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Best of the Blog - Earth Changes & Earth Science Archive (2)

Freak hail storm blankets Cuban province of Holguin
Extinction Protocol, 31st May 2011
This Saturday, the local residents Holguin de Las Lajas, in the municipality of Calixto Garcia, lived a remarkable day when around 05:00 pm, in the midst of a heavy rain, began a strong and prolonged hailstorm never seen in these parts. This was confirmed by correspondent Rene Cabrera Mulet, who captured the unusual image of the hailstones, some the size of a Cuban currency 20 cents, covered tens of meters across the town. It is a phenomenon never before seen there, or by most of the inhabitants who have lived there all their lives.

Another freak hail storm... and another and another....

The Peculiar Phenomenon of Megacryometeors
Damn Interesting, 19 January 2007
There is a global warming solution here to the formation of huge chunks of ice that I have never seen before but I been reading about these megacryometeors

Hailstorm hits Namutumba
Daily Monitor, 30th May 2011
"About 40 houses had their roofs blown off and hundreds of acres of crops destroyed when a hailstorm hit Namutumba District. The two-hour hailstorm on Thursday hit 20 villages including Isegero A and B, Ndikitwamaila, Namukoge, Busene, Nabikenge, Bakudumira, Nawampiti, Kibaale and Kivule. Domestic animals and birds were also killed. Eight hours after the downpour, ice blocks were still visible on the ground."

Hailstorm damages crops in two districts of Himachal [India]
IBN Live News, 31st May 2011
"himla, May 31 (PTI) Several areas in Kullu and Shimla districts of Himachal Pradesh were lashed by a severe hailstorm this afternoon, causing extensive damage to crops.The freak weather conditions continued in the region with isolated rains, thunderstorms and hailstorms, keeping farmers on tenterhooks.Apple, wheat, cherry, almond, pear, plum, apricot, stone fruits and flowers suffered due to the untimely rains."

Hailstorm turns crop profits sour [Australia]
ABC News, 2nd June 2011
"A hailstorm has caused millions of dollars damage to crops near the Glasshouse Mountains on Queensland's Sunshine Coast hinterland."

Amazing waterspout 'tornado' caught on camera off Australia
YouTube/Russia Today, 30th May 2011
Dramatic footage filmed from a helicopter by Australia's Channel 7 shows a series of powerful waterspouts near the coastal suburb of Terrigal, on Australia's New South Wales coast. Several powerful columns of swirling air could be seen blasting along the water's surface near the coastline. Channel 7 claimed the spouts reached heights of up to 600 metres (nearly two thousand feet), but dissipated as they neared land. The natural wonders came as strong winds and heavy rain also lashed other parts of the state, causing flash flooding and traffic chaos in Sydney.

Best footage of a water spout that I have ever seen but at the end of this video, the images of the water flowing upwards, off some cliffs is truly bizarre and might be explained by the strength of the anomalous geomagnetic forces that were present.

Raw Video: Huge waterspout near Australian coast
Yahoo News, 30th May 2011
Yahoo cuts the footage so you don't see the interesting phenomenon at the cliff edge...

Wife helps fly small plane over Colorado after husband suffers oxygen deprivation
The Denver Post, 27th May 2011
Federal aviation officials on Thursday released details of a May 17 incident in which the pilot of a small plane became incapacitated from lack of oxygen, and his wife, also in the cockpit, teamed with air-traffic controllers and nearby pilots to get the endangered aircraft lower so the pilot could recover and land safely.

The couple were flying a Cirrus SR22 from San Bernardino, Calif., to Colorado Springs at an altitude of 17,000 feet [3.2 miles/5.2 kilometers] at midday when a controller in the Federal Aviation Administration's Longmont control center noticed the pilot was slurring his speech.

"I think you might be experiencing some hypoxia; would you like a lower altitude?" controller Charlie Rohrer asked the pilot, according to the FAA transcript of the incident.

Interesting, I would doubt there are many examples of pilot oxygen deprivation at 17,000 feet... (at the moment, I can't find any examples). So, at this normally safe low elevation, it is possible to surmise that oxygen has been depleted by the air being ionised by space weather. Due to the numerous strange instances that have occured in the past 6 months or so, that suggest oxygen deprivation by birds and even plane cabin pressurization problems, we can surmise that Earth's leaky magnetic shielding is generating an atmosphere that is vulnerable to the effects of space weather.

Anyway, for reference, the height of Mount Everest is 29,028 feet, but bar-headed geese -- the world's highest-altitude migrants--fly from their winter feeding grounds in the lowlands of India through the Himalayan range, sometimes even directly above Everest, on their way to their nesting grounds in Tibet.

Ground holes prompt evacuations in QC [Canada]
Holes as deep as five metres appeared in green fields and driveways.
CBC News, 27th May 2011
Engineers and geologists are examining dozens of deep holes that appeared in the ground in Quebec City's north end this week, as residents are being urged to leave their homes for safer locations. City officials served evacuation papers Wednesday to about 15 homes and one business in Quebec City's Charlesbourg district, where nearly 40 holes have been reported.

The holes, ranging between five and eight metres wide, have appeared this week in various fields, and on one residential driveway. The deepest hole is about five metres deep. Some of the holes have closed, but the remaining gaps are mystifying officials. "The field is is like, there is nothing, no trees or anything and you see everywhere some holes, some deeper than others, like 30 or 40 holes everywhere on the field.

Well, I would be interested in seeing a report written by engineers and geologists about this rash of deep holes, as I don't think they are caused by 'normal' processes. Look at the driveway and see the depth of concrete there is as part of this hole.... it look like another laser cut to me....

Italian Seismologists Charged With Manslaughter for Not Predicting 2009 Quake
Fox News, 27th May 2011
Italian government officials have accused the country's top seismologist of manslaughter, after failing to predict a natural disaster that struck Italy in 2009, a massive devastating earthquake that killed 308 people. A shocked spokesman for the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) likened the accusations to a witch hunt.

"It has a medieval flavor to it -- like witches are being put on trial," the stunned spokesman told Enzo Boschi, the president of Italy's National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV), will face trial along with six other scientists and technicians, after failing to predict the future and the impending disaster. Earthquakes are, of course, nearly impossible to predict, seismologists say. In fact, according to the website for the USGS, no major quake has ever been predicted successfully.

Oh my goodness..... I can't believe it..... Maybe somebody important died or something and family members are looking for revenge... Anyway, if you go back into the archives I did report that an Italian scientist did predict an earthquake but he was arrested for scaremongering, see below:
"An Italian scientist, Giampaolo Giuliani, predicted the earthquake which has killed at least 90 people in the Abruzzo region but he was reported to the police for scaremongering, it has emerged."

Italian earthquake: expert's warnings were dismissed as scaremongering
The Telegraph, 6th April 2009
Hmmm.... the trial will be interesting...

Special Comment - 26th May 2011

I watched the moon (waning crescent) at about 2am and saw that it was very red. I believe it is the first time in my whole life that I have seen the moon that colour. Hence, I was astounded when half an hour later it was gleaming bright white. I realise that the vast majority of people are oblivious to the cause of the changes on this planet, but quite frankly it's really obvious now that serious amounts of cosmic dust has invaded our solar system and is affecting the sun, Earth and moon in a variety of anomalous ways. Yes, this is the arrival of a New World Age. Esoteric knowledge has been retained by many different traditions and is now widely available for intelligent people to integrate this information with current scientific observations and details for themselves — if they choose to spend the time. I am still waiting to see a blood red full moon, but I have already seen enough to be convinced of the significance.

Blood Red Moon [Canada]
YouTube, 18th May 2011
The link here is to a YouTube video of someone who caught the full moon blood red. He says it was over Crasse and I have found a Lac la Crasse (Lake Crasse) in Canada, he says it was across the provence valley, but does not give a location. In the comments someone says they saw the same on the west coast of Canada.

Bacteria-rich hailstones add to 'bioprecipitation' idea
BBC News, 25th May 2011
A study of hailstones has found large numbers of bacteria at their cores. The find lends credence to the "bio-precipitation" idea, which suggests that bacteria are actively involved in stimulating precipitation. The bacteria have protein coatings that cause water to freeze at relatively warm temperatures.

Researchers at the American Society for Microbiology meeting suggest bacteria may have evolved to use the water cycle to facilitate their own dispersal. The micro-organisms that can be found in precipitation such as snow have been studied since the 1960s.

As I have stated before, the skies are teeming with bacteria but the main issue that scientists don't want to talk about is the arrival of this bacteria from space... Think about it and look at the evidence...

Lightning strikes kill 40 in Bangladesh
IOL News, 24th May 2011
Dhaka - Lightning strikes during a heavy rainstorm in Bangladesh killed at least 40 people and injured more than 150, most of them harvesting rice in fields or fishing, police and officials said on Tuesday.

The deaths, the largest number of casualties from lightning in a single day, occurred on Monday. Ten people died in northwestern Chapainawabganj district. Rainstorms ahead of the monsoon season starting in May or June often bring electric storms that kill residents and damage crops. -Reuters

What kind of 'lightning' event could kill so many people at one time? I think this is bizarre and reminds me of other recent extreme events as noted below:

Thunder, duststorms claim 56 lives in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar
Times Of India, 19th May 2011
"NEW DELHI: At least 56 people were killed in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar when severe duststorm, accompanied by rain and thundershowers, lashed some parts of the states on Wednesday evening, according to All India Radio."

Tornadoes Rip Across Midwest; 89 Dead in Joplin, Mo. (Video)
ABC News, 23rd May 2011
Rescue workers today searched for victims of fierce storms that ripped through several Midwestern states this weekend, killing at least 89 people in Joplin, Mo., where a devastating tornado touched down and left trapped survivors still crying out for help this morning.

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency Sunday evening and activated the Missouri National Guard in response to the destruction.

St. John's Regional Medical Center in Joplin, Mo., was fully evacuated after it took a direct hit from the tornado. Every window in the facility was blown out and the roof was torn off. Seven people have been reported dead at a nursing home, according to police reports.

There is storm chaser video of the tornado here and the video of people inside the store is a horror classic... When are people going to build tornado proof community centres and hospitals to help people survive in parts of the world that are prone to tornadoes?

Tornadoes devastate Minneapolis and Joplin, Mo. (22 Photos)
The Washington Post, 23rd May 2011
Apparently this is devastation from a category F4 tornado, so what kind of damage would a F5 do? It's hard to imagine things being any worse....

24 deaths in Joplin, say Greene County officials
News-Leader, 23rd May 2011
Ryan Nicholls with the Springfield-Greene County Office of Emergency Management has confirmed there are 24 fatalities in the wake of a tornado touching down in Joplin. The number of injuries is unknown.

Damage was widespread across the city's south side. John Campbell, operations director for the Missouri State Emergency Management Agency, confirmed fatalities have been reported. Phone communications in and out of the city were largely cut off.

I picked this report up after the blogosphere were reporting that there bodies lying around everywhere... Terrible news... More: Multiple fatalities reported in Joplin tornado & Deaths reported as Joplin, Mo., hospital takes 'direct hit' from tornado

NOAA - Eastern U. S. - Visible Loop
NOAA, 22nd May 2011
Again, this looks like a hurricane forming over land...

Rainbow after Joplin tornado
YouTube, 22nd May 2011
Amazing double rainbow Seen over Spingfield MO just after a deadly tornado Rips through Joplin.

We have a rainbow with a surrounding larger secondary rainbow with a band called Alexander's dark space lying between them. Curiously in my book Rare Halos, Mirages, Anomalous Rainbows and Related Electromagnetic Phenomena (1984) by William R. Corliss, in the section GEB17 "The Dark Space Between Primary and Secondary Rainbows" there is no mention of Alexander's band. It says:
Description. A decided lack of illumination of the sky separating primary and secondary rainbows. The adjectives of chocolate-colored and purplish have been applied to this phenomenon. However, in the great majority of rainbows, the dark space is not noticed.

Data evaluation. The phenomenon is apparently rare. Nevertheless, several seemingly sound reports have been uncovered. Rating 2.

Anomaly Rating. Classical rainbow theory cannot account for the dark space. No one, however, seems to have attempted to explain it employing optical interference effects and/or psychological contrast effects. Rating 2.

Possible Explanations. Light form this region may be reduced by optical interference from light refracted from rain droplets elsewhere, similar to the manner in which supernumerary bows are created. Further, the brightness of the adjacent primary and secondary bows may remake this region seem dull in comparison.
We are given examples from 1866, 1875, 1897 & 1947, so it's quite curious that explanations with experimental proof are not forthcoming, but if you look up examples on the internet, there are lots of more recent examples and we have to surmise that what used to be caused by rare atmospheric conditions are not so rare these days...

Rainbow Springfield, MO 5/22/11
YouTube, 22nd May 2011
"Amazing rainbow just moments after very destructive tornado in Joplin,MO."

Japanese superquake moved ocean floor 79 feet sideways and 10 feet up - and new data shows region is under more strain
Daily Mail, 21st May 2011
The ocean floor shifted sideways by 79 feet in the Japanese earthquake in March - much further than scientists originally predicted. And researchers are warning that immense amounts of seismic stress remain stored in the area, putting it at risk of further devastating earthquakes.

The journal Science has published three new papers about the effects and causes of Japan's March 11 mega-quake, which paints a picture of an earthquake hot spot much more complex and potentially dangerous than scientists had ever anticipated. [...]

'The scale is almost double that estimated only from the terrestrial data,' Dr Sato told BBC News. Under the seabed, the movement may have been even greater - perhaps 160 to 200 feet, by some estimates.

In another study sure to raise alarm in Japan, scientists from the California Institute of Technology have reconstructed how the Tohuku-Oki earthquake unfolded using GPS data recorded at more than 1,200 sites. Their data showed that - contrary to previous opinion - the area had built up massive amounts of strain prior to the earthquake.

Earlier, there had been general agreement among researchers that the 'Miyagi segment' of the fault line was not under the stress of other segments along the Japan plate boundary, where large earthquakes occur at a regular basis. But Professor Mark Simons' team showed that this assumption was deeply flawed. This raises questions about other sections of the fault line that had previously been considered low risk - including areas further south, closer to Tokyo.

This means that the 54 nuclear power plants were built in a region where scientists have been wrong about the stability of the tectonic plates that surround the country. It sure looks like Edgar Cayce might see at least some of his apocalytic prophecies fulfilled.

The Cosmic Thunderbolt
YouTube, 20th May 2010
Dave Talbott narrates the latest video project from the folks at that serves as a prerelease trailer for this summer's planned release of Episode Two in the "Symbols of an Alien Sky" video production. The series describes how petroglyphs, myths and writings from ancient times appear to be depicting events in the heavens that actually occurred in those times, events that do not occur today. Courtesy

For helpful background, see the playlist of brief selections from Episode One: SYMBOLS OF AN ALIEN SKY — Selections (1)

Interestingly, the emphasis here is placed on cosmic thunderbolts causing havoc in the heavens and life on Earth. However, some religious traditions refer to the "divine" thunderbolt too, as there is a deeper spiritual implications to understanding what this energy represents and how this energy has been used by humans in the past.

Atmosphere Above Japan Heated Rapidly Before M9 Earthquake
Technology Review, 18th May 2011

Geologists have long puzzled over anecdotal reports of strange atmospheric phenomena in the days before big earthquakes. But good data to back up these stories has been hard to come by.

In recent years, however, various teams have set up atmospheric monitoring stations in earthquake zones and a number of satellites are capable of sending back data about the state of the upper atmosphere and the ionosphere during an earthquake. Last year, we looked at some fascinating data from the DEMETER spacecraft showing a significant increase in ultra-low frequency radio signals before the magnitude 7 Haiti earthquake in January 2010

Today, Dimitar Ouzounov at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre in Maryland and a few buddies present the data from the Great Tohoku earthquake which devastated Japan on 11 March. Their results, although preliminary, are eye-opening. At the same time, satellite observations showed a big increase in infrared emissions from above the epicentre, which peaked in the hours before the quake. In other words, the atmosphere was heating up.

I am very pleased to see that this information was released so soon. The scientific evidence is the exact opposite of the bogus information claimed by those who don't understand the science. What's more, my interest started when metaphysical sources claimed these same earthquake emissions fry the human energy field, hence there is a need for protection. Evolution or devolution, whatever your choice, it's what's happening now on Earth.

Mysterious hole sparks fears [?] in Harlesden [UK]
London24 News, 12th May 2011
Residents were shocked to find this gaping hole as they arrived back from work late one afternoon. The crevice, which is some 3ft deep and 2ft wide, appeared in Leopold Road, Harlesden without any sign of what caused it.

Concerned residents spotted the hole shortly before 5pm last Wednesday, and rushed out to put up makeshift barriers and scrawled a ‘danger’ sign warning motorists and pedestrians of the hazard. Ray Szynowski, who has lived in the street for 24 years, said: “I have never seen anything like this before. It looks like something has fallen from the sky and the road has caved in.

The image icon is from a decent sized laser cut sink hole reported by the Epoch Times in June 2010, Sudden Sinkhole Outbreak Raises Fear in China . I thought a little perspective was required as I could not believe this report about people being frightened by a hole that's 3ft (90cm) wide by 2ft (60cm) deep, it's NOTHING compared to what is being reported on this planet and I can't understand how this story made news... Check out this report from Russian where the locals are reporting deep holes in solid rock, located in isolated woodlands where the necessary heavy equipment to drill such deep holes could not have been used, because they would have required transportational vehicles to have had accessed the area on roads that are none existent...

Holes in the Ground
English Russia, 24th May 2007
This is especially interesting based on the numerous examples of 'sink' holes that look like they have been cut with a laser... the pictures are decent quality but please avert your eyes at the bottom of this page, sorry but this is standard fair for a Russia website

Hole Found In Russia
YouTube News, 4th May 2009
The images above are used to make this short [1:13] video.

Rare roll cloud makes its way over Portland and Weymouth [UK]
Dorset Echo, 9th May 2011
CONCERNED residents in Portland and Weymouth thought they were being hit by a tornado during in a dramatic thunderstorm. But it turned out to be a very rare roll cloud – which had broken away from a thunderstorm at around 7.30pm on Friday night.

Storm Wallace, 26, of Portland, was driving home when she saw the dramatic cloud gain speed above Portland Road in Weymouth and stopped to take a photo. She said: “It was really unusual and spinning very fast – I’ve never seen anything like it, I really did think it was a tornado or something.” [...] He said that the Met Office received a ‘significant number’ of calls from concerned residents in and around Portland asking if it was a tornado.

It was 'spinning' but officials say it was just a cloud? I think a better definition would be a magnetic 'vortex' cloud...

Made In Taiwan: Footage Of Taipei Tornado
Irish Weather Online, 12th May 2011
"This is a video shot by a Taipei resident as a tornado affected part of the Taiwanese capital on May 12th. The twister lasted around two minutes, flipping an SUV on top of some motorcycles, though there were no reports of casualties." This event is interesting to see the tornado attaching and detaching from the main cloud.

Understanding Earthquakes and Their Impacts: Part I
The White House, 10th May 2011
Ed. Note: This is the first of a two-part blog focusing on the science and aftermath of earthquakes. Part I focuses on the science of a high-magnitude earthquake and whether one could happen in the United States. Tomorrow, Part II will focus on What We Can Do About It.

Part I: Could a 9.0 Happen Here?

Four deadly earthquakes in just over a year—Haiti, Chile, New Zealand, and now Japan—have provided sudden reminders of the tectonic forces active beneath our feet. Perhaps more importantly, they serve as reminders that disasters resulting from those earthquakes are not the work of nature alone. Even in the face of such giant forces, societal decisions before and after an earthquake can have a major impact on the amount of damage, lives lost, and other outcomes. So while scientists and engineers share in society’s obligation to help the victims, we have an additional responsibility to learn from these events and share lessons that can be applied to vulnerable communities—not only abroad, but also here in the United States.

I don't know quite what to make about this statement from the White House on earthquakes, but I think it's important news... Obviously, there must be an issue...

Understanding Earthquakes and Their Impacts: Part II
The White House, 11th May 2011

Doomsday fire: Millions of volcanoes are stirring beneath the world’s oceans
The Extinction Protocol, 11th May 2011
In 1993, marine geophysicists aboard the research vessel Melville discovered 1,133 previously unmapped underwater volcanoes off the coast of Easter Island. [...] That was 1993. Today, scientists estimate that there are more than three million underwater volcanoes. That’s a three followed by six zeroes!

In 2007, oceanographers Hillier and Watts surveyed 201,055 submarine volcanoes. “From this they concluded an astounding total of 3,477,403 submarine volcanoes must reasonably exist worldwide,” said this article by John O’Sullivan. [...]
To go from 10,000 underwater volcanoes to more than three million in less than 20 years shows how little we knew – and how little we still know – about this incredible force of nature. We know more about the moon.

Robert Felix of the website www.IceAgeNow has a webpage It's not Global Warming, it's Ocean Warming with lots of links about the discovery of these under water volcanoes. I generally don't go into the arguments about what will actually happen to our climate, but there is an undisputed energy imbalance that is directly attributable to cosmic factors. Robert Felix explains that Ice Ages are the result of increased volcanic activity that can be explained by the relationship between underwater and above water volcanoes. The underwater volcanoes become active, warm the oceans release CO2 and generate more water vapour, but the volcanoes above water generate aerosols that cool the skies and hence results in lower global temperatures and so the overall result is not "global warming" but actually more snow and ice build up which is the real cause of Ice Ages... Wonderfully straight forward and logical and I believe this is the best explanation for what will eventually happen to our climate.
  • Robert Felix - Robert Felix - The Coming Ice Age
    Red Ice Radio, 3rd February 2011
    "Could the next ice age begin any day? If so, what is the evidence for it? We talk with author Robert Felix about the coming ice age. Robert Felix, a former architect, became interested in the ice-age cycle back in 1991. He spent the next eight and a half years, full-time, researching and writing about the coming ice age. Robert's book is called, "Not by Fire but by Ice". Robert Felix argues convincingly that, rather than runaway heating due to humans' burning fossil fuels, the world is much more likely to face rapid onset of the next ice age in the near future."
    He talks about CO2 and volcanoes from about 23 mins

Amazing video shows transformers exploding in Fort Worth --United States--
Yahoo News, 11th May 2011

FORT WORTH — As storms rolled through the Metroplex Tuesday night amateur photographer Brian Luenser had his camera trained on the sky and captured some amazing photographs of lightning raining down on the city of Fort Worth.

Luenser, who lives in downtown Fort Worth's Tower building, went to his balcony with camera in hand as the storm rolled in. "I love taking pictures of storms and lightning," said the amateur photographer. And with his vantage point from the 34th floor he has a view of the world that few people get to see. [...]

Then at about 9:30 p.m. Luenser caught an amazing light show on the ground as power transformers began to explode. One by one the transformers lit-up in an unbelievable chain reaction that lasted about thirty minutes.

"It was definitely a right-place, right-time kind of moment" said Luenser as the sky glowed a brilliant blue, red and orange from the electrical flashes. "It looked like World War Three was going on below."

After the event was over about 5,000 people were briefly without power according to Oncor. Most of the power has since been restored.

I am so impressed with this event that I am ranking it at the same level as the Norwegian Spiral. These are my initial thoughts but I will modify my opinion if new information makes me change my mind. First of all, the locals on the ground are talking about fireballs as below:
FORT WORTH -- Fire and police dispatchers were busy Tuesday night answering calls about "fireballs" in the sky and on the ground in east Fort Worth. Several transformers were struck by lightning in east Fort Worth Tuesday night, Oncor spokeswoman Jeamy Molina said. [...]

Star-Telegram columnist Bob Ray Sanders said that whatever it was, it was dramatic.

"I've seen lightning strike, and this was no lightning," he said. "It may have been precipitated by lightning strikes." Sanders said he was at his home, which backs up to Randol Mill Road, when he saw "blazes up in the air." "I saw fire in the sky and on the ground," he said. "I saw 10 or 12 explosions. It was like someone was dropping bombs."
'Fireballs' reported in east Fort Worth
Star Telegram, 11th May 2011
If this was supposed to be transformers exploding, then why are there so many lights still on -- no major blackout, there is no sound of explosions, but we can hear the birds chirping? The lights are all different colours and look more like party/disco lights because of the extreme luminosity. There is a lot of good videos of transformers blowing up on YouTube to make comparisons and there cannot be so many transformers in such a small area that keep silently exploding. When this video was taken I can see no storm, no lightning but I see orbs in the sky... the first instance can be see at [0:18].

So, I wonder whether a more conventional explanation would be quakelights? The problem with the explanation of quakelights is the reports that people saw fireballs dropping.... I have a completely unconventional explanation too... maybe we were seeing a war of the gods...
  • Fort Worth Explosions - Brian Luenser Upload
    YouTube, 11th May 2011

    Update 13th May 2011

  • NHK World: Two 7.4 Japan Earthquakes April 7 2011 with a strange blue flash Tsunami warning (Video)
    YouTube/NHK World, 7th April 2011

    7.4 Japan Earthquakes April 7 2011 (a closer look)
    YouTube, 8th April 2011
    Please note the identical phenomenon reported at Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture during the strong 7.4 aftershock in Japan reported by NHK World on the 7th April. At the time I suggested the pulsing bright blue light could be a quakelight, but there is a need for more evidence about what exactly was going on at Fort Worth before making any more comparisons.

    Update 15th May 2011

  • The Blackout of Portimão, Portugal --Portugal--
    YouTube, 15th April 2011
    Translation: "On the night of 14 to 15 there was a blackout in Portimão accompanied by strange flashes in the sky throughout the city, this is the video".
    OK, we have dogs barking, traffic noise and the commentary of people making the video, but no sound from the spectacular colourful flashes, exactly the same as the event at Forth Worth, Texas. Hence, I am now willing to state we may have the start of a new type of 'quakelight' phenomenon, that is not necessarily associated with earthquakes.

    Update 16th May 2011

  • Fireballs in Fort Worth
    YouTube, 15th May 2011
    Finally, we have a collaborating video for the event at Fort Worth from a different angle, again no sound of exploding transformers... but we get a commentary and the sound of traffic.

Massive Awesome Explosions 15 MAY 2011 Brazil --Brazil--
YouTube, 15th May 2011
"Large explosions occurring at 15 MAY 2011 at 19:50"
Comment: Again, we have pulsating lights and lights flashing in the same locations that light up the whole sky. There is no obvious sound of explosions but there is the sound of heavy traffic when it's raining, the rumble of thunder and people shouting and screaming, which is hard to imagine would be enough to stop the sound of massive explosions. I tried to translate the YouTube comments from Portuguese into English and some state there was a noise of electricity so maybe there was some hissing and crackling. One commentator stated there was "interference on mobile phones including the computers". A comment about a ufo is not from an eye witness and the statement must be considered as just speculation. Basically, the mystery is deepening... so we await further info to appear..."

Rome Fears Devastating Earthquake Internet Forecast For May 11
Huffington Post, 9th May 2011
ROME (Reuters) – If tourists find Rome unusually quiet next Wednesday, the reason will probably be that thousands of locals have left town in fear of a devastating earthquake allegedly forecast for that day by a long-dead seismologist.

For months Italian internet sites, blogs and social networks have been debating the work of Raffaele Bendandi, who claimed to have forecast numerous earthquakes and, according to internet rumors, predicted a "big one" in Rome on May 11. [...]

Bendandi, who died in 1979 aged 86, believed earthquakes were the result of the combined movements of the planets, the moon and the sun and were perfectly predictable.

In 1923 he forecast a quake would hit the central Adriatic region of the Marches on January 2 the following year. He was wrong by two days but Italy's main newspaper Corriere della Sera still ran a front page article on "The man who forecasts earthquakes."

Bendandi's fame grew and in 1927 he was awarded a knighthood by Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini. During his long career his theories were studied by several prominent foreign astronomers. However the current panic appears to be due more to fear-mongering in the age of internet than to Bendandi himself

With so many major events taking place, it's no wonder that people are getting panicky.... The interest here is finding a seismologist (deceased) who believed that earthquakes are predictable. Anyway, we don't have long to wait to see what happens, but I think this earthquake prediction is probably out of date now. The Earth has changed considerably and I don't think the conditions can be considered to be the same as back in 1920s, because we know that there are orbital variations at the very least... I keep thinking of astronomical info hidden as religious text expressed in the biblical phrase "...unless the days be shortened..." Well, the days are being shortened, even NASA are prepared to admit that, so this caveat on predictions for the "End times" now seems to be operational and the full blown disaster scenarios will not happen...

Rome earthquake: Who was Raffaele Bendandi?
On January 4 1924, after an earthquake struck the Italian province of Le Marche, Raffaele Bendandi hit the headlines.
The Telegraph, 10th May 2011
  • Earthquake [5.3] hits southern Spain, ten dead
    At least ten people were reported dead and dozens injured after an earthquake shook southeastern Spain on Wednesday, toppling historic buildings in the medieval town of Lorca.
    The Telegraph, 11th May 2011
    Lorca, in Spain NOT Rome in Italy...

More Frequent Whale Strandings Has Experts on Edge
Tree Hugger, 6th May 2011
In the last few years, there has been an unexplained spike in the number of whales washing ashore. While the National Marine Fisheries Service has declared an Unusual Mortality Event (UME) in the Northern Gulf of Mexico, it's more than just oil spills that are causing increased strandings worldwide. And experts are worried.

The numbers of beached whales have been gradually rising, peaking in 2009 with 46 whales coming ashore, and The Department of Environment and Conservation is conducting an investigation into what could be causing the rise, reports ABC news.

At least authorities are admitting that something is going on.... please see archives for previous comments on this phenomenon that I believe is due to the extreme geomagnetic conditions that now exists on this planet.

Flood fears spread south along the Mississippi
Yahoo News, 4th May 2011
MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Flood worries that prompted the U.S. government to blast open a Missouri levee to ease pressure on some towns are rippling down the Mississippi River, leading to more evacuations and unease as the Army Corps of Engineers weighs whether to purposely inundate more land with water.

People in eight states along the swollen Ohio and Mississippi rivers and their tributaries were filling sandbags and packing up to leave home as high water works its way downstream in a slow-motion disaster that could take weeks to unfold.

The breach of southeastern Missouri's Birds Point levee was heralded by some Illinois towns along the Ohio River as a needed relief from record flooding, and the man who ordered that action says he may do the same with other Mississippi River spillways as flood prospects mount.

This has not got much media attention, but the situation has been bad for quite some time, see below:
  • "The Mississippi river is going through an epic flood, meaning we're looking at a 500 year flood"
    My Fox Memphis, 28th April 2011
    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - The Mississippi River continues to rise, so much so that its tributaries are starting to flow backwards. At Tom Lee Park, preps for Memphis in May continue knowing that the worst is still yet to come.
    In Brief:
    - The Mississippi River is rising causing her tributaries to flow backwards.
    - The river rose 2 feet after the recent batch of storms.
    - It is expected to crest at 45 feet on May 10th, the same day BBQ fest contestants set up their tents.

    It's a site not often seen; the Wolf River and Nonconnah Creek are flowing backwards. The swelling river cannot take on much more water.

    More continuous breaking of weather records...

  • Slow-moving disaster rolls down Mississippi River, 5th May 2011
    "HICKMAN, Ky. (AP) - Jail inmates filled sandbag after sandbag to protect one of the many Southern river cities threatened by the swelling Mississippi as it broke more 1930s flood records and crept higher Thursday."

"Freak" tornado rips through Auckland's North Shore [NZ]
Courier Mail, 3rd May 2011
MORE tornadoes could strike the North Island of New Zealand, forecasters warned as police confirmed that one person died in the destructive Auckland twister.

The tornado ripped through the city's north, putting 10 people in hospital in a freak storm that has shaken disaster-weary New Zealanders. It ripped the roof off a shopping mall, overturned cars, uprooted trees and sent shoppers running when it hit the suburb of Albany about 3pm (1pm Australian time).

At the end of the commentary of the video linked below, the presenter emphasisis that this is extremely rare in New Zealand and so the silent message is: don't worry it won't happen again... The problem with this that we have the UK government releasing a report in March 2011 with the message:
"...scientists believe that recent natural disasters were not an aberration, but "the beginnings of a new kind of future in which mega-disasters are going to be more frequent."

Governments must prepare for more mega-disasters - UK, 28th March 2011
Really, there is an enormous need for education. We are living in a time of evolutionary change and that means destruction and recreation or else there can't be any change...

Auckland tornado leaves trail of destruction - Video [3:27]
"The tornado which swept across Auckland today killed one person, injured 20 others and left a trail of destruction from Albany to Glenfield."

NOAA: Record 312 tornadoes in 24 hours last week
Yahoo News, 2nd May 2011
WASHINGTON – Preliminary government estimates say there were more tornadoes in a single day last week than any other day in U.S. history. Government analysts said Monday there were 362 tornadoes during last week's outbreak, including a record-setting 312 in one 24-hour period.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said the largest previous number on record in one event occurred from April 3-4, 1974, with 148 tornadoes. NOAA says 340 people were killed during the 24-hour-period from 8:00 a.m. Wednesday to Thursday.

Well, there you go.... another record breaker... I have decided to re-state the general comment from last week here.

General Comment: 30th April 2011

Well, I have only been really been truly struck by a few Kryon messages via the channel Lee Carroll and I think these have been about the lack of water in the future for the United States and the return of the winds presumably for the United States, to the point where people are being encouraged to reconsider the design of their homes. Hence, in May 2007, I was pleased to discover people building 'dome' homes see, and the fact that these domes can stand up to any extreme weather. Yet, due to my ongoing Space Weather research, I have known for along time about the risk to electricity supplies, but I was still shocked to read the NASA sponsored January 2009, Severe Space Weather Events--Understanding Societal and Economic Impacts report, (the .pdf summary can be downloaded here), that tells us that once every 100 years, we can expect a huge geomagnetic storm that would knock out enough power supply transformers that 130 million people in the United States alone would lose power. Due to the fact that transformers are on short supply (the United States does not even manufacture them and has to rely on imports), the wait for the return of power supply could be many YEARS. Unbelievable.... So, we have had electrical enginneers campaigning for authorities to take this all much more seriously and I have noted various articles about this in the last few years, but I was not aware of the dire situation with nuclear power plants until I came across the following report, Experts: Move to protect nuke plants from solar flare damage, dated 4th March 2011, 1 week before the Japanese mega disaster and the tsunami that knocked out all the backup generators at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Yet, as I have highlighted, it was a disaster that some predicted would happen see, Japan's deadly game of nuclear roulette, from The Japan Times, 23rd May 2004. So we know authorities cooperated and allowed the Fukushima disaster to happen, that is now effecting the whole world. At this stage, I don't know enough about WHY we will see the return of the winds, but I suspect it is related to the Earth's magnetic field weakening and allowing the solar wind to have a much greater impact on Earth's weather. In March 2011, some scientist stated:

"We believe a recent climate shift favoring a cooler Pacific and more frequent La Nina events suggests we have entered a period of increasing severe storms that could last a decade or more."
Big-Time La Nina Tornado and Spring Flood Season Possible?
WUWT, 1st March 2011

Anyway, for those who are knew to current metaphysical literature, I would like to highlight the Kryon message about these winds. I don't want to give a 100% endorsement here, because I think everyone needs to understand the concept of how cheese can be used on mousetraps (sorry, that's all I will say on the matter), but this bit of cheese is quite interesting.

So we say to you, the winds will return, and our advice is to prepare for this by creating a situation where you acclimate to the new weather. Learn to anticipate it; build differently. Feel free not to build where danger is, or learn to build in safer places. But the admonishment is this: Don't be shocked when it returns. It will return. Don't be surprised when the levees break again south of you, because they will. You'd be much better off to move the dirt around in that town, and build on higher ground. [The berm system that Kryon mentioned in the past, where you build houses on what look like large strip-rows of raised dirt, where only the streets are below the water level. The houses are all built on the dirt strips, emulating the way crops are watered.] That is smart. We'll see if it happens. "What are you saying, Kryon?" I am saying that Human Beings can adapt as they have in the past, and the way you can now. If you start thinking smarter, you can adapt for the weather changes. Take charge of how you affect it, not how it affects you. Turn weather catastrophes into weather events.

Also, do not fear what is happening. Do not project what you see today into some kind of drama that you expect tomorrow. The warming is a pre-cursor to cold, just as in the past... just as in the past. You can sit around and worry about it, or you can prepare for it.
"Current Events", Kryon Live channelling, Asheville, North Carolina, United States, July 12, 2008 link

If you want to read something from Kryon about the Japanese disaster, dated 18th March 2011, here it is Regarding the Earthquake in Japan - Kryon channel, but I have no comment accept to say this is a typical reponse. The angst from those who are failing to get the message that this is about the whole planet in upheaval and the need to plan for massive change is also becoming very apparent.

Tornados hit America: 'He went up, and just floated back down to the ground'
As the United States struggles to come to terms with the devastation of swathes of its country and mourns for the 337 victims, Jon Swaine hears stories of survival.
Refreshing News, 30th April 2011
[...] More miraculous stories of those who had cheated death were emerging. Reginald Eppes, from Coaling, described how his son Reginald jr. survived being "sucked into the air" by a tornado after the walls of his bedroom simply "crumpled like paper".

"He went up, and just floated back down to the ground," Mr Eppes, a 35-year-old fireman, told local radio.

"He saw the light, those flashlights that I had in my hands ... And he walked back to them. That's how he found us."

Some people prayed and were saved....

Before and After Satellite Images Show Path of Tornado’s Destruction
Satellite images taken by GeoEye the day after storms blasted through the south show a nearly straight line path of devastation, most likely from one tornado, stretching at least 10 miles. Use the slider and zoom tools to compare images taken before and after the tornado.
New York Times, 29th April 2011
These satellite images are uncannily similar to the destruction from a tsunami...

Tornadoes whipped up by wind, not climate: officials
US meteorologists warned Thursday it would be a mistake to blame climate change for a seeming increase in tornadoes in the wake of deadly storms that have ripped through the US south., 28th April 2011
Comment: I am really not interested in the climate politics and being seen to be right, I am now just thinking of what it must like for people to have their homes and businesses destroyed. Personally, I would like more people to become aware of the fact that in regions that are prone to tornaodes, rebuilding houses and properties that can't stand up to an F5 tornado is just a waste of time. Properties need to be redesigned to cope with extreme weather especially when it is obvious there is an increasing trend of extreme weather events. I do agree that what looks like an increase in tornadoes is not related to global warming, but instead is related to climate change and so there is a link to weather, with the dramatic increase in extreme record breaking weather events. Since meteorologists don't understand how the weather is generated and the link to external cosmic drivers, then I think some of their arguments can be ignored.

Freak Hail Storm Brings Chaos and Flooding to Lisbon, Portugal (Video)
SOTT, 29th April 2011
A sudden freak hail storm caused traffic chaos in the Benfica area of Lisbon, Friday, 29th April 2011, when temperatures dropped 20 degrees (from 27 to 5 Celsius) at 3.55pm. Roads and travellers were left to deal with an unseasonal slushy flood that turned streets into rivers and left several feet of ice piled up in many areas.

These extreme hail/flooding events are now happening every year. People must realise that something strange is going on...

Epic Tornado Outbreak ends today with focus near East Coast
Weather Bell, 28th April 2011
We talked about this would be a season of major floods and severe weather in our first posts in WeatherBell in early March. Last week we warned the middle of this week would see another outbreak like the one in Mid April. And earlier this week we predicted the count would top 200 tornadoes before it was all said and done.

It started Sunday in the southern Plains with 13 tornadoes and 201 severe storms reports (updated).

Clearly though this week’s onslaught will rank among the most significant outbreaks in history Sadly the death toll this morning stood at over 200 and climbing. [...]

One last point. the great Stanley Changnon, formerly director of the Illinois Water Survey had done a study probably in the 1990s that I reported on about how although the media attention was mainly on the feared El Ninos, that La Ninas were far more dangerous and costly with more cold and heavy winter snows that paralyze economies and transportation, more spring flooding and deadly and damaging severe weather outbreaks and more landfalling hurricanes than El Nino. The last few years and especially this year is an illustration of this. The severe weather season is not over and then we have the hurricane season which both JB and I think will be more impactful.

I won't be posting more links but there has been a high loss of life and the experts are blaming this on the same conditons that generate La Ninas but those conditions are primarily a balance of electromagnetic forces that our scientists don't understand very well. However, as usual, a few predicted this outcome based on historical data. See the following article at WUWT dated 1st March 2001 by Joseph D’Aleo,

Rare clash of forces creates a wild month of weather
Seattle Times, 28th April 2011
"At least 750 tornado sightings have been reported this month, according to the government's Storm Prediction Center. Those figures include some double-counting, and the final total should be around 600. Until now, no April on record had surpassed the 267 tornadoes recorded in 1974. What's going on?"
Crazy: reports of 750 tornadoes!

Tornadoes take staggering toll in Alabama and Deep South (video)
CS Monitor, 28th April 2001
"On Tuesday and Wednesday, what some TV meteorologists called a historic line of thunderstorms – weather maps were rife with red – left paths of devastation from Texas to Georgia. Parts of Tuscaloosa, the home of the University of Alabama, were wiped out. The tornado "cut a path of destruction deep into the heart of the city," said Mayor Walter Maddox."

Big-Time La Nina Tornado and Spring Flood Season Possible?
WUWT, 1st March 2001
"We believe a recent climate shift favoring a cooler Pacific and more frequent La Nina events suggests we have entered a period of increasing severe storms that could last a decade or more."

Ikea twister filmed in store car park near Glasgow
Footage shows dramatic whirlwind sweeping through car park in Braehead., 28th April 2011
Comment: Not exactly on the same scale but I have actually seen exactly the same thing in Switzerland 2 summers ago when I came out of a large shop and freshly cut grass was in a vortex swirling in the air. This really nice mini-tornado that was maybe 10 feet/3 meters across and maybe 20feet/6 meters high judging by the height of the grass cuttings. I was watching with others videoing with their phones who were also equally amazed. I wondered how long it has been circulating but within about 30 seconds its started to move and then quickly dissipated. I was literally only 20 feet/6 metres away and there was an extremely high static electrical charge in the air. How scientists can ignore the role of electromagnetic forces in explaining tornadoes is beyond me but this is changing as we know that tornado hunters and scientists are now using antennae to pick up specific electrical signals in order to find the location of tornadoes. By the way as I have stated before, for the size of the landmass the UK has the highest number of tornadoes in the world see, UK has 'highest tornado rate' in the world (some say the UK is second and The Netherlands has the highest no. per landmass), a little known fact, but fortunately they have rarely cause serious damage unlike the terrible incidents in the United States and elsewhere with their monster 1 mile wide tornadoes literally killing hundreds in the last week.

Snow storm covers town – during UK heatwave
These incredible pictures show that while the rest of the country basked in a heatwave one Leicestershire village was actually covered – in SNOW.
Small World News World, 27th April 2011
"The 20-minute mini-blizzard at 5pm on Saturday afternoon left cars and roads under 3ins of snow and ice while just a mile away temperatures soared to 27.2C (81F). Shocked Sian Colver, 28, captured the storm, which battered the village with ice balls the size of large marbles, on camera from her bedroom window."

More Tornadoes Blow Through North Texas
CBS DFW News, 26th April 2011
Another afternoon of severe storms left many North Texans cleaning up following multiple reported tornado touchdowns Tuesday night. The worst damage spotted Tuesday night was near the town of Ben Wheeler in Van Zandt County east of Dallas. There were also reports of several injuries, but none of them were believed to be life threatening. [...]

The storms also brought several inches of rain and very large hail to the area. A viewer photo from Peeltown in Kaufman County showed a piece of hail the size of a softball with spiked edges.

The weather is really rough over in the US. The spiky hail caught my attention and makes me wonder again about the electromagnetic conditions that allow these huge chunks to stay aloft in the skies and grow before they come crashing down... Apparently, according to Wikipedia the record for the largest hail in the United States has only recently been set in Vivian, South Dakota on July 23, 2010 and was a diameter of 8 inches and weight 1 pound 15 ounces. I call this 'brick' hail...

18 Killed, 155 Injured in South China Hailstorms
Cri English, 18th April 2011
At least 18 people were killed and 155 injured in south China's Guangdong Province as of Monday after hailstorms and strong winds rocked the region, flood control authorities said.

Winds as strong as 164 km per hour, accompanied by hail and lashing rain, battered the cities of Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhaoqing and Dongguan on Sunday, a spokesman with the province's flood control headquarters said. The storms have affected over 3,200 people so far, forcing 380 of them to evacuate their homes, he said.

At least 45 houses collapsed in the storms, he added. Most of the victims were killed when the strong winds brought down walls and other structures. Falling debris also claimed several lives.

I know this sounds terrible, but hailstones the size of eggs can only be described as moderately lethal, compared to the tennis and cricket ball sized hail and the bricks made up of large hail that has fused together and fallen out of the skies in recent years...

Hailstorms and Strong Winds Hit Southern China
Youtube/NTDTV, 18th April 2011

Tornadoes, storms across South kill at least 10
Reuters News, 16th April 2011
(Reuters) - Violent storms ripped across the southern U.S. overnight and Friday, killing at least 10 people including three children, and cutting a path of destruction through Little Rock, Ark. and Jackson, Miss., authorities said. Six of the seven fatalities in Arkansas were caused when uprooted trees smashed into houses, National Weather Service meteorologist John Robinson said. The trees were falling through houses, Robinson said, adding that he could not recall a time in recent memory when so many fatalities occurred because of fallen trees in Arkansas.

I captured the image of the GOES satellite images that NOAA calls 'water vapour', because it looked like the eye of a hurricane... click image icon for the large image. Below is the original link.

GOES Composite - Central U.S. Imagery - Water Vapor Loop
NOAA Satellite Information Service, 16th April 2011

Moon Tilt ??? - Verschiebung der Erdachse ???
YouTube, 15th April 2011
I made this video in Germany - Augsburg / Bavaria on April 14/15th 2011.

The moon is not the same it used to be earlier, it looks like the axis of the earth tilted, maybe thats why the appearance of the moon changed... Please use the full screen mode...

Der Mond sieht nicht mehr so aus wie früher, es sieht so aus als ob sich die Erdachse verschoben hätte und der Mond sich nun in einer Schieflage befindet... Bitte im Full Sceen mode anschauen...

I am seeing more and more reports of people querying what is going on with the moon and whether the Earth has tilted. This is a very nice presentation with English and German subtitles. The research paper (see below for abstract) can be downloaded here (.pdf) here.

On the anomalous increase of the eccentricity of the lunar orbit: Search for possible explanations (.pdf).
L. IORIO (M.I.U.R.), March 2011
This is a very nice presenation. At least we can be now reassured that scientists have noticed because there are references to other people's work.

On the anomalous secular increase of the eccentricity of the orbit of the Moon
By: Lorenzo Lorio, through Cornell University, Submitted on 1 Feb 2011 (v1), last revised 27 Mar 2011 (this version, v5)
Abstract: A recent analysis of a Lunar Laser Ranging (LLR) data record spanning 38.7 yr revealed an anomalous increase of the eccentricity of the lunar orbit amounting to de/dt_meas = (9 +/- 3) 10^-12 yr^-1. The present-day models of the dissipative phenomena occurring in the interiors of both the Earth and the Moon are not able to explain it. [...] A potentially viable Newtonian candidate would be a trans-Plutonian massive object (Planet X/Nemesis/Tyche) since it, actually, would affect e with a non-vanishing long-term variation. On the other hand, the values for the physical and orbital parameters of such a hypothetical body required to obtain the right order of magnitude for de/dt are completely unrealistic. Moreover, they are in neat disagreement with both the most recent theoretical scenarios envisaging the existence of a distant, planetary-sized body and with the model-independent constraints on them dynamically inferred from planetary motions. Thus, the issue of finding a satisfactorily explanation for the anomalous behavior of the Moon's eccentricity remains open.

19th April Update

Comment: For the first time ever, last night I saw the moon as bright and gleaming white become a ruddy brown colour, then become obscure with thick clouds and then return to being bright and gleaming white all in a matter of an hour or so. We are not at the stage of the moon turning blood red. but it seems that the presence of cosmic dust is becoming more and more obvious. This is the same cosmic dust that is causing all the strange atmospheric affects but it is also causing the slowing of the Earth's rotation. At this stage, I don't think it's responsible for the change in the Earth's tilt but NASA et al. are claiming this is being done by the massive 8.8+ earthquakes and even a theory that fluctuations at the core subtly shift the planet's rotation over a six-year cycle. Anyway, I am perplexed by the constant reports of people being unnerved by sun haloes because they are a well known atmospheric phenomenon, but I have to conclude that they are occuring in places where people have never seen them before. Anyway, it is now undisputable that Earth is now experiencing dramatic evolutionary changes associated with the arrival of a massive cloud of dense dusty plasma, as I have outlined in my new webpage: Interstellar 'Etheric' Cloud Index.

Temperature swings 100 degrees in one week in Okla. town
Yahoo News, 18th February 2011
Residents in the Northern Oklahoma town of Nowata experienced a nearly 110-degree shift in the weather this week after a cold front brought temperatures down to a record-setting -31 degrees. Today, it's a balmy 72 degrees in Nowata. Yesterday, it reached 79 degrees. "Isn't it crazy? I love it," Nowata resident Julie Koupe told local channel News on 6.

On Feb. 10, it was slightly colder in the region than it was on the South Pole, notes Tulsa World writer Cary Aspinall. More than 3,000 Nowata homes lost power and residents spent the next few days digging their cars and homes out of the snow. There was so much snow in Tulsa last week that city officials began debating provisional plans to truck it out of town.

I have not focused on the extreme amounts of snow in parts of the United States but this report of wild swings in temperature just could not be ignored (accept I forgot to add this to the blog). Here is an important quote:
"A point to remember is that the ionosphere is an active electrical shield protecting the planet from the constant bombardment of high-energy particles from space. This conducting plasma, along with Earth's magnetic field, traps the electrical plasma of space and holds it back from going directly to the earth's surface, says Charles Yost of Dynamic Systems, Leicester, North Carolina. HAARP zaps the ionosphere where it is relatively unstable.

"If the ionosphere is greatly disturbed, the atmosphere below is subsequently disturbed."97

It is reasonable to expect Earth's relatively thin atmosphere of insulating gas (water vapor) to be mechanically pushed and pulled by the surrounding electrical forces, Yost says. Electrical currents in the ionosphere are said to be 100 times larger than those produced lower down at any moment by all the world's thunderstorms. Yost concludes that electrical forces should be included along with thermodynamics, gravity waves and effects of Earth's rotation, as causes of weather variations."

97 Charles A. Yost, "Electrical Forces Applied to Basic Weather Phenomena", paper presented at 1992 International Aerospace and Ground Conference on Lightning and Static Electricity. Atlantic City, 1992. Referenced from the book Angels Don't Play This Haarp: Advances in Tesla Technology, Nick Begich & Jeane Manning (Authors) (1995, 2004), which can purchased at or found online at, link
Well, it's a fact that Earth's ionosphere is now being greatly disturbed by Space Weather, to the point where GPS is becoming unusable due to being too inaccurate. Here is some pictures with the following report.

Nowata Experiences 100 Degree Temperature Swing In One Week, 17th February 2011

Historic Tornado Outbreak: 3 Days, 241 Tornadoes, 14, 17th April 2011
From Thursday, April 14, 2011 to Saturday, April, 16, 2011, devastating tornadoes rampaged across communities of the southern United States. Cities and towns from Oklahoma to North Carolina were assaulted by the deadly twisters.

The tornado outbreak led to a total of 241 tornado reports in 14 states over the three-day period. This will likely rank this tornado outbreak among the largest in history.

Tragically, the death toll has risen to 39 people so far with dozens of others injured. The number of fatalities could rise as investigations continue. This tornado outbreak already ranks as the most deadly outbreak since the 2008 Super Tuesday tornado outbreak.

I am certain this is related to the recent solar blasts and poor geomagnetic conditions. The no. of earthquakes per day and new volcanic eruptions suggest the electromagnetic environment has moved into the ultra extreme.

45 Dead as Tornadoes Pound South, Midwest (video)
Furious Storm Reportedly Spawned Over 100 Tornadoes abc News, 17th April 2011

NWA Confirms 2 Tornadoes in Near Poteau (Video)
NWA Homepage, 15th April 2011
"The National Weather Service has confirmed two tornadoes touched down in south of Poteau, Oklahoma on Thursday, including one very rare type. One tornado was cyclonic and the other was anticyclonic, both with a EF1 rating. According to Chief Meteorologist Dan Skoff, the anticyclonic tornado is a very rare type, "Only 1 out of every 1000 tornadoes is anticyclonic, meaning it rotates clockwise where most rotate counter-clockwise." The National Weather Service is investigating 19 reports of tornadoes across Northwest Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma."

Scientists warn of years of aftershocks in Japan, and risks on other faults
The Seattle Times, 12th April 2011
Japan won't stop shaking. One month after the horrific March 11 earthquake and tsunami, the island was rattled anew by aftershocks: A magnitude-6.6 [?] quake on Monday was followed by a 6.3[?] quake on Tuesday. [...]

Now scientists are warning that the March 11 event not only will lead to years of aftershocks but also might have increased the risk of a major quake on an adjacent fault. A new calculation by American and Japanese scientists concluded that the March 11 event heightened the strain on a number of faults bracketing the ruptured segment of the Japan Trench.

"There's quite a bit of real estate on which stress has increased by our calculations," said Ross Stein, a U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) geophysicist. "The possibility of getting large, late aftershocks to the north and south of the main shock is real."

The USGS are downplaying the size of these earthquakes, but the Japanese know how to measure earthquakes since they happen all the time. See online data here.

Japan: Liquefaction damage widespread
Daily Yomiuri Online, 10th April 2011
Soil liquefaction on reclaimed land around Tokyo Bay because of the March 11 earthquake caused damage in at least 11 Tokyo wards and cities in Chiba and Kanagawa prefectures, according to tallies by local authorities.

About 1,100 homes and other buildings in these areas were destroyed or damaged, and many public facilities such as roads and parks have been rendered useless due to soil liquefaction, according to damage assessment reports obtained by The Yomiuri Shimbun. [...]

...Japan had dealt with significant liquefaction after the Kobe earthquake of 1995, but “nothing of this vast size.” As much as 85 percent of the town — an area of almost 1,000 acres — had been submerged in mud, Matsuzaki said. He estimated it would take several years and cost $890?million to repair the infrastructure and reinforce it — an amount far exceeding the town’s $743?million annual operating budget.

Susumu Yasuda, a civil engineer from Tokyo Denki University, said that Urayasu is highly susceptible to liquefaction because the town, built after World War II, sits on reclaimed land made from a mix of volcanic ash, garbage and sand dredged from Tokyo Bay.

The liquefaction-hit areas are about 400 kilometers from the focal zone of the Great East Japan Earthquake. Yet the length and force of the magnitude-9.0 temblor was so strong it set off soil liquefaction on the largest scale ever recorded in this country, experts said.

It seems that one month later, the problem of liquefaction in large regions of Japan has not gone away and I think this is ominous, especially in the areas built on reclaimed land. There is a selection of YouTube videos below, but the Sand Liquefaction Video is really quite impressive ansd helps us understand why there is possibility that Japan may actually sink or become a series of islands.

Near Tokyo Disneyland, liquefaction turns town into a grim funhouse (Photos)
Washington Post, 6th April 2011
"URAYASU, JAPAN — Nearly four weeks after Japan’s great earthquake, most of the 100,000 residents of this low-lying seaside town still have no plumbing. They relieve themselves in plastic bags — mixing in chemicals to harden the waste and hide the smell — and throw the bags into the garbage. Fortunately, trash collection, unlike sewage, water and gas services, has not been disrupted."

Japan warns of massive earthquake and volcanic explosion after the April 7 earthquake
Japan's Meteorological Agency on Friday warned the country's 20 volcanoes has become alive due to the massive March 11 earthquake, and a study said earthquake over 9.0-magnitude might hit Japan.
International Business Times, 9th April 2011
The Agency said volcanic explosion occurred after earthquake several times in history and people should maintain vigilance against this tendency.
The number of earthquake above 6.0 M reached 77 on March. And 74 out of them occurred in quake-hit region, were aftershock. The number is 50 times over the same period last year. The largest aftershock on April 7 hit Japan has killed 4 people, injured at least 166, and caused a power outage over 2.61 million households, according to Japan's police officials. The Meteorological Agency warned aftershocks above 6.0 M like the April 7 earthquake probably would hit Japan again.

Geoscientists are now warning of another massive earthquake, whilst fairly large earthquakes 7.0+ are now hitting and may even be precursors... thus causing more drama at various nuclear reactors.
  • M 7.0 quake hits northeastern Japan
    NHK World, 11th April 2011
    "A strong earthquake struck north-eastern Japan at 5:16 PM, local time, on Monday. The Meteorological Agency at one time issued tsunami warnings for the coastal areas of Ibaraki Prefecture.

    The agency said the earthquake's magnitude was 7.0, and that its focus was in Fukushima Prefecture at a depth of 10 kilometers.

    Intensities of 6 minus on the Japanese scale of 0 to 7 were registered in some areas of Fukushima and Ibaraki prefectures, including Furudono Town, Nakajima Village and Hokota City. An intensity of 5 plus was registered in many areas in the southern Tohoku and northern Kanto regions.

    The Meteorological Agency lifted the tsunami warnings about fifty minutes later. A tsunami advisory for the coastal areas of neighboring prefectures was also lifted."

  • Japan expands nuclear evacuation zone as new quake hits
    GMA News, 11th April 2011

  • Japan Quake Map
    Japan Quake Map, April 2011
    We are approaching 1000 Earthquakes since 3/11/2011... at the last count, there have been 19 earthquakes for the 11th April, but there are a few more hours of the day to go in Japan...

  • Earthquake Warning Report - Japan
    Quake Twiple, 11th April 2011
    This is website listing all Japanese earthquakes.

Moon Tilt ??? - Verschiebung der Erdachse ???
YouTube, 15th April 2011
I made this video in Germany - Augsburg / Bavaria on April 14/15th 2011.

The moon is not the same it used to be earlier, it looks like the axis of the earth tilted, maybe thats why the appearance of the moon changed... Please use the full screen mode...

Der Mond sieht nicht mehr so aus wie früher, es sieht so aus als ob sich die Erdachse verschoben hätte und der Mond sich nun in einer Schieflage befindet... Bitte im Full Sceen mode anschauen...

I am seeing more and more reports of people querying what is going on with the moon and whether the Earth has tilted. This is a very nice presentation with English and German subtitles.

On the anomalous increase of the eccentricity of the lunar orbit: Search for possible explanations (.pdf)
L. IORIO (M.I.U.R.), March 2011
This is a very nice presenation. At least we can be now reassured that scientists have noticed because there are a lot of references to other people's work.

A page from the Apocalypse: plagues of flies, worms, bees
Extinction Protocol, 14th April 2011
INDONESIA - Parts of Indonesia are under siege by swarms of hairy caterpillars, which are getting into homes and causing skin rashes, according to local news reports. “The caterpillars are very disturbing. They crawl into the house and make our skin itch for days. They have long hairs,” a Jakarta resident identified as Nurhayati told the Jakarta Globe.

United Kingdom- Hatfield- Mrs Minn called in an expert beekeeper, who said he had no idea why the bees, which have an essential role to play in pollinating crops and plants, had been attracted to her car in particular. –

WH Times India - Berhampur (Orissa) (PTI) A man died and four others suffered wounds after they were stung by a swarm of wild bees at Aska, about 40 km from here today, police said.

New Zealand – A thick swarm of small, hairy, fatty critters are invading homes all over South Canterbury in plague proportions. Cluster fly season has returned with a vengeance, leaving weary homeowners vacuuming daily and battling with sprays to keep the thousands of mites from taking over their home.

These swarms are now coming thick and fast, so I have been waiting for summary reports to save myself some work...

Cold weather destroying ozone in the Arctic
Ice Age Now, 13th April 2011
13 April 2011 - "The ozone layer has seen unprecedented damage in the Arctic this winter due to cold weather in the upper atmosphere," said this article last week by BBC environmental correspondent Richard Black.

"By the end of March, 40% of the ozone in the stratosphere had been destroyed, against a previous record of 30%," says Black. Severe ozone depletion has been seen over Scandinavia, Greenland, and parts of Canada and Russia.

Even though I admire the work of Robert Felix and I think his books are considered essential reading, (I can vouch for the book Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps), I am not satisfied that coldness is a scientifically aceptable explanation and this article does not offer a better suggestion for what is really going on. For decades, scientists have been pointing out that the climate on Earth is directed by the stars and the the cosmic environment is now rapidly changing. Here are a few opinions but others could be cited, who are watching the influx of interstellar matter into our solar system.
A 1992 paper (Bui et al, “Short-period variation of cosmic-ray intensity and ozone density observed in the stratosphere” []) states: “The energy deposition by slowing-down of energetic ionizing particles in the atmosphere enhances the production of constituent concentration which perturbs and eventually destroys the ozone (OZ) layer. Near the Brazilian anomaly region the cosmic-ray (CR) intensity varies greatly due to the magnetic activity in that region. In order to study these variations, stratospheric balloons were launched to measure, simultaneously, the CR and OZ fluxes in the atmosphere. The Fourier-analysed data collected during the flight on April 22, 1989 show evidences of a short-period variation for both fluxes measured.”

In 2009, University of Waterloo Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Qing-Bin Lu said [] “it was generally accepted for more than two decades that the Earth's ozone layer is depleted by chlorine atoms produced by the sun's ultraviolet light-induced destruction of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in the atmosphere. But mounting evidence supports a new theory that says cosmic rays, rather than the sun's UV light, play the dominant role in breaking down ozone-depleting molecules and then ozone. … Cosmic rays are concentrated over the North and South Poles due to Earth's magnetic field, and have the highest electron-production rate at the height of 15 to 18 km above the ground -- where the ozone layer has been most depleted.”

Ozone, Global Warming Science, last update: 2011/02/15
Then we have an influx of interstellar matter that is now accelerating and scientists have been predicting for decades that interstellar hydrogen will help to destroy the ozone layer... Please refer to previous comments on this subject. So, according to various metaphysical sources, there is nothing that can be done, humanity must look forward to a violet sky...

Giant ocean whirlpools puzzle scientists
Pravda, 12th April 2011
US scientists discovered two giant whirlpools in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Guyana and Suriname. It became a sensational discovery because this part of the ocean has been studied thoroughly, and no one expected anything like that to appear in the area. More importantly, no one can understand where the whirlpools came from and what surprises they may bring to people.

According to Brazilian scientist Guilherme Castellane, the two funnels are approximately 400 kilometers in diameter. Until now, these were not known on Earth. The funnels reportedly exert a strong influence on climate changes that have been registered during the recent years.

"Funnels rotate clockwise. They are moving in the ocean like giant frisbees, two discs thrown into the air. Rotation occurs at a rate of one meter per second, the speed is sufficiently large compared to the speed of oceanic currents, on the border hoppers is a wave-step height of 40 cm," Castellane said.

Why do those whirlpools exist for such a long time? This is partially the effect of Earth's magnetic field. In addition, marine water contains many charged ions, Na and Cl for example. To crown it all, water molecules are dipoles that are charged both positively and negatively.

Any dipole starts spinning when moving in the magnetic field. An oceanic ring gathers millions of billions of molecules together. That is why the giant circle movement triggered by the vertical movement of water may last for months and years mechanically. Ions also give more power to the craters. Natrium and Chlorum are charged as well, and their movement in the magnetic field of the Earth also leads to the appearance of the circle movement.

The reason for the whirlpools is probably the same as the real reason for tornadoes, fire tornados, hurricanes and the permanent 'atmospheric storm' that we call the Red Spot on Mars and all the other permanent/temporary 'spots' on the other planets in our solar system. It's interesting that this article refers to the water molecules and charged ions being influenced by Earth's magnetic field. Alternative theories suggest that these enigmatic features could be the result of electromagnetic energy being applied from an internal or external source, ie energy coming into the planet or energy from Earth's core. The mystery is why two have suddenly appeared because it's not a new phenomena, as we are informed. Since the Earth's main dipole magnetic field is breaking down and local poles are appearing, I wonder whether there is some kind of connection. It's even possible to consider new 'resonance' points as Earth is being vibrated stronger at new higher frequencies. Also, it's interesting that the whole world saw a whirlpool develop after the earthquake and tsunami off the coast of Japan, but no 'expert' has stepped forward to offer an explanation for how it was related.

Huge Ocean 'Frisbees' Spin Off Brazil's Coast
Science Daily, 21st March 2011
"These current rings have been known to exist for decades, but knowledge of their basic properties such as size, speed, depth, and rotation velocity has been limited. Drawing on current profiles from both shipboard and stationary instruments, University of Miami researchers Guilherme Castelão and Bill Johns describe the basic properties of ten rings sampled between 1998 and 2000. The authors find that the rings are best described as solid, clockwise-rotating parcels of water enclosed within a band of lower-speed water that tends to protect them from the surrounding environment."

Associated Journal of Geophysical Research paper Sea surface structure of North Brazil Current rings derived from shipboard and moored acoustic Doppler current profiler observations

Japan warns of massive earthquake and volcanic explosion after the April 7 earthquake
Japan's Meteorological Agency on Friday warned the country's 20 volcanoes has become alive due to the massive March 11 earthquake, and a study said earthquake over 9.0-magnitude might hit Japan.
International Business Times, 9th April 2011
The Agency said volcanic explosion occurred after earthquake several times in history and people should maintain vigilance against this tendency.
The number of earthquake above 6.0 M reached 77 on March. And 74 out of them occurred in quake-hit region, were aftershock. The number is 50 times over the same period last year. The largest aftershock on April 7 hit Japan has killed 4 people, injured at least 166, and caused a power outage over 2.61 million households, according to Japan's police officials. The Meteorological Agency warned aftershocks above 6.0 M like the April 7 earthquake probably would hit Japan again.

Geoscientists are now warning of another massive earthquake, whilst fairly large earthquakes 7.0+ are now hitting and may even be precursors... thus causing more drama at various nuclear reactors.
  • M 7.0 quake hits northeastern Japan
    NHK World, 11th April 2011
    "A strong earthquake struck north-eastern Japan at 5:16 PM, local time, on Monday. The Meteorological Agency at one time issued tsunami warnings for the coastal areas of Ibaraki Prefecture.

    The agency said the earthquake's magnitude was 7.0, and that its focus was in Fukushima Prefecture at a depth of 10 kilometers.

    Intensities of 6 minus on the Japanese scale of 0 to 7 were registered in some areas of Fukushima and Ibaraki prefectures, including Furudono Town, Nakajima Village and Hokota City. An intensity of 5 plus was registered in many areas in the southern Tohoku and northern Kanto regions.

    The Meteorological Agency lifted the tsunami warnings about fifty minutes later. A tsunami advisory for the coastal areas of neighboring prefectures was also lifted."

  • Japan expands nuclear evacuation zone as new quake hits
    GMA News, 11th April 2011

  • Japan Quake Map
    Japan Quake Map, April 2011
    We are approaching 1000 Earthquakes since 3/11/2011... at the last count, there have been 19 earthquakes for the 11th April, but there are a few more hours of the day to go in Japan...

  • Earthquake Warning Report - Japan
    Quake Twiple, 11th April 2011
    This is website listing all Japanese earthquakes.

Freak dust storm in Germany creates 40 car pile-up and leaves 10 dead
Extinction Protocol, 8th April 2011
BERLIN - More than 40 vehicles collided in a pileup on Highway 19 in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Ten people were killed and nearly a hundred were injured. The cause of the accident was apparently a cloud of sand stirred up by a storm. Dust storms are practically unheard of in Germany; especially something of this magnitude. The senior officer at the scene of the emergency services originally counted at least four dead. A police spokeswoman revised the number upward dramatically as the evening progressed as the severity of the accident became more apparent: Ten people were killed in the accident and 97 were injured.

Well, there is a lot of weird things taking place, but a sand storm in Germany is quite incredible... where did this sand come from? Update I have received the following explanation from a regular website visitor in Germany. He writes: "The sand storm in Germany on the A19 motorway was caused by heavy winds that stirred up the dried out and freshly ploughed up earth of the fields close by. I was on a motorway a couple hundred miles south of that and there the heavy winds blew sands over from the neighbor fields too. All of this has to do with the right combo of unlucky circumstances rather than with an unusual, extraordinary event. So in one way it was just that, but in the other way it wasn't." Thanks, Sebastian. So the "heavy winds" are still a mystery, but Earth becoming windier has been recognised by scientists, see below:

German sandstorm claims lives (Video)
Euronews, 8th April 2011

Part of the earthquake caused the sinking of the Japanese archipelago
YTWHW, 7th April 2011
About 443 square kilometers of territory in the earthquake and tsunami submerged in the water, equivalent to half of Tokyo, Japan could become "narrower"

Factory Pier sunk in the sea

"Japan may become more narrow, the ground was flooded down, the map may have changed." Day, "Asahi Shimbun" in this title, reports the earthquake triggered by the "territorial loss." Reported that, in the hard-hit Miyagi County, Sichuan Tianjin port, after the bustling factories, docks have completely disappeared, only one sea. The local government said the earthquake and tsunami, ground Sichuan and Hong Kong Chi-chun, general subsidence, sinking up to 75 cm.

According to the Japanese Geographical Survey Institute, the magnitude 9 earthquake and tsunami, resulting in northeastern Japan from north to south, about 443 square kilometers of land swallowed by the sea, with a total area of ??more than Tokyo, Qi Cheng. Although some areas may take drainage approach "to return to the land", but whether all the "sunk in" restitution, is still unknown. "Is to make these places has since become a sea, or land reclamation again, or re-cultivated, I am afraid we have to wait several years before coming to a conclusion." A person in charge of the Geographical Survey Institute said.

More confirmation that Japan is sinking...

Earth Getting Mysteriously Windier
Unexplained trend maybe due to warming, natural cycles, expert says.
National Geographic News, 28th March 2011
The world has gotten stormier over the past two decades—and the reason is a mystery, a new study says. In the past 20 years, winds have picked up around 5 percent on average.

Extremely strong winds caused by storms have increased even faster, jumping 10 percent over 20 years, according to the new analysis of global satellite data.

The study, the first to look at wind speeds across such a large swath of the planet, bolsters some earlier findings, according to study leader Ian Young, of the Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. "Some regional studies had found similar results, so we suspected there may be an increasing trend," Young said.

Governments must prepare for more mega-disasters - UK, 28th March 2011
A BRITISH government report says major disasters like the Japanese earthquake and tsunami or Pakistan's floods are likely to become more frequent and global governments must prepare for an uncertain future.

The author Paddy Ashdown, a House of Lords member and ex-United Nations high representative to Bosnia and Herzegovina, said rich nations must help poorer countries to build up their defences against disasters. The report was issued today by the international development ministry.

Ashdown said a lack of prior support for Haiti and Pakistan had worsened the impact of recent events there. He said scientists believe that recent natural disasters were not an aberration, but "the beginnings of a new kind of future in which mega-disasters are going to be more frequent."

We are witnessing evolutionary change being driven by cosmic energies but world governments have been keen to blame it on global warming, then climate change, then global climate disruption etc despite the insignificant rise in global temperatures that have already peaked. So how do they know there are going to be more disasters in the future? Unless world authorities are using a crystal ball then we must conclude that they have statistics that prove our planet is already on an upward trend of geophysical upheaval creating more humanitarian disasters, despite all the previous denials. Next, this implies we have to face up to the reality that this is being caused by our planet being influenced by cosmic forces providing a new influx of energy and that means the vast majority of our scientific knowledge has to be re-examined in the light of the fact that Earth is not a closed energetic system.

Humanitarian Emergency Response Review
Department for International Development, 28th March 2011
"In July 2010 Lord Ashdown began leading a taskforce of experts to review how the UK government should respond to humanitarian disasters and emergencies. Lord Ashdown presented the results of this independent review - known as the Humanitarian Emergency Response Review (HERR) - to Andrew Mitchell, who commissioned the report, at a launch event on 28 March 2011.
The report (.pdf) can be downloaded here.

James Cortbett, Episode 179 – What Caused the 3/11 Earthquake?
Corbett Report, 27th March 2011
Japan is just tallying up the damage from the devastating earthquake that struck off the northeast coast on March 11th, but it is clear that this was one of the most powerful earthquakes in modern Japanese history. Now, some are asking whether this was a natural earthquake or if it was precipitated by human activities. Join us this week as we go in search of a man-made fingerprint on the 3/11 earthquake.

Thank goodness! I have actually found someone who can see through the half truths and innuendo and has realised that most people have fallen for the inplausible belief that HAARP is responsible for all major atmospheric and geophysical events in the world. This has got so ridiculous that it has degenerated into a childish belief that can be compared to HAARP being the high tech 'Bogey man'. I now believe it would be necessary to take people through at least a 1 day teaching module that I would call "Deconstructing the Modern Myths of HAARP" to outline the scientific detail and the implications. Here is what James Corbett, an independent journalist based in Japan, actually has to say about the popular myth of the capabilities of HAARP:
"Because it seems to me that HAARP is now becoming one of these catch-all terms for people who have no clue what it is or how it functions or any of the technical details but they invoke it almost like they would invoke the name of a god... in order to explain whats happening in the world. And to my mind, it's almost exactly identical to simply stating the devil caused the earthquake because people are simply stating it without having proof of that and they are asserting it with such vehemence that it really makes me question if people are truly applying their analytical abilities here, or if they are simply going off something they heard someone say once and believed it to be true."

James Cortbett, Episode 179 – What Caused the 3/11 Earthquake? 27th March 2011. mp3 link here
Corbett has no kind words for the incredible and wretched interview Japan earthquake and nuclear “accident” are tectonic nuclear warfare by Leuren Moret. Corbett writes:
"Utterly fact-free string of unsourced innuendo that never bothers to explain anything whatsoever about what HAARP is, how it operates, how it can cause earthquakes, how its signature can be detected in any given earthquake, or how we know it was employed in this particular earthquake. Enjoy."
There are additional links for fact checking.


Here are more HAARP skeptical views and some facts:
"This is just silly. Movement of tectonic plates causes earthquakes. No amount of messing with the ionosphere, via HAARP or anything else, is going to cause an earthquake. This is conspiracy for the scientifically illiterate.

"Watts" are not a unit of energy, they are a unit of power (energy per time). So how does a billion watts compare to the power output of natural storms? According to Wikipedia, a typical thunderstorm expends 10^15 joules. Figuring that a thunderstorm usually lasts less than 10^4 seconds, that's a power expenditure of 10^11 watts (100 billion watts). So HAARP is 1% of a thunderstorm. Whoop de doo. No doubt it can interfere with certain types of communications, and maybe disrupt the operation of an incoming missile. But you'd probably find it easier to cause an earthquake by getting 10,000 people to jump at the same time than by using HAARP."
Source: link
Hmmm.... check out positive lightning which represents about 5% of lightning bolts and is far more powerful, then compare the amount of power that people claim that HAARP can generate.
"The averagepeak power output of a single lightning stroke is about one trillion watts— one "terawatt" (1012 W), and the stroke lasts for about 30 millionths of a second— 30 "microseconds".[15]
Source: Lightning
There are 50-100 lightning strikes per second anywhere in the world in the 2,000 concurrent thunderstorms taking place all over the planet. Now positive lightning is far more deadly than than normal lightning and a good comparison is that an average flash of negative lightning could power a 100-watt light bulb for two to three months, whereas a bolt of positive lightning could power that same bulb for up to 100 years, but still, geoscientists are not foolhardy enough to claim that any bolts of lightning can cause an earthquake that would change the Earth's axis.

Here is some analysis at, skeptical of those who make all sorts of outrageous claims about the abilities of HAARP. I think this is just a short primer and there is a lot more that could be said. Analysis: HAARP

Developing ozone hole approaches Europe
EurAtiv News, 25th March 2011
An exceptionally large area of depleted ozone has formed over the North Pole, and scientists warn that it could settle over Scandinavia and Eastern Europe on 30-31 March. The fast-thinning Arctic ozone layer was first detected by an international network of over 30 ozone sounding stations spread across the Arctic and sub-Arctic, and coordinated by the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research. The institute's latest predictions, based on data collated from the European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts, are that it will affect parts of Scandinavia and Eastern Europe on 30 March and 31 March.

I will just repeat what has been explained on this website already.
"University of Waterloo scientist says that cosmic rays are a key cause for expanding the hole in the ozone layer over the South Pole — and predicts the largest ozone hole will occur in one or two weeks.

Qing-Bin Lu, a professor of physics and astronomy who studies ozone depletion, said that it was generally accepted for more than two decades that the Earth's ozone layer is depleted by chlorine atoms produced by sunlight-induced destruction of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in the atmosphere. But more and more evidence now points to a new theory that the cosmic rays (energy particles that originate in space) play a major role." "Satellite data in the period of 1980-2007, covering two full 11-year solar cycles, demonstrate the significant correlation between cosmic rays and ozone depletion."
New theory predicts the largest ozone hole over Antarctica will occur this month - cosmic rays at fault, 25th October 2008

Previous Comment:Here we have another example of a cosmic caused phenomenon that has been wrongly attributed to human (anthropogenic) causes. It seems that in this report, scientists are attempting to set the record straight by linking the ozone hole to cosmic rays, whilst others also cite the decline of the Earth's magnetic field. The destruction of the ozone layer is held in check by the horizontal component of the Earth's magnetic field which is strongest at the equator and this explains why the ozone hole is over the polar regions (70% Antarctica, 30% Artic). Theory would dictate that the mid-latitude northern hemisphere, the location of the most industrialised and polluted parts of the world, where ozone destroying man-made chemicals, chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) compounds and ozone depleting substances (ODS) are to be found, should be the location of the ozone hole, NOT Antartica which is one of the most pristine places left on the planet. Thus, we can see why the Montreal Protocol an agreement by some countries to ban/reduce CFCs and ODS and ratified in 1989, has made absolutely no difference to the behaviour of the ozone layer and we can only anticipate that as Earth continues to lose it's protection against galactic cosmic rays, the ozone hole will continue to seasonally expand.

The Earth’s biosphere is booming, data suggests that CO2 is the cause, part 2
Watts Up with That, 24th March 2011
I first ran a story with this title in 2008, with these graphics from SEAWIFS, showing a growing biosphere. Now a new study using a different methodology, Leaf Area Index (LAI), have determined that indeed, the LAI is on the increase. Those global warming proponents, who consider themselves “green” get very upset when it is pointed out that CO2 is “plant food”, yet here we have even more evidence that Gaia’s greenery likes it. [...]

OK. The earth warmed over the past 30 years. We agree (although that has largely slowed down or even stopped in the past 10 years). Atmospheric CO2 has increased. We agree. The rise in CO2 caused the warming—not according to Lo and Hsu. The warming caused vegetation in the Northern Hemisphere to thrive—Liu et al. think so.

You get the message—warming and elevated CO2 are not combining to destroy the planet’s vegetation. Quite to the contrary, they may be a blessing!

An improvement in the world's vegetation is exactly as one metaphysical source predicted would be the result of the transition taking place and this was going to go on for thousands of years. It would be interesting to check the metaphysical literature and see who else made this claim decades ago.

Surprise: Earths’ Biosphere is Booming, Satellite Data Suggests CO2 the Cause
Watts Up With That, 8th June 2008
Until the 1980s, ecologists had no way to systematically track growth in plant matter in every corner of the Earth — the best they could do was analyze small plots of one-tenth of a hectare or less. The notion of continuously tracking global production to discover the true state of the globe’s biota was not even considered.

Then, in the 1980s, ecologists realized that satellites could track production, and enlisted NASA to collect the data. For the first time, ecologists did not need to rely on rough estimates or anecdotal evidence of the health of the ecology: They could objectively measure the land’s output and soon did — on a daily basis and down to the last kilometer.

The results surprised Steven Running of the University of Montana and Ramakrishna Nemani of NASA, scientists involved in analyzing the NASA satellite data. They found that over a period of almost two decades, the Earth as a whole became more bountiful by a whopping 6.2%. About 25% of the Earth’s vegetated landmass — almost 110 million square kilometres — enjoyed significant increases and only 7% showed significant declines. When the satellite data zooms in, it finds that each square metre of land, on average, now produces almost 500 grams of greenery per year.
From the 2004 abstract: Our results indicate that global changes in climate have eased several critical climatic constraints to plant growth, such that net primary production increased 6% (3.4 petagrams of carbon over 18 years) globally. The largest increase was in tropical ecosystems. Amazon rain forests accounted for 42% of the global increase in net primary production, owing mainly to decreased cloud cover and the resulting increase in solar radiation.
Lush as the planet may now be, it is as nothing compared to earlier times, when levels of CO2 and Earth temperatures were far higher. In the age of the dinosaur, for example, CO2 levels may have been five to 10 times higher than today, spurring a luxuriantly fertile planet whose plant life sated the immense animals of that era.

What's that humming sound?
Radio Netherlands Worldwide, 23rd March 2011
People in the northern province of Groningen have been complaining since 2009 of a droning, humming sound keeping them awake at night. The Dutch Institute for Public Health and the Environment is investigating the source of the mysterious sound.

Many reports came from people in the village of Grijpskerk, which is also the location of natural gas pumping stations owned by Gasunie, the national gas drilling company. An initial investigation revealed that the pumps were not in use at the time of the earliest complaints. Moreover, the reports are also coming in from other parts of the province.

Groningen is the gas hub of the Netherlands. It is sitting on an enormous gas field, producing 93 million cubic metres of gas per day. Compressors or gas conduits are suspected of being the source of the sound. A spokesperson for Groningen province estimated that about 2 percent of people are sensitive to the low frequency hum. The incessant sound is upsetting their lives, depriving them of sleep and undermining their health in the long run.

I have not been diligent recording all these instances over the last few years, but others have. Now, there are more and more reports and I am wondering if these represent the 'Golden' Hum that means we have reached a new era.

Why can't we predict the next big quake?
CNN News, 21st March 2011
(CNN) -- Why can't seismologists predict earthquakes? It's a question and a frustration that understandably springs to mind in the aftermath of a tragedy like the one that continues to unfold in Japan.

In the 1970s and 1980s (not exactly ancient times), leading scientists were quoted in the media expressing optimism that reliable, short-term prediction was just around the corner. Several decades later, the earthquake science community is older and wiser.

I am slowly starting to pick up information that suggests that our planet was hit by another gravitational wave from deep space, in the same way that some seismologists think this might have been the trigger for the December 2004 Sumatra, Indonesian 9.1 earthquake. Again, if you check what real scientists have to say, the 9.1 Sumatra earthquake should not have happened according to their models and theories, but we know it did and the planet was still ringing like a bell over six months later. Currently, the Japanese 9.0 earthquake is not providing the expected earthquake aftershock pattern and I am sure this is being carefully considered by world experts.

Size of Japan's quake surprises seismologists
The 8.9 magnitude earthquake is among the top 10 ever recorded and occurred on an irregular fault line where a smaller temblor would be expected.
LA Times, 11th March 2011
" Geologists had expected the portion of the Pacific "Ring of Fire" that produced this quake to yield a temblor on the order of magnitude 8 or perhaps 8.5, she said. "Something as big as an 8.9 is a bit of a surprise," she said.

A quake that big usually requires a long, relatively straight fault line that can rupture, such as those found in Peru and along the eastern coast of South America. Friday's quake occurred in the Japan Trench, where the Pacific tectonic plate slides under the Japan plate.

Scientists did not expect such a big quake in the area because the plate boundary is not straight, but is fairly irregular. According to Lucile Jones of the U.S. Geological Survey, a quake of that size would require rupturing a zone at least 300 miles long.

Scientist: Japan earthquake, nuke “accident” are tectonic nuclear warfare
Seattle Exopolitics Examiner, 21st March 2011
Independent scientist Leuren Moret, whose 2004 landmark article in the Japan Times [Japan's deadly game of nuclear roulette] unmasked lies and distortions by government and company officials that led to the construction of nuclear power plants in seismically dangerous areas, has declared in an exclusive 65-minute video interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre that the “Japan earthquake and “accidents” at the Fukushima’s 6 nuclear power plant units starting March 11, 2011 are in fact deliberate acts of tectonic nuclear warfare, carried out against the populations ecology of Japan and the nations of the Northern Hemisphere, including the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Well, I decided to watch a very recent interview of Leuren Moret, a geoscientist and nuclear radiation expert because in 2004, she wrote that a nuclear disaster in Japan was inevitable, it was just a matter of time and because there were no realistic disaster plans in place, Japan was playing "nuclear routlette". This article is based on the interview. Well, I nearly gave up in the first 5 minutes because Moret was being interviewed by Alfred Lambremont Webre of Exopolitics about her opinion that the massive 9.0 earthquke had been induced by HAARP and I am incredulous that people believe this is possible. Anyway, I am glad I persisted because this is now being listed in my top five horror interviews. It all started when I noted the permanent smirk on this woman's face and I thought it was because she was pleased about the attention she was receiving, but after a while it just got sinister. I was particularly interested in her reasoning that this MUST have been caused by HAARP so I was intrigued when she stated that due to the size of the earthquake, it could have only been caused by an external force that she attributes to HAARP. Unfortunately, there were no more scientific details provided and that would have been helpful to provide some proof of why this statement could be considered to be credible. Well, all the literature states that HAARP only acts like a trigger so where is the evidence that a massive stress had built up to cause this interplate earthquake? Since the earthquake was so powerful, it changed the earth's axis of rotation but we have scientists who refuse to believe that this can be caused by an earthquke but a gravitational wave from deep space could theoretically cause a powerful seismic effect and at least there is some physical evidence that can be cited like a gamma ray arriving within a suitable timeframe. This is the exact same scenario that scientists speculate caused the 2004 Sumatra, Indonesia 9.1 earthquake that set the Earth ringing for over 6 months. Experts are now baffled about the abnormal earthquake aftershock pattern of what the Japanese are calling the 2011 Tohoku earthquake, but if this was truly a unique seismic event, then it might explain the anomaly. I duly noted that she was just restating old ideas about HAARP but linking this to other disasters that I would classify as disinformation. A good example is the talk of hurricane Katrina being steered by a laser beam, but she carefully omitted the understanding that researchers claim hurricanes can be steered by satellites NOT HAARP. I did not know that the USGS had originally tried to downplay the size of this earthquake but she stated the USGS changed this a number of times and she cited a 7.1, 7.3. 7.9, but at this time, I can only find evidence that the first USGS estimate was 7.9. There was a lot of stuff that was just totally subjective and fearmongering but I was particularly disturbed when she was talking about the spent fuel rods and their long half lives. When she mentioned plutonium she was dribbling and salivating enough to make her wipe her mouth... just really creepy. Moret's whole demeanour was so totally creepy that I wondered if anyone else had noticed and sure enough I found the following in the YouTube comments:
this woman troubles me though. half truths? hissing from her mouth, blinking lights reflecting off? her glasses at 2:00- 4:00 mark. teeth morphing. hmmmmn...
bigmikey1979 3 days ago
Hmmm..... Yes, a true horror flick. I truly think a few blinded by their faith in HAARP but devoted to the teachings of Master Icke might find themselves in a quandary over this interview.

FAQ: How much energy is released in an earthquake?

Magnitudes and corresponding energy (Joules and tons of TNT)

MagnitudeEs (from Me)Es (from Ms or Mw)Tons of TNT Nuclear Bomb Equivalence (# of bombs)
80.22E+17 0.63E+1715022833.790.6
90.71E+180.20E+19 475063712. 25,003.3

Once the energy is known in Joules, it can be compared to the explosive energy of TNT. One ton of TNT has an energy of 4.2*10E09 Joules.
Source: FAQs - Measuring Earthquakes

The sheer huge amount of energy involved in a 9.0 earthquake, makes the whole idea that such massive earthquakes can be manmade seem highly implausible.

Weather Radar Detects UFO Radar Anomaly Bigger than Belgium
UFO Briefcase, 20th March 2011
Unusual formations have been appearing on government weather satellite imagery all over the world. Satellite Weather images over Europe have detected an enormous unidentified object that is larger than Belgium! The key witness has recorded their observation in order to understand exactly what was seen. The video was uploaded onto YouTube with the following statement:

“Can somebody tell my what the heck is going on ?”

This radar phenomena is getting more frequent.... presumably these are nodes across the planet that have been captured whilst responding to the energetic shifts on the planet. See the latest reports of mysterious humming from Florida below:

Bizarre Unexplained Phenomena in Florida: Ground Shaking, Loud Noise (Video)
DBKP, 20th March 2011
"Two very weird phenomena stories out of the Florida beginning on March 9 when residents in Flagler County located on the east coast of Florida reported a loud noise–’very strange sounds’ that lasted ‘up to 20 minutes’. [Video, which is pretty amazing, below] Nine days later, one day before the Super Moon, scared Floridians near Tallahassee, located over 200 hundred miles to the northwest of Flagler County, reported the ground and buildings shaking."

The science behind the lonely singing of the sand
io9 Science, 17th March 2011
Out in the desert, the sand sometimes hums or 'sings' as people walk along the top of dunes. Find out what causes this beautiful yet creepy sound, and listen to audio of the sand song.

Many people think that out in the desert, there's nothing to hear but the footsteps of camels, the panting of lost souls and the occasional 'caw' of a vulture. They'd be wrong. Sometimes, people walking along the top of a dune will hear a deep hum.


The 9.0 Japanese Earthquake off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake
Japan Outreach and Public Relations Office, 17th March 2011
At 14:46 (Japan Time) March 11th 2011, a massive scale earthquake of magnitude 9.0 (it was announced 8.8 but is corrected by Japan Meteorological Agency on 13th March) occurred on the pacific coast along from Sanriku to Ibaraki coast.

Due to this earthquake, there are some troubles in accessing to the observed data, but this website will be updated according to all information that Earthquake Research Institute can provide.

[Basic Information]
  • Location of hypocenter: 138.03N, 143.15E,10km depth
  • Magnitude: Mw 8.8
  • Type of earthquake: interplate earthquake
  • Related plates: the Pacific plate, the North American plate
  • Type of focal mechanism: low-angle reverse fault (almost East-West compressional axis)
  • The height of observed tsunami: above 7 m in Soma, above 4.2 in Oarai
Comment: There is a FAQ and lots of seimsic data and seismic simulations here provided for academics, but the tsunami simulation (prof. Takashi Furumura) is excellent. Additional info:

Magnitude TNT Equivalent Example
1.0 30 lb Construction site blast
2.0 1 ton Large quarry or mine blast
3.0 29 ton  
4.0 1 kiloton Small atomic bomb
5.0 32 kiloton Nagasaki atomic bomb
6.0 1 megaton Double Spring Flat, NV Quake, 1994
7.0 32 megaton Largest thermonuclear weapon
8.0 1 gigaton San Francisco, CA Quake, 1906
9.0 32 gigaton Indian Ocean Quake 2004

Source: Measuring the Size of an Earthquake, British Geological Survey

Info: 1 gigaton= 1000 megatons, 1 megaton= 1000 kilotons, 1 gigaton= 1,000,000 kilotons. The Japanese earthquake was equivalent to a million Nagasaki atomic bombs or a 1,000 large thermonuclear megaton bombs. To put that in perspective, solar scientists tell us a solar flare gives off as much magnetic energy as 10 billion megaton nuclear bombs. So, the Japanese earthquake had the approximate power of 1/10,000,000th of the power of a solar flare on the sun and as we know solar flares have their own ratings, so this is still only a ball park estimate.

Tibet’s Cave of Spirits is Singing
Wee Warrior Blog, 18th March 2011
[...] I checked around and found the page for the Russians who claim to have recorded the original and have the high definition version online for download: Just click on the link that says “earthcalling” and save it to your computer…virus free, I promise! Unfortunately, my subsequent investigations have turned up very little so far. The small amount I have uncovered has mainly been on forums and are 90% speculation. Here is the one statement that is being repeated most often:
There is a secret cave of spirits in Tibet.
This cave is not known to the public.
The Tibetan saints are sleeping in this cave.
The old men and monks are saying that Shiva is starting to sing his mantra calling for Gods to return to the Earth.
This mantra has three levels.
The last level means the coming of the new era.
Listen to this sound recorded by Russian enthusiasts who were allowed to visit the place near the cave where it was possible to record the sound. This sound has no artificial changes and is presented in raw format (only noises were reducted). As I listened to it, I was overwhelmed with thoughts about the “Music of the Spheres” as was taught in the Pythagorean mystery schools…

This is doing the rounds on the blogosphere but it has also got extra attention due to the strange humming earth sounds in Florida that has got people searching for clues. Well, I am enthralled to discover that Tibetan monks have preserved the knowledge that the increased energies on the planet would be reflected in the Earth humming that would reach a level that would represent the arrival of a new era. Due to recent geophysical discoveries, the New Scientist reported the following:
The second humming (of the Earth)

Listen closely, and you'll hear the Earth humming - in not just one note, but two. For 10 years or so we have known about Earth's quiet "vertical" hum which is probably caused by the steady thumping of deep waves on the ocean floor. A team in Germany has now discovered a second "horizontal" note, and nobody knows what's causing it.
Seven new wonders of the world, New Scientist, 02 January 2009 link
So, are the Tibetan monks correct and we are now hearing the third level of hum? We are seeing many reports of radar anomalies and humming sounds that not everyone can hear. There are many other geophysical events that appear to be related so the only conclusion we can come to is that Earth is reaching a new frequency and/or Earth is resonating more strongly with an external signal.

Sign of California Quake to Come? (video)
Former USGS geologist has dire warning
Fox News, 15th March 2011
"From the maverick science files: A former United States Geological Survey geologist has gone on record before to predict earthquakes with startling accuracy. In this news video, Jim Berkland details the signs of an impending earthquake for the west coast of the United States, pointing a finger at the coming weekend's close approach of the Moon, increased tides, changes in magnetic fields and recent mass fish deaths in California. Ominously, the video concludes with a picture of a dead oarfish, found in California, considered by many to be a harbinger of destruction." Courtesy:

I think the Japanese earthquake and tsunami might have beem caused by a gravitational wave but the planet is electrically saturated and it seems that we have to consider that any known natural trigger like the upcoming supermoon on the 19th may have a bigger than usual effect. Jim Berkland has a respectable track record for predicting earthquakes and I think people should pay attention.

Earthquakes, Earthworms and Earth Changes
Before its News, 17th March 2011
"There were reports via a radio interview at that a lot of earthworms have been seen recently coming out of the soil in the Washington State area. Coincidentally, colleague writer/researcher/activist Alex Thomas from reported to me the same phenomenon. I called my son who lives not far from Alex and sure enough similar activity was spotted there. Mind you, rain levels have been high which can have the same effect, but still we should keep our eyes open."
Hmmm... I would say this is a sign of high amounts of electrical energy in the ground.

Japan Quake May Have Shortened Earth Days, Moved Axis
NASA JPL, 14th March 2011
The March 11, magnitude 9.0 earthquake in Japan may have shortened the length of each Earth day and shifted its axis. But don't worry-you won't notice the difference.

Using a United States Geological Survey estimate for how the fault responsible for the earthquake slipped, research scientist Richard Gross of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif., applied a complex model to perform a preliminary theoretical calculation of how the Japan earthquake-the fifth largest since 1900-affected Earth's rotation. His calculations indicate that by changing the distribution of Earth's mass, the Japanese earthquake should have caused Earth to rotate a bit faster, shortening the length of the day by about 1.8 microseconds (a microsecond is one millionth of a second).

For the record... see previous comments on scientists who think earthquakes changing the earth's tilt is completely false and that only an external force can change the Earth's tilt.

Flamingos Drop From Siberian Sky: Locals Mystified
NPR, 7th March 2011
[...] Where did they come from? There are Asian flamingos. The nearest live and nest in Kazakhstan, so perhaps those birds came from there. It's a long way, as you see here:

So what brought them so far north and east? Davison isn't sure, but she has a notion. (We discussed it on NPR's Morning Edition. Push the "listen" button on this page to hear her theory.)

Checking the library, she discovered that 100 years ago scientists also reported multiple sightings of flamingos, again deep in Siberia, and again it was November.

November is the month when flamingos normally fly south from their nests in Kazakhstan to Iran. So, she thought, maybe this is an example of "reverse migration", a behavior known in migrating birds but not – thus far — in flamingos.

Here's the idea. Suppose a bird is wired to fly one direction every fall and for some reason the wiring screws up so the animal goes 180 degrees the wrong way, exactly the opposite direction. This happens to a few birds in migrant populations every year. When she looked on a map, she noticed that the village of Vernemarkovo in Siberia, where the first bird landed, was roughly the opposite distance and the opposite direction from the flamingo's normal winter quarters in Iran.

When I first saw this story headline, I thought it was a joke. Anyway, I listened to the audio and it was done very nicely explaining that the story has been factually checked. So, Siberian locals found a flamingo in November 2003 & again in November 2004. Well, guess what I am going to say? Yes, it was the Halloween Storms in October/November 2003 when the planet's geomagnetic field was in complete chaos from a constant bombardment of solar flares and coronal mass ejections. In November 2004, there was also solar flares and coronal mass ejections around the 7/8th November. Because there is a prior historical precedent, it does seem that some of these flamingoes get caught in the firing line... The discussion of "Reverse Migration" here is very interesting and the idea that the birds have some wiring flipped in their brains might explain other stories that have surfaced recently.

New fissure opens up between Pu‘u O‘o and Napau Crater (Video & Pics)
Hawaii 24/7, 6th March 2011
A new fissure erupted between Pu‘u ‘O‘o and Napau Crater Saturday (March 5) causing a swarm of earthquakes in the area. Spatter is reaching 15-20 m into the air, above the trees.

I simply cannot keep up with all the new geological activity but there are lots of other websites that are keeping tabs. There is concern about a new uptick and quite frankly, it does seem that the warnings that the energy bombardment of our planet would dramatic increase seems to be directly reflected in geological activity.

Associated Press Raw Video: Kilauea Volcano Erupts in Hawaii
YouTube, 6th March 2011
"Scientists say an eruption occurred along the middle of Kilauea Volcano's east rift zone after the Pu'u O'o crater floor collapsed, and lava was seen erupting up to 65 feet high. (March 7)"

GIANT FISSURE / CRACK opens in the ground! Seagi Gulistan ,PAKISTAN - March 2011
YouTube, 6th March 2011
"A very long FISSURE / CRACK has opened in the ground in Seagi Gulistan Pakistan. there is NO MSM story on this AT ALL.. this is first hand video shot by one of my subscribers family in Pakistan."
Be patient, there are some long shots too revealing the extent of the cracks, hopefully there will be more video and a translation soon.

Guatemala - Out of control THERMAL ACTIVITY on video
YouTube, 7th March 2011

Lots of related geological articles over at Extinction Protocol:
  • Solar explosions and sunspot clusters
  • Lithospheric fracturing being reported across the globe
  • Is Hawaii on the precipe of major geological change?
  • Breakpoint: Earthquakes rattle plates across the globe
  • New scientific study finds dormant volcanoes can awaken in months

  • Flaming tornado: Blaze at plastics factory captures rare fire phenomenon
    The Star, 2nd March 2011
    Towering into the night sky amid the billowing smoke, this is the rare phenomenon known as a 'fire tornado'. It was captured during a huge blaze at a plastic processing plant in Kistarcsa, a suburb of Hungarian capital Budapest, last night.

    So far, no casualties have been reported in the blaze, which broke out at around 8pm. The cause of the fire is unknown. The fire tornado, also known as a whirl, only appears under certain conditions and forms a vertical column of air, which can on occasion, be separate from other flames. [...]

    They most commonly form from wildfires and are usually around 10 to 50 metres tall, a few metres wide and last for a few minutes - however examples stretching over a kilometre high have been recorded. The most deadly ever recorded was during the 1923 Great Kanto earthquake in Japan, when a huge example of the phenomenon killed 38,000 in 15 minutes.

    What do you mean the cause of this fire is unknown? What the hell is that fire tornado doing then! Btw, I not so sure we can say these are ultra rare these days either...

    Man's future in space depends on investment these days – space professor, 1st March 2011
    Modern space exploration is more about commerce than national prestige, and getting funding means drawing a convincing picture of future profits to the investor, said Alan Smith from the Mullard Space Science Laboratory in London.

    Alan Smith heads the British part of the Russia-UK joint TwinSat Project that is working on the construction of next-generation satellites to observe and monitor seismic activity on Earth, such as earthquakes and volcanoes.

    “The TwinSat Project would involve two spacecrafts which would orbit the Earth about 400 kilometers apart and with instrumentation on board that would study the ionosphere from above,”
    Alan Smith explains.

    “What we are looking for are signatures in the ionosphere which are precursors to earthquake phenomena and volcanic eruption phenomena,” all of them necessary for an earthquake prediction programme.

    A special website will be set up to predict the probability of earthquakes around the world. Predictions could be made up to 10 days before the actual disaster, so when the alert for a certain region goes red, the authorities will have time to prepare and do whatever they can to properly act when it happens.

    “We’ll have less collateral damage, less loss of life,”
    Alan Smith says.

    I have been discussing earthquake precursor signals for a few years now and it looks like it is scientifically proven. Hence, Russia and the UK want to sell an early warning system, where Russia is providing the technical know-how and the UK probably the finance. Since there are others who have been detecting these signals locally for decades, I am wondering about that 10 days as being not quite that simple. I have a few research papers on the matter that I think I will now read...More below:

    A New Milestone in Russia-UK Collaboration in Space Research, 17th February 2011
    On 17th of February 2011 a tripartite Memorandum of Understanding was signed between UCL Mullard Space Science Laboratory, the Institute of Physics of the Earth and the International Science and Technology Center on future collaboration in the TwinSat Project that combines Russian and UK technologies to build new generation Earth observation satellites to monitor seismic activity such as earthquakes and volcanoes.

    The joint project will offer real time monitoring of sensitive seismic areas such as Iceland and Kamchatka. The two planned satellites aim to investigate precursors to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions through effects in the upper atmosphere and will coordinate its observations with ground based facilities.

    “This is a weakly studied area and it demands more serious considerations. If this project is successful, it will significantly enhance understanding of earthquake precursors and may lead to a new tool for their prediction. This project represents a new milestone in UK-Russia collaboration in space”, stated Alan Smith, Director of the UCL Mullard Space Science Laboratory.

    'Russia-UK satellites to predict quakes, give govts 10 days to save lives'
    RT/YouTube, 6th March 2011
    "Modern space exploration is more about commerce than national prestige, and getting funding means drawing a convincing picture of future profits to the investor, said Alan Smith from the Mullard Space Science Laboratory in London. Alan Smith heads the British part of the Russia-UK joint TwinSat Project that is working on the construction of next-generation satellites to observe and monitor seismic activity on Earth, such as earthquakes and volcanoes."
    • Royal society paper: 'Earthquake science research with a microsatellite'. Abstract here, download .pdf here

    Many carcasses of birds found on, along Route 222
    Reading Eeagle, 28th February 2011
    Janeen Grell peered out of her car window Sunday and noticed a bunch of little black things lying along Route 222 in Spring Township. "What's that?" she said to her husband. "Oh, my God," she said an instant later. "They're birds."

    Grell, 37, of Reinholds estimated that 50 to 100 black birds were lying dead on or along the highway, just north of the ramp from Route 724. Just what killed so many birds in such a concentrated area remains a mystery.

    I just have not been able to focus on the ongoing bird deaths, but the reports keep coming. However, I will say I was amazed by the report that I found last week coming from India, linking the bird deaths with UFOs. At this time, I don't hold this view but I believe that the link only relates to the unstable electromagnetic conditions causing localised ionisation of oxygen related to the leakiness of Earth's magnetic field and atmosphere, generating the breakdown between dimensions that usually separates us from our cosmic neighbours. However, the Indian government has a far higher level of openness with it's educated citizens than most countries so this might not be a completely ridiculous report. I was quite impressed with the comments from ordinary people on the streets of New York, see the eclectic mix of reports below...

    Thousands of dead birds and fish in Arkansas leave many scratching heads
    Yahoo News, 3rd January 2011
    CNN UPDATE: "A state veterinarian tells NBC that preliminary necropsy results from several birds show that they died of "multiple blunt trauma to their vital organs," though what caused the trauma remains uncertain. According to Dr. George Badley, their stomachs were empty, so they weren't poisoned, and they died in midair, not upon impact with the ground."
    Hmmm... This is supportive of the claim that the birds were deprived of oxygen...

    ATS Street View 04: Birds Dying Around The World!
    Above Top Secret, 13th January 2011
    Interviews: I am impressed with these New Yorkers!

    Five thousand red winged black birds and hundred thousand fish dead in America - extraterrestrial electromagnetic flux targeted to specific genome pattern
    India Daily Technology Team, Jan. 29, 2011

    Puno: Large crack opens in the earth in southern Peru
    Living in Peru, 25th February 2011
    The sudden appearance early in the morning of an enormous crack, measuring 100 meters wide and three kilometers long, caused confusion among residents of the Huacullani district in the Chucuito province, department of Puno.

    The exact cause of the crack in the earth still unknown. Peru’s geophysical institute ruled out the occurrence of an earthquake in the region, but what is clear is that the ground opened up and large blocks of earth can be observed scattered throughout the area.

    The event, recorded Wednesday morning, caused the collapse of one house located in the rural community of Llorohoco. Four people managed to escape, but the youngest in the family, five-year-old Jean Carlos Vilcanqui Acero, is missing.

    Wow... more serious Earth changes, I agree with the comment here:
    # Pishtaco says : February 25, 2011 [ 17:36 ]

    Sounds like a new rift valley is forming. This is where new continental mass is added from the magma, much like volcanos, but in linear form. Eventually this can lead to land splitting, much like Baja California giving way to the formation of the Sea of Cortez. Interesting...
    The following is a google translated article from the Spanish but there is a video too:

    Incredible: The earth opens and lets large crack in Puno (Video), 25th February 2011

    Cracks opening in South America [Bolivia]
    The Watchers, 26th February 2011 Two major cracks in 2 days?
    "A total of 21 homes that house more than 34 families were damaged in Urb Los Alamos and La Florida, La Paz area of Alpacoma, where there was a geodynamic movement of land, 20 hectares, due to recent rains soaked the field and revived the ancient fault that caused landslides since 2002. The affected area is in the macrodistrito Cotahuma of the city of La Paz, near where they join the avenues Buenos Aires and Mario Mercado, a sector that is characterized by brick factories they operate in the border between the municipalities La Paz and Achocalla. According to accounts from neighbors, the cracks began to occur from the early morning hours yesterday, forcing the inhabitants of the poor households to enable evacuation of their families and in some cases, their belongings and building materials who managed to rescue."

    Earth crack a mystery, 6th October 2010
    "BIRCH CREEK - One day the land was flat and filled with trees shooting straight into the air. Twenty-four hours later there's a 600-foot-long crack, 4-feet deep twisting its way through the woods - and those vertical trees are now pointed 30 degrees left and right where the earth has mounded 15 feet high. No, it's not a disaster movie; it's what happened Monday at the home of Eileen Heider on Bay de Noc Road in Birch Creek."

    Giant crack in Africa formed in just days
    New Scientist, 4th November 2009
    A crack in the Earth's crust – which could be the forerunner to a new ocean – ripped open in just days in 2005, a new study suggests. The opening, located in the Afar region of Ethiopia, presents a unique opportunity for geologists to study how mid-ocean ridges form. The crack is the surface component of a continental riftMovie Camera forming as the Arabian and African plates drift away from one another. It began to open up in September 2005, when a volcano at the northern end of the rift, called Dabbahu, erupted. The magma inside the volcano did not reach the surface and erupt as a fountain of lava – instead, it was diverted into the continental rift underground. The magma cooled into a wedge-shaped "dike" that was then uplifted, rupturing the surface and creating a 500-metre-long, 60-metre-deep crack.

    Nazca plate pressures and lithospheric tearing in South America
    Extinction Protocol, 264th February 2011
    Nice fault map

    Earthquake in New Zealand kills at least 65, traps scores
    CBS News, 22nd February 2011
    CBS/AP) CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND - At least 65 people died when an earthquake toppled churches and tall buildings in one of New Zealand's biggest cities. The killer quake - one of the nation's worst natural disasters in decades - even shook a massive chunk of ice from New Zealand's biggest glacier, about 120 miles east of Christchurch, where most of the damage was reported.

    More than 100 people were thought to be trapped in the rubble as darkness fell Tuesday night. Rescue crews with sniffer dogs searched for survivors, some of whom sent text messages or made phone calls from under the wreckage. It was the second major quake to hit Christchurch, a city of 350,000, in five months, though Tuesday's 6.3-magnitude temblor caused more destruction than a stronger September quake.

    "It is just a scene of utter devastation," Prime Minister John Key said after rushing to the city. "We may well be witnessing New Zealand's darkest day."

    I am wondering when authorities will start to get serious about earthquake predictions. We know that there are often precursor VLF & ELF electromagnetic emissions associated with earthquakes. Over 30 years ago, one researcher found that the results of biological experiments were so disturbed that they built their own detector to pick up these signals and since this time, many others have done the same. Now we have satellites picking up those same signals, but apparently that information is still not good enough and so people are left helpless. It will be interesting to find any reports of cats and dogs running away as well as all the other signals that are usually ignored. More below:

    Whale deaths linked to New Zealand earthquake?
    TNT Magazine, 22nd February 2011
    The mysterious deaths of over 100 stranded pilot whales on the coast of New Zealand may have been an ignored warning that an earthquake was about to strike. Two days before the earthquake hit Christchurch, New Zealand, a pod of whales beached themselves on Stewart Island, the second mass death of whales in three weeks. This sort of ominous occurrence has predated earthquakes in the past, and some scientists are beginning to believe the two events are inextricably linked. “It is my observation, confirmed over the years, that mass suicides of whales and dolphins that occur sporadically all over the world, are in some way related to change and disturbances in the electromagnetic field co-ordinates and possible realignments of geotectonic plates thereof,” said Dr. Arunachalam Kumar, a professor from India."

    This is what I wrote back in September 2010, the last time there was a major stranding of whales in New Zealand but it was about three weeks after the major earthquake in Christchurch.
    In short, the whales use the Earth's magnetic field for navigation and we know for a fact that geomagnetic conditions on the planet are now chaotic. There are suggestions of the military use of sonar but New Zealand also has the highest levels of whales being stranded in the world and maybe this means that in this region, the Earth's magnetic field is particularly prone to disturbances. A world map of magnetic anomalies does seem to indicate this, see Map: The magnetic Earth There are a few scientists who think that whale beachings indicate there is some kind of disturbance in the Earth's EM environment and that this heralds a massive Earthquake, see Did whale beaching foretell disaster? Also, there is a more mundane theory that proposed by Cambridge professor in the 1980s, a biologist named Margaret Klinowskam who first discovered a correlation between whales beaching themselves and magnetic lineation/anomalies, see Biomagnetics: Species Association with Earth's Magnetic Field.

    Slideshow: Shoppers rocked by explosion in Cambridge [UK]
    Cambridge News, 21st February 2011
    Shops in Cambridge were evacuated after an underground blast in a busy shopping street. The explosion, sparked by an electrical fault under the pavement of Fitzroy Street, happened at around 1pm on Saturday outside Modelzone, scattering shoppers.

    Firefighters cleared staff and customers from the store, along with those in Argos, Specsavers, Caffé Nero, Clement Joscelyne and Solo fashion stores. The road was closed at the Christ’s Pieces end of the street, which leads to The Grafton shopping centre, with police fearing a second explosion.

    Work was carried out on underground services in the area recently. Karl Harris, who was close to the blast, said: “It was very scary at first. I started running when it happened.” [...]

    Simon Arnold, of the Hot Sausage Company, was just yards from the blast as he served customers from the fast-food stall. He said: “It was like a big whoosh – like if a tube is full of gas and it comes out fast. There was a big plume of smoke about 20ft in the air.

    According to the local police, this was not a gas explosion and one description provided here clearly gives us a clue that this was coming from deep within the earth as we read, " if a tube is full of gas and it comes out fast." Oh well, it would be nice to see an official report and verdict, but we can speculate that we are starting to see another manifestation of Earth trying to deal with excess energy as it is obvious we are reaching some sort of saturation point. From my point of view, the geophysics of the energetic transition on this planet is getting very interesting.

    Pilots, boaters adjust to shift in magnetic north
    Sun Sentinel News, 20th February 2011
    Magnetic north, the point at the top of the Earth that determines compass headings, is shifting its position at a rate of about 40 miles per year. In geologic terms, it's racing from the Arctic Ocean near Canada toward Russia.

    As a result, everyone who uses a compass, even as a backup to modern GPS navigation systems, needs to be aware of the shift, make adjustments or obtain updated charts to ensure they get where they intend to go, authorities say. That includes pilots, boaters and even hikers.

    "You could end up a few miles off or a couple hundred miles off, depending how far you're going," said Matthew Brock, a technician with Lauderdale Speedometer and Compass, a Fort Lauderdale company that repairs compasses. [...]

    Because GPS navigation draws on satellites, it has no reliance on magnetic north. On the other hand, satellites and GPS systems can malfunction. For that reason, Tom Cartier recommends all pilots and boaters keep a compass handy as backup.

    "The magnetic compass is what gets you home in your boat or plane when everything else quits," said Cartier, a senior deck instructor at Maritime Professional Training in Fort Lauderdale. "It's a very, very valuable piece of equipment."

    There is even an admission here that GPS and satellites are becoming unreliable too. So, the reason for this article is Earth's magnetic field is becoming very unstable and too many people don't know how to read a chart or use a compass anymore.

    Halo at Bangka Belitung
    Pole Shift News, 13th February 2011
    Can someone explain what's going on here?

    As recorded in the News of the Imbalance archives, Best of the Blog Earth Changes, we find that this strange cloud was reported on 8th August 2007 by An Atmospheric optics expert Les Cowley explained a sighting in Santa Fe, New Mexico, as follows:
    "This is an iridescent pileus cloud. On sunny afternoons, cumulus clouds boil upwards, pushing layers of moist air above them even higher where they cool and condense to form cloud caps or 'pileus' (Latin for cap). Pileus clouds formed very quickly have their water droplets all the same size--the perfect condition for iridescent colors." Source:
    Don't miss the example from Dr. Michael T. Goodling of Kenya, East Africa link. There are YouTube videos too, see Fenomena Alam Di Atas Langit - Sungailiat - Bangka Belitung | 12/02/2011 (Part 1) & Fenomena Alam Di Atas Langit - Sungailiat - Bangka Belitung | 12/02/2011 (Part 2)

    New Zealand Government Connects Chemtrails to Illnesses
    Conscious Life News, 11th February 2011
    According to an article in, the formation of chemtrails allegedly originate from aerosols which do not disappear like the usual vapour contrails which dissapate after a short time. Chemtrails form into clouds that remain in the sky for hours and are often in patterns like ‘X’ and ‘V’ formations as well as checkerboard grid patterns.

    The evidence which has been collected for the last ten years may suggest that chemtrails have many purposes some of which include geoengineering, weather modification, and perhaps military uses. To accomplish this they use elements such as aluminum and barium which are detrimental to the environment, water, and life. According to Clare Swinney at the chemtrails contain spontaneously reproducing nanotubes which cause Morgellon’s disease and according to the research of Clifford Carnicom have affected everyone.

    According to the correspondence between the concerned citizen and a member of New Zealand parliament the trail he saw could likely have been from a passenger plane which allegedly have been seen spreading contrails in New Zealand and other parts of the planet. The citizen also mentioned a Nexus magazine article in which emergency rooms had been ‘inundated with flu-like cases’ after a chemtrail spraying. In London contrails leaving cobweb-like residue falling from the sky may be linked to elderly catching fatal cases of pneumonia.

    According to the article in ten days after a chemtrail spraying a sudden surge in respitory-related illnesses including asthma and pneumonia were reported in the New Zealand Herald on June 3rd, 1999. Amidst recently declassified documents released by the New Zealand government were correspondences from an inquiring citizen who believed that there would be an increase in illness after they saw a persistent jet contrail in the sky which is also known as a “chemtrail.” Source:

    Wow...this is an incredibly interesting development... I think another major shift is about to occur. These days, nothing is off the table with the New Energies and changing human consciousness creating new opportunities for change.

    ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, NBC All Want Your Chemtrail Photos
    Conscious Life News, 9th February 2011
    "This alert is meant for the entire world, not just those living in the U.S. It is of the utmost importance that we flood the U.S. media with an awareness that a heinous crime is being committed against humanity and our precious planet in the skies around the globe. We believe that the U.S. has bullied the rest of the world into following their chemtrail-geoengineering agenda. If the U.S. stops spraying, the rest of the nations will quickly follow suit. Therefore, we are asking everyone who reads this message to immediately follow the simple instructions detailed below (and tell others to do same)."

    Declassified NZ Defence Force Reports Reveal Chemtrail Linked To Outbreak Of Illnesses
    Info News, 1st January 2011

    Among a recently-released assortment of declassified reports of sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) from New Zealand, dating from 1952-2009, were letters written in 1999 and 2000 by a concerned citizen, who predicted that an outbreak of illnesses would occur after seeing an “aircraft contrail,” otherwise known as a ‘chemtrail’, over a populated area.

    Chemtrails, which are also commonly referred to as aerosols, differ from vapour trails in that they often linger in the sky for hours and can be seen in grid-like patterns, parallel lines (see above), or forming ‘X’s in the sky. While seeing a chemtrail does not constitute proof that the illnesses were caused by it, it is worth examining the issue, given all the evidence which shows that chemtrails are making people sick, and in light of what is known about their composition.

    Evidence collected for over a decade reveals that chemtrails are used for at least seven functions, including weather control and military applications, and are comprised of a wide variety of harmful ingredients. They commonly include aluminium and barium, which are toxic to both humans and to the environment.

    On the “Magnetic polar shifts cause massive global super storms” story
    Watts Up with That, 7th February 2011
    I’ve been avoiding this story (Magnetic polar shifts cause massive global super storms) for awhile, hoping it would simply die, but people keep asking me about it, and I see it appearing on other blogs, so I suppose I’ll have to address it. Mainly what I want to do is present facts about it and let readers make up their own minds.

    There has been a lot of worry and hype on this subject. Part of it is fueled by the silly “2012? thing. Some it has been fueled by people who had been primed for “space storms” in solar cycle 24, such as in this Fox News video:

    Even Anthony Watts is getting bothered because people are starting to panic about the state of Earth's magnetic field and the looming date of 2012. This article is also in response to the article at Magnetic polar shifts cause massive global super storms.Well, this is a long article with all the usual information (some of it is wrong too) but it's worth a browse even just for the hilarious photo near the end that should make anyone laugh. However, I can't agree with Watts who claims that just because the sun is quiet and a low number of sunspots is predicted means everything will be OK. There is the major issue of fundamental changes in the condition of Earth's magnetic shielding (magnetosphere) like the fact it occasionally disappears (breaches) and we are getting occasional mega blasts from deep space. (Actually, I am not sure if he understands what is going on with the breaches loading up the magnetosphere for some serious megablasts... think gas build up and then boom!) The Earth is now highly charged so it's what happens when we reach a critical tipping point that we have to consider. Watts fails to mention that the non-dipole components of Earth's magnetic field (aprox. 10%?) are increasing. The apparent growth in the non-dipole parts of the Earth's magnetic field does not seem directly linked to solar activity but must be considered if a magnetic excursion or reversal is on the cards and Earth's main dipole magnetic field completely breaks down. What amazes me is that nobody wants to talk about the impact on humans and mental health in an unstable electromagnetic environment, it's almost like people simple don't have a clue that all humans have a direct link with Earth's magnetic field...

    Leaf pattern mystery in Cheltenham is internet sensation
    This is Glocestershire, 5th February 2011
    THIS unusual leaf pattern on Leckhampton Hill has become the latest internet sensation. The picture, taken by dog walker Freddie Holding during the winter's snow, was printed in the Echo in December. She sent the picture to the paper to see if readers had suggestions on how the patterns were formed. [...]

    Experts at Cheltenham Tree Services said they believed the pattern was man-made. However, the article has now found its way onto the internet, with dozens of people contacting the paper from all over the world with suggestions. Dave Collins contacted the Echo from Virginia in the United States. He said: "It looks as though someone had gone through on a yard tractor.

    "Tractors can create ruts into which snow falls and melts, being warmer than the ground surrounding it. "It is pretty but certainly not the work of any force more mysterious than a riding mower."

    Ed Moors, from Holland, said: "My first thought was it might have been caused by a ground vibration. "The trees might have acted as an antenna and passed vibration to the ground."

    Pierre Larouche, from Canada, added: "People walked in the woods in advance of the snow and, using a chemical powder, traced the patterns. When the snow fell, it melted faster on the pattern due to the temperature of the soil." [...]

    Clifford F Oliver wrote: "I believe the phenomena is evidence that time is changing. "The pattern within the trunk is being altered by a change in magnetic flux. "As we near the point of pole shift or zero point, time may stop or become non-existent."

    Maybe the interest is that people are starting to realise something extraordinary is happening and are watching out for the next strange event. The suggestions for what caused this are interesting, but the only one that sounds feasible to me is the trees acting as antennas and the snow circles being caused by some kind of Earth vibration. See the youtube video below, for a demonstration of how this works.

    Snow Circles Mystery in England., 4th February, 2011
    “This is not something I've come across before.”

    - Adrian Phillips, Managing Director, Cheltenham Tree Services
    copy: These mysterious snow circles in a grove of trees on Leckhampton Hill south of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England, were reported in the December 9, 2010, Gloucestershire Echo. Resident Freddie Holding was walking her dog and told the newspaper, “I couldn't believe it. I have never seen anything like it before.” The Managing Director of the Cheltenham Tree Services, Adrian Phillips, said, “There is no reason for any kind of fungus to affect the trees in the cold weather, and it seems unlikely things falling from the branches could create such a pattern. The most likely answer is that the pattern is manmade.” But how?
    Image © 2010 by Freddie Holding, reprinted in the Gloucestershire Echo.

    Magnetic Polar Shifts Causing Massive Global Superstorms
    Superstorms can also cause certain societies, cultures or whole countries to collapse. Others may go to war with each other.
    Salem News, 4th February 2011
    NASA has been warning about it…scientific papers have been written about it…geologists have seen its traces in rock strata and ice core samples… Now "it" is here: an unstoppable magnetic pole shift that has sped up and is causing life-threatening havoc with the world's weather.

    Forget about global warming—man-made or natural—what drives planetary weather patterns is the climate and what drives the climate is the sun's magnetosphere and its electromagnetic interaction with a planet's own magnetic field. When the field shifts, when it fluctuates, when it goes into flux and begins to become unstable anything can happen. And what normally happens is that all hell breaks loose.

    Magnetic polar shifts have occurred many times in Earth's history. It's happening again now to every planet in the solar system including Earth. The magnetic field drives weather to a significant degree and when that field starts migrating superstorms start erupting.

    I think this article is just consolidating the current opinion of many. I don't know where the author got their info for the relationship between magnetic field fluctuations and the weather, because this is usually completely ignore by meteorologists who as a consequence, often fail to predict the weather and willingly admit they do not understand the cause of the weather. However, when we pay attention to the mavericks, the extreme weather associated with the magnetic influence of certain solar, planetary and lunar conjunctions are predictable, as Piers Corbyn and others have proven. This article mentions a magnetic pole shift, but this is a poor description for the wild gyrations of Earth's magnetic field, but at least they are talking about the holes in the magnetosphere and the inevitable increase in DNA mutations as cosmic radiation pours onto our planet. According to author Robert Felix, he claims there is scientific evidence for at least 10 magnetic reversals and excursions since the Brunhes/Matuyuma boundary 780,000 years ago. The last is the heavily studied Laschamp Event, about 44,000 years ago. However he also claims that there is a clockwork magnetic excursion cycle every 11,500 years and magnetic intensity variations every 2 - 30,000 years. So, it does not matter whether a full magnetic reversal is on the cards, a rapidly fading magnetic field means cosmic radiation will pour down on our heads. By the way, as a reminder about what my research has been all about, what state is your energy field in?

    Robert Felix - Magnetic Reversal and Evolutionary Leaps (Subscribers Only)
    Red Ice Radio, 3rd February 2011
    "Robert Felix outlines his theory about magnetic reversals and evolutionary leaps in our second hour for members. We discuss historical extinction events and the rise of new species. How close are we to a magnetic reversal? What can we expect when one occurs? We also discuss related anomalies like the sun rising two days early in Greenland and the magnetic north racing towards Russia, now at a speed of about 40 miles per year. Birds and fish have been dying worldwide. Is this related to an unstable magnetic field?"

    I am pleased to see that Red Ice Radio have interviewed Robert Felix again. In part II of the interview for subscribers only, Felix answers questions related to his second book Magnetic Reversal and Evolutionary Leaps. During this interview, he discusses the historical evidence of mass extinctions being linked to rapid evolutionary change. He also explains the evidence of massive explosions in the skies that he believes are linked to the collapse of Earth's magnetic field. This must be the inevitable conclusion that we must reach if the paleontological and geological is to be correctly understood. Have you heard of magnetic reconnection? Well, despite the arguments from plasma physicists, scientists mostly agree that when the magnetic field collapses or magnetic field lines 'merge', tremendous amounts of energy are released, but Felix takes this understanding to a whole new level in explaining Earth's past geological history.

    Lethal cyclone hits category five
    ABC News, 2nd February 2011
    Severe Tropical Cyclone Yasi was upgraded to category five off north Queensland this morning as the weather bureau warned it was likely to be "more life-threatening" than any storm seen in Australia in living memory.

    The weather bureau says Cyclone Yasi poses an "extremely serious threat" to life and property within the warning area, especially between Port Douglas and Townsville.

    "This impact is likely to be more life-threatening than any experienced during recent generations," the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) said this morning.

    Tens of thousands of people are fleeing their homes ahead of the monster storm, which is expected to hit the coast between Cairns and Innisfail at about 10pm AEST tonight with winds of up to 295 kilometres per hour near the core.

    ...and Piers Corbyn was predicting extreme weather for the end of January... it looks like he was right... lots of info here.

    Australia with Satellite Overlay, BoM Weather Radar Composite Loop
    The Weather Chaser, 2nd February 2011

    Chemtrails: Is The Government Poisoning Us From Planes?
    Conspiracy Theorists Believe Some Jet Trails Contain Toxic Chemicals Called Chemtrails
    CBS Atlanta, 2nd February 2011
    ATLANTA -- Conspiracy theorists believe the U.S. government is spreading toxic chemicals from planes. They call them chemtrails and there believe the toxins are damaging the environment and our health.

    "It definitely angers me," said Ali Valente of Buckhead. "Some days there's only four [chemtrails] some days there's eight. Some days the whole sky is enveloped in milky white substance."

    When Valente began noticing a bunch of white lines in the sky blocking the sun she searched for an explanation online. The Internet is full of allegations, photos and information about the conspiracy. "These are literally crimes against humanity, nature," said Michael Murphy, a chemtrail researcher from Los Angeles. Murphy produced a documentary about the so-called chemtrail cover-up. He said he believes the chemicals in the chemtrails, aluminum, barium and others are making us sick.

    Maybe, members of the mainstream media are spending too much time on the conspiracy websites and are starting to wonder about what is going on... Well, have you seen this documentary, What in the World are They Spraying? Actually, I was quite impressed that there are now some definitive answers. Researchers maybe interested in an old document sitting on the Commodity Futures Trading Commission website entitled 'CFTC Requests Input on Possible Regulation of "Event Contracts" Washington, DC.' The paper discusses the issue of weather modification and provides highlights from the report Weather as a Force Multiplier: owning the Weather in 2025, a research paper presented to the Air force 2025 in August 1996. The author seems to be apalled by chemtrails and the generally abusive attitude of the US military in their weather engineering efforts. PDF LINK HERE
    • What in the World are They Spraying? A Must See Trailer
      YouTube, June 2010
      "The Reality Zone is producing a documentary that explores the murky world of atmospheric geo-engineering, commonly called chemtrails. The title of the program is: What in the World Are They Spraying! and we can tell you with confidence that it will be one of the most important programs you will ever see. There are plenty of dramatic video clips of chemtrails on the Internet, and your innate intelligence tells you that what you see in the sky with your own eyes is not caused by mere vapor trails from jet aircraft, but no one yet has probed the questions: WHO is doing this and WHY. All of that is about to change. We are working with two young journalistic film makers, Michael Murphy and Paul Wittenberger who already are far advanced in the development of this incredible story."

    • Documentary: 1 of 7 What in the world are they spraying? (Chemtrails)
      YouTube, 25 October 2010

    Tampa Airports Change Compass Marks While North Magnetic Pole Moves Toward Siberia., 1st February 2011
    There have been recent media headlines about Tampa, Florida's International and general aviation airports having to repaint compass markings on their runways. Geophysicists say it's because there is a general westward drift of the Earth's magnetic field in the Western Hemisphere. So for pilot safety, Tampa airports corrected runway compass marks to reflect what compasses actually read now in southern Florida.

    Why don't you hear about all airports having to repaint compass marks? Because despite some of the media headlines, the changes in southern Florida are not necessarily tied to the magnetic North Pole shifting towards Siberia. Historically, all over the planet, magnetic fields have changed region to region. Airports closer to the North Pole would have to make adjustments for the moving magnetic North Pole. But since Tampa, Florida, is so far away from the Arctic, compass changes there might only be due to a regional magnetic field shift.

    It's nice to get some comment from a geophysicist who explains that it's the local magnetic field that is changing in Tampa. However we don't get much of a useful discussion and it would have been helpful to get a meaningful explanation of the term "Westward Drift.". So, I will help here. It does seem that we were given a nod and a wink that the Florida 'Panhandle' and surrounding states are now being affected by the South Atlantic Anomaly that is now HUGE! As we can see from the historical magnetic intensity maps from 1590 - 2005, there is clearly a westward drift and a changing shape of the weakest part of Earth's magnetic field. Maybe, we can link this to the strange announcement on 20th January 2011, of the military turning off GPS for tests see FAA warns of ongoing GPS issues in southeastern US due to Defense Department 'tests'. The US military (Air Force) still seem to be in charge of the GPS system, but there are now many reports that imply that GPS is now too unreliable and the military realise they have become too dependent. So whilst we know that GPS is unreliable during bad space weather, (talk about GPS being vulnerable to enemies is misleading unless you consider the downpour of celestial energies as being comparable to the arrival of the enemy), the upshot is that top senior officials are now agonising in public. Meanwhile, civilian users have been lured into a technological trap, so amongst many different examples of failure (see archives), we can cite an uptick of oil tankers crashing at sea at the same time that we know that all planes will be using GPS by 2012. More background info below:
    • Schwartz warns against dependence on GPS
      Air Force Times, 23rd January 2010
      "The Air Force’s top uniformed leader thinks the military is too dependent on global positioning and must develop an alternative to the navigation system to reduce its vulnerability to enemies."

    • Glitch Shows How Much Military Relies on GPS
      CBS News, 4th June 2010
      "A problem that rendered as many as 10,000 U.S. military GPS receivers useless for days is a warning to safeguard a system that enemies would love to disrupt, a defense expert says."

    • Airline Industry Moves from Radar to GPS Tracking and Navigation
      BrickHouse Security, 05 August 2010
      "GPS navigation is a technology widely used in almost every car, whether it’s dashboard navigation or built into the car directly. Noting how widely GPS is used, the question arises of why different modes of transportation like the airline industry aren’t using the technology. The airline industry is currently using 70-year-old radar technology to keep track of its planes. The main problem with radar is that it can only see a plane flying over an ocean when it is within 200 miles of land. When the plane goes beyond those 200 miles the radar doesn’t see it anymore and the location of the airplane has to be estimated based on flight plans and departure times. This creates a huge problem in case the plane experiences some trouble and has to carry out an emergency landing, leaving the location of the plane completely unknown the the air traffic controllers."

    Guest Post “Global Floods – Why Were They Not Predicted?” By Will Alexander
    Climate Science: Roger Pielke Sr., 24th January 2011

    Global floods – why were they not predicted?

    Do you recall the following quote in my semi-final Memo 15/10 of  2 August 2010?

    Scientific predictability also raises the question of the scientist’s ethical responsibilities. His conclusions must be guided by respect for truth and an honest acknowledgment of both the accuracy and the inevitable limitations of the scientific method. Certainly this means avoiding needlessly alarming predictions when these are not supported by sufficient data or exceed science’s actual ability to predict. But it also means avoiding the opposite, namely a silence, born of fear, in the face of genuine problems.
        –Pope Benedict XVI, 6 November 2006

    [...] I now have a simple question. Were these global extremes the consequence of weather or climatic phenomena? Nobody seems to know. In either case the answer is irrelevant. The claimed consensus views of hundreds of climate change scientists are fundamentally erroneous. Hundreds of peer reviewed papers published in the hydrological literature during the past 50 years demonstrated that climate is NOT a steady state phenomenon.

    “Global Floods – Why Were They Not Predicted?” The short reply is that "solar linkage" as opposed to anthropogenic global warming is not what certain people wanted to hear.

    Birds use quantum theory to literally 'see' Earth's magnetic field as they fly
    Daily Mail, 28th January 2011
    Birds may be able to ‘see’ the Earth’s electromagnetic field as they fly through the sky, scientists have suggested. Many creatures, including all birds, navigate by sensing the direction of the magnetic forces around our planet to guide them.

    But now researchers have found that different reactions are produced in the eyes of all avian creatures depending on which way the field spins. These reactions could create a picture of the field in different shades of light and dark across the bird’s eye, they have suggested.

    Scientists said that if true it would be another example of Mother Nature’s wonder - in tests using the most exotic chemicals they could find, they could not match the bird’s eye for its ability to do what it does. [...] Scientists have long suggested that birds' eyes have entanglement-based compasses but now they claim in a new paper the process could produce an image of the Earth’s electromagnetic field in the eye as well. Such an image would not be a clear outline of a shape but just shades of dark and light depending on how the field moves.

    I imagine that birds are really struggling a lot more these days as Earth's magnetic field is now highly unstable.

    The lake that glows in the dark: Eerie phenomenon that turned waters (and midnight swimmers) luminous blue
    Daily Mail, 26th January 2011
    Swimming is supposed to give you a healthy glow, but these swimmers weren't quite sure what was going on when they took a late-night dip and turned a fluorescent shade of blue.

    'It was like we were playing with radioactive paint,' said photographer Phil Hart who snapped the bizarre sight as his friends emerged from a lake in the dark of night. The light is created by a chemical reaction called bioluminescence, which happens when a naturally-occuring micro-organism in the water is disturbed.

    Bioluminescence organisms have been associated with what looks like pillars of fire and very mysterious geometrical formations seen over ocean waters. There are even reports of Min Min lights being made up of glowing organisms, so this is not a straight forward phenomena to try and understand. Recently, we had a river turning green overnight for no apparent reason, so it's interesting to contemplate if this is going to become yet another high strangeness phenomena on Earth, as energetic changes become more apparent. Well, the images did remind me of the movie Avatar, the thought of future Earth becoming anything like Pandora will delight more than just a few...

    Parrot deaths remain mysterious
    731 African grey parrots were discovered dead after a short flight from Johannesburg to Durban, South Africa, on Christmas eve. The circumstances surrounding these birds deaths remain mysterious and suspicious.
    The Guardian, 26th January 2011
    [...] The most likely possibility, one that I first suspected based on the presumed speed at which the parrots deaths occurred, suggests they might have been killed by carbon monoxide fumes. But these fumes would have also sickened or killed the puppy, which shared the same cargo hold (and the same air). But the puppy arrived "in perfect health". Further, carbon monoxide detectors in the cargo hold did not sound an alarm, and the passengers and pilot -- who also shared the same air with the parrots -- all arrived safely, too.

    "Not only were our passengers all in perfect condition, but the puppy was delivered safely and without harm," asserted 1time airlines' official statement. "We are adamant that there have been undisclosed events leading to the transportation that need to be investigated,"

    Whatever lethal agent(s) killed these parrots was selective, either because the parrots were the only creatures exposed to it, or because the puppy and the humans were not susceptible to its effects.

    Something is happening in the mainstream media, this section is called "Punctuated Equilibrium", have members of the press found my website? LOL! Anyway, it looks like there is a fuss over these parrots dying and maybe government officials have done some tests. Oh well, lets face some facts, this journey was in the region of the South Atlantic Anomaly, the weakest part of Earth's magnetic field, it could have been a bad space weather day, the magnetosphere had collapsed or a beam of electrons could have hit the plane. The official report states the birds had "massive hemorrhaging around the parrots' eyes and grey, collapsed lungs." So, maybe the air was ionised and they were deprived of oxygen and the situation was unavoidable because they were so tightly packed. It would be better to see an official report, so we can stop the guessing game.

    Piers Corbyn predicts: TOP RED WARNINGS of very extreme events world-wide in the last week of January, 21st January 2011
    "The Claim 2010 is '2nd warmest year on record' - is delusional, irrelevant & disingenuous – the last gasp of the failed global warming cult” · The ideologically driven global warmist joke must be swept aside. The time has come for useful science-based forecasts to reduce misery & save lives.

    · More end Jan extreme warnings for USA, Australia + UK/Europe.
    · The most exciting weather year for a century has begun.

    I hope Piers is enjoying is new found fame. It's quite brilliant that more and more people are introduced to the effect solar and lunar magnetics, on Earth's weather. Of course, this is no surprise because research over the last fifty years has indicated that specific planetary alignments have predictable outcomes.

    Astronomy & Magnetics - The Evidence
    Whole Earth Forecaster
    "This body of work empirically proves that a connective, perhaps causal relationship exists between astronomical tides, solar activity, weather and environmental change."

    Pole Shift: North Races, South Crawls
    Modern Survival Blog, 21st January 2011
    While the speed of the earth’s magnetic north pole shift has drastically sped up lately to about 34 miles per year (55 km), let’s look at what is happening with the south magnetic pole.

    Every magnetic field has two polarities, North and South for example, and one might think that whatever is happening with one pole would be happening (in the inverse?) to it’s opposite pole. Well as it appears, the earth’s magnetic south pole is not behaving similarly to it’s opposite north pole. In fact, it’s drift, or pole shift, is actually slowing down! Presently it’s only moving 3 miles (5 km) per year, only a tenth the speed of the north!

    Not only that, but it is interesting to note that both the north and south magnetic poles are favoring one side of the earth – the south pole is heavily favoring one side, and continues to move further away from true south. The south magnetic pole is actually 1,800 miles (2,900 km) away from the earth’s true south pole! That is a substantial offset.

    The north magnetic pole is fairly near true north and is ‘only’ about 360 miles (580 km) away.

    This blog entry discusses the discrepancy between the north and south poles and the graphics are quite good. The explanation of the cause of Earth's magnetic field, even with a so-called correction, is just standard theory and even Wikipedia tells us that the concept of dipole magnetic field only applies when the field is viewed at a distance. What's more, the explanation for Earth's magnetic field derived from the core, does not take into account that there are other states of matter that could apply to the interior of the Earth. Well, I am wondering whether the magnetic pole deviations are caused by an imbalance of matter polarities in the core, too much male or solar energies and not enough female or cosmic energies. People should stop complaining, the imbalance is being adjusted whilst the sun is so weak, hence the racing North pole. Thank you Venus!

    High-Speed Geology - Violent Seismic Activity Tearing Africa in Two
    Spiegel Online, 20th January 2011
    The fissures began appearing years ago. But in recent months, seismic activity has accelerated in northeastern Africa as the continent breaks apart in slow motion. Researchers say that lava in the region is consistent with magma normally seen on the sea floor -- and that water will ultimately cover the desert.

    Cynthia Ebinger, a geologist from the University of Rochester in New York, could hardly believe what the caller from the deserts of Ethiopia was saying. It was an employee at a mineralogy company -- and he reported that the famous Erta Ale volcano in northeastern Ethiopia was erupting. Ebinger, who has studied the volcano for years, was taken aback. The volcano's crater had always been filled with a bubbling soup of silver-black lava, but it had been decades since its last eruption.

    The call came last November. And Ebinger immediately flew to Ethiopia with some fellow researchers. "The volcano was bubbling over; flaming-red lava was shooting up into the sky," Ebinger told SPIEGEL ONLINE. [...]

    Scientists have also noted that the kind of magma bubbling up in the region is the type otherwise only seen spewing forth from mid-ocean ridges deep below the water's surface. One of its signature characteristics is a low proportion of silicic acid. The magma coming out of Erta Ale has the same chemical composition as the kind that emerges from deep-sea volcanoes. The entire region increasingly resembles an ocean floor -- one without water.

    Finally an update. So the appearance of a new ocean basin that geologists formerly believe would take millions of years, is now stepping up the pace in just a matter of years? The images in the photo gallery are excellent. See previous 2005, 2007 & 2009 articles in the archives.

    Bird Death is spreading
    NRK, 20th January 2011
    Google translation: Andøy municipality should take water samples from the harbor after hundreds of eider ducks mysteriously found dead.

    Port Director Odd Bernt Mevold is one of those who collect the birds. So far today we've picked up ten birds, so there is a high mortality rate now. What happens in the harbor here is tragic, "said Mevold to NRK.

    Now the rate is about 10 birds a day in the area, and it is not normal, "says Mevold. The bird behaves strange: Also NRK employee observed today eider ducks behaved very strange. They behave quite abnormal, nervous system and their coordination ability does not work, "says Mevold. It is also found dead crabs. . Do not think the pollution is to blame County Department of Environmental Affairs keeps a close eye on bird death in Andenes Harbour, where people still find dead birds. County Miljøvernsjef Roar Høgset do not think the birds have died from pollution.

    I am not reporting all the different stories of mass bird and animal die-offs, but this is a credible source with some expert opinion clearly stated.

    Magnetic reversal may now be in progress - BGS
    Evolutionary Leaps, 17th January 2011
    17 Jan 11 - According to the British Geological Survey (BGS), we could now be headed into a magnetic reversal, thus validating the premise of both Not by Fire but by Ice and Magnetic reversals and Evolutionary Leaps.

    The South Atlantic Anomaly is growing and spreading westwards from South Africa as the Earth’s internal magnetic field rapidly weakens in this region, says this article on the BGS website. "This may be early evidence of a forthcoming reversal in the direction of the Earth’s internal magnetic field." "We do not know in detail precisely what occurs during such reversals, including the changes observed in the magnetic field and the time a reversal takes to complete," the BGS adds.

    Since so little is known, and in order to determine where radiation risks may be increased and how the atmosphere might respond, the BGS is opening a South Atlantic Anomaly and South Georgia Magnetic Observatory.

    Robert Felix has done some excellent research, his book Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps is highly relevant. He is right about the increase in radiation, it's already happening.

    Sunrise arrives two days early in Greenland
    The First Post, 14th January 2011
    Scientists claim to have discovered more evidence of global warming after the sun rose two days early in Greenland, apparently because melting glaciers have lowered the horizon. The polar night usually ends on January 13, but this year residents of Ilulissat, the third largest settlement in Greenland, were surprised to see dawn arrive just before 1pm on January 11 after six weeks of perpetual darkness. Astronomers have ruled out the possibility of the early dawn being a result of a shift of the earth's axis and Thomas Posch, of the Institute for Astronomy of the University of Vienna, says a change in the horizon is "by far the most obvious explanation".

    It is interesting that the chat in the blogosphere escalated into mainstream media articles. Anyway, the following comment is interesting because we are given some factual details, even though the conclusion maybe incorrect.
    This is just another fake linkage to 'global warming'. In the northern hemisphere the sun is at its highest in the sky on any day when it is due south. It follows that on the day that the sun first peeps over the horizon for locations within the arctic circle it will be due south (the corollary is the midnight sun in the summer, when the sun at its lowest point is due north).

    On the day the sun peeps above the horizon it will light up the whole sea in its direction - its light will be glancing across the top of it. Now, if you are actually in the town of Ilulissat you can't see the horizon to the south because of a 114m hill in the way, so let's assume you climb the hill or move a few kilometres to get a better view. From there you have a view across the SEA to the horizon formed by the SEA to the south south west, and a view across distant mountains due south which are NOT covered by glaciers. Check it out on the map.

    The hypothesis that this could be due to melting of glaciers which are not even in the line of sight is either rank ignorance or an outright lie. Solar 'noon' when the sun is at its highest and crosses the meridian is at around 12.33pm local time. Now, at its highest point on January 11 the sun is 0.4 degrees below the ideal horizon (assuming a perfect line of sight to a perfect horizon).

    The diameter of the sun subtends 0.53 degrees in the sky, so on January 11 it was nearly a whole sun's diameter below an ideal horizon. There is no way that a 'change in the horizon' is possible below the ideal horizon (formed by dead flat land or sea), so that is not an explanation at all, no matter what that silly scientist suggests. The inhabitants of Ilulissat certainly did NOT see the sun above any horizon on January 11, so the report is nonsense. Find a proper explanation such as refraction rather than repeating silly claims manufactured by climate change fanatics.

    Posted by Kevin McGrane at 3:48pm on January 14, 2011
    I would suggest that McGrane was using the "official" astronomical predictions for the position of the Sun that seem to be wrong. To believe the "official" explanations for this anomaly means that we have to discount the opinion of Greenlanders who traditionally welcome the Sun. Older Greenlanders have seen the same phenomenon all their lives, but all of a sudden, we are not supposed to believe what they say? The list is growing, Inuit, Candians, Norwegians and Greenlanders, querying the official 'anticipated' behaviour of the Sun.

    750 African Greys die on Durban flight
    News24, 13th January 2011
    Durban - More than 750 African Grey parrots worth about R2m died on a flight from Johannesburg to Durban. The news has caused shock waves among conservationists, bird breeders and those involved in the aviation industry. The parrots died on December 24 on a flight operated by 1time.

    Dr Steve Boyes, director of the organisation World Parrot Trust Africa, said steps should be taken to ensure that something like this never happens again. The parrots were part of an order of 1 650 adult African Greys which were caught in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to be sold to South African breeders. [...]

    According to Anya Potgieter, spokesperson for 1time, the airline then decided it wouldn't transport more than four living animals per crate any longer, and exotic animals will only be transported if arrangements are made ahead of time.

    According to The Witness she ruled out that the birds might have died from carbon dioxide inhalation, as the birds were travelling in a hold with an oxygen supply. The airline denies that something could have happened on the plane to cause the tragedy.

    A small dog travelling in the same cargo hold was perfectly healthy upon arrival. Saltz, however, said parrots from the same group in two crates which were transported by another airline were healthy. According to him there are indications that a lack of oxygen or dangerous gases could have caused the deaths of the birds.

    This has been reported late, but it fits in with the timeline of the recent spate of bird deaths and fish die-offs. According to the UK Telegraph, which quotes the November 2010 Lloyds of London Space Weather, Its impact on Earth & Implications for business, written by Professor Mike Hapgood of RAL Space. We read:
    Airline frequent fliers are at greater risk of developing long term radiation poisoning from “solar space storms” or flare activity from the Sun, a new study warns.

    Researchers found passengers faced the “hazard” of space radiation, which created unhealthy levels of exposure while flying at “typical cruise altitudes” of 40,000 feet. Experts warned passengers could be subjected to increasing risk to cancer due to such radiation levels.

    Airline frequent fliers 'radiation poisoning risks' from space 'solar flare' storm activity
    The Telegraph, 5th November 2010
    IF this was caused by space radiation, then it explains why the birds died and not the dog as they are smaller and much more sensitive, as their oxygen supply might have been ionised enough to have kill them off. This might explain why the ariline has decided it wouldn't transport more than four living animals per crate any longer.

    Just a thought, the tip of Africa happens to be in the region of the weakest part of Earth's magnetic field - The South Atlantic Anomaly that is "poorly protected" from space radiation. Related news:

    300 Dead Birds Fall From Sky In Alabama (VIDEO)
    Huffington Post, 13th January 2011

    Those who build on flood plains...
    Sydney Morning Herald, 13th January 2011
    There's nothing new about the Brisbane “flood map” – it existed before the 1974 flood but only came to light in that tragedy's aftermath as evidence of town planning gone hopelessly wrong.

    Back in '74 the partial excuse offered for dumb government was that such a deluge was rated a “one in 100-year” event. So, presumably, it was OK to lose a few lives and vast amounts of personal belongings once a century.

    Some 37 years later, there's less excuse. A new dam or not, the lesson of 1974 was obvious: parts of Brisbane were not suitable for housing, or at least not suitable for modern box-on-a-cement-slab housing. Air circulation and the opportunity to “brick in” decades down the track weren't the only reason the typical old Queensland home was built on high stumps. The freakish flash flooding of areas not previously flood-prone is one matter, but the majority of the Brisbane flooding is not freakish.

    This is quite sad. Piers Corbyn talks about The Eclipse Cycle occuring ever 19 years, and he highlights 1916, 1954, 1973, 1992, 2011 coinciding with peaks or severe flooding in SE Queensland. In his latest video, Corbyn does explain what happened in 1935 when it seems they were spared... Hence, due to the historical facts, it is not surprising that this commentator has been quite harsh.

    Toowoomba drowns (Videos)
    Herald Sun, 11th January 2011

    Piers Corbyn The Jet & Gulf Stream dynamics
    YouTube, 7th January 2011

    Piers Corbyn Queensland Floods Eclipses and Solar Flares
    YouTube, 7th January 2011

    Alarming report on Brisbane River risks covered up
    The Australian, 13th January 2011
    A SECRET report by scientific and engineering experts warned of significantly greater risks of vast destruction from Brisbane River flooding - and raised grave concerns with the Queensland government and the city's council a decade ago. [...] The study highlighted how the council had permitted the development of thousands of properties whose owners were led to believe they would be out of harm's way in a flood on the scale of 1974.
    Well, history is repeating itself in many ways...

    Giant Icicle 'Rods' Fall From Sky - Mississippi [US]
    Falling Ice From TV Tower Wreaks Havoc
    WCTV News, 12th January 2011
    Mother Nature had the employees of one Mississippi Television station in her sights this week. The weather warmed up just enough for the giant icicles on the station's tower to start falling. Click here to find out more!

    Workers had to sprint through the parking lot to save their vehicles.. and themselves. Definitely a dangerous workday for the employees at CBS affiliate, WJTV in Jackson, Mississippi. Workers had to dodge the giant spikes of ice as they raced to move their vehicles from the parking lot.

    Yes, I changed the headline. I am struggling with the explanation that this was ice falling off a TV station's tower. Why would the ice fall off in giant rods, not the usual daggers? Watch the video, it is fortunate that nobody was killed. This makes the giant hailstone scene in the movie The Day After Tomorrow look pathetic... More related news:

    Heavy fines for snow and ice on roofs
    "Radio Sweden, 12th January 2011
    Swedish police say they will ruthlessly enforce regulations governing house owners who do not clear dangerous icicles and snow from their roofs. They promise to slap an $18,000 fine on those who do not comply."

    Early sunrise upsets Greenlanders
    Kurier News, 12th January 2011
    Translation: Beyond the Arctic Circle, can find the time needed for day and night depending on latitude up to half a year, the sunrise is something very special - even more so when the always joyfully anticipated event is just around two days early is taking place.

    According to the KNR Radio Greenland, the sun was in West Greenland Ilulissat on Tuesday (11.1.) at exactly 12:56:57 Clock. Normally the sun goes there until 13 January for the first time after the polar night again. Inhabitants of the third-largest city with 4,500 inhabitants of Greenland, made because of the early sun appeared worried.

    "Here in the place the sun comes up until 13 January. There will not be the right one or the other," quoted the Greenlandic radio KNR Holger Sivertsen, a 74-year-old local, in a report on his website. Scientists rule out that the observation could have geophysical or astronomical reasons.

    "In the constellation of the stars has not changed, "said Wolfgang Lenhardt, head of the geophysics department at the Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG) on the high tower. "Since even an outcry would have gone around the world." The data of Earth's axis and Earth's rotation in question were constantly and meticulously monitored.

    Thomas Posch from the Institute for Astronomy at the University of Vienna completed astronomical reasons for the premature end of the polar night also made. He suggests that the observation is due to a change in the local horizon. An accelerated by the melting of the Greenland ice sheet-related lower horizon earlier than previously allowed a glimpse of the sun appears, as "by far the most obvious"explanation. According to Lenhardt it could possibly also to an atmospheric phenomenon - act - for example by ice crystals caused a mirage. Source here

    I have used another source because the Google translation is not great but the fact that this was registered on the Hungarian RSOE Emergency and Disaster Information Service website is also interesting... So, we have more media chatter, this time articles are circulating in the Austrian press about the early appearance of the Sun in Greenland. What is interesting is that we have the observations of people who are particularly interested, as this is celebrated after months of complete winter darkness, a tradition of people who live in the Artic regions. The comment about an uproar around the planet because something strange is happening is just plain funny. Most people have no interest in rocking the boat, unless they feel threatened in some way... Anyway, we have another expert claiming that the people are seeing a mirage and an optical illusion, but if that is the case what would be the point of publishing an expected arrival time of the Sun if it would be invalidated by atmospheric effects? This must be considered alongside the other recent media reports from Canada and Norway, where locals have been querying the expected and actual solstice times and the early arrival of the Sun from the winter darkness.

    NASA's Fermi Catches Thunderstorms Hurling Antimatter into Space (Video)
    NASA Science News, 10th January 2011
    Scientists using NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope have detected beams of antimatter produced above thunderstorms on Earth, a phenomenon never seen before.

    Scientists think the antimatter particles were formed in a terrestrial gamma-ray flash (TGF), a brief burst produced inside thunderstorms and shown to be associated with lightning. It is estimated that about 500 TGFs occur daily worldwide, but most go undetected.

    "These signals are the first direct evidence that thunderstorms make antimatter particle beams," said Michael Briggs, a member of Fermi's Gamma-ray Burst Monitor (GBM) team at the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH). He presented the findings Monday, during a news briefing at the American Astronomical Society meeting in Seattle. [...]

    Scientists long have suspected TGFs arise from the strong electric fields near the tops of thunderstorms. Under the right conditions, they say, the field becomes strong enough that it drives an upward avalanche of electrons. Reaching speeds nearly as fast as light, the high-energy electrons give off gamma rays when they're deflected by air molecules. Normally, these gamma rays are detected as a TGF.

    But the cascading electrons produce so many gamma rays that they blast electrons and positrons clear out of the atmosphere. This happens when the gamma-ray energy transforms into a pair of particles: an electron and a positron. It's these particles that reach Fermi's orbit.

    Please note: the author of this article wants you to think that these anti-matter beams are all going out to space, which was exactly what happened when they first reported TGFs. It was only years later, that some scientists decided to report that airline passengers could be get sick by being hit by these extreme energies, see previous news.

    Lightning-Storm Gamma Rays Could Harm Air Travelers
    Wired Science, 15th December 2008
    "Everywhere we look, we're seeing x-rays and gamma rays flying out of thunderstorms and lightning," said Joseph Dwyer, a physicist at the Florida Institute of Technology and lead author of the study. "

    The gamma rays coming out of thunderstorms are so intense we can measure these 600 kilometers away and so bright that it almost blinds the spacecraft. Finding particles flying around at what physicsts call "ultrarelativistic speeds,," i.e. very close to the speed of light, came as a shocker to physicists.

    Gamma rays had previously been associated with only the most extreme environments in the universe, like supernovae. Now, scientists believe that about 50 terrestrial gamma ray flashes occur per day on Earth. It turns out that these highly-energetic particles can be created by thunderstorms at altitudes that airplanes regularly fly. While planes generally avoid thunderclouds, sometimes they get surprised or can’t avoid them. And it’s those situations that worry Dwyer.

    "We just don’t know enough. The consequences are bad enough that people could potentially get hurt from this," he said. "This is a call for more research. We really need to find out where we are and how big these things are. Could people be hit by these things and get sick? And how would you know?"

    Now, they are reporting up to 500 TGFs a day... that's some escalation in about 2 years... Well, the metaphysical solution is to build up the human energy field to act as a plasma shield, but so far there has not been a a great deal of interest, so we are waiting for those with pacemakers to drop dead before people will pay attention to what is happening to our environment. Apparently, birds dropping dead all over the planet and millions of fish dying is not enough to cause any alarm....

    "Fireworks" - Are You Kidding Me?
    SOTT News, 7th January 2011
    Since the highly published occurrence of 3,000 to 5,000 blackbirds falling to their death on January 1st 2011, more bird and fish mass suicides have occurred. Just yesterday, a new report telling of millions of dead fish surfaced in Maryland's Chesapeake Bay. [...]

    You might have noticed I used the words "mass suicide". I used this term to reflect the official explanations for most of these events. The Texas massacre was said to be "birds flying into cars". The Louisiana deaths were caused by "hitting power lines or cars". The Sweden incident "was caused by difficulty finding food". And of course the Arkansas suicidal occurrence was caused by "fireworks and they flew into homes and cars". [...]

    The above explanations is not conjecture or satire, it is factual "official statements" presented by area authorities such as the Parks and Wildlife Department. I would suggest there could only be two reasonable answers to the recent string of bird and fish deaths

    1) Man-made. This is to say some sort of new military weaponry which emits a form of geo-magnetic pulse. If so, the next question would be ... was it intentional or unintentional? Either way, this is one scary scenario. Either they don't know what the hell they're doing -or- they don't have our best interest in mind. Of the two, I would hope for "idiots-at-work."

    The second two answer is no less frightening. 2) The deaths were caused by a "natural occurrence". This is to say it was caused by a geo-magnetic flux from the Sun, and its possible chain-reaction with the Earth's core.

    This is a SOTT copy because this news is probably only meant for subscribers. Mitch Battros from Earth Changes Media is only stating his disbelief that Americans are all supposed to be so dumbed down, as to believe the explanation of fireworks at New Year startingly birds so that they die of shock, even as reports continue to roll in of more dead birds from all over the world 7 days later. No doubt, the cold weather may be responsible for killing many sea creatures, but we have had many reports that indicate that more and more creatures are becoming very disorientated whilst trying to navigate using the Earth's magnetic field. We know about the decline of the honey bees but there has been suggestion by credible sources that the bees may also be effected by geomagnetic storms but this theory has had very little interest. Yet, all these reports are occuring at the same time that many different official sources are telling us about the dire state of Earth's magnetic shielding (magnetosphere) that now has permanent holes, at the same time as the Earth's magnetic poles are moving at an accelerating rate which indicates the start of a geomagnetic flip or a more minor geomagnetic excursion. We have websites that allow us to watch online as Earth's magnetosphere is being hammered by blasts from the sun and deep space where no official explanations are forthcoming, but there is no doubt that the ACE satellite is picking up these blasts that indicate extreme Space Weather events. Basically, we have a smoking gun that Earth's magnetic field is in dramatic decline and my personal interest has always been what happens when there is not enough protection and cosmic radiation starts to pour into Earth's atmosphere? Do you want to know more about Extreme Space Weather? Visit the Joyfire Tour Extreme Space Weather

    Mystery deepens: Radar captures mysterious turbulence over Beebe, Ark. as doomed birds take flight
    News Net 5 ABC, 7th January 2011

    In this 3D Spectrum Width image, flying birds can clearly be seen at the bottom of the image. But, what's the mysterious turbulence above them?
    [...] We are reasonably certain that these strange radar "plumes" are birds. So, what made them fall from the sky? The first reports of dead birds came in to Beebe authorities right around 11:30pm on New Years Eve. The first bird flights that appeared on radar took place just after 9pm. No bird deaths from those first take-offs.

    Our first clue may be found on on the second image posted here. This is an image of "spectrum width" or "turbulence" taken at 10:21 pm on December 31, 2010. Spectrum width is a measure of the differences in object speeds within each pixel on the radar. In other words, as birds dart back and forth in different directions from each other, radar would show a high Spectrum Width in that area. In the second 3D doppler image, the orange and red areas are areas where the birds are taking flight in the air, moving at variables speeds, and directions near each other. Black birds don't like to fly very high. The flying flock is located below 2,500 hundred feet in the image. But, now notice the orange bullseye of turbulence just above the main flock between about 7,000 and 12,000 feet. this is the only image that contains this "plume" so high up in the atmosphere.

    It seems that my analysis could be substantiated by radar data, very interesting...

    Weather radar shows something unusual around time birds fell
    Today's THV, 6th December 2010

    NEXRAD Doppler Radar image from Little Rock, Arkansas @ 10:26pm on December 29, shows the thousands of redwinged blackbirds taking flight in the nearby town of Beebe. At @ 10:30pm CST, the radar "plume" (shown above) expands and weakens over Beebe, Arkansas. The birds appear to be dispersing or settling back down to roost. link

    "NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- A weather radar screen doesn't just show the weather, apparently. The National Weather Service in North Little Rock examined a speck on the radar that showed up around the same time hundreds of birds fell out of the sky from alleged trauma on New Year's Eve.

    Today's THV reporter Lauren Clark talked to Science and Operations Officer Chris Buonanno at the NWS who says that the speck on the picture is definitely not precipitation.

    "There are some indications that we're picking up a non-precipitation target. It has some similarities to say, like a collection of birds."

    The spot on the radar is estimated to be between 1,300 and 1,400 feet in the air and Buonanno points out it doesn't move like a cloud or rainstorm would."

    Here weather radar reveals a pulsating energy source over Beebe, Arkansas, that the meteorologist cannot conclusively identify, but he thinks it might have been the birds but he does not distinguish the fact there is another feature at a much higher altitude. Certainly, this is NOT fireworks!

    Blind Cat Whiskers, 5th January 2011
    "They say that "plume" on the radar was supposed to be birds, right? Well guess how big that flock of birds was? Keep in mind, this is just a snapshot of the video - the plume actually got larger, so it was at least 9.4 miles across. So tell me, are we supposed to believe that there was a red-winged blackbird flock 10 miles across!!?? UPDATE: The center of the green spot from what appears to be the plume's origin is here: Google Maps 91.889w 35.046n The spot on the radar is estimated to be between 1,300 and 1,400 feet in the air and Buonanno points out it doesn't move like a cloud or rainstorm would.

    Bird Kill over Beebe, Arkansas … Advanced Bird Radar Video Provides Unique Insight (Video)
    Bird Radar Blog, 7th January 2011
    [...] Following the national news stories about the unusual bird kill in Arkansas on New Years Eve, DeTect’s scientists extracted archived radar information from AHAS to determine if the Beebe bird activity as described by local observers was evident in the data. The data (see video below) revealed several interesting facts about this event.

    First, the blackbird roost near Beebe, Arkansas, was active the day before the event (Dec 30, 2010), with a characteristic roost “ring” leaving the area near sunrise. Birds returning to the roost in the evening often arrive by hopping from tree to tree or power line to power line and are often below the radar beam or in the ground clutter. Birds leaving roosts however, often get higher in the air and leave a characteristic “bloom” signature.

    The radar data show an interesting “bloom” near Beebe at around 10:20 PM on December 31st. It is very unusual for blackbird species to leave a roost at night even when harassed intentionally by loud noise, pyrotechnics, or even fireworks. It is even more unusual that these birds would continue to stay in the air above the roost area for several hours after they first took flight. Again, the radar data show significant activity in the area for over 6 hours. During this time there is no evidence of significant precipitation near the roost. It is also unlikely that anyone in Beebe, Arkansas, had stockpiled enough fireworks to continue a significant show lasting through the night and into the early morning hours.

    This is a company that provides specialist radar to track birds and they are providing independent proof that the birds behaviour was completely abnormal for an extended amount of time.

    The Movie - 'The Core'. A Warning?

    Movie: The Core Trailer [2:20]
    YouTube, May 22, 2007

    Movie: The Core Bird Scene [5:01]
    YouTube, Jan 8, 2011

    Yes, this scene is over the top, but pay attention to the scene when the 'thinking' scientist starts to ask his colleagues to look for all the 'weird' news about other bizarre bird migrations, dophin and whale beachings, unexplaned atmospheric phenomena, unexplained plane crashes etc. I suggest if you are new to this blog, you can see that I have been collecting lots of 'weird' news, plus Space Weather & Electromagnetic Chaos that includes the 'official' explanations from respected scientific organisations for nearly four years.

    The Movie -The Core Part 1/9
    If you don't have time, the beginning of the film (Part 1- 2) explains the problem of the Earth's magnetic field in dramatic decline. The film The Core was released in 2003 and panned by film critics. However, since this time, many events relating to the weakening Earth's magnetic field have been happening over and over again. In part 2 we have the dramatic portrayal of a shuttle re-entry going wrong with 3 astronauts on board and they are forced to land on an empty motorway, but in real life, in April 2008, a Russian manned space capsule returned to Earth nearly 300 miles off course and the incident was described as a "ballistic" reentry. In Part 3 we have the auroras and talk of high altitude static discharge, but in real life, in August 2010, we had daylight auroras over Tromsø, Northern Norway, which is even more sensational and the incredible Norwegian spiral in December 2009, which according to plasma physicists, was a high energy plasma event. So, despite all the negativity about this film, if someone made a documentary with all the hundreds of strange atmospheric, geophysical and electronic anomalies that have happened in the last 4 years, it would be far more scary. That is a fact, read my blog! Meanwhile, very few have been paying attention or are even interested, as the signs tell us that some serious evolutionary change is ahead. The demo at Part III [5:10] is really OTT but it gets the point across... LOL! More seriously, world experts tell us straight they don't understand how the Earth's magnetic field is created they can ony propose ideas that they generally agree on, whereas other ideas are dismissed as not fashionable, but the Earth's outer core is under high pressure and temperatue and would most likely be a ball of plasma like our Sun. Researchers who have made this suggestion over the decades have been ignored, but as those who have studied the history of science will know, that means nothing. According to world respected plasma physicist Anthony Peratt, Earth’s core is a magnetohydrodynamic magma (magnetized plasma), so these early pioneers who proved their beliefs with early experiments are most likely correct. This explanation helps us to see the significance of Earth's magnetic field weakening under the bombardment of plasma discharges from deep space in the form of the severe magnetar blasts. With accompanying dark matter, that we have no idea what it is programmed to do, we can only watch what is happening and come to some realistic conclusions.

    Mystery of mass animal death epidemic deepens after 8,000 turtle doves fall dead in Italy with strange blue stain on their beaks
    Daily Mail, 7th January 2011
    "Blue stain believed to be sign of poisoning or hypoxia - lack of oxygen that is precursor to altitude sickness [...] Initial tests on up to 8,000 of the doves indicated that the blue stain could have been caused by poisoning or hypoxia. Hypoxia, a lack of oxygen, is known to cause confusion and illness in animals. It is also a common precursor to altitude sickness. Experts said results from tests on the doves will not be available for at least a week. They said that cold weather could have caused the birds' deaths as the flock was swept into a high-altitude wind storm before falling to the earth."

    One theory is that the birds flew into a pocket of air deprived of oxygen -- caused by Space Weather ionising a localised region of the atmosphere -- the result is the birds went unconscious and hit the ground before they could recover. This is interesting because as we already know, sudden atmospheric events are bringing dust particles that are ususally held very high in the atmosphere down to virtually ground level, providing the occasional unusual optical illusions, reported as the beams of light and 'notes' hanging in the air. This means that the birds do not have to be flying at high altitude to find themselves in a bubble of oxygen deprived air. The oxygen deprivation in the water is a well known excuse for massive fish kills and the same explanation can also be applied. Please note, there are now many reports of strange beams of light, and the official explanation of "Killer electrons" that will be ionising air as they hit the Earth's atmosphere. So, whilst we have been having individual events happening for quite some time, maybe the Earth's atmosphere is not providing much shielding and is acting more like a sieve, hence multiple events are occuring and effecting more and more sensitive creatures. Note: all the articles telling us it's normal that dead birds are dropping dead all over the planet. The question is: since when have hundreds and thousands of birds continuing to drop dead all over the planet been considered normal?

    Quebec Bird Deaths Stump Wildlife Officials [Canada]
    Toronto Sun, 7th January 2011
    "MONTREAL — More than 80 pigeons have keeled over and died at a farm near Quebec City for unknown reasons, the latest in a string of mysterious animal deaths around the world. Environmental officials in the province say there’s no connection to a similar case in Arkansas, but Sylvain Turmel is wondering why he’s been picking up dead pigeons for more than two weeks on his farm in Saint-Augustine-de-Desmaures. [...] He said wildlife officials took seven of the dead birds for analysis and told him not to speak with the media. Still, the feisty landowner called a local radio station to recount the incident. “There’s something going on,” he said. “This is not normal."

    Mystery as thousands of birds fall from sky [Australia]
    The Australian, 10th January 2011
    On Monday, Esperance, 725km southeast of Perth, was declared a natural disaster zone. THOUSANDS of birds have fallen from the skies over Esperance and no one knows why. Is it an illness, toxins or a natural phenomenon? A string of autopsies in Perth have shed no light on the mystery. [...] District nature conservation co-ordinator Mike Fitzgerald said the first reports of birds dropping dead in people's yards came in three weeks ago. More than 500 deaths had since been notified. But the calls stopped suddenly last week, reportedly because no birds were left. "It's very substantial. We estimate several thousand birds are dead, although we don't have a clear number because of the large areas of bushland," Mr Fitzgerald said. Birds Australia, the nation's main bird conservation group, said it had not heard of a similar occurrence. "Not on that scale, and all at the same time, and also the fact that it's several different species," chief executive Graeme Hamilton said. "You'd have to call that a most unusual event and one that we'd all have to be concerned about."

    It seems that in some locations, bird falls have been ongoing for three weeks. Since, the blogosphere is now on red alert, we should soon have a more accurate assessment of what is going on.

    Video: Dozens of dead starlings in Constanta, Romania [1:06], 8th January 2010
    "There is panic in a district of Constanta. Residents have found dozens of dead birds in the streets. People are scared, because of the recent number of similiar events around the world, that experts cannot fathom."

    Thunder storm radiation amazes physicists
    Physics World, 7th January 2011
    The radiation produced during a lightning storm is more energetic and potentially threatening to aircraft than previously thought, claim researchers in Italy. Studying this radiation in closer detail could help scientists to probe some of the big unanswered questions in the study of thunder storms, such as how lightning is triggered in clouds. Scientists have known for a long time that the large electric fields and currents produced during thunder storms can also generate X-rays and gamma rays in the vicinity of clouds. But in the early 1990s a rare type of lightning event was discovered that can produce extremely bright, energetic gamma rays – known as terrestrial gamma ray flashes. So far, however, it has been difficult to determine specific details about this phenomenon such where the radiation originates from and its energy range. [...]

    The AGILE team led by Marco Tavani gathered data collected from 130 terrestrial gamma ray flash events occurring in the past two and a half years. Reporting its findings in Physical Review Letters, Tavini's team noted radiation emerging in all directions from the upper atmosphere, covering a wide range of energies. In some cases gamma rays were up to 100 MeV – more than twice as energetic as previous measurements.

    "100 MeV is absolutely amazing considering that these things are made deep in our atmosphere by thunderstorms," says Joseph Dwyer, a lightning physicist at the Florida Institute of Technology, who was not involved in this research. "For comparison, 100 MeV is even impressive coming from big explosions on the Sun."

    Click image icon for large version. I decided that this report deserved it's own entry, as it reminds us that airline passengers are now playing Russian roulette. Please note we are told that the radiation is flying in all directions and so we have to conclude this is the same for the electrons and the suggested anti-matter beams too, see article below. Therefore, after four years of doing this blog and six years of intense research, I don't need anymore verification that I understood clearly that our world was becoming a high energy and highly charged electromagnetic environment. More:

    Chance of thunder—and gamma-ray flashes
    Physics, 3rd January 2011

    Blackbirds fall from sky, fish die off: What's a conspiracy theorist to think?
    Absent a final explanation, wild theories abound concerning reasons Arkansans' saw blackbirds fall from sky and fish die off en masse. The event revives superstitions about birds as omens.
    CS Monitor, 4th January 2011
    [...] The main worry was that the birds, like the proverbial canary in the coal mine, were an indicator of a toxic threat – a possibility that has largely been ruled out. Yet the event spooked residents near and far as, in the absence of a final explanation, imaginations are running wild. People have tried to link the bird die-off – which is certainly unusual, though not unprecedented – to everything from a sign of biblical end times to chemical conspiracies, shifts in the Earth's magnetic core, and even proof of UFOs.

    Top 10 weirdest stories of 2010: In Beebe, City Councilor Becky Short told The New York Times that residents were jokingly theorizing about biblical end times or a UFO collision to explain the unsettling deluge of birds.

    Others took it more seriously. "[T]his strange occurrence can't help but lead this Christian writer to remember the beginning of that 1988 movie 'The Seventh Sign,' wherein signs of the apocalypse – as outlined in the Book of Revelation – seem to be coming true," writes the's Paula Mooney.

    Maybe we have got to some kind of tipping point, as many people can no longer tolerate the abundance of weirdness occuring in our environment. Whatever, it's still hard to believe that people are actually talking about a UFO crashing into the birds, despite their trauma, and it is much more likely the birds became disorientated by a disturbed geomagnetic field, lost the sense of where they were and hit the ground with a thump. See below:

    Falling birds likely died from massive trauma
    CNN News, 4th January 2011
    "Keith Stephens, a spokesman for the commission, said the birds showed evidence of trauma in the breast tissue, with blood clots in the body cavity and a lot of internal bleeding. All major organs were normal."

    Swedish birds 'scared to death': veterinarian
    The Local, 5th January 2011
    A county veterinarian has speculated that the birds that fell from the sky in central Sweden on Tuesday may have been frightened by fireworks, then run over by a car after landing on the road in the dark. [...] According to Sveriges Radio Skaraborg, these are between 50 and 100 dead birds. Anders Wirdheim of the Swedish Ornithological Society (Sveriges ornitologiska förening, SOF) believes the jackdaws likely were frightened in the middle of the night, then flew around in the dark and collided with various objects. "Jackdaws spend the night in trees in large flocks. If they are frightened, hundreds of birds could take flight at once," he told TT. Wirdheim noted that the affected bird species in the US are also those who spend the night in large flocks. He added that the birds' situation may have aggravated because they are weakened.

    It's the Aflockalypse: More mass animal deaths see thousands of fish found floating in Florida and 200 birds dead on Texas bridge
    Daily Mail, 6th January 2011
    There are complaints that the Daily Mail is picking up informaiton from the blogosphere, but quite frankly, I would rather link to the Daily Mail than for people to endure the nastiness, name calling, and the totally stupidity on certain discussion websites. Many people don't have the time to sift through that rubbish to find the gems of information that seem to always appear first in the blogosphere.

    Faenza Italy: The Rain of Death Turns Blue - Thousands of Doves Dying
    SOTT News, 5th January 2011
    The initial reports were just a few hundred...

    Dead Birds in China: Birds continue to fall around the poles may be a precursor to conversion
    SOTT News, 5th January 2011

    Shift of Earth's magnetic north pole impacts Tampa airport
    The Tampa Tribune, 5th January 2011
    TAMPA - Scientists say the magnetic north pole is moving toward Russia and the fallout has reached -- of all places -- Tampa International Airport. The airport has closed its primary runway until Jan. 13 to repaint the numeric designators at each end and change taxiway signage to account for the shift in location of the Earth's magnetic north.

    The closure of the west parallel runway will result in more activity on the east parallel runway and more noise for residential areas of south Tampa. The busiest runway will be re-designated 19R/1L on aviation charts. It's been 18R/36L, indicating its alignment along the 180-degree approach from the north and the 360-degree approach from the south.

    Later this month, the airport's east parallel runway and the seldom used east-west runway will be closed to change signage to their new designations. The Federal Aviation Administration required the runway designation change to account for what a National Geographic News report described as a gradual shift of the Earth's magnetic pole at nearly 40 miles a year toward Russia because of magnetic changes in the core of the planet.

    I am surprised to see that this has hit the press. Presumably, this kind of maintenance is done quite often these days, as we know the North Pole 'wander' is accelerating into Siberia. Well, there are a lot of people checking their compasses and a lot of disquiet, maybe the frequent magnetar blasts are now quickly degrading Earth's magnetic field? My efforts to warn people that energy field shielding is necessary, is looking more and more realistic, as obviously, the cosmic radiation levels on Earth will increase as the Earth's magnetic field continues to morph and decline.

    Runway rename as North Pole moves
    BBC News, 6 July 2009
    "Stansted Airport in Essex has renamed its 3,000m (9,750ft) runway because the position of the Earth's magnetic North Pole has moved. The runway was known by pilots and air traffic controllers as 23/05 because of its location and compass heading."
    Runway changes are now common but besides repainting, there are other things to do likle changing runway designators, new approach charts, departure charts, instrument certifications and such. Here is a nice pic of a runway upgrade in process. Info source.

    Hundreds of dead blackbirds found near New Roads - Louisiana [US]
    WBRZ News, 3rd January 2011
    LABARRE, La. - Around 500 dead blackbirds and starlings have been found in Pointe Coupee Parish, according to state wildlife officials.

    The birds were spotted lying in roads and ditches near Labarre Elementary School. The community is between Morganza and New Roads on Highway 10. Scientists from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries have been sent out to collect samples, which will be sent for testing to the University of Georgia and National Wildlife Center in Wisconsin.

    It's now spreading... 3 US states, (there are more rumours of a few falls around the world, but I am seeking verification first before posting links) see below;

    Woman reports dozens of dead birds in her yard - Kentucky [US]
    WPSD 6 Local, 3rd January 2011
    "GILBERTSVILLE, Ky. — Near her car, a dead bird. A quick walk to her mailbox, another. Scattered across her front yard, a local woman discovered dozens of dead birds."

    What's Killing Arkansas' Fish and Birds? Tests Underway to Determine Why Birds Tumbled From Sky, Fish Floated Dead
    ABC News, 3rd January 2011
    Thunder and lightning is being blamed for the death of thousands of blackbirds who rained down out of the Arkansas sky on New Year's Eve. "There were multiple thunderstorms that night and for several days that week," said Dr. George Badley, state veterinarian for the Arkansas Livestock and Poultry Commission. "Red-winged blackbirds fly in large groups and if they got pulled into a thunderstorm, likely lightning struck them. That would be my best guess."

    Officials sent some of the carcasses of the red-winged blackbirds to Badley's Arkansas laboratory. The rest of the birds to be tested were taken to laboratories in Georgia and Wisconsin. "Almost every one of them...had multiple internal hemorrhages which would mean that it was trauma, not a disease process. Their stomachs were empty, which would rule out toxicity from eating some kind of poison grain," Badley said. [...]

    100,000 Drum Fish Dead Along Arkansas River A freakish weather week in Arkansas that included tornadoes and heavy thunderstorms ended this weekend with not only the mysterious death of thousands of birds, but also the death of hundreds of thousands of drum fish. [...] Estimates put the number of dead drum fish at 100,000. Officials from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission said the fish kill and mysterious bird deaths are unrelated. [...]

    Goodwin has not seen the fish yet but thinks environmental influences could have played a big role in their deaths. "My first impression was given that it's only one species and that it happened very suddenly, it has something to do with a strong environmental influence and probably not anything related to toxins," Goodwin said. "The thing that is likely to impact them is rapid temperature changes, we have had some very cold weather and very warm weather."

    These days saying the birds were killed by thunder and lightning is not an innocent explanation. Atmospheric scientists are telling us that thunderstorms are generating x-rays, gamma-rays which are basically just extreme x-rays and high-energy electrons that can be detected by satellite and at ground level. Scientists are not even sure if they are actually related to thunderstorms but speculate that if they are, energy could propagate upwards to effect planes, but what about energy propagting downwards? Here are some links, old and new that explains the extreme electromagnetic conditions in our skies.

    Lightning-Produced Radiation a Potential Health Concern for Air Travelers
    Science Daily, 12th December 2009

    Are TGFs Hazardous to Air Travelers?
    NASA News, 10th February 2010

    Lightning Captured by X-Ray Camera—A First
    Giant camera stops the action at one-sixth the speed of light.
    National Geographic News, 23rd December 2010
    "The first x-ray images of a lightning strike have been captured by a, well, lightning-fast camera, scientists say. The pictures suggest a lightning bolt carries all its x-ray radiation in its tip."

    On Assignment: 1,000 birds fall from the sky in Beebe, 1st January 2011
    Friday night, ringing in the New Year took on a whole different meaning for the citizens of Beebe. Around 11:30 p.m., enforcement officers with Arkansas Game and Fish Commission began getting reports of dead black birds falling from the sky in the city limits of Beebe.

    BEEBE, Ark.-- Friday night, ringing in the New Year took on a whole different meaning for the citizens of Beebe. Around 11:30 p.m., enforcement officers with Arkansas Game and Fish Commission began getting reports of dead black birds falling from the sky in the city limits of Beebe.

    Officers estimated that over 1,000 birds had fallen out of the sky over the city before midnight. Most of the birds were dead, but some were still alive when officers arrived. The blackbirds fell over a one-mile area in the city. AGFC wildlife officer Robby King responded to the reports and found hundreds of birds. "Shortly after I arrived there were still birds falling from the sky," King said. King collected about 65 dead birds that will be sent to the Arkansas Livestock and Poultry Commission lab and the National Wildlife Health Center lab in Madison, Wis. The AGFC has flown over the area

    At the beginning of the science fiction film The Core (see Movie: The Core Trailer [2:20] ) , it gives different scenarios like birds being confused and humans with pacemakers dropping dead that is interpreted as a sign that Earth's magnetic field is rapidly declining. Well, as we have been told from official sources, there are now permanent holes and frequent massive breaches in Earth's magnetosphere, at the same time as as we are being blasted from the sun and deep space. On the 1st Jan, it looks like the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF ) tipped south, creating another breach, but download the NICT movie yourself to check the details. Space Weather creates "Killer Electrons" that the ESA now admit fire into our atmosphere, that we must presume act like laser beams with particles that originate from the Van Allen Belts. NASA and the ESA have explained that Space Weather is accelerating, and it seems that the British are now so desperate that the UK Space Agency are inviting the public to help them predict space weather, which could mean that the current system set up to use ACE satellite data and presumably other recent satellites are not working to prevent satellite, radio and GPS communication failures. We do know there is now tremendous concern about severe space weather and the risk of national grid power failures due to anomalous electric currents crippling transformers and the UK Defence Secretary will be presenting a new report on this matter in Spring 2011 . In terms of bird strikes, there could also be lethal energies leaving Earth too. According to NASA there are strange plasma plumes that are effecting GPS signals and scientists are detecting by satellite ULFs & VLFs emissions that occur prior to earthquakes. I have written about the process that I have called The Planetary Refresh because the evidence is very strong that Earth is is experiencing a two way traffic of all sorts of different energies, hence the associated electromagnetic chaos. So far people are nonchalant, but for how much longer? More:

    Thousand of Dead Birds Fall From Sky in Arkansas
    New User, 2nd January 2011
    "The town of Beebe, Ark., is home to about 4,500 people—and about the same number of dead birds. State wildlife officials went door-to-door today to collect the creatures from rooftops, trees, and yards. Officials estimate that between 4,000 and 5,000 birds—mostly blackbirds—began tumbling from the sky late on New Year's Eve and into the day yesterday. Officials remain stumped."

    State commission says dead fish now cover 20-mile section of Arkansas River
    News 3 Channel, 1st January 2011
    "OZARK, Ark. (AP) — An Arkansas Game and Fish Commission spokesman says dead drum fish now cover a 20-mile section of the Arkansas River near Ozark. Seven teams from the state agency visited the affected portion of the river Friday. Commission spokesman Keith Stephens says an official estimate of how many fish have died is expected on Monday, but he tells the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that the number is likely in the hundreds of thousands."
    Well, this is probably related to the bird fall and strengthens the argument of both being related to low or ultra-low frequency emissions that might be a precursor to an earthquake. This must be very frightening for locals.

    National Wildlife Health Center: Recent Mortality Events Map
    A useful link

    Brace yourselves for a 'mini ice age': This winter set to be coldest in 300 YEARS
    Daily Mail, 30th December 2010
    If you thought last week was as cold as you could bear it, brace yourself. Forecasters say the worst is yet to come, and this winter could be the harshest since the Thames froze over more than three centuries ago.

    Temperatures for December are the coldest on record, with the average reading close to minus 1c – almost six degrees below normal.

    And with forecasters warning that this winter’s ‘mini ice age’ might last until mid-March, this winter could be the worst since 1683-84 when a fair was held on the Thames.

    I am wondering if the severe winter will focus some minds. Maverick weather forecasters got this right by focusing on the dynamics of the Sun, sunspots and the orbital relationships between Earth and Moon. Most people are narcissistic and think that the world revolves around humans. That is not true! The Earth and our solar system are part of a much bigger system and changes are occuring on a much larger scale, so major changes are already taking place on Earth. However, it is clear that preparations are taking place, the issue is for whose benefit? Here is the version at the UK Telegraph, minus all the nice pictures, Britain could be heading for coldest winter in 300 years

    Wave kills two in Atlantic
    Fierce wind and waves are being blamed for the death of two seafarers who sailed through a mid-Atlantic storm on Thursday.
    Trade Winds, 30th December 2010
    The 47-year-old captain and 33-year-old chief mechanic of Arcadia Shipmanagement’s 159,052-dwt Aegean Angel (built 2004) were killed and another crewman was seriously injured when a wave struck the vessel and slammed the trio against the ship's main deck, according to media reports.

    An unidentified spokesman for the Greek tanker owner told the Bloomberg news wire that the men were checking for storm damage caused by winds that were the sea-condition equivalent of eight on the Beaufort Scale.

    Now that there is a lot of discussion about possible orbital changes to the Moon and/or Earth in relation to the Sun the many mysterious 'freak' wave events appear to be more of a logical consequence.

    Tromsø: - Almost as if the sun is back
    Nyhetene, 27th December 2010
    "Tromsø have not seen the sun since 27 November. And so been dark in the north for several weeks yet, the sun showed itself for locals today. In Tromsø, we celebrate the sun day on the 21 January, but today it's almost like the sun is back already. It's wonderful, an experience, "said TV2 reporter in Tromsø Egil Pettersen."

    It looks like the Norwegians have noticed a big difference and the appearance of the Sun has arrived 3 weeks early at Tromsø. If you follow the links here, you will see the Norwegians have noted other discrepancies recently for the appearance of the Sun that are completely different to that predicted by astronomical calculations. So far, there has been very little interest in massive evolutionary change on this planet, but more and more people are concerned that they no longer understand what is going on with our Moon. This is at the same time that others are making some incredible claims that the Earth and Moon have shifted in their orbits, just as Keepers of Ancient Knowledge have predicted would be a consequence of the arrival of evolutionary energies. The changes on this planet are so massive that it's impossible for people to remain completely unaware. At this moment, we need more verification, but it looks like the orbital changes that were predicted as part of the massive evolutionary change caused by the arrival of Space Weather and evolutionary energies are well underway.

    Light shines in High Arctic darkness
    CBC news, 27th December 2010
    People in the High Arctic say their 24-hour darkness isn't as dark as it used to be, and a weather researcher says it's because of the warming climate.

    "We still have a daylight and there's still blue, green, red down there — there's sun sign still," said Zipporah Ootooq Aronsen, who lives in Resolute Bay, Nunavut. "It's not usually like that."

    People in Resolute Bay now sometimes see a distant island that in the past was only visible during daylight hours.

    "It never happened like that before," Aronsen said. "Now we can see it once in a while, when it's a clear day."

    There are now many voices claiming that something has changed and that the earth has tilted on her axis, probably associated with the tilt nutation. Most notably, the Inuit Indians are absoluely adamant that the relative positions of sun, moon and stars have changed in the sky with respect to their location. Hence, it is interesting that these Inuit beliefs are now creeping more often into the mainstream media and there is greater discussion in the blogosphere. Please see previous articles about the change in the Earth's tilt, Inuit beliefs and the Inuit film documentary info, at Best of the Blog Earth Changes Please note, that the Inuit state clearly that we are experiencing climate change but they believe this is caused by the Sun. Here are some older CBC News stories below.

    Northward-bound bugs studied
    CBC news, July 6th December 2010
    "Canadian researchers have scattered across the North this summer to study insects not normally found in the region, like wasps and hornets, and figure out how those bugs got to the Arctic in the first place. Biologist Donna Giberson of the University of Prince Edward Island has set up teams of graduate students in various northern communities to collect insects."

    Inuit seek answers to Arctic sun quirks
    CBC news, 7th March 2007
    "For the past several years, residents in the High Arctic have observed that the winter dark season is ending earlier than usual, with the sun coming up at a different place than what people are used to seeing. "The people [are] talking about earlier sunrise, more light in the dark season, instead of being more total darkness than before," Grise Fiord resident Larry Audlaluk said Thursday, adding that he has heard similar observations from people in other Far North communities. "There are notices of more daylight earlier, and the dark season is not the real dark season that we used to know."

    Why is the north magnetic pole racing toward Siberia?
    Scientific American, 24th December 2010
    [..] The north magnetic pole (NMP), also known as the dip pole, is the point on Earth where the planet's magnetic field points straight down into the ground. Scottish explorer James Clark Ross first located the NMP in 1831 on the Boothia Peninsula in what is now northern Canada, and with the planting of a flag claimed it for Great Britain.

    But the NMP drifts from year to year as geophysical processes within Earth change. For more than 150 years after Ross's measurement its movement was gradual, generally less than 15 kilometers per year. But then, in the 1990s, it picked up speed in a big way, bolting north–northwest into the Arctic Ocean at more than 55 kilometers per year. If it keeps going it could pass the geographic north pole in a decade or so and carry on toward Siberia. But why?

    There is too much about this article that glosses over what might actually be happening. The first obvious assumption is what is happening with these helical currents, especially when NASA are monitoring charged particles flowing in through the polar cusps, therefore, the driver of the Earth's magnetic field could be external rather than internal. The clue is the link with Space Weather, as we are told that the increase in the rate of polar wander has been increasing since the mid 1990s, but this is at the same time that NASA scientists and others have explained that the polar cusps have dramatically widened, especially in relation to Space Weather activity. Some of the consequences of Earth's connection with the Sun are explained here, Is the Earth an Electromagnetic Coil/Transformer?. Note the discussion about the Earth's salty ocean carrying electric currents. Interestingly, there was a recent update on the ESA SWARM project that will be also measuring the magnetic field associated with these ocean currents. This is explained in this Science Daily article: Are Changes In Earth's Main Magnetic Field Induced By Oceans' Circulation? Therefore, it seems that scientific opinion is shifting, as dramatic geophysical changes force scientists to reevaluate long held beliefs.

    Space Weather, 23rd December 2010
    Normally, the full Moon is bad news for Northern Lights; lunar glare overwhelms the delicate aurora borealis. The full Moon of Dec. 21st, however, was different. It slipped into the shadow of Earth for a lunar eclipse, reducing the glare and revealing hidden auroras:

    "Auroras were dancing in the northern sky throughout the eclipse," says photographer Yuichi Takasaka of Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories of Canada. In the snapshot, above, the Moon is circled, apparently not much brighter than surrounding stars. A video prepared by Takasaka shows how dramatically the sky darkened while the Moon was inside Earth's shadow. "What a night!"

    The video showing the aurora when the sky darkened is quite impressive, see Total Lunar Eclipse & Aurora (C203 -2204-2873) .

    Jet stream causing abnormal weather pattern
    The Weather Network, 18th December 2010
    An unusual bout of weather is sweeping over parts of northern Canada and Europe all thanks to the jet stream. The jet stream is helping to generate record breaking temperatures across parts of Canada's north and bringing cold conditions to countries in Europe.

    “A huge ridge in the jet is bringing warm weather to places like Nunavut,” explains Patrick Cool a meteorologist from The Weather Network. On Friday, Coral Harbour Airport recorded a record high of 3.3°C. The last time the mercury came close to this was in 1963 when the thermometer climbed to 1.7°C.

    Places like Kugaaruk Airport, Resolute Airport, Rowley Island and Shepherd Bay Island also climbed to new record highs.

    Newfoundland and Labrador are also feeling the effects of the ridge. Rocky Harbour was the hot spot across the country on Friday when the daytime high soared to 10.1°C. Badger (8.5°C) and Carwright (6°C) were among several communities that shattered temperature records.

    Please note: this was predicted by independent Weather forecasters, as explained below, but the severity appears to be affecting many parts of the planet.

    Ice and Snow Nightmare is back
    The Sun, 17th December 2010
    TRAVEL chaos returned to the UK today as the latest Big Freeze rolled in icing up roads and railways.

    A 17-year-old boy was killed when his car careered off the road as motorists were warned they face "possibly the worst driving conditions imaginable". The Met Office has issued severe weather warnings for nearly the whole of the country.

    Since I have lived in Norway and Switzerland for over 11 years, I am used to living in a countries that take snow seriously, and where people have snow ploughs, snow tyres and chains, but even so, being well prepared, things can still go wrong. I have always admired the hardiness of Norwegian people and if a Norwegian tells you conditions are rough, believe them. Apparently there were a hundred new cold records in November 2010. Anyway, the British people are not use to serious snow, and were not even warned there was a possibility of another bad winter but apparently, it is now the coldest December ever in Britain. I realise there has been a government backed agenda for reasons I have previously explained, but come on, TPTB have got this seriously wrong! Yet, climate scientists are still desperate to save face and tell us that this is just a blip and the planet is still warming, at the same time that in October, private weather forecasters stated that the same factors that provided a bad winter last year were still in play and as we now see, they have been proven right. Apparently, temperatures are even down in Australia and it's even snowing in the alps at the height of their summer. Climate Depot has a good roundup of the climate skeptic weather related news. Well, it's not all bad, even though the Swedish rail authorities admitted they were unprepared, which I am sure many will consider as a national disgrace, others have been taking advantage and the following video of Crazy Fighter Jet Sledging by the Swedish Air Force, has created quite an impression. Well, despite all the snow, the ice has taken first prize for novelty and there is incredible video of frozen waves in Newfoundland and a lighthouse transformed into a fairy castle after being encased in sparkling ice photos & video.

    Swarm satellite mission to try to sense ocean magnetism
    BBC News, 17th December 2010
    European scientists are going to try to measure the movement of the oceans by tracing their magnetism alone. The effort will be achieved using three super-sensitive spacecraft called Swarm, which should launch in 2012. The magnetic signal of the tides sweeping around the globe has been seen before, but the new mission would aim to observe far more detail. [...]

    Swarm's goal is to investigate all the components, but pulling out the small part produced by ocean movement will probably be its greatest challenge, concedes Dr Mark Drinkwater from Esa's Earth observation division.

    Oh well, I have been waiting patiently or news about SWARM, as I wrote about this project in my book. SWARM's main mission is to measure what is happening to Earth's magnetic field and the anomalies, by "x-raying" the hidden interior of our planet. However, please don't believe all the rubbish about the Earth's magnetic field going to zero and everbody's memories being wiped, these ideas are being spread by fearmongers. There will NEVER be zero on Earth because the Earth's magnetic field has various sources (ie magnetosphere) and parts of the field from Earth's core have already reversed and are getting stronger. Anyway, this project looks like it is behind schedule, but the scope has increased. Btw, we find out here that the CHAMP satellite is no more, hmm... Here is some another article about the measurement of Earth's magnetic field.

    First measurement of magnetic field in Earth's core, 16th December 2010

    Spacecraft Saw ULF Radio Emissions over Haiti before January Quake
    Technology Review, 9th December 2010
    A French satellite observed a dramatic increase in ultra low frequency radio waves over Haiti in the month before the M7.0 earthquake earlier this year. Back in 2004, the French space agency CNES launched a small satellite called DEMETER into polar orbit some 700 km above the Earth's surface. DEMETER's is an unusual mission. Its job is to monitor low frequency radio waves generated by earthquakes.

    Today, a group of geoscientists release the data associated with the M 7.0 earthquake that struck Haiti in January. They say that DEMETER saw a clear increase in ultralow frequency radio waves being emitted from the Earth's the crust in that region in the build up to the quake.

    The anecdotal evidence of electromagnetic effects associated with earthquakes is legion. Various accounts link earthquakes with mysterious light and heating effects. Then there is the widespread evidence that certain animals can sense impending quakea, possibly because of a sensitivity to low frequency electric fields.

    But good data is hard to come by. Geoscientists have been measuring the currents that flow through Earth beneath our feet for over 100 years. These so-called telluric currents are thought to be generated by friction and piezoelectric effects within rock. And the flow of electrons they cause has been linked to various atmospheric phenomena such as thunderstorms.

    I have taken a keen interest in this kind of research after I wondered WHY metaphysical sources were warning that the human energy field is affected by earthquake emissions and how the human energy field could be shielded. At the time, I had NO IDEA that there were earthquake precursor ultra low frequency emissions, but there are many scientists around the world pursuing this approach in order to be able to predict earthquakes.

    Researchers find mathematical patterns to forecast earthquakes
    Eureka Alert, 2nd December 2010
    Researchers from the Universidad Pablo de Olavide (UPO) and the Universidad de Sevilla (US) have found patterns of behaviour that occur before an earthquake on the Iberian peninsula. The team used clustering techniques to forecast medium-large seismic movements when certain circumstances coincide.

    "Using mathematical techniques, we have found patterns when medium-large earthquakes happen, that is, earthquakes greater than 4.4 on the Richter scale," Francisco Martínez álvarez, co-author of the study and a senior lecturer at the UPO revealed to SINC.

    The research, which will be published this month by the journal Expert Systems with Applications, is based on the data compiled by the Instituto Geográfico Nacional on 4,017 earthquakes between 3 and 7 on the Richter scale that occurred on the Iberian Peninsula and in the surrounding waters between 1978 and 2007. The scientists applied clustering techniques to the data, which allowed them to find similarities between them and discover patterns that will help to forecast earthquakes.

    Our planet is organised by rules mostly only known to Mother Nature. At best, our scientists can only make attempts at trying to decode those rules, to make life on this planet safer. Meanwhile, some animals and natives that live very close to nature, can access the same information for free.

    Planetary magnetic fields: The hunt for better models, 25th November 2010
    Some three thousand kilometers below the surface of the Earth and with temperatures reaching those at the surface of the sun, the core of our home planet is no more within our physical reach today than it was back when Jules Verne undertook his fictional journey to the center of the Earth. Yet the mysteries still hidden there -- such as how the liquid core regenerates Earth's magnetic life force -- are of far greater interest to scientists today than to any science fiction writers past or present. With the help of increasingly sophisticated computer simulations, Earth scientists have created numerical models over the last decades which, in many respects, are remarkably successful at reproducing key aspects of the magnetic field.

    [...] This field, however, and the resulting magnetosphere that protects our home from the solar wind, are the result of a happy set of circumstances that allowed the core to first generate and then continually regenerate the geomagnetic field of the Earth.

    Geoscientists have been investigating the earth's magnetic field, for more than 300 years, and as I wrote in my book, Einstein referred to it as one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of science. There is a lot that could be said but no doubt the blasts from deep space and the fact that the Earth's magnetic field in space (magnetosphere) sometimes disappears is worrying some about how that might impact the timing of a magnetic field reversal or the magnetic field that originates from the Earth's core.

    New Zealand mine explosion: all miners believed dead after huge second blast
    The Telgraph, 24th November 2010
    A massive second explosion at the Pike River mine in New Zealand has extinguished all hope of bringing the 29 missing miners back to the surface alive.

    The "enormous" blast, which took place at 2.37pm, was more violent than the first and was believed to have been caused by a large build up of methane within the mine over the past five days. Peter Whittall, the mine chief, told a hastily convened press conference that it was "extremely unlikely" that anyone underground could have endured the force of the explosion.

    Visibly upset, Mr Whittall said: "While we were hopeful that we could get some men out of the mine, it was realistic that many of them would never have come out alive.

    Sad news, but we have to acknowledge the fact there is an increasing number of inner Earth blasts, associated with Earth Changes that are also causing more violent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Earth is not a closed system and Space Weather can only be the source of this increased energy that is effecting the core of our planet, as we are told by space scientists. With the prominent reporting of these coal mine blasts trapping and killing so many miners, it's too hard to ignore the implications. Here is what NASA has to say:
    "...the surprising conclusion of a NASA-funded study by the National Academy of Sciences entitled Severe Space Weather Events—Understanding Societal and Economic Impacts. In the 132-page report, experts detailed what might happen to our modern, high-tech society in the event of a "super solar flare" followed by an extreme geomagnetic storm. They found that almost nothing is immune from space weather
    Severe Space Weather--Social and Economic Impacts
    NASA Science News, 21st January 2010
    If you don't believe this media release, there is always the 145 page version that you can download for free and read up the details for yourself, (free registration required) here.

    Well, I have been reading up on Hopi "End Times" prophecies and I was not surprised to see information that is directly relevant to what is now happening. According to Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf,
    "We must be concerned about these underground complexes that the government has built. They are building them so when the Earth Changes start, they can move the elite, underground to "safety." Well, it won't work. But they have created other problems. There will be many underground explosions in the days to come of the new century.

    Some caused from gasses and chemicals that are in these tunnels below the surface world, some of which run for miles and are essentially cities below the surface. They cannot hide from the changes. Unless they change their consciousness and take responsibility for participating in the game, or by turning the other way, this change will affect every molecular structure upon the Earth, to the very core of the planet."
    Last Cry: Native American Prophecies & Other Tales of the End Times (1993-2004)
    There are other commentators that have also come to the conclusion that underground cities will become death traps and there is a lot of writing about this subject by those who are most intent on surviving any catastrophic Earth changes. Personally, I feel it is pertinent to point out the need for higher consciousness that will directly effect the human energy field and act like a shield to only permit DNA mutations that are in line with the Universal directives for the advancement of humanity. Due to my own research, I understand this from a more technical perspective and my beliefs are backed up with hard scientific facts. Well, our scientists have already worked this out. In periods of rapid evolutionary change, mutants appear and become dominant, yet, the truly spiritual people have always had the key for advancement and that is by living from the heart because that will provide a frequency signature that Universal energies will use to deliver the correct information. I realise that the discussion of love is considered flaky by most, but those high frequencies are what disinguishes those who are on the evolutionary path, from those who are not.

    Earthquake twists railway tracks
    Orange Quirky News, 23rd November 2010
    Photographers insist this image of a two mile stretch of track, near Christchurch, has not been digitally manipulated.

    American Geophysical Union blogger, Dave Petley explained the damage to the line, which links Canterbury with the west coast of the South Island, following the 7.1 magnitude quake. He said: "The compression on the very strong railway line was accommodated when a weak point was found, leading to a comparatively rapid deformation to form the main buckle on the left. "This then concentrated stress on both sides of the buckle, allowing the other bends to form."

    I just liked the picture...

    Jet Stream Gone Haywire! "Significant" Snow Falls for Europe Predicted by Mid-Week
    SOTT News, 22nd November 2010
    Daily Mail: Britain is set to shiver in temperatures as low as minus ten this week with 'significant' snow falls hitting the country, the Met Office warn.

    The last time the mercury plummeted this low was in March - at the summit of a Scottish mountain.

    The north and the east of the country are in line for heavy snow, although forecasters say this could spread across Britain as we head to the weekend.

    For the start of the week temperatures will be average, with daytime highs of seven or eight Celsius.

    But as December nears this will fall, with a north easterly wind battering the coast and bringing showers with it.

    Rural parts of the country could see overnight temperatures as low a -10C, said Met Office forecast Alex Fox.

    The credit is going to SOTT for pointing out that the Jet stream looks like it has broken, again.... Have we had another major blast from deep space?

    Dangerous rogue waves in Pacific are growing
    Dallas News, 17th November 2010
    WASHINGTON – It's one of the most treacherous stretches of water in the world, where 1 million cubic feet of water a second collides with 20- or 30-foot ocean swells over a four-mile stretch of shifting sand. A few pilots brave often-treacherous conditions to guide ships across the Columbia River Bar.

    The pilots who work the "Graveyard of the Pacific" have a deep respect for the relentless forces they face as they ride out to tankers, bulk carriers, car carriers, and cargo and passenger ships standing offshore. They commute in 72-foot self-righting boats that can roll 360 degrees as winter gales and sometimes hurricane-force storms blast out of the North Pacific.

    The pilots also confirm what marine scientists have observed: that ocean waves are becoming bigger and more powerful.

    We still await some expect opinion on what is causing these rogue waves but this is most likely a sign of Earth/Moon/Sun orbital changes.

    Video: Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change [54:07]
    ISUMA TV, November 2010
    Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change had its world premiere October 23, 2010, at the imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival in Toronto. The complete film also streamed online simultaneously watched by more than 1500 viewers around the world. Following the film, a Q&A with filmmakers Zacharias Kunuk and Dr. Ian Mauro included live call-in by Skype from viewers from Pond Inlet, New York, Sydney, Australia and other locations.

    Nunavut-based director Zacharias Kunuk (Atanarjuat The Fast Runner) and researcher and filmmaker Dr. Ian Mauro (Seeds of Change) have teamed up with Inuit communities to document their knowledge and experience regarding climate change. This new documentary, the world’s first Inuktitut language film on the topic, takes the viewer “on the land” with elders and hunters to explore the social and ecological impacts of a warming Arctic. This unforgettable film helps us to appreciate Inuit culture and expertise regarding environmental change and indigenous ways of adapting to it.

    Brilliant! It looks like the whole documentary can be watched online!


    Well this is a very enjoyable documentary. The Inuit people are generally very diplomatic, but totally sure of their understanding that we are experiencing climate change and global warming, but they say this is caused by the Sun and the fact they believe the Earth is tilting on her axis. After describing how critical understanding the environment is to the Inuit culture, they then talk about being overrun with starving polar bears and don't have a single nice thing to say about wildlife biologists, watch the documentary to find out why.

    African Pelicans migrate in wrong direction and end up in Siberia.
    All Voices, 17th November 2010
    A small flock of African pink pelicans apparently bamboozled by the warm weather in Siberia flew north from Kazakhstan instead of south as any properly functioning pelican GPS system should have told them. Vladimir Pyagin from the village of Suslovo said:"I left home early in the morning and what a sight!" "When I got closer, I immediately realized they were pelicans. ... Everybody in the village started trying to catch them to save the exhausted birds from the dogs""

    Residents captured four of the exotic pelicans. They were moved to a zoo in the regional capital Barnaul. The other three birds in the flock were able to fly off.

    Members of the Bird Conservation Union said the pelicans were flying back to their native Africa from Kazakhstan but obviously lost their way. The head of the Union said: "This is a unique case. Some reports suggest pelicans last flew here over 100 years ago,"

    However the area is breaking records for abnormally warm November weather, with temperatures in Altai hovering around 5 degrees Celsius. In other parts of the country, there have been reports of bears and hedgehogs delaying hibernation. Still 5 degrees C is not exactly tropical!

    Birds use the Earth's geomagnetic field for navigation but this field is not stable in geomagnetic storms. The deviation of the compass from true north is an angle called 'declination' and it varies by geographical location and time, so experts tell us that at very high latitudes, the compass can even point south! So it is most likely that these birds set off from Kazakhstan during a geomagnetic storm when their internal compass was pointing them in the wrong direction and the result is that they have now been captured by a zoo. Poor things!

    'Doomsday Vault' Gets New, Large Shipment of Rice
    Live Science, 8th November 2010
    In hopes of bolstering our defenses in the event of a major food crisis, researchers sent tens of thousands of seeds from different types of rice last week to a "doomsday vault" in the archipelago Svalbard.

    Contained in black boxes, the 42,627 samples of rice seeds traveled to the mountains of the Norwegian archipelago, about 746 miles (1,200 kilometers) from the North Pole. The Svalbard Global Seed Vault is buried deep inside the icy mountains, where it protects all of the world's important crop seeds in case of a man-made or natural disaster.

    The rice collection was sent from the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), whose first deposit to the doomsday vault included 70,180 rice-seed samples sent in 2008. If ideal temperature and storage conditions remain inside the vault, seeds can be stored for hundreds of years, scientists say.

    As NASA prepares to make a big statement about something "exceptional" in our local cosmic environment, we get details of this ungoing disaster planning project, but of course, it's all a coincidence...

    Italy: More building collapses at Pompeii possible
    Yahoo News, 7th November 2010
    ROME – More buildings inside the ancient Roman city of Pompeii could collapse, Italy's culture minister said Sunday, a day after a 2,000-year-old house once used by gladiators disintegrated into rubble.

    The collapse Saturday at one of Italy's main tourist attractions was a source of embarrassment for the government and the country. President Giorgio Napolitano said it was a "disgrace for Italy" and demanded an explanation.

    Culture Minister Sandro Bondi, who went to Pompeii to survey the damage on Sunday, warned that other buildings could also fall, according to Italian news agencies.

    Given the number of buildings that need restoration, further damage is virtually "inevitable," said Daniela Leone, a spokeswoman for Pompeii's archaeological superintendence.

    Well at this time; I am not sure we can completely blame Italian officials, since we have ample evidence of an increase in strange sinkholes, that I think can be related to the increase in hole punch clouds and holes punched on ice. I have been suspecting for a while that weakened artificial structures are vulnerable to blasts of energy from Earth's core or even indirectly from deep space because NASA and the ESA have been telling us that they are detecting strange plumes of ions from Earth and Killer Electrons that are being caused by Space Weather. At the moment, this is my pure speculation, but since we are now experiencing high energies that are blasting Earth from deep space on a regular basis (whilst Earth's magnetosphere is sometimes non existent). The energy is being captured by Earth and being utilised and hence generating a plethora of Earth Changes some of which are quite mysterious. We must also remember that according to scientific theory, most of this energy is also invisible to scientific detection. So, if you want, you can think of it as invisible lightning and it might explain why some of the sinkholes look like they have been carved out with a laser, expecially when conventional explanations have to be rejected because observational criteria do not match up with theory. Don't miss the photo gallery Ancient Pompeii Building Collapse

    Video: Landslide devastates Manaus port
    Cargo Systems, 1st November 2010
    Dramatic video footage has emerged showing the moment a landslide ripped through the Amazonian port of Chibatão, Manaus, Brazil.

    The security camera footage shows the torrential flows of mud that swept through the riverside container terminal in the late morning of Sunday 17 October as maintenance work was being carried out.

    Two port workers – 31-year-old Pedro Paulo, and 63-year-old Sílvio Barbosa Silva – were confirmed as missing. However, Carlos Gonzaga, president of Sindicargas, the local stevedores union, said he believed at least 10 people could had been swept to their deaths.

    A 300-metre crack occurred along the length of the privately owned river terminal as large areas of the terminal patio gave way and crumbled into the river during the disaster, with containers, chassis and port equipment also swept away.

    MSM Blackout? There seems to be a blackout in the mainstream media about this event which took place about three weeks ago! Yet, the video is quite stunning! This following news report video [1:50], is of the clean-up operation, the quality is quite good, but it does not give a clear scale of the disaster: Busca por corpos continua no Porto Chibatão

    Indonesia volcano shoots new blast; 21 more rumble
    Yahoo News, 1st November 2010
    Bandung. Twenty-one volcanoes across Indonesia could erupt at any time, leading to natural disasters, officials have warned. [...]

    The government has raised alert levels of 21 other volcanos to the second- and third- highest levels in the last two months because they have shown an increase in activity, said Syamsul Rizal, a state volcanologist, said Monday. Many of those are already rumbling and belching out heavy black ash.

    Indonesia has several volcanos smoldering at any given time, but another government volcanologist, Gede Swantika, said that normally only five to 10 would be at the third-highest alert level — which indicates an increase in seismic activity and visible changes in the crater. It is rare for any to be at second-highest — which signifies an eruption is possible within two weeks. He said monitors noticed more volcanos were exhibiting seismic activity starting Sept. 2.

    Geophysicist Pall Einarsson of the University of Iceland said that such an increase could be an indication that some of the volcanos — if any are very close — could be affecting one another. He said this idea is a new one for volcanologists, but they are increasingly seeing evidence of interplay between neighboring mountains.

    Geologists have been saying that these 21 volcanoes were ready to erupt a month ago and now they are all rumbling, that is completely amazing. Yes, we are seeing some major eruptions but 21 in one region? Th idea of plate restructuring would have major implications and we would have to wonder about what else could happen...

    21 Volcanoes Across Country Ready to Erupt
    Jakarta Globe, 1st October 2010
    "Anak Krakatau is the remnant of Krakatau, whose violent eruption in August 1883 killed an estimated 40,000 people and was heard up to 5,000 kilometers away. The eruption caused tsunamis as far away as South Africa, and resulted in global temperatures dropping by more than 1 degree Celsius."

    Huge gaping crater in residential area
    Spiegel Online, 1st November 2010
    Google Translation: It is an area the size of a swimming pool: Schmalkalden in Thuringia in the middle of a residential area has a huge hole in the ground opened in. A car crashed into the crater, the residents of the adjacent houses were brought in safety.

    Schmalkalden / Suhl - a nearly 40 by 15 meters large crater has formed in the middle of a residential area in Thuringia, Schmalkalden. According to police the earth sank suddenly during the night approximately 3:00 clock. A local resident had heard noises and alerted the police.

    According to initial estimates from the police, the crater is 20 to 25 meters deep. At least one car crashed into the hole. No one was injured, according to initial information. 23 people from five surrounding buildings had to leave their homes. Further evacuations are to follow, according to the police spokesman.

    More sinkholes appearing, and no explanations as to why... A series of images & more...

    Video: Huge holes opened up in German town, 1st November 2010
    translated from Norwegian

    Corriere della Sera - Photo of the Day
    Corriere della Sera, 01 Novembre 2010

    Massive crater swallows car in Germany, 2nd November 2010

    Watch out, it’s raining bacteria
    Daily News & Analysis, 26th October 2010
    [...] Explaining further, she added that during summer there is a lot of dust and particulate matter in the atmosphere, which settles in the stratosphere. Hence, when the first rain occurs, all microbes that were growing in the atmosphere are brought down to the soil.

    But once regular rainfall commences the atmosphere clears of microbes. Also when the initial rain hits the soil, the fungi in the ground are sent into the air, in the form of bio-aerosols. These bio-aerosols are very dangerous and when people breathe them in, they give rise to respiratory problems.

    Dr Nandini pointed out that the levels of bio-pollution in Bangalore's air were very high, and needed to be addressed. The study will now be submitted to the government and patented. In the next step, the researchers are recording data of variants and temperatures.

    “We want to make a complete record — seasonwise, timewise, and regionwise study of the organisms. After which it will be analysed to find out which organism has seen an increase, at what time of the day, and where and how it can be controlled.

    To be honest, I have a more cosmic perspective here, because I just don't believe that most of the dust in the stratosphere is just being carried up by 'winds' and it is a fact that epidemics are largely associated with viruses from space and can be predicted. So, we have scientists telling us that bacteria acts as cloud condensation nuclei, bacteria can be carried in and out of Earth's atmosphere by magnetospheric plasmoids and that bacteria in space mutates due to radiation and becomes extremely aggressive. Astrophysicists Hoyle and Wickramasinghe proved decades ago that dust in space is mainly freeze dried bacteria in various states of degradation, so what exactly are we being told here? Are there big clouds of cosmic dust coming our way?

    HUGE media blackout regarding Earth and Moon orbital changes?
    Before it's News, 21st October 2010
    [...] An increasing number of people around the world have witnessed amazing changes in the location of Sun rise and set in summer and winter. Apparently this is being caused by the earth moving below the old ecliptic plane in summer and above it in winter! The moon is also playing rodeo all over the sky....and the media says nothing.

    I have read of reports (as yet unsubstantiated) that a "gag order" is in place and professionals dealing with the subject have had to sign non-disclosure agreements regarding these facts. The Inuit peoples of the high arctic have published several stories regarding the changes in sun position at their locations and were told by a meteorologist that it is an "optical phenomenon unique to the extremely high horizon".

    Yet these changes are visible all over the world. Ordinary citizens from all over the world are reporting their observations regarding the sun and moon changing their positions in the sky. And we're not just talking inches here. The changes are amazing to say the least! The furthest north the sun traditionally appeared for thousands of years, was the tropic of cancer which passes through central mexico, yet now, at the beginning of summer, it can be witnessed to rise in the direction of maine and set in the direction of seattle.

    Please Google - "Late Harvest Moon BHM" and wade through 5 pages of prolific evidence of these events now taking place. 

    I believe that this website it simply reporting the buzz in the blogosphere, but I would be amazed if any mainstream media would dare to report this just yet... However, Earth and Moon orbital changes are expected by metaphysical sources who have retained ancient knowledge that relates to the arrival of celestial energies that bring about massive evolutionary change. Our scientists talk about Space Weather but nobody points out that according to scientists, the vast majority of Space Weather is completely invisible and undetected by our current instrumentation, as "dark matter and dark energy". What's more, we don't fully understand what this energy will do, hence the reliance on information that has been passed down through mythology and esoteric groups, as I explain in my essay The Greatest Transition in the History of Mankind - The Return of Paradise.

    New documentary recounts bizarre climate changes seen by Inuit elders
    The Globe and Mail, 21st October 2010
    The documentary – screening at Toronto’s imagine NATIVE film and media arts festival this weekend and streaming live at – is the first to ask Inuit elders to describe the severe environmental changes in the Arctic they are seeing and to do so in their own language. The tone of the film is intimate. The elders aren’t trying to cross a language barrier, or even speak to the Southern scientific community. They’re simply imparting their expert knowledge and wisdom – and the result will undoubtedly cause controversy.

    “Over the years, nobody has ever listened to these people. Every time [the discussion is] about global warming, about the Arctic warming, it’s scientists that go up there and do their work. And policy makers depend on these findings. Nobody ever really understands the people up there,” Kunuk says. [...]

    Most startling for the filmmakers, though, was the Inuits’ belief that along with pollution and environmental changes, caused mainly by Southerners, the Earth has actually changed its tilt. The filmmakers kept hearing this theory in different communities. Perplexed, they contacted the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration for answers, but experts said this was impossible.

    Brilliant! Since we know about Space Weather and that our planet is being blasted from deep space, it's not difficult to realise that there are many different knock on effects that we can measure and some that we have to infer. Therefore, I am thrilled to hear the Inuit Elders are telling the world about climate change, in their role as traditional Earth observers and clearly explain they believe Earth is tilting on her axis, something that even NASA scientists cannot deny anymore, see the archives. Believe it or not, NASA are now claiming that large earthquakes are changing the Earth's tilt, but German astronomers ruled this out as "ludicrous", see more analysis in my essay The Greatest Transition in the History of Mankind - The Return of Paradise. . Here is a short trailer [4:08] New Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change Video Trailer More: SCREENING PREMIERE - Al Green Theatre, 750 Spadina Ave, Toronto, Ontario, Canada & LIVE ON THE WEB - Simultaneous to screening - Globally at October 23 2010, 7pm (Eastern Standard Time) Click here for the live broadcast.

    What Happened to All the Hurricanes, Al?
    Worldwide hurricane activity hasn't just slowed since Katrina, it's dropped off a cliff.
    Pajamas Media, 19th October 2010
    After Hurricane Katrina and the amazing season of 2005, we were supposed to see year after year of terrible hurricanes. Where are they?

    Where is all the death and destruction? We were told global warming was here, and would ignite a fire under the storms, making them bigger and more frequent. Massive hurricanes like Katrina would become much more common. The world’s oceans were warming, and this would stoke the fires of these tropical monsters. But they are not here — the hurricanes are missing in action, and have been ever since 2005. The truth: there has been a dramatic decrease in the number of hurricanes in the last five years. The total energy of all hurricanes around the world has plunged since 1993 — the opposite of what was predicted. How could that be, if global warming is real and is impacting our climate today? [...]

    The crazy 2004 and 2005 seasons were supposed to be the new normal. Pretend scientists like Al Gore said global warming was here, and we had better listen to him because he had all the answers. People pay Al Gore $200,000 to speak, but that doesn’t mean he knows anything.

    This is very interesting because we know that NASA et al. are looking at the connection between the atmosphere, ionosphere and plasmasphere, presumably in order to explain how we can have "instant" hurricanes, as it is completely obviously that hurricanes are not powered by "warm" or even cold oceans. However, despite the onset of Space Weather and a proven link with terrestrial weather, see First Global Connection Between Earth [Weather] And Space Weather Found, it's still not known what factors determine the most powerful and destructive hurricanes. Therefore, all the warnings by global warming alarmists have failed to materialise and that is why poor old Al Gore had to photoshop 4 hurricanes onto the globe for the cover of his book, "Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis"

    A warming world could leave cities flattened
    New Scientist, 15th October 2010
    EARTH is starting to crumble under the strain of climate change.

    Over the last decade, rock avalanches and landslides have become more common in high mountain ranges, apparently coinciding with the increase in exceptionally warm periods (see "Early signs"). The collapses are triggered by melting glaciers and permafrost, which remove the glue that holds steep mountain slopes together.

    Worse may be to come. Thinning glaciers on volcanoes could destabilise vast chunks of their summit cones, triggering mega-landslides capable of flattening cities such as Seattle and devastating local infrastructure.

    For Earth this phenomenon is nothing new, but the last time it happened, few humans were around to witness it. Several studies have shown that around 10,000 years ago, as the planet came out of the last ice age, vast portions of volcanic summit cones collapsed, leading to enormous landslides.

    With the increasing ferocity of blasts from deep space, and some good examples of massive "global warming" being recorded in the stratosphere as a result. Maybe, there is a need to warn people that the process of evolutionary change is chaotic and even a bit messy. Actually, I have been wondering when scientists would comment about the strange rash of sinkholes... Anyway, this article reminded me of the dramatic video footage from Atrani in southern Italy. It's certainly worth considering that this disaster could be repeated many times, as the whole planet is up for massive evolutionary change, see

    Mudslide in Italian village caught on camera
    BBC News, 10 September 2010
    "An amateur cameraman has filmed the scene from Atrani in southern Italy when a mudslide crashed through the village."

    Hungary arrests executive connected to red sludge spill
    Hungary's Prime Minister said the managing director of the aluminum company whose plant spilled red sludge into a residential area, killing eight, has been arrested.
    Christian Science Monitor, 11th October 2010
    Hungarian police today arrested the managing director of the aluminum company behind the spill of toxic sludge that killed eight people, drove dozens from their homes and threatened to pollute the Danube River.

    The arrest of Zoltan Bakonyi, managing director of MAL, was announced in parliament by conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orban. He added that the company should be "placed under state control" to ensure it rather than taxpayers foot the bill for the cleanup.

    "Hungary's biggest ecological disaster was caused by human negligence, the escape of a hazardous material from a plant built and run by people," Mr Orban said. The spill occurred after a holding pond for red mud -- a byproduct from the production of alumina, which in turn is used to produce aluminum -- collapsed.

    Hard to believe that the reservoir was leaking and the company officials did not care enough to stop a major ecological diaster. Is this corporate malfeasance or just plain stupidity? I would suggest cost cutting and taking high risks seems to be the norm these days, with companies only being driven by the need for high share holder profits with scant regard for any adverse consequences. From, The Big Picture: A flood of toxic sludge

    British racing pigeon ends up 5200 miles away in Panama 'after getting lost'
    A British racing pigeon called Houdini got lost on her first race and ended up thousands of miles away in Panama City.
    The Telegraph, 8th October 2010
    A British racing pigeon called Houdini got lost on her first race and ended up thousands of miles away in Panama City. The 10 month-old bird had been undertaking a six hour race from Guernsey to Dudley, West Midlands more than five weeks ago. But it failed to arrive and its owner Darren Cubberly, 45, had give up hope the bird would return from the 224 mile trip. He was surprised to get a phone call this week from Panama City, where the bird had ended up. He was told the bird was alive and healthy despite making the more than 5200 mile trip. It is thought she landed on a ship travelling to the area.

    Pigeon racers call birds getting lost in poor geomagnetic conditions a pigeon 'Smash' and they now pay close attention to Space Weather forecasts. However, some have gone further and complain about weather manipulation, see, Weather Warfare: Could It Be Affecting Our Racing Pigeons? Of course, there is no comparison between the efforts of HAARP and the bombardment of our planet by Space Weather that generates geomagnetic storms and substorms.

    PHOTO GALLERY: Hungary Toxic Sludge Catastrophe Reminiscent of BP Gulf Oil Spill Disaster
    World Awash In Environmental Armageddon, 8th October 2010
    Here’s the top headline on Yahoo! News on Thursday, October 7, 2010 regarding the Toxic Sludge Disaster in Hungary:

    Scientists say heavy metal in sludge not dangerous (AP)

    And here’s the proof for those who are as incredulous as we were about such an irresponsible and utterly uninformed scientific proclamation: (image)

    Many of us have come to view the Associated Press as a reincarnation of PRAVDA during the heyday of the Soviet Union. If you followed many of the AP headlines during the BP Oil Spill, like this one below, you will see a similar pattern of serious disinformation and cover-up for their corporate sponsors. They really do need to be called out from now on for this well-established pattern of disseminating patently false information.

    There is a series of excellent photos as part of this article, but I was most impressed with the following comment by Lee, October 9, 2010 at 12:06 am:
    I am so totally ashamed to belong to my species. As we are – we should never, ever leave this planet. We should have to live in our own filth, the filth we have created. We should drown in it …annihilate ourselves. Sooner the better. Good job done. Makers of our own destiny. Please do not say ‘but I’m not like that – I care!’. Over the history of our species and this planet (and it is not ours!!!) it is those that ‘care’ who have sat idle while the money-power addicts have over-ruled, deceived and destroyed everything that is precious. It is the ‘god-fearing’ and the ‘peacekeepers’ that have promoted their wishywashiness as ‘the only way’. Wake up. You can’t ‘compromise’ – you can’t just ‘talk’ to some entities. It is time to undo your hands – hands and minds rendered useless – locked in the prayers and meditations – the dog tricks taught to you by the very same entities, centuries ago. They put you on your knees and into lotus position for a reason! Undo your hands now, stand up and fight! [bold and underline added for emphasis]
    The man has made an extremely valid point...

    Hungary: Toxic red sludge has reached the Danube
    Yahoo News, 7th October 2010
    KOLONTAR, Hungary – The toxic red sludge that burst out of a Hungarian factory's reservoir reached the mighty Danube on Thursday after wreaking havoc on smaller rivers and creeks, and downstream nations rushed to test their waters. The European Union and environmental officials fear an environmental catastrophe affecting half a dozen nations if the red sludge, a waste product of making aluminum, contaminates the Danube, Europe's second-longest river. Officials from Croatia, Serbia and Romania were taking river samples every few hours Thursday but hoping that the Danube's huge water volume would blunt the impact of the spill. [...] Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, stopping at dawn in Kolontar, described the reservoir break as an unprecedented disaster in Hungary. "If this had happened at night then everyone here would have died," he was quoted by MTI as telling villagers. "This is so irresponsible that it is impossible to find words!" Local officials said 34 homes in Kolontar were unlivable but furious residents said the disaster had destroyed the whole village of 800 by making their land worthless. The prime minister called the worst-hit area a total write-off, saying he saw "no sense" in rebuilding in the same location. "The whole settlement should be bulldozed into the ground," bellowed resident Janos Potza. "There's no point for anyone to go back home."

    The issue is what caused the reservoir to break... We are seeing so many sink holes and cracks appearing, yet, there is a total silence from the scientific community... this was also reported this week.
    Video: Large crevice confuses residents
    Upper Michigan.source, 6th October 2010
    "A large crevice, stretching almost two football fields, suddenly appeared in the woods near Birch Creek."

    Why certain northern lights dance
    New study finds connection between pulsating aurora displays around and the intensity of chorus waves
    MSNBC News, 30th September 2010
    Scientists have long known the colorful northern lights that amaze skywatchers are more than just pretty light shows in the sky. But until now, the engine behind their diversity has been a mystery.

    A new study has found a connection between pulsating aurora displays around Earth's North Pole and the intensity of so-called chorus waves, which are electromagnetic fluctuations that occur in space within our planet's magnetosphere. The findings could help paint a clearer view of the drivers behind different kinds of aurora.

    So, these scientists are linking auroral activity in Earth's atmosphere to the activity of plasma in the near Earth region of space... are we supposed to be surprised?

    Northern Lights hit 100-year low point: Finnish researchers, 28th September 2010
    The Northern Lights, or aurora borealis, generally follow an 11-year "solar cycle", in which the frequency of the phenomena rises to a maximum and then tapers off into a minimum and then repeats the cycle.

    "The solar minimum was officially in 2008, but this minimum has been going on and on and on," researcher Noora Partamies told AFP. "Only in the past half a year have we seen more activity, but we don't really know whether we're coming out of this minimum," she added. The Northern Lights, a blaze of coloured patterns in the northern skies, are triggered by solar winds crashing into the earth and being drawn to the magnetic poles, wreaking havoc on electrons in the parts of the atmosphere known as the ionosphere and magnetosphere.

    So a dimming of the Northern Lights is a signal that activity on the sun which causes solar winds, such as solar flares and sun sports, is also quieting down.

    I find this report curious because the aurora borealis is mainly due to the solar wind's interaction with our atmosphere, but NASA claim that the solar wind has only been flagging since the mid 1990s. Yet, in the last 70 years or so, the Sun's activity has been historic until it went into an historically low and deep solar minimum that the Sun is still only sluggishly moving out of as we commence solar cycle 24. Therefore, the claim that a drop in auroral activity is a sign that ALL solar activity is quietening down, seems premature and not based on all the facts. Especially as the article then goes on to speculate that the peak of the next solar maximum could be huge.
    • Sami K. Solanki, et al. Unusual activity of the Sun during recent decades compared to the previous 11,000 years, Nature, 28 October 2004
    • McKee M, Sunspots more active than for 8000 years, news service 27, October 2004, link
    • Hogan J. Sun More Active than for a Millennium. New Scientist, November 2, 2003. link

    Dozens of whales die on New Zealand beach
    'More whales are still coming in,' says rescuer; some are tossed onto rocks
    MSNBC News, 22nd September 2010
    WELLINGTON, New Zealand — At least 40 out of some 80 pilot whales that stranded themselves on a remote northern New Zealand beach have died, and more whales are joining them on land, officials said Wednesday. It was the second mass beaching in the region in a month. "More whales are still coming in. Pilot whales have very strong social bonds and they try to help each other so more keep getting stuck," said Mark Simpson of Project Jonah, a charity that protects marine mammals.

    "Rescuers are concentrating on trying to move the mammals out of the surf and onto the beach to prevent them from drowning," New Zealand's Department of Conservation said in a statement. "Sadly, many have been washed up against the rocks probably resulting in injuries."

    In short, the whales use the Earth's magnetic field for navigation and we know for a fact that geomagnetic conditions on the planet are now chaotic. There are suggestions of the military use of sonar but New Zealand also has the highest levels of whales being stranded in the world and maybe this means that in this region, the Earth's magnetic field is particularly prone to disturbances. A world map of magnetic anomalies does seem to indicate this, see Map: The magnetic Earth There are a few scientists who think that whale beachings indicate there is some kind of disturbance in the Earth's EM environment and that this heralds a massive Earthquake, see Did whale beaching foretell disaster? Also, there is a more mundane theory that proposed by Cambridge professor in the 1980s, a biologist named Margaret Klinowskam who first discovered a correlation between whales beaching themselves and magnetic lineation/anomalies, see Biomagnetics: Species Association with Earth's Magnetic Field.

    Incredible giant 'roll cloud' looms over photographer's house
    Daily Mail, 17th September 2010
    Sometimes, the pictures come to you. A wedding photographer managed to be lucky enough to step outside his front door and witnesses this incredible scene. Rob Sharrock snapped up his Nikon D300 and dashed out to capture this monstrous roll cloud which seems to go on forever. Mr Sharrock , from Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia, lives in the house with the awning to the left of the frame.

    With all the chaos on the planet maybe these 'roll clouds' are becoming not so rare, but scientists don't understand them. There was another example in Uruguay in January 2010 where I wrote: "It's spectacular but the explanation given here is very tenuous. Note the 'normal' clouds above.... As far as I am concerned, this is a magnetic field line made up of spinning charged particles that has ionised the air and created the "roll". This is not a rare event, as a few parts of the world experience roll clouds regularly like clock work [for example, the springtime occurrence in Burketown, Queensland Australia] but it's more evidence that we are experiencing strange atmospheric conditions. See also:

    NASA calls Igor 'monstrous hurricane'
    MSNBC News, 15th September 2010
    Hurricane Igor, currently churning across the Atlantic as a major Category 4 storm, has been followed by NASA satellites, and dubbed a "monstrous hurricane," in a NASA statement. Igor is so large that it is the same distance from one end of the storm to the other as it is from Boston, Mass., to Richmond, Va., some 550 miles (885 kilometers). That's a 10-hour drive. Astronauts aboard the International Space Station were so impressed by Igor's immensity that they nicknamed it, "Igor the Terrible."

    Igor is really not that big and is being compared to Hurricane Tip that was seriously huge. The point that I would like to make is that we are not seeing many new phenomena but compared to historical records we are seeing an increased intensity and frequency of major events. See

    NASA Raw Video: a Look at Igor From Outer Space
    YouTube/AP, 14th September 2010
    "NASA has released new photos showing the size of Hurricane Igor after the International Space Station flew over the storm this morning. Igor is currently a Category 4 storm, heading towards Bermuda."

    Hurricane GOES Water Vapour Loop
    NOAA, 16th September 2010
    Current satellite image of size and location.

    Hurricane Igor competes for largest Hurricane in history, 15th September 2010
    Some are claiming that Igor is about the size of Texas and hurricane Tip was half the size of the USA but NASA are measuring the cirrus clouds that are being associated with this hurricane.

    Hurricane Julia explodes — Atlantic has two coincident Category 4 hurricanes, very rare
    WUWT, 14th September 2010

    UPDATE 5 AM AST: Second time in 100-years two coincident Category 4's in the Atlantic…together, Igor and Julia have the highest coincident intensities on record.

    Two major hurricanes exist simultaneously in the North Atlantic, a rare occurrence.  With the current intensities (110 knots +) of Julia and Igor, this has only happened 3-times in the past 60-years:  1950 [Dog & Easy], 1958 [Helene & Ilsa], and 1999 [Floyd & Gert].  But Igor and Julia just are not major hurricanes, they are Category 4's.

    • Unprecedented:  in our North Atlantic historical records, the forecast intensities of Igor and Julia during the next 12-24 hours will be unprecedented for coincident storms.  The only other time (we know of) coincident Category 4+ hurricanes occurred was in 1926 with Hurricane #4 and the Great Miami Hurricane (September 26 at 06:00 UTC).
    • More:  At 115 knots +, Hurricane Julia is the most intense storm that far in the Eastern Atlantic [-31.8W] joining other major hurricane east of -35W including Frances 1980 and Fred 2009.
    • Early morning September 15: 12-hour forecasts indicate a maximum intensity of 120 knots for Julia and 130 knots for Igor. Two coincident Category 4 hurricanes have not occurred since 1950.  The only occurrence since 1900 happened on September 15, 1926 at 06Z with Hurricane 4 [115 knots] and the Great Miami Hurricane [120 knots].
    • Thus, Igor and Julia will attain have attained coincident intensities that are unprecedented:  Igor:  130 knots & Julia: 115 knots.

    Where is the power coming from? Well, we know that the Earth's magnetic field cracked open last night (14th) allowing the solar wind and galactic energies to pour in, so you decide whether the rare event of two cat. 4 hurricanes in the Atlantic at the same time is just related to a "warm" ocean. Predictions of a massive earthquake in September now look much more likely to come to pass too.

    AP News Video: Igor, Julia, Karl All Making Waves
    YouTube, 15th September 2010
    A strengthening Tropical Storm Karl neared the Mexico on Wednesday, bearing down on the resort beaches of the Mayan Riviera. Meanwhile far from land, Hurricane Julia rapidly intensified, becoming a powerful Category 4 storm early Wednesday.


    The Earth's magnetic field wrapped up into a tight ball for about 8 hours between 03:00 & 12:00 UT on the 16th September 2010. This is not normal, but not unusual either these days. I have yet to find a space weather scientist who is prepared to explain the implications. Here is a link which will soon disappear here, this is a permanent link here and this is considered the normal state of Earth's magnetic field here. Tornado watches are now in effect in parts of the US. Quite frankly, this is not major activity, but the it's hard to deny the 'crack' in the magnetosphere has not had some significant effects.

    Nict Magnetosphere Simulation Sept 16th 2010
    YouTube, 16th September 2010

    Wild auroras, 17th September 2010
    Well, we know the magnetosphere had cracked wide open, hence it's no surprise that the auroras have been 'wild'.

    Major 'earthquake' hits a small British town! Emergency services recreate massive disaster scene for training exercise
    Daily Mail, 8th September 2010
    Fire and rescue crews from across Europe and the Middle East are taking part in a major exercise simulating an earthquake hitting a fictional British town. The event, one of the largest to have been undertaken, is aimed at testing the response of the emergency services from the UK and seven other countries to an 'unthinkable' disaster. Funded through a one million euro grant from the European Union, Exercise Orion is being held simultaneously in Portsmouth, Hampshire, and Merseyside.

    I thought this article was worth noting as the UK is not prone to major earthquakes, but maybe authorities are taking into account the fact that seismic activity is steeply rising around the world. Obviously, there is a correlation with cosmic and galactic influences (collectively called Space Weather), where decades old research and scientific analysis has already made a clear connection.

    "UFO" crash landing - or piece of rock - damages car [UK]
    Northern Echo, 7th September 2010
    A mysterious unidentified flying object has crash landed in North Yorkshire - damaging a car. The shocked motorist escaped serious injury when the white stone-like object smashed onto the roof of his car causing a large dent. Derek Morrow, 71, of Great Fencote, near to Northallerton, was startled by a loud bang as he parked his car outside his North Yorkshire home. The retired chief technician with the RAF, of Chapel Crescent, found an inch deep dent in the roof of his Ford C-Max. The roof of the car was coated with a white dust and about ten feet away was a strange white rock which was two inches wide by an inch deep.

    More debris from space? Quite frankly, it looks like pumice and could have a volcanic origin, so we need some expert opinion. Btw, I don't report every rock from space, even those that hit people, but we are having an interesting week...

    Sharp series of aftershocks strike New Zealand
    Activist Post, 6th September 2010
    CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand — A sharp series of about 20 aftershocks rattled New Zealand's earthquake-hit city of Christchurch overnight, and earthquake experts warned Tuesday that another powerful temblor might hammer the region in coming days. The weekend's powerful 7.1-magnitude earthquake smashed buildings and homes, wrecked roads and disrupted the central city, though nobody was killed and only two people were seriously injured – which authorities attributed to good building codes and the quake's early-morning timing.

    Also, nice article with graphics:

    Earth's surface 'lurches 11ft to the right' as New Zealand earthquake rips new fault line
    Daily Mail, 6th September 2010

    Canterbury Earthquake - first flyover of [22km] fault trace [NZ]
    YouTube, 5th September 2010
    "GNS Scientists make an initial aerial assessment of the fault trace southwest of Christchurch [NZ]"

    Failure to forecast morphs to criminal investigation
    Scientists May Face Manslaughter Charges After Earthquake
    WUWT, 4th September 2010
    [...] Seven Italian scientists and government officials are under investigation on charges of manslaughter for failure to warn the city of L’Aquila, Italy, before an earthquake hit last year, killing hundreds.

    The scientists and officials under investigation, who are employees of the National Institute for Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV) and the Civil Protection Department, took part in a meeting of the Major Risks Committee on 31 March 2009. At the meeting, the committee told L’Aquila city officials that “just because a small series of quakes has been observed [in L'Aquila] there is no reason to suggest that the sequence of low-magnitude tremors are a precursor to a major event,” which was deemed “improbable, although not impossible.” However, on 6 April 2009, the city was struck by a Mw 6.3 earthquake that killed 308 people.

    The criminal charges against these scientists and officials are unfounded. Despite decades of scientific research in Italy and in the rest of the world, it is not yet possible to accurately and consistently predict the timing, location, and magnitude of earthquakes before they occur. It is thus incorrect to assume that the L’Aquila earthquake should have been predicted.

    We all know that many scientists like to give the impression they are all knowing, (at least about their subject matter), but at the end of the day, they are not omnipotent. Most humans do not have the ability to use additional senses that can be harnessed through evolutionary development, but we do know that some animals can naturally sense low frequency emissions. (Last time I read anything on the subject matter, scientists state there are 17 senses, which does not include the result of combined senses associated with synaesthesia.) Interestingly, there are a few people who regularly make earthquake predictions because they have tinnitus and a few days prior to major earthquakes they can detect when the normally high pitched ringing in their ears actually changes. Scientifically, we do know that very low frequency EM emissions can be detected prior to earthquakes, (normally in days and hours) and these discharges have many effects, including the generation of rainbow clouds. Whatever, due to the massive planetary upheaval that I have called, 'The Planetary Refresh,' and the obvious increase in major earthquakes, our geoscientists are simply not at the stage where they can make good accurate earthquake predictions.

    New Zealand: 7.0 earthquake reduces buildings to rubble in Christchurch
    The Telegraph, 3rd September 2010
    Buildings were reduced to rubble, essential services cut, and there were outbreaks of looting after a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck New Zealand’s second largest city.

    The quake, which hit Christchurch, population 386,000, on the east coast of New Zealand's South Island, was just 7.5 miles deep, which meant it caused widespread damage. Christchurch Hospital said it was inundated with people suffering injuries but there were no reports of any deaths after the quake, which occurred early Saturday morning The quake, which hit Christchurch, population 386,000, on the east coast of New Zealand's South Island, was just 7.5 miles deep, which meant it caused widespread damage.

    The news is still sketchy, but a few images are appearing on forums and there has been extensive damage, see YouTube video and images.

    Christchurch earthquake damage 4/09/10 Colombo St
    YouTube, September 2010

    YouTube, 3rd September 2010
    Gallery: State of emergency declared after quake
    TVNZ News, 4th September 2010

    Image 1 - Christchurch NZ
    Image 2 - Christchurch NZ
    Image 3 - Christchurch NZ
    Image 4 - Christchurch NZ
    Road Damage - Christchurch NZ
    Mud Volcanoes - Christchurch NZ

    Earth’s Magnetic Field Flipped Superfast
    Wired News, 2nd September 2010
    [...] The Nevada rocks suggest that this particular switch happened at a remarkably fast clip. Anyone carrying a compass would have seen its measurements skew by about a degree a week — a flash in geologic time. A paper describing the discovery is slated to appear in Geophysical Research Letters.

    It is only the second report of such a speedy change in geomagnetic direction. The first, described in 1995 based on rocks at Steens Mountain, Oregon, has never gained widespread acceptance in the paleomagnetism community. A second example could bolster the theory that reversals really can happen quickly, over the course of years or centuries instead of millennia. “We’re trying to make the case that [the new work] is another record of a superfast magnetic change,” says lead author Scott Bogue, a geologist at Occidental College in Los Angeles.

    Researchers aren’t sure why the geomagnetic field reverses itself. Many think it must have something to do with what creates the field in the first place — convective motions of liquid iron in the planet’s spinning outer core. Bogue and his colleague, Jonathan Glen of the U.S. Geological Survey in Menlo Park, California, went to Nevada to study a series of well-preserved lava flows. As each flow cooled, it preserved the orientation of the magnetic field at the time, frozen like a tiny compass needle in the rock’s magnetic crystals.

    One particular flow caught the scientists’ attention because it seemed to carry a complex magnetic history. This lava, Bogue says, initially started to cool and then was heated again within a year as a fresh lava flow buried it. The fresh lava re-magnetized the crystals within the rock below, causing them to reorient themselves a whopping 53 degrees. At the rate the lava would have cooled, says Bogue, that would mean the magnetic field was changing direction at approximately 1 degree per week.

    This is interesting. These scientists are trying to make the case that they have supportive evidence for a fast geomagnetic flip similar to that recorded at Steen's Mountain, Oregon. This was very highly controversial as it supported the idea that the Earth's magnetic field flipped in a matter of days [Coe, Prévot, 1995]. Since this conclusion was made by some of the top experimental geoscientists in the world, doubters were forced to ignore the findings rather than try to disprove them. I wrote about this research in my book because of the belief that a superfast flip of Earth's magnetic poles could be caused by a massive solar flare, if our Sun had temporarily become a T-Tauri type star. This latest finding still goes against the prevailing belief that everything in geology happens really slowly, despite the fact that there is ample evidence which supports the theory of Punctuated Equilibrium. What's more, this theory is becoming associated with the later theory of Self-Organized Criticality that theorist suggest is common to all complex dynamical systems.

    `Powerful' Hurricane Earl Puts East Coast on Evacuation Alert
    Bloomberg News, 31st August 2010
    Emergency agencies along the Eastern Seaboard are preparing for the arrival of Hurricane Earl, which threatens to graze North Carolina and lash coastal Massachusetts with wind and rain before going ashore in Nova Scotia.

    Evacuations may be needed if the storm doesn’t turn north, Craig Fugate, Federal Emergency Management Agency administrator, said in a conference call today. While Earl isn’t expected to make landfall in the U.S., even a small jog to the west from its current track will have an impact on the mid-Atlantic states, said Bill Read, director of the National Hurricane Center.

    Earl, a Category 4 storm, or the second-strongest on the five-step Saffir-Simpson scale, is on a path that would take it just past North Carolina’s Cape Hatteras early Sept. 3 and then on toward Nantucket and Cape Cod in Massachusetts later that day, according to the center.

    Some people think that there will be an evacuation...
    NOAA Storm path; 15:00 UTC, 31st August 2010

    Hawaii 'Fire Tornado' Lights Up Big Island (VIDEO)
    Huffington Post, 28th August 2010
    On Wednesday, video surfaced of an eerie 'fire tornado' that sent flames spinning high into the sky in Brazil (WATCH HERE).

    Now, CNN brings us a strikingly similar clip of a 'fire tornado' in Hawaii. According to KITV, the daunting spectacle was a product of a brush fire that firefighters were attempting to contain near the Pohakuloa Training Area on the Big Island on Sunday. The blaze claimed at least 1,400 acres.

    This was the second fire tornado in 2 days. The fire tornado in Brazil on the 25th was noted on this blog, but this is a much better and longer video clip. Now, I am starting to think: are these going to become more common? YouTube link

    EcoAlert: Earth's Shrinking Atmosphere
    Daily Galaxy, 27th August 2010
    The shrinking of the Earth's high outer atmospheric layer has been linked to a sharp drop in the sun's ultraviolet radiation levels. The research, led by scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colo., and the University of Colorado at Boulder, indicates that the sun's magnetic cycle, which produces differing numbers of sunspots over an approximately 11-year cycle, may vary more than previously thought.

    The problem that scientists have is that the Space Age is only decades long and the longest records (sunspot info) held by the Chinese, are only a few thousand years old. However, since the Sun is billions of years old and operates in cycles, some of those cycles could be tens or even hundreds of thousands of years long, so obviously, scientists don't have any means to obtain this information. That is why some solar scientists have admitted that they also use ancient calendars and astrology to make some predictions. Thus the multi-billion dollar satellite communications industry is also subject to unknown [variations in] solar cycles and customers will have to get use to increasing levels of disruption from space weather, if we can keep the satellite infrastructure in orbit, and the way things stand with the high levels of space junk, that is debateable too.

    Can It Be True About HAARP?
    Trading markets, 26th August 2010
    [...] Dr. Michel Chossudovsky, Dr. Nick Begich and other scientists have presented evidence that purposeful ionospheric disturbances can cause tsunamis, hurricanes and earthquakes by creating geomagnetic storms.
    What? More rumour mongering? HAARP is a spit in the ocean compared to the impact of Space Weather, so I am extremely skeptical when people who have no idea how this technology is being used, claim every disaster is being caused by HAARP, especially since it's now completely outdated technology. HAARP CANNOT GENERATE A GEOMAGNETIC STORM, THIS AUTHOR IS COMPLETELY WRONG!

    Fire Devil Twister Blazes A Trail In Brazil (Video!)
    Sky News, 25th August 2010
    A fire tornado caused by brush fires and strong winds has stopped motorway traffic as drivers in Brazil gawped at the rare phenomenon. The whirlwind of flames burned through fields beside the road in the northwest city of Aracatuba in Sao Paulo state. But, as quickly as it appeared, the roaring twister fizzled down and just a smouldering line in the land remained. The firestorm followed a drought which has led to brush fires across Brazil. [...]

    Fire tornados, also known as fire whirls or fire devils, are rare and depend on certain air temperatures and currents to create a vertical, rotating column of air.

    Another rare phenomena. Again, I don't even want to think about these becoming more common... At the beginning of this video, you can clearly see the fire as a double helix... but geoscientists still ignore this sign of electromagnetism, that especially relates to the behaviour of plasma in an intense magnetic field...

    Russia lashed by storm after heatwave
    BBC News, 16th August 2010
    Russia's record-breaking heatwave looks set to come to a dramatic end, with a severe storm now heading for Moscow after battering St Petersburg. Nearly 100,000 people around St Petersburg were left without power, rail services were halted and trees felled amid high winds and heavy rains. Moscow is expected to be hit later. Temperatures there dropped to 25C on Monday after nearing 40C for weeks.

    Lots of wild weather at the moment:

    Summer storms bring chaos to parts of Spain
    Typically Spanish, 14th August 2010

    Flooding in Malmö as heavens open
    The Local, 15th August 2010

    Six people injured in hailstorm in Prague
    Prague Monitor, 16th August 2010

    Prague Picture Gallery, August 2010
    Some serious damage to cars windscreens...

    Bacteria and Phytoplankton Affect the Weather
    Washingtons Blog, 17th August 2010
    It turns out that critters so small that they can't be seen with the naked eye might affect the weather, and perhaps even climate. As I pointed out last year, spacefaring bacteria might affect rainfall:

    In 2002, several scientists claimed that bacteria high in Earth's atmosphere came from space. Last year, scientists said that bacteria in the upper atmosphere may actually make rain. Specifically, they said that bacteria can freeze at fairly warm temperatures, so that the "biological ice nuclei" form condensation nuclei which triggers rain. Indeed, some scientists have speculated that bacteria cause rain as a means of transportation, so that they will "rain out" from the upper atmosphere to the surface of a planet.

    Now, scientists have discovered a "hibernating" bacteria in a salt mine in Utah which they believe has been in suspended animation for 250 million years. There is evidence that this ability to hibernate for long periods of time is also useful for travel through space by the bacteria:

    Interesting article and highly indicative of the complexity of our environment and why computer models however complex cannot really compete with universal intelligence. Note the fact that any suggestion that Earth is not a closed system and can be affected by objects from space is usually shunned unless it is completely undeniable, so here (here it was stated that some scientists still don't want to accept that bacteria comes from space). remember it was only about one hundred years ago that many scientists refused to believe that rocks came from space. The information about "hibernating" bacteria is not knew and the discovery was ignored as it did not fit in with prevailing theory.

    Physicists say cosmic rays affect the length of day
    Physics Central, 16th August 2010
    If your Monday is dragging on too long, you might try blaming it on cosmic rays. In a paper published Friday by the journal Geophysical Research Letters, physicists from Paris and Moscow propose that the high energy protons and nuclei might have a surprising influence on Earth's length of day.

    The team claims that a previously noticed relationship between fluctuations in the length of day and the 11-year solar-cycle are actually caused by cosmic rays. One of the team members, Vincent Courtillot of the Institute of Geophysics of Paris, says they examined the length of day -- as defined by the speed of the earth's rotation in a reference frame fixed with respect to the stars -- using a series of daily values over a 40 year period. They claim that up to 30-percent of changes could be directly related to the 11-year sunspot cycle.

    I'm not convinced, but it's still very interesting speculation.

    One-man weather centre making right predictions
    Sify News, 16th August 2010
    An accountant in Britain got so fed up with the 'wrong' weather forecasts of the national meteorological bureau, he has started predicting weather using his own equipment. Simon Cansick, 47, decided to see if he could do better himself and bought his own weather station, positioned it on the roof and linked it to the internet, the Daily Mail reported Monday. Cansick prepares his forecasts on his home computer and provides live information -- automatically updated every three seconds -- 24 hours a day.

    He is only able to predict within a 16km radius... but his neighbours will be grateful...

    Haiti earthquake caused by new fault line
    The devastating earthquake that rocked Haiti in January was unleashed by a previously undetected fault line – not the well-known one initially blamed, according to an analysis of new data.
    The Telegraph, 14th August 2010
    Its unclear how dangerous the new, unmapped fault might be or how it's discovery changes the overall earthquake hazard risk for Haiti, said Eric Calais, a professor of geophysics at Purdue University in Indiana.

    He said the analysis shows that most, if not all, of the geologic movement that caused January's magnitude-7.0 earthquake occurred along the newly uncovered fault, not the well-documented Enriquillo fault. He said that suggests Haiti's seismic zone is far more complex than scientists had anticipated.

    But the new fault's profile, including the possibility that it merges with the Enriquillo fault at some depth, won't be known until scientists intensively study the region. "If there are other faults capable of producing earthquakes besides the Enriquillo and this new one we need to know about them. We need to go after them," he said.

    I am pleased to see this new analysis, as I have had some serious doubts about the conspiracy talk swirling about the internet, that implies the Haiti earthquake was induced by HAARP. Simple observation alone should be enough to dismiss these theories, as huge orbs of light were being filmed coming out of the ground before the quake and this is a reliable indicator (noted over hundreds of years) that electrical energies have built up in the rocks to such an extent that interdimensional entities (usually referred to as light phenomena or even quakelights) decide that enough is enough and they get out! If you have not seen this YouTube video filmed by Haitian missionaries, it's a must see, link

    Cloud Cellular Communication
    Watt's Up With That, 12th August 2010
    No, I’m not talking about the Internet or the latest mobile phone. Apparently clouds are “teleconnected”. Two press releases were made the yesterday on the same subject, both are presented here. Note to climate scientists, try adding this to GCM’s.

    “Clouds organize in distinct patterns that are fingerprints of myriad physical processes,” Feingold explained. “Precipitation can generate fascinating honeycomb-like patterns that are clearly visible from satellites. Cloud fields organize in such a way that their components ‘communicate’ with one another and produce regular, periodic rainfall events.”

    While the discovery of synchronized behavior in clouds is one of many recent findings on self-organization in nature, the study also examines how suspended particles, or aerosols, in the atmosphere can influence these patterns and be a factor in climate change.

    [...] While the discovery of synchronized behavior in clouds is one of many recent findings on self-organization in nature, the study also examines how suspended particles, or aerosols, in the atmosphere can influence these patterns and be a factor in climate change. [...]

    The scientists say that their findings point to a significant influence of particulate matter, or aerosols, on the large-scale structure of clouds and therefore on climate change. Scientists have long known that aerosols can influence local rain formation and block solar energy from reaching the Earth’s surface—for an overall surface cooling effect.

    Honeycombulus! You may not want to read the whole article but the images of the clouds are quite interesting! These images remind me of Cymatics -- the study of visible sound and vibration and experiments that consist of vibrating sand or cornsand etc and the patterns that emerge when different frequencies are applied. If you watch the video here, as the frequency gets higher, the cells generated get smaller, see Cymatics - The Science of the Future?. Scientists still talking about updrafts and downdrafts is very backward, as we know that there is a potential difference of 100 volts per metre between the Earth and the bottom of ionopshere and this cavity is constantly transmitting a host of different electromagnetic signals. Now, let's just think: what information do you think the clouds are transmitting?

    Wildfires rage on shrouding Moscow in blanket of smog (Video), 10th August 2010
    The thick blanket of acrid smog caused by relentless wildfires which has settled across the Russian capital has shown no sign of dispersing.

    Forest and peat blazes continue to devastate large swathes of Central Russia, with a record-breaking heat wave forecast to go on until at least next week. Russia's deadly wildfires, smog-filled cities and poor harvest are being seen by some environmentalists as signs of man-made climate change.

    But astrophysicist and founder of the Weather Action Foundation Piers Corbyn puts the heat wave down to climate cycles.

    “The climate has always been changing, but it has nothing to do with man,” Corbyn told RT. “In fact we predicted that there will be extreme heat in Russia and eastern Europe. It's caused by circulation patterns, caused by a combination of solar activity and the phases of the moon.”

    So the Russians rate the maverick Piers Corbyn who always pops up and says I told you so when we get extreme weather! Well, since this guy has been so successful, bookmakers now refuse to take his money because he has been so consistent in his predictions and now it seems his success has reached far and wide. Congrats Piers!

    Putin puts out two wildfires in central Russia (update 1)
    RIA Novosti, 8th August 2010
    Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Tuesday took part in extinguishing forest fires in Ryazan Province on board an amphibious firefighting airplane.

    The Russian head of government was the co-pilot for half an hour aboard a Be-200 plane scooping up water from the nearby Oka River and dumping it on raging forest fires some 200 kilometers southeast of Moscow. He dumped approximately 12 tons of water on each of two fires, extinguishing both completely.

    Putin initially sat in the cabin in front of a thermal imaging monitor together with Emergency Situations Minister Sergei Shoigu and Ryazan Governor Oleg Kovalev. However, shortly after takeoff Putin suddenly entered the cockpit and sat in the co-pilot's seat.

    Well, I'm impressed... A man who knows something about PR...

    Russian Wildfires, Pakistan Floods, Chinese Landslides All Linked To Bizarre Jet Stream Change (Video)
    Channel 4 News, 9th August 2010
    [...] Turbo-charged monsoon confounds forecasters

    Normally the jet stream is a giant loop of high speed winds that whip round the upper atmosphere, writes science correspondent Tom Clarke.

    The jet stream isn't involved in day to day weather - it's too high up - but because it pushes the atmosphere around it's very important in steering large scale weather patterns below. The stream has split in two. One arm has gone north, another south. The patch in the middle is Russia's drought. A circulating pattern of air has been sitting over Russia for far longer than normal, causing the extreme temperatures and wildfires they've had there.

    But what's happening over Pakistan is even stranger. The southern arm of the Jet stream has looped down so far it has crossed over the Himalayas into north western Pakistan. Experts at the Met Office tell me this is very unusual.

    And the result is that the fast moving jets stream winds high up has helped suck the warm, wet, monsoon air even faster and higher into the atmosphere - and that has caused rains like no-one can remember. It has turbo charged the monsoon if you like. They're not sure that's ever happened before.

    At the moment, scientists have been suggesting that the changing Jet Streams are a result of global warming, but since there has been no real evidence of warming, the constant extreme weather could be indicative of sudden climate change. In April 2008, the Carnegie Institution for Science released a report that stated:
    Stanford, CA—The Earth’s jet streams, the high-altitude bands of fast winds that strongly influence the paths of storms and other weather systems, are shifting—possibly in response to global warming. Scientists at the Carnegie Institution determined that over a 23-year span from 1979 to 2001 the jet streams in both hemispheres have risen in altitude and shifted toward the poles. The jet stream in the northern hemisphere has also weakened. These changes fit the predictions of global warming models and have implications for the frequency and intensity of future storms, including hurricanes. [...]

    "The poleward shift in their average location discovered by the researchers is small, about 19 kilometers (12 miles) per decade in the northern hemisphere, but if the trend continues the impact could be significant. “The jet streams are the driving factor for weather in half of the globe,” says Archer. “So, as you can imagine, changes in the jets have the potential to affect large populations and major climate systems.”
    Changing Jet Streams May Alter Paths of Storms and Hurricanes
    Since scientists believe that the Jet Streams are narrow currents of air that snake the globe, but never explain how this effect is created, we have to assume that in reality we are seeing electric currents that react on a daily basis to incoming electrical energy from the cosmic environment. This is generally referred to as Space Weather and since there are now regular blasts of extreme Space Weather creating massive electromagnetic disturbances to Earth, maybe one of these disturbances was so great that the northern jet stream has been temporarily split. Useful information

    Kinky Jet Stream More:

    Pakistan floods: aerial pictures from army helicopters show the extent of the flooding
    UK Telegraph picture gallery

    Floods in central Europe: Germany, Poland and Czech Republic clear up after flooding
    UK Telegraph picture gallery

    Eastern Europe cleans up after deadly floods (Video)
    UK Telegraph Video report

    1,850-mile smoke cloud blankets Russia (Video)
    MSNBC News, 6th August 2010
    MOSCOW — Planes were diverted from Moscow airports on Friday after huge peat and forest fires blanketed the capital in acrid smoke, forcing some businesses to close and office workers to wear surgical masks at their desks.

    Pollution surged to five times normal levels in the city of 10.5 million, the highest sustained contamination since Russia's worst heat wave in more than a century began a month ago. Officials urged Muscovites to not venture outdoors. "Looking at the overall duration (of the pollution), today's smoke level is the worst yet," said Alexei Popikov, an expert on air quality at Moscow's state-run pollution monitoring agency.

    More Picture Gallery: Russian wildfires
    "Last month, Russia endured the hottest July ever recorded since records began 130 years ago. The intense heat and drought affecting central Russia has been drying out trees and peat marshes, which have been catching fire recently, burning forests, fields and houses across a massive region. Some 500 new fires have been reported in the last 24 hours alone, and a mobilization of hundreds of thousands of emergency workers is underway to combat them. President Dmitry Medvedev has now declared a state of emergency in seven regions. To date, over 1,500 homes have been destroyed and 40 lives have been lost. as wildfires continue across over 300,000 acres. (38 photos total)"

    1 Million Fish Dead in Bolivian Ecological Disaster (Video)
    Bolivia Bella, 3rd August 2010
    Over 1 million fish and thousands of alligators, turtles, dolphins and other river wildlife are floating dead in numerous Bolivian rivers in the three eastern/southern departments of Santa Cruz, Beni and Tarija. The extreme cold front that hit Bolivia in mid-July caused water temperatures to dip below the minimum temperatures river life can tolerate. As a consequence, rivers, lakes, lagoons and fisheries are brimming with decomposing fish and other creatures.

    Unprecedented: Nothing like this has ever been seen in this magnitude in Bolivia. Inhabitants of riverside communities report the smell is nauseating and can be detected as far as a kilometer away from river banks.

    There seems to be more and more major disasters natural and manmade.

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    Susan Joy Rennison, B.Sc.Hons. (Physics with Geophysics)


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