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Vibrational Medicine :

The #1 Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies

by Richard Gerber M.D.

August 2003

Richard Gerber, has written a ground breaking book which attempts to meld science with holistic medicine. I can highly recommend this book. I have decided to include a link to an existing book review, but the review is too dry for me and certainly does not emphasise enough the importance of this text. Online Book Review. Furthermore I have included a link to for further details, (click on book image).

I believe that this doctor represents many doctors who are now realising that subtle energies within the body exist and that we already have a 'natural' arsenal of tools that affect the body on my different subtle levels to facilitate the body to heal itself.

At this point I will digress, to illustrate my point from my own experience. In 1995, I met an African woman in England, who had trained in conventional medicine to become a qualified doctor. Soon after qualifying she was told that she had cancer and only had a month to live. Since, she was African she thought she would go back to Africa to die, because as far as conventional medicine was concerned, there was no hope and she had bought into that belief system. Back home, she came across an African herbalist who gave her Aloe Vera and some other herbs in a jar. Thinking she had nothing to lose she took the 'medicine', after a couple of months, she was still alive so she thought that maybe she should go back to her doctors in England and find out what was happening in her body. The tests revealed that she had been completely 'cured' of the cancer, I think the technical term is 'in remission'. Now this lady who was obviously intelligent was incredulous that the medical system she believed in had not been able to help her but she had been cured with a jar of Aloe Vera and herbs, given to her by someone who probably would have had no credibility in the outside world. This lady made-up her mind to try to help others like herself who had been diagnosed with cancer using her training and holistic medicine. I met her thirteen years after she was supposed to have died, and she was fighting fit.

Currently, I believe that 'alternative medicine' is so well established now and that there are so many cases of people curing themselves and going back to doctors to report and verify their healings that some doctors have decided to incorporate alternative therapies in their convention practices. Other doctors like the African doctor, have completely given conventional medicine up and only practise alternative medicine. You, must realise that the climate for doctors especially in the U.S. and U.K. is extremely hostile, their suicide rate is high and life expectancy not as high as you would think compared to other walks of life. The question is, why is this so?

Returning to the above book, it is a reference book, and I like it because it has given me details of currently scientific thought and research that has been done, which is very enlightening. I would like to present the following quotes that grace the front of this book by expert peers.

"Twenty-first century care will be based upon the subtle energy principles and interventions involving the mind, body, environmental, and spiritual dimensions which are so authoritatively documented in Vibrational Medicine. Clearly, this is a landmark book which is challenging, controversial, and brilliant tour de force of major and clinical significance."

Kenneth R. Pelletier, Ph. D.
UCSF Scool of Medicine
author of Mind as Healer, Mind as Slayer

"Dr Richard Gerber's well-researched text is a welcome addition to the growing interest in the alternative modalities which assist the thousands wanting non-toxic medical treatements....Dr Gerber's book with his outstanding medical credentials adds tremendous credible information to the holistic movement."

Abram Ber, M.D.
Arizona Homeopathic Medical Board

"What a masterpiece! For the first time we have a scientific review of energy healing with a powerful overview of the whole subject.....I predict it will bw standard reference for all researchers and teachers. My hat's off to you Richard."

Dael Walker
director, Crystal Awareness Institute

I will be detailing some of the scientific research outlined in this book on this website, because I believe it is not widely known and the significance cannot be understated.

Susan Joy Rennison, August 2003

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