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About 20 orange light balls in the sky -Chaddesden, Derbyshire [UK]
UK UFO Sightings, 31st August 2009
"Location of Sighting: Chaddesden, Derby; Date of Sighting: 30th August 2009;
Time: 21.30; Witness Name: jane
Witness Statement: I was looking out of my bedroom window and saw about 20 orange light balls in the sky. They travelled across the sky in groups of 3, 4 and 5. They were low in the sky and the sky was cloudy. They was very close together and seem to travel quite slow. i was amazed, i have never seen anything like it. Would like to know if anyone else in the area saw this."

Well, I believe that UAP reports have picked up again and we are seeing more swarms. So this week, I have decided to list together reports of more than 10 orange balls of light and this should cut down the listing considerably. What's so interesting, is that the New Age community are happy with the little 'orbs' that appear like amoeba but the large 'fiery' objects are being ignored. Maybe, that is because there is so little understanding of the diversity of universal energy, operating on this planet. Nevertheless, if you want to see an amazing swarm of amoeba-like entities, then Celia Fenn has just posted the most amazing pictures from Athens, August 2009, see link here. Here are more fiery swarms mostly, over the UK reported in the last week or so.

Stingray Shaped Object in broad Day light - Kenosha, Wisconsin [US]
NUFORC, 27th August 2009
"Monday August 3, 2009, it was about 5pm. There were blue skies, bright day, no clouds. I was driving my mother to a store taking north on 24th Ave. Going left on 45th St in Kenosha, Wi. As we approached 45th St to turn Left.

I noticed a large object that had looked like the shape of a stingray. It was completely solid black, moving slowly. About 200 hundred feet in the air. It was approximately 18 feet wide and roughly 10 feet long. We watched it for about 40 seconds before turning. And watched it for a moment while driving away. Where it looked like wings, it seemed like they were in mid flap, but had never moved.

Tuesday August 4,2009 About 5pm. My mother had been sitting in front of my house. And she reported to me that she had seen the object again. It had been flying from north of 25th Ave. towards south on 25th Ave. She had said again it seemed like it was soaring, like a bird that could not move its wings. It took approximately 3 minutes to pass."

Well, here we are given a biological description of a UFO that looked like a stingray with wings and soared like a bird.... so, maybe this should be categorised as an interdimensional entity or "critter". Since, we now know that those who were at the forefront of ufology were ignored when they suggested that UFOs were interdimensional plasma entities, it seems that very quickly we are going to find out for sure as the dimensional shift continues to accelerate. As an aside, I have started to visit UFO websites to look at what is being generally reported, so I was very surprised to find an example of a 'funnel' cloud with a bright mass on top, see image and details here. This is an obvious geophysical manifestation of plasma that has exited the Earth and can be compared to a water spout except it seems to have ionised the air on it's way out of the ground and created the 'cloud' effect. It has been long ago observed that people who have been in a position to look up and see directly into a tornado have seen the same bright cloud-like manifestation, but I have never heard anybody claim that tornadoes are hiding UFOs! I think it is worth repeating that a bright light in the sky could be one of a host of different phenomena, but the common thread for many sightings is plasma. Ok, back to this sighting that I have categorised as a biological entity with wings, or "critter". Here are other recent sightings that could be categorised as 'biological'.

Great ball of fire
Northumberland Today, 25th August 2009
"I wonder if any other of your readers saw this phenomenon. Out walking Monday evening Aug. 24 around 9 p.m., I saw what looked like a fireball passing silently overhead. It looked about basketball size, about 50 to 100 feet up, flaming, and moving about 50 kph or so in an east-northeast direction over our side street at Hill 60 just south of Danforth and further south of 401. Of course, size and height are hard to judge.

If it was a meteorite five miles up, then it was gigantic. I thought at first it was someone's fireworks skyrocket — but there was no sound.

Searching the Internet, it seems more likely that this was not a "fireball" (meteorite) but rather "ball lightning" though the nature and cause of the latter seems to be contentious. There was no other nearby lightning or storm behaviour at the time. Just wondered if anyone else saw this. Rod Anderson, Cobourg

Bravo! This witness, has actually thought about what he has seen and has come up with the concept of ball lightning which is well known short-lived plasma phenomenon. Now, people have to start thinking about living spheres of plasma phenomena, operating with universal consciousness that act as information carriers and we are almost there! Here are a few other similar reports from the last week or so.

Argentina: UFOs, Declassification and the Press
Inexplicata, 23rd August 2009
"There are very few stories about strange objects in the skies these days. Fabio Zerpa’s lost his ratings. But fans say that UFOs are busier than ever. They complain at the media’s laughter, and collect signatures seeking to declassify the files on the phenomenon that – they solemnly swear – the Government is concealing...

Even when they aren’t always visible, they’re always there. And what’s more, in recent years their sightings have grown in frequency and quantity, to the point that patterns are being defined. This is what Argentinean UFO experts claim, and when asked by Pagina 12, they can do no less than reject what they are told. “Of course there are [sightings] and more of them. The problem is that the media treats this as a joke,” retorts Silvia Perez Simondini, the researcher whose efforts have resulted in the country’s only UFO Museum."

Interesting article. Well, I realise that most people are convinced by the media driven debunking of UFOs and quite frankly, it's understandable. Unfortunately, when there is such a general ignorance of electromagnetic phenomena related to geophysical or atmospheric realms, there is no knowledge of the properties of plasma and certainly no clue that interdimensional entities exist. Therefore, the term Unidentified Flying Object, is for some people synonymous with being uneducated about many different subjects.

Chinese Lanterns, August 2009
History of Sky Lanterns Our Sky Lanterns have changed very little over their history of many centuries and have been used for nearly two thousand years. Sky Lanterns, which are filled with hot air created by the candle-like fuel cell inside them, were invented in China by Zhuge Liang, the chancellor of Shu Han, OR the Chinese famous strategist - Kong Min OR Chu Ko Liang - all have been credited for their invention. Sky Lanterns were invented as a military aid, used as a method of communication on the battlefield. Sky Lanterns are widely thought to be the world's first hot-air balloon - the first un-manned balloon of course! During the Yuan Dynasty, which began in the 13th century, Sky Lanterns became a symbol of hope and good wishes.

Sky Lanterns are now traditionally released with a wish to bring good luck & prosperity in the coming year - most popular for the Chinese New Year that sees literally millions of Sky Lanterns launched over a two week period. Sky Lanterns are both spectacular & serene and are great fun to use for any celebration including, Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Bonfire Night, New Year and more.

A box of 10 authentic white Sky Lanterns with 'Congratulations' in bold print
* Suitable for use both day & night
* Easy to use - spectacular & serene
* Fuel Cell attached
* Each lantern 108cm x 60cm
* Each is individually packaged with full instructions
* Up to 20 minutes flight
* Biodegradeable
* Flame retardent treated
* Flies up to a mile high
Perfect for any event or celebration

Since the UK has now become the Chinese lantern capital of the world, I thought I would check out how much they cost and what I can expect for my money. It seems that the British are now blessing each other over and over again with this symbol of hope and good wishes. So in this positive spirit, we can all rejoice as we read just a small number of the avalanche of new reports caused by celebrating British folk.

7 Awesome Acts of Nature (That Science Can't Explain)
Ethiopian Review, 20th August 2009
"We may look down on all the primitive peoples who are confused by lightning and think thunder is the voice of the gods, but the truth is to this very day there are natural phenomena that our scientists still don't begin to understand. We're talking about events that are witnessed by thousands, photographed, well-documented and yet are utterly baffling. Such as…

#7. Naga Fireballs

What would you do if you were walking along a tropical river at night and it suddenly began burping up egg-sized balls of red light? It happens every year in October along the Mekong river (the same one featured in classic Vietnam movies like Rambo II and the flashbacks from Rambo III). The phenomenon is known as the Naga Fireballs, and experts agree that it is "just weird as shit."

What happens is this: starting under water, tens to thousands of glowing red lights are seen rising out from the bottom of the river, then lifting hundreds of feet into the sky before disappearing.
It literally appears that the river is spitting out flaming M&Ms. They have never harmed anyone, and don't even seem to touch anything let alone set anything on fire. However, both of those facts were probably unavailable to dull the ferocity of the pant-crapping that took place when the event was first witnessed.

The Naga Fireballs are viewed by thousands of people every year, and a healthy number of videos documenting the phenomenon are hosted on YouTube, which is the most reliable scientific journal on the Internet next to Wikipedia."

Thia article is written for grown-ups and is quite rude and flippant, but someone is awake enough to list the 7 mysteries of
  • Naga Fireballs;
  • Star Jelly;
  • Blue Jets and Red Sprites;
  • Earthquake Lights;
  • Red Rain in Kerala;
  • Raining Animals; and
  • Spontaneous Human Combustion.
The first 4 are some of the more mysterious plasma phenomena commonly known. If you have seen a massive orange fireball in the sky, then you can compare this to the Naga Fireballs. "The bung fai paya nak, or Naga fireballs in English, spring up every October from the Mekong River in Thailand. Even Time magazine has covered the event, reporting that
"...each year, anything from 200 to 800 of the fiery orbs are sighted along a 100-kilometer stretch of the river". The October full moon is the most likely time for the orbs to appear, and as a result up to 400,000 people visit the river to catch their appearance."
This is quite an amazing event and from videos on YouTube it is treated as quite a festival of light, see [0:54] Naga fireballs & [2:18] Naga Fireballs, Nong Khai, Thailand, 14 Oct 2008 Despite the official explanations, it fails to explain why this phenomena should appear only at a certain time of the year and vary with the lunar cycle.

The Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident: The Testimony of Sgt. James Penniston and Col. Charles Halt (USAF)
Prometheus Unbound, August 2009
"The Rendlesham Forest UFO sighting occured just after Christmas in England in 1980, and is often called "Britain's Roswell." James Penniston and Charles Halt gave their testimonies about their experiences of the UFO in November 2007 before a National Press Club convention in Washington D.C. Both men strike me as credible in their manner of telling their stories."

If you have come to my website because you have seen an orange orb or are curious about all the strange ufo reports then I recommend that you watch and listen to these eye witness accounts. Due to this new information (to me), I have updated a previous entry that gave an account of the Bentwater, also called 'The Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident', as it seems that my original reputable source had mixed 2 events up that had occurred 2 days apart. However, due to the nature of these events, it could be that it was a deliberate policy by military bosses to mix up the sightings because what was seen was so unbelievable and bizarre. By the way, the 1st event was witnessed by over 80 military personnel and in the second event, the description of a blinking red orb takes us much closer to the hundreds of sightings now being seen all over the UK.

A fireball, a hot air balloon or even a plane on fire? - Leigh, Lancashire [UK]
UK UFO sightings, 18th August 2009
"Witness Statement: I was at friends sat in the conservatory chatting when I looked at the sky it was going dusk when i saw what appeared to be a fire ball in the sky at first i thought it was a hot air balloon all of us went outside as it was going to fast to be a balloon thought it was a plane on fire as it came over us it was very high at a consistant speed it continued until it vanished over manchester area did any one else see this we were all gob smacked."

It seems that the 2012 prediction that humanity will 'officially' become aware of other lifeforms is coming true! I wrote my article 'Watch Out! Planet Under Reconstruction!' for the UK Paradigm Shift magazine I realised that UAP activity was stepping up and that some people would get frightened, but quite honestly from what I have read, the reaction has been mostly puzzlement and excitement. In my quest for understanding what is known about the existence of magnetic plasma entities (UAPs and a host other scientific and metaphyscial names), I have established that 'officially' the UK Ministry of Defence are prepared to concede that there are many 'strange' phenomena in the skies and that 'Ghost Rockets' are a real phenomena, the US Air Force have acknowledged in the past space animals or "critters" and the existence of space ectoplasm, which presumably is another name for what atmospheric scientists call magnetospheric plasmoids, basically macro-sized plasma entities that look like amoeba.

At the moment, I have not seen any official military statements that account for UAP activity on the ground. However, standard geophysical research has identified a host of strange electromagnetic phenomena but so far, I have only come across Russian scientists who have tried to identify the functional possibilities of what they have called Natural Self-Luminous Formations (NSLF) in space and planetary environments. They suggest that the planetophysical role of NSLFs can be traced in their influence on geophysical fields and the seismic regime of the Earth. This relates back to the more standard geophysical acknowledgement of Earthlights and St Elmos fire etc and the recent research that uses satellites to monitor changes in local magnetic fields and ulta-low frequency electromagnetic "emissions" that act as precursors to earthquakes.

Despite the work of Paul Devereux et al. and his "re-invention of ufology" that explained ufos in terms of geophysical and electromagnetic phenomena, his insight was ignored by people only interested in space craft and their occupants. Therefore, I am very reluctant to go out of my way to do research that UFO 'experts' should have already highlighted and made common knowledge as valid explanations for UFOs. It must also be stated that when the UK Ministry of Defence cite electrical discharge phenomena, ufologists shout loud and hard that the MOD are covering something up when it obvious to unbias opinion that what is under scrutiny is pure energy, that could be categorised as one of many different types of plasma manifestation and not 'craft' under ET control.

My original purpose was to explain why spiritual people should be taking great interest in working with their energy fields in this time of evolutionary change. However, this requires understanding what else is going on and it is evident that most people just do not have enough background knowledge to make good judgments about our changing reality. Hence, as the veil lifts, the average person on the street is now faced with the relatively sudden appearance of a spectrum of plasma lifeforms going about their business. Yet, this is an obvious consequence of the 'veil lifting' but since the metaphysical community are not very good at defining things in REAL terms, we have the bizarre scenario of a whole new world opening up and those in the know trying to make up lots of stupid excuses to hide something that can no longer be kept hidden.

Fast travelling ball of fire - Watnall, Nottinghamshire [UK]
"We are all pleased to of seen it. We believe we have seen our first UFO....Yeah."

4 bright orange balls, like gigantic fire flies - Sale Moor, Cheshire [UK]
" ...i was in my garden, i looked at the sky to see these 4 bright orange balls, to me it looked like gigantic fire flys, i shouted my sister, by this time 3 of the objects slowly drifted over the houses n one had dissapeared thn all of a sudden it just apeared out of knowhere there wasn't a sound in the sky wasn't any kind of plane..."

Large orange object moving quickly alongside fields, looked like a hot air balloon, but more transparent with flames - Leeds, Yorkshire [UK]
"Looked like a hot air balloon, but more transparent with flames. Ran upstairs to try and look out of the front bedroom window but it had disappeared. My 6 year old son was crying as he had seen it go past his bedroom window and was scared. I said it was a hot air balloon. He said it didn't have a basket underneath it."

Orange balls in the sky - Rainworth, Mansfield Nottinghamshire [UK]

Searching for aliens with the neighbours!! - Hythe, Kent [UK] LOL!! "I caught a glimpse of the last one through my telescope and it was not a chinese lantern. I may be mistaken but waht it looked like was a plain orange disk."

A bright orange/fire ball in the sky - too close for comfort! - Chalkwell Park, Westcliff on Sea [UK]
" ...i admit at first it made me wanna run as it was so close and i thought it was some sort of comet coming at us..."

2 orange lights, same size as the moon - Hemel Hempstead[UK]
"Stepping outside at around 10:20pm I immediately noticed 2 orange lights flying overhead very quickly, silently and in tandem. Both lights appeared to be roughly the same size as the moon but were distorted in some way, almost like "pixellisation" used to disguise people's faces on TV. I've never seen a light distorted in this way.

20 to 30 bright lights following same path - Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk [UK]
"As we live near RAF/USAF bases we assumed that it may be aircraft movement, however on checking with a colleague whose husband is in the RAF nearby, there were no apparent movement and also is unusual for that quantity of aircraft to move at once."

Strange orange lights hovering - Gillingham, Kent [UK]
"Hovering in strange formation they all disappeared one at a time."

A single red/orange roughly teardrop-shaped object on fire - Cowley, Oxfordshire [UK]
"I observed a single red/orange roughly teardrop-shaped object, which at first I took to be on fire. As it moved closer I saw this not to be the case. It was moving southeast and was in view for approximately 45-60 seconds. [...] it appeared to be silent. I estimate the object was approximately one mile away at its closest approach."

UFO sightings: where has all the scepticism gone?
Usually disbelieving British public apparently report hundreds of sightings a year, according to MoD files

Guardian Blog, 17th August 2009
""Do not be afraid to contact us with whatever strange item you may wish to put to a sympathetic ear," the UK's Strange Phenomena Investigations group reassures people on its website. It is a message that does not seem to have fallen on deaf ears if the release of the latest batch of the Ministry of Defence's UFO files is anything to go by. Far from being afraid or embarrassed of reporting unexplained phenomena, the usually sceptical British public apparently report hundreds of UFO sightings a year. Nick Pope, formerly of the MoD's UFO project is a believer who feels there could be security considerations for the UK. But the UK is not alone. I am not talking about the aliens who may or may not walk among us but about the wealth of material from around the world relating to supposed UFO sightings."

Now, it looks like Nick Pope has decided to ring the alarm bell! Watch this BBC interview!!!! Now Nick Pope like many ufologists are only interested in 'craft' but it is clear that the UK MOD are not so naïve and hence the following statement:
The so-called Rendlesham incident – after the forest near the base – remains Britain's best-known UFO sighting and confirms the general MoD view that "it is clear from the reports that we receive that there are many strange things to be seen in the sky".
MoD's latest UFO files reveal saucerful of secrets: National Archives indicate 800 sightings in four-year period, while police and military staff are among those reported as UFO witnesses
See Nick Pope on CNN, Closer to Disclosure? UFOs tracked by British government for decades, you can also check out the critter at 4:08.... Well, I have had the feeling for quite a while that Nick Pope already knows that we are dealing with another life form and that is why he is urging more scientists to seriously investigate the UFO phenonmena. Please note the logic stated here that because UFOs have fantastic capabilities, then that means they have to be alien spacecraft. This is just a false and an illogical assumption. Personally, I am fascinated with the concept of hyper-evolved interdimensional plasmatic biology, totally awesome.....

Airplane Abducted By UFO in Midair, 16th August 2009
"This video was posted on YouTube by user jmart714. The user does not seem to be a joker or hoaxer having only posted 2 videos in the past 3 years. The user states that the video was taken to the media who rejected it practically sight unseen since no airplanes had been reported missing in the area. What do you think... real, hoax, cover-up, test of new military craft? Below is the video and the videographer's story.

Well, I am quite skeptical that an airplane was abducted and even the eyewitness initially thought it was a balloon, but this strange sighting could be explained as a UAP 'floater' being captured by another UAP and taken off the planet. Like any good theory, the understanding that our planet is experiencing a dimensional shift and that previously unseen plasma entities are appearing en masse and strange activity is taking place in our skies accounts for a wide range of bizzare sightings. As I have already stated, ancient mythology talks about periods in our history when there is war between the terrestrial gods and the celestial gods, but so far, there has not been any signs of major resistance from entities who are refusing to leave as their period of jurisdiction is now over. For those who are shocked by my assessment, please do your own research.

Update 31/08/09
I have been thinking about this video and maybe what was seen is like one big fish capturing a little fish. As a completely different world is opening up in front of our eyes i.e the ocean of our atmosphere, this activity may be something that has always taken place. In this instance, it is different to where apparent "massess" appear to be airlifted by orbs and taken up by much bigger entities. Maybe this sighting is how things are, but as we are in completely unchartered waters, I have decided that this particular instance may have many different interpretations.
Here are a few more reports of UAP activity around the world:

One hour showing of UFO´s in Peru

The UFO Traffic Report for Friday, August 14, 2009: Former Navy Seal watches orange lights converge on V-shaped UFO [US]
"A former Navy Seal "with top security clearance" and no prior UFO sightings, reported "a large V formation of 5 lights materialize as he watched, at an estimated altitude of 8-10,000 feet. He than described seeing a series of orange lights converge on the triangle formation from various directions, followed by the object fading out. He estimates the total time for the event at about 12 seconds from beginning to end."
An alternative explanation is that the orbs were moving into a wormhole that would appear as a triangular shaped dark area enclosed in a magnetic vortex in the sky. Seriously, you don't have to be Einstein to work this out...

UFO Traffic Report for Monday, August 10, 2009: Shape-shifting UFO moves over Minnesota [US]
"It looked like a big black hanger drifting and floating. It would erratically change shape from a hanger like boomerang to a triangle and then back to a boomerang. It would undulate and become disc-shaped and then elongate into a cylinder with a big sphere on the end."

The UFO Traffic Report for Friday, August 14, 2009: Orange orb UFO moves over Arizona town [US]

ID, August 13, 2009 - multi color lights looks pure in color almost like plasma. MUFON Case # 18664.

An Idaho witness woke up his wife at 2 a.m. to look at a light in the sky that was "very plasma like in nature" and described as a "welding light but much more colorful." The couple said the object was "darting around in weird movements almost like it was trying to spell out something or signal type movement."They said the light being emitted "was so intense you couldnt always make a form."The man's wife also noticed "other much lighter colored objects" that were "doing fly bys at increasing speeds and could be seen flying out of atmosphere in different directions" over a 45-minute period.

Record number of Albertans report UFOs [Canada]
Calgary Herald, August 13, 2009
A study of Canadian UFO sightings suggests a record number of people in the province spotted mysterious objects zooming through the sky last year. From unusual lights to unexplained aircraft manoeuvring in mid-air, "Albertans are definitely seeing some unusual things," said Chris Rutkowski, a Winnipeg-based "ufologist" who has spent the past two decades studying reports filed by more than 15,000 witnesses coast to coast. The number of UFO sightings in Alberta last year was the highest ever, with 157 residents spotting unusual celestial activities.

Flying saucers -- once the standard mode of transport for alien life forms--have apparently fallen out of vogue, with more people characterizing their observations as a fireball or mysterious blob. "It's not egg-shaped, spherical or triangular in shape, but something with protrusions and the lights seem to change shape as you're watching," said Rutkowski. "The Hollywoodstyle flying saucer is really passe, in some ways."

Numerous sightings occurred in Calgary, including one in December, in which two people reportedly saw a yellow object moving over the city at 11 a. m. It was small and witnesses said it didn't behave like an aircraft. [...]

There were 1,004 UFOs recorded in Canada last year, compared with 141 in 1989. copy

Comment: So it's official, people are noticing more objects that are NOT the stereotypical flying saucers. Well, that has a major impact on sceptics who want us all to believe that people have been influenced my ufologists and the popular media and films.

Not Chinese lanterns!
UK UFO sightings, August 2009
"This page contains information on how remote-controlled, small sphere craft can be mistaken for Chinese Lanterns. Re: “people tell me it was Chinese lanterns but i feel it was something else.” ‘Keep the faith’. Here’s a video of an anomalous aerial vehicle / craft in Mexico leaving a trail of small sphere objects which appear to be remote-cotrolled, and which are similar in appearance and size to Chinese Lanterns: ‘UFO RELEASES INTELLIGENT MOVING SPHERES!! First ever video footage!’"

This is a nice example of the Galactic Delivery Service in operation, which took place on the 22nd may 2009 over Mexico. According to this webpage, the video here is introduced by Mexican media personality, Jaime Maussan. Due to the big wave of 'craft' appearances in Mexico, which started around 1990, Maussan is now very experienced in assessing videos and sighting reports and has become the main TV personality that many people like to have present their evidence. Here is the direct YouTube link ‘UFO Releases Intelligent Moving Spheres!! First ever video footage!’, link. For comparison, please watch REAL Chinese lanterns being set off in Taiwan. It is obvious that this day-time footage has nothing to do with Chinese lanterns and that this is a true phenomena, hence the excitement over this particular video. Well, at some point in the near future, I expect intelligent folk to start wondering what is going on and what all this means. There is a need to explain why our planet appears to be under siege by multi-dimensional plasma entities and this can only be achieved by integrating science, metaphysics, ancient literature and mythology.

Update, 25th August 2009 A second video has emerged a UFO releasing smaller objects over Mexico. Apparently, it is extremely rare to have two videos taken of the same UFO from different locations, see Incredible Second Video Emerges of UFO Releasing Objects over Mexico.

UFO mystery as lights spotted over East Anglia
A string of sightings of bright orange lights in the night skies over East Anglia has sparked a huge new UFO mystery.

The Telegraph, 12th August 2009
"The dazzling light shows have bewitched and intrigued eye-witnesses all over Norfolk and as far south as Ipswich, Suffolk. John Young, 43, of Sprowston, near Norwich, grabbed his camera after spotting a strange shining light on Wednesday, August 5. He was stunned when he woke up at about 3.30am and looked out of the window. Mr Young said: "I glanced out of my bedroom window to see a bright light in the sky, much like a star except slightly larger in appearance and considerably brighter.

"It didn't move but when I played it back on my computer I was surprised to see the object was a perfect sphere with a hole in the middle." He added: "You can even see it appears to rotate clockwise for maybe 20 seconds then anti-clockwise for the next and so forth. "I'm perplexed as to what I saw.

"Maybe there's a simple explanation but I haven't a clue what it was." Mr Young spoke out after dozens of mysterious orange lights were spotted all over Norfolk, including Norwich, Dereham, Downham Market, Holkham and Caister."

Now the UK Telegraph suggests a 'huge' new UFO mystery!!!!! For those who are interested in understanding plasma entities, that the UK Ministry of Defence still wish to name as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs), check out the documentary The Secret NASA Transmissions for some useful background information.

Brilliant claret red ball of light “sparkling” in the evening sky - Higham Hill/Chingford Reservoirs [UK]
UK UFO sightings, 12th August 2009
Location of Sighting: Higham Hill/Chingford Reservoirs, Date of Sighting: 07/08/09
Time: 22:30 p.m to 2 a.m, Witness Name: Albert Oriade
"Witness Statement: I witnessed a number of sightings on the night - I shall give a brief description of each event in chronological order

1. Exit flat in Dalston at about 22:15. Mount my bike and head off to Walthamstow nature reserve as planned. I spotted a brilliant claret red ball of light “sparkling” in the evening sky towards the north floating along from left to right. It reminded me of a fire-cracker; only that the sparkling effect seemed to be confined within said ball-shape with a light pulsing.

Nice long report, that clearly present details of various plasma entities on the move! Certainly, this witness had an UAP action packed evening! More UK reports below:

5 or 6 small bright orange orbs moving vertically into the sky from moorlands - Blackhill, Consett, County Durham [UK]
"As I continued more orbs appeared from the same direction. Some moving in formation of two's or three's all travelling west to east. I watched them travel over Blackhill for about 10 minutes in total and counted about 30 of them."

Five orange glowing balls of light, Line Dancing! - Fairfield, Stockton-on-Tees [UK]
"A dozen of us from the pub went outside to witness it for about five minutes. Wierd!!! And no we hadn't been long enough in the pub to fuddle our brains!"

20 to 30 people see round orange circle with flame - Kirton, Boston, Lincolnshire [UK]
" ...was a local pubs annual bar b q and band night. when the girlfriend saw orange circle in th sky and pointed it out to me, as i looked up i saw a least 20 to 30 people pointing up at the sky..."

Big fire ball, glowing bright orange, many witnesses, Boston, Lincolnshire [UK]
"Was out at a bbq in a local village when i saw what looked like a big fire ball, glowing bright orange moving in a constant direction and speed, was witnessed by many others."

13 orange balls of light - Forest Park, Bracknell [UK]
"They could not have been Chinese lanterns as these balls of light were travelling with purpose towards one point, whereas lanterns would drift about randomly, plus the fact that the height that these balls of light were at would have meant that the lanterns would have to be have been the size of a house to be visible."

12 large orange orbs in a straight line - Billingham, Cleveland [UK]
"These sightings continued for a good 45 minutes. We counted 12 lights in total. The majority moving in a straight continuous line, while 3 or 4 changed direction or stopped momentarily and then continued moving in a straight line in the original direction."

BBC captures amazing UFO on camera (Video) !!!!!
Tech Herald, 8th August 2009
Full story: "Given the 'Big Brother' label seemingly associated with the UK for its apparent fondness for close-circuit cameras on every street corner, it's perhaps not surprising that the country's vast ranks of electronic eyes are prone to watching things other than crime. Specifically, an early morning BBC news program has hit the headlines across the pond after one of its regional Web cameras inadvertently spotted a UFO streaking across a quiet city skyline.

The Web shot of Gateshead's Millennium Bridge was running behind BBC Look North breakfast show presenter Colin Briggs at around 09:00 GMT when a bright white cylindrical object was suddenly rocketed past the lens and away into the distance. "Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Just what is it? We don't know," said Briggs regarding the BBC's unidentified flying object. "Perhaps you can help," he asked viewers the following day. "If so, do let us know. And remember, don't have nightmares."

Slow motion replays of the strange accelerating object reveal no surface details or obvious markings that would suggest it to be a bird or perhaps a manmade mechanical device. UFO experts quoted by UK tabloid publication The Sun have said they're mystified by the footage -- which does not represent the first time BBC Look North has experience a close encounter with unexplained video content."

The Veil is Lifting!!!!! Well, as we can see in this short clip, the UAP activity is NOT going away! Again, the UFO 'expert' quoted here is 'mystified', which is odd when research that identified the existence of plasma based lifeforms is at least fifty years old. There is no doubt that soon, the 'experts' will be embarrassed, as UAP activity continues to accelerate and the truth gets out! A friend from the UK sent me the following email from some excited friends and I am pleased to share it here:



Argentina: Schoolteachers See, Photograph UFO
Inexplicata, 6th August 2009
"The teachers staid that it was “an orange half-moon that turned into a huge sphere.” De la Garma, Argentina – Four schoolteachers from Neuquén reported having seen an alleged UFO yesterday as they headed to a school in the De la Garma region.

“We started to see an orange half-moon that turned into a huge sphere, and we took some photos of it with our cellphones,” said María Inés Martos, the principal of the local school, in a radio interview with Radio LU24. According to Martos, the UFO sighting took place at around 7:30 before it “vanished swiftly into the horizon”.

According to the website, the event occurred as the instructors headed to the De la Garma school. At that time, the stopped at Monte Chueco to look at the inexplicable phenomenon and take pictures of the object."

So, what are we talking about here, a metallic craft or bright orange light, or even both at the same time! Unfortunately, this report does not state clearly that this object was actually coming out of the Earth, but the picture suggests that is exactly what was occuring. Well, after reading Trevor James Constable's book, re-read some of my old UFO books and done some more research on the internet, I now realise why there is such a huge conceptual rift between ufologists. In his book, Constable goes into great length about his experience with military personnel, scientists and ufologists who could only deal with explanations for the ufo phenomena that were mechanistic. Most could simply not tolerate the notion of a spectrum of "critters" or entities that incorporate 'out of this world' biology that enables them to morph from what we would see as being metallic, to light in a blink of an eye. This is now obvious to me as I now re-read my old UFO books, and realise just how pervasive the mechanistic world view is on the subject. Personally, it is about eight years or so ago that I found out that there are two types of UFO, which did not mean much to me at that point either and then some clarity occurred when I was researching for my book. Anyway, it is now well known amongst serious ufologists that ETs utilise spiritual laws to make their craft, as they have consciousness that enables them to manipulate the properties of the aether, hence that is why there are similar manifestations to pure entities who are also made up of this same intelligent energy, therefore the major difference between craft and entity is the quantity of 'mind' energy. Thus the mechanistic viewpoint is most apparent when the same 'UFO' incident is reported completely differently. Since new information has come to light, I have changed this entry to be more correct. Updated information 22nd August 2009. A brilliant example is The Rendlesham Forest UFO sighting which occured just after Christmas in the UK in 1980, and is often called "Britain's Roswell. This event is also known as the Bentwater case because this event took place near the NATO base RAF Bentwater and RAF Woodbridge, (leased out US military bases bear Ipswich). To cut a long story short, it seems that an object (UAP?) described as metallic and triangular with flashing lights, of "tremendous size" according to one witness, but officially downsized to approx. 3mx2m, landed in Rendlesham wood that surrounds the two NATO bases. Personnel were sent out to investigate and spotted 'lights' that only some were prepared to admit they believed was a craft of some kind, but the object kept moving about within a large clearing. It seems that this first object actually finally left at extremely unbelievable speeds. Investigators state that this object was continously morphing for more than one hour, which gave time for other US and UK military personnel (apparently 80 witnesses) to turn up and take film of this 'object'. Despite some documented accounts, it seems that there was also a second event 2 days later when another object arrived. This 2nd object was described as a red blinking orb which split into 5 objects and disappeared! This is bonafide information as the use of the UK Freedom of Information Action resulted in the official report being released and one of the guards wrote a book about this incident, (most likely the first event). My original source was the book Alien Agenda by Jim Marrs [1997] but it now seems that two incidents were mangled into one event. The source of the official statement admitted that he left out various details and maybe the reason was he just could not comprehend what the hell was going on. It seems that the 2nd object was a UAP, but there is a major issue with the accounts given of the 1st event and why some witnesses state the craft was continously morphing. It does seem that the 2nd event described a red orb that with behaviour closely aligned to that of an intelligent biological entity because we were told it was hopping about in the forest and when it was blinking it looked like an eye, see the video link below. For further examples of biologiocal type behaviour of so-called UFOs please read the books written by Trevor James Constable. Please remember, none of this is new information. Every single UFO book that you can find starts off by providing historical sources of information about the existence of phenomena that most authors believe relates to visitors and their craft from another world, and the facts are presented in such a way that people do not realise that various assumptions have already been made. Now, why I am bothering with all these UFO/UAP reports, week after week? For whatever reason, I am extremely bothered that our reality is morphing right before our eyes and people don't realise what's coming! I have talked about our reality becoming like 'Alice in Wonderland', but research proves there has always been high strangeness on this planet, but it will become more prevalent and I think there should be an effort to explain to people what they should expect. I've been searching for truth for nearly 30 years reading book after book and I am prepared to share what I have worked out to the best of my ability. See YouTube videos The Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident: The Testimony of Sgt. James Penniston and Col. Charles Halt (USAF).

Sighting of a intense orange light that dimmed to a dark sphere that kept flying - Mudeford Wood, Christchurch [UK]
UK UFO sightings, 6th August 2009
Date of Sighting: 2 August 2009, Time: 21.30

Witness Statement: It was a warm clear evening with a light breeze as I was walking along the river towards Mudeford when I noticed a bright intense orange light in the sky. I watched closely as it drew nearer listening for the sound of aircraft engines but I could not hear anything. However as it came closer the light slowly diminished until it had disappeared completely. Then I could see the shape of the object clearly. It was sphere shaped and looked dark against the sky, I watched until it disappeared on the horizon.

Then I walked further into the grass playing field, where I met a man called Jeff walking his dog. So I quickly asked him if he had seen the object in the evening sky, he said yes he had seen it and thought it was very strange, then as we discussed what we had seen, Jeff suddenly said look another one! I looked up and saw the bright orange light in the sky, & we both watched as the light slowly diminished as before, then we could clearly see again the shape of the object.

It was like the first one, made of what looked like silver metal in a perfect sphere shape. It showed no pieces attached to the sphere shape, and I could not see any visible lights attached to it. Each object was moving slower that a helicopter and they both seemed to follow a set course in a straight line, they didn't move like balloons, and it was no lantern. I would say it was about half a mile up, we watched as this second object disappeared going towards Highcliffe."

So, what are we talking about here, a metallic craft or bright orange lights, or even both at the same time! Since, I am currently reading Trevor James Constable's book Sky Creatures: Living UFOs published by Simon & Schuster in 1976, it seems that entities that look like creatures, for example the ubiquitous jelly-fish, have long ago been photographed and are known to be part of a spectrum of plasmatic 'light' beings. It is understood that their curious properties are because they are multi-dimensional, they have the ability to manipulate the aether at will, and are made of what has been identified as ormus elements. If you have read my book and/or have understood what David Hudson had to say about U.S. military interest in these elements, all of a sudden, more pieces of the jig-saw start falling into place. When I wrote my book, the mention of the two-way traffic of plasma entities, was to provide proof and explain HOW the earth's electromagnetic grid had been changed. I also tapped into a body of information that was already well known in certain circles. However, it must be stated that the significance of the UK MOD's 'Unidentified Aerial Phenomena' report appears to be have been largely lost on the vast majority of ordinary people, who were alerted to it's startingly revelations via newspaper reports. Therefore, it is now apparent to me that there is a need to integrate the last fifty years or so of publicly available UFO related information, so we can understand what we can expect as space-time changes and humans evolve too. Here is another quote from this incredible book:
Significant among those who came to accept that UFOs were critters was the man who touched off the whole powder keg — Kenneth Armold. As coiner of the phrase flying saucers he has won immortality, but by the early 1960s, he was nowwhere near as puzzled as he was on 24 June 1947, when he saw a "formation" of these saucers neart Mount Rainier. In November 1962 his views on UFOs sounded as though the had lifted bodily out of my 1958 book They live in the Sky. Writing in Ray Palmer's Flying Saucers Magazine, Mr. Arnold said:
After some 14 years of extensive research, it is my conclusion that the so-called unidentified flying objects that have been seen in our atmosphere are not space ships from another planet at all, but are groups and masses of living organisms that are as much a part of our atmosphere and space as the life we find in the oceans. The only difference in the space and atmospheric organisms is that they have the natural ability to change their densities at will.
Flying Saucers Magazine, November 1962, Palmer Publications. Amherst, Wisconsin 54406
Any pioneering researcher like myself, slogging through countless chilly dawns on the desert and in the mountains to capture these critters on film, cannot fail to feel gratified at finding the originator of flying saucers in the same bag as himself." [End of quote]
If Trevor James Constable is still alive, I imagine he would be intrigued by the massive rise in the number of "critter" sightings and just how easy it now is for just about anyone to use digital technology and capture images. After his decades of lonely research, this man is a pioneer that I hold in high esteem.

Snake Pass, A57-Derbyshire - Two very large bright orange balls of light hovering over water
UK UFO Sightings, 6th August 2009
Date of Sighting: 05/08/2009, Time: 3.30 am

Witness Statement: I was driving along the Snake Pass between Manchester and Sheffield at 3.30 am. I reached Lady Bower Reser and saw two very large very bright orange balls of light hovering over the water. They were approx 500 meters from me and about 50 foot above water. Estimate size about 25 foot in diameter. I could tell this because of surrounding trees, hills, etc. I stopped my car and got out, there was no noise and the air was very still.

I watched the balls of light for about 10 seconds then they moved off in the direction of Manchester at a slowish speed. I watched them until they went behind trees and hills. I wasn't sure what to do, go home or carry on to go fishing at Leicester. I carried on for a few more miles when these two balls of light flew at speed over my car heading east towards Sheffield then turned sharp left and went north extremely fast. The Snake Pass is pretty quiet at that time of morning, but there were other cars and lorries about, they must have seen these objects. They really spooked me out. I went home, didn't go fishing.

As I continue to research and study, I realise that there is a chronic lack of education. The Universe is operating by a strict cosmic timetable and evolutionary change is here now. See more UK reports below:

Bright orange glowing sphere that looked like it was surrounded in flames - Bury Area, Greater Manchester [UK]
From the comments: "Yes i seen exactly the same thing except there were 4 of them and i seen them on the 23rd of july, your the only 1 i know of thats seen the same thing. They were covered with hundreds of individual flames, all flickering like bunsen burners some flames were jets others were orange soft flames, they were moving fast, and looked huge!"
The 2nd witness must have been up very close or using binoculars to give this description...

Bright red and white lines shooting out of the white light in the sky - Washford, Watchet area, Somerset [UK]
"We phoned the Police to enquire about maneuvers, but they had nothing logged. They are told if any action is going on but nothing for that day. We have a log number for the incident."

Large orange light in the sky - Denver, near Downham Market, Norfolk [UK]
"Initially, we thought it must be some kind of plane, however, there was no noise at all. The light then changed course and moved horizontally, flickering at times..."

A small aircraft engulfed in flames at low level - Cannock Chase, Rugeley [UK]
From the comments: "I looked and saw 3 in a row that looked like balls of fire traveling round in a circle whiles moving to the left, the pattern of the objects seemed coordinated and simultaneous, i told Cheryl to get her phone to record but it was too far away, the objects to me resembled the shape of the Olympic flame or the torch on the statue of liberty..."

10 or 11 Unusual orange lights in the sky - Salford, Greater Manchester [UK]

Seven large lights in a formation in the sky - A1 North near Buckden,Cambridgeshire [UK]
"They didn't appear to be moving.They were too big to be stars."

4 orange objects flying in the sky that looked liked flames - Woodley, Reading [UK]
" ...ive lived in that location for 16 years and never seen anything like that before it was deffinately not air traffic as they were glowing orange with no other flashing lights and other planes and the police helicopter were in the sky at the time..."
There are a lot of replies here.

BBC captures amazing UFO on camera (Video) !!!!!
"The Web shot of Gateshead’s Millennium Bridge was running behind BBC Look North breakfast show presenter Colin Briggs at around 09:00 GMT when a bright white cylindrical object was suddenly rocketed past the lens and away into the distance."

UFO with 'four distinct protrusions' low flying over Maryland
UFO Examiner, 3rd August 2009
"The UFO Traffic Report for Monday, August 3, 2009, includes 14 selected sightings over 11 states, according to witness statements filed in the past 72 hours with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database. "

Trevor James Constable, a noted military historian and engineer, researched for two decades WITH NO RESEARCH GRANT, to come up with what he believed was a solution to the UFO problem. His book, Sky Creatures: Living UFOs published by Simon & Schuster in 1976, which is an updated and revised version of the underground classic The Cosmic Pulse of Life, states at the beginning:
"Today's truth is that the UFO subject is so staggeringly vast and complex as to defy full explanation at this time. Because of my faith in the new humanity coming on Earth, I point to my pictures and say to bright young people: " 'Here is what you have to investigate — if not now, then tomorrow. Of course UFOs are alive! Living unseen beings, living in the ocean of living energy that fills space. I now hand you the results of my labor and urge you to press on.' "
I have restated the well known "critter" quote from this same book with an addition paragraph that has tremendous significance as the world gradually stirs and realises that there is tremendous activity of these cosmic entities taking place at this time.
"What I have learnt can be summarised as follows. These creatures — critters, as I prefer to call them — are amoebaelike life forms existing in the plasma state. They are not solid, liquid, or gas. Rather, they exist in the fourth state of matter — plasma — as living heat-substance at the upper border of physical nature. They consist of calcium and fluids, the metal and the fluids both being in the plasmatic state.
"My pictures show that these aerial faunas are like unicellular life forsm. Normally hidden from us because they are in the infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum, critters occasionally emerge into the visible portion of the spectrum, pulsating with a reddish to orange glow, sometimes with blinding intensity. At such times they are invariably identified as UFOs — which they are, of course, although they are not constructed craft. They are living creatures. Failure to recognize this, and to distinguish creature from craft... has deeply confused UFO research.
"As living organisms, critters appear to be an elemental branch of evolution probably older than most life on earth, dating from the time when the planet was more gaseous and plasmatic than solid. They are part of what occultists term "elementals." They live invisibly like fish in the ocean of atmosphere. Like fish, I estimate them to be of low intelligence. They will probably one day be better classified as belonging to the general field of macrobiology or even macrobacteria inhabiting the aerial ocean we call the sky."
"Critters are normally beyond the range of human vision for three reasons. First, as mentioned, their native habitat is the infrared. Second, their native state of existence is in the stratosphere and beyond at distances greater than unaided sight can see. Last, they propel themselves bioenergetically at extremely fast speeds, often disappearing like meteors before disappearing from view." [Bold added for emphasis]

Scunthorpe - 'Fireball' spotted with parts falling off and all 'flowing' in the same direction [UK]
UK UFO Sightings, 2nd August 2009
Date of Sighting: August 1st 2009, Time: 10pm
Witness Statement: I was stood in my garden having a fag and I saw like a fire ball in the sky. I thought it was a plane on fire because it looked like parts of it had fallen off still on fire but they did not fall to the ground, they all flowed the same westerly direction."

A short but typical report that has been observed many times now, where a witness tries to describe what he thinks is a plane is on fire, but when it 'breaks-up', all the bits continue to fly in formation. Yet, the statement strongly suggests that the witness has actually seen a UAP breaking up and then exhibiting swarm behaviour. Now, despite the findings of the year 2000, 460 page Unidentified Aerial Phenomena in the U.K. Air Defence Region report, it seems that the UK Ministry of Defence have been aware of this particular plasma phenomena for decades and have often chosen to ignore it. On re-reading the Jon King's book Cosmic Top Secret: The Unseen Agenda, [1998] there are a few instances in the book that seriously made me wonder why ufologists could not see how the authorities and other agencies around the world were categorising 'real' threats. King is famed for being the editor of the magazine UFO Reality, so the book is full of interesting reports and a few good examples of UAPs. There is one incident outlined in this book that took place on 5th October 1996, where there was an unexplained radar echo which corresponded to two flashing lights that remained stationary for 8 hours, 1 mile high in the sky, in a Force IV wind. This so worried the coastguard and a off-shore tanker crew that the local police got involved and took video. However, as the object just 'appeared' from nowhere and had not been tracked moving into UK airspace, it was not deemed a threat. King states that if there was an 'unknown aircraft' in the skies, then why did the relevant authorities decide not to interact? King also informs the reader that the authorities released a strange statement, that in their opinion this was a case of 'Boston Stump'. Initial enquiries from insiders had suggested that an electrical storm was to blame and Boston in Norfolk was the approx. location of this sighting. King then goes on to complain about secrecy and the use of coded messages, but I would argue that the military authorities were not even being cryptic! The link between the Boston Stump church steeple and an electrical storm is the phenomenon of St Elmo's fire, an electrical discharge phenomena that is well enshrined in English folklaw. This same book also makes it clear from insider information that since at least the 1960s, radar could be used to distinguish real aircraft, plasma phenomena and 'real' UFOs. Of course I am still researching but so far, my conclusion has to be that in a similar way to how many are trying to ignore the spiritual messages being given in crop circles, many in the UFO community are only interest in extraterrestrials and their craft and are ignoring the existence of 'spiritual' biology. Crop circles and UAPs are both closely related and it seems there is a great effort by some to down play the significance of this extraordinary activity and what it means at this time in the history of mankind.

Is this really a UFO over Westbury?
This Is Wiltshire, 31st July 2009
"An amateur photographer from Westbury has taken what he describes as 'a shot in a million' of a UFO seemingly tracking an RAF plane. The 56 year-old, from The Butts, Westbury, who wishes to remain anonymous, took this photograph at about 3.45pm on July 22 while in his garden looking towards the Westbury White Horse. The image shows a Hercules from RAF Lyneham being trailed by a mysterious shape in the background. The photographer said: "I don't believe in things from outer space - I think that kind of thing is ludicrous - but that thing was definitely tracking the plane."

Well, in World War II, we find the following;
"Reports of "unexplained transparent, metallic and glowing balls" began in quantity in June, 1944, at about the same time the Allies invaded France, and Nazi Germany began launching V-1 flying bombs aimed at London, thus starting the era of unmanned missiles. Reports intensified in November 1944, not long after the first German V-2 ballistic rockets were fired at London and Paris.

"Pilots and their air crews reported that the "odd things" flew in formation with their airplanes, "played tag" with them, and generally behaved as if they were under intelligent control. At no time were they said to have displayed aggressive behavior. Nevertheless, most people assumed they were an experimental enemy device being prepared for operational use. Rumors of highly advanced weapons were common at this time, fed by the awesome reality of the V1 and V2 weapons. The following are typical of the scores of "foo fighter" reports on record. Rumors persist that the U.S. Eighth Air Force in England commissioned a study on these reports, but no documentary evidence has yet been found."
Source link.
I have listed a few reports of entities flying alongside aircraft for a few minutes before flying off and I even stated that the "entities" seemed quite friendly and even playful. So now I have found out about "foo fighters", it does seem that after all these years, when classified documents have been released to prove the existence of these plasma entities, people are still very ignorant about the existence of this life form that lives alongside us. Well, since my discovery of "foo fighters", I have been amusing myself with the thought that with all the New Energy on the planet, we are now seeing examples of some seriously fiery objects and as the expression goes;

Where there is foo, there is fire!

This story has also been picked up by the Daily Telegraph, see:

'UFO' photographed 'tracking' RAF Hercules
The Telegraph, 03 Aug 2009

Video: New UFO sightings across Suffolk
Evening Star, 30th July 2009
"STARGATE Suffolk is in the grip of UFO fever today after more strange sightings were reported across the county. [...]

It was a perfect formation of a geometric shape with five bright orange lights,” she said. “I could see metal detail on it and the object moved quite fast and kept spinning in the sky and changing direction.” Ms Calthorpe was staggered by what she had seen but was quick-witted enough to grab her camera and capture the extraordinary display. [...] On the same evening, psychic healers Tom and Carol Spencer claim to have seen 30 bright orange UFOs in convoy above Thetford.

Meanwhile, Gary Clark, of Fisk Farm, near Badingham, said he and wife Beverley saw a “tremendous ball of fire” flying above the sea at Sizewell beach.

The night before, Evening Star photographer Simon Parker was driving home through Lower Hacheston when he too saw a “big ball of fiery orange light in the sky”. “There's no way it was a sky lantern,” he said. “This was moving faster than any air traffic."

Well, it's only going to get worse.... the concept of the veil lifting did not just apply to members of the metaphysical community! See copious comments on blog! As a reminder, I come across many reports but only select reports that give good descriptions that are mostly related to UAPs. If I am suspicious about the source and if I don't like how stories are being reported, I don't list the stories. See more UK reports:

New sighting of mystery lights in sky - Cambridge [UK] Cambridge News,
"MYSTERIOUS orange lights have been spotted "flying in formation" in the night sky. [...] Last month, an "armada" of lights was reported hovering over Huntingdon. [...] Brian Lister, chairman of the Cambridge Astronomical Association, said: "There are many sightings each week, I can't believe they are all Chinese lanterns." He said possible explanations for lights in the sky included the International Space Station and reflections from communications satellites. He also referred to earthquake lights, or earthlights, produced by seismic activity."
I would be utterly amazed if Brian Lister in his position does not know the truth, hence the suggestion, these were earthquake lights...

2 Large 'fireballs' seen, one resembling a comet without a tail - Whitchurch, Shropshire [UK]
" ...he light appeared to be a ball of fire, and we watched it for about 4-5 minutes. Approximately 10 minutes later we spotted a much bigger fireball in the east, travelling northwards. This object was moving at some considerable speed, and disappeared behind the trees on the horizon. It resembled a large comet, but without a tail."

Video: 'UFO five' fly in fab formation [1:18] - St Helens, Lancashire [UK]
The Sun, 31 Jul 2009
"STARGAZER Jason Goldthorpe could not believe his eyes when he saw a cluster of "UFOs" flying in formation "higher than a plane". Astonished Jason, 37, caught the phenomenon on camera above his house. He said: "The objects were shining gold in the sky, too high to be balloons, and looking just like I would imagine UFOs to look."

More UFO [Fever] sightings over the Fylde - Bispham, Cheshire [UK] The Gazette, 28 July 2009
""It was like an orange blob and was hovering above the houses across the road. "It was quite low and we thought it was unusual because it made no noise. It was eerie. "As we watched it moved slowly across the houses and stopped and then started going upwards until it was out of sight."

It's Saturday light fever
The Scottish Sun, 28th July 2009
"RESIDENTS in a Highland village were left terrified by a UFO sighting which lasted TWO hours.The bizarre sightings began at 11pm on Saturday and the spectacular show in the sky above Muir of Ord, Ross-shire ended at 1am. $

Residents watched in awe as three bright orange dome-shaped objects hovered then flew at high speed in random spirals closer and closer to the village. Last night leading expert Nick Pope said: "This could be one of the most significant UFO events in recent history.

"Sightings like this are hugely significant because they are very rare. "Most UFOs are seen by single witnesses so it's very difficult to get any proof. For whole streets of people to see something is almost without precedent and this sounds like one of the most significant UFO events in recent history. "It's also very unusual for a UFO to be seen for such a long time. Most are very brief.

This looks like A MAJOR EVENT. It did occur to me that this could be a false flag operation, but hopefully, it could serve to wake people up to the fact that our reality is changing dramatically.

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin claims monolith on Mars moon. UFOs involved?
The Examiner, 27th July 2009
"Astronaut Buzz Aldrin claimed in a July 19th C-SPAN interview that there is a monolith on one of the moons of Mars. Were UFOs involved? Watch the video below for verification.

Eugene Edward Aldrin, Jr., commonly known as Buzz, was pilot of Apollo 11's lunar module and second man ever to set foot on the moon 40 years ago on July 20, 1969. For the first time in a public appearance, Aldrin is now joining the ranks of thousands of military and government officials who have suggested or described a major cover-up of UFOs. [...]

The evidence on UFOs collected to date by many brave, intelligent researchers suggests that there may be UFOs and ETs present who are monitoring the development of humankind. If they had wanted to destroy or enslave us, they could easily have done so centuries or millennia ago. It is most likely that they are patiently awaiting the time when we stop engaging in wars and are truly interested in peaceful relations not only with our human neighbors, but with all races of the universe."

Hmmm, more disclosure.... As I have stated many times on this blog, in order to understand the true nature of our reality, my interest is in plasma entities rather than UFOs, defined as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) by the UK Ministry of Defence, but they have been given various other names by the scientific community. We live in a multi-dimensional universe that hosts billions of galaxies, most of which our scientists believe exist, but they also admit that our instruments still cannot detect them directly. Only the most ignorant or beligerent can now ignore the evidence that other extraterrestrial beings must exist throughout the multiverse and beyond, but the most interesting has to be plasma lifeforms that are formed from dust and charged particles, the basic ingredients in a visible universe that is 99.999% plasma. Right now, as the veil lifts on planet Earth, we are witnessing the exodus of many different plasma entities. History records that over recent decades, a few researchers have been brave enough to point out their existence, but humanity were not at a high enough level of consciousness to accept the evidence. The time is now ripe for the truth.

Strange sighting of UFO near Paphos [Cyprus]
Cyprus Mail, 25th July 2009
"Four residents spotted a strange light zipping across the coast off Paphos on Thursday night in the latest in a series of incidents of unidentified objects in our skies.

The UFO was clearly seen by John Knowles, a research specialist with Mutual UFO Network, he told the Cyprus Mail the sighting took place near Coral Bay and is appealing for more witnesses. It was heading towards Paphos just off the coast, slow moving and a very bright fireball, so there may very well have been other witnesses."

"We had been watching the crescent moon set in Coral Bay. In the darkened skies, as we looked out to sea, an unknown object flying in a north-south direction crossed the sky in front of us. Altitude was about 300 feet, speed about 200 mph or less.

"The object that appeared like a fireball, extremely bright red-orange in colour, it maintained the same altitude as it passed to the south in the direction of Paphos."

Knowles added the object, which he saw at around 20.55pm on Thursday, finally vanished from the sky without trace. His account was backed up by his next door neighbours, who also witnessed the bizarre sight and rushed to the phone to alert him.

There are now so many hundreds of these reports that anyone can easily verify their own sighting with similar across the world. Yet, the problem is WHY is this happening now? So far, I have not come anybody else brave enough to take a public stance. By integrating science and metaphysics, something that is hard to do without doing some serious work, the only real answer is that the light quotient on this planet has dramatically changed in line with universal cycles. EVERYTHING is being requested to hold more light or leave the planet. Russian scientists reported that everything is being given a cosmic inspection to see if it can comply with the new conditions. Russian philosophers pointed out, the week my book was published in September 2006, that we are witnessing a spiritual revolution. Despite information from the Keepers of Ancient Knowledge the original source of all the 2012 whoopla, I have not found a researcher that considered the environmental impact of the Mayan prophecy of a New Age dominated by Space or the aether ie Space Weather and nobody that I am aware of who considered the Q'ero understanding of the overturning of space-time and other sources that referred to the lifting of the veil. Since space-time is a multi-dimensional plasma and dark/shadow matter and dark energy theories suggest that separate dimensions could be inhabited by dark/shadow matter entities, in metaphysical language it would mean that the astral worlds would become visible to vast swathes of the human population. So far, the Orb Phenomena has been greeted well in the metaphysical community, but it remains to be seen how the general public will view sharing planet Earth with massive astral entities. See the comments below for further discussion. More fireball reports from around the world.

Large Fiery Object Changes Direction in Night Sky [US]

What was mysterious fireball in the night sky? Worcester [UK]
Worcester News, 25th July 2009
"I really thought I was looking at a meteor until it turned south and accelerated at a high rate of speed going south. It was almost a pinpoint of light after about fifteen to twenty seconds from making the turn."

Glow in the Sky Turns into an Hourglass-Shaped Fireball and Then into a Dimly-Lit Object - Kingston, Ontario [Canada] UFOs Northwest, July 2009
"The object could not be seen, it was as if it was invisible, but the red light gave it away, It took about 5 seconds for the light to do one revolution (counter clockwise), I watched 3, 4 revolutions as the object was directly over head moving towards the North. No sound, nothing, just then I noticed, it was glowing on the top, I could not see the top but the air above it was lite up like the color of a sunset, pink, orange, red, I mentioned, look it's glowing at the back on top, just then a small orb came off of the larger object, this orb looked like an ember from a hot fire, about the size of a star, and just as bright. It made several loops behind the object (like an ember in the wind)..."

The Xochitepec Fireball - UFO or Meteorite? [Mexico]
Inexplicata, July 2009
"Residents of Xochitepec were treated to the sight of a "ball of fire" over Avenida Aeropuerto in the Miguel Hidalgo section of town. The witnesses fixed their eyes on a brilliant object in the sky for five minutes, before the sighting ended in a lightning-like flash and disappeared.

The unidentified object's presence drew the attention of many: some took out their camcorders, others photographed the "ball of fire" that seemed to fall very slowly from the heavens under clear skies.

Some claimed having heard a buzzing sound, stating unequivocally that it was not an airplane or anything known. Furthermore, its descent was slow and perpendicular. Several minutes into the sighting, people were shocked to see the object fire a bright light, resembling a beam or a bolt of lightning."
Comment: The reason that people are confused is because ufologists refuse to consider the evidence that most UFO sightings are in fact plasma entities with a wide variety of characteristics

Is this proof of [flame-red] UFOs over Wigan? [UK]
Wigan Today, 28th July 2009
"Adrian De Havilland spotted six glowing lights in the sky when he was at a relatives' house in UpHolland at the weekend and managed to get photographic and video evidence of some of the objects. The close encounter happened at around 10pm on Saturday. Adrian said: "I was with the in-laws in UpHolland when we all saw some glowing lights in the sky.

"They weren't aeroplanes or helicopters or chinese lanterns and I managed to get a couple of pictures on my phone along with a bit of video footage. "They flew across the sky in a sort of formation slowly then veered off at a tangent and upwards, increasing speed as they did this until they disappeared behind the clouds."

Multiple 'Fireballs' seen over 40 minute period - Long Eaton, Nottingham [UK]
"Although there was a certain amount of breeze, the objects were flying faster than that. I don't know how big Chinese lanterns are, but these must have been the size of a hot air balloon and surely being aflame as they appeared to be, would have burned themselves out in a short space of time. There must have been lots of people who witnessed this..."

UFOs over South Buffalo, New York?
The Examiner, 24th July 2009
"Not long ago, the Examiner was presented with a hand full of photographs from a friend that were shot from a bedroom window. The images appear to show an object in the sky. [...]

He said that they looked like "a glowing string of pearls in the sky." He fetched his camera and shot a series of photos of the object as is slowly moved toward him and then as it banked and turned and moved out of sight of the window. And these in this slideshow below are the images that he says that he took of it."

Let's talk about critters! It seems that when Trevor James Constable, a noted military historian and engineer wrote a book titled Sky Creatures: Living UFOs published by Simon & Schuster in 1976, where he came to the conclusion that most UFOs were native to our environment, it was NOT what most ufologists wanted to hear. Here is a quote from this book:
"These living creatures, these bioforms, were neither what we wanted or what we expected.... They were for us at that time a definite emotional letdown... In the intervening time, I have observed with interest and fascination the disquieting, disturbing effect [the photos] have on all persons whose approach to UFOs is mechanistic."
This might explain why UFO reporters are talking about 'remote controlled' meteorites, for many, the understanding that plasma lifeforms are the dominant form of life in the universe is too much of a paradigm shift or even not enough of a macho answer to the enigma. This is obvious from reports that talk about plasma based life/forms being unintelligent, which is a massive assumption, as some scientists are prepared to admit that 80% of crop circles are being made by orbs and there is no doubt that the crop circles and their messages, often demonstrate advanced astronomical and mathematical knowledge. For the record, here are some further quotes from the same book:
"What I have learnt can be summarised as follows. These creatures — critters, as I prefer to call them — are amoebaelike life forms existing in the plasma state. They are not solid, liquid, or gas. Rather, they exist in the fourth state of matter — plasma — as living heat-substance at the upper border of physical nature. They consist of calcium and fluids, the metal and the fluids both being in the plasmatic state.

"My pictures show that these aerial faunas are like unicellular life forsm. Normally hidden from us because they are in the infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum, critters occasionally emerge into the visible portion of the spectrum, pulsating with a reddish to orange glow, sometimes with blinding intensity. At such times they are invariably identified as UFOs — which they are, of course, although they are not constructed craft. They are living creatures. Failure to recognize this, and to distinguish creature from craft... has deeply confused UFO research.

"As living organisms, critters appear to be an elemental branch of evolution probably older than most life on earth, dating from the time when the planet was more gaseous and plasmatic than solid. They are part of what occultists term "elementals." They live invisibly like fish in the ocean of atmosphere. Like fish, I estimate them to be of low intelligence. They will probably one day be better classified as belonging to the general field of macrobiology or even macrobacteria inhabiting the aerial ocean we call the sky."

"Critters are normally beyond the range of human vision for three reasons. First, as mentioned, their native habitat is the infrared. Second, their native state of existence is in the stratosphere and beyond at distances greater than unaided sight can see. Last, they propel themselves bioenergetically at extremely fast speeds, often disappearing like meteors before disappearing from view. [The text in bold is ammended from the original for emphasis]
For further information see, The Secrets of the Universe: Amoeba Like Life Forms - "Critters". Please note: remember this is old information and what appears to be currently arriving on Earth to take up residence, is in a completely different class of energy.... all very exciting stuff!

An Object Spotted in the Sky Spinning and Changing Colors - Burnley, Lancashire [UK]
UK UFO Sightings, 22nd July 2009
Date of Sighting: 20th July 2009,
Time: 11.23pm

Witness Statement: I have just come in from the back garden after yet again seeing the different coloured object in the sky. It has been in the same place for about 45 minutes, it seems to be spinning and showing different colours. This is not the first time we have seen it. We saw it about a month ago and have seen it several times since.

I started watching out after last new years eve, when 8 of us were at the back watching the fireworks going off and suddenly we saw an orange ball and my wife said that's a big balloon, surely they are not taking off at this time of night. It continued to rise up in the sky and then all of a sudden shot off up, then another did exactly the same thing. All 8 of us were absolutely fascinated and stood watching for a good 20 - 30 minutes as at least 12 of these objects rose following the same line and then shot off up in the sky.

The exodus continues! Well, this kind of report may be the first of many where a witness provides details only AFTER multiple sightings, because intuitively they realising that something well beyond the norm is occuring. Folks, this is 'The Greatest Transition In The History of Mankind', as we witness astral entities that perfectly match the description given in the past by the world's most respected mystics and metaphysicians. The reason for this conclusion is attainable when we truly understand the nature of our reality and we raise our consciousness to a more holistic, global and cosmic viewpoint. So, what has to happen before people widely acknowledge what is taking place on this planet? Well, the UK UFO/UAP reports keep coming, that are generally give good descriptions and provide a fair synopsis of this worldwide phenomena. Note the account from Liverpool; "I am a retired Police officer and not given to fanciful imaginings." LOL!!

Four white lights seen, one firing a beam of light at another - Gateacre, Liverpool [UK]
"I saw 2 white lights below the cloud base e off that seemed to be travellling in convoy towards the Runcorn Bridge. They were bright and constant. As I watched I saw a third and then a fourth come into my vision.They were part of a the convoy but they both maintained a greater distance between them, I would say three times that of one and two.I watched for a few minutes and saw number 2 fire a beam of light or something at number 1. They maintain the same speed, formation and course. I am a retired Police officer and not given to fanciful imaginings."

Multicolored Lights Speeding in Different Direction of Clouds - Cardiff, Wales [UK]
"... fast moving object came right over the house it was roughly at cloud level and seemed to be made up of a number of coloured lights there was no sound at all. it was travelling south to north but after i noticed the clouds were going easterly so i guess it could not have been blown by the wind like one of these lanterns i have heard about, it really didnt seem like a ballon or lantern i have seen ballons in the sky before and this just was travelling so fast and direct and it was coloured bright not like a flame it was more of a LED light and multicoloured, someone else must have seen it?"

Orange and White Glowing Balls of Lights Maneuvering in the Sky - Red House Lake, Shardlow [UK]
" ...between 15-20 white and orange glowing balls of light flew in from the derby area going west, some in triangular formation and some on top of one another, but all were going the same speed,and all were at a low altitude..."

After witnessing a large, golden orb, witness gets blinding headache - Buxworth, Derbyshire [UK]
" ...i saw a large, extremely bright light, a gloden colour with a few other colours through it rise slowly over the hill, almost like the moon. I was really beautiful. It rose into the sky, seeming to get brighter, then moved outof my view as it curved over the house."

Very Bright Orange Spinning Light - Shrewsbury, Shropshire [UK]
" ...i stopped the car, wound down the window and listened to hear anything as i thought at first it was a police helicopter, but it was totally silent, as it got nearer i could tell it was spinning and very bright orange colour, it carried on travelling very fast."

House-Sized Square-Shaped Object Hovering over a Field - Bingham, Nottinghamshire [UK]
"Travelling on train from Grantham to Nottingham. I noticed a large square shaped object which appeared to be hovering above a field. It was possibly the size of a house and a dark grey colour! It caught my eye because I catch the same train every day and I have never seen anything like that on my way to work before."

Strange lights in the sky over the city - Exeter [UK]
This is Exter, 22nd July 2009
"I saw a red light coming towards me just below the cloud. I thought it was an aircraft approaching Exeter Airport. As it passed overhead there was no sound, which is strange. Then, looking back in the direction it came from, two more lights appeared. They flew overhead and disappeared towards the east, as more lights appeared. Within the space of 15 minutes there must have been 20 lights. The lights travelled randomly — but all in the same direction — on a straight course, except two that altered direction rapidly, but later resumed the same course as the others. I don't believe in UFOs, but can anyone explain this?"

Powys' X-files are revealed: surge in UFO sightings - Wales [UK]
County Times, 23rd July 2009
WHETHER it’s alien activity or natural phenomena, reports of UFOs have flooded in this summer from across the county. Whatever the explanation, experts agree that the number of suspected flying saucers has hit unusual highs this summer. Philip Hoyle, of the UFO Investigation and Research Unit in Shrewsbury, has enjoyed a busy and exciting summer visiting people who have reported sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects. In an exclusive interview with the County Times, he revealed:

“There seems to be a concentration of Orange Sphere reports around the Newtown and the Llansanffraid area, many witnesses are reporting seeing orange spheres in particular over hill farms around Newtown."

“Other witnesses are describing not spheres but cigar shaped craft with lights or windows along the side.

Phone stops working and a red light is spotted overhead - Long Eaton, Nottinghamshire [UK]
"I looked up and saw a red light with an orange center moving across the sky from South to North at a rate of knots. I am extremely familiar with both military and civilian aircraft and this thing was neither. It displayed none of the usual port / starboard lights and was not flashing."

Orange/Red light glides past house, camera quits working - Malvern, Worcestershire [UK]
" ...we noticed this red/orange light in the sky coming our way. I told my son to look as thought it was a helicopter but it glided past so silently and looked to like a balloon shape. i grabbed my camera to try to take a picture but it would not work at all...... soon as it had passed my camera was working fine again. was a very strange unexpainable thing. you definately needed to see it!"

Dim Orange Light in the Center of a Windmill-Shaped Object - Cancun, Mexico
UK Sightings Info, 20th July 2009
Copy: "Date: June 15 2009, Time: 9:30pm, Number of witnesses: 2, Number of objects: 2
Shape of objects: Something between a dragon fly and a windmill
Weather Conditions: Partly cloudy

Description: My husband and I were star gazing in the evening from our beach front hotel room near the mid-point of the hotel zone. We noticed a soft orange glow heading directly north over the coastline. The object appeared to be between 1500 and 2000 feet above us. The extremely dim orange light appeared to be in the center of an object that had a faint shape which neither of us had seen before. It was suggestive of a dragon fly, but more mechanical looking, like a windmill, or something with solar panels.

The object made no sound at all, had no blinking aircraft lights, and passed over our section of the beach in about five seconds. About ten minutes later, we saw an identical object at the same speed passing along the same course. Two nights later (June 17, about 9:00 PM) we were sitting down on the beach, just north of our building, and we saw an identical object in the same flight path, but this time we were able to visually track it farther. The object headed north, and then made a smooth, 45 degree turn to the northeast, apparently following the coastline of the peninsula. We are avid sky watchers and astronomy hobbyists and spend a lot of time looking at the night sky. In our hundreds of hours of sky watching, we have never seen this sort of object."

It did occur to me that the crop circles are possibly telling us what to expect as the traffic of UAPs intensifies. The image icon used here is blown up from one of the images used in the 14th July, UFO Examiner report listed below. The real intriguing question has to be: are some of the crop circles being used to transfer marching orders?This sighting refers to wind-mill or dragonfly shaped objects and reminds me of the 9th June 2009 crop circle, initially reported at Crop Circle Connector for the dragonfly crop circke at Little London, nr Yatesbury, Wiltshire [UK]. Reported 3rd June. Here is the link for the images taken by Lucy Pringle here

STH WOODFORD: 'Jellyfish UFO' spotted again [UK]
This is Local London, 20th July 2009
"A "jellyfish-like" unidentified flying object (UFO) raised eyebrows when it was apparently spotted over the skies of South Woodford on Friday (July 17). Three witnesses said they saw the object at around 10pm. Erick Harding, one of those who claimed to have seen the mysterious craft, wrote on a UFO website:

"[It] looked like a jelly fish with a fire at the bottom. "[It] went off into the west and then came back once more." It comes a year after the Guardian reported a similar sighting over Charlie Brown's roundabout on the border between Woodford Green and South Woodford, by the Gross family of Baddow Close in Woodford Green."

Image: An artist's impression of the 'jellyfish UFO' that was spotted last summer over Charlie Brown's roundabout.

When I had my issue with Geoff Stray in late February, see Truth, Lies, Fiction & Peer Review, I pointed out that the 2012 fraternity had missed the consequences of the overturning of space-time. Since, I wrote in my book and had stated on my website many times, I took the opportunity to restate again that as we were seeing a two-way traffic of plasma entities at the same time that the veil was lifting, the consequence would be that our reality would get surreal. I was not joking and here we have more proof! This also means that ALL the UFO researchers that have insisted for decades that most UFOs were native to our environment will be proven to have been correct in their analysis. Where are the evolutionary leaders to explain what is taking place? More UK reports:

Round Object with Glowing Orange Beams coming from the top - Morden, Surrey [UK]
"As it came closer it got a little a clearer and was a round object with glowing orange beams coming from the top. After about 15 seconds it disappeared as the speed was to fast. Later on in the evening at around 11.34. I was looking in the sky again and we all saw 3 of the same objects in formation looking like they were following eachother, way to close to be aeroplanes. about 5 seconds after that another 4 round silent orange objects followed the previous 3 and as they moved together they all just seemed to disappear in the night."

Large, fiery orange, globe-shaped object - Congleton, Cheshire [UK]
"We used the binoculars but coudn't make out any features execept for a firery orange globe shape. After about a minute it started to move off slowley increasing in height until it disappeared from view heading North. We know it was quite big as when viewed through the binoculars it was larger than a plane viewed at a similar altitude."

UFO caught on camera? - Shrewsbury, Shropshire [UK]
Shropshire Star, 20th July 2009
"Professional wedding photographer Helen Joynson captured these remarkable images while staying at her parents’ house at Fitz, near Shrewsbury. 2The 40-year-old said she had not even realised there had been anything unusual in the sky until noticing up to three UFOs when processing her digital photographs on a computer."

Four orange/red objects in formation joined by a fifth - Beeston, Nottingham [UK]
"We were on a bus and the driver stopped suddenly saying look at them ive never seen anything like it. we looked up there were 4 large orange/red objects in formation soon to be joined by a 5th there was no sound and they moved slowly away in formation."

UFO sighted over Otterton, Exmouth [UK] Herald (UK), 17th July 2009
"SCEPTICS who have dismissed the idea of UFO activity ever lurking in our skies may have to reconsider their belief after a fresh sighting – this time in Otterton. A man called Spencer, from Hampshire, was on holiday in Ladram Bay last week and noticed six bright orange lights moving at speed. He reported what he had seen on the Exmouth Journal website."

'Plane' circles an orange ball in sky then turns into an orange ball itself - Kingstanding, Birmingham [UK]
" ...I noticed what I thought was a plane fly by it, had the red and blue light you expect from a plane,but then what Ithought was the plane circled the orange ball thing twice moved slightly away from it then turn into exactly the same thing, an orange ball of light, I was a bit freaked..."
Comment: This type of report is not uncommon, some plasma entities are shapeshifters...

UFO sighted over St Helens, [UK]
St Helens Reporter, 17th July 2009
"Townsfolk spotted strange light zipping across the St Helens skyline over the weekend. A number of residents contacted the St Helens Reporter to report seeing weird lights floating across several parts of the borough. There were three separate sightings in Parr, Haydock and Newton-le-Willows on Saturday night alone."

15 Glowing Orange Balls, Some Waiting for those Following to Catch Up - Eltham, South East London [UK]
"The very first one I saw, I thought was a firework. Then after seeing ball 2 and then 3, I knew this was not the case."

Flash in night sky then objects are seen flying across the sky - twice! Kettering [UK]
" ...within a matter of seconds, an eerie strange light pulsed from green to a moment of deep red, stretching across, illuminating a part the sky in front of us. It was a starry clear night with some patches of cloud; the cloud where the light occurred seemed to intensify the color of this unusual looking light. After our awe and disbelief of what we had seen, my mind tried to rationalize this phenomenon, the first thing that entered my mind was an aura, due to some atmospheric changes or something.

However, the next thing what happened totally gripped every particle of my being. My girlfriend said ‘'look!'' guiding my eyes, pointing to separate objects passing over our line of sight. These objects had a reddy/orange pulse of light and where silent as they crossed the starry night sky..."

Six Bright Orange Objects - St James, Exeter [UK]
"They went out of sight but were followed by another one, then two more and one final one. All following the exact same line, except the two that were together, which flew side by side. The light emanating from these objects was steady (not flickering like a Chinese lantern) and quite bright..."

Stargazer spots UFO - Paisley, Scotland [UK]
Paisley Daily Express, Jul 21 2009
" ... he saw two orange-coloured shapes glowing in the sky. The stargazer, who has asked not to be named, told the Paisley Daily Express: “At first, I thought they were fireworks but they just kept on coming towards Brodie Park, in the direction of Neilston Road.

“I was thinking that they might be shooting stars but they were in the sky for a good three or four minutes.

“They definitely weren’t lights from an aircraft. We get quite a lot of helicopter traffic round here because the RAH is nearby, so I know what they look like. These lights were just different. It was weird.”

Reports of UFO sighting in Cannock [UK]
Sunday Mercury, Jul 21 2009
" ... the Cannock man, who does not wish to be named, said he has seen Chinese lanterns - and these lights were not like those. “They would have blown in the same direction,” he said. “But one would come towards me, then one would go away from me. There was no sound - it was weird.” The man stayed up all night keeping watch - but the lights did not reappear."

Red/Orange Lights in the Sky Moving, Hovering, Gathering Together, Then Moved Away from Each Other Gomshall, Surrey [UK]
" ...there was at least 10 - 12 flying objects with red/orange lights in the sky, They stayed there above us for approximately 4 - 5 minutes. They then gathered together and then they started separating and started moving very very fast across the sky and dissappeared one at a time and at times two together. There was no noise at all. I could not believe what I was seeing and know that there is no way any plane or conventional aircraft or anything could have done what I saw and at the lighting speed they took off at different times."

Bizarre UFO sightings in California for July 13th 2009, 14th July 2009
"As UFO sightings increase around the world the term "hot spot" has become more popular and relevant as well. The images in this article were taken by UFO enthusiasts in the small town of Penn Valley, ca. on July 13th 2009. The Sacramento UFO Examiner has presented these exclusive photos to our readers as bizarre and entertaining to say the least. We were there to observe the rapid shooting of over 280 photos taken and verified that all the images were shot from the same location at rapid intervals. The images were snapped at a time when no stars were visible to the naked eye, yet just at the right moment these images of bizarre flying objects were caught on film. The objects were there one moment and gone the next.

The one image in particular that raises the hair on the back of our necks is the photo of what appears to be a fleet of something unidentified. The human race is no doubt experiencing a climactic event of some kind as ordinary people like you continue to take photos like these. What will this event be and when? Many feel the answer is right around the corner as we do."

Well, is it really that difficult for people to come up with something plausible? Serious UFO researchers understood decades ago that some UFOs behaved like biological entites. See ARE UFOs ALIVE? by Brad Steiger.

Scientists have confirmed the existence of plasma manifestations called sprites, blue jets, elves, gnomes and trolls, officially called Transient Luminous Events [TLEs] that last for a few thousandths of a second, but look extremely life-like as they clearly demonstrate one of the main characteristics of plasma. Infact, scientists are becoming alarmed as they realise that the stratosphere and the mesosphere are now hosting a "zoo" of these entities which could pose a threat for space travel as they are highly electrical. Some scientists are already suggesting that UFOs could actually be sprites, but scientists need to incorporate hyperdimensional theories that are used to describe the universe which imply the existence of dark matter and dark energy entities.

Now, since I have been reading up on the astral world and can integrate that with modern scientific theories, I am starting to see that maybe some of the really weird UAP sightings could be entities passing from the lower realms THROUGH our dimension into the next. Is it any wonder that the Obama Administration queried what was going on with people who are supposed to understand advanced spiritual concepts? Until, I come across information that tells me otherwise, the veil is still lifting and the 'negative' entities are still leaving.... As stated before, we have no idea about the 'volumes' that are being forced to leave but even UFO researchers, who have no idea about the Planetary Refresh have noted the massive two-way traffic increase of mainly plasma entities. Therefore, I would be interested to hear if there is anybody out there who published information stating that this traffic was occuring before I noted this fact in my book, Tuning the Diamonds published in September 2006.

UFOs: record number of sightings forecast for 2009
Telegraph, 13th July 2009
A record number of UFOs are expected to be spotted this year in Britain after hundreds of sightings were reported in the first six months of 2009.

"Strange floating orbs and unexplained hovering objects have all been recorded and reported to the Ministry of Defence in the last six months. A total of 231 sightings of unidentified flying objects have been passed on to the MoD so far this year, according to The Sun.

This compares to 285 in 2008, 135 in 2007 and 97 in 2006. The number of sightings is thought to have increased because many more people now carry digital cameras and are able to photograph strange objects. Nick Pope, who used to run the Government's UFO project and is considered a leading authority on UFOs, told The Sun: "We are now on track for a record year.

"I thought the number of UFOs reported last year was high, but we now know they are being reported in increasing numbers."

It really makes you wonder why the metaphysical community were not interested in educating the general public that our reality would morph dramatically as the 'veil lifts'.

Fiery, Orange/Red Oval Shape With Silvery, Shiny Spikes Bitterne, Southampton [UK]
UK UFO sightings, 11th July 2009
Posted: July 11, 2009, Location of Sighting: Pound Street, Bitterne Southampton
Date of Sighting: July 4th 2009, Time: Approx 10.30pm

Witness Statement: Large fiery Orange/Red oval shaped object about the size of a mobile phone with silvery shiny spikes (like needles) around the bottom. The object seemed very solid and slowly crossed the sky in complete silence.

The object then stopped in the sky above a tree. At this point I called my wife to look as was completely baffled at what I was seeing. The object remained in the sky for about 2mins, then amazingly another object looking exactly the same came from the same direction as the first and moved towards the first object. This object then stopped next to the first one.
The first object then disappeared behind a tree.This happened at least another 6 to 7 times with a total of about 9 objects being seen.

The sightings lasted over half an hour and at one time there were about 4 to 5 objects together above the trees. This sighting was told to me by my grandparents on Sunday afternoon and although they are very skeptical over the subject of UFO's they are both completely baffled as to what they have seen. They are both convinced others must have seen this incredible sighting and felt confident they would read in the local Echo about the incident. My grandparents are honest and sincere and are not prone to making up stories. This is an honest account of an amazing story told to me in confidence. If anyone was a witness to this event or anything similar on Saturday 4th over the Bitterne/Southampton area please leave a comment.

This looks like a mass exodus of a particular type of UAP, other similar descriptions have been cubes with 'tentacles'.

Hovering Fireball That Changes into a Large Black Mass - Attleborough, Nuneaton [UK]
UK UFO sightings, 11th July 2009
copy: "Posted: July 11, 2009
Date of Sighting: 27th june 2009
Time: 10.20pm approx

Witness Statement: On returning to Attleborough from the direction of the Pingles, we saw a what appeared to be a fire ball hovering in the air above the fields at the bottom of Crowhill.

I drove towards it to get a better look but it quickly rose very high up into the sky, it then dropped down and changed to a large black mass and continued to move slowly down and towards the direction of the Attleborough industrial estate,
it was not falling straight down but moving along as if to land. I tried to follow it but it disappeared behind the houses. It had been a very hot day, there was no wind and as I drove past the playing fields for kegs there was a fog over the field and road. It was a very strange experience. Also I saw 2 young men one in a car and the other on a bike next to the car, pointing at the object from Garrett Street so I know we were not the only people to see it."

It looks like this UAP was struggling to get going and may have required "assistance" which appears to be one of the functions of the orbs. Quite frankly, we are witnesses to a unique event in the history of mankind and despite the lack of warning, people are coping valiantly.

UFO Traffic Report for Friday, July 10, 2009: Multiple 'connected' sphere UFOs move over Silverthorne, Colorado [US]
The Examiner, 10th July 2009
The UFO Traffic Report for Friday, July 10, 2009, includes 15 selected sightings over nine states, according to witness statements filed in the past 48 hours with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database.

Today's stories include: a group of spherical objects over Colorado that seemed to be connected; Orange Orbs over Pennsylvania; Orange orbs in a triangle formation over Pennsylvania; an Orange Sphere over Kentucky; an Orange Globe over the Connecticut River; an unusual object that turned up in a Google Street View; a formation of four lights over Idaho; a circular or octagon-shaped object over Pennsylvania; a huge round light making a beeping noise just outside a Pennsylvania home; a triangle-shaped object between 2,000 and 3,000 feet over Reno, Nevada; an oval-shaped craft less than 3,000 feet over Kentucky; an illuminated disc over Ohio; an Orange Orb over Plymouth, Massachusetts; a disc or boomerang over Ohio; six glowing orbs over Colorado; and an object almost beyond description that startled travelers along Colorado's I-76.

The people who filed this report in Pennsylvania are hilarious:
"Dot" high altitude, white/yellow in color, traveling W to E (or NW to NE to our position). Daughter shined laser at it and it responded each time by glowing bright! Didn't shoot & kill us, so I assume it because they're smart enough to determine that it's just a light, not a weapon. Very exciting to get a response!!! Shot video, but was too high altitude to show up on film. We saw another high altitude one after, but the laser had no effect--same path almost, very small dot.
In the United States there is a law that prohibits citizens from interacting with aliens, but I would say that this law would be impossible to apply to UAPs as they are made up of the primordial matter of the Universe, plasma (sub-atomic particles), the fundamental state of matter or 'the divine essence' or 'spirit'. Plasma makes up 99.999% of the visible universe and the background aetheric quantum background, where everything in this dimension is dependent on this higher dimensional energy. The orbs are apparently coming through the Sun, so it would be a nonsense to try and arrest people for communicating with raw energy.... As I wrote in my book, 'we are experiencing more Heaven on Earth' literally........ P.S. The last report here is very unusual and the description that it could have been an angel or demon is quite startling!

‘UFO’ over town [Exmouth, UK]
Exmouth Journal, 10th July 2009
"AN EXMOUTH man claims to have seen a UFO - the second spotting in three months and follows a similar sighting in Sidbury two weeks ago. Plane-spotter Milos Balvim, of Maer Road, was 'amazed' when he saw an object, with clusters of orange lights, travelling towards the town at around 11.20pm, last Thursday.

He said it appeared to have moved from the Dawlish area and headed towards Exmouth, flying at one point as low as 150 metres above the ground. The 61-year-old explained he had read reports of an object hovering in the skies over Sandy Bay beach in May, filmed from Devon Cliffs Holiday Park and posted on the internet site You Tube. The sighting was rumoured to be an alien aircraft but was later dismissed as being a Chinese lantern. Mr Balvim, however, said:

"It was definitely not a lantern. I am quite sceptical about those sorts of things because I am an ex-military officer.[...] "It was crossing over my house, travelling at the speed of a helicopter. The shape was quite like a Rubik's cube and there was an array of light beaming out."

The description of a Rubik's cube is oh so interesting, and people who are brave enough to report are generally taking this very well. However, predictions by seers of a massive psychological earthquake in human consciousness must still be valid, if mankind as a whole is to evolve. Here are more UK reports:

Mysterious UFO sightings continue - Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland [UK]
Dumfries Standard, 10th July 2009
“There were four of them in the sky, all bright orange and there wasn’t a sound. “And then there was another four which came after them, they were just gliding along, very high in the sky. [...] Some of our neighbours were saying it was a Chinese Lantern but it wasn’t anything like that.”

Fiery Orange Ball of Light - Selly Oak, Birmingham [UK]
" past over our house without a sound a bright orange ball of light flickering a bit almost like a fire? The sky was quite clear with only a few clouds but we couldn't make out how high it was, it moved at quite a speed & looked exactly the same from behind as from the front with no other lights around it, making us think it wasn't an aircraft?"

Hovering Fireball That Changes into a Large Black Mass - Attleborough, Nuneaton [UK]
" ...we saw a what appeared to be a fire ball hovering in the air above the fields at the bottom of crowhill. i drove towards it to get a better look but it quickly rose very high up into the sky, it then dropped down and changed to a large black mass and continued to move slowly down and towards the direction of the attleborough industrial estate, it was not falling straight down but moving along as if to land..."

8 - 12 Light Anomalies Dancing in the Sky - College Estate, Hereford [UK]
" ...looked into the deep purple orange sky and noticed 8-12 light abnomlies only way i could describe is like moths dancing round a light towards the wiggins estate near their large tower watched for half an hour..."

Fiery, Orange/Red Oval Shape With Silvery, Shiny Spikes - Bitterne, Southampton [UK]
"Large firery Orange/Red oval shaped object about the size of a mobile phone with silvery shiny spikes ( like needles) around the bottom. The object seemed very solid and slowly crossed the sky in complete silence. The object then stopped in the sky above a tree. At this point I called my wife to look as was completely baffled at what II was seeing."

Ireland: Belfast - 20 Bright orange Balls Hovering in the Sky
I saw about 20 bright orange balls in Belfast sky hoovering around the full moon while a British army helicopter hoovered beside them. They where in the Sky for at least 20 minutes before all going up into the sky 1 or 1 and 2 at a time.The last 1 stayed by itself until the rest went into the sky then followed a short time later."

UFOs: more readers tell Examiner about sightings across Kirklees, W. Yorkshire [UK]
Huddersfield Daily Examiner, Jul 11 2009
"Businessman Mike Goring said: “I saw first three lights and then two after that. “I’m aware of Chinese lanterns, but what concerns me is they flew across the flight paths for Manchester and Leeds. The lights look co-ordinated and what’s shocking is they stopped and started.” Helen Bamforth from Meltham said the lights were so bright they had woken her up."

UFO alert: What the museum curator saw - Devon [UK]
Midweek Herald, 10th July 2010
"The curator of Allhallows Museum in Honiton, who was among a large number of people to report UFO sightings in the Honiton area last Saturday, says the orange lights she saw were not the result of Chinese lanterns nor mini hot air balloons. Margaret Lewis has plotted the movements of the nine orange lights using a photograph of the sky above her Honiton home. "They were all travelling up from below the horizon, which is why I took notice," she said."

Orange, Spherical Objects Blazing with Light - Harlech Crescent, Tycoch [Wales, UK]
" ...we witnessed an orange sphere approximately 200 feet in the sky which was subsequently followed by at least 8 others at equal distance to each other. The leading sphere then changed to an angle of 45 degrees and shot off into cloud cover. The others subsequently followed the same path."

Ball of Fire Spotted - Wootton, Northampton [UK]
"It looked like a ball of fire and was travelling approx 3 x the speed of an aeroplane. I called my girlfriend who came out and also saw it. She thought it was an aeroplane on fire!"

Video: UFO spotted in Fylde sky?
"Strange orange lights were seen racing across the sky at the Larkholme Estate on Monday night and Gavin Billington of Fairway was quick to capture the astonishing footage. "They were like big balls of fire – there was no sound or anything," said Gavin, a chef at Blackpool and The Fylde College."

30 foot cone-shaped object lands on California ranch [US]
UFO Examiner, 10th July 2009
"The most unexplainable part of this story is as follows: My brother came over to my ranch approximately an hour later (10:30)PM. He has a doctorate degree, three master degrees and works for a international company. Additionally, he has taught physics.

WE ARE BOTH SKEPTICS and believe that most UFO sightings can be logically explained. When I told him of what had just occurred earlier, he suggested that we go back down to the location and figure out what it was that we saw.

As we were at the location (which was approximately an hour and a half later) we both witnessed an extremely bright "swish" in the western sky. It was probably a half second. But what we saw appeared as if the atmosphere "opened up" for a millisecond and an object "went inside" or poked through and then the atmosphere closed up leaving a "swirling" motion in the sky. A "wormhole" or "porthole"?. It terrified him so bad that his eyes watered and his voice cracked, insisting that we immediately leave towards the house."

This report is highlighted because it's the first report I have seen (I think) where eye witnesses actually think they saw an interdimensional wormhole actually open up. This sighting has been classified as UAP because it was described as 'brilliant' light, and has a similar description to others with photo images. At this moment in time, I have not come across anything in print (so far) that would explain how a wormhole would open up in a situation like this, but I am confident that somebody somewhere probably has a few ideas. Scientific theory suggests there are interdimensional wormholes are varying sizes all around us, even at the level of our DNA, so we have to presume this was an intelligent entity that could interact with the environment and operate interdimensionally. Again, I am finding it very hard to think that the mainstream media are being bombarded with these kind of reports and the metaphysical community are mute. One can only presume that spiritual/metaphysical 'leaders' are completely out of their depth, unaware or simply don't care. Well, if the energies are still shifting, an interdimensional presence on this planet is only going to get more obvious, the issue is NOT going to go away.

UFO Traffic Report: Multiple fireballs 'moved with purpose' over Indiana town [US]
UFO Examiner, 8th July 2009
"The UFO Traffic Report for Wednesday, July 9, 2009, includes 13 selected sightings over eight states, according to witness statements filed in the past 48 hours with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database.

Today's stories include: Five to six orange balls of light moving over an Indiana town; a menacing orb that seemed to follow this Pennsylvania man on his walk; a Nashville field investigator who witnesses an 8-foot sphere; three fireballs over Ohio; bright lights in the trees during a Pennsylvania case; a rectangular-shaped object no more than 300 feet over this Tennessee apartment building; a 200-foot-long silent object moving over California; a very fast-moving and very silent object shooting over New Mexico; a bright light hovering no more than 50 feet in the air in Ohio; another El Cajon, California, witness comes forward; an object that looked like a school of fish over Wisconsin; a series of orbs seen over Ohio; and an oval-shaped object the size of a 747 over Michigan."

Well, the clean-up of our planet continues and this report has quite a few non-orb like entities being forced out into the open. I am wondering at what point others will come to the obvious conclusion that we are seeing a tremendous two-way traffic of interdimensional entities due to the aetheric density changing (veil lifting). Then when are people going to start integrating this information to come up to the conclusion that we are seeing the greatest transition in the history of mankind as we evolve along with the planet?

UFO over Mexico City releases strange yellow moving spheres - See the video here!
Paranormal Daily News, 8th July 2009
copy: A remarkable video has been shown on Mexican TV of a UFO releasing intelligent moving spheres into the sky! The video was shot in May 2009 byPedro Hernandez, who saw the UFO while looking out a bus window. As the yellow space ship rapidly spun, it released countless orbs, which danced around the craft! Mexico City has an abnormally high rate of UFO sightings, but a recording of this kind is still a rare occurrence.

The video below is in Spanish; however, if you skip forward to 4 minutes 20 seconds you don’t need to habla Espanol to watch this footage of a UFO. Tell us what you think!

As regulars to this blog will know, this is nothing new and is happening all over the planet. However, it is added to the hundreds of accounts already logged in celebration that 'Earth is Under Reconstruction' and Mexican TV thought it was worthy of air time.

UFO Traffic Report for Monday, July 6: 20 baseball-sized UFOs 'invade' Indiana woods [US]
The UFO Examiner, 6th July 2009
"The Fourth of July weekend overwhelmed the UFO Traffic Report switchboard - as cases were tracked from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database.

Weekend cases have already been covered in UFOs tracked across Pennsylvania on July 4 holiday, UFOs spotted over 10 states during July 4th celebrations, and Annual UFO over El Cajon makes Fourth of July appearance once again. While we have tracked two triangle-shaped UFOs, a cylinder-shaped object and a "dark" object over the holiday weekend, reports continue to come in from around the country of primarily orange-colored objects moving in a controlled manner.

Many reports show the objects hovering and then moving away at tremendous speed. Many more reports provide firsthand accounts of multiple objects shooting across the sky.
There are many similarities in the selected 26 reports from 15 states for this UFO Traffic Report for Monday, July 6. Due to the number of sighting that we're covering, we will report on the first 16 cases in this story, and will follow up today with a second story to cover the remaining 10 cases.

At the moment, the number of reports is still escalating and I am not interested in logging all reports that I think are UAPs, because there's now just too many. However, if these UFO traffic reports keep coming, I will post the links, but since it's now RED ALERT TIME, I simply don't always have time to read these longer reports before I add the link. See UFO Traffic Report: UFOs spotted over 10 states during July 4th celebrations [US]

Unexplained Phenomena Alert Level 10 Red (High)
Colin Andrews Website, 5th July 2009
"Unexplained Phenomena Alert Level 10 Red (High) is issued for the first time since it was devised after the Cheesefoot Head incident during 1989. The alert is intended to HERE"

It looks Colin Andrews has lost his nerve and pressed the alarm bell! Personally, I think that Colin doesn't quite understand what is going on and probably joins the crowd with those people who have heavily bought into the Mayan Calendar 2012 End-date whoopla. For those who are interested in UFO Disclosure it seems that there is an ongoing fight here with the UK MOD and the primary focus is Nick Pope who has come under criticism from Colin Andrews for preparing distorted reports about UFOs & Crop circle when he was working as Ministry of Defence’s UFO desk for three years. It seems that Nick Pope has even confessed to this, but I get the feeling that Pope is in a very difficult situation. His understanding and consciousness is changing too, the energy to keep lying is just not there and that is why there seems to be some wavering from this person. See, Colin Andrews One-Two Punch and New Book Creates a Firestorm. As a Result the Ministry of Defence's Nick Pope Withdraws Much of the Official Government Statement on Crop Circles and UFOs.

Seven Orange, Circular Spheres with a Metallic-Type Glow in Convoy! - Ovens, County Cork [Ireland]
UK UFO sightings, 5th July 2009
"They were orange, circular spheres, with a metallic type glow from them. They seemed to be emitting this light, which changed from bright orange to white and back to which various tones of orange.

They moved in perfect precision across the sky, in what seemed to be convoy like, but unlike any formation I have ever seen.

The three biggest and brightness were in front, in a vertical line formation, slightly angled. These were followed by two separate spheres, equidistant from each other, about 50 meters apart. These were then followed by another sphere which had a smaller sphere that went around it and moved at acute angles, left and right of it, then seemed to join it and then separate again.

These spheres seemed to be only a few hundred feet in the air. They were moving from an easterly direction, heading westwards. We observed them from about two minutes, when the first three spheres seemed to then just disappear, or not emit light and so could no longer be observed. This same pattern was then repeated by the rest of the spheres when they reached that particular point in the sky. They did not disappear into the clouds nor over the visible horizon. I managed to capture the last sphere on camera for only a second.

This was the most extraordinary scene I have ever witnesses in my entire life and I am 44. And was glad that it was observed by three other people."

Nice report! Please see my latest article, Earth's Dimensional Shift: A perspective on Current Times 7th July 2009. There are a huge number of UK sightings, the following is a selection:

Orange Ball the Size of a Helicopter - Worsley, Manchester [UK]
" ...i saw this orange ball about the size of say a helicopter, it looked like it was on fire like a lantern, but it was travelling the speed of aircraft that fly over my house on the approach to the airport."

Red Light with Bottom in Shape of an Iron - Horsforth, Leeds [UK]
"All the time had a 'V' shape of red lights at the 'front' that consisted of five or six pulsing lines within the V. Red light finally stayed still in one place for 30seconds and then seemed to rappidly shoot straight up until it disappeared."

Two Bright Orange Lights, One of Them Changing Directions - Ampfield, Romsey [UK]
"Driving home from Basingstoke we saw two bright orange lights appearing to the right of the moon."

A Luminous Oval Orange Light with Rays Radiating from It - Drom, Leap, County Cork [Ireland], June 7 2009
"I looked more closely, as I once saw a meteorite entering the atmosphere at around the same point a couple of years ago (although that was in December). This light, however, was luminously orange, and of an oval shape with rays of orange light radiating from it. Its intensity was constant. It hovered, some distance across the bay, and seemed to be still for some moments. I then noticed that when it did move, the movements were purposeful, and not at all random. It moved vertically, horizontally, and diagonally, although slowly without any kind of jerking."

A Fireball-Like Object - A50, Meir/Longton, Stoke-on-Trent [UK]
"At first we thought it was an aircraft on fire, it almost looked as though the light emitted from the object was passing through and searching the clouds..."

Three Very, Very Large Orange Balls of Light - Enfield, Middlesex [UK]
"Observed 3 very, very large orange balls of light for over an hour, growing in brightness, then fading and re-appearing somewhere else. Observed through binoculars and saw that the shapes were transforming and at times there were green and red lights flickering, and spinning.Much, much larger than any plane lights."

A Luminous Oval Orange Light with Rays Radiating from It - Drom, Leap, County Cork [Ireland], June 7 2009
"This light, however, was luminously orange, and of an oval shape with rays of orange light radiating from it. Its intensity was constant. It hovered, some distance across the bay, and seemed to be still for some moments. I then noticed that when it did move, the movements were purposeful, and not at all random. It moved vertically, horizontally, and diagonally, although slowly without any kind of jerking."

Man Sees Rectangular Grid of Lights in Night Sky - Lake Michigan Harbor in Chicago, Illinois [US]
UFOs Northwest, 8th July 2009
"Date of Sighting: July 4, 2009
Time of Sighting: 1:30 AM CDT
Location of Sighting: On Boat in Lake Michigan Harbor in Chicago, Illinois)

Description: The witness called and reported the sighting within 24 hours of occurrence. He stated that he was looking at the sky from his boat. He saw a large rectangular grid of lights moving through the sky towards the southeast. The rectangular lights approached for a second time and repeated the southeast movement. He could see the lights moving in unison through mid-level clouds. He felt that the lights were "scanning." No sound was heard."

I think the intuitive insight that this witness had is correct and useful to note as my research suggests that UAPs are busy cleaning up the whole planet, all very exciting stuff and of course, none of this predicted by the 2012 crowd or anyone else for that matter. To truly understand what is taking place, you need to be steeped in the theories of dark matter & dark energy, hyperdimensional realities, plasma physics, cosmology, astrophysics, electromagnetism and metaphysics to name a few.

2 See Large Fireball Break Up Into Smaller Fragments
UFOs Northwest, 4th July 2009
"Date of Sighting: July 2, 2009
Time of Sighting: 10 PM MDT
Location of Sighting: Longmont, Colorado (About 20 Miles North of Denver)
Description: My partner and I were driving East to Longmont on Highway 66 (Ute Highway) from Lyons, Colorado and saw a giant fireball in the sky, hiding behind a large section of storm clouds. At first I thought it was the moon, but suddenly it came out from behind the clouds and rapidly decreased in altitude.

Once it began decreasing in altitude, it starting breaking up into smaller pieces-- two, then three and then four. As soon as it began breaking up, they began flying in formation to the West (thus eliminating the option of it being a meteor due to it's trajectory).

About 30 seconds later, 4 of the pieces began falling to the ground (each piece also had very long tails, similar to a meteor). As they were falling, two of the pieces jutted off to the left, while the other two jutted to the right. One by one, they fell to the ground in a blaze.

My fiance and I smelled smoke as well around the area. We estimated the distance between us and the phenomena to be roughly 3 miles or so to the South of us. It was certainly not fireworks due to it's behavior."

This report is actually quite interesting because the witness description is clear that even though this object was initially believed to be a fireball, but the fact that it broke up and flew in formation makes this another UAP entry. As a reminder, Russian scientists talk about 'plasmoid trains' because they have found that what appears to be a comet does not have any solid object within the coma. In 1997, Russian scientists reported to the world that the "comet" Shoemaker Levy that exploded in the atmosphere of Jupiter in July 1994, was infact a plasmoid train. Simply, we now understand that some fiery cosmic objects are just pure consciousness, literally a gigantic cosmic spark and therefore by definition, a plasma in arc mode. Here are more US reports with similar sightings in the same region.

US: Couple See Large Orange Object Split Into Smaller Objects - Longmont, Colorado [US]
UFOs Northwest, July 2009
"At 22:08 I saw a large yellow-orange ball in the southwest sky. It was 50 times larger than a plane light. It was still and after a minute it became 3 then 4 then 5 then 6 in a cluster and each seemed oval. [...] It is illegal to shoot aerial fireworks on our area, but before this occured there were poppers evident. There were none at the time of the sighting."
Note the explanation: "It turns out it was a precision parachute team practicing night maneuvers with lights attached. They were above the airport area." This is interesting, especially after the witness was about the lights not being fireworks, but don't magnesium flares count as fireworks?

Five See 5 Lights Similar to Flares That Moved Independently - NW Longmont, Colorado [US]
UFOs Northwest, July 2009
"I looked over and saw 5 bright lights similar to flares hanging in the sky to the east approximately 3 miles away in what appeared to be a formation of sorts. I believe they were over the Longmont Airport. They appeared motionless for a few moments then one light moved to the south then they all started to move independently. Then as if they were on a string they followed one another making a swirling circle, down then up then down to the ground below my horizon. As they swirled they formed tails similar to a firework or meteor."

Cluster of Several Lights Descend to Ground - Near Longmont, Colorado [US]
UFOs Northwest, July 2009
"Someone noticed a cluster of several lights just hanging in the sky and commented on it. We all stared at this light for about 90 seconds. The cluster didn't seem to be moving at all for half a minute or so, then moved back and forth from west to east and then back to the west before descending to the ground trailing sparks the entire time.

Video of US Army Golden Knights on a night jump, which does NOT exactly match the descriptions given here:
YouTube Video : US Army Golden Knights Night Jump

Idaho UFO makes two 'crash-like' maneuvers; hovers low over field
The Examiner, 3rd July 2009
Witness: "Idaho, June 30, 2009 - It was flying really fast, with really bright lights. I was driving home from a friends house at about 11 pm on June 30th 09. I thought I was seeing an airplane about to crash into the ground 2 mins from me.

I was so scared because I thought it would blow up right there in front of me. It was going so fast towards the ground and then stopped abruptly. It hovered for a second and took off really fast towards the left at a 45 degree angle. It was so strange so I started to pay attention.

Then it looked like it was about to crash a second time, but didn't once again. About 1 min later I was driving right next to the thing. The lights were really, really bright. Big white lights and smaller blue ones in a pattern. [White, blue, white, blue and so on]. Not like any aircraft I have seen.

It was hovering 3-4 feet over a field. Then it took off past me right as I was driving by. There were a few people pulled over behind me so I'm sure they were watching it too.

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again! As regulars to this blog will now know, this behaviour is being repeated, presumably all over the world. The first scientific report of an 'exodus' of light balls occurred in 1997, but metaphysicians and channelled sources claimed in the early 1990s that we were seeing a two-way traffic of entities, NOT UFOs and the science reveals that we are indeed seeing intelligent magnetic plasma entities or magnetospheric plasmoids, one of a variety of names used by the scientific community. I can't think why this UAP had difficulty entering the Earth, but it looks like no permission was granted.... Personally, I am wondering what the consequences are if enough UAPs can't gain access in a particular region.... There may even be a system where particular UAPs are arriving with specific orders to take up residency in a particular region for a particular role that is not related to energy accounting. Quite frankly, if humans were supposed to help 'prepare' the Earth, like a few channelled sources have stated, then are we in trouble? There is not really a lot of evidence that prominent leaders in the metaphysical/New Age world, were giving any encouragement to do this work.

UFO spotted hovering in Hertfordshire
The Telegraph, 1st July 2009
A couple photographed a UFO hovering in the black sky above their home in Welwyn Garden City, Hertforshire, late at night.

"A couple photographed a UFO hovering in the black sky above their home in Welwyn Garden City, Hertforshire, late at night. UFO fever has blown up after a couple snapped this mystery object hovering in the black sky above their home. Diane Prior took the shot after her husband Andy, 40, raised the alarm. He was in his back garden with his dog at about 10.45pm when he saw two strange objects over his head. Mr Prior, of Welwyn Garden City, Herts, said:

"They were above the clouds, swinging left to right. "There was no noise whatsoever. I was absolutely gobsmacked. I have never seen anything like it before."

Well, there are just too many sightings with evidence for the mainstream media to ignore, but at what point are they going to start asking some serious questions?

Reader reports sighting of orange fireball-like object in the sky above Knutsford
Knutsford Guardian, 29th June 2009
Copy: "A reader wrote to the Guardian on Sunday to report a sighting of an orange fireball-like object in the sky above Knutsford. The letter is below. Dear Sirs, Last night - Saturday 27th June 2009 - while walking home from visiting friends, my son, partner and myself saw a strange object in the sky above Knutsford. Although we are used to seeing planes flying over us regularly, this was not a plane!

It was like an orange red fireball and at the height it must have been, was much larger than a plane, it traveled at great speed for what would have been several miles (at that height) and then hovered over Knutsford for several minutes before gradually getting smaller and then disappearing.

This was just after 11pm. While we were watching we heard voices behind us and 2 other people who had walked in the same direction arrived. We pointed out the light and both of these people also saw the same light.

There was no 'tail' attached so it could not have been a comet. If it was a satellite then why did it stop and then disappear upwards? Do you have any idea or explanation as to what this may have been? Has anyone else reported seeing a strange light in the sky? Thanking you in anticipation of a reply.

It seems incredible to me that people are waiting for something to happen in 2012 when it seems the crop circles are indicating that we seem to be nearing the end of phase and a transition is happening very soon. The two-way traffic of UAPs is continuing and the astral realms are starting to appear. Quite frankly, most people are unprepared for the consequences....

Seven Yellow-White Lights Moving Across the Sky - Nr Rudgwick, W. Sussex [UK]
"My wife and I were driving home from a party in the early hours of the morning of 21 June 2009 when I saw some lights in the sky to my right hand side. I pointed this out to my wife who saw them aslo and so I stopped the car and got out on the road and just watched them. There were seven lights in a fairly random formation moving across the sky in exactly the same formation. They were yellow white lights which at first I thought were hot air air balloons. It was quite hard to judge the distance they were away, but I would guess no more than 1 mile if they were hot air balloons. However, the lights were of the same intensity and there was absolutley no noise whatsoever; with hot air balloons you can always hear tha gas burners being fired..."

Four Bright Objects Moving in the Last Rays of the Sun - Kirkely, Northumberland [UK]
" ...they moved about together up and down, then slowly dissapeared out of site. The Sun sets in that direction and it looked like the last rays were showing them up in the sky. It lasted about 2 minutes. They couldn't have been aircraft, (the airport is about 3 miles away) there movement was inconsistent with aircraft, there direction was southeast and upward."

Bright Orange Ball of Light - Worksop, Nottinghamshire [UK]
"I can honestly say I have never seen anything like this before. I could rule out aircraft as it was totally silent and too near to be so, I could rule out these silly chinese lanterns as it would need one hell of a hurricane to move it at that speed and I can rule out the sun shining on the metal fuselage of an aircraft as the sun was already below the horizon and there would have been illumination to the underside of the clouds also. It's not as if I could even pass it off as lighting from an aircraft because I viewed it as it approached and flew past us and the intensity of the light was constant, there was no structure visible at all and this thing seemed to be completely spherical."
Good long quality description of this sighting

UFO sighting at Payhembury [UK]
Devon 24, 29th June 2009
"Eyewitnesses say a large red light, with smaller a orange light was seen moving towards the ground in the East Devon village late last Friday night. "The orange was moving towards the ground and then began to rise up towards the red light again. When the two lights joined, it simply disappeared," a witness told the Herald's Sniff It Out team."

Bright Orange Light Moving Very Quickly - Exeter, Devon [UK]
"I caught a glimpse of a bright orange light moving very quickly above us. We thought it was a hot air balloon at first, but it was moving too quickly. There was no sound at all."

Object Looked Like it was on Fire - Beeston, Nottingham [UK]
" ...At first we thought it was a hot air ballon, but it was moving faster about 50 ft high. It moved accross our garden from Nottingham area towards Long Eaton, It was as if it was on fire, no noise..."

Strange shape seen in sky - Shropshire [UK]
Shropshire Star, 30th June 2009
" “I took these pictures two weekends ago at about noon by the Unicorn Inn at Hampton Loade. “The spherical shape was following a hang glider and it was grey and appeared to be becoming invisible."

A Ball of Fire - Bridgwater, Somerset [UK]
" ...there was a big orange light in the sky almost like a ball of fire that we had seen a few times before. it was hovering silently to begin with, then it started to move slowly after a while it got abit faster and dissapeared into thin air."

Sphere-Shaped Objects, Five Orange and One Silver - Sherwood, Nottingham [UK]
"This was witnessed by five people. They didn't blink like the lights of planes or helicopters, made no sound and I would say that their flight patterns were too irregular to be any of our own flight crafts."

Two Flaming Objects - Ilford, Essex [UK]
"They seemed to hover for a few seconds and then started to travel in the North East direction and increasing in altitude getting away from us. The one on the left disappeared first followed by the second one. There was no noise and this amazing experience was witnessed by 4 persons and lasted approx 2 mins."

Pair spot UFO lights in sky over Cannington [UK]
This is Somerset, 1st July 2009
"Driving along lanes to Cannington from a friend's house in Spaxton on Saturday, April 18, at around 11pm, the pair saw bright lights in formation in the sky. Doreen, of Cannington, said they stopped the car and got out when they saw around seven orange lights flying through the sky in formation. They at first thought they were helicopters but realised those would never fly so close together. After a few minutes, the lights were nearly over their heads when they suddenly veered off, but not before turning from a dull orange to a glaring white light. Doreen said: "It was amazing - I've never seen anything like it before and I've got no idea what it was."

UFO spotted by councillor - Loughborough [UK]
Loughborough Echo, Jul 2 2009
" I saw these big red lights in the sky. There were eight objects altogether, hovering in the night sky between Dishley and Hathern and they went towards the East Leake way. They must have been going fast because they just disappeared. It was silent and ever so queer. I was shaking, it was really scary to be honest with you."

Two Pair of Fiery Balls - Jedburgh, Scottish Borders (UK)
"Two pairs of orange fiery balls heading across jedburgh, south>north direction. Quite high up and moving at exactly the same speed the pairs were about 2 mins apart."

Big Black Bin Liner on Fire! - Hyde, Cheshire [UK]
" looked like a big black bin bag with a fire at the rear end, it was about as big as a helicopter and flew at a constant speed and height until it disappeared..."

Mystery of the lights in the sky - Peterborough [UK]
Peterborough today, 29th June 2009
" “I was walking home from the bus stop when I happened to look up and there were what looked like four glowing globes all together in the sky, almost as though they were one single unit. “They were orange on the inside and they were red around the edges. They were moving absolutely silently from east to west before they gradually rose into the dark grey clouds. “I’m not sure of their exact size but I got the impression they were quite large. It was like looking underneath a space rocket."

Red diamond UFO spotted hovering in sky of North Somercotes [UK]
Louth Leader, 2nd July 2009
""I was in the car with my husband on the road to North Somercotes at around 5pm and we stopped in the road to wait for the car in front to manoeuvre round a lorry. While we were sitting there I glanced out my window to the left and saw this strange red object in the sky and thought 'what the devil is that?'" The woman described the object as diamond in shape with four 'spotlights' on each corner: "It didn't make a sound and was just static in the air. I turned to my husband and said 'can you see that up there?' and when I tuned back it had gone."

Mexico: Another Airport Sighting
INEXPLICATA News, 29th June 2009
Copy: "Prof. Ana Luisa Cid writes to inform about yet another sighting - substantiated by videotape - in the vicinity of Mexico City International Airport (MCIA): "Lic. Daniel Sánchez Rosales recorded a luminous shape in the skies over Mexico City, in a neighborhood near the airport, around 20:00 hours on June 22, 2009. "The witness remarks that he saw the same object the next day, adding that in both cases he was accompanied by his nephew (corroborating witness) "It should be noted that I received a similar videotape in 2008, taken by Ing. Victor Gonzalez in Texpepan, Mexico State." INEXPLICATA thanks Prof. Cid for the report and photos!

Different! See video on YouTube [1:01] here

Mile wide UFO seen by British pilots
Macedonia Online, 26th June 2009
Full Story: "One of the largest UFOs ever seen has been observed by the crew and passengers of an airliner over the Channel Islands. An official air-miss report on the incident several weeks ago appears in Pilot magazine. Aurigny Airlines captain Ray Bowyer, 50, flying close to Alderney first spotted the object, described as "a cigar-shaped brilliant white light".

Aurigny Airlines captain Ray Bowyer, 50, described what he thought to be a UFO as 'a cigar-shaped brilliant white light', similar to the image supplied by Dennis Plunket of the British Flying Saucer bureau. As the plane got closer the captain viewed it through binoculars and said: "It was a very sharp, thin yellow object with a green area.

"It was 2,000ft up and stationary. I thought it was about 10 miles away, although I later realised it was approximately 40 miles from us. At first, I thought it was the size of a [Boeing] 737. "But it must have been much bigger because of how far away it was. It could have been as much as a mile wide." Continuing his approach to Guernsey, Bowyer then spied a "second identical object further to the west".

He said: "It was exactly the same but looked smaller because it was further away. It was closer to Guernsey. I can't explain it. This was clearly visual for about nine minutes." "I'm certainly not saying that it was something of another world. All I'm saying is that I have never seen anything like it before in all my years of flying."

The sightings were confirmed by passengers Kate and John Russell. John, 74, said: "I saw an orange light. It was like an elongated oval." The sightings were also confirmed by an unnamed pilot with the Blue Islands airline. The Civil Aviation Authority safety notice states that a Tri-Lander aircraft flying close to Alderney spotted the object.

"Certain parts of the report have not been published. I cannot say why," said a senior CAA source. The UK MOD has opened its UFO files to the public, but which files is another question.

As I have stated many times before, due to ignorance, any bright light in the sky is being called a UFO, but this description would also match a glowing plasma. The UK MOD are in a difficult situation because the existence of self-organised and self-regulated plasma entities is well outside of most people's comprehension of reality.

UFO alert over cylinder in the sky
Express and Star, 26th June 2009
"A mysterious cylindrical object has been spotted in the skies above the Black Country. Retired teacher Mike Tunnicliffe was left scratching his head after seeing the UFO from his Walsall garden yesterday afternoon. Mr Tunnicliffe, who works part time at County Bridge Primary School, ran to get his camera and snapped the strange shaped object.

He’s hoping Express & Star readers might know what it is. The 63-year-old of Sutton Road said: “It was a long shiny black cylinder shape, pointed at one end like a pencil. “From where I was standing it was around 30ft long and around 400ft off the ground. It was vertical, pointing at the ground. “It came so quickly then within five minutes it was gone again."

So far my main interest has been in UAPs but I have started to serious think about our multi-dimensional reality (multiverse) and what that actually means in terms of the whole of our reality moving to a higher vibrational level. At the moment, the main focus of the New Age/metaphysical community appears to be very narcissistic, ie the focus is on our DNA, our energy fields and possible physical human complaints. There seems to be very little focus on how this transformation will occur and how the WHOLE of our reality on Earth will respond. Anyway, it is a fact that we are seeing an increase in "bizarre" sightings and many appear to be life-like higher dimensional organisms. Despite my previous claims that we are seeing a planetary refresh, this probably does not apply to everything that we are starting to see now.

The thought that comes to mind with these things that appear to be completely black is that we are possibly seeing a shadow cast from a higher dimension, almost like the famous analogy of Flatland where the inhabitants of a two-dimensional world would see a three-dimensional object as something mysterious or even miraculous but they are very limited by their personal attributes to comprehend what it is that they are seeing. The most famous analogy is the reaction of paper two-dimensional beings seeing a pencil appearing which is odd when the sighting actually stated, “It was a long shiny black cylinder shape, pointed at one end like a pencil.”

The notion of the "veil lifting" could mean that human reality is moving into a frequency of dimension that is inhabited by lower astral entities hence the incredible pictures of luminous angels as well as some nasties. Since, I have not come across sources that explain if the changes to space-time have a ripple like effect throughout all the higher dimensions, for now, this can only be assumed. There are many scientific theories of higher dimensions that are supported by many esoteric and spiritual traditions that outline many separate levels that are based on spiritual attainment. Therefore, the effect of Earth's energetic bombardment could mean that any "shift" just serves to push us into the next level, that's all and if that is the case, then the "real" world is not prepared and for most, our reality will become a true 'Alice in Wonderland".

UFO Traffic Report: Military jets seen near New Mexico UFO site
UFO Examiner, 26th June 2009
"The UFO Traffic Report for Friday, June 26, 2009, includes five selected sightings over five states, according to witness statements filed in the past 48 hours with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database. Today's stories include: Bright Lights over New Mexico look like they caught the attention of the military; a shape shifting UFO over California, two Bright Lights moving over North Carolina caught the attention of a retired deputy sheriff, two bright round and red objects over Brook Park, Ohio, and an odd Flash of Light case over Tuscon, Arizona, skies." [...]

California, June 23, 2009 - Shape-shifting UFO.
"I was standing out in the backyard smoking a cigarette when I looked up and noticed a weird object in the sky. It was no more than a few hundred feet up and almost directly above the house. As I was watching it, I was trying to think of what it could be. There was aircraft noise but as soon as the airplane that was nearby passed, it was silent. I stood there watching it for a good while. No noise, nothing coming out of it.

It was hovering and twisting in and around itself as it did so. It did this for about 7 minutes when it seemed to all clump together and it started heading upwards. As it was going up, it lit up in bright white lights. It hovered for about a minute or two longer and then suddenly disappeared. I'm a believer in UFO's and I have seen some anomalous activity before but never in daylight and never so close. It was amazingly clear to the naked eye and I can imagine I wasn't the only one to have seen it. I don't know how long it had been there as it had just caught my eye while I was outside."

I think the impression of energy "twisting in and around itself" and "clumping" suggests this was some kind of plasma biological type entity. Obviously, from a scientific point of view, a rotating torus of aetheric energy is how scientists are modelling electrons and the 19th century pioneers of electromagnetic theory modelled "vortex atoms" or "self-sustaining whirl pools in the aether". The theoretical concepts of 'dark' or 'shadow' matter in higher dimensions suggests the existence of entities that are more "massive", but, this refers to higher frequency and therefore higher energy. However, with a broader outlook, the evidence is pointing to independent structures of magnetic plasma that can have varying sizes. This is supported by Russian scientists claim that many vacuum domains (orbs) are about 1-2km wide and one was even measure to be 8km wide. Certainly the ones that were caught in the act of adjusting the Earth's electromagnetic grid would have been "massive".

Weird Shaped UFOUAP Sighted Over Liverpool! [UK]
UFO Chronicles, 23rd June 2009
Full report: "Dear Sir, My name is Xxxxx Xxxx. I am 46 years of age and I spotted something today that shook me very much. Relaxing in St James Cemetery today, 23rd of April 2009, I was reading the local paper. Suddenly something caught my eye and I looked up to suddenly see, this thing. I could not even begin to describe what it looked like.

It was not disc-shaped, but sort of reminded me of some sort of weird-shaped starfish. It was completely black, and moved very very slowly in the sky. It was low and big and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. One other thing was that as I was viewing this thing, there where no sounds of birds at all. It moved across the sky by flipping over on itself, like a coin would move when tossed in the air. At first I thought it was some sort of giant seagul, as there where gulls in the sky at the time. But looking at this, it was something completely and utterly strange.

I tried to get a picture of it, as I had my camera at the time, but could not get a focus no matter how hard I tried. I watched it move toward the Anglican Cathedral, Liverpool, and then it headed toward the city centre and the Tower Restaurant. I haven't a clue as to what this thing was. It was frightening to say the least. I was alone in the cemetery so could not point this object out to anybody else.

I mentioned this object to my wife, and she told me that this thing had been spotted by other people in Liverpool too during the past days.. It was gliding over and above the River Mersey."

I would suggest that this is some kind of plasma entity forced out of the Earth and flying around. As I have explained elsewhere, the aetheric density is rapidly changing or in metaphysical terms the 'veil is lifting'. This means that what was mostly invisible in the 'astral' planes are now becoming visible, but these things are actually being driven off the planet because their time is up and the Earth is being cleansed. Please note that this is quite similar to the black octopus videoed in Brazil, April 2009. By the way, having this "thing" flying around the Cathedral just can't be good for business.....

'UFOUAP was huge and glowed orange' [Grantham, UK]
Grantham Journal, 22nd June 2009
"Monday, 11.45am - DID you spot a glowing orange craft in the sky over Grantham on Saturday night? Jackie Forbes of Harris Way did. She went into her back garden at precisely 10.33pm and spotted the UFO in the sky close to the A1. Jackie, 29, said: "It was travelling at the speed of an aeroplane but it was bigger and orange. Sometimes the planes at night have flashing lights on but this was constant.

"The something else dropped from underneath the plane."

If you are following the blog, then you will know that this is now a common occurrence. Please note that some in the mainstream are now trying to suggest people are 'delusional', "controversial Sunday Times journalist, Rod Liddle called Lincolnshire people 'delusional or alcoholics' after the sudden rise of UFO sightings in the county." See, Locals support UFO spotters This is going to start a major rift because the transformation of Earth is still acelerating. See more UK UAP traffic reports below:

  • Orange Ball of Fire [Leicester, UK], 30th May 2009
    " looked very much like a orange ball of fire. Thought maybe a meteor, none that I have ever seen before. Too big to be a helicopter in the distance, no flashing lights, def not a plane. It seemed to stop for a little while as if hovering then changed its course, did a semi circle. No sooner had it faded another one appeared doing the same thing, although as this one hovered. Another one appeared..."

  • Two Intensely Bright Yellow Spherical Objects [Scotland: Aberdeen, UK], 31st May 2009
    " ...two intensely bright yellow perfectly spherical objects propelling through the sky both a color that can only be described as that emitted from a bunsen burner - both identical in shape and size - they were very pronounce in the night sky - very noticeable."

  • UFO sightings over North Petherton [UK]
    This is somerset, June 25, 2009
    "Mr Sims, aged 28, said he saw orange fireballs flying through the sky while his partner drove down the M5 past the North Petherton junction. He said: "I noticed a series of at least seven bright lights in the sky. "I initially thought that it was Orion and that it was just very visible and low in the night sky but as we got closer it became apparent that the lights were red and moving and that they were at least four times brighter than any of the other stars that were in the sky."

  • UFO photographed over Edgware [UK]
    Harrow Observer, 26th June 2009
    "A glint in the sky caught my eye, this object was so far away I had trouble seeing it. "I watched it for about 2 mins and it remained in the same place throughout. [...] He wrote: "It was not a plane I see plenty of them living near Heathrow Airport (15 miles). "This was strange, didn't move and the pictures now seem to mystify it more. I ran and got my binoculars and within 10 seconds of turning my back... it was gone."

UFO Traffic Report - Arizona sees surge in UFO reports
The Examiner, 15th June 2009
"The UFO Traffic Report for Monday, June 15, 2009, includes 14 selected sightings over eight states, according to witness statements filed in the past 72 hours with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database. [...]

Arizona, June 11, 2009 - Translucent, glow, almost transparent or crystal glass like....I filmed about 2 to 5 minutes of it, which outlines the diamond shape with a hyper white glow translucent hovering west of Anthem. [...]

Arizona, June 12, 2009 - Object hovered in sky, changed colors, had white lights, changed colors, had binoculars with me, after 45 minutes floated slowly away, people in town also seen it, had a definite diamond shape.

The crystalline diamonds are of great interest as the metaphysics suggest extremely high quality subtle energies....

Object Flickering as if on Fire - Smithern Station, Coulsdon, Surrey [UK]
UK UFO, 16th June 2009
Full report: "Well basically me and a few mates where hanging about as you do and the 'plane'? looked like it was on fire, yet it didn't move like a plane, it was going pretty fast. We watched it as it crossed the sky above our heads flickering as if on fire. We watched it and it got higher and higher until it disappeared.

Later that evening my friend Dan called me up saying that there were Apache (not spelled right) helicopters, 2 of them above a place called the mound with search lights and other lights. He said that there where red ones and green lights. I really don't know how to explain what I saw, it probably was a plane but it was strange. I also recorded a video of the 'fire' moving across the sky."

More 'planes' on fire in the UK skies! Maybe this activity will become another great mystery that the general populace just shrugs off, we will have to see.

Campers treated to night-time display as 'UFO' lights move across the sky
Daily Mail, 15th June 2009
"Campers were treated to a spectacular light show from a string of glowing orbs which flew in formation across the night sky at the weekend. It is the latest in a series of sightings which have excited UFO spotters across the UK. The lights were seen drifting over the Park Foot campsite in Ullswater in the Lake District on Saturday night.

People rushed out of their tents to stand and watch in awe as the lights soared through a clear sky. Camper Paul Haigh, 28, of Darlington, said: 'Most people had turned in for the night but we were woken by a commotion. 'Someone had spotted something and dashed out to get a better look.

Soon everyone was outside their tents and looking up into the sky, it was like a scene from Close Encounters. 'The lights were amazing and seemed to fly in formation, they were darting around, fading and lighting up again.

There was ever more than six in the sky at any one time, but as one faded another lit up, it was a really weird spectacle. There were various theories as to what they were, someone said Chinese lanterns, but they seemed to be moving too fast. They looked as though they were being propelled under their own power rather than being blown by the wind, it was a still night.'

Lucy Gray, 26, of Leeds, said: 'They seemed to be dancing around in the sky, not just racing straight across it like clouds. They were moving in formation, keeping a regular distance apart and they'd all shift around at the same time. "

I first submitted my article explaining about the UAP Phenomena to Claire at Paradigm shift in November 2008 but nothing happened. Only after I got so frustrated that I got on the phone and spoke to her personally that I got a 'maybe'. After I submitted a shorter article, I was actually told that my article was 'too technical' and there was 'no room' in the magazine. I resigned myself to the fact that I would have to find another way to give out my message and then I got a surprise email in April saying that the article would be printed. It now seems that the timing was perfect as we are now seeing continuous 'swarm' behaviour, which is characteristic of magnetic plasma entities.

Multiple Colorado witnesses watch UFO dropping lights to the ground
The Examiner, 14th June 2009
"Witnesses from possibly four locations watched the same orb-like UFO hovering over Colorado skies June 13 as the object dropped smaller lights to the ground, according to witness testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database. At one location, two witnesses first noticed what looked like a vertical line of bright lights. On a closer inspection, it was one large and bright orb "that was dropping something else that was very bright as well."

The larger object then began to rise up from the tree line. While it was described as a bright white light, at some points it appeared to be red. "As it slowly rose in elevation," the witness stated, "things were either being dropped from the object or falling from it. The substance that was falling from the orb was just as bright as the object itself, but smaller in size. It did not look like there were other orbs falling from it, but almost a liquid-like substance falling at free fall speed towards the ground."

Great Eye Witness Account! This account does sound like a galactic delivery service is in operation and a busload of entities are being dropped off! Well, UFO 'experts' are probably NOT privy to what happens at certain points in the Great Cycles of Time associated with the Earth's precession. Yet, anyone with intelligence that has done enough research cannot possibly fail to grasp the fact that we are now seeing a two-way traffic of magnetic plasma entities as part of a planetary refresh process that takes place every 13,000 years.

Why was this missed by the 'doom and gloom' 2012 brigade? Maybe, they just don't understand the make-up of our reality and how the universe works. It seems that this knowledge has been largely lost or possibly retained in coded form within very select esoteric groups. So, the serious transformation of Earth has been taking place for over 20 years. This started with the shift of the electrogmagnetic grid, which Russian scientists noticed and in 1997, they kindly informed the world via the internet that "interworld" processes were taking place. Even then, many very well informed researchers still did not grasp that independent structures of light and magnetism exist despite decades of UFO reports and what this activity could possibly mean for the future of Earth.

Nevertheless, there are a few western scientists who realise that our theories of magnetism and electromagnetism are faulty and that "massfree" magnetic entities can exist. Yet, even these elite brains have still not linked this up with experimental research that basically tells us that independent balls of plasma are "another" form of life that must pervade a visible Universe that is known to be 99.999% plasma and a Universe that is 96% "dark" matter and "dark" energy that also has to be made up of interdimensional plasma. However, there seems to be some acknowledgement by scientists that "balls of light" are a real phenomena as scientific research at Hessdalen, Norway has proven. There was even an extraordinary claim by scientists in Switzerland who advised the world that 80% of crop circles are made by "balls of light", and videos on YouTube can provide the evidence that it only takes a few minutes too. Even major religious apparitions like 'Our Lady of Fatima' in 1917 arrived in a great big orb!

So when are all these superbrains going to get it? Of course, those with high spiritual intelligence will realise that we are now firmly entrenched in the workings of the 'divine cosmos'. Why am I persisting in filing these reports when most people dismiss UFO reports completely out of hand? Well, we don't know what is going to happen but I suspect there will be some major events, so a few well informed people can make a huge difference in the effort to maintain a high vibration on this planet.

UFO UAPs spotted over Stamford [UK]
Stamford mercury, 11th June 2009
"Janet Garratt and her friend Margaret Fox saw two oval-shaped objects falling above Lonsdale Road before stopping mid-air and then zooming off into the distance. Mrs Garratt described one of the objects as being yellow, orange and red while the other was black and said that they flew at the same height on Wednesday last week. [...]

Mrs Garratt was visiting her friend Mrs Fox when they spotted the objects falling at about 11am before stopping at an estimated two house lengths above the ground. Mrs Garratt said: "All of a sudden they just stopped dead in the air and did a bit of hovering and were both level at the same height. "Then they took off at speed.

"I couldn't believe what I was watching." Wittering spokesman Flt LFt Kerry Shardlow said: "We did have flying on that day but our aircraft would not do low flying. They do not fly over Stamford. "There were no military operations taking in the area that we know of."

Obviously, these entities were not allowed to enter the Earth at this point and so were forced to go elsewhere. At this moment in time, we do not know what criteria is being used and we can only watch this behaviour and try and glean as much information as possible. Whatever, we can all be very grateful for the many eye-witness reports and marvel that we are indeed priviledged to watch this most amazing energy transaction. Finally, for the 2012 crowd, commiserations are in order, as this phenomena was not on the doom and gloom listings!

UFO Traffic Report: dark object hovers over South Carolina beach
UFO Examiner, 10th June 2009
"The UFO Traffic Report for Wednesday, June 10, 2009, includes 14 selected sightings over 13 states, according to witness statements filed in the past 48 hours with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database. There was an increase in reported cigar or cylinder-shaped crafts in this report.

Today's stories include: a "dark fuzzy" object hovering over a South Carolina beach that was video taped; an interesting video from New York state where the witness was shooting images of the moon when a vehicle passed by - most likely a jet, but interesting to watch; five cases of cigar or cylinder-shaped objects over Missouri, New Jersey, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Louisiana; triangle UFOs over Louisiana and Illinois; the unusual cube-shaped object over California; a flash of light and then a disc spotted over Massachusetts; Amber-orange lights over North Carolina; a red ball of light moving over Kentucky; and a teal-colored fire ball over Oregon"."

It looks like UFO 'traffic' reports are now a permanent fixture! The planetary upgrade continues unabated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Strange “Burning Orange” Object In The Sky: Redegar-South Wales [UK], 8th June 2009
Full Report: Location of Sighting: Tredegar - South Wales,
Date of Sighting: 23rd May 2009, Time: Around 22:24
Witness Name: Jordan Fox.

Witness Statement: I live in Tredegar South Wales and last night 23/05/09 me and my friends saw a very strange “burning orange” object in the sky moving very fast, i took a photo of this. The object looked exactly like a shuttle but seemed to be way too low. It was moving very fast and we observed it moving from the North/North East to South/South West.

As it just moved DIRECTLY over us we could clearly see 3 cones of “flame” coming from the back of this object, within these cones we could also see smaller white cones, once again exactly like the colours and shapes that come out of space shuttles as they are taking off.

There were 9 witnesses to this. The object was bright burning orange with slighty darker “flames” extruding from the rear. There was no sound and no flashing light as an aircraft but much lower than any commercial airline but very very large. We observed it for about 2/3 minutes possibly more. Observed around 22:24pm. At this moment it was around 1/3rd of its way through the time we observed it. please if any1 has seen this around the Wales area leave a message. i did not think to take a video of it as I was truely amazed and basically gobsmacked and only managed a photograph using my mobile phone camers (3.2megapixels).

Here is the photo sent in by Jordon with cropped enlargement:

This is an interesting and detailed description archived here, just in case this is a new type of UAP sighting. I note the witness was "gobsmacked". For the non-British readers, please read as "shocked and awed". At some point "the masses" are going to realise that their reality has fundamentally changed and what then? See more UK reports below:

Stunned onlookers watch as mysterious orange UFOs UAPs swoop across Britain's skies
Daily Mail, 4th June 2009
"Darting silently in formation, the mysterious glowing orbs light up the night sky.

Some say these orange lights even weave in between each other with the precision of a synchronised flying team from some far corner of the universe. Clusters of more than 100 have been spotted across Britain and even Holland, leaving onlookers with an eerie sense that, for all the mystifying beauty of the strange objects, they may have just witnessed an armada of invading UFOs."

See many previous entries as to what these objects are and what is taking place on this planet. I note that the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) have now started making up stories, so we'll have to see how far that takes them.... What's more, Nick Pope has now lost any credibility he might have had before... Just in case you are new to this blog, the 2012 crowd have completely and utterly failed to understand Mayan and indigenous prophecies concerning a New Age dominated by aether and the overturning of space-time. The 'Orb' phenomena did not even give these people much of a clue either.

UFOs UAPs spotted in Cambridgeshire
The Telegraph, 3rd June 2009
A number of people claim to have seen UFOs UAPs in Cambridgeshire after dazzling orange lights flashed across the night sky.

Full Report: "Witnesses claimed to have seen up to 50 of the mystery bright beams at around 11.30pm in Huntingdon. Scott Boswell, 37, a former pilot and soldier from nearby Hinchingbrooke, captured some of the lights on his camera. Mr Boswell, a banker in the City of London, said: "I noticed three lights floating past our house, probably a couple of kilometres away, and thought nothing of it.

"But then I noticed a big long string of lights coming from the direction of Brampton and heading over the Stukeley Meadows direction. This was about 11.30pm and I got a couple of blurred shots. I'm pretty sure these weren't aircraft. "There was no noise, no navigation lights and their heading and height was relatively constant until they disappeared out of sight."

The former solider said he did not think they were flares or weather balloons, the standard explanation for unusual objects in the sky. Auberon and Suzi Hedgecoe, who run the Braywood Guest House in Huntingdon, saw around 50 orange lights in the sky.

Mr Hedgecoe said: "It was like an armada. There was no sound. They were travelling 15 at a time and every six minutes more seemed to be coming over the horizon. "They were not planes. These were not balloons. Each one was the size of a building. If they had been balloons, then they would have had to have been huge and they looked weighty."

He said the lights were no higher than 3,000ft. Mr Hedgecoe said it was so extraordinary that the couple woke up their 10-year-old son Barney and his friend Zac, who was staying over, to see the spectacle. Another witness said she had counted 35 lights in the sky.

Now we have Chinese lanterns that are the size of a bus building! LOL! Seriously, all the talk of transformation in the Metaphysical/New Age community have failed to outline EXACTLY what this means and hence the MAINSTREAM (REAL WORLD) IS NOW IN AWE/SHOCK.... By the way, please note the deafening silence of the UK Ministry of Defence, as they realise that this is an army of "light" beings that can out manoeuvre any fighter jet they've got on the books....

Liberty County deputies searching for mysterious 'rocket-like' object, 2nd June 2009
Copy: " LIBERTY COUNTY -- A Continental Express jet pilot reported a close call with an unidentified flying object. Now officials from the FAA are trying to determine just what happened in the skies over Liberty County. Liberty County Sheriff’s deputies aren’t sure what they are looking for. All they know is the Continental Express pilot said something nearly hit his plane at 13,000 feet.

"Things that are up in the sky are not in our normal range of business," Corporal Hugh Bishop with the Liberty County Sheriff's Office said. On Friday night, the pilot of an Express Jet plane was leaving Houston and flying to South Carolina. On the way, he radioed the Houston tower and reported that a rocket-like object had passed within 150 feet of his jet. It passed just underneath him. Officers from at least three jurisdictions searched a 400 square mile area.

Their search was limited to public property as police cannot search private property without permission. "We have not found anything that could have gone up. We haven't found anything that may have come down,” Bishop said. “It's just been a big hunt for something. We don't even know what we are looking for."

This isn't the first incident like this. Last year a Continental pilot leaving Houston for Cleveland reported a rocket-like object passing near his 737-800. In that case, several model rocketeers were interviewed by federal investigators. John Etgen was one of them. He was not connected to the incident and he said groups of flyers, like his, strictly follow federal rules. “This is completely outside of all of our safety codes and all of our practices. If we can't see clear air space and already have permission to be in that air space, we don't," Etgen said.

The FAA confirms that no model rocket launches were approved for Friday. Tuesday afternoon Federal investigators met with Liberty County officials trying to decide exactly where this investigation should go next. Last year, investigators never did find out what came near that plane."

Hilarious: "Things that are up in the sky are not in our normal range of business!" LOL! Please note: The image icon used here is from photos taken by Japanese press that were shocked when an object decided to fly alongside them for a minute or so. See archives for March 2009 or original link,

Footage in the Sky: The Truth Behind NASA's "UFO UAP" Videos
Popular Mechanics, 1st June 2009
"A batch of raw footage from decades-old NASA missions shows zipping lights and strange objects in the sky. This footage, recently posted on YouTube, is renewing UFO conspiracy theories that the government is hiding knowledge about its interactions with intelligent life. Here, two astronauts talk about NASA's supposed coverup and what these clips really show."

Well, various authorities must be in an extremely difficult position, as evolutionary changes are kicking in hard and the chorus of voices for UFO/UAP disclosure from all ranks is starting to swell. Despite all the scepticism, we have various scientific and military reports that help us at least understand the UAP phenomena and that mass-free "magnetic/plasma entities" exist. So, as the veil continues to lift, governments that have worked so hard to cover up the existence of extra-terrestrial life will lose their credibility. By the way, the full Stubbs movie "The Secret NASA Transmissions" is on youtube and is an absolute MUST SEE. Stubbs was a Canadian cable station manager who managed to use the cable companies equipment (for which he was eventually sacked), to pick up and download NASA's unencrypted video footage of about 2500 hours worth of shuttle missions. Stubbs then carefully watched and edited the video footage and produced an excellent selection of "anomalous" features that I believe are plasma entities. There is a straight forward camparison to laboratory produced plasma discharge provided in my book as well as reference to Russian papers etc. update. Background information: The Secrets of the Universe: Amoeba Like Life Forms "Critters"

Couple spot UFO [six or seven bright "orangey" objects] over Luton [UK]
Bedford Today, 29th May 2009
"A couple of Luton stargazers were left mystified when they spotted a series of bizarre bright lights hovering over the town. John Kane and his partner Dora were in the garden of their High Town home shortly before 1am on Sunday, May 24, when they saw six or seven bright objects hovering in a circular motion with each one looking "as if it was rotating around itself".

The couple say that they were relatively large, very bright, and an "orangey" colour, and that the space in between them was equally distanced. The circle slowly broke up and each of the bright objects started heading east toward Crawley Green, vanishing quickly like a light burning out, the couple said."

Now it seems that these "Chinese lanterns" are capable of forming circles at will and then darting off when it suits them! See more "orangey" UAP sightings below:

Dozens report seeing UFOs UAPs over Merseyside
The Telegraph, 28th May 2009
Dozens of people have reported seeing UFOs UAPs hovering above Merseyside.

"They claimed to have seen glowing orange lights moving slowly across the sky between 10.30pm and 11pm on Sunday evening. Sightings were reported from Southport to South Liverpool, and at spots including Ainsdale, Garston and Mossley Hill.

All had seen up to four glowing, orange-red balls hovering in the sky some time between 10.30pm and 11pm. An air traffic control source said similar lights had been witnessed previously in the north west - but had failed to appear on radar. Jackie Hardaker, of Mossley Hill, said: "They were like red balls, they looked like fire and when planes went past they just dimmed.

"They went past the window and just faded. When I looked out again one went across Rose Lane and dropped something that looked like fire. "It was so interesting to watch them but at the time it totally freaked me out." Other callers also reported an object dropping from one of the lights, describing it "as if a plastic bag was on fire".

We have another 'UFO Expert' whose has been trotted out to dismiss any notions that people are seeing real phenomena. Yet, what is so bizarre is how the British have suddenly decided to start celebrating anything and everything with Chinese lanterns! It would be interesting to monitor the record of sales! For the more spiritually aware, it is becoming very clear that we are witnessing the greatest transition in the history of mankind. This is only part of the many predictions made by members of the metaphysical community who for years stated that we were moving into the fifth dimension and that 'the veil is lifting.'

Actor stunned by 'cube UFO' over Muswell Hill [UK]
Muswell Hill Journal, 28th May 2009
"MUSWELL Hill's growing reputation as "Roswell Hill" for its mysterious night-sky activity has taken another alien turn with the latest UFO sighting. Actor Sam Lathem was so spooked by the appearance of a large cube-shaped "ship" with orange lights erratically making its way across the sky he sketched an image of the floating object. SAM LATHEM: SAM LATHEM: 'It was about the distance of a football pitch away and the size of a small truck' The 44-year-old, of Ellington Road, said: "What was really peculiar was it was a cube and had orange lights coming from underneath and it was such a close-up view."

The image clearly shows tentacles and unfortunately there is not enough education about Transient Luminous Events or sprites and most people are certainly not aware that magnetic structures or plasma entities are a reality. Whatever, from a metaphysical point of view, the fact that this particular geometrical entity is being forced off the planet is quite interesting.

Strange Object Shows Up in Photo Taken From Automobile
UFOs Northwest, 27th May 2009
"Date of Sighting: May 25, 2009 Time of Sighting: Afternoon (Exact Time Unknown) Location of Sighting: On Route 14 Near Palmale, California (About 35 MI NE of Los Angeles) Description: A strange thing is in the left lower side of the picture. I was driving through Palmdale, California (passenger seat). We were probably driving on Route 14. I don't know what it is. I have no idea, but it is certainly strange."

Many metaphysical folk talk about the 'astral plane' like it was far far far away but actually it's just a tweak on the dimensional knob of our awareness. So as the environment is being tweaked ever so slightly, interdimensional life and some nasties that have been created by human thoughts are becoming more apparent. This is all widely understood by 'the enlightened' and it seems that talk of a 'clash' of dimensions is becoming a reality as the number of 'strange' reports escalates.

UFO [UAP] Mystery over Norwich
Norwich Evening News, 26th May 2009
"A man is hoping Evening News readers can help shed some light on mysterious objects he spotted in the skies above Norwich. Engineer David Self, 56, says he saw eleven bright orange globes flying over his home in Thorpe Marriot at about 10pm on Saturday night, heading towards the coast.

He says they moved at around the speed of a plane, and took around 20 minutes to fly out of eyesight. Mr Self, of Old Warren, said: "All I can say is that it was an unidentified flying object - you can rule out helicopters and planes because I would have heard them at that height. They were not balloons because there as no wind. "They were very strange and I don't know to say about them. These were not little glimmers - they were bright burning lights like something re-entering our atmosphere, but they were too low for that."

A good report by another confident witness. See other UK UAPs below:

UFO Traffic Report: UFO drops diamond-shaped object
The UFO Examiner, 15th May 2009
"The UFO Traffic Report for Friday, May 15, 2009, includes 13 selected sightings over nine states, according to witness statements filed in the past 48 hours with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database.

Today's stories include a disc-shaped object over Colorado that drops a diamond-shaped object to the ground and a helicopter seems to have an interest; a small, black circle crossing Missouri skies; three cases of morphing objects in California, Washington and Missouri; Cigar-shaped objects over Colorado and Rhode Island; a sphere floating over Missouri; and five cases of unusual bright lights over Nevada, Michigan, Oregon, Missouri and Pennsylvania."

Now it's UFO Traffic Reports? When can we expect this on mainstream TV! LOL! Anyway, three of the thirteen reports are about black objects. The one I found most interesting is described as being like a black balloon but,
"The object seemed to then"wiggle" back and forth, at least 3 times its diameter size to either side of its "hovering" position, then it started moving in a COMPLETELY STRAIGHT line to the west, not changing in "size" during it's move to the west-northwest location."
This must be considered a hyperdimensional effect. Well, my research now reveals that the metaphysical community should have anticipated this quite some time ago and I am sure there are a few wise ones out there that absolutely KNEW what was going to happen, but so far, I have only identified one Vedic Seer prepared to state his opinion and that is Robert Cox, a monk and disciple of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who wrote the book, 'The Pillar of Celestial Fire' (1997). I was only informed about this book AFTER I had published my book which confirmed other metaphysical sources that I have highly rated but this book is firmly entrenched in information from Vedic, Buddhist, Taoist, and Egyptian traditions. By the way, I am apalled by the ignorant remarks on about this book, as the reviewers obviously know nothing about the interpretation of ancient sources of knowledge, that Cox clearly states in the bibliography of his book. What's more, some of these people clearly did not realise that we live in a universe and the centre of our galaxy is just ONE of BILLIONS!!! Since, Cox wrote his book and clearly stated that we are due for an outburst of celestial fire from the centre of our universe, that will come from the direction of the Pleiadies, Mayan Elders have CONFIRMED this by telling us that a vortex of energy is arriving that will effect many galaxies not just ours! What I have started to realise is that certain information diseminated by the metaphysical/New Age community has been cherry picked from the traditions and re-packaged for modern consumption, but unfortunately for them, the Universe does not take in account poor analysis, marketing and spin!

UFO spotted over Bristol [UK]
A man in Bristol has captured video footage of what he believes to be a UFO flying over Britain.
The Telegraph, 14th May 2009
"Andy Hadlington saw the mysterious blob silently hovering around and filmed it from the window of his office. The mysterious grey object glided around the residential area of Knowle, Bristol, at 5.30pm on Sunday without making a sound.

UFO experts have been trying to verify the sighting and are hoping to speak to more witnesses and views of the eerie episode. Computer game writer Andy, 36, said: "It was the freakiest thing I have ever seen in my life. I was sitting in my office and saw it out of the corner of my eye."

'Blobs' over Bristol being reported in the mainstream press? OK, I still don't have YouTube to check this out for myself, but I would speculate that we have an entity forced out of the Earth and as it has lost it's universal directives, it was caught floating around. As I have stated many times since the start of this blog back in early 2007, we are facing a time of evolutionary change, electromagnetic chaos and bizzareness. However, when I wrote about plasma entities in my book, Tuning the Diamonds I had not coined the phrase "the planetary refresh" and had not allowed myself to speculate on these energies being "seen" over cities all over the world, but it looks like it is happening now. Metaphysical sources describe this euphemistically as a "clash of dimensions", in layman's terms, the **** is hitting the fan.

Orange UFO spotted above Chester skies [UK]
Chester Chronicle, 30th April 2009
"A CITY centre resident was amazed on spotting a UFO flying across the Chester skyline on Sunday evening while standing on his balcony.[...]

He said: “I could see this orange ball rising up, at a 90 degree angle, straight up, then it just sat there, sat still for a few seconds. To my amazement it started moving side-ways. Right away I recognised it wasn’t something normal that I had ever seen before.”[...]

The Ministry of Defence was “not aware of any incidents occurring at that time”. A spokeswoman said: “The MoD examines reports solely to establish whether UK airspace may have been compromised by hostile or unauthorised military activity. Unless there is evidence of a potential threat, there is no attempt to identify the nature of each sighting reported."

The response here by the UK MOD is perfect. They are NOT interested in orbs or UAPs because they are NO THREAT. It's just a HUGE embarrassment that independent "entities" of energy exist and there is absolutely nothing that the authorities can do about them, full stop. For those who are interested in how the universe works, the increasing awareness of orbs and UAPs is evidence that the veil is lifting. Obviously, there are lots of very interesting entities are out there, I have an amazing digital image of what I call 'golden dragons' taken over a lake in Norway, totally awesome!

UFO sighting in Kings Langley? [UK]
Watford Observer, 27th April 2009
"Strange orange balls of light in the night sky have been reported over Kings Langley. Sheri and Bob Stephens of Coniston Road were left puzzled after seeing a cluster of lights flying over their house on Thursday evening. About 20 lights were spotted gliding towards Hemel Hempstead at 9.30pm."

I made the decision to send my article, 'Watch Out! Planet Under Reconstruction' to Paradigm Shift magazine because I felt that it was probably the most appropriate forum. I also received promptings to send a longer article to Nexus Magazine, but I have not had a formal acceptance from them yet. I have been very much concerned for ordinary people who are seeing strange objects in the sky, as they will have no idea that they might be seeing universal energy in the form of "plasma entities" or other plasma phenomena. The general public have not been properly informed that 'The Terms and Conditions' for life on planet Earth are changing rapidly, as it seems that most metaphysical folk thought that the world wouldn't notice this massive transition. Well, the cosmic energies are pouring onto the planet and I think this is quite exciting but maybe very confusing for those who have been totally unprepared.

South West of Grande Prairie, Alberta - Reddish-Orange Square-Shaped Lights [Canada]
UFOINFO, 24th April 2009
"Description: At first 2 very bright Reddish Orange lights came from the south west heading north east and on an upward direction, and the first one seemed to slow down as if waiting for the second one to catch up, and then 2 more came from the same direction, and when they got closer to the first 2 they seemed to turn to the south east and on an upward direction, myself and my wife watched them for about 10 minutes, as they went upward one behind the other and out of sight, there was no sound at all."

More squares. OK, I think it's time to share a dream that was sent to me by øivind Gunnufsen, a friend in Norway, he's the maestro that gave ex-astronaut Neil Armstrong a copy of my book. He wrote in November 2008, "I have to tell you about a dream I had the other night.
It was a very "real" feeling of a dream.
I looked up in the sky, and found a lot of "blankets" of orbs in different shapes, including the diamond shape. They were stiched together like a patch work blankets , and floating around in the skies. And then suddenly I saw a lot of ski jumpers moving around up there as as well. And one of them were diving down towards me in a high speed. When he hit me I was suddenly able to "fly" up and move around with no effort.
It was really a cool experience..
I "felt" it as an energy boost or downloading of some new energy..
What do you think ?"

Harrogate, North Yorkshire - 5 Orange Lights Flying at Speed of Jet Airliner [UK]
UFOINFO, 24 Apr 2009

UFO Spotted Over Salford Precinct
Salford Star, 23rd April 2009
On Tuesday night a UFO was seen blazing over Salford Precinct at around 10pm. Eye witness, Rachel, has described it as "a bright orange light, like a fire ball moving at a steady space."
Lots of UAP stories across the UK and Scotland.

Widow's UFO Shock [Scotland]
Highland News, 23rd April 2009
"A glowing object in the sky left Joan Morrison gasping in amazement as she looked out of her kitchen window. The Inverness woman had visitors at Burnside Cottage on Tower Brae South last Friday when she went to make a cup of coffee and saw the UFO. "I'm not a sci-fi buff or anything like that but I just couldn't believe what I was seeing," said Mrs Morrison, a 58 year-old widow."

This account sounds very strange to me and I wonder if it had been "edited". Yet "glowing" squares turning into thin lines is more geometry and hyperdimensional perspectives. See also,

Pocklington, East Yorkshire - White Light with Red Haze Above It [UK]

Blair Atholl, Perthshire - Video shows Object to be Diamond in shape
HBCC UFO Research, 21st April 2009
"A very bright fiery red light was seen traveling apparently slowly in a westerly direction. The light was flickering, the object was silent, there was no wind and the sky clear and starry, no moon."

The diamond with flattened edges I think makes this octahedrite shaped. Personally I get must interested in the geometry because it means we are seeing the most "perfect" and divine energies arriving that some metaphysical messages have called diamond flame energy.

Torquay, South Devon - approximately 30 Objects [UK]
World UFOs, 21st April 2009
"From 8:45 to approx 9:00pm, round bright objects appeared in the clear nights sky traveling silently in the same direction form North to South some singularly and some in two's or three's. Approximately 30 in total, disappearing over the sea." See also

England: UFOs spotted over North Cheam [UK]

Amazing octopus UFO filmed by child in Brazil, video
All News Web, 19th April 2009
"This amazingly clear video of a shape-shifting UFO was sent in to us by a reader. Allegedly it was filmed in Rio in Brazil by a child but we cannot confirm this. It is certainly a cut above your average UFO video and no one can accuse it of being nothing more than a fuzzy blob of light. The object begins as a ‘jellyfish’ shaped craft and then transforms into an ‘octopus’ UFO (watch the whole video for the full effect)."

Well, if a picture can tell a thousand words, then a video must be worth a million, or something like that... I am currently writing an article about 2012 Galactic cosmology and my reason is to point out what Mayan researchers are claiming as opposed to what genuine modern Mayan Elders have declared. Mayan Elders have emphasised that we are in a period of transition lasting about 25 years, which they also compare to a period of gestation and they tell us that 21st December 2012 will be the official birth of a New World Age dominated by ether or space. Now that the new phenomena of Space Weather has totally vindicated the Maya, we should carefully consider what else has been taking place on this planet for the last 25 years too, that may have gone unnoticed by many. We have been told that during this period, the Earth has been experiencing a purging, cleansing and quickening. The frequency of the planet has risen for sure, as Russian scientists tell us that the EM grid of our planet has been altered and this would suggest the facilatation of higher consciousness for mankind. Indeed, I am even prepared to suggest now that the Schumann Resonances have also probably increased because the height of the ionosphere is one determinant and NASA has admitted that it is "extraordinarily low".

I believe that the purging and cleansing relates to a refresh of planetary energies and so we have seen a two-way traffic of plasma entities entering and leaving the Earth. This is becoming more obvious as the 'veil lifts' and people are seeing plasma entities with the naked eye as well as with digital technology. With the increased vibration we are seeing some very strange entities leaving and I compare this to when snakes and worms get out the ground as there is too much electricty for their liking. Hence with the constant bombardment of Earth by an assortment of EM energy and massive blasts of plasma, the Earth is now extremely charged and entities are being forced to leave. This 'Black Octopus' thing looks lost to me as it was flying around but I am sure that another entity would find it and escort it off the planet if this is required. I realised that we were going to see more interdimensional entities and that is why I dedicated my life to informing the world of what was going to happen, because I also realised that the world was not adequately prepared and so there could be some real shock. Now, I think this is unavoidable. By the way, in reviewing my books to write a 2012 article, I came across the Mayan concept of a 'Night Sun' or 'Black Sun', which according to Mayan anthropologists is depicted as a spider like creature with rays. Since the Maya complain that anthropologists "make things up" about the Maya as they don't know how to translate the stelas and inscriptions, it occured to me that it could be something completely different and here we have something similar but clearly interdimensional, as it is clearing morphing in the sky due to how we perceive interdimensional phenomena.

Update: 26th July 2009.
Obviously, strange sightings are not new but as the veil lifts and the aetheric background changes dramatically, we can no longer ignore the decades of research that suggests the existence of aetheric biological entities that have been called "sky creatures" and "sky fish" amongst many other names. For comparison, see image and quote: "The image here at left was purported to have been taken by an Italian Dentist in Italy in July of 1999 in broad daylight. Little more is known about it than that the object was said to be extremely large, flying very high in the sky, emitting no sound and at a pace far too fast to be conventional aircraft or a balloon of somekind, and others who also witnessed the weird spectacle said its underside had 'lights like a UFO.'" Source: What The Hell Was That Thing?

UFO sightings are no joke for Denise
Telegraph & Argus, 12th April 2009
"A fleet of strange glowing orbs seen in the skies above Bradford might boost the district's claim as one of the country's UFO hotspots but some believe the real truth is out there. Sky-watchers in Bradford, Bingley and Keighley have contacted the Telegraph & Argus with reports of up to five red or orange orbs hovering silently in the night sky before quickly disappearing."

Again, lots of UK UFO reports in the mainstream and alternative media. Here we have another British person who believes that five Chinese lanterns can fly and hover in formation, I assure you that unless they are welded together and under remote control this is impossible. see How to Make Chinese Sky Lanterns, the video is actually quite wonderful.

The other thing I find interesting is that it is certain that the UK is a highly multi-cultural society, but all of a sudden the Chinese are setting off chinese lanterns all year round! The explanation given here for sending up a red lantern at death is a terrible insult to the Chinese, as red is a symbol of happiness and the tradition symbolizes the wish for a bright future! See Lantern: Symbol of brightness, love.

By the way, I have sent an article to a couple of UK based metaphysical magazines, explaining that we are seeing "intelligent" plasmas going about their business amongst other information relating to evolutionary change as I thought there maybe some people actually wondering about the implications of some of the recent epic announcements made in the press by NASA et al. There is also the unprecendent request by the Obama administration to 'Evolutionary Leaders' asking about what's going on. Of course, my article is backed up with eye witness reports, scientific research and most important, substantial UK Ministry of Defence disclosure. My only concern is that some publications are not interested in educating their readership and it's more about 'light' entertainment, so we will have to see what happens.

UFOs include shape-shifting object trailing jet
UFO Examiner, 12th April 2009
"Report: Colorado, April 2, 2009 - UFO changed from an organic shape to a triangular shape. My wife and I were flying on Continental airlines from New York To San Diego. I have attached a photo taken 2 minutes before the sighting, I pasted a sequence of drawings of how the UFO changed and it's approximate size at each stage. The view was due north, we were south west of Pike's Peak flying at about 35,000 ft. My wife also saw the UFO, I don't know if anyone else saw the UFO.As soon as I noticed the UFO the plane banked right, away from the object. We were not very close, about 1 to 3 miles by my estimate. When I first saw the object it looked like a four legged octopus hanging in the air, the legs were different sizes.

As the object rotated toward us and the rear pitched up it took on a triangular shape and looked very much like a B2 stealth bomber, but it was straight across the back. The UFO then rolled away from us and yawed with it's nose pointing north. At this point it looked like the rear only was pointing toward our view. Up to this point the object ran parallel to our plane. The changes in apparent size were not related to a change in distance."

Over the last week there have been many reports but nothing different to what has been listed on this blog. I have noted that this particular websites is listing 3/4/5 incidents in one report and I think that reflects the fact that sightings are dramatically increasing. The first story here is interesting because we have another incident like the Empire, Ohio UFO/UAP report which took place October 24 2008, where an "organic" looking entity is associated with a triangular UFO. Thus this entity was being retrieved and airlifted off the planet. However, I am becoming convinced that "black triangles" which are often reported as UFOs are the opening up of magnetic portals or cosmic string. See Tuning the Diamonds: Electromagnetism & Spiritual Evolution page 97 here.

Four bell-shaped UFOs appear in Maryland photo
The UFO Examiner, 10th April 2009
"A Maryland witness is reporting some odd bell-shaped objects in the sky that appeared in a photo taken April 5, according to a report filed with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database. Three of the objects were silver, the witness stated, and one was black. The witness said he did not observe these objects with the naked eye, but only discovered them after browsing the images later.

Apparently, bell-shaped UFOs only appear occasionally in UFO reports, but after thinking about this for a while I have decided to rename these "The Daleks" and to wish them a speedy farewell! LOL!!

'UFO' over Whitehaven [UK]
Whitehaven News, 8th April 2009
"An unidentified flying object was spotted in the night sky above Whitehaven Rugby League Club last Saturday. Trevor Palmer, who runs Ultimate Sounds mobile disco, was holding a charity race night at the venue when he and another man went outside at 8.45pm. As they were chatting, Trevor looked up and saw five orange orbs all moving in a perfect 'W' formulation.

"There was no explanation for it," he said. "The lights were about 400-500ft in the sky, evenly spaced and there wasn't any noise." He said there wasn't any wind and the lights were moving at speed, which could eliminate Chinese lanterns as an explanation.

Well, this eye-witness was careful enough to stop someone suggesting Chinese lanterns by specifying wind conditions and therefore trying to rubbish his statement.

UFO spotted in South Harrow [UK]
Harrow Observer, 6th April 2009
"A mysterious light in the skies above South Harrow has been captured on film by an amateur photographer. The unidentified flying object appeared through the clouds at about 7.45pm on March 31 and was snapped by computer network engineer Ahmad Zaigham. Mr Zaigham posted the picture on website Flickr where he said that he had spotted the alien ship out his window. He said:

"The light coming from this thing is something I have never seen the like. I don't think any aircraft has a light like this."

Well, since it's been classified here as "unidentified", I will state I think it's another "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena" or UAP, another plasma entity leaving the planet. My reasons are there is nothing that remotely looks like a metallic spacecraft and the brightness is comparable to that associated with orbs. Since the UK ministry of Defence have advised pilots to not even bother to try and chase these things, we are waiting for the academic community to wake up and start doing some serious analysis.

Time to settle the "flying saucers" question
RIA Novosti, 31st March 2009
"MOSCOW: So do UFOs with little green men inside exist or not? CNN supposedly filmed a UFO moving at a great speed from the right to the left during the inauguration of President Barack Obama. (But those who watched the replay say it was a bird.) After that, former President Clinton's White House Chief John Podesta, now one of Obama's closest associates, demanded that the thick UFO files be made public. [...]

The archives of the former Soviet Union are filled to capacity with data about contacts with extraterrestrials. They contain records of over 20,000 UFO sightings. [...] Clearly, humans will always strive to search for beings of humanoid form in the Universe. But it is also apparent that apart from tall tales about "little green men" there are also facts that logically point to the presence of alien intelligence on the Earth. In this case, maybe the time has come for the U.S. and Russian authorities to declassify information on unidentified flying objects and their masters?"

As the Russian have realised, the 'veil is lifting' and it will not be possible to ignore extraterrestrials and other types of life that exists, as they are becoming more visible every day. Those who are aware that we are nearing the start of a 'New World Age' know that we are experiencing a deluge of energy from galactic/intergalactic sources (Space Weather) and it seems there is some kind of extraterrestrial presence on Earth on standby just in case we need support. I believe that we will not experience total devastation but I think that conditions on this planet will be altered, hence we can anticipate 'New Terms & Conditions' to support higher levels of consciousness. Some Russians are very aware that we are facing evolutionary change and have already stated they intend to lead the world, it seems even members of the White House realise that something immense is happening.

UFO ORB With Mothership Photo, May Be Best Ever!, 26th March 2009
"In one of the most spectacular photographs ever captured on film is the elusive Orb UFO with it's mothership following in concert with it's every move. Five Orb's are seen in the photo below with their Mother Ship in tow in the bright blue light high above.

The photo was taken in Casa Grande Arizona by the State Director of MUFON for Arizona, Christine Dickey. Christine used a Nikon D 90, 2008 model, Pixels 4288 W X 2848 H, resolution is 72 dpi, bit depth is 24, 35 mm focal length F is 4.5, +3 step exposure bias. The event date of the photo was 1/15/09 at 9:02 PM. [...]

The Orb's exterior solid structure appears to be made from solid Gold, the true color should be noted. The electromagnetic field generated around the Orb is similar to the Northern Lights Aurora causing spectacular lighting effects that were able to be pierced by process of Inferred imaging. Most noticeable is the Corona surrounding the Orb, a plasma shield that when photographed at night is majestic in nature and out of this world."

Times up, off home! Well my interpretation is somewhat different to the explanation given here. This looks to me less like a rescue but more like a group of entities being given some assistance/guidance off the planet. I note that the commentator here acknowldeges that these are plasma entities and they look like jelly-fish type to me. Well, I certainly agree that this picture is interesting and helps strengthen my case that I have correctly interpreted that we are witnessing a 2-way traffic of plasma entities as part of the planetary refresh process. Awesome!

Corvallis, Oregon - UFO Falling Comes to a Hover [US]
United States Blogspot, 21st March 2009
"I was outside on the back porch, the sky was very clear and looking west at the stars with Venus to the SW. Suddenly a round, bright white, a somewhat bluish light appeared about ten degrees N of due west at around 50 degrees above the horizon. It was nearly twice as bright/large as Venus which I could see to the SW. It descended rapidly straight down as soon as it appeared, did not leave a trail of any sort, brightness and size increased slightly and in around 4 seconds got to about a thumb and half's width at arms length above the horizon over the low hills to the west.

At this point, it stopped descending and a tight, short, rainbow-like cone appeared on the trailing side, but the cone was not much longer than the object was wide. The colors reminded me of soft neon lights. It hovered for almost two seconds, cone and all, before suddenly disappearing, like turning out a light.

The cone of light is different to other accounts and I wondering because this gives an indication of the kind of energy that was being used.

Schoolgirl films 'UFO sighting'[Pulstating multi-coloured orb, UK]
The Shropshire Star, 20th March 2009
"This is the latest in a series of sightings of UFOs in the skies over Shropshire which was captured on camera by Bridgnorth school girl Harriet Rogers. Thirteen-year-old Harriet filmed about seven minutes-worth of footage with the help of her dad on February 21. The pair were amazed to see the light and spent about 20 minutes watching the bizarre lights. It was still there when they stopped recording."

The UK continues to be a UAP hotspot! See also,

UFO seen by many Chinese officials on flight, photos
All News Web, 18th March 2009
"The Xinhua News Agency, the official government press agency of the Peoples Republic of China, recently reported on a UFO sighting made by a number of journalists, along with government officials and a plane load of passengers.

The sighting took place on February 24 of this year on a Southern Airlines flight which was flying to Nanjing at around 6pm. A group of journalists were socialising during the flight when one of them noticed an unusual luminous object traveling alongside the airplane. At this point the Journalist alerted a number of security officials and the other journalists with whom he was traveling together with. The journalist managed to snap a few photos before the object shot off in a north easterly direction. The object was visible for around one minute."

There are reports old and new of 'tear drop' shaped entities flying alongside or crossing aircraft, but this sighting seems a little too aerodynamic, but who knows. This incident reminds me of embarrassing NASA footage, where the space shuttle is followed by a mini-army of "entities" and NASA simply shrugs them off as debris, which after the recent concern about space junk, is simply quite unbelievable.... Check out Foo fighters! See also:

Was 'burning fireball' in the sky a UFO? [UK]
Echo News, 18th March 2009
The eye witness states, ""It was like a burning fireball - a bit like a massive firework - but it kept going up and all over the place at such great speed."

More lights baffle UFO Experts [Shropshire, UK]
Shropshire Star, 14th March 2009
Up to 30 Shropshire sightings of mysterious spheres of light have been logged by UFO experts in the last two months - with eight recorded in the last week. Phillip Hoyle, of the UFO Investigation and Research Unit in Shrewsbury, is conducting an investigation into the phenomenon witnessed by dozens of county residents. Reports of orange and white glowing spheres poured in this week.

Many people sighted the globes in the skies above the county on Tuesday night. Joe Szpalek, from Castlefields, Shrewsbury, spotted a mystery ball of light at about 7pm on Tuesday.

The 26-year-old said: "I saw what I thought was a meteor or meteorite which appeared to be dropping from the sky. "

I phoned a mate who I knew in town to see if he saw anything crash or heard anything. It was a huge ball of light plummeting to the ground at a rate of knots. "The more I thought about it, it just looked like a solid white ball of light shooting quickly to the ground."

Hey, look what's happening in the UK!! Well, this is getting very exciting as the planetary refresh process seems to be accelerating and magnetospheric plasmoids fly in from all over the galaxy/universe to take up a new residency inside planet Earth! It has to be said that British eye-witnesses, are doing a wonderful job with their continuous harassment of the local media. I just love it!!!!

Amazing Bright Orb in Moscow
YouTube, March 2009
Comment: Amazing! At one point, the orb appears to be made up of smaller orbs, which I'm sure will fascinate some. Well, we will have to get use to this as the 'veil is lifting' and we move into experiencing a more magical and mysterious world. Thus, it is becoming apparent that those in massive denial are just wasting their time trying to convince others that this is not happening.

More UFO sightings over St Helens [UK]
The St. Helens Reporter, 12th March 2009
"A stargazer claims he spotted a UFO hovering over Victoria Park last month - and he's got photo evidence to prove it. The St Helens man, who asked not to be identified, says he saw a glowing disc in the sky over the North Road entrance top the park. He said: "The object was at a height of roughly 500 feet and appeared to the naked eye as the size of a small coin held at arms length.

"It looked like a brilliant glowing fireball and looked like the underneath or belly of the object. It was circular in shape - the centre was a brilliant whitish glowing colour - and looked like its edges were on fire with flickering orange flames.

"I watched it for several minutes and it would appear stationary for about 15 seconds, blink out, then instantly re-appear in a different part of the sky. I must have witnessed this manoeuvre at least ten times. "It also fired out what looked like a pulsating light several times but was completely silent. But the last time it blinked out was the last time I saw it. It just disappeared."

He added: "This was no aeroplane, police helicopter or balloon. I've never seen anything like it before. It is easy to get carried away with stories of little green men or flying saucers, but if we can land on the moon and send spacecraft to distant planets, then who's to say that there isn't other intelligent life forms in outer space doing the same thing?"

I wonder if the fact that people can take pictures is helping more people to speak out about their experiences. Whatever, this is another good account with an example where the orb appears to be looking for a suitable location to enter the Earth by sending out "pulsating light", which seems to help the process. See also UFO spotters say truth is out there after Burn sighting [UK], quote:
"Selby-based UFO expert Tony Topping said: "I think Selby is going to be placed firmly on the map in terms of the UFO subject in years to come. "I believe some members of the population in Selby have a unique genetic code that might be of interest to them. "The district is also home to the three biggest power stations in Europe so they might also be trying to discover how we generate power. "Whatever the reason, I'm sure it will become apparent in the years ahead."
Ok, I found this parochial Selby account just plain funny. LOL!!

Canada: St. John's, Newfoundland - A Large Explosion of Light with Black Hole in Center
HBCC UFO Research, 9th March 2009
Full Description of Event/Sighting: "This is to report a strange phenomena rather than an object. About 9:30 pm, a bright light lit up the sky for ~ 2 seconds. It was almost as bright as daylight. We expected some noise but did not hear any sound. As far away as St. Anthony the same "lightening" was reported. That is a distance of 400 miles (700 km from St. John's). Because of local cloud cover it has been widely interpreted as very bright lightening somewhere.

However, my son is a pilot and he was just leaving St. Anthony at the time. Because he was still in cloud, he saw only the flash. Other pilots above the clouds interrupted in very colorful language by asking "did you see that"? Their description was: There was a large explosion of light, circular in shape with a black hole in the middle. It lasted only seconds. There was no noise. It was high in the sky. The light was seen over a distance of hundreds of miles by thousands of people. It was well above the clouds and only a few pilots above the clouds could see the shape of this phenomena."

The energy bombardment of Earth continues.....

Star-gazer spots "bright orange" UFO above Crawley [UK]
This is Crawley, 4th March 2009
Full Story: An amateur astronomer who was stunned to see three burning orange objects in the sky thinks they were UFOs.

Adam Smith, of Steyning Close, Northgate, was standing in his garden in the early hours of Sunday morning when he noticed the first Unidentified Flying Object passing through the sky above his house. The 27-year-old said: "I was in my back garden having a cigarette at about 12.10pm when I looked up and saw this bright orange ball. "It looked like a satellite burning up in the atmosphere at first but it kept on going.

"It was so bright it looked like it was on fire. My girlfriend freaked out a bit because she thought a plane was on fire. "We watched it for a couple of minutes then another one came across and another one followed that too. We were watching for a good few minutes." The eagle-eyed stargazer has been observing space for about 10 years with amateur telescopes and says he has never seen anything like it before.

Adam, a father-of-four, added: "I've seen meteors burning up, satellites flying over and these Chinese lanterns that keep getting mistaken for UFOs and this definitely wasn't anything like that. "They were pretty big and they were moving about one and half times faster than a satellite would (about 700 miles an hour). I can't explain it, it really took me back." In 2008, there were eight UFO sightings in West Sussex reported to the Ministry of Defence (MoD), six of which referred to bright orange lights.

Over the years the MoD has received so many orange light sightings from people that it commissioned a report investigating the unexplained phenomena in 2006. The report attempts to explain the lights as "buoyant charged masses", potentially of gasses and electricity, although warns pilots not to attempt to out manoeuvre the "electrically charged plasmas".

Despite the MoD findings, one UFO specialist, Graham Allan, who has been investigating specific cases, claims the science behind the plasma ball energy theory is flawed. Mr Allan said: "Sightings like this are on the increase, I'm having a look at three since Christmas in Staffordshire alone. "I think the main reason for the MoD report is to protect pilots but after speaking to various scientists it seems the science behind it doesn't really add up."

More fire in the sky over the UK! Isn't this amazing! Graham Allen, with no qualifications worth mentioning here, is trying to tell us that the UK Ministry of Defence does not understand this phenomena. This is after they commissioned a 460 page report that took 4 years to produce, circulated the contents to only 11 top brass and then successfully managed to hide it's existence for 5 years before others found out about it. Eventually, in 2005, it was forced out into the public domain using the UK Freedom of Information Act. The visible universe is 99.999% plasma, which has been scientifically studied for about 150 years in the laboratory. We are seeing a planetary refresh process where universal energies or plasma is being delivered and old energies are leaving and/or are being removed. This is accelerating dramatically to the point where we will all have to understand more about how these energies behave.

UFO 'looked like a plane on fire' [UK]
Helensburgh Advertiser, 25th February 2009
"A HELENSBURGH man, washing his dishes on Monday, looked out of his kitchen window and thought he saw a plane about to crash. But now he is looking to hear from anyone else who saw the strange phenomenon which he now believes was a UFO. Lewis Graham, a graphic artist, was working at the sink in his Lomond Street flat just before seven o'clock when he saw the fiery red object pass across the window.

He said: "At first I thought it was a plane on fire or a helicopter. Then I thought it was an asteroid descending! "It was silent and appeared to have a single red light to the rear. It must have been really low as there was nearly 100 per cent cloud cover. "It remained stationery over what I reckon was Cardross then got dimmer and vanished.

"I've never seen anything like it and at one point I panicked and thought about taking cover as I thought it was going to plummet down to earth!" He added: "I noticed other people stopping in the street to look and some even stopped their cars and got out. [...]

He went on: "I am a keen amateur astronomer and I know my stars and planets but until now I have always been an unbeliever when it comes to UFOs but now I believe.""

We have another good example of the arrival of magnetospheric plasmoid that a witness believes is a plane that hovers before it enters the Earth. It's interesting that the witness here believes the entity is about to plummet, but then states it just gets dimmer and fades away. This is a slight variation to other examples, but close enough to be added to other accounts. Really we need more examples on video! It's quite good that the witness states his amateur astronomer credentials and is quite philosophical about his experience after his initial panic and now states that he is a believer in UFOs.

'Sprites' may explain UFO sightings
JTA News, 23rd February 2009
Full Story: "JERUSALEM (JTA) -- A natural phenomenon called "sprites" may offer an explanation for UFO sightings, a Tel Aviv University professor said. Sprites, a flash of light high in the atmosphere 35 to 80 miles from the ground and up to 10 times higher than a regular lightning bolt, last for a fraction of second and only occur during thunderstorms, according to Professor Colin Price, head of the Geophysics and Planetary Sciences Department at the university. The phenomenon has existed for millions of years, but was first discovered and documented in 1989.

"Sprites, which only occur in conjunction with thunderstorms, never occur on their own and are cousins to similar natural phenomenon dubbed by atmospheric electricians as 'elves,' 'goblins' and 'trolls,'" Price said. Price and his students are working in collaboration with other Israeli scientists from The Open University and The Hebrew University to take three-dimensional pictures of sprites to gain a better understanding of their structure, using remote-controlled, roof-mounted cameras overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Thank Goodness! A scientist who has realised that many UFOs sightings could be plasma phenomena! The issue is that we are in unchartered waters as our planet becomes more and more saturated with plasma/universal energies and it takes scientists some time to catalogue new variations of atmospheric plasma phenomena. However, NASA has already admitted that the ionosphere is 'extraordinarily low' so it could be that sprites are appearing much closer to the ground and more visible to the general public. Yet, from reports on the ground, there seems to be a spectrum of plasma entities or light beings appearing as our reality morphs and the dimensions merge......

UFO's spotted over Worksop
Worksop Guardian, 20th February 2009
STRANGE lights in the sky yesterday caused one Worksop man to think that UFOs might be coming to town. Pete Godley, 28, of Harrington Street, spotted 'an orange glow' above his house and could not explain what it was.

"There was an octagon shape of lights and they all went out one by one with a big one left glowing in the middle," he said. "I was absolutely gobsmacked as I just can't think what it was apart from being a UFO." "I'm not usually one to believe in these things but it certainly wasn't a plane, or anything."

Well, if the theory of multi-dimensional theory is correct, this man has witnessed some of the most divine energy on the planet and in Worksop! Extraordinary times!! Whatever, there are quite a few pictures of 'diamond rain' around.

Mitsubishi Lancer Sideswiped By UFO?
Offbeat News, 18th February 2009
"A woman was driving around suburban Chicago when her Mitsubishi Lancer was gently bumped, though no cars were around. When she pulled over her car was massively dented."

This is listed because the picture of the car was not provided with the original 14th November 2008 report, Selective damage to car drives UFO theorists, or see archives. The picture is quite priceless, but please ignore the stupid commentary and read the original report analysis.

UFO Spotted Over Farsley [UK]
Farsely Today, 16th February 2009
"Do you see a UFO flying over Farsley? A UFO has been reported flying over Farsley. The unidentified flying object was spotted by members of the public in different locations on Tuesday, February 10. Spotters described it as a "fire in the sky" or alternatively as a number of orange lights."

This is just one of many recent UFO reports over the UK in the last few days, but in this case, even though it was described as "a bonfire in the sky", sprites tend to be short-lived and localised and this was a moving object. Nevertheless, unless the scientific community start taking an interest in plasma phenomena over the UK, people will continue to report atmospheric events or plasma entities as UFOs.

UFO filmed above Somerset coastline [UK] by holidaymakers
The Telegraph, 11th February 2009
"Caravaners were left baffled when the mysterious cylinder hovered over a busy campsite in Brean, Somerset. They claimed the unidentified black metal object stands out clearly against the blue sky, where it can be seen darting up and down for more than 10 minutes. Local police reported no unusual activity, but witnesses were left convinced they had seen an extra-terrestrial spectacle. It took place on a sunny afternoon last July when tourists staying at an unidentified holiday park spotted the object.

Carry on caravaning! This is some good footage but there seems to be other activity going on here that does need some expert analysis. I noted points where there seemed to be a strange multi-coloured bell-shaped cloud and the entity originally seem to appear from a flare like burst of whitish energy. Well the mainstream are focusing on our UFO plagued skies but obviously there is no apparent awareness that we are very often witnessing multi-dimensional "entities". However, in this case, I am just not sure what's going on....

UFO spotted opposite Houses of Parliament
The Telegraph, 5th February 2009
A multicoloured spacecraft seen floating opposite the Houses of Parliament was among the hundreds of UFOs reported in 2008, it has been disclosed.

"The number of UFO sightings logged with the Ministry of Defence more than doubled to 285 last year, a rise described as "phenomenal" by experts.

It is the highest number of sightings in 10 years. All the incidents are included in a document released by the MoD yesterday, which details the date, time and location of the sightings, along with a brief summary of the eyewitness reports. The Palace of Westminster sighting on Feb 12 is described as follows: "There was a craft that had green, red and white lights. It was still and static in the sky. It was seen for about an hour and a half." There is no information about who reported the UFO or what it may have been. [...]

Many of the sightings read like the products of overactive imaginations. In Scarborough, North Yorkshire on June 11 a member of the public reported seeing "a cork shaped object that glowed like an angel, flew up and over some trees". "

There really needs to be a major re-education program, so that people understand that the dimensions are merging and a spiritual world is appearing of plasma-based lifeforms, whether they are usually described as atmospheric phenomena or not.

Orange glowing lights sighted over Coventry [UK] - Formed an oval shape
Coventry UFO: The truth is out there

Coventry Telegraph, 5th February 2009
"MORE Telegraph readers have come forward to report strange goings on in the night sky over Coventry. Great-grandmother June Smith described how a crowd of amazed neighbours in Stoke Aldermoor gathered to watch bright orange lights. Five neighbours claimed they saw what looked like a helicopter pursuing ten glowing lights in the shape of an oval."

I note the writer could not resist finishing off this report with the paper lanterns set off at Chinese New Year theory. Whatever, any rational person would be interested to know why a [military] helicopter would be chasing paper lanterns.....

California Exploding Object [40 Miles Southeast Of Sonora,](Amazing Video Footage)
USA UFO Blogspot, 3rd February 2009
Comment: As explained in widely available scientific, unclassified military reports and metaphysical documentation, the video shows plasma entities that travel into Earth's atmosphere as a magnetospheric plasmoid, splitting apart and becoming separate orbs. This video footage provided here is a very nice example, but you can watch the video and judge for yourself if you think there is an explosion with smoke and debris.

England [UK]: More UFOs over Wimbledon? [Pink Squid]
Your Local Guardian, 28th January 2009
"I thought it was a balloon at first, but it was as big as a house. I went out on the roof and took some pictures. "It had tentacles that appeared squid like and even mimicked a squids movement at times. I am sure other people would have seen it too since this jellyfish appeared rather large in broad daylight."

Unbelievable.... Unfortunately the picture is poor quality but I will check to see if other sightings and pictures emerge. At the moment, I can only go by the thousands of hours spent researching the process of evolutionary change with information gained from metaphysical sources and therefore I am sticking to my assertion that we are seeing an exodus of plasma lifeforms that can no longer cope with the higher frequencies. Since London is notorious for it's low energies, the fact that we are seeing these 'creatures' is still really, well shocking.... This is really an 'Alice in Wonderland' scenario..... unbelievable....

A UFO Transient Luminous Event in the Toulouse Sky?
SOTT, 20th January 2009
"The object was seen in Villemur, Montauban and the Tarn department. The remnant of a spacecraft? A meteorite fragment? Little green men?

Questions remain after a mysterious apparition literally pierced the sky in the area North of Toulouse, last Saturday in the late afternoon. Several persons witnessed what most of them would later describe as a "big red light falling from the sky". The object was not only seen in Montauban, but also around the Tarn border and in Villemur-sur-Tarn, where Martine, a resident who was coming home from shopping, reported:

"Suddenly, I saw a kind of red square shining like fire. The object formed an arc in the sky. It was really, really big. I'm a a rational person and I don't believe in aliens. But I'd like to know what it was..." So would many witnesses. In Toulouse's Jolimont observatory, Laurent Koechlin saw the strange UFO too. He confirms, while remaining cautious.

"We received several calls on Monday. It was indeed a meteor, which means the object was real and was falling from the sky. It's the second one I've seen in my life. My opinion would be that it's a natural element, but we'll have to cross-check the information in order to know more. I think it was big enough not to be entirely pulverized. In my opinion, he fell somewhere and should be looked for in the South, maybe in the Pyrénées."

Unfortunately at the moment, the media are stating that any new phenomenon in the sky is a UFO. On first appearance, this looks like a Transient luminous event, the halo shape puts it in the category of elves, normally found at 100 km in the region known as the 'E region' of the ionosphere and scientists have only recently acknowledged this new phenomena since 1989 and are still cataloguing new variants. However, we know that our atmosphere has been severely weakened due to our own stupidity with nuclear bombs and experiments like HAARP, so with all the other atmospheric changes that our scientist are monitoring and occasionally reporting caused by Space Weather, a bombardment of solar, cosmic and galactic energy, it seems something fundamental is taking place. It's getting surreal, our world is about to get massive doses of Space Weather, which will be aided either way by a quiet or active sun, an electromagnetic flood and like in the days of Noah, most people are too preoccupied to notice it has already started to rain....
This is an interesting comparison: Finnish Astronomer Snaps High Altitude Lightning

UFO: Physical, Dimensional, or Holographic?
About Australia, January 2009
"So for those who have never seen a UFO, don't be so sure they aren't right over your head at any given time, invisible through vibration. And this can also be proven if you have the access (and the steep dollars) to invest in Generation 3 or 4 night vision goggles (Any lower generation will not do the trick), as used by the military, but available through civilian channels.

These goggles take you into the infrared realm, which is just a small leap in vibration that goes beyond the visible light spectrum for which the eye can see. These craft are there, and it is a virtual highway of activity up there on any given night! I have first-hand experience with this, and have watched the right-angle turns, and the interactions between ships. If you get the opportunity to use a set of these, your world will never be the same, if you have yet to see a UFO otherwise. What these beings are up to is another matter. But they seem to be aligning and jockeying for the best seats in the house for the coming Big Show, which is already underway! [...]

[....] It's a strange and interesting time to be alive, and we are surely on the precipice of something big!"

OK, I have a few comments to make about this article. Firstly, the author Dennis Whitney, does not seem familiar with scientists who have already detected the Cosmic Web and are thinking of sending space probes through these 'wormholes' to traverse the galaxy. Secondly, he refers to orbs but he does not talk about plasma entities as he is fixated on metallic objects and so is quite confused when images reveal "...a blur of swirling golden light". Personally, I query any activity that is linked to orbs as they seem to be very busy at the moment cleaning up the planet, but I will admit, I have only focused on orbs that can be considered to be 'divine messengers' and have not considered what 'negative' ones could be up to. Thirdly, he is right to talk about holographic inserts, because the metaphyscial community have already been warned at attempts at deception, however I am not sure if he makes a good case here. Whatever, Whitney has understood enough of the subject to write an informative article and I am pleased that he also confirms metaphysical sources that suggest the UFOs are here to watch the biggest show in the galaxy!

CNN Catches UFO on Camera during inauguration?
News1800, 21st January 2009
"First of all, Congratulations to President Obama and the people of the United Stated of America. Change has happened. And, it seems possible that not only the whole world was watching the inauguration but beyond as well…"

One of the questions Obama was asked was whether or not he would give the world insights in to the UFO phenomenon. Some people might think it is not such an important matter where some think it is the most important question of all time that needs to be answered to the people. How important shows the following video from CNN, live from the inauguration. Please watch the video and take note at 0:08 and focus on the right of the screen. Clearly to be seen is a disk shaped object that flies with incredible speed from the right of the screen to the left."

CNN may have deleted their online version, but the inauguration was an historical event and millions would have seen and/or have video recordings that would included this unexpected visitation.... Well, it's been an incredible week and it seems the world can only expect more dramatic changes to our reality.

Millions see UFO crash, Saudi Arabia
All News Web, 19th January 2009
"Astonishing events are occuring around the world and not as much as a word about them is being written or said in the West. In Saudi Arabia last week what might well have be a UFO, possibly crashing into earth, was witnessed by literally millions of people in the vicinity. Multiple photos of the object have come to light.

Arabic language forums are abuzz with Saudi citizens claiming to have witnessed what is even being described by some in the normally conservative Saudi Arabian press as a possible UFO either crashing to earth or simply executing manoeuvres designed to scare humans. Others are claiming the object was an Asteroid or a Satellite. Witnesses are reported to be waiting for an explanation from local meteorological bureau’s but have received no answers yet."

With all the reports at the moment, things are getting wild. My first impression was that a satellite or even a space station has fallen out of orbit, but I am sure there will be more news soon.

Dazzling [Diamond ]UFO seen and flimed by eight firefighters
All News Web, 18th January 2009
"A remarkable UFO was seen and filmed in China by an entire squadron of fire-fighters in Liu Pan Shui City in the province of Guizhou through a camera with a 700X zoom capability. [...]

Luckily for Wang he was able to find a Panasonic camera used by his comrades to record damage caused by fires that allowed him to zoom in on the mysterious object seven hundred times. At that point Wang could see that the object was in fact two rotating spinning top shaped crafts or halves of a whole craft joined at a their bases. They were flashing a multitude of colours: Purple, red, blue, orange, white and gold. [...]

The UFO corresponds to the craft often described in sightings around the word as a 'diamond UFO'. These craft are usually seen at great heights and almost never seen on earth itself. This has lead some to believe they are highly evolved technology well beyond your ' standard' saucer and might be used to travel from other civilized planets rather merely used to explore planets like earth after exiting a more substantial mother ship.

The incident has received wide coverage by mainstream media in China, although it has received no publicity in the west as far as we know. Hardly surprising, as this is a credible and compelling incident of the type Western Governments would rather people not know about. The Chinese Government, however, is known to take a more open minded approach to UFOs and generally regards them as fact."

The serious flyers are diamond shaped? After reading the story listed below, Crop Circles and Government with Colin Andrews and the tremendous effort to cover up the whole orb phenomena to the point where the UK Military have carried out surveillance on the Army/Navy/Royal Air Force and Police who have been carrying out surveillance on crop circles and orbs! It really makes you wonder, especially when some governments have a matter of fact attitude to the existence of UFOs. Therefore, anybody who understands the issues realises that we are not about to be invaded, rather, something else much more interesting is happening....

Another UFO sighting - in Australia!
Harlow Herald 24, 17th January 2009
"Australian Yvonne Vincent contacted the Herald newsroom this week to tell us about her own UFO experience on January 1. [...] "On my short drive home I saw a fireball sphere in the sky. In Donvale, which is about 14km from Melbourne. I thought it was a meteor rock on fire. I drove left into Shirvington Place a street off Doncaster Road and watched it for a good two and a half minutes.

"I kept asking my friend what was it and he was stunned jumping out of my car, we watched it. The streets were quiet it was a dark street anyway. "Watching the fireball it seemed not very far away, quite close actually. It was orange and yellow flames inside a perfect, perfect sphere. There was no glow around it and no sound. There was no trail behind it, it just moved as a perfect sphere that looked like a fireball. [...]

It was scary to begin with but then just amazing! It changes perspective on life to be more open minded and I am a deep thinker most of the time really anyway so this is very interesting."

This is not a dramatic report and believe me there have been many to choose from, but I was impressed that this woman was profoundly effected in a positive way from her experience and it must be hoped that as more and more plasma entities are seen and become a common sight, that most people will calmly accept this as the new reality.

Another UFO spotted flying over Purley [UK]
This is Croydon, 14th January 2009
"A mysterious object spotted sailing across the sunny skies of Purley has left residents and a UFO expert scratching their heads.

The blurry entity was snapped by John Barrett, 48, as he was walking across Higher Drive Recreation Ground at about 1.25pm last Friday. His wife Claire, 42, then sent the picture to the Advertiser - click on the link to the right to view a larger version.

She said: "My husband was taking a walk and looked up at the trees covered in frost from the ice and snow lately, then spotted something moving steadily in the sky. "It basically kept moving and eventually disappeared in the distance and faded away."

Awesome! Now this certainly could pass for a jelly-fish! Whatever, it looks like another plasma entity off home! The question is: how far have we got throught this planetary refresh process, 1, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 75 or even 99%? Russian scientists told us that they had noticed an exodus of energy that flew off as orbs in 1997, but it seems there is a spectrum of other energies that are now leaving! This is becoming absolutely fantastic, we are witnessing the greatest transition in the history of mankind!

UFOs in UK, US called 'octopus, jellyfish, amoeba, cocoon, biological'
Joint Recon Study Group, 11th January 2009
"Citizens in the UK and United States have reported similar large, glowing objects in the sky that have been described as looking like an "octopus," "jellyfish," "amoeba," "cocoon" and having "a biological shape." The most recent case involves an investigation into damage to a wind turbine near Conisholme, England."

We are seeing an exodus of light beings whose time is up! Some energies have left quickly of their own accord in a process that can be compared to a 'changing of the guard' other 'old' energies have been corrupted and cannot comply without some assistance and so we have seen some clear rescue and retrieval operations taking place. However, I think there are some energies that will not leave without a fight and so we can only watch to see how 'explosive' the battle of energies gets....

Is it any wonder that planet Earth has attracted a vast crowd of onlookers, it seems that we are hosting the best show in the galaxy!! LOL!!

Update 13th January Pink jelly-fish in Wimbedon?

This report refers to an eyewitness account by some who identifies themselves as 'jonobb'. The original version is as follows:
"Until this morning I was skeptical about UFO sightings. I looked out my flat window (in wimbledon) this morning over towards Merton way and to my surprise notice a large bright pink jelly-fish looking object surrounded by a pink haze. it appeared to be hovering over or above the pylons in the distance." His feedback post continued: "It hovered for about 5 minutes while I frantically searched for my camera still not quite understanding what it could possibly be? I finally found my camera and took a couple of pics, unfortunately it had moved further away and was a lot smaller than when i first noticed it. within 15 seconds it shot from site. Id love to post the picture but dont see an option here for attachments. did anyone else in wimbledon see it at approx. 0805hrs thurs 9 jan 2009? any explanations?"
Source: here. This is going to start really upsetting some folks if they have to dodge the plasma entities on their way to their next dinner party! LOL!! Seriously, I am starting to wonder, what next?

UFO in UK resembles Texas, Ohio sightings
Joint Recon Study Group, 10th January 2009
"Similar descriptions of a glowing, orange object in the sky have been reported this year in Texas, Ohio and now in England. A county law enforcement constable in Stephenville, Texas, who watched a UFO recorded on another officer's "dashcam" police videotape camera in January 2008 said,

"And then this thing, right in front of my eyes, changes and it looks almost like a jellyfish. I compare it maybe even to a parachute - and now a very bright white." In November 2008, an Ohio woman says she saw a "very large, orange-yellow-white-colored orb" just over the tree line near her house.

She said it reminded her of an amoeba under a microscope that changed shape and moved. Near the Ohio River in eastern Ohio in October, witnesses say they saw an orange glowing object at a low altitude. One man said it had "a biological shape." "It didn't look like anything mechanical by any means."

He said his impression was "that it was organic. That's the feeling that I got. I didn't think it could be anything else. It just came across as something organic." And now, witnesses near Conisholme, England, have used the term "octopus" and "tentacles" to describe something they saw in the sky Jan. 4, 2009, that may have had something to do with damage to a wind turbine."

I don't think anyone can now argue that we are seeing numerous reports of orbs and plasma entities, certainly 2012 'experts' have failed to anticipate or predict this phenomena, and at the moment I find myself alone in being able to explain this in terms of evolutionary change....

UFO sighting sparks worldwide interest
Birmingham News, 6th January 2009
"A MIDLAND UFO sighting has sparked worldwide speculation about the existence of aliens after an amateur pilot spotted six pairs of mysterious lights on Christmas Eve.

Dad-of-two, Andrew Freke, an amateur pilot for more than 15 years, spotted the bright orange lights flying above his Solihull home while he was smoking a cigarette at about 11pm on Christmas Eve. [...] Alexandra Schädlich, from Reichenbach, Saxonia, Germany, said: "My family and I saw the same thing. We saw it at 10pm, 12.30am and 2pm in Saxonia.

"At 12.30am we counted eight balls on the night sky. They changed direction and one also waited for the others on the sky." American UFO spotter, Brent Hoff, added: "My girlfriend and I had a very similar, but substantially longer and closer experience several years ago in San Francisco. "I'd be interested in talking to Mr Freke about it." But the main sightings all seem to be clustered in the Midlands.

Michael Trigg, aged 23, from Sutton Coldfield, spotted a bright orange light zig zag in the sky for a minute shortly after New Year's Eve fireworks and two readers reported four orange lights and a bizarre rotating circular object hovering over their Shirley homes at 9pm on Christmas Day. Alan Clarke, from Nuneaton, also spotted a series of orange globes flying over his local shops at 5pm on January 2 and the Civil Aviation Authority are now investigating.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence said: "The MOD examines reports solely to establish whether UK airspace may have been compromised by hostile or unauthorised military activity. "Unless there is evidence of a potential threat, there is no attempt to identify the nature of each sighting or report."

Lots of UFO sightings over the holiday period, as our aetheric friends are too busy to cease all activities! Again we have reports of balls of light zig-zagging in the sky with a "bizarre rotating circular object hovering". At the moment, I have come to the conclusion that the orbs are conducting a search for "old energy" and when the energy is found it is being removed by utilising cosmic string (magnetic vortex). Note the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) have zero interest, aetheric entities are NO THREAT.

Couples astonished by UFO sightings over Deeside [UK]
Evening Leader, 31st December 2008
"TWO couples from Deeside were left amazed after they spotted an unidentified object in the sky on Boxing Day. Kelly Dawson had stepped outside her home on Boxing Day with friend Leanne Newby when they spotted a "flaming orange ball" hurtling towards them in the sky. Kelly, of Sandy Way in Connah's Quay, said she had never seen anything like it before and is appealing to anyone else in the area who may have seen the "phenomenal sight", to get in touch with the Evening Leader.

Wow!...From the description, this sounds like it was a magnetospheric plasmoid flying in.... No bang or flash of bright light, what else could it be....

UFO Seen In The Skies Above Cheshunt [UK]
Herald 24, 16th December 2008
Full Story: "A UFO has once again been seen performing aerobatics above the Herald patch. A multicoloured ball of light was seen by a startled Cheshunt couple, who videoed the 'close encounter of the third kind' on a mobile phone. Mary Georgiou, of Southmead Crescent, contacted the Herald after reading our story last week about the 'Hertford Fireball', which blazed across the sky on December 7.

Mary and her husband Stav were left "gobsmacked" by the November 2 sighting. She said: "I saw an orange light in the sky. I screamed at hubby that there was a plane on fire as the orange light was so bright.

"We went into the garden and there was no sound coming from it was too large to be plane and too low down. This thing travelled across our house and then did 90 degree turn and travelled away from us till it disappeared.

"We were gobsmacked and gutted that we did not take a photo of it, probably because we were rooted to the spot. Anyway five minutes later it happened again. This time we took a video of it on hubby's mobile, it followed exactly the same flight pattern as the first." "We are convinced we saw a UFO, and still have the footage."

She added that it could [not] have been an asteroid because it performed a 90 degree turn. Mary said the second object moved in exactly the same way as the first, "It was as if we had rewound time it happened exactly the same again," she said.

There is a video with this report. I think Mary Georgiou was misreported here because an asteroid CANNOT do 90 degree turns. Again it looks like we have 2 orbs appearing in exactly the same spot and following a similiar route which I believe is associated with higher dimensional exit points (ie Cosmic String, Cosmic Lattice) and the Earth's magnetic grid (Ley lines).

Take a look at Norwich's [UK] latest UFO, 10th December 2008
"Is it a plane … or could it be an alien spacecraft? When Neal Herbert bought a new camera he tried a few night-time shots in Norwich- and found something he wasn't expecting. "When I opened the files, I noticed that one had something which I would have to erase," he said. On closer inspection he decided to enlarge that section of the image. But has he captured a UFO on film?

"I'm not sure what to make of the image and I certainly don't think I'm about to be abducted by little green men," said Neal. "It could be a plane but could be something else." What do you think?"

My first impression was that this looked like a UAP with a spine. However, on second thoughts, it's more likely that this is some 'old energy' being assisted off the planet by a collection of orbs. This is certainly one of the more interesting UAP images that I have come across in the public domain.

Did anyone else spot Gipton UFO?
Yorkshire Evening Post, 10th December 2008
""WHAT the hell is that?" questioned the voice of an unseen female. I presume this lady was witnessing exactly what I was on my street, St Wilfrid's Circus, Gipton, Leeds.

Whilst I was catching a fresh breath of frosty air out of my landing window at (approximately) 3am on the morning of November 30, I saw what can only be described as a 'milk-white teardrop' UFO, the size of a family car floating through the sky which ,

from my point of view, slowly drifted over Harehills Lane, down onto Rounday Road, then disappeared behind houses towards the Chapeltown/Potternewton area of Leeds. Is there anybody else out there who witnessed this strange incident, any reports, CCTV or mobile/photo footage? There could be an innocent (or not) explanation...who knows?

This is getting absolutely brilliant! Talk about reality becoming so strange that it will seem like being Alice in Wonderland!

Mystery Over Hertford [UK]Fireball
Herald24 News, 9th December 2008
"A FIREBALL blazed across the skies above Hertford on Sunday night. The UFO sped across the sky at just after 8.30pm. An eyewitness wrote in an online forum: "It travelled south and I tracked it for about two minutes. It was at quite a height, bright orange and had shots of what looked like orange flame that shot from the sides or top every now and then. [...] Another contributor speculated that the sighting was "an asteroid burning up in the atmosphere."

Malcolm Robinson, of Strange Phenomena Investigations, told the Herald: "In the main the vast majority of all UFO reports have identifiable solutions, as high as 95 per cent." Commenting on the Hertford sighting he said: "It may well have been a fireball or meteorite burning up, although it may well be something very bizarre. "Balls of light in the sky do give rise to what many people think might be UFOs. "As I said 95 out of 100 turn out to be explainable, but it is the five per cent that are not that turn out to fascinating to myself and my colleagues.

It would be interesting to know whether Malcolm Robinson, has read the UK Ministry of Defence's UAP report, because he could be like many people who become professionals at being 'mystified'.

Another UFO sighting
Yorkshire Evening Post, 5th December 2008
"On Saturday, November 30 at around 7.30pm I was going outside to put some rubbish in the bin when I gazed up to the north-west, toward Roundhay Park, and noticed three lights in formation heading towards us. They were candlelight in colour and brighter than any star out that night.

As the lights moved towards us on a completely clear night they began to turn towards McDonald's. As they turned, another light appeared fom nowhere and continued along the same path. This pattern happened about three times until about six or maybe seven lights had appeared then they turned and vanished, apart from the last one which seemed to be going slightly faster than the rest and undercut them on the inside of their turn as if taking a short cut."

Is this evidence that orbs are travelling through higher dimensional cosmic string, to only seem as if they have just 'appeared' in our skies when they enter our dimension?

UFOs: 'They're trying to warn us of something
Gratham Journal, 4th December 2008
Beverley Parker spotted mysterious lights hovering over Normanton-on-Cliffe last week. She said: "It was a very clear night and at first I saw a light which I thought was an aircraft. But it seemed to be hovering in the same place for a long time. "I was watching with binoculars and there were lots of lights jumping around." [...]

Even more bizarre phenomena have been encountered around, Great Ponton, Old Somerby, Bulby and Kirkby Underwood. Linda Longmire contacted the Journal to say she had seen many UFOs in the area and a friend had a terrifying brush with a glowing orange object. She said:

"He was cycling out one evening when his lights on his bike and his telephone went dead. A glowing oval orange-coloured UFO hovered above him before vanishing - he was petrified. The following morning we noticed unusual prong point marks on his knuckles. "I think they are trying to warn us of something."

Obviously, UFO spotting will become a new and extremely cheap hobby, if all you need is a pair of binoculars! More seriously, there are stories of people having encounters with UAPs but I have never heard of anything sinister occuring. At this time, from reading many reports and my interpretation of metaphysical messages widely available, there is a massive clean-up operation taking place. 'Old energies' are being extracted or forced out of the Earth, sometimes violently as a precursor to earthquakes. The only relevant warning that I am aware of is that in the planetary refresh process, the Earth is now emitting certain low frequency emissions that are damaging to the Human Energy Field. For those who understand that our energies fields are precious and hold morphogenetic information that acts as a guiding system for everything about us, then you will realise the importance of this warning at this time of evolutionary change. Hence, due to the electromagnetic chaos, various sources are encouraging us to activate our octahedron (diamond) energy field so that we will attract beneficial energies and deflect energies that do not support our evolutionary progression. This is explained in more details in my book, Tuning the Diamonds: Electromagnetism & Spiritual Evolution

UFO spotted over town
Fenland Citizen, 26th November 2008
"DOES this picture captured by a Citizen reader prove UFOs really do exist? It was taken by a 23-year-old man living in the Park Road area of Wisbech just over a week ago. The man, who does not want to be named, caught this unusual light formation in the skies over his home as he watched them silently move over Wisbech with a group of neighbours. The picture was taken between 9pm and 9.30pm last Monday (November 17). He has been left shaken by the 'weird' incident."

I have no idea whether this is a UFO or UAP. All I know is that we have nearly 4 more years of the 'veil lifting' and the citizens of Earth will be in another world – literally. Actually, this scenario reminds me of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, when the aliens arrive to demolish Earth and one citizen complains they weren't told, but the response was that a public notice was placed in the basement of the Earth planning department. Well as far as I am concerned, the Metaphysical/ New community have been aware for years but it seems there is a pretty much wait and see mode, meanwhile the average citizen has no idea and when they have a close encounter are mostly left shell shocked.

140 years of UFO sightings - Part I
140 years of UFO sightings - Part II
The Telegraph, 15th November 2008
57 photos in 2 parts and some of the UFOs are bizarre. There are a few pictures here that look as if they could qualify as being plasma entities, rather than the standard extraterestrial/manmade UFO designs.

Selective damage to car drives UFO theorists
Northbrooks Star, 14th November 2008
"Did magnetic waves from a visiting UFO warp, dent and wrinkle the side of a car heading east on Lake-Cook Road? It may be more likely that a deer did the damage. But local UFO enthusiasts are looking into the Nov. 4 event just to make sure, and are planning scientific tests on the car. "What could have caused this?" Sam Matrano, Illinois director of the Mutual UFO Network, wants to know. The driver "was driving down the road at 40-45 mph and felt a little bump, but the damage to the car is really extensive. It must have been something powerful.""

Well it seems that after exhaustive investigation and speculation that attempts to smear the person who reported this incident, there are no firm conclusions about how this car acquired this damage based on "known" factors. Let's think: if this was an intelligent UFO/UAP then surely it would have got out of the way? However, with the bombardment of new energy and the rise in Earth's frequency as indicated by the Earth's changing grid geometry, old and corrupted energy that is plasma based, is being forced out of the Earth. It would seem that some of this old energy has lost touch with it's universal directives and could explain why it just randomly struck a car as it was drifting along. This conclusion can be inferred from the myriad of reports from many different sources and the facts that demonstrate this incident was caused by something that did not operate with our "known" physics.

What's zap?
A RED beam of light shoots to the ground from what is believed to be a UFO.

The Sun, 6th November 2008
"The Sun was yesterday handed dramatic footage of the mysterious craft hovering over Bristol [UK]. Shellie Williams, 20, and her mum Betty, 53, filmed it on their mobile phones.

When they zoomed in, they also caught red and white vertical beams not visible to the naked eye.

Care worker Shellie, who watched from outside her home in nearby Hartcliffe, said: "It was bizarre and I was quite frightened." Betty said:

"Through binoculars you could see clusters of lights. "They seemed to form a circle and were attached to something. It freaked us out." Neighbour Tony Jefferies said he had seen the lights on and off for two weeks."

Well, I really don't want to keep posting UFO/UAP sightings, but this is mainstream news and some of this activity is incredible.

Massive UFO reported in Ohio
UFO Digest, 6th November 2008
"According to a report by Emmy Award-winning TV producer, investigative reporter and author Linda Moulton Howe on her Web site, truck driver Tim Comstock was on Route 7 north of the town of Empire, Ohio, at 3:45 a.m....

After first seeing a brightly lit object the size of a large pickup truck apparently slowly rising above the tree line, Comstock noticed a much larger dark object that included three bluish lights in a triangular pattern. The bright object seemed to be rising toward the larger object, Comstock told Howe. Comstock said he took three photos with his cell phone camera that caught both the brightly-lit object and the three bluish lights in the triangular formation. The photos are posted on"

This report can be found at posted on the 31st October, but it may disappear as many reports are for subscribers only. The description of a self-luminescent cocoon that was described as "organic" suggests that this was some kind of plasma entity being rescued or retrieved by another entity that was described as crystalline. It's a long report, but with the three cellphone images and eye witness description, it seems that this was quite an event. I think the information seems consistent with other reports that we are witnessing a planetary wide 'cleanse' of old energy and a refresh of new primordial energy. This is pure speculation, but I see the crystalline flat-bottomed triangular formation as a magnetic vortex. Note Comstock's opinion,
"I really can't explain that. It's a very strange feeling. I don't know. I can't explain it 100%. I can't really fathom why I would feel this way about it, but it was something that struck me as beautiful and awesome at the same time."
Yes, awesome indeed.....

UFO Reported During Descent Maneuvers
UFO Digest, 3rd November 2008
"The crew of a Boeing 737-200 reported the presence of an unidentified flying object during descent maneuvers at Mexico City International Airport (MCIA). The incident occurred last Monday, October 27, at 9:00 p.m.

According to flight mechanic Juan Jose Dominguez, the object was elliptical in shape, resembling an elongated teardrop, which crossed the airliner from the left. He added that the UFO moved at low speed, estimating that its frontal diameter was some 8 meters, roughly that of the airliner's cabin."

8 meters is just not that big. Infact, I think this Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) is close to the size given by metaphysical sources of 'about the size of a house', but obviously the source was not talking about McMansion size. Since the flight mechanic did not liken this entity to a meteorite or a fireball, which would have been the obvious thing to do, we can only conclude that using the terminology of the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD), this was a "buoyant plasma" or magnetospheric plasmoid, going about it's business at quite a leisurely pace.

Meteor theory over sighting of Uppingham UFO
Rutland Times, 30th October 2008
"A mystery object was seen in the skies above Uppingham."

The reporting here is terrible and if wasn't for the image taken on the mobile and the various eye witness reports, I would have ignored this article. Nevertheless, it seems that the object was stationary as we read,
"I saw a incredibly bright light above the fields and knew it wasn't an aeroplane because I used to be in the RAF and know 99 per cent of the aircraft. "I continued to look and after around 10 seconds the light plummeted downwards and disappeared. I ran outside as I then thought it might have been a plane crash but saw absolutely nothing in the fields."
Now, does that even remotely seem like the behaviour of an "unusually large" meteor? As I write in my book, there is an exchange of energy taking place and it has been going on for years. Russian sources tell us that there has been an exodus of energy (plasma related entities called "magnetospheric plasmoids", "orbs" etc) leaving the planet and a plethora of reports, even a major UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) government report, that indicates replacement "new energy" has been arriving en masse as part of the massive evolutionary change taking place on Earth. I am wondering if we are seeing an acceleration now or whether it's just easier to see as the dimensions are merging. Either way, we are very priviledged to watch this taking place but we need to understand the wider implications.

UFOs 'have been here since 1947'
The Telegraph, 8th October 2008
"Editor of UFO Data Magazine Philip Mantle is set to unveil his findings at an international conference this month. He investigated the site in Roswell, New Mexico where many people believe there was an alien crash landing. He analysed rock, earth and vegetation. The area is surrounded by charred trees and bushes and a mysterious blue substance that dribbles down rocks. US physician Dr Ronald Rau said in the 1940s high levels of radiation pointed to a ship landing there in the 1940s."

Well, the mainstream press are gradually raising the level of awareness after all the years of government/media denials, hence we have to consider what has changed. One theory is that government controllers have realised that in the years to come, it will be impossible to hide the fact that a wide spectrum of 'Otherwordly' entities exist, due to the obvious change in the fabric of space-time and subsequent electromagnetic environment of our Earth.

Witnesses Stunned By UFO Sightings
Herald 24, 25th September 2008
"UNEXPLAINED lights and flying discs have been spotted in the skies above Cheshunt in recent weeks, according to shocked eyewitnesses. Pengelly Close resident Paul Adams had a shock when he observed a "human being-sized elongated thing" with a pulsing orange light.

It was said to be hovering above a garden hedge at around 2.30am on September 14." "The description of the 'close encounter of the third kind' continues: "They were flying much higher than a helicopter flies, and lower than a passenger aircraft, and were very clear, with a luminosity that seemed almost electric."

As the dimensions continue to merge and it becomes easier to see the assortment of "light entities" around us, I am wondering how or if people will just accept this new reality without much of a quibble. The question is; will the paranormal become normal?

Scientific Reports Reveal American Airspace Being Invaded By Unknown 'UFO' Technology
9/11's Potemkin Village

Herald Tribune, 11th September 2008
"As the nation pauses for 9/11, let us also remember that, despite billions of dollars invested in a new security bureaucracy, American airspace is no more secure today than it was seven years ago. Federal Aviation Administration radar records indicate that the U.S. Air Force was powerless to stop a mysterious aerial incursion from surging toward President Bush's ranch in Crawford, Tex., in January.

The 77-page analysis posted by the Mutual UFO Network in July has been neither challenged nor rebutted by military officials. Nor have any scientists emerged to take issue with any of the technical points raised by the MUFON study." "Several years later, however, when asked at a press conference about UFOs, McCain wasn't laughing (see

"I think it's of great interest. I would point out to you that there was a case a couple of years ago in Arizona of some lights that were seen over Arizona and that has never been fully explained." So which is it? What does McCain know? In 2007, fellow Republican Fife Symington, the former Arizona governor who initially ridiculed the Phoenix Lights, admitted he'd seen the damned thing himself. He called it "enormous. It just felt otherworldly. In your gut, you could just tell it was otherworldly."

If you have read my book, you will instantly recognise the phrase "otherworldly". Top powerful people KNOW about UAPs or magnetic entities, why wouldn't they?

Blossom Goodchild’s Predicted Mass UFO Sighting: Will it Force Disclosure to Occur?
UFO Digest, 8th September 2008
"Like wildfires in the Australian outback, rumors of an upcoming mass televised UFO sighting over American skies are taking the Internet by storm. Blossom Goodchild, an Aussie actress and author, has the international Ufology community on its ear with channeled information concerning the eminent appearance of a massive extraterrestrial spacecraft for October 14th, 2008. Calling themselves 'The Federation of Light', these Beings from another world have stated to Goodchild that they intend not only to make themselves known, but also to remain more or less in place for a full 72 hour period, thereby providing the media with ample opportunity to once and for all capture on film evidence that will silence the skeptics and debunkers forever."

I'm agog! Sorry, could not resist this one, my reason? Well, we have scientists after scientists and even ex-astronauts telling the world the UFOs exist. For goodness sake, even the Vatican are getting in on the act! Believe me, I was totally amazed when the Canadian ex-minister for Defence, stated that they should use alien technology to fight global warming! Anyway, I don't know what the motives are here and if it does happen, whether it would be a totally staged event. So if you want to know more, I'm sure there are other websites giving chapter and verse on what this could all mean.

UFOs, Sovereignty and Politics, 30th August 2008
""UFO ignorance is political rather than scientific"- that's the conclusion of two prominent university professors who had the results of their research on UFOs published in the August 2008 edition of Political Theory. It was the first time a major political science journal had published an article dealing with the UFO phenomenon so it has predictably sparked controversy in the academic world." "Their article breaks new ground in opening up for academic debate the way in which evidence of UFOs has not been seriously analyzed in the modern era.

Their main argument is that this is due to a "metaphysical threat" that UFOs pose to the sovereignty of modern states.
This threat comes not from the reality of UFOs as an inexplicable physical phenomenon that ultimately have mundane explanations, but the implicit assumption that UFOs are intelligently guided vehicles controlled by extraterrestrial intelligences (the extraterrestrial hypothesis).

Wendt and Duvall argue that a serious study of UFOs could undermine the "anthropomorphic sovereignty" under which modern states operate. They explain in their paper: "When sovereignty is contested today, therefore, it is always and only among humans, horizontally so to speak, rather than vertically with Nature or God. In this way modern sovereignty is fundamentally anthropocentric (pp.607-608)." Put simply, only humans compete for sovereignty over the population, resources and territory of the planet."

Important News! Looks like we have some progress..... even the die-hard academics are waking up... I love the term, "Cosmic Watergate", I think it will catch on!

UFO Digest, 19th August 2008
"When I discussed the matter of living UFOs with another old friend, Trevor James Constable, he said that biological life in the upper octave of terrestrial existence has been overlooked by too many UFO investigators who early on were in favor of the foregone conclusion that UFOs were vehicles from outer space.T.J. handed me a stack of photos of UFOs that he had taken with a Leica G IR 135 infrared film at f-3.5, 1/30.

"These are plainly biological forms," he said. "These are plasmic living organisms native to our atmosphere. As they appear in these photographs, they give one the impression of looking through the side of an aquarium."

" Final statement: "...We will see the beginning of a reunion between science and religion as the cosmic energies--pervaded with life and themselves the milieu of living beings--come into technical utility. Man will find the central parts of his own physical existence inseparably bound up with etheric energies, and he will be opened to a widened understanding of himself and the cosmos that produced him. The ultimate consequence will be a new humanity."

This is an old account, but still interesting, the final statement is awesome. Currently, the world is waking up to the existence of plasma lifeforms or "magnetic entities" caused by the shifting aetheric background and merger of dimensions. Yet, some ufologists realised they were detecting the existence of "entities", and so they have been called by many different names in the past. Historically, virtually all acknowledgement of their existence has been ignored in the mainstream — until now, as it will be increasingly difficult if not impossible to deny their existence.

Orange rugby ball-shaped UFOs seen in Winchmore Hill [UK], 19th August 2008
" A STREAM of orange, rugby ball shaped UFOs making their way purposefully through the skies has been seen in Winchmore Hill. Mystified Alison Moynihan, of Hillcrest, said she was watching television with her husband at 10.30pm on Sunday 10 when she first caught a glimpse of what appeared to be a procession of lights."

Well, I think these people must be near the Earth grid on a major ley-line as the "magnetic entities" are using this for their navigation.

Crowds in awe as formation of mysterious orange lights appear over UK village
Manchester Evening News, 14th August 2008
"CROWDS of people in Stretford watched in awe as a formation of mysterious orange lights hovered low over their houses last night. The intensely bright orbs, the colour of the setting sun, were spotted by dozens of residents between 10 and 11pm. Motorists stopped their cars and neighbours on several streets congregated outside to watch the orbs pass slowly overhead."

"Matthew Darsley, 31, of Haworth Drive, said: "It was the strangest thing I've ever seen. They looked as if they were on fire, really bright orange orbs. We spotted eight or nine go over my house between 10 and 11pm.....These things were massive. The first one I saw was just below the cloud line but the others were probably only about 300ft up." "Experts in defence intelligence staff reported in 2000 that many UFOs are in fact an atmospheric phenomenon, extremely hot gases (plasmas) created by charges of electricity."

Please pay attention to the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD), for once they are telling the truth....

UFO expert admits Islington video could be aliens
Islington Gazette, 9th July 2008
"Paul Southcott, a member of the UFO Supernatural Study Group, has told the Gazette he is "90 per cent sure" that spooky footage of a trio of bright orbs moving above the Chapel Market area is genuine." "The woman, who does not want her identity to be revealed, has not shown the footage until now for fear of being branded a hoaxer.

She said: "It was like a blob in the sky above the trees. I'm a 100 million per cent sure it was a UFO because it was like a big orb darting about like a lunatic. I zoomed in on it and it looked like a big ball of cells, like they would look if you saw them through a microscope."

According to the British Ministry of Defence, "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena" (UAPs), a plasma based phenomena is FACT and they have been kind enough to write a massive 460 page report that is available on the internet, (actually, this report was Top Secret and they had to be forced by the UK Freedom of Information Act(2005) before they would reveal the contents). Commonly described as 'Orbs', this phenomena is actually part of Universal Consciousness and acts as a messaging system throughout the cosmos. They have ALWAYS existed on Earth, but the difference now is that the background aetheric density is shifting and "the great cloud of witnesses" is much easier to see.

British UFO sightings at 'bizarre' levels
The Telegraph, 7th July 2008
Whether alien activity or natural phenomena, reports of UFOs have flooded in this summer from across the country.

"Plotted on a map of Britain, the sightings can be seen to stretch from Liverpool to Dover and from Llanelli to Derby. Whatever the explanation, experts agree that the number of suspected flying saucers has hit unusual highs this summer. Malcolm Robinson, who studies the phenomenon, said: "Something very bizarre is happening in the skies over the UK.""

So? I think the credibility levels of "world authorities" will vanish, if they are forced to acknowledge the exsistence of UFOs after all the years of denial. The acceleration of evolutionary change may mean this could be sooner than anyone would want to believe.....

Mysterious ghostly orbs perplex researchers, 28th March 2008
"Tens of thousands of ordinary people around the globe are reporting mysterious spheres of light known as ORBS, which have started appearing on their digital photographs. A few scientists are taking this phenomenon seriously and incredibly claim to have found evidence of beings from other dimensions."

archive copy

WOODFORD GREEN: MoD appeals for calm after UFO sighting
Local Guardian, 29th February 2008
"THE Ministry of Defence (MoD) has appealed for calm after a UFO was spotted over Woodford Green.

Two residents have contacted the Guardian saying they saw a strange object flying through the sky last weekend above the Winston Churchill statue on Woodford Green.

MoD spokeswoman Susan Coulthard said: "It's certainly common that people see something they don't understand. "There are many possible explanantions for such sightings, whether it is aircraft, ballons or other similar objects."

Maybe the UK Ministry of Defence should start to educate the public that many of the so-called "UFOs" or "UAPs" are a natural plasma phenomena and part of universal consciousness, going about their business. As the aetheric background continues to "clear" the human population will "wake-up" and know for certain that they are not alone.

Huge rise in British UFO sightings
The Telegraph, 9th February 2008
"Clusters of up to 100 mysterious objects, bright white lights and strange, triangular shaped objects are just some of a huge surge in UFO sightings reported to the Ministry of Defence last year." "The ministry has opened up its own "X-Files" for 2007, revealing 135 UFO sightings from across the UK. If aliens are choosing the UK as a holiday destination, it appears it is becoming more popular, as the number if sightings has shot up since 97 were reported in 2006."

According to metaphysical sources, planet Earth is currently the most interesting place in the galaxy and the "galactic family" are turning up to watch the energetic transformation that is taking place now.

UFO report – RAF did send fighters up
Worthing Herald, 21st November 2007
Summary: "A UFO spotter from Felpham has appealed to anyone else who saw the objects to contact him....Mr Lindsay has since had unofficial confirmation from the Ministry of Defence that two RAF planes were sent up to investigate the phenomenon....

Mr Lindsay estimates the objects must have been above Felpham seafront in a beautiful light blue sky with white puffy clouds. He was looking out of a bedroom window in his home in Roundle Avenue at about 6pm on October 4 when he saw 'two round football-shaped objects' coming over the trees high in the sky. He went downstairs to tell his wife.

He watched as the objects changed to become 'multi-faceted diamond shaped discs which moved further apart'. The fighter planes appeared on the scene ten minutes later. Two aunts staying with the couple also saw the incident."

Interesting! I've seen artist's impressions of these crystalline objects, they sound very similar to descriptions of "magnetic entities".

Was it a UFO? Two witnesses believe it was
Star News, 13th November 2007
"On Nov. 2 at 2:37 a.m., the couple called police reporting seeing a UFO in the eastern sky from the 11000 block of 200th Avenue NW. They said it was jellyfish-shaped and displayed alternating blue, green and red lights.

It was also moving back and forth and hovering in one spot."

What's interesting, is the jellyfish description and the connotation that these people observed a plasma phenomenon. Yet, officialdom has only acknowledged sprites that last for milliseconds not long lasting features. Since we are now getting official reports of new types of space weather, it will be interesting to see if there is acknowledgement of a new type of long-lasting sprite, since there has been some very good videos of long-lasting plasma phenomena darting about in the sky.

Spooky sighting, flaming sphere a mystery, so far, 31st October 2007
It's Halloween! Man says a grayish sphere, slightly smaller than a basketball, appeared to be spinning in nearby woodland, as it floated about five feet above the ground, close to his home. As he watched in disbelief, the sphere changed shape within seconds into what he could best describe as resembling a "fruit bowl".

Next we get this incredible description; "Then it was just like it exploded, and spikes of light lit up the whole area bright orange and red ... coming out of the trees, the ground and everywhere, like they'd come out of thin air," he said. "It was just like the whole place was charged up some way or another. Then almost immediately, it shrunk back down to a ball of fire about three feet across with spikes of light that looked like crystals with distinct sides."

Apparently, it's true.....

Opening the X-files: inside Britain's UFO Project
Nouse York University, 10th October 2007
Are we all alone in the universe? Nick Pope, former head of the government’s UFO investigations, isn’t so sure. " Any civilization that visits us is almost certainly going to be more technologically advanced than us, so chances are they are going to be the ones that dictate whether or not it’s kept a secret and on what terms contact is made and on what terms the news is propagated. If we are visited it might well be that the visitors set the agenda and call the shots."

These kind of articles are so pathetic. The vast majority of intelligent people already realise that we are regularly visited and many suspect certain negative influences are already doing business with corrupt powerful organisations. Even so, I would say, there is a lot of life out there and the majority follow certain galactic laws of non-intereference of human affairs.

Church With Mysterious Orbs Sees New Miracle Previously: Mysterious Orbs Of Light At North Texas Church
CBS 11 News, Feb 23, 2007
"Last year, many people responded to reports of strange light orbs appearing at Haltom City's Riverwalk Fellowship Church. One year later, more evidence has come to light, this time with international implications.

Riverwalk Church is lead by Senior Pastor Steve Solomon, a Messianic Jew. A Messianic Jew is a Jew who believes that Jesus is the messiah.

The orbs appeared while people worshiped inside the church. "Almost everyone would just take a picture, and these orbs of light would show up," Solomon said."

The Orbs are a plasma phenomena, representing divine, spiritual energy, hence they will congregate where there are spiritual people. The increasing awareness of these Orbs on Earth is symptomatic of the massive increase of New Energy on the planet, so I am thrilled this church has welcomed the phenomena. However, I am intrigued whether staid church hierarchy will decide to ignore or accept this as spiritual energy. Theologians could start by giving a simple scientific explanation for Spirit and then they will be on the right track. (If you want to fully understand what is happening from a scientific/metaphysical/spiritual perspective, then please order a copy of "Tuning the Diamonds: Electromagnetism & Spiritual Evolution"). What really makes this situation even more startingly are those in the metaphysical community who have denied the existence of New Energy on the planet, yet pronounce themselves as "in the know". The less obtuse must realise that their credibility is in tatters. Watch the video at this link and note the physicists trying to explain this phenomena by talking science trash.

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