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U.S. warned people to avoid mystery missile zone
Officials refuse to explain launch warning where contrail filmed
World Net Daily, 1st December 2010
The Department of Defense is slamming the door on questions about the mysterious contrail filmed Nov. 8 by a KCBS television crew near Los Angeles after questions were raised about a warning from the National Geo-Spatial Intelligence Agency that there could be missiles fired in that area at that time.

The official government position has been that the contrail, which appears to have been made by a single source, was from a jet passing by. And the refusal to provide answers to specific questions suggests a cover-up of potential secret missile testing in the area – contrary to official jet contrail explanation. [...]

They even went so far as to suggest that the missile may have been shot from a submerged Chinese nuclear submarine, coinciding with an increasing level of confrontation between the United States and China and designed to send a message to Washington:

But it was in late October that the NGA issued the maritime warning for the Eastern North Pacific off California about "intermittent missile firing operations." While the notice gave time frames and days of the week as well as areas for missile firings, there was no specified time limit as to when they would end.

"Intermittent missile firing operations 00001Z to 2359Z daily Monday thru Sunday in the Naval Air Warfare Center Sea Range," the warning said. "The majority of missile firings take place 1400Z to 2359Z and 0001Z to 0200Z daily Monday thru Friday." The contrail sighting by the KCBS television crew occurred during these time periods.

Well, I am very confident that I am right about this "mystery missile" saga. The US military have been placed in a very difficult position, because these "ghost rockets" can fire at any time but this location is excruciatingly close to a major city. Yes, I know there is a large military base 50 miles off the coast but experts are adamant that the notion of test firing huge missiles so close to a hugely populated city is ridiculous. So, now the story is slowly changing from initially being a commerical air liner to missile tests, where a vague warning had been issued, but it seems the warning did not get to helicopter pilots, providing a service to traffic reporters. American citizens have a right to be concerned.

Ateroid 2005 YU55 Flyby, 16th November 2011
ASTEROID PARALLAX: "On November 9th, asteroid 2005 YU55 passed so close to Earth that viewers at separate locations saw the interloper appear in slightly different spots against the background star field," says amateur astronomer Mike Harms of San Francisco. To illustrate this parallax effect, he combined his own observations with those of Dennis di Cicco across the country in Boston:

At the time of the flyby, the 400m-wide space rock was only 324,600 kilometers away, about 85% the distance from Earth to the Moon. This allowed amateur and professional astronomers alike to study the asteroid in unprecedented detail.

In Australia, where the Boston vs. Brisbane parallax effect was even greater, Dennis Simmons video-recorded the flyby: "It was quite sobering to be able to view the almost full Moon some 20 degrees away, knowing that this lump of rock was now nearer to me than our Moon," he says. "I was astonished at how bright the NEO appeared, having read that results from the Arecibo radar indicated it to be a very dark, nearly spherical object some 400 meters in diameter."

OK, why did NASA et al. lie about the object and tell people it would be "very dark"? The asteroid was hugely bright but NASA et al. were still forced to use radar and infra-red... Actually, I know the answer, it is quite obvious if you have integrated the science and metaphysics of what is taking place in our solar system...

Asteroid 2005 YU55 Flyby (Video), 8th November 2011

ASTEROID FLYBY: NASA radars are monitoring 2005 YU55, an asteroid the size of an aircraft carrier, as it heads for a flyby of the Earth-Moon system later today. There is no danger to our planet. At closest approach on Tuesday, Nov. 8th, at 3:28 pm PST (23:28 UT), the 400m-wide space rock will be 324,600 kilometers away, about 85% the distance from Earth to the Moon.

Professional astronomers are eagerly anticipating the flyby as the asteroid presents an exceptionally strong radar target. Powerful transmitters at Goldstone and Arecibo will ping the space rock as it passes by, revealing the asteroid's shape and texture in crisp detail, and pinpointing its orbit for future flyby calculations. A movie from JPL explains:

Comment: There is a sideshow going on with this asteroid fly-by but I don't want to comment just yet.

NASA Live Broadcast 11-1-11 Asteroid 2005 YU55
YouTube, 3rd November 2011
This is the NASA Live Broadcast Nov. 1 2011.

NASA Captures New Images of Large Asteroid Passing Earth
NASA News, 7th November 2011

Your guide to the asteroid encounter (Video)
MSNBC News, 8th November 2011
The NASA/JPL video here is 2 mins long but still quite informative

NASA releases radar movie of asteroid 2005 YU55, 9th November 2011
""The movie shows the small subset of images obtained at Goldstone on November 7 that have finished processing. By animating a sequence of radar images, we can see more surface detail than is visible otherwise," said radar astronomer Lance Benner, the principal investigator for the 2005 YU55 observations, from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif."

Veteran's Today, 17th November 2010
"A submarine comes approaches America’s heavily guarded coast, through a network of defenses costing billions, and launches an ICBM capable of carrying up to 10 hydrogen bombs, launches the missile 2 minutes from Los Angeles, and we are utterly unaware? This is the same military we trust our children’s lives to? [...]

This, however, this last insult, is just too much. The America people expected a decent lie. It is now nearly 10 days later and the military believes they can simply put their pointy little heads in the sand and the rest of us can go to hell? Not hardly!" [...]


There is only one reason that the United States didn’t announce the usual “weather balloon” or “box cutters” cover stories. It means that the nation responsible, assuming it is China, warned us that they would go public and that the American military had to live with the humiliation as a punishment.

What we have here is an attempt to understand the bizarreness of a missile launch that literally punched a massive hole through the United States homeland security. This article is mainly speculation but it points out the historical relationship between China and America, which seems to undermine the idea that the missile was a little warning from China. The real news is the thinkers wondering why the US military would prefer to deal with this rather public humiliation than tell the truth. Anyway, we have expert after expert complaining about the "dirty" vapour trail, but it seems this is a true characteristic that we can use to differentiate between "ghost rockets" and real missiles. Check out the historical documentation, this plasma phenomenon was a real headache for the military in WWII, but now, with so many people with the ability to record and distribute what they have seen, it's much harder for the truth to be suppressed and the result is a completely different PR nightmare for world controllers to deal with.


Experts: Mystery contrail was from Chinese missile
'Muted response' was decision 'made by the president himself'
World Net Daily, 19th November 2010
[...] Two governmental military experts with extensive experience working with missiles and computer security systems have examined the television video and conclude the mysterious contrail originating some 30 miles off the coast near Los Angeles did not come from a jet – but rather, they say the exhaust and the billowing plume emanated from a single source nozzle of a missile, probably made in China.

"The question that still must be answered is why NORAD's muted response was simply that North America was not threatened, and later our government approved the lame excuse that the picture recorded was simply an aircraft leaving a contrail," said retired U.S. Air Force Brig. Gen. Jim Cash.

A former U.S. Air Force fighter pilot and commander of an F-15 squadron and an F-16 wing, Cash was assigned to NORAD as an assistant director of operations at the Cheyenne Mountain complex near Colorado Springs, Colo., and is fully knowledgeable of NORAD procedures.

"There is absolutely no doubt that what was captured on video off the coast of California was a missile launch, was clearly observed by NORAD, assessed by a four-star general in minutes, and passed to the president immediately," he said.

Well, it looks like many people are refusing to ignore the massive implications of this "mystery missile" incident and are still trying to claim that US Defence has failed and the statements made by the Pentagon amount to a cover up. Well, in my opinion, the US military and government would prefer to be humiliated that admit the truth because then that would be a even bigger humiliation. As I will keep stating, it is well understood by those who have studied the UFO phenomena, there is nothing the military can do about these objects and due to numerous incursions over many decades, the military all around the world have come to accept that "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena" are NO THREAT. Watch the video here because the maker claims that a 4 star general would have made a decision in minutes about this object and you can't tell me that US generals can't recognise a real missile! What's more, nobody wants to talk about where exactly did this missile land? Anyway, I fully expect there to be more embarrassing events that will hopefully wake up an extremely docile public and at some point in the future, the US government will decide enough is enough and then we will have some major revelations! Meanwhile, my understanding that we are experiencing a planetary refresh of aetheric energies and a two-way traffic of plasma entities, remains in tact!!!!!

California Missile Case Closed as Jet Contrail? Not Exactly
DBKP, 12th November 2010
‘Most likely’ a jet contrail?

According to the media and the Dept. of Defense the case is closed on last Monday’s California ‘missile’ event, the culprit ‘most likely’ an aircraft. In reality, if you closely read the media reports, the Pentagon email sent out to the press used the word ‘likely’ three times and the phrase ‘most likely’. ‘Most likely’ not exactly a definitive ‘It wasn’t a missile’ [...]

In the Scientific American article Out to Launch?: “Mystery Missile” off California Coast Was Probably Just an Airliner, Pentagon Says, the info that not all the ‘experts’ agree the missile was an aircraft:

But Theodore Postol, a professor of science, technology and international security at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is not yet convinced. The Pentagon, he wrote in an e-mail, has provided no detailed information to support the aircraft claim. “One of their jobs is to provide air surveillance for the country, and they should be able to provide a convincing analysis supported by data for their conclusion,” said Postol, who furnished photographs of the mystery contrail along with remarkably similar pictures of solid-propellant missile launches. “I do not know what to think at this point,” he said, “but one thing is for sure, the Pentagon has not provided a plausible explanation of the observed event.”

There are some interesting technical details here that shed more light on why so many missile experts are refusing to believe the Pentagon's official explanation for the "mystery missile" enigma.

I have a confession to make. Since I have been aware of Cliff High's Webbot reports, I have been as skeptical as hell. Then one day, I came across other sceptics comparing Webbot graphics with Mckenna's Timewave Zero graphics and I was truly enlightened. If the Webbot is really based on Timewave Theory, then all the junk about internet chatter can be completely ignored and I prefer to believe the CH has got a remote viewer serving him up with some interesting snippets of info. So, I have done some more investigation into the Timewave Zero theory and of course have come up with some different ideas about novelty and interconnectedness. A fundamental question that I have yet to find a suitable answer to is: 'connectedness' with what? However, I now have my own ideas. The 21st December 2012 "zero point" is a joke because Mckenna claimed that people would not understand infinite connectedness so he decided to call it zero and I think that is where there is a major flaw in people's understanding of what is taking place, please note that there is fiddle with this end date but other researchers have already exposed this. Anyway, I am still checking things out and I appreciate the teaching of people who have spent many years studying Timewave Zero Theory because it's the study of the flux of universal energy and that is of great interest to me. CH has identified a major tipping point in November and in terms of energetic changes, I think the date is approximately right. We have huge plumes of aetheric energies blasting off from planet Earth into outer space, with one incident only 37 miles away from a major US city. This "mystery missile" was so awesome that it managed to panic some people into thinking that the country is at war, so this has got to be considered a major change or a significant increase in novelty in McKenna's Timewave Zero speak. With some reservations, I am now certainly much more interested in watching the predicted energetic ups and downs...

The New York Times and the mystery missile
WSWS News, 16th November 2010
This is an interesting read, but again, the writers have NO idea of the existence of ghost rockets. This is the only reason why the military and other authorities would rather make themselves look incompetent (pretend to be stupid), than explain the truth, because that would amount to UFO disclosure.

Mystery vapor trail on California coast
ABC 7 News, 10th November 2010

Slideshow posted in Los Angeles News

This is the large vapour trail that the Pentagon took 48 hours to confirm was from a plane and therefore was not caused by a missile. Click the link or image for a gallery of 5 photos. One newscaster stated:
"I don't think I want to fly on one of those kinds of planes!"

Cameraman who filmed “mystery missile” describes spectacular sight
L.A. Times, 9th November 2010
Copy: 3:06 pm The KCBS helicopter cameraman who captured the footage of the "mystery missile" launch offered more details about the dramatic video he shot Monday evening. Pentagon officials said they continue to look into what they have called an "unexplained contrail." Each branch of the military has denied involvement. Cameraman Gil Leyvas shot video of a luminous point hurtling through the sky followed by a long vapor trail. He said he was aboard the television station's helicopter shooting footage of the sunset over the ocean about 5:15 p.m when he noticed the spiral-shaped vapor trail and zoomed in to get a better look.

The onboard camera showed a plume twisting up from the horizon and narrowing as it climbed into the sky near Catalina Island, about 35 miles west of Los Angeles, he said.

"Whatever it was, it was spinning up into the sky kind of like a spiral," and was easy to distinguish from condensation trails from jets, he said. "It was quite a sight to see. It was spectacular."

I thought it was worth pointing out that not even stunt planes can spiral UPWARDS and generate an effect that fools the military into believing they were witnessing a BIG MISSILE. Please also note the following:
The photographer who captured video of the mysterious object in the sky over Southern California on Monday evening describes what he saw through the lens of his camera.

“It kind of grew and got spirally in nature and as I zoomed into the point of it, you could see, whatever is was, spinning like a bullet or football,” said Gil Leyvas, photographer for KCBS.
Source: Mystery in the Sky Still Unsolved, CBS47 TV, 10th November 2010
I would also like to point out to those new to this website and my research, Russian scientists revealed back in 1997, that Earth was experiencing an EXODUS of plasma objects. Evidence has been provided of these objects streaking into the skies and then rolling themselves up into a ball of light before leaving this planet. This is support for a small part of the metaphysical community that has been claiming that Earth is experiencing "a changing of the guard", hence some metaphysicians have had this covered for literally TWO DECADES! Obviously, I realise there are many people who still have no clue that we are experiencing a massive planetary refresh of aetheric energies. This is despite the evidence provided by the NASA, the European Space Agency and the rest of the space scientific community over the last decade or so, but most people are not educated enough to understand the implications, spiritual or otherwise.

Update: Here is the official Pentagon response!

Pentagon: 'mystery missile' was probably airplane
AP, 10th November 2010
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Pentagon says that an airplane and not a missile launch was the likely cause of a large vapor trail in the skies off Southern California's coast. A CBS affiliate on Monday videotaped the vapor trail that many viewers thought resembled the cloudy track of a missile in flight. But military officials said they did not know of any rockets being launched in the area. Defense Department spokesman Col. Dave Lapan says that officials are satisfied the phenomenon was an airplane vapor trail distorted by camera angle, winds and other environmental factors. He says military experts studied the video and talked to all the government agencies that might have been involved in a missile launch and none reported having launched one.

Comment: It's official: the Pentagon took nearly 48 hours to tell the world that what they initially believed was a missile was really a plane condensation trail, even though ballistic experts and some military officials, mostly off the record are still saying it was a missile and very few like me, are saying it was a "ghost rocket", but this is the only explanation for the strange response, confusion and effort to cover-up. Well, this is a planetary refresh that still seems to be accelerating in intensity, so we can expect more of the same. Advice: keep your eyes peeled!

Interesting Info Update 11th November

Jet contrails from some angles look like missile trails
Contrail Science, 9th November 2010
This is interesting, but not convincing. There are far too many "experts" who are convinced that this was a missile. The question is: why did the FAA, NORAD, the US military and Pentagon tell the media they had no idea what the hell was going on? It should have taken at max 1 hour to check and tell the media it was a condensation trail from a plane, instead of which it took them nearly 48 hours! That is ridiculous!! Read the skeptical comments!

Military Gives Conflicting Statements Regarding Mystery Missile
The Blaze, 9th November 2010
[...] "This morning, the North American Aerospace Defense Command released a statement saying that at no point were Americans in danger.

“We are aware of the unexplained contrail reported off the coast of Southern California yesterday evening,” NORAD and the U.S. Northern Command, which operates the U.S. and Canadian missile warning system, said. “At this time, we are unable to provide specific details but we are working to determine the exact nature of this event.”

It continued: “We can confirm that there is no indication of any threat to our nation and we will provide more information as it becomes available.”

However that statement has come under fire from Pentagon spokesman. Col. Dave Lapan, who said he is not able to concur with an official from NORAD who told Fox News earlier that there was “no threat to the homeland.”

Lapan said the military doesn’t know exactly what the so-called mystery missile was, so it can‘t say it’s harmless.

I think it's safe to say that if this was a real missile, than the billions of dollars spent in the defence of North America has been a complete waste of resources. Some self-professed experts are claiming that despite the fact that this object looked like an ICBM (Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile) it was far too slow and big, so officialdom are severely hampered in their ability to tell believable lies. Anyway, the Pentagon seem to be taking their time in making an official statement... They probably need to brainstorm in order to come up with a story that is water tight. Personally, I would suggest telling people the truth would be easier.

Apparently, two missiles launched! So, I was right, see below!!!!!!!
More details to come...

Update 10th November
This is complicated. I was referring to the probability of a missile launch that drew the attention of the military who then witnessed another launch that was caught on camera. However, news is circulating the blogosphere and now some mainstream media of a similar "missile" launch near Phoenix, Arizona around the 5th November (with nice pics here but the discussion is confused) and there are reports of another missile one day later in the same region of Catalina that is only getting a slight mention in the MSM. So, the controversy is ongoing and the credibility of the military and Pentagon has taken a severe blow.

Pentagon can't explain apparent mystery rocket off California coast
CNN News, 9th November 2010
4:14 p.m. EST The Federal Aviation Administration, the Coast Guard, Navy, Air Force, and California Reps. Dana Rohrabacher and Jane Harman -- whose coastal districts are closest to the offshore contrails -- were at a loss to explain the images.

"The FAA ran radar replays of a large area west of Los Angeles based on media reports of the possible missile launch at approximately 5 p.m. (PT) on Monday. The radar replays did not reveal any fast moving, unidentified targets in that area," said FAA spokesman Ian Gregor. "The FAA did not receive reports ... of unusual sightings from pilots who were flying in the area on Monday afternoon."

Comment: At the risk of sounding sarcastic, I suggest the Americans ask the Canadian Ministry of Defence because they figured out their own little incident back in January 2010, fairly quickly. However, the response to concerned citizens by the Canadian Minister of Defence was to laugh in their faces, which I thought was quite disgusting behaviour.

US government clueless about mystery missile launch
RT America, 10th November 2010
Comment: Of course the Russians want to make hay while the Sun shines, but similar events have been occuring in Russia but they have not received the same level of media attention. Whatever, as things now stand, the two way traffic of plasma flow in the form of what looks like "rockets", "missiles" and "fireballs" appears to be still increasing.

Update 2

I think there is a major problem within the military because nobody is willing to say they were responsible for setting off a rogue missile. For a start, some will know about 'ghost rockets' but worse than this, the last time something did go wrong and a B52 bomber flew over American air space with nuclear weapons, senior military were sacked. What's more, we have to assume that the military have already completed a missile stock check since it is over 24 hours since this event took place... At the moment, all the suggestions that this was an ordinary plane with a strange contrail is making senior military and pentagon officials look completely and utterly stupid and I refuse to post these MSM stories circulating in the media. They are meant for gullible sheeple and I refuse to cooperate in diseminating such crap.

Video: Mystery Missile Launch Seen off Calif. Coast
CBS News, 9th November 2010
(CBS) A mysterious missile launch off the southern California coast was caught by CBS affiliate KCBS's cameras Monday night, and officials are staying tight-lipped over the nature of the projectile.

CBS station KFMB put in calls to the Navy and Air Force Monday night about the striking launch off the coast of Los Angeles, which was easily visible from the coast, but the military has said nothing about the launch.

KFMB showed video of the apparent missile to former U.S. Ambassador to NATO Robert Ellsworth, who is also a former Deputy Secretary of Defense, to get his thoughts. Scroll down for KFMB video showing the launch.

"It's spectacular… It takes people's breath away," said Ellsworth, calling the projectile, "a big missile".

OK, at the moment this is a "mysterious missile" and if the US Military does not claim it, I will state this must have been one big GHOST ROCKET!!! Check the archives Fireballs, meteorites & strange 'heavenly phenomena' for stories in January 2010, about the Canadian ghost rocket (which is a known plasma phenomena), that was laughed off by the Canadian Minister of Defence. For comparison, video [0:32] ICBM being launched from a submarine More:

MSNBC Video: Mysterious Missile Launches over Southern California
YouTube, 9th November 2010 (Copy of the above MSNBC video)

Video: Mystery missile caught on video near L.A.
MSNBC News, 9th November 2010
"This is bizzarre!" Pentagon official
Even the Pentagon are baffled, this is looking more and more like a ghost rocket, watch the MSNBC report, the military CANNOT claim this missile because it's too close to the densely populated city of Los Angeles... yet, no doubt, the world will be left baffled again....

As the original story revealed what looked like a military helicopter that was perilously close to the supposed missile, I think that maybe there was some activity and the military went out to check and another ghost rocket launched off. The US military, as well as anybody that has done some research on UFOs in World War II, will know that there are times when this plasma phenomena seems to be more frequent and batches of launches appear in the same region at about the same time. Anyway, the blogosphere is buzzing... people are quite concerned that Fox News are trying to claim this was an "accidental" launch.... as that is a seriously stupid suggestion...

Well, the US military don't seem to be too worried, which is now a repeating and familiar pattern, but it will be interesting to see how this can be explained away. The Pentagon has said it will make a statement...

Video: Did You See The Fire In The NYC Sky? [New York, US]
CBS New York, 10th November 2010
Chopper 2 Films Red-Hot Streak Moving Behind Emp. State Bldg

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Did you see it? Chopper 2 HD sure did. It was a bizarre, glowing red-hot streak in the sky — right at sunset Wednesday — moving briskly behind the Manhattan skyline.

CBS 2 reached out to a top astronomer who looked at the video. He said it looks beautiful, but that is was like nothing more than what’s known as a “contrail” — condensation from a commercial or military jet.

Watch Out! Magnetospheric Plasmoid About! This is the greatest transition in the history of mankind and I have just found out that knowledge of what would happen at the End of An Age or (End Times), was also carefully preserved in ancient Egyptian text. It was clear enough for a very famous and respected academic to risk his reputation and write a book about UFOs. His reasoning was that he was worried because the Egyptians were warning about what would happen and he believed that humanity were not prepared. In theory, ufologists should know who this is, but for everybody else, finding out the name of this very famous person and the relevant details, should be considered as a homework assignment. Well folks, the End of the Age is here, the UFOs are here but I do not know if I am qualified to state whether humanity are ready for this MASSIVE REVELATION, but people do seem to be coping. I love the comment here by Aiden at 7:42 am.
What kind of speed is that “contrail” or “condensation trail” doing please ?

Has Concorde been given a new certificate to fly ?
LOL!! YouTube video copy [0:30] here. Also, Streak flying over New York - Brightness enhanced . Yet, there has been more strangeness reported in the sky over New York recently:

GWETV: Proof of 2 HUGE Pyramid UFO'S in Manhattan NYC 11-2-10 Part 1
YouTube, 6th November 2010
"(1 of 2) On November 2nd, 2010 GWETV news correspondent captured on video the activity of 2 huge so-called UFO's as they hovered over east and west Manhattan in the middle of the night. Passerby's did not see these quiet and extremely large space craft which seemed to communicate their interest and display incredible power through lighting systems and maneuverability all while going undetected by the general public."
This was sent to me by a friend, I have no idea of the credibility of the source, but it was quite a show... Link Part 2

Queens gets its own 'missile' attack [New York, US]
New York Post, 11th November 2010
"First California. Now they're shooting at Queens! Two days after a mysterious vapor trail appeared at sundown off the Los Angeles coast -- triggering fears of an enemy missile attack -- a stunning replay occurred in the sky over Far Rockaway. A passer-by snapped a photo of a billowing streak yesterday afternoon at around 5 p.m. Like Monday's scare on the West Coast, it looked like the exhaust from a just-launched missile. What caused the contrail visible from the Rockaways also is not known."
Another ghost rocket?!?

I have just had an hilarious thought. If reported sightings found on the New York webcams can be independently verified, it seems that SETV scientists won't have to bother creating an open air laboratory in the middle of nowhere, they can just set up in a New York penthouse! LOL!! See the remarkable compilation video by YouTube User Samara Schaff below:

Manhattan-New York -- ufo's October - November 2010
YouTube User Samara Schaff, 3rd November 2010 This is quite impressive!

Festival of Lights over Manhattan, New York Increasing - November 1st 2010
YouTube User Samara Schaff, 2nd November 2010

NASA conference about asteroid 2005 YU55 close flyby + Live stream!
The Watchers, 2nd November 2011
NASA scientists will have a unique observing opportunity with asteroid 2005 YU55, as the space rock “safely flies past Earth” at a distance slightly closer than the moon on Nov. 8, 2011.

At the point of closest approach, the asteroid will be no closer than 201,700 miles (324,600 kilometers). The gravitational influence of the asteroid will have no detectable effect on anything here on Earth, including our planet’s tides or tectonic plates. Although 2005 YU55 is in an orbit that regularly brings it to the vicinity of Earth, the 2011 encounter with Earth is the closest this space rock has come for at least the last 200 years.

During the close flyby, scientists will use the massive 70-meter Deep Space Network antenna to study the asteroid. The 70-meter (230-foot) diameter antenna is the largest, and therefore most sensitive, DSN antenna, and is capabile of tracking a spacecraft travelling more than 16 billion kilometers (10 billion miles) from Earth.

What is interesting about this event is that the steam has been taken out of conspiracy theorists with the ridiculous hype surrounding Comet Elenin that never came closer than 22 million miles, but this object is coming within the orbit of the moon, 201,700 miles... Just strange....

  • Collision course: the space rocks that threaten our lives
    A 20 million ton asteroid is currently hurtling through space at 23,000 miles per hour, on a collision course with Earth. But fear not – Nasa has 25 years to stop it
    The Telegraph, 30th October 2011
    When Paul Chodas and Steve Chesley arrived at Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, in a valley beneath the slopes of California’s San Gabriel Mountains, on October 6 2008, they assumed it would be a normal day. But it would prove to be anything but. The scientists worked for the space administration’s Near Earth Object (NEO) programme, a team tasked with identifying comets, asteroids and meteors that potentially pose a threat to Earth. A normal day meant scanning their screens for small white dots in our solar system — the vast majority of which were either too far away to ever be a problem or so small they would burn up in our atmosphere long before they could ever do any serious damage. On that Monday morning, however, Chodas noticed an asteroid about the size of a truck beyond the moon’s orbit. It was on a collision course with Earth.

    Since we are now in an interstellar debris cloud and rocks are flying pass on a regular basis, some of them will hit Earth. Hence, it is interesting to know what capabilities astronomers have to know what exactly is coming at us and this article provides some interesting details. This article is quite a revelation by informing us that astronomers don't necessarily understand the space environment hence the incredible revelation of "keyholes" that I have never come across before... It seems to imply that the only way they can tell where an asteroid is going is to keep tracking them, but that if they hit a keyhole all bets are off and that is just plain strange...

NASA in final preparations for Nov. 8 asteroid flyby, 27th October 2011
( -- NASA scientists will be tracking asteroid 2005 YU55 with antennas of the agency's Deep Space Network at Goldstone, Calif., as the space rock safely flies past Earth slightly closer than the moon's orbit on Nov. 8. Scientists are treating the flyby of the 1,300-foot-wide (400-meter) asteroid as a science target of opportunity - allowing instruments on "spacecraft Earth" to scan it during the close pass.

During tracking, scientists will use the Goldstone and Arecibo antennas to bounce radio waves off the space rock. Radar echoes returned from 2005 YU55 will be collected and analyzed. NASA scientists hope to obtain images of the asteroid from Goldstone as fine as about 7 feet (2 meters) per pixel. This should reveal a wealth of detail about the asteroid's surface features, shape, dimensions and other physical properties.

Arecibo radar observations of asteroid 2005 YU55 made in 2010 show it to be approximately spherical in shape. It is slowly spinning, with a rotation period of about 18 hours. The asteroid's surface is darker than charcoal at optical wavelengths.

Hmmm.... I really don't know what to think about the revelation that the asteroid's surface is "darker than charcoal at optical wavelengths", maybe this is true or maybe they really mean the object is completely INVISIBLE in optical wavelengths... Basically, NASA scientists are having to tracks asteroids in the interstellar debris 'aetheric' cloud that is sweeping through our solar system, as if they were UFOs by using infra-red telescopes and radar and I think that is incredible... Of course, parts of the metaphysical community were told about the significance of all this, and at the time, I just thought these messages were strange, but the last few years has proven that the messages were highly relevant.

Alien talk as The Blob lands in Lake District
The West Morland Gazette (No News), 22nd October 2011
THE Lake District has become the international focus for a fascinating 'sci-fi phenomenon' - like the one that inspired the alien horror movie The Blob. Mysterious deposits of a translucent jelly have suddenly appeared in the Lakeland fells, intriguing locals and baffling scientists.

Walkers began to notice the blobs - some of them the size of a foot - while out and about in the Patterdale fells. The phenomenon is now likely to join Bownessie and large black cat sightings as enduring Lake District mysteries.

Sometimes, I actually wonder whether some reporters take courses in keeping the general public stupid, because their job is certainly not about educating people. I am seriously wondering; are there some that actually take an oath to entertain the yokels?. Give me some time, if there is not one I can make an oath up because there is plenty of evidence these people must sit around all day dreaming up crap to write. Sigh! This stuff has been reported for centuries and has been called the 'The Rot of the Stars', 'Pwdre Ser' or 'Star jelly'. Here is the Wikipedia entry Star Jelly, but there are other sources with much the same informaton. William Corliss (1926 - 2011) is famed for his Fortean studies and he wrote a whole chapter called Pwdre Ser or the "Rot of the Stars" in the book The Unexplained : A Sourcebook of Strange Phenomena , (I have got a copy of this book, so I know). Seriously, is it any wonder that many people have given up with the mainstream media and prefer to go elsewhere for a bit of enlightenment... If you read the Star Jelly entries, there is mention of a link with meteor showers and we have just had a minor event see below. So as I have stated, we don't know how these meteor streams "get "glued" together in space and continue to swirl around in predictable orbits. Maybe this stuff is the glue.
  • Orionid meteor shower, 24th October 2011
    WEEKEND METEOR SHOWER: The Orionid meteor shower peaked on Saturday, Oct. 22nd, when Earth passed through a stream of debris from Halley's comet. As many as 26 meteors per hour were visible from rural areas, according to the International Meteor Organization.

Meteor UFO streaks across the sky in Nebraska, South Dakota
Open Minds TV, 20th October 2011
Cameras at Lincoln Airport in Nebraska recorded a bright object streaking through the early morning sky on Wednesday, October 19 as it shot towards the earth. Witnesses contacted the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office to report the UFO. According to ABC News, deputies were dispatched six miles northwest of Lincoln, where the mysterious object was thought to have crashed down, but no debris or damage was located.

But a similar UFO was seen in Sioux Falls, South Dakota at the same time as the Lincoln UFO. So the two incidents are most likely one in the same. Sioux Falls is more than 200 miles north of Lincoln, so it’s not surprising that deputies from the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office found no debris during their search.

Aberdeen News reports that law enforcement officials were also called by witnesses in Sioux Falls. One witness described that she was on her deck, and all of a sudden, “the deck lit up and an orange-and-blue object streaked off, leaving a trail of smoke behind.” She, like many other witnesses, was startled and unsure about what she observed.

This is highlighted because of the video footage from an outdoor camera. I believe this is a meteor or even the type of sighting that meteorologists refer to as 'heavenly phenomenon' because it might be a streak of plasma energy and therefore no actually rock or debris will ever been found. The other reports mentioned here, may or may not be related because as I keep saying, there is a lot of fire in the sky these days. Update P.S. I forgot to say this could also be the type of UAP that ufologists describe as a 'rod' but these things are so biological looking that most ufologists prefer to ignore their existence. See archives for more info.

All-Sky Camera Captures Mysterious Flashes
UNiverse Today, 18th October 2011
"Every couple of weeks or so a strange flash appears on an all-sky camera that searches for meteors. What could it be? Take a look at the video above and maybe you can help solve the mystery. "
This made me laugh.... if it was not for the fact the video comes from an all-sky meteor camera for Sandia National Labs and New Mexico State University and it was posted on YouTube by an astronomer, I would have said it was a practical joke! Personally, I think this is our cosmic neighbours having a laugh...

TEMECULA: Apparent meteors seen falling Tuesday morning
NC Times, 18th October 2011
"A spray of objects racing across the sky about 6:30 a.m. Tuesday east of Temecula was photographed by Chaparral High School student Karina Reyes. Don Yeomans of NASA's Near-Earth Object Program Office at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena said at least one of the objects could be part of the annual Orionid meteor shower ---- meteors left behind by Halley's Comet."

Bright Flash Lights Up Sky
KFGO, 19th October 2011
"Truckers and at least one law officer all reported seeing a very brief but very bright flash in the sky just before 3:30 a.m. Wednesday morning. Trucker Klye Moulds was on U.S. Highway 2 east of Devils Lake, N.D. when he saw what looked like lightning. It was colored with red, blue and green. Another trucker near Oriska, N.D. says it was so bright he should have had sunglasses on. A Walsh County deputy sheriff also saw the flash, which was described as a red orb."
The red orb might be totally unrelated to the bright flash. Just think: there was a local burst of energy and anything hanging around in the vicinity is suddenly highlighted.... literally. This is just another variation on a theme of increasing levels of energy on the planet bringing a new awareness that a Shadow Biosphere exists on this planet.

Meteorite lands on home of Mrs Comette
The Local, 10th October 2011
A meteorite chose the roof of a house belonging to a Mrs Comette in the southern suburbs of Paris to make its acquaintance with the planet Earth.

The astral surprise hit the roof of the home in Draveil while the Comettes themselves were on holiday. On returning they discovered the encounter after a water leak led them to the roof, reported newspaper France Soir. "We got the roofer out and he was amazed" said Martine Comette. "He said you'd have to be superman to break a roof tile like that. It must be a meteorite."

The roofer was proved right when Alain Carion, a mineral scientist, authenticated the 88 gram meteorite. He described is as a "stone of black crusted rock which characterizes its passage through the atmosphere." "This is super rare," he said. "There have been only 50 meteorite falls in France over the last four centuries."

How funny.... so the Comettes have a new family heirloom, but with the amount of cosmic debris falling on planet Earth, I am not sure it will keep it's value.

4.5 billion year-old meteorite crashes into Paris family home (Photo)
A French family returned from holiday to discover a 4.5 billion year old egg-sized meteorite had smashed its way through the roof of their house in suburban Paris.
The Telegraph, 10th October 2011
"Scientists said it was the first such space rock ever to have been found so close to the French capital and one of only about 60 meteorites to have landed in France in the past four centuries."

Earth being sprinkled with more cosmic dust... and maybe a few boulders..., 7th October 2011
DRACONID METEOR OUTBURST: On October 8th, Earth will pass through a network of dusty filaments shed by Comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner. Forecasters expect the encounter to produce anywhere from a few dozen to a thousand meteors per hour visible mainly over Europe, northern Africa and the Middle East. The meteors will stream from the northern constellation Draco--hence their name, the "Draconids."

Peak rates should occur between 1600 UT and 2200 UT (noon - 6 pm EDT) as Earth grazes a series of filaments nearly intersecting our planet's orbit. Analysts at the NASA Meteoroid Environment Office prepared this plot showing how the meteor rate is likely to vary:

If the maximum around 1900 UT reaches 1000 meteors per hour, as one forecaster expects, the 2011 Draconids will be classified as a full-fledged meteor storm. The question is, will anyone see it? Bright moonlight over Europe, Africa and the Middle East will reduce the number of visible meteors 2- to 10-fold. The situation is even worse in North America where the shower occurs in broad daylight.

If this is a heavy shower, it is likely to cause even more damage to satellites, but these meteor outbursts seem to be a bit of a mystery, as astronomers never seem to be sure what to expect.

Locals: UFO over Sandusky Tuesday night was 'chart-topper' [Ohio, US]
Sanddusky Register, 6th October 2011
“I looked up and this huge fireball went right over us,” Harpst said. “It was on fire and had a long streaming tail ... I yelled at my buddy Montee who was sitting right next to me, ‘Hey man, check that out.’ [...] Lois Wolf, director of the Sidney Frohman Planetarium in Sandusky, said it was probably a meteor that survived upper-atmospheric friction.”
I have picked up a comment that I think might be very true. There is now less atmosphere for the meteors to burn out in because the ionosphere has collapsed and so we should be seeing a lot more fire in the sky unless the sitution changes.

Watch: A Meteor Breaks Up in Earth's Atmosphere -- VIDEO
National Journal, 7th October 2011

"NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center recorded a meteor breaking up in Earth's atmosphere on Sept. 30 at 8:37 p.m. EDT. Watch below. Also, notice the star-like object moving slowly toward the upper middle of the screen. Orbiting 500 miles above Earth, it's the booster rocket that launched the Russian Cosmos 2219 intelligence satellite in 1992. The empty rocket body can get bright enough to be seen with the naked eye."
I wondered why they pointed out the "booster rocket" but it looks rather familiar to other objects "swimming" around Earth's atmosphere.

NASA Space Telescope Finds Fewer Asteroids Near Earth, 29th September 2011
WASHINGTON -- New observations by NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, or WISE, show there are significantly fewer near-Earth asteroids in the mid-size range than previously thought. The findings also indicate NASA has found more than 90 percent of the largest near-Earth asteroids, meeting a goal agreed to with Congress in 1998.

Astronomers now estimate there are roughly 19,500 -- not 35,000 -- mid-size near-Earth asteroids. Scientists say this improved understanding of the population may indicate the hazard to Earth could be somewhat less than previously thought. However, the majority of these mid-size asteroids remain to be discovered. More research also is needed to determine if fewer mid-size objects (between 330 and 3,300-feet wide) also mean fewer potentially hazardous asteroids, those that come closest to Earth.

I imagine this was based on a very carefully worded press release from NASA. It's not the asteroids that we can see that is the main problem, it's those we can't...

NASA Finds Fewer Asteroids Near Earth
YouTube/NASATelevision, 29th September 2011
"A sky survey conducted by NASA's Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer, or WISE satellite, has found there are fewer asteroids in Earth's vicinity than previously believed and that NASA has already found more than 90% of 1 kilometer asteroids that are near Earth. The news briefing held at NASA Headquarters in Washington on Sept. 29 also revealed that WISE has provided more accurate estimates of asteroid sizes for research."

Mystery SKY OBJECT Exploded over Argentina Sept 25,2011 DAMAGED PROPERTY-KILLS ONE
YouTube, 26th September 2011
MYSTERY SKY OBJECT fell on houses and killed One woman died and six others were injured in the incident. A neighbor said the outbreak was caused by a burning object that fell from the sky and completely destroyed a house and several cars. "It was a tremor," he said. Are the causes of the accident.

The incident occurred minutes before 2 am, in a building located on the intersection of Luis Vernet and Los Andes, a town of Monte Grande, of Esteban Echeverría. The causes of the explosion are still unknown, but locals say they witnessed the fact that "a ball of fire fell from heaven." "He began to feel much smell like gunpowder," recalled one person who lives in the area told C5N. "There is no explanation for what happened," said Cayetano, a local resident, told Radio 10, then adding, "a neighbor ran because he saw a fireball falling blue." The commander of the local fire department, Guillermo Pérez, remarked that still do not know the cause of the incident, but acknowledged that the first version is aimed at an "object that fell from heaven."

There is so much fire in the sky it is ridiculous, the story above has been only feature on blogs but it was MAJOR news in Argentina, see video link for news items below. The video looks like a real fireball and NOT satellite debris breaking up in the atmosphere. Earth is now engulfed in an interstellar cloud debris field and objects large and small are passing by and some are entering our atmosphere and burning up on a regular basis (see for what has been discovered coming our way), but NASA et al. are finding it IMPOSSIBLE to track all these objects. So, it will be interesting to see what NASA has to say in their next heavily publicised press conference: NASA to Host News Conference On Asteroid Search Findings (Sept. 29). The following are meteor related stories, videos and links.

Did a meteorite fell in Buenos Aires? (2 News Videos)
All Voices, 26th September 2011

Blue Fireball Lands In Buenos Ares, Kills 1, injuries 6
rajaten Blog, 26th September 2011
Mystery explosion and Esteban Echeverría, “a ball of fire fell from heaven”. One woman died and six others were injured in the incident. A neighbor said the outbreak was caused by a burning object that fell from the sky and completely destroyed a house and several cars. “It was a tremor,” he said. Are the causes of the accident.

Did a meteorite fell in Buenos Aires? 2 (News Video)
YouTube, 26th September 2011
One dead, destroyed cars and collapsed houses left a mysterious explosion in the southwest of the capital to Argentina. Neighbors say they dropped a "ball of fire from heaven" .

Watch amazing footage from Japan shows falling UFO or possibly UARS Satellite
Unexplained Phenomena Examiner, 25th September 2011
Could this be the satellite that fell from orbit over the weekend?
The comments here are interesting...

Residents report something from above, then fire [Texas, US]
Galveston News, 25th September 2011
SAN LEON — An object falling from the sky could be to blame for a Saturday grass fire. “When the call came in to the dispatcher, the person said that something fell from the sky and started the fire,” Jeff Pittman, chief of the San Leon Fire Department, said. The chief said an investigation will be conducted to determine the cause of the blaze at 18th Street and Broadway.

Latest Worldwide Metor/Meteorite News
Lunar Meteorite Hunters, September 2011


As news continued to come in about the death-dealing event, Scott Corrales of the Institute of Hispanic UFOlogy stays on top of the story with a photo and supposed confirmation that the explosion was the result of a meteor impact, not an exploding gas cylinder, as seen in Photo: Meteor Impact in Argentina? Still following the story, Corrales gathers reports from residents of Esteban Echeverria, where the incident is alleged to have taken place, recounted in Argentina: Meteor Incident Becomes News Worldwide with Corrales' notation that some are suggesting the destruction was caused by "fragments of Comet Elenin" because "no impact crater has been found." And, like the professional he is, Corrales sticks with the story, translating a report by Martha Nunez of INFOBAE that begins to call into question the claims a falling object created the pandemonium, leading to the statement Meteorite Case Falls Apart - Hoax or Disinformation? Corrales notes, 'This conclusion, however, does not account for sightings made by distant onlookers and comments made on INFOBAE that "car ignitions would not start in the wake of the explosion."' Courtesy:

Inexplicata is a respectable blog and routinely provides good information translated from Spanish language sources.

Meteors swarm over USA West Coast?
Planet Flipside, 15th September 2011
Thousands of startled people witnessed what first reports are calling a meteor shower over large parts of Arizona and Southern California. Quite literally thousands of reports are passing through twitter feeds under the search term/hashtag #meteor.

Others are saying that it is no meteor and resembles more a craft under intelligent control - but whetever it is - all agree it's huge. [...]

9:49pm California time - Contradictory reports are coming through - Some Tweets are clearly stating they saw the 'meteor' travel West whilst others are saying they saw it travel East - it would appear most likely that there are several meteors. One report suggests that a 'large' meteor has crashed in the desert in Arizona and the night sky there is glowing 'orange'.

Please note: satellites crashing to Earth was explained in the Discovery Channel documentary-drama Perfect Disaster: Solar Storm (April, 2006) as a sign that space weather had become much worse! This is a summary report with videos, the image icon is a roman candle firework.

Asteroid Fragment burns bright in the sky (Video)
MSNBC News, 14th September 2011
Witnesses from Arizona to California reported a brilliant light streaking across the sky, and no one knew it was they'd just seen NBC's Brian Williams reports.
NASA's head of Near Earth Objects Program says it was a fragment of an asteroid, probably the size of a volley ball. Hmmm... I wonder if it damaged any satellites before it entered Earth's atmosphere?

Southland Residents Report Seeing Strange Lights In The Night Sky
CBS Los Angeles, 14th September 2011
LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Residents in and around the Southland and southwest US Wednesday reported seeing a series of strange lights up in the sky. Viewers described shooting lights, with many colors, including many reports saying the object or objects “had a tail.”

The first reports came from Riverside County around 7 p.m. Wednesday. Within a half hour of the first reports, several Orange County residents also reported seeing the lights. After about an hour, reports were coming from all over the West. Most say the lights are “blue and green.” A few described the lights as yellow or orange [...]

Terr: “I am in south Ontario. My daughter and I were in the driveway as we saw the fiery yellow and orange falling. We thought maybe it was a firework of some sort. But wasn’t. It was very bright and pretty big in size. We lost sight of it behind trees.”

Gerardo H.: “My friend in Vegas said a green thing landed on the next block over and the military has it blocked off.

Well, from the reports and eye witness accounts and video provided here this is certainly a major puzzle, but based on descriptions I decided to use an image icon of a roman candle firework. However, it does seem that this might be a satellite crashing to Earth (again), but not necessarily the heavily reported UARS satellite which was expected to crash at the end of September. The unconfirmed report of the military blocking off an area in Las Vegas is very interesting and if true, this is becoming a very familiar scenario, see archives. So, if this was the UARS satellite, then the fear that it could fall in a populated area was justified. Anyway, I believe the media video provided in this story is unrelated and simply shows some bright orbs floating around in the sky. Whatever, it does seem like it was a very busy night for the local news media, with various people seeing what they think is a meteor, but others reporting what appear to be orbs too! See a completely different report with a video of an orb below.

Reports of 'glowing object' flying across Arizona sky (Video)
ABC15 News, 7th September 2011
The News reports are confused, the object here is a bright orb in the sky and it is certainly not shooting anywhere because others did see something that was reported as being like a horizontal Roman candle (firework) that rapidly changed colour.
  • meteor fireball 9/14/11
    YouTube, 14th September 2011
    6 second video, it's not brilliant but at least it looks like a meteor with brilliant changing colours.

  • Where Could UARS Satellite Fall (Video), September 2011
    This animation shows the orbit that the doomed satellite is on and the corresponding 2-D ground track. It illustrates where on Earth debris could fall - which is practically all inhabited areas - when it re-enters the Earth's atmosphere.

Kenya's Rain of Meteorites
Sky & Telescope, 6th September 2011
Statistically, every year roughly 1,400 meteorites of pebble size and larger fall somewhere on Earth's lands. But few of these are ever found — and even fewer (about 3%) are actually seen as they arrive. Because they're rare, these witnessed falls are especially prized both by scientists (because the stones are fresh and unweathered) and by meteorite collectors (they command higher prices).

As it happens, a bunch of meteorites fell from the sky over east-central Africa on July 16th, and only now are details of this extraterrestrial special delivery coming to light. [...]

All told, meteorites fell in four different villages. The fall will likely be known officially as Kihum Wiri, the place where the largest pieces were found. An analysis by researcher Laurence Garvie at Arizona State University indicates that these are ordinary chondrites, the most common meteorite type.

So far, more than 30 pounds (14 kg) have been scooped up. "I paid either for stones or for workers and supervisors to monitor the workers, money none of them could refuse," Farmer explains. "Most of them got a year or years of salary for stones worthless to them. It changed their lives."

I reported this at the time, so it looks like this was indeed a major event, presumably, this was an asteroid breaking up on impact with Earth's atmosphere. Wow.... there will be more to come too...

Meteorite blasts across skies of Peru leaving forest fires in its wake
Daily Mail, 29th August 2011
Blazing with the fury of a mini-sun this amazing video shows the moment a suspected meteor streaked across the sky over the city of Cusco in Peru. It was captured blasting through the upper levels of the atmosphere at 2pm yesterday afternoon, leaving an irredescent trail in its wake.

Astonished residents watched as the impressive natural phenomena eventually disappeared over the horizon. Experts believe it may have caused forest fires in the south of the city, which have been ravaged by drought.

It looks similar to other strange objects slowly entering our atmosphere, but in this video footage it does not decide to turn.... It could be a rock but it could be a strange plasma entity too. More to come: I will be linking more reported meteor sightings over the last few days.

Strange light sparks UFO theories, 29th August 2011
"The descending point of light, which revealed a U-shaped nimbus when zoomed in on, was filmed in the sky west of Auckland about 6pm on Saturday."
And we have another strange entity in the sky.... Seriously, who can believe that this is a plane contrail?

Weird lights flash across night sky Tuesday
The Dickinson Press, 25th August 2011
Grand Forks, North Dakota: “Saw a bright green fireball in the south-southwest sky between 9:30 and 9:35 p.m. Description: Green ball of light…slightly above in brightness moving to the southeast.”
I am starting to object to the use of the term 'weird', people need to have a certain level of education before they can determine weird...

Burning UFO thought to be a fireball
Times of Malta, 25th August 2011
A strange object spotted by residents in the skies above Birzebbuga on Saturday night could have been a “very bright meteor”, also referred to as a fireball, according to the Astronomical Society of Malta.

It has attempted to shed light on the outlandish sighting, described by curious resident Charles Caruana as resembling a “hot air balloon” because it was clearly on fire. [...]

Perhaps the most “extraordinary” observation, in Mr Caruana’s view, was that it was not simply rising through the air but “zipping” and “dancing” at speed. Had it merely been an object that caught fire, rising slowly into the sky, Mr Caruana, who does not have particular extraterrestrial interests, would not have thought much of it. However, as it were, the unusual sight was more suspicious than pleasant.

The fire could be deciphered from when it was spotted over Zurrieq, but the possibility that it was a plane ablaze was quickly ruled out.

We are back to the description of planes on fire zig-zaging in the skies.... I think from the description this a UAP, (see archives for many more examples). It's a shame the witness did not see the standard give-away of a UAP stopping dead and then diving into the Earth...

UFO was not debris, says local [NZ]
Hawkes Bay Today, 29th August 2011
"Taradale man Colvin Steel may have seen something the military chiefs of either the US or Russia might have been hoping to flick our way without too many people noticing. The "military satellite" theory is one explanation for the sighting of a large, glowing ball in the sky on Tuesday night, which appeared to pulsate before splitting into two separate lights."

Burning UFO thought to be a fireball
Times of Malta, 25th August 2011
A strange object spotted by residents in the skies above Birzebbuga on Saturday night could have been a “very bright meteor”, also referred to as a fireball, according to the Astronomical Society of Malta.

It has attempted to shed light on the outlandish sighting, described by curious resident Charles Caruana as resembling a “hot air balloon” because it was clearly on fire. [...]

Perhaps the most “extraordinary” observation, in Mr Caruana’s view, was that it was not simply rising through the air but “zipping” and “dancing” at speed. Had it merely been an object that caught fire, rising slowly into the sky, Mr Caruana, who does not have particular extraterrestrial interests, would not have thought much of it. However, as it were, the unusual sight was more suspicious than pleasant.

The fire could be deciphered from when it was spotted over Zurrieq, but the possibility that it was a plane ablaze was quickly ruled out.

We are back to the description of planes on fire zig-zaging in the skies.... I think from the description this a UAP, (see archives for many more examples). It's a shame the witness did not see the standard give-away of a UAP stopping dead and then diving into the Earth...

UFO was not debris, says local [NZ]
Hawkes Bay Today, 29th August 2011
"Taradale man Colvin Steel may have seen something the military chiefs of either the US or Russia might have been hoping to flick our way without too many people noticing. The "military satellite" theory is one explanation for the sighting of a large, glowing ball in the sky on Tuesday night, which appeared to pulsate before splitting into two separate lights."

Trail of crumbs discovered from potentially hazardous comet
The February Eta Draconids appear to originate from a long-period comet that passes close to Earth’s orbit.
Astronomy News, 29th July 2011
The Central Bureau issued a telegram July 10 for Astronomical Telegrams of the International Astronomical Union (IAU) announcing that a stream of dust from a potentially dangerous comet impacted Earth for a few hours last February 4.

“This particular shower happens only once or twice every 60 years,” said Peter Jenniskens from the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Institute, Mountain View, California. “The stream of dust is always there, but quite invisible just outside of Earth’s orbit. Only when the planets steer the dust in Earth’s path do we get to know it is there.” [...]

Now that the February Eta Draconid shower has been discovered, Jenniskens is confident that a next return can be predicted. He teamed up with Finnish astronomer Esko Lyytinen to investigate. Lyytinen calculated a possible return in 2016 or 2023, after that not again until 2076.

Future observations of this shower may bring other information about the comet that caused this stream of meteoroids, which is a potential danger to Earth. “If the meteoroids can hit us, so can the comet,” said Jenniskens, “We don’t know whether the comet has already passed us by or is still on approach.” To get some advance warning, one could look along the measured orbit to those spots where the comet could arrive at Earth’s orbit on a future February 4 date.

“Even then, chances are very small that the comet will actually hit us, as such impacts are rare in Earth’s history,” Jenniskens added.

This is another version of the cometary debris story. The point that must be made clear is that the comet does not have to hit us to cause havoc on Earth. In describing the Taurid Stream, which is similar type of cometary object, we read it is:
"...a procession of vast cosmic rubble and dust that snakes around the Sun and out towards Jupiter, will swing through Earth's orbit for the first of its bi-annual crossings.

Within the stream are probably thousands of bodies including asteroids, mountain-and island-sized boulders, smaller meteoroids, Encke's Comet and assorted fragments of celestial refuse."
A cosmic trail with destruction in its wake
The Times, May 24, 1990, Thursday
I would recommend reading the whole article from The Times. Well,we are not talking about bread crumbs here... Victor Clube, who is known as a ''catastrophist'', says the worse case scenario is a ''Multiple Tunguska Bombardment''. So when astronomers who are not ''catastrophists'', warn that there is a potentially hazardous bombardment on it's way that could collide with Earth, they understand the seriousness of making that call. Even if we don't get a direct hit, I think the concern would be dust loading up the Earth's atmosphere and even blotting out the Sun.... Could we get the promised Mayan three days of darkness? I simply don't know, but as more and more changes in the cosmic environment are being reported and things progress, I have gone from a skeptic to thinking this could actually happen. Now, I am wondering about the latest fabulous crop circle depicting a cosmic snake, maybe something else is out there that our astronomers have not spotted, see West Woodhay Down, Nr Inkpen, Wiltshire. Reported 29th July..

  • NASA Prepares for Potentially Damaging 2011 Meteor Shower, 16th June 2010 -- flashback--
    NASA is assessing the risk to spacecraft posed by the upcoming 2011 Draconid meteor shower, a seven-hour storm of tiny space rocks that has the potential to ding major Earth-orbiting spacecraft like the crewed International Space Station and Hubble Space Telescope.

    The meteor shower risk assessment is actually more art than science, and there has been some variation in the projected intensity levels of the 2011 Draconids by meteoroid forecasters. But spacecraft operators are already being notified to weigh defensive steps.

    Current meteor forecast models project a strong Draconid outburst, possibly<>Ba full-blown storm, on Oct. 8, 2011, according to William Cooke of the Meteoroid Environment Office at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala. [...]

    Cooke said that a significant fraction of spacecraft anomalies produced by shower meteoroids are caused by electrostatic discharges when meteoroid meets satellite.

    And while no spacecraft electrical problems were reported during the strong Draconid outbursts of 1985 and 1998, he said that the lack of past anomalies should not be taken as carte blanche for satellite operators to ignore in 2011. [...]

    "Because we can now forecast them, we have a way of putting it. If you are hit by a sporadic [meteor], it's an act of God. If you are hit by a shower meteoroid, it's an act of negligence," Cooke said.

    OK, I have come across this old article and I am wondering: why the concern? Well, we are given a hint here that the conditions in space have changed. From this article, I wonder if these pre-existing meteor 'streams' can actually grow because they are hinting at how hard it is to estimate "intensity levels", and a variation in the order of magnitude is significant. If you want an analogy, think in terms of a spoon stiring soup. The soup of space has recently got thicker so there is more of a disturbance and more being carried on the spoon. But, as the article states, the world's communication satellite infrastructure is under threat, so I presume there are major players who will be holding their breath until it's all over and damage can be assessed. It is likely that Earth will be a graced with delicate sprinkling of aetheric energies too, alongside the meteor shower!

Mysterious object falls from the sky
The Standard, 17th July 2011
Panic hit a village in Kabati area in Thika District after a black object fell from the skies causing a loud explosion. The incident, which happened on Saturday at 9am, drew attention from military personnel and bomb experts. They said the mysterious object weighed two kilogrammes.

According to an eyewitness Felister Muthoni Kafuri, the object was black and smooth and cracked due impact. "We hard a loud sound before the object fell in the farm. Some of the villagers touched the object while others kept off. When the military came to retrieve the object they advised those who had touched the object to wash their hands," said Muthoni.

Some locals said the objects impact was heard about 5 kilometers away when it hit the ground. Police who arrived at the scene could not immediately tell what the object was.

OK, there is not much in the way of technical detail but I am hoping there will be more information soon. Whatever, if this was a meteorite arriving with a bang that could be heard 5km away, then that is ignificant. Update I have seen some video and I am not convinced the picture and the video of a rock is the object that fell from space, I would prefer to see a big hole!

Event into space in Kenya on Sunday, 17 July, 2011 at 04:13 (04:13 AM) UTC.
RSOE Event Report, 18th July 2011
“We believe it is a heavenly body, probably a piece of a meteor that may have disintegrated on entering the earth’s atmosphere,” said Lt Col Vungo, who was accompanied by Thika police boss Paul Leting. Mr Vungo said reports from Ndunyu Sabuk area indicated that a bigger object was seen in the skies before it disintegrated after a loud blast. The official said according to witnesses, the object raised a cloud of dust on hitting the ground, was extremely hot and was spinning on impact.

Space rock scare
YouTube, 16th July 2011
"Residents of Thika and Kangundo districts today experienced a rare natural occurence when they saw several bright objects fall from the sky. One of the objects landed in the ground near the Ol Donyo Sabuk Mountain in Thika, which is also known as Kilimambogo."
That's not a hole... more like a dint...

Chinese airport closed after fiery UFO is spotted flying over city
Daily Mail, 9th July 2010

A Chinese airport was closed after this mysterious object was spotted in the sky. Arcing over Zhejiang's provincial capital Hangzhou, the UFO appeared to glow with an eerie white light and left a bright trail in its wake. Xiaoshan Airport was closed after the UFO was detected at around 9 pm and dozens of flights had to be diverted. Stunned witnesses reported seeing a comet-like fireball in the sky and a number of local residents took photos of the strange ball of light. A local bus driver, giving his name only as Yu, said he had seen a strange glowing object in the sky late on Wednesday afternoon.

How ironic that they closed the airport! LOL! An U.S. intercontinental missile? Sorry, that's just completely wrong! These are plasma entities and they just keep coming and some of the arrivals are spectacular. How else can you explain the deathly silence from the military and government agencies? Here are some YouTube videos of arrivals, 3/4 I have already logged on this website.

UFO Wormhole Filmed by Surveillance Camera in Russia 2009
This is virtually an identical example.

Spiral UFO coming out Wormhole or Hyperspace ? Tomsk Russia
"Very strange clip of beams of light seemingly coming out of nowhere in the night sky in Tomsk Russia. As the beams dissappear a galaxy shaped spiral of light appears and forms from above. "

Vandenburg Missile Test ... or UFO Wormhole ?
An orb ariving via cosmic string or a wormhole, what a way to make an entrance! it's incredible to be on the planet and to see these manifestations of our high energy cosmic neighbours arriving!

UFO Wormhole Mexico December 2009
A strange variation on a theme. New!

Here is a video of the Chinese news which clearly identifies the object, UFO disrupts air traffic in east China and confirmation of the Daily Mail pic from the People's Daily Online/Guangzhou Daily, see 'UFO' in skies over Urumqi suspected to be American guided missile For the thinkers, can you imagine that the Chinese would allow the US to test a missile over a metropolitan area? The military DO NOT test missiles over metropolitan areas!!!!! We have another similar and incredible sighting to examine! See below!

UFO Fireball Over Kazakhstan 30th June 2010
Awesome New Video! Unrelated UFO sighting over the city of Sensey, Kazakhstan ,which is still interesting in itself!

Update 2
Well, it is clear that there were two incidents, one during the day and the other at night. In this Chinese News in English, the reporter actually gives the following introduction. He says:
"Some unexpected guests, apparently, have paid a visit to Hangzhou, the city know as the Paradise on Earth, may have attracted the attention of some celestial visitors."
Actually, when I heard the opening of this report, I was amazed and I actually thought, maybe someone has read my essay, The Greatest Transition in the History of Mankind - The Return of Paradise, this is just getting incredible, see

UFO disrupts air traffic in east China - CCTV 100710 Watch the report, the Chinese authorities made no attempt to debunk this incident and are still investigating, but it seems that the media jumped the gun and made up a ridiculous story about a US intercontinental missile.

Update 3
Finally, the first picture offered by the Daily Mail and being seen all over the internet as proof of a UFO craft type object is being argued as being a fake created by a long exposure photograph of a helicopter. See Astronut (a well known debunker on GLP) for details link. Please note, there has been deliberate confusion created but the facts are some kind of object appeared that so baffled radar operators that the airport was closed and planes diverted. In conclusion, something plasmatic and highly charged entering our atmosphere, as shown in the above image MAY have come from another incident too because there are claims that the UFO was only visible on radar. Whatever, this event has been another highly instructive in helping us understand that radar operators are struggling to cope with strange presumed plasmatic objects in the skies.

Airport closed after UFO appears on radar screens
The Australian, 9th July 2010
A CHINESE airport was dramatically shut down after baffled air traffic controllers spotted an incoming UFO on their radar systems. Planes were grounded and flights were diverted away from Xiaoshan airport in Hangzhou City, in the country's east, after the mysterious glowing object appeared on monitoring instruments late Wednesday night, the Shanghai Daily reported. In a further twist, the closure followed several supposed sightings of a strange airborne object across the city, with locals reportedly seeing a comet-like fireball in the sky.

Airport authorities immediately notified passengers to stop boarding and grounded all planes about to take off as flights were rerouted to neighboring airports in the cities of Ningbo and Wuxi, Xinhua news agency said. The unexplained object soon vanished from radar screens but flights were delayed from taking off for a further four hours.

This is interesting, the same thing happened in India and was reported last week, see below... I wonder if we will get to the stage where engineers are stumped as to how they will irradicate the UAPs of the screens, interesting times... Original Xinhuanet report in English, UFO disrupts air traffic in east China & Update

UFO in China Has "Military Connection," Says Official
"Another official Daily, Global Times reported that "a UFO trailed by a fan-shaped white light appeared last Wednesday in Urumqi, Northwest China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region". It was later identified as debris from an intercontinental missile launched by the US, Song Huagang, secretary general of the Xinjiang Astronomy Society said."
Well, that's funny, it's usually a Russian missile! LOL Anyway, we are being told that US are firing intercontinental missiles across China, that's news! However, don't you think it's strange that radar operators can't tell missile debris from a plane? It would have made more sense if they said it was space junk or a space debris, especially as NASA is now telling us that Earth is getting showered with space rocks? Of course, if it was US real space junk and not a missile, that would be interesting too...

Red lights 'fuse' and split into four UFOs as North Carolina couple watch
UFO Examiner, 7th July 2010
A North Carolina couple report watching two red lights on July 6, 2010, that lit up the ground area below to the point where they had to look away, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. "The lights lit the entire area below and around the vehicles but did not illuminate the crafts at all," the reporting witness stated. The lights then remained stationary, and then seemed to "fuse" together as a single light. Then the single light moved away, and split into two lights again.

One of the things that the author of the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena in the UK Defence Region [2000] noted was that people describe things that they think they should be seeing and not actually what the are seeing. Let's think: how could two solid objects or 'craft' merge? The answer is that they can't, this is a plasma phenomena -- matterless charged mass that emits light. Again, there are many many reports to choose from, so here I have decided to link a few MSM reports video reports. Obviously, it's still joke time in the MSM, but I am wondering how much longer that will last. This is a fundamental shift in the fabric of space-time and our reality has changed forever.

Video: More witnesses come forward in Clovis, CA, UFO sighting from July 2
KMPH Fox News 26, Fresno

Fireball UFO Seen Over Georgia, US (Video)
Epoch Times, 8th July 2011
Yet another flaming UFO has been filmed descending through the sky, this time in Georgia in the United States on July 7, according to a video posted on YouTube by the UFO Global Reporting Center.

The unidentified falling fiery object resembles other fireball UFOs spotted recently around the world, including in Australia, Germany, Mexico, and Chile.

The same pattern is visible—an object that looks like a meteorite with two fiery tails is dropping through the atmosphere. Unlike some of the previous UFOs, this particular UFO maintains a straight line as it falls.

Both the fireballs filmed in Chile in May, and Germany in February exhibited marked trajectory changes, making it hard to explain them away as meteorites or burning space junk.

Hmmm.... another 'Master Entity' arrival, but this one is closer to many previous sightings..... I wonder if TPTB are worrying or if they simply don't care because they know must people will ignore something they don't understand...See previous comments.

Fiery UFO filmed over Mexico
A curious falling object has been captured on video over Mexico.
The Telegraph, 6th July 2011
The footage, shot from the side of a road in Cuernavaca, near Mexico City, appears to show a mysterious glowing object hurtling through the sky.

As the cameraman zooms in for a better look, a fiery ball with flaming wings is revealed. The video, recorded on June 29, was uploaded to YouTube by a user named only as Kimdragon1. After seeing the footage, one user wrote: "I saw exact the same thing at June 29 from Greece at 23.00 local time."

I find this amazing that some people are desperate to believe that these strange sightings are airplanes. Here we see a huge bright ball of light with a massive thick dual plasma 'trail' and you can clearly see a twist in one side that indicates to me that one side of this plasma is slightly more magnetised than the other. This is similar to the ghost rocket seen in January 2010, Canada and due to the media attention generated, the Canadian Defense minister made some arrogant comments that I thought were insulting to the local people, see archives Best of the Blog Fireballs, meteorites & strange 'heavenly phenomena'. The military KNOW the truth, but some think it's funny that most ordinary people are unaware that there is another lifeform lives alongside us that has wide ranging properties and characteristics. Personally, I don't think mass ignorance is funny at all, especially when some people actually want to understand our reality better.

An UFO/UAP falling in flames in the sky over Berlin, Germany
YouTube, 4th July 2011
I actually wonder whether we are seeing an increase in these 'Master Entities' arriving from all over the galaxy as Earth is apparently now a really happening place.... Well, again, this is not really crashing to Earth like we would expect a satellite or meteor, and as I have stated before on previous occasions, I am suspicious that this object slightly changes direction from a vertical drop for no obvious reason. I would like to see one of these in a nosedive over a major city like London and see what the authorities have to say, yet Berlin IS a major city...

AUSTRALIA: Space rock passes through satellite belt
University World News, 3rd July 2011
Astronomers around the world breathed a sigh of relief last Monday night when an asteroid passed within 12,000 kilometres of Australia, closer than communication satellites.

First observed by a dedicated telescopic asteroid tracker in the US on 22 June, the object was then observed by French astronomer Professor Klotz and PhD student Michael Todd, who remotely programmed it into the schedule for the Zadko Telescope at the University of Western Australia.

Director of the telescope, Associate Professor David Coward, said the asteroid - officially known as Near Earth Asteroid 2011MD - was identified as a tumbling, elongated 4-12 metre rock during a 40-minutes observation by Zadko over Australian skies. The Zadko telescope observations were the first to determine that the rock was rotating with a period of about 11 minutes.

"NASA said asteroids of the size of 2011MD come this close to Earth on average once every six years so it's a relatively rare event," Coward said. "2011MD was within the geosynchronous satellite belt, orbiting with our communications satellites and it could do a lot of damage if it collided with one."

I wonder how many people believed me last week when I said that astronomers are not worried about asteroids this small hitting Earth as they would burn up in the atmosphere, but something hitting a billion dollar satellite was much more of a worry... well, here you have it from the horse's mouth. I don't know about once every 6 years too because according to one astronomer: "Fly bys of near-Earth objects within the moon's orbit occur every few weeks," said Don Yeomans of NASA's Near-Earth Object Office at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., in a statement." [] This was in reference to asteroid 2010 GA6, that flew by in April 2010. For reference: 270,000 miles away from the Earth, is very close to the orbit of the moon. Anyway, a short search at reveals many asteroids and mysterious objects passing through the geosynchronous satellite belt 35785 km (22236 miles).. Here are some notable fly-bys anything in red was considered within striking range or caused an impact.
2011 GW9, 9th April 2011, 10m class asteroid, 77,000 km (0.2 LD) above surface of Earth link

2010 RF12, 7th September 2010, 10m asteroid 77,000 km (0.2 LD) link

2011 CQ1, 4th February 2011, ~0.03(LD)/0.00008(AU) or 11855 km link. According to astronomers at Remanzacco Observatory in Italy, the 2-3 meter-wide asteroid came within 5,480 kilometers of Earth, the "closest near miss" on record. link

2010 TD54, October 12th 2010, 7m rock, 46,000 km above the planet's surface. [Region of High Earth Orbit (HEO 42,000km) of some satellites] link

2010 AL30, 13th January 2010, asteroid or derelict satellite astronomers were not sure! [0.66 LD] link

October 8th, 2009 !! IMPACT !! 10m asteroid around 11 am local time in the coastal town of Bone, Indonesia caused sonic boom. link

2009 DD45, 2nd March 2009, 35m rock (same size as Tunguska impactor of 1908), 73,000 km away (0.2 LD). link

2009 FH, March 17th 2009, [0.2 LD] 85,000 km away. That's about twice the altitude of a geosynchronous communications satellite. link
Space: Doomsday Asteroid
Discovery News, August 2010
This is a nice video explaining the issues associated with dealing with an asteroid on an Earth impact orbit. Here, they decide not to mention the idea of wrapping an asteroid in tinfoil so that it's properties will change so it can be steered out of the way, which an Australian scientist actually won a prize for dreaming up...

Another Asteroid To Give Earth a Close Shave June 27, 2011
Universe Today, 23rd June 2011
A newly discovered house-sized asteroid will miss the Earth by less than 17,700 km (11,000 miles) on Monday June 27, 2011. That’s about 23 times closer than the Moon. The size and location of the asteroid, named 2011 MD, should allow observers in certain locations to take a look at the space rock, even with small telescopes. It’s closest approach will be at 13:26 UTC on June 27.

According to Skymania, 2011 MD was found just yesterday, June 22, by LINEAR, a pair of robotic telescopes in New Mexico that scan the skies for Near Earth Asteroids.

As of now, asteroid 2011 MD is estimated to be between 9 to 45 meters (10 to 50 yards) wide. Dr. Emily Baldwin, of Astronomy Now magazine, said there is no danger of the asteroid hitting Earth, and even if it did enter the atmosphere, an asteroid this size would “mostly burn up in a brilliant fireball, possibly scattering a few meteorites.”

More space weather... Late detections of asteroids happens quite a lot and we have to ask why these asteroids are so hard to spot when state of the art telescopes are being used. Whatever, is showing this in their 'Recent & Upcoming Earth-asteroid encounters table' as .05 LD and I think that is the closest whiz past Earth that I have seen, accept for a few times where they have updated it to declare IMPACT! We are passing through an interstellar 'debris' cloud with interesting properties but I have not seen any official statistics (graphs), but it's easy to see from the history of information provided by over the last 10 years or so, that there is a marked increase in asteroids and the numbers being detected.

ASTEROID FLYBY: Newly-discovered asteroid 2011 MD will pass only 12,000 kilometers (7,500 miles) above Earth's surface on Monday June 27 at about 9:30 a.m. EDT. NASA analysts say there is no chance the space rock will strike Earth. Nevertheless, the encounter is so close that Earth's gravity will sharply alter the asteroid's trajectory:

At closest approach, 2011 MD will pass in broad daylight over the southern Atlantic Ocean near the coast of Antarctica. As the asteroid recedes from Earth, it will pass through the zone of geosynchronous satellites. The chances of a collision with a satellite or manmade space junk are extremely small, albeit not zero.
Space Weather 24th June 2011
There is a map of the trajectory available. Hmmm.... We have another cosmic interloper wandering through our billion dollar satellites...

Huge meteorite crosses Cranbrook sky [Canada]
The Townsman, 17th May 2011
An enormous meteor was caught on video as it flew over Cranbrook early on Saturday morning. A video camera on the roof of the College of the Rockies caught the meteor's flight in a nine-second clip that you can view on the Townsman's Facebook page at

Physics lab technician Rick Nowell described the sky as the meteor passed over us. "The dark night sky of Cranbrook was lit up like daylight early Saturday morning at 2:17 a.m. when a huge meteor rocketed overhead. Appearing as a dim dot at first, high to the north, it rapidly grew into a big, white ball as big as the moon, with a tail behind it," described Nowell.

"It flared into brilliance, lighting up the whole sky and layers of white clouds to the south-western horizon. Within four seconds the flare sank as it moved a bit south of west, sinking down into the clouds, towards the setting moon and Creston. Then a dull rumble of thunder followed after it."

The fireball was seen east in Cochrane, south in Coeur d'Alene and Spokane, and west in Nelson, Kamloops and Penticton. Most eye-witnesses described a greenish blue orb that looked as big as the moon. It lit up the sky as bright as day, and one person even said the automatic street lights switched off for a few minutes as they registered the light.

Wow.... So what happened? It really makes you wonder what size this rock was before it hit the atmosphere and whether it was truly invisible to astronomers when it was travelling through space... Note it switched off street lights... that's because these rocks are highly charged as they are racing through space and act as circuit breakers when they hit our atmosphere. Anyway, since we are being pelted with meteors on a regular basis these days, it's simply not possible to keep a tally of what's going on but here are a few other spectacular meteor events in the last few weeks.

YouTube, 1st May 2011
Quite impressive.... I thought this could be a satellite breaking up in our atmosphere. Advice: turn off the music.

Fireball Meteor or space debris over Doha, Qatar / Saudi Arabia ~9:00pm 30APR2011
Meteor/Meteorite News, 1st May 2011

Possible meteor or space debris ‘event’ seen, felt across South
Valdosta Daily Times, 1st May 2011
"A meteorite or space debris may have been the cause of fireballs reportedly seen in South Georgia skies Friday night and the resulting impact felt from one end of Lowndes County to the other. Meanwhile, similar reports of fireballs were filed throughout the state and in other states, according to the American Meteor Society."

May 7, 2011- Georgia Visited by Another Bright Meteor!, 9th May 2011
"On the night of Monday May 2, 2011, sightings of a bright meteor appearing over Georgia, Alabama, Florida, and other states were reported to news stations and meteor reporting organizations."

Rumble felt in Hampton Roads remains a mystery - Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Sulfolk [United States]
Pilot Online, 12th May 2011
"We may only ever know it as The Night the Earth Rattled. The seconds-long reverberation at approximately 7:20 p.m. Tuesday sent neighbors to porches, piqued slumbering pets and launched a thousand theories. But nobody can say for sure what it was - not police or seismologists or meteorologists or NASA or Oceana Naval Air Station or the Virginia National Guard."

Close encounter: NASA say earth shattering boom that prompted hundreds of 911 calls was just a meteorite - Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Sulfolk [United States]
Daily Mail, 14th May 2011
" ...according to NASA scientists, the earth shattering explosion was nothing more than a meteorite exploding as it entered the earth's atmosphere. The incident, which was loud enough to rattle homes in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Suffolk and other areas prompted a flurry of calls to 911 from concerned residents."

"When the sun rose on May 2nd, I was surprised to see a fully detached fireball prominence at the southwestern edge of the solar disk," reports amateur astronomer Jan T

I was stunned," he continues. "The prominence was rather faint, so I had to use a lot of gain to capture it, hence the noise: 'more gain = more grain.' But I am pleased that I captured it!"

I consider this to be a very strange report, was this a fireball just hovering around near the sun or was it shooting off into space? Or like some are suggesting, the sun giving birth to a new planet because we have been seeing a range of strange objects around the sun and some of which have looked like massive electrical discharges...

Rocky Horror
The Sun, 5th May 2011

A GIANT asteroid heading towards Earth will just miss us in November, Nasa experts predicted last night. The space rock is 1,300ft wide [400 meters] and weighs 55million tons - the largest object ever to approach our planet so close.

It will pass at a distance of 201,700 miles - described by an astronomer as "a cosmic hair's breadth". That is closer than the Moon, which orbits 238,857 miles away on average. The asteroid, called YU55, is officially labelled a Potentially Hazardous Object.

In reality, this arrival is a lot more worrisome than Comet Elenin...

Big Asteroid's Approach in November Excites Astronomers, 3rd May 2011
An asteroid the size of an aircraft carrier will come closer to Earth this autumn than our own moon does, causing scientists to hold their breath as it zooms by. But they'll be nervous with excitement, not with worry about a possible disaster.
There's no danger of an impact when the asteroid 2005 YU55 makes its close flyby Nov. 8, coming within 201,700 miles (325,000 kilometers) of Earth, scientists say. So they're looking forward to the encounter, which could help them learn more about big space rocks. [...]

Asteroid 2005 YU55 is about 1,300 feet (400 meters) wide. It was discovered in December 2005 by the Spacewatch program at the University of Arizona in Tucson. [...]

"This is a C-type asteroid, and those are thought to be representative of the primordial materials from which our solar system was formed," Wilson said. "This flyby will be an excellent opportunity to test how we study, document and quantify which asteroids would be most appropriate for a future human mission."

More evidence of Earth now being in a cosmic bowling alley.... with some big cosmic bowling balls as well as lots of little ones... What's interesting is why these kind of articles never discuss what is causing the dramatic increase, to the point where has to keep a table of 'Recent & Upcoming Earth-asteroid encounters'. Btw, there is another tidler flying close within the moon's orbit on the 2nd June.

Budget cuts stop SETI searching for life, will now be used for "Space Surveillance" by military
Red Ice Creations, 27th April 2011
Nobody will be answering Earth’s cosmic phone for the time being, thanks to budget cuts that have shut down the telescopes at the SETI Institute’s Allen Array. According to a letter from Institute CEO Tom Pierson - most of the annual funding for the program came from the state of California and the National Science Foundation. Now, a state budget crisis and reduced funding from the NSF has made it impossible to continue daily operations.

The institute will remain in what he calls ’hibernation’. "Hibernation means that, starting this week, the equipment is unavailable for normal observations and is being maintained in a safe state by a significantly reduced staff."

The San Jose Mercury News reports the shutdown is depriving astronomers of their best way to search for life on other planets.

I can't say the SETI project being stiffled is any concern to me, when there are UAPs flying in and out of our atmosphere on a regular basis and sometimes frightening those who are not aware that there is an interdimensional presence, another form of life (shadow biosphere) that shares this planet with us. So the real question is:


Meanwhile, we have the arrival of our "dusty plasma" etheric cloud delivering lovely evolutionary energies and adamantine particles, so the metaphysical who know the truth of the matter should be rejoicing and not be too concerned about Earth getting hit. But of course, this is only my opinion and what you think about all this is up to you...

SETI's Telescope Array Forced Into Hibernation; ET Gets a Break
PC world, 26th April 2011
"Sadly, due to the funding from the State and the NSF being cut considerably, UC Berkeley and SETI made a reluctant decision to put the ATA in hibernation--though it will still be routinely maintained. Of course, this also means layoffs for staff at the Hat Creek site.

However, the potentially good news is that if the Air Force Space Command might consider using the ATA for "space surveillance"--snooping and tracking objects in space."

Cigar-shaped asteroid stronger than '15 atomic bombs' whizzes by earth
Daily Mail, 18th April 2011
An asteroid as strong as 15 atomic bombs whizzed past earth last night at just ten times the distance of the moon. Astronomers first spotted the cigar-shaped rock spinning through space on Monday evening and tracked it. The star-gazers were baffled by why the asteroid 'blinked' at them until they realised that due to is long shape, the darkness came when it rotated slightly out of view. Thankfully, the 50m long rock that could have destroyed a small country went barely noticed as it passed earth at a distance of some 2,085,321 miles. 'Usually, when we see an asteroid strobe on and off like that, it means that the body is elongated and we are viewing it broadside along its long axis first, and then on its narrow end as it rotates,' Don Yeomans from Nasa told

Hmmm.... the traffic is definitely increasing... Interestingly, the Daily Mail now seems to have a new mandate to keep the news relevant and close to what's going round in the blogosphere. Anyway, if you want to know what is passing us by and depositing nice new evolutionary energies as it flies by, you can go to that maintains the section 'Recent & Upcoming Earth-asteroid encounters', but it's not totally reliable, as asteroids can appear even within the orbit of the moon at the last minute.

Match made in heaven: Earth finds new companion as giant asteroid joins its path around the sun
Daily Mail, 7th April 2011
  • this asteroid orbits the sun in a highly unusual horseshoe pattern

Earth has found a new companion that has joined its orbit around the sun, scientists have revealed.

It may not have the most romantic of names, but Asteroid 2010 SO16 could pursue Earth for anywhere between the next 120,000 to a million years.

And at a few hundred metres across, it is the largest space rock ever discovered so close to earth.

But there is something unusual about SO16, say Apostolos Christou and David Asher who discovered the giant floating rock last September at the Armagh Observatory in Northern Ireland.

Rather than follow its new friend all the way round, SO16 orbits the sun in a horseshoe shape, playing a constant game of catch up with Earth, they say.

There is a short easy to read version over at Popular Science, Earth Has an Orbital Companion Stuck in a Horseshoe-Shaped Orbit Around the Sun. So, as well as the large increase in asteroid traffic in recent years, like the current flyby of 5 asteroids in 4 days, some of them are periously close and within the moon's orbit, see the report below, this Daily Mail article informs us that Earth has a new companion, but it's really odd that this is being reported by a British tabloid. So, I am wondering if Earth will end up capturing a lot more asteroids and whether some might even become new moons.... anyway, we can only assume this is more indication of the signs of the times as the solar system becomes an increasing chaotic place due to the disturbance caused by the clash of the interstellar 'Local Cloud' sometimes referred to as 'G' Cloud as it is coming from the direction of our galaxies centree.

DOUBLE ASTEROID FLYBY: It's notable when an asteroid flies past Earth closer than the Moon. Today, April 6th, two asteroids will do this. Newly-discovered space rocks 2011 GW9 and 2011 GP28 will zip through the Earth-Moon system at Earth-distances of 77,000 km and 192,000 km, respectively. Both are ten-meter class asteroids two to three times smaller than the Tunguska impactor of 1908. There is no danger of a collision. 6th April 2011

NASA’s All Sky Fireball Network
NASA News, March 2011
Intro: The NASA All-sky Fireball Network is a network of cameras set up by the NASA Meteoroid Environment Office (MEO) with the goal of observing meteors brighter than the planet Venus, which are called fireballs. The collected data will be used by the MEO in constructing models of the meteoroid environment, which are important to spacecraft designers.

Network: The network currently consists of 3 cameras placed in locations in north Alabama, northwest Georgia, and southern Tennessee. The network is growing all the time, with plans to place a total of 15 cameras in schools, science centers, and planetaria in the United States, predominately east of the Mississippi River, where there are few such systems.

Is this project to get round the blackout of data from US military satellites? Very strange...

Daytime fireball roughly a 5-ton meteor, NASA estimates, 15th February 2011
Early Monday afternoon, a bright object flashed across the sky before vanishing with a flash, according to scores of eyewitnesses from Virginia to Massachusetts. The likeliest explanation is that a large meteor - a space rock hurtling through the atmosphere - passed eastward over the North Jersey-New York City area.

It might have been 5 feet in diameter with a weight of more 5 metric tons, judging from reports that it blazed as bright as a full moon, said NASA scientist Bill Cooke of the Marshall Space Flight Center. He based his estimate on "a reasonable speed" of 33,500 m.p.h. Good thing it didn't hit anything.

As usual, there have been many reports and sightings of what seem to be fireballs entering our atmosphere and skies, but they have been ignored because we it's quite clear that we are facing a storm of cosmic debris and nobody is really interested unless something appears that is spectacular or there is a major incident. For example I provided the outdoor surveillance video of what seems to be a rocks breaking up in the air and then the blast and fireball that caused the San Bruno, California disaster. However, this report is different because we have a comment from a NASA scientist, which is interesting, as we know that the US military have BANNED US scientists from receiving fireball data from their satellites. Anyway, we are told there is an alternative source of information and that data is collected from "infrasound stations to try to determine the meteor's energy from the sound waves emitted as it flew through the atmosphere." There has only been one decent video of this event so far, but it looks like NBC New York have decided to remove the video, see Silver Streaks in the Sky Likely a Meteor, so we await another version to be found.

Over the skies of Salem County and other parts of Northeast, a bright meteor seen in mid-day sky, 15th February 2011
“So far we have 30 reports of a fireball moving in a general west to east direction as seen from the northeastern United States,” said American Meteor Society official Robert Lunsford Monday afternoon. “Daylight fireballs are rare and must be exceedingly bright to be noticed with the sun in the sky.”

Bizarre fireball filmed over Germany
SOTT, 11th February 2011
Up until now I have taken the stance that these are UAPs and I nearly thought about wavering on this until the video quite clearly showed that this relatively slow moving object steered into another direction.

Close Approaching Asteroid: Will this be a direct hit on a satellite?, 4th February 2011

CLOSE APPROACHING ASTEROID: A small (4-5 meter) asteroid discovered earlier today by R. A. Kowalski of the Catalina Sky Survey will pass by Earth on Feb. 4th around 19:40UT at a distance of 11855 km. 2011 CQ1 will not hit Earth, but it will pass well inside the Clarke Belt of geosynchronous satellites. [more]

Comment: Huh... I would call that a direct hit, I wonder if any satellites will be disturbed. Here is some Wikipedia details:
A geostationary orbit (or Geostationary Earth Orbit - GEO) is a geosynchronous orbit directly above the Earth's equator (0° latitude), with a period equal to the Earth's rotational period and an orbital eccentricity of approximately zero. An object in a geostationary orbit appears motionless, at a fixed position in the sky, to ground observers. Communications satellites and weather satellites are often given geostationary orbits, so that the satellite antennas that communicate with them do not have to move to track them, but can be pointed permanently at the position in the sky where they stay. Due to the constant 0° latitude and circularity of geostationary orbits, satellites in GEO differ in location by longitude only.

The notion of a geosynchronous satellite for communication purposes was first published in 1928 (but not widely so) by Herman Potocnik.[1] The idea of a geostationary orbit was first disseminated on a wide scale in a 1945 paper entitled "Extra-Terrestrial Relays — Can Rocket Stations Give Worldwide Radio Coverage?" by British science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke, published in Wireless World magazine. The orbit, which Clarke first described as useful for broadcast and relay communications satellites,[2] is sometimes called the Clarke Orbit.[3] Similarly, the Clarke Belt is the part of space about 36,000 km (22,000 mi) above sea level, in the plane of the equator, where near-geostationary orbits may be implemented. The Clarke Orbit is about 265,000 km (165,000 mi) long. Source Wikipedia: Geostationary orbit (Clarke Belt)
Well, we can understand the cause of the disturbance as our solar system approaches closer to G Cloud and the Oort cloud of debris is disturbed and resultant bombardment of meteroids, small rocks and asteroids that are coming in our direction. So now we know why the US Military are hiding fireball data...


RECORD-SETTING ASTEROID: Tiny asteroid 2011 CQ1 buzzed Earth on Feb. 4th even closer than we thought. According to JPL's Near Earth Object Program office, the meter-wide space rock was only 5480 km (0.85 Earth radii) over the Pacific Ocean at closest approach. That makes it the nearest non-impacting object in their catalog. The encounter was so close, Earth's gravity altered the course of the asteroid by a whopping 60 degrees. [full story] [amateur images]

Comment: So, how can Earth's gravity effect this asteroid when satellites are NOT effected by gravity? There seem to be some major facts missing from the story here.

Search on for 'huge' meteorite
RTE News, 21st January 2011
The search is on for fragments of a meteorite which blazed across Irish skies yesterday evening.

The search is on for fragments of a meteorite which blazed across Irish skies yesterday evening. The meteor - described as 'huge' by Astronomy Ireland - is known as a fireball.

Astronomy Ireland says it is likely to be a piece of a comet or asteroid that passed near Earth's orbit sometime in the past. It appeared in the moonlit sky at approximately 6pm, or shortly after.

I am starting to think there could be a link between close asteroid fly-bys and reports of meteors. It's busy out there, as there have been 4 NEOs in 6 days, see Near Earth Asteroids. The 17th Jan flyby was classified as "close" as it flew past Earth, within orbit of the Moon (0.8 LD). There have been a few reports of booms and meteors but nothing sensational, but there was a Greek meteoroid that was quite interesting, as it was described as a "streak" and reminiscent of the plasma objects "streaking" in our atmosphere that have been seen at ground level.

Video: Mysterious Missile Seen on Padre Island - Texas [US]
kiii, 3rd January 2011
Comment: I can't keep up with the abberations... Now, we have another mystery missile off the coast of Texas. Please read archives for previous comment about the L.A./California mystery missile that caused great concern back in November 2010. Quite frankly the bizarreness is increasing... yes, despite everything that I have written, even I am being taken aback by the strangeness. OK, I have rarely mentioned chemtrails, but some 'chemtrailing' really makes you wonder what exactly is in the skies making some of the more 'strange' trails.

Strange Plane behaviour - Italy
Live Leak, 3rd January 2011
I'm struggling... are these critters playing in the skies? This is reminding me of the W. Kennett, Wiltshire, UK June 2007 'Alice in Wonderland' crop circle. This incredible crop circle was virtually identical to the depiction of a scene from the children's book interpreted as the existence of dimensional doorways leading to another world. My firm belief at the time was that we could expect that our world will get stranger and stranger, I don't think anyone can argue that we are seeing more and more curiosities.

U.S. Military in Talks to Share Fireball Data from Secret Satellites, 10th December 2010
For decades, the U.S. Department of Defense has operated classified spacecraft loaded with high-tech gear to carry out a range of reconnaissance duties. But the satellites have also spotted the high-altitude explosions of natural fireballs that routinely dive into the Earth's atmosphere, and talks are under way to offer scientists access to that data.

In the past, the data on the fireballs, caused by small asteroids called bolides, was shared with the near-Earth object (NEO) science community, information deemed ideal for understanding the size of small NEOs and the hazard they pose.

From space scientists, they stress that such data sharing is also important for validating airburst simulations, characterizing the physical properties of small NEOs — such as their strength — and assisting in the recovery of meteorites.

So what exactly are the US military trying to hide? Well, I will give a few suggestions: Maybe the Earth is now being pelted by far more frequent sparks of consciousness that look like comets. Huge magnetar blasts in space are disturbing real physical "debris" in space and hence the increasing number of asteroids and meteor showers. Maybe, there are more satellites falling out of the sky due to Space Weather after being hit by debris. As one scientist remarked:
"People tend to think that space is a quiet place with relatively little activity. Over the years, we have come to realize that this is not true."
Miguel Larsen, campaign scientist from Clemson University, S.C
Interestingly even meteor showers that arrive promptly every year are still considered mysterious, which does make you wonder about what we really know about the conditions in near Earth space. See Mysterious Geminid Meteor Shower -- Best Sky Show of the Year

Jet, space junk, or UFO? [US]
My Fox News, 26th November 2010
LAKELAND - Several Polk County viewers called FOX 13 yesterday evening to report something in the sky. The callers believed the object may have been a meteor or other object entering Earth's atmosphere.

Photos sent by one viewer showed the bright object with some sort of vapor or smoke trail behind it. They were taken at around 5:45 p.m. It's not clear if the object was a passenger jet with its exhaust trail illuminated by the setting sun, or if it was a meteor or piece of space junk being burned up as it entered the atmosphere.

FOX 13 has been unable to reach any experts who could confirm either theory.

Well, another example of the strange "heavenly phenomenon", the term dubbed by American astronomers who are very reluctant to admit there are things in the sky they really don't understand. It does seem like the traffic is increasing too, but I'm waiting for one one these strange arrivals to be in a nosedive over a major city, as it will be interesting to see what the reaction would be and if anyone tries to claim that it's a airplane. To find more examples and YouTube links, see: Fireballs, meteorites & strange 'heavenly phenomena'

Comet Hartley 2 Flyby, 4th November 2010
COMET FLYBY: Yesterday, Nov. 4th, NASA's Deep Impact (EPOXI) probe flew past Comet Hartley 2 only 435 miles from the comet's active nucleus. Soon after the encounter, the spacecraft turned its high-gain antenna toward Earth and began transmitting close-up images to Earth. The view was spectacular:

At a press conference on Thursday afternoon, mission scientists discussed their first impressions. The comet has a dumbbell shape, they noted, with rough ends and a smooth middle. The rough terrain seems to be the "land of jets," with geysers spewing from many specific topographic features. The middle, on the other hand, is relatively smooth and quiet. It is covered with some kind of fine dusty material that seems to have collected in a broad topograhical low point.

Researchers expressed their continued amazement at Comet Hartley 2's hyperactivity. The comet is absolutely bristling with gaseous jets even on the comet's nightside where volatile ices are shielded from solar heating. They also noted distinct lines of jets tracing the comet's day-night terminator, a phenomenon never seen before.

Comment: I have not been paying attention to all the reports of this comet, but I am most certainly interested in NASA having a close-up shot. They must be pleased to have a decent spacecraft still in working order to carry out another major project. Yet again, there are some immediately observations like the peanut shape and the 'gaseous jets' that totally defy standard comet theory. I am looking forward to the Electric Universe slant on this which is always much more comprehensible. More:

NASA Spaceship Captures Images of a Bizarre Comet
AOL News, 4th November 2010
"NASA comet expert Donald Yeomans said in footage broadcast live from the control room, marveling at the "oddly shaped" comet. "Scientists often think of celestial bodies as roundish. This obviously is not roundish. ... Mother Nature has yet again pulled the rug out."

Deep Impact 2 - EU theorist Explains What we Already Know, 27 October 2010
"The Deep Impact mission to comet Tempel 1 was perhaps the most successful space mission for confirming Electric Universe predictions and confounding the consensus view of comets as inert, primordial icy bodies. If the scientific method were truly applied, the puzzles from Deep Impact 1 should have been cause for a review, not just of the current paradigm but also of every choice that led up to it."

Hartley 2 Flyby, 5th November 2010
"However, what has the latest face-to-face with a comet brought to the table? Has there been confirmation of the "dirty snowball" theory? Or, as EPOXI mission principal investigator Michael A'Hearn summarized, is this another in a series of surprising experiences?"

Mystery 'falling star' was Soyus rocket body plunging to Earth
Perth Now, 3rd November 2010
THE mysterious "falling star'' sighted over Perth early Saturday morning has been identified as a Soyuz rocket body which was scheduled to re-enter the Earth's atmosphere. PerthNow reader Robin Scott captured these images of what appeared to be a "falling star'' early Saturday morning when he was in the Morley area looking east or south-east.

Bickley Observatory government Astronomer Ralph Martin initially said he was unsure what the strange lights in the sky were, but said it appeared to be some kind of man-made object "re-entry''. [...]

"I saw what looked like a falling star.The star fell from the top of the sky then suddenly stopped in motion near the bottom of the sky.''

In the last three or four weeks, we have had persistent reports of fireballs, some of the most strange have only been reported in the blogosphere and mostly ignored in the mainstream media, presumably because they look suspiciously like the embarrassing 'heavenly phenomena' plasma type. However, there was a little surprise when NASA announced they would investigate some of these fireballs that they thought could be related to Comet Hartley, even though some astronomers immediately dismissed the possibility. Here we have the old excuse that this sighting was the re-entry of a Russian rocket, but the eye witness said it suddenly stopped in the air, which of course is quite odd and more akin to the behaviour of a magnetospheric plasmoid, arriving into our skies. I have not seen a Russian rebuttal, but maybe they cannot be bothered to put the record straight, again, as astronomers seem to like blaming the Russians when they need to explain away strange celestial events. Anyway, here are some of the most interesting reports over the last few weeks:

UFO Meteorite Turn Into V-Shape Craft And Then Vanished Over Moscow, Russia
UFO Blogger, 25th October 2010
This looks like anothe fiery ghost rocket to me...

Unknown bright object over Victoriaville, QC, Canada 23-Oct-2010
The Truth Behind the Scenes, 29th October 2010

Fireball / Meteor over Santa Fe New Mexico
AOL I-report, 31st October 2010
"iReport — This is video Captured with a low light "MeteorCam" of a fireball that occured in New Mexico over Santa Fe. This is over 400 miles northwest of my home in Hawley, Tx."

Fireball seen over New Zealand
Weather Watch, 3rd November 2010
copy: " is receiving reports of a large light streaking and exploding across the sky in the early hours of the morning. The fireball was witnessed at 1:45am. A visitor to described the object as "very fast" and was seen moving in a low trajectory west to east. "As it passed to the east of us there was a huge ball of flame then object continued on as it appeared to us earlier when about 7-8 seconds later another huge ball of flame before it disappeared" says the visitor, posting an eyewitness report on our Meteors Eyewitness Reports page The guest continues to say "Another smaller object could be seen following a short distance behind" asking if it was possible satellite debris re-entering our atmosphere."
Hmmm... fireballs travelling in pairs...

Great balls of fire over Canada: NASA investigates
CTV News, 4th November 2010
Copy: "MONTREAL — Great balls of fire have been reported swooping over Eastern Canada and several U.S. states. Even NASA's on the case. There are different theories about what was behind the sighting of those fireballs. A NASA spacecraft got a closer look at one of the possible sources today. The spacecraft flew past Hartley 2 -- taking closeup pictures after the comet made one of its closest passes by Earth this week. But one expert is skeptical of reports that any fireballs came from Hartley -- which is roughly 1.2 kilometres wide and spews deadly cyanide gas. Scientist Peter Brown says his meteor group at the University of Western Ontario tracked one of two fireballs while the other was tracked by NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office."

NEO Watch: Two Asteroids Zipping Past Earth Today
Daily Galaxy, 8th September 2010
Experts at a NASA lab have announced that two asteroids discovered on Sunday will pass close to Earth today, September 8. The two space rocks are in unrelated orbits, the team says, and pose no danger to Earth. What's unusual is that they will both zip past the planet the same day, even if they come from very different orbits.

Astronomers estimate that the undiscovered population of near earth objects (NEOs) orbiting the solar system in our vicinity could number as much as 50 million members.

The image shows the paths that the two asteroids will take as they swing past Earth. When they are nearest, they should become visible to amateur astronomers with moderate-sized telescopes. [...]

"Objects of this class, 10-meter-sized near-Earth asteroids, have asmall chance of hitting the planet, but a high chance of passing within lunar distance. This occurs once per day on average."

At the moment, some are claiming that the asteroid debris is associated with a superwave coming from the galactic centre but it's more likely that the asteroids that fill and surround our solar system, are being disturbed by a variety of cosmic & galactic blasts.
Close-Shave Asteroid Caught on Camera
Wired News, 8th September 2010
NASA JPL Video: Asteroids Orbit Close to Earth
Mahalo News, 24th September 2010
"Scientists say the two asteroids passed by Earth nearly 12 hours apart. The first asteroid, which measured between 32 and 65 feet in diameter, passed within 154,000 miles of Earth at 5:51 a.m. EST. The second small asteroid, measuring between 20 and 46 feet in diameter, came within about 49,000 miles of Earth at 5:12 p.m. EST. These asteroids were said to be traveling in entirely different orbits." Also:
NASA JPL Video: Asteroids Orbit Close to Earth
YouTube version

DOUBLE ASTEROID FLYBY, 7th September 2010
It's a cosmic coincidence. Two asteroids, each about 10 to 15 meters wide, will fly past Earth within hours of one another on Sept. 8th. Although both are coming inside the orbit of the Moon, there is no danger of impact. At closest approach, 2010 RF12 will be 77,000 km (0.2 LD) away; 2010 RX30 will be even farther at 231,000 km (0.6 LD). Advanced amateur astronomers may be able to track the asteroids using these ephemerides. The fast-moving space rocks will shine like stars of 15th or 16th magnitude. Good luck, observers!

Apparently, there is now a lot of debris flowing into the solar system, so now we have 5 small asteroids passing us by in 6 days, and two are very close to Earth, see the Near Earth Asteroids chart at According to one metaphysical source, as this stuff passes by, Earth is also being donated with more cosmic & galactic energy. This is a nice quote from Henrik Svensmark & Jan Veizer from the documentary, The Cloud Mystery.
"At the end of this journey, I can now say with great confidence; Yes, we have found a very beautiful solution to the cloud mystery and what remains a mystery, is when the rest of the climate community will understand that far great powers are controlling the climate from the outside." [HS]

"The Sun effects climate here on Earth and the Milky Way effects climate here on Earth and if we want to understand what is going on, we have to take these factors into account. It's beautiful because instead of us living in this isolated planet, we are part of the galactic ecosystem. We are witnessing what is going on around us." [JV]

"These ideas are showing that the Earth is no longer just an isolated little island floating around the universe, we are part of the Big universe and the processes that are going on there, like star formation on the long time scales, or changes in the solar activity, will all affect the Earth's climate and it can make very large changes in the Earth's climate because of this." [HS]
source: The Cloud Mystery 6/6
Well, I now understand that it's not just the climate community that does not appreciate the impact of a changing galactic ecosystem, but vast swathes of the spiritual/metaphysical community has problems understanding the detail of the energetic impact on humans too! Here is the official stance, from NASA,

NEO Earth Close Approaches
"Custom tables (updated daily) showing future and past NEO close-approach data, including uncertainties..."

NASA To Provide Web Updates On Objects Approaching Earth
Science Daily, 6th September 2010

Colorful Mix of Asteroids Discovered, May Aid Future Space Travel
Science Daily, 7th September 2010

Colombia confirms 'giant fire ball' a meteorite
Colombia Reports, 6th September 2010
Colombian authorities confirmed that a "giant fire ball" that fell from the sky in the central Santander department was a meteorite. The Colombian media has been buzzing with eye witness accounts of the fireball, which fell out of the sky and caused a massive explosion at 3:15PM local time Sunday.

Bucaramanga Mayor Fernando Vargas confirmed the phenomenon was a meteorite that left a crater 100 meters in diameter where it crashed into the earth in the San Joaquin municipality in Santander. Colombian air force helicopters were commissioned to fly over the vicinity to try to locate the source of the explosion. The director of the University of Nariño's Astronomic Observatory, Alberto Quijano, told RCN Radio Sunday that he believed the object was a meteorite. In rural

Meteorite or satellite? Sorry, but there have been too many similar reports of massive objects falling down in this region of the South Atlantic Anomaly, where the Earth's magnetic field is now ultra weak, and the military turn up to clean up the mess. As usual, the process of investigation by independents is slow, so we await more news in due course. Here is a YouTube video with a translation of Columbain mainstreasm media reporting: Asteroid/meteorite Impact in Colombia - Impacto de Asteroide/Meteorito en Santander Colombia

MSM Video: English speaking short report at the beginning of this Colombian news, Colombian News 9am Sep 6 Since this event was first reported, there is now a selection of pictures and videos to choose from and we have to deduce that the slow MSM reporting and genuine images, is following the same pattern of other events in the last few years. This is a news AFP report translated from the Spanish, with a small image of a crater but apparently, it's a fake from some incident in Russia last year. Investigation of the alleged crash of a meteorite in northwestern Colombia

Peter Rowell listener spots 'meteor' over Bristol
BBC News, 31st August 2010
A Bristol man has the local weather-world talking after spotting what looks like a meteor in broad daylight. Gordon Busche got in touch with BBC Radio Bristol's The Afternoon Show presenter, Peter Rowell, and sent in the image from his mobile phone.

Gordon said he was at Cabot Circus in Bristol at about 2.30pm on Tuesday when he spotted the shape in the sky. He said: "We've just seen what looks like a meteor going across the sky from easy to west. "Very bright and fast, not sure if anyone else saw it." BBC Bristol weatherman Richard Angwin said the image looks surprisingly good. "There seems to be a really bright blob in the centre of the image and a really long trail to the right of the image," said Richard.

Folks, will have to get use to the cosmic neighbours passing by... Btw, this is not the original photo. If you look back in the archives, this is the same photo from Cheltenham, August 2009, when the experts tried to claim the strange meteor was a 'sun dog' or 'mock sun'.

White ball of fire [Canada]
Mysterious burned area leaves Graham Road residents wondering if it was a meteor

Journal Pioneer, 15th June 2010
A mysterious fire that occurred in Grahams Road Saturday morning has left residents puzzled. Louis and Clemmie Campbell were outside in their yard when they heard a loud swishing sound.

“A white ball of fire fell from the sky,” described Clemmie. “It hit the ground and smoke started coming up.” The ball of fire landed in a hay field beside the Campbell’s driveway.

Clemmie phoned the New London Fire Department while her husband Louis grabbed a pitchfork and approached the flames. By the time firefighters arrived on scene, Louis had put out the flames with his fork and boots. “It mostly burnt out as soon as it hit the ground,” said Louis.

We have had a few fire incidents, but I am not calling a new trend just yet....

A significant event in the night sky [Canada]
Cranbrook Daily Townsmen, 26th May 2010
Eta Aquarid meteor attracts comments from far and wide

Reports are still trickling in about the massive meteor shower seen over the Kootenays May 12. [...] “I just about missed it but I looked up and it looked like some fireworks that went sideways instead of straight up . . .

It seemed to me really close and not too far away.” Lockhart, a deli manager at Safeway, said the meteor emitted a white light that gradually turned red before the space body disappeared in the sky. [...] “It was absolutely amazing. It was like something out of the movie Armageddon or something like that.” Realini said the meteor looked like a Roman candle in the sky, a description other observers have made. “It was just there and suddenly, poof, it was gone.” [...]

"I live in downtown Calgary with an unobstructed view of the southern sky. On May 12 around 9:43 p.m., I was on my sixth floor balcony facing south. The object was 10 to 15 degrees above the horizon when I first saw it. It was very bright and split in half during entry to the atmosphere.

"The two half pieces continued to glow for approximately two to three seconds and it moved from east to west for approximately 10 seconds in total. By my approximation, if any of it made it through the atmosphere, Cranbrook may be the place where something might have made it to the ground."

Quite frankly, you just have to wonder if these continued reports of spectacular 'meteor' showers are related to the fact that celestial objects are not being repulsed by Earth's magnetic field and the ionosphere is still low and so objects are coming in much closer. The image icon used here is that of a roman candle firework!

Mysterious object spotted above Waterloo Region [SW Onatario, Canada]
CTV News, 26th May 2010
Curious Waterloo Region residents are asking questions after a fireball was spotted in the skies on Tuesday night. Michelle Tremblay-Emary and Kim Schultz captured the sight on video and say it lasted only a minute or two. "It was just huge at first and then it got smaller and it just went so slow," says Tremblay-Emary.

Surprisingly, no one seems to know what it might have been. Astronomers at the University of Waterloo and the University of Western Ontario are not aware of any meteors.

What is amusing is the astronomers not having a clue, but the young kids at the end of the video are teaching a toddler that it was a big ball of fire that came from out of space! LOL!! OK, the planetary upgrade continues, with energies flying in from all over the galaxy, or so we are told! See archives for lots more examples of this strange plasma manifestation that has sometimes been referred to as a "ghost rocket".

Meteorite? Piece of Icelandic volcano? Rock?, 26th May 2010
TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Elia Angulo was relaxing in her backyard when she says a rock shot out of the sky. "I thought it was bird, you know," said Angulo. "And, I saw it and saw it was a rock, and I tried to touch it, and it was hot so I went inside and got cold water." It is not something you see every day. "It just got me in chills that I found something," said Angulo.

She and family immediately thought it may be a piece of meteorite. After a look, geologists Bob Hulse and Rick Turner say that is possible. [...] They say there are several components here unlike anything they have seen. "This appears to be a glassy material, characterized by that flat surface that's shiny called conchoidal fracture," explained Turner. "It certainly appears to have been heated somewhat. It's got some, almost layered appearance there." Could it be from the Icelandic volcano?

Hmmm... as if there is not enough stuff falling from the skies....

Celestial marvel
Cransbrook Dail Townsmen, 17th May 2010
Two more reports have come in about a meteorite seen over the Cranbrook-Kimberley area around 9:45 p.m May 12, but it’s no longer sure if the celestial object was a meteorite or a comet.

Whatever the case, the sightings by local earth-bound observers are consistent and indicate strongly that some sort of unidentified flying object flew over the region last Wednesday.

Jordan Eliason, a project manager with JSL Forum, said he came out of a meeting in Kimberley the evening of May 12 and while talking outside the building saw the meteorite brighten up the sky towards the ski hill.

“It is most likely that this was a large meteorite high up in the atmosphere. It was the second one I had seen so bright in my life. (It had) a whitish, yellow tail and then broke apart into many small pieces.”

Unfortunately the writer does not know the difference between a meteor and a meteorite, it's a meteorite when it hits the ground, but most people tend to prefer the word meteorite regardless.

Fireball blazes a trail across Malaga, Southern Spain?
YouTube, April 2010
Comment: These days, I can't say we can be sure this is just a comet. It sure looks like some of the other strange arrivals and departures that have been classified as 'Heavenly phenomena' or 'ghost rockets'. See the archives for more examples, Fireballs, meteorites & strange 'heavenly phenomena'

Unknown Object Spotted Over East County Skies [San Diego, US]>
It's interesting just how many suspect meteors are not related to known meteor showers.

Bright light puzzles residents:UNM expert checks out possible meteorite
"Residents in one northeast Albuquerque neighborhood reported seeing a bright flash in the sky Monday night and that a meteorite landed in front of their homes. "Very bright like day turning to night," said Janice Marshall."
I think this is worth noting because the meteorite that fell in Jarkarta (see update for last week) disintegrated on impact which is strange for meteorites that are normally supposed to have a high metal component.

Blast in East Jakarta Believed to Be Meteorite
Jakarta Globe, 30th April 2010
Police and astronomers are investigating Thursday’s blast from a falling object that damaged three homes in Duren Sawit, East Jakarta, which witnesses claim was a meteorite strike.

Forensics experts from the police and National Aeronautics and Space Agency (Lapan) investigators are combing the site, with the latter saying that while there was no conclusive proof the damage was caused by a meteorite, it was the most likely explanation. [...]

Lapan researcher Abdurrahman said no fragments of the projectile had been found but the deep crater in the floor of the house, the residual heat footprint and melted items pointed to a meteorite.

Hmmn... smashed through two floors and left a crater. Tut Tut, I think this is a forbidden thought, "“Another possibility is that this wasn’t a meteorite at all, but man-made space debris like a satellite,” Evan said." There is now constant reports about space debris as scientists realise that they have created a cosmic nightmare in space.

East Jakarta meteorite was as big as coconut : expert
"The object was actually part of a space rock that had fallen apart and not the remnant of a comet, he said. Thomas said the meteorite was also known to have a fragile structure and may have disintegrated on impact because the Lapan team had not found any object that was still intact at spot where it reached the ground."

Police: Meteor falls on beach [Israel]
Ynet News, 24th April 2010
Unidentified object falls from sky onto beach in Bat Yam, narrowly missing lifeguard booth and causing small fire, witnesses say. Chairman of Astrology Association says object is probably meteorite [...]

The beach was crowded at the time of the incident, and many visitors gathered around the object after it landed. Police said the object was a meteor and sappers headed to the scene in order to look into the celestial object. [...] Another lifeguard, Yossi Mizrahi, said: "The meteorite kept on burning and gave off an odd smell. It kept on burning even when we put it in the water and it melted seashells as if they were candles."

Lucky it did not hit anyone, but it seems there are now many reports of cosmic debris causing major and minor incidents.

Meteor shower sparks UFO calls [UK]
Bournemouth Echo, 20th April 2010
copy: A METEOR shower is believed to have sparked a spate of calls to coastguards on Friday night from people who thought they were seeing flares or UFOs. A Portland coastguard spokesman said there had been reports of green flare sightings up and down the coast, from Brixham to Southampton, at around 10pm.

“We were right in the middle of meteorite activity so no action was taken.” A Christchurch man told the Daily Echo: “We saw the lights around 11.30pm. They definitely weren’t Chinese lanterns, when we were out in the garden. “It was really strange.”

What's interesting is that scientists have identified that we actually get orbs that literally rain down on us in clusters and there have been some wonderful digital images of 'diamond' rain and other variations on a theme. These days, people are seeing energies with the naked eye, but without good accounts, it's impossible to tell whether these sightings are meteors or UAP arrivals.

Green light shooting out of the sky - Kemble, Gloucestershire [UK]
" was similar to a shooting star but was not a shooting star..." This must be from the same event, also report 'green light' sighting below.

Huge fireball lights up Michiana, streaks across seven Midwest states
WSBT24/7 News, 15th April 2010
This photo of Wednesday night's fireball is taken from a Webcam at the University of Wisconsin in Madison that caught it on video. (Photo provided) Did you see what looked like a fireball in the sky about 11:15 p.m. Wednesday? If you did, you weren't alone — the huge fireball was visible in at least seven Midwest states. [...]

But in Missouri, KTVO-TV reported that the local National Weather Service office had confirmed the object was, indeed, a huge meteor. The National Weather Service Quad Cities office in Davenport, Iowa, also confirmed the object was some type of meteor and posted a Doppler radar image of the fireball's smoke trail caught at 24,000 feet.

At we find:

2010 04 15 04 UTC Meteor
"The meteor was bright green at first, and the sky was almost blue for a few seconds. The meteor then broke into several pieces and glowed orange as it faded away. Was visible for 10-15 seconds. The loop shows a plane going by, then the fireball that illuminates the contrail of that plane (and another from a previous plane that is not visible) The pictures were taken at 10PM CDT on April 14, 2010 (03 UTC April 15, 2010) Please credit University of Wisconsin - AOS/SSEC for the images.

Further reports

Dozens See Fireball In The Sky - MILWAUKEE [US] Huge fireball lights up Michiana, streaks across seven Midwest states
" Dozens of viewers called 12 News to report a huge fireball in the sky Wednesday night. The flash of light in the sky was reported just after 10 p.m. Viewers reported seeing all sorts of colors and one big blast followed by several smaller blasts. WISN Chief Meteorologist Mark Baden said people from as far away as Iowa and Ohio saw the fireball which was likely a meteor. [...] Local police departments fielded dozens of phone calls. Dispatchers from Muskego, New Berlin and Waukesha told 12 News they searched for a possible impact site but didn't find one."

Video: Large Meteor Sighting over West Michigan , 15th April 2010
"Steve Steenwyk, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Calvin College says, "A meteor is any of these objects that might be made up of metal or rocky material that comes in to our atmosphere. And we call them shooting stars. Of course they aren't stars at all."
Steenwyk didn't get to see the spectacle himself, but did watch the video. He says it was likely traveling up to 50,000 miles an hour. "At that very high rate of speed, they carry a lot of kinetic energy and plow into the atmosphere. They give up that energy in heat and that makes the atmosphere and energy glow."
Hmmm... the video is interesting because something large and glowing in the skies was also lit up! The reports talk about two contrails but don't mention the large bright glow."

News & Video: HUGE fireball turns sky bright green over southern Wisconsin, starts 9 fires along 1-mile stretch
Hmmm... The real deal, starting fires...

Bright green fireball - Aviemore, Highland [Scotland, UK]
UK UFO sightings, 11th April 2010
Date of Sighting: 9th April
Time: 21.45, Witness Name: John
Witness Statement: Probably not exactly a UFO as I am fairly sure it was a meteor, but worth publishing in case anybody else saw it. A brilliant green fireball trailing a white tail passed over here this evening from SE to NW. As bright as a firework rocket but certainly wasn’t!

Hmmm.... The planetary refresh continues....

Examiner Bio Florida couple questions green fireball under 1,500 feet: Meteor or UFO? [US]
UFO Examiner, 31st March 2010
[...] My wife and I were just sitting out side enjoying the beautiful evening. When at 9.32pm we saw this bright green fireball in the sky.

We noticed the object at about an elevation of about 85 degrees, and it continued until it passed the horizon. If it was a meteor, we never heard any crash and we didn't see anything on the news about it today. Also, the magnitude (brightness) of the object never wavered. We are long time astronomy fans, and we have seen many meteors. At the same time, we've never seen a green meteor (made of copper?) We were also both were surprised about how slow the object seemed to move. I'd compare it to the speed of a single engine prop plane, at an altitude of 1000-1500 feet up.

More examples of the wide variety of enigmatic energetic phenomena taking place around the planet. However, there have been many reports of green fireballs over the decades and due to their characterisitics, are often linked with 'ghost rockets' another Unidentified Aerial Phenomena that are related to the redistribution of plasma energies around the planet.

A thermal airburst impact structure
Crater Hunter, March 30, 2010
"... exploding comet detonating high in the atmosphere, and becoming a supersonic down draft of thermal impact plasma. [...] The old way of imagining one of those events was to think of it as a point explosion high in the atmosphere. And it’s still popular in the press to pretend the atmosphere dissipates the blast. As you can see, it doesn’t. Using super computers has allowed them to retain the downward momentum. So we can see the impact vortex hit the ground as a supersonic blast hotter than the surface of the sun. It would be naive to a fault to think such energies can be dissipated without significant planetary scarring, or ablative geomorphology.

And, in fact, in north central Mexico, the recent marks of thermal airburst down blasts are terribly common. Forensically speaking there are thousands of square miles of pristine blast effected materials in central Mexico that describe the fall of a super cluster of too many air bursting fragments like the one Dr Boslough’s simulation shows, and even larger, to count.
The facts are that if space weather is severe enough, a big comet can impact Earth and the hot plasma can carve out the landscape amd form a mountain range.

Space, 28th March 2010
On March 19th at 11:19 Central Time, a meteoroid entered Earth's atmosphere over the southeastern United States and disintegrated in a flash as bright as the crescent Moon. To the human eye, it appeared to be a garden-variety fireball, the kind that appears almost every clear night, but NASA cameras had a different story to tell. Scroll past the fireball snapshot for details.

"This was an unusually low-flying meteor," says Bill Cooke of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office. Cooke and colleagues operate a pair of all-sky cameras, one in Huntsville, Alabama, and another in Chickamauga, Georgia. Both cameras caught the fireball, allowing rapid triangulation of its flight path.

"It was first recorded at an altitude of 72.9 km (45.3 miles) and burned up at an altitude of 32.5 km (20.2 miles)." That's low. Most meteoroids disintegrate around 70 to 80 km high. This one held together for a much deeper descent. "It had a lot of structural integrity. Maybe it was a metallic object," speculates Cooke. "Based on the brightness and velocity of the fireball, I estimate a mass of about 10 kilograms and a diameter of ~20 centimeters - a decent size!"

So NASA scientists have noted that some meteors are behaving rather oddly! In this blog, I picked up quite some time ago that US meteorologists had started calling them "heavenly phenomenon" which I thought was wonderful! However, here I would suggest the answer might be related to the properties of the ionosphere which NASA told us was extraordinarily low but I would also suggest is probably highly plasmated with all the galactic activity taking place.

Mystery lights 'not meteor shower' [Ireland]
Derry Journal, 16th March 2010
The mystery lights spotted in the night skies above Derry could not have been a meteor shower, a further eyewitness has claimed. Last week, the 'Journal' reported that the unidentified lights - spotted over Derry in the early hours of March 7 - were part of a suspected meteor shower.

Local man Niall Smith said he had been left mesmerised by the six objects which he said "were bright orange almost red, like balls of flames burning with a tail behind them." Armagh Planetarium confirmed the presence of at least one meteor - a fragment of cosmic debris entering the earth's atmosphere at extremely high speed - over the North West on the evening the lights were seen. But a new eyewitness account has now challenged that explanation. Derry man Phil McGerigal says he, too, saw the lights at around 12.45am last Sunday morning. He says as many as ten objects lit up the night sky. "There were ten of the lights moving very slowly, two groups of four and two single ones. " I saw no tails and believe they were moving too slowly to be meteors. "They were not meteors, they were moving way, way too slowly," he said.

I picked up this report (see below) and queried whether they were really UAPs and it seems that we have a witness who has confirmed my suspicions. So this is yet another report of these in the 'fireballs' appearing in swarms with characteristics that suggest that they are a plasma phenomena . Again, the image used comes from images taken in Scotland, May 2009 when 16 balls of fire were seen and caused "UFO Fever". I note the so-called 'authoritative' comment about Chinese lanterns but reports of huge balls of fire appearing above people's heads and cutting out electronics before zooming off are still being called Chinese lanterns.
Oh, to be a ball of light, floating silently in the night!

Meteor Strikes Alabama Neighborhood, Citizens Brace for More [US]
The Grumpy Gardener, 5th March 2010
A loud boom shook residents of Hoover, Alabama out of their beds early Friday morning, sending terrified families running into the streets. There they were greeted by a scene straight out of "Armageddon" -- scorched earth, vaporized worms, and a lawn suddenly turned to blacktop. Scientists and civil defense authorities quickly determined the most likely cause -- a small meteorite that had blasted its way through the Earth's atmosphere before disintegrating above the lawn.

This is the first time that I have come across a meteor scorching grass but leaving no hole and no debris!?! Sorry, this does not add up because there is supposed to be some evidence of a space rock even if it disintegrated! What they are saying is that something completely vapourised just above a lawn!?! This event was appropriately reported by 'The Grumpy Gardener' website. LOL! More meteors reported this week: <

Meteors put on cosmic show over Derry [Ireland]
""There were six of them in total," he told the Journal yesterday. "They were bright orange almost red, like balls of flames burning with a tail behind them." ...He said the lights passed over the hills of Donegal before disappearing from view." So, were they actually meteors or UAPs?

Loud sound that rattled windows possibly a sonic boom or meteor - Louisiana [US]
"There have been no reports of area residents seeing a meteor, but seeing a meteor was unlikely because overcast and daytime conditions, Wheeler said."

Witnesses to light in sky - California [US]
"We spotted the fireball just as we crossed San Antonio Creek Road. As we drove up the grade, it traveled from left to right until out of sight, as we neared the top of the hill. It seemed like it was visible for a full 180 degrees in our field of view."
Hmmm... another 'fireball' crossing over the skies

Amateur astronomer in Georgia snaps picture of what may be a meteor that startled area residents on Monday
"Lawrenceville, Ga. resident David Jones was driving on Interstate 85 in Atlanta early Monday night when he noticed a large, electric blue ring-shaped cloud in the western sky." [...] Wheeler said he received a call Wednesday from a Bunkie resident who claims she saw a grey mass with no flames moving through the sky about the same time Monday.
I would like to see this photo. The last electric blue halo cloud reported was in Romania, October 2009, it was described as a 'UFO cloud' and generated international interest.

Video: Meteor seen from Hungary and Czech Republic probably exploded over Slovakia, 2nd March 2010
This morning people from many parts of Slovakia are asking the question: What caused the mysterious glow registered on Sunday night just before midnight? "Just before midnight I noticed a loud noise which words cannot describe.

I saw the glow in the window. The whole event lasted about 5-6 seconds, but it was something extraordinary," we were informed by a reader from Tornale. The so far unexplained event had been noticed in Rožňava near Košice and even in Hungary. Some thought it looked like fireworks, others were afraid that an explosion in some factory happened. "I saw a bright light. I thought it was just lightning, but I didn't hear the thunder. Even more so it was snowing at the time, that is why I thought it was odd," was the reaction of a female student from Východna

Over at they have decided to start translating meteor reports from Europe, so here we have something exploding over Slovakia and reports from Italy. Other recent sightings are also listed:

Meteor Manages to Outflame Hungarian Police and Firefighters, 2nd March 2010

In Italy Fireballs Flame Through February Skies
SOTT News, 28th February 2010

Enormous fireball explodes over the sky of Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic
SOTT News, 2nd March 2010 Spectacular Video!
Meteorite may have "landed" in Norway
NRK, 4th March 2010

A "Nobel Torsion Message" Over Norway? Part III, February 2010
In the extended pre-dawn darkeness over Norway last December, as we have recounted in Parts I and II of this Report ... "something" truly amazing happened-- And reaction immediately divided into two totally opposing views:

Those who "bought" the official media story ... that "it was only another failed Russian missile test ..."-- And then ... those who thought "it just might be something else this time ...." [...] "Chladni Figures" are not limited to sound ....

These fantastic, vibrational, geometric symmetries can ALSO be produced by electromagnetic excitation of "a standing-wave pattern in an electrified medium -- i.e. a plasma" ... like the Earth's ionosphere ... some ~50 miles up.

Or ... like a standing-wave pattern externally imposed upon a cloud of dispersed aerosols ... just like those that would be vented into space-- From "a spinning, failing rocket!"

When you are dealing with researchers with an agenda or are trying to promote themselves, who may or may not have a good academic background, they know that a lot of people cannot challenge them. Richard Hoagland, who runs the website does not have brilliant credentials. Simply, what I do is pick up bits and pieces of information from different sources and try and reconcile them. I don't feel the need to jump on bandwagons and churn out something quick. Here we are told, "In fact, EISCAT was specifically scheduled to carry out a high-power ionosphere dual-frequency experiment ... at dawn .... " However Norwegian sources have already made it clear that North of Tromso, in Northern Norway, it is not dawn until noon, so the Norway Spiral appearing at approx. 7.50am could not have been caused by EISCAT. The explanation of the Russian missile again is just ridiculous and I wish people would let this idea drop, it's just too stupid for words. Russian scientists would not let an out of control missile fly over Finland, Sweden and Norway, and there are no reports of an out of control missile being seen by anyone. These are NATO countries and there has been NO row with the Russians... Please note, if this event took place over the White Sea, then we would expect to see mystery spiral photos and video taken from Finland and Sweden too, but there are no images accept for maybe 1 that has not been verified. The only part of this report that is interesting is the discussion of plasma and gives us more of an idea of what might have been happening. I don't like the talk of politics and the ending of the US Moon program being included in the smorgasbord of information, so I certainly think the conclusions here are just pure speculation. However, there is no doubt about it, there is certainly high strangeness going on at the moment...

Fireball lights up sky north of Winnipeg
Winnipeg Free Press, 25th February 2010
WINNIPEG — People looking up at the sky early this morning might have seen a strange sight — a fireball, shooting across the sky, which Manitoba Planetarium astronomer Scott Young said might have left debris behind.

"It looks like a fireworks display," said Young. "One report said it was greenish in color." There have been numerous reports of people seeing a ball of fire streak across the sky around 6:30 a.m. near the Birds Hill Park area, north of Winnipeg. [...]

"Smaller versions of this happen every day in the world," Young said. "But it's pretty rare for someone to see something as big as this." Myron Witnicki witnessed the fireball when he was driving into work from Birds Hill to St. Andrews down Provincial Road 202. He said he saw something in the sky at around 6:50 a.m. At first he thought it was a plane, but then realized it might be some kind of shooting star.

"It streaked left to right like a huge ball in the sky," he said.

Another ball of fire shooting across the sky. Nobody knows where it came from and nobody knows where it will land, like many other reports in the last few years...

Peanut-sized meteor lights up London sky
London Free Press, 20th February 2010
For a few seconds tonight, the sky in south London lit up — all from a peanut-sized object hitting the atmosphere. It was a meteor. Members of the London chapter of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada confirmed what many others saw just after the supper hour.

A bright light that began as orange, then turning white sailed from the northwest towards the southeast. One observer believed the light trailed over the sky for as long as five seconds. Dave McCarter, the chapter president simply wished he had seen it. “They’re fairly frequent,” he said. “If you’re out looking up the likelihood, you’re going to see some of these nice meteors. McCarter said frequently they’re seen early in the evening.

I am not sure that a peanut-sized object could light up the sky in London, what kind of energy are we talking about here? This part of the report simply cannot be true... there was another fireball over Germany that was missed in the blogosphere until only now being reported at SOTT with an English translation, Fireball over Germany 04 Feb 2010

Follow-Up on Mexico's Hidalgo Crash
Inexplicata, 16th February 2010
[...] On Tuesday, February 16, 2010, INEXPLICATA received a message from Prof. Ana Luisa Cid regarding the Hidalgo Crash. NOVOSTI, the Russian news agency, published a communiqué from Alexandr Vorobiov, spokesman for the Russian Space Agency, denying that fragments of Cosmos-2421 had fallen on Mexican territory.

"The media reported that fragments of Russian satellite Cosmos-2421 fell over Mexico. When dealing with Russian spacecraft for civilian application, all of these remain in orbit. With regard to military satellites, the Ministry of Defense has not advised ROSCOSMOS of any incident whatsoever."

The Russian Ministry of Defense reports that military satellite Cosmos-2421 was disconnected and decomissioned after having experienced damage. The communiqué goes on to say that the satellite experienced a breakage of its solar cells after having collided with a small space object.

It looks like the Russians are sick to death of being blamed for every major celestial type incident that other countries want to cover up! So, we can rest assured that Cosmo-2421 is still floating around our planet with all the other thousands of trackable debris.

Meteorite Hits Mexico Leaving 30 Meter Crater in Ahuazotepec Municipality
Newsolio, 11th February 2010
Archive copy: A meteorite has smashed into the ground in Mexico, leaving a 30 meter (100 feet) wide crater, reports said. The meteorite impact was in the Ahuazotepec Municipality in Central Mexico between the cities of Puebla and Hidalgo. The precise impact area of the meteorite was in a relatively unpopulated area and hit around 6.30pm local time, Mexican media said.

The Ahuazotepec, Mexico meteorite impact was so massive it broke windows in homes many kilometers from the epicenter and people reported buildings swaying and mass confusion. Other reports said the Mexico meteorite impact partially damaged a road and a bridge.

The Mexican military was called in to lock down the area where the apparent space rock slammed into the ground. Initial fears where that the impact was a aircraft crashing to the ground, but that report was later dismissed. The Central Mexico meteorite event was witnessed by countless people in the region of the impact, with people as far away as Mexico City saying they saw the burning object enter the atmosphere.

Can you imagine what would have happened if this meteor had hit a major city? As I have stated before, there are YouTube videos of orbs which look as if they were attempting to break up meteors as they descend. At this moment in time, I have no metaphysical information that informs me of what criteria is used by 'The Earth Management Team' in how it chooses to defend our planet, however we are told that is part of their function. It will be interesting to see if this story changes... Later story & info:

  • Meteorite falls Ahuazotepec bridge collapses; Army cordoned off the area
    Sierra Norte, February 10, 2010
    Google translation

  • RSOE Emergency and Disaster Information Service Budapest, Hungary mxenmer
    (You can check the interactive google map here)
    Emergency alert:

  • Experts discuss asteroid-warning system:
    MSNBC News, 29th January 2010
    "Workshop advances ways global community can respond to threats to Earth"
    "International experts converged on Mexico City this month to discuss the best way to establish a global detection and warning network to monitor potential asteroid threats to all life on Earth. The three-day workshop called together asteroid tracking specialists, space scientists, former astronauts and United Nations authorities, along with disaster management, risk psychology and warning communication experts."
    Comment: Oh the irony... but what about space weather bringing down old satellites as debris?

  • Debris, which fell in Hidalgo
    Mexican scientist Fernando de la Pena said yesterday that the crash reported in the region due to the decline of Russian satellite
    "Mexican scientist Fernando de la Pena, confirmed the fall of an object from space near the states of Hidalgo and Puebla. The driver of the Mexican Space Agency ruled that the loud boom yesterday reported by inhabitants of the region had been caused by a meteorite. De la Pena noted that in this case was a satellite of Russian origin, considered debris.
    Comment: Hmmm... We know that everyone LOVES to blame the Russians but even the Mexican Space Agency has given an official statement blaiming this 100 ft hole on a "fragment"...

  • Meteor strike between Hidalgo and Puebla, possible space debris
    "On February 10 around 16:00 hrs. were released several reports of people who had seen a fireball sail through the sky, followed by a huge explosion at the boundary between the states of Hidalgo and Puebla. In turn, a portal to information obtained by the Department of Defense of the United States which is responsible for monitoring man-made objects orbiting Earth, he had already published before the possible reinstatement of a fragment of the satellite Cosmos 2421, cataloged as 33006."
    Comment: Regardless of whether this was space debris or a space rock, this event will certainly focus a few more minds!

  • UN to discuss Air Traffic Control for outer space
    The Telegraph, 6th February 2010
    An international air traffic control for outer space should be set up to prevent damage to satellites and spacecraft orbiting the Earth, according to proposal to be discussed at the United Nations next week.
    "Space experts from around the world will discuss ways of tackling the growing problem of space debris in orbit around the Earth. It comes just a year after an American satellite collided with a Russian satellite."
    Comment: Space Weather causes turbulence in space and drags satellites out of their orbits, so old satellites and debris can no longer be relied on to just float around unwatched.
    • Comment: As a reminder, the US Military are now refusing to share asteroid and fireball data, it's now secret. So for those who have read the 'News of the Imbalance' over the last few years, and have taken on board the hard evidence that something is causing a tremendous amount of celestial upheaval and all the signs shows that this is escalating, this should be no surprise. Also, please do not forget NASA's 'Local Fluff' press release either, 2 days before Christmas.... shameful. BTW, I have just finished reading astronomer Fred Hoyle's book The Black Cloud, it certainly gives you something to think about...

  • Comment 13th February 2010:
    I have come to the conclusion that we now have another media blackout, but the horse bolted before the stable door was properly shut so we do have quite a lot of information. This story was naturally covered by Mexican TV but I don't know what was said and I am miffed there are no images. Why is that? Others are mystified too, see Mexican TV video link below:

  • Mexico: Cosmos 2421 Was The Culprit & Mexico: What Crashed in Hidalgo? Again, maybe it was another heavenly phenomenon and there was no 100ft hole, but something major DID happen. Apparently,
    "State Civil protection reported that emergency phone lines collapsed due to the number of frightened citizens asking for an explanation about what was going on, after the detonation caused windows to shatter.

Mysterious fireball sighting linked to meteor reports
Fermanagh Herald, 9th February 2010
MYSTERY still surrounds the reported sighting of what is thought to have been a meteor in south Fermanagh. One witness described seeing a 'fireball' lighting up the sky near Teemore last Wednesday evening - around the time that a number of similar sightings were reported in neighbouring counties in the northern half of the country.

It is the first time in 40 years that such a sighting has been made in Ireland, with only about half a dozen recorded meteorite falls in the country altogether.

The last one was in 1999, and the last one in the North was in Derry in 1969. One lady from Teemore told the Herald: "It was about 6.15pm on Wednesday evening and it wasn't fully dark. I saw the fireball from a window in the living room. It dropped a few miles from the house I'd say. At first I thought it was a small helicopter but it was more like a rocket or a flame gliding through the sky and then it disappeared into the fields a couple of miles from here in Teemore. There was no smoke or anything so I knew that nothing had crashed. It was just so unusual and it was not a rocket or a firework. [...]

"There were two separate events," a spokesman said. "The first, and almost certainly the most important, was at about 5.50pm, and seems to have travelled from Kerry at least as far as Armagh and south Tyrone. That one may have been a 'meteorite dropper', though it's too early to say.

"The second, not as big or bright, but at least as bright as Venus, was at about 7.30 - 7.40pm more than one and a half hours later. It was seen from near Moy, Co Tyrone, and was travelling in a north east direction."

It really makes you wonder what EXACTLY was seen in the skies, maybe it was more "heavenly phenomena", because it seems they were low enough in the skies to be seen crossing from South to North of the whole country of Ireland but not seen to explode. What's more, no one has found anything despite the publicity and the meteorite hunters out to make a small fortune. If you go back into the archives and check out "heavenly phenomenon", a term made up by the media for the famous 20th February 2009, incident in the US where astronomers on a nightwatch party (NASA Solar System ambassador and board member for the University of Hawaii Friends of the Institute for Astronomy Council) thought they were going to get hit by a fireball and the thing just disappeared... The astronomers themselves, referred it to a "meterological phenomenon"... As regulars will already know, it's getting spooky out there....

Huge Meteorite spotted over Ireland, February 03, 2010
UFO Blogger, 3rd February 2010
According to media reports a major fireball was spotted over Ireland at around 6pm this evening. It says the rock from space was seen blazing in the air by people all over the country.

Astronomy Ireland says there is a very good chance it has landed inland, but it is unlikely to have injured anyone.It is not clear yet where it might have landed because the fireball was spotted by people all over the country.

While it would have been travelling at high speed when it was spotted, the rock would have slowed down when it hit the atmosphere.

Valentia Coastguard said it has had reports of sightings from people living in Mullingar, Limerick, Ballybunion and Bantry.

Quite frankly, the video clip here is absolutely awesome and for those who have seen many meteors exploding on entry in the last few years that have been caught on video, this is still like NOTHING we have ever seen before...Verification Fireball spotted over Ireland, RTE News

link 1 & Irish Times link 2 This video has been picked up by RTE news, see RTE news clip on YouTube [3:38], but some people are claiming the video is fake... see

Meteor spotted in Ireland from RTE News Astronomers say, "MAJOR EVENT".
YouTube, January 2010

This is very strange, I have replaced the image icon here because there seems to be agreement that the video is fake, but the lack of images and video is very strange. At the same time that there was initial excitement about this meteor, it was known that the Danish Oersted Satellite was under threat from space junk and immediately there were rumours that the Irish army have sealed off the area in Cavan, County where the "meteorite" had fallen. At the moment, there has to be some merit to the speculation that this was a satellite that has come down, rather like the other bizarre event in Latvia, October 2009, where a mobile phone operator claimed it was a publicity stunt, see archives.


A "Nobel Torsion Message" Over Norway?, January 2010
The spectacular aerial display appearing in the skies of northern Norway a few days ago -- still receiving incredulous reactions from around the world -- has generated a tidal wave of speculation:

"Was it a failed Russian missile?" "A UFO?" "Or ... another clandestine test of HAARP (the High Altitude Auroral Research Project which, it turns out, has several not -so-well-known facilities scattered across northern Scandinavia -- a Project steeped in its own multi-layered technology, mysteries and speculations ...)?"

The curiously delayed Russian admission that it had, indeed, conducted another routine missile test on Wednesday morning (when the mysterious "light spiral from Heaven," as papers in Norway are now referring to it, appeared), did nothing to quell this "speculation explosion"; in fact, it only added fuel ....

As we reported in Part I, when initially queried by Norwegian media, the Russian Navy, and the Russian Embassy in Norway, denied all knowledge of the phenomenon -- as well as any rumored "missile tests" they may have been conducting in the same time frame and area.

Only a day later did an AP story finally appear -- quoting the Russian Defense Ministry's eventual, official statement that, indeed "a Bulava missile was launched Wednesday by a nuclear submarine submerged in the White Sea ... and its third stage suffered an unspecified failure ...." (below). The story underscored, however, that this "limited offical Ministry acknowledgement" did NOT directly link that missile failure with the growing "Norwegian Spiral" story.

Apparently, the Norwegians are now calling this the "light spiral from Heaven", that's nice. Here we have a good summary of technical details and again more confirmation of why the Russians would refuse to take responsibility for something that had nothing to do with them. Hoagland seems to have proven that the light spiral was moving in the sky but that does not mean it was an out of control missile. I noted that he used information from certain message boards that I visit and I note there was some cherry picking of relevant information. He might have picked up on the plasma explanation because it's highly relevant as we now have confirmation that dense plasma is entering our solar system. Apparently, someone wrote to plasma world expert, Anthony Peratt and placed the response on a GLP message thread: His response to question about whether this was a plasma phenomenon is unequivocal. First reply:
This event was natural and occurs when two Birkeland currents interact, usually around 300 -500 km above Earth. Birkeland currents most often occur in pairs because of the 1/r attractive force between them. This is not an EISCAT heating phenomena. link
EISCAT is the European version of HAARP. Second question: "And one last thing, given the rise in cosmic ray flux recently and the drop in strength of the Interplanetary Magnetic Field, can we expect more of these types of events in the future?"
This was the second reply:
Today we have only very weak auroras in the upper ionosphere. In the past, as NASA's THEMIS satellites have discovered, they were a million-million times more energetic and located say, 1 million km from Earth. Petroglyphs are pictures of these, we know, from thermonuclear explosion pictures underground and very high energy experiments in canyons. Also, from supercomputer modeling. No, the cosmic flux will not change anything but dense plasma entering the solar system, as is now happening, will. link
I am assuming this is true, but the research paper by Anthony Perratt done after registering 4 million petroglyphs by GPS is certainly compelling. See, Anthony Peratt - Characteristics for the Occurrence of a High-Current, Z-Pinch Aurora as Recorded in Antiquity

A "Nobel Torsion Message" Over Norway? Part III, 2010
The scientific evidence behind this growing set of suspicions -- that the Spiral somehow caused the Russian missile to fail -- lies in the extraordinary geometric structure that Enterprise has discovered within the too-perfect, too-concentric "shell-like rings" ... making up the Spiral
I don't agree with the conclusion but I like some of the analysis.

It’s landing on earth that turns a meteor into a meteorite
The Day, 30th January 2010
Geologists and meteorite scientists Linda Welzenbach and Cari Corrigan of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History talked about the Lorton, Va., meteorite incident, explaining how it happened and answering questions about things falling from space.

I have to say that I have been guilty of not getting the distinction of meteor and meteorite correct but I like the word meteorite... This is a short Q&A that might be helpful for some as cosmic rocks continue to rain down on Earth.

Possible fireball [UAP] sighted in night sky around Bozeman - Montana [US]
Bozeman Daily Chronicle, 29th January 2010
Copy: John Blue Mountain Greenfire had just poured a cup of coffee and was outside enjoying the evening air around 8 p.m. Wednesday when he saw what he thought was an airplane on fire, heading toward Belgrade.

But while no fiery jetliner ever touched down at Gallatin Field airport, a white fireball, a type of meteor, was reported over Torrance, Calif., at 8:13 p.m. MST, traveling southeast, according to the American Meteor Society's 2010 Fireball Sightings Table.

"I was really puzzled," said Greenfire, who lives on Sourdough Road in southwest Bozeman. "All I saw was a ball of fire flying northwest for three, maybe four seconds."

The Southern California report indicated the fireball was as bright as the full moon. Joe Shaw, an electrical engineering professor at Montana State University who watches the night sky, did not see the fireball, but said it was possible "someone in Southern California could see it, and we would see it also."

"I can't confirm it, but I certainly think it's within the realm of reality," despite the discrepancies in the directions the space objects were traveling, Shaw said. "It's an interesting coincidence at the very least." Cheryl Delaney, who lives in the Castlebar Apartments on North 25th Avenue, went so far as to call 911 to report the event.

"It looked like a jumbo jet on fire," Delaney said. "It flew right over my apartment." She said it was "black as tar with fire dropping from the bottom." Officers on duty, however, did not see the alleged fireball and confirmed no airplanes were flying over the Bozeman area at that time, according to 911 dispatchers.

I think it is important to note that the phenomena of people reporting "planes of fire" in the sky is now happening all around the world. Importantly, the second eye witness account has to be noted because we know that if people are close enough, they can see pass the fiery plasma cloak and take a good look at the entity inside. Obviously, this was no Chinese lantern... Of course there are lots of reports to choose from, here is more reports with video.

Includes Video: Orb close - Boughton, Nottinghamshire [UK]
Embedded YouTube [0:36] Good close-up detail of an orb.

Video: Night Orb - Queensland, Australia, January 30 2010
YouTube [7:13]

Newfoundland's UFO mystery not any closer to being solved
Digital Journal, 29th January 2010
The story of the Newfoundland UFO sighting has swept across Canada in the past week. Newfoundlanders are increasingly uneasy with the reassurances coming from the federal government.

Harbour Mille, Newfoundland - Newfoundlanders on Burin Penninsula are shaking their heads over the pronouncement from the Prime Minister's OfficeThursday, asking why a hobbyist would go to sea to launch a model rocket. Defense Minister Peter MacKay waded into the mystery by saying Friday

"We will provide money to build a landing strip for UFOs at Harbour Mille. No, I'm only kidding. I'm joking. That's a joke."

Eye witness Emmy Pardy spoke to Canadian Press on Friday, panning the model rocket theory proffered by the Prime Minister's Press Secretary.

The small group of locals seem to be making a lot of noise about this sighting and the rest of Canada are paying attention. I am wondering if the jokes from government officials, are people who know the score (Defence Minister?), but I personally think it's in very bad taste. What's interesing, is the website that I have many reservations about, was goaded by email from regulars to cover this story but Michael Cohen stated that it was of no interest to them because it was obviously not an ET issue! Are you getting the picture about what this website is about? However, he tells us that these type of type of UFO event [ghost rockets] are common over China and they are weekly reports, but a video is provided for an event in November 2009, that made news because it was over Shanghai, China. So incredibly, Cohen provides a video of a "plane" plumeting to earth in an apparent nosedive over a major city and someone says thanks, because they feel more reassured! Are people that stupid, well obviously yes! See,

UFO over Newfoundland: Some answers, video
All News Web, 31 January 2010

More ridiculous excuses, see below:

Finnish UFO researcher says winter sun on jet streams creates rocket effect
The Canadian Press, 1st February 2010
"A rocket plume would be thick all the way back to where the rocket was launched. Again, had the sighting not been at sunset, I would have taken this a bit more seriously." Still, Stewart is adamant that what she captured on her digital camera was no jetliner. "To me, it was not a jet," she said from her home Monday in Harbour Mille. "No, no, no. "We didn't hear any noise. No noise. Every airplane that comes over here, whether we're inside or the TV's going, you still hear them. A jet may be farther off but it still makes noise. "To me and my eyes, it was not a jet."
Comment: Some academics must think that ALL the general public are stupid! Planes, jets, rockets and missiles make noise, UAPS are generally silent, there is no comparison!

Video CTV News: Newfoundland UFO/Missile residents want answers..
YouTube, 28th January 2010

UFO sighting puzzles N.L. residents [Newfoundland, Canada]
CBC News, 26th January 2010
Copy: Residents in Harbour Mille, a tiny community on Newfoundland's south coast, want to know what they saw in the sky Monday night. Darlene Stewart said she was outside taking pictures of the sunset when she saw something fly overhead.

She snapped a picture of the object in an attempt to zoom in on it to see what it was. "Even with the camera, I couldn't make it out until I put it on the computer," she told CBC News. "I knew then it wasn't an airplane. It was something different."

Stewart's picture shows a blurry image of what appears to be some kind of missile-like object emitting either flames or heavy smoke. Elly Pardy also saw the object, as did other residents, and reported what she saw to the RCMP and federal fisheries officers.

"It appeared to come out of the ocean," she told CBC News. "It was like it was in the middle of the bay." An RCMP officer was in the community Tuesday to investigate the reports. Pardy said she'd like to know what the object was.

"It's kind of scary because you don't know if something is being set off out in the bay, [or] if someone is doing experiments," she said. The residents plan to be outdoors again Tuesday evening to see if there is a similar sight in the sky.

This is my first report of a UAP or 'Ghost rocket' as termed by the military, that is going up into the sky and as you can see, it is fairly similar to the strange meteor-like fiery objects often seen entering our atmosphere. This example is even better because it was seen coming out of water, and despite many historical reports, eye witness accounts related to water are rare. Another report:

Mystery N.L. object has tongues wagging
Canwest News Service, January 27, 2010
"A mystery object shaped like an "oversized bullet" that flew over their tiny community this week has people in Harbour Mille, N.L., wondering if they saw a missile launch. "First thing I thought was: 'My God, it had to be a missile of some sort,' because it looked like an oversized bullet," said Emmy Pardy, who watched it through binoculars for five to eight minutes as it passed silently overhead at sunset Monday. "It was grey-silver in colour (and) it seemed like it had a bit of flame coming through the bottom of it and it had a trail of smoke, or what appeared to be smoke," Pardy said. "We knew it wasn't a plane and it definitely wasn't any kind of UFO thing," she said, laughing. A grainy photo shot by another witness, Darlene Stewart, shows an object, trailing what appears to be orange flame, moving at a 45-degree angle to the left against a greyish coloured sky."
Comment: So there were actually three objects, making it more unlikely that they were rockets. If we go by history, these objects seem to have intense periods of activity, so I will suspect that there will be more sightings.

No evidence UFO was rocket: PMO
CBC News, 28th January 2010
"The Prime Minister Office says there is no evidence of anyone firing a rocket near Newfoundland's southern coast, despite reports of a flaming unidentified object shooting through the sky in Harbour Mille on Monday."
Told you! I know that they know this is a UAP because they say, "There's no threat to the security of Canada," So how do they know that? So, when it becomes obvious that the citizens of Earth are living in a cosmic acquarium, then we will get disclosure about another lifeform on Earth, but it will not please ufologists who want ETs and little green men to come and run our affairs.

Hidden asteroids are stalking the Earth
New Scientist, 21st January 2010
A TINY asteroid that buzzed Earth last week highlighted our planet's vulnerability to objects whose peculiar orbits put them in a game of hide-and-seek with us.

An Earth-based telescope spotted the 10-metre space rock hurtling our way just three days before a near miss on 13 January, when it flew by at just one-third of the distance to the moon (see Object headed towards Earth an asteroid, not junk). The asteroid is never expected to hit Earth and would burn up before hitting the ground in any case. But its unusual orbit (see diagram) seems ingeniously designed to evade our surveys. It is likely that a handful of objects large enough to cause harm are hiding under similar circumstances. [...]

Despite our best efforts, the majority of hidden asteroids are too small and dim to be detected until they are practically on top of us - regardless of their orbits. "The sad part is, the bulk of the population is invisible to us most of the time," Spahr says.

Mayan Elder Carlos Barrios gave predictions for 2010 and he talked about Earth getting buzzed by an asteroid that would be only spotted within only 24 hours of it's passing, but then we got notice of an asteroid doing just that within days. Personally, it now seems certain that Fluffy, the interstellar crystalline cloud is upsetting the theoretical Oort cloud or is itself carrying a lot of debris and astronomers are now in an impossible situation being able to track these objects. So I am expecting more in 2010. As I have already pointed out, this is why the US military are now hiding satellite fireball data and astronomers are getting angry and threatening to move to other countries.... What's more, this has all come after NASA tried to keep reports about Near Earth Objects (NEOS) out of the public domain, so it's no wonder that some people with higher brain processing ability, are realising that our planet is under some kind of cosmic bombardment. The whole thing must have those who easily panic in a complete spin!

  • Experts discuss asteroid-warning system:
    MSNBC News, 29th January 2010
    "Workshop advances ways global community can respond to threats to Earth"
    "International experts converged on Mexico City this month to discuss the best way to establish a global detection and warning network to monitor potential asteroid threats to all life on Earth. The three-day workshop called together asteroid tracking specialists, space scientists, former astronauts and United Nations authorities, along with disaster management, risk psychology and warning communication experts."
    Comment: Oh the irony... but what about space weather bringing down old satellites as debris?

  • UN to discuss Air Traffic Control for outer space
    The Telegraph, 6th February 2010
    An international air traffic control for outer space should be set up to prevent damage to satellites and spacecraft orbiting the Earth, according to proposal to be discussed at the United Nations next week.
    "Space experts from around the world will discuss ways of tackling the growing problem of space debris in orbit around the Earth. It comes just a year after an American satellite collided with a Russian satellite."
    Comment: Space Weather causes turbulence in space and drags satellites out of their orbits, so old satellites and debris can no longer be relied on to just float around unwatched.

  • Comment: As a reminder, the US Military are now refusing to share asteroid and fireball data, it's now secret. So for those who have read the 'News of the Imbalance' over the last few years, and have taken on board the hard evidence that something is causing a tremendous amount of celestial upheaval and all the signs shows that this is escalating, this should be no surprise. Also, please do not forget NASA's 'Local Fluff' press release either, 2 days before Christmas.... shameful. BTW, I have just finished reading astronomer Fred Hoyle's book The Black Cloud, it certainly gives you something to think about...

Fire in the Jersey Sky Revealed [US]
Chopper 10 a witness to bright falling star

NBC Philadelphia, 19th January 2010 )
A bright, burning light streaked across our local skies at sunset Monday, and quite a few people took notice.

“There was a little flaming ball, it came down and was going straight down to earth,” said a Chopper 10 pilot who saw the beautiful display and actually got the images on camera.

“What it appears to be is a meteor,” said Dr. Joseph Sowers, adjunct professor of astronomy at Richard Stockton College in Galloway Township, after seeing the images from Chopper 10.

The piece of burning space crust was traveling at close to 25 miles per second. And though it created a bright light and inspired a big fuss, the flaming rock was only a pebble -- only a few centimeters wide.

Hmm... well we know that satellites are now getting pelted by "space rocks" (strictly speaking, satellites are now threatened with a new hazard of small "space rocks"), but this certainly does not look like the standard meteor.... I could not watch the video which apparently, is for locals only... More meteors and other suspicious objects:

Richmonders report seeing meteors [US]
Sounds normal....

Callers report possible meteor - Montana [US]
“It just lit up the sky with a blue light.”

Twilight meteor reported Monday in Maryland [US]
"Looks like you've witnessed a bolide, a possible member of The Coma Berenicid meteor shower which peaks tonight. (1/18)"
In the comments, folks are saying it was more like flare than a meteor

Meteor: Meteor over Montana caught on tape [US]
Interesting video, but sorry, this ain't no meteor! It's looks more like the video captured 2 or even 3 UAPs, that look more like a tadpole swimming across the sky than a fireball or a meteor!

It's a bird! It's a plane! It’s… vapour [NZ], 18th January 2010
Many Aucklanders thought aliens were about to land on Saturday night, while others feared a comet was going to collide with the Earth.

A fiery orange object was seen over the city, and the Auckland Observatory was besieged by calls from residents wanting to know what it was.

It turned out the object was not a threat to life as we know it, but the vapour trail of a plane, lit up by the sun which was just below the horizon. The observatory says the lights are quite common at this time of year.

The explanation given here for this plasma phenomenon is truly pathetic, but you can believe it if you want! This is an 'Unidentified Aerial Phenomena', UAP and known to the military as a 'Ghost Rocket' when seen shooting up! They have been studied because at times their activity can dramatically increase. Check the archives for more sightings in New Zealand and other videos that can be found on YouTube. Best of the Blog - Fireballs, meteorites & strange 'heavenly phenomena'

NEO 2010 AL30 Close Approach
Portal of the Universe, 11th January 2010
A more descriptive account can be found at Discovery News
2010 AL30: An Asteroid or Man Made Object? Where we find:
On Wednesday (Jan. 13), an object called 2010 AL30 will fly by Earth at a distance of 130,000 km (80,000 miles). That's only one-third of the way from here to the moon.

Astronomers will be able to observe it shining with a brightness of a 14th magnitude star as it dashes through the constellations of Orion, Taurus, and Pisces (further details about the orbit of 2010 AL30 can be found on NASA's Solar System Dynamics website).

This small object is cataloged as a 10 meter-wide asteroid and there's no chance it will impact Earth, but it does provide astronomers with an interesting opportunity. [...] 2010 AL30 is a great example of how much of a warning we'd have for an object of this size on an impact trajectory. After all, the discovery was only announced on Jan. 11, two days before its Earth encounter.
We have had many near misses in recent years and in 2004 there was major panic that something massive would hit us and due to a tip off from an astronomer, people started to realise that the military and world leaders were preparing for the worst. The dead cert missed us...... again. In the metaphysical community, we have had chapter and verse from the Lee Carroll channelling Kryon, who has just been invited to the United Nations again , for the 7th time, who reliably informed us that comet Machholz-2 that was discovered in 1994 was originally on a trajectory that would terminate life on this planet, but it was disarmed because of our raising of consciousness and so arrived in pieces with a different trajectories and missed us. What you need to realise is that everytime these asteroids or comets 'just miss', cosmic energies are being deployed on our planet that are being used to help in the evolutionary transition. It does not matter that world authorities are occasionally convinced that we are going to get smacked, because they do not take into account that whatever happens is determined by human consciousness and that seems to be continually rising.

IN ADDITION: The Day of Judgement....
Just for a few folk who might be wondering where all this is leading. Well, it is very clear to me that from time, the message has always been that humanity faces a day of judgement and what happens very much depends on our level of spirituality or consciousness. This is registered around Earth as field of Global consciousness that is closely associated with the Earth's other electromagnetic and crystalline grids. Scientists now have evidence that a field of global consciousness exists and the research is easily available, alongside the evidence for the existence of the other grids. Through these grids, human conscisousness is then broadcast out into the universe and universal forces have to take that into account, but we get 'tests' on a regular basis anyway. As far as global consciousness is concerned, those who operate at the self-centered me, me and me level, are not contributing to requisite high spiritual frequencies that matter. At the present time, it is quite clear that the rich and powerful think that whatever happens that they will be safe and the underground bunkers will be enough. Unfortunately, this lacks any comprehension that we are facing universal forces that are compelled to take into account high frequencies of light, if your energy field is not humming with those high frequencies then you are fair game, but at the same time, we are judged as a collective.

Orb-like UFO activity in same California region tracked over six months
UFO Examiner, 10th January 2010
A California witness is reporting a series of orb-like UFO activity over a ranch for the past six months, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database.

"They are definitely drawn to something here," the witness reports. The witness additionally reports, "They seem to come in waves, appearing for five to six nights in a row and then gone, they are always at different altitudes and headings. They generally have a steady course and heading, I have on occasion seen them dip and back track, both I caught on film." Similar accounts of orb-like UFO traffic are coming in from all parts of the country where the same witnesses are reporting activity over long periods of time.

Slowly, slowly, UFO reporters are starting to change their language and tone. It is obvious that orbs & UAPs are nothing like the traditional idea of alien craft loved by many ufologists, but over the last decade or so, and especially with the increase in orb and UAP activity, it seems that the realisation that we are witnessing another lifeform is sinking in.

Fireball seen over Montreal
CBC News, 8th January 2010
A meteor crashing through the Earth’s atmosphere could be responsible for sightings of a fireball over Montreal Thursday night, astronomers said. Montrealer Humberto Dramasino witnessed the sight as he was driving home in the city's St-Laurent district around 7:30 p.m. "I saw a fireball just below the clouds," Dramasino said. "It was losing pieces in the air while it was flying and it was very, very fast."

The spectacle lasted no more than a few seconds, Dramasino said.

Hmmmm.... I have beeh having some wild thoughts recently. I wonder if "Fluffy" is disturbing the theoretical Oort cloud that surrounds our solar system. At the moment, there is no "official" explanation for the increase in fireballs, but we know that "Fuffy", the 30 light year interstellar cloud that is coming our way from the direction of the galactic centre, is being kept tight with a bigger than expected magnetic field and I suppose a highly charged double layer. Well, whatever, we don't seem to be able to go a week without at least one report of a massive fireball.

Oklahoma witness reports UFO [UAP] coming out of 'worm hole'
The UFO Examiner, 7th January 2010
An Oklahoma witness reports an unusual appearance of what seemed to be a wormhole opening up and a light moving out of it, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database.

The December 31 incident occurred as the witness was watching the rising full moon - but stated that "off to the right of the moon there appeared to be a darker place which was like a circular void. "

Within the void, a large "X" of light appeared. This light began to spin, then a "lit cloud tube extended" from that area. Then, "a tiny blip of light came out, which moved out a distance from the point of origin and then disappeared."

We have another arrival! This nice description, seems to be a variation on a theme of other UAP arrivals that have been caught on video. The 'X' is what you would see as you were facing head on and actually represents a plasma cloak or vehicle used for travel. This is dropped when the orb arrives low enough down in out atmosphere and videos show a hole appearing and out pops an orb! There are examples on the UAP Video index, see AP Caught On Outdoor Surveillance Camera in Russia May 2008 [02:27] & Spiral UAP coming out Wormhole or Hyperspace - Tomsk Russia May 2009 [02:44]. This is video footage of the world class 9th December 2009 Norwegian event, Norwegian Spiral 'Hole' Opens.

If I was poetic, I would have penned a ditty in appreciation of the fact that I was able to see the Big Picture enough, not to be deceived by the 2012 Cosmic Fairy Tale folk. Our reality has changed forever in a rapidly escalating dimensional shift, there is another world appearing before our eyes and it's quite exciting to say the least!

Pilot sees 30 meteors streaking across the sky - Yateley, Hampshire [UK]
UK UFO Sightings, 6th January 2010
Location of Sighting: Yateley, Hampshire UK
Date of Sighting: 31/12/2009 to 1/1/1010, Time: midnight til 1pm
Witness Name: David Pulman

Witness Statement: My wife, son and myself went outside to watch fireworks on New years eve, when I first sighted a yellow fireball streaking rapidly across the skiy from North to South. Although fireworks were going off everywhere, these were well above them and coming out of the sky not the ground. As it streaked overhead, on what was a chrystal clear full moonlit night, I told my son to look and said: “Look there is a meteor!”

I was amazed to see a meteor so clearly and as it passed you could see it beginnning to burn up in the atmosphere. Then to my amazement another appeared from the same direction shortly followed by a few more.
My son was terrified and indeed my wife was concerned as we witnessed at least 30 of the meteors streaking across the sky – pretty much in the same direction.. Some were appearing quite low in the sky at times and were clearly large fireballs which appered to start to fall before burning up as they entered the atmosphere. I am a pilot so can assure you they were not aircraft and were travelling at fantastic speed, way way above anything that an aircraft could travel at. I suspect they may have been the Geminid meteor shower.

Thirty [30] fireballs travelling across the sky at speed???? I prefer accounts by trained observers, so this account by a pilot is of more interest and especially because the observation is different to the now ubiquitous 'planes on fire' in the sky. This is a quote from Dr. David Clarke's book, The UFO Files: the Inside Story of Real-Life Sightings, gleaned mostly from studying the recently released Ministry of Defence [MOD] UFO files, now held at the UK National Archives. However, we now have information from many different independent sources,so it seems that the Big Picture overview indicates that some realised many decades ago that most UFOs were infact natural phenomena. This is the only way to explain the smug nature of government officials. So we read in Clarke's book, The UFO Files, the following from Chapter 4: Close Encounters, in the section "UFOs in the House of Lords", information about the preparations for a debate in the House of Lords on UFOs. So we find:
"Steven's [Head of UFO Desk, MOD] research revealed that there had never been any British 'scientific study of UFOs' and he had to rely upon the combined expertise of military and scientific advisors during his preparations for the debate. One of the most revealing briefings came from Group Captain Neil Colvin, a senior officer overseeing the RAF's air defences. He told Stevens : 'Of the [UFO] reports reviewed to date we can find no evidence of extraterrestrial visitation to either earth, its atmosphere or near space,' but he was reluctant to dismiss the entire phenomena as nonsense. 'The almost total lack of primary radar observations of unnatural phenomena leads us to be sceptical of Lord Clancarty's claims ,' Colvin wrote, 'although we would not wish to state categorically that "UFOs" do not exist.'
According to the history of government UFO investigations by Dr David Clark who wrote a highlights briefings guide to cover the UK government UFO files made available to the public in August 2009, we find the following curious statement, this is also summarised and repeated in his book:
"The last time the Government made a full public statement on its policy was in January 1979 when UFOs were the subject of a lengthy debate in the House of Lords. This was initiated by Lord Clancarty (Brinsley le Poer Trench), the author of several books on UFOs and related subjects. Clancarty believed the MoD had evidence that UFOs were of extraterrestrial origin and was convinced they were concealing 'the truth' from the public. In the summer of 1978 he tabled a motion that called on the Government to set up an inquiry and for the Defence Minister to make a televised statement on UFOs. In the Lords, the Government's response was delivered by a retired Royal Navy officer and Labour peer, Lord Strabolgi (David Kenworthy). His closing remarks were: '…as for telling the public the truth about UFOs, the truth is simple. There really are many strange phenomena in the sky, and these are invariably reported by rational people. But there is a wide range of natural explanations to account for such phenomena. There is nothing to suggest to Her Majesty's Government that such phenomena are alien spacecraft.' ( AIR 20/12966).
Yes, if you look at the evidence, even available from Her Majesty's own Ministry of Defence, there is another lifeform on this planet that has always been been detectable, even if that meant it was just shamans using ESP.

Meteor: Stargazers in a spin over fireball sighting
The Evening Telegraph, 23rd December 2009
Sightings of a rare daylight "fireball" - thought to be a meteor - was seen flashing over the Wisbech skies. A meteor which has passed through Earth's atmosphere is known as a meteorite, and experts say pieces of the space rock could now be scattered across a Fenland field.

It was spotted by Jimmy Greenwood, who was driving along the A47 just outside Wi sbech at about 1.15pm on Saturday. The 45-year-old, from Upwell, said: "I've never seen anything like it. It was about four houses high and burning white. It went straight across quickly, into a field and disappeared. It had a vapour trail. It was unbelievable."

This is so low flying that you have to suspect it was really a UAP or a "heavenly phenomenon". The question is: if it was really a meteor or fireball, why did it not explode either in the air or or on impact as it was "burning white" with a "vapour trail?" I suspect nothing will be found....

Meteor hunt in Beijing continues
China Daily, 21st December 2009
The search continues for a full moon-bright meteoroid likely to have landed in west suburban Beijing on Wednesday in what astronomers said could lead to one of the biggest discoveries in Beijing this year.

Witnesses in Beijing and nearby Tianjin recorded a clearly visible fireball-like meteorite descending near the west horizon of Beijing at 10:23 pm on Dec 16.

The surveillance camera from the planetarium taped a 2-second footage of the fall phenomena, in which a bright shooting star, carrying a visible tail, flew towards the east and exploded into greater brightness before disappearing on the horizon.

"We were at Jianxiangqiao Bridge when driving west-bound on the North Fourth Ring Road when we caught sight of the brightness moving to the southeast," Li Xin, a researcher with the Beijing Planetarium, wrote on the organization's online forum before posting the surveillance video right after the witness.

"The brightness of the meteor was close to a full moon," he wrote. "If this meteorite can be recovered, it can become one of the biggest discoveries in Beijing."

Well, the Oort cloud , is thought to be a spherical & disc-like cloud of objects that surrounds our solar system and these generate comets and meteors when they are disturbed but this disturbance mechanism is another mystery. There is no doubt that we are getting some major hits by meteors and these events which were considered rare only a few years ago are now appear to be at least weekly. From my understanding of the situation, if this Oort cloud exists it is being disturbed by the continuous blasts of Gamma Ray bursts from hypothetical supernovae (stars exploding and dying or black holes) or magnetars that deliver extreme amounts of EM radiation and disturb matter in the way of a blast. As the space community has discovered to their surprise, "space is not a quiet place".


MONSTER FIREBALL:, 16th December 2009
On Monday morning, Dec. 14th, at 3:59 am Pacific Standard Time, a piece of extinct comet 3200 Phaethon hit Earth's atmosphere over the Mojave desert in California. This was the result:

"It was a monster fireball," says photographer Wally Pacholka. "I caught it exploding over the Hercules Finger rock formation near Victorville, California, using a Canon 35 mm camera. This was one of 1522 photographs I took "

The fireball occurred during the Geminid meteor shower, which peaked on Dec. 13th and 14th when Earth passed through a stream of debris from 3200 Phaethon. In some places, people saw 200+ Geminids per hour. In the Mojave desert, one was enough!

This is a fabulous photograph of this 'monster' meteor. I think we are averaging one a week now. BTW, the work of photographer Wally Pacholka is stunning, see poster gallery.

Alleged meteorite fall causes alarm in Santiago, Chile
SOTT, 15th December 2009
Full report: Santiago,Chile Dec. 15 .- A long white trail that appeared to be the fall of a meteorite was seen in the morning over the mountains. However, after several inquiries the meteorite hypothesis was dismissed against the hipothesis of a meteorological effect. According to sources of the Bureau of Aeronautics, it was an aircraft that was headed for Argentina and that, by the effects of temperature difference and contact of the turbine with the cooler air, generated a bright trail that remained in the sky.

Esteban Hermosilla captured this phenomenon in the morning when droving to work from Lo Barnechea to Huechuraba. "I was going down the Costanera highway and you could clearly see the marked trail, so I took a picture with my cellphone. I didn't know what it was, I was astonished, I thought it was a plane but it was very strange"said Esteban Hermosilla. See video here (in Spanish)

Here, people have been told not to believe their lying eyes and that what was seen was NOT a meteor, but a "meteorological effect". Now, like their counterparts in the United States, who prefer to call these manifestations "Heavenly Phenomena", we seem to have some confirmation that astronomers can tell the difference between a UAP arrival and a meteorite. Therefore, this video footage can be compared to many other similar events with video clips posted on the internet of this strange meteor-like phenomena that is being seen all over the world. See Best of the Blog Fireballs, meteorites & strange 'heavenly phenomena'

Colored ‘fireballs’ light up evening sky [Hawai‘i]
The, 11th December 2009
WAILUA — Residents are still talking about the unique light show they witnessed in the evening skies last week.

A “big ol’ honking fireball” was what Steve Yoder said he saw while he was on his way to Wailua from Waimea the night of Dec. 2. A “flaming green” object lit up the eastern sky right before 9 p.m.

“I hadn’t started drinking yet,” he said with a laugh. In fact, Yoder said he found it hard to believe there has not yet been an explanation for what he saw, much like the loud noise over Kalaheo reported by residents in May of this year.

“I’ve seen meteorites all my life,” he said. But added that what he saw was much different. “It was either a gigantic asteroid or one of the biggest meteorites I have ever seen.” About the size of a dime in the sky, it traveled at a downward angle for less than five seconds until it disappeared into the horizon, he said. Residents as far as Anahola also reported seeing similar “orange and green” objects beginning around dusk the same evening, “some of them hovering over car ports in Anahola,” said an Eastside resident who wished to remain anonymous.

There are expected meteor showers taking place at the moment, but it is assumed that most people won't panic over something that is so obviously far away. However, with the massive fireballs and the rest of the strange heavenly phenomena, the activity in the heavens is reaching apocalytic dimensions, please excuse the pun....

Mysterious night sky prompts questions of light's origins [Minnesota/Wisconsin, US]
Bright blue or green flash in the sky (lit up like daylight) and other strange lights over the last month

This morning in Norway, people saw a strange and still-unexplained phenomenon. Eye-witness Nick Banbury of Harstad reports: "We are used to seeing lots of auroras here in Arctic Norway, but on my way to work this morning I saw something completely unexpected. Between 7:50 and 8:00 a.m. local time, there was a strange light in the sky," shown here in a photo taken by Jan Petter:

"It consisted initially of a green beam of light similar in colour to the aurora with a mysterious rotating spiral at one end," continues Banbury. "This spiral then got bigger and bigger until it turned into a huge halo in the sky with the green beam extending down to the earth. According to the press, this could be seen all over northern norway and must therefore have been very high up in the atmosphere to be seen hundreds of km apart."

"[A popular] suggestion at the moment is that it was a rocket shot up by a Russian submarine in the white sea, but the Russians deny this apparently. A big mystery indeed!"

Wow!! Check out the images over in the Norwegian press! here #1, here # 2 & here #3 Well, I have to wonder, how many people are going to start asking some serious questions!!!!!!!!!

Update #1 This has hit the mainstream media, the comment about lasers does not explain how this could be seen all over Northern Norway which would cover thousands of square miles, see Mystery as spiral blue light display hovers above Norway.

Update #2 This is a real mystery, see something similar over China April 2009. For those who still think this is a Russian missile, I doubt very much whether in this case, diplomatic relations between Russia and China are good enough for missile 'tests'! What's more, even though this commentary is in Chinese, listen to how many times they say UFO! link.

Update #3
At the moment the Russians, are still not fully admitting that this was a rocket that had failed. What is odd is that this looked like a blue orb that jumped about in the sky FIRST before it started to swirl before emitting the turquoise light for 12 - 10 minutes (Daily Mail), nothing like an out of control missile and enough time to make sure a few people got some good photos....

At the moment, since there are reports that this also happened on 1st November 2009, see Earlier version of "Norwegian Spiral" took place in November. .

Obviously, this is very suspicious as a similar event happened in China (see update #2) and we are expected to believe they all have the same cause.... Unsurprisingly, the Norwegian authorities prefer to have an answer, even if it's just a cover .... See, Did Russian military spark Norway UFO frenzy?

However, it is inevitable, that some believe this was an attempt at contact, see Norway wormhole is First Contact, claim UFO watchers . interestingly, we find, "It looked like a rocket that spun around and around - and then went diagonally across the heavens," Totto Eriksen, from Tromso in northern Norway, told The Sun. Hmmm... <

Update #4 This may be significant, Fire in the sky; strange lights over Norwegian military base & Interview with Norwegian photographer and Russian military official:

Is this strange light a UFO? Why would the Russians launch a missile that could 'fail' over a Norwegian military base? If you are familiar with UFO reports, military installations are a popular haunt and I believe it has got NOTHING to do with aliens checking out our weapons. From the evidence available, it seems that orbs/UAPs do not like our radiation and the leakage of radiation into our atmosphere makes the orbs/UAPs much easier to see.

I think the answer looks more and more like this is an orb that came in and out of a "wormhole" and took the opportunity to draw the world's attention, similar to many other recent events, but we really need some help here with the WHY? Personally, I think it is because the orbs realise that most humans are clueless and unaware of the fact that we share this planet with another lifeform. Due to the changing aetheric environment, (our planet is being flooded with cosmic radiation), our neighbours are becoming much easier to see. Therefore, I think they are literally just introducing themselves.

Update #5 Just in case this is not obvious, failed rockets are destroyed by remote control before they have any opportunity to cause any damage. The thought that the Russians would have allowed a failed rocket to be projected 700 miles over NATO neighbours Finland, Sweden and the Norway to make a picturesque swirl on limited fuel is absurd.

Another 'UFO' from Russia
Cosmic Log, MSNBC, 11th December 2009
Just a day after a Russian rocket launch set off a spate of UFO sightings in Norway, yet another missile test created a similar sky show over the heart of Russia.

Like Wednesday's launch of the submarine-based Bulava missile from the White Sea, Thursday's launch of the land-based Topol ballistic missile from the Kapustin Yar missile range on the lower Volga River sparked plenty of sightings. Reports came in from Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Ufa and other cities, said NBC News space analyst James Oberg.

The rocket plume created a spiral pattern in the sky, though the pattern wasn't as striking as the one seen over Norway earlier in the week. "The difference in sunlight conditions from pre-dawn northern Norway may account for much of the visual differences," Oberg said. [...]

"The first rocket UFO was so much fun, the Russians fired off another one as an encore!" Oberg wrote. "Actually, the timing of the two tests is almost certainly accidental."

Huh!!! A Russian missile test fails spectacularly, so the Russians do the exact same test again the next day because it was "so much fun"?!! The mystery deepens!! There are several videos over Russia provided with this report, but the following is the best that shows an orb right next to the spiral formation, YouTube video, captured from Yekaterinburg. Report a Bad Astronomy

The situation can be summarised as follows: According to the Norwegians, the information that they have on the light phenomenon is "restricted". The Russians are admitting a test, but that the spectacular light show over a Norwegian military base is nothing to do with them, all reports that state the light phenomena was caused by the Russians never provide an official source.
So what does the Russian military have to say? Not much. "On this matter we do not confirm, we do not deny, we do not comment," a Russian Defense Ministry spokesman told source
You can see the actual footage of a missile test provided by Russians and compare, I would say it is NOTHING LIKE what was seen in the skies above the Norwegian military base. Please note, that the video clip that shows a missile test is a Russia Today news report, see UFO-like lights over Norway 'not linked' to failed Russian missile and this is their title NOT MINE. The Russian incident here is similar to the event that took place in April 2009, China as detailed above.

Update #1

This is an image that I missed and some are claiming that something came through a portal and hit the ground. source Norwegian ground object zoomed here At the moment, I do have a few ideas but I am still thinking. I also found a video clip of a major event over Tomsk, Russia from 2006, where we have something arriving that leaves a geometrical trail, just like an example in my UAP video Index, (UAP Caught On Outdoor Surveillance Camera in Russia May 2009), but in this video, we see a hole open and an orb pop out that then proceeds to spiral! What a way to make to make an entrance! See, Spiral UFO coming out Wormhole or Hyperspace ? Tomsk Russia [2006] There is exhaustive discussion on the internet that this was NOT a Russian rocket see, Trident II launch goes wrong & On the wings of a dove: Spectacular rocket trails light up the evening sky, so now we can compare these with the nice images of the rocket trail in the far off distance, so it is looking less and less like a man-made event and something seriously more interesting instead ....
Well, quite frankly, the orbs really know how to put on a show.... LOL!!

Update #2
YouTube video Strange Vortex or Time portal worm hole has been seen in Mexico's skys!!! [7:31], gives us a discussion by Mexican ufologists, of dimensional portals seen in Mexico and the United Kingdom. The most interesting part is the presentation by Mexican media personality, Jaime Maussan who talks about crop circles in the UK and the fleets of orbs in the sky over Mexico as being "signs". He states that because of this activity, there is a relationship between UK and Mexico and he quotes the Bible, as a lot of people are doing at the moment, as people start to realise the enormity of what is taking place.... BTW, the end of this clip shows what looks like an eyeball in the sky, totally amazing! So as ufologists start to agree that this is a NEW phenomena, nothing to do with little green men, we need some plasma physicists and space-time theorists to step up to the plate and give us some options (in plain english), for what is happening here. Meanwhile, world controllers must be in complete shock, there is NOTHING they can do.... This is the Apocalpyse!!

Update #3
At the moment, the light phenomena event over Northern Norway cannot be dismissed as a rocket failure, but if you want to believe this explanation, based on a dubious set of assertions and some deliberate attempts to mislead with the fact that the Russian authorities admit to a rocket failure hundreds/thousands of kilometers 700 miles 1127 kilometres away. If you want to find a technical discussion of rocket failures, they are taking place all over the web, so I am not repeating that here. Now, what is most interesting is how many people are looking back at the strangest sightings and instances of what many think are UFO wormholes, I have been utterly amazed. It is now becoming clear that some "entities" are arriving via wormholes and because of the aetheric density changes, especially in parts of the United States, who have really screwed up with all their weather engineering and atomic bomb tests with the obvious unintended consequences in changing spacetime, it is quite clear that temporary wormholes exist.

So now we have great examples of this "string" delivery mechanism that has been long theorised about by scientists, but see what you think with this 'controversial' YouTube video [1:05] Vandenburg Missile Test ... or UFO Wormhole? I have watched this video quite a few times now and all I can say is: What a way to make to make an entrance!

Update #4
There are claims that there was a spiral over South Africa on 18th October, and the following report was given by astronomers who stated: "A Centaur rocket, followed by US military weather satellite (DMSP F-18) dumped a load of excess fuel into space, resulting in spectacular views over Southern Africa." Interestingly, this reported also stated: "It was a most spectacular event - took me completely by surprise as the fuel dump was scheduled to take place later over Europe when they boosted the Centaur rocket to heliocentric orbit. What we saw here in SA beats anything I've seen so far from Europe - the rocket appeared to be "puffing" and I guess this was propellant venting and then expanding in concentric rings around the rocket." The collection of photographs are so strange that they encourages more questions rather than provide answers. See The "UFO" event, observed over Southern Africa by many, photographed by few.

Update #5 - 18th December 2009
Ok, I have given this a few more days thought and I DON'T think the South African event was a spiral like the examples we have seen in Norway and elsewhere. Instead it looks more like an object surrounded by plasma "double layers", implying whatever it was required some shielding.

Another 'UFO' from Russia
Cosmic Log, MSNBC, 11th December 2009
Just a day after a Russian rocket launch set off a spate of UFO sightings in Norway, yet another missile test created a similar sky show over the heart of Russia.

Like Wednesday's launch of the submarine-based Bulava missile from the White Sea, Thursday's launch of the land-based Topol ballistic missile from the Kapustin Yar missile range on the lower Volga River sparked plenty of sightings. Reports came in from Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Ufa and other cities, said NBC News space analyst James Oberg.

The rocket plume created a spiral pattern in the sky, though the pattern wasn't as striking as the one seen over Norway earlier in the week. "The difference in sunlight conditions from pre-dawn northern Norway may account for much of the visual differences," Oberg said. [...]

"The first rocket UFO was so much fun, the Russians fired off another one as an encore!" Oberg wrote. "Actually, the timing of the two tests is almost certainly accidental."

Huh!!! A Russian missile test fails spectacularly, so the Russians do the exact same test again the next day because it was "so much fun"?!! The mystery deepens!! There are several videos over Russia provided with this report, but the following is the best that shows an orb right next to the spiral formation, YouTube video, captured from Yekaterinburg. Report a Bad Astronomy

The situation can be summarised as follows: According to the Norwegians, the information that they have on the light phenomenon is "restricted". The Russians are admitting a test, but that the spectacular light show over a Norwegian military base is nothing to do with them, all reports that state the light phenomena was caused by the Russians never provide an official source.
So what does the Russian military have to say? Not much. "On this matter we do not confirm, we do not deny, we do not comment," a Russian Defense Ministry spokesman told source
You can see the actual footage of a missile test provided by Russians and compare, I would say it is NOTHING LIKE what was seen in the skies above the Norwegian military base. Please note, that the video clip that shows a missile test is a Russia Today news report, see UFO-like lights over Norway 'not linked' to failed Russian missile and this is their title NOT MINE. The Russian incident here is similar to the event that took place in April 2009, China as detailed above.
Update #1

This is an image that I missed and some are claiming that something came through a portal and hit the ground. source Norwegian ground object zoomed here

At the moment, I do have a few ideas but I am still thinking. I also found a video clip of a major event over Tomsk, Russia from 2006, where we have something arriving that leaves a geometrical trail, just like an example in my UAP video Index, (UAP Caught On Outdoor Surveillance Camera in Russia May 2009), but in this video, we see a hole open and an orb pop out that then proceeds to spiral! What a way to make to make an entrance!

See, Spiral UFO coming out Wormhole or Hyperspace? Tomsk Russia [2006] There is exhaustive discussion on the internet that this was NOT a Russian rocket see, Trident II launch goes wrong & On the wings of a dove: Spectacular rocket trails light up the evening sky, so now we can compare these with the nice images of the rocket trail in the far off distance, so it is looking less and less like a man-made event and something seriously more interesting instead ....

Well, quite frankly, the orbs really know how to put on a show.... LOL!!

Update #2
YouTube video Strange Vortex or Time portal worm hole has been seen in Mexico's skys!!! [7:31], gives us a discussion by Mexican ufologists, of dimensional portals seen in Mexico and the United Kingdom. The most interesting part is the presentation by Mexican media personality, Jaime Maussan who talks about crop circles in the UK and the fleets of orbs in the sky over Mexico as being "signs". He states that because of this activity, there is a relationship between UK and Mexico and he quotes the Bible, as a lot of people are doing at the moment, as people start to realise the enormity of what is taking place.... BTW, the end of this clip shows what looks like an eyeball in the sky, totally amazing! So as ufologists start to agree that this is a NEW phenomena, nothing to do with little green men, we need some plasma physicists and space-time theorists to step up to the plate and give us some options (in plain english), for what is happening here. Meanwhile, world controllers must be in complete shock, there is NOTHING they can do.... This is the Apocalpyse!!

Update #3
At the moment, the light phenomena event over Northern Norway cannot be dismissed as a rocket failure, but if you want to believe this explanation, based on a dubious set of assertions and some deliberate attempts to mislead with the fact that the Russian authorities admit to a rocket failure hundreds/thousands of kilometers 700 miles 1127 kilometres away. If you want to find a technical discussion of rocket failures, they are taking place all over the web, so I am not repeating that here. Now, what is most interesting is how many people are looking back at the strangest sightings and instances of what many think are UFO wormholes, I have been utterly amazed. It is now becoming clear that some "entities" are arriving via wormholes and because of the aetheric density changes, especially in parts of the United States, who have really screwed up with all their weather engineering and atomic bomb tests with the obvious unintended consequences in changing spacetime, it is quite clear that temporary wormholes exist.

So now we have great examples of this "string" delivery mechanism that has been long theorised about by scientists, but see what you think with this 'controversial' YouTube video [1:05] Vandenburg Missile Test ... or UFO Wormhole? I have watched this video quite a few times now and all I can say is: What a way to make to make an entrance!

Update #4
There are claims that there was a spiral over South Africa on 18th October, and the following report was given by astronomers who stated: "A Centaur rocket, followed by US military weather satellite (DMSP F-18) dumped a load of excess fuel into space, resulting in spectacular views over Southern Africa." Interestingly, this reported also stated: "It was a most spectacular event - took me completely by surprise as the fuel dump was scheduled to take place later over Europe when they boosted the Centaur rocket to heliocentric orbit. What we saw here in SA beats anything I've seen so far from Europe - the rocket appeared to be "puffing" and I guess this was propellant venting and then expanding in concentric rings around the rocket." The collection of photographs are so strange that they encourages more questions rather than provide answers. See The "UFO" event, observed over Southern Africa by many, photographed by few.

Update #5 - 18th December 2009
Ok, I have given this a few more days thought and I DON'T think the South African event was a spiral like the examples we have seen in Norway and elsewhere. Instead it looks more like an object surrounded by plasma "double layers", implying whatever it was required some shielding.

Bluish-green fireball sighted over northern Germany
The Local, 8th December 2009
Several eyewitnesses reported seeing a bluish-green fireball over northern Germany on Monday night – possibly a large meteor burning up in the Earth’s atmosphere, according to experts at the German Aerospace Centre (DLR).

The object was first sighted over Braunschweig aroung 11:40 pm, but people in Celle, Delmenhorst, Lüneburg, Grabow, Kiel and Hannover also spotted the fireball streaking across the sky. The Network for Researching Unusual Heavenly Phenomena (CENAP) said on Tuesday the object eventually broke up into brightly glowing pieces before disappearing.

Wilfried Tost from the DLR said the fireball was likely a meteor, explaining that on average one falls to Earth over Central Europe each month.

Oh well, it's good to see that Europeans are getting their fair share of hits too...

Meteor explodes in blaze of colour [S. Africa]
Herald Sun, 1st December 2009
A METEOR has crashed in a blaze of colour in South Africa, but experts are unable to find where the out-of-space visitor landed.

The rare astronomical phenomenon was captured by a local traffic camera and witnessed by locals, British tabloid The Sun reports. The footage shows cars on a busy road, near the city of Johannesburg, when the meteor suddenly streaks across the night sky.

I reported this meteor last week, but here this report provides a YouTube video clip [0:09] here, of this metorite turning night to day. It seems that spectacular meteorite entries are becoming almost weekly despite scientists telling us not that long ago that they were 'rare' events. What's more, NASA et al. seem reluctant to admit that something extraordinary is happening. It's also interesting they can't find where it landed despite it's apparent size. So at the moment, it's another 'Heavenly Phenomenon'.

Calculations estimate meteor lit up 500,000 miles
This is an update on the Utah Meteor, see 18th November entry

Fireballs spotted in Edmonton sky [Canada]
E Vancouver Sun, 27th November 2009
EDMONTON — Ah to be an early riser: first to the paper, first to the coffee, and, of course, first to the occasional fireball scorching through the sky.

Twice in as many mornings this week early birds have reported fiery objects in the atmosphere above Edmonton.

On Thursday at about 7:15 a.m., a fireball was spotted travelling low along the horizon from the northeast to the east, according to the Telus World of Science. The next day, on Friday, a second was eyed in the west at about 5:50 a.m.

There have been lots of fireballs this week. At the moment I have not come across a scientific theory that explains what is going on. We are NOWHERE near the galactic plane, so theories that suggest that the gravitational pull of the galactic plane disturbs the Oort cloud of comets that surround the Sun can't be valid. See New Scientist article Solar system 'bounce' may send comets our way . However, the evidence shows that our solar system has entered a region of interstellar space that is being continually disturbed and the fact that scientists have only recently discovered Magnetars, which are one of the most extreme objects in the universe that are now regularly firing on us, supports the view that the Oort cloud is being disturbed, hence we are receiving lots of cosmic debris. Basically, our solar system has hit the Cosmic Wild West and it is no wonder that NASA scientists are worried! The emphasis on the spiritual evolution of humanity can be considered as the positive spin!

Mysterious 'fireball' sighting not science fiction
Newbury Port Daily News, November 27, 2009
Witness: "thing came into the Earth's atmosphere and was shooting across the sky with a tail, like fire coming off."

Meteor lights up Gauteng [South Africa]
Times Live, Nov 22, 2009
People saw a bright "greenish, bluish" light heading towards Pretoria

GREAT WESTERN FIREBALL:, 18th November 2009
Yesterday, Nov. 18th, something exploded in the atmosphere above the western United States. Witnesses in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and Idaho say the fireball "turned night into day" and issued shock waves that "shook the ground" when it exploded just after midnight Mountain Standard Time. [...]

"These curious clouds on the horizon caught my attention just before sunrise," says photographer Don Brown of Park City, Utah. "They were strangely bright relative to the rest of the sky."

The cloud strongly resembles artificial noctilucent clouds formed at high altitudes by rocket and shuttle launches. Yet there was no (officially reported) rocket launch at dawn on Nov. 18th. Could the cloud be associated with the fireball? The geographical coincidence is certainly striking. Debris from the fireball should have dissipated by sunrise, but the cloud remains unexplained and a connection to the fireball cannot yet be dismissed.

Approximately 6 hours after the fireball, people in Utah and Colorado got another surprise. As the sun rose over those states, a twisting electric-blue cloud appeared in the dawn sky:

I think it is important to note the opinion here that the clouds looked like artifical noctilucent clouds as we must realise that until someone finds something on the ground, this could have been another "heavenly phenomenon" delivering pure energy to this planet. Whats more, nobody is talking about the chemical compositions of these supposedly artificial looking clouds.

In addition has noted the similarity with a previous event that was tracked by astronomers:
"Explanation: On October 7, the early dawn over northern Sudan revealed this twisted, high altitude trail. Captured in a video frame, the long-lasting persistent train is from the impact of a small asteroid cataloged as 2008 TC3. That event was remarkable because it was the first time an asteroid was detected in space before crashing into planet Earth's atmosphere. In fact, after astronomers discovered 2008 TC3, the time and location of its impact were predicted based on follow-up observations. Later, the impact predictions were confirmed by sensors, including a Meteosat-8 image of a bright flash in the atmosphere. Astronomers are now hoping for more reports of local ground-based observations of what must have been a brilliant meteor streaking through Sudan's night sky." Astronomy Picture of the Day: On the Trail of 2008 TC3

Meteor lights up early morning sky, alarms Utahns News, 18th November 2009
SALT LAKE CITY -- A fast-moving meteor lit up the night skies over most of Utah just after midnight Wednesday. Moments later, the phones lit up at KSL as people across the state called to tell us what they saw and ask what it was.

Scientists are calling it a "remarkable midnight fireball." The source of all the excitement was basically a rock, falling from space.

In addition to KSL, witnesses to the meteor quickly began call 911. "I'm currently driving, but I just saw a giant blue flash in the sky, and it came down into the city," a caller from Ogden said.

A caller in Bountiful told dispatchers, "It flashed from the west, and it lit up the whole freakin' neighborhood." A Salt Lake City caller said, "Ma'am, I'm not kidding you. I am terrified. Professor David Kieda is chair of the University of Utah's astronomy department. He said the energy of the meteor coming into Earth's atmosphere was so powerful it has to be measured in Terawatts.

"It's almost like the consumption of the United States all at once.
It was a fraction of a second," Kieda said. "

Night turned into day, absolutely awesome! The news videos here are quite informative...especially the video of the astronomer Patrick Wiggins. Here is the same meteor on YouTube, clip [0:26] Utah Fireball.

Meteor Shower - Pennsylvania [US]
Now Republic, 9th November 2009
Copy: "I was driving home from an Apple Festival this weekend when my 3 year old daughter started shouting "Look Mama, a comet!!" I looked out the window and to my amazement I saw I HUGE yellow and white ball of fire. I immediately thought that I just witnessed a airplane explode in sky.

I called my husband freaking out and he said that it was probably a meteor. I was driving on a highway and unable to pull over. I was able to reach into my purse and get out my camera. By the time I was able to get a photo through my front windshield (driving 55 miles/hr and one handed LOL) the fireball had broken into 4-5 smaller pieces. I am still not sure what exactly it was ... but it was really amazing and one of the coolest things I've ever seen in the sky! I am so excited to share my photo with you! Thanks for reading :) "

Hmmm.... this is another strange fireball, but this time it is captured breaking up and becoming 4-5 separate pieces, see separate photo. Awesome, but I have no idea whether this is a real meteor or a magnetospheric plasmoid, but this is still awesome! It's been a busy week and there have been lots more meteors being reported.

Massive Fireball Over Tokyo Good video

Weekend fireballs -California [US], 9th November 2009

November 7 – California Fireball
The Transient Sky, November 8, 2009
"A brilliant fireball was seen over California during the early evening of November 7 at around 5:10 pm. Quite a few reports have been posted in the comments sections on this blog.
A comment posting by Rich gives a rather detailed observation of the event:
“11/07/2009 at approximately 1700hrs we were driving south form Santa Rosa on Hwy 12 and were passing through Sonoma when we noticed a large brilliant white fireball in a SSW direction. It first caught our attention at about 20 to 25deg off the horizon. Our visual on it only lasted only about 3-4 seconds then just before passing the hills in the distance it seemed to go out. There was no associated noise or sign of impact. It was just gone. There was a smoke or debris trail that we could see after the object was gone that was visible for perhaps a minute or so then it was dispersed by the wind.”

Possible meteor spotted in British Columbia sky [Canada] CBC News, November 8, 2009
"We were shocked … I mean, it wasn't what you'd expect, but it was bright white, with red and green and some blue colours, with a bit of a trail behind it and it was a large fireball," he said. "[It was] approximately what the size of the moon would have been if we were looking at the moon." Dalley said the intense light only lasted for about three seconds."

INDONESIAN ASTEROID:, 28th October 2009
"Picture this: A 10-meter wide asteroid hits Earth and explodes in the atmosphere with the energy of a small atomic bomb. Frightened by thunderous sounds and shaking walls, people rush out of their homes, thinking that an earthquake is in progress. All they see is a twisting trail of debris in the mid-day sky: Click to view an Indonesian news report

This really happened on Oct. 8th around 11 am local time in the coastal town of Bone, Indonesia. The Earth-shaking blast received remarkably little coverage in Western press, but meteor scientists have given it their full attention. "The explosion triggered infrasound sensors of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) more than 10,000 km away," report researchers Elizabeth Silber and Peter Brown of the Univ. of Western Ontario in an Oct. 19th press release .

Their analysis of the infrasound data revealed an explosion at coordinates 4.5S, 120E (close to Bone) with a yield of about 50 kton of TNT. That's two to three times more powerful than World War II-era atomic bombs. The asteroid that caused the blast was not known before it hit and took astronomers completely by surprise. According to statistical studies of the near-Earth asteroid population, such objects are expected to collide with Earth on average every 2 to 12 years. "Follow-on observations from other instruments or ground recovery efforts would be very valuable in further refining this unique event," say Silber and Brown.

But, we have seen many similar trails of twisting debris in the sky in recent months and years.

Asteroid blast reveals holes in Earth's defences
New Scientist News, 26th October 2009
As the US government ponders a strategy to deal with threatening asteroids, a dramatic explosion over Indonesia has underscored how blind we still areMovie Camera to hurtling space rocks.

On 8 October an asteroid detonated high in the atmosphere above South Sulawesi, Indonesia, releasing about as much energy as 50,000 tons of TNT, according to a NASA estimate released on Friday. That's about three times more powerful than the atomic bomb that levelled Hiroshima, making it one of the largest asteroid explosions ever observed.

However, the blast caused no damage on the ground because of the high altitude, 15 to 20 kilometres above Earth's surface, says astronomer Peter Brown of the University of Western Ontario (UWO), Canada.

According to there was NO mention of this event in the western press but there was a detailed NASA report as part of the Near Earth Object Program called Asteroid Impactor Reported over Indonesia dated 23rd October. Not even the blogosphere got hold of and circulated this asteroid event. However, 18 days later we have news and even then I still ignored it until 2 days later when I clicked on the YouTube video link provided at Hmmm....

Meteorite-like object falls in Latvia
Associated Press, 26th October 2009
"RIGA, Latvia — A meteorite-like object crashed into a meadow in northern Latvia, creating a crater 27 feet (9 meters) wide and 9 feet (3 meters) deep, a geologist who visited the site said Monday.

Uldis Nulle, a scientist at the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Center, said there was smoke coming out of the crater when he arrived at the crash site late Sunday in the Mazsalaca region near the Estonian border.

"My first impression is that, yes, it was a meteorite," he said. "All the evidence suggests this when compared to pictures of real meteorite craters."

He said the rim of the crater was slightly raised and there was a black-grayish scar at the bottom — both signs of a meteorite impact. Experts outside Latvia said it was unusual for such a large meteorite to hit the Earth. The planet is constantly bombarded with objects from outer space, but most burn up in the atmosphere and never reach the surface."

Apparently, this was a hoax and a Latvian company has taken responsibility, very very strange.... see US News on YouTube; Fall of meteorite staged by Latvian mobile operator . See the original YouTube footage that caused a media and internet frenzy.

Meteorite crashes into Latvia (Possibly a hoax)
I heard some English swear words, so I think the admission of guilt is a coverup.... LOL!!

Latvia meteorite IS a hoax as scientists say 50-foot crater is 'too tidy'
Daily Mail, October 2009
Daylight photos

Update 2
Meteorite stunt backfires on Swedish telecoms firm
Brand Republic, 28 October 2009
"LONDON - A publicity campaign involving a hoax meteorite in Latvia has backfired spectacularly with the Swedish telecoms company behind the stunt losing a government contract."

'Burning ball' spotted in Germany
IOL News, 14th October 2009
Hamburg - A mysterious ball of light in the night sky which alarmed people across northern Germany was most likely caused by a falling meteorite, astronomer Thomas Grau said on Wednesday. Witnesses spoke of a "burning ball," and a "glowing object in the sky" which "crumbled and fell to the ground," in phone calls to police and fire stations in Bremen, Hamburg and across Lower Saxony.

Meteorite explodes over north Groningen - [Netherlands]
Dutch News, 14 October 2009
Seen in Germany and Belgium, reported by hundreds, 14th October 2009

Cosmic Object Caught On Camera [New Mexico, US]
KOAT News, 12th October 2009
A New Mexico astronomer is hoping you can help solve a mystery. He caught a spectacular fireball on video and he said you can help him track down what's left of it.

Thomas Ashcraft caught a cosmic fireball on camera. It flashed through the sky for about eight seconds just after 2 Friday morning. "Probably originating in the vicinity of Taos, and then streaking across the sky to Wagon Mound or Springer area," said Ashcraft.

More fire in the skies. The video here shows us a real backyard enterprise, but apparently quite effective. Again, astronomers are asking for more help, here is another request, see

Live in Ontario Canada? – help find this meteorite .
Watts Up With That, October 7, 2009

Mysterious falling object came from space
This is Hukll and East Riding, October 2009
The object looks like junk, and there is certainly enough of it orbiting around Earth, for some to crashing down occasionally.

'UFO' Has Walvis Bay Buzzing [Namibia, Africa]
All Africa, 12th October 2009
Copy: A STRANGE red light in the sky at Walvis Bay had people all a-buzz and speculating about UFOs and missile launches last week.

The strange phenomenon was apparently spotted at 18h30 on Wednesday. Witnesses' descriptions ranged from an object that "exploded with a loud thud" before "lighting the whole sky in red", to "something crashing into the sea, leaving a smoky trail behind it".

The Namibian Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) sent a team to investigate the "crash site" northwest of Pelican Point, but found nothing. Grant Hull of NSRI said they had received calls that a plane had apparently crashed into the ocean near Walvis Bay. "We had to go and investigate. We were out there for about three hours but there was nothing," he told The Namibian. Port control at NamPort also noticed the streak over Walvis Bay.

The speculation about a missile launch was quashed by Defence Permanent Secretary Petrus Shivute. "There was no such thing," he said. Another possibility mentioned was that the phenomenon was caused by a meteorite crashing to earth. "I never saw anything like it in my life; it was just too weird," a witness told The Namibian.

Yes, the arrival of another strange 'heavenly phenomenon' that explodes low down in our atmosphere but leaves no trace. Yes, it could have been a meteorite, but we need some evidence to make that assertion and according to this report, there is none.

Argentina: Video of Bolide Explosion over La Pampa [Chile]
Inexplicata, 29th September 2009
"This impressive phenomenon occured on Sunday, September 27th 2009 and was seen from points as distant as the Chilean city of Temuco and Mar del Plata on the Atlantic Ocean. According to Dr. Richard Branham of the Centro Regional de Investigaciones Cientificas y Tecnologicas, the object was a bolide rather than a meteor or meteorite. Bolides, he explains, are large meteors that are incinerated as they enter the atmosphere and may attain significant apparent magnitudes, accompanied by loud report."

This video [01:55] is quite impressive, but despite the professional opinion, it seems to show characteristics that makes this object's entry into out atmosphere seem quite unusual and similar to other 'strange' meteors that have been filmed in recent years.

Shock and surprise as space object falls [Argentina]
momento24, 28th September 2009
Yesterday afternoon, near 19, the inhabitants of Mendoza, La Pampa, San Luis, and Cordoba saw a meteorite coming down the sky. It finally desintegrated with a loud explosion before it hit the earth.

The object, which initially scared the residents, was seen yesterday in the General Alvear Department. It could be a meteorite or space junk, but the place where it fell isn’t known, according to what the Copernicus Institute said today. [...] “It was like a fireball,” commented several neighbors to a local radio last night. Some Pampean residents said they photographed it and sent to it to the local media. In fact what is seen is a trail in the sky. [...]

Jaime Garcia, amateur astronomer in charge of the Copernicus Institute in San Rafael, said ”nothing can be confirmed until an object is found, but we can say that according to testimonies, it is very likely to be a metal object such as a meteor.” From 18.30 there was a cloud in the sky and the explosion was felt almost by all people, asaid Julio Alcaraz, police officer of Santa Isabel, a town located 320 kilometers west of Santa Rosa and 40 miles south of the border with Mendoza.

Hmmm.... Another celestial or 'heavenly' phenomenon. The strange ring clouds could have been caused by some excessive ionisation when the meteorite exploded. We could get some 'expert' opinion at or hopefully a better account from another media source. Update Please note that Russian space junk often gets blamed for strange sightings, however, we have an astronomer here who is adamant that this event was caused by a meteor. See Controversy Erupts Over Supposed Meteorite That Fell in Argentina

Space visitor descends over southern Ontario [Canada] News, 26th September 2009
"Southern Ontario had a strange visitor from outer space Friday night, but it didn't arrive in a flying saucer. Instead, it was a fiery meteor that blasted into the atmosphere, streaking across the sky and wowing many stargazers in southern portions of the province.

Witnesses said the fireball looked like a fireworks display and had a long, flaming tail." [...] Other witnesses said it lit up the entire sky with an otherworldly, green light. [...] it was "brilliant, bright" with a "sparkling" tail that dissipated just as fast as it appeared.

This report is a few days old, but again the digital image is very interesting and not what you would expect from a meteor 'tail' as it looks much more like plasma in the high energy 'arc' mode which can generate strings.

Fireball UFO low over Colorado 'reverses course' in mid air
The UFO Examiner, 25th September 2009
The UFO Traffic Report for Friday, September 25, 2009, includes 9 selected sightings over 8 states, according to witness statements filed in the past 48 hours with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database.
CO, September 24, 2009 - Low, fast-flying fireball, changing directions mid-air. MUFON Case # 19632.

A Colorado witness watched a "big ball of light" approaching in the sky. But then the light "reversed course without turning around." First moving north, the object was now moving south and appeared to be just 200 feet above a nearby subdivision. The witness said there were no blinking lights and no clear outline, " just a very bright ball of light,without any sound whatsoever, about dime-size in the sky."

Well, we haven't had a 'remote controlled' plasma fireball sighting for a few weeks, so I thought I would list this excellent example, at the same time as providing some scientific details on UAPs. See the latest article, Understanding UAPs: A scientific perspective

Possible meteor streaks across sky
If it was a meteor, it might have crashed into ocean or west coast of Island

Times Colonist, 14th September 2009
"Many a lucky star-gazer on Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland watched an impressive white streak of light trail across the dark blue sky Saturday night, but Victoria astronomers are stumped as to what caused the light show. Around 8 p.m., the brilliant white flash could be seen heading westward for 12 seconds, said Dave Balam, an astronomer and telescope operator at the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory in Saanich. [...]

Dave Armitage was sitting on the back porch of his Bay Street home watching for the first star to come out when he saw the bright light. “I just happened to notice in the corner of my eye this fireball coming over the top of my head,” he said, describing it as a slow-moving, yellowish object with a straight arc, travelling in a trajectory similar to that of a plane flying overhead.

“I probably stood and watched it for over 10 seconds before it headed into the horizon to the west.” He said the thing in the sky was quite large, estimating that if he held out a golf ball at arm’s length it would just cover the light.

“I’ve never seen a meteorite before so I was kind of freaked out,”

Another 'meteor' that refuses to behave normally! Note the eye witnesses accounts in the comments.

Huge 'sky explosion' investigated [Ireland]
BBC News, 4th September 2009
"An Irish astronomy group is calling for help in tracing the origin of a huge explosion in the skies over the country on Thursday evening.

Astronomy Ireland said it was currently investigating the explosion, which occurred at 2100 BST. A spokesman said the most likely explanation was a space rock or satellite crashing into the atmosphere. The group wants anyone who witnessed the event to contact its website at Astronomy Ireland chairman David Moore said: "So far, reports have been registered by residents in west Cork, Kerry, Cavan and as far north as Donegal, thus suggesting that this spectacular event may have been witnessed by people all over the country."


'Fiery' meteor sighted [NZ] News, 28th August 2009
"Zoe Battersby was out for an early walk along Jimmy Amers beach in Kaikoura at around 6.10am when she noticed a “very large meteor”. “It was very bright - the size of a streetlight. It looked like it fell into the sea,” she said.

Christchurch man Aaron Green said he saw "a bright blue and white light dropping from the sky like a firework”. Alan Gilmore, resident superintendent of the University of Canterbury Mt John Observatory said meteors enter the atmosphere over New Zealand “several times a year” but he doubted that the rock made it to the ground or water level.

“This meteor is very typical, and often they burn up at about 70kms up. It’s very rare for them to actually land. They are coming into a thicker atmosphere, travelling at 30km a second. The friction is strong and they slow up and start to break up. It’s like throwing a stone at a concrete path,” he said. Gilmore said as the meteor breaks up, witnesses often see a bright flash known as a ‘terminal fireball’. He said meteors “burning up coming through air - white hot with friction - start to glow”. Meteors could be seen from as far as 100kms up and could be seen from almost 1000kms away.

For reference, the description in this article is what you would expect from a 'normal' meteorite. These days, Earth seems to be under bombardment which has got to the point where the US military have decided to hide satellite fireball data. The other consideration of interest is that Earth's ionosphere is extraordinarily low which might mean that meteorites have less trouble penetrating our atmosphere and might be another reason why there are now so many reports of 'large' meteorites that one would have expected to have distintegrated higher up in the atmosphere. See also eye witness twitter reports from Ontario, Canada;

August 24th Fireball over Canada – Possible Meteorite?
Argus Rocks, August 25, 2009

2 meteorites heading downwards at a five o’clock angle with smoke! - Pill, Bristil [UK]
"It looked like 2 meteorites heading downwards at a five o'clock angle visible to the North East with a smoke tail behind. This was at around 6am. Within 10 minutes the sky was filled with aircraft, over a dozen some leaving contrails, two jets leaving long chemical trails." This caused a lot of commotion but it was unrelated!?!

Meteor seen above Cheltenham
This is, 28th August 2009
"A CHURCH worker believes he has photographed a meteor blazing a trail above Cheltenham. Matthew Pinless, 31, from Fairview, spotted the fast-moving object in the sky while walking along Glenfall Street in Cheltenham at about 5pm on Tuesday.

He said: "I was walking along the road with my young son and I spotted this object moving through the sky. "At first I thought it was a plane, but then I could see it was moving too quickly for that. "I managed to grab my phone and take a photograph, but it disappeared behind a cloud and never came out the other side. "I don't subscribe to the UFO theory, so I am fairly sure it was a meteor, but I would be interested to hear if anybody else saw it in the sky."

More fire in the sky! The image is so good that I thought this story deserved a separate blog entry. Is it a meteorite or a UAP? Well, these are the stories that are most difficult to assess, but since 'meteorites' are no longer rare events, in comparison, this 'meteorite' did not seem to be in a hurry to land! Update This photo has caught mainstream interest, but an expert does not think it's a meteorite and offers a rather strange explanation that completely ignores the eyewitness account. So we find;
"However an expert from the Royal Astronomical Society poured water on this theory. 'From the look of it I suspect it isn't a meteor but a "Sun dog" or "mock Sun",' Robert Massey said. 'These arise from the refraction of sunlight by hexagonal shaped ice crystals in high and cirrus clouds and disperse colours in the way shown in his image. 'If it was moving that's a different matter but otherwise the rainbow appearance is a classic giveaway. And even if it isn't a meteor the photographer should feel happy about capturing such a nice image!'"
Please note, the 'expert' ignores the trail! Now, when are people going to start wondering what the hell is going on! See Father captures mysterious flash speeding across the sky on his camera phone.

Mystery high in the sky [New Zealand]
Waikato Times, 17th August 2009
"Philip Wilson of Thames caught this spectacular shot of what appears to be some kind of fireball in the sky. Mr Wilson, a photographer who recently emigrated to New Zealand from Northern Ireland, spotted the phenomenon along the horizon on July 27 during a sunset.

"I noticed this strange sight of a fireball falling from the sky. With me was a local man who has lived in the area all his life and he said he's never seen anything like it. "None of the locals knew what it was either. My guess is that it is some sort of a ball of gas exploding in the atmosphere." Mr Wilson doubted it was a flare or aeroplane. "I know I have captured some sort of rare phenomenon on camera. After checking various sites on the internet I have failed to see anything like it."

Well, the cosmic, galactic and intergalactic bombardment of planet Earth continues! There are various other videos of similar fireballs on YouTube so this is not a one-off event. We are witnessing a massive orchestration of energy that has been planned by universal consciousness and it's fair to say that humanity has not been made completely privy to how this transformation process will work out. Here is a sample of YouTube clips with various strange fireballs that defy any conventional explanation:

Strange Fireball - Jan 28 2003
YouTube, April 2006

Fire In the Sky

TV Footage: Strange Fireball sighted in Singapore skies

BBC Footage of a strange, bright object caught on a cameraphone over Leeds, UK February 1st, 2007

TV Footage: UFO fireball over Poland

Strange Plane/Object Going Straight Up July 2008 UK
Is this a 'Ghost Rocket'?

Comet UFO fireball across the sky??

After you have watched these clips, maybe you can then agree with the UK Ministry of Defence that there are many 'strange phenomena' in the sky. According to the history of government UFO investigations by Dr David Clark who wrote a highlights briefings guide to cover the UK government UFO files made available to the public in August 2009, we find the following curious statement:
"The last time the Government made a full public statement on its policy was in January 1979 when UFOs were the subject of a lengthy debate in the House of Lords. This was initiated by Lord Clancarty (Brinsley le Poer Trench), the author of several books on UFOs and related subjects. Clancarty believed the MoD had evidence that UFOs were of extraterrestrial origin and was convinced they were concealing 'the truth' from the public.

In the summer of 1978 he tabled a motion that called on the Government to set up an inquiry and for the Defence Minister to make a televised statement on UFOs. In the Lords, the Government's response was delivered by a retired Royal Navy officer and Labour peer, Lord Strabolgi (David Kenworthy). His closing remarks were:

'…as for telling the public the truth about UFOs, the truth is simple. There really are many strange phenomena in the sky, and these are invariably reported by rational people. But there is a wide range of natural explanations to account for such phenomena. There is nothing to suggest to Her Majesty's Government that such phenomena are alien spacecraft.' ( AIR 20/12966).

Report: NASA can't keep up with killer asteroids
Yahoo News, 12th August 2009
"WASHINGTON – NASA is charged with spotting most of the asteroids that pose a threat to Earth but doesn't have the money to complete the job, a federal report says. That's because even though Congress assigned the space agency that mission four years ago, it never gave NASA the money to build the necessary telescopes, according to the report released Wednesday by the National Academy of Sciences. Specifically, the mission calls for NASA, by the year 2020, to locate 90 percent of the potentially deadly rocks hurtling through space.

The agency says it's been able to complete about one-third of its assignment with the current telescope system. NASA estimates that there are about 20,000 asteroids and comets in our solar system that are potential threats. They are larger than 460 feet in diameter — slightly smaller than the Superdome in New Orleans. So far, scientists know where about 6,000 of these objects are."

It seems that NASA have decided to take advantage of the current situation, as many minds have been focused by the extraordinary series of planetary hits by comets/asteroids in the last few weeks. See also, Earth could be blindsided by asteroids, panel warns

Space, 10th August 2009
"On August 9th I photographed 17 Perseids," reports John Chumack of Dayton, Ohio.

"The best one was a fireball of magnitude -8, about 40 times brighter than Venus. It had a double explosion, too!" "The Perseid meteor shower is definitely underway," he says. It should get even better in the nights ahead. Members of the International Meteor Organization are now counting more than 25 Perseids per hour: data. The rate is expected to increase almost 10-fold on the night of August 11th and 12th when Earth passes through a denser-than-usual filament of comet dust crossing Earth's orbit. Oberving tips may be found in the Science@NASA story "The Perseids are Coming."

Wow! This amazing photo of a double explosion on a meteor/fireball looks like a sword to me!

'Fireball' May Have Been Caught On Security Camera Large Boom, Flash Of Light Seen In Night Sky Likely A 'Fireball' News, 7th July 2009
"A fireball that reportedly barreled across southern Pennsylvania skies early Monday morning may have been caught on tape. Surveillance video may have captured an image of a big, bright meteor that streaked over southern Pennsylvania early Monday morning.

To see video and a slideshow of the incident, click the links in the story. Jeff Hines, an employee at the York Water Company shared surveillance camera video with News 8. If you look in the upper right hand corner of the image, you can see a light streaking across the sky. It's only there for a second. "We have a meteor on our security camera! It's not something we look for, meteors, but there it was," Hines said. Hines said the video is all the buzz at the water company office. A fireball is a large, brighter than normal meteor."

Folks, there are now many many reports of fireballs, but if you look back in the archives only a year or so ago, officials were stating that these were once in a life-time events. Hence, after a plane gets knocked out of the air in flash of light and two pilots report seeing burning debris in completely clear skies because there was NO bad weather and the US military abruptly decide to stop providing scientists with satellite meteorite/fireball data, therefore causing a firestorm, excuse the pun, with angry scientists that then accelerates and gets congressmen involved, this is after NASA try to keep reports about Near Earth Objects (NEOS) out of the public domain, then it's no wonder that some people with higher brain processing ability, are starting to suspect that our planet is under some kind of cosmic bombardment. See also Meteor over Maryland and Pennsylvania

Military Seeks Common Ground with Scientists on Fireball Data Flap, 3rd July 2009
"A few weeks ago I wrote about scientists who were unhappy that a purported clamp down was afoot on their use of data snagged by U.S. military spacecraft – hush hush satellites that from time to time catch natural cosmic fireballs blazing through Earth's atmosphere.

Digging in on this story is not easy. Military higher-ups and the agencies involved are guarded about how potent their satellite sensors are as they stare at Earth for nuclear detonations, missile launches and the like. In a new exclusive interview with, U.S. Air Force Brigadier General Robert Rego, who is in charge of the policy guidance behind the data release, said the Air Force Space Command is "circling the wagons" to close some loopholes in the dissemination of potentially sensitive information. U.S. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher said he's monitoring the situation and expects a solution that favors the needs of scientists."

Obviously, there have been some serious eruptions, if the US Military are feeling the heat and US Congressman are getting involved.....

The following quote is from an excellent piece of research by Laura Knight-Jadczyk at Laura writes:
"Over the past few years, while has been tracking the increasing flux of fireballs and meteorites entering the earth's atmosphere, we have been, by turns, amused and horrified at the ignorant reactions and declarations that issue from academia and the media regarding these incursions. A few years ago, we read that "this is a 'once in a hundred years' event!" Not long after it was a "once in a lifetime" event. Still later, after a lot more incidents it became a "once in a decade" event. More recently, it has been admitted in some quarters that meteorites hit the ground (as opposed to safely burning up in the atmosphere) several times a year! And of course, we have discovered the fact that the governments of our planet are well aware that there are atmospheric explosions from such bodies numerous times a year.

We have also learned in this series that the frequent reports of unusual booms and shaking of the ground is often due to such overhead explosions. Yet the media steadfastly refuses to honestly address this issue, though we have noted a plethora of recent articles presenting opposing academic arguments designed to put the populace back to sleep, to reassure them that there is nothing to worry about, that such things only happen every 100,000 years or so, and certainly, the Space Watch Program is going to find all the possible impactors and take care of things." Meteorites, Asteroids, and Comets: Damages, Disasters, Injuries, Deaths, and Very Close Calls .
The only thing wrong with Laura's analysis is the missing perspective that Earth is a school and the Universe reserves the right to cleanse the school and literally give it a rest when the human population screws up, which from the archaeological data seems to be fairly frequent. We now know that aetheric entities exist that monitor the spiritual progress of humanity and take action or indeed stand by and let things happen which then allows the Earth to evolve to a new state of being. Personally, I am still wondering how spiritual evolution is going to play out on Earth. However, as I recently had a glimpse of another world that looked far my interesting than Earth, I am getting to the stage were I am not sure whether I am really bothered what happens. From scientific speculation to metaphysical know-how, it would seem that all sorts of life is teeming all over the universe and beyond.

Meteor Shower over English Channel Causes Confusion
Captains have reported distress signals in the sky

Softpedia, 16th June 2009
" A number of captains, sailing their ships in the crowded waters of the English Channel on Monday night, signaled to the coastguard services in France and the United Kingdom, saying that they noticed warning flares in the night sky. The lights, they reported, were either white or bright green, and they urged authorities to take steps to save the ships in distress. The cause of the strange phenomenon, which began at around 21:30 BST (2030 GMT), was quickly found to be an expected meteor shower, of which the boat captains in the area had no idea. Three successive meteor showers were visible yesterday, all coming from the same comet passing near our planet.

What comet? Excuse me, I spend a great deal of time checking out what is happening on this planet and I can assure you there was NO passing comet mentioned anywhere in mainstream or alternative media in the last month! If captains can't tell the difference between a meteor shower and 'flares' then we have a serious problem!

Meteor shower sparks coastal alerts
Yahoo News, 16th June 2009
"Full report: "Reports of strange lights in the English Channel overnight have been put down to a meteor shower, coastguards said. Calls were made to stations from Hampshire down to Brixham in Devon and across to Jersey and France at about 9.30pm on Monday, with people saying they were seeing white and green flares in the sky.

A Solent Coastguard spokesman said: "There were reports of flares all down the coast which went on for about half an hour but there was a forecast for a meteor shower." Meteor showers are caused by debris from a comet burning up in the Earth's atmosphere. This can produce shooting stars across the night sky, particularly visible on clear nights, which was the case over southern England on Monday night. Solent Coastguard said it could have been one of three showers forecast - the June Lyrids, the Ophruchids or the Zeta Pearseids."

Hmm... Maybe atmospheric conditions are such that meteor showers will become increasingly more spectacular. Whatever, people are going to have get use to an abundance of celestial phenomena as the downpour of evolutionary energies accelerates.

14-year-old hit by 30,000 mph space meteorite
A schoolboy has survived a direct hit by a meteorite after it fell to earth at 30,000mph.

Telegraph, 12th June 2009
"Gerrit Blank, 14, was on his way to school when he saw "ball of light" heading straight towards him from the sky. A red hot, pea-sized piece of rock then hit his hand before bouncing off and causing a foot wide crater in the ground.

The teenager survived the strike, the chances of which are just 1 in a million - but with a nasty three-inch long scar on his hand. He said: "At first I just saw a large ball of light, and then I suddenly felt a pain in my hand. "Then a split second after that there was an enormous bang like a crash of thunder." "The noise that came after the flash of light was so loud that my ears were ringing for hours afterwards. "When it hit me it knocked me flying and then was still going fast enough to bury itself into the road," he explained. Scientists are now studying the pea-sized meteorite which crashed to Earth in Essen, Germany.

it's incredible he survived when the meteorite left a small crater in concrete!

Military Hush-Up: Incoming Space Rocks Now Classified, 10th June 2009
"For 15 years, scientists have benefited from data gleaned by U.S. classified satellites of natural fireball events in Earth's atmosphere – but no longer. A recent U.S. military policy decision now explicitly states that observations by hush-hush government spacecraft of incoming bolides and fireballs are classified secret and are not to be released, has learned.

The satellites' main objectives include detecting nuclear bomb tests, and their characterizations of asteroids and lesser meteoroids as they crash through the atmosphere has been a byproduct data bonanza for scientists. The upshot: Space rocks that explode in the atmosphere are now classified. "It's baffling to us why this would suddenly change," said one scientist familiar with the work. "It's unfortunate because there was this great synergy...a very good cooperative arrangement. Systems were put into dual-use mode where a lot of science was getting done that couldn't be done any other way. It's a regrettable change in policy."

For 15 years, scientists have benefited from data gleaned by U.S. classified satellites of natural fireball events in Earth's atmosphere – but no longer. A recent U.S. military policy decision now explicitly states that observations by hush-hush government spacecraft of incoming bolides and fireballs are classified secret and are not to be released, has learned.

The satellites' main objectives include detecting nuclear bomb tests, and their characterizations of asteroids and lesser meteoroids as they crash through the atmosphere has been a byproduct data bonanza for scientists. The upshot: Space rocks that explode in the atmosphere are now classified.

"It's baffling to us why this would suddenly change," said one scientist familiar with the work. "It's unfortunate because there was this great synergy...a very good cooperative arrangement. Systems were put into dual-use mode where a lot of science was getting done that couldn't be done any other way. It's a regrettable change in policy."

Scientists say not only will research into the threat from space be hampered, but public understanding of sometimes dramatic sky explosions will be diminished, perhaps leading to hype and fear of the unknown.cientists say not only will research into the threat from space be hampered, but public understanding of sometimes dramatic sky explosions will be diminished, perhaps leading to hype and fear of the unknown."

Obviously, there is a reason and the continuous reports of Near Earth Objects (NEOs) asteroids and comets etc, coming our way must be causing anxiety.

Near Rio Vista, California - A Green Fireball [Orb] [US]
HBCC UFO Research, 2nd June 2009
Date: May 28, 2009 Time Approx: 11:30 p.m. Number of witnesses: 2 Number of Objects: 1
Shape of Objects: Orb-like. "Driving down highway 12 slowing down for construction, I had seen a medium-sized green fireball-like orb falling towards the ground at a close 45 degree angle approximately 1 mile away.

I wasn't sure if it were fireworks or a flare gun initially considering the construction nearby. I also had considered a falling star. A couple of seconds later I realized it couldn't have been either of those and quickly asked my girlfriend sitting next to me what it could be. We both looked at it for 3-4 seconds as it rapidly fell towards the ground. We weren't able to see where it fell due to a blocking view caused by a big-rig truck. We're not exactly sure if anyone else had seen the green fireball as well since there were so many distractions and nobody stopped in their tracks to look in awe.

I don't known how this witness could describe this as a "medium-sized" green fireball-like orb, since we have not got to the stage were anyone could provide estimates for small, medium, large, xlarge etc. Nevertheless, this seems like another UAP arrival, taking up residence in planet Earth.

England: Meteor Strike May Have Caused Peat Bog Fire Near Carlisle [UK]
News & Star, 16th May 2009
"A huge fire which tore through a Cumbria peat bog near Carlisle may have been caused by a meteor strike, according to some locals.

Firefighters spent several hours on Monday morning battling the blaze at Wedholme Flow, near Kirkbride, which at its height stretched for half a mile, leaving a wall of fire visible from miles around. It has now emerged that some residents living near the bog reported seeing a white-hot meteor streaking through the night sky. The theory is that it may have triggered fire shortly after striking the ground on Sunday night. "

Hmmm.... There is no doubt that the planet is being assailed by asteroids and meteorites, see The Asteroids Are Coming and the explanation has been given elsewhere on this blog. Here, I would like to mention that there is clear evidence of orbs intervening and breaking up meteorites, as they enter our atmosphere (YouTube clips) and it seems that much larger potential strikes have been prevented by massive orbs breaking up asteroids before they get anywhere near Earth, see The kryon Books by Lee Carroll. However, I can't say what criteria is being used by higher consciousness to determine how and when the impact of asteroids is mitigated. Personally, it's a great comfort to me that we are not stuck on this planet with no universal support, it is now clear our reality is being supervised by an Earth Management Team operating under universal directives.

'Green meteor' in Edinburgh sky
BBC News, 13th May 2009
"Observers have reported a meteor over Edinburgh, after a "very fast" bright green light was seen traveling across the sky towards East Lothian. [...] Another eyewitness, Chris Montroy, from Edinburgh, said that looking from his window, which faces Arthur's Seat, he could see an orange streak which turned into a bright green light. [...]

"It was quite spectacular, not unlike a firework with a nicely coloured tail." [...] "To be honest, I did think it was just a firework until I saw the news report. It was a very bright and luminous green." "

From the report descriptions, this meteor was obviously being mistaken for galactic fireworks!

Gravelly, Arkansas - Three See 2 Fireballs Move N & Light Up Entire Sky [US]
UFOs Northwest, 14th May 2009
"I was riding my 4 wheeler on a perfectly clear night. I was rounding a curve and something caught my eye. I turned my attention to the sky. It was almost like two fireballs side by side traveling north. The fireballs completely lit up the sky. They seemed to be stretched out traveling fast, and in an instant they were gone. I have two friends who were looking at the same thing and wondering what we had just seen."

Two meteorites travelling in tandem, no doubt there could be some laws of physics unknown to us as to how this could happen....

UFO fever sweeps into town [Scotland, UK]
The Scottish Sun, 13th May 2009
"A TOWN has been gripped by a UFO frenzy after 16 mysterious 'balls of fire’ were spotted flying through the sky.

Local man Martin Forbes captured the spine-tingling moment on his mobile phone after noticing the bright red lights moving up over the Fraserburgh skyline. The 21-year-old health and safety advisor said dozens of friends and neighbours witnessed the eerie phenomena as they passed overhead during a clear night in the Aberdeenshire village. "

So now it's UFO Frenzy? In my book Tuning the diamonds: Electromagnetism & spiritual Evolution published by Joyfire Publishing in September 2006, I announced that there was a two-way traffic of plasma entities that had been identitied by various sources, including Russian scientists and the UK Ministry of Defense. 16 mysterious 'balls of fire’ travelling in convoy is quite something and the uninformed public are of course stunned.

Fireball over Pittsburgh; UFO changing shapes multiple times reported in California [US]
Pittsburgh UFO Examiner, 30th April 2009
There are 8 reports here:
"UFO sighting reports have literally been pouring in over the past couple of days, with the most recent report coming from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.....

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 4/29/2009 -
A bright, meteor-like object observed starting above a nearby treeline, streaked toward the horizon at a 45 degree angle before disappearing. The object then reappeared, following the same path, then disappeared a second time below the horizon.

Santa Clara, California - 4/29/2009 -
Six orange lights moved through the sky, in an east to west direction, traveling at an altitude of approximately 2,500 feet. The object stopped and the lights broke formation and started revolving around one another in a "chaotic" manner, went into a circular pattern for about 10 to 20 seconds, before reforming the original formation of a wedge or boomerang configuration.The object, once again, began traveling in an east to west trajectory. The object continued heading west towards Ocean Beach, where it stopped once more and repeated the previous motions and then continued west until out of sight

This is bad news for the 2012 Bandwagonistas! The UAP reports are now pouring in thick and fast and signify the massive orchestration of energy needed to 'refresh' our planet Earth. This is part of an exponential acceleration of evolutionary energies predicted to occur BEFORE 2012. What's more, 'Keepers of Ancient Knowledge' have been proven correct as we experience the 'overturning of space-time' and the 'veil lifting'. The Galactic Alignment occured in 1998, and the planetary "upgrade" is rapidly escalating now!

‘Burning object’ UFO alert [UK]
Lancashire Telegraph, 4th May 2009
"AN unidentified flying object was seen over the skies of Blackburn. A ‘burning’ object which then shot through the sky at speed was witnessed by a 15-year-old boy and a resident in Arran Avenue on Friday night. Firefighters were alerted around 9.30pm to the unusual goings on over Shadsworth.

Crew manager Paul Jennings said: “We were called to reports of a UFO around 9.30pm in Arran Avenue. A 15-year-old lad and one of the neighbours said they had seen a burning objects in the sky. They said it was almost like a hot air balloon but it was moving too fast.

Obviously, these people thought that a plane was on fire and so called the Fire Brigade. What are people going to do if they see multiple burning 'objects' in the skies? Quite frankly, it's seems absolutely unbelievable to me that all this is going on and yet many in the New Age community are looking forward to some 'action' in 2012. Yet, incredibly the Russians reported, "inter-world processes" in 1997, and from reports all around the world, this is obviously ongoing! Talk about the lack of spiritual understanding! See also,

UFOs spotted in Peterborough: did you see them? [UK],
Peterborough Today, May 2009
"Mystery surrounds the appearance of eight eerie orange lights which lit up Peterborough's skyline on Sunday evening and left star gazers in awe."

Mystery sightings of orange orbs floating across evening sky [Dorset, UK]
Dorset Echo, 7th May, 2009

Meteor-like UFOs appear controlled
The UFO Examiner, 29th April 2009
"A report out of Pennsylvania April 29 describes what appeared at first to be a meteor - but then the object displayed characteristics of something controlled. Similar reports have been made across the country lately. The witness describes the object's erratic behavior in this unedited report from the Mutual UFO Network witness database. [...]

Montana, April 6, 2009 - Fireball streaking toward ground, disappeared for 10 seconds, then shot back skyward.

From 2 miles south of Plevna (driving from south to north), MT my wife and I saw a fireball streaking down at a steep angle. It was a bit north of Plevna and was about half way up the horizon. It appeared for 1 to 2 seconds, bright flash, the fireball, a minimal fire streak with it. It was bright, then dim, then bright, then dim, then gone at about 1/4 of the horizon. We both said wow, meteor. We were excited to both have seen the "meteor". About 5-10 seconds later the same object went shooting back skyward along about the same line it took coming down."

Remote controlled meteorites?Well, more UAPs arriving, but as most people don't understand what they are seeing, in the Montana account, they may have actually seen a 'changing of the guard'.

A ball with a big, long streak'
Arizona Daily Sun, 28th April 2009
"As he was driving north on Interstate 17 just beyond the Stoneman Lake exit around midnight Saturday, Richard Garcia saw a blazing fireball seemingly pass overhead in the same direction. "She came right over the top of the truck," Garcia said Monday. "The colors were unbelievable. It was unbelievably beautiful.

It was ball with a big long streak on it and then it had all these gorgeous colors just radiating out of it." Not much more than an hour earlier, sometime after 10:30 p.m., Gloria Mireles was standing in the parking lot of the Western Hills motel on east Route 66 when she saw a fiery red fireball light up the eastern sky.

"It was giving out sparks from the tail," Mireles said Monday.She said she closed her eyes because she thought it was going to hit, but felt no impact. [...]

Garcia is skeptical the fireball he saw made it to Earth.

"It was right over the top of road and I thought it was going to impact the road, so me and this other car that was next to me, we both slowed down because I think he was thinking that same thing I was, that it would probably hit the road," Garcia said. "But I didn't see anything disintegrate. It just appeared that it ran out of energy." Garcia estimated the fireball to be between 3 and 4 feet in diameter.

Brian Rackham was visiting a friend in Prescott Valley, and they both saw the fireball and were convinced it hit nearby. "It was an amazing thing. Bright white and red fireball with greenish tail," Rackham wrote in an email to the Daily Sun. "We were watching TV, and it was so bright we couldn't help but look to the side out the window as it came down. The whole thing took about two seconds at the most." Rackham thought initially it was a plane or helicopter crash near the Prescott Airport.

This story is incredible, we have different accounts where people actually thought they were going to get hit and the 'fireball' just disappears and they are NOT SHOWERED WITH ANY DEBRIS!! The question is: why would different 'fireballs' both conveniently disintegrate at ground level after such spectacular displays, unless they were both just pure energy and so directly entered the Earth? INCREDIBLE!!

By the way, in the News of the Imbalance archives, there are entries with links to YouTube clips of real fireballs and I assure you, if they land there is absolutely no mistaking it! My conclusion is that these are further examples of 'heavenly phenomena', as described by U.S. meterologists at a loss at trying to explain away NEW celestial phenomena. See February 20th report 2009,

Fireball lights up sky and causes jaws to drop. Just a another note, again we see people thinking they are witnessing a plane crash....

Search for meteor in Arizona
UPI News, 27th April 2009
Full Report: "Authorities in Arizona said there has been no sign that a large meteor reported in the skies near Sedona made impact with the ground.

A spokesman for the Pinewood Fire Department in Munds Hill, near Sedona, said a crew drove up and down Interstate 17 but could find no evidence of the fireball that witnesses said lit up the sky Saturday night, the Arizona Daily Sun, Flagstaff, Ariz., reported Monday. Karen Malis-Clark, public information officer for the Coconino National Forest, told the Arizona Republic that officials believe the meteor was destroyed before it landed. "For some people in Arizona it might've looked like it landed but it didn't," she said."

I am not sure this is the same event as the other fireball reports in Arizona. However, it's worth mentioning, how often do crews have to go out searching for craters or meteor fragments after reports of fireballs to then find nothing, before the realisation sinks in that something else extraordinary is happening. Well, since Sedona is the New Age capital of the world, I am sure they will be delighted with an influx of "NEW ENERGY".

Australia: Brisbane, Queensland - Fiery Object Reverses Direction, Goes Back the Way It Came
UFOINFO, 19th April 2009
"Description: Standing out front of my partners parents house admiring his mothers new car in Browns Plains, we noticed an object in the sky, which seemed very bright, a lot brighter than the rest of the sky, it seemed to be travelling in a straight line heading north west, as it got closer it became very bright and looked like it was on fire..

we all freaked out as we thought it was a plane, maybe a huge shooting star. Then it looked like a couple of pieces of it broke off which were fire looking round objects and stayed still in the sky burning so bright you could not miss it.

All of a sudden it started moving back in the direction it came from and we finally lost sight of it!! It was in sight for about five minutes or so, we do have a little footage of it on a mobile phone but not that great..

This account sounds like a few entities were dropped off, so is there a galactic delivery service in operation?

Fireball leaves 'great glow' in Alberta
CBC News, 31st March 2009
"Some early risers in Alberta got a glimpse of a fireball streaking across the sky Tuesday morning. University of Calgary geologist Alan Hildebrand said about a dozen witnesses reported the sight to the Canadian Fireball Reporting Centre.

A meteor, weighing between 10 and 100 kilograms, broke into pieces southeast of Calgary about 6:30 a.m. local time and likely burned up before hitting the ground, said Hildebrand. Roger Kunkel was driving from Raymond to Lethbridge just after 6:30 a.m. Tuesday when he saw a "great glow" in the sky coming from the southeast and heading north. "Sort of a blue and then breaking up into pieces. [...]

Another said he saw a "flurry of meteorites flying around," travelling in a southeasterly direction.

See also, Strange object in the sky [Canada]. So, are we seeing a dramatic increase in celestial objects?

Rocket trash? Explosion's cause may never be known
The Virginian-Pilot, 30th March 2009
"We might never know what streaked across the Eastern Seaboard sky Sunday night, producing a window-rattling boom, but a U.S. Naval Observatory official says it probably was a piece of Russian space junk or a meteor. [...] People from Maryland to North Carolina reported seeing a fiery streak of light sometime between 9:40 and 9:50 p.m. Sunday, followed by one or more explosion-like sounds.[...]

Most astronomy experts say the loud noise heard across Hampton Roads was probably a sonic boom created by the object. S. Kent Blackwell, an amateur astronomer, was sky-watching in Pungo when the explosion occurred. He said he saw a flash of light "two or three times brighter than the full moon, then it turned orange with a white core and disappeared." One to two minutes later, a loud noise shook houses in Norfolk and Virginia Beach and was heard as far away as the Eastern Shore. [...]

The Air Force command that tracks space debris in low-Earth orbit first predicted that the Russian booster might enter the atmosphere near Taiwan, Chester said. However, the prediction was refined over time, and Chester said it appears that the booster's path took it within sight of Hampton Roads."

If in doubt, blame the Russians! LOL!! Update Of course it had nothing to do with the Russians, see East coast 'Bright light' not man-made object. Update 2, 4th April Suffolk man says he saw meteor hit

Streaking lights, explosions reported all along coast
The Virginia-Pilot, 30th March 2009 (Older Version of report?)
"If the fireball and explosion witnessed by residents along the mid-Atlantic coast Sunday night was a meteor, it's likely that it survived to hit the ground, an astronomy expert says.[...]

"This brilliant green meteor was probably two or three times brighter than the full moon," Blackwell said. "Then it turned orange with a white core and disappeared." One to two minutes later, a loud low-frequency noise shook houses in Norfolk and Virginia Beach.

"It was a very ominous, low-frequency rumble," said Robert Hitt, director of the Chesapeake planetarium, who lives in the Acredale section of Virginia Beach. "The sound was quite different from what you hear from thunder." Sound is quite rare with fireballs, according to a fact sheet from the American Meteor Society, but there can be two kinds. One is a sonic boom one to two minutes after the visible light, created by fireballs usually brighter than magnitude -8. In comparison, the meteor society says the North Star is magnitude 2.1 and a bright Venus is -4.4. The full moon is -12.6 and the sun is -26.7. The other kind of sound that can accompany fireballs is called electrophonic. It occurs at the same time as the flash is seen and may sound like a hiss, a sizzle or popping noise. "Often, the witness of such sounds is located near some metal object when the fireball occurs," according to the meteor society fact sheet. "Additionally, those with a large amount of hair seem to have a better chance of hearing these sounds." These sounds may be radio waves, but they have not been scientifically identified, it says.

The discussion about sound is interesting but after reading various reports it seem the description of this celestial event varies quite a lot.

Emails about the mystery in the sky, 30th March 2009
"11:19 p.m. - Jamie in Virginia Beach: I live in the Chimney Hill area of Virginia Beach and was on my deck when the yard lit up like a lightening flash so I glance up and saw a huge fireball go from West to East, with a very long tail extending halfway across the sky. About 60 seconds later there was a boom that rattled my house and even shook the chair I was sitting in. As a fan of astronomy, I am thrilled to have been so lucky enough to witness this. It was amazing!

12:07 a.m. - Valerie in Virginia Beach: Hi, Saw the bright flash and then felt the boom. It shook our house. We are in the Pembroke Meadows area off of Indpendence Bllvd. and Witchduck Rd. I called my sister who was on the road coming back from Lusby, Maryland. There were 2 sisters, brother in law, 3 nephews, 2 nieces and my mother on the road. They had just gotten off the I295 bypass and gotten on I64 East heading to Norfolk.

They all said they saw a big bluish/white ball with what look like orange sparkling in the sky heading south in front of them falling straight ahead down the highway. Then they saw a bright flash and felt a big boom. They said a few cars swerved in front of them. They said it was going along following the highway heading south.

From these accounts, this fireball entry seems to have been quite a spectacular event. Lots more to come?

Fireball lights up sky and causes jaws to drop
Star Bulletin, 20th February 2009
"It was a show-stopper for Gregory McCartney, who runs an evening outdoor astronomy education and entertainment program at Ko Olina. The NASA Solar System ambassador and board member for the University of Hawaii Friends of the Institute for Astronomy Council had about 18 people at a star show that night.

He said they were waiting for Saturn to come into view at about 9:05 p.m. "when all of a sudden, out of nowhere this streaking bullet of a meteor comes ripping across the sky over the Marriott Beach Club timeshare building (from the east) heading downwards at a 45-degree angle towards the ocean (the west)." He was facing north when he saw it, he said, explaining he usually yells out to the crowd when he sees a "shooting star."

"However, as this meteor came closer to the crowd about two palm trees in height, it suddenly lit up brighter than a full moon as in a glow larger than I'd say a house," he wrote in an e-mail. "I mean, this thing was the largest, brightest meteor I had ever seen. "It was literally white hot and amazingly clear white - not like milk color, but more like a glossy brilliance. As it went over a palm tree, this time I instinctively yelled, 'Look out!' as it seemed we were about to be hit. "Then it lit up into a brilliant clear blue color for a split second, then a brilliant red and disappeared."

McCartney and his clients were not alone in witnessing the heavenly phenomenon. People elsewhere on Oahu and throughout the nation reported seeing similar events. The Federal Aviation Administration had calls from media across the country asking about flashes in the sky that night, a spokesman said, adding that he believed it was a "meteorological phenomenon."

Incredible! This "fireball" was so close for some witnesses that they thought they were going to get hit, but it just 'disappeared' instead and they were NOT showered with any debris! This account is from an event organised by astronomers who routinely watch the skies, but in this case, all authorities could state was this was a "meteorological phenomenon." Guess what folks, we are in completely unchartered waters, our planet is being pummelled by energies that we don't understand, yet we have been warned by metaphysical sources that this is all part of the planetary upgrade process. Incredible! WHEN WILL THE PUBLIC REALISE THAT SOMETHING EXTRAORDINARY IS HAPPENING?

Mystery 'Fireballs' Fall From The Texas Sky
Yahoo News, 16th February 2009
"Authorities in Texas are baffled after being flooded with reports of burning debris falling from the sky. Terrified onlookers were heard screaming when the mysterious "fireballs" were filmed mid-morning on Sunday. They were captured by television cameras recording a marathon in the state capital Austin."

Video: I don't think this looks like burning debris and it is surprising that authorities actually agree that this is NOT debris from the satellite collision. So we have to conclude, that like so many recent reports, this could be another great example of what people suggest is a 'fireball' but in reality is a magnetospheric plasmoid arriving. The only way we can be sure is if there is any evidence, literally, on the ground. Another thought, there are often discrepancies with multi-dimensional phenomena, as what people see with the eye and what is recorded by digital technology often differs and this filmed event is very unlike other fireballs recorded by TV crews, see archives for examples.

Northern Europe Marvels at Mysterious Blue Light
Spiegel, 19th January 2009
"First there was a bluish glow, then a bang and a shockwave. Residents across northern Europe marvelled at the mysterious phenomenon, which is believed to have been a meteorite crashing into the Baltic Sea off the coast of northern Germany over the weekend. A mysterious bluish-green flash of light followed by a loud bang alarmed residents across northern Germany, Denmark and southern Sweden on Saturday night and prompted dozens of people to call the police. "There was a dull thunder and I felt pressure in my chest," said one eyewitness in the northern German city of Rostock."

See YouTube video (0:09), YouTube - Meteor i Sverige, 17 Jan -09 (Meteor, Sweden) It seems that we are waiting for NASA or any other space agency to inform the world that our planet is now being bombarded by an asteroid shower or that satellites are now routinely falling out of the sky due to the brutal electrical conditions in our near Earth environment, caused by the highly charged region of space that our solar system is now traversing.

Mystery Over Hertford [UK]Fireball
Herald24 News, 9th December 2008
"A FIREBALL blazed across the skies above Hertford on Sunday night. The UFO sped across the sky at just after 8.30pm. An eyewitness wrote in an online forum: "It travelled south and I tracked it for about two minutes. It was at quite a height, bright orange and had shots of what looked like orange flame that shot from the sides or top every now and then. [...]

Another contributor speculated that the sighting was "an asteroid burning up in the atmosphere." Malcolm Robinson, of Strange Phenomena Investigations, told the Herald: "In the main the vast majority of all UFO reports have identifiable solutions, as high as 95 per cent." Commenting on the Hertford sighting he said: "It may well have been a fireball or meteorite burning up, although it may well be something very bizarre. "Balls of light in the sky do give rise to what many people think might be UFOs. "As I said 95 out of 100 turn out to be explainable, but it is the five per cent that are not that turn out to fascinating to myself and my colleagues.

It would be interesting to know whether Malcolm Robinson, has read the UK Ministry of Defence's UAP report, because he could be like many people who become professionals at being 'mystified'.

UN is told that Earth needs an asteroid shield
Scientists call for £68m a year to detect danger, and more for spacecraft to defend against it

The Guardian, 7th December 2008
"A group of the world's leading scientists has urged the United Nations to establish an international network to search the skies for asteroids on a collision course with Earth. The spaceguard system would also be responsible for deploying spacecraft that could destroy or deflect incoming objects. The group - which includes the Royal Society president Lord Rees and environmentalist Crispin Tickell - said that the UN needed to act as a matter of urgency. Although an asteroid collision with the planet is a relatively remote risk, the consequences of a strike would be devastating. [...]

'Over the next 10 to 15 years, the process of discovering asteroids will likely identify dozens of new objects threatening enough that they will require proactive decisions by the United Nations,' the report added."

There seems to be a concern about asteroids or Near Earth Objects (NEOs), which I believe is due to the region of space that we are entering when objects can appear with quite erratic behaviour due to the highly charged plasma environment. New telescopes on the ice in Antartica and the rapid increase in meteorites and fireballs with a few highly publicised near asteroid misses seem to indicate why there is this heightened concern.

Astronomer: "By far the most impressive event I have ever witnessed"
This is, 3rd December 2008
"AN AMATEUR astronomer says he was "transfixed" on Monday by what he describes as the most impressive event he has ever witnessed in the night sky. Dr David Billington was looking through a telescope from his home, The Watch House at Trevaunance Cove, St Agnes, when he saw a bright meteor with a persistent wide trail. As an amateur astronomer he has seen many meteors from his garden, all short and of one or two seconds duration, and always very narrow streaks of yellowish light across the sky. [...]

Dr Billington was in his front garden at 9.25pm on Monday looking down at the ground at some wiring, and considering setting up his telescope as it was a clear night. "Suddenly there was a very bright flash illuminating the whole garden, at least as strong as a bright lightning flash.

"I looked up and there was a bright trail in the sky. It looked like a solid bar of white light with clear green and blue lines also visible along its length on the edges of the bright blue-white core. There was no visible taper at either end." It was very wide, similar in width to an aircraft condensation trail. [...]

"I was totally transfixed for several minutes as this was by far the most impressive event I have ever witnessed in the night sky, clearly the trail from a very violent atmospheric encounter with a relatively large object," says Dr Billington." See also 4th December, 'Meteor' burns up over Auckland

Something very different is happening and the experts are not sure what exactly these meteorite-like objects are because their characteristics defy conventional explanations. Whatever, this experts says it was big...

UK: Goodness, gracious, great ball of fire!
The Evening Telegraph, 24th October 2008
"Since 6.30pm on Wednesday, The Evening Telegraph has been inundated with calls and e-mails from readers who saw a strange fireball cutting a swath across the heavens for several minutes."

"The most likely explanation, according to RAF Wittering-based Met Office weather forecaster and keen astronomer Julian Cooke, is that it was an "unusually large" meteor." "Another astronomer, 38-year-old Jason Hart, of Orton Brimbles, Peterborough, reckons the spectacle could also have been an "iridium flare" – when the light of the sun hits reflective surfaces on satellites orbiting the earth, creating a streak of bright, white light. But if the accounts of regulars and staff at the Dragon pub in Werrington are to be believed, the phenomenon was more in keeping with Mr Cooke's fireball explanation. Pub manager Janek Skutela said: "It looked like a bright orange ball, and about 20 of us went outside the pub to watch it after one regular came in and said he could see a UFO.

"At first it shot across the sky really fast but then it went really slowly before disappearing into the distance.
All in all it lasted about seven or eight minutes. "We couldn't work out what it was but there were reports of a similar thing happening a fortnight before. One of our customers saw it but didn't say anything because he was scared everyone would take the mickey out of him.""

Well it's all happening in the UK! So here we have the new phenomena of an "unusually large" fireball shooting across the sky, and then slowing down to go about it's business at a more leisurely pace! I think we have another example of the arrival of a magnetospheric plasmoid and the general public have no idea because this would most certainly upset the prevailing understanding of reality! This is really exciting stuff!

Fiery object streaks across nighttime sky
Mysterious celestial ball probably a harmless meteor

The Herald Monterey County, 16th October 2008
"Reports came from residents from Carmel Valley to Salinas of a fireball shooting through the Tuesday night sky and hitting the Earth. A sheriff's deputy patrolling Carmel Valley saw it and thought enough of it to call for reinforcements. Turns out, the fireball was probably a meteor passing through the atmosphere. Deputy Joe Palazzolo reported seeing a bright light streak across the sky in a southeasterly direction around 9 p.m. He drove east on Carmel Valley Road to where he thought he saw the object crash and start a fire east of Garland Ranch Regional Park.

He said the fire appeared to get larger as he got closer, but fire crews did not find evidence of a fire or a meteor. That's because the space rock never hit Earth, said Tami Huntley, spokeswoman for the Monterey Institute for Research in Astronomy in Marina. "If it would have hit, we would have felt it," Huntley said. "It would have caused an earthquake." The U.S. Geological Survey Web site does not show any recorded earth shaking in Carmel Valley or Salinas Valley on Tuesday night.

"Everybody keeps saying that it landed, that it hit the Earth," Huntley said. "It didn't hit."

Celestial activity is ramping up and there is a constant stream of stories of fireballs and meteorites being seen in the skies all over the planet. Now, I would like to point out that according to various sources, including a major British Ministry of Defence (MOD) report, some of these objects are NOT fireballs or meteorites but are "magnetospheric plasmoids" or "magnetic entities", pure consciousness. You can even find video footage online of these things breaking hard and darting about in the sky. I always get excited by reports like this, here describing this phenomena as a "mysterious celestial ball", as far as I am concerned, the troops are ariving from wherever in our galaxy and they mean business!

This YouTube video (0:52) UFO FIRE FALLING POLAND, was reported by polish TV. At the moment, there is no indication of what can kind of phenomena it can be attributed to, but this does not matter, as it's just indicative of the many sightings of celestial origin worldwide.

Asteroid wrap could save the world
The Daily Telegraph, 22nd August 2008
"An Australian researcher has won an international prize for her plan to wrap a giant asteroid with reflective sheeting to stop it colliding with the earth and destroying all life. Such an impact would have the force of 110,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs if the asteroid, which actually exists, hits the planet in 2036, said Mary D'Souza, a PhD student with the University of Queensland's School of Engineering."

When I first read this report, I was not sure whether it was serious.... Anyway from what I understand, we have already had one reprieve from an asteroid with our name on it, when an Schumacher-Levi 9 was broken up by our aetheric friends in 1994. See Shoemaker-Levy 9 / Jupiter Impact. Quite frankly, I think it's a good idea to teach people to use their consciousness and then divine forces are compelled to help us. Obviously, this is an issue for world controllers who want to keep the populous fearful, ignorant and helpless, as they are much easier to control that way.

Meteorite Lands in Puno, Peru Near Bolivia, Citizens Report Radiation Sickness
Living in Peru, 17th September 2007
Comment: OK, I have been watching report after report about meteorites and fireballs being seen all over the world, besides well announced events like the Aurigids & Perseids showers, we are currently experiencing a meteor shower that is reported here as "unexpected". Hence, there have been some spectacular reports of night being turned to day at In fact, there are 15 more meteor showers predicted after the 1st September, Alpha Aurigids shower, see More 2007 meteor showers on the way!

Now, we have a report of a meteorite that has made a hole crater 30m wide by six metres deep, and appears to be radioactive, meanwhile hardly any mention in the mainstream press.... What's going on? Well I believe we are in a region of space that is quite electrically 'active' and that has made our local solar system environment unpredictable.


Susan Joy Rennison, B.Sc.Hons. (Physics with Geophysics)


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