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Sailing Beyond Knowledge

Carlita Constance interviews Susan Joy Rennison, author of Tuning the Diamonds

16thDecember 2009

Click to download a .pdf document version here.

The following transcript has been edited to allow for better reading.

Interview starts in earnest at about 10:00:00.

Carlita: Susan, Welcome to Sailing Beyond Knowledge, it’s a real honour to speak to you today, thank you for coming onto the show.

Susan is the author of Tuning the Diamonds: Electromagnetism and Spiritual Evolution. Now Susan, first of all, how are you over there in Norway?

Susan: Well, I am now in Switzerland, actually [Carlita:: laughs…] Sorry

Carlita: That’s OK.

Susan: I moved to Switzerland in 2008, but before that I lived in Norway for about 8 years, and before that I was living in Italy, so I have been out of the UK for a good 12/13 years now. [Laughs] I don’t consider myself very British at the moment, I feel myself as being quite continental

Carlita: Yes… that’s amazing. How is it there in Switzerland is it very cold weather wise?

Susan Joy: It’s actually cold at the moment, it’s actually snowing at the moment. I am in the valleys so there are hills all around which are now all covered in snow. […] I used to live in Norway, so the cold does not bother me and where I lived was actually Stavanger, which is a cold wet dreary place, a bit like Scotland [laughs].

Carlita: Absolutely,

Susan Joy: So this here… I actually quite like the climate, in the summer you get some beautiful weather. Remember, we are not that far from Italy,

Carlita: Yes, that’s right …

Susan Joy: You can get some amazing beautiful weather here… I like it here, it’s not as wet and miserable as the UK generally… as far as I am concerned.

Carlita: Well, I am not actually here most of the year. Funnily enough, I came across your book Tuning the Diamonds, when I was working in Guatemala when I was working on my Ecology project

Susan Joy: Wow….

Carlita: Yes, as far out as there. I was in an alternative village really, in the mountains, living on a lake, a hundred mile square lake, beautiful place… and there’s a few of these books going around and somebody lent me yours…. and I found it absolutely brilliant for that point in time because I was feeling that there was something definitely going on….out there that really needed to be explained on say a physics level, a geophysics level… yours is one of the first books that I have come across that really does actually deal with the fact that’s it’s not exactly just anthropogenic warming that we are experiencing in the environment here, but we also got to face the issue of the changing Space Weather… also the electromagnetism side of your book… really quite fascinating, because it really addresses the fact , that you know, everything is alive, the Earth is alive, the electromagnetic… space is vibrating in that manner as well as the human body meridians. So I want to refer to the title of your book, Tuning the Diamonds, what do you exactly mean, what’s the significance of the diamonds

Susan Joy: Well [laughs] I just want to say thank you for inviting me onto your show

Carlita: it’s a pleasure to have you.

Susan Joy: My book was first published in September 2006… and about a year later I got an incredible surprise when I had a request for the book to be placed in the UK National Archives, I didn’t know that they would find out about the book but they did and I am very proud of the fact because I worked extremely hard with this book… the book has something like 750 individual references which are sourced from about 500 different sources. So the book Tuning the Diamonds, came out of my quest why certain people in the metaphysical community and certain messages were being given out in the metaphysical community encouraging people to work with their energy fields. The concept of strengthening the human energy field to act like a shield and at the same time work with layers of light within the human energy field that were associated with evolution. These concepts and the claims were making were so bold that I really wanted to check it out.

So, what actually happened initially was that I was asked to write a chapter is someone else’s book and after thinking about it for a while and doing some work I decided to write my own book and I wanted it to be independent, so that’s why I wrote a book. The concept of Tuning the Diamonds was what I felt the book should be called but incredibly, it wasn’t until after I finished the book and published the book that I truly understood the concept of ‘tuning’. That’s because I came a cross a woman called Julie Umpleby in the UK who was also working with the diamonds and she explained to me what she intuitively knew about how to work with the diamond energy field. I actually realised that we are actually creating an [electronic grid – sorry, this expression is inserted here as it was missed out in the interview] we are literally tuning an energy field, pure physics! [Laughs] We are literally doping the energy field with energies… literally tuning the field.

Carlita: [Interruption] Your waving in and out a little bit is your mike very close to you? Maybe you can adjust it slightly.

Susan Joy: OK, sorry about that, is that better? I would just say that with the diamonds: The diamonds are a holographic projection of our DNA and so when we are working with the diamonds, we are working directly with DNA, it’s like the reflection of what’s going on with DNA is what the diamonds represent. This is actually quite complex and the science is not easy to sort out and it’s going to take a time for that to happen but we have the initial understanding, the basic understanding. My job really [interruption]

Carlita: Can you just repeat your last sentence. That cut out a little bit.

Susan Joy: Sorry. Well basically, I fell in love with the concept of Tuning the Diamonds. The book is really about spiritual evolution and the concept of the changing times that we are living in. Evolutionary change being driven by Space Weather. The need to understand how we as humans are being affected physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. So even if people don’t like the concept of the diamonds and they find it really hard to believe, my book is based mainly on science. The understanding of how we are being affected by Space Weather, What is Space Weather… what is happening out in space… and how this relates to spiritual evolution, so I explain concepts that are related.

In the metaphysical community, there is a lot of information that is just sorts of floats around without much understanding. There is lots of stories and ideas but they are not substantiated. What I tried to do is substantiate that information. So, I would pick up bits and pieces of information and integrate it with the science and for me it was quite a rewarding exercise. But since [Carlita:: interrupts] but since my book has been published, I have had quite a tremendous amount of verification of what I wrote. One person sent me a quote from a book and I ordered the book and that was a book called The Pillar of Celestial Fire by Robert Cox and this is from the perspective of Vedic Seers. He integrated information… he also did the same thing [as me – inserted here] integrating science and metaphysics but from the Vedic perspective. I was thrilled because there are so few people that have done this. And then I found the book by Joan Parisi Wilcox who interviewed the Peruvian Indians, well actually they are called the Q’Ero Indians in Peru and they talk about the changing times. Most people think that the Mayan Elders know what is going on, that’s not true. There are other groups, esoteric groups, the metaphysical community, information is being given out constantly to many different people to explain what is taking place and what I have tried to do is integrate the many many sources of information, so that we can understand what is taking place, but my emphasis is the science, what the scientific community are telling us about these times. That is my emphasis.

Carlita: Have you heard of Dr Alfred Webber’s work? [Susan Joy asks for a repeat of the name] Dr Alfred Webber founded Exopolitics and is a great believer in sunspots and the 26,000 thousand year cycles.

Susan Joy: I am really sorry, I haven’t hear of him actually….

Carlita: He is someone to look up. He was recently on the Project Camelot Conference. If you go on YouTube and look up Project Camelot and the Awake and Aware conference and Dr. Alfred Webber… there is a lecture on the sunspot cycles... Some of the things he says kind of relate to some of the material in the book.

20:44 Susan Joy: What I found… With the concept of Space Weather, obviously many people have never heard of space Weather, so I basically gave an introduction and I like to quote NASA and I like to quote the military. I also quote metaphysical sources that were adamant that we were going to get a dramatic increase in Space Weather. So in the book I actually quoted Barbara Marciniak, who has written various different books, these are channelled books. She provides the formula for the dramatic increase in energy transmission rates.

She says from 1987 – 1996, we are going to get an acceleration” that is like 10 times, year on year changes. And then from 1997 – 2006, she says the increase is going to be 100 times, year on year. But then, from 2007 – 2012, we are going to get a massive increase, a 100,000 times, year on year increase and we are now living in those times. Now, this quote to most people just seems like completely ridiculous, but now… I realised that we may even actually have some metrics to compare this quote with…

What happened in the last major cycle, solar cycle was that the Sun’s behaviour was unprecedented we were getting hit with absolutely massive solar flares, incredible! Things that scientists have never seen before, historic levels of activity with the Sun. …There are videos on the Joyfire Publishing Website with these historic blasts and it’s really incredible, the levels of activity…. It was the behaviour of the Sun that switched me on to all this because there was… in the beginning of my book, I talk about the Sun that released this massive blast of energy that looked like a DNA spiral and I realised in an instant of time that we were getting deliveries of energy, of spiritual energy… it was instantaneously that I realised what was going on, this was in 2004. Since that time, the sun has gone very very quiet and our scientists have been getting extremely nervous about the behaviour of the Sun. Everybody was predicting that we were going to get historic highs in 2012… but instead of that the sun is virtually dead, no activity.

Now NASA have made some incredible announcements that the solar wind is actually decreasing in pressure and because of that… the heliosphere, the protection around our solar system is actually evaporating rather quickly… that is major. At the same time, the Earth’s magnetic field is now unstable and is not providing the protection that it used to provide. It’s got massive breaches, and when they are talking about a breach, they are talking about a wall, it’s like… they found one hole that they said was 4 Earth’s wide and 7 Earth’s deep, that’s not a breach that’s like NO protection… there are times when we are just getting blasted by the solar wind and the Earth is getting this energy… massive blasts of energy. [Carlita:: interrupts]

Carlita: Would you say that is one theory for why all these incredible phenomena are appearing in the sky, like this spiral in the sky in Norway.

Susan Joy: Yes. Well, I am going to talk about that. So, we are in a situation where NASA have been giving out.. in the last year or fourteen months we have had some incredible announcements about Space Weather that we are now getting very vulnerable. They have told us that cosmic rays are at all time highs, 20% above the average for the solar minimum and they are expecting the levels of cosmic radiation and cosmic rays to go to levels that we have not seen for hundreds of years. And that’s NASA, right…. there is a joke that NASA stands for NEVER A STRAIGHT ANSWER. So if NASA are prepared to tell us this…. NASA scientists are also telling us that they are very scared that something is going to happen. Flat, they are not even pretending anymore, they are very concerned about the protection around our solar system, they say it could literally disappear.

So at the same time that this is going on, in the last few years, we have been getting these absolutely massive blasts from objects in deep space called Magnetars. These things are the most extreme magnetic objects in the Universe. This is it, definitive, this is the most extreme star-like object that exists and the link that most people will appreciate, is the fact that when we had that Tsunami in December 2004, it was linked to a blast from a Magnetar. So what happened, at the time, the astronomical community was in lockdown mode, there was no information for 2 months about that and then there was information where people seemed to think it was to do with a gamma ray burst. Yes, we did have a burst of gamma ray energy but it did not come from a normal source, it was from one of these Magnetars. What happened was we had a blast of radiation, or some people believe it was a gravity wave and 44 hours later we had the Earthquake and Tsunami [note: correction 44 hours later we had the gamma rays, the Earth quake that caused the Tsunami was immediate]. Some scientists, (astronomers) thought that this might have been caused by a gravity wave because they have been looking for these gravity waves for ever because of Einstein’s theory [of relativity] [laugh] When one happened or think one happened, the detectors, the LIGO detection system was offline for maintenance, so we have no proof [Laugh].

Carlita: That’s amazing.

Susan Joy. What’s happening now is that people are getting hit by the most extreme magnetic objects in the Universe. Before 1979, there was three objects that they knew about and they reckoned that we were going to get hit once every 25 years, that is what they thought. Then in 1997 we started to see more activity. So what’s happening on the internet, if you go onto the internet, you will find ‘oh well, there is 5’, oh there’s 8, oh now there’s 11 now all of a sudden we are up to 18 of these objects that they have found… they keep blasting. So this once every 25 years has gone by the wayside now. We had some big blasts in October 2008 and I believe that we had two going at the same time, so we were getting stereo [laugh] from these objects.

Then in January 2009, we had an absolutely massive massive blast that actually increased the temperature in the stratosphere up by 50 degrees Centigrade. They call these events, Sudden Stratospheric Warming.

Carlita: Sorry, say that again, it was called….

Susan Joy: They call these events Sudden Stratospheric Warming….. OK. 50 Degrees Centigrade…. that’s what I call instantaneous global warming! I mean, really incredible. Now I’ve put 2 + 2 together and I have come to my own conclusions and you could say…. you know your making more of this than what’s really there, but I will tell you that the astronomical community are stunned because of the vast amount of energy. Some of the reports say that one of these Magnetar blasts can be so violent that they deliver more energy in 0.1 seconds than the Sun does in a 100,000 years. Now, if you go around the internet, different scientists say different things, because these objects are delivering different amounts of energy. So sometimes, they will quote in 0.1 seconds you will get 10,000 years worth of the Sun or they will say…I’ve seen one as low as 5,000, it depends on what the object was and what happened at the time, but we are getting deliveries of energies now beyond anything that we have ever experienced before, and the frequency is increasing.

So this is when I found out that the Obama Administration have been wandering around the metaphysical community and asking leaders in the US, as to what’s happening because they said we are experiencing “planetary challenges”, I just put 2 and 2 together and said well this is getting serious…. The Earth’s atmosphere is getting ionised and completely screwing up the radio communications, [insert note: GPS is breaking down]

Carlita: ..and the electric grids…

Susan Joy: It is changing the environment of our planet dramatically.. you see… So, of course if it weakens the Earth’s magnetic field then we have to worry about cosmic radiation. Well, we already have to worry about that because NASA have already told us that cosmic rays are at Space Age highs and they expect it to get worse.

So my concern has been all along…. when I wrote the book, I wanted to understand why the metaphysical community were being encouraged to work on their energy fields and literally strengthen those energy fields to act as a shield. And, since I wrote my book, I found out that scientists had done experiments with plasmas and they found that a rarified plasma, a million times less dense than air and that’s what’s really important, a million times less dense than air….

31:50 Carlita: Hold on a minute, to our listeners who may just heard of plasma as something as something… scientific, can you explain what plasma actually is and that is actually exist…

Susan Joy: OK. In my book I talk about the electromagnetic universe, and the electric Universe and the Plasma universe, they are all sort of very similar concepts that are trying to explain the fact that out there is space, it’s dominated by sub-atomic particles, literally just bits and pieces [charged and uncharged particles] that make up atoms and make up molecules, It’s the basic fundamental primordial matter of the universe and this make up 99.999% of the visible universe. Here on Earth, we are actually quite unusual, because we are made of matter, these particles become atoms, so this is quite [unusual]… the state that we are in is not the normal state of the universe. The normal state of the universe is this plasma state and it responds to the electromagnetic force.

Now this is why there is real conflict with the astronomical community because they love the force of gravity. But plasma doesn’t respond because of something that they call the charge to mass ratio, it responds more to magnetism and the electromagnetic force. So this is where there is major conflict and in fact once I started studying the electromagnetic universe, I realised it was so simple… to understand it… in terms of the electromagnetic force… plasma physicists will talk about powerlines in space… ropes in space.. how all the stars are all linked on these massive powerlines, they are literally like baubles, once you start to understand the concepts, it makes much more sense of the universe.

But of course there is conflict with astronomers because they love the force of gravity and everything, they try to explain in terms with the traditional forces[theories] [note: replaced for clarity]. So now that they have sophisticated equipment it’s a real problem for them, it’s a real problem because they have these old theories…that can’t explain the observations that they are seeing. So now you have all this stuff with dark matter and dark energy, there’s like an alphabet soup of particles that they can’t actually pin down, to try and explain these anomalous features in space.

I love looking at the nebulas and the galaxies, but there are features in space that

completely and utterly defy comprehension, if you want to think of things in terms of gravity and those forces [theories] [note: replaced for clarity] but if you think in terms of plasma and how plasma behaves…. Now, in my book I talk about plasma physicists that can duplicate galaxy formation based on known behaviour of plasma, you can do the experiments in the laboratory and then you can just literally scale everything up to actually observe what we can see in the universe, beautiful and it’s absolutely incredible, so lay people who come across this absolutely love it!

The astronomical community… this is a bit of a problem. [laugh] I mean, you know… if you are lay person, these concepts…to be able to say look, this what we can get in the laboratory and this is what we can see out in space, have you noticed that they are the same… [laugh] So this is plasma and this is the basic fundamental primordial energy of the universe, what we are seeing now is literally more heaven on Earth… literally. We are getting more and I believe that plasma is pervasive, it fills the whole universe, we are literally… I believe it is divine, primordial energy… Spirit. In my understanding, it is the basic fundamental spiritual energy of the universe

Carlita: Because it connects everything...

Susan Joy: It connects everything… you have everything on the miniature on the tiny scale, on the microscale. can duplicate up into the macroscale. Plasma can do that, so the features you see within your cells within the body, this plasma behaviour on a small scale can duplicate up to the larger scale up in the macroscale in the universe, it’s so straight forward. So what’s happening… we are getting these huge blasts of this spiritual energy and I have to say, in a way it did not surprise me that lots of metaphysical leaders don’t know what’s going on.

Unfortunately, we have been given information about these times but the interpretations have been distorted by what I would call… the storytelling. People have got a few ideas from the Mayan Elders and then they sort of tried to adopt their understanding to come up with a scenario that I do not believe is now correct. So I have started talking about the Cosmic fairy tale [laugh] I am really sorry to do this but it’s got to be done because people are being mislead… So people are talking about the Galactic Alignment that’s going to happen in 2012, but it actually happened in 1998.

So now, that’s been found out, they are trying to blame the Elders and say that the Elders have got it wrong. What the Mayan Elders are doing is looking at a range of astronomical phenomena., to help them understand changing energies and they have been quite clear… What happened was that when all the rumours started that it was going to be the end of the world… so the Mayan elders, actually sent out an envoy, Carlos Barrios from Guatemala out into the world to explain to people; no we don’t believe it’s going to be the end of the world, it’s just the end of the calendar. In fact they talk in terms of cycle[s] and they are saying it’s the end of all the cycles, not just one cycle and not ,just one calendar… and I would like to tell people by the way, there are twenty Mayan calendars, there are 13 calendars that they take very seriously… when a Mayan Elder makes a prediction you [often] do not know which calendar that they are referring to when something will take place… what’s happening is Mayan researchers that know about one or two calendars and are trying to extrapolate to the 20. If this is queried with these Mayan researchers, they will say, it’s not written in the Mayan codices, their ancient writing, the Popol Vul, the Mayan Bible. Excuse me, you have got to remember that, when the Spanish came an invaded Mesoamerica, they burnt all their stuff, nearly everything was burnt, so we don’t know… The thing is that…

I have written articles about this because some of the Elders are saying that they knew this was going to happen and they knew it was not a good idea to resist the invasion, so they actually hid some of their stuff in the jungle. There are claims that the Mayan Elders and some groups have been hiding for 500 years in the jungle, in Guatemala jungle…. Some of these groups had never been exposed to Western or European influence even as late as the 1940s, that is absolutely incredible! They are now finding what they call time capsules in the jungle where they found these caves that have got beautiful Mayan drawings like the Codices… [disturbance, Carlita:: interrupts]

Carlita: I think they were found two or three years ago actually and some were found in Guatemala.

Susan Joy: That’s rights! So, when a Mayan Elder tells you one of their predictions you don’t know where they are getting their information from because there is some stuff that is hidden and there’s is some that comes from tradition, information past down from one generation to the next to the next… So I have found another Mayan… well actually, he is an engineer from Mexico, who has been actually using an ancient observatory to actually come up with the same idea that something massive is going to happen in 2012, but he has been using a so-called ‘defunct’ ancient observatory to come up with his analysis… incredible… there is a book written Spanish…

So what I want to actually emphasise is that… because of all these crazy ideas that have been going out about 2012, where people believe there is going to be a conjunction of the ‘Father Sun’ with the ‘Cosmic Mother’ on the 21st December 2012 and that [for] the Mayan Elders… this is an amazing event that they use as a marker to finish all their cycles…basically a celebration of the Mayan Calendar…the end and the start etc etc… I actually don’t believe that. I believe that conjunction is part of a range of astronomical events that the Maya are tracking and they have been very clear that we are finishing one cycle that lasts 5,200 years and we are moving to the next cycle of 5,200 years and there is a transition of 25 years. No,w this next cycle is going to be dominated by space or the ether, which is quite a coincidence because since 1989, the scientific and space community have been having a problem with Space Weather. We had a massive massive geomagnetic storm in 1989 and the whole world changed… Then the timing is more than coincidence in my mind. [laugh] More than coincidence really… [laugh]

So the blasts of the magnetars really started in earnest about that time. So what I am trying to say is there is a lot of the wrong ideas out there and I believe that what has happened is so many people are wed, they are so invested in these ideas that are not correct, it is very difficult for someone like me who comes along… I do not claim to be a Mayan researcher, what I claim to be is someone who is integrating science and metaphysics and I have integrated information from wherever I can find it, that helps me understand what is taking place on this planet now... OK

So I am looking at what the Mayan elders have said, I am looking at what the Peruvian Indians have said, I am looking what the Vedic Seers have said, I am looking at the information that is coming out of the metaphysical community and if it is channelled or not, I don’t care, if it helps me understand what is taking place on this planet and I can scientifically verify it, then I will listen and pay attention and I will integrate it, the information and that is what I am doing and I am utterly utterly amazed by what I have discovered.

So this transition period… Now, the Mayan Elders haven’t been… they are being sorting being reactive at the moment… because of all the rumours, the big Hollywood film that is out there now about 2012, so we are getting this drip feed of information from them, the Mayan Elders, which is quite interesting and I think it’s going to cause a problem for Mayan researchers now because they are emphasising a change of the Sun and they are talking about a magnetic vortex, that might even knock out and make dramatic changes… So… I am talking about the effect on the Sun which they are now starting to talk about. It’s about the changing times and the change of Space Weather.

I want to emphasis now the concept of what you see with your eyes is not what is really there. We are very limited… that we see a certain part of the electromagnetic spectrum but just outside our normal vision there is the infrared and the ultraviolet. We do have equipment that can actually see. So for a good 50, 60, 70 years now, our scientists have been seeing things in that spectrum that defy understanding. I really want to talk about this. These magnetars literally change space time it is a scientific fact, that they are so violent that they are literally changing space-time and we are getting blasted.

Carlita: Fascinating…. one of those people that you were talking about is Trevor James Constable, right?

Susan Joy. That’s right, but this is beyond the research of my book now. In my book talked about [this]… at the end of chapter 2, I talked about the Russians telling us that they were seeing beings of light [interruption]

Carlita: Start again… the Russians were seeing beams of light …

Susan Joy: In my book at the end of chapter 2, I talked about the Earth’s magnetic field and I talk about the fact that in the metaphysical community there has been great emphasis on the fact that the electromagnetic grid of this planet has been changed and the Russians verified this by telling us that they have been seeing huge balls of light. They have special names, they call them Vacuum Domains and Natural Self-Luminous Formations [NSLF]… literally changing the electromagnetic skeleton, that’s what they call it [the electromagnetic grid] of this planet… and this event has been taking years… they called it “interworld processes”, totally beyond our comprehension…. what’s been taking place…. and they have been seeing these entities in the ultraviolet. So to me, that was absolutely, total proof that we were being given [valid] information, that I believe is from these entities. I would like to point out… well I am talking fast because I have a lot to say… [Laugh]

Carlita: Fine, that’s OK.

Susan Joy: We have verification from the scientific community and the military that there is another lifeform on this planet. That is not carbon based… OK. We have scientists writing research papers telling us that orbs are making the crop circles. We have scientists telling us that these balls of light actually travel in and out of our atmosphere. We have the military…an absolutely brilliant report from the UK Ministry of Defence that was made available in 2006 telling us that… what they refer to as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, because they want to get rid of the whole connotations of UFOs, UAPs exist and they are a plasma phenomena. Balls of light. So we have confirmation from the scientific community, from the military that there is another form of life that exists. This is major news and nobody is talking about it and because spacetime is changing we are starting to see [more of] these entities. There are hundreds, thousands of reports of people seeing balls of light. If you go back in history, if you go back 50, 60, 70 years, it turns out that ever since the invention of radar… that we have been able to detect things that are invisible to the eye but they actually return a signal as if those entities were made of metal.

Carlita: As if they were made of metal…

Susan Joy: Yes, because what’s happening is that this form of life has many different [expressions]…. it’s like a spectrum of entities and it’s to do with the composition of plasma. So we have… [interruptions] Trevor James constable talks about entities that are like amoeba and are quite nebulous that can be seen in the infrared but there is a whole range. Trevor James Constable also talked about these entities that were more like the metal discs and that’s where you get the idea of the little space ships. But unfortunately, the best information about UFOs came from the military. They openly discussed the idea of another lifeform. The U.S. Air Force even talked about “space animals”, which is also very interesting because there is some very interesting footage from the NASA, from the NASA missions, so you can see for yourself that there are living creatures floating around space but these things are absolutely massive… huge.

Obviously, there are experts like Jose Escamilla that you interviewed…there are lots of people out there that are very interested and they are aware of the fact that these entities exist. My point of view is to integrate this into the Big Picture as to why there is now so many UFO reports. I would like to point out that most UFO reports are bright lights. I just want to emphasis this point… that what’s happening now and especially over the UK, people are seeing orbs, there are hundreds of reports of people seeing what they think is a plane on fire in the skies, report after report and what happened was that I got so fed up that a year ago, I wrote an article and sent it to Paradigm Shift, because I just thought, “why isn’t any one talking about this?” There are hundreds and hundreds of reports, people seeing planes on fire in the skies… [laugh]

Carlita: A member of my family has seen them several times…

Susan Joy: So, I just thought this is absolutely ridiculous. In fact when I first approached Paradigm Shift they told me to go away… [laugh] We don’t do reports on UFOs and I am saying look… it’s not UFOs, it’s not little green men in a tin can, it’s a lifeform, another lifeform a being of light made up of light and magnetism [laugh].

Carlita: Fantastic…

Susan Joy: So eventually they decided to run with the story and now they have asked me to do a column because it is getting ridiculous. People are seeing these over the House of Parliament… [laugh] you’ve got people ringing up air traffic control because if they live near Heathrow and they are seeing these balls of light and of course they are very concerned because they think well, “what happens if it hits something?” One story is a woman, [who] is actually a pilot and she actually said that she saw one of these balls of light 40 years ago and when she contacted air traffic control… they turned round and said, “don’t worry about that, it’s just a little angel…”, because they have been seeing these things on radar ever since the invention of radar and they were experimenting with radar in the 1930s. During the second World War they actually perfected radar enough to use them but they had tremendous problem with what they called the radar angels. So what’s happened was over the years they have literally changed the system so that they ignore anything that doesn’t look like a conventional aircraft or doesn’t behave like a conventional aircraft.

Carlita: Because they were getting so many…

Susan Joy: Because…during the war, they had instances, were the whole screen was filled with these radar angels. So… this is what’s happening now you see…. we have got to the stage where you can’t just eradicate them off the radar screens because Joe Bloggs is now seeing the radar angels. This is a fundamental change in spacetime…there is nothing that anyone can do. There has been a tremendous effort to ridicule [talk of] UFOS, talk about little green men and little saucers, whenever there is a story in the newspapers about people seeing something… they want to put a little picture of the ‘Greys’ and ridicule the whole thing. The problem is, they can ridicule as much as they like, this is a fundamental shift in spacetime and there is nothing anyone can do about it. It’s going to get like… and I have been saying this on my blog… it’s going to be like living in a cosmic aquarium, quite frankly.

Carlita: [laughs] That sounds great to me… yes, it’s about time that people just accepted that we are going through this change environmentally and on many levels. Coming from an environmental background, there is a whole ecology of universal life forms out there…

Susan Joy: Exactly! There is a whole ecology and this is where I am not an expert on this… there are people who have spent decades looking at this, they are the true experts but what I am trying to do is integrate what’s happening… there is a whole process to help educate people on what is taking place, OK..

It’s like a clock or a watch where you change… you turn the cogs and then other cogs start to turn and that’s what’s happening… it’s like one change then effects another… it’s an whole integrated system, it’s a huge system that is being transformed. You can’t just transform one bit, it you have to transform everything. That is why there is tremendous effort by politicians to talk about global warming, climate change, it’s just their way of trying to handle the evolutionary changes and also a way to get some money for pay for them [laugh] dealing with the changes to tax people… it’s just a convenient guise… global warming and of course the massive scandal of Climategate, some people have been woken up and unfortunately, it’s going to be a shock for many people to realise that they have been lied to about what’s actually happening. People have been saying for years, it looks like we could have a period of serious cooling, forget about global warming… So I talk about this on my blog… it’s very importance that people realise there are many in the scientific community who have alternative ideas about what is taking place and I talk about this [now] a lot more than I did in my book… I talk about this on my blog, I just feel that’s it’s really important that the concept of evolutionary change gets stuck in people’s minds, rather than things that are negative, this is a time of transformation.

Carlita: This is what this show is about really, it’s getting people aware of the changing environment, it’s a natural phase of evolution.

Susan Joy: It’s not frightening, it’s not frightening, it’s actually quite magical. When you see these orbs… there are now some incredible videos on YouTube now that people have taken of these orbs. I saw one from Russia, it just looked totally magical, this thing was shining bright in the forest, it was beautiful. There is a magical aspect to this, I am not trying to take away the magic, I am trying to take away all the false ideas that are out there… that people have, I’m trying to teach people that this is not confusing, for those that can’t make sense of our reality. I’m trying to get people to see the truth of our reality rather than believing in all sorts of stupid ideas… I mean there is… What’s happening in the metaphysical community… there seems to be a tremendous need to cater for this childish mentality… storytelling… a lot of it is very very childish… that has got to stop, people have got to grow up… they have got to see how the world really works and how the universe actually works… I am not prepared to dumb down my message for people.. We have to understand that we live in a spiritual universe filled with divine primordial energy and within this massive universe of billions of galaxies there is another form of life, we need to understand so that we can more forward.

Carlita: So going back to the spiral in the sky over Norway, what is your theory on that…

Susan Joy: Well I know there is tremendous effort to tell people that it was HAARP or something called Project Bluebeam or it was a missile that went wrong. For various different reasons… this is being discussed all over the internet… I do not believe that this was a missile. The Russians admit to the fact that they did do a test hundreds of kilometres, if not thousands of kilometres away…

Carlita: There was one in Russia wasn’t there a while ago…

Susan Joy: Yes, that is right…the Russians admit that they did do a test, but they are not owning up to being responsible for creating a spiral over a Norwegian military base, that’s been lost in the information somewhere. [Carlita:: interrupts] Why would the Russians fire a missile that lands just above a Norwegian military base? It does not make sense… that’s how you start [trouble]… that sort of thing. No… it’s got nothing to do with a missile, Now, you got people running onto radio shows talking about HAARP and of course it’s like muddying the waters, let’s just muddy the waters…

Now I want to say to people is that there is a tremendous amount of messing around by the U.S. air Force, sorry, the U.S. Military and also the Russians are the same. What they have done is weakened the space-time, it has made certain locations on the planet have been much more susceptible to UFO sightings. Nuclear installations, where they blasted [atomic] bombs, Hiroshima, they did things where the result was totally unexpected. So if you look back in history, you will have a tremendous amount of association between UFOs and military installations and all this sort of stuff. So it doesn’t surprise me at all, I assume that HAARP had actually weakened what they call the veil, if you know what I mean… the link between the different dimensions… and so it was most likely that a dimensional portal had opened up by something flying in. There is some absolutely fantastic videos of UAPs flying in and literally opening up a portal… You can actually see where the sky seems to opens up and a little orb pops out! [Carlita:: agrees] So these spirals have been seen over China, Russia, South Africa, I found that one out today, and also there has been previous spirals in Norway. UFO people have been linking these to similar types of events in the UK, not quite the spirals but they are making a link.

So it looks to me that something arrived, it just so happened to be near a military base which had weakened their spacetime and also with Norway as well, there are a lot of ice crystals in the sky and with the light being the way it was, it just made it easier to see the beautiful spiral…. There is clear video and I have this on my blog that I call News of the Imbalance… my blog that I do… we have clear examples of these UAPs appearing and they actually come in what I call a plasma cloak and what happens is that once they have got to a certain level, they drop their plasma cloak… it’s like a shield that they use to travel in space, they drop that and out pops this little orb!

[Carlita:: laughs]

So what happened with the Norwegian spiral, people started saying, well this happened about a month ago and this happened 18 months ago and this happened 3 months ago. You’ve got this wonderful collection of these orbs appearing. Now, the one that impressed me was where there was a string and this thing appeared again appeared near a U.S. Air Force [base] … there is a link there because I believe that the scientists have been messing around so much that they have actually…

Carlita: Opened up portals…

Susan Joy: They have opened up… or allowed portals to become visible to the eye or become visible to infrared… so you get people who say that they are looking at or checking out our weapons… the orbs are not interested in our weapons, sorry [laugh] I know people are going to say oh well, I know this story and I know that story but generally they are not interested in weapons… It’s just so happens that we have screwed up so much that we have weakened the veil at certain points and especially around these military installations and that’s why the UK’s equivalent of Roswell at [RAF] Bentwaters, you know the big story there that happened in the 1980s? Again, that was a massive UFO event, it was an [American military] base that had nuclear weapons, so the fact that it was there had probably changed spacetime and one of the things that Trevor James constable says… and they were probably using strong radar as well… the orbs/UAPs don’t like radar and of course they don’t like our radiation either. There is a connection there but I am not going to go into detail about this… I think it is better coming from someone who I would call is a total expert on the subject. But there does seem to be a very strong connection and that is why we are having all these events around these [military] bases… because spacetime has been weakened, the veil has been weakened around these points…. I have lost my train of thought here now….

Carlita: Fascinating

Susan Joy: With the Norwegian event. I do not believe it was a missile, I don’t believe it had anything to do with HAARP, I think HAARP is related because they have weakened the veil and I don’t believe it’s got something to do with something Project Bluebeam… I just literally think there is so many examples of this now, these orbs are flying in. Now, from a metaphysical point of view, there are a few sources that I pay attention to because they talk science and I can verify the science behind what we are being told. And we have been told… that it’s going to become so apparent, that governments are going to be forced to admit that there is another lifeform living on the planet. That’s how bad things are going to get. This spiral to me is just a beautiful wake-up call…

Carlita: It’s a positive thing to me [laugh]

Susan Joy: It’s very positive. With these videos that we have… China, Russia, South Africa and Norway these things fly in they come in through a portal and they start to spin and I don’t know why, they just do, but not all of them because there is a whole spectrum, as you say a whole ecology of these things that behave differently. Now on one website somebody made a link between plasma phenomena and petroglyphs that we have that are thousands of years old which records these spirals…

Carlita: Fascinating

Susan Joy: It could be that maybe in previous times we have had much higher energy levels on this planet

Carlita: That’s very theorisable… definitely…

Susan Joy: This person was absolutely adamant it’s a plasma phenomena and guess what? It’s happened before! So it could be something that becomes common. This could be how plasma behaves… it could become something that becomes quite common… only time will tell.

Carlita: Have you seen something similar over Mexico and South America. They have what kind of relates to Quetzalcoatl and snake-like spirals that look like three dimensional objects not holes in the sky but they kind of snake about in the sky and these little orbs pop out of them and there’s hundreds of these orbs popping out of these snake-like creatures and the orbs that pop out again, look like UFOs, the usual small white objects spinning in the sky.

Susan Joy: Well, can I just make the point that I don’t want people to think that I am an expert in UFOs. This is a real problem for me, because I don’t want people to think this, but I don’t want to ignore what’s happening. I don’t want to say that this is not my area, I can’t talk about that… I’m interested in what is taking place, this transformation, this evolutionary change, and I want to keep reminding people that at the very top, the Obama Administration, wandering around the metaphysical community saying ‘what’s going on?’…. it’s now major concern. I want to say to people, this is an evolutionary change….Forget about [UFOs]. A lot of people have a very negative view of UFOs and the whole UFO phenomena, it’s deliberate and I want to explain to people, forget UFOs, we are talking about another lifeform. The military and scientific organisations… there are organisations that have logged thousands and thousands of reports over 80 years from pilots that have been seeing these things. In World War II we had the Foo Fighters… we had the little balls of light that played tag with the war planes… in fact the pilots thought they were some kind of psychological warfare. We are getting reports now where people are seeing these orbs… in fact the orbs… some of these things are like “critters”… they are like the birds, that fly in front of cars, they swoop down and then they swerve in and out and then fly off when they get bored… it’s the same mentality..

Carlita: Yes, they have a consciousness

Susan Joy: That’s right! So you got stories that are decades old of these orbs… they do it with boats, they do it with cars and they do it with planes. I want us to get away from this concept [because] when we talk about UFOs people automatically think of …

Carlita: little green men..

Susan Joy: in tin cans… Forget all that! People [must] realise that we are talking about another lifeform and how it manifests on this planet. So, we have what I call the “critter” behaviour… So over the UK, we’ve had these orbs flying in formation like geese… or they…

Carlita: they are like organic objects… they behave very organically..

Susan Joy: That’s right! They behave very organically, they behave like “critters” and I love calling them critters… [laugh]

Carlita: Well, you call them what you like… [laugh]

Susan Joy: I would like to point out before I forget to say this. The UAP report that I referred to The Unidentified Aerial Phenomena [note: In the U.K. Air Defence Region] Report that was written for the UK Ministry of Defence by a contractor and they don’t want to talk about who exactly that person was, who wrote that report. But, it took four years to produce this report… and what happened was that two ufologists in the UK, Dr David Clarke, who is a lecturer at Sheffield University who with a fellow ufologist Gary Anthony, they forced [by] using the UK Freedom of Information Act [the government] to release [this report]. Now they found out about this report which was Top Secret and when it was produced it was only actually given to 11 top officials, not even the UFO department at the Ministry of the Defence even knew that this report existed but there was a leak… it got found out basically, so these ufologists forced the government to release the information.

Now what happens is that… Of course, there is tremendous curiosity from the UFO community but I think they were quite disappointed. So since that time, Dr Clarke has decided that he has wanted to debunk the Ministry of Defence and there are reports [articles] in The Telegraph talking about this report and actually I am going to quote this because this is absolutely incredible.

He says: “Some of these officials, like the Wing Commander, obviously believed in some pretty weird stuff.” We have a lecturer specialising in journalism, debunking the Ministry of Defence and saying that the top Defence officials of the United Kingdom are weirdoes, for believing what they believe. I’m going to quote… I am quoting an article in the Telegraph now and this was published… the article was called: “Britain's X Files: RAF suspected aliens of "tourist" visits to Earth: A new book reveals details about UFO sightings over British skies after author David Clarke studied declassified Ministry of Defence records.” I would also like to point out that Dr David Clarke is a consultant for the [UK] National Archives and he seems to be the conduit that the information is being sent out through, OK. He calls himself a UFO sceptic, but… to me he’s not a real sceptic because he made the information available so that people could make up their own minds. To me he’s not a true sceptic… anyway, he does the sceptic thing… [laugh]. He says in this article in The Telegraph on the 20th September, and I have documented where you can find all these articles about this UAP report on my website. He says: “These are senior officials and yet they believe some pretty bizarre things.”

So we are suppose to believe a journalist… sorry, a lecturer in journalism, as opposed to the Ministry of Defence? What I can’t believe is how come people are not talking about this, how come people have not even heard about this report, because there have been at least 7 or 8 articles in the mainstream press talking about this report…. It’s absolutely incredible. Our military know about these entities… [interruption] because they have been telling their pilots, do not chase these things because you will not going to be able to outrun these things. In the beginning of the report and it’s nickname… they call these [reports]… they have these unofficial names [codename] and it’s called it Project Condign

Carlita: Sorry Project what?

Susan Joy: Project Condign… that’s how it’s [known]… it’s like a sort of subname or a nickname [codename] for the report, I can’t think of the right word… but it said the:

[Paraphrased] Project Condign, was eventually launched in 1996, and it was made without the knowledge of the Defence Secretary Michael Portillo. (He was the Defence Secretary at that time.) and it was completed in 2000 under Geoff Hoon.

    “The report found: "That (UFOs) exist is indisputable. Credited with the ability to hover, land, take-off, accelerate to exceptional velocities and vanish, they can reportedly alter their direction of flight suddenly and clearly can exhibit aerodynamic characteristics well beyond those of any known aircraft or missile – either manned or unmanned."
    It went on that,
    although they existed, UFOs presented no threat to defence.
    It found that many sightings of UFOs were in fact "plasmas" of gas caused by charges of electricity in the atmosphere.”

So, literally what they are saying and it is explained in the report, UFO-like objects are flying in and they look like meteorites but when they hit a certain level they look like a buoyant plasma and sometimes depending on the composition of the plasma [note: really the amount of charge] sometimes they are very bright and you can see them and sometimes you can’t see them with the eye but they can detect them in the infra-red or the ultraviolet [and radar]. [Interruption]

So, I would like to connect this with the work that has been done at Hessdalen by scientists and international groups of scientists that have spent 25 years of research…. that has been going on in Norway, and they’ve come to the conclusion that this is a new phenomena… a new phenomena to science. They talk about these entities travelling with a cloak of plasma, because what they see is that they detect two different plasmas… they gather plasma up from the atmosphere and make a cloak and travel. For the people who are interested in the metaphysics, that cloak of plasma is what we call the Merkabah.

Carlita: Fantastic!

Susan Joy: It’s what the metaphysical community call the Merkabah and that is why all these messages are telling people to strengthen their energy fields… they are literally saying, ‘Get that cloak of plasma, your going to need it!’ You are need to make your own cloak because… the planet is being flooded with cosmic radiation, spacetime is changing and you need that protection. This is the whole reason why I wrote my book. Yet these orbs are… we are seeing them flying in with these cloaks, dropping these cloaks… [note: short missing section this is an insert - Technically, plasma physicists will tell you that the corkscrew effect often seen in the sky occurs when a plasma vortex is breaking down] …if you talk to plasma physicists they will just took about a corkscrew effect [laugh…it’s just a corkscrew effect…. laugh] they don’t see it as an entity you see… just see energy… that’s it…

Carlita: Just you let you know, we have about 10 – 15 minutes left, so…

Susan Joy: That’s fine. I just want to… I think I started talking about something and I forgot to mention it. The concept of a plasma cloak… the fact that the scientists have done the work… they have done experiments where a plasma… a rarified plasma a million times less dense than air, has the ability to deflect a beam of electrons that would normally bore through steel.

Carlita: That’s incredible!

Susan Joy: I have only discovered this in the last six months or so and I have been working so hard, I have been working for five years. I have been reading book after book after book and been reading on the internet, trying to make sense of this and encouraging people to work with their energy fields and I have not had very much support. There are people who are invested in their fairy tales… they are invested in ideas that are just not the full picture. People are interested in fame, they are interested in their name in lights and really this is not where I am coming from. I am aware of the fact that the planet is being flooded with cosmic radiation. This is no joke! This is scientific fact and because of that, people really need to speak and it’s just evolutionary change it’s nothing to be frightened of I am not trying to frighten people and I am trying to get people to start being real… this is reality, this is what is taking place… it is part of the evolutionary changes of the planet. Where I am coming from I am not trying to scare people, I am trying to awaken people up!

The Mayan elders predicted that we are in a time of transition and in this transition there is a time of cleansing, of purging… they talked about transformation. Now, I believe with this UAP phenomena is that there have been entities living inside the Earth, there are creatures inside the Earth and there are entities in the sky… and because there are [now] higher levels of energy… it’s like the Earth is literally soaking up with this spiritual energy… the Earth is now quite electrified. Some of these entities cannot cope… in Florida they tend to have a tremendous amount of electromagnetic activity… a tremendous amount of lightening. Sometimes things get so bad that the worms come out… they can’t stand it… they come out of the ground because there is too much electricity in the ground. So what’s happening, I believe, is that some of these entities…. We are seeing whole fleets of entities… I can’t think of a better word … whole groups of them… literally leaving the planet and we have UFO people totally puzzled… they are taking the most incredible pictures [interruption]

Carlita: Say that again Susan, you just cut out there… they were taking pictures..

Susan Joy: I was just saying that… I have been studying UFO reports and have to say that I have got fed up with it now really because it’s just continuous and I have logged hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of reports but some of them… I have a section on the really strange ones… [laugh] You have people taking pictures in the infra-red.. they are really supped up with the equipment and they just go out and they just take pictures and some of the things that they are seeing are incredible and they have being seeing just groups of these things in the air and I believe that there have been… because of the change… they have to leave they can’t stay here because it’s not comfortable for them anymore. Now in the metaphysical community, people talk about good and bad… we are getting bad entities leaving and good ones coming… I don’t think it’s quite like that

Carlita: No… it’s not really about polarities either…

Susan Joy: I just think that it’s that for some of these things, life on this planet is no longer comfortable, whereas we are now getting these high energy entities who like this environment… In the metaphysical world they are talking about the return of ‘Master’ entities… so I will be really honest, I am not totally, 100% sure of what is taking place… we know that there is these incredible beings arriving…. Really! [laugh] ….

Carlita: It’s kind of interesting because you have groups of organisms leaving and groups of organisms arriving and it just sort of fits very well into the whole ecological niche shifting, making space for new organisms…

Susan Joy: It’s like the traffics up… this is the whole point. This is what the Russians said back in 1997 and the report was translated into English in 1998. They noted the traffic… something’s going on! [laugh]. And this is interesting because the Ministry of Defence also talked about the traffic, you see… increased traffic… so this is really, really fascinating, but it has got to the point where they have closed the UFO desk… I think it’s because they don’t want to talk about this… this is beyond where they want to go… I am sure they are aware of me because I am writing now in Paradigm Shift magazine, I have huge websites where I talk about this… I feel that people have got to understand that this has been a huge secret, the fact that we are not alone on this planet, but it’s got nothing to do with little green men. I don’t like talking about extraterrestrials, I would prefer to just make people aware that there is another lifeform on the planet and with the planetary changes, the changes in spacetime, we are now seeing another world opening up and that to me is incredibly important. Now, the ufologists… there are some people who want the little green men, they want to be rescued, they want higher intelligence to come on this planet and tell our governments what to do. I am sorry, I am not one of these people, at all! Their job is not to interfere with us on this planet, OK. I am not interested in all this UFO disclosure, talking about ETs and all this sort of stuff, I am not really a big UFO disclosure person because there is an agenda there, I am not interested in that. I just want to inform people about evolutionary change and another form of life on this planet. That is where I am at, but I am not ignoring the fact that we are not alone on this planet, obviously there are probably other extraterrestrials but I don’t normally talk about, that is outside of my jurisdiction… [Carlita:: laughs]

Carlita: Well, Susan it’s been absolutely fascinating talking with to you and again thank you for coming onto Sailing Beyond Knowledge [Susan interrupts] sorry, and I hope you will come back again and speaks to us more…

Susan Joy: I would love to talk to you. For me it’s been quite frustrating because, I don’t know why people do not want to hear this, because it is happening right in front of our eyes. The changes are now undeniable, that something absolutely incredible is happening, but people need to see The Big Picture...

Carlita: I think people, some of the listeners, well, some of the whole community on the internet that are investigating and researching for themselves are fascinated to know what it is, but obviously there is a group of people who are just afraid, so they are in denial and they want to stay in their little zone of what they are familiar with and they are not ready for those changes, whereas there are a lot of us out there that are and that is what this is about.

Susan Joy: Because of some of the problems I have had with some people, I have actually had to study psychology and human development and I am very much into Spiral Dynamics at the moment. What the psychologists have been telling us is that for the last 50 years, there have been people preparing who have been preparing for a massive shift in consciousness. There are people who have been working to actually prepare the mass consciousness of this planet for a massive shift and I believe it’s going to take place when people find out that we are not alone.

Carlita: That’s right. Your whole perception of reality has to change once you make that single acknowledgement, anyway.

Susan Joy: And even though I feel like I am on my own, I know that I am not… people have been working for 50 years for this time, because it is absolutely happening, there is nothing that anyone can do to stop it. We are being blasted by the most extreme objects in the Universe, there is changing spacetime and this is what the Mayan Elders and other Keepers of Ancient Knowledge have been trying to explain to us, the message has been distorted, but there is no denying that this is now a time of evolutionary change.

Carlita: That’s right, absolutely. Well, thank you. Once again I am really grateful for thank you coming onto the show and talking about this to the listeners and this is just what we are exploring on this show and in future episodes so please do come back and discuss so more about what you are researching and keep listeners up to date.

Susan Joy: OK, I would just like to say that I have created a tremendous repository of information on my website… because I see this as really important. I have spent five years of my life looking at this and I am have been utterly amazed by what I have found. For me I am very logical in trying to create The Big Picture picking up the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle and putting them together to help people… people are going to need this, people are going to have to talk to their friends, they will have to talk to their work colleagues, they are going to have to talk with their relatives about what’s taking place on this planet and they need the information

Carlita: That’s right, and I will be directing people to your websites, will provide links for that on this show

Susan Joy: Thank you very much I really appreciate the invitation, thank you.

Carlita: You’re welcome and do come back.

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