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The Reconnection:

Heal Others, Heal Yourself

by Dr. Eric Pearl

September 2004

I heard about Dr Eric Pearl and his miracles a while ago and I vowed I would have to read his book. Since this time I have met Reconnection healers who where also EMF Practitioners and I was assured that Dr Eric Pearl is using "New Energy". He even took part in a joint seminar with Peggy Phoenix Dubro, so I felt I needed to make my own assessment.

Well, about half way through the book I started to get fed-up. That is not a good sign. I do not know if I you are a regular reader for my book reviews but if you are you will note, I don't hold back my opinions.

Dr. Eric Pearl describes why he walked away from one of the most successful chiropractic practices in Los Angeles when miraculous healings started happening around him. He now appears on TV throughout the world, gives lectures and seminars about The Reconnection and has his own network of Reconnective healers.

At the beginning of the book, Dr Eric Pearl gives his spiritual credentials which are largely attributed to his mother's near death experience giving birth to him. I think from the description of his life he is one of those people who choose to go through life with blinkers and then wake themselves up at a particular trigger. The trigger being the 333 dollars he paid for The Reconnection of his energy meridians from some gypsy on the beach. When I first read a short version of this story on his website, I thought it was incredibly strange. Now I know otherwise. The word gypsy is a corruption of the word Egyptian, and from my sources of information, the gypsies carry secrets from way back. I have my own experiences of a gypsy telling me my fortune uninvited and she was so accurate it was unnerving!!

I believe the only difference between healer effectiveness is how much volume can be channelled and I have previously made the analogy of a waterfall. A waterfall can vary from a trickle to a wonder of the world and obviously with Dr Eric Pearl we have Niagara Falls. Dr Eric Pearl explains his frustration at not getting any answers to questions re his experiences. Actually he is very witty and amusing in this regard and his way of thinking is similar to my own. I could relate to his experience, due to having mystical experiences myself. Even now I sometimes try to give descriptions of some of my experiences, to be met with blank looks.

Anyway, where I started to have difficulty is when he starts to pontificate and tell healers how they should be healers. How most healers are far too supersitious and that "technique" is just getting in the way of the energy. He explains how 'patients' reacted when he demonstrated his abilities to other healers and that other healers could not reproduce similar phenomena. It is a shame that before he wrote this book, he did not investigate what else is out there in the New Energy because I can tell you that I have had clients on the table who have reacted with kriyas exactly as Eric Pearl describes. Unfortunately, the impression is given is that this is exclusive to Reconnection Energies.

He also makes very broad sweeping statements that seem to throw the baby out with the bathwater. There is very little research provided in this book which would substantiate his opinions. I was very surprised when he even challenged which hands are used for giving and receiving energy. The point is that one hand is better at receiving than the other and that is fact, however both hands can be used. What is supersitious about that?? He complains that healers have too many rituals, so what??

I was also very surprised when he quoted Lee Carroll who is the channel for Kryon. Eric Pearl describes Lee Carrol as a 'master story teller', which I think is a dis-service and is not strictly true. Where I come from we call a spade a spade.

Lee Carroll is a Channel for the entity Kryon who is known as the Magnetic Master. I have read many channelled books but for me Kryon is different. Kryon is the only energy I have experienced whilst reading the Kryon books that has taken me into ecstatic states. Anyway, if you read all the Kryon books you will realise that Kryon says that through the effort of Lightworkers we have raised the vibration on this planet enough to justify his involvement in changing the energy grids to enable further enlightement and access new energy. If you think this is all very strange, follow-up the information that has been provided and you will be amazed.

Dr Eric Pearl now is channelling this new energy that is now available due to the efforts of Lightworkers. Those people are now having to make readjustments because the old ways are now no longer as affective. The whiff of arrogance that came across to me in the book The Reconnection is unfortunate and I felt that not enough respect had been given to healers who have worked faithfully, doing their best with the knowledge and tools that had been given to them.

There are many aspects of the Eric Pearl story which I find interesting. Eric Pearl is a channel but besides the gift of miracles he does not seem to have any other gift, (maybe you think that is enough!!) This may have changed since he wrote the book but I found the lack of spiritual insight fascinating, since he is not clairaudient or clairvoyant etc. The fact that the miracles are prolific does not impress me. If you go back in time there have been some amazing healers who healed thousands and some of them did not charge any money at all, nor would they except gifts. The best example I know is the Worralls ( The Gift Of healing: A personal story of spiritual therapy, Ambrose & Olga Worrall ISBN 090897706) and if you are a healer I would suggest you read their story because it will provide some perspective.

I do recommend that The Reconnection book is worth reading because I believe it may help to save some money. The new energy can be transmitted whilst you are reading the book so it may save you 333 dollars (or equivalent in your currency). My hands and feet did vibrate whilst reading the book but this happens to me quite often anyway. I know I am well and truly connected.

I am truly pleased that Eric Pearl is doing his miracles and creating awareness of healing energies. He does state he is currently working with scientists from the University of Arizona and this has to be good. I am pleased for the clients/patients who are receiving the miracles and I agree with Eric Pearl, that we are in no position to judge why people are sick.

It maybe that Eric Pearl is being used to "kick-arse" and get healers to re-think what is happening energetically on the planet. His opinions on why he does not like "technique" is fascinating because it permeates the book. Maybe because because he does not "see" energy and has no idea of the dynamics, it is beyond his comprehension that energy can be successfully directed. Universal energies are intelligent (scientific research has verified this over and over again), but human beings still have to be part of the equation. The debate we have now clarified is how much human involvement is required and for what purpose.

Susan Joy Rennison,

September 2004

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