year, killing hundreds of people and doing billions of dollars in damage to homes, businesses, schools and churches.

"Sometimes it gets wild and weird," says Patzert, a research scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif.

Weather ‘on steroids’

Patzert says the La Nina conditions are "one of the strongest we've seen in perhaps the last half-century," but contributing factors in the atmosphere also play a role. [...] "All the ingredients were hiked — on steroids," he says.

I don't usually comment on the weather in the United States because it seems to be continously weird and I would like to offer an opinion that does not sound like I am rehashing conspiracy theories, but really.... it's ridiculous. I note they are refering to La Niña, but that is only a description and the root cause is not really well understood. I actually believe that the atmosphere and ionosphere over the United States has been badly damaged by sky experimentation and electromagnetic smog, so they are suffering from the lack of a something to stop strong cosmic influences, rather like a thermostat that has broken and so there is nothing to stop extremes.

Lightning strike at Mississippi military base sends 77 to hospital
CNN News, 8th June 2011

Thousands flee their homes and flights are grounded as Chilean volcano sends plumes of ash showering down (Video)
Daily Mail, 7th June 2011
The Chilean volcano which erupted on Monday has sent a towering plume of ash across South America, forcing thousands from their homes, grounding airline flights in southern Argentina and coating ski resorts with a gritty layer of dust instead of snow.

Booming explosions echoed across the Andes as toxic gases belched up from a three-mile-long fissure in the Puyehue-Cordon Caulle volcanic complex - a ridge between two craters just west of the Chilean-Argentine border that began erupting Saturday.

Winds blew a six-mile high cloud of ash all the way to the Atlantic Ocean and even into southern Buenos Aires province, hundreds of miles to the north-east.

More volcanoes erupting.... The pictures here are spectacular, but there most be major implications for climate change and some major cooling.

Thousands Of Worms Die Suddenly (Video)
Entomologist Explains What Cause Could Be
WLWT Cincinnati News, 2nd June 2011
CINCINNATI -- People across the Tri-State awoke to an unusual sight Thursday -- thousands of earthworms lying dead on sidewalks and porches. WLWT was first alerted to the issue by Rick in West Chester.

"This appears to have started sometime yesterday afternoon, as I do not remember seeing them yesterday morning," Rick wrote. Shortly after Rick's email, WLWT reporter Brian Hamrick began taking photos from his home in Florence, where thousands of worms coated the sidewalks of his neighborhood.

After one post on Facebook, more than 90 people said they had seen the same thing, from Fairfield to Mount Airy, Pleasant Ridge, Independence and Sardinia. WLWT even got confirmation from its sister TV station in Louisville that they had a few hundred dead worms on their sidewalk.

When there is too much electricity in the ground, the worms just can't take it and get out onto the surface of the ground, but why they then died is a mystery and I can only guess they were overcome by the heat and lack of humidity... In the video, the 'expert' provides very unlikely explanations and these are very swiftly dealt with by the reporter... Interestingly, the electricity explanation seems to be common knowledge amongst fisherman who use their own, often homemade electrical devices, to quickly collect worms... Some people believe that worms coming out of the ground are an earthquake precursor but I don't believe that because there are frequent reports of worms and no accompanying earthquake. Often cited is Friedemann Freund, from Nasa Ames Research Center, who developed the scientific theory that when rocks are compressed they act like batteries, producing electric currents. This is something that I wrote about in my book but this is NOT related to the piezoelectric effect, because this only applies to rocks such as granites, which contain a high percentage of quartz. See Freund's paper, Rocks That Crackle and Sparkle and Glow: Strange Pre-Earthquake Phenomena. [2003], See other research findings below:

Earthquakes, Earthworms and Earth Changes
The Intel Hub, March 16th, 2011
[...] "Dr. Ikeya retired from Osaka University in 2004, and is now helping young people in ESR on a part-time basis. Ikeya’s laboratory experiments were conducted to see if exposure to an electrical field or electromagnetic pulses could elicit animal behavior similar to what has been reported prior to earthquakes. Ikeya’s experiments produced very interesting results. For example, fish showed panic reactions, and earthworms moved out of the soil and swarmed when current was applied. These are very similar to the behaviors that are reported before earthquakes. Dr. Ikeya’s work also sheds light on other mysterious pre-earthquake phenomena–which he was able to recreate in the laboratory–such as strange plant growth, earth-lights, fogs, atmospheric distortions, and unusual phenomena with electric appliances, such as televisions and cell phones."

Mysterious Hairy, Giant Caterpillars Invade Yogya
The Jakarta Globe, 28th May 2011
"Villagers from the border region between Yogyakarta and East Java have reported being attacked by what can only be described as jumbo caterpillars."
more plagues...

Governments must prepare for more mega-disasters - UK, 28th March 2011
A BRITISH government report says major disasters like the Japanese earthquake and tsunami or Pakistan's floods are likely to become more frequent and global governments must prepare for an uncertain future.

The author Paddy Ashdown, a House of Lords member and ex-United Nations high representative to Bosnia and Herzegovina, said rich nations must help poorer countries to build up their defences against disasters. The report was issued today by the international development ministry.

Ashdown said a lack of prior support for Haiti and Pakistan had worsened the impact of recent events there. He said scientists believe that recent natural disasters were not an aberration, but "the beginnings of a new kind of future in which mega-disasters are going to be more frequent."

We are witnessing evolutionary change being driven by cosmic energies but world governments have been keen to blame it on global warming, then climate change, then global climate disruption etc despite the insignificant rise in global temperatures that have already peaked. So how do they know there are going to be more disasters in the future? Unless world authorities are using a crystal ball then we must conclude that they have statistics that prove our planet is already on an upward trend of geophysical upheaval creating more humanitarian disasters, despite all the previous denials. Next, this implies we have to face up to the reality that this is being caused by our planet being influenced by cosmic forces providing a new influx of energy and that means the vast majority of our scientific knowledge has to be re-examined in the light of the fact that Earth is not a closed energetic system.

Humanitarian Emergency Response Review
Department for International Development, 28th March 2011
"In July 2010 Lord Ashdown began leading a taskforce of experts to review how the UK government should respond to humanitarian disasters and emergencies. Lord Ashdown presented the results of this independent review - known as the Humanitarian Emergency Response Review (HERR) - to Andrew Mitchell, who commissioned the report, at a launch event on 28 March 2011.
The report (.pdf) can be downloaded here.

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