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The Celestial Deluge &
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The Hathor Material:

Messages from an Ascended Civilization


Tom Kenyon & Virginia Essene

December 2005 Update

I have decided to update this book review because the message is very highly relevant to what is happening on Earth. This material was originally written to help people understand the relationship between our consciousness, emotions and balance and is a basic summary of some of the Hathor teaching. If you are looking for clues as to what is happening to our planet and how you can make a difference, I strongly recommend that you get a copy of this book. As far as I am concerned, this material is on a par with the Pleidian books written by Barbara Marciniak,and the Kryon Material, channelled by Lee Carroll. For those people who are sceptical about "transpersonal sources", I would suggest it is time to get educated. The mentality that there is no other intelligent life amongst millions of galaxies is laughable.

The Hathors described themselves ascended interdimensional beings and they have been involved with mankind for many thousands of years. Their teachings about our human feelings are so profound that I wanted to share this information. For me the information resonates with love and wisdom, so I found it was very easy to accept. This information was channelled through Tom Kenyon and the book The Hathor Material: Messages from an Ascended Civilization (1996) and was co-authored with Virginia Essene in a question and answer format.[1] Many of the teachings are a confirmation of the theory and practice of the EMF Balancing Technique. The founder of The EMF Balancing Technique, Peggy Phoenix Dubro had already help write a report for NASA in 1995, when the technique was relatively unknown, so this information can be taken as independent confirmation. I believe that the truth is never just given to only one person or identity and so they one of many sources that are providing help to humanity at this time. The Hathors describe themselves as our elder brothers and sisters and state the last time they were with us consciously was in Egypt. It is acknowledged that mankind is in a momentous time in the history of consciousness, and again we are told that they are part of the vast crowd, standing room only, watching events on this planet.

Update December 2005

Some readers may ask, why exactly are they watching? Well, apparently what is happening on our planet is unique in intergalactic history. The way that Earth is moving up in frequency has never happened in exactly this way before and this is of great interest. So we have observers from the four-corners of the galaxy watching this situation and specifically how fast we balance our karma and how gentle or violent that balancing occurs. The law of karma is a set impersonal law of the Universe, so since planet Earth is known as a hotbed of karmic activity, nobody knows quite what will happen, so they have come to watch and learn. It is now also very interesting that old Russian KGB UFO files have recently been opened up, and this has been dutifully reported in the Norwegian press. That should make interesting reading!

Furthermore, since the time this book was written in 1996, the Hathors have recently been more forthcoming with information concerning Earth changes. The link below is included because the message is increasing clear that what happens on this planet is largely dependent on the few people with "higher consciousness" who will in effect "tip the balance." The Hathors refer to the "life sustainers". Our world's leaders are wondering what is going to happen next because they are privy to a lot more information than Joe Public! The country that seems to be doing the most they can to help planet Earth are the Russians, whilst this year we have seen the US take a beating, with more promised to come if people don't start to raise their consciousness faster. One way or another we are told karma will be balanced. It is a response-ability to be aware and participate in this great intergalactic event!

If you wish to participate then find out how to start balancing your karma and how to balance other people's karma. If you are working with the "New Energies" then please be 100% confident you know what you are doing. If you are not balancing karma, then why are you working with the New Energies because that is why they are now available. My main concern, especially in Norway, is there are too many people who are working with very strong energies that they do not understand, and they also don't know what they are doing and why. With training that can be only described as "inadequate," this is now resulting in psychologists and healers worldwide having to pick up the pieces. The EMF Balancing technique is attracting psychologists world-wide because it works. Again I ask Norwegian healers working with the New Energies, are you confident you know what you are doing?

June 2004 Hathor Message Link

The Teachings of the Hathors

The Hathors provide very clear teaching of the importance of our emotional health. We recognise a Master by their ability to hold and broadcast the higher vibrations of truth and love. However according to the Hathors we will not be able to go up the evolutionary spiral ourselves until we learn to work with our emotions and specifically our 'feelings'. Feelings are defined as physical sensations that we experience relating to our outer sensory world and our inner or subtle worlds. Emotions are defined as feelings with thoughts about those feelings. We evolve our consciousness, when we learn to develop our feeling nature without using judgement, so our feelings just become neutral reports of our awareness. There are also messages about balance as we deal with the emotional turmoil brought about the Earth moving up into a higher consciousness octave and time is speeding up. More experiences and events are going to give us more opportunities for accelerated growth and evolution.

There is a need to balance our male and female internal energies or "currents" which they differentiate as being like the Sun and Moon. The Sun is the positively charged electrical force and the "Moon" is the negatively charged magnetic force. They tell us the balancing of these forces is one of the goals of Egyptian Alchemy. The Egyptian gods were really descriptions of cosmic forces that move through the Universe. These teachings were written on different levels so they could be taken literally by less evolved consciousness and understood by the priesthood to be symbolic of benevolent energies that can be aligned with. The Hathors tell us their greatest contributions to mankind is their holding, of the harmonic of divine love and unconditional acceptance and their teaching about how to strengthen and elevate our life force. The following is a summary of the Hathor teaching as it relates to our energy fields, our feelings and balance.

The Hathors see us as interpenetrating fields of energy, which they also describe as complex resonant field of energy and vibration. The physical body is seen as mainly space, a galaxy of stars each atom behaves like a solar system with the central sun as the nucleus and the planets as electrons spinning around.

The law, "As Above, so below," is reflected in our bodies and science does confirm that even though we seem solid we are in fact 99 percent space.

Very importantly, interpenetrating our physical body we have a second field of energy that the Hathors call the "KA", this is described in several ways but it is the etheric template that is a duplicate of the physical body and its energetic fields but at a subtler state of energy. The life-force penetrates both the physical and etheric body they call the "KA" and we would not be able to live without this life force or prana, (chi, universal energy etc as it is also known). Other subtle bodies exist but the Hathors emphasis working with the KA body to facilitate higher consciousness.

The Hathors acknowledge a central tube of energy that is a result of our electromagnetic nature and the magnetic field emitted by the physical body. Great importance is given to how much energy we can take into this central tube of energy as it directly impacts how much energy is available to our organs and body systems. The KA determines the clarity, the power and the impact of our thought and also determines the quality of our emotion. The central tube of energy extends straight down through the center of our bodies from the crown (at the tope of the head) down through the perineum (a mid-point between the genitals and the anus. The central tube of energy can actually extend deep into the Earth's core and out into the Universe depending on the development of consciousness. So if your consciousness is not very developed, the tube of light will not extend much further than your body. The size of the pranic tube can be approximated as the circle made when you touch your thumb with your second finger.

"Being conscious of this energy core that extends through your body creates a way to stabilize your subtle bodies, stabilize your magnetic and electromagnetic fields and stabilize the emotional body so that you find yourself responding to difficult situations from a place of balance."

The feeling nature is an attribute of the emotional body that is very closely tied to the KA. The emotional body is a field of energy that surrounds and interpenetrates our physical body. One of the keys to master is the ability to move more energy. To master positive movement of that energy, comes through cultivation of the feeling nature. Our emotions affect our health as is clearly demonstrated and documented by sciences. The Hathors teach that when a person feels the emotion of unconditional acceptance or unconditional love an intercellular resonance is set up, that is highly coherent, that positively affects the DNA, making it stronger and helping it code more precisely, (this is precisely what has been discovered by the Institute of HeartMath and the work of Glen Rein). Allowing the feeling of unconditional love and acceptance to move through the emotional body activates a process of profound healing and balance.

The Hathors say that most humans are disconnected from an awareness of their feelings and emotions through childhood training and cultural conditioning. As we are unaware of our feelings it means that we tend to 'float off' into the mental body and hence deprive ourselves of additional sources of information. Information from the subtle realms of consciousness is first received from our feeling nature and then is translated into thoughts and language. If we stay in the mental body then we can be driven by a feeling that we are not even aware of, we are "unconscious" which is the antithesis of spiritual evolution.

"Your feelings and emotions are reactions to situation based upon your interpretation of the events. They are mirrors that allow you energetically to respond to and become aware of your own calibration to an event or experience."

If in the process of labelling our feelings, it causes us to clamp down and prevent ourselves moving through an emotional experience then that is anti-evolutionary and we will cause the energy bodies to freeze up. When this happens prana does not flow in the area of the body where the emotion was held and eventually a problem will surface in that part of the physical body. They also insist that it is not a matter of plucking out negative emotions and negative experiences because these are really an expression of the individual's fundamental perception of reality.

"What actually has to occur is that the emotion is transmuted, and the system comes into balance and there is nothing to pluck out. The energy that has been congested is now free and contributing to the evolution of the individual instead of holding the person back. Energy must always be dealt with. One does not simply remove it."

The Hathors understand that for some people who carry memory patterns held in the emotional body from lifetime to lifetime and that if they have been shut down or damaged for being open hearted, then there is a desire to remain closed to protect oneself. We are told that the process of being open does not mean being vulnerable and we can discriminate and choose whom to open up to. The goal is to be able to open up at will rather than not having any choice in the matter. The chakras are organised in relation to different levels of feelings and are described as like flowers with petals, so as we feel less emotion the petals close up. We can imagine our hearts opening up like a flower and in doing so we literally create an electromagnetic opening in the heart. The Hathors advised that many psychologies only deal with areas of consciousness that are language based, which requires much talking, and very little time is focused on resolving fundamental energy issues. Everything that is held in the body and the subtle fields as a distortion, as pain, or as trauma, has an energetic component. Therefore, one can talk and talk but nothing will fundamentally change because the energetics have not been addressed.

"So we say that individuals working in this field [psychology] wish to expand themselves and their repertoire to become effective in healing work, they should include the energetics of emotion and mental states in their methodology-so that emotions and the energetics of these emotions are addressed directly with their clients."

"When the energetics of a situation are addressed, then the trauma, the discomfort, is resolved and the nervous system and behaviour come back into a state of equilibrium and balance. This brings an increase of wellness in the individual. …Without addressing the emotional state, and their energetic components, you simply avoid the problem."

The Hathors insist that our current two-stranded DNA is less than one third activated and so we have unused genetic potential. This unused potential will respond to our need when we start to evolve and the codons in the DNA, which act, as gateways to molecular memory will open. Our genetics, heredity - both the physical genetics and as well as the emotional effects of family lineage that are held genetically can be changed. This all depends on the being able to change patterns that are associated with an interface to the KA, the emotional body and the physical body. So the requirement is a strong KA, an emotional body which resonates with a coherency of joy, unconditional love and acceptance, then the resonance will actually move into the physical body and DNA and change genetics.

The Hathors teach that our subtle nervous system is closer to the quantum field of consciousness than the physical nervous system and so as it develops, awareness can extend into the quantum field. Information that is "non-local", i.e. beyond where we are physically, can be retrieved and processed by the brain.

"If you move further into the quantum field, subtler and subtler, you can reach a point where you are in consciousness itself. For the foundation, the actual reality of the quantum field, will soon be discovered as consciousness. So the physical elements are but an out-picturing from consciousness at the subtlest, deepest level into matter."

A healer is considered to be a fully-charged individual, but healers can draw on sources of energy which relate to their specific vibratory rate. The higher a healer ascends in vibration the purer they become and the more powerful the healing results. The Hathors state that as a healer's mastery evolves, they have the ability to dissolve an energetic block or dissolve a crystalline pattern through a skilful manipulation of energy. However the healer is cautioned to not to enforce change as the final decision must come from the one being healed and not from the healer. Healers are advised that there is no accident who comes to them for healing, the persons they attract often act as a mirror of the healer's own psycho-spiritual issues.

"So in the process of healing and being a conduit for higher energies the healer is also a learner. If the healer remains humble and open to their clients as reflections of their own "process," they can grow even more in self-awareness and compassion."

The Hathors provide exercises to help us retain stability in our emotional bodies during these challenging Earth times, they state:

"The exercises were developed in our group for the purpose of giving them as tools to humans at this time. The understanding of the energetics goes way back to a fundamental understanding of magnetic fields- a knowledge that was used in the Temple of Hator, [Hator, the goddess of love and joy] in Lemuria, in Atlantis, and even prior to that. Today, we Hathors use them automatically; we don't even have to think about it. It has become a way of life and energetics for us. It happens as naturally for us as breathing."

As long as we retain any aspect of the emotional field, then the Hathors says we require some kind of support to have mastery over the emotional body. Mastery, is not the same as control. The goal is not to suppress the emotional body but to stabilize it.
EMF Balancing Technique practitioners will immediately recognise the power and effectiveness of the Hathor exercises at once, because they are variations of the basic technique taught.

"Center Below, Center Above, Radiate Core."


[1] Kenyon Tom & Essene, Virginia The Hathor Material: Messages from an Ascended Civilization (1996) Spiritual Education Endeavours Publishing House 1556 Halford Avenue, #288 Santa Clara, CA 95051-2661

Susan Joy Rennison, July 2005

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